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Archives: February 16, 2004

NYT Magazine - Marketing Candidates

"In His Face"

If Bush has his way, Iraq's next shock will be shock therapy

Memo Theft (Washington Post)

Pundits are choking on humble pie

Old Lady won't be keen on President Kerry (BCCI)

Rolling Stone Magazine's Political Articles

U.S. arrests mayor of Falluja... for quitting without their permission?!

This should be a very interesting court case re Conrad Black

Look who's talking: Austrian extreme RWer Haider about Saddam, Bush and...

Majority of Iraqi exiles slanted stories

Sharing Savings and Risk, Special Contracts Appeal to Cash-Strapped Agenc

Bush Administration Officials’ Lies In Their Own Words

Voting chaos looms for American election

Bob Herbert (NYT): Promises, Promises (the no-jobs recovery)

Deserter Update: The media knew it too, but ignored it. Eric Alterman

"Hope you lose, eh"

Safire on the side of truth and light?!?

Bowie vs. Clear Channel-Reality bites for rock's rebel

Bush in Paris

Running for cover on Iraq

Why Christians shouldn't vote for George W. Bush

Gloom has crept over 10 Downing and all of Labour

Liberal Oasis interviews Eric Alterman (co-au. "The Book on Bush")

Krugman: The Health of Nations

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): Legislators get new gimmick to raise money

Bush's Budget Time Bomb - From Business Week (of All Places)

'US knew Iraq was WMD free'

Grover Norquist: Cornered Rats Fight Hard

Electoral arithmetic that binds Bush to bin Laden

Buzzflash "Rumor" - Place your bets!

US election could be hit by hackers

Kerry went from soldier to anti-war protester

Billions in Energy Bill Benefits to Bush Contributors

John Dean: Iraq Commission Won't Be Investigating the Key WMD Issue

Have the neocons killed a presidency?:Pat Buchanan

Editorial: Edwards for the Democrats - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Real soldiers come forward

On Guard, or AWOL?

Deserter in Chief - Larry Flynt is watching the story

CleanUpTexasPolitics Needs you

Happy Go Get A New President Day


BlackBoxV Action....its internet blogging season and we need some shooters

Action Alert: Bannering for Kucinich event at Northrop, Tues 2/17

Liberal Oasis: Sunday Talkshow Breakdown

What's the deal w/ CNN and MSNBC losing their sound lately?

Daily Show Bit suggestion

Scott Ritter on Dennis Miller - Video

(Gastrologers AND gastronomers ) Rich, Sweet and VERY Popular

I'm on WebTV. Does anybody know any progressive radio I might be able to.

Anyone here know about Birth Numbers ?

AWOL Again, at Starlight News

Little Consensus on Marriage Amendment

Valentine's Day, that great state holiday (By Bill Maher, 2/14/2004)

Gays who wed see little financial relief

It's legal for gays to marry in New York

Reports Indicate Mass Governor May Ignore Gay Marriage Order

Fonda, Field, Ensler honor Mexican victims of violence against women

Now you can email God

ITCFUOW? Big Disconnect: Gay Marriage vs Predator Priests

Hate NAFTA and sending jobs offshore? Send this paper a letter!


Global Chip Equipment Sales Rise 48 Percent

Just saw on CNN

If Bush has his way, Iraq's next shock will be shock therapy

INTEL growth estimates cut -- but no jobs yet in high-tech 'recovery'?!?!

Part one of junker prediction on dollar: good

GREAT Column -- The State of the Economy

Survivor of universe's Dark Ages discovered

I wonder if a Kerry administration would be open to the idea?

Tuvalu Braces For Inundation - Tides Will Swamp Atolls This Week

Volkswagen and ADM Team Up on Biodiesel Research

Spirit on the move, Opportunity digging it (Mars)

Azerbaijani scientist invents earthquake foreteller machine

Duke University Study Throws Cold Water On Carbon Sequestration Hopes

Stupid Geology Question...

Tides to engulf pacific nation

Taiwan is independent, President Chen reiterates

Nicaragua: Dole and Shell Respond to Activists’ Letters!

Presidential election, Hong Kong give China a headache

Iran Announces Plans To Sell Nuclear Fuel

Libyan Arms Designs Traced Back to China

Fields of Jihad

US raising stakes in South Asian arms race

Letter-bomb blast injures man - SA

We overdid it, says Angola

2 die as crowd turns violent

Labour trouble brewing in Zambia

Dengue fever outbreak kills 17 in Jakarta

Prominent Jews targeted by Muslims and the far Right

Outrage at Zim law to hold suspects for a month

New Party heavyweight accused of raping maid - TW

Bush backer with CCW permit shoots up carwash in MI --video

Who says the dead cant hunt?

Calling all antique arms buffs

The Pink Pistols

Chamber Loaded Indicator.

Hey y'all, check this out & see what ya think...

Is DemocracyNow on the radio list?

Umm--I see no Mods listed for AtA, so why all the locked threads?

OK..I'm at a loss about this one?

+Please Skinner - we need policy guidelines on the Kerry umm "scandal"

Why can't people post in GD regarding

whats wrong with poking a little fun at joe lieberman?

Rule Clarification

DU was at its best this weekend.

How do I upload an avatar?

Replies to me upgrade

I just wanted to say THANKS to whoever resolved that little problem a few

avatar upload error msg

Would a black poster have been banned from GD2004

So am I ever going to get an answer for that appeal

So, who won the art auction?

Hello admins of the DU

Are things slow or is it just me? nt

FYI: my avatar upload error - Blame AOHELL

I think this thread may have been locked in error

Whoa, Nellie! Why was this thread locked?

Please explain to me how my thread goes against the rules.

Username Change


If I have this wrong ..

Hi everyone


why have my donor functions been removed?!

I have alerted this lie about me several times

I would like to know a couple of things

Skinner, I have some concerns about unjustified deletions/warnings

Now that I have joined the legion of the banned--from GDP 04

Could we have the Thom Hartmann Show linked in the new "Listen Live" ...

I would like to complain vehemently about something....

Canadian Government Funding NGOÂ’s anti-Israel Propaganda

Blast in Gaza Building Kills Teen

Projects around Jerusalem are shutting out Palestinians

Palestinian worker dies in crush at Erez crossing

Monitoring group blames Israel for Palestinian exodus from Hebron

Police track Sharon money to Caribbean bank

Failed predictions

Worse than anti-Semitism

Israeli minister calls on Cabinet hawks to unite around alternative...

Decline of democratic norms among Israelis

Why did the Otis fighters not protect Washington?

Things look good in South Dakota for Stephanie Herseth

Democrats still playing catch-up

Who should chair the DSCC in 2006?

FEC Chairman Backs Organizations' Use of 'Soft Money' (527s)

Kerry primary success adds to scrutiny of BCCI trial in England

Andrew Cuomo wants to run for NY Attorney General

How Bush has painted himself into a corner

Californians--what about those propositions?

Senate Races 2004

Move over BET, TVOne is great!!! Thank you Kathy Hughes!!!

vdare is back with another slam at Bush!

Why al-Qaeda votes Bush

My answer to Bush's campaign message: Steady but wrong!!!

The Repubs are NOT moderate....

Freedom of Association - Jane FONDA and Rallies

More on Greg Mankiw's "political minefield"...400,000 jobs a month???

Tom Tomorrow on with Peter Werbe now

Ex-Swedish Minister Won't Be Charged for Insulting Bush

Reasons to vote for Nader in 2004.

Bush preferential treatment - The National Guard

Fonda, Field, Ensler honor Mexican victims of violence against women

Bush preferential treatment - Texas Rangers

George Bush preferential treatment - Arbusto

Bush preferential treatment - Yale and Harvard

Scott Ritter on CNBC with Dennis Miller now


Media Whore Joel Connelly Predicts Negative Campaign - DUH...

Are you guys aware of this Kerry/Polier article which casts doubt on it?

What Should Howard Dean Do Now?

How much can Theresa Heinz spend on campaign?

What's the deal with the Kerry affair allegations, anyway?

Republicans say we're "hypocrites" on AWOL because Kerry protested

Seattle Area School Sex Playground for Catholic Priests

Bush preferential treatment - Ken Lay

Documentary evidence of Bush putting in National Guard duty...

Bush preferential treatment - Harken Energy

Cool Letter to the Editor of LA Times

Big bucks for Bush,contaminated water for us....

Karl Rove - smear tactics

US corporatocracy made simple

Runaway costs in the E.R.

The story of the mom who said her son died for absolutely nothing in Iraq

More wacky hijinx from College Republicans

Outsourcing Doctors

Is this what FOX news is usually like?

Calhoun is going to hell...

History Channel JFK bio quietly slams Bush

Nascar dads is the most overhyped media creation in years

The most frustrating thing about domestic opinions of the Iraq war...

DU this poll - bush trustworthy?

Definition: A democrat is a republican.....

Is civil war in Iraq inevitable?

if any one wants to read just how cruel

What's more important: How Christ died or what he said?

Slavery and Free trade

Well, now we know what's in "the shadow government" of Bush

Drudge crying like the little baby that he is! BWWWAAAAAAA!!!

Rove Theory on Kerry and the Intern Bomb

New Pro-Bill Gates Argument - We need him to outsource jobs!

A charge for the Medicare discount card?

I wonder what O'Really has to say about Rush

Get your Haliburton scandals here, honest media reporting!

GOPer nailed at restaurant

LOL Tampa greets Bush with Liar Liar Pants on fire statue!

"Just Don't Vote.." What Repubs opposing bush will be "doing......."

Bush-Kerry Campaign Contributions

Why would Afghans or Iraqis register?

For Presidents Day: Abe Lincoln Quotes

Some of my favorite EvolveFish bumper stickers...

An interesting quote from Colin Powell.....

fear in the eyes of the Iraqi children (pic)...bring OUR troops home

Great CNN transcript re. W/Nascar features "Mudcat" Saunders

Trudeau hammers Halliburton...

Trashy Rumors and Journalism - Scotty's blowup at Helen Thomas

Thanks for the memories. (Hussein movie)

Anyone catch this little blurb yet? Typical freeper violence:

CBS pulls Medicare ad

Can we start a word list?

White House Press Secretary Lashes Out at Reporter:

CNN's Malveaux reporting that Bush stayed for entire race...

just emailed the following to Hardball

The Deck of Bush - 54 reasons to kick him out...pass it around

clarence swinney presents--RONALD REAGAN AS NUMBER ONE AND FIRST

You Write The Rest Of The Story ...

Calhoun is LYING like Bush does

Ways the Republican party screws their faithful.

I just got back from donating blood again.

Let's quit prefacing the debate with "Saddam was an Evil Guy"...

DU this poll on top recent presidents

Why is the Thom Hartmann Show not appearing in the "Listen Live" links?

NEW! The military records of George Walker Bush

The Progressive Caucus

Gay marriage vs neocon policies

Bush backer with CCW permit shoots up carwash in MI --video

Lets send these little Buggers some army enlistment forms!

Czech Town Mesmerized by Kerry Campaign

The number one reason why we need to win in 2004! (The Supreme Court)

Need files from Moyers! Request from Randi!!

Back from the Cleland speech. I got some interesting answers.

"Weapon of Mass Instruction - Live and Uncensored" Greg Palast

Is Matt Drudge finished?

Prescribing Birth Control Is Against His Religious Beliefs

Poll: Do you believe Bush shirked military duty?

The reason why the Bush AWOL issue is registering.

From the DNC

Poor Ralph Hall

What Would Marcos Do?

So * has time to go to NASCAR but none for funerals of soldiers?

my essay, "Is Bush a Deserter?"

Saw Max Cleland and got some interesting answers (repost)

President's day tribute

What Bush is claiming about low inflation is not true...another lie

It's Presidents' Day! Say something nice about President Gore!

Hannity vs. O'Reilly

Is there a place I can get governors' approval ratings?

Charles Rangel's call to "Remember Florida"

Woman Denies Rumors of Kerry Affair

Yet another entry in the annals of why they hate us

11,000 evacuees thru Andrews in last 9 months???

I made a sign for my friend...what do ya think?

Rick Perry and the gay hanky panky rumor: what's the deal?

"CIA Intelligence Reports Seven Months Before 9/11: Iraq Posed No

Is the media finally willing to go after Bush?

The fallacy of the slippery slope

I am loving that the Drudge story blew up in some DU'ers faces!

protesting bush* war in Barcelona Spain (pics) 02/15/04

Drudge rumors and DU rumors - Is there a difference?

I am building another Dem Party website!

Listening to Ed Schultz

Moyers to cover the Florida demonstration

Randi Rhodes is *live* today! Last live for for a week!

Am I the only person that thinks this whole "whites only" scholarship is..

Witnesses to Bush's activity in the National Guard.

Special Intrest Money & Kerry: This is a weak tactic

Definitions of NASCAR & NASCAR Dads

FEC Chairmain Smith (repuke) will allow 527's - a win for Democrats

Canadians, and savy Americans... thoughts on Paul Martin these days?

White House Secret Weapon For Re(S)election Campaign

TWO ANG Unit Members call Bush a No Show in Alabama - both Pilots

Max Cleland war injuries

Freepers ignoring Perry story

Rare moments of honesty from FREEPERS.

NASCAR: laura appears in outfit previously highlighted by Betty Bowers

I'm a glutton for punishment

Will (Cdn PM) Paul Martin postpone the General Election?

Larry David 'thanks' Bush for defence of national guard

Here's an email I received regarding MTBEs

Hardball: Author James Moore on - He interviewed Burkett

Are 'v' chips in t.v.s causing the media to attack * more?

How many Republican investigations are going on right now>?

As much as we may wish, our media will never do their job

TX Gov. Rick Perry - Coming-Out Rumors?

Chavez Accuses Opposition of Conspiracy and Fraud

Cinemax to have Documentary on J.H. Hatfield starting Wednesday

Is post-Janet TV broadcast delay way to shut down Anti-Bush speech?

Michigan mulls gay marriage ban

i need some links to videos

Rep. Maxine Waters Charges U.S. Is Encouraging A Coup in Haiti

AWOL accusations are too murky to catch on but refusing an order

Calvin and Hobbes political cartoon

I had no idea one evil Republican could do so much in a Blue State...

Gallup Poll: Bush keeps heading down!!!

BBV: David Dill on NPR Marketplace right now

bush* backs off on MTBE ban.

My letter to Zell Miller

Bush's Grades: "carefully redacted."

Crossfire NAUSEATES me....wait til you hear what they just said.

Portlanders -- Eric Alterman tonight -- Iraq Forum Weds. night

Gavin Newsom Rules!!! (the San Francisco Mayor)

Bush is still taking money from Enron

Shiites have alternative proposals on Iraq polls

Why not to vote for Nader or the green party in 2004

hardball: Jim Moore on Burkett.... other guests dealing w/AWOL tonight

US blames 'foreign fighters' for raid

bush* political campaign abuses WH web page...KKKarl rove(link)

The real reason for delayed live broadcasts is to protect Bush in live

So do the Freepers talk about DU as much as we talk about FR?

Unemployment rate.

In Fact, George W. Bush is...

Has anyone seen this concerning Social Security?

Should Dems run an administration in November. RW fair media site?

Has there ever been a worst President than the Idiot Son of an Asshole?

Does the 14th Amendment require states to grant same-sex marriages?

30-1 Now attacking Bush

The Real Future of Politics

Kerry affair a trial run?

Yahoo! Poster confirms * was booed at Daytona

Guess who is speaking at my school tommorrow?

Max Cleland on Tweety now! 1813 CST

Should Gavin Newsom run against Arnold in 2006?

How long until the end?

Still think * will be allowed to run?

Just got a threat in my town

Has Matt Drudge Been Effectively NEUTRALIZED?

Am I dreaming? Lou Dobbs is destroying the FAIR spokesman live

Wolf does it again: blatantly propagandizes for Bush on two fronts

Bush: "an "undeniable" sense of economic optimism sweeping the country???"

c-span - Past Presidents, panel with Kevin Phillips, Schlesinger, etc,

Tweety interviewing "Bill" damn vcr broke! He couldn't

Moyer's show about RW radio on Randi Rhodes NOW--listen up..

"He wasn't very POPULAR" -- so sez Bush's eyewitness

World Government

Josh Marshall on Bush's claim Dems threaten country's fiscal health

this man wants to be president?!

Miserable Failure - Moore overtakes Bush

When We Turn Shrub Out in NOV Will We Say

Astroturf Watch?

I' m a Nascar fan

Recruiting the Armies of Ignorance

Who said this?

Bev Harris & Jim March

Did Bush break a law by not getting a physical in 1972?

NHL: sport or cult?

Program Alert

Stirrings of freedom among Arab youth

2000 Nader voters--Do you want to see Ralph run this time around?

Fred Kaplan rumored to be new head honcho at NBC...

OMG-Is anyone else watching Dennis Miller tonight

Rick Perry gay rumor: what's the status on this?

Lets see: doctored JFK/Fonda photos, phony TANG witnesses, no JFK affair.

Dennis Miller panel:OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Was the Jamaican bobsled team racist?

Ashcroft Bought and paid for by Polluting Chem Company

Aaron Brown Said Bush Didn't *Have* to Take A Physical

How are the FReepers and ditto-heads taking the Kerry affair refutation?

Ted Sampley (veterans against Kerry) getting destroyed on Scarborough

Rush has his trousers twisted

Hypothetical question concerning a "September 11 / World Trade Center"

Suspicious break in Bush's ARFs

Proof that Bush had NO INTENTION of going to Nam in his own docs

Mike Malloy starting in a few minutes

Poems & letters from soldiers in Iraq

Tweety hasn't fully redeemed himself, but

Has anyone told you Bush was chosen by God?

Bush = Walmart Economy

British whistle-blower faces prison for exposing U.N. spy efforts

Question re. Clinton, et al, Saddam &WMDs

So what is the difference between 09/11/01 and 02/16/04

READ THIS! ...... Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun .... the Bush alibi

Please, go and answer this stupid question on MSNBC.

Should adults be fined for smoking cigarettes in cars w/ children present?

Outsourcing: India raps US on BPO ban

Let''s outsource Bush

New bumber sticker sighting

PIPA Report - Fox News Makes You More Misinformed

If anyone linked to my sever to use my clark kerry graphic

Bremer Hints He May Bar Sharia Law

Kerry vs. Bush: Poll Summary 2/18/04

Dobbs hoisting Mankiw on his own petard with quotes

Tutu: Iraq war "immoral" mistake

Iraq was WMD free and the US knew it. (Iraqi key scientist)

I'm sick of bush campaigning on our money!

Is the United States slowly becoming two countries?

It happens every 20 years or so..

Does every Viet Nam montage HAVE to use Buffalo Springfield?

new 911 Visibility Action iMovie -comments requested

No DENTIST at Dannelly in 1972! No DENTIST!

Am I the only one laughing at Calhoun's testimony?

I would like to honor Tim Robbins with my 1000 th post:

Charlie Rangle just sliced and diced Hammity and his Boy King.

Bev Harris on Coast To Coast AM (tonight, 2/16)

NY Times calls Hillary a "Femi-Nazi"

Cronkite says Bush's was a major self-inflicted wound.

John Dean (watergate): 9/11 Commission a sham

David Horowitz's witch hunting online database exposed

What is a "Massachusetts Liberal" (besides the obvious)?

a stunningly insightful look at the "NASCAR dad" psyche...

The real issue isn't Bush AWOL, it's the influence to get into the Gua

Who is Lars Larson and did he singlehandedly sink Oregon's....

Bush* reason for not taking medical-"felt there was no reason to take it"

BBV:Voting chaos looms for American election

Liberal radio network plans to launch in spring!

SOA grads hired assassins for Gulf Cartel

TIME Magazine - George W. Bush: The Texas Soufflé

MUST READ: Bush speech on education. "We ought to make the pie higher"

Ann Coulter on "Hannity and *" Tuesday: Will Colmes finally get angry?

Ed Schultzv Needs You, DU!

President Bush's military records [USA Today site]

Stand Up for Freedom to Form Unions

Why there will never be another George Washington

Is golf a racist Republican sport?

(Arizona) House votes to revoke licenses of businesses that hire illegals

How many solo flying hours did Bush have?

ABC Nightline Monday: A Nation of Immigrants

The GOP -- the party of good old fashioned, solid American values

The video of Mike Malloy on Faux news

The ever-popular Bush* record of compassion to veterans

Did anti-war activists seem indifferent on Saddam's atrocities?

"Fortunate Son" documentary - Cinemax Wednesday

What does this symbolize?

Test your knowledge: when was this written?

Viet Nam

Huge: 9/11 Families Throw the Gauntlet Down to Bush.

NASCAR: sport or cult?

Connecting The Dots: TANG...Bush..Bath..Bin Laden

What is it with the general distaste for all things NASCAR around here ?

Why hijab (head scarves) disturbs dictators, democrats

Bev Harris, Jim March hit Diebold with lawsuit, seek restraining order

NEW video - "This Friendly Friendly George W. Bush World"

US/UK spying wrecked last minute attempt to avoid Iraq invasion

Feb. 16th -- 9/11 Families Throw Down Gauntlet to Bush

Halliburton suspends 140 million dollars in Iraq, Kuwait meal bills

U.S. lawyer warns of 'unfair' tribunal

US raising stakes in South Asian arms race

The man who used hospitals to trade in nukes

Highway shooter thumbs nose at police

Expert's critique on Iraq winds up in political swirl

Afghan militia submits new batch of heavy weapons

Memo Theft (Washington Post)

Democrats debate in possible last matchup.

Four humanitarian workers slain in Taliban ambush

"R.I. fund only for whites"

Baghdad Blast Kills One U.S. Soldier: AP

U.S. Soldier Is Killed in Baghdad Blast

Iraqi Gunmen Kill 1 American in Ambush

Kuwaiti parliament OKs profiteering probe (Halliburton)

Fallen soldier's mother says her son 'died for absolutely nothing'

U.S. May Compromise on Iraq Election, Bremer Says (Update1)

Falling bullets an issue in Iraqi town

U.S. again brands Canada terrorist haven

Not a very happy day for the occupation storm troopers

Fatal Blast in Baghdad Schoolyard

Most Siemens software jobs moving east

Saddam trial 'unlikely' until 2006

Pakistani Tribune: A Q Khan suffers heart attack

Bush, states face off on Medicaid

A Seventhson Perspective on Kerry and the "Scandal" To Kerry & Friends

Muslim Chaplain's Case Sparks Questions

Iraq Bombings Kill Two U.S. Soldiers

Standing firm on US beef ban, Tokyo wants a new probe

Partisan Denunciations Fly Over Secret (Dem) Strategy Memos

Storm Drops 2 Feet Of Snow On Mideast

STOCK MARKET WATCH, (Trading closed - but free for discussion)

Terrorist memo raises questions on war's impact

Oh, it wasn't Kerry, it was....

Iraqis Blamed for Deadly Fallujah Raid

U.S. newspapers tread lightly in rumor on Kerry infidelity (Wash Times)

Russian Cos In Baghdad To Discuss Saddam-Era Oil Deals

Reports Indicate Mass Governor May Ignore Gay Marriage Order

U.S. Reportedly Releases Saddam's Parliament Speaker

Detained Sudanese freed

Duplicate post. Please lock. Sorry mods

Malaysia kicks off national service call-up with 28,000 youths

Senate Agrees to Closed Session

Source denies report (Saudi Arabia-China Missiles)

Halliburton Halts More U.S. Billings

Now they tell us

BBC: 'Imminent' Saudi attack warning

Mass Migration Redraws Northern Iraq Map

Muti killings: 'Be defensive'

Report: 11,000 Clergy Abuse Claims Filed

John Kerry's Chinese campaign connections

Border crossing closed (US - Canada/West Coast)

In China, they're selling the White House

Blix declares he never said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

Guess Who Came to Dinner? /Bush in Florida w/pic!

President Pardons Former Texas Mayor

One Price Clothing Stores Announces Layoffs and Plans Designed to Maximize

US aircraft carrier group heads into Suez Canal

My fight for Danny's memory (Daniel Pearl's widow vs WSJ)

India, US warjets share skies

President Pardons Former Texas Mayor

Bush says Democrats would threaten fiscal health (CNN)

dupe - sorry :(

Prince Sultan refutes reports of Saudi-Yemeni dispute

U.S. Administrator Threatens Veto of Iraqi Islamic Law Measure

Greece to give Olympians armed escorts

Halliburton Halts More U.S. Billings (guess why?)

Australia to crack down on child sex tourists

Most Siemens Software Jobs Moving East

Second bird flu outbreak reported in Oita (Japan)

Mystery light seen above NSW

Va. House Proposes Heavier Tax On Business (GOP Stuns Opposition)

Haiti Rebels Kill Police Chief, Officers

Disney Board Rejects Comcast Takeover Bid | AP

U.S. Soldiers Killed;Iraqis Debate Handover(At least one child killed too)

Draft survey: 4,450 priests accused of child sex abuse - CNN

Genealogists call Bush and Kerry kin

WP: For Kerry, a Tough Geography Test

NYT: Inquiry Focuses on Group DeLay Created

Kerry Tops Bush In CBS Poll

On Russian TV, Whatever Putin Wants, He Gets

Bremer Hints He May Bar Iraqi Islamic Law

East African Standard: "Kerry lover holed up in city house"

US says Iraqis, not foreign fighters, are behind attacks

Alcohol 'snorting' worries docs

Government considering dismantling BBC

Explosives Found in Car Entering Canada

US soldier enshrined at Hiroshima memorial

Handover too much for battered forces: US

NYT: Arabs in U.S. Raising Money to Back Bush

The Computer Ate My Vote 

Will Your Vote Count? (WISH-TV investigation on voting machines)

New form of mad cow discovered

Woman Denies Rumors of Kerry Affair (Alexa talks on record)

Study Links Breast Cancer to Antibiotics Use - WaPo

(US) Navy Jet Fighter Is for Sale on EBay

India set to test fire Agni-III missile

Iraqis demand US pension rise to match salary hikes

Iraq may be slipping into civil war

Dean's Campaign Chairman Departs

Kerry Blasts Bush's Daytona 'Photo Op'

Bush's Test for Pilot Training Was Altered

Kids will see R-rated 'Passion'

Czech Town Mesmerized by Kerry Campaign

Former Dannelly worker: Bush not AWOL

Cuba remittance limits feared

Memo 'urged secrecy' on BCCI

Dr. Love wants to help Singaporeans fire up their libidos

My repub brother is upset with me

My dad bought me the Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD for my birthday

Rate my new avatar

Humanity stupid or misunderstood?

Is Grovelbot against or for Free trade?

there, simple and to the point

I made my bush demon face red, but now I dont like it

Do GrovelBots dream of electric sheep?

Kerry just said he has a "67 billion dollar package"

how will the people at CapAlert rate "The Passion"

DU Photoshoppers - avatar help needed...

Did anyone see The Practise take a swipe at BushCo tonight?

Do you want to feel like you are flying?

Anyone like the Capital Gang

Documentary evidence of Bush putting in National Guard duty...

My Town Stinks!

Ralph, Don't Run!

Wow I cannot believe...

Mongo, The Blue Ribbon Steer - Drug Testing, Lawsuits, Oh Yeah - Slaughter

Apartment Building Has 32 BROTHELS!

Triplets of Belleville

Have any of the techies out there heard of this?

Husband's ashes used for shotgun cartridges

Who has seen The Whale Rider?

Sir we forgot the ten foot pole but did bring along some CAPTIONs

That fundraiser banner animation is SO FRIGGIN' DISTURBING!

Sticker Shock & Awe

Hey Back to the Future fans. Conceptual question here.

Gun-Toting Granny Shoots Off Rapists' Testicles

What will happen when DU rolls out the next 'Bot:

Do you miss the following people:

More Nazi Font Fun from Microsoft

Should * change his Iraq mantra to this?

Do you like my new avatar?

Buying A Bed: What Do You Know About Those No-Flip One-Sided Mattresses?

Do you guys know what Tommy Toilet sez? (large image warning)

CAPTION a conversation with Mr. Economics

Repub coworkers talking about Iraq war dead

PING WannaJumpMyScooter & Bertha Venation

The Galaxy's Largest Diamond

Flowcharting software?

Check out the new sig pic I just made

I'm so outraged that I'm almost SPEECHLESS!

disturbing hand pic of Ann

How does the "replies to me" feature work?

Best Antivirus Software?

Anyone know how to make a pie chart on MS Works?

So, who has today off?

Today's AWOL cartoon


What if Gore would have won....

Anyone else watching the "West Wing" marathon on Bravo?

Is my new avatar clear enough?

Summer Olympics ads already. AAAAAAGH!

CAPTION this captain of industry

If you sign up for Qwest phone service...

For the Avatar Challenged

I'm back in Vancouver - and I don't wanna leave.

God, Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter are so damned hideous looking...

Does your state have a 'safe haven' law?

I met my first nutty American freeper type on Saturday

Man I've been having some vivid dreams lately

I'm baaaack! (Man, I hate/love system upgrades...) Ask me anything!

FW: "GWB's Resume". I know you've all seen this, but...

If you like the NFL and weddings - check this story out.

Did anyone hear Randi Rhodes' announcement?

The real reason I can't get any work done today...

39666 user registrations since January 2001

Presidents Day Joke

Any fans of the band "The Dirty Three"?

Best Iron Chef

Dave Barry from Sunday

Picture of Ben Affleck (super-hunk Democrat) and Pickles

Need cookbook recommendation

Three Cheers for DrFunkenstein

Hello friends. I'd like to offer you my apologies

A former colleague was killed by a drunk driver.

Going to COSTCO.....

Enlighten me

New wave of guess that Avatar

"The Sims" is better than real life!

My dog has been on a diet for two months and only lost 9 lbs.!

Happy President's* Day!

Brazil performs evil electronic mind control on Americans (no, really)

Playing in my first poker tourny online

Worse product ever invented

Taking a break.

Q: What do you call a Republican who is not rich?

talk about the freepers' fear of intelectualisim...

Anybody here a "reverse snowbird"???

NASCAR: laura appears in outfit previously highlighted by Betty Bowers

Mozilla Firefox users....Help needed

Why does college tuition keep rising at exorbitant rates?

does my avatar work?

today's new Hannity advertisers Feb 16

Are we REALLY desensitized to movie violence?

Does/ did anyone else work in food manufacturing?

Definition of "obscenity."

How should I apologize to my puppy?

"Tripping the Rift", anybody hear anything about this new show?

Wedding Etiquette: Who's right?

"Doc Day" on the Sundance Channel today--good line-up

I saw three shows with the same subject topic today, ask me anything!

What browser do you use?

DU Memory Lane: October 26 2002 Washington DC

I have decided to become a deity

Having a horrible weekend

A CAPTION for two

OK, let's assume that Kerry gets the nomination and defeats Bush.

I got me a new avatar. Ask me anything!

I had a laugh with RatTerrier's sig, and modified it

Testing avatar...

Now I "nose" what Georgie has been doing on his vacations

Homeschooled kids on a field trip

Antonio Banderas fans! (Shrek 2 character)

OK, I'm an idiot--- how do you access the new functions?

The original lie...

Protest Songs

It's the Presidents Day Hockey thread...

CAPTION for a highly symbolic picture

Let's turn Barry Goldwater's slogan on Bu$h and tweak the Freeps!

30,000 words... what is that, a novella?

Is anyone listening to Phil Hendrie?

What new DU features should be added during the next fund drive?

I've got a beer buzz.

Paris to examine Linux alternative to Microsoft

CAPTION the Führer and his Kinder

Beatles avatars

Remote Dubya - for those who missed it

i don't ask for captions often but PLEASE!!!

Anyone read Rue Morgue magazine?

New avatar... Can you tell what it is?

A little help please..

What are the long-term effects of viewing pornography?

So do the Freepers talk about DU as much as we talk about FR?

Cheese sandwiches attack rabid pantaloons!!

A very very tongue-in-cheek poem of DU abandonment

Please tell me where to put my pictures so I can post them...

I like that Beyonce video where she slams her hands on the ground.

I *heart* CAPTIONS!

OK, I changed my avatar to Strong Bad.

"The Simpsons" vs. "King of the Hill" vs. "Southpark" vs. "Adult Swim"

I'm warning you this is a test

I am leaving the Navy tommorrow

It's Presidents' Day! Say something nice about President Gore!

Not one, but TWO Angelina Jolie movies coming soon...

Conan O'Brien's Quebec Shows Stir Furor

Moses: Hear me! Oh, Hear me! All pay heed!

In the world of "I'm not Kidding You" - My cat Abbie has Acne

I love Josh Marshall's characterization of *

Will 50 million Yen buy you a bag of popcorn?


Ok, this is the end. I can't go on DU anymore.

How do I delete a &*%$#@ avatar?

Let's piss off a homophobe!

Which is the Best (Recent) Reality TV Show?

Cute Picture

So, I got new glasses...

I've been working on a new DU logo- anyone have any ideas/designs?

Any other fans of "Family Business" on Showtime?

Favorite Book Recommendations

monday night chat

Why, when I upload a personal avatar and the DU message

Supreme executive power...

Errant Valentine's Text Message Nearly Causes Split

Someone dissed me on

Does anyone EXCEPT Screaming Lord Byron recognize my avatar?



I'm a vegetarian, but I eat Repukes for lunch

This picture is BEGGING for a caption!! (My first!!)

Absurdly Long Threads

Drudge visits ATA

It's 9pm in Wyandotte MI. So come get your Q&A on with MrScorpio

Trojan Horse virus

Organic Food-shelves?

Why is Reagan going on a dime?

So what is the difference between 09/11/01 and 02/16/04

Crank addict Check-in

For you natural birthers

Forgive me if this seems kiss-ass

If anyone linked to my server to use my clark / kerry graphic...

What do you call a Democrat who is rich?

My Coke Dealer

Anyone else watching Mel Gibson on ABC?

Yet another `rate my avatar` poll

Silly Name Game!!!!! (something a little fun!)

Let's play "Where in the World Is Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun?"

Coffee Addict Check-In

If you could move to anywhere in the USA, where would you move to?

An era has ended: NSMA's key thread has been locked.

E-Mail Joke Of The Day - A "Satisfied Customer" Letter

Any one else have chronic pain problems?

I've lost my favorite picture... can you help?

Why, it makes so much sense!

My new avatar looks distorted -- how do I fix it?

The greatest athelete if all time

Avatar image HEEEEELP!

Does anybody have that picture of Bush wearing the Lord of the Rings ring?

Planet of the Apes

rate my new avi (this one is REALLY GOOD)!

Batboy genetic tests reveal him to be Kerry/Fonda lovechild

I'm seeing Chris Rock tomorrow, ask me anything!

Which new DU feature do you like the best??

Im almost at 1000 posts.

DU Vinyl snobs. Please select the appropriate punishment.

John Daly

Since I Haven't Started a Quinn Kitty Thread in a While . . .

Who is preparing for the next bout of "Olympic addiction?"

My parents went to a "Restore the 10 Commandments" Rally last week.....

Who else is planning on totally ignoring the Olympics this year?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad (Black History Month) 02/16/04

Not to be crude, but doesn't Bush look like he's beating off?

Battle of the Bands: Elvis Presley vs. James Brown

Best TV theme songs?

Dating a Repub


Best Rock 'n' Roll guitarist (pre-Beatles)?

AVATAR UPLOADERS: RatTerrier's avatar creation clinic is now open

The Coffee Test

'whats on YOUR avatar?' now in easy to swallow poll form...

Guess the Avatar: a fun new DU distraction!

NY DU'ers - check out this ebay item...

Hawker... for you,.,..

Dammit, my name is NOT HEIDI!! (rant)

My avatar brings all the boys to the yard

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

Why do I buy so many books?

OK, smart people...

Mel Gibson just slammed Shrub

We need to buy a car...

None of you coffee posers can match the original ZombyCoffee

no guessing here, just show your new avatars off...

I'm having an out-patient "procedure" tomorrow

I had a MAJOR Brush With Greatness tonight !

Will work for $$$$$

Thank god, she's sleeping.

Do you think "The Passion of the Christ" promotes anti-semitism?

How should I enter the 700 Club?

Best. Poll. Ever.

Describe your posting activity

Anyone know if last night's debate is available online somewhere

Triplets of Belleville .. Anybody seen it?..Good? Bad?

Am I wrong for insisting my son's father not smoke around him?

Does Dennis Kucinich look like Jerry Mathers?

The most basic arguments against Nader

Joe Trippi in Q&A session on what happened in Iowa and may in Wisc ...

Reasons to vote for Nader in 2004.

Wanted: Transcript for Debate

John Kerry! Face the Facts

Did Drudge claim he watched the elusive Polier interview?

Kerry: 'I'm ready for what they throw at me'

Senator John Kerry Visits Youth Action YouthBuild in East Harlem

"Let Them Eat War"

The republicans are NOT moderate...

PA DUERS......what's your take on the spectre toomey p;rimary?

Gloria Borger all bug-eyed: "But Why-y-y-y-y would he lie?!"

Kerry Vows to Do Work for Wis. Primary

Kerry Supporters (and others): If Alexandra Polier Says it is True

Kerry takes war to Bush as candidacy gathers pace

(Oregon Magazine):Bill sicked McAuliff on Kerry. DLC needs to stop this

Kerry,the time is now to clarify.

Kucinich appeals to military families

Alexandra is also Kerry's DAUGHTER'S name....

If the Polier story is not true, why did her dad call Kerry a "sleazeball"

Alex Polier should come out NOW and repudiate this BS!

Why is the media talking to Bill Calhoun who has been discredited?

London Evening Standard: 'Kerry scandal woman reveals all to TV station'

Is it over after Tuesday?

Nascar dads is the most overhyped media creation in years

CSPAN>>>rerun of last night's debate NOW 10AM EST MON.

Why I want Kucinich, Sharpton, Dean and Edwards in the race...

Kerry fights for liberal causes and average people

Kerry-Fonda Pic: McCain Fights Old Foe Who Now Fights Kerry

Letter To Dean Campaign, Suggest Other Dean People Write Also

"No time for affair with Kerry"....

Who had the best debate performance last night?

So I watched the debate and am rethinking my pick

Has Kerry ever mentioned buying uranium stocks from the fmr. Soviet Union

Congratulations to ALL Our Candidates. It Was A Pleasure To Listen

The sudden interest in trade on DU

Who's most likely to listen to liberals once in office?

Of the dropped-out candidates, who did you like the best?

I hope Howard Dean endorses John Edwards.

I have been listening to the rerun of last nights debate

If Dean doesn't win or place second in Winsconsin, should he leave?

Which candidate do you want to host Crossfire?

I think Bob Kerrey's admission will show J. Kerry was right about Vietnam

Edwards, Dean, Kerry, and Kucinich on Non-Proliferation

Keynote Speaker 2004: Dean, Edwards, or someone else

What is the earliest possible date for a delegate plurality lock?

Great Moments in Democratic Primary Debate History

Darling, what's your name?

Teresa Heinz Kerry speaking on CSPAN now

A Kerry/intern rant re: Drudge and the Sun

IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) in Primaries: WHAT IF?

NY - Dean a hard sell

Was anyone else disappointed with the debate tonight?

former Intern dispells internet falsehoods

If we are focusing on Kerry's

The Kerry smear is not a Rove "black bag" job

Bush might try to campaign as outsider, again

Feigned Outrage

Is the John Kerry "scandal" reverberating to Southern John Q Public?

I said before that the one thing I held against Dean was his campgn mgr.

Libel/Slander and Defamation of character.

Maureen Dowd column from yesterday...

2004 Dream Team

If Dean drops out after Winsconsin, who will he endorse?

"We need to be United"

Drudge was set up. We were just given a gift that keeps on giving.

WI DEBATE: The longest answer to a yes or no question

Hmm, Consumer Confidence "goes up" as Bush numbers drop

Now is the time to find out who started the intern story.

Edwards has a fabulous habit...

Convention Location

MSNBC reporting Kerry is going to receive Secret Service protection soon

DU: Doing the GOP's work

According to Randi Rhodes, the origin of the Polier story

Who "won" the debate?

I Think I Lost Two to Bush Tonight

Should we pursue the Robin Lowman story?? (if they push the Kerry Affair)

Let's learn the lesson of Dean and Kerry

Kerry "Smear" Likely Part of Rove Campaign to USE Dem Primary Process

Has the Drudge Report jumped the shark?

All I see on the news

Anyone else afraid the *intern* issue could make Kerry *unelectable*?

Three Cheers for DrFunkenstein

Re: Kerry smear. Should Drudge be considered a reliable source at DU?

The day Dean drops out of the race, corporate media goes after Kerry.

Matt Drudge is now on the defensive...

Kerry's intern issue AINT over.....

"Bring it on" vs. "Don't go there"

How does it feel to be a tool for propaganda?

Dean's Recently Former Natl Campaign Chair = JUDAS

Is anyone else afraid of the "ski bum" issue if Dean gets the nomination?

Edwards building momentum--Sentinel endoreses him!

Anyone Wants to Discuss How NOT to be Used by RW Smear Machine?

Rove Theory on Kerry and the Intern Bomb

ABB: We're the good guys.

Did Clark & Kerry Just Take On The GOP Media "Mean Machine"?

Will Drudge divulge (or in this case, blame) his source?

Why does it take 30, 40, 50 posts to occur before the mods lock a post?

Do voters actually care what a candidate did during Vietnam?

From sleazball to "I will be voting for Kerry"

Weekend delegate score Kerry: 27, Dean: 5, Sharpton 4, Edwards: 0, DK: 0

Would Evan Bayh for VP make red states more competitive?

Al Sharpton Slavery and Free Trade

Please tell me why I should vote for Kerry in November?

Sean Hannity is blaming CLARK for Drudge's bullshit

LOL, Drudge is making a fool of himself.... changes story!!!

WaPost: Sharpton Says Bush Lied, Hopes President Knew It

New media study of Jan election coverage: Dean Gored, Kerry/Edwards adored

Ralph is

What this race be like if we didn't have the war in Iraq, or IWR?

The Clinton rumor stuff is always funny

A little wager on Wisconsin aftermath is in order...

Freepers planning on joining Vets Against Kerry in NYC rally

Edwards has lost a few points with me

Hardball: Author James Moore on - He interviewed Burkett

Kerry's right..

Political Campaigns have become sophisticated Marketing Campaigns

Gee I wonder what the mood is over at freerepublic is now

How late are the polls open

"I absolutely don't feel betrayed by Grossman.I consider him to be a

I salute you, Dr. Dean!

OK, let's assume that Kerry gets the nomination and defeats Bush.

Dean campaign fires campaign chairman Steve Grossman

Can someone bring me up to speed. ? Been out seeing Max Cleland.

British rag The Telegraph admits Kerry smear but no apology

Tribute to Clark

I'm glad Lieberman dropped off...

Kerry Blasts Bush's Daytona 'Photo Op'

Latest Bully George Comic takes up Kevin Cooper, Prop 58 and Howard Dean

Kerry/Clark 2004 , Clark/Clinton 2012? Silly?

WaPo: We wouldn't run it (Kerry-Polier rumor) if we had photos: BBC

Question on announcing cabinet posts

Liberalism or Attackism???

Is there something like a "Kerry Fast Response Team"?

The only way left to curtail Kerry is for Edwards to drop out NOW!

Kerry hypthetical question.. Suppose Kerry had an affair....

Dean Announces National Chairman Is Out

Have there been any recent public opinion polls about the Vietnam war ?

Is it wrong to still support Dean?

Should Dems Now Take Bill's Advice: Kerry/Clark 04

Dennis Kucinich - Going to do well in Wisconsin

Do you prefer this primary season to that of 2000?

The Republicans are just dying on the Bush AWOL issue on Crossfire

Let's get Kerry's negatives out of the way right now.


I want Gore!!!

It's possible Dean may do much better than expected in Wisconsin

What is Kerry's position on Creation Science and on Bush's...

CNN's Robert Novak calls Dean-supporters "nutbags."

A Reality-Check for Kerry Supporters (why he is not the best candidate)

I'm voting John Kerry/John Q., Whomever in November!

Dean Passes Edwards in Latest Zogby Poll in Wisconsin

Did Sludge really damage himself?

9:15 pm est Dean on C-Span, taped earlier this evening from Madison. nt

Time for a little atonement.

Latest WI Poll: Kerry 47, Dean 23, Edwards 20, DK 2, Sharpton 2

Times like these

NYT Letter to the Editor. From Matt Bennet

For Clark supporters only

If Aaron Brown has any scruples he will debunk the Kerry smear tonight

Alex Polier Denies Affair in major publication

Which type of candidate takes the most heat from the corporate media?

If Edwards loses to Dean again in WI, should he drop out?

Dem Primaries 2004: The "Running Interference" Theory !!!

Bush Medicare Ad pulled by CBS!

Poll: of Democrats, Only Kerry Tops Bush - Beats Bush 48% to 43%

Was the Kerry affair story planted to discredit the AWOL stories?

Anyone watching Hardball? Sandusky and Max Cleland on

If you could choose whom would be President

Which "news" network will break from the herd

Any advice? I am going to be an Edwards delegate for my county

Deleted message

Which of the dropped out candidates would you back?

C'mon, Admit It, Y'all Love The Bash !!!

Kerry isn't electable...Dean is?

Think Rove isn't likely behind the Kerry sex rumor? Think again.

The 2004 Democratic Convention is in Boston, MA

I'm shocked, shocked that it was a crap story from Drudge

CNN outdoing AP on the "Dean's Already Quit" Meme.

Why Dean won't drop out until after 3/2

CNN: Clinton agressively working to have Clark be Kerry's VP

OK, let's assume that Kerry gets the nomination and defeats Bush.

Why Kerry?

My take on the Clark should be VP stuff... rational response

Are you happy with the way the primaries have gone?

Deleted message

Hardball replay

Kerry Promises Effort to Halt Flow of Jobs Out of the U.S.

To all Dean supporters from an Edwards supporter

What could have been: Was Paul Wellstone going to run for President?

The question remains: Clark/Kerry...

The real Howard Dean

Anybody have any evidence Kerry ever said Nam vets were war criminals?

Kerry Attacks Bush's Economic Policies

London Guardian: "Iraq oil cash funded MPs' campaigns"

Candy Crowely now attacking Kerry for Viet Nam

Words and phrases no reputable journalist or historian ever uses:

I fugured out what's driving the freepers nuts

Proposal for a Democratic alliance

WaPo~Kucinich Reaches Out to the Neglected

Visit new website MoveLeft Media.

The Associated Pimps are SO anti-Dean that it's not even funny.

Nation's universities should host the Presidential debates.

"Media chiefs back Kerry campaign" Guardian Feb 10, 2004

Dean supporters (not exclusive) check in..

Dean Supporters: is there a realistic answer to this question?

Kerry Would Be Third-Richest U.S. President

Why are they still smearing Clark?

Kerry said last night he voted for NAFTA...

What are you most dissatisfied with the Democrats about?

Kucinich supporters: Do you see yourselves as liberal purists?

who would be better to win the south as a V.P, Clack or Edwards?

Crossfire: Did I Hear Right? Kerry A Traitor (Cliff May)

Crossfire to discuss Kerry/Clark ticket NEXT!

Did I hear Dean correctly about NCLB?

Genealogists call Bush and Kerry kin

As Dean's hopes fade, Democrats wonder about supporters' votes

Why Dean is called Unelectable by the Media!

Wes Clark Democrats: Check out my new avatar

Roy Neel on "Hardball"--Dean is not dropping out

Bush and Kerry are cousins!

Is Kerry Developing Teflon Or Are The Republicans Just Dopey?

Are the final Maine results being held until after the WI primary?

Teresa Heinz is something of an enigma to me.

Kerry was my second choice, so why am i so upset?

Woman Denies Rumors of Kerry Affair

My case for Evan Bayh - for Vice President

Which VP will help Kerry most?

Question(s) for Clark supporters

Of the remaining candidates, who is the best speaker?

A Seventhson Perspective on Kerry and the "Scandal": To Kerry & Friends