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Archives: February 15, 2004

Love Your Vote Day: Embracing the Disenfranchised Citizen

Another look at the "Zarqawi" Letter

We've already seen this movie once

Good op-ed on the gay marriage in Mass. ruling

Shelby: Moore ban on judicial review of govt religious activities will pas

Bush in denial on WMDs -- and busily denying it

Guarding the home front during the Vietnam war

So it has come to this (the Rt Wing's pretend Kerry sex scandal points)

A Dodger Not A Warrior

Kerry's Flip-flop on Iraq, by Robin Shepherd

Do You Get A Purple Heart For Flossing?

"The Technique of a Coup d'État" by John Laughland

Iraqi's neighbors ignore trouble?

Speculation that ‘NASCAR Dads’ Will Decide the 2004 Vote May Be Off Track

Current Events Have Surpassed 'The Prisoner'

PR duty in Iraq, AWOL at home (Gov George Pataki - NY)

Breslin: Bush Goal Was Dodging War (Air War in Nam while AWOL in TANG)

Rick Perry Sex Scandal????

Voters will judge Bush on present, not past

America's Weakest Link

Shame on You, Ann Coulter

9-11 tidbits... I get sicker and sicker w/each new revelation..

Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David on Bush's Guard service

A soldier’s view of the Iraq war

I received this from my NC twin.....

Current ideas about the Crucifixion were not there in early Christianity

NY Times: Southern Baptists Bring New York Their Gospel

"Taking on Rush" by Frank Cerabino; Palm Beach Post 2/15/04

The Despoiling of America

Register voters no matter where they/you live in the States*

Robert McCesney interviews Al Franken

911 Mariani visits KANSAS CITY Feb. 22 !! Big crowd

Howard Zinn & Michelle Shocked, Tuesday, March 30 at 7 pm in Cambridge MA

Liberal talk radio on now.

Liberal talk radio

Mike Malloy on Faux News (HeartLand)

Check out Media Matters with Robert McChesney

Beat site regestration with this site.

I turned off the Lounge from the "Latest." I turned it back on. I found

What's more important: How Christ died or what he said?

Most Thai husbands unfaithful, says poll

Obama Seeks U.S. Senate seat: Interview with Gay Rights Publication

I'm going to have a party and you're all invited!

More U.S. gay couples marry in Canada

Isn't there another way?

I just watched a gay marriage "debate" on CBC TV...

Economy Sails Away From Workers

World Bank condemns defence spending

"Outsourcing" . . . from The Daily Brew . . .

Scientists map ‘highways of the sea’

climate change projections

Hubble sees 'most distant object' (BBC News)

AP: Bush Administration Shelved MTBE Ban

My Rant about Bud Shuster and how he screwed my backyard

Rush hour stopped by taxi rank gun battle - SA

Nulcear proliferation started with China

Power shortages in Ethiopia

Fuel tanker collision kills - Uganda

Armed militias bring terror in Liberia

Iranian Students Criticize Khatami Over Election

World Bank condemns defence spending

Jews fear racist trend

Prominent Jews targeted by Muslims and the far Right

Most D.C. Homicide Victims Had Arrests - Washington Post Article

If AW's are a serious threat to law enforcement officers...

Texas Church Tries Guns for Roses on Valentines

Study: Texas Not No. 1 in Death Penalty

Cost of Gun registry cost soars to $2 billion

Hi Admins... Question about smileys...

Follow-up question: When is a candidate no longer a candidate?

On second thought, keep me suspended from GD Primary 2004!

Terwilliger tombstoned?

What did Terwilliger do to get tombstoned?

When DU starts making a transition to GE mode, how does this affect DK

Skinner: When will it be time for Kerry bashers to cork it?

What happens if I change my username?

How many posts do you need to send PM's or e-mail?

Listen live suggestion for *right now* if you can do it quickly.

Thanks Ads

Can GrovelBot come out and play?

Attack using personal information

EarlG, in-house Photoshop King, can you please help me?

curious about dupes...

How is this not "an extreme and inflammatory attack"?

Vanishing solutions...

Palestinian journalists boycott PA coverage

The IDF's shooting range (Gaza)

Elite Israeli troops reject Gaza violence

Return to Rafah - Journey to a land out of bounds

Remarks spur college probe

The IDF's shooting range

Mideast digs out from under rare snowstorm

Int'l observer: IDF, settlers are 'cleansing' Hebron's H-2 area

Broadcaster Can't Call Hamas or Hizballah 'Terrorist Groups'

Negev Bedouin protest home demolitions, crop destruction

Watchdog seeks assurances of media safety from Israel

"Israel is Satanic offspring" and follows the Prot. of the Elders of Zion

On patrol with 10th Mountain Division - Afghanistan

Collapse dynamics: Matthys Levy on controlled demolition

Some Democrats dream of Kerry-Edwards ticket

Any info on the Chandler race in KY?

If Dems do not persue a southern strategy, who should be our VP?

Kerry :vs: Kucinich :vs: Sharpton

US fears hostile Olympics - Subscription Article

I had a conversation with a hard core Republican tonight

interesting idea about combating oursourcing . . . (referral post) . . .

Gay & Lesbian Marriage? Some people think it's an outrage

Coulter Smears Cleland in new GOP low

Is Gavin Newsom flanking his left, trying to attract attention or

Is that Mari333 on the radio NOW ? -- streaming

good article(belated link) on Drudge smear of Clark

Did anyone else happen to see C-SPAN just now?

Fox has done it: They've finally Out-Foxed their own absurdity...

Suppose Bush loses and suppose you have a PA system

What Is the Soul of Socialism? Put your ideas on paper!!!

My Phone is low! Please call C-SPAN about authour of ...

strange disappearances

In case you missed it: Author of defense of marriage Act...

Are the allegations against John Kerry true?

Best AWOL freeper argument ever....

Something to make you go Hmmm.


I see that Drudge has changed his headlines to "China" instead of Kerry.

special there really a difference

Did Scott fall into the gutter?

Draft dodging news anchors and young info babes constantly defending AWOL

Question: Are liberals trolls too?

bush to meet with limited# of 9-11 reps......

Why is no one challenging Bush on what will happen after the turnover?

this might sound harsh

Al Franken on today with Robert McChesney!!!

Boycott marriage in general!

Is holding enemy women and children not a war crime?

We're on the last leg of our fund drive - Please donate

Russert - B+ grade on questioning Gillespie

Just suppose:We HAVE to have a Pub Prez - who would be best?...

Since we published that alleged letter from an al-qaeda many

DFA blogger thinks Hillary is very viable to be the Dems choice

Funny how people who don't need a job to survive want to send jobs

Anybody catch Russert midquoting Rangel on MTP?

The Tide is turning even in Alabama...

Live same-sex marriage on CBC Sunday (CBC Newsworld) - 10am MST

Republicans are vectors of disease...

Bush Goal Was Dodging

"No one died when Clinton lied." - Roger Simon on Meet the Press.

The "New" new world order

Let's say that Georgie DID fulfill his Guard requirements...

bush* buzzes daytona - dupe

Are "price controls" the answer? Are "profit controls" the answer?

Alabamian's--A Mission. Smoke out Smirk in the news.

somebody saw Bush?

Watching Gillesepe

Bush* the robber baron...

Nate Clay chastising Dittoheads NOW -- link

Ready for the GOP Smear Machine to Kick into Action?

Let's beat Bush...

Gentlemen..start your engines.

What is worse: never enlisting or enlisting and seldom showing up?

Chimpy is on the track right now 1:05

One Year Ago Today

Repub talking points, ad nauseum today

GOP Rhetoric: Appealing To Morans?


When the repukes lose the White House, will they go quietly?

About Dimbulb's* time in the guard...

Enron is not a dead issue ~ Gillespie was an Enron Executive

1970s Anti-Nixon Demonstrations instead of Anti-War demonstrations

GOP is having the UK bug Democratic Candidates

Max Cleland's coming to town tomorrow

Did anyone see Dobson in Face the Nation?

Al Franken on right now--1:07 CST.

Al Franken is on live

World Press Photo of the Year 2003 (the photo says it all)

About the good old boy who says he saw Bush in Alabama - Calhoun

Is enlistment and reenlistment in the National Guard up?

The christian right must be happy.

The TANG scandal has nullified the Bush flight suit campaign footage

Air Force One doing Daytona 500 fly-over

Turnipseed now says he has Alzheimers?

International 9/11 Investigation....I would love

Why Are Gas Prices Rising?

After hearing the RNC chairman on MTP i know why he refused to be on

MSNBC Poll - Daytona

In case you missed it: The BushCo Conflict of Interest Guide

The Bush Crime Family would kill for a photo of * and a friend

cnn poll: did bush* clear up questions about military service

Let's Review: Lack of Substance to Intern "Charges"

Why don't Democrats sponsor a Nascar racer?

D.C. sniper John Allen Mohammed received honorable discharge!

Franken mentioning Right Wing Echo Chamber!

Should Dems ask/complain for fairness from the media?

Liberal Mainstream - Mainstream Liberals

doctor remembers treating Bush in Alabama; Or, the Mysterious Missing Form

Meet the Press: Ed Gillespe a no-show.

Where are the chimp MTP outtakes?

GOP has British Intelligence bug Democratic Political Candidates?

Russert - "Why are we all smiling?"

Mike Malloy video...

When you meet a "Nascar Dad", be sure to ask him....

Question on the electoral college system?

WOW. Can you imagine Shrub doing this? The PM of Canada is doing a live

Seems like Buchanan knows the real deal on Iraq.

A freeper just emailed me..

GA Repugs Plan New Redistricting

Rabbi Urges Pig Fat on Buses to Stop Bombers

Bush - Hoodwinking the public

Bush - looting the public

When will voters catch on?

The Nixon Connection

I made this really cool thingy...

Help! Need link for Bush and NY fire station story

Defining Issues

Yet another "interesting" letter in my local paper..

Bush at Daytona

Will * ever give a real interview/have a press conference again?

bush* at Daytona: "I like speed, I flew fighters in the guard"

A Democratic Year?

Any DUers from Northwest Arkansas?

First Daughter Barbara Bush's dirty-dancing partner

Was Bush partially booed at Daytona?

Bush*'s using AF-1 to do low fly-by at Daytona 500 is

Bush* has ultimate campaign tool: War

Will any Republican running for office want Bush* to campaign

Ramsey Clark letter to UN and pResident...sums up war criminals actions

They all lie, so who's the best? Who's the worst? Smoothest?

Bob Brinker of "Moneytalk" is an Edwards guy!

Bush and the National Guard car -- photo

Poor areas who DO vote Democratic, what can we learn from them?

Spin: Making sure "everone who wants a job has one."

Could someone tell me how gay marriage would effect us heteros negatively?

Where have all the Republicans gone?

Bush A NO-SHOW at Alabama Base, Says Memphian

Predictions, Predictions

Remember how we used to hear "this very popular president" 24/7?

Fonda or Saddam?

60 Minutes...?

Shrub likes speed

The charge, Mr. Bush is Dereliction of Duty

Chocolates aid physics discovery, ummmmm.

Bush's gift to the nation? More human waste in your drinking water.

Even if Bush wins, we win

One of the biggest Redneck, Nascar loving fan I've ever met is a Democrat!

Prime Minister's Questions on now on C-Span

Election 2000, Mary Cheney, it's time for some rolaids...

Scarborough repukes say democrats too negative. wahh

Here is some explanation of primaries.

Ohio Shootings

Bob Brinker's reading "The Price of Loyalty" and "American Dynasty"

Did W forget

What will Bush & Company do next about the draft issue?

NYT reports illegal Fla. vote purge..3 years after killing story

60 Minutes (02/15/04) Nuclear Insecurity

Reuters calls it a flyby. Which mean Air Force One is being used. . .

NBC still airing Bushco

Clearing up a rumor about Bush on "Meet the Press."

Let's Not Forget Cheney Dodged the Draft too

Valentines Day letter to Bush from Peaceful Tomorrows. . .

I'm listening to Bush on Malloy...

Is Bush drinking again? What do you think?

AWOL can spend a day a the races but not at a funeral for a fallen soldier

O'Reilly has apologized for his stance on the war Rush is criticizing Bush

The truth about Kerry's affair in newspapers

Is it morning again, for America... and us Lefties?

When we win the election...

The FReepers eat their own

DRUDGE Is Having an Affair with an Ex-President of the U.S.

Reality finally reaching Americans

Republican Internet Advertising has Begun....

Hey can anyone clean up and adjust an audio file

Kevin Eltife (R-TX) accused in all male hot-tub action

Help remind me of why THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN is a JackAss?

Drudge: Come out of the Closet !

Question: Has Bush attended a single soldier burial?

Warning to Chicago Sun times, Daily Telegraph readers

The most basic arguments against Nader

Did Bush`s crashing daytona help score points ?

my first iMovie, showing DISSENT in KC

Mayor Newsom did not make us look good

Peter Werbe "Nightcall" streaming now (10PM Central)

Has Malloy made any statement about the Fox News debacle?

Define Marriage

Did anybody know this about the Dennis Miller Show?

We need James Bath's military records now

what should Joe lieberman do now

of what value is the left to the Democratic Party?

The 'Save the BBC' thread.

This Rick Perry rumor is exactly why we'll kick Repuke Butt!

I don't think I imagined this earlier today. Somebody on TV said Shrub

Please make sure these College Republicans get called on their racism

Rethugs plan huge taxpayer funded election week campaign mailing

Look out for mass conversion attempts after THE PASSION is released...

Bush thinks he's a warrior

My thinking is paranoid again. Are your communities in constant

"Jesus H. Bush"

Why blame Nader for 2000?

Bush now writing his own speeches: "I think war is a dangerous place"

American Association of People w/Disabilities

who buys music from Wal Mart?

Why did Blair go to war in Iraq?

Bush killed my son , says soldiers mom

When are non-Minnesotans going to learn that PAWLENTY ISN'T POPULAR?

So after Bush loses, will we blame him for everything

Texans--Rick Perry caught in bed with another man

My wife's (Catholic) church was told to take children to see "The Passion"

Did Dick Cheney’s secret Energy Task Force plan the Invasion of Iraq?

Avatar uploads are now available

DU - you did it! 1000 donations!

We're on the last leg of our fund drive - Please donate

Soldiers' bodies found in Tigris River

More than half of Americans believe terror attack likely in Athens

They want to bring apartheid back, says Mbeki

'Pygmies treated as slaves'"

Moscow Roof Collapse Kills 21, Hurts 106

Gambia announces big oil finds onshore and offshore

Detention without trial now a reality in Zim

"Bush Lie and Who Die?"

Bush a No-Show at Alabama Base, Says Memphian

Venezuela opposition pushes for speedy recall

Newspaper: Army to Interview Witnesses of Vietnamese Deaths

Peru sending team to urge Japan to extradite Fujimori

Attacks on Reporters Protested in Gaza

Soviet War in Afghanistan a Mistake: Gorbachev

(GOP) Guests Fall Ill at Philadelphia Hotel

British spy op wrecked peace move

Second major fire in China kills 39

Kashmir jumpy after bomb blast

Shoppers jump from blazing mall - China

Clock ticks for casualties of Pillowtex

Now Kerry must face up to those tough questions

Hate to Iraqi police runs deep in Falluja

U.S. Marines Set for Philippine Exercises

Gunmen Attack 2 U.S. Convoys in Baghdad

Was Bush partially booed at Daytona?

Dean denies top campaign aides dropping out.

Wiley medical examiner, O. C. Smith, resigns amid charges of fabrication

How a UN chief was broken by horror of Rwanda

LAT: What Did Bush* Do in the War?

"Burning Bush" Turns Up Heat on President

Vehicle Crash Kills U.S. Soldier in Iraq

Iraq neighbours urge US pullout | BBC

Put on ABC news! Quick! Sheboygan is on!

Critics punch at touch-screen voting security-Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bush reversed regulatory effort on gas additive that pollutes

State health agency investigates Hialeah physician

Governor Wants to Smoke

Poor children deprived of basic cancer care

Mutual-fund surge worries some analysts

Guard, Reserves Have History of Spotty Record-Keeping

AP: How the White House Shelved MTBE Ban

On 60 minutes: U.S. nuke weapons factories security risks.

Pantani found dead

AP | Democrats Eye House Seats in Ky., S.D.

Top Dean Aide Discusses Plans to Back Kerry (NY Times)

When it rains, EPA would let waste pour (Bush Admin again)

U.S. Aides Hint Afghan Voting May Be Put Off

Inquiry into Tiger Force advances (US Vietnam Unit Atrocities)

With economy rebounding, tax cuts back on Republican agenda (Florida)

Inquiry Focuses on Group DeLay Created


Thousands gather in Spain to demand end to occupation in Iraq

Partisan Denunciations Fly Over Secret Strategy Memos

(Desmond) Tutu tells Blair: Apologise for 'immoral' war

Partisan denunciations fly over secret strategy memos

Gentlemen, Start Your Campaigns (Bush Courts NASCAR Dads)

Bush Races for Votes at Daytona 500

Government threatens to break up BBC

Europe Eyes Kerry as Hope for Better Ties with U.S.

Teenager's death triggers fiery Aboriginal rampage | SMH

Voting chaos looms for American election

Dismal California Prisons Hold Juvenile Offenders

Pair Of Idaho Lawmakers Ready to Stand In The Way To Save 10 Commandments

Debt-Ridden Calif. Faces $15B Question

John Kerry girl tells all

Top Dean Aide Discusses Plans to Back Kerry

AFP: US civilian dies in Iraq ambush

Bush Goal Was Dodging War - Newsday

Top aids: Dean prepared to abandon race,

300 People Fall Ill on Carnival Cruise

Lieutenant Bush, Cavities and All

Boston museum under fire for 'renting' Monets to Las Vegas casino gallery


Hans Blix calls Bush and Blair "Salesmen"

2/15 -- TANG MD Recalls Treating Bush -- new details

Families Try to Cope as Marines Return to Iraq

Canadian soldier suffers self-inflicted gunshot in Kabul

Few Can Offer Confirmation Of Bush's Guard Service (WP - Latest Info)

College Republicans offer whites-only award

Newsday: 1971 Photo of Kerry (w/ Fonda) Doctored

Tutu tells Blair : Apologise for ' immoral ' war

TIME - How Well Did He Serve?

Steep price increases give steel users fits Many lay the blame on China

I'm in love!

Mozaki has captured me...

Man...this is the earliest I've gone to bed in a long time.

Tonight on "The Process"....

Valentines Day...

Celebrity Talent Death Match

its quiet... too quiet...

Your United States Air Force stands guard

Turn simple sentences into elaborate monstrosities sans grammatical errors

Disgusted with site registration demands?

selffed tetrakaidecahedron washmouth tattooer

How many remotes do you have?

where did i leave my remote?

ROTFL! New Metallica documentary film oddly similar to This Is Spinal Tap

I've Just Heard A Great Song

Did Outkast deserve to win Album of the Year?

Hey, Dr. Zhivago!

Just witnessed a HUGE fire

Paris Hilton Tape



Okay okay.. it's a kids' site.. but terrific screensavers/wallpapers

It's snowin' here in Louisiana!!

SF Bay Area DUers

Dumb Question: Whats the difference between Islam and Muslim?

What's your favorite pop song?

Anarchy at your local Wal*Mart

Valentine's day is over...

Led Zeppelin Is the Devil?

Monkey Who Stole Glasses Bites Cop's Ear Off

What is your favorite day of the week?

What all us poor unfortunates do for the Mysterious Stranger?

I just saw the movie "Sophie's Choice"

Geek alert! Need home wireless networking advice

Should I stay In the Movie Thread...

I just saw the movie "Path to War" (HBO)

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss

Religious or non religious affiliation?

The little extortionist by the dead motorcycle.

Just watched extended version of Two Towers and all the DVD extras

I Saw A Drag Queen Who Looked Just Like Eleanor Roosevelt

E-Bay is confusing me!

Good morning everyone.

Grovelbot is nothing but a populist

Fess up: Who got lucky on Valentine's Day?

I'm really sorry to ask...

How often do you bath your poodle? She does go outside for potty, but....

Oh crap!! GREASE is on TV

html help with images displaying under instead of over?

Mel Gibson is a total a**hole.

Valentines day is over but....

Memo to Candy Crowley

Yet another poll, what's your screen resolution?

Boycott marriage in general!

Some photos of a Korean palace

You know you're a slave to your pet when...

Bush gals upstage a runway

Questions about feeding deer.

Classic Movies Fans

I'm thinking about building "waiting rooms".

*Official no discernible topic thread*

Tribute to Buddy Guy - my hero

Why does my house smell like french fries and kelp?

Hilarious captioning at Daytona

Woke up this morning, a Sopranos gripe session

Any "...Trail of Dead" Fans here?

I have 2 lbs of yellow squash, and some slab bacon

Viewer Alert: One of the BEST war movies is on: The Dirty Dozen

Not a sex thread: Viagra car first to blow at Daytona 500


How to isert photo?

Anyone else ever sell motor vehicles for a living?

If there are 999 donations by 10PM CST...

So I've got DSL now...

Anyone else notice Dave Lettermen really going off on Bush?

Need to self-enforce a hiatus from DU...again

To my fellow Californians:Any of you ever been to Solvang?

Hey, Lostmessage!

We should all love these people

LeAnn Rimes nipple

Left Libertarians.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR is the best film I've seen in ages

OMG How did I get a STAR?!??!?!?!!? Thanks!

Yiddisheh Buddisht

Hey! Somebody gave me a star!!!!

Whoever gave me a star, thank you!

Guess who I was on the elevator with last night?

Lookit! Lookit the donation bar!!

967 Donations

Question? What did * do at the race?

I remember... (Vietnam post and a long one).

What did you do for Valentine's day yesterday ?

Only in America

Ok, I made this "Instant Message" bar...

Identity theft - protection & do and don'ts PLUS To limit the damage

What's 12" long and hangs between GWB's legs?

yikes!! double post -- please delete

Did Ben Affleck meet President Bush* at the big race?

The Repugs are going to use Nipplegate to take my porn away

We're on the last leg of our fund drive! Please donate

Anyone been to Trippi's blog?

Here's a website worth visiting

Real men eat Sardines and crackers and apples

Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

And now, for post #4000...have a few good laughs!

Look it's Dick Cheney trying to dance!

Official Daytona 500 thread

Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?

Hey Underpants!!!! Lifetime Movies has a great lineup today

Boys and girls please say hello to a new DUer.

Have you bought an album in the last year?

Vacation from SF to Disneyland- Where to get the cheapest package?

Am I right or am I right?

"Ludicrous Speed, Go!"

Quick -- need help recording from a vhs camcorder to vcr before my

On my way home from Mass I found a dozen beautiful long

Photoshopped pic- I did this a while ago, never posted it.

What's 6" long and has two nuts?

i had a kitty break-threw today

So is it bad i keep dating republicans?

Ok, it's pretty obvious Rush is going to eat Dumbo, isn't it?

Did you ever miss a DUer

I'm only 993 messages away from 5,000...ask me anything!

Would it be better if the Dakotas merged???

I;m going up to Toronto next weekend to see the love of my life!

So I was awaken this morning by a police standoff next to my bed-

Where can i stream the debate from

A sad state-Arkansas

The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones

Dang ferrets!

Anyone ever tried these? (Terra-chips alert)

it was 995!!

John Daily winning Buick Open!

Check the leaderboard!

Should I start checking my inbox?

I am now a Foster Mom - to 4-legged furballs

Both my characters are on the Internet now!

WE HAVE 40MIN LEFT FOR 20 DONATIONS: Let's see Rush & Bush Kiss!!!!

Is there anything duller than auto racing?

Sheboygan is on ABC news

Who's the second person to upload an avatar??

Can I still donate after the fund drive is over...

Is anyone watching NWO?

14 cardinals on my deck right now...

We're at 1,000 donations!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

I will mail ANOTHER Knoppix Linux CD to the first person who donates...

Sunday Dinner...

Put on ABC news! Quick! Sheboygan is on!

Wes Clarks Army is chatting at MSN - Please feel free to join in

like my avatar?

Tests show dogs are almost human

Who's off tomorrow?

I wanted my 2000th post to be special

Man O peace Man O war

Who did the Freepers blame for their troubles before Clinton?

Try this.....its stupid but true..

Sunday afternoon chat


Did I do the avatar thingy right?

Ahnold on NBA TNT

Caption the Dimwitted Duo!

Did anybody see SNL tonight?

The one good thing about Chris Mathews

Tell your favorite Grovelbot story here....

What better way to celebrate President's day

Caption the dim bulb

I just put Lasagne in the oven and I got you guys on my iMac

Caption * driving the economy into the ground

Which forum has the most flame-warring?

Lets all thank, Wonk and Nomad559 for their great video/mp3's

Imagine this: (Your Choice) as "Ren", and GWB as "Stimpy"

Sailing Refresher Course

Bowling for Columbine on Showtime 8pm est tonite

I just ate at the Melting Pot...

East sucks!!! West kicks ASS!!!!

50 ways to simulate life in the Navy

Choose Grovelbot's Demise

Hat's off to John Daly

Does Dennis Kucinich look like Jerry Mathers?

How do I see replies to me?

Sign I'm spending too much time on DU: Last night's dream

Legal question: If you recieve an email address through a forward...

My Neighbors Should Take Their XMas Lights Down

500 Posts for Dionysus

Lowest Common Denominator: EuroTrip

It will be YEARS before I can hear "We are the Champions" again...

Damn Yahoo!

"Cleavage" now on A&E

New Windows 2004 Enhancements (funny)

any answers to the Bruce WIllis Milion dollar question?

History of Sex

Children to study atheism at school

Online MYST-like adventure game

It's 9:30pm in Inkster, MI. Time to lay your questions on Mr. Scorpio

J Lo's in hot new relationship.....with Grovelbot

Made this one for shortbuspresident

large hi-res NUDE photo of Grovelbot

Bush campaign slogan anagrams

Where should the Grovelbot spend the next three months?

New Mars Photo

Just watched SWAT

any video gamers in here besides me?

watching scott ritter on msnbc

Gawddammed Avs beat my Wings tonite

Who's going to protest the GOP convention in NYC?

Who loves the History Channel?

Question for DUers involved in campaigns :re voter rolls

un-freep this poll

need help writing essay on hate (talk) radio

What is the soul of socialism? Put your ideas on paper!!!

evenin chat

What is the best Rush album?

Anyone play the game "President 4ever"

Hey DU Metalheads! Anyone pick up "Probot" yet?

Favorite CROSSFIRE Lineup?

I was washing a candle holder in the sink (glass)


Wonk hits 10,000 posts!

Brain teaser

well Arod's a Yankee, BUT

Oh Wooooonk!

Freakin CSPAN2

Time to test out my Philip K. Dick avatar

A freeper just emailed me..

Sunday morning--Diet Coke, Mozart, and a cat on my lap---

Who is watching the Forsyte Saga?



I love death (flash movie)

EVERYONE!!! Show your new avatars

Favorite song from TOMMY (the rock opera) by the Who

Can someone help me w/ an avatar problem

Charles Barkley (NBA) Endorses Gay Marriage

Iron Jawed Angels is an excellent movie.

I think Fidelity Investments really screwed up here.

what's your favorite incense scent?

When I say the word "tron", what is the first thing that comes to your min

FOX's latest contribution to high culture: "The Littlest Groom"

a drink

I've hit 1,000 posts!

Favorite amusement park ride/attraction/activity?

Who will be tonight's All-Star MVP???

Has everyone seen this Doonesbury?

I just saw some tools with these bumper stickers on their cars...

Vinyl Snobs UNITE!!!!!

Outside the Repug convention in NYC should be interesting this Sept.

Explain Your DU Username!

What is your new avatar of?

A challenge to the unidentifiedbassplayer (or anyone else)

I'm bawling hysterically: Next to last episode of "Sex and the City"

DU DONATION CONTEST +Who wants a star

I'm starting a movie thread

Have you ever voted for a Communist or a Socialist?

this has to be at least one of the top 10 nuttiest fundie sites ever

Angel to End After 5 Seasons

Avatar uploads are now available

do support groups support you?

A Great Big Thank You to everbody who donated in someone else's name

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Democratic Debate on MSNBC - Thread #2

Do you believe Kerry's reason for IWR vote????

I love Al Sharpton!

Anyone think Kerry was very cold in his answer...

Does Vanessa Kerry look like Ann Coulter?

Down the wedge comes

Democratic Debate on MSNBC - Thread #3

Who won the debate?

It looks like they're calling for Edwards to concede, now, also.

Who lost the debate?

Kerry leads Bush by 81% in New York!!!!!

I'm Convinced: the ONLY way we lose this year is BBV

Now Kerry must face up to those tough questions


How popular is Gephardt in Missouri?

Voters In DC

I am curious blue / I am curious red

Is Ed Gillespie's nose actually getting....

For the democrats, it's time to forget about the south and look west

curious what the psychics say about the election....

Old Lady (BoE) won't be keen on President Kerry

The next Bush scandal?

I hate winning

Newsday says Kerry-Fonda photo was doctored!!!

Bush* has a French tailor?

Wisconsin Debate tonight: can anyone tell me who's airing it and

Dean Denies Top Campaign Aides Dropping Out

If a decorated war veteran can't protest a war, who *can*?

Dean on Fox News Sunday (Fox Network, not News)

Clark was Draft Dodger and killed puppies for fun

Clark is a life-long Bush Republican and Stalking Horse for Bush Jr.

I want to vote my conscience, but my homework won't let me. (Kerrys!)

Backers drive on as Dean sputters

Robbstrodamus on the next 2 weeks:

"Howard Dean’s campaign now lies in ruins because he chose to ...

Clark supporters and well wishers only

America's Retirees Choose...LaRouche?

Which Candidate is the Best Speechmaker?

Why I care about Kerrygate

The Pendulum Swing Like The Pendulum Do

DFA blogger thinks Hillary is very viable to be theDems choice.

The most tiresome pro-any-candidate argument. . .

just a FYI on political contributions...Who's getting and who's giving

What's 12" long and hangs between GWB's legs?

what should Joe lieberman do now

know who decides on the new Democratic Platform?

The Self-Destruction Has To Stop. If Dean Can't Help, He Should Get Out.

Alex Pollier - this will go away, if we will recognize hypocrisy in action

Kerry special interest response ad.

TV alert...Monday night on Hardball...Chris will discuss

Remember Ronald Reagan as a role model in 04

Prediction: as soon as Dems have their nominee, Iraq is out of the news,

How Did Dean Get So Many Delegates?

Bush's core support Stronger than Kerry's

Poor are nickel and dimed to death while.....

Me: Dean is quiting Wednesday, but not going away.

Kerry supporters. . .I am now a Wes Winger for Kerry

Dean dropping out might be the best thing...

Bush has lost the "presidential" glow.

Could Dean be governor of New York?

Everyone should stay in

Is Dean staying in at Dem's request hoping to keep Nader out?

Attention: Democratic campaign leaders

Do you believe John Kerry had botox injections?

How did the Dean people change from beating Bush to not caring

To those who believe (or even consider) Kerry's intern issue

Chief Justice Antonin Scalia

What should Kerry's strategy be vis a vis Dean and Edwards?

Alexandra Polier: The Silence in Kenya ( A letter/plea to Ms. Polier)

Dean on Fox News Sunday

Did Leiberman endorse Kerry?

I'm looking for a good John kerry banner, for my site... Help?

DU looks Primary

Despite losing streak, Dean has appeal in Wisconsin

A Kerry/Clark ticket and winning BIG

'This won't go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported'

Top Aides: Dean Prepared to Abandon Race

Who will be carrying the debate today?

Read Dean's Fox News Interview...How could anyone abandon Dean

Bush and Dick VS Kerry and _______?

what will be Kerrys mandate if he wins Dem nomination?

A link to listen to tonight's debate

Do you think that Vietnam will be an issue in the GE?

When is the debate tonight (on MSNBC?)

What should I expect from today's debate?

Deleted message

If Dean decides to leave the race, this is how he should approach it ...

This Is Really Sad. How Do All these Slander Threads Help Discussion

Rangel (Clark supporter) now kicking GOP butt for Kerry on MTP

I think Kucinich and Edwards are pretty good friends (debate observation)

It is easy to attack Kerry when Dean's records are safely stashed away

Heartfelt piece of advice to Dean supporters

The Supreme Court Justice Boogey Man and John Kerry

I've decided that I will not only vote for, but campaign for John Kerry

SORRY - Double Post - Mods, Please Lock

An Appeal to Disunity!

Democratic Debate on MSNBC Now!

Kerry FIGHTS BACK bush* accusations of special interest money

Kucinich Still On The Trail, Still Full Of Hope

Historical analogy for IWR vote. Eleanor Roosevelt on JFK:

When the corporate media says Kerry wins a debate he obviously didnt,

Why was I talking about purges in the first place?

Today I have read of "purges" and been accused of "treason"...

Pat Buchanan: Edwards won the debate

Does Bush look like Lucifer?

TMJ interviewing WI voters who watched debate. Edwards is the winner.

Class and presidential electoral politics.

What is wrong with higher prices at WALMART???

Edwards supporters - do you feel he is genuine on all his positions

What really happened in 2000. Not Nader's falt.

dk is great in debate!!!

Polls in states with upcoming contests in the Democratic presidential race

Please, please, please help me recruit my wife

Howard Dean may help Democrats get elected to Congress.

I'm watching Kucinich in the spin room on the local WI station

why isnt gore the president today?

AP: excerpts of Democratic debate

Woohoo! Only 20 more donations and ...

Bush v. Kerry: The Power Elite’s Dream Ballot

Scarborough Country post debate on now.

I accept Senator Kerry’s explanation of his vote for the IWR

A word to Dean supporters from a Kerry supporter...

I think Bush's poll numbers may go up a bit in the coming weeks.

John Kerry girl tells all

Kerry Needs to Challenge Whomever Made This Tape, Pronto

Why has Theresa Heinz not been campaigning with Kerry this weekend?

Does Kerry need better answers on IWR and Gay Marriage?

Does anyone have a photo of this Alex Polier character?

A prediction by a psephologist

John Edwards has "stronger legs" against Bush than Kerry...

Deleted post

I just don't understand the Kerry surge

Kunicich and the reason for the war in Iraq.

Watching Al Sharpton right now on TV-One (new channel)

Why do people hate middle-class tax cuts?

Dean to Advisers: 'We Are Not Bowing Out' - 5 Minutes ago...

Well...we know something about Alex Polier is true

Clark supporters, you are invited:

Another one for Clark supporters:

Do they get "time off"

To all of those who intend on voting Third Party...

tonight's debate transcript

John Kerry picture was doctored! Rightwing smear machine kicks off!

McAuliffe's front-loaded primaries discourage grassroots campaigns.

Put your self in Teresa's Shoes:Would you like it if ...

Candidates' attitudes towards water/utility privatization?

JFK* will have to wait till Hell freezes over to get one cent from me.

Interesting Kerry/Heinz-Kerry photo from tonight

Why the GOP media whores are holding off on the Polier story

A shocking epiphany

"A vote for anyone but X is a vote for Bush"

Debate Impressions....

Lighten up - rank the JK debate style

Poll with ONLY Kucinich and Sharpton

For Clark supporters only:

I don't post here much but I have a question

Poll without Kucinich and Sharpton

Edwards did REALLY Well Tonight

Maine caucus a WEEK ago - we STILL only have a partial vote count (80%)

I only have 50 bucks to spare this month. Do I send it to Kerry or DU?

To All Kerry & Clark Supporters: Important Info

Top Dean Aide Discusses Plans to Back Kerry

So even if he's lost what's wrong with Dean collecting delegates?

so people who won't vote for Kerry

Voters are getting it right with Kerry

Kerry and Dean have a chat

Which candidate is the most Presidential?

Kerry is doing well because people are voting for him

Weekend delegate score Kerry: 27, Dean: 5, Sharpton 4, Edwards: 0, DK: 0

GOP: Kerrygate + Sanctity of Marriage = X-tian Culture War (continued)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Edwards

How does keeping Bush in office and Kerry out accomplish progressive goals

just catching the replay of the debate on MSNBC...

Attention Clark supporter's

Deleted message

I'm sorry, Howard, but I can't go on past Wednesday.

Trippi: "Down from Mt." Lessons learned from Jimmy Carter, Must Read.

Grrr!!! Drudge now has 7 Links on the Kerry-intern story

Which loudmouth needs to learn the lesson: Nothing to Report

Kerry Marches On as Scandal Rumors Fail to Ignite

Hypothetical Race: McCain vs. Lieberman

Dean's Moment of Truth

Democrats Will Try a Hybrid of Old, New Policies

Deleted message

Just for fun: Write an ad for your candidate!

Al Sharpton considers if Bush had a "crazy psychological breakdown"

Dean setting up a 527 or a 501(c)3 committee

Look all this talk on 'voting third party is a vote for Bush' ...

Does Ahnold help...

Clark supporters please check in

Aspen recalls Dean's stint as '70s ski bum

Minnesota DUers for Kucinich - will you be at DK's Northrup rally on 2/21?

Why should Dean quit if he wins delegates & comes in second in Wisconsin?

Pat Buchanan calls Kucinich "a friend of mine"

What, exactly, is a “real” Democrat?

No Senate Dems on Voter Verification legislation - Legislative Alert!