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Archives: February 29, 2004

Tarnishing a Glittering Record - WSJ's Al Hunt

Readin', writin', 'rithmetic, loyalty oath

wherever Diebold goes-irregularities and historic Republican upsets follow

NYT: The Results Are in and the Winner Is . . . or Maybe Not

Beware smoking Guns

The battle over the 1960s (SF Chronicle OpEd)

Bush 'war president' brings VN-era rec to fore-MS paper-Bill Minor-xclnt

Frank Rich (NYT): The Joy of Gay Marriage

Republicans enjoy bullying minority-party legislators (Utah)

Is Washington Backing Another Coup in Haiti?

Pacifica Radio Special on the Haiti Cris 7-9 PM PT

"The Politics of Professors" or what it takes to be a liberal.

Stern In Big Blast At Bush

Social Security promise not kept at cost of $1.8 trillion

Premature Death for the Hubble (NYTimes editorial)

Herbert: Stolen Kisses (Good column on hysteria over Gay Marriage)

Social Security and tax cuts for the rich. Letter to LA TIMES.

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: outsourcing jobs to combat terrorism

Christianity's Silent Majority must be heard in the political arena

Dayton Daily News: Govern-ability is issue, not electability

Toronto Star: U.S. wanted Arar to be tortured, lawyer says

Just say `no' to Chinese missiles

Rally at Jasper AR March 20

Bush will be in the Silicon Valley on March 4th at 10am-1pm

Molly Ivins and McChesney on in 30 minutes!

Billy Crystal - Texas National Guard ... Video

Disney Movie on Arabian Horse Race Raises Storm

Carolina TV news doesn't verify storm closing info

Astrologers: Who do you think will win the election?

I figured out who killed Jesus! (Sunday Morning Sermon from WCTV)

John Stossel vs. Homeopathy

Astrologers: Who do you think will win the election?

Was Jesus a felon?

passion of christ and protestants

Body Survey - Americans are Bigger - Will Clothing Stores get a clue?

Does Anybody Own One of These?

Thurmond's Daughter Gets Tribute in S.C.

Washington Strikes At San Francisco (at both Straight and GLBT couples)

Mexican Americans Are Building No Walls

Cellphone makers seek new ways to get cheating husbands, wives off hook

Hong Kong banks begin accepting yuan deposits

Greenspan's Solution; Cut From Those Who Need It the Most.

Russia Warns Turkey Over Bosporus ( delays to Russian oil exports)

Indian Himalayan Glaciers (19 In Himachal Pradesh Alone) Declining Rapidly

Ethanol Tanker Explodes off Virginia. Three dead, 19 missing.

The War President's Threat to National and Global Security...

Dengue Fever Death Toll In Indonesia Hits 322 - 18.000 Cases

London Observer: Kidnappers target youth of Baghdad

Iraq Misses Deadline for Constitution

Aristide's Supporters See a Friend of the Poor

Monks turn nasty as temple feud erupts

Help me with my homework! (Re: Nuclear Policy)

BBC (Feb 29): India announces election dates

Khatami's brother calls for Secular Iran

London Observer (Feb 29): The man who wasn't there (Putin)

Enfield #4 mk1*

what is the biggest gun that you have ever worked on?

Rifle Purchase This Week!!

Donation Questions

Lost my password

A horrible post in the lounge tonight has prompted me...

Related to previous post...

J/PS is offline?

is the "search" function not working?

If a poster has demonstrated homophobia or continues

Just some thoughts/questions on 'provocation' as an affirmative defense.

Just a comment.

Posts that repeat rumors of bin Laden's capture

standards for assessing the expression of hatred at DU

Why was this Synthesis character removed?

please forgive my persistence

If we allow posters who post implicit homophobic posts or anti-abortion

Can this post be pinned somewhere? (Haiti relief)

NY Times: On the West Bank, a Hint of Resistance Without Blood

The Dancing Bear

Not running away from Ra'anana

Israel nabs Palestinian boys planning suicide attacks

In Gaza, the tunnels lead to death

Isrealis snipe at SOS Palestinian orphanage

Europe waking up to Iranian nuclear threat: Israeli FM

Lebanese prisoner misses Israeli jailers

Israeli court halts work on wall section

Neocons Israel and the Bu$h Administration

Israel on alert after three Palestinians killed in air strike

Prominent Palestinian requests Israeli citizenship

Slain couple buried Sunday afternoon

Fatah body urges truce; no talk of disarming gunmen

End sleaze or lose aid, Arafat told

U.N. staff see boy shot in back - Israeli officer suspended

Arisitide: A Lightning rod ??????

Calif. GOP Senate Primary Is Overshadowed

The Dean revolution marches on.

Minnesota, 1998 vs. 2000 vs. 2002

DUers draw distinctions between conservatives

Tavis Smiley Forum Remarks On Bush

Vote for your favorite name for the secret category of Bush’s Funders



Some ironic words from Frank Zappa in 1994 re: Pappy Bush

A Steady Diet of Mcdonalds ..Ewwww!

Man, we're being real positive tonight, aren't we (re: Peak Oil)???

Ann Coulter runs scared from a Liberal/Democrat radio host from New Mexico

Political oddities

With this post, I leave the 700 Club.

All marriages are same sex marriages.

Fantastic Religious Debate Topic!

George Bushit and John Asscroft have a new think tank.

"Boys Don't Cry" ...Brandon Teena

Republicans are not conservative . . .

Bush supporting Haitian terrorists

URGENT NEED HELP: I need link where Arnold ADMITS groping

What's the difference between Catholics and Christians?

Can anyone help me with this Kerry bashing email from co-worker?

Chomsky is on CSPAN-2 Now

Guess which "John-Johns" were MIA in the Senate?

I figured out who killed Jesus! (Sunday Morning Sermon from WCTV)

If News From Iraq Is Bad, It's Coming From U.S. Officials

another review of The Passion . . .

The Haitian Hypocrisy!

passion of christ and protestants

Should War Crimes Trial Of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld ...

You could pick the Dem nominee. Who would it be?

China makes everything - Does this matter?

Sun. Herald:US told UK Attorney General to alter legal advice on Iraq war

making list of criminals in Bush administration

LOL,great article from Lenore Skenazy NY Daily News a few days ago

What's up with JPS?

One For The Thumpers

The fact is I support the Barrier!

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, but no black Haitians

Gay marriage: Consider that all the "ills of society" are now WITHOUT

Jittery new U.S. troops in Iraq kill fleeing girl, wound mother, sister

Is there any solution to the black/gay divide?


Hacking Diebold ....includes Bev Harris...(a must-read)

Santorum is a slimy sick bastard.

DU this poll--who should be next president?

Weapons of Mass Hypocracy

Bad news on globalization

Daily U.S. Casualties 2/29/2004

The Leadership award for the most effective politician : the winner is

amer. churches have averaged 70 sex abuse allegations a week

Seattle is closer to France than to Texas | David Horsey

Some Oct surprise, along with a summer of continuous Repub propaganda

Tom Tomorrow: Michael Moore on Oscars tonight?

Thousands of Sadrists Demonstrate in Kirkuk

MSNBC's Glenn Reynolds: "More On Outsourcing"

Iraq must be thrilled to see the democracy in Haiti.

Meet the Press - Broadcast Indecency?

The Weasel award for Worst Political Whore: And the winner is..

Cut labor costs in half... (and put US workers off the job)

Kids fare gets Fs even at sit-down restaurants (as bad as fast food)

Mormon billionaire wants your DNA on the internet

Is Haiti going to be a

Was Jesus Gay?

Passion grosses $117 Million in 5 days

What political affiliation do you have?

Soldier for the Truth - Exposing Bush's talking-points war:Yahoo!!

BBV: An open letter to Senator Kerry..

bushgang shipped Canadian to Syria to be tortured - oh yes

Secretary of Peace

Boniface Alexandre?

Poll on same sex marriage Late Edition site

Who else thinks Christianity is Dangerous?

Convoluted logic

NYT fires reporter for being involved with gay/AIDs groups in past

Was Jesus a felon?

--plan to lower gasoline prices

The US has supported a successful Coup in Haiti

ACK! Dunno how I got this on the wrong forum... pleeez delete, mods!

I predict the Oscars are gonna be VERY anti-Bush tonight

How were wounded Iraqis really treated during the bombing?

AJC: "Gay marriage vote too close to call"

Executions Seem To Be Starting In Haiti/ US Soldiers Took Aristide Away

in celebration of my 3,000th post, I am pleased to once again post . . .

Who are these Haitian rebels?

Have you heard anyone calling for Gavin Newsom to be arrested?

Under Clinton ZERO troops died in Haiti...

Does "The Passion" expose the Jewish-fundy Christian alliance as a sham?

Anyone Having Trouble Getting Guardian Online?

Speculation on whether Nader will come out anti-mass/corporate immigration

Ray McGovern on George Tenet and intelligence cover up

Shocking Interview with Hutton Gibson (Mel Gibson's Father) is at it again

Gas prices rise. U.S. offensive in Afghanistan this spring. Coincidence?

Former Iraq administrator sees decades-long U.S. military presence

Bev Harris on Democracy Now!

a true but sad story

Capturing bin Laden will not save lives, it may actually cost lives

Randi Rhodes syndication info!

Molly Ivins on in 30 minutes (2 PM EST)!

Haiti is all about privatization and the CHEAPEST labor possible

Scotland worried/angry over DU

An instant classic

Bush's Haitian gambit is a message to Dems: "Lose or we'll KILL you!"

Turn on Pacifica Radio - Death Squads KILLING Live Now!

Heeee's back! Ken Starr on CNN.

The BushCo Global War on the Environment

Liberal Radio is going to be here! Yes!

Given that Bushy Boy will get Osama before the election...

60 Minutes - True confessions? or false? Also, Diary of Anne Frank in NK

Seattle area local news shows are part of Bush 2004 campaign.

Depleted Uranium: War Hazard?

Full Page God Bless Bush Letter in Sunday Paper

Cong Rangell on KPFT this hour re: Haiti (@ )

It seems the repubs are going to boycott over oil prices...

Judy Woodruff truly defies description as a ?????.....from Atrios

Who are the most talented young progressive Democrats?

j u s t p i c t u r e t h i s o n e . . .

Bush: "This is a new chapter in Haiti's history."

The Silence Of The Whores !!! --- Alternative Media Is There For Haiti !!!

Is California in play?

Doonesbury Endorses A Presidential Candidate.

Live Haiti overthrow of Govt coverage on Pacifica & KPFA 7pm EST/4pm PST

Is anyone else worried about the right wing extremists going violent?

I thought we had the gun war won; what happened?

What the Hell Happened to The Plame Investigation?

For a Democratic Congress - my new essay

"My comfort level with Bush is gone...." Repub Ohio business owner

How Are Racial Minorities Discriminated Against?

Rangel to talk to Koffi Annan tonight!!! Castro is next

How much of a difference will it make for Bush if...

I'm watching 60 minutes

The Al Gore lockbox on Social Security is looking good these days.

"Passion" versus "Braveheart"...

On the radio: Selective Service ad followed by a Tom Ridge ad

Taking Care of Business: Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation

Anyone see the cops convince an innocent man he was guilty of murder...

George Soros on c-span Booknotes now.

FACT: Martha Stewart was ACQUITTED of securities fraud

Clinton's Good Deeds

If Aryan Nation assaulted Boise and took all of Idaho...

You'll like this Bush pic...

"Are you still beating your dog?" Or, should we move forward?

DU Political Wits: If you were writing 'Laugh-In' for 2004...

"get us out of this country" says soldiers in Iraq

Aristide kidnapped by U.S.?

Haiti meme: "bloodbath"

Democracy Now to air special on Haiti Sunday 7 pm

geez, one of the nuttiest Freeper posts I've seen

Keep your eyes open for ads by the RNC that dont have Bush

How do Dayton Hudson (Target) and Wal-Mart compare?

Gay Democrats ask for marital history of GOP legislators

Maxine Waters says Haiti was part of regime change policy...

Britain and US Shared Transcripts After Bugging Blix's Mobile Phone'

Schwarzenegger hypocrisy (repuke)

My new conclusions about a Bin Laden capture.

Our paper had the full page ad today, too.

Oil peak - what do you think?

Soldiers iraq and suicides

Did anyone see Sandy Rios on "Real Time With Bill Maher"???

Prospects for November

So the lady asked me to sign her petition...and I said...

Where will Aristide turn up?

How has Gay Marriage Amendment Brouhaha affected shrub's

Did Bush Just Give Congress A Reason To Impeach Him ??? (Haiti)

Why is the National Guard on alert in Louisiana?

is there a news blackout on Iraq?

USAID, the CIA, and the Coup in Haiti

In defense of traditional Biblical marriage

This is what Bushco has done this week.

What do you think about male-bashing.

Top Ten Most Evil Companies?

Who thinks Hugo Chavez is a dead man?

what you arent hearing on the news

Moderate Democrats?

Ohio before Bush* : even Burger King had a signing bonus

BBV: NYT Editorial (rob-georgia and MUCH more)

BBV: easy way to contact your state's Secretary of State.

Can a person be put in prison for his/her political views.

Plagiarist Mike Barnicle slurs "terrorist" Academy Award nominees, slides

Go Mark Go...Dayton breaks silence on FMA....Big Time!!!

I missed the implications earlier..going after Bin Laden

Specter of a Giuliani administration

physicists: a question about depleted uranium

BBV: Making it to the NYT editorial page..

BBV: Everyone please read. Rant on...

Please join me in writing FL Sec of State and telling her she's a moron

The Third Way

The Passion now considered blockbuster..surpasses Episode I opening gross

I'm thinking about buying property by some power lines, how crazy am I?

how the nominee can take the moral highground over Bush

wbai doing a haiti update

(Forgive my ignorance ) What is Bushco's interest in Haiti?

The War President's Threat to National and Global Security...

Was Bin Laden truly behind 911?

Beloved Haiti - by Stan Goff (Veteran for Peace / MFSO)

Need help with urls to Bush Lies

I am watching Bush overthrow Aristide and Haiti?

How Are Women Discriminated Against?

Work Stopping on Part of Israeli Barrier

Coalition Soldier Shot Dead in Baghdad - U.S. Army

Japan sentences cult leader to death

Aristide En Route to Morocco - Haitian Official

MSNBC news just reported

US military choppers over Port Au Prince now (10:25 am est)

Army chiefs feared Iraq war illegal just days before start

Democrats Turn Out to Embrace Kerry in Brooklyn (NYT)

Iraq Donors Commit About $1 Bln for Reconstruction

Darby debate: Focus on religion a central ADF tenet (Creationism)

Kidnappers target youth of Baghdad

Kerry says stations have the right to pull Stern

As more Chechens go missing, critics blame president's son

Kerry and Agent Orange

Short reignites feud with attack on Tony's friend

Vought's silence signaled intent to leave (1000 jobs)

Newsom now a national figure | SF Chronicle

Ohio emerges as key battleground for Dems | Chicago Sun-Times

Russia 'arrests Qatari nationals' | BBC

Exiled Russian tycoon challenges Putin

Iraq fails to meet Bush deadline

Canada to join international force in Haiti: Graham | CBC

Coalition soldier shot dead in Baghdad - US Army

Israeli supreme court orders construction of wall suspended | G&M

Gay priests defended in wake of study | New Orleans Times-Picayune

Aristide supporters arrive in Dominican Republic

Harvard to announce aid for poor students | Boston Globe

Iran allocates $1.5 mn to fight "US conspiracies"

Europe waking up to Iranian nuclear threat: Israeli FM

Culture war being reshaped | San Francisco Chronicle

US lawyer: Aristide still in Haiti

Polish troops fire on pilgrims in Iraq

Drug money reportedly funding Haiti fighting

Karbala Troops Injured by Bus Carrying Pilgrims

Marriage a battered institution, studies show | The Oregonian

United States increases its military clout across Africa

Congressman on This Week just accused BushCo of supporting

U.S. returns migrants to chaotic Haitian capital

Chechnya’s Fighting Not Terror: U.S. Ambassador

NOW-Hear US-backed coup LIVE on Pacifica Radio. REALITY RADIO.

Haiti: KPFT / Pacifica Special 2-hr Live Report starts SOON 1 pm CST

Live Haiti coverage again now at 7 pm EST/4pm PST on Pacifica & KPFA

Boulder County in midst of foreclosure funk

Supporters: Book should stay on shelves (MORE Creationism)

Drug Money Reportedly Funding Haiti Fighting

Deal for U.S. to Hunt Bin Laden in Pakistan

Chavez supporters resist US meddling, protest vote

Venezuelan Loyalists Take to the Streets

Bush reneges on land-mine ban

Held hostage in Galapagos:giant tortoises, 30 scientists

Aristide's departure leaves capital streets in chaos

Iraq's oil-based debt plan wins support

Ex-KGB chief does not regret involvement in 1991 coup

Shiites Mark Rituals Once Banned in Iraq

British troops slam poor planning by officers in Iraq war

Kuwait Agrees to Export Iraqi Oil

Marines begin deploying to Haiti

What is the U.S. doing sending troops? Haiti unilateral action?

Rowland lawyers to submit impeachment standards brief

Committee Clears Australia on Iraq Claims

New Paltz mayor plans more marriages next weekend

Louis Farrakhan Criticizes Bush, Kerry

Retirees in super crisis fear...(Australia)

Making Bombers in Iraq (recent evidence points to home-grown cells)

Report: Sept. 11 Coordinator Met Hijacker

Iraqis Said to OK Interim Constitution

Assembly concerns put Black Hawk deliveries on hold

Venezuelan Leader Denounces U.S. and Mocks Bush

Security Council meets on US resolution on Haiti (Aristide Resigned?)

Black Voters Align With Democrats Against Bush

Gas prices surge

Democracy Now reports that Aristide led away in handcuffs

Aristide flies into mystery exile -- BBC

Boorstin, Dead at 89, Foresaw Media Shifts

Democrats Criticize White House Role in Haiti

Iraq advice "must be made public"

E-Mail Blast Seeks Data on Bush Plans For Public Lands (Washington Post)

Aristide has left Haiti..c-span 4:05 am ...2/29/04(now what ??)

US troops 'made Aristide leave'

Guiliani: Bush's Dream Ticket/Scotsman, UK--New World Media Watch

US troops 'made Aristide leave'

Kerry says the Elvis factor not important against Bush

Investors ponder market's troubles Stocks flounder as anniversary of rally

Bin Laden's Arrest Story Source Identified

Security Council votes to Authorize Haiti Mission

CNN breaking- Bush sends marines to Haiti

Investor class favors Kerry over Bush

NYT: Haiti's President Forced Out; Marines Sent to Keep Order

Chavez Denounces Bush as Foes Fight Troops (Calls Bush an "asshole"!)

Poll Woes For Bush

China to issue Human Rights Record of US

War may grind on like Vietnam

Planned Parenthood Refuses To Hand Over Records

Venezuela would stop oil to U.S. if invaded -Chavez

Kerry Relatives Killed in Holocaust

Nearly Half of NYC Black Men Jobless

Debate Raises Doubts for Kerry-Edwards Run

Two million rally for peace (New record)

Mind trip: Robert Plant is on Austin City Limits!

A belated happy birthday to Joe South!

Indiana DUers check in!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Saw "Boys Don't Cry" last night on Bravo - how frustrating!

I am now listening to The Very Beast of Dio. Ask me anything.

Thanks to Martin Scorsese...

How's this for a rant?

Isn't oil oil?

I love college radio

My favorite #1 hits by year

Considering where we are as a country on gay rights...

I'm watching Forrest Gump right now

Have any of you guys seen the tv show "Bliss" on the Oxygen network?

I want a genuine, honest to goodness Reuben Sandwich

Which place is more dangerous?

What time do the oscars start in California!

Goddammit, I'm tired....

The Passion.

Have you ever picked your toes in Poughkeepsie?

I love Satan........

Dammit my wife ran my batteries down on my Palm Pilot

I just finished writing a letter to the editor, ask me anything!

With this post, I leave the 700 Club.

Which place is more dangerous?

Saturday Night Live, Should I watch it tonight?

gah, i have to work tomorrow...

AARGH! Horrible website - NAACP

George Carlin is God!!!

hey, all you aging hippies . . . this site's for YOU! . . .

new Savage Weiner advertiser Jos A Bank

I want to pet some doggies

Why do so many avatars show cats?

OMG I need to be cleansed - I had a nice dream about Bush

Gather Round The Campfire! It's Matcom's Joke O' The Weekend!

I'm going to GAWD's country anyone need anything?

Who do you have more confidence in to run our country?

Best Movie Crucifixion of All Time

We can't go through this so soon - a little karma please

Help Wanted: Large chorus to sing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

Recipe: Clay Pot Squirrel


Have you guys read Abbie the Cat's blog?

Recipe for Brains with Sauce

Recipe: Goat Testicles

Cat Poop Cookies (I'm not making this up) Dupe (Believe it or not)

A pic in honor of Sunday...Praise Jesus!

Run for the Hills! Farrah Hair is BACK!

What are the best small and rural towns to live in?

Possum or Bandicoot Soup

Which "Good Times" charcter can you stand the least?

What is the best bumper sticker slogan you have seen?

The Passion of Christ and Dark Side of the Moon

Recipe: Cat poo cookies

music quiz . . . what do the following songs have in common? . . .

santorum in love affair with MANGO

Happy Leap Day!

You think you've heard stupid remarks about "The Passion?"

Have some fun with your friends

Any Moped owners here?

Is this a self-referential poll?

Slug Fritters (With real slugs. Yummy)

I joined the World Wildlife Rescue Team!!!!

Man rescued from Space Needle's outer ring | Seattle P-I

Funny old Uncle Sam cartoon


I'm finally getting help...

Do you believe in god?

Need some political graphics

Anyone else blown away by Charlize Theron in Monster?

The party I'm sorry I'm missing....

O.K, this one rates way up there on the weird meter.

Mrs. Catch22Dem is finally...


The "Everyone Please Read!" Poll

Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Flees To Iraq

my pick for Best Song

Question about Itunes and other MP3 Players

as much as i do like Hideki Matsui and DJ...

here is the number to call for appointments to marry

Eagles: "The Last Resort" gives me chills

The Passion - Bulked (+) on the NYTimes Bestsellers list

Doll collectors??? ...Wow..have I found a site for you

Could you be a Sheboygan girl?

Important repost from bartcop (re bart)

Muffy, My Guinea Pig passed away...age 7+

Doing reviews isn't easy.

Fireball Over Denver

Photoshoppers: Some help please

When do YOU know Spring is almost here?!

Why did I lose my stored password?

The Kennebunkport Hillbillies

When I was born...

If they can make soy taste like anything

Doonesbury endorses Bush for second term!

Theocracy Now!

Anyone have pictures of the Mayor of San Francisco?

What should I eat while watching the Oscars?

FESS UP: How many of you actually bought that Hanson CD?

Silk Chocolate Soy Milk is DEEEE-licious!

Do female companions of gay men you know vote much? (re: voting power!)

Build your own Latex Corpse

I had the strangest dream last night

Cartoon Network: Adult Swim battles art with profit (guess who wins)

Whee! It's Oscar Day!

Need some quick help....

Help me with my homework (RE: US Nuclear weapons policy

ATTENTION!!!! All Chicago party animals....

"‘GIGLI’ Really Wows RAZZIE® Voters" (6 "Awards"!)

So I had this dream......

learning to love this old house, take 47...

Worm alert NETSKY.C is on the loose

Security tip, kiddies...

Gratuitous Oscar Night Red Carpet DU Lounge fashion show!!!!!!!!

What are the worst states in the country to live and raise a family?

Question about cemetery/headstone etiquette

Drunken Sexual Hangman

Why am I drawn to Cojo?

dont tell scotty

I like what FDR advised us

It's leap day. Will you marry me?

I'm so depressed....

The Plaid Address

Recovery Program for DU addicts

Which is more detrimental to society, as it stands?

Do you think humankind will be completely extinct in 50 years?

Old 45 rpm's you still love to hear....Fire!/CrazyWorldof Arthur Brown

Go to google and search for "nuclear weapons"

So i was shredding some cheese and nicked my finger

Your favorite bad movies

What happened to Wally and Beaver in the Vietnam era ?

Dontcha hate getting blue mail from Dan Rather?

Peter Gabriel sold out!

South Park is a non-union show

John Kerry defeats George Bush in internet simulation

what do you get when you mix Fundies and gun nuts?


Just how bad was your high school song?

Do you have martial arts knowledge?

OK, this is scary

Precious metals.

Where's that DUer who said he'd help host photos?

Did you have good study notes?

I love Billy Crystal!!

Live from the Red Carpet

I've been depressed today

The Shallow take jabs at the Awards thread...

Holy cow!!!!

I've just given up not!

Just installed Mozilla Firefox--ask me anything!

I've just given up bot

I've just given up snot

For all doggie lovers

I've just given up blot.

dayum! Catherine Zeta Jones looks yummy tonight!

BEST #1 HIT of the MID-1970s?

I've just given up rot

I've just given up hot

I won't give up squat

I've just given up Lot...

I've just given up Spot...

I've just given up dot

Dr. Phil. Love him or hate him?

Mud Season in NH is far worse that snow season!!! Help!

I haven't given up anything

DVD Collectors: Ed Wood SE

Our very own screenplay - sure to be on the list next year

I've just given up plots.

Any Division III men's basketball fans here?

I've just given up thought

Let's create a reality TV show!

how many bushbashers will the oscars have tonight?

AAAH! Micheal more on oscar skit...

What's that instrument Sting's playing on the Oscars right now?

I'm not moving 'til I find someone else who likes the band Orange Juice.

Macarbe question: Has there ever been an on-line funeral?

I guess Billy Crystal doesn't like Billy Bush either

Blake Edwards and Noam Chomsky

Official Catherine Zeta Jones is hot thread.

Do you really care if entertainment rewards itself with a few million more

old tax returns -- how many should I keep?

What is considered a family these days?

what oftenly ignored and under appreciated vocation should have anawards

I'm hungry

A few words about the Academy Awards.

For relaxing times...

Ok, Jim Carey looks like crap...

I'm eating the most delicious chocolate mousse ever.....

Don't touch me because I will shock you

How annoying is Bill Walton?

How do you handle the weight of the world?

Tim Robbins made me cry.

Why do they mike the crowd during "In Memoriam"?

OMFG! Diane Lane is THE Sexy Lady Tonight!

What are you watching/listening to?

Three Texas surgeons

NYC - Did anyone see the pirates marching through the EV today?

Well, it's been a hellish night at DU for me...

Whoa! Orange Juice tastes really salty...

That was a nice tribute to Katharine Hepburn....

Jude Law is hot

Now I am listening to Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell. Ask me anything

Who ate cheese this week?

Who cut the cheese this week?

There is NO ONE exactly 4 years old today!

You gotta love those Documentary directors

Sandra Bullock and John Travolta??? Talk about an odd couple...

Funny you don't look like you give a... DUers who dont care about Oscar...

Late-winter trash is the UGLIEST

Have you ever had a thread go dreadfully wrong?

Ok, Julianne Moore looks One-der-ful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar spoilers for the west coast

How soon into the Oscars did you realize you WEREN'T gonna win the DU tee?

Booming, Thudding Bass music

what I wouldn't do the Charlize Theron

I'm one of the beautiful people

I've just given up pot

Best Actor winner?

Oscars: Am I the only one not watching? (or watched)

How do you think I look?

Who DOESN'T want Charlize Theron to win tonight??

For you guys who say modern music sucks:

best oscar line?

Renee Zellwiger always looks like she smells a fart or something.

Number of Due'rs

I'm on Spring Break! Ask me anything!

The kitties take a nap...(pics)

Tomorrow begins the Oscar campaign for "Passion"

What? No Adult Swim thread tonight?

I'm knockin' back St. Pauli Girl

What ever happened to the American Airlines pilot

Why the hell is peter jackson wearing shoes???

Five hottest actresses

How hot is Annie Lennox?

I saw "The Passion of the Christ" on opening night

Official Democratic Underground Democratic Underground thread.

Pray for the people of Haiti.

This is so weird,,,,I'm not going to watch the Oscars.

New Campaign Slogans for "The Dark Side"

Actors/actresses you just find too weird or odd.

I can't hold it anymore. A friend of ours DIED in my house today.

Prediction on Next Years Academy Awards.

What are the best states to live in ...

Party at the Coppola's tonight!

Ever gotten hate mail rather out of the blue?

"Without a long-term, committed relationship..."

Official Democratic Underground Oscar Thread

You know why I support gay marriage?

Best concert movie EVER (the poll)

Want to hear an Al Qaeda joke?

The Oscar Censor Inquires about Jamie Lee Curtis' Nipples

I've spent the day reading about Henry VIII

Christopher Plummer is playing King Lear on Broadway!

question about women using little girl voices

What did you do to enjoy your "bonus" day?

I'm no longer a Davis Love III fan

So I got laid off and now I'm going on tour

Nazi Propagandist Leni Riefenstahl included in Oscars tribute.

Anyone evere listen to Radio for Peace International?

Is there any doubt of the fit or form here?

Passion grosses $117 Million in 5 days

Need some advice about careers

ATTN All DUers!!!!!!

"Oscar Night" Movie Thread

My (long) Passion Review

Trade, War, Socialism & Capitalism

Astrologers: Who do you think will win the election?

Dean's political coalition: WIll be become a counterweight to the DLC?

One of our Dean group here is running for congress. Thanks Kucinich folks.

Even a Few Upset Victories Won't Help Edwards's Odds - WSJ's Al Hunt

Democrats scale back ambitions for the house

Kerry big lead in latest Polls in GA

Do you think we should redo the nomination process?

A Chimpanzee with a mandate! Think about that for a moment y'all

What percentage of Regan Democrats will vote Bush again?>

State's primary missing the fizz

Is there a debate on Sunday morning on CBS? n/t

Bush machine trains guns on Kerry

John Edwards is Cuter Than John Kerry

2000, "Arms Industry's Buyout of the Democratic Party"

"The Results Are In, and the Winner Is...Or Maybe Not"

Is there an online source for the debate this morning?

3/1 Georgia Zogby poll: Kerry 45, Edwards 26

Ohio Poll: This time, seems like it’s all KERRY

So Is Chimp The Only One Allowed To Pull An October Surprise?

Kerry supports MA constitutional amendment banning gay marriage...

Live Webcast of today's debate!

Can anyone help me with this Kerry bashing email from co-worker?

turn on cbs now...

Debate Thread #1

On what channel is the debate on in 5 minutes?!

Debate Loser: The Media

Is the debate on where you live? Not Miami

my apologies...

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Edwards

Why Am I Voting For A Nominee *AND* Delegates Separately? (In MD)

Kerry Supporters: Mario Cuomo talking up our guy

Lyndon LaRouche is on now....ABC

Who best survived today's "debate"?

Has John Kerry joined the rest yet and endorsed Open Debates?

for those who worry about Democratic national security policy...

All this talk about Dean's handling of $, I heard * has pent $39M

Is Kerry being too polite?

Kerry MUST denounce anti-Union buyout of AT&T by Bush/Texas/SBC

Who Won Today's Debate?

Debate Headline should read . . .

These Massive Media Egos

Guess which "John-Johns" were MIA in the Senate?

BBV: An open letter to John Kerry

Can we quit talking about Bill Richardson for VP?

Sen Bill Nelson for VP?

Rich People Prefer Kerry to Bush

How Many Primaries Will John Edwards Win On Tuesday?

Outraged over gutter politics.

Kerry can only be credible if he takes a page from Clark about the L word

John Edwards doesn't own any guns.

Who would make the nicer first Family?

Did you see Al Sharpton give the media a tongue lashing?

How many are outraged over all the Kerry--gay marriage polls?

Kerry, Edwards Fail to Vote for Workers

DK awards... help, pleeez

One Democrat, in search of a "No Spin" zone....

The Republican Caucuses

Here is why I hate Kerry. He won't address Janet Jackson's boob dammit

Is the debate going to be replayed? When/where?

Streaming Windows Media version of today's Democratic Debate


What is Dean's response to the sourced quotes in Howie;s WP hit piece?

Lord of the Rings as Political Commentary

Top 10 reasons Edwards is the Most Electable: Revised

Objectively speaking, who won the debates?

Which candidate can better put 'red states' into play in the GE?

Dean Campaign's Hip, High-Tech Image Hid a Nasty Civil War

Poll: Kerry-Edwards Ticket Has Advantage

Did Bush Just Give Congress A Reason To Impeach Him ??? (Haiti)

Hey, Anybody seen Gore around lately?

It is my personal belief that people shouldn't remarry after divorcing

John Edwards won the debate this morning. Anyone wanna...

Howie D's response to Howie K.

Peter Jackson is Joe Trippi

Who ran the WORST debates this primary season?

The Dean campaign: Fears of victory and civil war

A special endorsement as an appreciation for Dean....Rutland Herald.

Why did Bush authorize Powell to pressure Aristide to leave office?

Why did Gov. Dean drop out of the race? Sharpton and Kuchinich are still..

Who have you supported in past primaries?

Glad for the presence of Kucinic and Sharpton

On Kerry's Clear Channel comments... are DUers freaking insane?

Kerry and Edwards Need Real Plans for the Deficit

Drudge is sliming Kerry again!

Edwards Blasts Kerry on Trade, Deficits : article about today's debate

FL poll Bush leads Kerry 47-42 Bush leads Edwards 49-41

What awards should the candidates get?

Kerry To Create Top Position - Only Job Is To Look Out For The Little Guy

Deleted message

Who has more appeal in the general election?

Step right up and see a Major Media Ho in action during the debates!

for new yorkers only

Kerry's lack of political courage

You could pick the Dem nominee. Who would it be?

How big of an issue is gay marriage? (Read comments, then vote)

Does seeing the same article/poll reptitively... change your opinion?

Your Super Tuesday predictions: Make Them here

My best friend is a vice president at ClearChannel

Kerry: Stations Have Right to Pull Stern

Edwards won't get help from newspapers this time around

If you can't have kids, then you shouldn't get married...

Spinal Examination Coming Up For Dem Candidates !!!

The Media Blackout 0f Progressive Issues & Candidates

Edwards supporters have pushed me more firmly toward Kerry.

Edwards courts Dean's top chiefs

Edwards Supporters on DU are being very rude to Clark supporters

We came so far and we came so close but it is still business as usual.

The Skull & Bones

Before you vote, please, please, please read this:

questions about GOD in the debates

John Kerry And Jesse Helms

Dennis supporters

Wes Clark Democrats Introduces Congressional Campaign Drive (DU Stars!!)