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Archives: February 13, 2004

Schroeder endures a leftward shift

AP: Justice Dept. demands abortion records

BOB HERBERT: Bush's Duty, and Privilege (NY Times)

Daily Howler: Russert plays dead for Dubya

Bush is a joke - from

Doonesbury today a must-read...

Gutter Politics and trolling for trash (ed. cartoon)

Desmond Tutu: U.S. Should Admit Iraq War Was Wrong

Have Fun With This One

Conason - Drudge leads evil GOP sliming of Kerry

"No fly list" Hitler's little list.

President Bush: Six impossible things, all before breakfast

Progress report : Iraq

America as a One-Party State

Senate panel to review Bush info on Iraq

perhaps some common sense...?

Comedian Campaign Commentary

Robert Jensen: Bush's Nuclear Hypocrisy

Most Think Truth Was Stretched to Justify Iraq War

Halliburton Accused of Wasting Tax Money

Secret report warns of Iraq 'Balkanisation'

Salon: Bush's Service Records: The Score Card

Dear American Media - thanks for the heads up

Scott Ritter Bitch-Slaps Dennis Miller!

Chris Floyd: End a War Bush's only means of survival?

Ray McGovern: Tenet and the King's New Clothes

Hey look, Bob Novak is so unpatriotic - Eric Alterman

Krugman: The Real Man

What to do about Drudge? - Eric Alterman

Add Fraudulent Enlistment to Dubya's Honor & Integrity Agenda!

Biden and an 'internationalist' democratic foreign policy-New Yorker


My vote is my voice

Love Your Vote Day

Protest Bush in Tampa, FL 2/16

Why did Bush have his driver's license number changed?

Bev Harris on Coast to Coast AM

WI. DUers interested in supporting the proposed medical marijuana

Bernie is kicking ass!

Carlos Watson is a Wanker.. Help get him fired.

NOW! With Bill Moyers: Interview with David Cay Johnston

Why the corporate media fears Kerry?

I emailed Helen Thomas to thank her---she replied

Skepticism is alive and well!

Phe's shared thought for 2/13/4;

Anti War Songs, Links to Legal Downloads and Lyrics

Just about the hardest thing I've ever done I just did.

LGBT Workers: Gov't Stops Investigating Gay Bias Claims In Civil Service

National Latino gay rights group receives grant from Ford

Frist: Amendment Needed Now

Human rights in China under the spotlight

Nearly 100 Gay Couples Wed In San Francisco

I'm gay, and I'm bone-weary, depressed, and tired of fighting.

Five thousand miners at Harmony on strike

About that $400 per child check you got last year

Does Saudi Arabia own a huge chunk of our stock market?

free trade vs new jobs - the Dem message vs GOP's all's well

Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

GOP invites trade war/dumps on WTO&EU on export tax-afraid of Dems?

Japan panics as Yoshinoya chain runs out of beef

Japan's foreign reserves to run out by midyear

Debt vs. Income:At the Point of No Return

Spitzer: a Valentine rose from the Cosmos

Global Warming Movie from Leonardo Dicaprio

Scientists develop new hydrogen reactor(no fossil fuel -just ethanol)

ShellRD- a 4 percent drop in quarterly production

Corn replaces oil/natural gas

Powell approves of referendum - TW

Lu says Chen's re-election crucial to cross-strait stability - TW

Human Rights Watch: EU Should Hold Uribe to Rights Commitments

Boeremag 'had poison plans' - SA

Nigerian police are still on the take

Storms lie ahead over future of Nile

East Timor calls on Australia to stop exploiting disputed oil field

Project Artichoke

More prosecutions, not more gun laws, who would have thought?

Updated CCW map...

New Provision Put Guns Records Out of Public's Reach

Maryland to become Shall-Issue?

cult of personality = cult and a warn?

Make his lips move , please

Why did I receive a star?

Yet another avatar entreaty

Should it be a violation

I would like to donate on behalf of myself and a couple of other DU'ers

"Aiding the GOP"

Skinner...a quick question

Are you allowed to say this?

Please move my puppy post!!!!

Why in the past were cropped photos against Howard Dean allowed...

Are people allowed to use DU to campaign for GW Bush?

What will the "Replies to Me" upgrade entail?

John Kerry hit on me in a bar

Could you list the Chicago February 29 gathering

Why is this inflammatory thread calling for PURGES still open?

where is plaid adder's 2/11 column?

Question about ignored threads

Please consider unlocking this thread.

My thread was moved, which is no big deal, but

Has Grovebot complained

Missing Topic. Deleted by a bug or a hacker?

Sorry, guys, it looks like you're out

Can DU accept and use a UK cheque?

Thread in need of home, please place in the proper forum and unlock

Yet Yet Another Avatar Request

I know you answered this already but I need help


Is There Some Time Limit on the Violation of Rule 8 on Kerry Stories

ok, I have to protest this lock.

If Musharraf can pardon Khan, then why can't Skinner pardon me?

Incoming nitpick

When I change my user name

As you are probably aware, there has been an incredible amount of acrimony

Why only ICQ & AIM?

Tens of thousands of Palestinians mourn 15 killed in Israeli raids

Trapped between Israel and the wall

EU unit confirms PA terror links Ė Israel

U.S. envoy: Anti-Semitism in Europe nearly as bad as in 1930s

More Jews leaving E. Europe move to Germany than Israel

Pakistan should recognize Israel

Hell Walking On Earth...

Evacuated Jewish Settlements Should be Left for Palestinians, says Peres

Sharon to ask Bush for $2b for disengagement, fence

Another country

Vanunu among record 173 Nobel nominees

Anti-Semitism in Europe as bad as in 1930s

Suha Arafat: What's wrong if my husband sends me money?

Israelís Mossad again on the prowl in region

Powell calls for 'urgent' dismantling of terror groups

Hizbullah using drugs to recruit Arab Israelis

Chirac: France unfairly seen in Israel as anti-Semitic

America an Israel ally against terror

Why progressives can support Israel

It Was Flight 77

New NY election poll

Snopes: 2nd "Kerry Fonda" Photo is a fraud

Bill Burkett silenced on REAL TIME!!!!!

Bill Maher

Texans: NAFTA, Republicans and Democrats

LMAO another one accusing Bush of infidelity

Election issue: Bush joined guard despite arrest and no waiver -illegal?

Breaking News: Touchscreen Ballots Do Not Have to Be Recounted in FL!

Did I just hear the Mass Chair correctly?

Goddamn Pope...

Atheists, Humanists push for Darwin Day

Has * endorsed the Fascist Misogyny Amendment yet?

In an ideal world...

Shut up! ALERT! White House Goes Orange Again

Lou Dobbs final remarks to Glassman should be posted every day on DU

There were points where I was moved to tears listening to the convention..

I can't do this anymore...

Trashy video from Fox News

CNN transcript up -- Dobbs v. Glassman

Can I ask a tinfoil hat question re: 9/11

PoE: Ann Coulter not an intelligent pundit -- DUH

Why don't Congress just lighten up on morality???

Comcast's Bid for Disney Ripples Through a Linked Industry

I dont accept the premise that says "segregation was accepted ...

listening to Mike Malloy's re-broadcast right now saying thanks to DU and

Jello Biafra on the Mike Webb Show on KIRO! Now!!!

The Ashcroft Steroid Bust and the SOTU: Which came first?

Gregory Mankiw: "My lack of clarity left the wrong impression"

Did things really start to go wrong for * when the "leak" got stopped?

To Demo Tex

Democratic Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Property Rights

Okay, who DOES determine the primary schedule

A few people who cannot be interviewed about the "awol" incident

Has bush* met your expectations?

Halliburton whistleblowers: wasting YOUR tax dollars

Blair's Lies are being laughed at by experts

The ultimate Martha Stewart irony...

Pilots.. a little help please

Take this poll.

Can I b*tchslap Ann Coulter: Her OpEd piece dissing Max Cleland

Oregon faces deep cuts in schools, health and safety

Head covered? dark skinned? Al Queda? NO, nuns kept off plane Junior almost crashed a plane in 1976

NBC: Bush TANG record-scrubbing story, immediately followed by...

At the Mass. Statehouse

Halliburton is hiring temps to work in Iraq: $100 a month for locals...

Who will be the Republican nominee?

Would you support a Federal Marriage Amendment....

Is Novak being sacrificed by the BFEE?

Time/CNN Poll: Do you think George W. Bush is a leader you can trust......

what about Bush helping his girlfriend get an abortion???

The next 25 people to donate $10 or more get a free CD!

What is your favorite source for the "dreaded" liberal media?

Wash Times LTTR does not see Bush in AL NG - but claims no big deal

Need help from USAF vets or active duty.

Bush's driving records(join Guard w/o waiver of arrest-is this legal ?

The freeper-guy that works for me says he now wants Bush out in November

WP/ABC News Poll: Publicís trust in Bush at low ebb

Olberman rerun on AWOL.....right now, beginning of show.......KILLER!

Colin Powell: "The Bush Administration is not about regime change."

How venomous is the atmosphere at GD 2004 Primary?

Just a reminder regarding GOP tactics

Recovering from the 'recovery'

Help DU this poll, please

MSNBC Poll: Publicís trust in Bush at low ebb

What's the difference between Al Gore and Ann Richards?

Kerry is taller than Bush!

BBV on the edge, about to snowball.

A Simple Question....

Did Bush knock up a girl and drive her to an abortion clinic?

the perfect storm

Crossfire: Errg!!! That stupid Ann Lewis can't argue!!!

Comedian's View of the U.S. Election Campaign

What's the difference between Al Gore and Ann Richards?

I figured out a brilliant way to catch terrorists

The Woman George W. Bush Didn't Marry -from a '99 story...

Please enlighten me. How can a tax cut be made permanent?

GOP Gays Battle Bush

Democrat "whoremongers" in the White House

Why Bush is a Complete and Irredeemable "Fraud."

It's a holiday and there's an Orange Alert!

C-SPAN 2, Dem Sen Commitee hearings on Halliburton...

Did anyone see Scotty press conference this morning?

Hannity Poll

Please DUpe this poll on same sex marriages.

Putin laments demise of Soviet Union

Question about C-SPAN:

Ted Kennedy: "Mr. President, what planet are you living on?"

What's with the Mods

Is it really standard procedure in Texas to scrub an incoming governor's

BBV in JEB's world

For the first time, I think Bush may be toast...

Question about Consitutional Amendments.

Is it wrong for someone of influence to actually use that influence?

mwahahahah! The reason for the AWOL scandal

Paul Krugman is a god!

The Federal Reserve: How much power do they wield?

John micah marshall has transcripts of helen thomas and mcCellan

Steel prices are skyrocketing...

Gay marriage/I'm really getting fed up

Photo of the Year, the travesty and horror that bush created in Iraq..

Cong. Bernie Sanders visiting Thom Hartmann -- streaming now

Invading Iraq sure does make me feel safer.

Important: - what democrats/liberals have done FOR America

BBV: Fax your Senators for free with easy form for accurate elections.

Time to start on the other things that bug me

anyone know if this is real?

Bush* wants to spend $1.5 *billion* to promote marriage

Not your father's "miserable failure" post - a twist (please read!)

What to tell the Clinton-haters

I want to thank all the taxpayers and FICA contributors

Helen Thomas email

Did * have to do community service?

WH Press Briefing scheduled to begin at 12:15 ET/11:15 CT

what's this BS about wooing NASCAR dads? why not KKK dads?

MadMan or GoofBall

Michael Waltrip to be LIVE on "Ask the White House" at 3 PM

DU this Kerry vs. Bush Poll

Who did greater damage to America? Bob Novak or Ryan Anderson?

Just saw an ad for oxycotin addicts

DemocracyNow AWOL-Gate: Records Scrubbed 1997

Smith & Wesson chief did time for '50s armed heists

NASCAR dads.....useful demographic?

Firefox Test (For anyone who cares about reform)

How can all the "racial profiling" in the world spot this guy?

DaySide on Faux

Almost 1/4 of Freepers oppose Shrub

Highway Bill a ploy/gift to Bush?

Bush NO-SHOW Proven! Mates Missed Him and are PISSED!

Need help in letter to the editor

Rush: "I warned you about those over-the-counter drugs"

A lie is always a lie when it's CNN: Election 2000 info. Scrubbed?

Near tragedy as 10.000 rush for 300 jobs

Baghdad Jim to Run for Re-Election

Anybody know if the R in James R Bath is "Reynolds"? If so, he has asked

Standing during the pledge: can they make you do it?

White House press briefing website changed???

Help, Please. Florida Election Law change in recount rules question

Nightline might be good tonight: US Blew Attempt To Turn Al Qaeda agent

A GOOD article by NOVAK

Chicago leaving lots of children behind.

Novak told not to out Plame but he did it anyway

Bush to "terrorize" Daytona 500

Many NASCAR Dads vote demo. Let's not turn our back on them.

Since Michael more did such good job on the AWOL issue,

have you guys noticed the Rush thermometor

CSPAN ALERT: Kevin Phillips at 9:05AM

Has Grovebot complained this legal? Novakula just reported on CNN. This morning

Donna Brazille on Crossfire

FYI: (fighting the Marriage Amendment)

Things you spend money on that aren't as good as DU

Question for those who've been into politics for awhile.

Do you like CBS'S John Roberts?

FOX NEWS just made the Center for American Progress apologize to me

Democrats must "smell the blood"

this week's first Bill Maher thread

What broadcaster in your area

Randi Rhodes - Bill Moyers tonight - and I'll have withdrawal

Did Bush lie to FAA about and not report DWI

BBV: Opponents of change a threat to electronic voting

How does Colin Powell really feel about AWOL Bush?

AWOL: Burkett's claims denied by Conn (MSNBC)

Fox says dumbo to release ALL military records momentarily....ALL!

I'm glad Gavin Newsbomb is Mayor San Francisco

B*, 1988: "done better in Vietnam if we'd called up the Guard"!!!!!

How to be a good Republican!! Listen and learn

Jesus on the hood of a NASCAR!? End times indeed

Terry McAuliffe to be in Portland, OR Monday

Haiti -- this is as bad as Venezuela. Where's the outrage?

CNN 'covering' everything for BushAWOL

Notice How They're Releasing The Military Records on a Friday

What's up with the story on the American soldier turned al-qaeda supporter

LOL--Its got to be frustrating for Rove/Drudge to smear Kerry and . . .

Feb 13 1945 - the firebombing of Dresden and POW K Vonnegut

Lou Dobbs Smackdown

How we can win the patriotism debate

Where did the WH find

The White Housing releasing ANG docs...I'm tired

According to the Freepers one of Bush*'s strongest points is he is not

Lou Dobs Poll

Best. Faux Pas. Ever! Rather on CBS News

TV folks say they saw AWOL, but Alabama paper says NO.

Mari333's stepson - and all the others in his position - the reason

CNN now announces WH to release entire ANG records

CNN's Carlos Watson: righwing spinner

Spokesman McClellan Being Testy LIVE on C-SPAN

So this Calhoun guy is claiming he saw * "every drill" in Alabama during

Lou Dobbs, does he tell the whole truth about 'outsourcing' of jobs

Did George W. Bush lie on his security clearance application?

Hardball: Bush Guard Record Release=Fri PM Garbage Dump

Choicepoint's Secret Database on Your Home

Bush, Plagiarism, Hazing, DUI, Group Sex, Cocaine & Heroin Use

Bobby Labonte (sp?) on Hardball...this guy is about as bright as a

I can not vote in CNN polls lately, anyone else have this problem

Hickenlooper to join rally decrying effort to alter Constitution

Bush spin on National Guard service on CSPAN now

Bush: "a brief episode of hemorrhoid symptoms"

Just got a call from a Chicago Tribune reporter.

I think the Democratic tent is too

Peter Jennings - What a Funny Guy!


Maybe Progressives just didn't turn out for Max Cleland...

anybody following Wonkette web site on the kerry story? Eric Alterman

Rumor: Bush did Community Service for Coke Possesion

the president can suspend habeus corpus....

The Bush/AWOL story is not the real story. Or where Bush was and when

Would a TRUE Patriot be asking for tax cuts when their country

This is how they plan on STEALING the next election

Saw my first Iraq War vet tonight....

MSNBC: Bush to meet with the 9/11 commision

c-span now: Iraq contracts

How bushspeak sensitive are you?

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison(R) won't say she would have voted for IWR now

what is this censure BS? how about IMPEACHMENT?

Have you guys seen John Roberts report (video) on Shrubby's AWOL?

WashPost prints 100 letters re AWOL story -- send yours!

History Lesson

A post suggests that Canada accept the US as the 11th province

How Liberal is DU? Not very, it seems.

10 More Malloy Shows After Tonight - Give Mike Your Ear, Your Voice...

Craig Crawford just said he's hearing lotsa people say * is "goofy"

Baghdad Burning: Riverbend blogs about a "Family Crisis..."

My Republican Millionaire neighbor

Dental records?

Heads Up.......Bill Moyers.....on Talk Radio(more like hate radio)

You must turn on PBS Now (Moyer): taxation, right wing radio, etc)

Could we really not think of a better party symbol

Drudge helped democrats

Report on Houston marriage licenses

Michael Moore a socialist???

Panel is an obvious set up

Gavin Newsom ROCKS

As the realities surrounding "Peak Oil" start to some to fruition-

Did Chimp really say this?

Somebody recently posted a topic with tons of links to info about peak oil

"I'm cool and I don't have sex"

BONUS UPGRADE! Reach 800 donations by 11PM ET and...

Which Kind of Country Would You Prefer To Live In?

You know... just a thought here. and I like to play devil's advocate

Mcauliffe-ROOT OUT or EMBRACE?

Would this be acceptable to you?

James Bath suspended from flight along with Dubya, and for the same reason

CSpan - replay of Halliburton overcharging hearings on NOW

Has John McCain begun showing his true colours?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Talk Radio (Randi Rhodes), MORE...

David Brooks to baby boomers " get over Vietnam "

Most insane fundie....

Permanent scars...Vets return from Iraq...PTSD


Who just saw Mark Cuban on Dennis Miller's show?

African-American uneasy with "gay marriage" comparison

Middle School Gang Beating

Get Hannity for 99 cents, and Annthrax for free!

Check out TPM tonight re: Bush's TDA with the AANG, PLUS

War Profiteering C-SPAN2 Please Watch Please Pretty Please

MWO: The Stallion Breaks A Leg?

The Gay Marriage Thing: A Word Of Warning

So, who thinks Cheney is going to take a fall?

Is President Bush Trustworthy? POLL!!

David Brooks "get over Vietnam"

Gloves are coming off, Reuters just called me for an interview

Book: Bush was arrested for cocaine in 1972

Strangling Public Debate, on controversial ads

was deregulation of arilines good for America or bad?

9/11 Commish Backs Down on Bush Testimony -- True??

still dorky after all these years.....

Bush's favorable witnesses being coerced????

Just got the call we dreaded..pray for him please hes leaving

Zell Miller wants to "tar and feather" KId Rock, then.........

Anyone hear people claim that Iraq started the first Gulf War?

Leno Savages Bush on AWOL, Outsourcing, WMD, Credibility, etc etc etc

Let's examine some Creedence lyrics....

links? re: bush's actions vs. clinton's

I hope someone in the press does this (AWOL's records)

Is * going AWOL an impeachable offense?

MSNBC's main page is absolutely beautiful

Is it just my neighborhood that shuts it's curtains 24/7 year-round?

Email from Wes Clark Asking to Help Ben Chandler Win in Ky Next Tues

Who has Bush ANG doc where "No Overseas Duty" is checked?

Saturday's "Guy James Show" Keep kicked please!

Why won't Bush release his MENTAL records?

Censor 'Scooby-Doo'? Words fail

What do you think the "October Surprise" will be?

My idea for DUBYA'S B-DAY GIFT in July - Mass mailings of 1984 to WH!!!

My local CBS affiliate is SO RACIST!

White House releases 300 pages "document dump"

ĎMcTeachers' wait on their students

Veterans, Military Families, Peacemakers Plan Huge Rally at Ft. Bragg

DP to challenge Museveni election (Uganda) | The Monitor (Kampala)

FBI in SA for nuclear probe

LOL Has anyone seen this one. Stripper had affair with Bush !

Scenes of Horror at Iraqi Hospital

Iraq arms hunt in doubt in '02

Iraq arms hunt in doubt in '02

Google Stifles Anti-Pollution Message

Penelas reaches out to labor unions (U.S. Senate)

At summit, Big Three face a balancing act (Britain , France, Germany)

Russia: Challengers (candidates) Refuse To Debate

Two former Halliburton employees allege wasteful practices

Threat Closes U.S. Consulate in Greece

Halliburton Accused of Wasting Tax Money: AP

Bush reiterates opposition to research

Housing OK'd on Oregon Tribal Gravesite (an upscale subdivision)

Democrats Abroad Mobilize Against Bush Through Expat Primaries

Iraqis Want to Scrap U.S. Plan for Gov't

Source code for Microsoft Windows leaked

Same-sex couples will ask for licenses here (Richmond Va.)

Kerry to answer sex affair claim

Corzine: Arms panel flawed

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Explosion

US 'jumping at shadows' as flights cancelled

Q&A About Bush Service in National Guard

Saddam 'on drugs when he decided to invade Kuwait' | SMH

The next 25 people to donate $10 or more get a free CD!

(Australian) Government 'warned' on intelligence

Hahnemann fights U.S. over late-abortion files

Saddam's Brother - In - Law Refused Asylum

Consumer sentiment slumps in early Feb., UMich says

CTV News: "Sheila Copps could defect to NDP next week"

(Cdn) PM errs in first major crisis - Toronto Star

Mayor (Denver): Don't ban gay marriage

C-Span2 now ! KBR grilling !

UK WMD probe to be held in private

Election monitors draw ire - [CA Inland] Press Telegram

Mass. Constitutional Convention adjourned until March 11

Ex-Enron CEO Skilling to be indicted: reports

Denver Mayor to join rally decrying effort to alter Constitution

General Clark endorsing Kerry live on CNN/MSNBC now

Edwards visits [CA] state, vows fight - San Diego Union Tribune

National Guardsman has been charged with espionage

Senate's Iraq Probe to Include Bush, Aides

Tutu: U.S. Should Admit Iraq War Was Wrong

Netherlands to Send Extra Troops to Iraq

Ex-Chechen president killed in car blast

Kerry campaign gains new strength as Bush loses ground

Army intelligence agents inquire about UT Islam conference

Kay: Bush Should Admit Error on Iraq WMD

In Wisconsin, die-hard Dean asks voters for second look

Allegiance Telecom Selects XO Communications As Winning Bidder to Purchase

Kmart confirms layoffs, won't say how many

Travelocity to move 250 Virginia jobs overseas (county UC rate 11%)

Navy Given Right to Search Liberian Ships

Republicans attack Kerry on the special intrests issue

Historian faults Bush on terrorism policies

U.S. stocks in mid-day slump after sentiment reading (Bad Economic News)

U.S. Gov't TV Station Draws Arab Fire

Poll: Publicís trust in Bush at a low ebb

Kerry Says He's Ready for GOP Onslaught (Clark Endorsement)

U.S. Trade Deficit Hit Record High in '03

Swimsuit issue placed out of reach

Rowland lawyer (Now Judge) says governor owes firm $100,000

Senate's Iraq Probe to Include Bush, Aides dupe sorry

US Unlikely to Avoid EU Trade Sanctions in Tax Case

Governors Meet With Bush After Iraq Trip

Spokesman McClellan Being Testy LIVE on C-SPAN

Bush Threatens to Veto $318B Highway Bill

Ex-Swedish Minister Won't Be Charged (Said Bush was "damn old man from TX)

Boston Globe: Doubts raised on Bush accuser

State: Touchscreen ballots don't have to be recounted (Florida)

NBC to air Princess Diana's secret tapes

Bush Repeats Support for School Vouchers

National Guard: Now and Then (Including Powells quote on the N. Guard)

Flashpoints: Is the US...participating in the destabilization...of Haiti?

Conrad Black files $850-million lawsuit - Black Sues Hollinger (G&M)

Peace prize hopefuls list 'longest ever' (Bush & Blair Included)

CBS pulls Medicare ad pending congressional review

NASA Chief Doubts Shuttle Will Take Off This Year

30 Same Sex Couples Attempting to Apply for Marriage Licenses in Houston

Ex-Guardsman Says Bush Served in Ala.

Schwarzenegger Deals With Prison Crisis

Pataki cleared of wrongdoing by Inspector General

Former Chechen Leader Killed in Car Explosion in Qatar | NYT

CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar: Iraqis must depend less on US Military

Russian presidential hopeful Rybkin says he was drugged and kidnapped

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 13 February (#1)

1st federal deficit for January since 1992

U.S. Soldier Killed by Blast in Baghdad, Military Says (2-13-04)

Russian presidential hopeful Rybkin says he was drugged and kidnapped

Breaking News: Touchscreen Ballots Do Not Have to Be Recounted in FL!

Government Ends Release of Gun Records

Durst's bail is raised a billion - Panel delivers new indictment

Iraq, Service Put Bush on Defensive

Ashcroft Defends Subpoenas

Ex-pilot says Bush put in for Vietnam

Bush releases arrest details

Bush Advocates Abstinence - Only Education

The White House Press Conference is starting

U.S. Losing Edge in Stem Cell Research

Dispatch Dumps Dubya (Columbus Ohio)

More Records on Bush Guard Service Under Review

The Permanent Scars of Iraq

Proposed Changes to VA Health Facilities

Medical Update

Guardsmen Differ On Bush Service

American Airlines chief apologizes for pilot's remarks on Christianity

Poll: Publicís trust in Bush at low ebb | MSNBC

Bush orders release of ALL military records!

FDA Delays Decision on Morning-After Pill

White House seeks credit for cracking secret weapons ring (UN disputes)

Company Blames Layoffs On Mad Cow

Court Rules in Brain-Damaged Woman's Case (Terri Schiavo)

Accused U.S. Guardsman a vocal gun proponent

Guardian Utd: American plan for Iraq needs complete overhaul

Bush Orders White House Release of Military Records (nothing new)

Todays press conf:John Roberts debunks Guardsman that saw Bush

Nickles Looking to Target Tax Loopholes (For Poor Working Families)

Consumer Sentiment Report Drags on Stocks

U.S. soldier accused of aiding Al Qaeda

Yellowstone Park seeks Illegal snowmobilers | Billings Gazette

Possible Running Mate Rips Bush in D.C. (Vilsack)

Breakthrough UN Deal Sealed on Cyprus Unity Talks

Snow Says Bush 'Serious' About Budget Shortfall

Former GOP staffer calls Senate memo investigation 'waste of government $$

Senate leaders plan vote on stalled energy bill

Wesley Clark 'Comes Aboard' Kerry Campaign | WRAL

LA Times: Senateís Iraq Probe to Include Bush, Aides

Bush Agrees to Release ALL Records! (MSNBC)

American Plan for Iraq Needs Complete Overhaul, UN Envoy Warns

Bush Pushes Abstinence-Only Education

Bush's driving records disclosed(join Guard w/o waiver of arrest-legal ?

AZ Legislature set to pass 24-hour wait on abortions | Arizona Republic

Bush Set to Speak at La. Military Base

Rumsfeld Defends U.S. Policy on Guantanamo Prison

Kerry denies any truth to internet "intern" story

Doubts Over "Say No to Sex" Drive

Allegations about Kerry and intern create media frenzyÖ????

AFL-CIO Set to Endorse Kerry Next Week

New Bush records fail to jog memories

Conservatives fail to stop same-sex weddings in S.F.

Reporters were given 20 minutes each to look at Bush's medical records

Bush Goes After 'NASCAR Dads' in Reelection Effort

S. Korea Approves Sending Troops to Iraq

U.S. senators to examine Bush's Iraq statements

Gay Marriage Opponents File Suit in S.F.

PETA Has Beef With Town of Slaughterville

Chaos and War Leave Iraq's Hospitals in Ruins- NYT

Scientists develop new hydrogen reactor | CNN

White House Admits Bush Lied in 2002 State of The Union Over Al Qaeda Obta

Greenspan calls for tax cuts to be made permanent

Teens Nationwide Promote Abstinence (organized by Liberty Counsel)

WP: Many Gaps in Bush*s Guard Records (Milbank/Allen)

Hardball says Calhoun story doesn't add up!

Canada Condemns 'Racist' Conan O'Brien TV Show

Ashcroft defends call for abortion records - NYT News Service

Incubation for bird flu set at 3 days for humans

Hahnemann (Hospital, PA) fights U.S. over late-abortion files

Halliburton Accused of Wasting Tax Money (Friday Democrat Hearing)

Kerry to answer sex affair claim (Polier's Parents Respond To Claims)

Stuff I saw on eBay

Comic strips?

They are making a new movie about Bush's military service

DU NASCAR fans: which of these stereotypes applies to you?

Can someone suggest a good Movie

Need information on pet insurance.

Lousy episodes, funny moments

Dancing Bush.

Nicole Kidman & Will Ferrell in "Bewitched"

A family tree

Funny Cat Video

I'm feeling lonely . . .

i have only one-a burnin' desire...

bout 20 posts...until im no longer a newbie...

new Oxyrush advertiser Bayer Aspirin

Is Grovelbot electable?

Who gets a kick out of the Foster Farms chicken commercials?

I want to try linux....

I'm really sad.

In honor of Friday the 666th post!

To Demo Tex

Does anyone else get this dialer on DU ?

I am a happy camper

What political persuasion is grovelbot?

Tantric, good sound, easy to listen to. Anyone else like them?

what if a canidate hired same ad guys as quiznos?

Microsoft has confirmed leak of source code

The reason ther aren't women coming out of the woodwork about "w"

Did I buy the right cell phone?

Free Condoms For Moviegoers - Pick It Up At The Boxoffice

Imus,desiccated human impostor.

Man Wins 'Mr. Ugly' Contest - Wins Plastic Surgery

Dead Woman Given Life Sentence For Murder


The NYT/History Civilization Channel...the most schizo channel ever!

Should I change my avatar?

Thank you thank you thank you

Yuck! Website reviews "Hungry-Man" breakfast. Cholesterol 231% DV

It's Friday the 13th!!!!!

Can we get a hide someone else's sexlife upgrade


Chocolates Shaped Like Genitals Banned

on this my 1000th post... a tribute to the master

Kerry Used Clinton's Penis to Have Affair With Monica!

OMG! I got a STAR!

I hate being a hard-ass

Barbara Bush on another drunken bender (NY Post)

Can this explain the selloutness?..........

The next 25 people to donate $10 or more get a free CD!

100 100 1-SOS

I met Oggy for a drink

Who leaked the Microsoft source code?

Scientists Create Love Detector (Voice Analysis)

Oh my it is" iceing" in Austin

Ok, i have to ask, why is Robb a dingbat?

Hey...wait a minute! Grovelbot doesn't have a star!

GrovelBot just pressured me for sex

0110 111 0011 101001

I'm a bundle of nerves

Henceforth, only eunuchs should be allowed to run for office

A small request...can we PLEASE drop the Janet Jackson business?

Did Rush just start tripping? (look above)

Obviously, I've been out to lunch or something for the last week or so...

The #1 reason for (or against, depending on your take) gay marriage

Barbie and Ken split after 43 years. Buy the new divorced Barbie.

What's the difference between Al Gore and Ann Richards?

How venomous is the atmosphere at GD 2004 Primary?

Best Western food?


Question for those who saw "Journeys With George"

Randi Rhodes on NOW with Bill Moyers tonight

Somebody gave me a star and made my day!!!

So many people have gotten 'surprise' stars on DU...

Imo Rush should keep on taunting until 1000

Make your own Ice Cream Cone

Teachers Treated After Eating Doped Cake

Ballyhoo and Bedbugs

Own your own F/A-18A Navy Blue Angel Hornet!

DU'll love this

I just saw "In America"

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a personal attack on DU?

Virginia is CRUSHING it's neighboring states in DU donations

Say Matt, that sure is a smart fedora

I just saw American Splendor

Instant doze-off at work -- almost a hallucination!

What's a reliable cheap commuter car?


Karaoke's Cinematic Offspring, Movieoke, Hits Town

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Expecting

Show 'Business' (TV Trivia)

Damn! I get a $1045 tax refund from the feds

Fly me anywhere: I Just Won 80,000 Frequent Flyer miles

will grovelbot stick around since

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure


I am donation Numero 705....RIGHT ON!!!

Town's Centenial T-Shirts (Climax, Minn.) Banned In Schools

Bush's Resume

The voting was rigged I tell ya


Bass Players, check this out

I can tell I've been taking too many yoga classes

Idea: DU owners should trademark "GrovelBot"

HEY!!! Look at Rush gulping down those pills!!

What Should I Donate to the DU Fund Drive?

Semi-Serious Question..

Happy Birthday Peter Hook (and ME)!!!!

Need advice...regarding Parking

Frugging POS glasses!

Did you sleep with JFK?

Does it really matter if you're not dating/attached?

A question for those of you who've lost your mates

Buddyhead's best...and worst of 2003

Newbie question

Who loves BBC America?

I'm being baptised as a reporter- someone is trying to get me fired!

Be free, run free

thread killers check in here... Threadkillers' anonomous (TA)

What's your most prized possession?

Calling all techies...

Look UP!! Rush Is Gonna Puke On Chimpy!

What is the mystery upgrade? Post your ideas HERE.

why the NASCAR dads?? why not the tractor pull and the demolition derby

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Remember Nancy the time life operator?

Name the unidentifiedbassplayer, pleeze.....

Why oh why do I go into GD2004

Question for computer geeks

I've Been Away From DU for a Week....

Picture experiment Bear with me

What is the difference between the chimp and a pile of rocks?

Anyone else digging Maroon 5?

What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh &...

CAPTION the pro-choice candidate

Check out my stick and my balls...

Anyone Ever Done an Internal Cleansing Program?

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

Problem w Some Websites -- Help!

Enterprise Fate Uncertain

If Will Pitt posted that the sky is blue...

Alaska Town Gets Store Selling Underwear

Wa-HOO! Texas moves to the top of the "big state" donor list...

Grovelbot endorses Kucinich

International outbreak of Bah-Humbug spirit hits Valentine's Day

DONATE DAMMIT! (Forgive the caps)

today's new Hannity advertisers

Our Fearless leader Grovelbot will lead us to Revolution!!

Evidently, grovelbot is having an affair with my wife

I would like thank all of your for coming to my weekly PRESS CONFERENCE

Has anyone else been waiting to see BUBBA HO-TEP?

Alright already - I did it!

today's new Oxyrush advertisers

papau Thanks all of DU - and especially the donor of my STAR!

Anyone else dealing with co-workers who gloat over Kerry story?

Kerry in another anti-war picture scandal, this one's real bad!

How often do you delete your reply before posting in GD2004?

Incredibly stupid things you did as a youth

Can someone please tell me how to give a donation

bush* brain tissue

The Spelling Is "Definitely" not "Definately"

It's Friday the 13th, and death says, "hey"*

Whats the next mystery upgrade?

Desperately Seeking Poster!

Music from ER tonight

Grovelbot changes name to 'Groovie Bee'

anyone know why the metafilter site is down? . . .

and Friday 13th Babies here?

Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul

I got a new job today! Ask me anything!

10 more posts to break 1000, who wants to help me out?

DU Grovelbot...will YOU marry me?

Who is Kerry more likely to have an affair with?

"The Essential Simon & Garfunkel" - Mine's missing a track

FoodTV Fans - Sorry But Bobby Flay ROCKS!!

Some news for metal fans

Are you in jeans and sneakers?

Early voting.. practice on the new "voting machine"

Can we finally talk about this weeks Survivor

Everyone, I need ssome real help here.

WOW!!! Just saw a VERY GOOD ad

Everything's a fuckin' travesty with you, man!

How 'bout dat - - - someone bought this Canuk a STAR !!

Valentines Day Is?

So, I'm looking out my office window watching some guys smoking pot

It looks like EarlG is manning ATA.

Is the Movie "In America" Good?

50 First Dates: Go see it...

Grovelbot is breaking the rules and must be banned


How should I celebrate Valentine's Day weekend

Bill Burkett on Real Time with Bill Maher

Uh-oh...look at Rush!

Question for DU cops

Holy Mackerel this needs a CAPTION. Hallibut it?

Purchase of Nude Lab Rats

Who here thinks KMFDM kicks supreme ass?

new Savage Weiner advertisers CarFax, Amini's Galleria

Took an Intro to Linux class today

Bush is writing a book about his days as a pilot

CONFESS!!!!!! Friday 13th Confession - what are you superstitious about??

I've seen some bad movies before...

new Savage Weiner advertiser Jeremiah Johnson's Restaurant & Tavern

Conservative most in need of getting laid?

More fun with wing-nut e-mails

Do you have any allergies?

Screw Valentines Day

Please vote on the future of DU

One reason I can't stand Nut-Job, wing nut Repugs

My cat is chasing an empty diet coke can around the house.

Rush has crazy googly eyes nft

another question for michigan DUers

Does anybody know how Bart (cop) made out today?

Is Rush going to hurl all over Bush at some point?

How do I look up my cached passwords?


Bush DID serve in Vietnam!

I just received a photo of George and Laura Bush in the mail.

To those of you with 56k modem & can afford spending $10 more per month...

Would Rush eat human flesh?

damn you provacative people

Joan of Arcadia fans

Just listening to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass

For our big VD date, what movie should we see?

Once again, I'm drinking Diet Coke with Lime....

The Piglet Files, series 2, to come out on 9 March 2004!!!

I didn't even realize it's Friday the 13th

Am I the only one waiting on HELLBOY?

Do You Remember Which Movie This Scene Is From?

Is this absurd or what? "Bush" and "Nobel Prize" in the same sentence?

Things you spend money on that aren't as good as DU

"They Live" - Tonight @ 10pm -

Moira Kelly -is she just the cutest or what?

What's the best way to combat muscle pain?

"Iraq Sucks" from iraq

"Straight Plan, for the Gay Man"

veganwitch + plurality =


Where is the love?

how could you eat human flesh?

Beautiful sunset tonight.. pictures

Second Hand Lion.. the movie

I didn't think it was possible to top the DU donor boxing glove

Series of Dubbed Comedy Movies?

I'm watching "Soylent Green" in High Def....Ask me anything

Possible Ultimate Battle of the Bands: Bob Dylan vs. The Beatles

"Total donations: 800" - ok - let's see the goodies !!!!!!!

Where can I find the Dancing Jesus animated .gif?

999 posts

Pardon my ignorance

BONUS UPGRADE! Reach 800 donations by 11PM ET and...

Am I gonna be the only one here tomorrow night?

In Honor of Friday The 13th -- the scariest site you'll ever see

UUUUse guys is crazy!


I think I work for a pervert

10 days without the loo, what do I do?

BREAKING!!! DU GrovelBot is Really Pol Pot!

Another Valentine's Day...

Pick My Asian Violence Epic for the Night

BREAKING!! CatWoman confirms Grovelbot saw Bush in Alabama in 1972!!!

Who is a redneck?

Check out the new features for reaching 800!

I've put the brakes on the puppy purchase.

Damnit, Rush is frozen on 776 donations

Best Johnny Depp role?

I just walked out of a play at intermission

It's 9pm in Ferndale, MI. Time once again for Q&A with MrScorpio


"In the Cut" with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo

Help me join The 700 Club!

I have an idea for a documentary film...

'They Live' is on AMC right now!

"Orange Alert: The Final Chapter, The Reckoning, The Annihilation" - video

For the straight or the semi-straight out there....

anyone here play at Party

Happy Knights Templar Slaughter Day everyone!

Child abusers should burn in Hell

Why is Wulf so awesome?

John Edwards is on Jay Leno NOW!

Oh, Go Ahead... I Admit It! Poke Fun If You Want... But I Cry At Weddings

Who are you six degrees from?

We all die alone and afraid.

What is the most annoying Lounge thread?

Friday Night Movie Thread

Pierce Brosnan out as "007" James Bond?

I'm going to pick some random DU'ers, and donate in their name today

What if you could meet GOPisEvil, Ramsey and LynneSin in DC?

The ACLU is defending OXYRUSH??????

Goodbye Pat and Jerry et al!

Buffalo Sabres with 6 unanswered goals...

The gay Berlin Wall is falling!

What lives under your bed?

Any famous people studied at your university ?

One year ago tomorrow, what were you doing?

It's a Good Thing The BEATLES Broke Up

Alright! Who Here Has A Dirty Mind?

Most Idiotic Wedding Reception Dance

Battle of the Bands: Marvin Gaye vs. David Bowie

Avatar uploads??


Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

KCDem had me neutered!

Could you eat human flesh?

'Resisting arrest' has to be the most stupid crime you can commit.

Worst 1970s Teen Idol?

stupid fundy cartoon comparing private schools to public schools

Poll: Who sings your favorite rendition of 'MacArthur Park'?

My Valentine to all!

Whoohoo -- I got my dog today!

What's your IQ? Take this test and tell us your score....

"Paradise Lost II: Revelations"--thoughts?

Story on Cougars anyone?

Never mind I fixed it, please lock...

What's your FAVORITE kind of post in the Lounge?

So, you boot up DU in the mornings - What's YOUR Order Of Operations?

another reason to FEAR the FUTURE.....

On Life, Death, and One Broken Queer

Best band no one has heard of


007 Relieved of duty. Licence revoked!

Chicago DUers!!! Are we getting together on 2/29?

Any Clark supporters rejecting Clark's endorsement of Kerry?

Bush defeats Kerry with ads like these..

One photo says it all.

Do you hear this noise?

Is there a difference... ?

So when Dr. Dean was the frontrunner, doctored negative photos

A salute to General Clark

Where did the yellow dogs go?

Republicans on the run!

What an unbeatable ticket during a time of war

Pandering to the right

Any idea how many Drudge/Kerry/intern threads have been posted so far?

Kerry Story Isn't Even on Fox!

Atheists, Humanists push for Darwin Day

vote yes vote yes vote vote yessss >_<

I love the trap

Did Sid Blumenthal beat his wife?

Top stories to use against Bush?

The mainstream press is getting ready to lampoon Kerry over the intern

Kucinich on the Tonight show: Anyone Cap it?

Candidates to campaign in Wisconsin

Wrinkle that needs to be introduced into the Bush AWOL Story

Question about Kucinich and corporate donations...

Was this Kerry scandal engineered to unlock Theresa's money?

Could someone help me with Kerry/Clean Elections Law/Wellstone?!

Drudge Kerry "scoop" - revenge for AWOL and abortion stories?

Cash And Kerry: Will There Be Enough?

Is Clark's money going to go to the Kerry campaign ?

Why is the press suddenly obsessed with Monica Lewinsky again?

Why are people listening to the Drudge Report?!

With all this nonsense going on..The General should reconsider!

Guys, the sliming is beginning!!!

Labor coalition swings its support to Kerry

Madison, Wisconsin: Veterans here defend Kerry

So Trippi only made $200K - Where are the retractions ?

Charlie Rangel is asking me for money. (for him)

Why are DUers still bashing Clark?

Selling Sleaze: A User's Guide

On the ice, hockey fanatic Kerry occupies middle of the road

Some bio stuff on Kerry

Kerry Supporters: Heat up Wisconsin!

Brand New ARG Poll - Post Clark but pre kerry scandal, kerry 37 pt lead

Contributor pleads guity to illegal donations (some to Kerry)

Hold on a minute: a little perspective (Kerry flap)

Head's Up: Kerry will be on Imus at 8:29 AM ..televised on MSNBC

I'm feeling upbeat right now

Ad calls Kerry lobbyists' tool

CSPAN-7:30am Ret Col. Campenni (ret) talking about the NG

Correction in Imus Schedule: Kerry now scheduled for 7:29 am NOT 8:20

What Are The Motivations Of Those Flogging The Kerry "Intern" Story?

Team Kerry! Line-Up for Roll Call!

Kerry Interngate: Some Questions


Republicans Attack Kerry in Video and E-Mail - NYT

2001 Kerry Spring Interns Photo

My opinion about the Kerry "affair"

Can Clark get back in the campaign?

IMO, Kerry's problem isn't the alleged other woman, it's Teresa.

The next 25 people to donate $10 or more get a free CD!

It's sad when Dean/Edwards people get so desperate they root for a scandal

If Clark really said that...

Kerry story doesn't JUST hurt Kerry

If reporters can reveal an "off-the-record" comment by Clark

Kerry Transcript on Imus? He did NOT deny it. He did NOT say...

Unproving the unproven by Drudge

LOL--Its got to be frustrating for Rove/Drudge to smear Kerry and . . .

Who is Alex Polier, and what was her connection to Kerry?

Clark Set to Endorse Kerry in Wisconsin Today

Kerry story being discussed right now

Come on JK, show us your stuff!

Binary Intern Story Poll

The War On Drugs... New Kucinich flash animation

CNN Poll: Keep private life private

Clark & the intern comment

Ayone else willing to WAIT before jumping on the "Kerry /intern" bandwagon

How about a middle of the road on this Kerry thing....


Imus going nuts over Kerry Intern story- cohost calls it Bimbo Eruption

Howard Dean and Systems Theory...interesting indeed

The real test of the "legs" of Interngate II: the empire strikes out is ..

Add me to the chorus of who-gives-a-flying-f***

Kerry could benefit from his own advice.

I will say it.

Now the Media all becomes clear

Sun-Times article claims Al Gore was talking about Kerry's alleged affair

Report from Dean fundraiser, Minneapolis Feb 12, 2004

Kerry says he's ready for GOP onslaught

Are we or are we not letting the right-wing media pick our candidate?

The Scream

Do you hope the Kerry sleaze attack by Drudge is proved true?

Kerry: If it's not true, what should he do?

Kerry Says He's Ready for GOP Onslaught

This is exactly what they wanted...

Dean Supporter Here Who Wants Kerry "Intern" Story to Die

Did Bush knock up a girl and drive her to an abortion clinic?

So, how many political operatives are on their way to Kenya?

John Kerry's shifting stands

Was Clark misquoted?

Dean/Edwards or Edwards/Dean would be a great balance

The story about Kerry

I came across this disturbing site while googling the news for Kerry

They destroyed Clinton

Question for Kerry Supporters

My local Democrats Abroad group says Kerry 'is BFEE sleeper'

How Many In U.S. Feel Lewinsky Insignificant Compared To Clinton Economy?

Is "Clark endorsing Kerry" the biggest question of the day?

A Voice Of Trade Rebellion (Edwards on free trade vs new jobs)

Any update on Maine and/or Washington lately?

Is Chris Lehane the scum of the earth?

"Integrity is as integrity does"

i will be writing howard dean's name in

Who got my info link?

I've put the brakes on the puppy purchase.

Who is more trustworthy?

Does the attack on Mrs. Kerry's husband open the door for her to run ads?

Who would you vote for?

Will Iowa and New Hampshire ALWAYS Pick our President?

Is there a difference

Edwards Being Discussed As VP Candidate

Kerry's response to Drudge story: "There's nothing to it"

GOP media machine chases Kerry/Fonda & Kerry "special interests"

Is there a difference between Bush and Kerry?

Excellent Powell quote on favored sons' Vietnam-dodging

I used to think that Clinton's affair with Monica didn't matter.

Let me get this straight Clark sacrificed principle to endorse kerry?

Bush NO-SHOW in Alabama. Mates Missed Him. And Are Pissed!

I think AWOL should offer a constitutional amendment baning sex.

Is this 1972?

Has anyone scoped this Dean article in New Repuglick?

I made a big mistake yesterday and listened to insHannity

Breaking: Dennis Kucinich Sex Scandal

A Woman in my office weighed in on Kerry rumor...

Great response by Kucinich to media question about Kerry "story."

Sen. John Edwards is on Leno tonight. nt

Breaking News: Touchscreen Ballots Do Not Have to Be Recounted in FL!

ABB should also mean "Anything But....." (Curseword alert)

IMO only Teresa should care

What if Kerry is asked, "Have you ever cheated on your wife, Teresa?"

A sex scandal is the oldest trick in the book

Drudge less than truthful about newspapers working on kerry story

My predictions.

To all the San Franciscans going down to the sea to make salt today

National Guard: Now and Then (Including Powells quote on the N. Guard)

Muttering to self... over Clark endorsement press

Remember all of the Kerry vs Bush polls before VA and TN?

Freeper knowingly forges bogus Kerry/Fonda pic for media circulation

I once had a math/logic instrutor who loved this saying;

First Dean, then Clark, now Edwards...

Is marital infidelity with younger subordinates a symptom of

Bob Dole, 1996, and Electability...

We're F*&cked!

CNN's about to report the Kerry/Intern affair rumor...

Anyone have a clip of Kucinich's appearance on Leno?

What Will Be Kerry's Line of Defense When Rove Pulls This Out?

I'm looking for the speech Edwards gave about the father losing his job

Well, Well...... THIS Is What Their 'Strategery' Is?

Will Michael Moore support John Kerry

RUSH: Drudge Kerry smear"has Bill or Hillary Clinton written all over it"

ABC's "The Note" on Kerry

Did Bill Schneider just declare Kerry the nominee?

Just googled over to Politics. Nada on Kerry and reporter.

to the "If Kerry is the nominee, I'm gone" people: do you believe what

Wouldn't it have been IMPOSSIBLE for Kerry to have an affair

Other candidates would be smart to defend Kerry, attack sex-smear politics

2 golden oldies Drudge used to attack Dean

Just got a call from John Kerry!

How to be be a good Republican!

the fundraising graphic ... Rush is green ... Bush in front of him...

Drudge Kerry quote makes it Clear; Kerry did NOT deny the story

VH1's Inside Politics segment...few obsevations

MSNBC Imus Kerry LIVE discussion thread

For those adamently opposed to Kerry- Who would you vote for?

is this photo altered?

Are you more afraid of WWIII or Great Depression II?

Whoa. Why is everyone believing The New Republic?

Kerry to answer sex affair claim (Polier's Parents Respond To Claims)

Is this forum proof that Drudge really knows how to rope 'em?

Ann Coulter says Max Cleland "lucky to have limbs blown off in Vietnam"

It's beginning to look like Dean is the only other REAL candidate left is running a "Thank You" campaign

Is a Dean - Clark alliance now permanently off?

What is the story with the Kerry "affair?"

Wes Clark's speech endorsing John Kerry

Clark Supporters: Does Clark's Kerry endorsement mean anything to you?

Things you spend money on that aren't as good as DU

Who Will Michael Moore Endorse Now?

Kerry & Clark - A Dream Team

Caption this photo--it's Friday, the thirteenth.

Thank God one politician has the courage to support gay marriage

Bush's alibi falling apart

Caption this photo - it's Friday

The latest Kerry retort on Drudge

Woman at center of Kerry affair named in UK paper

Here's the C-Span online video of Clark Endorsing Kerry

Is this the making of a perfect campaign poster?

Tonights "Real Time: with Bill Maher" lineup

Clark Aboard Kerry Bandwagon. Kerry Ready for Republican Onslaught

LOL--Its got to be frustrating for Rove/Drudge to smear Kerry and . . .

Hey, Dem voyeurs, get out of our candidates' bedrooms!

What would YOU like Kerry to say?

A great day for Kerry campaign!

Conason: "Drudge & the GOP smear machine are back in the Dems pants"

Why is W releasing his records today, I'll tell you why.

(Shallow but important. ) Kucinich actually looked handsome on Leno.

Bush is really in big trouble when ...

Dean on the Media. He "gets it." ....Does Kerry?

Clark would be the best person to debate Cheney...

"Anybody But Bush": The Big Abdication

For the sake of clarity re: my relationship with Kucinich, Kerry

"The Right Stuff" - Remember, in the book, the pilots would

Suppose Kerry is the nominee. Who is the best AG?

David Podvin: "Media Killed the Politico Star"

Do you know any "niche voters"

Do you think the race will end as a result of Tuesday?

Kerry Blog on Yucca Mountain

Hit this Kerry vs. Bush Poll (Bush is winning)

Resolution submitted on Succession of the Presidency

Dean foreign policy designer backtracks, criticizes policy. Retribution?

I cannot believe the number of people on DU demanding that Kerry drop out.

Do you want to ban rightwing links/sources on DU GD2004?

Sex & Politics

On Second Thought Look for the man behind the curtain.

I saw Dennis speak an hour ago at UC Berkeley - and he was red hot!

With Nomination in Reach, Kerry's Long-Term Strategy Takes Shape

Bush* is on the defensive this is a good thing!

Has anyone asked themselves why Kerry would cheat on a 800 mil Heiress

Rhode Island - Super Tuesday State - Survey U.S.A. Poll

Overheard Republican conversation at a restaurant-they're scared!

New Homemade Ad for Dean Supporters....

Photograph shows Senator John Kerry at a 1970 anti-war rally.

The Kerry Blitz- What the hell happened?

How much will Bob Kuntz's Hillary write-ins affect the primaries?

Does Kerry have enough "fire" to take on Bush?

is this the woman- alex polier?

Sorry about the purging business

Noonan (Barf!) Says....

The Kerry scandel thing is 10 oclock news in Milwaukee

Dennis Kucinch is the PEOPLE'S candidate !

Have any of the candidates said anything about Cuba, Haiti or Venezuela?

WI. DUers:Medical marijuana Bill coming-again.

Dean Sharpens His Stop-Kerry Rhetoric

The Kerry "Scandal": There's no 'there' there

Who cares about this "Kerry had an affair" bs they still elected Ahhnold

I'm curious: Do some people still think Clark leaked intern story?

Aaron Brown to do panel discussion on Kerry's "Intern Problem"

So What!

The Freepers are upset that the Kerry "scandal" is baseless

George W. News Brief (Satire)

Maybe Privately the Republicans want Bush Out Too

What do y'all think about Edwards for Attorney General in Kerry's cabinet?

Kerry: courage when it counted

Who would be a better president?

I am not that excited about Kerry

FOCUS, PEOPLE. There's the fight for Congress, too.

Will Dean publicly endorse JK like WC and DG have over the past few weeks?

What's the buzz in Wisconsin?

Questions for Kerry supporters

meanwhile..... Kerry 52 Bush 43 in latest ABC News/Wash Post

Kerry Supporters: defend Kerry's support of Free Trade

The best candidate for the future...

Picture and Info on Alex Polier - Alleged Kerry Girl

Hardball: rumored Gore urging Dean to get out.

Most serious allegations facing Kerry

Dean on bipartisanship

Clark out, so im going with Kucinich!

Got a note from my friend Karl today. He's quoting Hannibal.

On Foreign Policy, Kerry Sees Strength in Alliances

John Kerry denies report of extramarital affair with young woman

Kerry might have just convinced me to support him ... maybe

Sad. Weak. Shameful.

I think after the Wisconsin primary Gore will endorse Kerry

Kucinich says Kerry won't get "free ride" in quest for nomination . . .

No name? No face?... No Legs.

Kerry Impresses Voters at Forum

Help Me Convince my Pro-Life Mother-In-Law

Did Kerry flip flop on "Double taxation of dividends"?

If Clark was VP - Is that still powerful?

Have to admit, Clark on a Kerry ticket is something the repukes fear!

So here's how Kucinich did it...

Why are Murdoch (Faux News, NY Post, etc) execs "bundling" for Kerry?

Columbus Dispatch Dumps Dubya-The first time in 88 years, endorsed a Dem

The Next Vice President of the United States!

Has any nominee EVER put his primary opponents in his cabinet????

Kerry now holds huge lead over Dean, poll of voters shows

I'm down with Kerry/Clark

Dean: Kerry nomination a grave mistake...

General Clark endorsing Kerry live on CNN now

Incredible! The More Voters Know Kerry, The More We Beat Bush!

*RepukeAlert*!!!! Pugs launch entire website to attack Kerry

I'll be voting for Dennis Kucinich in the March 2 Ohio primary

Kerry sees improvement on fund-raising front

It sure seems like the Democratic Party Doesn't want Dean supporters

McCain Fights Old Foe Who Now Fights Kerry

AFL-CIO Set to Endorse Kerry Next Week

Bush to Release Anti-Kerry Ad Mimicking Deanís "Special Interests" Charge

Should Enron be an issue for US voters?

DK sellin' out to Texas GOP Agenda on NAFTA?

Wonder how the freepers will like these two "real" photos side by side?

Kerry, the New Democrats, and American Military Hegemony

Has a candidate ever won the nomination, saw that he was losing, and.....

AM Epiphany- I'm not a "Deanie" I'm a Democrat

which canidate (drop outs too)would you love to have as a friend and why?

There Is No Blue Dress In The Kerry Story

Confirmation of Drudge on key points regarding Kerry allegations

Wesley Clark Society being formed

Anyone Else Believes Repubs are Using Dems In Slime Operation?

Murdock, Limbaugh and Anti-Kerry Dems Recycling Drudge Slime: Meaning??

A question for Kerry supporters and a question for Kerry detractors.

A plea for focus. Focus on the real issues at hand. ABB