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Archives: February 19, 2004

Putting a spotlight on a dark secret in Mauritania

“Wake Up, America!” --Wake Up Laughing, and Wake Up Loving

Dupe, please delete

Guardian: Bush 'bending science to his political needs'

Dual-military families feel strain of back-to-back tours in Iraq

Matt Thompson (TAP): Shifting Gears (must read about Bush Daytona visit)

WSWS: The rise and fall of Howard Dean

Harley Sorensen (San Francisco Chronicle): Selling The War Without Lying

Not quite a dream team.

Did Bill O'Reilly apologze?

great letter to the editor

Child Abuse

Playing "War President"

Kerry Vs. the Chickenhawks

Molly Ivins: Life without Dean

Green Berets do battle space preparation

Bush is more expendable than you think

Robert Novak: Kerry and Jane

Bush Economic Team Suffering "economic deafness"

David Frum on NPR

Bush Plays Bait-and-Switch With 9/11 Panel: Marie Cocco

Chalabi stands by faulty intelligence that toppled Saddam's regime

Dear Ann V. you don't have a clue about Mad Cow!!!

Utah's petty little stand can't stop gay-marriage avalanche

The Collapse of New Russia

Haifa Zangana (Guardian Utd): Why Iraqi women aren't complaining

Hot on the Heels of Grandmas. Yes, dear, it's the IRS.

ZINN: The Ultimate Betrayal

William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut): The One You've Been Waiting For

Whither the Nation? -- Ralph Nader responds to The Nation

God's Contract only with Republicans?

If The Foundations Be Destroyed -Falwell (SCARY!!!)

Bush's disturbing sleeping disorder (HST)

"No End To War" by PAT BUCHANAN!!! Pat enters Bizzarro World

Kurds demonstrate all-over the world

Charlotte, NC DUers - Bush is coming to town!

February 24, Stop the Corporate Invasion of Iraq - Nationwide

NYC: 2/28-29 10-6 Grassroots Media Conference

need to write Tom Ambrose/World Net Daily about Ann's smear of Max Cleland

A call for help and advice: how do you fight city hall?

Austin, TX DUers - BBV Watch Training 2/21/04

Texas Activism

Protest tips needed--Dick Cheney fundraising in my town next week.

Bay Area DUers March 20th 2004 ...Gathering Plan of Action Thread

Wake-Up Time - By Alterman & Tomasky

So long, Steve...

Qwest founder buys SF Examiner

I am SO sick of turning on c-span

Fscking Wash post required registration!!!!!!

Moyers Quits PBS???

Peculiar Bush News Conference Makes it into Snopes


Behold the new Hannity masterwork:"DELIVER US FROM EVIL"

Most Despicable Right Wing TV Pundit

Phe's (make-up) shared thought for 2/16/4;

Phe's shared thought for 2/19/4;

Attention Minnesota DUers!

Crawl Back and go see Richard Thompson on his current tour

Isn't it time for scientists to get a little partisan?

Minnesota Caucus - Presidential Preference Ballot Important

Astrologers what do you see for Edwards

The judge overseeing the gay marriage case is the grandson of Earl Warren

Bill Maher on Gay Marriage - right on target

May I see your papers, please?

PBS FrontLine example of Tax shelter hiding Corporate/Rich income from Tax

This will cut down the Nasdaq balloon

Time running out on US tax breaks, Lamy warns (EU will sanction)

WH 3% job growth projection=3.8m new jobs in 04 -- doesn't pass laugh test

Seems Japan's economy has CEO'S that refuse to restructure/admit error

Yahoo stops using Google in US

This NAFTA thing

George W. Bush will be the first President since Herbert Hoover to. . .

For people who are economists or economics students: WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR

"Coal's Lure through the Centuries," discussion with Barbara Freese

Bush refuses panel's advice to better finance climate-change research

Black Death vaccine developed

Russia: UBS Says Oil Boom Will Last at Least a Decade (others skeptical)

Cantwell pushes plan to expand Mt. Rainier park

ok, I've got a growing algae on a waste stream

Fusion Power alternative in the works ?

Scientists Say Administration Distorts Facts - NYT

DPP shines torch on Lien's stock

China gets tough on rampant corruption, mine safety

Beware blue-camp collaborators

Arab female judges speak of their struggle

Yemen, Saudi reach compromise on border

Portuguese court acquits seven women of illegal abortion charges

After yoga and Sunday shopping, Croatia's Catholic Church targets condoms

Woman's abortion experience shows how Portugal's strict laws hit the poor

Colombian rebel leader said to be dying of cancer

Aceh rebels elude military

Analysis: U.S. caucus idea dead in Iraq

All hail Lien the Equivocator - TW

Mayor builds a deadly model in stopping crime - PI

"Baby hatches," nameless childbearing serve as German abortion alternative

Human Rights Watch: Iran--Reformist Newspapers Muzzled Before Election

NH Senate votes yea on "Vermont style" carry bill

Kansas Starts Hearings on Concealed Carry Bill

Fake firearms have police concerned

DU et al in Defense of Hunting on National Wildlife Refuges

Where will i see a response to an appeal...

Love the new upgrades.

Just a comment


Some creative editing going on AFTER flames war ignited

My avatar shows up in my profile page

Cleanup in Aisle 3, please!


How much $ do you need to donate

Multiple Voting on Polls

Please revoke my membership

Might want to take a peek into GD-P2004...

Hi Skinner

Displaying links to related atricles

I'd like a clarification

DU Cookies

Could we raise the number of allowable items on a poll

Some questions about the near future:

Just wanted to thank the mods

How long do the black marks stay on the record...

Question about Al Sharpton

I never do this, but I'm here to protest a locking

You might want to take care of this...

To belabor a point


"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"

Admiral Kidd calls Israelis "Murderous Bast*&%ds

Qorei urges polls, deployment of peacekeepers

"The Cause of Israel is the Cause of America"

Prodi Says Anti-Semitism Not at Level of 1930s

Syria Makes Overture To Israel

Israel's new fighter jets arrive in a "storm"

'Smugglers' shot in south Israel

A brief history of Sharonism

Young Israeli settlers wage 'war of olives'

The Bush administration gets caught in yet another lie.

FEC Issues New Limits on Big Donations

Perry, Norquist and a bunch of suits in the Bahamas?

Edwards weighs states to target

If Frontline can explain Tax shelter loss,made up by us,can Kerry/Edwards?

What does Edwards do if he loses the nom and doesn't get VP?

Under Bush CEO pay up from 31 times average manufacturing wage to 44 times

Edwards Has Some 'Splainin' To Do On China Trade Vote - Kerry Too

Today CNN's Schneider posits that Repugs voted for Edwards to get at Kerry

Blogs Pump Bucks Into Campaigns

American Flags on the Lapel

Edwards may win party's heart in end

Long Live the Dean Democrats

Just Think For A Moment. Just Think If Bush Had To Face Democrats

Jennifer Love-Hewitt on Leno tonite

Howard Dean's New Career

good Bush joke

What are the RW really up too? see below

My PBS reran the Belafonte interview in lieu of Louis Farrakhan

Nancy Skinner For Illinois Senator

A Dispatch From The Enemy Camp

Marriage Preservation Amendment, a mockery to our constitution?

We need to stop Jeb before it's too late

Joint Chiefs bypassed in decision to disband Iraqi army: Pace

U.S. drops Iraq privatization, focuses on investors

Dean's email to contributors

OCTAFISH - Australia calling!

Vietnamese file first Agent Orange suit

Iraqi women demand 40% share of political power

Snipped news from Mark Crispian Miller

DU's adopted soldiers (first group) leave Iraq this Saturday

Great MUST READ article at Democracy Now:

Noonan: Poppy, Bar and George slept in the same bed in Midland

US is Trying to Overthrow Me, Says Venezuelan Leader

Anyone else sick of Nascar Dads being called "patriotic"?

Trudeau - Halliburton - Cheney - Day 4

"unconstitutional blank check" - Iraq war resolution

General Question about Rush?

Blix Speaks of Personal Anger over Iraq

Chalabi and others make hundreds of millions of dollars off of Iraq

Bush used variation of the words war, terror, kill and danger over 70 times

Kerry's Oil Man Who's Pro-GMO, a Drug War Zealot, and Pro-

DU needs to put a stop to the NASCAR bashing

Sorry, But look at the Kerry pic on Drudge!!

So what has W accomplished this week? (Graphic Content)

Who is Chalabi? Does he have blood on his hands? Is he Machiavelli?

How high will Kerry go in the polls vs. Bush.

The folly of independent candidates.

Kerry has Jewish heritage

Hannity's Freudian Slip

Daytona fans unhappy with Smirk

some humor and Stupidity from Dishonest Dubya

Edwards and Kerry beating Bush

DU this Poll

I didn't realize that Bill Schneider (CNN Political Analyst) is a -

I normally post these columns in E&A, but this one...

CSPAN ALERT: Bremmer up

Freepers are spanking the bad bad chimpy

National Debt now over 7 Trillion/ Under Clinton it was 5.7 and going down

First Lump's Debate Technique

I am about to give up.

Critics say Gibson film mimics a hateful book

"Hey, hey, CIA! How many kids didja train today?" More on your $'s in Iraq

What national groups working to register poor voters in targeted states?

Is the election over?

How best to fight back?

The Village Voice on line and the RNC ad....

Skilling Indictments C-Span2 Now

NYT: Bush political schedule trumping concern for future of Iraq?

Seriously Weird Poll Question On!!

pResidential pardons for Skilling and Enron "team"???

Thanks to Buzzflash: A reminder of why we're here:

Troops seen vulnerable in Humvees Lighter vehicles lack protection

Here's a new argument from a Freeper type . . .

The Kerry-Edwards Cabinet

A congressman on CNN

Hummer Bummer Why is the WH underfunding armored Humvees?

Bremer asked blunt question

Should the FCC investigate Faux News for false advertising?

CNN Headlines: Bush "Overestimated", Skilling/Enron.

Is totalitarianism possible in the US?

Is a free press important?

Should Neil Bush be allowed to marry?

What's Your Favorite Chomsky Title

Start-up Company With Connections - Chalabi

Wash Times: Medicare reform backfires on Bush

Is it time to start using the term Enronomics again?

Texas Environment, no corporate cleanup.


Scientists: Bush Distorts Science

NewCon Game

Jane Mayer, author of this article is on NPR's FRESH AIR today...

War Cry---Silver Star VS Texas Souffle---

Execute Jeffery Skilling (Enron CEO)

Do Republicans remind anyone else of Seagulls as portrayed in

Gore Vidal in Seattle

Dennis Miller: Bush and Cheney are in a room together all day

Photo shows Bush's link to rapists, molesters and alcoholics

Screw Mel Gibson and His Sick Crucifixion Bloodfest

Rush attacked people who support gay marriage...

As Bush* goes down in the polls the economy improves

National Debt Tops $7 TRILLION

Mercury levels rising in newborns

How did Iraq compare to other Arabic speaking countries as far as

How quick they turn on their own. Freepers on Buchanan.

Help me remember where I heard this great line.

Has the AWOL story gone AWOL?

I am so sick of hearing: "Bush is a strong leader"

Gasoline is at $1.77 for regular unleaded in the St. Louis area.

What middle class????

Simpsons rerun - funny then (Clinton era) not so funny now (shrub)

So what's next?

Bush Amnesty Sparks Surge in Border Crossings

Why isn't Lott called a "Mississippi Conservative"? Or better yet...

Is Nationalism a Liberal Ideology?

Candace Gingrich (yes, Gingrich) v. Falwell on gay marriage on Hannity

Let's start a DU drive to convert one Republican a day.

Just got my Kucinich gear!

A Caller Just Called Limbaugh a "Conceited Pill-Popper" and a "Hypocrite"

When Bush is unseated, can Kerry release Bush's 9/11 secrets?

Liar Bush just gave his views on the economy and

Clinton and terrorism: need help

Paul Weyrich on C-Span: Freeing Congress

What defines a true "conservative"?

Here's a little wake up call to help keep everything in perspective.

Nader Near A Decision As Some Beg Him Not To Run

I hope this link helps... want out of the military

Anybody going to the Russ Feingold meet-up in Madison...

Bob Dole blasting "liberal" MSNBC while on MSNBC

Wonder why we aren't hearing anything more...

Quick! msnbc - * splainin'

W: ' the triumph of the seemingly average man'

Howard Zinn and the truth about Iraq (and war) -

Speaking environmentally...

Howard, We Never Knew Ye

LOL!! Jonathan Alter responds to his hate mail


Anybody watching CNN?

alternative source of energy (

Hannity admires Ali? He would have been first with the rope.

More up-is-downism from the rabid right

Bush just said he cut taxes because of the bad economy. He just lied.

In Bush* 's speech today, he said : "to make life a more hopeful place

In the bush* propaganda speech today, theres a red mark above his eye.

Gov. Perry (TX) Coming Up On Sean Hannity's Radio Show

Ft. Polk Troops Practiced Their Hoo-ahs (for Smirk's visit)

Powerful Riverbend story...

Satellite images suggest Kuwait stealing oil from Iraq??

The Center for American Progress

Who pays Matt Drudge?

Is this Rick Perry gay story going to break or not?

The second most dangerous man in America...

what does this cartoon mean?

If there were a national DU convention, would the mods be like bouncers?

Chalabi Opens Big Fat Trap: Iraq Lies? Who Cares,"We Are Heroes in Error"!

Anyone see the Mike Malloy debacle...

Would an ammendment outlawing Gay Marriage pass?

Barry Goldwater was a gay rights activist.

Are Paleocons Allowed on Free Republic?

Protesting the Republican Convention?

Did Rumsfeld feed Clinton lies about Iraq?

I think governments are out of touch with the people's beliefs worldwide

Anyone remember this GHWB quote?

"Horns and Halos",a doc. on late Jim Hatfield premieres tonite on Cinemax.

I think the S.F. gay marriages affair is to take focus off MA for Kerry

It's Not Miller Time

Suppose you live in a Republican Congressional district, when

BBV: Irish e-voting furore hots up

letter to Nader's group

anyone got any insight into the OK senate race????

Reversing the "west wing" propaganda

All Quiet on the Plame Front. I Smell a Rat.

What 'reconstruction' in Iraq?

Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans to Hear Case to Reopen Roe v. Wade

Please, Please FCC, try to F'ing censor Howard Stern.

Bush blames job loss on 9/11, on MSNBC now.

Bu$h pulling bait n switch with 9/11 panel/public

NPR's "Fresh Air", Cheney & Halliburton, today: Jane Mayer

Electoral thinking: We can definitely do this

California Voter Foundation Warns Against Touchscreen Voting in March 2

Attack of the Gay Agenda

Ann C. says, Max C. is no hero.

Office of Special Plans "scrutinized" (Feith coverup)

WOW. David Dreier Of Cal. Is A TOTAL

U-CO Football Coach Placed on Leave After Comments re: Rapes by Players

PBS Frontline: Tax Me If You Can

Taco Bell is indirectly using slave labor and couldn't care less.

Chef Solution - also a co with terrible labor conditions

For my 1,001 post

timing of a Texas tryst

Nifty site for those interested in Supreme Court (who might retire, etc.)

DUers, if you had a chance to get a message to Rev. Jesse Jackson

Help me understand what is supposed to happen on June 30th in Iraq

Bush's visit to England / £4m bill to guard Bush

Hannity is Upset Because People are Trashing His Book on Yahoo

Frontline on PBS...regarding corporate tax shelters......

Is NASCAR bad for the environment?

I REALLY hope the next president gets to call Tom DeLay unpatriotic

Let the Frog Marches Begin!

My legal analysis of same sex marriage in CA - Please comment

Riverside California DUer's Check in

"Frontline" tonight: Corporate tax shelters. We are kidding ourselves.

GOP: The party of moral values, personal responsibility and self made men

Some thoughts about black rights vs. GLBT rights

Oh, yay. Bush/Cheney seek my volunteer talents.

Mad Dog Cheney

Ken Auletta ("Backstory: Inside the Business of News") on Charlie Rose -Th

gotta take issue with mike

Bush abortion story disappears...

Please please call your Reps and Senators about this

A reply from on Coulter letter I sent.

Help me torpedo this BS from Tony Blankley...

I am sick of this 3rd party talk.

Free Healthcare for Saddam?

Screw Mars

MSNBC POLL - Did Bush Meet TANG Requirements?

Nightline Thursday: Weekend Warriors (WW My A** sign mentioned)

Ann Coulter's Max Cleland article

Just got back from a County Dem Party Meeting

Here, Kitty Kitty ...

Which event would most seriously harm Bush's chances in Nov.?

Nightline IS FINALLY covering the plights of the guard and reservists

Freepers are sooooo busted.

Is this the real reason the right fears same sex marriage?

Just tell me why

Who took part today in Censure Walk-In, MoveOn Action?

National disasters happen every year. Does it affect the economy?

State sued over e-voting -- Calif.

being Better Than Bush is not enough.

Pentagon WMDs: working with EBOLA right now!

Mommy, what is the CIA?

We need to make the Office of Special Plans a network news staple

for the reading impaired GFP now reads today's important headlines to you

A Great Idea - Flowers From The Heartland

Pennsylvania might be a senate seat we should leave to the GOP...

Animals vs. Children -- Commentary on our society?

New Canadian poll: Libs 36%, Cons 28%, NDP 21%, BQ 13%

I Love Seeing All These Same-Sex Marriages Taking Place

Corrupt Republicans start young. . .this is one strange bird!

Calvi murder linked to missing $70m

Has the Democratic Party 'lost their way'? (War and needless death)

Ricin tests in question........imagine that!

“I married well and I birthed well…" Barbara Bush interview says Perry will be on Hannity

Steve Forbes on Crossfire.

Please explain the difference between "Gaggle" and "Press Briefing" to me.

BBV: Vote Absentee in Some CA Counties- Applications Due in by 2/24

War Of Terrorism: The Countryside Murders (truthout reporter in Iraq)

"MASINT", the "CMO" & Iraq's WMD's ...

How has bush being pResident effected you personally in a negative way

What exactly IS the record Bush is going to run on ?

Was Perry on Hannity after all?

Is 'Bush Science' to blame for the decrease in the homosexual population?

My (racist) local news station is also homophobic and fascistic:

My Son Just Went to Iraq, and I Need Advice.

Is there an organized diamond boycott?

Does anyone understand the FEC vote limiting from spending $ ?

Thursday night. My right leg balloons. No medical insurance.

Bill Moyers is Leaving PBS in November

WP: President's Science Policy Questioned

why is the right powerful?

Unprecendented: Movie About the Stolen Election

It's August 2005, Induction Begins, Your 18 year old Son has......

National Protest vs Halliburton & Bechtel War Profiteers 2/24/04

The net can raise millions - let's buy our own INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS

"The Guy James Show" really needs your help. Keep kicked please!

God Bless Young Republicans - White Only Scholarship

Harris and Stephenson are fixin to make a visit......

U.S. Considers Building Port at Sao Tome (To Protect Oil Interests)

White Supremacist Group Blasts Rap Concert

Old Deportation Orders Put Many Out Unjustly, Critics Say

U.S. to Keep Key Data On Infrastructure Secret - WP

Malaysian PM's son linked to proliferator (Nuclear weapons)

Janklow's Request for New Trial Rejected

US soldier charged over al-Qaeda

In Polls, Kerry, Edwards Both Lead Bush

Analyst: Governor Schwarzenegger's budget plan has large gaps | Sac Bee

Producers call on Ottawa to investigate beef pricing | CBC

Flag literacy at half-staff (Georgia Referendum) | AJC

Bush Appears on New Middle East Network

France, Germany Want a U.N. Resolution on Iraq

309 Confirmed Dead in Iran Train Blast

NYT: Bush Climate Plan Rated Somewhat Improved (?)

Government to allow GM foods

British soldiers beat Iraqi to death

Two more Americans killed in Iraq (Thursday am)

WaPo: N.C. Senator Needs Money to Remain Competitive

Bush as outhouse salesman

Defying US, Japan signs $2 billion oil deal with Iran

Job cuts likely in wireless merger - Mass layoffs expected, but insiders

Tyco includes Boca's ADT in plan for layoffs, job shifts to overseas

MD Gov Ehrlich Allies' Nonprofit Used Access as Lure | Washington Post

Extraordinary Measures (9-11 Comm Why did Woodward see PDB's?)

NYT analysis: U.S. Presidential Politics and Self-Rule for Iraqis

Kerry win may spell trouble for Blair

Former Enron CEO Skilling Surrenders

Is anyone watching CSPAN with Paul Weyrich

Annan: No Iraq elections by 30 June

Bremer: Iraqi Power Transfer Date to Hold

Bank 'warned over BCCI in 1977

Russia Boasts Future Weapons That Can Penetrate Missile Defense

Doctors Find 350 Coins in Patient's Belly

Bush's changes to advisory process draw scientists' ire


Group: Women Make Few Gains in Government

Ex-Enron CEO Indicted

Ashcroft assails corporate, government corruption | KC Star

U.S. Counting on U.N. for Help in Iraq

(5 out of 9) UK terror suspects to be released

Democrats eye plan to protect Kerry Senate seat

Roadside bomb kills 2 soldiers, one Iraqi

LAT: Kerry Lobbied for Contractor Who Made Illegal Contributions

Troops seen vulnerable in Humvees Lighter vehicles lack protection

U.N. inspectors find link to Iran nuke program

The Saudis suddenly think they can tell us what we should . . .

Advocacy Grps ( MoveOn) Allowed to Raise Unlimited Funds

Edwards Hits Kerry on Trade

Heatherington's computer disc had pieces of stalker letters - CBC

Britain considering 'fat tax' on unhealthy foods: report

Leading Indicators Rise in January

Bremer: Iraqi Power Transfer Date to Hold

Administration Still Counting on United Nations for Help, but it may take

CBS to Resume Airing Administration's Medicare Ad

JPost: Report: EU panel finds Arafat did not fund terror

Mel Gibson's Father Says Holocaust Exaggerated

Chavez visits 'brother' Guyana

U.S. Presidential Politics and Self-Rule for Iraqis

Bird flu found in B.C.

Bush economic team under fire, hands new ammo to Democrats

Gazprom Cuts Supplies to Europe

Defense Dept. Supports Wheelchair Donations in Iraq

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall Sharply

Bush officials stop in, draw protest

Suspect in child deaths (Gehring) is dead

Hawai'i Legislators choose to hear bill on civil unions

Jobless Claims Plummet on Better Weather

DA looking into Delay's PAC + RNC money laundering

Dupe - please lock...U.S. official: Uranium enrichment parts found in Iran

Thailand Studies Bird Flu Deaths in Cows

U.S. National Debt Tops $7 Trillion for First Time

Killings of Vendors in Iraqi City Drive Alcohol Sales Off Streets

AWOL on cable now talking about the bad economy and lack of jobs

"Dismal Six Weeks for Bush Has Supporters Edgy"

Slaughterhouse Owners Dispute USDA Claims

Indo-Iran oil, gas deals stuck in pipeline again

Chicago's Daley: 'No problem' with gay marriage licenses

Guantanamo five to be sent back to UK

UN report writer rejects US’s Mideast reform plan

U.S. official: Uranium enrichment parts found in Iran

U.S. Sending Military Assessment Team to Haiti

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 19 February (#1)

Iranian press gagged on eve of poll

Accused Nuke Trader Also Helped India

Concrete barriers in Iraq save lives, but contractors are paying a high pr

USS John F. Kennedy Back At Sea for Training

Newsweek: Something About Mary (Cheney)

Rep. Barney Frank opposed San Francisco's gay marriage effort

Travis Jones meets Fidel Castro

Scientists: Bush Distorts Science

‘Frontline' expert takes on corporate tax shelters (2/19 broadcast)

Dean defector: Kerry to get Jewish vote

Haitian-Americans fear an exodus from turmoil at home

Environmentalists Say President, Governor Harming Water Quality (Florida)

Kerry, Edwards both top Bush in poll

Flooding cuts off NZ capital

San Francisco Mayor Exults in Move on Gay Marriage | NYT

Taliban Try to Frighten Afghan Voters in Rural Areas

Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 543 U.S. service members have died

Chalabi stands by faulty intelligence

Wal-Mart CEO sees U.S. job market improvement

Japanese held hostage by U.S. buyers

S.F. to Sue State Over Gay Marriage Ban

Ex-Enron CEO indicted (Kenny Boy U are Next

Discussion of Bush's Abortion of K Lowman dropped by AU'sSundayTimes, but

Saudis Warn U.S. on Pushing for Reforms(in Saudi Arabia)

As stock sank, Fatcat SBC boss paid himself $19.5 million

New inquiry examines Hollinger bonus plan (R. Perle $3M Investment Scheme)

1800 layoffs around SC so far in '04

San Francisco Sues California Over Gay Wedding Ban

Haitian Rebels Give Aristide Ultimatum

Myers: Forces' Return From Iraq Unknown

Georgia schools can still use the word "evolution"

Azerbajani Officer Hacks an Armenian to Death at Partnership for Peace

Handover date to remain: Bremer (Amer. people understand?)

Poll: Primaries Have Helped Democrats (Bush at 48% Job App

I'm Gonna Puke

FEC Moves to Regulate Groups Opposing Bush

Sun-Times columnist Steve Neal dies

Plan for Caucuses In Iraq Is Dropped

U.S. to Send Military Team to Haiti

BBC (early Friday): Turnout will be key in Iran poll

Royal Air Flight Diverted

Kerry now outpolls colleagues - and Bush - in Pa.

Police smash pro-Poe protests - Philippines

Former Enron CEO Skilling Surrenders to FBI

Israel Receives Planes From Military Deal

Arnold's Budgets Don't Solve California's Fiscal Crisis

LA Times Associate Editor Frank del Olmo, 55, Dies

Tests confirm two Thai domestic cats killed by bird flu

AP: Laura Bush Stands by Her Man

Kerry Hailed as Ally of Wider World on Environment

Guardian Utd (Friday): Case to be dropped against UN whistle blower

Sean Connery may join pro-Taiwan rally

Pentagon Says Iraqi Officials Held in Falluja Raid

Islam illegal under law, court told

Pentagon: Halliburton falling short in Iraq

Al-Sistani sets terms for Iraq election delay: interview

Researchers: New vaccine can stop lung cancer

Muslim group urges dialogue with West

Sonic Boom (Maxwell F-16s supersonic over Columbus, GA)

Certain Democrats are glad Dean quit

Haiti rebels declare independence and Americans leave

Myers: 'Unknowable' When Forces Return

Time running out on US tax breaks, Lamy warns

Bush for Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage-Source

Daley on gay marriage: 'no problem' (Chicago Mayor)

Anschutz to buy S.F. Examiner

Kerry's Past to Star in Bush's Ads

Has Bush*s Running Mate Gone Lame?

CU coach placed on leave for saying Hnida 'awful'

Kerry vs. the chicken hawks

Craddick ordered to give files on speaker's race to DA

RightMarch Reacts to MoveOn's Push to Censure Bush

Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans to Hear Case to Reopen Roe v. Wade

Poor to Put 'Bushville' Tent City at NY Convention

U.S. Dog-Fighting Rings Stealing Pets for "Bait"

Bill Moyers to leave PBS

Kerry reunites with another Vietnam vet

Bush Administration Accused of Suppressing, Distorting Science

9/11 Panel Head Assails Delay (Inquiry Might Have to Be Limited)

U.S. soldier seeks asylum in Canada

Cuba trying to head off mass exodus from Haiti

Frist may make 2008 White House run

where is jiacinto?

Okay I just found out

I might start a Drudge-style website: Help me pick a name!

My First Photoshop Job of Bush

What is Underberg?

CAPTION please?

How do I buy a tablecloth?

Who is Underdog?

More Kitty Pics. . .

For my 1,001 post

new Savage Weiner & Oxyrush advertiser Com Federal Bank

Favorite X-Files character?

Forgive me...

Has anyone seen AnnabellLee???

Survivor (or as Boston Rob would say, suh-VIE-vuh) 2/19

Another Photoshop of Bush........


DU chat

You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

tonight I attended the ordination of my best friend . . .

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Check In

A Few Things I Don't Want To Talk About Right Now

Howlin' For My Baby

Has anyone seen "Freeway" with Reese Witherspoon?

20th Century Composers

good Bush joke

any Chicago radio listeners...

Take my avatar, please

Munsters or Addams Family??

Fun things to do, Part 124

Can we have more than one screename?

Computer gurus...need help!

TV's "Madge" - Jan Miner dead at 86

Ever do something, and then blamed it on a family pet?

Gimme poll nominees I: Steely Dan tunes

Cannot get Bernie Ward tonight.. anyone else having problems too?

Looky Everybody! It's My Brand New Avatar!

Gimme poll nominees II: Talking Heads tunes

Fat Cat site

How tight is the Mozilla browser for Windows?

Do any Duers out there smoke a pipe?

what happened to corarose?

Couple loony URL's to have fun with.


Let's throw rocks at boys.. You have 60 seconds

Soccer Teams suspended for scoring too many goals

Shows that will not be close captioned because they aren't 'appropriate'

Speedy, the little kitten who could...

Stinky Toys Hit American Market

The Horse - Cliff Nobles

Boondocks - Feb 19th

I Dreamed About Posting On DU All Night!

Cube tetris..sort of

All the versions of the penguin game..(includes a killer whale now)


Willy Wonka Remake...Looking for info about the production....Anybody?

I made a new web page today!

Is it The Mekongs or Mekons-an early punk band

Grandpa Munster or Uncle Fester?

Who Is Ready For Scented Email?

Turnpike films.. wow..

Apparently, Halliburton is feeling the heat

Chocolate Smearing Theif Caught

Did anyone see Law & Order last night?

HEY! Someone changed my sig line

WOOHOO: Sex and the City will go BIG SCREEN

Avatar conversion help? Pleease?

Heard on NPR this morning about PETA

Winner, Best Original Name for man-in-the-news-today:

US Company Launches "Space Burial Services" In Taiwan

SOMEONE made fun of my DC59

A useless activity. Trying to grasp the "arguments" against gay marriage.

Happy 64th birthday to the great SMOKEY ROBINSON!

Going To The National Tree Climbing Championship? You Know You Want To!

pay no attention to me

OMG! "Angel" was frickin' hilarious tonight!

A Question re:

Brits Replacing Carpet With Hard Wood - Falling Down And Gettting Hurt

KCDem wants DU HR people to help her out!

My secret shame: I love The OC!

CNN's Soledad O'Brien

Man Flashes College Classes Wearing Nixon Mask

Do you see what I see?

What's playing on your computer right now (music wise)?

Anyone from Boston familiar with Albany Street Shelter?

Idiot Sighting.....Joke of the Day slogan to chant at the Bush protests.

Question of great social importance

cat-grooming 101


Nixon in Flash Gordon mask interrupts class.

OMG! The Adventures Of The Cheese Family!!! (They Go To The Zoo)

When will these awful songs get out of my head?!

Today's Halliburton/Cheney-themed Doonesbury!

Flasher in Nixon mask interrupts class

Morse code gets the "@" sign

Topless Home Delivery Of Donuts Would Be A BETTER Idea!

How offensive is this?

My 500th post...ummm, ...oh yeah... ask me anything

We're getting married and

Bus fare

Only in Kenya...

Man Stores Bullets In Oven - Wife Turns Oven On - Bullets Explode

What's your favorite Pixies b-side?

Favorite Made-For-TV pop tune?

Favorite Starland Vocal Band Tune

Nancy Skinner on WGN noon news, NOW! (12:20pm CST)

anyone try candling for the ears?

A few cartoons.

Woman Fined for Registering Cows As Voters

Home delivery of DONUTS would be a good idea

What's your favorite Depeche Mode B-side?

If you're into ear-candling, then I've got some homeopathic drops for you!

What should I do?

Is tobius's avatar in fact Jet Jaguar from Godzilla vs. Megalon?

My name is Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. But you doesn't have to call me Johnson

Northern Exposure fans


Anyone Know What Dental "Root Lengthening" Is?

Which Are You? ( A Rerun of an old Lounge Classic)

How Do You Make Polls on DU?

Favorite chowder (chowdah)

Photo shows Bush's link to rapists, molesters and alcoholics

So this woman calls me from India last night

Who's Gonna Make Me!

Is Nationalism a Liberal Ideology?

Dingleberry Poll


Dingbat poll

New paradigm shift utility/line-command for linux/unix

Ruh Roh! Rush is talking about his drug case!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: open casting call for children

Why is TXLib a Dingleberry

How about a Movie about the Branch Davidians starring Mel Gibson

What do you think?

What should I do?

The Lounge NEEDS a Batman just does.

Chocolate chip cookies. Are you supposed to

A question for Matcom

"As God is my witness I though Turkeys could fly" (trivia question)

What do you think of this statement?

Favorite Moody Blues Album

Student Bondage Club - Flogging Demonstration Brings Charges


I'm so happy I actually started crying. (Beatles fan here)

Should dyslexics be allowed in restaurants?

Couples somehow reluctant to set wedding date for 2nd Saturday in Sept.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Should Yaks Be Allowed In Restaurants?

Favorite member of the Village People

Woman Registered Her Cows As Voters (2nd Year In A Row)

Matcom charged with trying to outpost CatWoman

Who's the cooler DUer?

How Cool is TXLib

Wie geht es Ihnen heute?

Stuttering John to replace Ed Hall as 'Tonight Show' announcer

Can I interest you in a voodoo doll?

Poppy, Smirky, Jebbie, Silverado Neil and Marvelous Marvin

Got my first DVR in my new cable box

Two Blondes Walk Into A Building...

mmmmm...toasty warm socks

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

OMG--have you heard Immortal Technique?

The Littlest Groom

Ponder the best of Mr. STEELY DAN

Should gods be allowed in Restaurants?

I'm addicted to online pron

Have Personal Injury Lawyers Ripped You Off?

It's MY birthday. Where shall my wife and daughter take for dinner?

Watched the Big Lebowski last night,

Skittles is the coolest DUer ever!

Haiku?!? Gesundheit!!!

Favorite Northern Exposure Character

Wish me luck

A Tallulah Bankhead thread

"I am the shepherd, and you are my flock"

Got a second interview but I have a concern about process

favorite Hogan's Heroes character??

Insult me mercilessly; I'm 15 away from 5K posts

What you all need is some Howlin' Wolf

The Racy Little Driver in Reverse of all CAPTIONS!!!!

My 1000th post! Woo hoo. I'm going out for drinks.

I love my dead gay son!

Favorite TALKING HEADS tune

Thanks, Octafish

February 19, 2005; What's the big issue in GD Smooth?

People with extra-long signature images post here!

What is the most depressing Joy Division song?

"Thousand Styles of Rumsfeld" martial arts style!

John Kerry's Album

It just never ends with the boob

Favorite Cast Member on "Friends"

Quick Joke

Best political band poll

Who's the more gorgeous lady?

Gamespy Ultimate Game Grudge


Caption Dick and Bush. Too bad about them 2.6 million jobs.

Jutht got back from a woot canal and my faith ith thtill numb...

Is There Some Kind Of A Poll Conspiracy In The Lounge?

Let's start a music flamewar. ANDREW WK IS A GUITAR GOD.


X-Files Vet To Direct New WB "Dark Shadows" Series

How ABB are you?

Would you sit on one of these?

relora -- any merit to this product ?

I am Spartacus!

Does anyone watch Animal Precinct

Email: first hand account of the SF City Hall scene.....

Favorite Hogan's Heroes Character

I am the Walrus!

I have gotten a job. A good one. Thanks, DU, for being there.

How many hours do you work?

Vote For Your Favorite Castaway

My daughter took her kid scissors yesterday and

What was high school like for you?

100 POSTS!!!!

Should repub's be allowed in restaurants?

Dealing with prayers from the church school across the street

Favorite Britcom

Three days! WHo the hell takes threee days!

The avatars you've all been waiting for. MC Escher!

Favorite "Flintstones" Character

Step out of the vehicle

Thought you guys would like this:

How Much of a Carnivore are you?

What's with all the kid pictures in threads

Afghan Whigs Fans Check In

hey hawker, demo tex...all DU navy vets/active duty...look at...

Favorite Black Sabbath Album Before They Kicked Ozzy Out

Doggy Behavior: What Is The Criteria For The "Perfect Spot"

CAPTION the awkward silence of the bitter truth

The proof! Robb IS a dingbat!

What is the difference between colors turqoise and teal?

Your first dream about a famous guy or gal.


Oh oh, current boss wants to go for drinks this weekend

New Ben & Jerry's flavor: Primary Berry Graham.

CAPTION the ever watching eyes

Most intriguing Cereal Killer

5 days without the DU...

Do you answer poll questions?

Racked and bottled my booze today!

The Old Testament of all CAPTIONS!!!

I just made chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Ewww, Something Disgusting Just Flew Out Of My Mouth

Favorrite M*A*S*H Character

New Favorite Albums of 2003 list

Are you sorry you clicked on this?

Best Active Jam Band

Why do I fear the telephone?

Road trip! Heading back to NC tomorrow.

Well, I did win one battle...

Favorite thermodynamic law?

The Timberwolves are quite possibly the best team in the NBA right now.

My favorite political cartoon....

When it rains it pours

Whats with all the food posts here today

Who's seen "Keen Eddie" on Bravo?

Seven posts till 2000!

The Tickle Robot

Anyone like old 2D games?

An unofficial DU fundraiser.



Please help! New medicine to counteract Viagra! Need names!

What is your favorite opiate?

Favorite Minor or Recurring Character on M*A*S*H

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves/Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

Should I or shouldn't I?

Willy Wonka Remake...Looking for info about the production....Anybody?

Detroit Pistons trading to get Rasheed Wallace!!!

The "Ask me anything" Combination platter

Mortal Combat, Unreal Tournament or Diablo?

New Google Bomb


Fuck, I own this!

Computer Help Please!!

Do you know the way to San Jose?

My turn to start a cat pic post.

Multi-dog households.

The burning question: Which bumpersticker for my new old car??

Does the transient nature of everything bother anyone else?

I'm zonked!... Anybody hear Terry Gross this AM?

Quick note on a good film: "The Fog of War"

I am F**Kin tired of

Herr Doktor Sigmund Demotex mit der perfect kure fur yur problems.

Favorite Law of Robotics.

"President" Bush

What was this about LBJ growing long hair?

For Smokey's birthday: favorite song by THE MIRACLES?

George W, Bush is no longer to be referred to as President...

Bouncing a question of the resident DU experts

Time to remember our man Clinton

One of my kitties is in the cat hospital....

Who remembers "That's My Bush"?

Favorite Seinfeld Character

Who personifies Rush?

Free Republic

Lurking On Free Republic for

Most intriguing serial killers

Ever Google your own name?


Ok I'm thinkin Mel Gibson might be a little nuts

Doris Troy's obituary

The Best Video Games: stage 1: the Primordial Ooze/Early Games

Oh my gay stars! A question for Allen!

so, Ralph Nader's coming to Houston next Tuesday

The Newly Revised, non-"Human" fave Human League song

Just listening to Ghost Town by The Specials

Does anyone else out there just love Montreal!

What made you gay?

Man plans topless coffee shop in Maine

Straight Guys -- How would the Queer Eye guys react to your abode?

DR Seuss sees America

The Best Video Games: Stage 2: $.25 Explosion/Stand By For Tech Adjustment

Hmm. Ask me anything.

Have you bought YOURS, yet?? It's only $19.95

I'm so pissed at my dentist office.

Which would you prefer after death?

CAPTION our very special president

Gardeners, what do you do to keep deer from eating

M.A.T.C.O.M. ** BUSTED ** PERP Walk Photo Inside!!!!!

Post your favorite anger and resentment song here!

Should dogs be allowed in Restaurants?

Anyone know a good Listserv software package?

Favorite personality on MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

Oh boy, I'm going to a funeral for a 26-year-old tomorrow.

Really don't mind if you sit this one out: Favorite JETHRO TULL tune

Cheap commuter car update: inheriting Mom's heap

What's it like to experience an earthquake?

Do you eat meat?

Whoa!! *FREE* Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore)/religious concert NYC Saturday

Favorite vowel

Best Arcade Games

Should I steal the neighbor's puppy?

99 bottles of beer on the wall

General Discussion Forum sucks tonight...I'm hiding in here...

I was kinda thinking it went something like this

2004 Election Outlook - c-span2, AEI forum on now.

Kerry's great Senate success: POW-MIA commission

Kerry John, John Kerry

Bye Dr. Dean!

Got a call today to have a fundraiser for a senate candidate.......

The passion for politics left when Dean left.

Another Example of Special Interests Influencing Kerry

Kerry Only Dem Leading Bush in California According to New Poll

To Kerry Supporters----when you read this transcript....

Why Kerry should sue the Sun

Why Kerry should sue the Sun

For everyone who thinks Edwards can't catch Kerry...............

Are there any other Democrats who can inspire people like Dean does?

Dean defector: Kerry to get Jewish vote

Going Kerry. Decision made on energy, health care, and Hugh Shelton

Dear Dean Supporters

Dr Dean + Moveon

Edwards would have gone into Iraq, knowing what he knows now?


Why we might lose in November: a parable of sorts

In a Democrat WH, will Gov. Dean have a cabinet position? I think with...

Don't forget the UK Guardian's Photoshop Contest: Shampaign moments

Howard Dean: 'You have the power to take our country back'

GOP Smear: Kerry letters aided embattled contractor

WaPo: Edwards Needs Money to Remain Competitive

Nagourney: " Kerry and Edwards Square Off..."

Kerry edging Bush in PA, poll shows

Dean for DNC chairman?

"The Thrill is Gone"

Most people fear change. How much is that affecting support for DK?

Edwards operatives flood Clark lists with Kerry smears - here w my answer

Remember the online petition some DUers were pushing? Got another one

Party's over, but the Deaniacs are here to stay

Kerry's Oil Man Who's Pro-GMO, a Drug War Zealot, and Pro-

Al Gore Replaces John Edwards At Democratic Banquet

LA Times: Kerry Lobbied for Contractor Who Made Illegal Contributions

Kerry records question (freeper battle)

Bush Leads in Red States, Kerry Ahead in Blue States

Once-divided unions unite around Kerry

Edwards to Come Under Closer Scrutiny

Democrats eye plan to protect Kerry Senate seat

Losing With A Union Label

Thoughts on Dean

Democrats eye plan to protect Kerry Senate seat

Heady stuff, but polls mean very little at this point.

If Elec. College is a 269-269 tie, then the Republicans will win 2004

The decline of Dean is a story of missteps

Exclude our candidates, lose our support.

Interesting read: How Democrat fund-raiser scored Dean knockout

John Edwards--savior or snake oil salesman?

Who is more similar to Dean?

ABB: All the more reason to vote for Dean or Kucinich NOW!

I would be totally psyched to vote for Edwards or Kerry in November

My father was... & my presidential candidate is ....

Kerry's Jewish roots

But ...but where are the Bush twins???

Flame Proof Break Room! Check your weapons at the door!

Request: Edwards comments before war vote

As a retired Dean supporter I see the wisdom in Edwards.

Utah, Idaho, Hawaii - polls

How is it possible for anyone to care if Edwards wins?

Unbelievable. My strength is being beaten.

Let's make this very clear- Kerry does NOT regret his IWR vote.

to vote AGAINST somebody instead of FOR somebody

Ok, let's settle this IWR stuff

Deleted message

Kerry v. Edwards: How they doin'?

A Big Yellow Taxi came and took away our best man

Byrd say's Bush needs a one way ticket back to Crawford

As Kerry surges, Feistiness Seen Slipping (link)

Kerry's staff needs to detonate all podiums and mikestands.

During the Iowa Caucuses, both my husband and I

Dean Supporters For Edwards, Check In!

AFL-CIO Set to Endorse Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts for President

TNR- John Edwards vs John Kerry and the weeks ahead

Did John Edwards lie to America on the floor of the senate?

Minnesota caucuses

Edwards: I would have started a war with Iraq - Hardball snippets

My vote in the primary must be a vote AGAINST Kerry.

I was able to get on Board with Dean - NOW KERRY

"I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message..."

Why does everybody focus on everybody's dad?

Open Debates Files FEC Complaint VS the Commission on Pres. Debates

America's Labor Movement Endorses John Kerry for President

Edwards' Track Record on Trade Has Lane Changes

I'm voting for Edwards on Super Tuesday

Dean supporters - exclusive message from Gov Dean

Edwards calls trade 'a moral issue' that sets him apart from Kerry

if Kerry wins will Delay and Frist control him for 4 years?

Hypothetical: Kerry comes out and apologizes for IRW

John Edwards and the Patriot Act - final clarity thread

May the truth blind thee Version 1.0

Nader Near A Decision As Some Beg Him Not To Run

ARRGGHH! First Clark, now Dean...

Who slew the first mud ball?

I feel that if we defeat Bush we have Dean and his supports to thank

Scenes from today's AFL-CIO endorsement of John Kerry for President

Who doesnt' think there should be more debates?

What bothers me if we nominate Edwards

Edwards backers: Tell us about the Homeland Intelligence Agency.

Old Lady won't be keen on President Kerry

Which lawyer with no foreign policy experience was a great President?

More proof Bush is in trouble

Is protectionism a Progressive value and rate the candidates on trade

Guilt and Innocence

Why I Am Angry

Why we need a truly independent third party

good cartoon

Kerry / Kucinich in '04

The DLC attitude towards the working class

Ralph Nader to announce...?

Edwards Not on Vermont Democratic Ballot

Voting for your beliefs sure beats backing a winner

Should the next debate exclude Kucinich and Sharpton?

Great Article on Edwards..

A word of hope for those turned off by all the acrimony

Do you believe Dean is out?

Any turnout #'s for the Democratic primary's so far compared to 2000

DU Presidential Nominee Poll (Thursday 2/19)

Which candidate's supporters should stop comparing their man to people

It is not up to Edwards or Kerry if there is a 1-on-1 debate

Is Kerry no different from Zell Miller?

Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans to Hear Case to Reopen Roe v. Wade

All you anti-everything shouters should read this.

A little gift for Dean Supporters

Would you have voted for or against the IWR?

How has bush being pResident effected you personally in a negative way

while I've never been particularly concerned

Will Pitt is right

Well its time to consider this primary the GE

Daily Howler re: Kerry/Drudge

If a Democrat wins, how soon will the occupation of Iraq end?

What has Kerry sponsored, written, or co-sponsered in the Senate?

Petition to the DNC to honor its charter

I'm sick of being censored by DU. Goodbye and good luck.

Thursday night. My right leg balloons. No medical insurance.

Dean folks here's a message from Kucinich...

Which event would most seriously harm Bush's chances in Nov.?

Personal thoughts on ABB

Super Tuesday voters: Who Will You Vote For?

Excellent Article on Kerry in Salon "Kerry vs. the chicken hawks"

To outlynch the lynch mob.

Kerry Supporters: How are you supporting JK?

AFL-CIO Endorses John Kerry

Why these paroxysms of hatred towards Democratic candidates?

John Kerry, non-squirrel

Precinct and County Democratic officials check in here

Congradulations to John Edwards

We're all sheeple, when you come down to it

Would you dare take this poll?

I just noticed something

Why did the AFL-CIO endorse Kerry?

How is it possible for ANYONE to care if Edwards or Kerry wins the nom?

A popular argument for picking Kerry over Edwards: "we're at war."

Who do you feel you know better?

Just vote Dem, do it for the common good!

Article: TX Dean supporters, very inspiring.

Has the DLC been beaten or is it just in retreat?

Political Risks For Consumers: Kerry And Edwards On Bankruptcy "Reform"

To all who believes that the right's "trial lawyer" attack would be enough

Who is more substantial?

Is Edwards going to have to ask Clinton if he still has the chicken suit?

I think the S.F. gay marriages affair is to take focus off MA for Kerry

Just called CNN......delegate scorecard has Dean out.....not true.

Dean to endorse Edwards?

Wisconsin's Primary: Tainted

Dean vs. Bush

Part of me truly believes John Kerry.

Kerry/Ivins or Kerry/Richards

Why I'm angry.

Who is more conservative?

Mean - Dean - and GREEN !

New Kerry supporter looking for information dump on JK

Here's Where Kerry and Edwards Stand

Bruin devoted to Kucinich even if polls aren’t

Former Dean supporters: "I will/will not support Sen. Kerry because..."

Pocatello labor group endorses Kerry

Why do you think the media killed Deans campaign??

Was it ever possible to elect a nominee that was against war?

Deleted message

Why pick John when you can still have Howard?

Voting guide for Clarkies

You know what I find interesting about the anti-Edwards threads and posts

Clark supporters: What will you do if JFK doesn't pick Gen. Clark for VP?

Comedians on the campaign

Clark supporters, let's not forget Hugh Shelton supports Edwards!

Clark supporters: Have you contributed to Kerry since Clark dropped out?

Difference between Kerry and Edwards - Edwards is FOR DEATH PENALTY

Does Edwards still believe the pre-war intelligence?

Some thoughts about John Edwards

Today CNN's Schneider posits that Repugs voted for Edwards to get at JK

Will there be a role for Kucinich when the smoke clears?

We CAN beat Bush with a LANDSLIDE!

What if Clark/Dean or Dean/Clark went third-party?

Well, jeez, who is this Deanie going to vote for?

Josh Marshall says Presidential election will "definitely" be close. Why?

Edwards, Kerry and Kucinich on the issues: Iraq

Is the term "Republicrat" unwarranted for any of the Dem. candidates?

Should Kerry debate Edwards in a one-on-one debate?

MIA: Edwards and Kerry on the Iraq handoff?

Rep. John Lewis to Endorse Kerry

Let's Make This Very Clear: Kerry Opposed The War Consistently

Which former Dem. Presidential hopeful should grow an Al Gore beard?

Deleted message

Which candidate proposes the wisest fiscal policy?

Are you idealistic or pragmatic about the democratic nominee?

I think I figured out why there is so much anger in this forum

Kerry and Edwards have both requested Secret Service detail - WP

Angry DUer's---Don't get mad, get even!

Electability: John Kerry vs. John Edwards

Edwards rally in St. Paul, MN

IMO: Kerry is going to lose in Nov...

I disgust what I have become

What to expect from a Kerry presidency - My prediction

Move Over Mel Gibson: Here's "The Passion of Dean."

TNR&c: John Kerry is Right to Be Scared

If Edwards asking Kerry for a 1-on-1 debate is offensive to DK+Sharpton

Dean's RIse, and Demise. Lying With Statistics

The Death of an Infinite Player: The Horizon Has Been Defeated - Or Has It

Who or what is to blame for Wes Clark's poor showing?

I commend Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown and Root, Dyncorp, etc.!!

A tale of two polls (Wellstone & USAPATRIOT Act)

ABB: An essay in pictures

The Nation ~Progressives Should Vote Kucinich

Is Kerry a Market Fundamentalist? He just said:

To all those who rip Edwards on the Patriot Act, read this first.

If Kerry becomes the nominee, why WON'T you support him?

Will Kerry Detactors Ever Be Satisfied? Will 1-On-1 Debates Help?

Kerry's talk on trade is honest

Edwards challenges Kerry to series of one-on-one debates

Kerry v Edwards speeches: "as if pep rally had morphed into a math class"

I think its More Honest to Go with Kerry Now. I am tired of the games.

Rally & Concert for Peace, Justice & Jobs with Kucinich in Minneapolis!

Pat Buchanan voices qualified support for Edwards

ABB Check-In! Post your favorite non-ABB rationalizations

I think it may be time to remove the restrictions in the GD:2004 forum.

The Collapse of Howard Dean's Cyber-Bubble

International DUers, what do you make of John Kerry?

I think that Edwardsd' be much more likely than Kerry to chose Clark as vp

Clark Democrats - Some thoughts on Congressional Races

Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement: