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Archives: February 26, 2004

Michelangelo Signorile on Bush's Anti-Gay Amendment

arch-defender of the Bush/Ashcroft assault on our civil liberties Alterman

Minimalist Diplomacy

Hong Kong: model or nightmare?

President Versus Precedent: Bush defies Oval Office Tradition

Molly Ivins: Taxpayers' Fannies on the line

Gay-right's groups appeal to Cheney's daughter.

Now Federal Marriage Amendment author targets left-handed Americans

The "capture" of OBL

Dowd: Stations of the Crass

Patti Davis (Reagan daughter) supports same-sex marriage

US plan to bug Security Council: the text

Buddhist leader Lama Surya Das announces support for marriage equality

Agran and Kucinich could be twins . . . very wee twins

Credo of a conservative (with a GREAT punchline)

Attitude adjustment at TSA

"It's not who you sleep with, it's whether you...

Maureen Dowd - Stations of the Crass

Salon: Halliburton's Iraq gravy train

Uncle Sugar / Chris Floyd's latest is a barnburner

The mail is too good not to print - Eric Alterman

Forget Florida. This Time Around, Ohio is the Key

Flowers from all over the world to gay marriage couples...

Response to Attack on Kerry's Defense Record

Helen Thomas: Dean brought guts to campaign

Haiti - Who is Behind The Rebels?

Soldier of Truth

Moveon wants to help Techies on the left with an online job fair

NYC Repub. Convention Protest / Action Plans...???

9-11 Commission Stonewalled by Hastert (Bush) >-->>* March *<<--< is selling items of interest as they finance voter

Bus Tickets to New York anti-war protest 3/20 from DC... $35 comes w/lunch

Legendary Atlanta cartoonist Luckovich on amending the Constitution

Somehow, I don't believe that Stern's "suspension" is due to the N word

Randi Rhodes back on the air live today!!!

Media says Bush lied in 2000 re Soc. Security? or Flip-Flopped?-or ignores

RW Italian PM's media runs reality show "Scalpel" of a breast enlargement

Randi to release details tomorrow!

(02/26/04) Pres candidates debate - mp3 for those who missed it

Time for a Religion Board on DU?

Support the troops at Walter Reed (wounded)

The "Passion" set straight (warning: religious discussion!)


Jonathan Rauch on same-sex marriage

Patriot Act blurred in the public mind (but told facts -don't like!)

Amendment Poll at TBO.COM

Rosie O'Donnell to marry girlfriend in San Francisco (

Reasons to Disassociate Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage

Kerry Backs Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment.

Dallas Condemns Patriot Act.

Durable Goods Orders Down, Jobless Aid Up

Brookings: U.S. on Road to Bad Economic Health

Loonie's ascent not over yet

Bush wants $450 B to cut the Alt Min Tax - but he won't mention until

new China Syndrome: Commodity price boom sets alarm bells ringing

PPI held hostage - day 7. WH is scared.

Being a PITA again --Junker prediction part II: not so good.

DOL reports UE Claims at highest 4 week average in 2 months

M. East assumed to be producing at capacity

Kashagan: the last Giant we'll ever see

Scientists Measure Movement in Split of a Millionth of a Second

Dar Al-Hayat (Beirut): A Letter To President Bush

Young Turkmen face beard ban

Iraq Sunni clerics urge release of 150 detained women

LA Times: U.S. Embargos Extended to Editing Articles

Women Trying to Improve Their Lot in Iraq

Millions seized as Israel raids banks

Egypt’s Torture Epidemic

911 Cover-up - - Hastert Still Against Giving 9/11 Panel More Time

Bush to Limit Testimony Before 9/11 Panel (but no subpoenas likely)

Kashmiri Leader May Suspend Peace Talks

Terror bill: Cosatu up in arms - SA - to please Bush

Ugandan violence at disastrous levels

Pennsylvania considers statewide `firearm-free' zones

Smith & Wesson's new chairman resigns after criminal history revealed

Congratulations: CCW in Missouri!

Hi guys!

Enough is enough, mods

Is 'Moderator' a collective?

Article question

Is there a place to post columns?

Help! I finally figured out how to position a paragraph in my sig

When You Wish Upon A Star

is this phrase acceptable?

Dear Skinner

why would the mod not delete a post that says

Question for Admins about use of "Feminazi Left" to describe females who

I think this thread is qualifies as inflammatory to the extreme

Are people allowed to call Dean supporters "Shitholes"?

Interesting sig line

why did my gd post get locked?

did I lose PMs somehow?

May I ask who came up with the idea to get rid of the GD-Primary rules?

Could we get a Mod to look in GD-P2004, please.

Can we end these "Passion" threads?

Do you support a two-state partition in Israel?

News Providers Get It Right!


IDF reservist killed in shooting attack in north Gaza Strip

What is it with this unanimous support of the "wall" in Israel by our so

(Israel) Defense exports totaled $3b in 2003

Police hold NIS 37m seized in Ramallah

Israel Returns the Body of a Lebanese Infiltrator

'I wanted to be a martyr and kill Israeli soldiers'

Danish FM: Withdrawal could leave Gaza a 'terrorist camp'

Boim apologizes for saying Arab terror might be 'genetic'

Toronto Star attacks Canada's position on the wall

Two Palestinians killed by IDF during anti-fence protest

Israeli Nuke Whistleblower Eyes Release

Jordan slams Israel in world court

Israel developing missiles for India

State Department slams 'poor' Palestinian, Israeli human rights records

Israeli firm awarded oil tender in Iraq

Palestinian farmer is shot dead

Arafat storms out of Fatah council meeting

US condemns Israeli bank raids

ISM activist: "You live in fear for your life every day"

Are there protests planned for Hastert's action?

911 Cover-up - - Hastert Still Against Giving 9/11 Panel More Time

Seen the 9/11 Independent Commission reports?

Lou Dobbs and Dan Burton ...

Charlotee Chair ofCommissioners: Rep.Cox Voices big doubt about Bush

Jerry Springer is still in the Ohio political picture.

Senate campaign in Illinois.....

DCCC has a cute "tax cut gimmick" on the net

Did white supremacist bank robbers aid McVeigh?

Bill O'Really, Plagiarist or Jerk? Lloyd Grove reports, you decide.

Explain something to me about Bush's poll numbers.

another 'repub teacher' experience..

band of brothers!!

now it's time to kill the Federal Discrimination Amendment and sink Bush!

Ronald Reagan and mental health institutions

How do you read Bartcop?

Bizzzarrro....Jennings Seeks To Independently Assess Truth Of Gospels

Peak Oil on Coast to Coast radio show Wednesday night Feb 25

Clear Channel Dumps Howard Stern!

Goodnight folks...

Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush

Pot calling the kettle black / Indian Democracy questioned

Rid of Richard Perle Once and For All?

How would you vote on this ballot?

poor poor bush

Just for kicks

Jobs lost by state

Real bush supporters, yikes

What percentage of our nation belong to the Fundie SIG?

UK spies 'bugged UN's Kofi Annan'

Does Hillary think the draft is a good idea?

Whad you say goodbye to for 40 days?

If you HAVE seen the Passion of the Christ,

God bless conservative talk show hosts

From Adam Felber - Constitution 2.0

"Passion" Deserved an NC-17 Rating

Bill Bennett is getting his own daily radio program

The 'Gates, part 3 -- Hemi-Gate and Domesti-Gate!

What happened on Stern's show?

What's up with Mr. Bareback?

Will the SS mess finally defeat Bush once and for all?

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the "Passion" movie...?

In regards to the Franken/Stern post;

Soft Money Groups Cleared of Allegations

Is this another dumb Democrat idea?

O'Reilly Spins Michael Moore on Tax Rates !

Who is scheduling DU Meetups in Atlanta?

65 Year old Woman arrested for Drug Possession

The "Passion" set straight (warning: religious discussion!)

Stern / Clear Channel - indicative of Christian / Jewish power rift?

TBTM News is moving...

Why is ieamericaradio still running when Malloy ended last night?

Are we on the brink of a full-fledged, 1960s-style cultural/political war?

Nader hasn't made much of a splash, huh?

9/11 commission extension denied by Repubs.

College Republicans: reactionary 'hipsters'

Howard Stern, Clear Channel and Satellite Radio (XM vs Sirius)

Will Clear Channel fire Bob and Tom?

"Democrats have become the doves of class warfare."

Perle Quits - does it matter?

Josh Marshall - Talkingpointsmemo - mentions DU Bleachers7

I see NO good reason for BAN on gay marriages

My Politics lecturer made an interesting point today

Astroturf, its implications and consequences

Oral Sex shown to be linked to oral cancer

College Graduates are going home to live with parents...

"Let's Roll" Plane Christened

"Our" DU soldiers are back in Germany.. Whew !! They made it out of Iraq..

Corporations Stink, PNY in this Case, the Memory Company

The republican base turns it's face....

Three pieces on same-sex marriage, founders & conservatives

Some good info on what biased language is, and on examining

Should certain gay repubs be OUTED?

World Health Organization 'Suppressed' Study on Depleted Uranium

Afghanistan: Now It's All-Out War

Whoops I made a mistake RE: Black Caucus/Bush meeting

How about an American Stakeholders Account?

great editorial on the "marriage Amendment"

Israel Siezes Millions from Banks (covers video cameras w/plastic)

OK Boys -- you know what to do

Your living in a Christian time warp of lies and repression!!!

What is it with this unanimous support of the "wall" in Israel by our so

Elmer Gantry

CSPAN2 Alert

Best. Tom Toles Toon. Ever, "The Bush Memorial"

True Christianity

I Call Bullshit- Why Is Limbaugh Allowed To Call Gays Perverts And Imitate

Stations of the Crass

Question: Why announce the creation of a Liberal Radio Network?

FDA warns of suit over state's drug Web site

Dem Social Security ad?

Preparing for the attack on John Kerry

Who ARE these people? GOP on defensive re Max Cleland

WTF people! Howard Stern over Mike Malloy?

"Homos want to destroy civilisation with their dirty tricks" . . .

Subpoenas aim to find DeLay role with PAC-Lawmaker's daughter included

a Mother Bound for Baghdad (must read)


Greenspan argues he was misquoted

Howard Stern you were Dixie Chicked for criticizing BUSH.

The Secret Sell-Off of Iraq's Air Industry

The chimp just landed in Kentucky...

New Dominionist Bill Limits the Supreme Court's Jurisdiction

Cheney Biography Question

My church supports gay marriages

Who specifically instigated the FCC hearings?

RNC convention protests.

Get Limbaugh banned. So Clearchannel just stated it's new rules.


October surprise: Bush* resigns; President Cheney?

Katharine Gun walks free - Hooray

A proposal to all DUer's

I did the strangest thing just now. Re: Howard Stern Show

RACE TO THE WHITE HOUSE (GOP plants"John Kerry exaggerates like Gore seed

Save the Constitution - petition at People for the American way

Working on a recuriutng flyer for our county party....

Even a Broken Clock is right twice a day....

Why hasn't clear channel pulled Limbaugh?

Proscription is Bush's Prescription

chimp's trips/illegal?

We’re paying foreigners to die in Iraq, so we don’t have to.

How are we to believe in the accuracy of events from 2000 years ago...

How will your vote for Nader improve America?

Pioneers - Rangers - Mavericks

I can't believe what I just overheard about 'The Passion'

Use religion to make right wing liars shut up….

Rosie's getting hitched

They've Got OBL, I'm Now Pretty Certain About It

I find boring, repetitive, stupid radio indecent and offensive.

forensic anthropology

My apologies for "The Passion" thread

GOP’s Iraq ambush - Senate Republicans work with Bush to turn tide on war

The Daily Show and Letterman taking on the Rightwing

How much of the profits from "Passion" go towards the church?

US & Political Asylum

Bizzaro world -- I agree with Limbaugh

What about a "Marriage of Convenience"?

Strange: Rush denounces Stern's plight, on Drudge?!?

How is the DNC Chair (s)elected?

Illinois Couple is suing Govt. and Drug Companies over Canada Drug Imports

Rep.Maxine Waters (Ca) and Rep. Mark Foley (Fl) CNN Haiti debate

Suit: TV show demeans voodoo

Question about Passion and US/Israel ties....

Terrific Marriage Article By Gay GOP Guy

"....this is a cover up. Plain and simple."

Bob Kerrey may quit 9/11 Commission

When Bush's DRAFT starts on April 1, 2005, Canada is out (must read)!

Should vaccinations be mandatory??

Is getting a Divorce lying under oath?

Devastating Consequences Of Homosexual Marriage

Leave no billionaire behind! "All told - a fabulous year to be wealthy!"

BBC: International Poll on Religion

Exporting Jobs? AWOL? Cheney? 911? Subject Changed!

An Open Apology to Christians

I pity those DU'ers in South Dakota.

GLBT Folks! A question for you.

Here's WHO should be apologizing to Christians.

More obscene:

a question about the Passion movie......

House bill 1997 Federal Crime Against Fetus -- passed

The real reason Social Security is in trouble.

Very good one-liner about national health insurance...

Literature Types: Nature of Dramatic Catharsis?

Okay, how about the Crusades?

Wasn't the Medicare propaganda commercial supposed to have been pulled?

We need the Guy James Show

As if we needed another reason to dislike Nugent...

If Mel beat Saddam the way he beat Jesus

Kerry/Gephardt 04'?

Patriot Act is "DOA" in Dallas the Jews killed Jesus!

Whats the story with Randi Rhodes?

Nancy Skinner to discuss Clear Channel on CNN tonite

What if another Matthew Shepard incident happens?

So...has anybody watched the Passion yet?

Now That The Pope (Catholic Church)...

Devastating Consequences Of Homosexual Marriage (repost)

Please DU this gay marriage poll- Palm Springs

Hey Mel! You sayin' Herod's a Homo?

What is the most pressing news story this week?

Need DU input on this Poll

Woman Dies Watching "Passion"

Which is more harmful to children?

Freepers going nuts about Stern

Has Zell Miller ever divorced?

Mike Pence is a Dolt! Crossfire

He flew all the way to say "Make the Tax cuts Permanent"

Is Randi Rhodes back today?

DU makes The Washington Post's political page

Freeper on Randi Rhodes right now.

ACLJ All Upset About Church/State Separation

Rosie vs Bareback Andy - Why the Double Standard?

Are we repeating the same mistake we made at the

Archives of Bernie Ward and Ray Taliafero - KGO Radio SF

Good website for Senate races review

DU this poll

Please rate this story in Yahoo.

A DU regular saw the "Passion" this evening

Anybody remember that cover of The Nation

military cots in Iraq collapse - 500+ sent back for replacement

Would Jesus be a Republican?

Resources needed to catch Bin Laden coming back to Afgahistan

Need (GOOD) information on ANWR

Bernie Sanders - Bush is immoral - on CSPAN now

Will Websites Like This One...

radio - should there be a PG-rating/indecency tradeoff?

Wolfie's question: do you support Rosie O'Donnell marrying a woman?

joking about Wellstone's death

Time for a Religion Board on DU?

The Boob Tube - Help

Everyone knows about, right? A site about Mary Cheney...

For anybody interested in the bugging Annan story

Petition to fire Ann Coulter

anyone qualify as a "Geek Organizer" ?

Fellini and the VAtican

CBS: Is talking about the UN Spy Case

Letter to Bush about the FMA

John McCain Blames Military For Iraq Aftermath.

Slate defends Kerry voting record against "flip-Flop charge"John Kerry's D

My 999th post: Are Immigrants Welcome in the Big Tent?

Civil Union or Marriage? It's all about the license!

I hope my good news isn't bad news

What has happened to us?

Dobbs & Guest hammer *

Remember when conservatives were going balistic over Bill Clinton's

Radio alert... Howard Stern on now

My reply to a right wing e-mail from conservatives

Are Liberal Views More Christian Than The Church's?

Lou Dobbs Poll

HRC criticizes Kerry on Mass' amendment on gays...

Looking for link - anti-semites leaflet cars outside Passion

"Novak electoral map"

Straight men and women should marry each other to support Gay Marriage!

The Howard Stern supension is is a good thing, not bad

Thom Hartman just said Bill O'Reilly is profiting from Christ's death

Can someone help me with the dem position on hate crimes?

More evidence of Bush tampering with/censoring scientific info????

C-SPAN 2 -- Senate voting on extending unemployment benefits

someone help me to understand....

Who's more harmful to women - Howard Stern or Caitlin Flanagan?

FRONTLINE tonight: The Invasion of Iraq

Progress Media(Al Frankens radio Co.) should sign Stern for the markets

Frontline: The invasion of Iraq on now

Thanks Mr. Greenspan -- Maybe Florida will not go Bush

another former bush* voter apologizes

Free State Project Eyes New Hampshire as "Libertarian Paradise"

Please come join our community and expand the Democratic base!

Has Bush mentioned he needs $450 B to keep the Alt Min Tax from

One impediment to Nader getting on state ballots

new video - "Degenerating into O'Reilly / Worried Man Blues" - whiny noise

the ITALIANS killed jesus!

Favor constitutional amendment allowing foreign citizens to become pres?

Why We Must Have Separation of Church and State

The DMCA. Your thoughts.

Separation codes on DD214?

Tweety Matthews gives * a free campaign commercial.

Vote in this great CNN poll! - "Which offends you the most...?"

Newt Gingrich called Kerry "Hanoi John"

PDX alert: author David Cay Johnson appearing Friday night

Does anyone have that list of current WH scandals?

TNR-More Cynical White House Kabuki

60% of US adults drink

Christians can neither be oppressed nor persecuted in this country.

Aaron Brown just told D. Hastert "F.U" w/ regards to 9-11 commission

Dear DUers, outing myself again. I'd appreciate your help, please

It is NOT 'changing the definition' of marriage

My take on the debate tonight

Arron Brown on CNN now - WOW!!!

Aaron Brown: Hastert and Bush, you owe us an explanation on 9/11!

Say, is anybody watching Aaron Brown? I wonder what he'll talk about 2nite

Aaron Brown/Newsnight & 9-11 Commission

Aaron Brown railing against Dennis Hastert....CNN

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown editorialized big time on 9/11 commission.

I called GE for service on my POS refridgerator and got

new worry: What will a mortally wounded Bush do?

Atlanta talk radio's RW whine today

Should Aristede step down?

heh..the sanctity of marriage and the GOP

Clear Channel hosts strike against company

With Mike Malloy off the air - what else is out there??

BBV: launches campaign

MSNBC: Bush's Bible Belt

Janet's Boob and the Passion......some thoughts to ponder, I'm pondering.

What's "sex in the city"? I see people talking about it stopping...never

Bush and a slow death

The Daily Show rocks!!!!!

300,000 people evicted in beijingfrom their homesfor 08 olympics

The religious right's screwed up problem with gay marriage

Why a constitutional amendment?

Is anyone jonesing as bad as I am for Mike Malloy??

I hate the Bush family

E-mail address for Dennis Hastert.....let him know!

A question about Reagan and Alzheimer's Disease

A Log Cabin Republican sees the light

Remember Welfare Queens?

The 'Gates, part 1 -- Russert-Gate and AWOL-Gate!

I need that link showing Bush reading to the grade schoolers

So what's so wrong with wanting to cut defense spending?

Leading Scientists Accuse Bush of Politicizing Science

Yankee or Dixie?

Passion hype, is kinda funny if you do the math....

Rosie O'Donnell to Marry Girlfriend

Does * (and Rove, et al) ACTUALLY BELIEVE the tax cuts are beneficial

Is Bu$h a 'closet' homosexual?

Your govt wants to use the Internet to Lower Your Wages!

Favor constitutional amendment allowing foreign citizens to become pres?

Bob Kerrey (may quit 9/11 commission) is on Hardball tonight

Get Ready For The "CAPTURE" of Osama - my analysis & wild speculation

What stunt will Bush pull this summer to get sympathy?

Anyone else read about Greenspan mentioning...

We're being played by Corporate Media

Whoa. Tax changes in the last decade according to the IRS.

I received an e-mail virus from

"Jesus Chainsaw Massacre"

chris matthews and bush and springsteen

Gay marriage: "Separate but equal" is unacceptable

Here's why "Passion" is dangerous

A Beetwasher Prediction: Re: Gay Marriage and "Passion"

So what's the status of Rush Holt's Voter Verification Bill??

(WARNING-DRUDGE) Limbaugh warns of danger to Free Speech (Supports Stern)

Ever hear of Operation Garden Plot?

The pro-interventionist "argument"

Handy Republican Voter's Guide

counter-freep this poll

No work? Ha! India is CREATING American jobs!

GOD did talk to Pat Robertson!

Bush's actions the day of 9/11

"We could see President Bush giving his acceptance speech at Ground Zero"

What Dubya is hiding!

2 questions about Randi Rhodes

Passion and the Aramaic language

GOP: the party dedicated to increasing ENSLAVEMENT.

How the Gay Marriage issue may work for Bush

Oh oh Aaron Brown (CNN) is pissed about the 9/11 Commission

Why don't we just make Affirmitave Action class based already?

Playing devil's advocate...

Some more history of Haiti

FMA Senate Headcount Thread #2

Tolerance of Christianity on DU

NYT - "New Film May Harm Gibson's Career"

Three thoughts on the gay marriage controversy

Has anyone heard a good argument against same sex marriage?

trading on Ebay is a "full time job" (Sen. Ensign)

The Gates, part 2 -- Investi-Gates I, II and III!

A few words about Haiti

What has happened to the DU?

This Puritan Crap Getting on My Nerves

Have you considered the effect of the Double Whammy October Surprise

Bush REALLY Did It This Time!

What is your attitude toward international trade?

Love him or despise him, we gotta help Stern.

China attacks HK's democrats

Thailand magazine editor resigns over alleged censorship

Waste Cleanup May Have Human Price

Teenage hero gets bravery medal

Rwanda genocide tribunal makes rare acquittal

Organ trafficking 'covered up'

Presiding Judge in Milosovic Trial resigns

France Urges Global Police Force for Haiti

dupe - sorry --- please lock or delete

Microsoft Probed by Japan Commission

Agent rehired by FBI

Republicans rally around Cheney as rumors swirl

U.S. report cites Canada's rights woes

Texas PAC sent blank check to Washington.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 26 February (#1)

Rumsfeld Says Osama Will Probably Be Found One Day

Qatar: Russian agents held for Yandarbiyev killing

UN calls British spying on Annan illegal

Charlotte Observer:Job losses threaten region's Bush support

UK spies 'bugged UN's Kofi Annan' (BBC World)

Former US weapons inspector says Bush* may have picked, chosen facts in ju

$10 000 for proof of Bush's service

Perry campaign to pay for trip

Macedonia leader killed in crash

'Doonesbury' offers $10,000 for proof Bush served

Macedonian president killed in plane crash

Norwegian whales have a date with death

Dow, Nasdaq, S&P Futures ALL LOWER this morning ...

Liberal MP's ready to go to the poll (Canada) -

Military assault charges widen

Ex-minister says Britain spied on Kofi Annan

New York Times endorses John Kerry for President

Syria slams US human right report as Powell ''disappointed'' with Assad po

Smith & Wesson's new chairman resigns after criminal history revealed

Afghan President Declares Taliban Beaten

GOP Rallies Around Cheney

District attorney files more subpoenas at Capitol (TX Rep. fundraising)

Lawsuit expected that will challenge ban on Canadian drugs

AWB faces expiration Proponents accuse Bush of political trickery

Clear Channel Suspends Howard Stern

1st Mich. Wolverine Spotted in 200 Years

WHO warns of bird flu pandemic

Bill could make cost of viewing Arizona public records prohibitive

Worldwide porn networks smashed

Ex-weapons inspector comments on Iraq War

Federal agents serve warrants at ITT Technical Institute campuses in recor

Cleric Wants Iraq Elections by Year's End

Anti-Chávez drive hits big obstacle

Iraqi Women's Window of Opportunity for Political Gains Is Closing

Ecstasy approved for medical study

Greenspan Urges Social Security Cuts to Help Deficit


Top US general in Iraq says Zarqawi, al-Qaeda now main threat

Jesse Jackson in Libya, Says Time Ripe to Revive U.S. Ties

Bush vows to block an exodus to U.S of Haitians

The state of our unions

US 'may hold cleared detainees'

HERE, UNITE workers' unions to merge (500,000+ combined members)

France's Raffarin Backs Germany's Schroeder's Call for Action on Euro

Settlement near in (CA) Grocery Strike

Slogan on a shirt tees (Russell "Phat Farm") Simmons off

Key Figure in Stewart Trial Dies After Collapsing at Train Stop

If it's Primary Day and it's confusing, it must be New York

Weekly Standard: Saddam's Ambassador to al Qaeda

US told to boost non-lethal arms

Charlotte Observer:::Job losses threaten region's Bush support

Clare Short's Admissions

Jobless claims up 6,000 to 350,000

Japanese authorities raid Microsoft unit

Libya to Destroy Chemical Weapons from Friday

McAuliffe won't return as DNC boss

Pope Calls for Support of the Family as Union of Man and Woman

Colo. AG Probes Talk of Columbine Cover-Up

Darby students walk out to protest (anti-evolution) curriculum change

(Fla) Byrd's 'sheep' analogy riles House colleagues

White House's limits upset 9/11 panel...

Official: 'Hydrogen Highway' Realistic

US Lifts Travel Restrictions on Libya

Boston Church: 162 Priests Accused

Lou Dobbs Poll - What offends you the most?

Catholics dismayed by Tutu's criticism

Roll Call: FBI Examining Smith Medicare Allegations

Blix's phone tapped: sources

Schwarzenegger Widely Popular; Pessimism About State Declines

Nighthorse Campbell hospitalized

AP: Lawmakers Ask Who Analyzes Threats

AP : Rosie O'Donnell to Marry Girlfriend in San Francisco

Poll: Older patients unaware of new Medicare drug benefit

New poll shows Obama pulling ahead of Hull (Illinois Senate)

Panel says more nonlethal weapons would have aided U.S. cause in Iraq

Congressional Black Caucus: Bush Must Stop Haiti Coup

Haiti: Different Coup, Same Paramilitary Leaders

Georgia House Rejects Gay Marriage Amendment

Gasoline supplies likely to shrink, prices rise

Richard Perle resigns!

Bush Administration Bans Some Land Mines

Israeli firm awarded oil tender in Iraq

Abortion Bill Passes

Grocery strike in S. Califonia - "tentative" agreement reached

Torricelli guilty in fender-bender

Muslim raid kills 48 (Christians)in Nigeria

Eagle Scout Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

U.S. Lifts Some Sanctions on Libya

France exploits US hands-off, takes diplomatic lead in Haiti

Bush Lowers Bar..on Extending Tax Cuts(in 04 wants pop lower class items!)

New Paltz, NY Mayor Says He Will Oversee Gay Marriages

Journos a 'security threat' - Zimbabwe

Macedonia president's plane missing

Congressman Henry Bonilla Calls on Corrine Brown to Resign

Putin's Words and Deeds Dominate Newscasts--Moscow Times/New WMW

17 000 Sudanese have nowhere to go

Report: Only half of Hispanics, blacks finishing school

Bush trip to Charlotte, NC today is cancelled.

279,190 Xcel (energy) customers late with bills

U.S. Won't Sign Anti-Land Mine Treaty

France seeks international force to quell Haiti chaos

Public gets view of election-spending investigation (Texas)

9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy (Bob Kerrey)

Tauzin declines top lobbying job

Senate Panel Presses Bush on War's Plan

Zeffirelli Brands Gibson's Passion Anti-Semitic; Calls Him "Bloodthirsty"

Frontline Two Hour Program on Invasion of Iraq (NEW) on PBS NOW

British Press Hails Wiretap Whistleblower

Kerry Got Funds From U.S. Companies Active Offshore, Post Says

Bush getting on ballot hinges on statehouse deal (Illinois)

Native group blasts Stephen Harper over (bizarre) gaffe - CTV Cdn Politics

Kerry blasts Walmart

Spitzer: Right Wing's 'Power to States' Just a Facade

UN British Bugging of UN, if True, Is Illegal

"You all look the same to me"

Bugging offices is a 'tradition'

Black suffers stinging defeat

US denies 'tit-for-tat' ban on French meat

Protein in monkeys may block HIV

Hundreds trapped on blazing ferry as rescue underway

Gasoline supplies likely to shrink, prices rise (Gas Shortages)


'Passion' Opening Draws Massive Crowds

House Passes Unborn Victims Legislation

Gibson film ignores vow to remove blood libel

Extra Unemployment Benefits Lose in Senate

Haiti's Lawyer: U.S. Is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries

Bush Tightens Rules on Travel to Cuba

Reagan Approved Plan to Sabotage Soviet Economy

President Planning NYC Extravaganza (and other stories)

Economy: Weak on Surface, Strong Beneath


I just baked a chocolate cake. ASK ME ANYTHING!

OK, I know nothing about this new Mel Gibson movie. Should I go see it???

Couldn't this be said about Rush Limbaugh?

I'll never understand why the Memphis Grizzlies are building a new arena.

The FOX Network's Latest Contribution to Culture (Part Two)

Dennis Miller is just NOT FUNNY

In 5-10 years, will we see an upsurge in S&M aficionados

What famous person would you trade places with for a day?

What beats a fat-money Wednesday night gig? headline: "Bush Wants To See Gibson's Passion"

Goodnight folks...

Thanks for helping me test out WonkRadio. I'm shutting the stream down now

testing new sig line thingy.. mods can lock or del or whatever..

Oops. I think I just made my 4,000th post or something.

Coming Up Now on TCM "Forbidden Planet" (Classic 1956 Sci-Fi)

How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped?

was Jesus a party dude?

My thoughts on DU today before I turn in:

Pretentious web site of the day....

What are you drinking?

If I had insurance, I'd be in the hospital right now

LA Times: Cinephiles in slippers

I must have that recipe!

Actress in "the Passion" a porn star?

"It" boy... Fabian Basabe

Made it, Ma! 2000 Posts!

Please Remove

Rank the members of Monty Python!

If you could clone yourself, would you marry yourself?

The Fashion of the Christ

"Passion Photo Gallery"(picture heavy thread)

Wish Me Luck! I've got an interview today

Anybody know about ibogaine?

Fish and houseguests stink after 3 days

"If Jesus came back and saw what's going on in his name, he'd never stop

found a pic of bush and twins

I can't always see pic's in people's posts. Just a red X

See The Movie, Buy The Nail

I'm an ammendment to be!

Pheeew! What's that stench! Report from Louisville

Why would Gov. Goodhair be attending Russell Crowe's wedding?

Ever time I try Bittorent I get Blue screened- GRRRRRR


I think "The West Wing" is getting its groove back

Bush backs program to make Middle-class disappear

I just came back from "Passion of Jesus Christ"

Gather Round Kiddies - Its Matcom's Joke O' The Day!!

Okay. Should I or should I not go and see "The Passion"?

Double Dose--Today's Doonesbury AND Today's Boonedocks!

Jesus! (no pun intended).

Whad you say goodbye to for 40 days?

Not to be the DU BabbaBooey,

I'm absolutely floored here at work and usually NOTHING floors me at work

When Kerry wins this Fall,

Yay me, finally got a job

BTW - has anyone had this before - Absente, a cousin of Absinthe

On the POTUS/SCOTUS theme: Rumsfeld = SOD

Elvis Presley's GRANDDAUGHTER debuts as model!

Am I the only DUer who doesn't care about THE PASSIONS one way or...

Caption: bug off Kofi?

"The Passion of the Crisis"

I'm a Google dunce & need a .wav file of the Law & Order "doink doink"

Hey, DU. Take this hand-eye coordination test!

Was Sheriff Andy Taylor a Democrat?


Wendy's Managers Strip Search Employees After Falling For Scam

Rush hour in San Francisco - WOW !

When do you DU?

Here's the most wonderful thing about "The Passion"

Sometimes I *HATE* people...a rant. Please bear with me.

I think I'll be posting this as a standard response quite often

"The Passion of the Chrysler"

What song gets you fired up about Bush*

OK, I'm GEEKED about "City of Heroes"

Taking a break -- So, how'm I doing?

Bal'mer Ravens RB Lewis's drug charges (11 POUNDS of cocaine)

A long walk home: Round Rock, TX to Everett, WA

Man, this guy really knows how to *toot his own horn*

I'm 23 today, ask me anything

It's been almost 12 hours...I miss Malloy

Let us come together and worship in the name of NO

Killer Said He Jumped The Bank Counter Cause "The Smurf Was Talking Shit"

VelmaD inspired me to get active!

Jon Stewart on Lent

Are the Flintstones Democrats?

Favorite Red Wine Grape?

sweet polly purebread said

WHAT's hotter?

Howard Stern's Hour of Ripping Bush...Link?

HEY!!! no poop piles this morning

Helloooooooo!!!!! please do post your most faaAbulous CAPTION

Man Accused of Stealing .25 Cents of Power

Would you eat the moon if it were made of spare rib?

Does your state have a lottery?

Who's hotter?

An Evangelical Christian Reviews "The Passion of the Christ"

Please help settle a work/political dispute

Detroit Lions Sign Afghani Quarterback-Joke

Ping Pong weather in Oklahoma...does this happen anywhere else?

IF BUSH Was A BUG, What Kind Would He Be?

Greatest TV Show of All Time

Captioning treasure trove!

Mind -Bending Puzzles

Bush meets with Georgian President-humor

Water is Falling from the Sky in San Diego

Best band named after a place?

Is Mel Gibson addicted to Christ?

A couple questions about Jesus...


Betty Bowers Reviews: The Passion Of The Christ

Shakespeare rarities on film tonight in Brookline Ma.

E-Mail Of The Day

I need help with the APA style requirements.

I FINALLY got a "vanity" plate for my lil miata..... What's yours????

Hmmm yeah that's a tough one so let's change the subject & CAPTION

So, what amusing graffitti have you seen today?

Anyone else have many of the "Passion" threads hidden?

The WORST television show ever.

Hey. Where Has Crewleader Been. I Miss Her.

What DU feature do you wish your life had?

"Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure Doll

Snippet of email exchange between me an a conservative aquaintance

Other jobs to be reclassified like McDonald's/Manufacturing.

Join me in hell--rename the new Mel Gibson movie

What's all this I am hearing about the fashion of Christ?

I Must say, I LOVE Andy Rooney!

A joke about politics

OK. It's Baseball Movie Time

Christ claims his first victim

Think about it - The only person who killed Jesus was God himself

Rowling Joins Forbes Billionaires List

Anyone else an Annette Bening fan? I think she is an

George Bush goes to a primary school to talk

An apology to The Christians.

'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy: Misheard Song Lyrics

Why are people sniffin' my Christian Dior briefs all of a sudden?

*caution* Remember how homophobes are really gay?

Japan uses singing and dancing Sailors in JMSDF recruiting ads.

What happens to all the food...

So, with new job - I have to start Monday

My Fortune Cookie Said Not To Trust Magic 8-Ball

At what stage of narliness will you still eat a banana?

Teacher needs Ecstacy...

A joke, updated...

WOO HOO! IT'S: The Crappy Little Elf Name Generator

Round #2 of email exchange with conservative acquaintance

Should I take a nap?

How do I counter this freeper email I got here at work

I was just on Randi Rhodes show!

Are there any new religious movies out?

So, I just got back from GD 2004 (or, how I learned to love the waffle)

Why can't I view pictures or streaming video anymore?

Why are people dissin' my Christian beliefs all of a sudden?

I got the DUMBEST email today...

I've just started taking my Visicol, ask me anything

What's Mel Gibson up to these days? Haven't heard from him in years.

The Pizza of the Christ

The Greatest TV Show of All Time

That was weird. Anyone else having trouble getting here today?

I finally have it on tape!

Let us come together and worship in the name of YES

Teen who Tried to Kill Jogger for Corpse Sex Pleads Guilty

More obscene:

Aaron Sorkin fans, listen up!

I Got My New Toy!!!

I got the editor job!!!

to all catholics out there.

Any Other Unitarian Universalists Out There?

What's for lunch?

Sundown the Dog.

Chicago DU'ers, come out and see our band, Vendooza.....

The New Movie Hype: Forget Passion, it's time to discuss...

Where mah bitches at?

What's this I hear about the Jews chilling cheeses?

What Will The Sequel Of "The Passion Of The Christ" Be Called?

Okay, just to clarify: I'm in an Aaron Sorkin play! 'A Few Good Men!'

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

WTF is instant Karma?

Hear About the "Nancy Kerrigan Special" At KFC?

Here, kitty kitty kitty!

Post your pic thread # 999999999999999999999999

Best "sword and sorcery" movie music

I'm feeling victimized today!

Are we all feeling Victimized Today?

new Hannity advertiser Jos A Bank (Also an Oxyrush advertiser)

Sixpence None The Richer breaks up

new Hannity advertiser Gumout

Help me. please..... going through something tough...

"Bartman ball" to be destroyed tonight at 7:30 pm CST

What was your first job that made you swear when you saw tax deductions

Have you ever had a dream OR nightmare in which you were kidnapped?

Any bankers? How long is a personal check good for?

Has anybody noticed in the latest KFC commercial.....

What was your first job with a taxes-reduced paycheck?

Teacher Gives Student Photo Of His Crotch - Suspended

My cat Salem is totally weird!

Round #3 of email exchange with conservative acquaintance

So, does anybody own a cat?


Disturbing Dreams Thread

I just got a $13.86 check for nothing!


No Cheating: Who Is This?

Joke: Three young churchgoers were becoming acquainted with one another

You know what? maybe I need a vacation.

Daddy Uly? good karma requested...


How will the Wright murder trial first appear dramatised on TV?

Post why vinyl is better than leather.

Ahoy Mateys! Take the quiz and find out yer Pirate Name(Link now included)

Nellie McKay...!

Darring Darrin... A BEWITCHED Trivia Game

Have you ever had nightmares about being on trial?

I just drank some paint...

I'm hungry....


WOOHOO, Travel restrictions lifted for Libya - who wants to Roadtrip???

Wierd things I freak out about

Photoshop fans! Check this out

I saw PASSIONS and thought it was funny am i the only one?

This just in, “Buckwheat is dead!”

I admit it: I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy

Question to all masons

good news and bad news

How does this sound?

A little Photoshop of the Statue of Liberty


It's that time again

CONGRATULATIONS ROSIE (and partner)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question to all mesons...

So he shivers, and I say, "What?"

New Avatar


today's new OxyRush advertisers Feb 26

Summer Job

My Co-worker got that other job!

Cub fans is

Rocket from the Crypt appreciation thread

Be the Dingbat.

$17.00 'Passion' pendant-pewter nail on a leather strap selling well

The Jews Shot J.R.!!


Yabba Dabba Dooo.. it's almost 5PM on the west coast!!

Holy crap!!! When did DU break the 40,000 member mark?

I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic Jesus,

POTUS/SCOTUS limerick contest

I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting popup ads that take up my whole screen.

Curiosity killed Jesus

Animusic...make it or break it?

OK, so WTF is the "EE UU?"

Favorite Oasis Hit Song

Does this cause anyone concern?

Just found out my cousin hates Bush as much as I do

I have to say, that Franz Ferdinand single, 'Take Me Out' is rocking.

Richmond VA area DUers:

Here's your chance to edit The White Album!

New job- working for a bi-polar boss?

So what kind of christian are you?

Favorite Crash Test Dummies song



Favor constitutional amendment allowing foreign citizens to become pres?

Employment Poll

Well, I called my boss and quit

How do I convince my mom to buy me a tricked out van?

My dad died last night.

Zombie fans, have you heard about "Shaun of the Dead"?

Wow, 3 firewalls and somebody could still find me

Do I have a computer virus?

A personal flashback to mid-day November 7 2000

today's new Savage Weiner advertisers Feb 26

For his 76th birthday: What's your favorite FATS DOMINO record?

"Fearing God" and faith -

Knock, Knock.... Hello... Anyone remember? We will never forget!

People are great!!

Ya Ever Click On 'My Posts' And Realize Ya Haven't Been Here Awhile ???

Interviewees on TV after seeing Passion "Jeez, Jews DID kill Christ".

On MTV right now is 'True Life' "I'm living in Iraq"

"Without a Trace" on now. Stressing damage to our soldiers.

Please, tell me what you have done, will do, are doing to rid us of bush.

Blue warrior needs food badly!

Hey, I've been political for a long time now and have wondered

Ball destroyed! The Cub's are still choking Dogs!

Life in Our "Anti Christian" America

Consciously Conscious of your Consciousness

WARNING: 7 New viruses lurking. BEWARE!!

Deleted message


There is an Aaron Brown lock sale going on in GD

Caption the loony tunes

falling apart

Caption the bad, bad man

Let's All Calm Down About Aaron Brown Feigning Outrage.

I just finished doing my laundry, cleaning my room: ASK ME ANYTHING!

Just got my first mod warning. Now I feel like a criminal.

Professor Fenris' Fun Fact of the Day:

Daily Show Thread

I just turned 600

I just watched 2 of my favourite movies

Did you see that Rosie O'Donnel and her partner are now married?

Paging ZombyWoof....

How I know the "herbal male enhancement" formulas don't work

Evil cats doing evil deeds - horror flick on Sci-fi now

post why vinyl is better than CDs!


Answer Me Dammit!!!!! (edited for the heck of it)

HOT PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first post using Mozilla!

What's your favorite ?

Wondered if anyone actually missed New York's "shocking and awesome" (in a

Yankee, Doodle, or Dandy?

Why is it that I'm always a second too late on the reply button

The Daily Show rocks!!!!!

My DU friends: does your family share your political views?

A game that wastes approx. 15 mins... FUN!

What's the goddamned joke?

What happened to that nice President Clinton man?

I like John Kerry and what not, but his face looks like a piece of jerky.

KFC or Popeyes?

What's a ZombyWoof?

What screen size do you use?

For my 1,000th post, I have just ONE thing to say:

Jesus's Son is a terrific, terrific movie. Billy Cruddup is so good.

"Now we'll talk all day if you want to.

Favorite TV Judge

Tears following watching the Newshour....

Best SONG named after a place?

Dog Is Found Alive Month After Boat Sinks

Wintertime Depression

Simple cat poll (non-cat-people please participate)

I was just watching the Daily Show with John Stewart

Favorite Replacements song

What's "sex in the city"? I see people talking about it stopping...never

Wed eve. / Thur Morn. MOVIE THREAD!

How often do you clean your mouse balls?

Bush reveals daring plan....

so! who sews?

The curse has been killed -- Bartman ball now thread.

Author Talks Big Screen "DaVinci"

Holy Crap! Letterman just said Bush entered the White House illegally!

Playing Zappa's "Overnite Sensation" for the first time

Larry King is moderating tonight's debate?!?

What's the right way for a straight guy to reject a gay guy?

Request for songs

Oh baby,, you knoooow what I like.

Thank you, straight DUers--from a gay guy.

Busted, or not?

No Mike Malloy tonite......bummer.

I need, I mean REALLY NEED, your sore throat remedies...Please!!

All this talk about religion has me considering joining the ministry

What new Christian identity junk will appear on cars re: the Passion

OK, already. *I* killed Jesus

"The Best Of The Mike Malloy Show"

Why is everyone in 'The Passion' a white person?

Round #4 of exchange with conservative acquaintance

I got a job offer!!!!!!

Who here watches 24?


What is your favorite South Park episode?

I just saw Al Frankin live, ask me anything!

Hooray! I just got laid off.

What would your pet say to you

Help needed on web content management tools.

Do you think DU should have a theological forum?

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1970s? (Part 1)

Look at Elvis' granddaughter

Watching the Spurs...

Favorite song by the Smiths?

Those in NC-are you enjoying the snow?

Head On: Jesus and Mary Chain or Pixies?

I guess I'm officially back into comics now. Ask me anything.

Okay Smarty Pants! Just HOW SMART Are You?

Please Check This Out

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1970s? (Part 2)

What happened on Survivor -- SPOILER ALERT

Best 70's Canadian Rock Band

I have sources that tell me ZombyWoof is actually Neil Young

Remember your first...

We don't even need to photoshop chimpy anymore!

Do you want to learn Ebonics?

Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute on CMT

I don't care who killed Jesus

Deep Philosophical Poll

Do you ever have the urge to get rid of all your material possessions...


Time for DU Story telling - 3 words at a time

Will you see The Passion of the Christ?

Presidential order of Succession

Best Burger Joint

Favorite Greasy Spoon (SE Regional)

What to do when you see an extra large SUV

"Passion" Avatars!

Sexiest actress that isn't starving

Lost TV Shows

Why in the hell would you get a visectomy?

Remove this, I thought I was posting in the lounge n/t

Hell, I'd Vote for a Deer Over Bush.....

yayyyyyyyy, kerry

The gathering storm.

Giving up the DU/GD Primary for lent

Edwards to win Georgia (Zogby suggests)

The NY Times endorses John Kerry

Sen. Nelson (FL) may endorse Kerry?

LA Weekly endorses Edwards. It's not a big deal, but it's interesting...

Ohio Decisive State for Democratic Race

Anti-trade pitch a tough sell in CA

Gay marriage issue trips up senator Edwards

Kerry rally draws overflow crowd in MN

Trimming the shrub this fall.

Remember Gore's lockbox (he's been proven right once again)?

"Morality" will be a huge factor in

Clark stumps for Kerry in Georgia

New York Times Endorses Kerry

Paging Edwards Supporters. Where's your guy on gay marriage

I can win even if I lose, sez Edwards

Ohio Decisive State for Democratic Race

Gillespie on C-Span 2 7:38 tonite

Kucinich cedes contest on home turf in Ohio

Kerry Donors Include 'Benedict Arnolds'

Deleted message

Kucinich calls for Grennspan to resign

3 Boston brokers see a fair appraisal (of Kerry's home for loan -GOP LIES)

Kerry, Republicans sharpen campaign barbs(votes defended inc IWR)

Governor Dean still on ballots

Kucinich will pitch 250 innings

McGreevey, Menendez to endorse Kerry's bid

Dear Skinner

Deleted message

Can someone help me with the green vs. independent vote meme?

And so the front page Gore-ing of Kerry begins

Imagine: Dennis Kucinich as...

How Elizabeth gets it right and evidence McAuliffe is an idiot.

WP : Kerry donors include ‘Benedict Arnolds’

I hereby officially sign out of GD Primary FOREVER

When is the Debate, and on what channels?

A cartoonist lampoons Nader

2004 Dem Primary Turnout Increases From 2000.

Ochenski: The good doctor

Deleted message

Boston Globe: Kerry backs state ban on gay marriage

Debate tonight--Kucinich and Sharpton in or out?

A question for Kerry supporters on his IWR vote

Who would you like to head the DNC?

Dean to speak tonight in New Haven, CT

"You can't fight three wars in three years with three tax cuts."

Kerry/Gephardt in 04'?

The anti-Kerry vs. anti-Edwards poll...

anyone from ny have a link to primary voting locations?

Kerry straddles Israel's fence.More Flip-Flopin, No flip-flop?U make call

"I will never forgive America for what D.Kucinich went through this year."

Has Dean made a statement on the FMA?

Kerry supporters are -

I Just Voted Early In The Texas Democratic Primary

Everyone knows about, right?

Vote on Wolf's poll

What Howard Dean Got Right

Edwards supporters, E-mail the Edwards campaign about SUSA NC poll

Heinz Kerry accepts husband's endorsement by environmental group

Well boys and girls....what about the environment?

Isnt their a Democratic Debate tonight? Time & channel?

Not whining....just wondering

Edwards supporters and undecideds chat room

If Edwards wants Howard's support?

911 families set to protest Republican National Convention

Kucinich 2nd with 30% in Hawaii Primary

'The Passion' of the Americans

The biggest problem with becoming a Kerry supporter

SUSA Poll Edwards beating Bush in North Carolina

Dem candidates though history -- How do Kerry and Edwards stack up?

NAFTA and Yucca Mountain: Two Issues for Super Tuesday

Give the RALPH NADER thing a rest, alright!

Kerry Calling for Senator Bob Graham to be Named Special Envoy to Haiti

Why the F do the dems decide to go up against "the apprentice" in debate

Is Super Tuesday going to "seal up" the nomination? What

Why does this happen?

Everyone, read this before it's too late!!!

Edwards is *personally opposed to gay marriage*??

Kucinich Demands Greenspan Resignation

Kerry's biggest problem: The electoral college

My mom is going to the town's democratic caucus tonight

Please, please, please, allow me to continue bashing the Democratic nominee

My candidate would be more attractive to Republicans!

Survey U.S.A. Rhode Island

John Kerry signs posters for striking Von's supermarket workers in CA

Mathematically, how does Edwards have a chance?

Here's a question that's easy to answer

What swingstate are DUers in or near for the General election?

ARG Maryland Poll

What is your position on gay marriage?

The HYPOCRISY of BUSH in anything and everything (Part 3-Military)

The HYPOCRISY of BUSH in anything and everything (Part 2-His Resume)

Who is excited about this debate!?

I am now deleting MSNBC from cable - no more Bush propoganda!

Could all this moral indignation by the silly republicans be a prelude

Help - Need Links for the debate tonight. Are there any on line radio or ?

King is desperate

The more I hear from Kerry's supporters, the less I like him.

If You Had To Rank All The Issues You Care About, (re: Gay Marriage)

Ban government officals from lobbying!!!!!!!

Poll: Kerry has lead in Georgia, but it's falling

Dean's Message for Moving Forward

Is there a place to see/hear the debate on internet?

This guy sure sounds like a Bush-Lite DINO!

One thing that ALL of us, Christian, Jew, Muslim, can agree on....

Cynthia McKinney vindicated (again -- another issue)

For Those Who Don't Have CNN, Try NPR

The Kucinich Tsunami!

My Terms for a Kerry Vote in the GE

What's Right With Kerry

Debate Thread #1

Two Different Democrats, Same Advisers and Ideas

Is the debate being replayed on tv tonite?

Why don't they have closing statements in debates anymore?

My terms for a Kerry vote this fall

Kerry being a hypocrite again

Edwards promotes plan to lift poor - Press Enterprise

"I'm for war as a last resort."

Damn Kerry and Edwards look good sitting next to each other

My Travels With The General | CBS Embed

Debate Thread #3

Is Jeff Greenfield full of fudge?

Deleted by author...

Maybe I'm nuts, but I'd like all 4 of these guys to be


What Kerry should do in future about death penalty questions

defreep poll

So that's how Brian Lehrer looks!

John-John '04 is happening right now.

Should we continue to have debates?

Debate lacked WMD discussion.....

Anyone watching Teresa K. on Inside Politics?

I love Al Sharpton

Kerry inherits support of county's leading Democratics (Maryland)

DEBATE Thread #2

The Homeruns of Dennis Kucinich

antagonism between candidate camps

Why did the cartoonist TomTomorrow include Kerry in this 'toon?

What a great debate!

Best Zinger of the debate?

"The Good Doctor: Thank you, Howard Dean."

Ok the bad mediawhore poll

To all Edwards people gloating Clark is out (offensive sig pics)

Never try to teach a pig to sing ....

Who lost the debate?

Deleted message

Senator Max Cleland Featured in New Ad for John Kerry

Please Sign The Thank You to Howard Dean

My Terms for a Kerry Vote in the GE

Kerry's ties

John Kerry's Defense Defense-Setting his voting record straight(GOP lies).

HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Deeply Disappointed in Senator Kerry

You just gotta love Kerry...

Shouldn't Kerry start mentioning Bush's dirty tricks?

DU Primary Poll -- Thursday 2/26/04

Larry King is an ass but i like this debate

Who won the debate?

I'm watching Sharpton prove why he shouldn't be included in the debates

The HYPOCRISY OF JOHN KERRY and one on one debates!

What cabinet position should Sharpton have in the Kerry administration?

Are you looking forward to a Kerry loss in November?

Edwards response on the death penalty question just turned me off

Will Ron Brownstein get a scoop from the WH soon?

Just when I decided to be a good little Democrat......

MSNBC playing Born in the USA with heroic images of Bush...

Edwards calls tonight's debate "an important opportunity for both of us."

Dean says Democratic nominee must portray Bush as radical ideologue

Food for thought

Anyone else sick and tired of being told to 'line up' behind Kerry?

How Many ABB-ers REFUSE to Take Loyalty Oaths?

The HYPOCRISY of BUSH in anything and everything (Part 1-The Environment)

The HYPOCRISY of BUSH in anything and everything (Part 4-Conclusion)

A plea to my fellow Deaniacs...

what is your theory on where DK=Unelectable began

Did you think Kerry treated Dennis badly?

How can Kerry say there was a right way to go into iraq

Larry King is on a Mission to MARGINALIZE Kucinich in the Debate

My beef with Sharpton

My Friend Mike

JE 14 points better than JK vs * in NC, JK 1 point better againt JE in NH

This debate is why...

Where is all the info on Edwards experience to lead America!

Want to win in November best to nominate Kucinich

Kerry’s positions on gay marriage ban at the State level but not Federal

Are there any Deaniacs here who will vote for Nader?

Coolest Edwards Quote

A Question of Power (Something to consider in this election)