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Archives: February 22, 2004

You know its election time when Republican Tartuffes court French-American

2-4-6-8, This Is How We Demonstrate

Pew's Latest Poll: Bush is a LIAR 36% of US

A phony war defeats free speech

Voting your beliefs...

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): Iraq war is boon for Halliburton

Good News

Nader: The Lone Ranger of Righteousness (AlterNet)

Dean: A Milestone, Not a Millstone

Will Nader matter at all? (the Nation)

From tragedy to frace: Todd Gitlin on Traitor Nader

Anne Ursu - Primary miniseason won't serve party well

Helen Thomas: Call Bush to account on Iraq, economy

NYT: "Meet the Zippies" by Tom Friedman

Bin Laden 'surrounded'

State Department Excluded From Senate Threat Hearing

Haunted by a Soldier's Face by Jimmy Breslin

Greens welcome Ralph Nader to the presidential race.

Office of Special Plans...a soldier for truth

Pentagon tells Bush Mother Nature worse than terrorism.

A Dodger Not a Warrior by Jimmy Breslin

Rumsfeld says al Qaeda operating in Iraq

Americans Have Lost Their Courage

Greider (Nation/P.I.): Dean's brand of politics given a rough ride...

Al Jazeera: Dennis Kucinich: The only presidential candidate...

Joe Conason (Salon): On Ann Coulter's smearing of Max Cleland

2-4-6-8 This Is How We Demonstrate!

Google Bombing campaign against Ann Coulter

Which Sunday morning political talk show is the worst?

Pundit Pap (APJ): Kerry, Edwards and Nader

Liberal talk radio on now..

Any Jupiter for Beating Shrub?

Call for recipies!

Sun sign question

Do people REALLY want immortality?

No Honour In Honour Killings

More 1st hand observations from SF from 'Gerry'

Hawaii Civil Unions Bill Dies

California's Attorney General Tells Arnold To Butt Out

Asian banks dump dollar

I'm mathematically challenged, so I can't figure this out myself

Another blow to the dignity of workers...

Maybe I'm going to have to believe GoreN4

The Junk Science of George W. Bush by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Australia's Enduring Shame

Governing Council Opposes Arab Identity Of Iraq

Iraq's war-shattered economy shows boom signs (China)

Iraq could consider territorial claims over Jordan and Kuwait

We need help in Iraq

Candidates focus on the referendum - TW

Poe promises his friend Estrada a fair trial - PI

US Double Game in Haiti

See Iran Run


WMD: A primer - Eric Margolis

Secret Pentagon report warns of global catastrophe

It just dawned on me...

Gun lovers hurry to get assault guns before ban-Maryland

Arming the Left: Is the time now?

Two comments

Is there a mod in the house?

What happened to my moderator warning?

Thank you, Skinner!

I know it is for the 800th time by now, butwould you kindly review avatar

Now that Nader is running...

just a quick question

Deja vu.. Nader has INVADED General Discussion

Is a sig line with a link to Republican candidate's site OKAY?

Avatar doesn't appear in my posts

Is discussing Nadeer in GD2004P allowed?

Why we need rule #8

Donation Question

How many people read DU?

Why is Nader okay?

Are Opt-In Ignore Lists Allowed?

Hi, why did my star disappear ?

Skinner, Earl, Elad, and mods, you are ALL...

Thar she blows, Skinner!

Oh my goodness!

A smilie suggestion.

I liked this week's top ten idiots but

This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

This board is in open rebellion against our nominee

Palestinian Issue Riddles Bush's 2005 Budget

Why do we never see palistinians being killed by Israelis

Hague or not, Israel reconsidering much of the barrier

Two more sections of security barrier to be dismantled

WCC demands to halt construction and dismantle(sic) Israel barrier


UN envoy: J'lem attack is war crime, but can't let terror affect Gaza plan

Israel's Failing Wall

Churches condemn Israel barrier

7 killed, 60 injured in Jerusalem suicide attack

Noam Chomsky - A Wall as a Weapon

9/11 Research

Medical treatment inmidst a cloud of Mace?

John Kerry

CNN Late Edition, Jobs losses are the fault of CONSUMERS!!!!!

can Kerry really beat the chimp

What would happen if..


I'm putting it out there: I think Ralph will say he's NOT running today

State one of the classic blunders

Gaffes of campaigns past

So are people still mad that Gavin Newsom won against the green party?

John Kerry, Special Interested?

W, national guard poll, please vote.

This just beats all - now making Big Macs are manufacturing jobs

Haley Barbour Is On CSPAN - I Swear He Is Drunk!

Ralph Nader just announced he's not Running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Boudelang - Equally Bright, Equally Intelligent

US Soldier on Frontline in Battle for Refugee Status

CT Gov. Rowland still has strong ties to Bush


Disenchanted Bush Voters Consider Crossing Over

I Don't Get Meet The Press Till 10 EST - Is He Running Or Not?

Nader up next on MTP

Beware: the "IDES OF MARCH"

Proposal: Any pro-Nader posts should be considered disruptive

Rummy is in Kuwait, lying his head off

Columnist Finds Only Dems to Lump as "Insincere" with Janet J.

Ralph Nader caught lying for political gain. What a surprise - NOT!

A Serious Question: What kind of $^@$*& will vote for Nadir?

Have you ever bought cannabis online?

Lucrative Deals for a Daughter of Republican

Is the right wing afraid of Kevin Phillips?

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Nader takes time for photo op with Bush

Does Nader see how happy the Right is???

Does anyone know if Nadir would have any impact at all this time?

Dems can stop Nader with a REAL Universal, single payer healtcare plan

How has Nader "helped" over the past 3 years?

How much money with the republicans give to Nader?

Is this a foreshadowing for Pakistan? Things that make you go "hmmm"...

Demopublicans Stab Washingtonians in the Back Again

Pentagon predicts armaggeddon. As in Armageddon out of here!

Nader's Comments on Impeachment

exposing Ralph's CON Game

suspended flying status?? community service??

Smirk got many middle fingers at Daytona

Arnold's Wife: "Adios, Maria "

Drip Drip Drip "Freedom is slavery" no fly list news video......

Silver Star--vs--Texas Souffle

Bush Became Head of the Dominionist Church/State

Rifts at California Republican Convention

US Military has a Motto ~ Will Bush* honor that motto with his

A question for Christians RE: Mel Gibson's The Passion

Bush and the Repubs are totally desperate.

Turn on C-Span2 (Sun noon ET)--historians slam Bush

Do Nader supporters have any online forums? If so, where?

Two Alabama Guardsmen recall that Bush never showed up for duty

Ann Coulter labels Christ a traitor!

Terry Mac and Ed Gillespie on Face the Nation

Why do we never see palistinians being killed by Israelis

We must have one goal or all others are unachievable.

Reasons Nader running is a GOOD thing.

Must see movie: The Battle of Algiers

banish nader to the lounge

About Haiti and the 'general opinion' about it in DU

How many people read DU?

I've decided to vote for Kucinich

Today’s Book Quote

Letter to Bush*

Saxby Chambliss makes a desperate attempt to save Bush from humilliation.

So where is ""?

I'm running for President!

What do OBL, st. ronnie, and BBV have in common?

We Do Not Know If It Will Be Fun On The Night Of November 4 2004.

Parade Magazine - Top 10 worst dictators

Repukes call us the anti-business party...

Who has had family/friends that suffered under Communist oppression?


Historical Revisionism Alert!

FBI raids ISP, siezes all equipment

Arnold or Tammy Fay Baker- Who's face looked the most "plastic"?

Help for a political newbie...Spell out exactly what Nader's effect will be

I'll admit it. Arnold did a great job on MTP this morning.

Ralph Nader lauded (not) as "The Corvair of Candidates!"

"Feminists' next big foe: repressive Islamic fundamentalists"

Congrats to DU for another milestone! 40,000!

Canadians against Ralph Nader....

where has nader been since 2000?

NYTs Reports Illegal Florida Voter Purge - Three Years After Killing Story

Garry Trudeau nails the &*(^ out of it.

Remind Us: Why did the US invade and destabilize Iraq?

MSNBC has sunk to new lows

If our vote doesn't count, neither does our voice.

Did anybody listen to "This American Life" (PBI) this afternoon ?

Who's the most disgusting Repug out there today? Make your case.

CNN: No More Chads

My new “support the troops” FLYER, Input please.....

If we're at war why don't we have a wartime economy?

The media may be giving Bush a "pass" but don't give them a "pass"

How Can We Press For A REAL Debate Format?

Texas RWers boycott of Girl Scout cookies fails - Bwahahahah, what fools!

Blasts heard near Baghdad airport

Some thoughts for the Nader-haders

Just What We Need. More Ammo Against Bush. Thanks Nader.

Why Isn't The Press All Over Nader's Impeachment Comments?

Does anyone else sense that Rove is mishandling *Bush?

Check Out This Web Site. I Think You Will Like It.

what does Josh Marshall know about Plame indictments??

Who in the Hell said this???

Thanks Bush*! Now I realize I served, too

Jimmy Breslin, Newsday, makes a point...

The bush* cabal lied and are busted in the NY Times

The end of Bush/Cheney: The coming indictments of Libby & Hannah

If a crime is committed by conspirators is each participant responsible?

Non-Registered Voters Sign In Here!

TBTM Radio #29: 'Broadcast Without Boundaries'

Does anyone know where I can find the Russert/Bush video online?

Nader's true intention

They're using four-letter words to describe him."

Lamenting over Dean and Kerry

Should I burn Michael Savage's New Book, the Enemey Within?

Has anyone ever seen an obituary on FOX for a soldier killed in Iraq?

Schwarzenegger, told to F**k off by Democrat State Attorney General

Today Neal Boortz was defending homosexuals from fundies.

OK, are you watching 60 minutes? Tell me, how do you feel?

The 20th century liberal legacy and myth of conservative primacy

I'm Voting For Nader, Unless you convince me otherwise.......

SBC Yahoo Owned by the BinLaden's?

Are WH aides taking the fifth before the Plame grand jury?

Who were the big donors to Nader in 2000? Read on!

anyone else worried about Pakistan..?

One small barometer, has had lots of supporting letters

Nader running for President......I told you so!

Any recent news about Gov. Rick Perry?

What must it be like to be Karl Rove?

Fate of the Bush "Dynasty"

What's it like in D.C. these days?

Government Per Diem Rates

almost ABB

Should the embaro and travel ban on Cuba be lifted?

TX Democrats - Work Against Bush in TX or Other State During GE?

Arming the Left: Is the time now?

Gas (at at least one station) in Las Vegas up 25 CENTS IN ONE DAY

Nader's Con Game - & Transcript from 2000 Russert show

Crowd Bashes Teen Suspected Of Being Gay As Smiling Dad Watches

Will the SF Gay Marriage ceremonies matter in the Pres election?

False signatures --who is committing the felony?

Neo Nazi Protest Draws Massive Response

Did Nader have a case . . .

27% of all IT jobs to be exported by 2007, just 5% today are gone!!

Republican Modus Operandi: Slime first, verify later

Please DU this poll - "Should Same Sex Couples be Allowed to Marry?"

Why do people discuss "Bush dumping Cheney" as if it could ever happen?

Listen to Peter Werbe now

If, on his death bed, George W. Bush asked god for forgiveness

Why I think Nader's running.

BTW, What do those Gay Pubs have to say about Their Party

A question for people around and aware in the early 1970's.

No state left behind

Has your position on the death penalty changed over time?

Need Some Help, Please. Googlers and Statisticians

I wish to announce my candidacy

Schwarzenegger Argues for White House Run

Bush on the campaign trail...

When are attack politics justified?

The Other Superpower


Nader - paid agent???

Nader Wins It For Dems

Nader says he's running!

heartbreaking, infuriating, devastating, the Ultimate Betrayal

This Texas Democrat has something to say......(m)

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"I encourage you to join me in abstaining from Girl Scout cookies,"

Go Ralph Go

You Have 8 Months

Taxes Divide National, State Republicans - WSJ

*, the PULL 'rumor,' Helen Thomas and Snotty McC...

What kind of action do translators see in the army?

Signs of Trouble for Bush: My Dad's Reading "An American Dynasty"

Historical Monthly Bush Job Approval

Question to all DUers about local gas prices

Beyond ABB - We must change the Democratic party and fight the Right

60 Minutes - GHWB (Carlyle group) lied about the Patriot Missile's success

The Larger Picture: Why is there not a War on Ignorance???

Is killing animals as bad as killing people?

J Edgar BUSH ... is he also PSYCHO?

Georgians! Here's how you can help fight the gay marriage amendment

How GWB became head of the new American Dominionist Church/State

So why is 9/11 as an inside job

I went to Camp Wellstone in Philadelphia.

Ralph Nader on the Conservative Idiot List????

Foreign Trade - the dirty details on the coming train wreck

Did YOU know that Nader was a schoolchum of Donald Rumsfeld at Princeton?

Should foreign-born citizens be able to run for president? (aol poll)

Edwards, Kucinich woo Twin Cities - Strib

Explosion reported on bus in Jerusalem

Gunmen Attack Police in North Iraq Cities

Yemeni leader slams US on Iraq occupation, says Yemen "free" of terror

Lockyer (Calif. A.G.) rejects halt to nuptials/dismisses gov's demand

Is this the man who gave Blair the cue for 45-minute WMD claim?

Democrats make their case as Kerry challenges Bush to debate

Charlotte Observer Edwards: Edwards takes thinly veiled swipe at Kerry

Charlotte Observer: Edwards claims parity in campaign finance

US targeted us on racial grounds: Australians

Chinese back yuan amid talk of revaluation

Taking bets...Will Micheal Moore back Nader???

Osama Bin Laden Detected

Bush strives to rein in Medicaid (Jeb)

Ralph is running

U.S. Assailed for Plan to Free Dane With Taliban Ties

U.S. labors to pay claims from Iraqi war victims

Edwards, Kerry, others to mix it up

Edwards Blasts Bush, Vows to Cut Lobbyists' Power

One (Australian) Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash

U.S. labors to pay claims from Iraqi war victims

States Fear Impact of Base Closures

N.J. Set to Fund Stem Cell Research

S.D. County takes on sprawl at ballot box

Hati Travel Warning issued February 21, 2004

Gay marriage prominent at [CA] GOP convention

No Sign of Enforcement as Gold Shops Saudize (This is strange)

Tents in Kuwait Serve As U.S. Mortuary

Armed rebels take control of Haiti's second-largest city

Vanessa Kerry stumps for dad in state [CA]

Charlotte Observer Edward:The distance between candidate, voter grows

Rumsfeld: Iraq Attacks Won't Stop U.S.

CNN Breaking - Haitian rebels in control of Cap-Haitien Airport...

Al-Qaeda active in Iraq: Rumsfeld

Iraq may lay claim over Kuwait and Jordan

Snapping Into Action - * goes on the political offensive as the Democrats

Governors Seek Bush Plan on Terror Fight

Star Wars II (US Ready to activate ABM program)

Security costs for Miami trade summit reach nearly $24 million

Facts about the rotation of US troops into and out of Iraq

Shiite Assails Iraq Elections 'Stalling'

Democrat Edwards Courts Votes in Ohio Churches

Govs want to talk about National guard demands

Kerry Entertains, Strikes Populist Note in Georgia

Momentum builds on North Korean Nuke crisis

Shiite Assails Iraq Elections Stalling

The Scotsman, UK--Special Forces Quitting to Cash In on Iraq--New WMW

Gay Marriage, Immigration Prominent Issues At GOP Convention (CA)

U.S. Air Force Plans for Future War in Space

Blair to stand for third term

Pakistan, India to be included in Nato PFP

Blasts heard near Baghdad airport

NY Times--"California Plans Move to End Gay Marriages"

Monaco's Prince Rainier hospitalised for heart problems

Retired General (Turnipseed): Enough on Bush (No Alzheimers!)

10% of those evacuated from Iraq had mental problems

Japanese Prince Says Wife Under Strain

Abortion Battle Shifts to Bill for Unborn

WP: Special Counsel Under Scrutiny

Kerry Sends Letter Challenging President to Debate on War

Bush in mourning

George W. Bush's presidential 'First Dog' dies

White House admits altering health study

Rebels Seize Haiti's Second-Largest City

Bush unveils new (sic) stump speech

Wal-Mart vs. Contra Costa County (California)

Honduras Gangs Leave Grisly Warning

U.S. Pressing for High-Tech Spy Tools [TOTAL INFO AWARENESS STILL UP]

WP: Why Bush* Stopped Flying in Guard Unclear

Schwarzenegger Argues for White House Run

Nader is running

Survey: Anger Toward Bush Intensifying

Corporate Cash Testing Legal Limits - Grand Jury Inquiry into Tx. politic

Anglican Cleric warns of civil war

Bush campaign denies questioning Kerry's patriotism

Report: Mugabe Sidelined With Chest Pains

U.S. Pressing for High-Tech Spy Tools

Credibility issue puts GOP plans in jeopardy - Copley News Service

Reuters: Uganda Rebels kill nearly 200 in raid

Americans want more horsepower

WP: Backlash Envelops Nader Before He's in Race


Spoiler: funny thing my husband said during "Monster", the movie...

stop me if you heard this one, but....

Take Aim: 'The George W. Bush Track' Audio

Less than 40 new members will make 40,000

Why do I always get side effects?

When will we hit 40,000 members?


What did the five fingers say to the face?

I think one of our barn cats is bisexual.....

Maybe I'm just Rabrrrrrr, but I could not survive without Sharpies

I think that I am in love with Tina Fey.

We have an infection

Okay, honestly

Are you one of the cool kids?

Anyone know if they have old /Looney Tunes/ cartoons on DVD?

I just saw someone get hit by a car (sorta).

Binary Poll

Dubya calls Bubba

I need some kind of urgent medical advice:


The post of the day, maybe the month--hilarious, in ATA, no less:

Just watched "Bowling for Columbine"

Red Red Wine

How do you pronounce the singer Sade's name?

I can't sleep and it's driving me crazy.

Breaking News Forum reports Nader is in

Arrrrrrgh........1,074,000 points..level 10

Separated at Birth??? The PRO GOLFER edition

What color is your vibrator?

I Need a New Copy of the "SVHOST.EXE" File

What's gross?


From the Institute of Official Cheer website, it's... 70s studs

You like me, you like me!!!

Sweet! "In Living Color" season 1 now out on DVD!

Instances where super powers are a liability: (picture-heavy thread)

Complain, discuss, or just disgusted?

Puppy love

Whose handbag designs are cooler?

A salute to all those

Another Stupid Question Re: Computers (Microsoft Outlook)

I shut off the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth with 15 minutes left!

Sex and the City nears its climax

My Immortal.


research question: How much do nannies or babysitters cost?

Do you like me?

Countdown to Colonoscopy

I have another mouse - sound the uh oh alarm

You will NOT believe the name of this church. I'm deeply offended.

How's My New Sig Picture?

Have you ever bought cannabis online?

February 22, 1963

Happy Birthday, BrendaV!!

How much of a radical commie liberal pinko is Hypnotoad?

Any folks here familiar w/ the Florida Everglades?

I sat behind Rick Perry at the movies last year

Oh joy, My birthday is in 5 days

The Living Years

Arizona DUers..a quick question

How can HEyHEY solve his mouse problem?

Anyone watching John McCain's bio on MSNBC?

INTRODUCING: My Avatar Gallery!

Maggie has finally defeated the Trojan!

The eye in my posts is my eye.

13 posts to get out of the 700 Club - Help!

Ann Coulter labels Christ a traitor!

Go to this website.

Happy Birthday George Washington

Brian Jacques "Redwall" is a TV series now?

Sign up to 'Help' Ralph

I blame DU for screwing up my workday! Absolutely!

Nap or not?

When will DU hit 40,000 users?

Cliques here in the Lounge.

I'm a social worker, ask me nothing?

I saw Lewis Black last night

Pizza or Buffalo Wings for lunch?

Congrats to DU for another milestone! 40,000!

If I created a poll, would you respond to it?

Calling all DU Bloggers and Personal Website Webmasters

I'm starting my own clique...

Thinking about revealing my liberal self to the chimps at F-R

HAHA!! The Quizno's Sub Rat Commercial Hate Message Board!

Spurs/Timberwolves game

40,000 members! Whooooooooo!

Which one doesn't belong?

Man, the message board over at E online makes the Freepers look sane!

Question:French no word for entrepreneur-did * say that?

Anyone ever sell their house without a realtor?

I Finally watched the last 15 minutes of Black Adder Goes Forth--

Need help with a word for part of a telephone--Please!

Good day for me!

Anyone else in a depressed mood?

Update on my daughter

39994...six more new members until...

Martin Sheen for President!!

hmm - anyone notice it's GW's Birthday today ??


Chic Alors! I'm back in North Carolina.

I just got my annual pre-spring cold

The Afterlife

Hey Graphics Folks

What % of your family (parents, siblings, spouse, children) is right-wing?

Gotta love it

St Ralph: sexual orientation? autoerotomania?

WE JUST REACHED 40,000 DUers!!!!

For my fellow Generation X'ers: A trip down TV Memory Lane!

Having surgery tomorrow--- please send good karma my way!

How stupid is this poll?

Question for Madisonian DUers...

god loves a terrier

Did anyone buy "Let It Be...Naked?"

Pole Dancing Migrates to Health Clubs

I support President Bush

What should we do with Freepers when we win?

5:10 p.m. in Connecticut...and it's still not dark!

Thanks George! Now I realize I served, too

!!! 40 THOUSAND !!!

Where can I find the video of Bush's Smirk?

I hate those fucking rats!!!

Hollywood Writers Honor Coppola, 'American Splendor'

Meet my new dog, Sunny

Two cartoons that pretty much say it all

Caption or comment on this photo....careful now.

With NO disrespect to Robb whatsoever....

Oooo....Kerry can summon light better than Gandalf!

Are you writing a book and why?

Angel has started mounting Buddy-funny dog antics!

Trekkie freeper post

What is it with actors playing politicians?

OOO, I thought of a crappt new DU travel game.

Will Granny Clampett win a SAG award tonight?

We need a Special Investigator for the death of Spot Bush!

If that guy sings 'She Bangs' one more time, I'll scream!

CAPTION the Idiot Cheerleader!

LOL -- The sarcastic judge from American Idol is on the Simpsons

Forever Eden

Brian Wilson fans....."Smile"

Hey, what happened to Booberdawg

This cat looks SOOOOO happy.

Want to see my hnew bumper sticker?

Need a Generator? or 2 ?

Homeowners I have a question?

do you like my sig

Has anyone here seen the Brini Maxwell show?

PSA.....deer mating season has begun!!

Would anyone upload this week's King of the Hill & Simpsons episodes on


Looking for a good Linux text editor

Dedicated to the great DU'er...Underpants.

John Kerry for President of France!

Ok, Move along, nothing to see here

Gibson starting preproduction of "Passion" sequel.

Woo-Hoo!!!! 40,000 DU-Ers!!!!

Could someone upload this week's King of the Hill & Simpsons episodes onto

Miss Piggy is a goddess

Attn DUers with LiveJournal Blogs

Great headline on my AOL start page...

Last episode of Sex and the City: Who does Carrie end up with?

My wife is bored and wants me to talk to her - ask her anything

A skunk just sprayed near my house

What do you think of this workout plan?

What will they think of next?

do the people a Cocoon nutrition know Savage Weiner from when he was a


If my new memory chip doesn't arrive soon, I'll go on a killing spree!

For those over 50

Egads. I'm in Los Angeles.

Sunday night chat

Think I'll buy a Corvair tommorrow

I want to know who is responsible for jacking

William Hung "She Bangs" guy remix

Quantum Mechanics & Perpetual Motion: Powering the World w/ Buttered Cats.

A VERY simple solution to the so-called Nader "problem"...

Time to play Suicide Super Puppy

andy rooney is talking to god...

6 hours of Malloy!

I have homework and I don't want to do it. Ask me anything.

New "Dawn of the Dead" coming next month!!!

Are you a future Oscar winner? Take the quiz!

Ok, who here can tell me why...

Billy could not find his baseball.

Harbey Birdman Attorney at Law

How's this work-out schedule?

is there a trick to cooking rice at high altitude? I'm serious here.

Sunday Afternoon Chat

Blast from the past! An American collectible!

A rant - and you get to see the jerk side of me!

How many group posters does it take to change a light bulb?

Nader should start his Campaign off in Iowa...near Putnam Iowa to exact

I/P regulars abandon GD:2004P, cite "irreconcilable differences"

Who touched my cake?

Did The Biblically Depicted Jesus Really Exist?

Time for Forsyte Saga ...

I haven't done my homework, I've had two beers, ask me anything.

500 posts!

I just can't keep this secret for one more minute either!

66 before bed time?

"IQ of 167? That's high for a Christian!"

Non-GD2004 DUers, has anyone here ever witnessed a train wreck?

Who likes to do impressions?

Goodbye, IE, don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out!

DU Twins - check in

Tom Cruise and his adopted kids

Have You Ever Read A Paperback Series Romance Novel?

favorite Girl Scout Cookies

Why does everyone think I'm a man?

Anyone watching the SAG Awards?

I did it, I'm going to order the 14 inch iBook

Whew.. I just "hid" 15 Nader threads.. How many have you got??

OK, this is how bad it's gotten. This is how much I distrust Bush.

So, did anyone else catch the back-to-back "Simpsons" episodes tonight?

The character word of the week is "epic shiznit"

Check out my new sig line with thanks to Concerned Canuk

What should I name my next kid?

Anyone going to the march in DC April 25th?

I don't think even Martha would have thought of this...

Bwa ha ha ha!!! *snort*

Is there a Sex in the City thread tonight?

Damn, my best friend's cancer may be back.

Snowball II is dead?

I'm an idiot -- Happy Birthday to BerthaV!

What's your favorite song from The Blues Brothers?

Songs turned into TV commercials: the poll

ATTN: March/April babies!!

Are humans meant to be carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?

What is your favorite type of meat?

Microchipping the Doggies

How much is a gallon of gas in your neck of the woods?

Tomorrow starts my new life without sugar...

Weird things you believed as a child

Are you a Yankee or a Southerner?

Saw "Triplets of Belleville" last night

Spring has Sprung and I can prove it!

Is it my imagination, or does the panel on Capitol Gang

What do the Pope and Mother Theresa have in common?

Jonathan Alter on GWBush

From the Kerry Page: The Truth About Edward's Positions On Trade

Two tales of American Jobs

Ralph Nader Sucks weblog from Dan Conley

I don't care if Nader joins the race. I'm happy that we're down to the

What did Kerry say - in "bowling for Columbine?"

we have a great chance at winning if Nader's support collapses

Major Kerry Asset Could Become Liability

Dean Person who is ABB.

What happened when Dean and Clark dropped out?

Dumb question about Nader--

What would happen if..

Kerry & Edwards on ABC w/ Stephanopoulos this Sunday morning?

It's my thousandth post

a fact about 2000

Anyone know if they have old /Looney Tunes/ cartoons on DVD?

Compound Question

The truly ultimate presidential poll

I will vote against Bush no mater who runs.

Forget Nader. The Real Problem? American Candidate TV Show

Kerry picks up endorsements on trip to Atlanta

CSPAN 7:00am EST~ Would a Nader Campaign Hurt the Democrats ?

If Daffy Duck isn't the nominee then I'm voting for Nader!

CSPAN~ 8:00 am EST Elijah Cummings

WaPost: Edwards, Kerry Were Barely Solvent Last Month

Kerry Sends Letter Challenging Bush* to Debate on War

what time is mtp filmed today?

I'm a Clarkie, but I HEARD him say on C-SPAN

Agreement on new debate; Edwards voices satisfaction

So. What are you going to do if Nader DOESN'T run?

almost can't bear to watch....

I suspect Nader is going to announce tomorrow that he is NOT running

So? Did the jagoff Nader say he's running yet?

With Dean vowing to campaign for the nominee

Kerry had no probs with the F-bomb, is he waiting to drop the L-bomb?

Doubt over war record used to wound Kerry

Goodbye Du - Hello Nu

I hope Nader says,

Kerry Blasts Bush Over Attacks on Record

Call to those with the guts:

Call to those with the guts:

are there any ABB Kucinich supporters?

Who is the bigger danger to a DFL'er winning the Presidency in 2004?

Is Donahue for Nadar this time? Donahue's short-lived TV show helped give

Justice Stevens is 84 and doesn´t duck hunt with Cheney

If Nader can get smirk and sneer impeached

Ralph Nader *IS* RUNNING!

Why did Nader Announce After Dean Dropped Out?

Star Search Kerry Smear

Global warming costs an estimated 160,000 deaths a year. Times that by 4.

Will the Super Tuesday state big newspapers endorse a candidate?

How does an independent candidate get on the ballot?

Bush became Head of Dominionist Church/State

Edwards & Kerry on This Week

Kucinich heads to isles as Inouye supports Kerry

Edwards stresses style, Kerry goes all out

Stephanopolous: Toughest Math Question for John Edwards?

The Official Kerry v Edwards with Stephanopoulos & Nader on MTP thread

WaPost: Key House Races Are Heating Up

MTP: just like Smirk, Nader looked like a NUT

Kerry sends letter to President Bush calling for a debate on the war

John Kerry was magnificent in the "This Week" exchange with John Edwards.

how do we know Nader isn't getting paid?

Obligatory Nader post

ABB is a vote for survival but not a vote for change

With Nader in the race, which Dem. candidate can decisively defeat Bush?

Up To The (Foreign Policy) Challenge - By John Edwards

Is there a "Draft Roy Moore for President" website? If not someone needs

Is the Nader site down?

Remember the 2000 Election Debates

I am totally UNprincipled

What if AL GORE ran as an Independent ?

Two important numbers about Nader in 2000

So who thinks Nader should run?

This is the message we need to send about Nader.

Mccauliffe kicking ass on Face the nation

Can Nader be forced to reveal who is contributing to his campaign?

Gore vs. Kerry vs. Bush

Nader wants to help? Why not throw your weight around for Kucinich?

FUCK!!!!! Ralph Nader is running

Do you believe in this maxim for debate, including primary debates?

Debates you would like to see...but probably never will

Big De(m)bate coming to city (NY)

Nader's medical records - Has he ever released them, or will he now?

How can we stop Nader from running?

Something just hit me like a bolt of lightning...

I can't believe Nader is pulling that Gore is the same as Bush garbage

If the Democrats nominated Jesus Christ or Ghandi

Nader = Bush's poodle

Don't worry about Nader, help minimize his impact...

Nader Said Gore Would Have Invaded Iraq On Meet The Press

Why doesnÕt Nader just support Kucinich?

So now that Nader has confirmed he's a Bush sycophant

Doesn't Wes Clark's endorsement of Kerry assure the Clinton's endorsement?

Who will you vote for?

Another great anti-Ralph-candidacy website

My problem with Nader

Dennis Kucinich - We want to work with the U.N

John Kerry's Sends Letter Challenging President to Debate on War

Kerry 2004, draft 2005?

Should people who admit to helping Nader get ballot access be tombstoned?

John Kerry, Special Interested?

give me links proving Nader is a Republican plant

Nader Urged Democrats to Support Kucinich- What changed? Where's the love?

How do we fight the menace of other presidential candidates?

I don't think you should run for president unless you can win

Top Ten Reasons to Vote For Nader.

What's the deal with Teresa Kerry "grimacing"

What concerns me about Nader's candidacy

Those who keep telling us to follow blindly, should they get tombstoned?

I think it might be time for me to start attacking Howard Dean again.

So let me get this straight... (Nader)

People make too much of Nader - ignore him

No No No! I should be president!

Kerry and Edwards DWARFED by Bush in Campaign Funds

A letter from Nader to ABB Liberal Democrats

How Many Nader Threads Can We Get On Page One?

If Nader Really Wanted to Change Things for the Better,

What should the new Democratic President in 2004 do with Nader?

Official Nadir Meet The Press Thread...

Calling all Supporters of Dean

Yes I will Kow Tow to the democratic establishment, I Submit

People will vote for Nader

What should happen with Ralph Nader?

Bush is a Better Politician Than Nader Realizes:

I wished Nader said

Nader critics: How did you feel about Ross Perot's candidacy?

Nader is running b/c he wants to keep his taxcuts

Nader Funding: I Suspect Right-Wing Machine Is Going To Back Him Secretly

An article for Dean supporters

Better that we're bashing Nader rather than Dean or Kerry...

it's hypocrtical to say nader voters will bring in a hitler regime.

With Nader's announcement today, this is my vow:

John Kerry fans, help me answer question about his record. Please.

Night that led Kerry to war

Anybody here read "Four Trials" by John Edwards?

I went to an ABB meetup....

Who will be Nader's running mate?

It's A Beautiful Day!

What if we gave the Naderities what they wanted?


Deleted message

Nader is a Republican---time to admit it

a very interesting post in retrospect

Anyone up for an anti-Nader action group?

Nader didn't make the Democrats lose the 2000 presidential election.

Nader/Which is better; ignore him/stand against him.

Should people be tombstoned for saying that they agree with Nader

You're worried about Ralph Nader? Hah. Here's something to worry about.

How to stop Nader

Dean & Kucinich People: Do You Disagree With Kerry's Foreign Policy?

For a *Really* hilarious thread, go look at this one!

Nader's Sorry Legacy

A public apology

Deleted message

Kevin Phillips' take on the Skull & Bones thing

Criminal Justice advocates should be banned from DU

Nader campaigned AGAINST Wellstone in 2002 Senate elections:

If we are to live in a brave new world, our generation will have ...

Idaho: Democrats gather for Gore as Kerry support grows

Has Kerry chosen a running mate yet?

It looks like we're going to have beat Bush alone

An amusing bit of hypocrisy re: Dr. Dean and his supporters

Simple solution to the perceived nader problem

WOW - George Steinbrenner contributed 100K to Osama/Dean ad campaign

Come, We Avert Nader Train Wreck Together.

Nader is helping Bush and he knows it. He is not delusionial.

Dirty Repuke Attack Dogs and Nader Slime

I am totallly UNprincipled

Non-Kerry DU'ers aren't you glad we averted a train wreck?

What Will Greens do Now That Nader is Indie?

This forum is fast becoming the most hilarious thing ever

I'm not going to worry too much about Nader.

Non-LaRouche DU'ers: Aren't you glad we averted a train wreck?

Ralph Nader says Gore would have attacked Iraq.


About the Florida Muslim vote in 2000, and about 2004

Addressing the Democratic (Foreign Policy) Deficit - By John Kerry

Bush will still get spanked...despite Ralph Nader

Bush will be relected, Nader irrelevent

Nader nails his first endorsement!

Should the POTUS be replaced by a triumvirate or pro-consul?

The ultimate presidential poll.

If you are afraid of Nader vote for Kucinich

Nader Is A Stalking Horse For Hillary. Nader Thread #283

Wheres the Kerry praise?

Disenchanted Bu$h voters consider corssing over

#284 - Does RN's decision have an effect on the remaining Dem primaries?

Take Action! Urge John Kerry To Debate

Ralph Nader is my HERO!!!

Mc Donalds Job as Manufacturing???????

The traditional Democratic tactic of ignore and move on is a disaster.

Would you make this deal with Ralph Nader?

Nader media appearances on Monday

John Kerry on Vietnam -excellent!

Kerry vs. Edwards; Edwards vs. Kerry

In Honor of Ralph Nader's 2004 Candidacy

My Theory on Nader's Crazy Crusade

Edwards in Ohio

Kerry speaks with Coretta Scott King today at Ebeneezer Baptist Church

TV Alert: MTP replay on CNBC 10:00 pm EST

In new survey Anger Toward Bush Intensifying

Any non ABBers live in swing states?

Does Kerry's pledge to cancel the tax cuts for those making over 200 grand

Is John Edwards our Ronald Reagan?

NY Times: For Edwards, It's a Race Against Kerry and Time

Who split the Democratic Party?

For Those Who Are Freaking About Nader....

Nader should blackmail Dems to take Kucinich as VP

My friend just said she'd vote for Nader

More trouble for Bush - The coming indictments in the Plame investigation

Whines, Threats, Moans and Groans.

Time to get your facts straight: John Kerry isn't DLC

How Howard Dean can be a hero

My take as to why Nader is IRRELEVANT...Relax, folks.

Interesting Quote: Republicans fear Edwards

Is Kerry breaking pledge to defeat Edwards?

Don't worry about Nader - he's a non issue

Deleted message

who is running on Green Party ticket ?

Nader takes his message to the people, schedules following events:

Lamenting over Kerry and Dean

If LaRouche is nominated I will vote for...

will Dean still be on the CA ballot March 2?

Question For GD2004: When Did This Forum Turn Into The X-Files?

John Edwards: Restrict Freedom of Travel

Not the perfect way to sabotage the Nader campaign.

Would Gore have attacked Iraq?

2500+ hear Kucinich on University of Minnesota campus

Sharpton Debts Top $485,000, FEC Says

If John Kerry is "electable" why the Nader fear?

Yay I just hid 20 Nader threads

A question about Kerry's website...for you regulars there

I'm not ABB anymore. I am going to write myself in on the ballot.

Kerry picks up key black support in Georgia

Edwards hoping for Dean's endorsement

May I suggest a GD:GE2004 Forum be started soon?

I blame Kerry and the DLC for Nader's run. Absolutely.

How do Kucinich supporter feel about ol' Ralph?

Which Dance Style Characterizes Your Candidate The Best?

Nader Delusional? Kerry Detractors Must Tell Nader: Kerry is NOT Bush-Lite

They're off ... and it's going to be dirty

If Walt Brown doesn't make the Utah ballot, I'm voting Nader.

I won't vote for Kerry or Edwards no matter what !

Bush admin caught in ANOTHER lie

after hearing Nader i remember why people can't help voting for him

Clark would have been a master against Bush

Only Kerry supporters are true Democrats...

Prediction: Nader will not be able to hold public events

why do I keep seeing Dean/Nader combos?

Why Nader's run MAY actually help:

Your 2000 vote vs. your current voting intentions

Nader..Nader..Nader..Nader.. Nader..Nader..Nader..Nader..

Would 9/11/01 have been different under a Gore administration?

Clark supporters - report from a meeting w/Clark on Feb. 20

Will Edwards get the nod??

I CANT BELIEVE people are considering Nader

Is this the "Nader Underground?" -- A complaint and a proposal.

I am leaning toward leaning toward Edwards.

Tx. Politics - The Only Choice is No Choice

What is Kerry's message? What is Edwards message?

Heeeeere's a Picture of Ralph Nader and little ol' me...

Clark after dark?

Ralph Nader: Union Buster

KUCINICH supporters, espcially in super-tuesday or later primary states

The Dean Campaign: The *Republican* Wing of the Democratic Party?

Non-Edwards DU'ers: Do You Ever Feel You're Watching A Train Wreck?

Back from Kerry Town Hall in Atlanta...

Should the constitution be changed to allow foreign borns to run for prez?

Should 3rd party/independent political activity be outlawed?

Andrew Sullivan predicted that Bush will endorse civil unions

How many Ralph Nader threads are too many? This is #282, btw.

Nader is running because

Should Nader supporters be able participate at DU?

Two minutes Nader hate as post-Dean unifying ritual (Sociology 101)

Non-Kerry DU-ers: Do you ever feel like you're watching a train wreck?

If you have a moment to spare from stomping each other's guts out...

The DLC electoral strategy

How is John Kerry a better candidate than Al Gore?

Ohioans for Dean endorse John Edwards!

If Edwards is nominated, I will vote for...

A VERY simple solution to the so-called Nader "problem"...

Dean needs to denounce Naders run immediatly

Non-Dean DU'ers: Aren't you glad we averted a train wreck?

People are handling the Nader situation ALL WRONG!

Do you want Nader to run?

I love the smell of hysteria in the morning ... and afternoon

The official Nader dirt thread

3rd Party threats - How much leverage do they have on the Democratic Party

Some Sobering News

Nader is as much responsible for the deaths of 540+

Kerry vows to name salmon czar