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Archives: February 25, 2004

Voting for the future, not the past - TW

Barking mad over Hong Kong dogs

Everybody does what they're told in Arizona prophet's paradise

Nader is a wrecker, but he's right about public malaise

FWIW: CNN on-line poll on constitutional gay marriage ban

Marriage Amendment theat to Constitution

Bring me the head of Osama bin Laden

There is nothing humane about Guantanamo Bay

Why Australia Followed U.S. into War

Africa is definitely not Bush country

Sex rescues Politics (Again) interesting read from CBS

Getting closer to the anthrax killers?

BBC reporting on Katherine Gun, Bush War Lies

Where are Iraq's Pentagon papers? - Daniel Ellsberg

Bush and Gay America: The Politics of Duplicity

US 'created" Weapons facts -Hans Blix

When Mallard Fillmore turns against Bush, you KNOW he's in trouble!

Sadistic Passion, Boundaries, Torture

Robert Novak, the clandestine columnist

Behind the singing rodents in the Quiznos ad.

New Gene Lyons

A Buzzflash Interview with George Soros

Bring me the head of Osama bin Laden

Bush vs. Kerry: A clear contrast - Press Enterprise editorial

Tax Dodge

Morford: See the Movie, Buy the Nail

Mark Morford - See The Movie, Buy The Nail !

Salon: Bush's war over gay marriage

US corporations clearing land before in Haiti uprising...

AU's letter to Congress about the Marriage Amendment...

greenspan and social security

Salon: What Will Rudy Say to His Gay Friends?

Luckovich draws a masterpiece! GW + Constitution...

What They Don't Want You To Know - 'Normalising the Unthinkable'

heartening news from

Salon: Blumenthal: Revolt of the Goldwater Conservatives

Molly Ivins: Bait-and-Switch Bush

Bush signed "Order" for War in Feb 2002 (Guardian) MUST READ!

Founding Fathers and Same Sex Marriage

The Progressive Dilemma, K,K, or E?

Request Senators filibuster new Energy Bill

Moveon site needs U to click on petition to EPA to not delay Mercury Regs

Okay, we need all the help we can get in DALLAS!

Come Join An Organization Trying To Make A Difference

March 2nd Primary: Verfied Voting Action To take to the Polls

Stop the Bush Admistration's Abuse of Science

Activists, Whats Your Story?

The Kerry Project / Tipitina's in New Orleans / Friday, March 5

Texas Progressive Populist Caucus, 3/6/04, Austin, TX

Network News Viewers - Who's Your Oyster?

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed -

Right Wing Radio Swallows KansasCity

Gov Mike Huckabee - Phone Call from God ... Video

Bill Clinton should host a tv show.

O'Reilly accused of televised plagiarism - Video

Canadian Film May Put Nader on Radar

Earth sows its seeds in space

Mrs Throckmorton's condition to date.

Thought Experiment: Astrology in other solar systems

Property tax benefits extended to gay couples in Israel

Rally the Mob - the one thing Bush Does Best.

Isn't this "sanctity of marriage" stuff a pile of BS?

Ronald Reagan’s daughter says marriage should be about love, not sexual or

'Trapped' - born in the wrong body - CBS

SCOTUS Loves Them Secret Trials!

The most Christian of virtues - Walter Cronkite

China reports jump in inflation but US lost its release?

U.S. Must Curb Fiscal Budget, Current Account Deficits - - Fed's Gramlich

how progressive our current tax system is Top 1%@28%, bot 99%@27%

From CNN: Exporting America

Big Oil Companies Granted $66 Million by Homeland Security

Questions for economic specialists

Biggest Refunds from Recent Tax Cuts to Go to Small Number of Taxpayers

Germany's Hot New Pet Trend - Ants!

Moveon asks for action to Stop the Bush-Cheney energy bill

Bush defers Mercury regs for 10 years so as to harm 630,000 kids per year

Las Vegas Floating $1 Billion-plus Pipeline Plan As Drought Continues

Atmospheric CO2 Trend On Track To Match Early Eocene

Over 100 Cargo Ships Await Clearance Of Mississippi Shipwreck

The real reason for the Iraq war

DPP accuses Taipei City bureau director of bias - see how a mafia works

Lien has not been sincere to people of Taiwan: Chen

Dell: Will you be using this PC to design WMD?

China plagued by workplace mishaps despite safety drive

Report: Russia to Keep Some Camps Open (Chechnya)

Greek Museum Won't Be Ready for Olympics

BBC (Feb 25): Prosecutors fail to deliver 'smoking gun' against Milosevic

Thailand: End Crackdown on Burmese Fleeing Abuses

Burundi: Urgent need to protect women and girls from rape

Just read an interesting book on the 1994 Haitian Invasion

Lawmaker bets career on Lien family tax scam - TW

Canadian Supreme Court Justice Named to UN human rights post

Lien's daughter wrote about domestic abuse: `Next' - TW

Overseas Taiwanese return to vote in droves

Do they already have Osama?

13 indicted for gun crimes just first of many, U.S. attorney says

What's next?

Wisconsin Attorney General "popped".

I don't believe the crap on right now

California Senator Boxer unveils gun safety proposal

Why isn't my column up?


Harsh language being bandied about

I know you guys have a hard job....


Ummm, we can't use the word 'f*cking' in GD-P2004 any more?


What is DU doing to protect the site come "Election" Day?

Are Political Cartoons no longer allowed in GD?

A big THANK YOU to Mods. and Admins,...

Israeli Troops Raid Palestinian Banks

Minister Al-Tibi: Israel’s Apartheid Wall Creates a Health Disaster

Building a freedom fence

Background / Jesus of Palestine & the 'Passion' of Israel

Life Among the Bombs


The Passion of The Crusht

MYTH #132

Israel, Jordan Plan Educational Center

Kerry and Edwards campaigns mull Jewish strategies with New York primary

Israel Says Hizballah Pays Bonus For Suicide Bomb Victims

Syrian official calls for peace with Israel

American bishop denounces Israel's apartheid wall

NYPD Detective Assigned to Israel Promoted for his War on Terrorism

Boim: Is Palestinian terror caused by a genetic defect?

Israel rejects int'l force in Gaza

Israel orders land confiscation for Wall in Gaza

Miami changes schedule to avoid Jewish holiday

Sharon: Whistleblower to Be Supervised

Human Rights Watch: West Bank Barrier Violates Human Rights

(Israel) Finance Ministry to raise $500m in US this week

The Ha'aretz Hooligans

Speaker urges wider debate on Mideast

Kerry defends Israel security fence

Israeli Troops Raid Palestinian Banks in the West Bank

REVIEWS - The Passion of the Christ

Israeli Nuclear Arsenal a Mystery to UN Watchdog

Palestinian villagers attacked as wall construction continues

Rice continues 9/11 cover-up attempt

RE: 9/11 Who done it?

Can Someone Explain Holograms

question about a "tilted" engine

It was NOT Flight 77

C.J. Czaia-The candidate who WILL unseat Katherine Harris!

Edwards,Email for today

California Senator Boxer unveils gun safety proposal

Edwards...Republicans don't know how the other half live

The Democrats (not Nader) made trade an issue

Nader effect on elections "study"?

Every Vote Counts Poll: Americans More Likely to Cast Ballots in 2004

Attention Pennsylvania DUers

Kucinich- -Marriage Amendment Divisive

Hull was late opposing war in Iraq, Obama says

Hannity Revives Kerry-Fonda Smear

Stephanie Herseth in favor of FMA?????

Dems are spineless!

What Christ said about Homosexuality......

The big gay elephant in the room

I just realized something about Ahnold

DU another FMA poll

This FMA talk is all for naught

If Bush believes that Freedom is God's gift to everyone

When I google 'republican civil rights record'....not good

Why are the same people who are defending "Passion"

Email to everyone: For the self-righteous: vow to quit meddling

wonderful wonderful intelligent humour

Who does this Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) think she is?

Doonesbury 10k for witnesses - Day 3

An argument for restoring the traditional sancitity of marriage

Where the heck is DAVID BROCK when you need him???

Gay Week on South Park

Gary Bauer's Skeleton Closet

Will democrats in the house and senate block the gay marriage amendment?

You were manipulated by evil if you saw C. Browns Great Pumpkin

Campaign Money: Where does it all go?

RNC Hits Up Joe Wilson for Donation

TV Alert: Mayor Newsome on Larry King 12:09 EST

Bob Novak to Appear in Gridiron Club satire as Joe Wilson

Please fix this poll!

gay rights

On Kamchatka 20 People Found Themselves In Snow Captivity

Is anyone else getting spotty audio for Bernie War tonight?

Will Mayor Newsom become . . .

A question about the FMA.

DU adds 38 cents to Stephanie Herseth for Congress?

Ohio DUers, do we have a chance at a senate seat there?

Look Buzz, " An Alien !!!! "

Good lord, I believe this man is presidential timber!

Should I Even Try To Convince My Republican Parents To Vote Dem?

Congressman (R) attacks President over misrepresentations/lies. (MPG clip)

Wired: "The Patriot Act Is Your Friend"

You guys from San Francisco are really lucky to have Mayor Gavin Newsom

Richard Stallman biography

Calling California Du'ers...How do I vote on the propositions?

Here's a news poll you can take and be happy with the results...take it!

Has anyone heard from Cheney yet/Gay marriage...

O'Reilly just said . . . .

IMHO, top February award goes to Democracy Now's show with Kevin Phillips

First Napster - Then Kazaa - Now "BitTorrent"

You know, Osama bin Laden is opposed to gay marriage too.

The constitution is in place to protect the minority from the majority.

How can Bush support an amendment on Gay Marriage when...

do Lindsey Graham and David Drier support anti gay amendment ?

I'm impressed. We have Pvt. Jessica, same sex marriages....

What kind of mother takes her 8 year old daughter to see The Passion?

Dell is checking to make sure you don't buy a computer to make WMDs

Text of Whitehouse Gay Marriage Amendment

"America As A One-Party State." (Republican)

did Gary Bauer have an affair ?

Amending Constitution requires 3/4 of states to approve amendment

I'm taking my 10, 9, and 6 year old kids to see Tatantino's "Kill Bill"

Question is, why does it bother you that Christians believe?

If one state was to secede from the united states, which one would it be?

Dan Senor (senior adviser to Bremmer) just told the incubator story

Let's pile on 43! We tend to forget what this is all about--

The Draft issue...started by Dems...?

First, ketchup was a vegetable. Now, McDonald's is manufacturing!

Aw, crap. The Wisconsin Freepers are gonna have a field day!

Anyone else watching CSPAN?

Who will support a Bush Gay Marriage Amendment?

Today's headlines

Waltzing with Nazis: The Log Cabin Republicans

Wanna bet violence against gays escalates?

Gay's should say this to Bush...

Would a second term for bush get us off our a----?

"COPS" & live car chases on TV

FMA maybe a blessing in disguise.

Bush waffles on same sex marriage - 2000 vs 2004

DU this Polls please

To 'defend marriage,' why not an amendment to ban adultery?

Does anyone know how many "Log Cabin Republicans" there are?

Flashback: Log Cabin Republicans attempt character assasination of Gore

Flashback: Log Cabin: Whoring After Recognition

Some BRUTAL facts about the gay marriage issue.

Sign ANOTHER on-line petition OPPOSING the Federal Marriage Amendment

Bush: protect us from Republican appointed judges!

Mass Supreme Court

10 Questions For George Soros

CNN: Court: 'Got Milk?' campaign illegally milks farmers

" Real Americans won't be silenced."

Why are so many in society homophobic?

Valerie Plame Documents Markup Judiciary C-SPAN3 10:00et

My new little item; "WWJC: Why Would Jesus Care?"

Take the quiz: An End to Evil or How to win the war on terror

Looking for a link RE:Dr.Laura & the bible. (its the funny one)

Slate does article on Quizno's Spongmonkeys!

The League of Women Voters: Are they as "non-partisan" as they claim?

Why the right is scared - Changing Demographics

Seperated at Birth??? GD special

Is Bush PLaying Marriage Counselor/TX Perry

An Unusual Love Story: Penguins accept same-sex commitments.

Gavin Newsome donated to Kucinich in 2002, also Gore, Kerry, Bradley

So Grand Theft Auto's not OK, but The Passion of Christ is?

question: anyone here actually oppose gay marriage?

Has anyone read the patriot act , and does it comment on elections at any

The Religious right...a question

Banning Divorce ?

Rove's cover story for Bush "winning" in 2004. Mainstream media

DU'ers: local radio show about gay marriage, PLEASE HELP!

Florida: Outsourcing of govt work is called "People First"

Would you regard Bill Clinton and Al Gore as Social Conservatives?

There are actually Gay Republicans?

Now the US is hiring mercenaries for Iraq

From now on, I'm calling it the anti-love amendment

Great news! My sister has turned back from the dark side!

Bush has found another "soul mate"...on CNN with new pres. of Georgia

Once again, Christians are being played for fools.


Gay marriage: Is it just me?

Actions Afoot to Counter Democrats in Boston

suicides and our troops

Should government employees be allowed to unionize?

Question about electronic vote's,

GW has officially jumped the shark

BBV: We Need Your Help


I think the Mayor of San Francisco is a hero!

Does someone want to defend Daschle on these statements

British Ministry of Defence Issues Depleted Uranium Warning Cards

Howard Stern does a 1-80, now devoted to voting Bush out

arghhh - missed this... did bushco really (try to?) reclassify fast food

Urban Outfitters: Voting is for Old People

Here is the link to what Bill O'Reilly exactly said about

When was the last time it was good to see a Republican win?

Halliburton's "Code of Conduct" Letter

Chalabi and the First Lady's Box

questions about the stock piling of oil before the invasion of Iraq

Two things Jesus had to say which may be relevent in the Gay issue

From the Conspiracy Planet

Vote Here On Whether To Cut SS...

Ed Schultz Show to begin airing in Eugene, OR

Afghanistan: Now it's all-out war

Biased Polling!

Even Howard Stern has turned on George W. Bush

Cons think they are winning the war (but they're not!)

It's time for the true majority in this country to stand up!!!

Dear Mary... (Mary Cheney that is... ) Americans SPEAK UP!!!!!!

Whatever happened to the Liberia issue?

A dream and then to die happy

Can Bush pull a trick out of his hat to stay in office? I heard that he ..

The Official Anthem of the Gay Marriage Issue

Congress and Senate 2004

Ann(thrax) Coulter does it again : File under: 'Omission Accomplished'

How can I find divorce rate statistics for Democrats and Republicans?

from roosevelt to bush....

When Did CNN Become The "Christian News Network?"

Congratulations to all our Candidates


Should Gavin Newsom speak at the convention?

Bush has found another wrong direction

IMHO bush just made a huge mistake.

Jeez, some people actually find this funny evidently

Valerie Plame Documents Markup Now showing C-SPAN Latest Video

Now I'm all confused about "equal protection"!

Jeez! Where are Daschle and Pelosi on the Marriage Ammendment?!?

Iraq Watch transcript up now

So the Supreme Court says

Wave of Anti-Bush feeling becoming a Tsunami (Big Time!)

Foreign born citizens should be able to become president

any woodworking talent here? Help

First critical reaction to "The Passion"...

So much for jobs recovery

Gun Liability Bill in the Senate

phew! church loses again....

More ancedotal evidence: Moderate, yet Bushevik Repub announces Dem Vote

Welcome to Columbia........

Oxycontin Boy stated that "Gay activists raised most of the money

Bush: U.S. will turn back Haitian refugees

Time For Another Rush Limbaugh/Jeff Christie Thread

Name for the anti-gay-marriage amendment: URA "Unequal Rights Amendment"

The Passion of The Crusht

I Just Returned From Seeing the Passion

"Passion shows the suffering that god went through".

Rep. Dingell's letter is a must-read

I got a second Capital One call from India

Can 200+ Million Dollars re-shape W's battered image?

Perry & wife spend nite at white house - oh yes

I think I have the LCR/Gay thing figured out.

Thanking Lautenberg for remarks about Chickenhawks

Funny Bush/Cheney '04 Slogans

Bay area FOX news channel 2, 10pm - Will the draft return?

SCOTUS - Constitutional Protectors or Poachers?

what a beautiful cartoon

Social Security phone messages are already pushing Greenspan's idea

amend the constitution some more ( let's take it to extremes)

Is DU still Progressive? Is it even "underground" anymore?

Christian Responsibility

Intelligence - Judiciary Vote Down Investigation of Plame Matter

bush* inherited W(ar)O(n)T(error)? Mankiw says yes!

Ten Bucks a Ticket To See Sean Hannity!!!

What is the difference between a moderate Republican and a

We are being framed as God-hating, gay parade-loving elitist


Luckovich 'toon on Nader...

Legal rights of unmarried couples

major Bush donors buying favors - and the media says nothing

Gibson's Next Movie? Boston Globe Letter To Editor (WOW)

Baltimore Schools in Big Trouble

Laughing at Hannity

What about a Constitutional Amendment to...

If You Could Bring Back One Person from the Dead.,,

Clinton economy

Is it true Dreier and Delay oppose Marriage Amendment???

Take at look at the GOP sponsor of the "Defense of Marriage Act"

the pentagon has turned on chimpy

Is Schwarzenegger trying to egg people on to riot in the streets?

One Rabbi's Perspective on "The Passion"

Lovely. Just lovely. Urban Outfitters discourages the youth vote

Brothers in Arms?

So who are our candidates?

Hannity says "Any Decent American should want to see "The Passion"

Preventing Murder - "A Run on Terror" by Luke Marshall

Fair & Effective Solution to OUTSOURCING Problem

Passion of Christ...another divisive strategy

GOP isn't united behind ban on gay marriage

CNN just Fried Bush n Cheney

What makes Faux News so dangerous?

Rush Limbaugh Speaks

Amendments and Same-Sex Marriage

I have a question to all you people lurking at FR

Gray Davis is on Inside Politics and praising Arnold.

Bush, Uniter Extraordinaire

I thought I had heard it all, until this wingnut I work with told me

Shrub's Sinking in the Polls Because He's So Successful (Up is Down)

Arianna on Global Warming just posted. The mainstream

An End to Evil:Take this quiz and test your foreign relations acumen

Repuke Congress dragging heels in gay amendment

"Only Between One Man and a Woman"

Mankiw and Greenspan are giving us gifts

Why those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder are losing class war

Lou Dobbs is on

Talking about Halliburton in the Caymens on C-SPAN

Supreme Court backs ban on funding religious study

My civil union

Son of Iraq Watch on C-Span now...6.30 pm est

The Fag Amendment

Religious Poll: Are you a believer or a nonbeliever?

Goodbye Mike Malloy!

Good editorial cartoon on the "amendment"

WTF! Despite Bush "appeal", Hastert won't extend 9/11 investigation....

How many people would give Malloy $5 a month to hear him?

San Diego Trib calls Passion worthy of NC-17 rating

Anyone Catch "The Daily Show" Last Night?

Free tix to "Passion"?

The Democrats have been given a beautifully wrapped gift...

My heart is breaking

Video of Haiti 'Rebels' Shows Brand New Helmets & Vests

Is it Me, or is Gavin Newsom kicking major ass?

Convicted killer Wayne Williams wants retrial

Silly Me! I *Just Now* Discovered "The News Hour" and "BBC World News"...

spent Sunday with Mariani / Berg

Is there anyone on this DU forum who has never listened to Mike Malloy?

Another gay marriage topic: theories of possible futures.

Clear Channel and Contributions to GOP

Globe and Mail Review of 'The Passion.....' Posted without comment.

What Was Said Today, about the bush regime's actions on marriage...

Mike Malloy's last show...a heads up!

Resurgent Russian imperialism?

2 more soldiers dead: Helicopter Crash, 82nd Airborne Iraq

Ted Kennedy said that Bush will be the first president to ADD

Not so new discovery ;O))

Explain the situation in Haiti for an utterly ignorant guy

Hey folks, the gay marriage ammendment may help us. Here's how...

What's this? A conservative GOP Senator doing the right thing?

Governing Council Opposes Arab Identity Of Iraq

Why is it considered "unfocused" to defend against homophobia...

Look what my right wing Assembly Man is up to

"breaking their backs"

who wants the Federal Discrimination Amendment to come to a vote now?

Highlights of today's Howard Stern (with offending passage)

Have we connected the outsourcing with Greenspan's SS warning?

Doonesbury' offers $10,000 for proof Bush served

Why I think the GM amendment position hurts Bush

Should fascists with a below room temprature IQ be allowed to run for prez

Should foreign-born people be allowed to run for Vice President?

Has anyone ever heard Bush* say that he believes in JESUS?

Federal Marriage Amendment

Looks like AP was right about the use of the word "spree"

West Wing just quoted Drudge...

What homophobic comments?

"Marriage is about procreation"

Photogs Seek Accountability for Infringed Kerry Photos

Why the Sharpton blackout on DU?

9/11 - so important but elections are more important?

Cartoon - Bush defacing the Constitution

So one guy? Dennis Hastert can stop the 911 commission????

Just had to post this cartoon!

What happened to the "Soldier of Truth? (Bunker Buster)

West Wing is on!

Janet Jackson is in on the conspiracy! She and Bush planned it!!

OMG! I just heard on CNN Howard Stern is suspended

Stern is mostly on Infinity- and Viacom-owned stations. NOT Clear Channel

even if bush is ousted in november

women will love this!!!

Were You Church Married?

Why HANNITY Replaced O'REILLY on My Local Radio Station

Mayor of SF is receiving hate mail

Journeys With George - DVD now out

Now On Olbermann!! O'Reilly chared with televised plagiarism!

Woops - Dupe

Final night of Malloy thread

pls can anyone answer this

Greenspan wants to cut SS benefits to reduce debt...

unfair, ILLEGAL efforts by NYT forced gay marriage upon Massachusetts

how to be a republican

you might be a republican if...

another one women will love

Could "The Passion" be a boon to us liberals??

I would like to thank Alan Greenspan...

Judge * By His Fruits

If I hear "activist judges" one more time...

Die hard DU'ers will love this

Which states should we concentrate on? Re: Gay Marriage Amendment

This gay-marraige Constitutional Amendment is not Christian

Talking about US casualities on UK TV:"The unseen cost of the war in Iraq" Needs some writers, articles, input, etc.

Greenspan says - cut Social Security..

Holy shit, Perle quit!

The "Guardian" ethic versus the "Commercial" ethic (Jane Jacobs)

To all DUers

Federal Discrimination Amendment is DEAD

Let's propose a Constitutional Protection Amendment...

Does the FBI monitor DU?

Hillary Clinton echoing pro-draft sentiments?!

Thousands of Dallas-area residents view Passion- Read all message

Convince me heterosexual marriage s a good thing

Im gonna sit out this election, after all.

I just wrote to MY senator

Malloy on final leg of show...

Why hasn't the biological/hereditary link to homosexuality been spoken of?

Bush's Energy Bill on stealth mode while gay rights at forefront.

Every "News" Channel - Every One! - BibleThumping Tonight

anyone from florida??

Kelly Murdered, Says Intelligence Insider

Bush might dump Cheney from 2004 ticket.

Senator Bill Frist I believe is on crack!

ACK! Freeper Email At Work - My Response - Will I Be Fired?

Freerepublic poster decides CLG should be 'investigated.'

FReepout! JimRob gets letter from Corbis about bogus Kerry/Jane pic

For whatever it's worth, I'm on ABC Radio News tonight!

A conservative's view of gay marriage..

I will be on Mike Webb tonight...

Bush and his Amendment.

refresh my memory - isn't Mel a chickenhawk?

why Bush's $200 million won't win him the election . . .


Now that we are becoming pretty certain that media censorship is

Madonna for Governor of California.

Is Mel Gibson liable for manslaughter

They put Chimp pictures in our mail!

Lets email the Bush/dictatorship quotes to Howard Stern

Is PASSION more about Jesus or Mel Gibson?

Nader admits he took more votes from Democrats than Republicans in 2000

my sister is pissed . . .

Walter Cronkite: The most Christian of virtues...

McVeigh part of white supremacist group called Aryan Republican Army?

Is there anyone left for Bush to piss off?

More people than you know...I just had a great conversation.

On Randi Rhodes web site it says she is gone, where is she?

DU this poll

On Grinchspan's desire to loot Social Security

Dennis Hassert blocks 9-11 extention

In the name of God

I Think Stern Was Set Up - More Stuff....

Theresa Heinz Kerry's Foundation -- does good work here and overseas

America, 2015....but it's not too late

We're not a Democracy!!!

BBV: Making visits report #1

Stern decries "The business has changed."

Cheney's service record next to be attacked?

I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it anymore

Many CEOs today are thugs raiding their companies pensions, etc.

Howard Stern bashed Bush* all morning?

Immigration Poll.

Conservative Christians have much higher divorce rates than Atheists.

Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave

Full Text of NAFTA right here:

Religion (EEK!) poll

House headcount on the FMA

"The Secret History of George W. Bush and the Alabama National...

A man can and will change his mind. A madman can't and won't.

Freerepublic is really going downhill (Alexa)

West Texas TV covers "Jesus" and a family member views it...

"Christian" columnist in Alabama calls for DEATH for homosexuals & friends

DU queers, how are you handling the hate?

BBV: making progress, keep calling Senators to co-sponsor Voter Confidence

Sign in front of Colorado Church: "Jews Killed the Lord Jesus"

Senate Headcount on gay Amendment so far

Should immigrants be allowed to vote?

DU Exclusive: FMA bill will not pass Senate

Is it ok to be anti-gay marriage?

The passion of Matthew Sheppard.

Please Post Your "My RW Pal Just Saw the Light" Stories Here

Malaysian prime minister denies nuclear whitewash

U.S. Sends History Books to Indonesia

Kerry Wins Idaho, Utah

Indian workers strike to protest strike ban

Jim Ladd with KLOS in Los Angeles ROCKS

Teresa Heinz Kerry says U.S. will one day accept gay marriage


Putin sacks Russian government in shock move before presidential poll

Better treatment for older workers upheld

Ex-GCHQ officer cleared over leak (UN bugging)

Bring me the head of Osama bin Laden

Scientists advocate plans for asteroid defense

Some DU love for Howard Stern?

PRIMARY RESULTS: Hawaii - February 24

President plans California visit after primary

Weldon's aid to energy firms in Russia drawing a new look (nepotism)

Deputy Police Chief Assassinated in Iraq

NDP, Copps go own ways - Toronto Star

Marriage amendment is a hit in Austin

Fresh from more wins, Kerry challenges Bush on jobs lost overseas

Bible class added to school's electives

U.K. Says Terrorists Plan Attack, Justifying New Security Laws

U.N. Envoy Visits Iraq to Assess Humanitarian Needs

Valerie Plame Documents Markup Judiciary C-SPAN3 10:00et

Proposal for Iraqi interim council resurfaces

Iraq to get only 500 million dollars before power handover: World Bank

Endangered Iraqi Police Weigh Careers

C.I.A. Was Given Data on Hijacker Long Before 9/11

Counsel backs Bush's policy of detaining terror suspects

Court orders new Mass. District lines

Edwards says NAFTA can be fixed

US Jan existing home sales fall more than expected

Pope Urges Protection of Children on Ash Wednesday

Marin Draws a Contrast to Past GOP Candidates | LA Times

I'm not gay, says 81-year-old monarch with 14 children

Report: Slavery Alive and Well in Florida

Former Liberal joins Tories (John Bryden - Ontario) - Globe and Mail

dupe -- please delete


Aristide supporters gird for rebel attack | Globe and Mail

State Divided on Amendment | LA Times

Republicans say they will bring bill to limit malpractice suits back again

U.S. Transfers Guantanamo Prisoner to Denmark

Log Cabin leader blasted Bush just now on CNN

Report: Slavery Alive and Well in Florida

Osama's days are numbered, says US military

Iran Digs in Heels Over Nuclear Secrets

Making Calls, Not License Plates

Cornyn Bill Rearranges Presidential Succession

Report: Slavery 'Alive and Well' in U.S.

GCHQ translator cleared over leak

760,000 Jobless denied aid — and counting -(need for 13 week UE extention)

Bin Laden on the Move, Al Qaeda Chief Believed to Be Back in Afghanistan

Russia denies crisis in relations with EU -report

Anti-U.S. Kurdish Militants Rebounding, Officials Say

AP: FBI Suspected McVeigh Link to Robbers

NYT: Supreme Court Approves Denial of Divinity Scholarships

Court OKs Denial of Divinity Scholarships

Cronkite aids push by group opposed to new Medicare law

Robert Novak, the clandestine columnist

Expatriates Sue Saudi Arabia for Torture

Nader tells worried Democrats to lighten up

`Next wave' of terrorists taking shape

Sharpton: I'll help end Haiti Bloodshed

Ford recovering from broken hip

(Senator Tim) Johnson Announces Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

CIA boss defends response to 1999 tip

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 25 February (#1)

DeLay calls fund raising inquiry partisan politics

Kerry slams Bush for "tampering" w/ the Constitution & looking for "wedge"

S.F. mayor says Bush is 'fundamentally wrong' | Sacramento Bee

Kirkuk bomb flattens police station

Gay rights groups wary on marriage issue

Iraqi minister seeks to soothe investor jitters (privatization propaganda)

UK: Teenage hero gets bravery medal

Kaloogian threatens Lockyer with recall

Greenspan SS story LEAD on all 3 major TV eve. news.

Study: Monkey's Protein Prevents HIV

Report Released; Zoo Director Resigns

Feds Accuse Ex-FBI Agent (Smith) of Lying About Affair (Katrina Leung)

When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A.

Bush Warns Haitians Against Fleeing to U.S. (ABC News)

U.S. Military Lawyers Criticize Guantanamo Trials

Arabs view U.S. network with deep skepticism

AT&T Plans to Cut 4,600 Jobs in 2004

2 Iraqis killed, envoy says wide range of Iraqis agree w/ election delay

U.S.: Iran Must Prove It Has Abandoned A-Bomb Efforts

Swiss hunt air controller's killer

Hastert blocks extension of 9/11 commission

Orchard takes Conservatives to court again

9/11 Panel: Rice won't appear at public hearing

Mysterious disease kills more than 300 children in Afghanistan

U.S. Military Lawyers Criticize Guantanamo Trials

U.S. Cites China, Russia on Human Rights

US may hold acquitted Guantanamo inmates

Pentagon downplays report on climate change that it commissioned

Bill on Gunmaker Immunity Moving Forward

Coast Guard Stops Freighter Carrying 22 Haitians

Wyclef Jean Voices Support For Haitian Rebels

S.D. Guard soldier injured in Kuwait

GOP to Push Medical Malpractice Bill

DU Exclusive: Gay marriage amendment will not pass

Ugandans seek 'massacre revenge'

Oiling the wheels of the internet

Oxfam warning over arms sales - UK

Greenspan Supports Cuts To Social Security Benefits

Texas man's death ruling overturned

US Helicopter Crashes in Haditha in Eastern Iraq

Nuclear watchdog chief: Extent of Israeli nuclear program ''unknown''

Punk-Rock Bands Seek to Register Voters

The unseen cost of the war in Iraq [Channel 4 UK]


Ex-Senator (Cleland) Rejoins a Battle as He Campaigns for Kerry

'Ecoterrorism' database plan prompts fear, suspicion

Perle Quits Pentagon Advisory Panel

Senators' Stocks Beat the Market by 12 Percent

House panel sidetracks resolution calling for spy probe

Poll: Southerners favor * (Tallahassee Democrat)

City (Philly)not liable for Shannon Shieber’s rape and murder, jury declar

'Jews Killed Jesus' Billboard Causing Controversy

Spy case casts fresh doubt on war legality

Poll: Kerry has big California lead, Bush's ratings have plunged

France Baffled by U.S. Decision to Suspend Imports of Meat Products

Gay Couples File Suit for Marriage Licenses in Broward County

Clear Channel says NO to indecency

Maui puts Kucinich on the map

Hastert Tells W.House He Won't Extend 9/11 Panel

Klein proposes post-surgery wine

Milosevic trial judge resigning | Globe and Mail

Drudge: Woman dies of heart attack while watching 'The Passion of Christ'

Kennedy Eyes Suit on Pryor

FBI agents took Ground Zero souvenirs (NBC News)

Oral Sex Shown To Be Linked To Mouth Cancer

French tourism down in 2003 as Americans stay away

Democratic candidates blast Greenspan (SS) comments

(Senator) Clinton questions future of volunteer army

Rapes Reported By Servicewomen In The Persian Gulf And Elsewhere

Dallas Passes Resolution Against Patriot Act!!!

'Doonesbury' offers $10,000 for proof Bush served

Howard Stern suspended from Clear Channel stations (Reuters)

If you could send one person to their deaths....

Help me understand: Viagra - Covered, Birth Control Pills - Not Covered

I have a question to all you people lurking at FR

The Passion of the Christ......on the Golf Green

The Passion of the Christ.......BRILLIANT!!!

The Fab Five(Queer Eye)Give Bush a makeover!

Has there been news today besides Gay Marriage / Passion?

My SPAM Says I Can Have The Body Of A Supermodel! What Do YOU Think?

Hannity's radio show today: More disgusting than usual if that's possible.

DU Feminists, what do you think about THIS new hit song (warning:Country)

NOW SHOWING: The Passion of The M.A.T.C.O.M.

The Passion of Peter Gabriel

HEyHEY spoke too soon! - Old possible new job just called me!

Anyone know who composedsymphoney fantastique?

That was THE most painful to watch ad yet!

Jon Stewart is cracking me up!

You can pick your friends.....

I should know better than to volunteer

Hey, what's up?

I can sleep now!!!!!

Charles Ives, Symphony No. 4 - great piece of music

Court TV has lost it completely.

any DUers into RPG games?

SIG HELP- How do I hot link a graphic in my signature line?

Could you forgive your SO for an... indiscretion?

Which story is dumber?

tech question delete this

A one question quiz to see if you are smarter than Bush 43

My 400th Post!!!

This Simpsons relic is as timely as ever

Has anybody used with success?

Not only is it my 400th post ...

Hi, my friends.

I love Doonesbury--he's ending "gutter politics"! Here's today's!

Man Tries To Pick Up Dope, Gets Human Organs Instead

Sci-Fi Reality Show Hurts Voodoo Religon

Text of Whitehouse Gay Marriage Amendment

Don't waste time watching "Passion of Christ"

Chimpy Frozen In Carbonite!

Sports Illustrated Issue Gets Student Suspended

WARNING: Explicit Language

Gay's should say this to Bush...

Ah just finished CBC interview!

Caption: Yes, Arnie, just like they promised in 'Demolition Man'..

Senator's Car, Cowboy Hat Stolen

Will Pitt! I Hear DK's 8 Hawaiian Delegates Are Coming to Your Place!

Reviews of "The Passion": extremely mixed.

Caption: Dear Mr Putin

Funny look at my town.

Here's a cool dream I had

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the NEA?

I'm miserable, and I'd love some company(WARNING: Self-pity and loathing)

I have a new HOBBY!!!

Anyone know how this works?

An Important Message from David Byrne

So you think you know the movies??Oscars Quiz from the Beeb

Last night I endured the most depressing dream of my entire life.

Who wants to mock some Mel Gibson spam?

I am so drugged right now! Waaaah!

What do you think of my AWOL George cartoon?

Lost my job. Guess what? I feel better. Ask me something?

Be the first kid on the block to get your very own Jesus jewelry!

Watch Out For This Mel Gibson E-Mail

My little brother the Basketball coach

Have you bought a T shirt

Slate does article on Quizno's Spongmonkeys!

Check out the Loo with a View!

The New Jersey Nets Have Won 14 Games In A Row!

Where have you waited the longest in line?

Massachusetts Supreme Court Orders All Citizens To Gay Marry

Hawk Living In Home Depot Devouring Pigeons

Best George Michael (or Wham!) song

CAPTION the American Family!

Reverend Fred Phelps to begin filming minstrel show.

here's the REAL reason for the gay marriage amendment

Employees Suspended after Pensioner Trapped in Toilet

Woman Strips To Run For Parliament

Does everyone hate me now?

Am I stupid to be friends with this person? Or inherently flawed?

Man Wearing Diaper/Pink Stretch Pants Seeks Job At Catholic School

I'm still waiting for "The Passion of the Liberace"

How has DU changed your life?

i want to personally thank mel gibson

Are Audio Books Good Or Not.

The Pornolized Version of Dobson's excerpt on punishing his dog.

Do you hate you now?

Best Remakes

Unbelievable: Michigan Quarters Recalled!

The League of Bizzare Bootleg Subtitles

Why I am not discussing "The Passion of the Christ"



What does an Ann Coulter book and a Mel Gibson movie have in common?

I'm indifferent to "The Passion". Is there something wrong with me?

Does Anyone Have NetZero HighSpeed?

"Passion of Christ" Merchandising Tie-Ins:

Out of the depths have I cried unto thee....

Impotent Rage

My latest replies to RW e-mail.

How funny is my standard answer to all "ask me anything posts"

I was on the NEWS!!

So the Supreme Court says

Did you ever reach out and smite someone?

Please hold for an important message from......

Kitties love the sun!

So, what would you give up for lentils?

Should People Be Allowed To Marry Yaks?

KISS fans: Best Solo KISS album?

All this talk about "The Passion" -- we FELL FOR IT, PEOPLE!!

Who ate all the leftovers?

Keep your laws off my marinated ribeyes! - Political satire

Receive My Love


What Is On Your Refrigerator Door?

I'm changing auto insurance companies...

I was searching for a site on Yahoo and found this. (funny)

Rare, untouched rendering of Monday night at Dubya' old frat house

Rant: MN Care health insurance SUCKS

Elder Bush big man on campus at Texas A&M

Back from Costa Rica

A late addition to the 'most bizarre company name' thread

SFSU Flooded! No classes today and tomorrow!

What symbol will the 4th Reich make YOU wear?

A new game -- BUSH SHOOTOUT!!

Top 10 Variety Headlines for "Passion of the Christ"

So, what would you give up for Lint?

Do u put the "personal 126053.jpg" before or after your avatar properties?

What will the sequel to "The Passion of the Christ" be called?

Looking for cheap IMAP mail service...

So, what are you giving up for Lentils?

Artwork for Sale by DU Member - Light Modulator Oil Painting

When does snowboarding stop hurting?

I'm confused! Which one's the man and which one's the woman?

Poll: Who wears the panties?

Do you know anything about termites/extermination?

There's a big spot on the sun today,

Guitar magazine calls "The Beatles" the dumbest band name ever

Kill me now...Jim Carrey as The Six Million Dollar Man

Making a statement: Kids are great!

I'm back!

Protein in monkeys may block HIV

any woodworking talent here? Help

One Rabbi's Perspective on "The Passion"

tired of waiting!

Who wears the pants?

I wouldn't let any kid of mine near the "Passion".

Anyone seen "Punch Drunk Love"?

This pretty much sums up my entire philosophy...

Question for Historians Or People in the Know about the G.I. Bill

Which is more painful?

Anyone watching Crossfire??

Which is more painful?

Which is more painful?

Luckovich 'toon on Nader...

Should First Cousins Be Allowed To Marry?

Mayor's Bentley Towed From City Hall

NFL star Jamal Lewis indicted on drug conspiracy charges

Yes, it's another thread about the big movie controversy.

My new health plan

"Legal Alternatives" to Marijuana

Which Is More Painful (a question for both men and women)

I want my mediawhoresonline!

LENT ,What Will You Be Giving?

What does the H in Jesus H. Christ stand for?

You know you're addicted to a thing when . . . .

The best "warm" weather cities to live in the U.S.

Im going to go lay in the sun with my cats

Wow. Chronicle's Eric Harrison gives "Passion" an F

Wow! This is interesting - regarding new job.

What do you say to a nice cup of tea, then?

Caption: Oh My God....

What's your favorite theme park?

Question for those who've seen "The Passion."

Good vibes needed...Dad in hospital

Which Movie is More Historically Accurate?

In response to the FMA, a few MCs are floating another proposed amendment.

So it took a month... (firewall incompatibility)! We now need writers and stuff.

When you watch food/restaurant commercials...

My friend Cindy in a Levy's ad!

When a thread or reply is over a couple of paragraphs long do you....

Worst Remakes of Old Songs?

Jesus saves. Moses invests.

Mel Gibson announces the sequel to "Passion"

pro animal testing

Misheard lyrics part 12:

I need to pick 7 keepers from last year's fantasy baseball team

Best Linux games!!

Passion of Christ ((((((((((SPOILER))))))))))))

New 'Iron Chef' ingredient: Alton Brown

My poor little doggy girl's all goofy...

Who is going to be the first to buy the "Nail" pendant that Mel is selling

OMFG!! New Girl Scout Pinata Cookies Are An ORGASM In A Patty!

When is "The Shield" coming back?

Some more avatars I came up with...

Viagra commercial on CBS (not a sex thread)

Define the term "soul mate"

I think I just ate a cockroach

Niagara commercial on NBC (not a sex thread)


Quiz For Those In The Know

I need some Kurosawa advice

"States Rights My Butt!" --Rush Limbaugh

Matthew Sweet fans - A question

It's 7:22pm in Pontiac, MI.... Treat yourself to a Q&A w/Mr Scorpio

Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong

Safety Precautions While Reading DU....

i think we found our liberal radio station anchor:

Ok, ok. So what WOULD Jesus POST on DU?

first Lounge Post - need a stiff drink - madder than hell

Barbara Bush: "George, why don't you talk to me during sex?"

What's the best foreign language to teach a kid?

My health insurance rant


In Honor of everyone's favorite homophobic bigot pastor, Jerry Falwell

Why Is The Movie Title: "The Passion of THE Christ"??

Can you find the 10 things hidden on the White House front lawn

If You Could Bring Back One Person from the Dead.,,

Here's how to get Hannity, Rush, and other RW bigots thrown off the air!

Cogito Ergo Sum or Sum Ergo Cogito?

Anybody shave their Samoyeds?

"A Clockwork Orange" on INHD This Month

How's this for a lead?


Should foreign born DUers be allowed to run for moderator?

"Bugatti limiting top speed of delayed 16.4 Veyron" Yeah, 218 mph

West Wing is on

Just found out we're being watched at work

I put a person on ignore for the 1st time (ASK ME ANYTHING)

W. Bush Stops By Your House For Dinner, What Would You Serve Him?

Should native-born criminals be allowed to run for president?

anyone play Boulder Dash Treasure Pleasure?

Whoa....this site is trippy. No drugs required......

And now.. a musical interlude.

How many have you brought to DU?

I went totally apesh*t on Deep Space Nine Avatars

What a way to end the day!

What happens after you reach 1000+ posts?

I feel amazing!

How relavent is this in today's world?

Am I in opposite-world?


Our car was stolen last night.

A Dukakis - Jackson ticket would have beaten Bush.

"The Passion Of The Sheep"

Worst NUMBER 1 HIT of the mid-1980s?

need help with sweet tea.

Why am I seeing "Grist" magazine all of a sudden???

I'm watching Carmen and Dave: Til Death Do Us Part...

Should foreign-born people be allowed to run for Vice President?

It took me several years to reach 100 posts.

Daily Show is on

Hey computer savvy individuals...

Don't ya hate it when you have read the book, and all most

Has "jump the shark" Jumped the shark???

Has someone hijacked my email account?

Time for the Daily Show!

Hmmm. Bush proposes constitutional ban on gay marriage.

"Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!"

Dammit! I HATE when you buy something, and it's defective out of the box.

How indifferent are you to me

Listening to Lewis Black on Netscape@Radio now...

Technical question

What should I give up for Lent?

I have a power drill and I know how to use it!

Anyone ordering takeout tonight?

show this to all fundies you know

The Spring CD Season: What are you looking foward to?

You are what you speak?

"What do gay people eat for breakfast?"

Should Americans who are now citizens of other nations be able to run


I just figured out why I've been posting in all the Passion threads...

Gratituous pet pic

Ruth Buzzy. Jim Neighbors. ROBOTS.

I'm goin' straight to hell!

I'm cross-posting this great cartoon from G.D.

Worst NUMBER 1 HIT, 1986-87?

What's your school of philosophy

What do gay dogs eat for dinner?


I've got good news!

I dont think i have ever seen a physically attractive repug

Review of Mel Gibson's rank obscenity.


dont let this scare you

An mp3 for you...

I need a car alarm

Who's more lovable?

I need to be back here in the Lounge. I've had a rough few days.

My review of The Passion of The Christ

What are you giving up for LENT?


Brian Wilson Performs Smile!!!!

Man sentenced for marrying his 15-year-old cousin and aunt...

I got my CD settlement check today...

Quiznos Ad Campaign - Genius or Lame?

I feel so... dirty.

Why do I get this overwhelming urge to shout "PASSION OF THE CHRIST!!!"

Most sought after/storied sports trophy

USC's Mike Williams leaving early for NFL draft

Asking a question about a man poll.

Wife stabs husband 193 times over alleged abuse

another dumb mac user question for the saintly

Am I merely the hollow shell of a former man?

Where's thebigidea?

Need Vacation Advice...

Well I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago.

Are DU posters the smartest people on the web?

I Hung My Guitars This Weekend!

If you could have a conversation with any person from any time

Day 1 without recreational sugar. Ask me anything!

I saw the Passion...

so, what did you give up for lent?

Green farking Death Flavored Drinks!

Whose farts do you think smell the worst?

Anyone watch the Hummer commercials and think "roads in pristine

The guy who killed a friend of mine got sentenced today...

Yo, NightTrain! Only 23 more days 'till our big weekend!

Screw snowboarding. When does a vasectomy stop hurting?

Oh...that stupid grammar nazi came in again

Wil Wheaton - I am proud to stand up for these beliefs

Cry, laugh, reminisce here -- it's Malloy's last night on the air.

Does Jon Stewart have a future as late night talk show host?

Top 10 Passion Merchandising ideas

NHL Avatars!!!!

Are you a secret Freeper disruptor?

Bush to cut Deficit from Federal Budget

HAHAHA!!! Broncos gonna trade Portis for Bailey. Other rumours...

OMG! I just heard on CNN Howard Stern is suspended

Guess who's a Democrat? Toby Kieth!

Bush and Cheney got married?

The top Senate and House races of 2004

What are some of the things the Bible says about marriage?

so now my friend said she'd vote for Kerry

Kerry edging out Bush (Pennsylvania - Keystone Poll)

Links to Today's Primary Results (ID,HI,UT)

So who has the list of Weapons Kerry voted for?

Associated Press-Kerry wins Idaho and Utah

Bush beating Kerry by only 6 points in Indiana?

$10,000 for one lucky person

Kos: Nader asked Dean for VP slot

anyone notice Kucinich endorsing Sept11th Families for peacful tomorrow's

Caucus Report from Hawaii :-)

Todays Survey U.S.A. Democratic Primary polls:

Nada for Nader

DK wins 2nd in Hawaii........GETS DELEGATES

Edwards solicits Dean supporters

Does John Kerry have an ear for green concerns?

GOP standoffish on gay marriage ban for now

hawaii caucus results

Great John Kerry video interview with the New York Times...

Won't we have as much money as the GOP in the fall

How do you feel about Kerry's voting record?

Bush strategy -- do you think it's this:

John Kerry talks with steel workers today at AK-ISG plant, Cleveland, Ohio

Rasmussen Reports : Bush 49% Kerry 44%

How should the democratic nominee handle the gay marriage issue?

Kerry wins Idaho, Utah, Hawaii

Am I to be happy Trippi lied in my name? Du locked my thread because?

Edwards says NAFTA can be fixed

MSNBC: Do The Democrats Need Dixie?

Clark supporter votes Kucinich

Kerry wins Hawaii state caucus, Kucinich comes in Second

Quinnipiac Poll: Kerry holds big lead in New York

Kucinich is unelectable!

Job losses cause voter restlessness in Pennsylvania

Wake up call for RW judges

Senator Senator Bob Graham to Endorse Kerry

Poll: John Kerry Holds Big Lead in New York; Edwards win VP vote

Clark to campaign for Kerry in Macon; Edwards to visit Monday

Support for Edwards wanes heading into Super Tuesday

Support for Edwards wanes going into Super Tuesday

Edwards Says Nafta Changes Wouldn't Save All Jobs

Marriage Amendment Divisive

Anyone more organized than I have the answers to these accusations?

A (perhaps) stupid question about the current elections

Drudge gets the boot by AT&T over Kerry Affair Story...

Do you think that Kerry is doing a good job at standing up to Bush?

What are the chances of a Edwards/Nader ticket?

Dean's ex-leader in Ohio irks faithful with defection

Edwards Focuses His Efforts on 3 Promising Constituencies

Yesterday's delegates: Kerry 29, Edwards 9, Kucinich 8, Sharpton 0

2nd Place or Close Wins Are No Longer Edwards's Options

"Not so fast George Bush!"

Did Dean endorse Edwards today?

Real Solutions--the fight for your votes

Top MD Democrats Throw Support To Kerry's Camp

Voting Third-Party will not start a revolution.

Poll: Kerry swamping Edwards in California

A freeper just posted this on a local news site. I can't believe it!!!!

AP: Latest polls in States with Democratic Contests

What happens if Kerry falls between now and the Convention?

Joe Lieberman asks Nader to reconsider

Kerry should attack Bush - from the right!

Lets get this Straight

Conn Democratic town leaders support Kerry

Kerry Takes Majority (and discusses WTO changes to save jobs)

BBV: Diebold article

Daily Kos's take on ARG Polls; Delegate counts; Rove- Very interesting

Clark stumps for Kerry in Georgia

Daily Kos California poll

A Night at the Hawai'i Caucuses

Kerry defends Israel security fence

Business Week article on how Dean was done in......

Both Kerry And Edwards Propose Using Tax Codes To Stop Outsourcing

not voting is now COOL??????

People, there are TWO amendments on gay marriage--one is in MA

Foreign policy? Why me, worry? Edwards shows his ignorance


An obvious diversion --gay marriage and marriage amendment

Edwards will urge congress to pass tax incentives for keeping jobs in USA.

Slate: "The Kerry Cascade". Is this the best way to select a nominee?

GOP isn't united behind ban on gay marriage

Could Roy Moore give us Alabama?

Kerry/Edwards DNV on Gun Manf. Bill... NO filibuster possible...

Do Kerry supporters want real change?

Don't vote Nader even if you live in a non-swing state, because

Okay, Edwards denisons, explain to me why Edwards

Congratulations, Edwards team! 3rd in Hawai! (2nd remains unnamed)

The Progressive Dilemma, K, K, or E?

Trust and politics.

Have you read Four Trials?

How will * fare politically if Congress doesn't pass the amendment?

Here are Edwards's NO votes on Fast Track:

Edwards rebuts Bush; receives Georgia endorsements

Gay Rights Groups Going Easy on Kerry

Is the party still moving to the right?

You realize they are called "wedge issues" for a reason, right?

Nader shafting DK is obvious

A Message From The Heart To Everyone Who Isn't ABB

Foolish talk about free trade - Orange County Register editorial

Kerry tops Edwards 3 –1 among New York Dems, Quinnipinniac

Survey U.S.A. Illinois Primary

'Doonesbury' offers $10,000 for proof Bush served

Should Edwards drop before March 9th?

Have you seen Kerry or Edwards speak in person?

Kerry calls Bush Foriegn policy "Stupid and Inept"as Haiti loses democracy

kerry and jane fonda working together?

Kerry Supporters---Upset with his stance on Gay Marriage or Not?

Poll: What Level of Concern Do You Have About E-Voting in November?

Florida's Graham will endorse Kerry

San Jose Mercury News Endorses Kerry

I'm a rational human before an American

Nixon WH memo: "Destroy Kerry before he becomes another Ralph Nader"!!

Who will win Georgia?

Next Mel Gibson movie: 'The Passion of Howard Dean'

Edwards now least annoying person who ran for president in 2004

Nader starts campaign in Texas

I am an American before I am a Democrat.

Kerry gets tech sector endorsements

Letter to Kerry from Veterans for Peace guy in CA

Kerry proposes "Green Communities" - Most far-reaching enviro proposal

NBA still smiling about Edwards run.

Which will have a higher voter turn out?

Clark stumps for Kerry in Georgia

Thanks To All Edwards Supporters Sporting Clark's Pix In Their Signatures

Which type of primary is preferable?

Hypothetical poll: If Nader ran in the Democratic primaries: Top Stories 2/25 . . . the lovely paradise of b*

Anyone else hear that Salt Lake City ran out of ballots at 3:00PM?

Ex-Senator (Cleland) Rejoins a Battle as He Campaigns for Kerry

I just realized I'm not used to choosing between several Dems.

Kerry and Kucinich win Hawaii Democratic delegates

Kerry bashing continues: Kerry's Tax Plan to Create Jobs Doesn't Add Up

Kerry loan twice as nice

MA Kerry fans

Kerry position on IWR

Democrats Feared Kerry And Took Him Off Iran-Contra

Kucinich at UMass today

Kerry is SUCH a republican!

DU Primary Poll -- 2/25/04

So How Does Kerry Get Out of The Box?

Bush beating Kerry by 9 points in 11 Southern States

Glenn to endorse Kerry

Have any of you seen this quiz?

Kucinich got 50% of Maui!

Top Md. Democrats Throw Support To Kerry's Camp

Nader Should Bow Out- Because When the Dems

What Edwards Has That Kerry Doesn't: (opinion column)

If Kucinich ran as a Green...

Anyone have a link to this Clark reference?

John Kerry Arrested!

Maui puts Kucinich on the map

Dennis Kucinich in Hawaii: Way to go!!

OK, something weird is going on in Hawaii

Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton are Such Republicans!!

Assuming they could ALL get Elected?

letter from Edwards to Dean supporters

Deleted message

 I admire edwards for supports more realistic view Re: Healthca

Forget Nader, Hug Kucinich

Come to the Kerry Forum

More hawaiins voted for american idol than

anti-ABBers only...

True Confessions: A lurid tale of a young woman's 3rd party tryst.

If Kerry or Edwards wins the Presidency, expect to see gay marriage

Were Kerry and Gary "Doonesbury" Trudeau in the same class at St. Paul's?

Oh my dear god, someone please help me!!!

Why is Sen. Edwards to blame for Clark's downfall?

Kerry's Plan to Slow Outsourcing - ARRGGHH!

Edwards Unveils Plan to Cut U.S. Poverty

How long before we can start celebrating Kerry without the pissing and


I miss dean....

Hmmmm....Maybe you Kunich supporters are on to something

Are there any pledged Nader supporters on here?

IWR Question

Telephone polling in Ohio for Kerry

Just got back from listening to Kucinich at UMass/Amherst

Urgent: It's not too late!!

Larry King is Moderating Tomorrow PM's Debate!?!?

"A Populist Make-Over, Meet John Edwards, the Corporate Man"

Kerry rep slaps Hannity for distorting his record.

Kerry Is A Clinton-Lite Centrist?

Edwards *patted a woman on the head*? Good grief!

Edwards - the 2nd black president?

MAHALO, HAWAII! - from Dennis Kucinich

MSRNC bashing Kerry and supporting Bush*

What ticket is most likely to carry Florida?

does Kucinich have a chance of being the nominee?

Dennis Kucinich!!! What a Splendid American. What a Splendid Candidate

Practicing for when Kerry wins the nomination...

Dean pleads for help to pay bills

Should Americans who work full time be able to support themselves?

I am Depressed, The Dems Candidates are Pro-War and Anti-Gay Now

Wake up, America: Dennis Kucinich has hit the big time!

Kerry position on gay marriage