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Archives: February 23, 2004

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Throttled by history

Feudalism ...alias American Capitalism, Published 1990

Cruise Control: How Hollywood acts as instrument of US 'Soft Power'

MIA: Where Are the Iraqis in the Iraq Scandal?

Halliburton continues to plunder....

Why Bush Stopped Flying in Guard Unclear

Liberal Atlanta Journal-Constituion.

Noam Chomsky - A Wall as a Weapon

'Five Lies' Lives On

Is The US Funding Haitian "Contras"?

Alterman on Narcissists

Quayle, Reconsidered

When new science ignites a firestorm

Mother Nature reason for riots, etc.

The Reason for Haiti?

My letter to the editor

Looking for an online version of the RFKjr. article

Andy Rooney: As God Told Me…

US Soldier Seeks Refugee Status in Canada

Bush*s Sex Fantasies (Just Say No)

Shooting Neocons in a Barrell. (The best article on the neocons I have

Dan Akroyd: So bipartisan it's funny

Republicans Who Support 'Anybody But Bush'

Gunned down with abandon..Fisk

Forget Nader, Hug Kucinich

Bush Campaign Preparing Onslaught

The Emperor Is Naked

Chaney in Twin Cities.

DU this poll on Kerry vs Bush

Ohio DUers: Wanna take back our state? I've got a website. Wanna help?

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose men like this -

Official DU Philly Gathering: April 24th, 2004

Alleged Limbaugh Drug Supplier Accuses Shock Jock of Lying

Daily News staff won't earn their daily bread - Zimbabwe

Surrender Kerry!

insight on Iraq wounded in Germany

Please contribute to my thread in GD

I'm interested in learning about macrobiotics

who else has online businesses?

Why won't Christians talk about John?

Controversial Terror Research Lives On

Email San Francisco Mayor

Log Cabinette to Discuss Gay Rights Live

Japan's recovery may be brief: economists

Dollar Stronger, Boosts Japanese Exports

China may raise interest rates for first time in more than a decade

Japan's trade surplus surges five-fold in January on Asian demand

Citigroup Buys S.Korean Bank for $2.7 Bln

Ford Plans $1 Bln China Plant in Nanjing

Would you buy a Sierra Club-sponsored mutual fund?

FED says 2 million lost jobs correct - GOP's Household survey gain wrong

Saudi oil fields "in decline"....

Help Not Wanted - Jobs: Where did they go?

Goodstein, "Out of Gas"

Draft Treaty To Slow Extinction Rates Bogs Down In Malaysia Talks

In Bold Climate Action, AEP Forms Environmental Committee!!!

Napolitano Slams Bush Forest Funding

And Now, Something Different For Australia - A Plague Of Locusts

Climate change may lead to war

Beech Scale Disease Shows Up In NE Ohio

29 Dead In Brisbane As Australian Heatwave Continues

Lien playing judge, Chen says - TW

Lee holds key to Chen's re-election

Private eyes flourishing in China

People-smuggling bust nets 68 illegal Chinese immigrants

BBC (Feb 22): Rebels massacre Uganda civilians

Taiwan people urged to rally for democracy

Iraq oil pipeline sabotaged

Leading Iraq cleric wants no more 'stalling' on vote

Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush’s talking-points

Baghdad community shocked by slaying of Sunni Muslim cleric

Sydney cops may boycott

UN Wire: Political Prisoners In Cuba Denied Rights, U.N. Envoy Says

(Haiti) Island still enslaved for all its rebellion

Iran reformists resign

Wild Pursuit Ends in Barrage of Gunfire

A Modest Proposal: The Firearms Commerce Act


Spelling correction needed in Top 10 Conservative Idiots.

Thanks for the support of Amazon strikers!

Please remove my membership.

I am being harrassed on a thread

I am having some problems and wondering if anyone else is as well.

Are you having technical difficulties?

why was this thread locked? Seems like the title did refelct what it was

Please lock my thread about dKos- It's a dupe.

Skinner, Here's the other link- Please lock my thread about Kos.

Hypocrisy on Nader

If I would have used Bush instead of Nader in this thread,

Does DU have Website access logs?

Hello, admins!

Are there still warnings?

wonder if it wouldn't simplify your jobs

Admins -- FYI

I can't post a topic no matter what I do.

Is my sig-line too big?

I am new here and just got an IM

Time to start locking Nader threads

No right way to say that absent classmates are dead

Report: authorities looking into possible tax fraud by Sharon family

B'Tselem video "Eyes Wide Open"

IDF scales back forces in West Bank

Security sources: Cost of fence could rise to NIS 15M per km

Protests as ICC deliberates over Israeli wall

Israeli barrier wrecking chances of Mideast peace, Palestinians tell ICJ

NY congressman at terror site: 'We would be using B-52 bombers'

Voice of Palestine Honors Rather Than Condemns Bus Bomber

The penny will drop sooner or later

WaPost: Flawed Ally Was Hunt's Best Hope

Did anyone make it to Ellen Mariani in Kansas City?

question about fireball

GOP Hopeful Seeks to Rival Boxer With Righteousness

TV spots pay off in Ryan, Hull Senate bids

How does Kerry view Channel One?

Kyle Johnson for LA-6... What do you think?

For KUCINICH supporters, especially in pre-primary states

Kerry's Jewish grandfather: various EU locations want credit!

Both Kerry, Edwards, lead Bush in Granite State

Ralph Nader: media sweetheart

Bush vs. Kerry vs. Nader: How do you vote?

Labor Dept. offers tips on avoiding overtime pay

suggested response to current GOP smear email on Kerry's war service

Paul Babbitt (D-Az) to Run for Congress

Democrats attract "worthy foe" in NV-3

Nader's remembrance: just the village idiot


RE: Nader (get a clue you pathetic Democrats)

Kucinich and Dean and Clark were expertly managed candidates

Sen. Boxer Plans to Confound Republicans

Andy Rooney made sense this time.

Nader: child-molesting atheist necrophile who smells funny?

IL Voters Say: Thumbs Down On GWB!

Was the Bombing of Bagdhad tactically necessary?

Did anyone watch "The Practice" tonight?

Despite Warning On Reef Death, Australia Will Not Sign Kyoto

If Tom Daschle resigned as Minority Leader, would you be...

Bill Wattenberg blasting PG&E live on KGO -link

know any Nader voters from 2000 who plan to vote for Nader again?

possible solution to the problems with third parties

Here's the REAL #1 conservative idiot on DU...

Civil Rites (Excellent gay marriage article. MUST READ)...

Where's The Army's Suicide Report?

More proof thatClinton went after Osama Bigtime! (A great read)

Nader: Will He Split the Kucinich Vote?

Racicot to Kerry: "Elevate the negative tone!"

How many suicide bombings occurred in Iraq BEFORE US invaded?

Will you see The Passion of the Christ?

Evolution Caught In The Act

WHERE do your loyalties primarily lie?

Just interviewed...

Dishonest Dubya Action Figure!

I fear a LAME Duck Dubya...

I know this isn't a wise way to base your opinions

These soldier/truth websites are worth the visit

Press conference from last week.

Junk Science and Bu$h

Army Comanche is dead....

Meet the "Yoosta Bees" (Tom Tomorrow)

Nader's Bid: Another Take

Vernon JORDAN Roasts 'em at the Alfafa Club

Are the Girl Scouts run in a similar manner as the Boy Scouts?

Anybody watching Bush speaking at Governors' Conference

"The Embarrassment President" - BuzzFlash Must-Read!

Is Bush going to face impeachment?

Predictions for a second Bush term thread

Doonesbury smacking the chimp's Guard history.

GOP Group To Air Pro-Nader TV Ads

How would you save the planet?

"Intelligence Failure of 911" now on CSPAN 2

Skipping "Passion", waiting for the Second Coming of Christ movie

How does Kerry view Channel One? (no Nader here, I swear)

'It's time for Kansas to raise less corn and more hell.'

Nader a conservative idiot?

Bill O'Liely narcissism alert

The Nader Effect 2004

408 Coalition Casualties since * declared "mission accomplished"

The Roy Moore Effect 2004?

any hear the C-span 'bigot' fest today...the gay marriage issue?

PROOF that Roy Moore is wrong. (The Jefferson Bible)

Why are people so down on Kerry?

Clinton and Bush on AIDS. Need source info

caller to rush: "monkey!"

Ralph enables * to rape the world.. and he's an idiot - proof

Nader will more than likely have an effect

3 CIA Station Chiefs in Baghdad since Smirk's aircraft carrier act

Blair as Hitler

I don't think gay marriage is going to be a huge issue

A modest proposal

UK: "An authoritarian state is in the process of construction" (Guardian)

registered voters

Does Nader have a secret stragegy to help Democrats?

Bush Administration Wants to Use Word Games for Phony Manufacturing Gains.

"Bush" "idiot": How I found the DU

Newest outsourcing wave: Foreign tax accountants

316 Nader threads in the last 24 hours

Did Kerry know there was no WMD before voting?

Snopes on Kerry Service

"Militant Feminist" When do you think that phrase was first used?

Bin Laden 'boxed in' by US soldiers

Lowering the bar for Bush

No Webcast of the White House Press Briefing?

Question for Nader/Gore vote traders

Dooms Day?? Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us (Europe )

Why haven't other California cities joined Newsom?

GOP Group To Air Pro-Nader TV Ads (From Oct 2000)

Funny New Yorker cartoon on gay marriage:

Conservative talk show host in trouble

Cut and Run /Iraq/election year

California Reamin' $2.06, $2.16, $2.26, Will it ever be this low

Nader didn't cause the 2000 election coup d'etat

Soldier for the Truth Exposing Bush’s talking-points war

Mad Cow, now Bird Flu

Howard Stern talks about Al Franken's book

Sunday Boston Globe - Anyone see ANY news about * in front section?

Now that the oil companies and poster boy Rush Limbaugh have made

I think gays should boycott Hawaii

I think there is no question that Clinton would have crushed Bush in 2000.

How could someone write the Saudi government?

Is the internet responsible for most "outsourcing"?

Chimp in Complete Freefall

My turn to start a "Nader is a jerk" thread.

Map in Newsweek: Joblessness is up in all but three states.

This comment (story) was posted at the end of "Wounded Soldiers Maltreated

"Up To One Million May March On GOP's NYC Convention"

I haven't been able to bring myself to do this up to now, but

Bush Secretary of Education calls Teacher's Union "Terrorist Organization"

Nader is not the problem.

Please ask yourself this question when posting responses.

Ted Kennedy on C-Span2 Now

BBV: Gonna get good coverage in the UK tonight!

You don't really want Liberal talk radio, do you?

Iraq Elections Doable Before 2005

"Legalized Extortion" Medical Malpractice Bill in Senate

Ted Nugent and daughters admitted he molested children

I say that those who vote for Nader in 2004 are flat out idiots!!!!

I heard Hanity tell folks go to Amazon to write good reviews of his book

Partisan DU'ers bashing Dean now is hurting, not helping your candidate

Dude, where's my vote: self-defeating choice of pot plant over Bush

Why Osama Won't Matter

Join My "Drugs For Soldiers" Drive??

Question: Isn't anyone concerned with what the bots are picking up here?

if you can stand it, dumbo is blitherblathering on CSPAN now...4:05PM CST

Poll: Many Americans support TV executions

Powell Attacks National Guard

Anyone know anything about Shell buying Texaco and

Hannity Wants Katherine Harris to "Take Over The Senate"

An Event Can Have More Than One Cause

Need some help, A wingnut friend on verge of conversion

Education Secretary Rod Paige: NEA a "terrorist organization"

Education Secretary Paige calls teachers union "terrorist organization"

Secretary of Education calls NEA Terrorists

Secretary of Ed, "Teacher's Union = Terrorist Organization"

Will outsourcing Marine One turn the tide?

Rod Paige's Mea Culpa????

The Halliburton Ads-Thanks Corporate America

How can Rumsfeld be so obviously phoney??

Bush Twins Not Republicans

take the Doonesbury straw poll

It makes me nervous when Dems focus on blaming Nader

This Kerry statement says volumns about the republican agenda

Lou Dobbs: "Faith-based Economics"

An email I got today -- for Anti-Dubya webmasters

Anderson Cooper: "Did Clinton blow chance to get Bin Laden"

How to find a place to stay in Boston for the convention

Ann Coulter Has Risen From The Dead!!!

A question for those knowledgeable in election law.

Bush: The draft?

Photograph shows a statue of a U.S. soldier crafted by an Iraqi sculptor.

Bush used his guard plane to ferry plants from Orlando to Houston

Defy Diebold. Vote absentee Ballot!!!!!

If my daughter comes over to my house, am I harboring a terrorist ?

Deans says: vote for Ralph Nader is, plain and simple, vote to re-elect *!

bush on c-span at repub gov dinner

Virus closes US army bases in Germany

2004 Electoral Snapshot

Both of my former Wing-nut brothers are fed up with * (Ohio report)

Total Information Awareness survives congressional shutdown (anti-marriage amendment) on O'Really tonight

DU spin Bush's campaign slogan

Alabama proposal protects teaching creation | Montgomery Advertiser

Howard Dean talk radio show...any thoughts?

Salon: Twins no grand old partiers

Any DUers wear the Brown Scapular?

Recent hubris of Bush* and Co. shows them over reaching.

My Dad was a terrorist....a teacher in the NEA. Paige

This is what happens when Daschle speaks

Stupid headline alert... The Israeli "Barrrier" is "divisive"

Has God spoken to you about the election?

Poll: Many Americans Support TV Executions

Only three more Malloy Programs!

Why do conservatives think gay marriage is any of their damn business?

why do some want to live this way?- A nonnegotiable neighborhood

Mike Malloy ranting about Nader....

Chris Matthews: Nader Unqualifed b/c Never Been Married

Ooo. Gas gouging, prices going up, in anticipation of Syrian invasion????

Bush lied, people died, get it!!!!!!!!!

BBV / Bev Harris rocking on KPFK NOW!! 90.7 FM Los Angeles

Bush Flunkie Rod Paige Calls Teachers Union a terrorist organization

Whew! I just got back from a trip to Freeperville.

Should the death penalty be illegal in this country?

Dude! I'm part of the Liberal Intelligencia!!!!!

Can Nader still run on the Green Ticket?

On a personal basis I simply don't like *

Why we need third party candidates like Nader, Buchanan, etc.

How would you celebrate if we were to defeat Bushler in November?

bush FINALLY attends a soldier's funeral.........(photo)

MoveOn needs your help for U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett

The homilies this Sunday at churches that bought out "Passion" showings:

George Washington would roll over on his birthday if....

How much anti-Semitism is on DU?

How much Islamophobia is there on DU?

4 more years of * - what's the best possible?

Bush regime paying CHALABI MILLIONS for the lies he told to the US, to get

Climate Change

Please help me respond (blood pressure now at boiling point)

Mike Malloy on Nader...listen now

Ha ha! Jon Stewart just had the funniest line!

And then there is Gibson Sr.

*'s old flame says he didn't bail on Guard; lived like a pig, though

Did any one just hear Pat Buchanan on Keith Olbermann?

Is Instant Run-off voting basically useless?

CNN: CIA Failed us in IRAQ

Check Out Bush Re-election Website & It's Letter Writing Function

BBV: please call your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor Voter Confidence

how many new voters can be expected?

Bush, And Our Soldier's 'Souls' !!!

This should be on every front page in the country

Nader and Your Point-Click Democracy

When the Draft Is Reinstated..

Attacks on Nader are stupid..

History Repeats

AWOL Story Not Going Away

Review of the Passion overheard at a local restaurant

Marc Racicot said * volunteered to go to Vietnam this am on NPR!

Time to talk about the platform: Health Care?

Chris Matthews just destroyed Nader!!

for the record -- RACICOT is a CHICKENHAWK of the worst kind

Jerry Brown makes me sick!

At what point does one become a Loony Lefty?

Senator Levin calls George Tenet a liar

I went to check out the dark side (m)

Scientists Say Administration Distorts Facts

Media Mantra: "Debt is Good!" I've heard two stories in the local news in

Sierra Club is considering adopting anti-immigration policy.

Hannity's book on sale for 99 cents! Ya gotta love it!

tin foil time: the pentagon climate report is a distractionary tactic

Okay Progressives.....put your money where your mouth is.

I'm against countries, borders, and

Free-Trade lifts all boats like theory Titanic unsinkable.

Whoa! Bush kept moving boundary back on drug use rules!

I guess AWOL isn't dead after all

What's happened to the Gov. Goodhair story?

Something we Democrats ought to note about Nader supporters

How many votes will supporting the NEA cost us?

Nader's mother wouldn't let him play with toys as a child

The Black Box Shuffle -- Latest Rebuttals to the Latest Talking Points

This chills me to the very core of my being...

Who's got some good e-mail addresses for CNN?

The Christian Far-Right

VIRUS ALERT: MyDoom.F and Netsky are rampaging across the internet

Anybody looking for a job they lost?

Daddy Matcom Just Predicted A Landslide For The Dems!

I'm sick of Arnold all over my TV all the time.

The LA Times on comparisons of American and Canadian Healthcare

Religious Tolerance and DU (aka: We Need to Recruit Liberal Theists)

Gay marriage... What do you think?

romantico and other DU'ers, sounds like we got 'Borders' stores attention

Kyoto Treaty

Do you know what pisses me off most about this whole "Passion" thing?

Hey...Christian Lefties...A query.

I am photocopying my NEA card and mailing it to Rod Paige

Ray Taliaferro to interview Richard Perle at 4 AM Hour

Convince me the Electoral College is still valid

Paige calls NEA a "terrorist organization"

Darwin and the Left

How long will Bush be allowed to cover up 9/11?

MN Gov. Pawlenty haters - check in

Is the Passion Dangerous?

Media: 'Dems blame Nader for 2000', OK but..

Counter Convention: Who's going to be in NYC Aug. 27-Sept. 4?

Malaysia clears nuclear dealer

Britain to expand size of MI5 by 50%

Police: Bombing in Iraq Kills Dozens

Car bomb outside Iraqi police station kills 6

Haiti's Rebels Eye Capital After Seizing Second-Largest City

Suicide Bombing Hits Outside of Kirkuk Police Station (2/23)

CIA Chief Visited Pakistan This Month to Discuss Nuclear ...

U.S. begins largest rotation of American forces in history

Victory in Kentucky gives House Democrats hope for November

Don't Rush Voting Machines in Ohio

Senator goes door-to-door with message

Officials: U.S. still paying millions to group that provided false Iraqi i

Child-care scandals threaten Bush image (Jeb)

Islamic scholars slam injustice

Iraqi leaders delay pact with U.S.

Boycott hits 'final' polio push

Kevin Siers ..cartoon ...Charlotte Observer...Today

Iraq Suicide Bombing Kills 10, Hurts 45

Fire breaks out at India space center / BBC

Ex-Dean backer turns to Edwards

Hispanic Unemployment Rate Rises

Woolley's fund raising scrutinized (Texas Republicans)

London: BCCI Trial Could Top £200million

Iraq Oil Pipelines Hit as Sabotage Spreads South

Bin Laden in Afghanistan and planning attacks

Report: Rumsfeld Makes Unannounced Trip to Iraq

'Osama to be handed to US if caught in Pak'

Rebels, Searching Houses, Try to Tighten Control in Haiti | NY Times

GOP: Iowa win won't be easy for Bush

Disorder in Iraq's Courts

N Korean 'offer' on nuclear talks | BBC

Mississippi River closed as crew search continues | CNN

Gay Marriage fight goes to the GA House | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Uganda vows to avenge massacre | BBC

Reuters : U.S., Pakistan Deny They're Closing in on Osama

Two Tales of American Jobs

Children's issues plague governor(BothBush's pro-rich& anti poor/minority)

Iraqi women demand political power

France tells citizens 'quit Haiti before massacre'

Iran 'bought foreign nuke parts'

France's Le Pen Denied Regional Campaign

Greenspan: Household Balance Sheets Generally in 'good Shape'

USDA Activates Federal Team in Texas Bird Flu Case

U.S. Preparing Guantanamo Bay for Haitian Refugees

Use WTO to Bolster Outsourcing--Pro-Bush Tech Guru

Japan: North Korea Ready to Abandon Nukes

China bans Canadian poultry imports

Supreme Court won't hear Sept. 11 secrecy challenges

Canada may host U.S. missiles

U.N. Warns HIV on Rise in Western Europe

To Greet G.O.P., Protests of Varying Volume

GOP Hopeful Seeks to Rival Boxer With Righteousness | LA Times

Contagious bird flu strain found in Texas (new information)

Afghan kids 'killed' for organs

Officials to delay deal concerning status of U.S. military forces in Iraq

Colombia to buy tanks to fight rebels

Study: California women confused about morning after pill

Suburban Police Arrest Two vandalism Suspects (Detroit) Race related?

Thousands of Liberian Refugees to Resettle in U.S.

Airlines begin to report first profits since 9/11

Nader acknowledges difficulty in getting on presidential ballot

India Space Center Blast, Fire Kill Six

U.S. Marshals blamed for poor prisoner health care

GM food crops to be planted in weeks (NSW Australia) | SMH

Inquiries putting pressure on Bush

10 civilians killed in Cap Haitien; opposition weighs power-sharing plan

Afghanistan: Now it's all out war

Man Who Won Ruling Against Pledge Loses Bid to Abolish Prayer

Jordanian charged with spying for Israel

Leftists claim mortar attack on Japan Defense Agency: reports

U.S. Marines Reportedly Flying to Haiti

FBI releases text of ricin-laced letter mailed to White House

Saddam is not enough in US poll year

Does Jordan Prince Seek Kingdom in Iraq?

Rumsfeld warns Iran, Syria about helping militants

Nader on Hardball

7 killed in N. Iraq suicide blast as Rumsfeld arrives

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 23 February (#1)

US troops suspended for POW abuse

Newest outsourcing wave: Your tax returns - AP

To much police time going to pot? | Globe and Mail

US Dec Oil Use Revised +3.3% Vs Est To 19.76 Million B/D - EIA

Saudi Arabia Oil Production in Decline!

Mardi Gras massacre fears in Haiti as rebels close in on Port-au-Prince

US soldiers face court on rape charges

Shell's Texas shutdown offers support to crude

U.S. food sector may be vulnerable to attack

Iranians who sewed their lips reject pleas of friends

MORE! Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

Bin Laden is alive and planning more attacks

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

NYT: C.I.A. Was Given Data on Hijacker Long Before 9/11

Delay in handover could lead to civil war, warns Iraq cleric

Sweden raises dollar concerns with U.S. Treasury

Lawmaker's fund raising at Reliant Energy probed

Church Abuse Victim McSorley Found Dead


Drudge: 9/11 HIJACKER LEAD IN 1999

LAX travelers nickel and dime their way...

Edwards' surge puts California on primary map

USDA: Bird Flu at Texas Farm Is Deadly

Pentagon Opens Halliburton Criminal Probe

Kucinich Focuses on Oft-Ignored Hawaii - Washington Post

Controversial Terror Research Lives On

U.S. Navy awards $849 mln for Osprey production

Collapsing cots cause concern in Kuwait(US Troops from private contractor)

Fla Politicians bring Anti-Castro fight to Tallahassee

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

Crude-oil quandary causes concern

Bush Accuses Kerry of Waffling on Issues

Gas prices expected to hit record high soon.

WP: Army Scraps the Comanche Helicopter

France's Far-Right Leader Le Pen Eyeing Another Run for President

Bush can win in California, governor says

Witness backs up (Martha) Stewart's story

Politics Questioned in Hospital Plan (Laura Bush's Children's Hosp Iraq)

Schwarzenegger: I'll get what I want in D.C. because I'm 'like a tick'

Kerry Says Democrats Have Bush 'On the Run'

Poll: Many Americans Support TV Executions

When Little Girls Tell Big Lies

Army Decides to End 20-Year-Old Program to Build New-Generation Helicopter

Officials deny that they're closing in on bin Laden

WP: Economic Forecasts Were Off

Sierra Club calls for Scalia to leave Cheney case

No Hunger for a Culture War (Young voters-economy and foreign policy)

Dean: vote for Ralph Nader is, plain and simple, a vote to re-elect Bush!

Germany Supports Turkey's EU Membership Bid

'This is war,' Rumsfeld told Bush [wash times]

Educator quits after refusing to paddle student

Bush: 5.6 Percent Unemployment Rate 'A Good Number'

Rod Paige: NEA a "terrorist organization"

I'm GLAD that MR. BIG rescued Carrie from Mr. MidLife Crisis !

Pauly, Christopher, Silvio, Carmella, Tony, Uncle Jr., Adrianna...

Hilarious ebay item for sale.....................


Does your boss want you dead?

Garden Gnome-Napper NABBED!

Bill Hicks: Why the fuss, exactly?

an idea for a new feature for the next fund raising drive

Re: Creationism in schools, SNL news calls dinosaurs 'Jesus Horses'

movies you don't here much about anymore.

Kid Hollows Out GAME BOY - Fills With GUNPOWDER - Takes To School

Update On Topless Coffee Shop - Not All Are Happy With Idea

My Republican coworkers love Nader

Daily Show: Bush's back to the AWOL video clip now online

Daily Show: Meet the Prez video clip now online

A message from Mr. HEyHEY's representative

Sparkumus Prime!

Is anyone else having this problem at DU?

I need help.

What does Hate got to do with it?!

I love Canada

Something amazing happened!

dear god a freeper got into the DU chatroom

"lame protestations to the contrary?"

Which republican has a chance of redemption?

Did anyone watch "The Practice" tonight?

Where are the truest, most honest liberals found?

I recieved quite a scare tonight. Thank God I'm pretty sure it's not true.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

It's Carnival Time

I miss my rental car!!!

waiting for news from an E.R. is a lousy way to spend the night

Hey Progressive Rock fans.

Which Republican Do You Hate The Most?

good 'toon

Need some advice

oooooooo scary avi

Richard Perle on Ray Taliaferro, no access to audio.

lovely to wake up to a pile

Help! I'm trying to find the name of a song

So, I got up at 5:30 AM to google "paper airplanes" and print out

I've got this squirrel problem...

Do you ever watch Independence Day to watch WH blow up?

Arrested Driver Drank 30 Beers, Burbon

What was your imaginary friend's name?

Conservative idiot # 5

Good Monday Morning DU!

Update on my daughter thread #2

You can create your own hell right HERE!

3000 posts

Great Non Sequitur on talk radio and "fair and balanced"

Man Sentenced To Clean 100 Toilets

Happy Birthday George Frederick Handel

Just got back from renting my new apartment in San Francisco...

Have you ever seen UHF?

Where are the most odious liberals found?

Word contest

Are you a Yankee or a Dixie? Take the test..

Which 2 Democrats do you like the most,? one past and one present

Sandwich shop

Man Sick Of Driving Girlfriend Around, Loses License On Purpose

Ralph Nader Issues Bush Action Figure Consumer Alert

Waterskiing Squirrel Endorses Kerry

Is Will Pitt Coming to Philly on April the 24th? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Hollwood Reporter reviews Gibson's "Passion"

Woman In Labor Interrupts PA Drug Bust

Help, Computer Geeks!

The Kid's in The Hill

HAHA! The Cadillac Escalade Is Boxed In Across The Street!

I personally want to thank the writers of the Top 10 Cons.Idiots list

The Carpe Diem of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Sexiest name?

I'm buying a smaller car. Need advice.

Why I like Nader's entry into the race...

Freakin' Invasion


Was Spot's death the result of terrorist activity?

Do you know your black comedians? Take the quiz

Did Spot know too much?

MUSIC QUESTION (re:the movie "Wonderland")

Drat! Another lotto I didn't win!

Which Republican Do You Hate The Most?

Millions Of Condoms Seek Owner

The Tackiness of the Christ

Very Smart Dog

Please l@@k at Coolest avatar I've made yet.

My turn to start a "Nader is a jerk" thread.

Book Report! Who read "Digital Fortress" by Dan "DaVinci Code" Brown...

Seeing "The Passion" leads to genital warts and herpes

Exploding Beer Bottles Major Health Risk In China

SMILE: You're on camera! On an average of 12 times a day

caller to rush: "monkey!"

Four score and seven CAPTIONs?

OH, please! Don't let this be the new Robby the Robot!

Bongo's Song, revisited

"The Logic Of The Darwinian" - A film by Gibs Melman

CAPTION der Gröpenführer

Look at that snow.

Anyone know how to properly spell "bachi" as in Bachiball?

Hooters Air Customers Taking Souveniers - Selling On EBay

So what starts your cat's purr engine

Question about UPI

Who's your Daddy? 2.0

LOL.. drunk people are funny

Help!! I need the quote from * about going to Canada

Okay this deserves its own thread

I hate the athletics department at this school...

Very powerful lyrics.

Mike Hunt has had many visits from returning troops

what the FUCK does this band name mean?

Caffeinated rat!

New Webring for LEFT wing Bloggers

HELP! with a HP 2200 fax machine.

OK, here's the plan


Got this email again....need witty, poignant rebutle....

Hey Underpants -- Yesterday was "Deadly Obsession" Day

"I feel great!!!"

Thanks to whoever gave me a star...

Drunk Men Fire Handgun At Bowling Ball - Ricochet - Eye Injury - Lawsuit


"Non-Drowsy" my ass! LIES! LIES!

should i make an anti ralph button?

"I feel pretty!"

Liberal stockbroker...Am I a walking contradiction?

today's new Oxyrush advertisers

Is Randi Rhodes back this week?

"I feel terrible!"

new Hannity advertiser John Deere

Gay marriage... What do you think?

Would you want to go on the journey to Mars?

How are capital gains taxed?

Oscar Ads to Be 'Tasteful'

Help picture of Kerry's Service medals

new Hannity advertiser W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Could have been the biggest porker in the world

I need some advice re: correcting a professor

new Hannity advertiser Cialis

a few more new Hannity advertisers, Purina,

"Evian" is "Naive" spelled backwards....

How many times a day do you...

My new project/Calling all Wisconsin political bloggers and webmasters

Summer is Here !!!

Who's NEXT?!?

Best GWAR albulm?

New Orleans DUers, are parades tonight going to be cancelled?

"Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical...

I am in virus hell right now.

CAPTION the Classy Consumer Crusader!

I have 3 free songs from iTunes - give me some suggestions

Just bought a video capture device & I have a question...

Shirley, will you pulease call BartCop!

look what i made

Do you like pina coladas?

Post your sinus remedy pictures here!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you saw a new DUer named "Fallen Angel",

Would Any Jewish DUers Be Up For A Potential Business Venture?

Need Quizno's Rat-monkey pics fast!!!

If Any Of The Sesame Street Characters Were Gay, Which One Was Most Gay?

Some days I question reality..

Can somebody please tell me what I did wrong?

Here's a little pickme up for you aspiring young people

Does methadone work for Civ II addiction?

Paddy's out of surgery, and he's fine!

Whazzup with Salon today?

NH Du'ers: just got Dan Pierce to scream at me on the AIR - lol

This pie is...

Separated at birth? LeftPeopleFinishFirst and Diva Zappa?

Does anyone here like noise?

If I start a thread now, just before I leave at 5:00....

OK... Who broke the internet?

Funniest Name You Can Think of For W. Bird Brain Bush!

Nooo! Not again... "We like the mooon!"

My Father: Ex CIA - His Daughter (My Sister): Ex NEA - Will I Be Orphaned?

I can't access Google??? It's my home page, too.

Honestly, those of you who gave up sugar today...

I feel justified!

Bloodbath ensues at HEyHEY's apartment O' Geneocide

LOOK what made it onto Betty Bowers!

Just finished a "Sleep Lab" at the hospital, ask me anything

Flushing Toilets Leads to Crappy Toothbrushes - Take that, prisonflushers!

I've been outed as a terrorist. Are we still friends?

Overheard this while eating lunch in the building cafeteria

How Many Times Do You Figure You 'Refresh' The Lounge Everyday?

Am I allowed to post while I'm on drugs?

I noticed something today in the Library

Who gets more web visitors?

Journalistic Deathmatch!

My second interview with Pierre Bensusan

South Louisiana (and elsewhere): Happy Mardi Gras check-in

You know how I always talk about Ann Coulters crab hands?

and over here, let's put a happy little tree...

Anyone else pissed off for no fucking reason tonight?

Who are your parents supporting?

Radical proposition

"I was so bored once...

February 23, 1995

Got a RW piece of crap in your Email?? PUSH BACK!

Ann Coulter Has Risen From The Dead!!!

Caption this before the party's over.

How many Ralphie threads do you have hidden?

ok. who wants to entertain me DAMMIT!!

Bertrand Russell quotes

Which is more likely to get locked?

My brother just left...

Is it just me or is DU kind of slow right now?

Why should Linux users pay when they're not guilty?

Monday fun: That's Your Bush!

I just sort of lost my new job: Ask me anything!

My "pet" name is

You think George the first, really ate pork rinds?

who all think carlin rules?

will Liberty University students be allowed to see The Passion

I Was Just In A Flame War And A GD2004 Broke Out!

ARRRRRAGH! The Purchase and Sale Agreement for my house

The Ralph Nader/DU drinking game

DAMNIT - all women please check in right here right now!!!

Attention DU NEWBIES!! Tell Us About Yourselves!!

Funny cartoon about next year's Super Bowl.

How long does one wait until they start calling hospitals about

Big Rains in South Louisiana and South Mississippi

Which LSAT prep course should I take? Kaplan? Princeton Review?

Any one else ever get those little green marks under your skin....

Game Show Economics

Is it poo?

Andy Rooney slams Pat Roberston and Mel Gibson - This is good!

Get me off your E-Mail list!!!

There was a long thread on women execs in the porn industry ...

My Sister Got A New Babysiter - JUST to See "The Passion!"

Is there a way to unupload the avatar I've already uploaded?

What's worse? dry heat or humid heat?

How did you find DU?

Ideas for a business name .. Help please !

Does anyone ever feel like creating a huge (DU) drama thread?

Your favorite hot sauce?

Battle of the Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. INXS

Working on a Design Project with America as a corporation IDEAS?

Ladies (and perhaps guys), I need info on "the pill"

How the fuck did I get onto this mailing list?!

LOL, here's a real pearl of wisdom.

Which Country has the best quality of life

VIRUS ALERT: MyDoom.F and Netsky are rampaging across the internet

Any fans of extreme Asian cinema?

Aww... the poor little jocks...

Question to people who prefer sex

DAILY SHOW thread -- guest: Tyra Banks

Anyone remember the hair-head vs. skinhead wars?

Monday night DU AIM chat?

How not to make lemon pudding

Pro Ham Sammich posts and posters should be BANNED

Best Outtakes from Gibson's 'Bleeding Jesus, Shameless Promotion' (tm)

All you gay people are a bunch of hobos!

"If DU suddenly disappeared, I would...?"

OOO the evil harpy that tried to get me fired was at the same meeting as I

Sudbury Model Schools?

Oscars: Who Got ROBBED In The Noms? SOUND OFF HERE!

I created an email filter that deletes emails with my name in the subject

The 9 levels of DU hell

I think I'll have a Samuel Jackson

What's the most depressing city in the world?

Movie of Neutron Star Explosion

Ten Quivering Questions for Tonight

Duckman: misunderstood American Hero, or low-grade moron?

Will you see The Passion of the Christ?

Another day, another liqueur bottle label...

George Bush's dog died...

Kitty pix please

I need advice about dealing with apparent sexual harrassment

Any DUers know Moab, Utah?

What's your favorite recipe?

"Lost in Translation" - Wow

What is the most horrible US city?

Which ONE of the SAG winners will win an Oscar?

Norah Jones on Letterman tonight

Does anybody here gag watching Fear Factor?

Ladies of DU... do you like guys with long hair?

Post your sinus remedies here

For those with road rage...

Rant Of The Day: People Parked in Handicapped Spots

I Gave Up Caffeine Today-And I Feel Like Crap

What's the leadership like in your local government?

What's the solution to human sadness?

How much anti-Buddhism is there on DU?

Guess who's coming back to PC's everywhere this spring?

Wanna hear my highschool rant? Be prepared...

I bet shortbus $5...

"Employee Morale Survey"

Do you hate Kamika

Where's SOteric?

Who likes "Dr Who"?

what is WRONG with ???

question to people who prefer the same sex

Monday afternoon MOVIE THREAD!

Where's That Hummer Headin'?

Freeper Kittens??

Convince me J.S. Bach isn't the greatest composer ever

Who knows the west coast of Florida?

Top 5 Films of 2003

London, England

DU Computer Gurus--Help!

The car of the future... now- the all new 2004 Prius

Check out this Freaky COOL Game!!

Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally turned someone on here?

Mondays IN The Undergroundrailroad (Black History Month) 02/23/2004


'Women's names that used to be men's names' thread:

Which Repubulican would you love to tar and feather

I bet dolo amber $5 that more men than women post in this thread.

It's not a protest vote

Non-Dumb DUers - Don't you wish some goofs here would get in a train wreck

Waterskiing Squirrel Endorses Kerry

Illinois Senate: Thoughts...

Things to write the new president about in 2005.

Kerry says Bush will run away from his own record in new stump speech

What Percentage Of The Popular Vote Will Nader Get In 2004?

Ar-NULL -D for President

Don't Forget What the Repubs did to McGovern in 1972/Beware

Bush Re-Election Ads Set to Run March 4

Why I like Nader's entry into the race...

John Kerry On Big Oil


My gut feeling is that Nader has been bribed.

How about we ignore Nader?

Super Tuesday Newspaper Endorsements

how much will Nader get?

FReepers mobilize for Nader (link included - check this out)

Kerry Says Democrats Have Bush 'On the Run'

Edwards Emphasizes Mill-Worker Background

Kerry Is Ohio Labor and Party Favorite

Kerry Should Combine Environment, National Security AND Job Creation?

Nader Admits Difficulty Getting on Ballot

ATC/NPR Nader interview

Thumper's Momma

Kerry Is Ohio Labor and Party Favorite

Would Gore have been prez, if the supreme court didn't stop the recount?

Maybe Bush will drop hundred dollar bills from Airforce One

What would have been worse?

Guess what? I have no personal animosity towards your candidate!

Breaking Lead Story: President's Dog still dead.

Absentee candidates court isle Democrats

Complete Transcript: Edwards, Kerry on ABC’s “This Week”

So, what's the deal with Nader?

The Daily News has a poll about Nader.

Delegate-Rich California Has to Share the Attention

First Girls Go Wild

Would Kucinich as VP candidate help with the Nader situation?

Kucinich heads to isles as Inouye supports Kerry

How many Ralphie threads do you have hidden?

To those that support a Nader candidacy...

Clinton bombed Iraq -- why? He said they had WMD!!!

Nader: I'll Be More Effective Vs. Bush

Worth Repeating: Calvin Trillin on Nader (The Nation)

Georgia a key battleground - Kerry won't yield state to Edwards

Fresh NH general election poll, Kerry and Edwards humiliate Bush

Kevin Diers ...Cartoon ...Charlotte Observer

I agree with Nader on more issues than I do Kerry

Random post about Nader, Kerry, Edwards, etc.....

Ralph Nader and Howard Dean's Satanic Pact

Bush Re-election Ads to Begin in March

Take heart in this, the tide IS turning...

Latest anti-Dean memes are confusing!

Nader: The Lone Ranger of righteousness

What special interests own Nader? How did he get his Millions.

nader on the newsees now

Kerry's voting record

what is all the hysteria over Nader?

Even Michael Parenti is calling for ABB (voting for Democrat)

Question concerning NC caucus in April

Constitution Party courting Judge Roy Moore to run for President

Howard Stern read "Lies and the Lying Liars" and loved it, now he's ABB

DU this poll

Kerry: friend or foe of US business?

Since Nader declared that he is a Candidate for President...

CSPAN2 10:00am EST Ralph Nader

Bush losing big in NH to Kerry 53% to 38% -- 15 points in NH!!

Bush team denies attacking Kerry’s patriotism

Once again, Ralph Nader should not be allow to debate....

Nader agrees - Kerry has a great voting record

Bush Campaign Denies Kerry Accusation

Last time I checked my ballot will have at least 5 names on Mar 2

Why did Edwards vote for the Republican Energy bill?

Dream Team

Kerry is for media consolidation

Sharpton Debts Top $485,000, FEC Says

Graham would consider bid as running mate

Quotations about Ralph Nader's candidacy for president

Nick Lemann piece on Edwards in New Yorker is best I've read...

kos ( endorses Edwards

Bill Richardson: I will serve out my term as Governor

Culture Group and Candidate Preference

On Democracy Now Nader just said Kerry

Nader Is Where U Put The Tube When U Want To Give The Country An Enema!!

Alabama's Democratic superdelegates still mostly undecided

Anyone believe that posting here will get their candidate elected?

give me a link about how Kerry helped with the bin Laden relative's arrest

It Really Sucks Being A Kerry Fan Sometimes

I no longer blame Nader for this statement.

Republican talking points re: Kerry

Daily Kos endorses Edwards for President- Huge Endorsement!

Translating William Kristol's use of a double negative

Has removing the strict rules made things better in GD:2004?

CSPAN2 1:00pm EST~ Frist on Medical Issues and cost of malpractice

It's the day of the election, who would you vote for?

Will Log Cabin Repubs vote Dem ?

Rep. Charlie Rangel endorses John Kerry today during a rally in Harlem

Interesting discussion with a union member re Edwards and Kerry.

Teresa Heinz could help Kerry win Pennsylvania

GREAT Elizabeth Edwards article from Newsweek

i can post in this forum once more!

Assuming a Dem Candidate wins the WH...

Hey March 2nd! Vote Edwards or you're missing the point..

Utah Primary- Poll:

Nader Admits Difficulty Getting on Ballot

N.H. poll has Kerry and Edwards trouncing Bush

To have served, or not have served--why art thou worried about it?

Poll shows Kerry leads Edwards by 41 points in NY

Which of Super Tuesday's primaries are "open"...?

What was the most memorable moment of the primaries so far?

Anyone here who mentiones Dean and nader together is a plant

If you were rich, would you still be a democrat?

Do you think Nader will get the Signatures he will need??

DU Income Demographics Part Two

Bush is playing into Edwards' hands---and so is John Kerry

A tale of two lawyers: prosecutor versus trial lawyer

Edwards supporters: If he's the nominee, how will he fight *'s war chest?

Dean Discourages Nader

Get the Damn Thing Over With - What one right wing pundit thinks.

ALASKANS: Recall Murkowski and Leman here:

Nader Requests Secret Service Protection

Ralph Nader's run is going to help us.

Edwards Promises Dignity, Higher NYC Minimum Wage

Edwards sold the Iraq War better than the republicans.

Top Dean dude talks to Kerry peeps

Show Nader that Dean supporters ARE Democrats foremost!

Anyone think Osama news timed to coincide with Super Tuesday?

Gore's "loss" in 2000 squarely on the Dems

Should there be a "posting exam" here at DU?

A little while ago I heard Judy Woodruff say with a straight face

How big of a Bounce will Bush get if Osama gets captured?

Will Dems misread Nader rage as permission to go "centrist?"

Voting only for the person that "deserves" or "earned" is silly

How chaotic/harsh/venomous is this primary...

Bill Maher is on Hardball tonight

"Electable" John Kerry

DU Income demographics

Governor Dean's Statement on Ralph Nader

Since Dean Quit, The Air's Gone Out of the Primary "Passion Balloon"

Who thinks Nader's the sh*t and who thinks he's full of sh*t?

CNN-inside Politics analysis of Nader vote in 2000

How satisfied are you with the Democratic Party?

Anyone listening to the Chimp on CNNInternational? 7:20 pm EST

The Power We Have Is In The Delegates Our Candidates Receive!

Bush Strategery just laid out on C-SPAN

Ohio will make or break the Edwards campaign says Columbus' Other Paper

I say that those who vote for Nader in 2004 are flat out idiots!!!!

Bush Before The Republican Governors

It's not Nader, it's the electoral system, stupid!

The Nader Fallacy

Harley Sorenson (SF Chronicle columnist) endorses Kucinich today

Edwards and Dean or Heckel and Jeckel?

How shallow are voters?

It's like sports Nader Fans, this conference doesn't allow.....

Hey Kucinich , when you going to tell Ralph Nader to kiss your Dem Ass!

I want to thank everyone who joined DU to tell me about Nader.

My train wreck. On uniting anger with love, truth with hope

Clark, Dean, Kucinich, Sharpton,CMB - Nader doesn't warrant face time!

Why Nader Won’t Matter: A Political Scientist’s Perspective

Does Kerry pass the baloney sandwich test?

John Edwards:"I have been in contact daily with Gov. Dean"

Why is John Kerry considered Repug-Lite? I'm confused:

I would not worry about Nader.

Relax, Nader Tells Democrats, but the Math Says Otherwise

Think of the Democratic Party as a major college sports....

Gov Huckabee speaking to God (and Repub Govs) on CSPAN

Lieberman urges Nader to rethink run for president

Chris Matthews son worked on the Dean campaign

Edwards on ticket would diminish the Nader factor.

Bill Maher: Only crackpots will vote for Nader this election...

I'm voting Democrat...

I think we're going to win despite ourselves!!!

We need to drive on the left side of the road

The Progressive Populist Moment Has Arrived

Pro Nader post and Posters should be BANNED

Those of you who had the horrendous gall to call Wes Clark a

Okay, I'm sold. Ya'll have convinced me.

Is it OK to harass Nader volunteers?

A Kerry Quandry

Reminder--From the Rules

Latest New York Survey U.S.A. Polls:

Ignore them... they will go away

Bush told more truth in 5 minutes on MTP than most Dems have in 3 yrs.

Sierra Club is considering adopting anti-immigration policy.

I voted for Edwards today!

Just curious: what does Nader stand for?

Edwards' support for wilderness

Clinton boosts Broward Democrats

Kerry On Religion (Fascinating, Especially For Any Bill Moyers Fans)

All things being equal, I'll take Edwards

Democrats for Bush/Cheney!: Troubling Website

Didn't Bush Sr. attack Bill Clinton for being a "waffler"?

Why is Nader not being supported by the Green Party this time?

If Kerry wins in 2004, we will have our first African American first lady?

Hawaii, anyone?

Have any Dean backers who moved over to Kucinich?

Who Do You Respect More

Crossfire! Bay Bucchanon is crashing!!

New SurveyUSA numbers, New York, Kerry- 58% Edwards- 22%

How many of you have JOINED John!?!?!?!?

Voting Nader is NOT like saying you'll only date supermodels

Could he be the next Governor of California?

Do you take politics personally?

A question for those of you who claim Dean is still in. If Dean is still

Wellstone Was For Kerry and Grassroots Movement To Reform The System

Anyone hear Bush's "new and improved" stump speech?

I need a reliable source for John Kerry's war wounds...

When is Kerry going to resign as Senator?

How are you thinking of voting, in the primaries and general election?

Puke Alert: Ralph on Hardball

How is Edwards different from Lieberman?

Bush's Speech to the Governors Last Night was Right about Kerry

Who should run this Country? Pres, VP, SOS, SOD, ect....

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose men like this -

Why are Kerry and Edwards spoiling it for Nader?

Who's more electable to a second term? Edwards or Kerry

Bush Volunteered For Active Viet Nam Duty But Was Denied....

Sharpton blasting Nader on CNN

Is Dean In or Out?

How will Kerry respond to Bush calling him

Are all Dean supporters posting for Edwards now?

Malloy is blasting Nader on his show.

Harley Sorenson on Kucinich, Edwards, and Kerry

Edwards: Looming on the horizon, another “Hey Mabel” moment?

John Kerry Talks Jobs and Opportunity with New Yorkers in Harlem & Queens.

March 20 - big anti-war protest. Edwards people will stay home I take

Nader Tells Democrats To Relax

Bush directly attacked Kerry today: called him a waffler

Kucinich Focuses on Oft-Ignored Hawaii

Just want to say to the Dean supporters here...

John Kerry's Words have Inflamed the Arab Community throughout the World

DU Primary Poll -- 2/23/04

Just Confirmed John Kerry Meetup-26th. Hope to see a lot of former Dean

Kerry And Killing Civilians In Vietnam

Kerry On The Patriot Act

Utah Democrats Favor John Kerry

I no longer blame Nader for the loss in 2000

What would you do if Kerry as nominee offered the VP slot to Ralph Nader?

Ive decided not vote Dem in 2004, because I want true reform...

People on DU are acting like frightened chicken...

How To Vote Strategically

Nader told more truth in 5 minutes on MTP than most Dems have in 3 yrs.

Voting Nader is like saying you'll only date supermodels.

Holy Crap! More than 4500 People Turned Out for Dennis in Minnesota!

Kerry and Clark or Tristan and Isolde?

Kerry Told There Were No Weapons Before He Voted For War

Kucinich supporters: contribute to the CA UNION grocery workers!!

This "Deaniac" is supporting Kerry...I'm down with ABB

These numbers for Dennis keep growing

for three years we've heard that Nader makes no difference,

UmHaider not Nader showed me there is not that much difference

The only strategic vote until the Convention is a vote for Kucinich