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Archives: February 27, 2004

Uncle Sugar

Stop the fear-mongering, Soong - TW

A great article in defense of gay marriage - Herbert (NYTimes)

Here's why Bush should x-out his vp:James Pinkerton

NY Times: Iraqi Ayatollah Insists on Vote by End of Year

Ministry's Jourgensen takes on Urban Outfitters Richard Hayne

Mark Morford: Mother Nature, The Hate Crime

WP's Cohen on Gay Marriage: "What Crisis?"

Impeach Antonin Scalia

What would Hitler eat?

Request for Help, A phony Jobs Debate

Kerry is no Gandhi on corporate donations.

Who is Hastert’s master? - Eric Alterman

Beijing does not come in peace

Shameless. Simply shameless...

I think I speak for all of us when i say...

Keepin' AWOL alive , courtesy of the Wash Post

What is right about John Kerry (David Corn)

How America's right bears the longest grudge

One way to curb the theft of Diebold's voter crimes.

Kerry must give a sign that, if elected, he will purge the neocons

Putting sick people in jail--Ehrenreich

Compassionate George

Why are the Democrats so incensed at Ralph Nader?

Ohio Democrats might vote for John Kerry, BUT...

Krugman: The Trade Tightrope

"God's Justice and Ours" Does Scalia have a problem with democracy?

Help me respond to this "religious" man

Pittsburgh Area DUers!

CA primaries debate. DENNIS and AL rocked! events list for Sat28th

Stop the Slaughter of Yellowstone’s Buffalo

Robert McChesney interviews Molly Ivins

Stop the Amendment Rally and group Marry-in

Media Matters, a must-listen radio show!

Will the media express outrage at Bush limiting the 911 panel to 60 minute

'Le Plus Ça Change' – NY Times Hit for WMD Gullibility

Jon Stewart - Activist Courts -- Those Fu.....

Liberal Talk Radio, available now.

Mel Gibson on Leno

Why is there no media outrage over Ollie North lies about John Kerry?

Randi Rhodes' announcement

Great astronimical site!

Question on Religion vs. Superstition

Clarissa Pinkola Estes: Letter to a Young Activist During Troubled Times

Could some astrologer explain quintiles

CAlifornians - protest - Leno pimping 4 steroid boy

A trend toward acceptance of gays

New Paltz mayor says he will marry gays today

Televised Indianapolis ES&S BBV demo only has 20% error rate!

What's the best way to counter, from a socialogical perspective...

Young Americans Support Civil Unions, Marriage, and Protections for Gays

Boy Scout policy on gays could be costly

Song and dance over topless tradition

Gays, Jews top targets of hate crimes here (Tuscon)

CBO letter Committee on Appropriations-$2.75 Trillion Deficits OverDecade

On the edge of lunacy (Global Privatization)

China not only wants our companies but our technology....

Greenspan - The Class Warrior

Mass layoffs set record in January

Bush Got ‘C’s at Yale--But His Friends Got ‘F’s in Economics

Antarctic the ‘lost world' of dinosaurs

Two New Dinosaur Species Found in Antarctica

Indonesia Orders Hospitals To Take Dengue Patients - 260 Dead So Far

99% Of Kids In Peruvian Town Lead-Poisoned - Cleanup Coming In 2011

Iran Fights Caspian Jellyfish By (You Guessed It) Introducing New Species

Rover Captures Sunset in Blue Martian Sky

Chemicals + Stress Damages Brain & Liver

Animals killed in zoo - Brazil

Severe Cuts Proposed for EPA STAR Research Grants and Fellowships

The Pentagon Climate Change Report is online

Hummer Sales Down For Five Straight Months - Slate

DPP says it has proof of tax evasion - TW

FEER praises Chen, slams (Bush) criticism of referendum plans

Vancouver high school students quiz Martin on integrity, same sex marriage

Russians Held in Chechen's Killing

Africa sees rise in 'sex terror'

India's Right Wing RSS upset with Bush

Criminalizing Politics

Vote deals a blow to Hong Kong's push for democracy

African elites 'desecrate their fatherland'

Kenya's former president accused of bribery

Huamn Rights Watch: Haiti Rebel Leaders’ History of Abuses Raises Fears

Hilary Andersson (BBC): Zimbabwe's torture training camps

Human Rights Watch: Egyptian Government Must Address Torture Epidemic

Haiti...we are about to make the same mistake again!!!

Haiti's Lawyer: U.S. Is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries

Martha Stewart - Judge Dismisses Securities Fraud Charge

The Million Mom March to "halt the assault"

Senate OKs Handgun Locks Legislation

Updated CCW map...

A modest Proposal: Second Amendment protection Act

Guns, Pipe Bombs, Ammo Recovered

Well, that's an interesting new reason for locking threads...

Why was thread on LANTOS locked in GD?

I'm new here

How do I upload a picture

Hypothetical question if the Democratic Nominee wins



Question about a post

We need a new forum

New mod session

Highly recommended. Two thumbs WAY up! **** MUST USE!

Oh Dear, my post just got "Kiss of Death." Miss Manners relegated to

Multi-front wars breaking out all over GDP 2004.

Interested in how fast DU is growing

Some jerk is insulting everyone in the lounge.

New Feature: Clickable Activism Map

Column One: Surrealism vs Reality

New Clashes Shake Flashpoint Jerusalem Shrine

Israeli tourist was stabbed to death

Israeli-Palestinian Clashes at Jerusalem Shrine

Land grab in Gaza casts doubt on pullout

The Race Theory (Haaretz)

Israeli Army Blocks Entrance to Arafat HQ

Israeli establishment `lacks will to peace'

Israel Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians

Cyclist bomber kills self

Israel razes 120 Palestinian shops

Slain cameraman's family wants answers from Israel

Saudis: No Jews Welcome

Maleria drug/suicide link

Bin Laden Rides Again

Flight 77 passenger list strange.....

A challenge for Lantos

Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth-Willie Nelson

A really stupid question

Example of what we are in for from Bush campaign

How is Nader polling vs. Kerry and Bush?

Nader supporters are completely missing the point

Rep. Brown apologizes to official

Roy Moore-The Right's Ralph Nader?

Tim Robbins on Letterman

"It'll Be Different This Time...

Perle is Gone!

San Mateo country- We have to vote out TOM LANTOS !!!!!!!

TV Alert: James Carville on Conan 1:05 AM EST

Mike Webb has Norman Solomon coming up shortly

What is the purpose of the Cuban travel and economic embargo?

work with me on this one ....

Media Matters with Bob McChesney

Seriously... why is the book UPSIDE DOWN??

Debunk or support my theory about Federal Highways versus public transit.

So much ammo against Bush - let's consolidate it here!

Bush Got ‘C’s at Yale--But His Friends Got ‘F’s in Economics

State of Georgia Homosexual Marriage Amendment---OWNED

Free flowing of opinion about some of the issues

Scalia Took Trip Set Up by Lawyer in Two Cases

transcript of Aaron Brown's rant on 9-11 commission

New (Sort of) Issue*

DU Catholics, tell me about the Catholic League.

The Jews killed Jesus? A question.

Florida House Speaker admits he wants to close public schools

Time to take it to the streets ?

A proposal for those who tell gay people to "just wait" on equality

Could someone explain Buzzflash headline . . .

I wonder what our Führer thinks of all the Dean signs in DC

The year is 2005. Are First Amendment Zones still being used?

What does this GDP graph seem to be trying to tell us?

US Conference of Catholic Bishops review of "The Passion"

Does anyone have info on how difficult it will be to get CO status (Draft)

How many countries don't let immigrants run for the nation's highest post?

HowardStern is going 2 read a list of politicians involved in sex scandals

Thomas Kean 9-11 Commission C-SPAN Coming up 9:30et

Tension and stress: Society in conflict

Forrey's Vet Group is targeting Target Stores

Talking point: the war in Iraq has nothing to do with fighting terrorism!

Can someone recommend a new credit card co.? MBNA is biggest contrib to *

Scarf ban? Not in Toronto

Can priests vote?

If a Dem wins in the fall, will he be able to re-open the 9-11 probe?

The GOP have screwed themselves on gay marriage, it's mushrooming

Need link to 9/11 families questions

Bush is starting a culture war to distract us from the class war

Which of these celebrities should run for office?

Should second generation Americans be allowed to run for president?

Dump your Clear Channel stock

Question for British DUers

New Series: Pelosi and Daschle Watch: Economic Recovery

My 701st post.

It's garbage that Powell is hinting Aristide should leave.....

Well, that about wraps it up for democracy in Iran

Does cthulhu approve of heterosexuality?

The Dennis Miller show is ALREADY taking a "hiatus"

U.S to send R.O.T.C canidates to Haiti!

There are no "civilians" in the class war

Hey Mel, why don't you go over to Iraq and film our soldiers

Constitutional amendment? Now is not the time, and Dubya is not the man.

I´m sick of this gay marriage issue

Did Bush/ CIA start or help the rebels in Haiti?

how to express your love

The best revenge...

Hey DUers

Get ready to gag on the gaggle. This mornings questions with Scotty

The October Surprise thread

2Timothy 3:1-5 ---- why no one should vote for W

Did Keene say that fighters were delayed on 9/11 because

Bev Harris on Democracy Now (BBV) 94.1fm California!! (Pacifica)

Your top issue in 2004

Pfizer declares war on its customers.

Has anybody besides me notice the subliminal in 'The Passion Of The Christ

SxSW film conference - wide range of political titles showing

Where's The Big Story Folks?

This might be what * did during his NG duty..

"There shall be war, and rumors of war" William Bush director of ESSI

Dubya has opened Pandora's Box!

The Passion of Mad Max Beyond Braveheart

Pedophile priests & enabling bishops belong

Now I know why Janet Jackson's boob is so evil

Did you give Dumbya the benefit of the doubt at first?

Minnesota DUers: Does Pawlenty or Coleman annoy you more?

Why Republicans get what they want

Why should the government decide God is against same-sex marriage?

Maybe before Bush changes the constitution, he should actually

Clue to Bizarre Weather? Thunder & Lightening in NC Snow Storms?

DU this poll (NY gay marriage)

Question on Religion vs. Superstition

Why is Jesus's pain more important than any humans suffering?

How to sell Universal Health Care to swing voters.

Fight the Right.

AOL censors Democratic results.


College Students: Big brother is reviewing your FAFSA

No Skunks Allowed - Ray McGovern at TomPaine on Senate Intel Show

Surprise! Ollie North lied on Hannity and Colmes!

heads up! Snotty McC's Friday Dump (C-Span)

"Gay agenda" opens new front in New York State

Is Justess O'Connor having a conscience attack?

Same-sex marriages already legal in New York: AG Spitzer should say so.

What's with all the Dean-hatred in LBN today?

Got another Repuke fundraising call from Reynolds and NRCC

WH press briefing on 9/11 commission

Should I have started yet another thread against/for religion?

Should there be a religion board?

Updated Chimpy Toons

Mallard Fillmore

On Rosie, Toby Keith and our new fair-weather friends.

Bev Harris on "Democracy Now"

National Holiday for "Mission Complete Day"?

something not literally true can communicate religious truth

Why did Howard Stern get fired from CC?

Does, Brown v. Board of Ed, apply to Gay marriage?

Hastert backing down is NOT a good thing.

How Come Atrios Doesn't Link to DU?

Sen Kent Conrad (D-ND) BLASTING bush's "Fantasy" Budget

Do gay civil unions discriminate against asexual domestic partners?

Mike Malloy is a right-wing nazi!!!!

Attention All Mike Malloy Fans!!

Is Alan Colmes a real "liberal?"

Viacom says “no” to Dems but “yes” to boobs…

Can you take a minute of your time to help me out.

Lessons from NAFTA: The High Cost of "Free Trade."

*The Passion* in the context of Catholic tradition

Is Thom Hartmann streaming live now?

A dumb truck driver's letter to Aaron Brown

Administration favors nuclear free-for-all

Catholicism - the only religion with child abusers?

So now he is Saint Mel?

Once Elected, What Will/Should Kerry Do About GITMO, PATRIOT Act?

Sec'y of State Colon Bowel, is this a joke?!!

Who is the real enemy here?

My Letter Was Published! Yay for me!

Turn on Wolf Blitzer: Catastrophic Climate change story

another scalia nazi manouver

"Support Bush. Trust Jesus"

How should we deal with the Boomers hitting Social Security?

It's Friday afternoon news bomb time

More Clear Channel Censorship On The Way...Tom Joyner??

Taking back the media idea

Mayor of New Paltz, NY is marrying gays (edited)

Gas Prices Today

Whistle Blower about Bush AWOL in the guard....

The Koza Memo - WH Ordered UN spying

"Passion Show"

Republicans stealing the "macho" label

We are going to war with Venezuala in Haiti

Double standard: Pres. Aristide must submit to the will of terrorists?

Major Randi Rhodes announcement - national syndication deal!

Byrd Alert! C-Span2

Unfreep this poll on gay marriage

Anyone else just hear John King on Lou Dobbs?

Should graduate students unionize?

"Miss Manners" asks if DU'ers would be willing to use Please & Thank You

What is the difference between Gay Civil Unions and Gay Marriage?

The Rethugs will have their wet dream come true: destroy Social Security

Great verbal moments in the Big Mel Movie Controversy

Bushler was BOOED at that Daytona NASCAR race! He's toast!

Need help: who are the people who

A song that those accused of being "too idealistic" will enjoy

Stopping the warS: It's (mostly) up to the media.

Whistle Blower: Bush AWOL records and the Texas national guard......

A proposal for a preemptive Amendment, by Sam Smith

Byrd: A Budget of Gimmicks, False Promises, and Unrealistic Expectations

Under the corporatocracy, plaintiffs' lawyers might be classed terrorists?

Dems and spine

"The savings come chiefly from Bush's omitting the costs of...Iraq."

Looking for a name of a new book.

Bush the anti-states rights states rightster

Did anyone see Tammy Bruce on this morning's Washington Journal?

Bush shoving religion down the throats of the masses

Heads Up from the East Coast: Compare Jennings to Rather tonight re: 9/11

Names of the 2 newest Iraq Deaths

Nader's on Bill Maher tonight

Would you vote for an otherwise qualified...

"Change Management" (trans. "outsourcing")

Scalia needs to go! Kansas case/Cheney/more?

What are your thoughts on the CU football sex scandal?

Another GOP'r who says he won't be voting for Bush

Bigger Long-Run Deficit in Bush Plan

Elecetion Day. Nov. 2, 2004...what if?

Immigrating to Europe


If you like Noam Chomsky you'll love Michael Parenti

Father Guido coming up on Olbermann, MSNBC, reviews 'Passion', what else?

RIP ieAmerica

The missing people-shredder

whoa! Great cartoon!

A Progressive's Guide to Populist Economics

Atlanta DU'ers: Radio winger "The Kimmer" under fire from conservatives

Does Laura Bush smoke in the WH?

Randi Rhodes just said she was going to tell us something

Fighting for America's Veterans

Blatantly Fascist GWB Quote Du Jour!

Mel Gibson movie may encourage Us-Against-Them mindset.

My conversation with Steny Hoyer and Brazile 15 min. ago (Blackbox voting)

Breaking News about Gay Marriage in SF

BBV: David Dill on KQED TV NOW - SF Bay Area

BBV: Call your Senators and ask for accurate elections.

From $17? What Would Jesus Do?

BBV: Bev Harris on Democracy Now! Starting now 9:20 EST

Divorce poll : Would you back a Marriage amendment that

demonstration on Palm Springs today

God, Man, Nature, and political legitimacy (and Bush's lack of it)

New Testament is against divorce.

Drip Drip Drip sounds like 500,000 more Dem Votes from Log Cabin Repugs

I have what I think would be a GREAT idea!!!!

Carter 1980 T-Shirt

Man's best friends: "We don't care very much for B*"

Saudis: No Jews Welcome

Refuting the polygamy "slippery slope" argument

Is Bush on compazine?

just look at this poll

Hey Mike Malloy Fans!

Our government is a bunch of lying dogs........Why?

Scott's Review: The Passion of the Christ (long)

Want to stop a freeper in his tracks??

Okay, about The Passion, let me get this straight. We have this

Another good one from google

Does anyone get the feeling that the right wing is imploding?

Hassert Backs Down ....Wooooooo Hoooooooo

If * W wins in November....

Okay, I'm Catholic and I believe that gays should be allowed to marry

Ideas for a Bush Motto

Media, Gays, Democrats, exactly who IS Willie Hortoning this issue?

If a Massachussetts city gave out gay marriage licenses...

Cool site for children asking...

Freeps are shaking in their boots – gays are coming for the children

Bring Back Mike Malloy

WMD Talk is Gone!

Am I really a Dem?

The war in Iraq is over???? the new spin

Peggy Noonan is Insane!

gay adoption rights: society is ahead of the political curve.


Activist judges - The other issue behind the FMA?

'The Passion' of the Americans

WTF#%$%#$% L-1 Visa holder do not have to pay Income Tax

How about my slanted kinda Christian Look at Gay Marriage

President May Give His Acceptance Speech At Ground Zero???

I've been asking for help a lot lately. Another request

Shopping around for the just-right Bush nickname

We have a winner (warning: pretty darned disturbing)

The "Jesus" Actor Just Happened to Call-in to LIMBOsevic

What's the latest on Guy James?

Survey: Anger Toward Bush Intensifying

Religion and Politics

Help me see the light!

Does * have something growing over his left eyebrow?

Tammy Bruce to be on the new Liberal radio network?

I'm a non religious person that needs help with the bible

There goes SCOTUS!

I just saw the video of Rosie getting married,

A Scandal for the Ages: Bush Stonewall of 9/11 Investigation

If the new liberal radio network isn't on in your city, DEMAND it!

Re: Bush AWOL Doonesbury strip; is it true about Calhoun?

Why "The Passion" helps us.....

Soldier for the Truth - Exposing Bush's talking-points war

anyone familiar with Marx PLEASE HELP

Proposed Pregnancy Parking Placards Pooh-poohed

Hey, NYC DUers!! Big party tonight!!

Freep this poll!...hehehe.

Bill Moyers NOW: 2-27, Criminalizing Dessent? Miami FTAA protests

Sean Hannity wants you to review his book on

Alabama newspaper editor says gays deserve to die

It's Not a "Culture War"

CNN: Bruce Morton Kills The Bunnypants Election Theme

Billy Jack sez: …George W. Bush is a deserter!

MSNBC Poll: Want Roe v. Wade overturned?

Quick question: did Jesus ever specifically denounce homosexuality?

Progressives and Conservatives

Bush Got ‘C’s at Yale--But His Friends Got ‘F’s in Economics 101

List of Bush Lies

UK spy case collapse: the Thatcher/Opus Dei connection

sexist online blog

Clear Channel is a Subsidiary of Bush, Inc

Park Service book says "Noah's flood" created the Grand Canyon

Conservative co-worker just said...

Jeff Seeman for Congress!

Olberman interviewing Father Sarducci about "The Passion"

Dems Split on Death Penalty in Debate

EU set for tariffs on US exports

Rebels Preparing to Attack Haiti Capital

Spain: Dozens of casualties after police attack striking shipbuilding work

Bush expands Cuba restrictions

Media: Japan Cult Guru Found Guilty of Sarin Attack

Jurors rule in favor of IBM in cancer lawsuit brought by ex-employees

DOD Now Eyes Lariam In Suicides

US human rights report says China moving backward

Convicts to make flags for graves (County in Pennsylvania)

Aides: Woman Wasn't Defamed (Arnold's accuser)

France calls on Aristide to step down

U.S. Plan for Mideast Reform Draws Ire of Arab Leaders

Blix, Butler 'bugged'

Writers, librarians, booksellers seek amendment to protect privacy of book

AP: Pakistan Threatened to Give Iran Nukes (During Bush 1)

Mortar launched at American base in Fallujah; Kurdish parties to ban cars

Few seniors understand changes to Medicare

Superbug Deaths Climb in Britain

Libya to destroy 3,300 bombs designed to carry chemical weapons

US Church claims detailed

Grasso Refuses to Return $139.5 Million

Second group of Japanese troops enters Iraq

Heads to roll at Warner

GDP Nudged Up to 4.1 Percent (Q4 2003 changed)

Whitehall united in doubt on war

Consumer Sentiment Falls Sharply

'Cold warrior' at heart of Cuba crackdown

Guns, Pipe Bombs, Ammo Recovered

Rumsfeld downplays hunt for bin Laden

Enron Overtaken as Bush's Top Financial Supporter

EU Says It Will Go Ahead With Tariffs on U.S. Goods as of Monday

Euro-Zone Inflation Plummets in February

Court (9th Circuit) Allows Medicinal Use of Marijuana | NY Times

Tech Companies Focus on Asia to Expand Jobs

Judge throws out most serious charge against Martha Stewart

Summit protesters hit by tear gas- Caracas

U.S. Demands More Abortion Records

Broadcasters Promise To Curtail Indecency

Blair Battles to Calm Iraq Bugging Row

Iraqi hospitals to regain first-class status quickly: US health secretary

Protest law headed toward repeal

Judge stops Black's deal to sell Hollinger International

Fox 5 Newsbreak: Securities Fraud charge against Martha Stewart dismissed

· Democratic contenders bash Bush on Haiti

Thomas Keane, 911 Chair To Be On C-SPAN At 8:30 CST Or So..

Powell hints Haiti president's time may be up

Congress Urged to Amend Section 215 (Patriot Act)

Reuters Summit-FCC's Martin ponders indecency on pay TV, radio

This Democrat Senate pick can hit the ground winning (Ilinois)

Iraq's Governing Council rushes to complete interim constitution

John Kerry In Oakland, Ca.

Moscow warns of diplomatic row with Qatar

U.S. oil companies eye return to Libya after 18 years

Agency Tells Airlines to Weigh Passengers

Mo. Democrats: Viacom Said No to Ad

CNN Breaking: Hastert Allows 60 Day Extension for 9/11 Panel

Aristide isolated, Haitian capital in turmoil

Bush to Limit Interview with 9/11 Panel to an Hour

Bürgermeister im US-Bundesstaat New York lässt Homo-Ehen zu

Differences Split Iraq Governing Council

Ohio a Test for Democrats Now, And for GOP's Dominance Later

Gay Conservatives Fight Bush on Wedding Vow (Los Angeles Times)

Economy Grows at Healthy 4.1 Percent Rate

Ohio woman gives birth to sextuplets, all in one minute

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 27 February (#1)

Highway Bill Embroiled in 9 / 11 Dispute (Thank U John McClain

Stephen Harper congrats Native leaders on India's Republic Day

Blunt Will Set Rules For Voting By Touch Screen (MO - Paper Trail Required

Scandal in the Speaker's Office (TX)

'Shameful To The Church'

Bush Believes Aristide Should Resign

Ormet plans layoffs

Randi Rhodes Nationally Syndicated! Sorry Dupe--

(Dennis) Miller Takes a Break to Tweak Format (2 Week hiatus)

LAT: Scalia, Lawyers Went Hunting While Cases Were Pending

Bush the anti-states rights states rightster

New Paltz, NY joining Frisco in gay marriages starting at noon today

Bush Budget Said to Cause $2.75 Trillion Deficits

Pentagon to Offer Direct News Service - Iraq

U.S. to Review $327 Mln Deal for Iraqi Army Gear

Putin Says War in Iraq Encouraged Terror

Killer cult guru to hang

CNN Breaking: US considers sending 3 ship task force to Haiti

Key Pentagon Advisor Richard Perle Resigns Post as Head of Defense Policy

Study Finds 10,600 Children Abused by U.S. Priests

Corsentino aide quits campaign (CO congressional race)

U.S. Coast Guard repatriates 537 Haitian boat people

US Senate Panel Approves 9 / 11 Commission Extension

One of Martha charges dismissed

Ex-Leader of Japan Cult Sentenced to Death in Gas Attack

Gays rally against Bush (Phoenix AZ)

US Helicopters in Haitian capital - Pacifica network live now

Dean: Democrats must paint Bush as radical

Bush to Limit Interview with 9/11 Panel to an Hour

PA Pulls Out of "In-Sourced" Web Project

Air France suspends Haiti flights

No French Boycott of Gibson's 'Passion' -Industry

Mayor of New Paltz marries gay couples

US Coast guard returns 36 Cubans

Mayor of largest West Bank city resigns to protest lawlessness in his city

Bush Focuses on Raising Campaign Cash

Harkin riles GOP, again, by comparing Bush and Aristide

Senator Bob Graham volunteers to go to Haiti

Oscar bites his fingernails over politically active stars

Bush Budget Said to Cause $2.75T Deficits

Aristide loyalists retake city

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 547 U.S. service members have died

U.S. Net effort skirts big media

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels

There goes SCOTUS!

CNN: Hastert now supporting 9/11 extension

Bush, Schroeder Put Bitter War Feud Behind Them

Lawyer in Two Cases Hosted Scalia Visit

Bush Shifts U.S. Stance On Use of Land Mines | Washington Post

Kerry Calls Terrorism 'Mortal Challenge' He Can Meet

Supreme Court justice examines a disputed presidential election _ from 187

BDUs are in short supply, AAFES warns (Battle Dress Uniforms)

Mo. Democrats: Viacom Said No to Ad

US Justice Dept. Seeks Hundreds of Medical Records

Britain to set up embassy in Iraq in four months

Haitian Capital Descends Into Anarchy

Breaking News: CA Supreme Court declines immedate action on gay marriages

World press seizes on bugging claims

WP: Kerry Hits Foreign Policy – Bush Alienates Allies, Senator Says

Ex-US candidate Dean unveils outline of new political group

Fla. Gov. May End Housing Trust Funds

US refuses comment on UN spying charges

Wal-Mart stands out on rolls of PeachCare

Police: Partiers Injected With Blood At Sex Parties

Blix: I was a target, too

Pentagon to offer direct news service

Bush calls heterosexual marriage 'ideal'

Bush Ejects Two From Bioethics Council

Blair shifts attack to critics in his own party

Bush's support for same-sex marriage amendment alienates gay Republicans

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels

Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series

US troops kill two Iraqis

US drops plans to press China over yuan value

Crowds voice displeasure (Shrub in Louisville)

Cassini Captures Stunning View of Saturn

Ohio gay GOP official turns Democrat

Smith & Wesson chief was an armed robber

Soldier for the Truth -Exposing Bush's talking-points war (it's hit Yahoo)

B-1 Bob' (Dornan) Back on Calif. Campaign Trail

Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize

The Randi Rhodes show has been nationally syndicated

New Dinosaur Fossils Found in Antarctica

Is it possible to call in html code from another html file?

Have we lost our sense of humor?

What's left when you explode a cursed Cubs baseball:

Carville will be second guest on Conan

Somebody left the cake out in the rain

Funniest Bush song YET!


"It'll Be Different This Time...

Identify this quote: "Guess what?..."

"Rub it in, rub it in...."

Does the phrase "anal retentive" have a hyphen?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Mission Road Bible Church

Fellow NBA fans, I have kind of an ignorant question to ask:

Just wondered who had more guts

DU's spellcheck is great but....

Sheik Yerbouti is playing now...

80's music trivia question: Can you guess the answer?

I'm a person

Have you ever thought Bush couldn't piss you off anymore?

Shorter. Fatter. Happier.

what makes you special?

Daily Show: is not on,

Does Everythingsxen have your ire?

Need advice on potential relocation - Killeen, TX

So what song holds the record for most weeks at #1?

Hackers exploit Windows patches - Hackers are lazy

Trivia for Finnfan: Which member of Split Enz split after the first album?

funniest bumper sticker ever that i saw today

D.H.S.--The Series

If the Batmobile raced the Monkee Mobile..who would win?

How to piss off George Bush

Anyone see The Daily Show tonight??

Has anyone ever used for financial transactions?

Kings Win!

Does Everythingsxen have your ire?

It's called passive aggressiveness...

I am not a groomp

new Oxyrush advertiser Altovis/Wagner Nutraceuticals

If you don't know about the new Quizno's ads, here's where they came from:

The dark side of Oz

If you could mold a spirit leader out of your hopes

What's your alignment?

Anyone in Hawaii? Did the storm hit yet?

Bush buzzwords

Oh No, this is carrying Homeland Security TTTTOOOO FAR

In movies I usually identify with the...

Flasher Caught - Beaten By Schoolgirls - Convicted

Does Mel Gibson have a chemical dependency problem?

Are Edwards and Kerry Reconsidering their Position on Gay Marriage?

Has Joel Veitch sold out?

Oral sex linked to cancer

How will you react when the democrat wins the presidency this fall?

Today's Doonesbury--The Search Continues.....

Do you have any herpes

What's the best big-name (macrobrew) domestic beer???

So when the Elves sail unto the West, is it >

For Those Who Remember Me Talking About A Really Small Premature Baby....

Trivia for RandomKoolzip: What was Frank Zappa's highest charted single?

The REAL reason Hitler hated the Jews

What does this GDP graph seem to be trying to tell us?

DU2's star has dimmed, I’m nostalgic for DU1

Urgent request: Trivia question: Smiley Burnet's Horse Name??

So when the Elvis sails unto the West, is it

any good radio stations available online?

WTF?! Rioting: The new campus craze

Anyone ever notice..

Guess what my cat learned to do?

Paging MrsGrumpy.....durn your oily hide, woman!!

Very interesting DISCOVER article this month

Pepto Bismol is my friend

When was the last time you gave someone the birdie?

Hey, if I post a picture will someone make it into an avatar for me?!

Who has a the photo of Rummy and Saddam shaking hands?

Video of the worlds biggest jerk...

BEWARE!!! "Hysteric" Librarians are on the loose.

Cat haiku

AARRGGHH!! Dreamed About The Quiznos Sub RATS All Night!

Passengers like pilots' straight talk, but some topics don't fly

Ever seen those "prissy" trucks on the road braggin'

HOLY MACKEREL! We just had our FIRST order off our website!

Great pic...

Evidence that George "served" in the TANG

U R Fired - Company Fires 1/4 Of Workers Via Text Message

Holy Sh*t! I have 6,000 Posts! I Need to Get a Job Soon!!!

The Ents Are Coming!

Stern is *totally* ripping in to shrub


Anybody know how to download from satellite radio?

Check this out: My Boss's book is #1

Pet spider kills owner; owner's corpse devoured by other pets

People that make coffee too weak should be:

Hey! Check it out! My boss's book is number 1

Does cthulhu approve of heterosexuality?

Teen Kills Toddler For Using Playstation2

Sexist online blog

Once again, I turn to my DU friends


Bush Unmasked

Songs that came out last year you liked and now you hate.

What does the "H" in "Jesus H. Christ" mean?

Theron Takes Aim at 'Aeon Flux'

DU Guys: will you take the male pill when it comes out?

Why Is Everybody Pissed Off At The Jews?

The huge Pixies reunion question I must have an answer to.

CAAAPTION the bigoted chimp-in-chief!

Kerry AIM Icons?

It's my birthday, ask my anything!

If GWB were a girl...

Anyone here glad about Clear Channel's new policy?

3rd Grader Suspended For Tiny Toy Gun

need help completely removing AOL

My budgie just laid an egg!

The best revenge...

Woman Reports Neighbor For Disturbingly Loud Sex

My cat is starting to disturb me - does anyone else have this problem

Who is having Haluski today!

I had Pres. Carter as Hist. Prof at college and he was asked about UFOs

Police Hear Robbers Arguing Over Proceeds - Arrest Them

Operation Jobless Recovery Personal Body Count

If the punk who stole our son's car last night

My Daughter Gets to Come Home Tomorrow from the Hospital

Crap. Today's going to be one of those days...

U.S to send R.O.T.C canidates to Haiti!

To celebrate my entry into the 700 Club, a Passion post

What are some of your favorite or most unusual reference books?

Jack Stick Can Fill the Position

Does cthulhu approve of heterosexuality?

TXlib and KCDem

Man Calls Cops To Report Crack Deal Ripoff

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the MID-1970s? (Part 1)

a question for the writers among us

Best tragically dead rock star to die in their prime.

Best Comic Writers

how much trivia money do you have in your account?

Anyone ever have oral surgery?

short list of things I'd rather do than watch a bush speech...add yours

Holy Price Gouge! I just paid $2.34 at the pump...ask me anything!

I am working inside a nutshell today

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the MID-1970s? (Part 2)


I'm torn on going to SF

West Wing fans: 'Two Cathedrals' is on Bravo

Tech Help Plz!...Mac OS X...Safari...Larger Text Question.

Favorite Duran Duran song...

Leading Canadian Politician Repeats Columbus Error ("Wrong Indians")

Need help with iTunes for Windows please.


Waiting for the bell to ring...

speed reading

Dave The Barbarian

Cool!!!!!!!! play Asteroids on line


Favourite Dictator

Betty Bowers Reviews The Passion

Hey DUers

Timewasters..funny pictures ..word games etc

Well, beat the drum, and hold the phone...

mathematical proof

Any other Table Talkers suffering withdrawal?

The punchline of your favorite nasty joke. Let's hear 'em...

Did you know there was a Environment/Energy/Science forum?

I'm the most logical person you'll ever meet.

Goodbye: Angry Kittens ... Hello: Sumo Florist

CONFESS!!!! The one song you hate recorded by your all time favorite band

I got an email from the White House!

Social Security - do I have a right to get it?

The GWB "Pants on Fire Doll"

QUICK! DU this Poll!

self deleted

I want to send a special "thanks" to Matcom....

new Hannity advertiser Sunflower Automotive/Sunflower Mazda

make a funny caption for this picture

DU this poll!

What's hanging from your rear-view mirror?

A 17,259 word Palindrome

Suppose you say something offensive --

An apology to the Lounge.

I can't wait to go home and quietly soak up some egg.

UPDATE: No Winner Yet In Doonsebury Contest!

How's the zoo in your city?

Question for my gay sisters and brothers.

Any of you ever live on a sailboat?

When my son gets home from school, we're going to watch a movie.


Do You Blog, and If So, What Do You Blog About?

What makes me special?

Just finished listening to a little S. Insanity, answer me this----

does anyone know the deal with that band Gorillaz?

should i not see Passion? i hate blacking out

Q for DU morning posters

What the heck is with some of the low # posts.

My favorite Freeper excuse for Bush's low poll numbers...

Anyone know anyone born on February 29th?

Who killed Davey Moore?

The absolutely most pointless game........ever

scrambling, scraping, and collectors (warning -- rant)

I wonder who among us ALERTS most frequently.

Does my employer really need to know how I get to work?

How many people here are in the Lovey Dovey stage of a

Stop Bush! and CAPTION

argh. still struggling with crazy kid.

Freaking Sciatica

favorite Lemonheads album?


Everyone hates me and is out to get me....

the no-fault CAPTION

favorite Zager and Evans song

who has the slpit screen picture of rumsfeld/saddam &


Favorite James Taylor song!!!

new Hannity advertiser Georgia-Pacific

Can anybody suggest good books for educated laypeople on evolution?

WooHoo, a buddy just gave me tickets to see Galactic

Men Have 4 Kidneys - NO HANGOVERS - Nope Never

he's also been having some problems with his tps reports..

My boss has come and gone - without problems

Great, real-life bumper sticker: "Bush is a dumbass"

I finally got the damn thing!

Why is Jesus's pain more important than any humans suffering?

Good kitty vibes needed.

Ted Nugent's Love Child

Liberal actors

Dumper or Dumpee: Which is easier?

missing a good'ol CAPTION

What do you do when see an extra large SOB?

NY mayor jumps on the same-sex marriage bandwagon...

list of a few Faux news advertisers

Bush Bash Fest on a Yahoo Message Board--Join In!

AAAAAHHHHHH! I'm burning!!!

Design for the World Trade Center Memorial.....

Which Fred rock star do you miss the most?

How's this for REPULSIVE?

What's the best movie ever about Jesus?

The Cabinet of Dr. Cheney? Starring Dubya as Cesare?

Friday Night Battle of the Bands: Joan Osborne vs. The Fabulous

Bush challenges new terrorist group

Best Movie Jesus:

Any horse lovers here? Whether you own them or not doesn't matter

appease, CAPTION this

The Need for a Christian Deconstructionist Movement (warning: long)

Which dead rock star do you miss the least?

Best (or worst) comic book villain?

You want to read "Pathetic Geek Stories" ... I know you do!

post here if you have never seen The OC

Do you have any heroes?

I had an epiphany. It's not, I repeat, NOT anti-Semite.

Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character

In Honor of the Passion of the Christ - Here's Jesus in Happier Times

Detroit Zoo polar bear exhibit..

May I suggest the "Ignore" button, ma'am, sir?

It's 8:16pm in Lincoln Park, MI - Get your Q/A on With MrScorpio

Anyone know what is happening on Oahu?

You'll get a kick out of this - hate mail from my 'Passion' article

Oh yeah baby! Homemade margaritas!

The Best Thing About SAN FRANCISCO

Anyone else lost avatars and graphics?

Anyone know what is happening on Oahu?

Your favorite band sucks.

Hey underpants...

Who here can hold a grudge?

What will Billy Crystal's "big entrance" be this year at the Oscars?

I am in Florida. How best to use my primary vote?

I just invented a new Google-based contest.

Paid someone via Paypal, he never did the work

I'm a victim of ego theft!

I'm a victim of archetype theft!

What sort of thread should I make?

Got our Seattle Mariners Cactus League tickets today!!!

I'm a perpetrator of the "____ theft" copycat posts!

how to express your love

"The Passion" ain't nuthin' but a "Cyborg" remake.

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 2)

Favorite Counting Crows hit song ?

The TriStar "pegasus"


Not for the thinned skinned PC crowd......

Who here can't handle grunge?

I'm a victim of id theft!

Do you like heavy metal?

I'm crying so much here.

Easy Rider: I went looking for America....

I fixed my own computer problem!!!

God Hates Shrimp!

Um. Oh. My. Um. Where my barf bag?

You guys are the very best and greatest!

A teaching degree question

My friend is getting divorced because Rosie got married today

State Dinner (a joke at *'s expense)

Do you like post-hardcore?

Sixth Man to Walk on Moon (Mitchell)...thinks Aliens have visited Earth

cafe mocha screensaver

I got a frikken job today!

Non Sequitur a MUST read - "violation of the Clean Channel standards"

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 1)

The latest from Dr. Frankenbike's Laboratory....

Who will be the 2004 MLB world series winner ?

Ok. Which Austin DUer is posting jobs over at Monster???

What are you going to do with your "extra" day? Feb.29th

Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moon light?

I'm bored. Ask me anything.

Worst Disney animated feature

Attorney General John Ashcroft is visiting an elementary school.

Happy Birthday to Chelsea Clinton!

What are your favorite Sade songs?

Who would win in a fight: Mothra or Will Pitt?

I dreamed of Jenna. "new" wallpaper

Friday Night Battle of the Bands II: Santana vs. Los Lobos

I just scanned my photo

Sasha was run over three years ago tonight. An unimportant post.

..... * WARNING * .....You may not want to add two Habaneros

Don't you love movie directors doing DVD remakes these days?

What historical figure would you like to see a movie about for balance?

Political songs for 2004?

Dingbat poll

So how buzzed are YOU?

Aaagh! Help! I found a gray hair!

I got 100s of Brazilian songs on my iTunes and I don't know Portugese

Help! Badgers ate my mushrooms! Advice please! (No snakes!)

A shop for liberals

The White House Needs A Good Exterminator

Which hurts worse: Nailed to a Roman cross or burned at a Xtian stake?

Story of Jesus a myth?

Ever try to woo a very shy person?

Wisconsin DU'ers - How is Greenbay?

I have major straight-man love for Ian McKellan

Maher: "All marriages are same-sex marriages."

Favorite Brit Pop band

The many moods of Osama . . .


Caption Bush and the Horse that rode on him

Photoshopping at its best!

I downloaded Windows MP onto my Mac to see Kerry's ads, but

I got a "signed" 8x10 "photo" of Bush* and Pickles!


Favorite Potato Chips

Flying Viking Kittens Want to Take You to a Gay Bar

Breaking: Mrs. Grumpy Turns 9000!

And finally: WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 3)

Why are most fundies hypocrites?

The Official Post Your Cat's Quirks Here Friday Evening Thread

Independent Liberal Station in Little Rock Catches Heat for Passion Stunt

To what extent do you recycle?

Red Wings acquire center Robert Lang from Washington

Heart disease striking younger generations more quickly

Holy shit! I'm a Tarheel today! Goodbye to the Sunshine state.

Dr. Phil

Are Pre-1900 Diamonds Evil?

Who is the father of Jesus Christ?

Poll - Frank Zappa or Guided By Voices?

Will "The Passion of the Christ" Revive Crucification as the Death Penalty

"Miss Manners" asks if DU'ers would be willing to use Please & Thank You

Admit it, Tom Jones is not that bad

Things NOT to say when seeing "The Passion"

Love PBS....Hate this Forsyth saga crap

Best time you've ever had while stoned?

HA! I got into it today with a frat boy homophobe

Is there a decent Mexican or Chinese Restaurant in Piedmont, NC?

Are there any "reasonable" cost of living cities in California?

Don't be dissin' "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"

I just danced in the livingroom with my dog. What do YOU do when

George bush mosaic

Your NEWEST celeb crush

5 Thought-Provoking Questions for a Friday

Movie Thread Time!

The DU Oscar Prediction Contest. Win a T-shirt!

What's your favorite band that no one's heard of?

Would you join a religion based on me?

DAMN!!! Had ANOTHER Accident This Morning!!!

Favorite Carly Simon song.

Which dead rock star do you miss the most?

Re: Tonight's Debate

Here is the health/tax plan that the Dems would win with:

carville on Conan O'Brien

If Edwards was an ugly guy from a New England state he would be?

Does anyone know of an online source for video of tonight's debate? Thanks

Heard Mort kondrake say that Kerry's vote against DOMA

Episode 70 of the Bully George comic was right on target.

The more important ABB question

Comedians on campaign. No love for Edwards (a little for Dennis)

BBC on the Democrats debate

!!! GO KERRY !!!

Personal Testimonial from a person who attended the Debate...

Are Edwards and Kerry Reconsidering their Position on Gay Marriage?

Kerry supporters, I'm now nominally in your camp

Who deserves the credit: Dean or Trippi?

Can Kerry sell his anti DP stance to the public?

During the debate last night was Social Security mentioned? If yes, what.

How soon will Edwards start pushing to be VP. ?

North Carolina Poll: Bush 53%, Kerry 42%; Bush 47%, Edwards 50%

Tonight's Debate Changed My Vote For Tuesday

Edwards refuses to name top campaign fund-raisers

Is it me or were the Dennis and Al being talked over last night?

What if the anti-slavery abolitionists had stayed home in 1860?

San Mateo county- We have to vote out TOM LANTOS !

Last nights' debate was a start.

Kerry, Edwards Spar Over Trade in Debate

Please explain Buzzflash headline about Sharpton . . .

debate fun with Edwards and Kerry

something not literally true can communicate religious truth

And you thought Dems would be portrayed as the "gay party" BEFORE!?!?

Dean: Nominee Must Cast Bush As Ideologue

Who Said...

Kucinich supporters -- I am in search of photos

Why Kerry's Critics are Wrong:

Deleted message

Wow, Clark's absence left HUGE foreign policy gap in debate

Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the CBC endorses Kerry & will stump for JK

Empty Rhetoric versus Policy: Which do you prefer?

Kerry, Edwards start to sound like a team

Chicago Sun-Times endorses Obama!

Atlanta Journal Constitution endorses John Kerry

Remember the 1992 election and the "culture wars"....

Kerry's Fantastic anti-war Speech to the Senate in 1971 (must read!)

Drudge: National Journal ranks Kerry 'most liberal in senate'

Kerry, Edwards joust on who can win

Can you vote your conscience for "the wrong reason?"

Anyone see Aaron Brown go off right after the debates?

Any truth to these statements about Kerry?

Dean People.

Deleted message

Just sent my absentee voter ballot for the CA primary in.

If Kucinich has so little ordinary appeal (as claimed by some here)

Gephardt will probably be the VP

Kerry and Edwards Pointed and Polite in Lively USC Debate

Dean urges backers to fight on for Democrats

So will Al and DK's 24 delegates make a difference?

Kerry will be President of the United States: What do you want him to do,

Does experience really matter?

How Many Kerry Wins on Tuesday Before You Call It A Done Deal?

Will it all be over, except for the shouting, this Tuesday?

Kerry Outlines Anti-Terrorism Plan

Poll: Edwards would beat Bush in NC

Please read this article about John Kerry by David Corn

John Kerry's response to those who seek to smear him with "liberal" label

I don't get why death penalty for terrorists is more fair.

Sharpton clever, but is funded by Roger Stone, Miami-ballot riot architect

John Kerry In Oakland, Ca.

Nader asked Dean for VP slot (DailyKos)

Quote for Khephra

Good from bad--A Clark supporter attends his 1st Kerry Meetup

We have to win the swing states...OH & FL...

If we have high gas prices as predicted this summer Bush is finished

Do you consider Kerry a DINO?

Kerry's appeal to southern voters.

So what will happen to the DU after Kerry is elected President?

After 911 families threaten to picket RNC this fall, WH backs down

Edwards evades gay marriage issue

When is the next debate?

Any News on Clark Campaigning For Kerry in Georgia?

This quote sums up why I'm for Edwards.

Kerry Ranks as #1 Most Liberal in Senate

Who won the debate last night?

A Positive Campaign, Free of Negativity Will Win The General Election

Surprise! Ollie North lied about Kerry!

So it is true? As soon as Kerry is presumed nominee, no criticism?

I need a little help here folks,

My 1000th post: Edwards can win this country back.

Democrats not backing Sen. Kerry in the primary are 'helping Bush*'

The guy who's winning the primaries finally wins a debate

I'm new here, and my observation is that DK supporters are delusional

Atlanta Journal Constitution endorses Kerry

Here's what I'm not getting....


Shouldn't Dennis have fought harder to be heard, last night?

Yes, it is still the primaries. Get your Kerry bashing in while you can.

Are we forgetting the lessons learned in 2000?

Bush comments on Kerry - accusations of flip flopping

I wish, just ONCE, someone would ask Kerry

Has DU turned Republican?

Todays Survey U.S.A. Poll - Maryland:

Poll: Edwards Gains Net 11 Points in Four Days (48% to 34%)

The factionalization of the Democratic Party

What is behind Edwards-Kerry "rivalry"?

I'm making a list, checking it twice--CONSTRUCTIVE criticism

Media bias:

Closing statements at the debate last night

"Don't know what ya got 'til it's gone" (the Dean/Clark-less debates)

Is this the kiss of death or what?

I'm giving Edwards one last chance.

DU Primary Poll -- Friday 2/27/2004

A way for Kerry to avoid being protrayed a pro-Gay marriage

I donated to Kucinich today!

Poll: Gay Marriage Is Big Voter Issue

This is the problem I have with Kerry...

Repug slip up

Anyone have a link to last night's debate?

Ralph Nader on Bill Maher tonight...

Freepers comments re Kucinich from today's debate.

Kerry killed VN civilians? An alleged quote from Zumwalt

Combat-sharpened Kerry can correct course of U.S.

Now that Dean is out of the race, he should:

Savage said 'Teresa Heinz Kerry supportsbaby murder and terrorists'

Hey Kucitizens, what's with all the anti-DK threads lately?

My 500th Post---- Dennis Kucinich is the man!!!

Progressives- Corporate Media Ain't going to get it done!

Nader's just as much of a corrupt liar as your average politician

Is Attorney General the only postion Edwards is qualified for?

Debate could've been great, but shallowness and arrogence ruined it

IMHO Kerry is already completely surpassing Gore as a campaigner.


From Yale Daily News, Dean's appearance in CT tonight. Good write up.

I might be stepping on thin ice, but the whole John Kerry thing. . .

for rich young Kerry supporters in NYC

I might be stepping on thin ice, but the whole gay marriage thing..

Kerry and Kerry supporters must work for unity (should he win the primary)

Kerry's Tongue Problem

Kerry Supporters: Do you feel vindicated?

If Al Gore threw his hat into the ring today

Kerry is coming to Brooklyn on Saturday

I love this poll...

Kerry backs Mass. amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage

I'm A Deaniac And I'm OK...

"It'll Be Different This Time...

Kerry is no Gandhi on corporate donations

Folks, Here's the basic problem with NAFTA

Here comes more Kerry smear

Dept of Peace, Insanity in Writing

Does anyone else suspect that the VP will be Wes Clark?

What's with all the Dean-hatred in LBN today?

Kerry, Edwards Refuse to Join Kucinich in Protecting U.S. Jobs

Nader, the Election of 2000, the Media Thereafter

OMG! You must check out Kerry's new ad using Bush clips. The BEST ever.