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Archives: February 2, 2004

The Fat of the Land

Russian monks want Harvard's bells

Bush urged to drop former arms buyer from board

Banning term 'evolution' from school curriculum constitutes a grave sin

brooks ny times electablity

Choosing a Flag to Unite a Planet

Fascinating old Nat'l Geo photo essay on Iraq if you can find a copy

Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush

"Eager to face any jury--and the voters" (W. Post story on Edwards)

Inquiry Sought in House Vote on Drug Plan for Medicare

Novak: Bush's credibility problem (mentions *'s AWOL Alabama time)

Sonar Test Sparks Debate on Whales

Bush's next request for Iraq and Afghanistan may reach $50 billion

War comes home in a coffin

Kay Questions U.S. Pre-Emptive Strike Doctrine

How drone went from solid proof to a red herring

Moore Trouble? (Alabama's 10 Commandment Judge to challenge *?)

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s (R) troubling al-Queda ties

The Wall-to-Wal-Martization of American Life (Wall-Mart story)

Ann Coulter has critic banned from conference...

Protection or invasion of privacy? (Patriot Act) | Chicago Sun-Times

A heartfelt -- no -- abject -- no -- craven apology to the right

Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag

With All Deliberate Stupidity~Daniel Patrick Welch

Scary: Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush

Great new Joseph Wilson Interview.

Sorensen: Bush Earned Our Hate

CBS execs approved a musical skit where Janet would expose her breast.

Guliani Thanks O'Reilly For His Show's 'Contribution'

Americans deserve Bush's profound apology

Save money on the WMD Commission , Dubya. Just use Hirsch's article.

Salon: Is America Ready for the Wild Kerry Family?

Restoring Trust in America : Zbigniew Brzezinski (WPost)

Anti-Death Penalty Event in NJ

Its the Early show!

WCPN Cleveland, Ohio Public Radio Moves to Shock-Jock Format

When will media note Bush confessed to lie that PPO/HMO's save money?

Akron OH newspaper apologizes for "Bush on defensive"

Fred Barnes on Fox just said

Another "unbiased" quote from AP (Jackson boob)

Dennis Miller on repeats ALREADY?

Tired of junk mail and unsolicited calls?

A little News from the Energy Line Horizon

Phe's shared thought for 2/2/4;


First Holocaust deniers, now Civil War deniers

Fung Shui: Not Just A Dumb Idea... It's The LAW

Cinci Mayor Calls For Repeal Of Nation's Most Repressive Anti-Gay Law

Counterfeiting cars in China

What about this for a tax cut?

Taiwan-originated bubble drinks gaining popularity in America

Consumers boosted spending in Dec.

Bush Budget cuts Community Policing, water projects, education, etc

Prof Lessig on Democratic positions on intellectual property

"Inflation Skyrockets While Jobs Fall"

Biological gold rush threatening Antarctica

Has anybody seen this?

Earth 'shook off' ancient warming | BBC

Whale explodes in Taiwanese city

H5N1 nearly reaches Taiwan

Zimbabwe is facing a future in the dark

Children belong in school, not in battle

W really should rethink blaming the CIA

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 2, 2004

A blow to the credibility of fingerprint evidence

Banned in the USA

San Diego Murderer Escapes During Trial

What firearms related forums do you read?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm

Hey all...

Need an update on image policy here at DU

I'm curious. I told another poster last night that I was placing that...

Forgive me, Skinner, for I have sinned.

Where did the Amazon link go?

Just curious...

donor update ?

You guys rock

the new search - veddy veddy nice

Why so many locked topics?

Look what you guys did....

I'm not tryin to get warnings I'm not tryin to push the envelope

Am I permanently banned from GD2004 Primary?

about locking that 9-11 Pentagon post -- what copyright? it was all me

Great enhancement (search), Elad; thanks. That is all.

There is greatness in courage

Immigrant's Life in the Shadows Ends in a Jerusalem Blast

Israel tour of the Jerusalem Stranglehold

4 Palestinians Killed in Israel Operation

PM: I gave order to plan evacuation of 17 Gaza settlements

Sharon narrowly escapes no-confidence embarassment

Schumer, Clinton Back Administration on Israel’s Security Fence

Shin Bet says terror will last through 2006

Strife Within Likud

Sen. Clinton backs security fence

Checking on the checkpoints

EU nations oppose ICJ hearing on fence case

Israel 'to free nuclear whistleblower'

Graphic: Terrorist murderers strike Israel again.

Is It Anti-Semitic to Criticize Israel? Part I

Sharon: No Jews in Gaza

Israel must talk to Hamas to achieve peace, says former MI6 man

US arms contractors to win big from defense budget

When is a 9/11 book more about money than truth?

Post Peak Oil

Have you noticed Bush's Hair in the last week...

Lieberman Says He Has National Support

CNN..Poll's showing Kerry and Edwards leading Bush

Thoughts on the Governor's Races

Thoughts on the Senate

Bush agrees single payer health will save 1/3 of health costs!

Stop the Super Bowl now...

I just got home, didn't watch TV today, and here there was a boob on

DRUDGE Doesn't Like Janet's Breast

Oh My God! What If John Ashkkkroft watched the halftime show?

Eid ul Azha An Occasion For The Poor To Eat Meat

Our next "immediate and credible threat"

Babes Against Bush vs Babes for Bush

Janet's breast brought to you by white house drug ads

Anyone listening to drudge right now?

Bush The Frog Killer

Bill O'Reilly on WMDs: Has the lying liar apologized yet?

Evidence that Superbowl ad was sponsored by WhiteHouse?

Find this show & watch it NOW

Superbowl slap in the face could be our chance

Bush wanted a war? Let's give him a war.

"Will Dubya dump Dick?" wonders Jim Lobe

...about those WMDs that are MIA

Blair's Logic?

How to change unions?

Dubya's Rose garden appearance???

Is anybody selling any ABB tee-shirts?

Will Kerry

Proof of BushCo lies. On their own website no less

No coverage of major security breach at Super bowl

Eleanor Clift: Patriot Games

Drilling in ANWR is in in Bush* budget. Last year, Kerry said he would

Brit Hume honor triggers protest: Board member quits over award

When did the * Presidency jump the Shark?

7 retired judges picked to hear Moore's appeal

Scripture about Dubya? Maybe! JOB 20 (NIV)

The question you don't want asked about you while running for President

U.S. Casualty Numbers Continue to Climb in Iraq

on C-Span (repeat 10:13 ET) George Schatz on Bush*'s Budget:

Concerning Evolution - Is "God" the answer?

Newest Registered Democrat

Ladies and Gentleman: the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee is George Bush

Christian Family Values Update

Some women in Israel : Heros in the face of insanity

Do you believe that the Hutton Report was fair and impartial? - Vote

Zell Miller to head President's Independent Commission?

China holds the IOU's for our National Debt which is 7.3 TRILLION ...?

New poll: How Canadians feel about Shrubby

Bush's suggested intelligence commission member list:

C-Span (10:35 a.m.) Bush*'s budget presentation: SILVER LINING??

Sharpton working behind the scenes to oust Rangel

Plutocracy litmus test- the Council on Foreign Relations

Superbowl Bud/Clydsdales commercial where little LOUD Donkey...

Nipple of mass destruction?

Moveon ad just ran CNN

Freeper Victorians--Flesh at Halftime

Surprised By Novak's Honesty

The Bush Budget: Middle Class Taxpayers To The Rescue

Compassionate Conservatism: Phelps Clan Eyes Pennsylvania

prepping for the day by sleeping off prev nite's binge?

Michael Powell only man in US who didnt enjoy seeing Janets boob

9/11--Iraq WMD: 2 major intelligence failures on Bush's watch

Anyone watch "The Passionate Eye" last night?

Do you think CBS has learned...

Bush* NEVER answers questions: Why shouldn't the results of the

CBS: Trashy halftime show ok, 1 trillion $ deficit ad unacceptable

I was wrong about the Polish prez and Smirks photo op

Has anyone seen this week's Tom Tomorrow?

Imus just made me laugh about the new WMD investigation...

prostrate cancer treatment cut for the poor - one man dead already - Calif

My solution for a bi-partisan commission to investigate WMD

looking for a 9 letter word meaning

Moon Alert! - owner of Wash. Times - facts about what he is up to

9/11 -- Rational Behavior

Invasion wasn't an "Intelligence Failure" How Stupid are We?

BBV SJ MercuryNews Front Page - Electronic Voting's Hidden Perils

just sent this email

BBC staff took out an ad supporting Dyke.

Nowhere to run too, Nowhere to hide

What did Kid Rock do at the Super Bowl?

That Phillips gal and CNN liars or what!

How the American public was deceived by the Office of Special Plans.

Okay its the "Im a man" thing again

Idiotic faux news and linda (bug eyes) vester

The Matrix Has Arrived-Dossier Program Imposed On Utahns

Ray McGovern was on Alternative radio today

Can someone please answer this for me?

WaPo's Dan Froomkin wants AWOL links for tomorrow's column

The NY TImes reveals its anti-Democratic bias once again

NAACP Congressional Report Cards: All but one GOPer get an F

Oh My! Look How Quickly The Tide Has Turned - Is Turning!

How many in the * cabal were involved in the Big Iraq Lie?

How are your political selling skills?

Now the DU search function is even better!

My latest column is up - whaddya think?

Freepers calling Hannity and he agrees with them

If terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb in an American city...

Jail4Bush Named Site do Dia

Is`t it odd the latest danger warning has now passed that.....

Which is more of a threat: AIDS or Terrorism?

Hey Michael Powell, you can investigate the boob showing if we can.....

Why Bush's "uh, WMD was the CIA's fault" doesn't wash

just saw the TV Ad on CNN!

Bush and Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

bush* can't launch an investigation into who tried to kill Sen. Daschle &

Raleigh News and Observer poll about Bush/WMD

Are cons abandoning Shrub?

"Learjet lawyers", "Neocon Moles".... do share your favorite jargon.

Jerusalem Post's Man of the Year: Paul Wolfowitz

The DLC's position on Iraq.

Pickles to America's women: "Get UP OFF THE COUCH"

Another Poll- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Today’s CNN poll about WMD..Vote at

It's February 2, 2005. A Democrat is in the White House

When Powell laid out the "proof".....

A stain on Blue

Sen. Nelson of Florida said this about the drug plan...

New Language Alert! We should call Bush a "Regressive".

latest CNN/Gallup poll: Kerry 53, chimp 46!

Electoral College Survey

Why so many locked topics?

Does anyone know what Programs * is cutting?

Absolute proof that Bush is totally uninvolved as a president...

It's the Oil, Stupid! Ruppert article on secret Cheney plan, 9-11, ME

I need help finding a study published

What happened to the Medicare/bribery inquiry that Drudge alluded to

Boob v. Bush? (a poll)

Traditional Values Poll

Looking for a stat on Iraq

Let's Not Forget The Plame Case

What is Iraq's role in the 'end times'?? ...religious right say that's

David Barton is THE person claiming 'there is no separation

No matter how mad we are at CBS about the M.O AD, we should defend them!

No seperation of Church and State?

dupe it seems. oops

is randi rhodes show a repeat of last thursday?

CNN to refund!

Alien and Sedition Acts, Bavarian Illuminati, and lessons for today

Seriously Pyschopathic Freeper Posts Gets Kudos At FR!

Will Cheney still be the VP candidate in 2004?

Today's CNN Lou Dobbs Poll: Bush's WMD Commission

What's wrong with this presidential campaign reform concept?

Is there a statute of limitations on desertion??

Anybody digging on the current top story/picture combination on

A Stealth Attack on Wages

CNN just gave * another free pass.

How low will bush's poll #s need to go for BBV to be irrelevant?

Ouch. Senator Frist - beget, begat, begone.

Is Sharpton a real Reverend?

Investigating our Intelligence

Wolf asks: Dems mentioning AWOL=Dirty Politics?

Bush 43% Kerry 51%!

Contact your representative re: Bush* WMD commission

A 200 million dollar War-chest for ads may back fire.

Janet Jackson's Boob is a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Let's Turn the Tables! I Know Their Secrets!!!!

ROTF! Bush slept through halftime!

First Lady (Smoker) Warns Women on Heart Disease


You gotta be kidding me, Bush* gets to appoint commision?

Is Toby Keith's "Beer for My Horses" a racist anthem?

47% of your Federal Income Tax Dollar is Military (Or Related) Spending!

Craziest (also false) justification ever for invading Iraq heard at work

O'Really: Chimp AWOL Upcoming

What SHOULD be done if terrorists nuke an American city?

Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag

Mtv's 'Choose or Loose 04' program worth seeing....

So does anyone see the extreme contradiction in CBS' position

Should CBS be fined by the FCC?

Vote in this CNN Poll

Paving the Wilderness, Serving up Millions of Acres to Industy

New on the blog: David Kay is NOT your Friend.

Richard (DICK) Pearle: A-Hole extrordinaire

710 KIRO Seattle's leading radio station has a GWB vs. Unnamed Dem poll

Textile plant OWNERS won't vote for Bush

C'mon George Tenent! Spill Your Guts!

What will now happen to Saddham...

Question Regarding GWB "Making Up The Time He Missed"

January Job Creation

This Ricin Story is Complete CRAP!

Was LBJ involved in the JFK assasination?

CNN doing a spot on AWOL Bush right now

FReeps are absolutely SHOCKED that * uses the "F-word"

republican/right wing comment about 9-11

Is rapid eye blinking by * a sign of lying or just nervousness?

Shock & Awe--Democrats create Jobs and Wealth

9:30 EST - just played on CNN!

Did I just hear on CNN..

Hey, what about the naked streaker at the Super Bowl???

OMG!! Just Saw Dennis Miller's show. It's like a bloody train wreck.

Here is the hottest link for the news stories on the alleged intel failure

I would love for the CIA

Some interesting math on the number of troops killed in Iraq.

Freepers are getting scared

A return to submissive wives?

Any Celebrex users here?

Charlie Rose Show - Monday: Dana Milbank (WP) and David Sanger (NYT)

John McCain has broke rank and is siding with Democrats

Police Probe Powder in Senate Building

CBS news- regarding more Kellogg/Brown/Root allegations

Afganistan and American women have what in common?

Colin Powell & * Reuters pic: the eyes never lie

What do we listen to on 3/1?

Can We Still Hold Saddam If We Can't Find The WMDs??

Why hasn't Jay Rockefeller ever run for President?

Have you seen the Buzzflash front page today?

Britt Hume: President Bush never said "iraq iminate threat"

Lou Dobs Poll: "Can Bush-appointed Iraq intel commission be independent?"

If bush* starts drinking again, will the neocons rally around him as

Graphic: Terrorist murderers strike Israel again.

What will my kids be taught about *?

Et tu, Koppel?

Dio Blames Faulty Codpiece for Unscheduled Testicular Cameo

Why do conservatives rail against CFR?

Frist about to speak...CNN NOW

Anybody see Pat Robertson on Hardball?

A new political compass - where are you on it?

Uh oh! O' Really getting ready to DEAL with Janet Jackson

anybody see daily show just now? (2/2/04 ep)

Only 15% of Canadians would vote for * if they could

Rep Harold Ford (D) Tenn is he a DINO?

Just spent $1.78 a gallon for gas at local Exxon(were is the media outcry)

What was so bad about Woodrow Wilson?

Get ready to say "ewwwwww"

Robert Novak slurs through political debate on crossfire, email CNN

The Draft...coming back?

Why do "liberals" defend CBS on this Janet Jackson deal ?

guess ricin will get the attention off those pesky democrats

'Darwin may have been descended from a monkey, but I'm

How Do Right-Wingers Justify Their Stance on the Environment?

I'm going to hear Cornel West speak on Thurs.

Why are Republicans considered better on national security?

Bush Budget - here are some of the cuts

Didn't George Tenant tell Bush that there were no WMD

bush* gets pissed off when a reporter asks 2 questions.

Gore Speech Reveals Saddam was a Bush Sr. Made Man

Let's Make the Tax Code Work For Us

Latest by Michael Ruppert at

Sign the Petition for Bill O'Reilly's long overdue apology

How much $$ could we save if we Outsource the CEOs?!

Sin Tax Poll

Malloy playing * sound from today

Observations of a former Conservative

"We've known for 25 years that there were flaws in our intelligence

A worthwhile thing to name after Reagan

Mary Matalin on the * Campaign: "We're Not Even Suited Up"

Is Senator Graham saying on Senate floor Saudi govt is behind 9/11

Does Anyone think Kid Rock's entrance at Halftime was in poor taste?

Bush is going to crack up before your very eyes.

O'Reilly just said "I want to kill Michael Moore"

Cloak and Dagger Banned by Bush

Ricin in Bill Frists' office...CNN report

SuperBowl Halftime show = BUSH/CALIGULA's America?

Let's Make "WHERE WAS GEORGE?" Our Battle Cry

Classic political works - Reading list

Ohio set to kill another one

Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?",

70,000 gather to tout peace

US divided over proposed crime database project

Bombings Cripple More Than Civilians (like June Iraq Elections)

Zimbabwe probe extended to include US and UK

Democratic Chief Says 'AWOL' Bush Will Be an Issue After a Nominee Emerges

Concerns over policy on Cuba linger

British government floats plans for secret trials of terrorist suspects

Democratic candidates adjust efforts to draw Hispanic vote

Uphill battle for new BBC regime

Armitage defends US intelligence

Clark Motorcade Gets Speeding Ticket (in Oklahoma)

US Officials Knew in May Iraq Possessed No WMD

GOP split stalls highway projects

Intelligence services to be blamed for WMD failures ( 02 February 2004)

Moore Trouble? (Alabama's 10 Commandment Judge to challenge *?)

Official: Bush to pick panel for WMD inquiry

Pakistani Admits Selling Nuclear Secrets - Military

Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

BBC (early Monday): Scientist 'admits' selling nuclear secrets

US Officials Knew IN MAY Iraq Possessed No WMD

Sharon Drops Bombshell: Gaza Settlements to Go


Saudi Arabia's Clerics Set Boundaries on Reforms

Clark blasts Bush on secrecy

White House Says Congress Underestimated New Medicare Costs

RPG fired at army vehicle during Wolfowitz visit

A Clash of CEO Egos Gets Blame in Disney-Pixar Split | LA Times

Personal Income Rises 0.2%; Spending Gains 0.4% (something must give?)

Bush seeking $401.7 billion for defense budget in 2005

Woman says spy charges are bunk | Spokane Spokesman-Review

CBS: Super Bowl Highest Rated in 6 Years

AIDS drug's price soars (400%) | Sacramento Bee

Montana Conservative coalition leaders joining up with national group

Economic News Pushes Stocks Higher

Bush, Boxed in by Deficits, to Propose Lean Budget

Police break up melee; NFL player arrested | Houston Chronicle

Bryant a no-show for hearing | Denver Post

Mo Gov Holden's performance receives thumbs down from most in poll

Cincinnati Mayor calls for repeal of charter amendment

Bush May Need Up to $50 Billion Extra for Iraq

Groundhog Booed As He Sees His Shadow

Germany checks woman for bird flu after Thai trip | Globe and Mail

New tactic in abortion battle | Chicago Tribune

Iran reformists pull out of poll | BBC

Protection or invasion of privacy? (Patriot Act) | Chicago Sun-Times

Poll points to Liberal landslide - National Post (Canada)

Appeal over cannibal verdict | BBC

N.B. MP John Herron considering crossing the floor to join Liberals

Herron set to cross floor to Liberals - Globe and Mail

Gay Democrats dance to different tunes | Guardian

Earth 'shook off' ancient warming | BBC

I'll hand over in good faith, says (Ugandan Pres) Museveni | Monitor

Iraq planning minister urges swift aid injection (donor aid delayed)

This little novice went to Baghdad (24-year old makes bourse)

'Bring them home' (NY) City (KIA) soldier's mom asks Prez

AP Enterprise: Nuclear Black Market Small, Covert and Tight-Knit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 2 February (#1)

Canada's own 'Elvis Priestley' wants to challenge Stronach, resurrect PC's

Bush to pick panel for WMD inquiry

Groundhog Booed As He Sees His Shadow

Approval numbers, reported by CNN.....

Kerry leads Bush in new poll

NASA works to resolve bug that threatens twin Mars rovers

Halliburton in $16M food probe

Vote your choice, not the Polls!

Blue Cross To Offer Partner Benefits (MI)

Drug-laced lollipops being sold, police say (!) | Chicago Tribune

Disney Channel Gets Serious with Sept. 11 Film

CNN-Kerry leads Bush in new poll

Pentagon to begin national missile defense system this summer

Bush Reveals Budget Amid Record Deficits

FCC to investigate Janet Jackson's flash

Army official on budget: Will it be enough?

FDA Probes Use of Antidepressants on Kids

Sharon orders relocation of Gaza settlements

French probe into 'dirty tricks'

Poll points to Liberal landslide (Canada) | National Post

Two Teens Are Shot at D.C. High School

Building explodes in Turkey 2:38 PM 2/2/04

Blair caves in to calls for WMD inquiry into Iraq failures

Blair Paves Way for Iraq WMD Inquiry

Maintenance crews keep helos flying over Iraq (Flying into Ground)

Bush's budget 'will not control deficit' (Financial Times)

Bush asks for tax changes to encourage savings, retirement planning

Suspicious is Right all for the Right.

DOD Identifies Army Casualties - 02-Feb-04

Ricin Letter Found In Anti-Gay Senate Leader's Mail

Ricin in the Senate?

Edwards in Rare Form - Newsday

Sisters May Have Gotten Bird Flu from Brother - THIS IS BAD NEWS

The truth behind No 10's intelligence

Ecuadorean Indian leader attacked (FTAA opponent)

Part of Wen Ho Lee Report Due for Release

Evolution comments (from Cox & Perdue) irk scientists | AJC

Asia's Bird Flu Death Toll Rises to 12

Israel asks State Department to delay human rights report

Iraqi women could lose rights they've had for decades, lawmakers say

Bolivian president seeks calm

Bush Puts Higher Medicare Costs on More Seniors Moving to HMOs, PPOs

France: No Data to Back U.S. Terror Fears

Gore's Son Sentenced to Drug Program

Bush to Consult Kay Before Iraq Probe

Bush wants money for war, but less for nature

"Inflation Skyrockets As Jobs Fall" -- latest economic release

Judge Overturns Virginia Abortion Law

Cinci Mayor Calls For Repeal Of Nation's Most Repressive Anti-Gay Law

PM (John Howard) admits weapons claims may have been wrong...

British Iraq inquiry announcement 'soon'

Iraq's missing weapons: an inquiry is forced upon Blair

Halliburton Branch to Pause Meal Billing

Ex-presidents, Johnson widow call for JFK film probe

Bush May Need Up to $50 Billion Extra for Iraq

Bush* Reaches Back to His Conservative Base

Intelligence Panel Will Cast Net Beyond Iraq

Judge overturns Virginia 'partial-birth' abortion law

Bush Fell Asleep During Super Bowl, Didn't See Controversial Halftime Show

Poll: Bush approval hits new low (CNN/Gallup/USA Today)

Army Study of Iraq War Details a 'Morass' of Supply Shortages

Lieberman Endorsed By South Carolina Newspapers

Breaking on CNN - Ricin found in Senate office bldg

Wolfowitz: Iraq Attacks Show U.S. Efforts Succeeding

Crude rises $1.93 to $34.98 a barrel

Lamb Slaughter Rankles Va. Community

Janet Jackson Apologizes for (Deliberately) Bared Breast

Republican takes strong stand against war, Bush

Congress to probe [Super] Bowl act

MSNBC just off the wire FCC Powell taking actionon the CBS Janet /

You know, 770am is advertising and I really think IF I had the chance I

Babes Against Bush vs Babes for Bush

Write your own Rolling Stone headline for...

Three more until 300!

What's tickin' off freeper-types more

Is Janets Breast a plot of the Dreaded Liberal Media

Poor Nelly...

ok, back to football. any rioting in beantown tonite?

A thought that I had while watching the silly man on the moon opener

Patriot's Fan

Janets' boobs more powerful than Clintons' member?

Suntan season is coming - another cat pic


Lucy Lawless Gave Janet The Idea... Singing The National Anthem No Less

Now that the giggling has died down, you want some real hypocrisy?

You know, all this talk...

I thought Janet looked great at halftime

James Joyce born February 2, 1882

I'm hitting the sack, but before I go!

CBS couldn't POSSIBLY air something as controversial as the MoveOn Ad

George and Laura watched the game from their special seats....

Janet's breast brought to you by white house drug ads

Herb and Thelma didn't understand what all the fuss was about halftime...

So who won the Superbowl?

Which local columnists are really annoying you lately?

The fashion statement for the socially consciences

24 Fun Things to do in an Elevator...........This is funny!

What timing. Tuned away from Superbowl just as JJ came on

Do Canadians dig the Superbowl? Who do they root for?

I think it's going to take dong to top it next year

Get your Rant off in this thread.........Anyone brokenhearted?

Will the New England Patriots be the team of the 0t's?

Andy Serkis deserves a giant f**king award

Here is a weird thing THAT's why they call it a BOOB TUBE.

George's illegitimate son........

Weimar II?

might be getting a dog next weekend

I've got to be the dumbest person in the world. But...

At last a glimer of truth in media


Today is Feb what?

When do you do your taxes?

What I noticed about "the" picture

weird news...from around the country and around the world

Greetings from Cambodia

So I love my wife.....


Should we have a "DU Books" Forum?

On Eid: A Message from Bush (Put your sound on!)

On Second Thought, The Boob Was 100% Appropriate

Actual headline: "Edwards' wife a 'real' person"

anyone else think Mindy Tucker is attractive or sexy?

Actual headline: "Kucinich's wife an 'imaginary' person"

Notes from the Counter Programming

Serious question here: Just who buys those Justin Timberlake CD's?

Kitten Video: "Play With Me... Come On! Let's Play!"

Sounded like the Super Bowl halftime thing was rated R.

Go Pats!

Punxsutawney Phil gets booed

Are you upset about boobie-gate?

Are you hung over this AM?

I had to sort through 829,347 JanetBoob™ threads before I found out...

The Latest CD From "MOLOKO"... A Mere $41.49 At Amazon.Com

Groundhog sees his shadow

For equality's sake: The SB Streaker

A public Thank you guys and gals for coming to the Super Bowl Party !

February, the Month of Smoke

New train service travels from Adelaide to Darwin

Punxsutawney Phil gets stoned

The OFFICIAL day-after Austin Super Bowl Party THREAD!

What happened to the Britney/Beyonce commercial?

How Adoring Repukes see Ann Coulter

What's with all the outrage about "defacing the flag"?

That settles it! Next year I WILL watch the Super Bowl!

Any fans of the group Doves? Who else should I listen to?

Bright Blessings on Imbolc...

What a crock o' shit!

Even more offensive than Janet's breast (long and RANTY)

To Keep You Abreast Of The Titillating Story...

Techie Names First Son Version 2.0

Open Letter to my Cats:

Moveon ad just ran CNN

Talk to the CAPTION...

It's Not Whether You Win Or Lose... It's How You Play The Game

Why is midnight "12:00 AM" and noon "12:00 PM"?

would anybody be making a big stink if justin bared his breasts?

making a county party recruiting poster, need advice.

Feb. 2: This day in African-American history

prepping for the day by sleeping off prev nite's binge?

For opera lovers

Was anyone else disgusted by the Columbia tribute?

Woo hoo! I can bet on the Super Bowl!

Michael Powell only man in US who didnt enjoy seeing Janets boob

Happy "Square Root Day"!

Police break up melee; NFL player arrested | Houston Chronicle

Kerry will never win the South now --

I am ticked about the breast incident too and it stems back to MoveOn

Superbowl Bud/Clydsdales commercial where little LOUD Donkey...

Look at this Fat Cat

This is an outrage about the children !!!

letter to the DNC....excuse me if it is a dupe...

Streaker SHOT! Wooo HOOOOO!

I would like to apologize in advance

Mom freaked after kids read article on Russian nuclear exercises

Another Janet Boob Pic and Video - High Quality

That's it! I want out of the 700 club!

This is my public "THANK YOU" to Bearfan454 for the Super Bowl party!

Boob aside, that half time show STUNK

CBS: Trashy halftime show ok, 1 trillion $ deficit ad unacceptable

How does a streaker get there?

The Groundhog Day '04 Report

I need your input!

Freeper Victorians--Flesh at Halftime

Veggie Restaurant

I've had a bad day- be gentle with me

Want to hear slaves? I mean REAL slaves talking?

Monday Morning Kick-Ass Resume Thread

NFL: "It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime."

Can someone please photo shop this picture for me....Please

I don't want to go to work today

Text of Bush* pre-game speech

Appeal over cannibal verdict | BBC

Looking for a caption, but(t)...........................

What will you leave behind, when you .. well you know..?

Week of 2/2: What word will dominate the news cycle?

Exposed Breast Photograph -- warning -- graphic! TITILLATING in fact...

Forget Janet's boobie. What about Toby Keith wearing a U.S. flag? [rant]

Warning small personal rant.

A question about breasts, and not Janet's.

Now THIS is a boobie shot... again, quite graphic..

Beachfront House w/ 200 acres..for only $400,000.00..Let's buy it !!!

Nipple of mass destruction?

Create your own "what states have I visited" map!

What blows my mind about the half-time show last night .....

Beat the NippleGate topic to a pulp here:

Have you ever snorted tequila?

Anybody know anything about "Results for America Campaign"

Virtual bubble wrap for those who are virtually bored....

What article of clothing do you sleep in?

Anybody who's been tortured by Karaoke will LOVE this:

Punxsutawney Phil Bares Breast During Annual Show

Vitamin Supplements: Useful or Total BS?

I AGREE with Rush!

OMG! I may be mentioned in the NYT.....

Lost Wallet Returned After 40 Years (Cash Intact)

can't WAIT until the boob threads are over....

At any rate, when does NBC get the NFL contract, again?

What did Kid Rock do at the Super Bowl?

How many of you have been infiltrating repub blog sites?

Why would anyone think it's ok to....

got my screamin dean hoodie

Dave will dance for you

Here's Hoping Ann Coulter Never Has a "Wardrobe Malfunction"

I had a fight with a good friend.

Dictator of Sit-Com Character

new Savage Weiner advertiser Enzyte

I just fixed my software by altering it's code! Ask me anything!

Is your LSAT score really the most important factor...

Novak speech impedement?

Lawsuit from hell!!

I'm pure evil and I won't apologize for it.

Another geek ruins childs life

I just Googled "Dishonest Dubya"

I need help with Republican quotes.

Is it all that important for a President to be "likable"?

Oh man..... falling.... asleep.....

Anyone read Sleeping With the Devil? - Washington Saudi oil connection

Googled "Vietnam Deserter"

When you are drunk and want to shop online, go here

I'm job hunting...

New search engine.. especially appropriate for today

Gratuitous boobie poll!!!!

I'm going back to Ohio, I'll talk to everyone when I get there

"V" day is coming!

# of times the Janet's boob tape will air on CNN today?

Don't you feel bad for the Patriots now?

anybody see

It's possible it was a malfunction

"Do it yourself" Plug 'n Pray Holy War kit.. (Is it a joke??)

Boob v. Bush? (a poll)

Tom Brady ~ Super Bowl MVP with Larry the Lizard

Any folks use ecash or comcheck?

Is it just me, or does Florida look like a penis?

You have to watch this

Filming starts on the sequel to GET SHORTY

Timberlake Learns From Bush.

A Thank You To Geneva Overholser For Her Protest Of Brit Hume.

I'm about to cook ...

anyone heard from playahata1 since her cancer thread?

Salem is home.

Bush Exposed!

Massive West Coast layoffs coming to Wells Fargo

POAC/White Rose Message Board Restored

My house has catnip all over place

Take a "Boobie Break" (seizure-prone should beware)

Whoa! 20 deer outside my house in the woods!

OK DU chefs, make me look good.

BOOBY Poll at 50% - 50 % re FCC Investigation to clothes "malfunction"!

"Judge Orders Temporary Gag Order in Sex Toys Arrest Case"

PKD's Flow My Tears; Valis; & Radio Free Albemuth Optioned

do the freepers blame Clinton for EVERYTHING?

I'm 28 posts away from 5000, ask me absolutely anything.

Fantasy Super Bowl Halftime Shows

CBS apologizes for boob-baring segment in Super Bowl pregame show

Favorite Joseph Campbell site ?

Did the Emperor* do his "Der Fuhrer welcomes you to the 1936 Olympics"

Phew!! No radioactive clouds over Manhattan today!

Now the DU search function is even better!

This four day break is driving me BONKERS!!!!!!!!

Kucinich is still God just wanted to change my sig pic!!!

February 2nd in rock 'n' roll history

Hey George W. Bush will you...umm.....resign?

Never mind the boobage, how about the game?

We have a humanities professor at my school named Richard House

You know what sucks about all these Janet threads.

WOOHOO! I'm reinstated after being banned! Ask me anything...

Think of the senior citizen sports fans like me!

Freeper idiocy at work

mmmmmm.....fresh bread right from the oven

Alright, who wants to marry me?

Energy Drinks...

Anybody remember the "Live Aid" Concert

So, I missed Sex and the City last night.

FCC poised to slap CBS - FCC Memo from Chairman

Excuse me, I want to get married.

Does anyone else drink Absinthe???

My 1000th post. Thanks, DUers, for

Yet Another Janet Post (but still a good read, I hope)

Pick a Celebrity & A Song You'd Like To Hear Them Sing

Hey anyone.... will you, um... marry me?

Any SC, GA, NC, AL, MIS, folks left here on DU? Can any of you decipher

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals (P.E.T.A.)

Something to ask your freeper coworkers/family/etc

How much does getting your wisdom teeth out suck?

I have a BIG confession to make

eek! My cats are walking around naked! Damn Janet!

Here is an interesting what if.

Happiness is... being carded at the liquor store.

The ethics of penguin smacking?

The Naked Chef's restaurant busted for buying "dodgy" salmon

Kid Rock

I've been married all my life, Run Away!

Have you ever had a "wardrobe malfunction"?

some specs for Xbox Next are revealed!

Boiled eggs, just put them on

Who is single on DU?

Hey Oscar de la Hoya... will you marry me?

Worst January Ever....

damn, my voice sounds like John Edwards today!

it WAS a wardrobe malfunction!

Funny pic

I just bid on a Perfect Storm hat

Here's a REALLY cool website.

If we could get Freepers and Bush Republicans laid more often

Any lawyers in the house? Free speech question

I really really want to quit smoking. Any advice?

DU Lesbians - what do you think of "The L Word"?

I'm having a CAT scan tomorrow.

My server crashed so my website isn't working. Ask me anything!

Eeks another breast baring preformer!!

AOL - Ashcroft Online 1.0: A funny flash!

Did I wake up in the Victorian Era???

1/20/01, 1/20/05

Anyone wanna divorce me?

YUMMY! - Mama's recipe for Disaster

Who should DOLO AMBER marry?:

All right! I've got $350 coming back from the I.R.S.

So, I'm listening to Atlantas New Talk Radio and The Janet Boob-gate

I hope I have a new water heater waiting at home...

Now a musical break courtesy of the late great Walrus of Love:

Women: don't define yourself by a number, buy men's clothes!

make up your own reason, but ask me anything!

I just saw a fox!

Funny job postings, DOD-style.

Anyone like weird music??

The halftime entertainment 40 years ago...

Happy * Groundhog's Day, Mr President

Naomi Klein, will you marry me?

400 POSTS!

Newest Registered Democrat

I just want to embarrass the heck out of 2Sailsgirls

Digitally enhanced version of that SuperBowl streaker pic here

Hey, what about the naked streaker at the Super Bowl???


DU chat tonight

Coolest. Website. Ever.

Hey Susan Sarandon...will you, um...marry me?

In honor of impending Valentines...My favorite Love Stories

Clinton should have used the 'wardrobe malfunction' defense

Now that the NFL season is over, grade your team!

To all Athletic Supporters, I just want to say

Daily Showing talking about the SB

I'm back from Tennessee ask me anything

met w/the benefits lady | kiss health insurance goodbye!

You Make Me Wanna Shout!

Anybody like Deep Purple?

Your reaction to the half time show - kids or no kids....

ABC Nightline: Ted hosts a show of boobs

Gerbil found working as a coal miner

How old should you be before you see a womans bared breast

What's DU like under a Democratic Admin?


I wonder when PETA is going to file a tight-assed protest...

Will my friend be harassed by Homeland Security?

I'm NOT Ashamed To Admit It... And I Will NOT Apologize For It...

Anyone remember Egg Creams?

If I Laugh Too Hard, Or Too Long, Or Too Loud... I Get Hiccups!!

Anyone see Rob courddry's take on super bowl commercials

The Brilliance of Janet Jackson...

Tell me what acts they will have for Halftime at SuperBowl 2005

Anyone else addicted to VH1's "Bands Reunited"?

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Own Birthday?

To Arwalden: Thank you for the wonderful "Superbowl is Gay"clip.

Do you want to see some cute pictures.............Awwwww!

Yay, I finally got a picture of Quinn's sister :)


Dixie or Yankee? Quiz

Janet Jackson assimilated by the Borg

A winter hike through the Dunes: A photographic journey

Inappropriate Doctor names ....

OMG!! Just Saw Dennis Miller's show. It's like a bloody train wreck.

Any Celebrex users here?

Quick question about dating....

When Should A Child Stop Breast Feeding?

How old are you?

Signing off....

Have you ever gotten your senses mixed up?

Last week, I put up posters about our upcoming caucus on Sun.

How will you prepare your taxes?

I'll be jiggered! There ARE Democrats in Colorado!

WOO-HOO! I just hit 10,000 POSTS!

Veterans Group comments on Kid Rock's flag stunt.

Question: Is the word "queer" offensive to gays and lesbians?

Now, when I was just a little boy

What the heck just happened on CSI: Miami tonight?

One tired pResident!!

Parents Name Baby "2.0"

Landover Baptist video on Cspan...hysterical

Were you a feisty liberal kid?

Funny/weird Regional Expressions: Share them here!

my neck is killing me, should I see a chiropractor?

Everybody should listen to Rush!

Enlighten this furrinah, part 923,847: what exactly New England is?

Fear the Detroit Tigers (?)

Janet Jackson's Boob is a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

What are those things in the Quiznos commercial?

So I was talking about misogyny, and the males in the house are both upset

Super Bowl 2005 Halftime Show: "Up With People", Debby Boone,

Which is more likely to cause the downfall of America?

Relationship status:

Would anyone care to discuss Nabokov's "Lolita" ?

Anyone noticed Pretzel Monkey before?

Sleepy Kitten Video... Awwww!

This pic is soooo begging for a caption:

Caption the con man

Caption this photo! The coward and the marine...

"Storm Watch" "Storm Track", "Late Breaking Storm Report" - WTF????

Groundhog Day! What Will Happen if ZW Sees His Shadow?

Give George W. Bush a well earned slap!

Alright, who would actually marry me?

First All-Star Survivor voted off.

Hey dolo amber... will you, um... marry me?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad (Black History Month) February 02, 04

Worst Name for a Business....

Why did Trippi criticize Dean's opponents for one state strategies

Leading EnvironmentalistsEndorse Clark

The Nation editors call for Nader to not run

John Kerry is...

No Skull or Bones for Bush

WP: The Rock and Roll Past of John Kerry

Absolute insanity

Dang it ... I've listened to them all and I still want Dean.

So Kerry (or some other candidate) can't win in the south?

Deleted message

Greetings from Teresa

ABB has been replaced by ABK

On Jan. 26 SUSA has Kerry 33, Dean 28 in NH

Happy Dance! Dean is coming to my city Tuesday!!!!!

Kerry Endorsed by Organized Crime Figure

The beating of Bush

Michigan - Gov. Granholm gives support to Sen. Kerry

Just an observation...Trippi was a fundraiser, Neel is a campaign manager.

I feel guilty because I simply do not like a certain candidate.

IWR: Clark, Byrd, Kennedy, Constitution vs Kerry et al

'You are important,' Gert Clark tells voters in Wilmington

unloyalty oaths?

Washington and Lee students pick Kerry for Democratic nomination

Left at the Altar, Missouri Seeks New Groom at the Last Minute

Why some people will not vote for Kerry in the primary or GE...

How do you feel about this Edwards-related headline?

Dear Terry McAuliffe

W&L students pick Kerry in landslide at mock convention

W. Post front page story on Edwards today

Drilling in ANWR is in in Bush* budget. Last year, Kerry said he would

Kerry's 2002 election results

Dean seeks support at north side church {Milwaukee}

More on "early voting"

Kerry, Edwards Boasts Hardly Tell Story/Center for Public Integrity

Results of 1/30-2/1 Zogby polling---

Portland Press-Herald Endorses Edwards

Kerry's numbers soar after Will Pitt moves to Kucinich.

WA: Fervor for Dean starting to wane

New Dean strategy raises eyebrows

All Clark Supporters check in

Here's a thought, if Lieberman is (he says) a middle of the road moderate

Dean is getting desperate, talking about Kerry's botox

The Media and Howard Dean - The Nation

Dean on MTW

Has anyone else (besides Dean on MTP) pointed to Cheney as a lawbreaker?

Why isn't Dean attacking Chimpy about his AWOL like Kerry and Clark are?

Democratic Chief Says 'AWOL' Bush Will Be an Issue After a Nominee Emerges

The Today Show ran a piece on Kerry-Chung Dealings......

We all need to think long and hard about our vote in the GE.

Dean supporters gather over 10,000 signatures

Voters rip Democrats’ oath plan (SC)

Why Dean is still the one

Clark, a man of action

Here's proof the media turned on Dean

John Edwards and his knife of DOOM!!!

Deleted message

Question for Kerry supporters re: fiscal discipline

Dean should get the man that inspired Trippi to take back America

Who's In The Best Position to Attack Bush Where He's Weakest?

Just talked to a friend of mine

There Seems to be a Disconnect

The voting public in this country is so stupid it's pathetic. Hear me out

Is it wrong to like Pat Buchanan?

Andrew Sullivan on Dean

Yikes, The Note slams Dean on MTP yesterday, they defend Kerry

First Lady (Smoker) Warns Women on Heart Disease

Gay Democrats dance to different tunes | Guardian

How many of you have been infiltrating repub blog sites?

Battle Of The Rednecks

Clark motorcade gets speeding ticket

I still have this ill-feeling that the Clark campaign has neo-con moles

Edwards Criticizes Kerry Over Donations

Thank you for talking about the Botox. -from a Kerry suppoter

Is it me, or Does Kerry seem inevitable?

Tracking Poll: Edwards Ahead in S.C., Clark Up in Okla.

Columbia State endorses Lieberman

Who thinks Soros' comments on Kerry makes him a Johnny Come Lately?

Spitzer: "Kerry will Fight for Every American against Special Interests"

The Osama Ad, who dunnit?

Skull And Bones (from CBS 60 minutes Oct 2003

Blitzer-Kucinich (for we who complain about coverage)

Is Dean a "Major" candidate?

oops wrong forum

My mission: making sure nobody I know votes for Kerry in GE

A thought about getting out the Bush record

Dean was told to steal Clark's Tax Plan

Novak: Bush's Credibility Problem

Thick skin serves Kucinich in S.C.

Anybody but this guy! Can we stop this Dukakis2?

Dean's offensive Botox comments

Why Clark is the Best even the Dean people think so:

South Carolina Democratic Party drops primary oath

The Criticisms Leveled Against Candidates On This Forum Are....

Who else doesn't care if the candidates get Botox?

Dean of Sealed Records will Get No Respect for "Special Interests" Ploy

Music to my ears . . .

Darn it - they did it again - Clark

Hmm? Kerry is NOT a progressive?

Judy Woodruff: Dean's lowered expectations

Schneider (CNN) report compares Dean to Vampire (literally)

Democrats against Kerry?

Latest ARG polls, SC, OK AZ etc. Feb. 2

If Kerry wins tomorrw, will Dean supporters blame the DLC or Skull & Bones

Roy Neel tired of being called "the ultimate Washington insider"

What if Kerry looses Tennessee and Virginia?

Hopefuls gear for Hispanic Tuesday

Who Is Really Responsible For The New Energy In The Democratic Party

Does Skull and Bones actually matter to you?

For all non-Clark supporters....

How can we get media to stop ignoring Clark?

Kerry and Special Interest Money - How he ranks vs ALL other Senators

Deleted message

Dean's supporters are getting blamed for things they don't do

We aren't imagining bias against Clark

How is Lieberman any different than your average Connecticut Republican?

Dean Issues Statement on Kerry Missing 36 of 38 Medicare Votes

Quinnipiac poll has Kerry +8 over Bush, +30 over all other Dems

Who, if not Clark, can carry these torches for us?

NYT: Figures Detail Dean's Slide From Solvent to Struggling

Clark statement on Black History Month

If asked, candidates should DENOUNCE CBS for Halftime show

The latest Bully George comic discusses "fiscally conservative" economics

New Quinnipiac Poll, Kerry crushes Bush 51-43

Radio Free Dean on air tonight

Kerry/Ford...any thoughts?

Clark's Martin Luther King Day Speech - (It is Excellent)

Clark Supporters: Newest CNN/USA poll

CSPAN>>>>CLARK forum....NOW...6pm eastern monday

Convention organizers look elsewhere for cash - Washington lobbyists

If we support Kerry in March and not February, so what?

How Many Contested Elections And Caucuses Will Joe Lieberman Win?

How Many "Contested" Primaries And Caucuses Will Howard Dean Win??

Pinkerton/NEWSDAY on Kerry--"will continue to buzz with honey-suckers"

Clark Shocked By Bush Budget

Dean was amazing on Meet The Press.

CNN doing a spot on AWOL Bush right now

Question about Kerry

Sleeping with wolves. Dean and Monsanto.

Have the candidates all ruled out 3rd party?

Whats happening in the big states

Does Hillary have more experience than Edwards?

Of JFK, Mrs. Heinz Kerry and haircuts:World turns toward White House race

It's scary to agree with Andrew Sullivan - Dean Article

Okay its the "Im a man" thing again

Electoral College Survey

John Kerry's Record: One You Can Dance To

Dean in Tacoma and spokane on Feb 3.

John Kerry in Seattle Tuesday Feb.3rd

Kerry behind * & Dean in healthcare, communications&electronics donations

Dean has raised 3 million in the past two weeks. How about the others?

I sure hope Dean lives up to his challenge to support nominee

2/2 Survey USA poll shows Edwards surging in Oklahoma! 2 pts behind Clark!

Has the news media been fair to your candidate?

Sharpton working behind the scenes to oust Rangel

I have given so much to Dean. Everything and still I give...

Vote your choice, not the polls!

Why has George Bush gone down so fast in the polls in one month ?

ha, something to lighten up the mood in here.....

Edwards and Kerry Snipe Over Donations

Polls looking good for Democrats, bad for Bush and the Republicans

Edwards on C-span

I would like to issue an apology to the Dean supporters

How much influence does the mass media wield over our elections?

Just thought of the arguments the right "have" "against" Dean

My hat's off to the DU Kerry supporters !

Fervor for Dean starting to wane

I HATE the CNN bottom feeders!

What does your man say about 9/11?

Wellstone $817,247 PAC money

Rothenberg on Dean: "As a strategy, it is a loser's strategy"

Dean may have just the right strategy...

Kerry has the world's attention

Dumbest non-issue attack on any candidate

Charles Lewis, Ctr for Public "Integrity"

The tide is turning, thanks goes to Dean

Gov. Locke endorses Kerry for president

I will not support Kerry at any time until he has received 2162 delegates.

Clark blasts Bush on secrecy

Clark on CSpan in OK city 7pm CST

RWDSU Endorses Kerry

No TV and No Polls.......I'm okay.....Why are all of you still doing this?

Clark shaking hands on C-Span at tire plant

Hardball just brought up the AWOL subject.

AP: Edwards criticizes Kerry over lobbyists, trade

Edwards takes on Kerry Special Interest funding

Exposing Dean's lie about Kerry's experience and record as Senator

Sheet Metal Workers International Endorse Kerry

If Kerry Wins 5 States Tomorrow, Is It OVER? Could he Blow Such A Lead?

Why the Long Face? Kerry caught in damage-control lie.

AP: Kerry Leapfrogs Dean in Delegate Count

Dayton says time may be near to unite behind Kerry

WMD: Dennis Kucinich Was Right

Dean's Labor Backers Sticking With Him

John Kerry makes final push today in Tucson, Arizona...

Havoc in the Cornfields

Super Tuesday Voters Only: Who Gets Your Vote? (Check in)

Kerry is America's richest senator - $164-211 Million

John Edwards in his hometown on C-Span!

Defense of Kerry -by

Kerry on Paula Zahn

Has anybody found a poll showing Kerry leading Bush in a red state?

Hey dudes, we should be so happy now - where is the love?

Is anyone else suspicious of the sudden rise of John Kerry?

John Edwards on Letterman Wednesday night

To those who are so upset about Kaus now

Now the DU search function is even better!

In The Lead

Clark-Kerry: a rivalry of Army-Navy, general-lieutenant for veterans' vote

Gary Hart on Fox.

Wow...CNN: Kerry 53% - Bush 46%

Dean Says He Can Win New Mexico

Do you feel betrayed?

OK! Predictions for tomorrow's primaries:

If Bush is sure to lose in November

New Mexico Absentee ballots were sent out 1/2/04

Clark Supporters, I got a reply from CNN about the media bias...


You Are A Republican Strategist: How / What Do You Attack Kerry On?

Why I'm Rooting for Dean (Time)

North Dakota and Michigan caucus question

We forced LBJ out of the White House, we can do it again!


If kerry is the nominee

I'm a Dean supporter...but I'll never be down on Kerry for S&B

Clark Takes On "Republican Mean Machine"

imagine a brokered convention...

This is why I am voting for Lieberman

John Kerry/Jane Fonda smear

Feb. 3rd Prediction thread, what do you think will happen?

The DU Feburary 3rd prediction thread

Which candidate can bring in the most swing voters?

Malloy riffing on Skull & Bones, Kerry,

Clark People: Listen to this campaign story!

Does Kerry have women problems?

Deleted message

I vote tomorrow in Oklahoma and my vote will go to Clark

NYTimes: Kerry learned to stump by watching Edwards!

Kerry campaign playing Toby Keith song at events.

Al Sharpton on The Tavis Smiley Show tonight on PBS

Could Congressional Democrats propose an anti-gerrymandering amendmant?

The Daily Show is the best show on television

Albuquerque Journal Rips Kerry and Edwards hard today on

Dean Campaign Lays Off About 12 Staffers

Spitzer backs Kerry

ann coulter on john kerry

VP running mates

CNN/Gallup/USA Today has Edwards beating Bush in latest poll

How do we deal with lies that aren't really lies

24,000 absentee votes cast over a week ago in New Mexico

I make NO apologies for ANY of our candidates raising funds

A Feb. 3 Vote for Clark is a Vote for Dean

Dean Supporters -- Stay Strong.

If Kerry is worth >164 million....

Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington) Endorses Kerry

To all Candidate Supporters, I just want to wish you all

Clark supporters, Check in if you have a little time Tuesday

A SC'linian's view of the Dem Candidates:Gathering of Political Critters!

Time to unite and get rid of the divider (Clark Editorial on PlanetOut)

Dean gone too far.

Matthews: "There's 3 candidates, 4 if you count Clark."

Deleted message

Smooch the Kooch!!!!!

Feb. 3rd Prediction Thread, here's mine, what's yours???

I love Oklahoma!

What will be the comeback state for Dean?

Why Kerry gets a pass from non supporters but Dean doesn't

So who IS the most "electable"?

Binary Kerry v Lieberman Poll

The primary system does not needs changing...

Kerry strengthens his grip as Dean runs out of funds

The enemy is George W. Bush

Should we nominate a Southerner because they're from the South?

"Give Us Barrabas"

Kerry leads Dems, Bush in Quinnipiac Poll

Dean supporters -- what are your thoughts about forming a 3rd party?

Kerry to receive endorsement of Eliot Spitzer in Albuquerque, 10AM today

55 US Ambassadors & Diplomats Endorse Clark

Is This A Logical Reason Not To Vote For Howard Dean?

Max Cleland's revenge: John Kerry

Clark Endorsed By Alabama Legislators

S.C. Just Dropped Democrat Oath. Repub and Indi can vote w/out Changing

Are you a Kucinich first kind of person who will vote for Kerry?

If Kerry Can Bring Out The AWOL Issue, What About The Coke Toots?

A simple point why Kerry should be the nominee

So is Al Gore looking at John Kerry beating bush* in the latest polls

Dean of Sealed Records Gets No Respect For Kerry"Special Interest" Ploy

Kerry is his own man. If you don't think so, state why.

'Learjet Lawyers' bankrolling Edwards

ABC World News Tonight Slammed Kerry re: Special Interests

Dean, Kerry, Clark: Which One Did NOT Accept a Soros Fundraiser?

Alberquerque Tribune Endorses Clark In New Mexico

FYI: Examples of Kerry sponsored legislation

Kerry and the Firefighters: Why?

Edwards observes unwritten rules in visiting Southern black church

A Loosened Kerry Wins Over Crowds at Rallies

Who should speak at the Democratic Convention?

Clark is our best candidate and our best shot to win

Don't be stampeded into backing any candidate.

Can you describe your candidates' appeal in 100 words or less?

For those of us for whom Kerry is not a first choice: a consolation

My respect for Dean has just increased greatly...

Kucinich is the only candidate who will make Roe v. Wade a litmus test

Congressional Voting: Kerry Voted for Iraq War & Kucinich Voted Anti-Choic

OMG, you mean Edwards was a lawyer defending people from big corporate?

Kerry's stance on taxes and Dean...

Dean Radio for America

Bandwagon jumpers: Caution!

Why I'm For Kucinich; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the

Kucinich peacewalker could use some bux

I am offended by campaign speech in Spanish

Sleeps With Wolves ( John Kerry and Monsanto )

Kerry races ahead of Dean in Michigan poll

KerryFans, Give Thanks with Positive Posts. Celebrate The Magic!