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Archives: January 5, 2004

Meet Dean's Stooge...

For homosexual Palestinians, Israel is their best shot at safety

I'll bet the author of this LTTE is a duer...or should be

Foresight Was 20/20 : Diehl (Wash Post)

Leonard Pitts column...

My first 'toon of 2004

God is not a right-wing zealot

Wives liken deployment to being single moms

Guantanamo Bay, habeas corpus and the Texan who would be king: Some legal

Outstanding piece on moving beyond CFR -- Read it!

Harley Sorensen: 'The DLC: Wolves in Democrats' clothing'

The S factor explains Bush's popularity

Bush State Dept Pol Dir.: Bush ""did not have to go to war against Iraq"


Zell Miller: May Democratic Leaders Get Anger They Deserve

Krugman: Rubin Gets Shrill

A Bum Steer On Mad Cow Disease

Brooks: The Era of Distortion (Claims Neocons have no influence on*)

Bev Conover: What We Can And Must Do

Thoughtful article "What You can't Say"

Analysis: Predicting war's economic impact

Silence on the Hill (editorial about giving powers to Bush) :Wash Post

The Battle Cry of Generation Clark

Trend spotter deconstructs the House of Bush

Phelps to protest at elementary school of boy with lesbian parents

Clark meetup/Clearwater, Florida tonight

NOTICE; Attend a taping of Tavis Smiley's new show

BBV - support Representative Holt's H.R.2239 and Senator Graham's S.1980.

Protest Bush in Knoxville 1/8

Protest Bush in New Orleans 1/15 (planning meeting 1/7)

If the New York Times is so liberal, then why do Conservatives who

Republican Spin Points Permeate Sunday Talk Shows

Liberals are working to make their voices heard on talk radio (progress !)

CNN and Time REFUSE to report Dean-Bush CNN/Time Poll

How free is free republic?

Bush & Democracy Hypocrisy

Enjoy Friends!

Fortune-teller's future involves a date in court

Astrologers: New Year 2004, on Starlight News

Twin Cities DUers--best pizza in the cities?

Have you read "the iron heel" by jack london?

Astrologers - Nolle's Annual Report for 2004

Gay-friendly priest takes reins of Episcopal Church in Colorado

Stay Home Uganda Tells US Bishops

Smart Money: 10 Things the Pet Industry Won't Tell You

Smart Money: Two Different Outlooks, Both Ugly

Compare money supply growth Clinton/Bush - Is flood gate open?

"Thanks to the Labor Movement, life is better."

Question for Gold bugs.... If or when you buy/sell Gold Eagles or

Imminent dollar death - heads up to candidates/supporters

Group outlines Stryker concerns

Creationist Geology Text Now Available At Grand Canyon NP Bookstore

Dynetek to Deliver Storage Systems to Ford for Ford Focus FCV

Toyota To Offer Hybrid Highlander SUV This Year - Bloomberg

2004 Hydrogen Infrastructure Investment Roundtable

Better search results than Google? (Groxis,Grokker ,Vivisimo)

New York to Build Hydrogen HI WAY.

Stop The Presses! Houston (!?!?!?) Debuts Light-Rail System!

New Year Message

The Al-Battar Training Camp: The First Issue of

UK troops in Iraq 'for years'

Islamic group claims Red Sea air crash

In Iran's Disaster, an Opening for the Opposition

Arab ministers: Freedom fighter aren't terrorists

Suspect in burglary shot in face

N.M. Supreme Court Lets Gun Law Stand

Which is better, a big mean dog, 911 on the phone or a gun?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 5, 2004

Alright, Gun Control Advocates...

Federal gun law does not mix terms

Profanity in quotations in GD


Is it OK to re-register under a different name and...

Are the following terms acceptable

Howdy, Admins!

New little icon thingie?

I just wanted to say...

Why was this thread deleted?

How come I can't use the search function for posts older than 24 hours old

2 observations

question regarding the "calling out other members" and

This thread was locked with no explanation

Why Dean Supporter allowed to do inflamatory threads?

Breeding grounds for hatred

Livnat says phony Likud activists endanger state

PA finance minister threatens to resign

Palestinian women protest against French headscarf ban

Fence will annex 6% of West Bank

At what point is Israel a liability?

Palestinian Authority Sermons 2000-2003

Fatally Flawed Peace Proposal

Anti-fence protesters detained in W. Bank

Treatment Frustrates Palestinian Refugees...

Israel Army Jails Five Conscientious Objectors

Sarra Checkpoint - A Week of Severe Abuse

'The Siege of Nablus'

Palestinian NGOs reject antiterrorism pledge

Assad backs terror, wants to talk - IDF

Palestinian teenager killed, eight wounded (new series of events)

Israel to reject the Hague court's authority on fence

Jordan says will not be 'substitute homeland' for Palestinians

Father of protester wounded by IDF fire says troops lied

Suggested answers to the NH Union Leader 20 Questions for Dem Pres Candida

MO-5: Cleaver Seen as Likely Candidate

South Central Minnesota Clark Meetup tonight in Mankato...

Good discussion site

Kucinich once a male chauvenist?

Clark's Tax Plan

Did anyone hear that Bill Bradley

The Impossible Dream? | Weiner Contemplates Longshot 2005 Run for NY Mayor

Dolores Huerta and Richard Chavez endorse Dean for President

KY-6: Air Wars Begin in Kentucky Race

SF Gate - How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

Bush contrast with hitler in ad

Spirit color hi-res Mars panorama possible within an hour or so...

Newsweek: Intelligence: Who's Fueling the Rumors That Just Won't Die?

Win $1000....tell why your are a Republican!

looking for town-by-town or county-by-county results of the 2000 election

Some Facts on Dean

Why Dem primaries?? Let's save the $ and run the front man

Elton John's sunglasses bring God's curse upon Lubbock, Texas, Phelps says

Biographical Article on Kucinich

TBTM Radio #25: 'A Promise Made Is A Promise...'

LttE slam the 'terrorist with almanacs' jive...

Making a fortune in the stock market is easy

Talk about your whining! RNC Charmain takes the cake!

Why don't we vote on presidents and officials every year?

Stupid right-wing hypocrisy over the Bush/Hitler thing

Ralph Nader on Washington Journal

Nader is on CSPAN now..(et)....I like what he says...

Anyone have any comments on the Bush "Millenium Challenge Account?"

Iraq Occupation: Like Ireland?

Hunters with Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease: from beef or deer?

"Warily Searching for Safer Beef" by Marian Burros, New York Times

Bush stifles free speech...reported on Drudge

How should I reply to this right wing bigoted e-mail?

which states prohibit the counting of "write-in" votes?...and will new

Did Adam And Eve ...

Bradley to Endorse Dean

CNN Online poll - to quote Arios..."Torture Wolf" !!

Let go, Gennifer -- just let go

Neo-Nazi group takes message to turnpike (Florida)

So who do you think won the debate?

What I am doing to help

Rumsfeld co-owns NM ranch with......

Bushco & the GOP are on the BadKarma payment plan.

RE: Bush Lies: Are Dems Taking The High Road?

Your Predictions for the Outcome of The Plame Investigation

Will you join me in emailing this *man*

New CNN Poll has Bush and Dean virtually tied! (already)

Did I see it correctly???

The Daily Howler examines who's "hatching" the Faux Dems ...

At what point is Israel a liability?

The Plame Game

another Zell Miller traitor Democrat switches

C'm on Democrats--Anger is not all bad

Saddam: The monster we helped create

They want to protect the sanctity marriage from ME?

Conversion is possible... this is hope.

Laura's call for volunteers at food banks (ugh)

Bush: Proof you can abuse drugs, cheat, lie and steal and become president

Question About War Casualty Count


You're a Republican if You Can Believe Any of the Following…

Stupid Factor Explains Bush's Popularity

Reporter inadvertantly interviews homeless man

What are you guys doing today at 2pm Central?

The horror in the American military hospital in Germany

Is Labor pretty much Democratic?

Castro as Hitler on Cuban front page sparks hunt for mystery satirist

Are people really banking on disgruntled conservatives?

the bushies

Miserable Failure on the part of freeptards!

Are Canadians the new Americans?

Limbaugh Claims The Clintons Own

CSpan question - Should Zell Miller switch parties?

Is democracy in Iraq possible?

An Open Letter to Cnn: Stop your propaganda campaign against democrats

Received an informative email about drug costs (real vs. markup)

Would someone explain this to me please!

Hannity: "We Will Be Climbing a Mountain This Year"

Can anyone verify the validity of this email?

Do the wing nut screamers EVER find new subjects to talk about?

B*sh should be held accountable

Gay marriage

I emailed Wal-Mart about selling Savage's book

Why did FDR say, "You have nothing to fear but fear itself" ?

Mad cow - hype consumption! "Mad cow scare could help U.S. restaurants"

The Ed Schultz show

How plausible is a 2008 Hillary win?

Beef prices stay up today at Tulsa stock auctions, but fewer head brought

Tin Foil Hat Alert: The Hunt for Zero Point

Another right wing hypocrite bites the dust

US Contractors test weapons for kill power - on live Iraqis

E-Ballots: Will your vote count? From PC WORLD

Reminder -- Tavis Smiley Show debuts tonite

Buffoon Arnold to give state of the state speech

Get mad at corporations, not cows and ranchers

Anyone know for a fact if there are any famous DUers?

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) responded to my letter re: electronic voting

Tinfoil: Remeber that NYC plane crash right after 9-11 that hit a school?

Video Shows Coalition Forces Didn't Desecrate Mosque in Jan. 1 Raid

Is Pat Buchanan running in 2004?

GRRR. Pete Williams of NBC News just re-defined "chatter."

Heard on BBC Libyan sanctions will be removed immediately. Can you say...

the *bush* doctrine: Mad Cow Division

West Coast Vets Honor Iraq KIA's

Crazy Xian writes against Wicca in my local paper

Assault on american workforce continues

NBC coddles republicans...AGAIN

The Governator: Food Stamps and car allowances

Bush coming into saint Louis again. Should I go and see?

Floating the prevention of 9/11 talking point

Bush Knew

Bush is a big government spender

(John) Buchanan to challenge Bush in NH...

Local Editorial paper ripping Dean

the lower dollar

Do you believe the 2000 Election was Stolen?

Dulce Et Decorum Est

AP kills Rush story?

Two positions on which I'd like to see a little triangulation

If you can't do the job, should you get paid for your time?

stat in land of opportunity

Another sign Bush will lose (amazon bestseller list).

Who was the rep that said they were about to get Saddam?

Today's assignment: A letter to the President

Cow cannibalism: The cause of mad cow disease?

Neil Bush has Herpes! ha ha ha ha

A day in the life of George W Bu$h 01/05/03 (Graphic Content)

Online petition re: NCLB

Principi proposed a $1,500 deductible for veterans

great response to right-wing-nut emails

Bi-partisan group of 200 Mass. politicians endorse gay marriage

Back to the transcripts (NJ Newspaper columnist ?'s FAA 9-11 ATC Response)

Hey Coloradoans.

Jon Lewis for VP?

LOL... did anybody just see Keith Olbermann?

Do we tend to overestimate or underestimate Bush's chances in 2004?

About this Bush\Hitler thing and

George W. Bush is Out of Control

Any info on Jennifer Duffy, Cook Political Report? And. . .?

How much do you make?

Economy turnaround - war or tax cuts?

Patriot Act website

Novak on the patriotic White South

Norm Coleman's first year: Marked by Loyalty

Moments ago Rush Leary said this (HUGE puke alert)

Trespass laws for farms get tougher

Should Dean not win the nomination....

How many voters did you register this week DU?

A pro-war Email I recieved (quoting a 4star general) and my response

Second Bush/Hitler

Kenny Boy Lay? When's he going to be charged?

Beating Bush: Reason for Optimism in the Numbers?

Debate idea: Bill Bradley should debate Gary Hart or...

Dumb question: What is Google bombing? How do you do it?

gay marriage = sexist, one of the worst arguments yet

Keep an eye on Bush's itinerary....

Mike Malloy .... coming up - keep kicked! :)

Gay marriage

Take Back the Media one of 15 Finalists in the Bushin30seconds contest!

U.S. Offers Tips on Avoiding OT Pay

David Horsey thread #2!

BBV: Research project - will someone help please?

A THIRD David Horsey thread!

If an organization had attempted to expose Hitler

Time for some David Horsey!!!!

Ed Gillespie on CNN crying about the Bush=Hitler ad

What if Bush v. Gore had been reversed?

The Horse is back!

Unbelievable headlines in SC paper.

How long before the media or GWB refer to Iraq as "the Territories"??

The next Democratic President must do this:

Will "Appearance" of Roaring Economy Re-Elect Bush? Think So?

America is cheezy!

Nader coming up live on Crossfire

Bush in 30 seconds finalists!!!

Now I Understand How Economic Crashes Occur

MoveOn Ad contest finalists announced (Bush in 30 Seconds)

Supreme Court could bring Ashcroft down....

America is Great!

Bush to help illegal alians get jobs! Just on CNN

MWO is back! Vote for Whore of the year!

What are the differences between Democrats and Republicans?

I'm now a facilitator for a Wellstone Book Discussion Group in Cleveland.

It Ain't Easy being Cheesy: On Trash Culture

MoveOn entrants weren't the first to compare other politicians to Hitler

This Article Best Explains Our Present Economy

Night on Tinfoil Mountain: Some thoughts on conspiracy theories

US kids being raised as if they were Muslim women under the Taliban

Californians, wanna give Arnold a poll?(We're losing 2-1)

Canada: Globe & Mail disappears online poll favouring the NDP

More Tinfoil: What about the bombing at Yale; what was that about?!

Ron Reagan on CNBC Special Report trashing Bush.

The Good News Is That The Stock Market Went UP over 50%... FIFTY Percent!

Disturbing analogies: George B. and Adolph H.

I made a killing in the stock market today

If you hold blank protest signs, can they confine you?

Concerning the matter of "dirty bombs" versus "vagina bombs"

First, we must defeat the REAL ENEMY...

Best "Bush In 30 Seconds" ad (

Ed Gillespie is right! Bush is NOT a Nazi!

Show us whether you believe every child could learn...

How long will it take to "Finish the Job" in Iraq?

I Give You The Dead

Ohio News Headline: November 3, 2004

Health Care, Post 3: Why the free market doesn't work here.

Hi Mike Malloy:Let's have the Repukes take the Bush/Reich 101 Quiz...

Nationalizing the Congressional elections.

Are we safer now that Saddam is in custody?

In how many countries are radical Islamists waging war?

Nader getting beat up on Crossfire

DA slams Mbeki's 'disastrous' trip to Haiti

A New Episode of 'Friends'? No, Just Democrats Debating

U.S. Troop Handed to S. Korea Under Deal

Court Looks at More Terror Plan Challenges

Bush bracing for matchup against Dean

U.S. Troops Hurt in Raid in Afghanistan

Arab TV airs new "bin Laden" tape

Conflicting numbers and a surreal press conference

Explosive Vaginas

UK troops seen in Iraq until 2007

Castro as Hitler on Cuban front page sparks hunt for mystery satirist

Poland, Israel Sign Missile Deal

Dejected Iraqi Ex-soldiers Protest Poverty on Eve of Army Day holiday

Oslo court frees 'Iraqi militant'

Analysis: Predicting war's economic impact

'DVD Jon' Seals Victory as Police Skip Appeal

Blair: Iraq war was test case

What to ask the Presidential candidates (with my suggested answers!)

Beef Bones Linked to Mad Cow Recalled

3 soldiers discharged for prisoner abuse

Ex-HUD Chief Files for Fla. Senate Race

Wham! Blair bungles Iraq speech

White House says Kurds can remain semi-autonomous

Military Split On How to Use Special Forces In Terror War

'El Rushbo' gets El Break from El Court [UPI]

Price of AIDS drug soars fivefold

Spain and Morocco agree to rail tunnel under Gibraltar strait

DEBKA: Iraq’s WMD located in three Syrian sites

Dean on Economy: Wall Street Roots; Main Street Talk (WSJ)

Bush to Defend 'No Child Left Behind'

Martinez Files to Run for Florida Senate Seat

President's Interpreter in Fight on Cuba Ban

U.S. Discharges Troops for Abuse in Iraq

485th military death in Iraq is 1st Female Pilot on Jan 2nd

Iraq Police Chief Says U.S. Army Gunned Down Family (Frthr descrepancies)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 5 January (#1)

U.S. Frees Iraqi Workers for Reuters, NBC

FDA has yet to close loopholes in mad-cow regulation

Letter bomb explodes at EU parliament

Kozlowski purchased $5M ring with loan (Tyco)

U.S. Army Counters Mosque Raid Criticism

Ford, Chrysler U.S. sales off 4% in 2003


Rochester NY Mulls Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

Ex-S.D. Rep. Thune to Challenge Daschle

Foresight Was 20/20 [WP... bushco knew how Iraq would turn out]

Principal at drug-raid high school in S.C. resigns

Army Expanding 'stop Loss' Order to Keep Soldiers From Leaving the Service

EPA Enforcement Chief Quits for Wal - Mart

Gunmen Attack U.N. Office in Afghanistan

Robber threatens to kill Hillary Clinton

Longtime listeners, first-time players: Dems find radio voice

Census: In Alabama, cities plagued with poverty

And then there was Murdoch (part one)

Bill Bradley Expected to Endorse Dean

Bush Tells Staff to Cooperate on CIA Leak (but no demand for reporter)

Billboard advertising white supremacist group to remain in Sumter

Gold captures 14-year high (dollar continues to plummet)

Portugal refuses US request for armed guards on flights

Judge: Limbaugh medical records off limits for now (15 Days)

Bush wants staff to help investigators trying to uncover source of leak

Clark announces tax reform plan

Dolores Huerta and Richard Chavez Endorse Dean

Scrtry's Role Eclipses His Title; Commerce Chief Is Close Friend of Bush

Kinks star (Ray Davies) shot in New Orleans

Iraq police chief says U.S. army gunned down family

Iraq Council Close to Choosing Federalism

Iraqi cop hurt in Kirkuk rocket attack

Bush to Propose Immigration Law Changes

Secret police force to be set up in Iraq (funded by CIA)

Wal-Mart approves $7B buyback plan

U.S. to Destroy 450 Calves in Mad Cow Probe

Feeling Besieged, Iraq's Sunnis Unite

U.S. starts fingerprint program

US privatises its military aid to Georgia

Former Gov. & Attorneys General Urge Mass To Enact Gay Marriage

Star Wars Maker Looks to India

Iraqis revive ancient word `ulooj' to insult, greet U.S. troops

Blair urged to counter secrecy in Whitehall (Re: Report on David Kelly)

Army To Expand Order That Keeps Soldiers From Leaving

Experts: Bin Laden Audio Message Likely Authentic

Study: Professors Favor Donating to Dean

U.S. Refuses to Lift Sanctions on Libya

Japan Says U.S. Mad Cow Safeguards Lax

Move's response to Hitler

US Soldiers Sent Home for Beating Prisoners of War

WP: Egyptian Democracy Muzzled (due to U.S. props)

WP: "Dean Works To Smooth The Edges"

U.S. Wary of Cuba's Support for Leftists

Labor Dept gives advice on avoiding overtime

US soldiers offered cash to stay

U.S. Frees Iraqi Workers for Reuters, NBC

New Carnegie Report on WMD in Iraq; Clarifies Iraq WMD Story (PR Release)

Bush Drops In on a School, in a Crucial Campaign State

3 Top Enforcement Officials Say They Will Leave EPA

Former Mets and Phillies relief pitcher Tug McGraw dead at 59

Conservatives simmer as spending mushrooms under Bush

Syria rejects call to renounce WMD

Bush to propose immigration law changes to allow Mexican workers in U.S.

Bradly Endorsement of Dean Expected This Morning

Brazil anger over US security checks

What are your thoughts on the BCS?

Anyone buy one of those handheld steam cleaner thingies?

Is anyone else watching 'Birdman Attorney at Law'

USC is #1!!!!

How often do you get a massage?

Alternative country song about the neocons...

Important: Need links for draft and 87 billion budget for Iraq

Mesmerizing toy

"Take care of my BABY! He's my firstborn SON! *SOB!*"

kid gets trapped in "grabber" game . . . film at eleven . . .

Internet moving images archive...lots of odd things here

Dickless Cheney...

The Daily Photo Project


News tidbits

My beloved University of Michigan gets Farked (not rec'd for dial-up)

Anyone else play HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange)?

Kodi is going

I can't access any blogspot sites!

Why Is There No Closed Captioning On Porn DVD's?

I just blew my whole neighborhood!

Al-Qaeda: We will destroy DU within 35 days

A game of Global Politics

A new lounge feature.... Today in Vietnam History... since we


Where do you live?

My brother has to go back to school today, and I have another WEEK!!!

Any other Damon Runyon fans out there?

wwweeeeeeeeeee ICE STORM ... Good (Monday) Morning DU!

Glass Eye Theif Caught On Tape

Dead Man Comes Back To Life At Funeral Home

Deanies or Techies, HELP ME!!!PLEASE!!!

Dog snout update: didja know dogs can get hives?

Wanted: New, standardized LOL.

Which is worse-Irwin or Jackson (not the sex stuff) for child enlargement

need help : pussy gone missing !

What you can't say


How many continents have you visited?

Regarding countdowns...what does the 't' stand for in 'T-minus..'?

back from break

Why is the croissant so elusive?

Did Adam And Eve ...

Anyone enjoy the Michael Apted "Up" documentaries?

The Farrely bros. are making a 3 Stooges movie - who'll play who?

Little Stevens Underground Garage

When did this My Posts feature get inaugurated?

What happened to the poster called "one eighty"?

This one's BEGGING for a caption....

Did OxyRush get busted for doctor shopping?

Well, I introduced Sebastian to the Great Spirit yesterday

is there a web site...

GOPisEvil. I have an announcement to make.

What is your name? What is your quest?

I'm Speechless. --- I Absolutely Don't Know What To Say....

Where can I get the current tax tables online?

ack! idea needed

Everythingsxen Update: He's here!

ZenLeftyGirl has admitted to betting on hockey

Uh-oh... another timewaster....

I'm on an FBI list!

Yet another suicide attempt

100 Most Annoying People of 2003

Confession - relating to Archea's Pacific Northwest thread

Classic Neo-Con theory about libraries

Canada-USA WJHC final starts in 15 minutes!

Things...or find curiously erotic.

Anyone else burned out from the holidays?

Which AntiVirus Software Is Installed On Your Computer? And...

Can you help me identify the owner of this photo?

Whats your lucky number?

Proof that there is no life on Mars!

Another installment of "Separated at Birth"

Hey Boomers! How PO'd are you at the Gen Xers!

anti-Confederate flag bumper stickers

Twelfth Night starts at sunset tonight

The New Kazaa Sucks

"The Love Below" is the funkiest and coolest album I've heard in years.

Does anybody like my signature line?

A reality show I would watch...

There are little basketball birds in my yard!

I need help with a New Years resolution.

Did you have a good new year?

A `claahs struggle' with `tom-ah-tos'

SEC WEST - 4-0 in Bowl Games

ZombyCoffee WINS National Championship!!!!!!

Wanted: Cubit-Engish, Cubit-Metric conversions, Ark Plans

Send me jokes please. I am so sad

Britney Spears Married Jason Alexander??? Who Woulda Guessed?

What do you guys think of the Stilton sisters?

Have you ever called the police to tell your neighbor

best case scenario in Britney Spears situation

Labor law question: can my boss do this to us?

If you want to know what time it really is...

Happy Birthday, GrandmaBear

Mad ESP strikes again!

Damn. Ray Davies of the Kinks got shot in New Orleans

Ahhhhh I just hit 666 posts.....

What are your NFL playoff Picks for next week?

Cold Mountain looked awful!

My wife just quit her job ...

Tune in to the Ed Shultz show - on until 6pm...

Your Favorite Lesbian...

Where's our Condor?

a Spotty CAPTION please?

the ethics of kicking

source of Spam revealed!

Pete Rose has admitted to betting on baseball

My mead won a gold medal!!!

Hey POd are you at the boomers?

Let's talk about Seattle sports teams

OH my. Just watched Giada De Laurentiis squeeze fresh sausages!

* in 30 seconds: the 15 finalists

Fitness question

Went to see LOTR/ROTK for the second time, last night with my daughter

YAY! shortbus made breakfast! Sausage, eggs and.....Pepper spray

Need help with Hitler quote - Mein Kampf

Yesterday, it was 69 degrees here. Now it's 34.

Which is worse?

MWO is back!!! Finally!! Sorry if this is a dupe!!

"Neuticles" give castrated dogs virtual virility

Why "Speed" was a brilliant, insightful movie

"OK, I'd support your candidate IF...."

Oh my straight stars! Birth control advice, please.

Has there been a recent National Guard mobilization?

My Ass Won A Gold Medal!!!!

Someone Please... KICK MY ASS (THAT Should keep me out of GD 2004)

Anyone have a poker night?

the US-VISIT program.... making America MORE safe?

don't throw thongsandyaksandyaksinthongs if you don't have OXY

only 34 more shopping days left till el-queso destroys NYC..

What Books (if any) has Dubya read

Seeking help finding a thread

Question for you Deanies

Whatever happened to

5 minute poll: What should I do for dinner?

Poolhall Junkies

A child is waiting

Stolen Conestoga wagon returned to owner

Anyone see the movie rendition of "Bearskin" ?

YOU write the last episode!

Just back from an anti Bush protest in St Louis


Life in the burbs---boring, sometimes NOT

Been anywhere cool?

For once MrsGrumpy is sitting here wishing the kids had a snow

"Dean just freaks out and kills everyone--it was totally sweet"

LSU and USC suck *almost* as much as a Macintosh computer

LIstening to Michael Savage.....

NBC has no shame -- gives Donald Trump reality show


Should Canuckamok be inducted in to the Baseball hall of fame?

Note to self - don't be ambitious

ACHOO! I have a nasty cold

Tom Hanks should be singing this song on ABC tonight...

AIM DU chatroom anybody


Just bought box o beer @ Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley...ask me anything

I love to eat!

"I've been everywhere" where have you been?

What happened to srg2?

What if . . .

What are your thoughts on secondary school administrators.

What Hotels Do You USUALLY Stay In While Traveling?

Kelly Anne Conway, was in the movie "Trial of Billy Jack" ???

Socializing in San Francisco

Mmmm, handmade fleece insoles, warm

I's got the shakes. I need a fix.

Ok, is this the freakiest news pic of the day???

Custom level grayed out - Techies please help

The horror..... the horror......

They are going to show the 2005 Mustang on ABC news

Breaking Away! Old indie movie... goes BIG

COngrats Team USA WJHC champs

Just made a post in GD 2004, came here to hide

Weekly Dispatch #2 from President Bush to disloyal, unAmerican DU people.

Did anyone bookmark the DUer pic threads?

Computer Experts....HELP!!!

WOOHOO!! 600 Posts!

White rail, right wail,


Breakthrough discovery in small town!

Frank's Red Hot Chili and Lime Sauce. Tastiest. Hot Sauce. Ever.

new Hannity advertiser

My cable line keeps screwing up...anyone know anything about cable lines?

Please Visit This Thread

If you became a vampire..who'd you kill first?

Got milk?

yoga: what's the point?

What does Dean & Bush have in common?

Anyone else's computer screw up..?

Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny.

Obligatory "1000'th post" post!!! Hurrah! (Love me!)

You know you live in a small town when...

A shameless plug

What I'm eating tonight


How high have you walked/climbed?

Just re-designed my site. What do you think?

Buckeyes and Hurricanes rank in top 5 of polls (Again)

1st date help

"Ernest" movies that were never made (from

"Monday's Get back to Work, Peon", Three Word Thread

Who would be the biggest Castaweenie?

Gentlemen DUers, CONFESS! Who among you has gotten a vasectomy?

What movie/TV family does your own family most resemble?

The Official NCAA Football National Championship Poll

Depressed people check in

Today in VietNam history....

We have tentatively named our mountain home "Dalat."

What do you guys think about the Hilton Sisters?

Feel Safer and be Saved.... Announcing the Amazing...

You know you're from the Pacific Northwest...

Which is worse? (The Sequel)

matcom debuts in very own comic book!!!!


My predictions for 2004

Is this car FUGLY or what???

Would you be a contestant on a reality show?

Anyone know for a fact if there are any famous DUers?

Ex-Major League Pitcher Tug McGraw dies at 59.

Need help from Native American/Spiritualists

Is depression a disease of affluent societies?

What's your favorite game show?

NFL Playoff Predictions

I just installed PhotoShop...ask me anything.

ATTN: WWE this Republican Superstar...

"Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior & get a free PlayStation 2!"

Magazine Names Honolulu the Fittest City

Ladies...I need advice from fellow females

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad (2004 Beginnings) - January 05, 2004

What State is the most Corrupt?

Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone?!

Are You Related To Any Homosexuals?

Which is your favorite Britcom

Should Pete Rose be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Marijuana Addiction?

Man, this is going to be tasty!

Based on the roles they've played, which actor is best qualified 4 Prez?

What's your least favorite phrase seen on DU?


Geography students gasp with disbelief at "almanac alert"

Want to get transported to the Isle of Lesbos ???

Anyone know the scoop with St. Patrick ridding Ireland of snakes


What Household Chore Do You HATE The Most?

You know you're from NYC when...

It's very very cold here in Minnesota...

Why do these people have such hatred of Hillary?

NADER on CSPAN now monday 9AM eastern

The Press in Disarray

The Quiet Leader...

"George W. Bush is the frontrunner...

I think Braun did exceptionally well in the debate

Has participating in the GD 2004 primary forum increased your...

Dupe please lock

How should I reply to this right wing bigoted e-mail?

meet the press rerun on NBC now

Could the media actually want a Bush-Dean horserace?

Did anybody keep count of how many question/barbs were directed at Dean?

For NBDs: How many smoke marijuana on a regular basis

Should We Judge by Size of State Population or the stars a candidate has?

Kucinich finally gets substantial favorable mention in NY Times

Joe Lieberman, unwitting Republican operative?

Wes Clark's Achilles heel.

Howard Dean's Achilles heel

looking for town-by-town or county-by-county results of the 2000 election

Is there any chance that Senator Snowe could endorse..

Clark Loses No Ground in N.H. after Touring the Entire South! got a face lift

Some Facts on Dean

Democrats turn unfriendly fire on rival Dean

Biographical Article on Kucinich

Dean to make surprise visit to N.H. | Bradley endorsement expected

What is this monkey business that Freepers are claiming

I thought Clark was "The New American Patriot"...

Possible Bill Bradley endorsement for Howard Dean

Dean's gently blunt talk about race

Clark's absence at Dem debate not good for his media coverage

I sure wish Bradley had announced for Kucinich...

Dean's media problem

Clark on Hardball Tonight

Clark Remains Very Much In The Hunt For the Dem Nomination

Rasmussen national poll - update from December:

Slate article on book about Dean

Clark gets better ratings as he skips Dean-bashing

New ARG numbers for NH : see analysis of undecideds

Is it true that Kerry is losing in Massachusetts?

Clark domestic policy speech on c-span2 - 11:23 am EST (app)

Dean Untarnished By Rivals' Critiques

Wesley Clark tax plan...promoting right wing family values...

This is Clark's big news?

What to ask the Presidential candidates (with my suggested answers!)

NY Times on the debate & laughing at-- not with--Dean, etc

More pundit opinion on the debate

Dean vs Cheney... secret energy meetings.

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) will NOT accept VP nod.

Is Congressional experience an asset or liability for a candidate?

How could Dean let down Ellen Mariani, in her lawsuit vs Bush!

Candidates and Advisors

Heads up: Clark's tax speech - repeat at 3:45 PM EST

Howard Dean made the cover of Newsweek, Jan. 12 issue

I admire Fritz Hollings for being honest about his war vote. Courageous.

Did Anybody Else Even ASK For These Endorsements?

How much will proposal to roll back all the tax cuts hurt Dean/Gephardt?

Dean misrepresents legal position on releasing public records in debate

Why I support Clark

Faster Politics

Working Poor - If it's not a campaign issue, it should be

Howard Dean to be on the Ed Schultz show (4 PM ET)

True or False: Deanophobia Leads to Punditophilia

When you're holding worthless cards, put up illegal campaign signs?

TNR article on Dean House Parties

How Terry McAuliffe and James Carville created Howard Dean

O.K. Middle Class - Time for You to Decide!

The soundite of the day: So if Karl Rove is watching today. . .

live chat with Vanessa Kerry on women's issues at 5pm eastern

Dean adds to Arizona campaign staff

Strategy Question for Dean Supporters

A Glossary of Useful Terms for the GD Primaries Forum

dupe -----Wes Clark on FOX at 5pm and MSNBC at 7pm n/t

Clark & Military Spending: Ever take your car to a mechanic?

Update on our sharing of the Uncovered movie on Iraq.

Kerry Face the Nation transcript 1/4/04

On the assertion that Clark's tax reform plan descriminates against gays:

HardBall Tonight Is A New Show - Clark On At 7 pm ET

Bradley to Endorse Dean

Dolores Huerta and Richard Chavez Endorse Dean for President

NPR : you can send 1 question for 1 candidate,tomorrow's radio debate.

Kerry DOES Support a Trial For Saddam

Gays funded Howard Dean’s Early Campaign

Faux News Report

John Kerry announces comprehensive plan for American Workers and economy

My Political Science Professor's Primary Predictions

Should every candidate for the nomination open their records?

2 blogs for Carol Moseley Braun

Msnbc: Kerry proposes bailout for states

So was this "sweeping tax reform" Clark's big event this week?

Dolores Huerta and Richard Chavez endorse Dean for President

Correction: Democrats-Debate Story

Local Editorial paper ripping Dean

No Child Left Behind: The Biggest Broken Promise in a Generation

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of UFW union , endorses Dean

Kerry Calls for $25 Billion to Aid States

Dean down 4; Kerry up 4 in national poll

Dean's spooky little smile at the end of the debate--what gives?

Which is cutest- Elvis's "snarl smile" or Dean's "smirk smile" I say Dean

Newsweek: Clark is a Quick Study

Anyone watch FOX News' boatload of attacks on Dean?

Clark's tax speech-CSPAN tonight at 8pm EST, & Edwards, Gephardt, Kerry

Clark scheduled to be on FAUX @5:00 EST and MSNBC @7:00

bush*s 24/7 terra alerts designed to distract US from the Dem primary

Deleted message

The "NEW" theme of Dean campaign on Clark

What was so wrong about Lieberman's question to Dean?

Dean received warnings about nuclear plant

With all due respect, Kucinich was god-awful tonight

Why does Kerry continue to lie about Dean?

Records Sealed To Protect Gays Dean Says

Dean Won Five Back-to-Back Elections? False!

Howard Dean gets a mental checkup

Advice for Dean, as though he doesn't get enough of it....

Is Dean a hero to closeted gays in Vermont?

Cognitive Dissonance - Don't Catch It

OK, now I've gone off the rails for Clark

Clark, Gephardt can "stop Dean"

CNN finally shares the Dean/Bush poll results.

Story about presidential candidates leading in polls from yesteryear

Clark Looking for a Female VP

New CNN Poll has Bush and Dean virtually tied! (already)

Iowa: veterans, firefighters and undecided wonder about Dean's viability

what IF on the "biggest mistake" question during the debate. .

New national poll - Dean -4, Clark +2

The Dean Campaign printed up my newspaper idea for all of Iowa!

Kerry Barnstorms into 2004!

Clark is the one they really want....

Still No Contact With John Kerry Endorser

ARG daily NH tracking...Dean gains, no traction for Clark

Check Kucinich's rise on the QC poll....not too shabby!

Nader voices support for Kucinich !

February Contests Shape Up as Pivotal

Two Words: "Bush Knew." Which Candidates Will Speak The Truth?

Can someone post transcript from MTP roundtable yesterday?

Clark to Rove: "I dare you"

Info on Dean's tax plan - O'reilly Lies again this afternoon....!!

I Am Unmarried Without Kids, Yet I Love Clark's Revolutionary Tax Plan

Howard Dean and Bill Bradley

Can anyone explain to me why Kerry is losing to Dean in Mass?

Should Dean not win the nomination....

An email I got that Dean supporters (and everyone else) will like

Clark is hiring! Perl Programer/Support Engineer

Has anyone here actually participated in a caucus?

Is it just me or was this a brilliant political move?

Who Will Bring Our Troops Home the Earliest? (On Edit: Alive)

Kerry Petition - Reopen the WH Women's Office

Kerry took a loss in tax shelter in 1984 to avoid political fallout

Wes Clark's Families First Tax Reform

"Politics is not an expression of your moral purity"

Clark on Hardball now!

Another Democrat for Kucinich!

Teresa Heinz Kerry wants to meet Dr. Steinberg Dean

CNN poll switcheroo scandal! We need to take action--Dean Ahead?

Nominate your choice(s) for best Wes Clark grassroots site of 2003!

Watch the press try to destroy our candidate...again

Does Clark have any Liberal Democratic support ?

Edwards falls short for Rhode Island's primary

Will Dean give a tax cut to people with no kids?

Clark won me over tonight. Anyone else starting to sway?

New Polls Show: Dean Downs Other Dems

From Today's Meetup or why I am fired up about Clark

New Poll - Dean does better than Clark vs. Bush again

I adore Dean, and admire his organization. Then Clark appeared!

Selling the Status Quo: Is your candidate up to it?

Ins. Politics: Dean Campaign sends out mass mailings attacking Kerry

Rewind to last spring and remember how things got so hot.

"Brothers in Arms." Will You Watch the John Kerry Movie?

Braun, Sharpton, and Kucinich, Dean's Nader Group