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Archives: January 8, 2004

A cruel gesture (Florida - Jeb Bush)

A Worldly, Winning Architect

Liberal Michigan Democrats give speech at socialist convention

Liberal Michigan Democrats give speech at socialist convention


Dowd--Tizzy Over Lezzies

The Next War (about Perle and Frums book)

NYT OpEd: One Nation, Under Secularism

Friedman--War of Ideas, Part 1

Boston Globe: Gay marriage foes push referendum

The Myths of National Security Credibility (Dems-not GOP - have credibity)

Fighting a fear-governed government... with cowardice?

Conason: Stephen Moore's right-wing freak show

Bush...Mars...and the tinfoilhatters....

Bush Immigration Proposal- LA TIMES asks about impact on American jobs.

Molly Ivins: (TX) Gov. Goodhair's (Perry) year in review

The Personal Responsibility Mantra - by Ellen Goodman

Arianna Huffington- Ghosts Of Landslides Past

Letter in Fairbanks newspaper calls for *'s impeachment

Mad Cow USA - Free Online Book

After the Empire- Emmanual Todd- book discussion

Remember the AIDS quilt?

Stop New U.S. Interference in Nicaragua


NYC - New weekly Saturday vigil to demand full investigation of 9/11

Protest Cheney in Los Angeles 1/14

Ellen Mariani to speak at Church in Portsmouth N.H.-anyone game?

Don't Give Up on the Media

David Frum and Richard Perle on "Fresh Air" -- Oh, my dear god

TV addict wants to sue cable company

A Response To A Mad Liberal

I found where Dick Cheney has been hiding!

Don't ask HOW I found this, but enjoy

What does tin foiler or tin foil hats or some such expression mean and

Parenting question re: potty training

Priests protest language on gays

Nation's anti-bias laws bolstered by court ruling

Will Britney Spear's "marriage" help the gay marriage debate?

Blair wants the UK to adopt the Euro by 2007.

Liquidator: 6,500 tech firms among 'walking dead'

Airline Industry Blames Bush Administration for High Oil Prices

SBA- Broke. Bush spent money. Loan programs halted.

CD rates going up all over?

Russia issues new gold/silver coins as legal tender...

US Oil Imports Hit Record 63% Of Total - Reuters

Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year

Chinese Beetle Decimating Ash Trees

US energy bill could pass if MTBE dropped-Daschle

Will Venezuela be added to the Axis of Evil?

Iran's "Third Force'

Iran wants to be treated with respect by US - that'l happen!

New U.S. Interference in Nicaragua!

Qadhafi: Arab nationalism is dead

Virginia Firearms Control Successes

Kansas Democrat predicts this is the year for concealed-carry law

Toilet queuing ban requires tact

Police, teachers train for gun attack

Canada: Pupils Told to Cool It on Snowball Fights

Feingold is "leaning against" renewing Assualt Weapon Ban

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 8, 2004

a few questions

Milwaukee Brewers Av?

Why do you hate my candidate??!!??

Love the 'My Posts' feature.

what is policy re:

Moderators strike again

Can I get a local gathering added...

chiming in with a belated thank you

What's the rule on duplicate posts?

A little help, please.

Possibly a dumb question-

Posting questions from conservative friends

alerted on flame bait and it thread remains open much later?

Polls on timeouts...

Jerusalem's rejectionists

The truth is out there, somewhere

B'Tselem hands out guidelines to soldiers at checkpoints

Sharon Said Not to Put Plan Before Party

Sharon's deadly plan

The IDF prefers the settlers

Masters of war

Al-Qadhafi son:Israel is not a threat

Report: Terror groups timed attacks to derail peace process

Israeli Refusniks Sentenced to Jail

Israel: Brutal crackdown on anti-occupation activists

Palestinian killed, 11 wounded in two Gaza raids

Evergreen offers talks on conflict in Middle East

Palestinians will push for one Arab-Jewish state if Israel tries unilatera

Soviet-style justice

iraq missile drawings/sketch that folks died for - from Washington Post

"Let's Roll" / MIHOP: Sides of the same coin?

PA: Bork backs Specter's rival in Senate race

Libertarians in court to get party on Ohio ballots

"Strategic Compromises and Burning Flames"

Dean/Gore (rich), Kerry/Kennedy (wealthy), Clark/Clinton (working class)

***Breaking news*** Illinois Senate race.

Kucinich profiled on ABC news

Team Dean

ARPC tacked 6 extra mon onto Bush's Guard commitment - if not for AWOL ?.

PA 3rd Congressional District

Is it more important to beat Bush in Blue states (as Dean does) or to be

Kucinich campaign plans regular webcasts-

The Clinton/Clark vs. Gore/Dean competition ...

PA Senate Race: Should a Progressive Democrat Enter the Race?

Fiction about life in a corporte nation..looks fascinating

Ohio Woman Admits Lying in Lotto Case

Agree with Dean on gay marriage?

Hey, David Cross please read this-

Southern Repuke plantation owners invite "guest workers" from Africa!!

Will you be "safer" after four more years of Bush ?

Savage totally freaked out over bush illegal immigrants plan

Organizing CEO's for Bush....truly despicable

Know anything about a US cargo plane struck by missile in Iraq

they lied about Iraq, why believe them about mad cow?

This will break your heart -- listen to Kadiatou Diallo

50,000 '87 AK-47s, $20m for revolvers & Kalashnicov rifles

Republican mass transit: It won't even go all the way downtown!

Vets have to visit our wounded troops with a bushgang handler

Giving a speech today at a high school. The text, if you're interested

Can Illegal Aliens Be Drafted? Can They Volunteer?

Saddam's presidential secretary ''dies'' in US custody --

DoD Reports up to 22,000 U.S. Casualties

Top story on CNN: Scott Peterson trial location moved. WTF???

Amputee soldier (Iraq vet) denied access to (night) club

Guess whose big, smirking picture hangs at our border crossings?

Interesting reactions to illegal immigrants bill

Neocon neighbor not happy with bush

Clark Supporters, tell me why you support Clark

99 Million In The Bank. So What. It's The Issues Stupid.

Perle and Frum

You know that orginzation that did the ridiculous Dean ad?

Michael Moore on Conan: Making great points about Bush's Ties to Saudis

News From Iraq...(from mujahideen)

Need links for most up to minute post from Iraq

Equal Justice for Corpulent Pundits

Liquidator: 6,500 tech firms among 'walking dead'

I think that I converted a very simple minded yet very nice repug

Iraqi Families Await Prisoners' Release

Hand-Held Device for DVD Movies Raises Legal Issues

Health Savings Accounts.. Newt says they are Grrrrrrreat!!

Hard Core Gore supporter ,Dean endorsement !

Some ideas for the basis of Democratic ads this year - help!

Moderates seen as key to immigration reform passage

what's wrong with working in a gas station ?

tinfoil: immigrants to work for Pentagon

NPR Segment: Our Wounded GIs Are Hidden Away

How will they divert media attention today (Powell news conference at 11)

Schools may skip Bush* law

Bush Plan for Immigrant Workers Offers Social Security Benefits (WSJ)

Indiana reservist dies after suffering burns in Iraq attack

American Dynasty:

Another BBV message

"systematically misrepresenting" the truth...(i.e. deliberately lying)

NY Times: In an Oil-Rich Land, Power Shortages Defy Solution

Anybody got a transcript of Nightline 6 Jan with Stuart Cohen?

Reflecting Pools Picked for 9-11 Memorial

Labor Department?

BC Pot for Coke Affair Update - Police looking into Liberal funds.

Bear with me .."George Bush Action figure"

Bush Immigration Plan: an attempt to spin unemployment numbers?

Is it to late to NEUTER NEWT?

Have O'Reilly or Rush commented on the immigrants plan yet?

If you want to really learn how you are paying taxes to help the wealthy..

Do Democrats want US border closed to Canadian beef as an election issue?

US withdraws WMD hunters

?'s about being a "CITIZEN OF THE COALITION"

Tech Firms Defend Moving Jobs Overseas

"Systematically mis-represented" WMD threat

"if this Democratic Party ends up being a pathetic mimicry of the GOP"

Heads up: ("An End To Evil") Perle and Frum on NPR's "Fresh Air"

TBTM Editorial: 'Manufactured Outrage - The Whining Never Stops'

Byrd Watchers Heads up 1/8/04 ....7:30pm EST C-Span 2

It's is sad what has become of The New Republic

Pro Business is no longer Pro Jobs..

ILLEGAL to give internet or email advice on health?

BBV screw up in last Tuesday's South Florida election!

2fer: Wingnuts Control Media with Accusations of "Bias"

Pete Rose compares his compulsive gambling to the behavior of Bill Clinton

What do you think about Powell's continued response . "I serve at the

was Reagan more popular than Jesus in 1984?

What?? A "conservative" criticizes Ann Coulter?

Subtle. Very subtle.

Is the news media getting ready

Good morning I just got out of bed

Cruella D'eville, I mean Katherine Harris, U.S. Senator?

CNN is showing Joe Gibbs return press conference live?

No To 'Yes, Dear'

Need list of top Republican donors

U-Haul Forbids Rentals to Explorer Drivers

Addicted to cable? Sue the cable company!!!

Where's Ken Lay?

Senator Landrieu and the Patriot Act

Bush's latest headache: his twins

Central Arkansas DU'ers (am I the only one?) Repub under fire on AM920

Why is Matt Drudge still so damn popular!

Is the History Channel a loudspeaker for the Bush administration?

Is Friedman Right (so to speak)? Does 9/11 Amount to WWIII?

The Death of José Couso in Baghdad - journalist

Terry Gross exposing neocon hypocrisy

Some of our adopted soldiers may be leaving Iraq soon..

Top 10 Ways to Play With Your Ann Coulter Action Figure

AL Franken under attack from

Washington State Feed Mills Violate Mad Cow Rules

Has Whistle Ass even mentioned condolonces to dead soldiers today?

Limbaugh Claims He's Sufferring From Fatigue Today

Jan 12 National Day of Action : support FTAA protestors

I know Howard Dean is the best candidate.

Immigration policy

Religion and politics on Crossfire now.

What is the "Don't shop Day" all about?

Model for BushCo "guest worker" slavery plan - The Marianas?

bush / hitler

Is the Max Cleland/bin Laden ad posted on the web?

The "anti-Semitism" smear : DU has also been targetted ( reviews)

Uncharitable Care: How Hospitals Are Gouging & Arresting the Uninsured

Calling Mr. Underwear

Americans don't care

Looks like Canada's going to say yes to the North American Missile Shield

Randi Rhodes shares that shrub knows that "slavery is in the Bible"

I need an economist to explain this to me! This COULD beat Bush

Iraq went on high alert hours before the 9/11 attacks

Challenge from a repub

Bill Clinton's Book due in 2004?

Crossfire thread 1/8/04. Jesse Jackson and Jerry Fallwell

Hypothetical trade question

How come DC does not have two senators and a house rep.?

Is Bush's new Immigration Reform bigger than it looks & Great for Corps

Helicopters That Keep on Killing

Partisan response from right wing shills at local rag (Dean)

Powell Refutes Think-Tank Report on Iraq

Neal Bush cashes in on IRAQ. Owns Crest Investment, and

CNN has finally bit the dust

Coulter serves a very real purpose..

Bush administration angers U.S. soldiers

Bush ad finalists selected


Who is your favorite political figure?

Wolf's CNN poll: war worth it even

Are our Democratic elected officials stupid?

during the Iran-Iraq war, were the Iranian troops greeted as "liberators"?

CNN Poll - 53% Against the war in Iraq based on NO WMD's found !

Can anyone tell me how Iraq is "fighting the war on terror" ? Anyone ?

The Myth of Free Trade

did anyone just see dan abrahms ream chimpy just now????

Please! Vote In This Wolfie Poll (Quick)

Poll: (immigration issue)

On Lou Dobbs: "Real wages have declined for the last 30 years"!!!

Special DNC night club events: Atlanta

The Official Vicente Fox Web Site and Statement on Bush Proposal

Can you respect Carly Fiorina?

Liberals face greatest challenge on the left (Canada)

Canada's NDP makes a stand against missile defence - here's the website

WHO-TV in Des Moines - 8 minute opening on Dean Tapes

I had my job interview today; went well.

Sen. Robt. Byrd on C-Span 2

Bush knew. Now, do you?

TIME person of the year

Bolting For Bush (Ed Koch endorses Bush_

The Stock Market and Republican Talking Points

Mind-altering prescription drugs for African American children: another

Is America's move to the right somewhat of an illusion....

Beef Eaters: How has the Mad Cow Scare Impacted Your Meals?

CNN Poll: Did Bush lie about WMD to get us into Iraq?

David Brooks apologizes

Ultimate Tin Foil Alert: Man's Apartment Encased in Foil

Must read article by John Dean on Plamegate and why it's not going away

A tip o' the hat to Willie Brown...

Richard (the raccoon)Perle just said, "wars are started by dictators who

Is Iraq still a member of OPEC?

Is Rove using his Watergate dirty tricks in NH on Dean and the Dems?

The "apology" issued by David Brooks for his slander

My response to MSNBC's story about Howard Dean

Bush? He started his final descent today. Gallup is bogus.

Tonight on Frontline: Forbiden Iran

Audio of Bush

John "Bush Knew" Buchanon on CSPAN-2 right now.

The TIA annual Man of the Year Award goes to..and the envelope please..

Favorite John Lennon song or lyrics

GW wants to explore uranus

Has Clark had a recent physical exam?

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Omen Chases Cheney: “Old Man of the Mountain” Spotted in Wyoming

Does * make you so angry you want to hit something with a stick?

Pertaining to Bush/Hitler...

I don't like the bush family and don't feel sorry for them

Mexican Euro??

How many times have the Bushies disgusted you in the last 12 months?

Can't Vote 'em Out During a War!! Can We?

Immigration - A new and cheaper form of slavery

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

Democratic candidates "pimping the church"?

How desperately do you want to win in 2004?

Hypothetically…. If you were a programmer with access to the voting machine

Did any of the stations report about the 9 killed today?

Hell opens forth tomorrow! Repent I say! Repent! (Perle & From)

Heard Rush today admit, confirm, and even brag about the deception

Who is the real President?

CEOs and their families should have live in the countries to which jobs

For anti-immigration folks: when did immigration become evil?

What's the latest Hallibuton/Overcharge/Pentagon/ArmyCorpEng news?

Smallpox and social workers?

US Tells Brazil to change its policy?

Lou Dobbs is chewing some butt

Malloy hotter than a firecracker...

Richard Pearl said this on O`reilly last night

Clip of NYC fire crew saying WTC seemed like controlled demo.

M.I.M (look Moaist "agitation")

David "Blinded By The Right" Brock...when is his book due?

Gene Burns eloquently shredding the chimp on KGO

Live interview Tom Flocco 911 Widow Serves Bush RICO Summons

How do you define the political center?

Catholic Hospital in Duarte California Santa Teresita

Were getting BS with this Immigration Story -- saying US doesn't have the

DUer Sterling nominated for Move On award!!

So with the weapons hunters GONE, who will stop the bushlers from PLANTING

Great "angry Republican" post I found on Yahoo!

Bingo! NBC Nightie-News just reported on the Fastow plea bargain.

Vets Say Visits Restricted To U.S. Wounded

Hundreds of (Florida )State employees may end up

The bottom line in health care, taxpayer’s money and conservative illogic.

Is America moving to the right or being forced there?

UPI Exclusive: Bush OKs new moon missions

I'm so sick of the left-wing propaganda machine.

A Poll for those who go to Church and Ann Coulter

Did anyone see the Byrd CSPAN show tonight?

Wow! Even Toby Keith has doubts about Iraq. Maybe Willie talked to him.

Richer, Fatter but not Happier poll: Was the war in Iraq justified if Iraq had no WMD program?

US climate policy bigger threat to world than terrorism

How global warming will cause extinction of a million species

David Brooks hasn't yet "apologized" for the LIES he wrote

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 01/08/04 (Graphic Content)

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

Why do Democrats attend church less often than Republicans?

I have a new proposal about wages

Help me out with my letter to O'Really.

Have Bush* and Cheney Committed Treason?

“Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush”

Democratic Stronghold States (ranked)

It is naive, but I think Rush has had a change of heart.

Can we come up with some anti-Bush sound bites?

What would you do in this hypothetical situation?

Bush Twins Treat Secret Service with Comtempt

the foreign press tells the real story on American politics & immigration

Tom Toles cartoon on Bush, new Overtime rules, new immigration policy

You know how everybody can remember what they were doing on 9/11?

Anyone have an abortion... and regret it?

The War Comes Home to Ohio, or "Why George W. is losing Middle America"

Ha Ha! PETA gets Internet Site.....

Probable major fuel for Bush tomorrow

I was Surveyed by the Repubs

I decided this thread by Truth Is All is TOO good for the archives

Bush in 41.2 seconds.

Clip of NYC fire crew saying WTC seemed like controlled demo.

Here are the NEW online chapters of Black Box Voting

The 2nd Amendment, Again.... A FROG's perspective

I agree with Mike Malloy...

In an Oil-Rich Land, Power Shortages Defy Solution

One killed and 34 wounded in mortar strike on US army base in Iraq

Iraqis Are Bitter Over U.S.-Held Prisoners

US to release hundreds of Iraqi prisoners

Sudan Wealth-Sharing Deal Signed

Man admits: I'm assassin

The soft underbelly of non-proliferation

Glaxo has $5 billion at stake in IRS row

U.S. Reasserts Right to Declare Citizens to Be Enemy Combatants

Staffers for Front-Runner Dean Seen Chasing After Clark

Alaska Nepotism Flap Fuels Senate Election Move

Eyewitness: Haiti protests

Christians to bare all in Florida

Families of Iraq prisoners wait outside prison ahead inmate release promis

Warming May Threaten 37% of Species by 2050

Dispute over proposed cuts in Medicaid payments (Florida, Jeb)

Interruption of Effort to Down Drug Planes Is Disclosed

Taxpayers help pay for Conan's TV tapings in Toronto - Nat. Post (con rag)

Conduct Commission Probes New Charges Against (Miami-Dade Rioter) Spargo

Briefcases, Golf Bags Helping U.S. Stay Safe

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 484 U.S. service members have died

Made in America a prime goal in helicopter competition (*Bush chopper)

Enron Figures in Plea-Bargain Talks

Air bags snarl Spirit's progress on Mars

Dean Says Faith Swayed Decision on Gay Unions

Government Suspends Small-Business Loans ...

Snag in Enron case plea bargain

U.S. Backs Out Of Talks in Cuba On Immigration

Terror Plot in Texas?

Think Tank Report: Iraq WMD Not Imminent Threat

3rd Brigade heads to Mojave Desert (Training for N Korea?)

Militias said to represent threat to civil order but fill a power vacuum

Miami federal court has 'secret docket' to keep some cases hidden from pub

Pentagon Auditors Set to Clear Halliburton (surprise!)

Snow: Economy Will Help Slash Deficit

Poland in talks on hosting U.S. military bases

Hip-Hop Artists Work on Voting Drive

Bush Grabs New Power for FBI

Ohio Woman Admits Lying in Lottery Case

Why Mexicans are sceptical

Dean's secret files

Ousted Ala. Justice Seeks Reinstatement (Moore's Back!)

Joy, Tears and Chaos as U.S. Frees Iraqi Prisoners

Pulitzer Prize finalist resigns from USA Today

Experts: U.S. Military Overstretched, Morale Risked

Newsom says he'll rock the boat at City Hall

Gary Hart Said to Be Mulling Senate Bid

(Democratic Convention) Delegates to ride in GM style

Newest CNN poll

PETA Collars Internet Site

American invasion plan stirs fierce Saudi debate (IHT)

Judge Approves Lea Fastow Enron Plea

India plans migrant crackdown

9 officers cited for contempt in pot case

Four people found dead, three young girls missing and believed kidnapped

Dean Says Faith Swayed Decision on Gay Unions

Airline Industry Blames Bush Administration for High Oil Prices

White House 'distorted' Iraq threat

U.S. Could Lose Technology Dominance, Executives Say

US Drug Subsidy Benefits Employers (WSJ)

Threat analysis prompts US alert [BBC]

Iraqi resistance attack on U.S. base

$18 Mill. Lawsuit: (Atlanta) Fulton finally settles suit by 8 librarians

Backlog in Immigrant Benefits Rose 59 Percent in Past Three Years, GAO Say

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 8 January (#1)

Dean Considers Middle-Class Tax Help

U.S. Plays Down Withdrawal of Iraq Weapons Team

Wesley Clark Seeks Renewable Energy Standard

In Shift, Dean Starts Watching His Words

To Endorse or Not to Endorse? An Iowa Power Broker Is Torn

U.S. C-5 Jet, Hit by Groundfire, Lands Safely in Iraq

Questions About Iraq Weapons Haunt US Election Year

Time for Bush to Check Israel's Nuclear Facilities

CNN/Time Poll: Dean 46% & Bush 51% verified by Wash. Post.

Daily Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq-485 US service members have died

Missile may have hit US jet over Baghdad-official

breaking on CNN: Jerry Jones shot, 3 girls found alive

Drudge Madonna Urges Others to Support Clark; 'Future is At Risk'...

Governor (Arnold) to annouce $2billion school deal

3,300 Denied Va. Licenses Under New Regulations (in 3 days)

(Harlem) Boys Choir Leader Faces Ouster Over Failure to Act After Abuse

Powell Refutes Think-Tank Report on Iraq

CNN: Amber Alert: Father dead, girls alive.

Latin American Allies of U.S.: Docile and Reliable No Longer

No WMDs, so American team pulls out of Iraq

Bush to make big space announcement

U.S. Released Missiles To Libya As Part of Saddam Exile Bid

South Carolina trade delegation in Cuba

AP: Conn. Gov. Now 'Subject' in Fed Probe

Schwarzenegger Pushing to Raise College Fees 10% to 44%

Global fears as US goes into the red

Guard mom must leave infant behind as she heads to Iraq (3 months old)

X-Ray prisoners told of Iraq war

Pa. Boy Faints at Sight of Cadaver's Arm ...5th graders

Bush Polls Well Among Hispanic Voters

GM Crops Linked to Rise in Pesticide Use

Gephardt Aide Accuses Dean of Caucus Fraud Plan

Wal-Mart Sales Up 4.3% in December

Clark closes in on Dean's lead as many consider switching votes

138 flawed ballots muddle political consultant's 12-vote win in state Hous

Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks

US Energy Bill Could Pass if MTBE Dropped-Daschle

US calls off search for weapons of mass destruction

Blackhawk helicopter down in Iraq -- 8 dead (update)

U.S. May Trash Coal Policy (will encourage mountaintop mining)

Report says Iraq didn't have WMD

NJ. State Senate approves bill giving legal rights to same-sex couples

U.S. Backs Out Of Talks in Cuba On Immigration

Duvall and Spielberg clash over Cuba visit

Seeking Women's Votes, Clark Changes His Style

Bush Acts to Reward Companies Who Cut off Seniors' Drug Coverage

Israel Fears Isolation, Sanctions Over Fence

US Oil Imports Hit Record 63% Of Total - Reuters

Saddam’s Secretary “Dies” In US Custody

Bush Plans Major Space Announcement

CT Caucus Recommends Rowlands Impeachment Action

Grand Canyon made by Noah's flood, book says

WI Bishop Tells Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians: Change or No Communion

CNN "Women Whistleblowers" of Enron endorse Clark

Al Gore to Expose Bush on Environment, Global-Warming

New Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise

Toxins in Farm-Raised Salmon Pose Health Risk

Bush Twins Unhappy About Limelight

Poor George

So, does Darius REALLY call his mom

Uppermost and lowermost points on earth you've been?

After two donations and a month

Help me find a deranged website...

Woohoo!!! 500 posts at last!!!

Walt Whitman . . . the video . . .

I think the Beatles have taken me hostage...

Liberty Medical running ads during the 700 Club

You Want To See A Goddess. Look At The Cover Of The Latest Town

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser General Sport Shows

SCD's Late Night Fun & Games Room

This Is Not America

How cold are you?

Eeep.. Google this

Power Outages Follow Northwest Snowfall

Police Stop Bank Robbery By "Drunk Dracula"

I just asked you anything, ask me anything

Stupid Guy sues cable company because he's a lazy bum....

It's been a long time coming

Attention Fargo/Grand Forks/Red River Valley DUers!!!

Is it better to appeal a moderator warning....

The absurdity of Britain's television licencing fee...

Russian may have solved great math mystery

Deep Smirker - My new "Secret Agent" name

KKKonservatives stifling art and artists since 1945! (Red Baiting)

Key West Barber Hired To Trim Chicken Population

Separated at Birth?

Inquiring minds want to know

Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawkings

Boondock hits the BULLSEYE: Bush & Mad Cow Disease

'Historic find' is old garden patio

Michigan City Council Makes Beard-Growing Optional

Man receives water bill for $7,714,510.21

I need opinions on a post.

Key West info

Book: Bush twins see 'themselves as victims of daddy's job'

Need help fingering out the right CAPTION

I just got back from a sale at Hastings.

"Go blow it out your ass Howard"

Marvin the Martian clips..(others too)

Congressman Lee C Sutton

50 posts! I want an award...

Cheap Thrills - Having Fun on a Budget

I tuned in to "Scarborough" last night

Divers Probed For Giving Fish Champagne

More info from Monkey Boy's trip to England.

Time for an Ahhhhhhhhh. moment..... Ahhhhh!

Secret non-sexual fetish's

Ohio Lady who lied about the lotto ticket is a Buckeyes fan.

Read Any Good Fiction Lately?

Would you post good things about a candidate you hate for money$ ?

astronomical anamolie---Jupiter

I need a photoshopper to PM me here at DU

The best book I've read in a long time

DANG! I'm a good speller! Haven't had one hit on SC yet. But


For your Thurday afternoon viewing pleasure:

Help! Some freepers argue that Clinton was AWOL in the 70's

Need BC Duers for Canadian Federal Election Project.

CONFESS!!!!!! Do you have a childhood relic that you hang on to??

looking for opinions/advice on broadband/dsl connections

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."


Microsoft-Utility to remove hidden Information

Slow office day, anyone else?

Anyone from Northern CA?

alien desert ascii art

Any other Susan Tedeschi fans out there?

Awwww after that report card someone needs a CAPTION

Please look at this inspirational post

Rose Lays Blame for His Troubles in Book

Does anyone know how to get someone served in DC?

Letterman's Hall of Fame Top 10...

a song: Right Wing Geek

Ooo, boy. WHITEHOUSE.ORG nails El Presidente!

Man Survives Nail To Head (with video)

Damn It! My "word" or "phrase" didn't make CNN's newscast

Top 10 Ways to Play With Your Ann Coulter Action Figure

Foud it THX ( Anybody remember that Sci-Fi TV show? )

Well, they finally did it. They came up with a Reality Show for me

Just shot 34. Go...............

Are you disappointed when a CD doesn't have liner notes?

It the upload/posting page up again?

Are you disappointed when GD doesn't have footnotes?

My website is now online!

What's your favorite work of philosophy?

A Freeper Harry Potter Forum (and a big one)

Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea Gets Green Light

Ever Call Those "How's My Driving?" Toll-Free Numbers?

Spaghetti-Os Discontinued As Franco-American Relations Break Down

Michael Jackson sneezes in court

Going to see Bette Midler tonight in Pitt. Heard she whacks Bush

Bat Boy Led Our Troops to Saddams Hole!

It's Finally Here!!! George W Bush Pinatas!!

Caption the one who got Left Behind

Computer peeps, Hotmail/E-card question

How Do You Spell "Relief"?

And you thought DU was full of tin foilers..................

OH GOD! David Arquette is BREEDING!!!!

Ever Been Face-To-Face With A Hamster That Was Ready To Strike?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With a Teamster That Was Ready to Strike?

"Black and white was the question that so bothered him...."

US weekly didn't get the loop out when they ran THIS picture...

Is it strange to have a bag of your own hair?

I need some technical advice about audio equipment


Eight Million Americans Rescued From Poverty With Redefinition Of Term

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

Ever been face to face with a face that was ready to face?

Can anyone here WRITE in ARABIC?

Shameless brag on my baby yak....

Kobe update: Pam Mackey can't be happy about this

What is your favorite recent release SHORT FILM, Animation, PSA, ect?

ATTN: Texas and Jersey Dean DU'ers

Where can I get one of those Howard Dean paint-by-numbers kits?

Hey Gearheads! Want 7000+ HP *per cylinder*?

Ever Been Face-To-Neck With a Vampire That Was Ready to Strike?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With a Batter Who Was Ready to Strike Out?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With a Bowler Who Was Ready To Strike?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With An Exhibitionist That Was Ready To Streak?

I'm choosing between chocolate and peanut butter. Close the deal.


Ever been face-to-butt with a skunk that was ready to strike?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With A Prankster That Was Ready To Strike?

Ever been Ass-to-Alligator That Was Ready To Strike?

Leave the Minnesota Twins Alone!

How can I get rid of "Runtime Error: Do you wish to debug" popups??

Leave the Olsen Twins alone!!!

Leave the Twin Bushes alone!!!

Leave the Sugar Twin Alone!

Leave The Doublemint Twins Alone!

Leave the Minnesota Twins alone.

Ever been face-to-face with a freeper that was ready to strike?

Ever been face to face with a Pike that was ready to strike?

today's new Hannity advertisers 1/8

Web Active site redesigned

Rate this picture a 5 on yahoo!

I'M In Pain. Today I Took A Tumble On My Pedal Bike. My Front Tire


The misinterpreted irony/sarcasm bug--who's suffered from it on DU?

How do they sleep at night?

Does anyone have a good or unique "Buffalo Wing" recipe?

Does anyone find the plethora of copycat threads annoying?

Someone posted a link to a photo gallery site

Does anyone find the fedora on sloppy cats spreads annoying?

Ever come face to face with a moderator that's about to lock your thread?

Happy Birthday, Soupy Sales!!!!!

Does anyone find the word 'plethora' annoying?

You can't get anything by NothingShocksMeAnymore in a music thread...

Where(regionally) is the soda "Mello Yello" available?

Does anyone find the Pia Zadora annoying?

What kind of ghost would you be?

Who here has Tattoos?

2001: a thread odyssey

My friend's daughter has identical tw*ns.

Farking funny...Tom Ridge protecting America

A special treat for today - Copy Cat Haiku

Anyone see that new M&Ms commercial w/ Judy Garland?

Lines from movies? How about lines from plays?

What twin jerked all the thread locks?

What kind of toast would you be?

DAMMIT! Tell the truth!

Funny Noah's Ark Q&A

Have you heard about Rush Limbaugh's new fried chicken franchise?

On NBC News tonight...NO SMOKING GUN

Let's compile a DU list of 'subjects it's not a good idea to post about'

Leave the Bush Twins alone!!!

St. Anger - Metallica's new album...

Happy Day for the Skins fans........

I'm hosting a schoolgripe-a-thon

Count your blessings instead of sheep 1/08/03

Lines from plays? How about lines from cartoons.


Alan Moore fans...guess what I'm holding in my hands? (gloat time)

Tenacious D? Be they Angels?

Mini Putt 2 help


Calling in all DUers that like Sonic the Hedgehog

Ultimate Tin Foil Alert: Man's Apartment Encased in Foil

What jerk locked all the twins threads?

I need some good news today...

Thoroughly Modern Millie--the movie, not the musical--anyone seen it?

Another coach hired - Falcons get Mora, Jr.

Completely meaningless trivia question/word problem

Just watched "S.W.A.T." and Denzel's "Out Of Time" on DVD

What's everyone's take on the film "Underworld"?

Freepers banned me after one post!

Jesus asked me a few questions a minute ago I couldn't answer.

Frazier question: Why is Maris in Jail?

What twin locked the jerk threads?!

I may be putting Belize on hold. Need AZ DUers input.

Let's design a world to live in

I am Aragorn! Faramir and I are lovers and living together in Rivendell..

"Valley of the Dolls" Fans: It's On Oxygen Channel Tonight at 8 PM EST!!

Urinal.Net - View The World's Top 10 Most Fascinating Urinals!

They're out to get you Zomby

do Canadians really say "eh?" a lot?

Best stress reliever since that thing we can't discuss on DU

my sister just sent me this

Mars Needs Women!

Musicial acts people you admire like but you can't stand....

Who loved the movie Joe Dirt? , good stuff in there

The prey of the beast screamed bloody murder...

We should use those Welcome to Crazyworld commercials...

I got a nice compliment today

THEORETICAL: Which is worse?

Anyone ever voted Republican and regret it?

Clark's favorite salad dressing

What are your top three reasons for appreciating the DU Lounge?

Woman tries to give judge Monopoly "Get out of jail free" card. No dice.

Could someone explain to me what a chatroom bot is?

Bands you hated at first, but then became fantic fans of later?

Need a decent free burning program

Please help my 5th grader with her homework: Ice Cream Survey

is it just me

Favorite Him?

BiggJawn's mostly "Cruelty-Free" dinner tonight...

Why can't the DEBT COLLECTORS be outsourced along with everyone else?

Records show Dean Flip Flopped in 1996

Anybody have any good salad recipes?

Thursday Night Malloy Thread

Wow, the feds must love me by now...

"Then Pizza's gonna send out for you!"

DU, my mom needs your help kicking repug butt!

Am I the only one who thought Jeepers Creepers 2 Was damn fine horror

Nightflight anyone?

Zombie fans...what's your opinion on the poster and the remake?

The Nameless Decade

Who remembers 120 Minutes on MTV?

Happy Birthday, David Bowie and Elvis Presley! 1/8/04

DU chatroom

Any Demo-rattie lovers out there?

I just read "The Story of Ferdinand" to my 6 mo old!

Can't we just send bush to Mars?

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

If...I were to do a blog

Check your IQ...

Who just caught the Daily Show?

How do you know If your Cat's are gay?

Official candidate fanfic thread. I'll start

Britney's ex-hubby, farked. (photoshops)

Favorite John Lennon song or lyrics

Contacts or glasses?

I told the priest...

Tell us one thing you did today.

How do you pronounce "bologna?"

best album cover of all time?

Etch-A-Sketch Online!!!!

What is up with this show, "The Simple Life,"

What book would you memorize if they made books illegal?

Favorite SCTV moments or characters.

how come Donald Trump gets all these models?

Does Dick Cheney have bedroom eyes?

Total unabashed bragging

Anyone have a lobotomy... and regret it?

Does anyone else have a right-wing friend they ask questions at DU for?

Worst comb-over ever. Post your nominations

Anyone prefer womyn to women?

Ever Been Face-To-Face With A Rattlesnake That Was Ready To Strike?

It's time for the Thursday night gratutious kitty thread!

For my 400th post I want to say :

Any other Krautrock fans out there?

Why do Republicans think Bush was chosen by God?

I had my job interview today; went well.

why's there no more "hate mail" in DU?

Have you seen these people?

Does anyone find the plethora of cat threads annoying?

Who were/are the most overrated film actors/actresses?

What book had the most influence on you as a child

Films with the highest "coolness" factor?

If Bush does win this year. Who is ready and able to leave the US

Who here has been addicted to a substance?

Eulogy To The Turn-Based Computer Game (By Kef in a moment of madness)

Bands you hated at first, and now, years later, still hate

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Are you angry like the repub drone on CBS news whines about?

Philly writer blasts Brett Favre, family

If Bush wins this year, who's ready to fight?

Tell me what you think of this photo so far....

If you had a hot tub party, and could invite anyone...

Favorite hymn?

I inherited a mixed animal from Uncle living in woods.

Just another GOOOOOOD MORNING thread

Austin DUers...Super Bowl Party

What should Israel do about terrorism?

Loyalty Oath Thread. Will you support your candidate to

Posts that could improve campaigns

A question for Clark supporters...

Dean will defeat Bush with: NINJA POWER!

i saw text of the flyer. its zzZZzz

Clark's Proposal for a Civilian Reserve

Michael Savage hates *, likes Clark.

NH Letter: Clark gets firemarshal, other campaigns use Clark for crowds

Hard Core Gore supporter ,Dean endorsement !

Lieberman lumps Dean, Bush; steps up criticism of Clark

Clark will be on CNN...American Morning 7-9:00 A.M. eastern

Kerry sizes up Clark

What is the meaning of a tin foil hat?

My hold-your-nose candidate (not who you think) is...

The Second-Place Candidate: Wesley Clark plants his flag in New Hampshire

Women Working for the John Kerry Campaign. Join Women for Kerry today!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Candidate for the Dem. Presidential Nom.

Dean Meetup Check In: How'd Yours Go?

Clark: I Am Not in Favor of "Free" Trade

Clark's favorite salad dressing

Pete Rose compares his compulsive gambling to the behavior of Bill Clinton

You know that orginzation that did the ridiculous Dean ad?

David Frum on NPR reveals Bush's "fear" tactic

David Frum on NPR reveals Bush's "fear" tactic (DUPE)

Dean: "No Child Left Behind Should Be More Than a Slogan"

Anyone here who's NOT been attacked by Lieberman, please raise your hand

Regarding the "Stop Howard Dean" movement - The Pudding !

What constitutes "attacks"?

Wanna use David Brooks as a source

Who would Kerry and Gephardt endorse?

Republican primary?

Explaining Support for Dean in a Nutshell

Anyone Else Tired of Constant Loyalty Oaths?

Wondering about the DLC?

If bush was polling at 20% and ANY Dem would beat him...

Madonna is on the front page of Clark's site

Families First Tax Plan is FOR CHILDREN

Somehow, today's "User Friendly" cartoon seems very relevent...

ABC WNT's profiles of the Dem candidates (very good)

Dennis Kucinich interviewed on Buzzflash

Howard Fineman the Media Whore says Dean is Ahead in Iowa

Interesting TPM RE: Potential Clark endorsement in Kentucky

Meek,mild,apologizing Dean is BORING! Firebrand Dean=Front Runner

Take the pledge "I will continue to support DU, whomever Skinner chooses!"

'No Child Left Behind' should be more than a slogan -- Ed By Howard Dean

The Case For Howard Dean: Moral Center

I just Donated $10 to Free Republic

WSJ (Op-Ed...1/8) Discussing Clark Tax Plan...

Is CNN backing Dean? AOL Time Warner is one of his big...

NH Daily Tracking Poll: Dean Down, Clark Up, now 6 up on Kerry

Clark is the 'perfect anti-Bush'

Kucinich and pollsters

Fighting the Bush Disenfranchisement Machine

If you live in NM, ME, MI, AZ, you can vote now!

My take on the "Dean or Clark" dilemma

The NPR Debate..Take 2

Joe Trippi to be on Inside Politics today

Dennis on ABC World News Tonight Jan. 8, 2004, between 6:30 and 7 p.m. ET

Lieberman is the man

ABC to profile Kucinich on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

Crossfire today -- Jesse Jackson vs Jerry Falwell

Agree with Dean on gay marriage?

dupe -----ARG Tracking Poll NH: Clark continues to rise

"Candidate X doesn't have any foreign policy experience."

Some of my thoughts for Dean and Kucinich supporters

Dean - IMF Report Confirms Bush Policies Danger To U.S., World Econ

Kucinich on ballot in 35 states

Clarks plan to close corporate loopholes

Big shock! My local afternoon paper buries Iraq crash story inside

How Objective Are You About The Primary?

See How the RW Is Foaming at the Mouth Against Clark re: Abortion

Dean's subtle "state's rights" subtext will slowly move to the forefront

How Attached Are You To Your Candidate?

LaRouche gets $800,000 in taxpayer money

Rush Limbaugh: "I'm getting worried. I don't want Clark creeping up...

What is the "Don't shop Day" all about?

Deleted message

Dean Says Faith Swayed Decision on Gay Unions

Dean shared his views on the "media" - and you wonder why he is attacked?

David Yepsen, Des Moines Register: Buyer's Remorse regarding Dr. Dean?

Dean attacking Clark may help out Kerry

Joe Trippi on CNN now -eom-

Did Dean really say "Bush is doing a fine job on the war on terrorism"?

My first Dean Meet-up, huge turn-out - Photo Proof

Clark on Choice

Lyndon Larouche vs. Bush*

so where are all the polls which proves Clark is stronger than Dean?

During Wartime should we only elect Military Men/Women?

CNN Gives Free Airtime for Arlen Specter's Opponints Ad attack him with

Dean Supporters:: Daily Dean Photo Gallery

Madonna on Front Page of MSNBC

Dean Supporters: Your opinion on the Newsweek article on Dean this week

The Dean Disappointment

"Gina has veto power"

Tune In: It's Gephardt TV Tonight!

Dean dropped 13 points in new Iowa poll!

Clark Caravan?


Kerry Demands Administration Restore Largest Small Business Lending Progrm

Denying college aid over drugs faces fight

U.S. Could Lose Technology Dominance, Executives Say

Interesting link. Clark's proposed electoral count vs Bush

Clark up two more

The New Yorker Low Down on Howard Dean

Kucinich Exit Strategy for Iraq

Limbaugh Upset with Clark's Momentum

I'll still be a Dean Supporter, but I'm going back to ABB and have a plan

Staffers for Front-Runner Dean Seen Chasing After Clark

Kucinich on ABC World News tonight 6:30-7:00 Eastern

Iowa Clark supporters: Watch out for Kerry

I have an idea for Clark in NH.

2 more voters for Clark

Medical evacuations from Iraq near 11,000 (as of Dec 18)

Who Ought Not Be President?

New TN Poll

I had a thought...

Dean Campaign Admits Attacking Clark: Jay Enright, Ultimate Hypocrite

Great interview with Kucinich done by BuzzFlash

Hardball Tonight... Pathetic Gephardt

My problem with all of the candidates

WHO-TV in Des Moines - 8 minute opening on Dean Tapes

Ticker at MSNBC says AFL-CIO endorses Dean

Would a Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean ticket win in November?

New National Tracking Poll

Uh oh Dean staff member admits lying, misrepresenting himself as Iowan

Question: has Clark ever been elected to anything?

How would the Mediawhores pigeonhole Clark?

Dean Leads in New Iowa Poll.....

Was the Gallup poll the outlier? New Rasmussen show Dean best vs. Bush

Is Rove using his Watergate dirty tricks in NH on Dean and the Dems?

Clark 's Kosovo stand receives high praise

Question regarding the DLCs choices and merits of same...

New KCCI Iowa Poll

Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks (Reuters) Not Drudge Report

Poll: How comfortable are you with a candidate who worked with Enron?

Clark supported the continued bombing of Vieques PR

Kerry - Worker's Bill of Rights

Dean/Clark brokered convention

Late-starter Clark begins to mobilize crowds, polls

The case for Howard Dean

Possible ? Is Clark hoping that the Repubs win in 04 ?

I am not concerned with Dean himself condoning cheating

Flash! Coming up on Fox Minister says he Angry Dean was...

Why I don't support Clark.

Dean On Preventive War

New Kucinich animation

Dean is now being "handled" like misspeakers W. and Dan Quayle

AFL-CIO Gives Wellstone Award To Dean

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Everybody relax.

Will Clark fight back with negative flyers and spying?

Has Clark had a recent physical exam?

Dean Supporters an Eclectic Group - Newsday

Scandals everywhere...

Official candidate fanfic thread. I'll start

Rush Limbaugh's long-lost brother? CFC investigates.

Tale of the tape on Howard Dean

What IS wrong with you people?

Guess what! AFSCME members did NOT endorse Dean.

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

Why can Clark rise above the outsider-governor electoral trend?

Clark is the only candidate who wrote his own book

Anti-Defamation League director criticizes Dean for pandering

Everyone please relax.

Is Howard in trouble? It's an honest question.

Records show Dean Flip Flopped in 1996

Dean and Clark are amiable - why not Dean and Clark supporters?

Dean supporters should be pissed.

Maher: No more Abe Lincolns. The Tube Rules!

Is Clark the Dems answer to Schwartzeneggar? A guy men can like.

Wesley Clark Issues - One-A-Day

Desperation is all over this forum tonight

Why I like Howard Dean

Who would head your ideal administration?

Uh oh, new Iowa Poll Gep 25 Dean 29

I have to go with Wesley Clark

Clark on Tavis Smiley show on PBS

Clark Campaigned for Democrats in 2002

Kucinich on ABC's World Nightly News

Gephart says Dean planning fraud in Iowa caucus

Why Dean's support is evaporating

One thing you must admit about Dean...

It's '84 again: do we want Glenn or Mondale?

Survey explains the why Clark is a hot topic tonight.

Read it and and weep, Kucitizens and Progressives.....

Kucinich Flash movie

"Strategic Compromises...."

can we start the "grown-ups party"

harry Braun -Dem.Candidate for Prez?? On c-span now - who is he and how

Dr. Dean, please mention voting rights martyrs—and 2000 black voter purge

Guy who called Clark "perfumed prince" now an unabashed Clark fan

ALERT! ABC report on Kucinich on thier news report in a few minutes!

How do I decide which candidate is for me?

I'll tell everyone this, and I'm telling you this now....

Iraq, health care draw doctor to Kucinich

who could vote for a man who raised money for the creeps who stole 2000?

How do Clark supporters reconcile his stint at CNN?

We need to take a deep breath and relax about attacks...

Clark addresses gender gap

Why is FAUX news so pro Clark?

If you found out the candidate you supported...

How comfortable are you voting for a candidate who supported Reagan?

Who Here at the DU Will Be Excited About Either Clark/Dean or Dean/Clark?

A question for Dean supporters, and please don't flame

Weed Watch: Democrats on drugs, part II 11 souls for Bush, Dean: 947,Clark:344,Kucinich:105

Oh Happy Day...

Did Clark really say bombing journalists is the same as bombing an army?

How is Clark/Acxiom different from Cheney/Halliburton?

My take on the Howard Dean Tapes......

What does everyone think of a Dean/Clark ticket?

Dean Will Trounce Bush And Critics

How liberal is Wesley Clark? On women's right to choose he's completely

College Tuition Issue: Clark vs. Dean

Rumor: one Vietnam vet is about to endorse another in Iowa

What we're up against (take a look)

Is the Club for Growth ad anti gay?

Why vote

Dean will get my vote on this fact alone......

Joe Trippi Admits He Engineered a Mass Fraud on Alan Cranston in 1983

Ok I would like to have a second choice as far as candiates go

I'm choosing between Clark and Dean. Close the deal.

I know Howard Dean is the best candidate.

Can Clark raise the money necessary to beat Bush?

Lies about middle class tax cuts

"if this Democratic Party ends up being a pathetic mimicry of the GOP"

What percentage of the vote will Kucinich get in Iowa?

"Fifty percent of the budget's taken up by defense"

Kucinich: "It's our obligation that people in this country have work"

I Just Maxed Out for Clark, and Next Week I'm Sending $100 to Kucinich

The Official Kucinich ABC News interview thread

Iowa DUers - roll call - who will you caucus for?

Dean doing better "since Dennis spoke to me"

Did Dean really support the same war resolution that Kerry did?

The pie-chart on the radio crap-

Just got an email from Madonna. Support Clark.

I've been under Howard Dean's spell from the outset

Clark discusses women's rights, affirmative action

Breaking: Deans past views. Editted to Yahoo.

Uh oh Dean staff member admits lying, misrepresenting himself as Iowan