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Archives: February 3, 2004

Powell: Arms Doubts Might Have Affected View on War

The new US penny

MITCH ALBOM: Our country depends on your answer

"The Truth about Massachusetts"

The Shiite Surge - They don't want secular Westernized Iraq.

Bush Needs to Stop Gamesmanship on Probes:Marie Cocco

Krugman - Another Bogus Budget

"Over There" Essay by J. Robert Lennon in Granta 84.

Bush accused of undermining investigation into Iraq 'intelligence failure'

Iranians don't want nukes

Bush's Guard Service In Question :W.Post

Why the unemployment rate is really higher than it looks.

Campaign against same-sex marriage plays to hate and fear

Close down the checkpoints - North San Diego County Times

Red and blue states don't matter(TomPaine)

The Patriot Act Game - A Takeoff on Monopoly

Bush will lose the Catholic vote

The First Lie :The United States Congress never voted for the Iraq War


Republican Campaign Preview

Investigate Bush and the media for Iraq

The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry

NYT Magazine: Black and Bruised (the black vote in S.C.)

Kerry bares all

Yeah. How come?

Bush Protester Arrested for Carrying Sign

Devious Dubya's Dismal Dilemma

Small town Wisconsin sports page columnist sounds fed up

Molly Ivins: The 'everybody was wrong' excuse

Republicans Stuff Record Pork Down Federal Piehole.

Ha! LTTE In Las Vegas Sun - Registered Repug Blasts Bush, Praises Dems

Powell defends war after questioning rationale for it in interview

Testing Washington's intelligence

Headlines For February 3, 2004

Brainwashed? - WSJ

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Don't be fooled again

Wolfowitze: (Orwellian double-speak) Iraq Attacks Show U.S. Efforts Succee

Sleeping with the GOP (GOP dirty-tricks op in Sharpton campaign)

Rolling Stone: Reverend Doomsday by Robert Dreyfuss

Boy, the NYTimes today is dead on. They know exactly what Bush is doing.

US war machine nearly fell apart, army reveals

Oh this is rich: U.S. military blames lap dances for...

Creative Class War: How GOP Anti-Elitism Could Ruin Our Economy

Will Deaniacs pull a Nader on the Democratic Party?

Village Voice: Sleeping with the GOP (Sharpton covert GOP operative?)

"Super Bowl of Sleaze" - not just Janet Jackson

new Conason: Bush’s War Stories Simply Don’t Fly

Bush Earned Our Hate

BBV: Tuesday Feb 3 Primarys, tell us what you see and hear

Moveon Petition for Congress to Censure Bush for misleading re WMD

Northern California benefit concert for Kucinich (North Bay)

Protest Timoney in Miami - 2/5

Protest G7 - Boca Raton, FL - Sat. 2/7

Protest Oliver North in Davie, FL 2/5's ad just ran on CNN 4:57 cst (2/3/4)

Boycott Eckerd's!

Kerry Citizen Soldier Fund was used in various states for "good will"- so


AP carries picture of coffins

Calif. first lady Maria Shriver quits NBC

Bill O'Reilly - I want to kill Michael Moore ... Video

The Big Lebowski and 9/11, connected

Demolition of the Towers and Building 7 on 911

Is it possible for bush* to wear a small unnoticed microphone in his ear

Which DEM will turn on us and give bush a big OUT over AWOL?

NY Times Op-Ed: The Stars Have Voted

Phe's shared thought for 2/3/4;

NYT Op-Ed - The Stars Have Voted

What Exactly Is A "Skeptic"?

Thaddeus Stevens - A good republican

Indiana Senate Approves Constitutional Amendment: One man, one woman

Key civil rights leader supports gay marriage

Colorado Gay Partner Bill Dies

"Toughest anti-gay marriage law in the country" goes to Ohio Gov.

Houston's black drivers searched far more often than whites

what is this "consumer's use tax" about?

Bush misleads public about cause of deficit-w/o tax cuts deficit goes to 0

The new, verbal SMS is here

UK insurer invests R100m in Cape call centre - SA

$900 /oz. Au

deficit hides a rightwing agenda to cut welfare/social programs/ EPA

Adventure or Inquiry? Two Visions of Cosmic Destiny

Panel of experts finds that anti-pollution laws are inadequate

Push for privatization of forestry industry in Russia

Bush Budget Cuts Environmental Funding 7 Percent - Reuters

Bush Response To Environmental Critics - A New PR Offensive!!

Bush Budget Includes $2.4 Billion In ANWR Lease Sales

Alaska Wolf Kill Program Hits Tourism - Anchorage Daily News

Ford Kills Plan For Energy Labeling Of Its Cars - Independent

Expert Panel Again Warns Congress On Threats To World's Oceans

Western Residents Angry At Living In Bush Energy Plan "Ground Zero"

Stacking the Deck Against Science

Chen's young `scouts' learning quickly - TW

China loses the ace in its sleeve - Taiwan

Chirac lost face when he caned the referendum

China readies more heros for manned spaceflight

Bob Graham gives the Administration Both Barrels.

Fire leaves 20 000 homeless - Uganda

Uganda ferry disaster: 40 feared dead

Mugabe seizes SA-owned company

Many feared dead in Nigerian violence

Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 3, 2004

Just now on MPR - RKBA views and Nov 2004

Keep the Gungeon warm for me while I'm gone.

The toxic career of Rand Beers

Wisconsin legislature fails to over-ride veto--so no concealled carry

Pro-gun discrimination.

Democratic candidates back off gun control

The correct time. I am really, really sorry to bother you with this. I

Mods, please check this thread

Do you guys ever get tired of being told how great you are?

I'm having an awful DU experience tonight.

VERY UNIMPORTANT Glitch in spellcheck?


I made a VERY inappropriate comment on one of my posts at the Lounge.

Why was this post moved to the lounge. It's very political and DU Females

After The Nominee Has Been Chosen...

I don't think this thread was inflammatory

Can you do an official DU poll for candidate support?

A question about my post

Not a Question, but a compliment

Out of curiosity why was this post offensive?

Question, is there a rule in LBN regarding the publication source

Will you have "official" candidate posts again today?

I'm disappointed in you, Skinner

Do not drop candidate avitars

Another question about after a nominee is chosen...

I just realized that I really envy your job

Possible 2nd thread in GD 2004 for Clark supporters tonight?

At 7:58pm In GD2004 I posted a thread celebrating the end of

Complaining about sexism...again

Question about language

Question re: warnings

Two terror attacks averted in the past six weeks, army says

The Region: Arab women and the vote

Fewer soldiers refusing to serve in territories

AG holds first meeting on Greek island, probes against PM

Recognizing Israel not key - Palestinians

News Media Ignore Israeli Terrorism


Israeli(s) ... Kill Four ... in Rafah, including One Handicapped Victim

Now Sharon Plans to Move Arab Towns Out of Israel

Suwad family blasts UN for cooperating in kidnapping

Speaker criticizes Palestinian authority

Weapons inspector: Israel knew Iraq had no WMDs

As Palestinians slide into anarchy, calls mount for better leadership

The Madeline Amy Sweeney Call

Bush walked away from a years duty while in the National Guard -proof here

The Race to Define Kerry Is On - WSJ

How about a Draft Max Cleland movement?


CNN projecting Edwards to win with 50 percent of the vote

make your 2004 electoral map here

Bush campaign demonizes the two party system

If you've got some spare change kick it Ben Chandler's (KY) way

Since Kissinger had to back out of the last mock-inquiry.......

Remember Bill Clinton, talk-show host idea, from a few years ago?

An unflattering article on Dean at CounterPunch

Dean Calls FCC Probe of Breast Incident 'Silly'

What role should our country have in the world? How would we get there?

Bernie Ward streaming now -- "Thanks for the mammaries"

What ever happend to the list of "bribed" countries...

There's a WMD Commission, a terrorism alert for airlines ...

Washington Post dispassionately details the Bush AWOL story

“Bush’s WMD probe is a fraud,” says SEP presidential candidate

Hard Link for CNN WMD Commision Poll

How much more of this can America take ?

Just when you think a bit of sanity may be returning to the body politic,

Wal-Mart widens political reach, giving primarily to GOP

Violence OK. Breasts NOT OK.

Senator Kennedy will

Bring faith based charity on? Here's a good lesson why not:

Can we start a link cataloging project of some sort?

Janet admits complicity in "breastgate"..

"Let them starve in the street"

911 Commission Chairman compromised?

R. Preston on CNN: Ricin favored by American terrorists

Stop the Presses! Kerry was not wounded in Vietnam


How convenient, why it was just last week... (ricin)

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in ’04?

The revenue problem

Who is really responsible for all this Terrorism?

Do you subscribe to cable TV or satellite?

Liberal Radio Commentator ED SHULTZ Appeared On The Today Show...

180 Degrees from Reality

Drudge: Jackson's boob bigger than Ricin in the Senate?

"Ricin" message to repub's from BushCo* shutup & "tow the party line"

What's Daniel Pipes up to now?

Some good LTTE in my local paper.

A stealth tax on wages (As election nears, Bushco scrambles to loot USA)

Bob Graham speaking on Senate floor C-SPAN now

Wouldn't you love to know how history views this whole Bush mess?

What is the mission statement of the Democratic Party?

Citizen Police Academy? What is this? My town too

A question about the Super Bowl flak

It's our turn today

Are you or were you Conservative or Liberal?

Moderate our views on commercialized "free speech" in public arenas?

Former Actor (Billy Jack) challenging Bush* in primary

In January 2001 Hamill predicted War on Iraq, etc.

From bush's most loyal county in NJ....(a gardener story)

AFP: Powell was Under Pressure to Use Shaky Intelligence on Iraq

MSNBC: Job cuts top 117,000 in January

"The CIA Ate My Homework"!

Getting involved in small towns

Miserable Failure Update

Aggravating Conservatives

A Thank-you to the Jacksons

The real Super Bowl controversy - security

Liz SMITH Muses on "Bias" (Coulter,O'Reilly, Noonan, Limbo)

Who will be on Bush's "WMD Intelligence Review Panel"?

Is it just me? Am I just getting my hopes up?

remember when CH Democrat's computers were hacked by Sen Frist's aids?

Dealing With a Freeper Boss

I smell a BIG, FAT RAT!

RICIN! RICIN! : Operation Distract America From BushCo Thuggery

Ex-Presidents, Widow Want JFK Film Probe

Can't we all just get along? Schwarzenegger gives Grey Davis acting advice

How Bush, Kerry, Skull & Bones Work for N.W.O.-Hegelian Logic

Lou Dobbs - CNN poll - RE truly independent intel commission

question about voter registration

you will not believe this: US bldg. movie Exorcist theme park in Iraq

What is worse to do during the 8-9PM "Family Hour" on TV

Former RNC puke screams CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!!!!!!

They Say God Speaks/Acts in Mysterious Ways

MSNBC Poll on What Shrub Knew.

Could a National Guardsman in Iraq get a year off to work on a campaign?

Given the controversy over this year's SuperBowl, will the SB have to

Can I weigh in on the Miss Jackson incident?

Republicans stuff record pork down federal piehole

Gallup: Bush* "Favorability" about equal to "Job Approval"

Link To Bush's Guard Records...Supposedly...

If Bush gets elected, how much misery will he evoke?

If Osama is already in custody, and I'll bet he is

Was Death of Ex-Embed Related to Iraq Experience

My Note Along With The Move On Call To Censure Bush

Who should I listen to.... online personality?

The O'Reilly "Kill Moore" video clip is archived on the Fox site

New Book "Proves" CIA Got In The Way Of Iraq War

Saw Daschle on CNN re: ricin attacks

Why Did Spitzer Defend Pataki?

Delay touting the fiscal sanity of the Republican Party

Bushco Media Propaganda Machine in full swing on AWOL Bush story is Giving away a secret.

More "tit for tat": who is serving in Iraq

Bush's Transcript From Yale

Pheasant hunt dogs Cheney

A Chronology of Bush Neglecting Intelligence, Ignoring Warnings

Two positive things about Bush. (seriously)

Cover of NewsWeek is awesome!!!

Limbaugh is Telling the "Truth" About Dubya's Military "Record"

Foreign Investor Dump

I told ya Pete Jennings did us all a favor!

How many good Republican Presidents have there been?

Explosive: Sharpton mining black America for Bush's secret agent

Republican Responsibility as Campaign Focus

I just got a call from the Repugs asking if I'm voting for AWOL

Michael Powell on Today Show this morning..."deplorable, crass,

Right Hand Drive

bush* should be made to prove what happened to the WMD's

Notice that the RW moral police are out in force with messages to CBS

McClellan on AWOL

"that's old news , we covered this, get over it"

wait a minute, I am still a conservative

Laura Ingraham on 2000 yesterday

Ricin, Michael Jackson, 9/11.......

Personal Note to Ed Gillespie

More evil Powell: Michael or Colin?

Had Another One of Those Interesting Which is Worse Lie Conversations

Ashcroft headed to terrorism conference in BALI. What a patriot.

Wash Post with some new info on Bush AWOL issue...??

Is AIDS a manufactured virus?

Hey, Is The U.N. Still "Irrelevant" When They Are Bailing Us Out ?

I think that Novak had a couple of drinks before Crossfire.

Senators Corzine and Durbin on C-SPAN 2 now....

My RW coworker says Rush is "a victim"...

BBV: Tuesday Feb 3 Primarys, tell us what you see and hear

Tricia Nixon's date with Dubya

Ricin in the Capitol, coincidence or setup

Nothing To Preempt

Can someone please help with the Patriot Act?


GOP hasn't helped OK or MS: only Sunbelt States to lose Rep Seats.

Not another Janet Jackson thread!?!?!?

We need a good documentary on the Bush AWOL and Harken Oil.

How come Jackson gets investigated the next day but Plame took months?

I'm still a registered Republican

Now here's a body display worth talking about...

How can the job market possibly be this bad?

ABC News: Ricin Attack Threats 4 months ago

I don't know about you people but I think these Ricin incidents are...

What will/could happen if ricin terrorist is revealed to be a white guy?

Is it me or does the Ricin attempt...

What's up with this "Ricin" incident??

"Put an end to welfare - They breed like dogs"

Face time for Frist...

Does Ricin mean that Frist's office won't be investigated re:computer

An important question on the Ricin attack

"Dishonest W Lying Action Figure"! Flash animation

Did Justin Timberlake pull a Schwarzenegger on Janet Jackson?


Hey republicans. Do you want to win this AWOL thing?

I'm in South Carolina and about to vote for Dean

Media terms I'm sick of hearing...

Is this the bushco strategy - in the primary/election AND all the time?

So many Dems speaking out on Bush's AWOL problem makes me wonder

what kerry is beating bush in the polls

Am I the only one who finds this a tad discomforting?

educating dad, help, he wants to know what * said before election's ad just ran on CNN 4:57 cst (2/3/4)

Today's RW Drive Time Radio Topic - AWOL

Bush People. Your man was AWOL. Deal with it.

Out of curiosity, what the hell is the difference between "Homeland ......

The Rebel Alliance -- Linux Creating Worry, Anxiety at Microsoft.

Zell Miller and Roy Neel on C-SPAN WashJournal tomorrow AM

It's wrong to question the President's motive.

is the media playing the Janet Jackson story to take away attention...

Bumper Sticker Idea:

I'm not entirely convinced that Bush went AWOL. Prove it to me.

Intelligence bombshell goes off under Blair.

Quitting America, ex-pat author on Paula Zahn last night

Violence OK. Breasts NOT OK.

RW AWOL Talking Point: There is nothing wrong with National Guard Service

Are you registered to vote yet? Do it online NOW!

Bush and Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

ABC News is talking about AWOL

Fundies say Roy Moore seriously ...

It's finally happening

Clybourn: Gore made mistake: "Let AWOL ride. WE won't let it ride!"

A Canadian pro-war editor realizes he's been hoodwinked.

Some freepers are getting it, re lost jobs in America

Latest poll #'s look bad for W*

On what our children get from TV

Former Governor Davis of California takes up acting?

Does anyone know if Lieberman is out yet?

New study explains freepers: Uneducated Outbreeding Intelligent (Humor)

Sheila Jackson Lee on fire!!!!

Bush 90% Bill Wyatt 10% in Oklahoma

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" -- Conservative or Liberal statement?

Actually, you WANT to get your name on the Ashcroft/Bush

Will a Kerry/Edwards ticket win beat Weed (I won't insult shrubs)?

WMD Lies, AWOL story, Budget Deficit Explodes

Has Peter Jennings joined The Empire?

Dennis Kucinich and the Department of Peace

Daily Show alert... on now (7pm ET)

Since Holy Joe is no longer a candidate...

All these issues are starting to track

GOP unfazed by Dem ethics threats

check out this Freeper quote

Reich-wing radio has their marching orders, I see....

Bob Woodward LIED about Howard Dean on Larry King!

Globe and Mail poll on Bush/Blair and WMDs

Tell me about Naomi Wolf

Scott McClellan sweating under barage of Q's on AWOL W (CSPAN)

Rep. Holt claims support for CIA leak probe

Oddsmakers. In what month do we find Osama?

I just saw the Child Pay add, BRILLIANT

KKK in Alabama.. Blount County.. any relation to Bush's Blount??

So anybody watching the house dems rant about Halliburton on CSpan?

taxation without representation: give kids the vote!

make your 2004 map predictions here

? about UMCJ/AWOL

Zell Miller on the Dems in the South

C-SPAN on right now! Rant about WMDs and the "failure"...eom.

AWOL thing coming up on MSNBC right now

Military families speak out....

what can you say about this?

Have you seen this?

It doesn’t matter who our candidate is …

The American people and Peak Oil.

BBV: Palm Beach County Florida Update

tonight at the union hall

Freepers not happy about Haliburton.........

BBV: Kerry Beat Dean in NH by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren’t Counting?

Iraq Watch on C-SPAN now

Not entirely convinced Bush was AWOL. Part 2. No mention of Candidates

Powell says he don't think Bush should have invaded Iraq now

The most arrogant, inept, ideological foreign policy in our history

Malloy live now

"Keep the Democrats out of Power"

Don't Stop With The AWOL

Eric Blumrich's Top Gun

Who will defend the Constitution?

Conservative claims to be 'low class" and recieves 5,000 tax cut!!?!?

How soon some republicans forget...

A Deadly Plague of Slums - by Mike Davis

Please Nail This AWOL Poll

Anti-war voices STILL not given airtime, even though they were RIGHT!

OK....not AWOL. Why did he STOP flying?

So an Ass shot on NYPD is less offensive than a Boob shot on CBS!

Bobby Kennedy's last words: "Is everyone okay?"

TWEETY NOW talking about AWOL

18 months in Afghanistan...

BBV: why does "The Voter Confidence Act" have 0 co-sponsors in Senate?

Media complicity in Bush duplicity is the worst in history..

Pentagon official: Bush's unwillingness to acknowledge climate change

Google news experiment: Office of Special Projects.

I've given up on boycotts.

Concupiscent Bootlicking Sycophants: The Column That Will Not Be

Hannity Defends Bush By Calling Clinton a "Draft Dodger"

Shrub Was "Campaign Mgr" for Winton M. BLOUNT While A.W.O.L.

A scandal greater than Watergate

Say Hello to Mohammed Atta's Girlfriend: Amanda Keller

Are DU'ers being watched?

How to circumvent the “free speech zones” at Bush* gatherings…

So I went to Iraq and made this movie.

What will happen if AIDS depopulates Black Africa?

Marty Heldt -- American hero breaks AWOL story

Skull and Bones and Hegelian Logic

BCCI and Pakistani Nuclear Hero

A Question for my Fellow Veterans

The 9/11 Poll: What really happened?

State moves against one of state's top Medicaid drug prescribers

France 'considers Pinochet trial'

Tide turning on Bush flashdance []

BBC cuts anti-Blair radio satire

Lib Dems shun WMD intelligence inquiry

N.J. Fraud Law Not for Doctors, Lawyers

Pakistan's Nuclear Hero Defended

In Haiti, Two Sides and Bloodshed Between

BBC: Blair confirms Iraq WMD inquiry (3 February, 2004, 10:58 GMT)

Pernod Ricard scores victory in Havana Club dispute

Job Cuts Top 100,000 in January

Cheney key to Iraq probe, critics say

Bush to Name Iraq Intelligence Commission

Halliburton: Cheney – A 'Risk Factor'

Ford's January U.S. Sales Fell 5.2% On Lower Car Sales

EXIT POLLS! Kerry winning 3 states Edwards winning 2...

Layoffs up 26%, Challenger says

Area layoffs continue (Atlanta)

Car Bomb Explodes at Central Market in Southern Russia

NY Clark backer says campaign could be over for general

Iraqi suicide bombers caught on video

Darby (MT) schools OK 'objective origins' (anti-evolution)

Lawsuit: Wal-Mart locked illegals in stores

McMinnville plant plans closure, layoff of 1,300 (Tennessee)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 3 February (#1)

President Again Rejects Military-Civilian 'Pay Parity'

Suspicious Powder Found at Postal Facility; Addressed to Republicans

Army delays Guantanamo chaplain's hearing a fourth time

Student Found Dead at Miami-Dade School Death Appears 'unnatural'

Powell Says Invasion Justified by Iraqi 'Intent'

US Soldier Killed by Bomb South of Baghdad

CBS to implement enhanced delay of Grammy Awards

U.S. Troops Dying at Rate of Over 1 a Day

French activists oppose German nuclear export (plutonium factory to China)

Halliburton Refunding $27 Mln for Meals

U.S. Citizen Caught in Afghanistan Gets Lawyer Visit

Fifth grader accidentally shoots himself at school

White House warns of highway bill veto

Pharmacy Draws Protest

January job cuts reach more than 100,000 -Challenger

Sen. Frist aides respond to Ricin threat

White House defends Bush military record

NY Clark backer says campaign could be over for general

TiVo: Jackson stunt most replayed moment ever

John Edwards Wins South Carolina Primary

Senate Powder Tests Positive for Ricin

Maria Shriver quits NBC News

CNN - reports AP saying Leiberman quits

Bush Orders New Measures to Protect Food

Airport security firm accused of bribery

Tauzin to Resign As House Energy Chair

Kerry wins Mo., Del.; Edwards takes S.C.

Lieberman Said Conceding if Winless Tues.

President's test of faith

Oklahoma Results TIE

Guardian Utd (Wednesday): Swift and secret, Blair's inquiry

Kerry rolls from Delaware to Arizona (MSNBC)

WP: Kerry Emerges as Big Winner (link- 5 of 7 states)

Former U.S. surgeons general have plan to cut smoking ($2/pack tax)

Insurgency in Iraq Lethal as Ever Since Hussein’s Capture

White House Defends Bush's Guard Service During War

IRS Looking To Do More Audits (On Small Businesses)

Musharraf Named in Nuclear Probe

Clark's Son Blasts Media for Campaign Coverage

Guardian Utd (Wednesday): Powell rows back on doubts over invasion

U.S. general optimistic about bin Laden capture

WP: Bush's Guard Service in Question (Shirked Duty in '72)

Baby starved 'to fulfil Christian prophecy'

Outsiders said to fund Schwarzenegger bid

CNN Breaking: WH was sent a ricin-laced letter in 11/03...

Yad Vashem calls for UN intervention in N. Korea

Frenchman sails around world in record 72 days, 22 hours

Pa. police dog suspended for potential racism (Salon:subscription needed)

Bush budget soaks S.F. for ($8 million) rent

WP: Despite Scrutiny of Iraq Data, It's Business as Usual for Tenet

Troops add improvised armor to Humvees

Early primary returns from NationalReview

Halliburton to Return $27.4 Million to Government

Drudge: 9/11 Commission to meet privately with Condoleezza Rice

Former Dean campaign manager turns analyst

Danish Reporter Denied ******* Visa

College Repukes object to anti-Bush art

Lieberman drops

Bush 2 administration officials again seeking to stimulate a regime change

Senator Is "Truly Sorry" For Racial Slur

(UK) Intelligence chief's bombshell: 'We *were* overruled on dossier'

Cato Institute: Outsourcing Helps World Economy

Deals Signed for Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline

Havana says Bush seeking regime change in Cuba

U.S. to Cut $15M in Aid to Ecuador

Anderson says climate change bigger than terrorism fight

WP: Powell Says New Data May Have Affected War Decision

White House denies Bush was military "deserter"

Gay Students Win 12 Month Legal Battle With Kentucky School

W. House says questions about Bush's military service represent election-y

new Savage Weiner advertiser University of Phoenix

A bird wearing rubbers........I can't believe my eyes

Saved a dog from near certain death

My second theorem is almost done

Very Funny Ctrl+Alt+Delete Video

I saw "I'm the One that I Want" on TV last night...

Which is worse? 528 dead American soldiers or a boob on TV?


Does anyone watch American Family on PBS?

Why is there a Mercedes logo on Mars?

I'm a complete moron

Saw the Scottish film "Sweet Sixteen"--I swear there's a drug-film formula

Dream have to see it to believe it

The Pee name list

The Vomit name list

Order a turd website.....LOL

The Fart name list

Funny joke I found on the soapbox.

The Poop name list

It's my last day at work today!

The Blonde from Fox has a snake stuck in her panties

Smoked meat from the hunt.

Insomniacs check in.

Well I'm on my way to heaven,

Worst Film Title EVER!

Cool pics of the new WTC PATH terminal

EXPERTS, please weigh in... what do you know about bird flu?

2/7/64- The Beatles Arrive in America - Marsha Albert was the spark

Oh no! It's Mr. Methane! And he's got a new sidekick!

Bush sees a bad moon a ricin'!

Camel Roams Sweden Roads During Snowstorm

Letter to the editor in today's Sydney Morning Herald

Must read : How to become an Internet 'tough' guy

Violence OK. Breasts NOT OK.

I had the strangest dream last night: Mods locked EVERY thread I started

Is today "fractal day" or something?

Can you indulge me for a minute? I need someone to talk to.

Results watch party in NYC tonight

Families just whiz me off!!!!!!!!

CAPTION someone who got a REALLY good nights sleep Sunday

Apology to Jake Novak, Producer, In The Money; CNN

HAPPY 2,3,4 DAY!!

Did anyone see upside down US flags at the Super Bowl?

LOL. Whaddaya Do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up in Playboy?

I saw a pharmacy from Mexico on the net. I know we cannot order meds from

Which post had the picture of the Wardrobe Malfunction?

Does anyone here use Nextel cell phone service?

OH MY GAWD! I'm normal.

Creationism in schools instead of Evolution.

How to keep an idiot busy (at least for a couple of minutes)

Episode III teaser video

Doing my taxes and I have a question

LOL. Whaddaya Do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up on "COPS"?

Atkinites...It's coming - low carb pizza dough

URGENT; anyone from AZ Dem HQ online? County poll locator is down

Exercise update

I made it all the way down the mountain! WOO HOO!

It's not the boob, it was the stunt that brought forth the boob.

LOL. Whaddaya Do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up on "Jerry Springer"?

did anyone else have low platlettes while pregnant??

Pixies to reunite for tour - official (NME)

What's with Google today?

This snowblowing crap is getting OLD!

"I've got Neewwwz for Youssss" Anyone else hear that caller on

What do ya do when your girlfriend shows up dead in the office?

Big Fish= Bad movie

Pearl-script writers...quick question!

What's with all the TLAs here? Does it seem excessive to anyone else?

speaking of google bombs

Anyone know if "Lost in Translation" is out on video yet?

Janet admits complicity in "breastgate"..

Joe Lieberman and Nien Nunb separated at birth?

Couch Potato Kitty

THIS IS MY 1000TH POST: ask me anything

An interesting weblog here (navy guys sharing their service experiences)

The Smirk Shirk!

Don't push Roland, 'cause he's close to the edge...

Canadians: "This is Wonderland" is total crap.

Not yet confirmed, But Hillary Clinton MAY appear on Will & Grace

GW Bush - Supermodel (funny!)

The Scoop on Poop...................You have to read this!

Change (In the House of Flies)

*Snort*'s Boondocks

Elvis-The Hound Dog.

KC dems,surrounding area--how much snow did you get??

Hey look! A boob on TV

Get with the program and do your duty! Speak Out!

Dammit, I missed my own milestone!!!

When will Conservatives blame the Clinton Admin for Janets boob

Any way to screw with someone's Hotmail account?

The next time you shower

anyone remember the Little Lulu comics?

Kathie Lee on Jimmy Kimmel. She's still hot.

Given the controversy over this year's SuperBowl, will the SB have to

Why won't the USA go metric?

What the hell is wrongt w/ Bobby Knight?

Cock Fighting Suspended Over Bird Flu

HA! My right wing buddy in Kansas has a Dad who's voting DEM!

Yak McYackerson is the Most electable Yak!!

Exposed breast found in Senate leader's office

Where's Kef ??

Curvy healthy yaks look sexier thread

Funny Joke:

Pets are Parading around Boston...

The lack of electricity during the SB was an OUTAGE!

Jack Welch: $2 Million for 3-pages

Yakkity Yak!

Astrological Info On Remaining Dems

CAPTION this useless piece of White House furniture

Xena, Warrior Princess

Giant Microbes!

Will Janet Jackson's boob replace Bill Clinton's penis

Can I weigh in on the Miss Jackson incident?

Can we get some good karma for Khephra? He has Strep Throat

Kerry Autographs Al Franken's Book.

Booze Biscuits On Sale Now!

My back is killing me. I'm too young to have back problems.

Everyone should read O'Reilly!

Men: If You Sport A Ponytail Your Likely To Win

The nudity during the SB was an OUTRAGE!

My boss thinks I'm stupid

Do you still have yaks in your freezer?

My yak is killing me. I'm too young to have yak problems.

Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon ever!

Do you still have girl scouts in your freezer?

You can't make kumiss with a male yak.

Uh-oh. Another timewaster....

Press Release from Mars - Joke

I get so mad I could hold a grudge forever...

What Do I Do When Your Yak Shows Up At MY House?

Sanctimonious Boobs

Incredibly geeky chemistry cartoon

Need Help Quick! (Good Funny Bush*-Bash Pic)

Brittany’s kiss vs Janet’s boob

Anyone else being asked to log into a NPS website?

After losing a SuperBowl bet, man jumps from Bronx bridge, survives.

Hey, namara, whoever you are

Pats are Parading around Boston


Funny names for *!

My yak got a great rvjlate on his mortpytgage

Ever think of just uprooting and moving to the middle of nowhere?

Anyone ever actually eaten crackers in bed? Been kicked out?

Can you buy alcohol today in SC (election day)?

Notice that the RW moral police are out in force with messages to CBS

I came here to trash * and all I got was this lousy flame war.

Which celebrity/public figure are you most disappointed in?

She got a great rvjlate on her mortpytgage, even with bad crbwfedit!

Do you still have girl scout cookies in your freezer?

accelerated mortgage patments?

Democrats Somehow Lose Primaries

What Do I Do When Your Girlfriend Shows Up At MY House?

No way ! and they still voted for *.....

This is funny...a RWinger actually said he would debate me in IMs

Solution to the Chimp's AWOL problem.

BBC Host Explains How To Grow Marijuana On The Air

Are You Bored - Watch Some Funny Videos

New Certs with Ricin

Ladies Who's had their toes sucked? Men you have some choices too!

Senate building shut down, search for ricin continues....BUT

Warning. Zell Miller Will Be On C-Span Wednesday At 9:00am.

The Day the Music Died, February3, 1959.

What ever happened to "Walker - Afghani Ranger?"

I saw "The Fog of War." Please see this movie.

Haggis Hurling Contest Wants To Use Fake Haggis - Haggis Hurlers Howling

This isn't the picture of a happy entertainer, now is it?

Farting preacher!

The Best COFFEE ever!

Does the misuse of their, there, and they're ...

If you died,

I came over for a drank....Who's buying?

Now here's a body display worth talking about...

DU aim chat...

JJ's boob or Mike Ditka's erection problems?

I watched Apocalypse Now: Redux earlier tonight. Ask me anything!

I don't remember Blair ever having breasts on "Facts Of Life"

Pat O'Brien SB funny...

Zell Miller and Roy Neel on C-SPAN WashJournal tomorrow AM

Potpourri of Pooches on PBS Tonight

Pre-dawn Poetry Thread

Taxes - how I hate them

I just saw a robin get nabbed

Thanks for helping me think about the little things and the big things.

Do you think of Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc or Professor X?

My favorite quote regarding the Dem primarys

Favorite 19th-century Republican president besides Lincoln?

The "Chop At Home" Network presents:...

The "All dogs walk sexy" thread...

What kind of suits do men wear to interviews nowadays?

Its Not The Super Bowl But Who Wants To See MY Boob?

I am moving to North Carolina this August

I don't remember Tony Blair ever having breasts...

I want YOUR recipes.

I've got the PERFECT line to use against bush in the debates.

And just where are the posts about the "ideal" looking man?

The... "All types of women are sexy".... thread!

Economics "Experts" to you: "Suck it". "Free Trade" is your abusive bud!

Google dim son and click on I'm feeling lucky

"The Ta-Tah HooHah." If you can stand any more of it...

YAK MCYAKERSON supporters and well wishers only

I've seen the 700, but is there a 100 club too?


My brother is going to protest Bush on thursday in Frankfurt, Kentucky

Best Tax preparation software?

I just showered before work, ask me ANYTHING

Primary Night Chat

Lieberman bows out!

Dennis Miller

New study explains freepers: Uneducated Outbreeding Intelligent (Humor)

Who's read Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose?"

Tried to cash a check at Wells Fargo.. they did not have enough money..

God I tried, I really tried debating with the freepers

Anyone here speek l33t?

France, Solo Brest Sailor returns to Bosom

My Republican "buddies" were testy tonight!

Who is single on DU (Part 2)

Do you have any photos of your aquarium fish?

Any Afghani cooks here?

The "All men are sexy" thread.

What does n/t mean?

who was the hottie that was behind lieberman on stage today?

Beg, borrow or ….(well you know the other option) this book.

WARNING--revolting pic: "I'm just so darned proud of my boy Zippy...

What's the movie featured in Madonna's "Live to Tell" video?

Poll - Most Annoying TV Neighbor

Well, does California matter?

Question about a George Harrsion song.

Are You Shy Around Strangers?

So... In 1996 I voted for....

I found a head of lettuce under my passenger seat!

What is the link to upload pictures to?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Curvy healthy women look sexier thread

HawkerHurricane does NOT look 41!!

What's the last TV program you watched in its entirety?

Help me name my new boyfriend

What is the most offensive swear word?

What do Atkins, freepers, and common sense have in common?

Hidden pictures in our new $20.00 dollar bills

One of those days...12songs that...

Bestest part of a chikun?

Favourite Chocolate bar

Just watched "Saving Private Ryan" again

Is Playboy still taboo?

A Song for Joe…

Create your own fireworks website.......It's silly and fun!

Bush vs. a ham sandwich - Who (or which) would make a better President?

Photoshop is $609?!

Macleans: Canadians hate Bush, eh!

I'm looking for Lisa Welchel's email about Janet's breasts!

"Whoppi" bashes Bush/Ashcroft on NBC!

Please support me. Help. Tell me I'll live to fight another day. (publicised here) mods calling the left "nazis"

Your Photo whatever the number is up to

Daily Show is rocking (as usual)

Do you use software to do your taxes?

Remember the Alamo On PBS tonight

Has anyone here ever been to Urbana-Champaign Illinois?

Anybody wanna see *the ring*? :)

Any 10,000 Maniacs fans here?

For Dog Lovers only

Hey reporters/writers do you belong to an organization?

Puddle of blood with cat in it is not a way to start the week

So that's where my Betta went!

In Aisle 10 of Wal*mart in the middle of the night....

Man mauled by dog he tried to........violate

I'm going in for surgery tommorow

ARWalden...look again...

Look how thin this "ideal" woman is...

AKC Dog Show on Animal Planet at 8p.m. EST - What's your favorite breed?

Just watched "The Wall"


Jay Leno keeps rippin on Kucinich...

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God?

Ok, NC DUers...defend your barbecue

Who else is getting this weird, creepy spam? (LONG)

Latest hate mail (WARNING: crude, anti-gay profanity)

I may be moving to Pennsylvania

Dio Blames Faulty Codpiece for Unscheduled Testicular Cameo

Did Kerry desecrate a Vietnam War memorial?Something about Jane Fonda?

A Jay Leno in the White House? (on Kerry)

When Dean drops out out of the race...

Barry Switzer endorses John Edwards

John Kerry Rides

Kerry leads Dems in Tennessee poll

Why you can't vote for Al Sharpton in the LA primary

Check out this Nixon ad from the 1968 campaign

Lieberman in Delaware

I just did my calculations of pledged-delegate pickups for tomorrow

The Stars Have Voted

Lieberman to stay in race, come what may

Does Kerry have a lock on the nomination?

For Edwards, It All Comes Down to South Carolina

I don't understand Spitzer..

Kerry Showcases Political Figures in Ads

Kerry Looks to Win S.C., 6 Other States

The *Real* Real Deal

Clark and Kerry locked in a statistical tie in AZ

John Kerry and the paradox of polish

oops, double post, sorry

Dean Labor Supporters Wary of Strategy

Today's primary state(area) DUers, follow RightWing radio today if you can

VP candidate Graham on C-Span

Voting in the DE. primary today

Whew! I've Been Working My Rear End Off for Clark.

Results watch party in NYC tonight

Dean Calls FCC Probe of Breast Incident 'Silly'

Which Candidate Will Emerge As John Kerry's Primary Challenger?

Devious Dubya's Dismal Dilemma

To Those Going to Vote Today

Navajo, Hopi ready to pick a foe for Bush

Who Will Drop Out First-Lieberman Or Dean?

The great liberal E. J. Dionne: "The Truth About Massachusetts"

"Most people will do what the information flow tells them to do."

As frontrunner, Edwards would be BURYING Bush in the polls

Dean Campaign Lays Off More Than 12

Dean Campaign Lays Off More Than 12

Edwards Will Drop Out and Endorse Kerry if He Loses SC

Drudge source but....Trippi will do election analysis on MSNBC tonight

The Native Voice Interview With General Wesley Clark

Kerry says Edwards has no Southern clout

Kerry tries on presidential mantle in blue-collar diner

I just voted for Dean in the SC Dem Primary!

American Research Group Poll

Dean Campaign Lays Off More Than 12

Some discussion in the Edwards camp to back Kerry if JE doesn't win SC

Is there a blackout on Wesley Clark ?

Weird: Where are all the Clark supporters hiding

President's test of faith

CA State Caucuses this weekend

Clark and Moore accused of election rigging

DEAN PLAYS CATCH-UP - San Diego Union Tribune

Pandering vs tough talk

Dean Calls FCC Probe of Breast Incident 'Silly'

Billy Jack runs for President against Bush in the GOP primaries!

What's the schedule for returns coming in today?

The caucus states will be a good barometer of candidate support...

Kerry's effort in S.C. last-minute

Newsweek Feb. 9th. the Truth about Kerry

Who's excited about tonight!!!

Good luck to all the candidates today !

SC Polls open to cold, overcast skies - light turnout

Could Vietnam win the White House?

The Difference Between Howard Dean and George W. Bush


(New Mexico) Councilors extol Kerry's urban plan

Dean Meet Up Supporters

Anyone see Joe and Becca on Cspan (BOAT SHOW)?

are you a sheep or are you a torchbearer?

Bob Graham taking questions on Cspan now

Survey USA Poll

Attacking Bush's Military Record...

Primary Day Presidential Poll

Does anyone know when we will start hearing results from the 7

ZW and KadeCarrion braved the snow of N. Arizona to VOTE!!!

A note on "electable"

How long after the official nominee is named

What happens to the Dean campaign ?

Bush Slips--Even Further (Real NH Republican Primary Results)

Flak Attacks on Lt. Kerry

Primary today: You have two hours to persuade me to support your candidate

Primary voters, care to share? Anonymously, unless you want

Whoa! *'s budget is "fiscal child abuse"

Something to cheer you up from DePaul University Students For Wesley Clark

Unofficial DU Poll: Which Candidate Do You Support for Nomination?

Arizona's desert-dwelling Democrats are sick of losing

What you gonna do when Joementum runs wild on you?

Zogby final numbers for today, February 3, 2004...

Is Lieberman FINALLY Done Today?

Will bounce help Kerry seal the deal?

Why the Rust Belt will vote for Kerry over Bush

Lost Dean-Supporter Friend Over Kerry. Don't Know Why. Is S&B So Evil?

Democratic Voters See Kerry as 'Electable'

How many New Mexico Democrats are on DU

Another silver lining, if Kerry is the nominee

8:33; Kerry; Aww…

Is there a place for Bill Clinton in the next democratic administration?

Is Washington State pretending there is not a Caucus this Saturday?

So who did fund the Osama ad?

Our Candidates, through the eyes of a Southern Republican

Kerry calls on Bush to settle questions on military record

Poll For The Future: What Direction Would You Like The Party To Move?

Does gaining delegates allow a candidate to speak at the convention?

Just voted, amazed to find Lyndon Larouche on the ballot (Oklahoma)

Who is the best choice for Kerry VP?

A KERRY MAN: Former Sen. Don Riegle announces his favorite

please delete...made errors in OP

Sleeping With the GOP (Village Voice-Bush op in Sharpton Camp?)

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" (this hour) focuses on WMD intel probe

Any polls for New Mexico?

Humor in politics: Dean vs Dean campaigner

Kerry vs. Dean; New Hampshire vs. Iraq

Will Kucinich keep his seat in congress?

North Dakota caucuses are today.

Are Three Candidates Splitting the Grassroots Vote?

Are you voting (or caucusing) today?

Will there be any early exit polls out today?

Drudge: Bush-Cheney '04 Chair Blasts Kerry For

What are the big issues we can hammer Bush with?

Wyoming doesn't have Health Care

CNN HN Poll: Time to back the front-runner?

American Indian voters wield political punch

Reuters uses Chickenhawk in Bush AWOL article. Never thought I'd see it

Presidential Patrons. Who's backing whom?

What kind of numbers does DK have to pull in today to turn some heads?

The new target- How would the White House attack John Forbes Kerry?

MSNBC: Dean 'superdelegates' holding firm

Monsanto's Legal Thuggery ( Re: Dean)

Your speculations if no candidate gets 2,162 delegates

The supersimplistic "ABB" notion works against Kucinich. Oh, the irony...

Will Osama rock the vote?

Clark Supporters Check in... voice your anger here...

Interesting post on our compressed primary schedule

NY Clark backer says campaign could be over for general

Clinton won only 3 of his first 14 contests

Dean & Edwards have taken more $$$ from Lobbyists in Pres. Campaign

CNN just spent 10 minutes talking about Joe Lieberman

Today's Doonesbury (Feb 3) re: Dean & the media

How can one hold the media accountable?

Vets for Dean: The Real Facts, Please

Good advice for Kerry from Digby's blog

Should there be a national "primary" day?

What do you think are the most salient issues with which to go after. . .

They are ripping off our democracy!

Gillespie: McAuliffe is the John Wilkes Booth of political assassination

Find timely exit polls here:

Kerry takes strong lead among Michigan voters

RW 2 release demoralizing leaks early 2 suppress Dem Voters

What has Kerry done? For Kerry supporters

Primary Voters: Hows The Turnout Where YOU Voted?

Gephardt Leading SC

The good thing about Edwards possibly winning in OK and getting nomination

Oklahoma Clark supporter, if you have time available this afternoon

Democrats Somehow Lose Primaries

Edwards Retains Lead in South Carolina Primary

reading between the lines on FOX....Edwards????

I don't see how 1 can make a case that Kerry is more electable than Clark

RW antics in Dem Primaries - Election UPDATE

If Dean is taking money from lobbyists how come he criticizes Kerry for it?

I Think John Edwards Is A Rising Star In The Democratic Party.

Media wagons circle around Bush -WH calls AWOL charges "outrageous"

A word of encouragement to my fellow Clark supporters...

How much of an issue is Skull and Bones to you?

Kerry Country - Missouri voters are rallying behind him.

Even if Edwards takes OK

Clark Fans: Stay On Target! (Or: How I Learned to Love the Exit Polls)

Incredible Essay by a college student

Final NH numbers Bush only got 78% of Repub vote! Many towns < 60% !

John Kerry and Special Interests.

So it appears that Clark hasn't won a state...that's what I'm getting

DK front page Sunday NM paper

primary delegate questions

I've decided to vote for Kucinich -- to send a message to the Dem Party

Will the order of returns affect Media Spin?

I found a DU 'oldie but goody' on how to turn the red states blue

Hillary for VP?


Links for Election Results?

Two Things Re: Clark & The Media

LGBT Voters Weighing Kerry

Clark Supporters - Pull Together!!!

Low turnout in SC?

If you want a choice after today, send money to other campaigns.

A little comic relief for a tense day

No matter what happens tonight, someone please tell General Clark...

Politics, Sports & the Schoolyard: Who Do You Tend To Root For?

How DU is approaching tonight's primaries and caucuses

Remember NH exit polls had Kerry-Dean in close battle in(Kerry won by 13)

Breaking: NBC just called SC for Edwards

Who thinks there will be any surprises tonight?

Edwards on terrorism?

It's time to ask yourselves, "Do you believe?" (Clark friends!)

Self Deleted DUPE

Our Clark

Kerry: "I won't take lessons in patriotism from Delay or Cheney."

absentee ballots AZ NM & OK

Please lock

it's 7 p.m.

New South Carolina exit poll

Edwards Winning Helps Clark?

How Official is "Official?"

Howard Dean - Profiteering and the Rising Cost of the Iraq War

WndyCty's on the ground report from AZ

Sitting at Dean HQ in Arizona and we are about to be on

Links Please

What time do the polls close in the other states?

Clark leads in Oklahoma poll

Poll: Should We Go After Bush On AWOL, Cocaine, and Harken?

Candidate horoscopes

CNN projects EDWARDS wins South Carolina!

How much has the "poll" influenced these upcoming primaries ?

warning! avoid cnn lou dobbs tonite -

MSNBC: Clark ahead in exit polls

How many candidates will drop out after tonight?

Clark supporters (and everyone else!): FUNNY ad!!

Would 200 million$ * even be silly enough to debate special interests?

CLARK JR. SLAMS MEDIA - Tell it like it is, brotha!!!

Hourlong Edwards Lovefest good for Edwards

DK - TODAY! Vote for him now or forever regret it.

What % will Dennis Kucinich get in Maine??

1992: Clinton won just 3 of first 14 contests

CNN poll: Should anyone that doesn't win a state tonight drop out?

Huge Congratulations to Edwards and His Supporters on SC

Hannity so afraid of Kerry, is now publicly rooting for Edwards

Good for Edwards!

"Live" South Carolina leader board

FOX TV.....warning.....Kennedy calling union leaders to urge they

Deleted message

Can we agree that amidst all the infighting that one thing unites us...

Supercandidates: good web source for up-to-date info?

CBS says Clark is out if he doesn't win Oklahoma

Isnt it a bit early to give SC to Edwards?

Horrible post on my part, but...

CNN: Missouri and Delaware called for Kerry

Think AP is at Edwards victory speech now?

CNN: Kerry wins MO and DE, 3 way race in OK

Missouri is the big prize of the night?

Missouri and Delaware projected for Kerry

Clark supporters -- step away from the panic

C-Span showing Edwards victory rally...

CNBC Discussing Kerry - Support Mile Wide, Inch Deep?

One thing I REALLY like about John Edwards...

Have tonight's primary results inspired you to switch candidates?

John Edwards can win among rural voters.

CNN analysis on SC

Clark and Edwards supporters...

What time to polls close and caucuses end?

Dean: "A tough night for us, but here's why we're going to keep going

Bad news and good news in Oklahoma

Did you check out the margin of men to women voters in SC?

Post here to guess at # of vote difference in OK between Clark and Edwards

Exit Poll Question

3 man race! I love it.

There is proof of two cases of Republican involvment in our primaries

North Dakota: MAJOR upset!!

MAJOR upset in Oklahoma!!

Dean: "Anyone is better than GW Bush."

CNN: Lieberman camp to meet tonight

Edwards leads in CNN's Oklahoma exit poll

Oklahoma - Clark 28% Edwards 26% Kerry 21%

Change of attitude? Does it seem like the Dems are getting more props

Judy Woodruff at CNN can:

I have supported Clark,but after tonight if he doesn't win he should

AP: Lieberman drops out

AP reports Lieberman dropping out!

Lieberman out


Joe drops out

Joe's OUT!


Lieberman CALLS it QUITS!

AP Reports Joe is out

AP: Lieberman quits. Where do dems like him go?

**BREAKING** CNN says Joementum is history!

Too slow again DUPE

Lieberman making contingency plans

Dean live now, sounds like giving up

What is up with SC CNN numbers?!?!

AP Reporting Leiberman quits Race Per CNN

CNN reports...Lieberman gone...

Have you heard? Joe Lieberman is out

CNN: Kerry wins Arizona, Clark 2nd

CNN projects Kerry will win Arizona, Clark in second (n/t)

CNN: CLark lead in SC, checking ther numbers

Lieberman to drop out

Is there a lock sale going on?

Just saw the MoveOn ad on CNN

I know there's a long way to go before the nomination

Dopey question about today's primaries

Early perspective: Looks like OK is going down to the wire between...

Onion: All seven Democrats somehow lost Democratic primaries

Voters voting on who they perceive can beat Bush can only mean one thing!

Does anyone know....Is Lieberman still in?

How was turnout tonight?

AP, MSNBC: Lieberman OUT!!!

Given expectations, this is a huge night for John Edwards.

Anyone think OK won't be called tonight?

The Perfect Running Mate/VP....(this is the ticket)

Deleted message

I must say Lieberman does have one good quality

Pictures of Joe's daughter


Deleted message

Governor of Arizona just said she saw 3 to 4 possible nominees

Kerry vs. Edwards = Dukakis vs. Clinton?

Kerry wins North Dakota!

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only

Partisans: Now you know how it feels when the KY Wildcats lose....

White House Fires Back At Kerry Over AWOL

Moveon voter fund OWNS CNN commercials

Dean just implied Kerry and Edwards are republicans.

Is Kucinich out?!

Please Delete. Inadvertant double post.

Who thinks we won't have the winner of OK tonight?

CSPAN2 caller: "Best reason to vote Democratic is because Bush is

Official results: OKLAHOMA

Reuters Posts Pic of Bush In National Guard Uniform

Judging from the votes that are still out in Oklahoma

A Big Night for Edwards

Official results: DELAWARE

Gore's Endorsement: Worthless?

Clark needed to do better in Missouri

Does it really matter who "wins" OK?

The Dole Indicator. Is Edwards the GOP's preferred opponent?

Democrat candidates, god love 'em but they gotta go except for

Now is the time for Kerry to become Edwards' VP

Are these photo finishes good or bad?

Sharpton a Republican mole?!! (Village Voice article)

Official results: SOUTH CAROLINA

Oklahoma REPUB primary: 10% for Bill Wyatt against Shrub!

Lieberman in three way tie with Gephardt and Moseley-Braun! to shock everybody...I voted for

Clark Candles...light em up!!

John Kerry: "I Voted Against Gay Bashing"

Clark interview on CNN now

WaPo has a nice Primary Site

Kerry people: What is Kerry going to say about Office of Special Plans/WMD

Has a Dem candidate ever announced their VP choice during the primaries ?

Mini-Tuesday Delegate count...

Official results: NORTH DAKOTA

Questions: What is the total number of delegates available, and...

DUers, please call CSPAN2 - explain why you are voting Dem and why you

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only (thread 2)

Media bias, here is a piece I just finished, for Clark, but Dean/Kucinich

well, congrats to clark on oklahoma

Begala just gave a nod to Clark

Has a Dem candidate ever announced their VP choice during the primaries ?

Official results: MISSOURI

CNN: Kerry wins NM

Can anyone explain to me about "super-delegates"?

where will joe's supporters

If you are voting today, do not forget Dennis Kucinich

Now is the time for Sen. Edwards to seriously consider VP to Kerry

Kerry supporters brace yourself, here it comes

Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark... But I wanna say something about Edwards

100% Reporting in ND. Kerry 51, Clark 24, Dean 12, Edwards 10

who do you think will be the next candidate to drop out ?

Official results: ARIZONA

Article: Rigged Election Possible ? ... posted from another forum

In one way, Dean's campaign used to be based on fear

Official results: NEW MEXICO

MSNBC: Kerry threw South Carolina to inflate Edwards as VP

isn't it possible that Clark will win almost as many delagates as Edwards

Edwards is going to give the nomination to Kerry

John Edwards has the winning issue !

Hey! It's the Staple Singers

My predictions for tonight

Edwards is the Most Electable

Well, it seems How De is Doody...sorry to see it come to this.

Why I am ABK until we run out of challengers

Begs someone to put up Binary Clark - Edwards poll

Dean wins delegates tonight...but you wouldn't know it

I'm not loving Sharpton's speech

Official results: OKLAHOMA (thread 2)

I think this is Edwards' night

Here is the schedule for the rest of the month.

Clark skips Iowa gets raked over the coals. Dean skips 7 states/ gets pass

I'm really starting to like John Edwards.

Vote totals for the evening - so far

Delegate count now?

DUPE (Delete)

Automatic recount triggered here in Oklahoma, per local Tulsa TV sta.

Reminder to my fellow Dean supporters: No victories expected tonight...!

Let's run that bald preacher on the CNN panel

Is BBV going to put Kerry in the White House?

Mobius Poll: Clark versus Edwards

Kerry made news! Anybody else catch it?

Kerry's forehead wrinkle-free tonight?

I think CSPAN is gonna refun Lieberman's speech, then ***CLARK***

So when is Dean supposed to win his first state?

I can't help but really like Kerry's speaking style...

How did Sharpton get a delegate in Delaware?

Who do the delegates go to if a candidate drops out

If the goal is to take down Kerry, Clark and Dean got to drop out

Kerry is not Dukakis.

All Clark Supporters wish to thank our Well Wishers this evening

Well, I'M calling the race for Clark in Oklahoma

Okay I believe it. They are ignoring Clark.

To those of you who would sit out of the November election if

Kerry got THIRD in Oklahoma...What does this mean?

Why did Clark do so much better in Oklahoma?

Kerry's Speech Tonight: Anyone else notice - no people of color on stage?

Congratulations to Edwards Folks for SC Win: A 2 Man Race?

Clark, Kerry, Edwards... whoever. Just remember what Dick Gephardt said

Dean won us the election

On Lieberman and what it is to be a Democrat

Clark is going to give the nomination to Kerry

Joe Lieberman Abandons Presidential Bid

i know polls dont count for crap, but, i just saw a few that made me smile

Well, does California matter?

Kerry-Edwards ticket

Kerry/Edwards ticket - which "red" states do we win?

Tweety, et. al, can't figure out what happened with Bush

I think they'll call Oklahoma for Clark soon

Holy crap! MSNBC talking about AWOL Bush now!

Something's fishy is these primaries...

Preference poll: Your choice for the nomination?

If Kerry is to Be Stopped

Dean Supporters:

Aol Poll

BBV: Tuesday Feb 3 Primarys, tell us what you see and hear

No one is talking about WHY the media is against Clark.

Why I am asking people to support John Kerry.

LIEBERMAN supporters and well-wishers only

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Clark giving speech/ media IGNORES?

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only (thread 3)

Kerry Wins Big; Edwards, Clark Stay Alive

I'm liking John Kerry as I listen to him right now...

Joe is gracious

If Dean doesn't win by Super Tuesday, he's dead.

Check out this Freeper quote

NY Clark backer says campaign could be over for general

How is everyone feeling tonight

A Political Battle for Planet Earth (long, but well worth reading, imho)

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

OK, Edwards is using Dean's message (and that's ok) to win...he can

Kerry's rhetorical tin ear is really annoying me

So what does tonight tell us about Clark?

Why I'm supporting Dennis Kucinich, OR...

Will you be satisfied with a Kerry nomination?

If he doesn't get the nomination, should Edwards be a VP?

KERRY for President! Not happy with that? Focus local!

To ALL campaign volunteers and workers:

General Clark speaking about his WIN in OK on CNN

Shocking exit poll: Edwards leading in OK

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Positive Thread for Everybody: Tracking Turnout, 2000 - 2004 Comparison

CNN has been playing the Move On Commercial

Sharpton and Kucinich should be excluded from debates

Lieberman's Daughter is Beautiful...

How Does McAuliffe's Plan (Shortened Primary Season) Look As Of Tonight ??

I supported Dean, but I voted Kerry today!

Hey! Nashville Dean Supporters

ABC just handed us the election and we can thank Kerry

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

Kucinich, God love him, needs to go.

Don't Shoot the Messenger - - - - But Be Aware

Once again we ask: Who's next to go?

Explosive: Sharpton mining black America for Bush secret agent

Kerry The Environment and Freetrade

NH BBV?: Dean within 2% of Kerry in hand counts, creamed in digital counts

Kerry now in the lead in delegate race

Kerry family background?

Ever hear Hendrix blaring in a campaign before?

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