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Archives: February 11, 2004

Fla. officials' knowledge of freedom of info law is shockingly dismal

Translations of Osama tape by an Arabic speaker

Poppies for Bin Laden

Cross-Border Church Visit Costs Man $10,000

Buzzflash interviews Rep. Rush Holt (D) on BBV legislation

Detroit Free Press gives AWOL Bush a pass

The White House was forced to retreat

Lexington KY opinion piece on gay marriage

The unseen cost of the war in Iraq (US casualties)

UK Guardian: Never mind the war, look at the tits

Is Alan Greenspan Behind China's Bubble Too?

After a Crisis, Bush Is No Reagan

Dogs of journalism beginning to howl again--Gene Lyons

UK Guardian: This war is not yet over

Conason: See What Happens When You Don’t Read?

Safire has found another "Smoking Gun". Who needs the CIA?

An article from Slate that my brother sent me. Good read

Print and Share! The Truth About Neo-Conservatives

Salon - Right Hook The $7 billion "October surprise"

No 'Smoking Guns' in Reports, Head of Sept. 11 Panel Says

Politics of deception and campaigns of fear

KMT idiots have no shame - Taiwan

WMD proliferation is the West's fault

Europeans need a security council of their own

Seattle Times: "Too easily persuaded into an unnecessary war"

NYT: The Presidents Guard Service

Pentagon: 3 Months in Iraq Cost $14B

devastating New Yorker piece on Cheney-Halliburton

Check out Bernie Sanders Flash Movie on Outsourcing

Michael Moore: An Open Letter to George 'I'm a War President!' Bush

“Kit” Seelye flipped about Bush and the Guard

“A Cry of Absence”: Whither Our Artists?

Editorial: A question of service

Kuttner on Meet-the-Press: Bush's 4-year honeymoon is over

If you missed the Daily Show

Long, but good: President Bush Enters Credibility Gap

OMB Draws Hit List

and god said

Putin: pulling a `creeping coup' against democracy

SLACKER george...

Cassandra's Curse

Philly Inquirer blasts Cheney/Scalia (Editorial and Auth Cartoon)

Waiting For The Heads to Roll (Fineman in Newsweek)

An idea to involve the anti-war churches.

Greg to be in NY and needs our help

For Florida residents: Florida Hometown Democracy

The whole truth about the Iraq war (video)

Americans Coming Together (ACT)

Stop the press! Let the people vote!

I apologize if this has been posted before.

Jake Tapper

What's going on with C_SPAN? Fox News is on the whole time. Have they....

Jane Fonda Defends John Kerry on CNN - Video

Dr. Bob Arnot’s Parting Shot (Fired from NBC?)

Phe's shared thought for 2/11/4;

Black Gays: City’s (Detroit) new voting bloc

Study: Gay, straight soldiers work together

Jails still apply 'sodomy' rap - SA

I'm gonna be on CSpan...i think

"Double Trouble Deficit Bubble?(! )"

Senate Republicans Agree to Slash Stalled Energy Bill

how Bush will pay for Iraq and Afghanistan operations after this Sept??

WP notes Bush lie:on MTP re Clinton Budget

"Kelber, AFL-CIO Critic, Expelled from Union "

Gussying up the garbage

Dried Up?

Dishonest Budget Talk

Fed Chairman Warns of Budget Deficit

NHL GMs recommend massive changes

Bush Govt Using your equity shares against you...i kid you not!

Missteps Hurt Union in Supermarket Strike

Personal experience with Repub debt collector.....dead yeller dog democrat

Fed's Main Economic Yardstick 'Broken'

Snowmobile ban in Yellostone overturned

Deforestation, Hunting Devouring Laotian Environment - AP

Bleaching Underway On Great Barrier Reef - Scientists Watching Weather

Vietnam Announces Foot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak

Swedish Coastal Windmills Produce New Marine Habitat

Ranchers, Environmentalists, Hunters Unite To Fight Bush Energy Plan In NM

Patagonian Icefields In Rapid Meltdown

Bush Administration Proposes Weakening Grazing Rules

World's oldest insect 'ignored' for years

"We log to infinity. It's ours, it's out there and we need it all. Now."

Former Philippines steel chief charged with embezzlement

Army Policy To Reduce Soldier Relocations

Lesotho desperate for food

Cross-Border Church Visit Costs Man $10,000

137 Harare rapes in January - Zimbabwe

'Bullet analysis can confuse some jurors'

Fast Company on NIDA blocking of research

The Liberal Case FOR Gun Control

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 11, 2004

Proposed Ban on Pillows... Comedy? Gun control analogy

Gangs run gun pipeline from Delta to Chicago

Gun Control poll

Testified yesterday AGAINST the MD so-called "AWB"

Financial Information concerning DU

Leaderboard question: what's this mystery province under MA?

If It's Supposed to be Doing This, I'll Shut Up About It Already...

Will the GrovelBot be taking questions?

What is your policy on repeated threads?

Donated Graphic Stuck?

Re: my last post (payment methods) - i'm in the UK

I recently donated again in the new fund drive

Skinner, I had a poll in the lounge that vanished, my first poll however

When exactly was the home page Clark campaign link removed?

Do the Admins Condone

What qualifies as suitable for GD2004 / illegal for GD?

How about a separate forum for posted Poll links ?

Shultz link does not work for me.. all the others do

Why does Grovelbot look like a DOS program?

how do I go about changing my monthly donation?

I am having trouble making my own avatar image.

why was this thread locked?

Is this photoshop pic too inflammatory?

Mistake in the FAQ

So why is it ok for The Magistrate to ignore requests and cultural

Thanks for the brain avatar!

Is it now permissible to use insulting nicknames

Are the radio links a timed script, and if so, can I get a copy of it?

It was there right in front of me! Duh! Thanks for the new avatars!

Why don't you create a job?

What about misleading threads?

to skinner from wal

why did the mod move so many posts about 9-11?

Did you realize that Rush moved?

When are you going to remove candidate avatars?

Has the GrovelBot thing been working?

What about a forum for job postings... Has this been considered?

Grovelbot is a hypocrite!

So did you folks think DUers would become so fasinated with GrovelBot?

Israelis are not seen as victims

Arabs scoped Nairobi resort?

Shame Them for All Eternity

Should all financial and political aid to Israel be cut off -Poll

White man's burden

15 Palestinians Die As Israelis Raid Camp

Palestinian Panel Probes Qureia Cement

Critics Wary of Palestinian Bomb Probe

Sharon's Latest Settlement Move

Released Prisoner Immediately Declared Intention to 'Die For Allah'

Rumsfeld supports Israel's need for nukes

Failure to exile Arafat 'was historic mistake'

Gaza death toll rises to 13 Palestinians as gunbattle rages

Sharon's ally safe from arrest in Britain

Rajoub: Terror attacks within Green Line were a mistake


Palestine and the Media

9-11 Flgt Attendant: hijacker had bomb. this and more info suppressed

Do combat planes have transponders that can be turned off to evade...

What is your opinion on MIHOP?

9/11 and what they wont let people know (eye opener)

Query: shouldn't Dems be able to grab the center?

Today Bush refused to release medicalor disciplinary records-Tis an issue?

Being somewhat new here,

Petition Meet the Press to have a Dean/Kerry debate

Political newcomer to challenge Rehberg (Montana At Large)

Kucinich Supporters, help keep this poll kicked

Bush accepted pay while AWOL

George "No Evidence" Bush

Got some props to DU on the Mike Malloy Show

Iraq Terror = Al Qaeda = Osama = Captured = Bush = Hero

Dupe please lock

More Lies

Daily show being repeated now Comedy channel

Campaign 2004: Would you feel safer if Microsoft was in charge of Voting?

Here's some more good news and my encounter with a repub hag...

9/11 panel rolls over for Bushrove

People need to brace themselves for something re: Kerry....

I would like to formally thank the Bush Administratoin

Kentucky 6th District: Chandler (D) leads Kerr (R)

I would like to formally thank the Bush Administration

What do you think of my latest photoshop pic...

Chirac's Axis of Evil

WH press briefing on C-span NOW!

At tomorrows WH press briefing I hope the press goes after...

DU online listener thread -- Mike Webb and Bernie Ward are online now

No pay records for Bush say Randi Rhodes Show

Why the media has finally gotten tough on Bush?

Mike Malloy has the perfect voice for national syndication, (and message)

Have you guys seen this video? It is very funny!

Serious question: Why aren't Dems calling for *'s Impeachment?

Mario Cuomo sues Greg Palast!

CNN: 20 dead in explosion in Baghdad 1:34am

What do Foreign Nationals Think About the AWOL Story? (+ Microsoft!)

Nomination for Top Ten conservative Idiots

Lock this thread

Anyone else gettin inundated with Republican popups?

Weapons of mass distraction

Is Dean's decision to stay in the race even if he loses Wisconsin

Did President Clinton really dodge the draft?

Should Powell have a position in the next dem cabinet?

I didn't know Afghan kids went to summer camp...

ANG website: Says it was used by rich white guys to dodge the draft

Anybody got audio of yesterday's press briefing?

Washington preparing to "liberate" Iran...

So it's going to be Kerry... very depressing.

What's going on in Haiti?

Does anyone know how Turnout was yesterday?

Jane Fonda Schmonda....!

Boston Globe editorial examines the change in the Press Corp

South Dakota Lawmaker OKs Abortion Ban

It was a FREEPER who asked the WH those stupid questions

Joe Conason skewers Vietnam smears on Kerry

great point by Ivins

C-Span-2 10:15 a.m. Durbin on Labor situation in the US. Good. n/t

I apologize if this has already been discussed but...

A Liberal Case Against Gun Control

What do you make of the White House releasing military payroll records?

I just fired off a note to Richard Cohen....

Online Search Engines Help Lift Cover of Privacy

Bush appointees required to answer for drug use, but not Bush

OMG - Class Action Lawsuit Filed for Janet's breast incident

I just thought of a great bumpersticker

Bush Report Offers Positive Outlook on Jobs

Whaaaaa??? Bush to speak on WMDs?

Officer from his TANG unit defends Bush (LTTE Washington Times)

Help me defend a hateful email re; the ACLU.......

10$ says these missing 6 months of bush's life....

Bush* 2004 Bumperstickers

Bush*'s court-mandated community service?

1,188 Americans Dead in Iraq

Whitehouse Ruse regarding G. W. Bush National Guard Records

Predictions for todays WH Press Conference- Anyone?

Really Funny Anti-GWB Ad: Bush in 41 Seconds

Clark should be in anyone's cabinet..........

Just spoke to a Newsmax rep...

C-Span - 11:15 a.m. ET - FCC hearing on "obscenity". Interesting.

Will Bush be the first wartime president to be voted out?

URL for Wash Post "briefing" - an excellent version of the ABCNote

John McCain asks USAF Chief Gen. Jumper about false documents

"you can't really hold a youthful lie against him..."

We are NOT traitors, un-American, or less patriotic than Republicans

Bill Hemmer on CNN "struck by hostility" of reporters at WH briefing....

Rush Limbaugh Speaks

Why is Mike Malloy going off the air?

Liberals Good. Neo-Conservatives Very, Very Bad..

In early 1973, Bush worked for an inner-city youth program in Houston.

Time to beat Shrub with the Quayle stick!

DU'ers Here is the deal...and it is the real deal.

Time for another DAVID HORSEY thread!!!

Texas Air National Guard - A Refuge for the Privileged

Wash Times is running with Kerry-Fonda 1970 anti-war Valley Forge photo

The Pellegrini letter

Hartmann's fill-in guy

Breaking: Clark is OUT of the race...

George W. Bush's Lost Year in 1972 Alabama

Why didn't Bush plant WMD evidence?

DAVID HORSEY thread #2!!!

Once again C-SPAN & Repug Guest !

Hypocrisy Rules in Republican America

"We could have given him flying magazines to read, I guess"

Mr. Edwards as a running mate.

GOP Election Plot?

I am totally disillusioned right now

The phrase of the day, is....."Trolling for Trash "..

oops My Bad, sorry about all the dead people

Help! "I saw Bush ANG records thrown out" -- who said that?

George and George: Dumb and Dumberer

c-span2 now (1:10EST) : Reid is hammering Silberman (sp?)

George W. Bush is a Bigot

It was a FREEPER who asked those stupid question in 9/10 WH briefing

One more time: What's the difference between marriage and civil union?

Ted Kennedy on c-span2 now - talking about jobs

Must listen speech from (William Rivers Pitt) spreading the truth

Ok, time to gloat a little. Let's not get lazy, but let's gloat!!!!!!!!!!

WH Press Briefing to scheduled to begin at 12:15 ET, 11:15 CT

Help Save the Hubble telescope

Help!-A co-worker said"what's the difference between Bush & Clinton

Virginia rises as a major Democratic force....

Remember the end of the 19th Century?

Open Letter from Michael Moore to "I'm a War President!" Bush

Letter from TrueMajority // Verified Voting

If a chicken dies in Deleware....

I must be dreaming: Colin Powell testifying that Iraq had WMD and the

Reid and Durbin: C-Span 2 1:23 p.m. SILBERMAN discussion.

Are all the recent conjoined twin cases due to evolution?

White house briefing on now--- C-Span

Survey: More clergy abuse cases than previously thought

New buzzword: "melding" - Cheney melding rogue-state w/ oil-capture policy

WH must be panicking over AWOL gossip....

Exclusive: Interview pilot who told Christian passengers to raise hands

e-mailed CNN re: cutting away from WH press briefing....

the BEST daily summary of WH coverage

Critical Thinking 101

John Kerry and Jane Fonda picture...photoshopped...???

Updated List of Co-Sponsors for H.R. 2239, the BBV bill (2/10/2004)

It's Morning In Bizarroworld!

GWB question: what is PULL????

A simple question to ask anyone when discussing politics

Yahoo/AP changes unflattering title for article re: Chimp economy!!

Bush Adulation on CNN.

Bush scare tactics press conference upcoming

Janet's breast vs. 9-11 investigation

AWOL's Huge Monstrous Legs

Victory for civil liberties!!! (peace protesters in Iowa story update)

How to spot a phony... send this to every journalist you can think of

My lettter to William Shitfire.

Hey gang here's a funny one

Charles Osgood has become a Republican campaigner

Is CNN conducting a hearing test?

Now you see BushCo's election strategy.

American Legion Poll - How will history view Iraq war?

RNC poll

Bush's Lost Year in Bama--Bragging about Drinking, Doing Coke

Good Grief! Imus (ack) pushing the AWOL story!!

We "knew" about Bush in 1999..

US is Concerned About Attempt by Al-Haig to Seize Power in Iraq

Something Fishy...

Japan Finally Gets Around to Criminalizing Gang Rape

Three words for what to do when * speaks on tv

Support marriage equality--please quit wringing your hands about backlash.

If we win in November...

Vietnam, Iraq, Protest and Patriotism

Military almost out of money?!?!?!

Did Colin Powell "Denigrate" The NG when He Said:

CLAIM vs. FACT: The President on Meet the Press

Fritz Hollings On CSpan

What Horse Puckey! WHY Bush just gave that speech

Anyone Else Watching Mass. Legislature Debate Gay Marriage?

Hackworth--Ritter was right

NH Rep. makes all sorts of excuses to dodge ethics probe

Found an interesting link about AWOL TANG records

The AWOL story is going nowhere...just like all the rest

Battlefield nukes vs non-proliferation

DeLay's wife stops him from telling his truth

here's another reason to get off our asses and vote this year...

Armstrong Williams on CNNI: Bush had no idea he'd become president

Joe Lockhart: AWOL's credibility may be irreparably damaged

Research project for Alabamans

Anyone Else Think Scott McClellan is looking like Ron Ziegler these Days?

Has anyone seen this:

Bush's National Guard Years -- A Graph

I agree with civil unions, or government sanctioned marriage.

Help Atrios out - the RNC wants your opinion.

Photo Analysis

Bush... Pro-Choice? An interesting hypothetical

Now Republicans Believe What General Giap Says

who is Torricelli?/ HOW is he corrupt?

WOW! Rhandi Rhodes kicks @$$!

Absent Without Leave - A Twist

Bush* the Fearmonger

CrossfireTopic: Janets Boob

there is NO CHANCE of the FMA passing this year

Bush Web Site Pulls Clips After NBC Complains

They pulled it!!!!!!!

Zel Miller a veteran feels like a real idiot now for backing an AWOL punk

Bush minions destroyed records - TANG colonel

Crossfire--Begala on flight suit

Sandra Bath Jim Bath's wife!, and other associates

Article about US deaths in Iraq - 1,188 so far, not 500.

On CNN, what's that cross doing in the background?

Sorry but I have some questions about W's TANG records

Must-read Yahoo thread about Rumsfeld and the 45-min. warning

Daddy Matcom's 'Conversion' Includes NewFound Sarcastic Humor!

Kerry should spend a million bucks on an ad TOMORROW

Repug newest think tank product = "gutter tactics"

Waxman presses for investigation of post-9/11 Bin Laden Airlift

Lou Dobbs - Dennis Hastert against outsourcing?

Why the Right is leaving out Kerry's Bronze Star in their Kerry-bashing...


Shrub's Flubs Scrubbed

Obituary for an old friend

Have you donated to DU and helped Rush get his fix yet?

Calling all Veterans--- weigh in at anti Kerry Veteran site

Question for Catholic DUers re: church policies on gays, contraception

Katie Couric Hammers Condoleeza on SHRUB's AWOL!

I wish Clark would run for Arkansas Governor

Any Bostonians See Smoke Pouring From The Statehouse Yet? (Gay Marriage)

Bush fulfilled his commitment

Lou Dobbs going after admin hammer and tong over outsourcing, etc

Ex-judge on Iraq inquiry 'involved in cover-up'

PETA Bashing On DU

Does anyone have the numbers...

CNN Lou Dobbs Poll

Can we have a sticky? Re: Mass Convention

One Thing They Definitely Succeeded in Doing: They Killed Any

Can Finneran be removed in some way?

Over 100 dead Iraqis in 2 days: Iraqis are better off?

You want an info war Dubya? Bring it on!!

"Wrap ourselves in the flag and we will never be defeated."

Their side versus our side.

Is War really good for the economy?

What Colin Powell says in his own book about the National Guard

Anybody watching Kondo Lisa Rice on the Newshour?

I have a movie (quicktime, I think) on my puter of Chimpy, drunk as a skun

did anybody just see squidboy walking across the WH lawn?

My stupid sense is tingling...

Comcast to buy Disney?

Texas demographic change

China arrests man who leaked gas-chamber claims

BOB BARR opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment?

2 felons' roles in county elections questioned

The Gay State?

Does Bush really seem to want the job or.......

The "Gay Marriage" Issue: let's do some math.

The Right-Wing had their fear spawned Revolution in 2002

TANG pilot Campenni says he saw AL pay stubs

BushCo: Forgotten Classics

#@$%#@$#$ Republican popups!

Have the "documents" McClellan showed and promised to "email" in the

So $275,000 fine for lewd act on TV...

Iraq WMD on sale at Ebay. I kid you not!

He's brought us to a trauma...

Tweety Panel discussing AWOL

Now on Faux

If John Kerry (or other Democratic nominee) wins ..

But, Bush has had such success in dismantling Social Programs/What DEM

FCC Powell gets 200,000 complaints about a breast...and takes action..

Who will drop out of the race next?

Fred Barnes

Democrats have no DEFENSE.

Isn't there a web site that archives every news story from every source?

It's not about being AWOL. It's about credibility.

Who's Call On The Omnipresent AWOL Repsonse?

O'Reilly tonight . . . . .

Terry Holt just said.....

How did the bushes block the black voters of Florida?

New Tinfoilhat media conspiracy theory

Do combat planes have transponders that can be turned off to evade...

How can I watch the Mass convention?

why did Dick Morris turn so hard right?

Bush I helps Chimpy prepare for Meet The Press

Will FEAR Work Again? (a short paranoid rant)

States we will not win.

Ron Paul is awesome!

Bush made a political ad during Meet The Press!

Repukes addicted to red ink

Explain property taxes to me....

I wish Bill Clinton would run for Mayor of...

Bush's payroll stubs

Larry King started out

Who had to turn CSPAN off this morning?

Powell was asked about AWOL today. "Lets don't go there" Very testy

AWOL story not going away. Going to be *'s downfall

Jane Fonda to be a guest on Zahn tonight

Mike Malloy laughing about Repuke's thirst for Clinton's penis

Email from a freeper friend - pretty scary

Bush Officials’ Lies about Iraq’s Supposed WMD in Their Own Words

Link to video of Bush cracking earlier this week?

9-11 Flgt Attendant: hijacker had bomb. this and more info suppressed

one of the biggest right wing hypocrisies

9/11 and what they wont let people know (eye opener)

I'll ask again...did anybody catch this?

Anyone watching Hannity and colmes tonight: open season on Kerry

Paula Zahn will have guy who served in TANG w/Bush on tomorrow.

Zero factor

Best line I heard on Hannity & Colmes tonight

Welcome to America! (and it's all caught on tape)

Did Mike Malloy just say

AWOL, WMD, Job Exporting, Haliburton..on and on

"Operation American Freedom!" - Free pdf download

I'm registered Green, Do I get to vote in the primary?

Portland (OR) DUers -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Churchill quotes and bush

Malloy just let the cat out of the bag?

marcia, marsha, MARTHA!

Same-sex marriage bans in light of Amendment 2 decision

will bush really win the nomination? the knives are coming out!

10:30 pm EST 02/11/04 Daniel Hopsicker on Jeff Rense show now

The Military records of George Walker Bush

Compassionate conservatism showing results!

Did Rush threaten Bush's former guard associates today?

[LIHOP] FAA knew plane hijacked, had Atta's name&seat #, long before crash

That pesky energy bill..

Mike Malloy will be talking about Lou Dobbs next hour

Too many medals?

Iraq Watch on C-Span

King with Kay -- right now

AP has been contacting people in AWOL's unit and no one remembers him

Fed's Main Economic Yardstick 'Broken'

Journalist to McClellan: "I'm not interested in what he recalls."

Live Bush speech (CNN) has subliminal tones played in the background

AWOL/Bad Press for * = Janet Boob Hearings, More Media Regs?

Are We Microsoft Critics Hypocrites?

Take A Listen To Lionel Tonight

How does Pakistan get a pass from bu$h*

Dubya's Admin Scandal list

Washington Times Digs Up Old * Girlfriend To Defend His Guard Duty !!!

Bush served 46 days in Texas during 1973, but he didn't fly. Why not?

Vote on CNN (Lou Dobbs)

Argh. Arguement between me and my libertarian boss re: Gay Marriage

International apologies

The destruction of the USA

Why The Heck Is Halliburton Running Television Comercials?!

The RNC Called me Today !

Hannity goes into depression after D. Morris tells him Bush is in trouble

link to rumsfeld speech transcript

the cultural aspects of private, Christian schooling

Why do people vote third party?

Bush's Good Conduct Medal?

Anybody Else Notice That GrovelBot Posts After The 30th Post...

How many non-political junkies know about PNAC?

Bush et al are strong on defense.

SSGT in Baghdad says Bremer's Halliburton guards cost $650 per man daily

Texas mom faces trial for selling sex toys

How did you react to the Lewinsky scandal

Anyone ever take Amtrak?

2/11 AWOL HOT! Michael Moore goes for the jugular!

Possibly redundant question for DU veterans about military record-keeping

A Few Simple Questions

Good Liberal NewsPapers?

I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS that the awol story wasn't pursued in 2000

Jane Fonda & Sally Field -- helping to stamp out police corruption

Who was most responsible for Vietnam?

What is Al Qaeda?

Best places to live outside the U.S. for a progressive person

Dennis Millers rating are shrinking...shrinking...shrinking.

Outrage in the Workplace: "Vote Bush to make our work easier"

Okay, here's the BIG problem on *'s AA National Guard attendance

George W. Bush's Lost Year in 1972 Alabama

From the man who refused to alter b*sh's National Guard records...

O'Reilly : "Catholic church invented marriage"

The Bush Guard records getting trashed story...

Mutiny in armed forces

If Bush Is So "Proud Of His Service"

Dubya in 'Bama

Help me recruit a Republican!!!

Prediction: Gays will turn up to vote in record low numbers...

Do you really hate Ann Coulter?

DOJ Wants to Scour Hospital Records for Evidence of D&X's

Did B* really say this? “I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out..."

has every rep n media yuk heard this - UNCOVERED: the TRUTH about Iraq war

TANG pilot steps forward -- please help research this guy

Bush AWOL is a lose-lose issue...let it drop

Mass Peace mobilization March 20, Let's Roll!

In the spirit of Will Pitt, I post my latest op/ed

Coulter: Max Cleland NOT a brave war hero -- DISGUSTING

What is wrong with polygamy?

Lesbians & Gays - Will you still support the Dem Party if they allow FMA?

Wow! Bush's Yale classmate say's he was busted for cocaine use.

Why AWOL is so important (my opinion)

Hatred between Dems & Repugs;

CIA met with Bin Laden 2 months prior to 9/11?

"First we kill all the lawyers"

Why donate to DU? Help me keep my job!

Another Bomb blast in Baghdad

Baghdad car bomb kills at least 20: CNN

Jailed (former IL Gov) Ryan aide indicted in bid-rigging | Chicago Tribune

United Nations fears Haiti crisis | BBC

Mystery object baffles space station crew

Libya decided 10 years ago against developing WMD, Foreign Minister says

WTO backs Canada in wheat dispute with United States | CBC

We advised against Iraq war - Adams (Sinn Fein)

Study of Rhetoric on Iraq is Urged

Bush Pushes Effort to Stop Spread of WMDs

McCollum lashes at Martinez in video

US reporter goes missing near Chechnya

Tobacco whistleblower says state misspending settlement money (Florida)

Man drives car with shark biting leg

Chile's UN phones 'were tapped'

Pinellas (Florida) delays vote on rebel flag

Gay Marriage Poses Dilemma for Lawmakers

Massachusetts Weighs a Deal on Marriages Between Gays | NY Times

Subject: Bird flu two years to control: WHO

Bush Drilling Plan Brings Foes Together | LA Times

NFL, TV Execs to Testify on Halftime Show

Sept. 11 panel backs down on fight for Bush briefings

Sharon's ally (Mofaz) safe from (crimes agnst humanity) arrest in Britain

Hill GOP exploring deeper spending cuts

Wages up for the well-off, but not for others

UMF student barred from returning for studies

U.S. Says Non-Construction Iraq Deals Open to All

GOP aims to end KidCare wait list, tighten eligibility rules

Dupe: U.S. Says Non-Construction Iraq Deals Open to All

9/11 Panel to Accept Summary of Briefings – Legal Challenge Scrapped

Weapons stockpile found in boy's room

Layoffs, anxiety at AT&T Wireless

Amazon study finds natural brake on global warming []

Opposition Leader Calls for International Incentives for Mideast Peace

Elderly man says he robbed Florida bank to pay medical bills

Iraq, Afghanistan Funds to Dry Up

Minimum wage freeze passes Washington State Senate | Seattle P-I

71-year-old, wife arrested in bank heist

School shooting in PA ...

Venezuelans at Krome no terror threat, FBI says (Florida)

White House Jobs Forecast Overly Optimistic, Private Economists Say

Globe and Mail: "Arar's wife planning NDP run?"

South African Farm Worker Fed to Lions

Houston official wants morality clause in venue contracts

9/11 panel ??? says reports show `no smoking guns'


Appeals Court hints it won't challenge 39% TV ownership cap

Diamonds are a SA mercenary's best friend

Public can participate in world's largest general-science gathering (AAAS)

Science behind obesity campaign under attack - Sugar Industry

Access Denied (Jeb Bush & FOIA rules piece)

Conditions at Wal-Mart factory criticized

Report: Bush Plans to Endorse Marriage Amendment

Iraq: Israeli influence concerns Sunnis

Waiting For The Heads to Roll (Fineman in Newsweek)

U.S. Report Downplayed Health Problems (dif between rich and non-rich)

Fox news on cspan now.

Mass. Convention to Debate Gay Marriage

Spokesman Defends Bush's Military Service

Cuomo Warns Dems: Don't Call Bush a Liar

Declassified Documents Back Venezuelan Pres. Claim of US Aid to Opposition

WP: Spokesman Defends Bush's Military Service

Judge Overturns Snowmobiles in Parks Ban

House GOP Exploring Deeper Spending Cuts

Excerpts Letter to the Al-Qaida Leadership About the Insurgency in Iraq

Treasury Asks Halliburton About Iran Dealings

GAO: DOD paying billions to tax cheats

Drudge Smear: Old Crimson Interview Reveals A More Radical John Kerry

Clark formally withdraws from presidential race

The White House says it has requested Bush's full military record now

Comcast launches $54.1-billion Disney bid

Havanatur wary of U.S. Cuba travel crackdown

Gore at New School: Bush has abused Americans’ trust

'Sophisticated' group behind sponsorship scandal, Martin says -

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

At Notre Dame, Gay Film Fest A First

Federal surplus tops $5-billion - Globe and Mail

Cops: School Ambush Plan Foiled

Immigrants Wary That Bush Temporary Worker Proposal Tears Apart families

Bush pushes for renewed targetting of WMD

Pentagon denies politics a factor in Iraq funding requests

Habersham drops appeal of Ten Commandments ruling

Pentagon eager to wash hands of Iraq mess it created

Greenspan Warns of Soaring Budget Deficit

Treasury reconsiders legality of Halliburton's work in Iran (Violations)

'Economic leaders' who met Bush are also donors

Scalia Defends Hunting Trip With Cheney

W.House Sees 'Gutter Politics' in Bush Guard Flap

Gay Marriage Fight Nears A Peak

Texan to help run California waste-busting drive | Sacramento Bee

Rape cases rise at Texas air base.

Blair Refuses to Be Drawn Out on Whether He Favors Bush or Kerry

Congressman asks for probe of flights of bin Laden kin

European Scientists Announce Investigation Into Missing Mars Lander

Unions, Torricelli Finance Anti-Dean Ads

Utah House Rebukes Bush in Vote on School Law

Osama bin Laden's chauffeur in US hands (Gitmo)

SD House Passes Abortion Bill

Congress, FCC focus on pay television indecency

State (Ohio) panel backs disputed lesson (Creationism) | Clev Plain-Dealer

Utah House votes to scrap unfunded federal education mandates

Have the "documents" McClellan showed and promised to "email" in the

Fed Chairman Greenspan Warns of Budget Deficit

Bad Sourcing (Isikoff in Newsweek)

Sergeant-at-Arms defends investigation involving judiciary memos

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 11 February (#1)

Toronto Star: "NDP's Layton takes anti-missile drive to U.S."

Democrat John Vincent enters Montana governor’s race | Billings Gazette

Massachusetts lawmakers reject effort to reach compromise on gay marriage

U.S. health costs to double in 10 years

Democrats Seek More Proof of Bush Service

Massachusetts amendment would re-classify gay marriage as "unions"

Bush's Vietnam-Era Military Records Show Gaps

Pentagon Allows Padilla to See Lawyer

Perot Systems to increase workforce in India

U.S. officials drop activist subpoenas

Bush: WMD greatest threat to humanity

Journalist to McClellan: "I'm not interested in what he recalls."

CIA Posts Web Site Notice Seeking Iraq WMD Info

Sri Lankan president tells 39 top officials to clear out

Iraq Watch on C-Span

Senate Republicans Agree to Slash Stalled Energy Bill

Cyber-Campaign Demands Congress Censure Bush

SD House OKs Abortion Ban

WP: CIA Alters Policy After Iraq Lapses

Here is THE name to watch for in the AWOL scandal (from Calpundit)

Unions, Torricelli Finance Anti - Dean Ads

Corruption eroding PRC's foundation

Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 535 U.S. service members have died

Martin should have seen sponsorship mess: Copps

Blair promises to take up case of Scot facing death sentence (in U.S.)

CNN: 20 dead in explosion in Baghdad 1:34am

Crowd Jeers Eliminated U.S. Team With Chants of 'Osama!'

HK sees democracy hopes fade

Kerry Takes Big Lead in Delegate Count for Nomination

German State Proposes New Headscarf Ban

Applications by minorities fall at the Univ. of Michigan

Dallas Morning News reports Bush NG records trash canned

White House Offers No More on Bush Service

Mich. congressman reaffirms alleged bribe for (Medicare) vote

1973 Document Puts Bush on Guard Base - WaPo

Outlawing dissent

U.S. infant mortality rate on the rise

Lieutenant governors back funds to aid cash-strapped Guard, Reserve famili

Dean says he favors Edwards over Kerry

White House Releases '73 Bush Dental Exam (Guardian UK)

Regime Thought War Unlikely, Iraqis Tell U.S. | NYT

GOP says Iraq intelligence failure caused by Clinton budget cuts

GA Senate committee approves amendment banning gay marriage | AJC

U.S. Military May Run Out Of Money

US rebound expected to fizzle

Indians decry Grammy act (OutKast) as racist | Seattle P-I

"Bird Flu Virus Shocks Northeast"

Justice Dept. Seeks Hospitals' Records of Some Abortions (NYT)

Ex-officer: Bush file's details caused concern

Stewardess ID'd Hijackers Early, Transcripts Show - NY Observer

Powell Defends War, Says He Expected WMD (bristles at AWOL allegations)

Scientists Claim Human Cloning Success | NYT

What is that whirrrring noise I hear?

Question about Simpsons DVD's

A true picture of the poodle's soul:

welcome back the talking hiney....

I changed my sig line to honor Senator Kerry and our mission:

My first poll...

Yellowrubberduckie has an interesting site

more new Savage Weiner advertisers, 2/10

Who is this Gravelberry Pie King?

Mad World

I just watched a really good Canadian talk show

goodnight everyone

David Cay Johnston (NYT) on with Bernie now -- tax laws for the rich


Beyond the Beat Generation

X-Rated word game

Dandelion break.

my cat is on steroids!!!

Question for the DU doctors...

BTW: I'll be up all night because ...

Does anyone here sleep or leave the house?

One Term and He's Done T-shirt!

Harvey Sid Fisher...he knows, because he's been there...

computer wizards, i need help

Hamburg Chainsaw Massacre (well, almost)

I don't really want to know, but tell me anyway.

how does this sound?

Comedian's View of the Election Campaign

General Receives His Own Death Notice From Pentagon - He Is Alive Thankyou

What do you make of the White House releasing military payroll records?

Can I make a suggestion to strengthen marriage?

178 donations till the Lounge dies forever!!!

I hate those Quizno's hamsters!

Woman Places Brother For Sale In Classifieds

C'mon Pennsylvanians! You're embarrassing me!

Come on folks: RUSH IS IN PAIN!!! He needs more drugs - DONATE NOW!!!

Help! I just unloaded on neocon

So, if I posted a jpg of male breasts

The Official "Me and a Repub Had A Fight!!" Story Thread

Hey, my Bush cartoon site is finally back up!

My boss just gave me flowers!

DU'ers with more Classical knowledge than me!

'Demonic' Mystery Fires In Sicilian Town

OK, so where was Clinton in the 70s?


Hey ex-smokers....

Thank you for my star!

Where's that big green pill that was making it's way to Rush?

Bye-bye angry kittens ... hello dancing pandas!

My mom just called me to tell me my Great aunt died.

600 Donations Upgrade -- Hide Lounge?

Confession: I was AWOL from the Lounge for 9 hours today!

Poll: Office Computers Mostly Used For Porn & Romance

any fans of the group "The Coral?" Who else should I look into?

What will the last upgrade be?

Freepers Petition Kerry

Vancouver tops in reported UFO sightings across Canada

Who got a surprise star during this telethon?

Woman Marries Dead Boyfriend

Where do you get your news from?

This is ONE freaky DU error I got!!


Clear evidence found that Kangaroos once lived in the mid east!

Travel Channel viewers: Is Samantha Brown the cutest thing on two legs,

Ozzy STILL needs a good home!

No facts, just flames: Democratic candidates on UFO ABDUCTIONS:

Oh no! I'm in the 700 club!

What are in your pockets RIGHT NOW?

So Kid Rock Gets A Pass For Wearing An American Flag As A Poncho.

Is LTJG a respectable rank for a 26 year old Navy guy?

Re-google bomb of "miserable failure". Now points to Moore.

Let's call Grovelbot again!

I haven't been paying Justin Timberlake just an idiot?

I found my desk!!!!

sorry cat people

Skinner is too funny:

The Fattitudes

Jay Leno, the first election of Washington

Baptist Science Fair-This is NOT a joke. Truly Revolting.

Weird sounds from the forest.

Some new Monopoly cards from FARK

For DU "cubicle critters"

How about a DU RabrrrrrrBot(tm)?

Is it okay to gloat and say I told ya so now?

Anybody know if Veteran's Compensation Benefits are taxed?

Bushco and "Third Rock"--anyone else see similarities?

Favorite Lenny Bruce bit?

What's the most obscene place you've been to?

Help, my teevee is stuck!

Painted Rock in Iowa in tribute to the military.

Is it wrong...

Dog shows...

Bush talks just like the nerd in American Splendor!

Oh wow, I'm going to be rich!!!

Freepers Petition Kerry

Top of page: Rush wants his treats: "Come to Daddy..."

I been outed (as a cheapskate) by the mysterious GrovelBot

Chinese Businessman trademarks George W. Bush Diapers

350+ Bats Found In Shopping Mall Elevator

If you drop your cell phone on subway tracks, forget it, it's gone

Funny! Modern Day War Posters (as in , War Against Dems)

If you liked the "MAGIC CONE" you'll love this

Advice?..wondering if cordless mouse is broken or misused?

When will the Sierra Club get the hint: I DON'T WANT YOUR MBNA CREDIT CARD

To the homophobes out there. I'm gay...and I'm just an ordinary person.

I am the DU Grovelyak!

"The Party's Over" is a MUST see DVD about sElection 2000!

That wacky Penguin game--transformed

What should happen to that American Airlines pilot?

Bewitched fans - series from the begining right now on TVLand

PETA has gone overboard this time.

Government Considers Cat-Free Suburbs

How's the first weekend in May sound?

My Cat Is A THIEF!

My poor dog angel!

I finally broke down and opened my wallet and

HEY! Does anyone have an HOUR to help a PhD fill out a form

Illegal Immigrant's Poem

Glutes magazine?

Admit it !!Who watches soaps

GrovelBot for Prez: Now Trolling for Detritus of Folded Campaigns

Okay seriously I think we need manditory drug testing

Why is a gravy boat asking me for money?

Austin is to Texas, as ____ is to ____ (not quite a poll, but close!).

Canadian crowd on Conan O’Brien boo’s AWOL

OMG they were right!

Has there been a boost in membership recently?

Anyone see the w* video on mad tv last night?

Oh my...Catwoman will be heartbroken about this...

How would you like this on a T shirt?

George Bush and Ken Lay

Hide Lounge is an Upgrade?!

Best Asian food?

MY friend's 179-year old has an IQ of 4.

Well, I didn't win a Grammy.

Are you sick of DU polls?

I'm tired of the PITA bashing on DU

Sin Zin?

An old Jewish man reads about Einstein's theory of relativity...

You think you can take me? You wanna piece of this?

Are there any current wrestlers who are democrats?

Do you have/had braces? If so how long...

Sexual Preference vs. Religious Preference

Oh, yeah...I think I am gonna like school.

I wanna see Bill Clinton host SNL...

What are you having for lunch?


"White collared conservatives flashing down the street...

The best thing about Valentine's Day is. . .

Are all the recent conjoined twin cases due to evolution?

Saddam Escapes: The Game

Caption this (Bass Mouth) ...

CAPTION W paying attention to the polls

Ah! Crazy dilema!

In honor of Woody Guthrie's addition to the avatar list

The myriad reasons why most men loath Valentine's Day

Gratuitous Kitten Thread!!!!!!! (with captions!!)

I think the job situation is getting worse.

If a movie was ever made about your life, who should play you?

My friend Mike nearly hit the trifecta...

Presidential poll: Bush* or the DU GrovelBot?

how do you know when it's over and not just a bad patch

CONFESS!!!!!! What are your Phobias?

Listening to Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions. Ask me anything.

Quick, I need a Rush Limbaugh quote...

Behold my brain!

CAPTION the President.............President Gump

Question for loungers in the know about 'SIgs' -Please help

Should DU polls have instant runoff voting?

I just uploaded some new avatars for you all.

I DARE the GrovelBot to respond to this post!

Who will donate in DU Grovel Bot's name???

I figured out why Bush's records are missing!

The Democratic Dawg Pound- Have I got the colors right?

I REFUSE To Have Battles Of Witts With Unarmed Peoples!!

Armored Personell Carrier Seized From Online Auction

What other bots is Elad working on?

Oops! I got a mod warning! I called DU Grovelbot a freeper.

M*A*S*H fans: were Hawkeye and B.J. more than friends?

How many DUer's have body piercings and or tatts?

Mrs. Robb was cast in the Vagina Monologues.

TV Dustbin: You Once Watched It Religiously. Now, You Couldn't Care Less

I'm tired of the FETA bashing on DU. I don't like FETA myself,

What's your favorite commercial?

Does anyone love living on the BAD side of town?

What will happen if I personally attack DU grovelbot.

The QwertyMike Diet

If the owners REALLY loved us they'd change the post count on GrovelBot

What's for supper?

FAtkins diet

Well I've decided to go for the other job....

WHo should Grovelbot go out with?

My computer has the hots for GrovelBot

Recently learned some crazy local history.


Poll - How often do you get drunk and beat up your neighbors?

How happy will you be when the Loung is gone forever?

Microsoft Windows hacker 'backdoor'

Looking to start a garden. Can anyone recommend a web site?



Carl.-Voyages of the Vicky Mary.

Mel Gibson - Jesus

Sci Fi orders 13 episodes of new BSG

PORTLAND (OR) DUers -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Check out the Boston Freeper and a GA Legislator Now Anti-Gay Activist

Does Grovelbot need a date?

30 minutes of GrovelBot Polls has really help relax me (and DUers too)

Should 'robb is a dingbat' be auto-inserted into every poll? (Poll)

What operating system does Grovelbot run under?

Ok, I need a bath

What is Grovelbot's gender?

What religion is GrovelBot???

Need website info...

A V-22 Osprey flew over my school!

the soul is the sepository of the body

TVLand Viewers... Help Me Identify The Sexy Hunk

Boogers from the planet Nose!

Who would you rather go on a date with: GrovelBot, Oscar or Ann Coulter?

I like not being on the do not call list

Sausage of Power

Just to make sure everyone knows how weird I am...

Daily Show talking WMD Intel

DU chat tonight

I'm Rick James, bitch!

TV's "Seal of Good Practice"... You Never See It Anymore. Why?

Star Trek V: The Trivia Frontier

TV's Frank becomes "Radio's Frank" for Air America!

Alright people, I have a *seriously* grody question...

Email address for op/ed submissions needed.

Futurama, lol at the new state names

My local McDonalds has 40% off chicken.

How to get a star.

I just saw Joe Pesci!

Has anybody seen....a dog dyed dark green?

What size T-Shirt do you wear?

I would like to thank anyone who wished my nana well

new Savage Weiner advertiser Ultimate Electronics

What language is GrovelBot written in?

Love gone wrong songs

What album cover did W use to cut his coke when he was in the TANG?

MS tears swastika from roof of Office

What's Grovelbot's real name?

To whoever gave me a star...

The soul is the repository of the body

D'oh! Writer Spills 'Simpsons' Movie Secret

Did you alert on grovelbot when you first saw him?

Any Bukowski fans in the house?

DU Singles Hookup party?

my friend's 4-y-old has an IQ of 179

It's Nyquil time...

Rove, Scalia, Cheney, or Rush - Who is the hottest?

TV shows that you watch (and perhaps like) that you are most embarrassed o

What music are you listening to right now?

I want to scream and never stop

Who wants to see Bill O'Reilly Host SNL?

FLAME WAR FODDER: What was the worst disco record ever made???

Snff.....s s s n n n f f f f ....I smell SNOW!!!

Donate to DU and help keep the new software improvements coming!

aaah! a star!

What will be the next mystery upgrade?

I kissed Flipper!

Introducing myself...

How old were you when you moved out of your parents home?

screw it let's draft grovelbot

Harvard to start porn magazine

What is the worst call in Academy Award History?

Are Clark & Kerry traitors?

What have you been listening to lately?

Need your healthy girl vibes for my baby niece...

Got to meet Springsteen the other day

Will someone explain this to me?

My computer doesn't recognize my printer

Jaysus Kerist on a crutch, Ank stinks

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

I got a star! now what should I do?

What do you give a man for Valentines Day?

What kind of odd things do you keep in your desk drawers? Hmmmm?

Does anyone know octafish?

What's your favorite funny word?

Who should be the next Bot?

What's your shoe size?

Robb is a...

My Name is Inigo Montoya...

Is the Daily Show Right about clark?

Shower Temp

downloading music and piracy.. -- a bit of rant

Anyone care to take a crack at this Freeper?

It was a terrible, terrible night at work.

Gratuitous Bragging Thread

Bra sizing question

What song is looping in your head right now?

Caption The NEXT Rush Speech Bubble (In The Fund Drive Banner)

Nude driver claims constitutional right to drive naked

The PantsOnFire-Mobile. Brilliant!

I can't wait!!

What everyday food do you REFUSE to eat

Slobbering Newfoundland Named Top Dog at Westminster

Dean detractors need to stop their whining.

Can we take a break from the infighting long enough to come together

I think this should be the Democratic Theme Song this year

Edwards on Jay Leno FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Idealism or pragmatism?

Will Clark endorse Kerry today?

I'm an Independent. I want to talk about Kerry with his supporters.

Why I'm sticking with Howard Dean

I just spoke to Clark HQ....They are getting swamped with calls...

Kerry is a Corporatist, Mainstream Darling of WallSteet: Spread The Word!

Torricelli donations to smear Dean possibly illegal...

Kerry Voting Record - Is there a good source

Pressure will mount for more withdrawals

Does Howard Dean Want to run a Third Party campaign?

I am extremely confused

Kerry, Edwards and Dean Supporters... Convince Me!

Clark supporters only please: Should we ask Wes to stay in?

The GOPs'strategy against Kerry.....

How's DU conventional wisdom scoring? Not so good, eh?

Why I will stay undecided

Mr. Edwards as a running mate.

If they play the Fonda Card.....

Dean supporters, please urge your man to quit.

Robert Reich Debates Will Marshall, Progressive Policy Institute (DLC)

Politics and Cynicism - my thoughts as a Clark supporter

Just got off the phone w/Clark HQ. Not sure he is withdrawing.

Check out Dean's Wisconsin video

The Honeymoon Is Over, Mr. Bush

E-mail from Clark for Wisconsin

Here's One Piece of Legislation that I support Kerry On.....

The Kerry camp's silence is deafening and conspicuous on Torricelli

Kerry Campaign Looking for help in WI

Check In Dean Supporters!!

What was that Edwards was saying?

Kerry's 'Special Interests' over 20 years compared to Bush's 10 years

Politics and Cynicism - my thoughts as a Kucinich supporter

One of the best cases FOR Kucinich: from the RNC website

Where is the Clark press conference?

The myth and math of Kerry's electability

Who are we Clark supporters going to get behind, now?

This one's for you, Wesley

Every candidate I have ever supported in the primaries

please lock

The phases of Death and Dying

Here's another one for you Wesley

Clark supporters, I tip my hat to you

It's just about mathematically impossible for Kerry to lose

Dear Wes Clark,

We would like to thank Wesley Clark for participating in this year's

To all Clark DUers

From a Dean supporter

Isn't there a debate this Sunday??


Are they still counting votes in Maine?

I would like to formally thank the Bush Administration

"Are you better off now than you were under Clinton?"

I hate this "War"

Vanity candidates, establishment candidates, and the paradigm...

Edwards supporters - Difference between Edwards and bush re: Iraq invasion

Clark is out...

To Mr. John Kerry

Every candidate is vital to getting us to the whitehouse

Dean Supporter Could Get Excited about Kerry/Clark Ticket.

On my 18th Birthday, I cry for my future...

Interesting wording on Kerry's comments about Clark withdrawing

Why Clark is out....

Thank you, all the non-Clark supporters

I always wanted a white Clark 2004 Button... an ode to the man

Kerry Says (to Iran) He Will Repair Damage If He Wins Election

Please STOP trying to recruit us!

Dean, Edwards and Kerry supporters: Sell me your candidate & stump

Clark's announcement will be at 3pm ET Wednesday.

Ask Clark to remain for the good of the party

Clarkies, we need you to send Bush back to TX

Statistics: Tennessee voting up 13% over 1992 figures...

Congratulations to the Democratic Party for proving once and for all

For the Edwards and Dean, Winning May Not Be Everything

The worst part about Wesley Clark dropping out...

Farewell, Wesley Clark. I salute you! And hello old friend...

What is going to happen to Clarks delegates?

How long will it be before Kerry gets a Secret Service detail?

Maine Caucus results remain unofficial

Convince me why the Environment, Choice, Education, Civil Rights.....

How am I supposed to pick one of these guys?

Clark: Greatness slipping through our fingers? - My post from Sun 2/8

A Primary Parable (First Aid or a Doctor?)

Jerry Brown in 1992 - what caused his campaign to fail?

Will Bushco Try To Make Gays The Willie Horton Of Election 2004?

Bush goes public on service record to ward off critics (British view)

Thank you to Clark and his Supporters

I Wanna Know What the Candidates Have to Say About THIS

I Think The General Said It Best....

Kerried Away ( The myth and math of Kerry's electability. )

Thank you, General Clark.

Is it a "sellout" for Clark people to now go to Kerry?

Very interesting comment about Kerry

Maine Caucus Results Remain Unofficial

So it's going to be Kerry... I'm depressed... help...

Dis in the D

The DLC is all-powerful, their candidate did so well!!!

Key Wisconsin Dems endorse Kerry’s bid

Clark official announcement at 2pm CT today....

Dean supporters! We are so close to filling that bat

The party is better off because of Clark

I just watched Clark's speech on C-SPAN

2004 Issues: does anyone know couples who think marriage is a stigma?

Kerry Information, Confirming Reason for Media Bias, Must Read

Does Clark's withdrawal give Edwards a legitimate shot at the nomination?

Clark supporters lets set an example!

Wow, I Can't Believe All The Kerry Bashing!!

Hold Your Heads Up High, Clark Supporters!

Donors to group that ran anti-Dean ads include unions, ex-Sen. Torricelli

THIS ELECTION IS NOT OVER! - Only 23% of delegates are decided!

Clark (and other candidate) supporters - our vision and fight is NOT OVER!

Will Kerry continue to beat Bush in the polls - how long?

A Dean supporter thanks Clark for running.

Joe Conason skewers Vietnam Protest smears on Kerry

Send Clark a thank you

Deleted message

Many thanks to the Clark campaign and supporters

Jane Fonda Schmonda......! (MoPaul post from GD)

Kerried Away....The myth and math of Kerry's electability.

LBJ: nobody ever won elections on what they're against. Do we know what...

Hangin with Dennis

Non-Kerry supporters: Remember, you're voting for delegates

"The media" doesn't play favorites. They 're just stupid and arrogent

That didn't take long.

So it looks like I'll become a poll watching voter this fall

"There are people in fancy clothes and others dressed in overalls.

Clark/Dean/DK/Edwards Supporters

Is Kerry Republican "lite" or an extreme leftist?

To Clark Supporters Tonight from a Dean Supporter

Are you boycotting Heinz ketchup now?

Dean needs to quit his conspiritorial whining.

Dean Supporters -- could someone fill me in on what people mean when

The Good-night Clark Thread

To my fellow Clark supporters

Wes Clark could have won but.......

Geez, my candidate is out and my primary is still 3 months away!

My SelectSmart Results for Presidential yours here

Report on Carville/Matalin event I attended

2:00 PM Central - Clark to announce end of his campaign (CNN)

I could support all of the candidates left except for...

Sharpton Faces Questions on Matching Funds

How does the media know Kerry has this wrapped up? Here are some stats.

Joyce Aboussi, Gephardt's "attack dog"?

Doesn't look like Clark's speech will be shown on CNN, FOX, MSNBC

Kerry Supporters - please advise

What is Bush yappin about anyway?

More info on Clark's decision and his future role in the campaign

James Zogby: Does Kerry have 'what it takes'?

Presidential Preference: The final four

Clark Supporters: Please check in here

Vice Presidential possibilities I wish to 'float'...

Why are you afraid of Dean? Dean is the BEST thing since sliced bread...

Bush is stumbling badly in his speech (the one that preempted Clark's..

Are Clark's campaign staffers just trying to get a new job?

Mr. William Pitt...

A poll for Clark supporters who have not yet voted...

I just sent an angry e-mail to CNN

Clark on CNN now 3:17PM

Kerry will have to appeal to working class, but...

Dean Takes New Swipes at Kerry Campaign

What happened with Kucinich?

Will C-Span replay the entire Clark speech?

Clark Speech Thread...Clark supporters, get ready...

Does Clark have a political future?

Ollie "Traitor" North: Gen. Giap: Kerry's Group Helped Hanoi Defeat U.S.

Kerry's Senate replacement

Brian Wilson's Letter to John Kerry.

I can't believe they cut Clark off like that

A serious question about voting and delegates:

Clark supporters: I'm sorry, you guys.

Out of respect, let's leave Clark supporters alone for a while

Clark for Governor '06!-- Clark can then run for President in 2012.

Howard Dean on Mike Webb

Salon Poll - simple Yes or No on Kerry support

I think this is the gay marriage amendment Kerry had in mind to support

I need a well-written letter to send to media re anti-Clark bias

Which of these photos represents the greater threat to the US

Does anyone have a link to how the Repug primary went?

Is Wisconsin the right place for the "Osama" ad?

Bush... Pro-Choice? An interesting hypothetical...

Now that Clark is gone

Clark supporters have helped change the way politics are played

Just facts, no flames: Democratic candidates on ABORTION

Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME) Announces Support for John Kerry

WHAT IF it turns out Bush served and did a great job

Dean fights back with the truth.

Probably stupid question: What happens to Clark's 100-odd delegates?

Clarks speech will be on Cspan when the House coverage is over

This race has all but ended yesterday

Who feels this primary has truly reflected the votes of American public?

Could Ed Koch supporting * give him Florida?

Richardson, Bayh, Edwards or? Who do you like for V.P.?

Moderators?can we please keep our avatars forever?

Is your vote more important than someone else's vote?

CNN reporting on the Kerry/Fonda photo

Please General Clark! Please be Kerry's running mate!

Dennis Kucinich would protect them!

Link needed re:Kerry denouncing Torricelli attack ad

Sorry. Dean supporters here tricked me on the "Osama ad" I apologize

Which remaining candidate is most likely to select Clark as VP?

More Jane Fonda tonight - on Zahn

Dean Says He Favors Edwards Over Kerry

Kerry/Bush dueling quotes from 1970

Is it possible the delegates and super delegate could vote differently?

Lovely.. just lovely.. Kerry pulls YET another fast one..

General Clark's Lasting Gift to DU...

I wanted the General

How Dean can end up a huge winner during these primaries

I'd just like to say thank you to Wes Clark and his supporters

Counterpunch slams Kerry


Max Cleland for Kerry VP!

For those of us that don't want Kerry as the Candidate

For those who can't understand why the Bush AWOL issue is so important now

Thank you, Wes

Clark supporter analogy for the sensitivity-impaired.

John Kerry and other anti-war vets may have saved my life

Do you think the Dems are going to mention this quote from Powells book?

Clark supporter coming back to the Edwards camp here

The thing I find funny about the Kerry-Fonda photo

Kerry supporters: A Data Bank for unspun facts about John Kerry

Kerry Supporters check in-

Question about the Delegates.

Smirk's resume

Thank You from Wes Clark

Thank You from Wes Clark -

Kerry Takes Big Lead in Delegate Count for Nomination

Democrat Howard Dean Rips Kerry on Attack Ad

Iowa, NH, SC and AZ should all vote on the same day for the Primary.

I'm just a soldier...

I think Clark getting out is going to be worse for Dean and Edwards...

We haven't heard the last of Clark!

Clark supporters, "Watch This Movie"

Draft Clark for VP. Lets get this show on the road!

When/Where can I see Clark's full Little Rock Speech.

EDWARDS Supporters: Check In!

I had no idea I was such a media led idiot

Just to clear something up

So who is going to vote for Edwards now?

One more post for Wes Clark

Can you pick a better name for the "pre-emptive war" policy?

I got a rude 2 word e-mail response from Aaron Brown! Is this for real!?

But, Bush has had such success in dismantling Social Programs/What DEM

Dean says he favors Edwards over Kerry

Jane Fonda coming up next on Zahn

Heads up to candidates who have called Wes Clark a Republican....

Deleted message

Who do you think should be the nominee? *post Clark edition*

Please think along with me

The media has already crowned Edwards VP

Progressives Should Vote Edwards by Joel Rogers

John Edwards writes a letter to Bush regarding the loss of American jobs

Would Nader voters support Kerry? Gore voters?

Clark on Norville... he ripped Limbaugh, Awol Bush, defended Moore....

Attn Clark Supporters: General Clark to be interviewed tonite

Hey Dean Supporters --- Check This Out:

What will be the Democratic Party's platform on the war?

Kerry advisers plot general election strategies

News Corp, Viacom, Sony support John Kerry: Guardian (UK)

Clark talks to Aaron Brown on CNN at 10:28 EST

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A big thank-you to the wonderful techies of Clark04 and the CCN

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I love Wes Clark.

Howard Dean opposes gay marriage.

American Power

Stop the third party nonsense.

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Kerry = Bush. It's Already Started Here.


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Dean opposes gay marriage.

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