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Oops -- dupe -- remove

Will Iraq Stonewalling Ever End?

Ground Zero

How to Hack an Election

Deportation/torture case tests civil rights, free press, US/Canada ties

Where is ""? Site down... Why?

Patriot Games (Eleanor Clift on Bush - Kerry and Viet Nam)

Double Standards, Dubious Morality [...] of This Fight Against Terrorism

"This theatre of the absurd" - Thom Yorke (yes Radiohead fans, THAT one!)

Conason: Bush’s War Stories Simply Don’t Fly

AP analysis: Bush faces risks in supporting-or opposing-investigation

Ouch! Danziger Nails BushCo on Iraq Dead Buck-Passing!

Le Devoir: "Jack Layton or the Renaissance of a Party"

Workers back former BBC chief (new comments from Gilligan)


Chicago Tribune Editorial: Weapons and War (and my response)

Perle Speaks at Possible Terrorist Fundraiser?

Intelligence on the Eve of War: NYTimes editorial

'War based on the big lie'

NYT Book Review: The Price of Loyalty: Square Peg

Peter Preston (London Observer): Media freedoms face an ice age

The Passion- Review - "Nothing in my existance could have prepared me"

DU Articles...."Not So Gay Times" and "The Great Divider"

Comedians and French bashing

Dowd: The Mirror Has Two Faces

Josh Marshall (TPM) on why we need an Iraq WMD investigation

A Fight Song for Progressives

Wolfowitz: We will completely remove PKK from northern Iraq

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): Budgets of Mass Destruction

This is how Bush supports our troops

Announcement for voters in Indiana 7th Congressional District

BBV - An Urgent Request for help in MAINE

California grocery chains in cahoots against workers

John Edwards visiting Kansas City Today (Sat. 1/31/2004)

Pro-military crap on front page of newspaper

Ron Suskind - Book TV - rerairs Sunday 9:45am / 4:15pm C-Span2

Mary-Ellis Bunim, Co-Creator Of 'Real World' And 'Road Rules,' Dies

Pixar Sees End to Its Disney Partnership

Jim Braude in Boston

I wish the candidates were clearer about reversing the FCC.

Phe's shared thought for the weekend 1/31 & 2/1/4

Just bought a pair of the new "shox" running shoes - really weird!

Ann Richards' worst mistake?

Kiss your rights GOODBYE: 2004, the anti-gay year

Bush budget has GOP on edge

How'd we ge here? A blast from the past -

The Budget Outlook: Updates and Implications

Africa's abhorrent abduction drama

Libyan government daily suspended

NY Times: French Ex-Premier Is Convicted of Graft

'The SABC had to be blown up' - SA

Thousands flee war in Sudan

Who are the Lord's Resistance Army?

Anti-Gun Zealots Ignore Reality of Street Crime

Second Amendment Liberal

You're on the jury...

A gun law to end all gun laws?

I have a dillema- RE 2004 election

So according to US vs. Miller

You wanna play? Its name that "Assault Weapon"

Can we have a DU demographics forum/spot/something?

What ??? ... :-) :-) did I do something wrong ? n/t

I accidentally hit hide this thread

I thought you might enjoy this

Admins, question about traffic...

Hey Skinner, I have a suggestion

Is my signature line acceptable? If not, how do I need to change it, but

Can an icon for the Rules be created so it shows up

So what's up with rule 8?

How can you refresh a thread ...

made donation, still not able to poll, buddy list

I would like a new DU board: "DU Articles"

OK, I was wrong for going over the top. But here's my question.


Why was the "botoxgate' thread locked ?

Why is thread hijacking/disruption allowed?

This is a flagrent rule violation

Ha'aretz editorial (Friday): Leadership in twilight

Pain and relief as Israeli soldier's family bids final farewell

Israel attacks Annan's remarks

EDITORIAL: Middle East madness

Shalom expresses hope that ICJ won't hold fence hearing

My Mid-East Peace Plan / Space Proposal


Suicide Bomb Survivors Face Worlds Blown Apart

U.S. citizen attacked in Israel sues Arafat

Grisly college politics

Holding a cruel mirror up to Israel

Americans back fence

Democrats support Israel

Death toll of Jerusalem suicide attack rises to 11

Dershowitz makes case for Israel

There is greatness in courage (J-Post Op-Ed)

Technical Video question

White House withholds notes taken by Sept. 11 delegation

Clues Missed on 9/11 Plotters

Latest and most complete evidence of pentagon conspiracy.

9-11 assasination attempt on W at hotel in Sarasota??? Hopsicker book

Books Investigating 9/11

It's Working!!!

Media giving Clark the Kucinich treatment

Jennifer Dunn to retire from the House

NY Times: Black Democrats Left Behind?

Dennis in New Mexico - busy schedule

War & law quiz for presidential candidates

What's your list of 25 of Dennis Kucinich's most important policies?

What's with the * ?

What is up with "Real Time"...I can't tell who are the guys on the left

Best place to buy ABB buttons?

How angry are the Republicans whose arms were twisted by Delay

I goofed on the Watergate post

Danny Glover with Tavis

I just saw the CBS ad.

Eleanor Clift: Bush's Military Service

Anybody want to have some fun debating some right wingnut football fans?

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor to Whitehouse

Washington DUer's a Call to Action

It's my 100th post!

Bush should be impeached for bragging about sex in the Oval Office...

the dopiest picture ever!! my eyes, my eyes......

How long will the CIA take all the blame?

Charlie Rose, Pincus, Isikoff, Michael Ohanlon on Kay/WMDs

What does this DLC letter mean?

Lord Of The Right Wing

The Halliburton Shuffle

Does Bohemian Grove have anything to do with Skull&Bones?

Bill Maher: Every Super Bowl ad is an advocacy ad.

Good news Atlanta DU'ers! (sarcasm alert)

Meet new NATO Sec. General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

It is "1984" -- "independent" now means "Cheney calls the shots"


Bush Calls for Abstinence, Defends the Empire, and Rallies the Rich headline war link . . . deplorable . . .

I've got a Probe for you, gb* . . .

Electronic bomb 'jammers' help protect convoys in Iraq

Georgia flag on primary ballot.

Irqi events we don't seem to hear from our media

So Basically Clinton Disarmed Iraq???

Should I cancel my Mastercard because of CBS?

Does the CBS logo creep you out?

In 2000, the Florida delegates were prepared to vote for Bush?

Why Republicans like keeping people in poverty

59 Years Ago Today

2005 Defence Budget

tell NY TIMES if you agree re CBS, MoveOn, and other non-profits

Image is reality, true or false?

What was before the "Big Bang"?

I'll vote for Bush* if he can prove God is on his side

Terror alerts follow bad press for bush*.....coincidence????

Not a shred of accountability in bush* administration.

If Bush Were to get re-elected, God Forbid

This campaign is about God!

Googleing "miserable failure" has changed...

Teachers Union Boss Sentenced- Art, Jewelry, Furs & Gun Siezed From Home

Drug money and the stock market

Can people opposing the secular state be jailed for treason?

How to Hack an Election

Biggest terror threat to America!

One month from Today, Leap Year in Iraq

President Carter responds to "evolution"

Fox Caption: Stocks perform 200% better if Bush Re-elected

CSpan2 - Ron Suskind about Price of Loyalty

Hutton Inquiry: British media warns of a Blair whitewash too far

Join the One-Minute Boycott of CBS

What effect would the FMA have on libertarians and constructionists...

Rush facing drug charges, Novak on the run!

Technology, the Internet, and Electoral Politics (Long)

Pot smokers support terrorism. Greens are responsible for Iraq.

Should we use RICO act to seize PNAC/Bush cabal's personal assetts?

If it is nothing but sex and adultery that gets the attention then I ask..

What are the job losses like in your community?


White House holding Notes Taken by 9/11 Commission

Washington State's Senior Republican, Jennifer Dunn, Retires

Who will end the war?

The Other Sexual Harassment Problem (Arnold)

MTP= Media Through Prostitution

Should the Fox NetworkNews Corp. be dismantled?

It's hard for me not to support Rush Limbaugh...

I need a new signature line. I want it to be a political statement, but

My Mother, GBLT Activist Extraordinaire

"There's fighting in the streets"

If you support the War on Drugs, you're a freeper...

Politic placement a natural extension of product placement?

Is there a website to Protest the GOP convention in NY?

A good site with info on the neoconservatives - "Right Web"

Predict: Who'll be Bush's VP candidate?

Conservatives, freepers, et. al. are losing it...

David Kay - CIA

Does anyone else think we'll blow it?

CAPTION-et Meeting

Need suggestions for puppy name

NYT list -- Top 5, Hardcover Nonfiction

Talking Points....What are the Talking Points to use this year?

I expect a "news" story to break tomorrow.

Enlighten this furrinah: is Feb 3 the famous "Super Tuesday"?

MSNBC/Newsweek Poll - DU

Kucinich Supporters: Has DK said anything about Peak Oil?

Can we vote some of these stories off the news?

How responsible is Joe Average Freeper?

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State.........

Do we want our party to become the party of DINOS?

When, oh when will the Democrats learn?????

At what point will the question be asked: Is pResident * electable?

Medicare bill even more screwed up than I realized

Du'ers, UNITE! (universal signature until the election)

Swing state voters sound off.

Here's an idea to get Guy James' Show more widely heard

Thanks to CBS, its SuperBowl ad patrons are receiving horrible publicity

Who's behind Nour USA? (receiving huge Iraq security contract)

"Please Be More Scared!" - a Homeland Security entrainment video

Blair appointed Lord Hutton. Hutton cleared him and blamed the BBC.

Stryker Assault Vehicle: What were they thinking?

I need help digging up records

"The Guy James Show" coming up at 3pm please keep kicked

Black Leaders remind voters presidetial race is far from over

Is it time yet to start thinking about the House and Senate?

Union busting Safeway CEO Burd; Bush "Ranger" (what a surprise)

Will Iraq Stoewalling ever end?-CBS

The freepers reaction to *'s dropping numbers

modest funeral for U.S. Army soldier from Nicaragua..(pics)

NYT: Globalism Minus Jobs Equals Campaign Issue

Will Dubya Dump Dick?

Two letters on Same sex Marriage.

To all our repub lurkers out there

Ich Bin Ein Berliner. :)

Should we engineer the emergance of a Perot-like candidate?

Did this really happen?

Geraldo Rivera

Why is Arnold in Cali such a big deal?

BC Govt may decriminalize drunk driving

Heed well the words of FDR...

Please help me find a hi-res pic of *

It's 2008, imagine this scenario: Giuliani vs. Jeb for the nod

Vote in this Poll-Were There WMDs?

What happens to Bush if Osama is caught?

Flash! Cheney now not so sure about Iraq WMD's. He just figured it out?

This seems like Bush's relection strategy:

Novak assault scene video - in the end he RUNS from the Camera

HOT !! US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD

WMD....This is a MUST READ...right wingnuts fight back

Former Senator Torricelli is a Harken Energy representative


INN news on FSTV says * can be impeached under Patriot Act.

Why didn't Bush follow up on the USS Cole bombing ??

A Bush disciple admits Bush family connection to Bin Laden family!

Anybody remember when Reagan got angry in the 1980 campaign...?

conservatives want gay marriages banned because ...

Waxman & Conyers criticize Scalia's refusal to quit Cheney case

"The Intelligence Chain" OSP/PNAC Diagram from Mother Jones

Anyone wonder why Trippi never mentions working for Jerry Brown?

Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?"

The Patriot Act at work: The Man Who Saw Too Much

E J Dionne and Pat Buchanan on Tim Russert's CNBC show 10pm ET

What is the most important issue the Dems should use against Bush?

David Kay's Shady Past-Fired From UN In 1992 For Unethical Behavior

Oh no - a ridiculous "music video" w/ Lou Dobbs, Trent Lott, Chavez, Chimp

Which BushCo investigation should the Dems pursue most strongly?

Lets talk about the fractured left (with civility, if we can)

A quote on Cuba from another board

Survey: What will Bush* do to get re-selected"?

Prediction: Dem 60 million (54%); Bush 52 million (46%)

America is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome with Bush

Really stupid question - war for oil

"Royalists"..."The Enemy Within our own Gates"...

Bush down to 49 percent approval in Newsweek poll

The Bush Plan to Militarize, Corporatize Space

The Missing Story Nobody's Asking About.

Should towns provide shelter for homeless when it's cold? Poll

Subjects I hate to get involved in

Bush team wants to take away my VA benefits

Has Bush "served in the military"?

Ellen Mariani's lawyer calculates the odds BUSH KNEW: 4 million to 1!

Did Clinton's 1998 air strikes destroy Iraq WMD? Not ONE U.S. casualty

More causualties of Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act

Chicago/Illinois DU'ers....I've got a juicy one for you.

outrageous slur regarding Max Cleland's military record

The stupidity of the average person is astounding...

Do you support third-party empowerment?

Ann Richard's worst mistake?

Pool on what day in 2004 Osama will be caught -- What do you bet?

Winning the BBS wars

The "Sneaky DRAFT" already started - Draft Creep! Bush '04=DRAFT '05

Wow, soldiers dissing Halliburton, Bechtel big time!

I don't go with LIHOP or MIHOP. I think bush is just an idiot.

Office of Special Plans: the Skewing of intelligence (U.S./U.K/Aust)

Take it Back CD by local southern gal

Let's start a class action lawsuit against the media

Castro "Prepared For U.S. Invasion"

Do we have a possible Watergate scenario brewing here?

Karzai: U.S. Air Raid Killed 10 Afghans

Fire union faces Labour split calls

Thousands flee smoking Indonesian volcano

Much of Europe Is Derisive About Report on Iraqi Arms

UN Votes On Tough Terror Measures

Iran Guardians Ease Election Bans

Bush Seeks More Money for Missile Defense

Federal jury considers death penalty

Blast targets Iraq police station - (breaking on BBC)

Afghan president says Osama bin Laden still alive

Poll: Many Latinos adopt a wait,see position on 2004 presidential election

Delay Sought in Lawsuit From Anthrax Widow

Flights could be terror targets

Scientists Clamor to Save Hubble

Teachers Union Chief Sentenced in Scandal (No Theif Left Behind)

Afghan probe finds U.S. killed 10

In bid to save Siberian ibex, China clones one

No conflict in my new job, state environment chief says

At Least 12 Killed in Bombings in Northern Iraq

Kerry Leads Primary Polls in Three States

Outrage at Yakima (GOP) senator's racial slur

Khan removed from post in Pakistan

Hill probers fault Iraq intelligence (WP)

Billions Embezzled In China

British Airways and Air France cancel flights to Washington DC

U.S. Rebound Loses Its Momentum

Iraqi Council Bans Al-Jazeera From Offices

British Airways Cancels 3 U.S. Flights

Alex Trebek escapes injury in crash

Families Say Soldiers Need More Rest Time

Bush's migrant reform gets a defense

Shaken Daley says he's sorry (Chicago Mayor, Scandal)

BBC (Saturday): Iran poll crisis reaches deadlock

Bush Resists WMD Probe Calls

Candidates battle for support of black voters

Republicans Satisfied With Bush's Silence in Face of Criticism

Republicans try to save energy bill

Debate Begins on Structure of Transitional Government | LA Times

Illegal Music Downloader in Super Bowl Ad

Dutch Embassy in Baghdad Hit by Rockets

Seattle Judge tosses ticket-scalping cases, cites M's Internet sales

Comcast Limits Broadband Usage

DOD: 4th Soldier Dies From Attack In Khalidiyah

Blast Kills at Least Two in Baghdad Neighborhood

Leader Of Barrow's Ten Commandments Fight Hospitalized (heart stopped)

Pakistan's nuclear hero throws open Pandora's box

Pakistan Fires Top Nuclear Scientist

Proposed Mercury Rules Bear Industry Mark (EPA copies exact words)

NASA's Opportunity rover rolls off lander and onto Mars surface | SF Chron

Store for medical pot opens in Roseville CA | Sacramento Bee

dupe sorry

Saddam to be handed over to Governing Council court: Bremer

Car Bomb Rips Through Iraqi City

9/11 inquiry could become election embarrassment for Bush

When, oh When will the Democratic candidates say what

Top offices fail to entice Republicans to enter fray (Oregon) | Oregonian

DOD: Soldier Dies of Wounds ( not a dupe ) the 45th this month

Cruel and unusual: Madison County MT sued over jail conditions, treatment

Baucus (D-MT): Bush budget shorts rural schools | Billings Gazette


1st caller to claim to be highway shooter is disconnected | Plain-Dealer

Same-sex marriage questions debated | New Orleans Times-Picayune

WHO urges China to move fast against bird flu | Globe and Mail

US Troops Take Possibility of al Q`aida Attack on Guantanamo Seriously

High court backs right to spank (Canada) | National Post

Boxer's GOP Rivals Under the Radar - LAT

Forget the drawl, desi is fine (call centre rules) | Times of India

(California attorney general) Lockyer to sue grocery chains

Maryland Man Indicted Over Threats to Bush (link - Metro DC area)


Georgia cuts all ties to Matrix database (compare to yesterday) | AJC

Liberal Donors Back Anti-Bush Groups

Lieberman to pull plug Feb 3rd - SunTimes gossip

Netherlands Nabs Nigeria Scammers 

Bush to Back Off Some Initiatives for Budget Plan

Pols want to bury Lenin, not praise him | Washington Times

Hundreds Protest Marriage Proposal (State of GA gay marriage ban)

California lawmaker wants building officials to consider feng shui

Democrats Assail, and Tap, 'Special Interests'

BBC (late Saturday): Iran leader falls ill amid crisis

Bush May Back Iraq Intelligence Panel

Bush proposes legal block on Congress spending

Financial services give large sums to Bush

Judge orders DNA Test of Neil Bush

Bush to Back Probe of Iraq Data, Officials Say

Opportunity Mars rover crawled off its lander ! Pics inside...

C$1.5 million stolen sculptures recovered | CBC

Pentagon seeks significant spending increase in missile defense

BBV: Security measures urged for voting machines - Baltimore Sun

Small Plane Diverted as Bush Leaves Philly (Fox)


Teen's 17-year sentence for gay sex upheld

Sebelius (D-KS) urges gaming growth | KC Star

B.C. bud buys guns for Afghans (real headline!) | Vancouver Sun

Democrats Seek to Change Medicare Law

Bush Slips--Among Republicans

(California) cancer treatments cut

'Dismayed' BBC staff back Dyke

Evolution furor heats up (new) | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Anxious About Outsourcing (Washington Post)

London Observer (Sunday): BBC dossier reveals fury at Hutton 'flaws'

Even with $200m to spend, Bush still looks vulnerable

A Flawed Argument in the Case for War

Russia to test nuclear forces

W. House sets attack dogs on Kerry as disappearing Dean leaves field clear

Pair of Stryker vehicles come under fire in Iraq

Bush's service record criticized

AP 1/31 Wolfowitz says Iraq war justified because Saddam ignored

Breaking news, 3 soldiers killed, Northern Iraq, attack on convoy,

Dozens of Iranian lawmakers resign in response to blacklist

Powell's Case, a Year Later: Gaps in Picture of Iraq Arms

Neil Bush's Fiancee's Son Ordered to Provide DNA Sample

Saddam to be handed over to special court: Bremer

Wisconsin vote could make or break Dean - AP

Dean Spent $6.5M on Campaign Salaries

Bush plan would kill overtime for many veterans

Blair fears being hung out to dry by Bush over WMD

7 Flights to U.S. Canceled on Terror Fears

US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD

Bush OK's Independent Probe of Prewar Intelligence

Sound of silence (Yellowstone snowmobile ban) | Missoulian

Ooey-Gooey was a worm

$51,000 Price For Sidewalk Space In Peterson Trial

Peasants! You fail to amuse me

Am I in the lounge?

If I say "I'm lying" am I lying or telling the truth?

official alone on friday night thread.

"I don't know but I've been told..."

Hey I just found out Vancouver got the 2006 world juniors!

"Let's get down to brass tax. How much for the ape?"

anybody want to Yahoo chat ?

Maybe it's just me, but I just don't get "Last Tango in Paris"

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!

The Perfect Dating Couple Is Dweezil And Lisa Loeb. The Are So Cute

Update on Salem, my black cat.

My LiveJournal has been updated

Any Rocket Scientists on the DU ?

For thoses seeking a return Msg

I've been really lucky so far at this job

always worth a laugh - the number of the beast

Thanks to forum, posters and moderators.


Anyone from the Bay Area?

Would you go on a one-way trip to Mars?

Favorite living British Royal?

Today's Boonedocks--good for a big laugh!

TV Alert: The last MST3K is on now.

What Do You Think Your *Lurking To Posting* Ratio Is In The Lounge?

I have officially resigned...

Happy Birthday, Dick Gephardt!

A what Time are you from, Thread

Cartoon: The Stages of Intelligence Failure

So. Have You Pushed The Hot Button Yet.

Rubber band man commercial

I've done this

It's my 100th post!

Any PHP gurus out there?

Im gonna go polish off my King Arthur Book

Texas Surgeons

What's the Highest Level of Education You've Dropped Out Of?

Does the CBS logo creep you out?

I need advice from lesbian members of DU

Second Annual Dubya Quote Quiz.

WRC fans: Rallye Monte Carlo

Mystery Act To Appear At Superbowl

Cant even to to without encountering a ditto head.....

Marketing men's magazines..

Radiohead fans, check out my latest post at the Editorials section

Googleing "miserable failure" has changed...

Warning: Toxic memes in the body of this message!

new Oxyrush advertiser NTB

Tonight in Hartford, CT: an evening of political satire!

Reading Habits (Boring Poll, sorry, but I need to know...)

NFL Hall Of Fame Is Joke

Prediction: My friend Megan will be the local NDP candidate within 5 years

Sorry, wrong forum.

I am like so releived my Moderator Warnings have been "accidentally"


Did someone say mad cow?

What was before the "Big Bang"?

Silly songs you learned as a kid

Macs & PCs

Bush: "Saddam sent his WMDs to Loch Ness" (humor??)

The Origin of Faeces

Reports: Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez , Tigers have a deal

Who's going to win the Australian Men's Open Tennis Tournament?

Drive By Truckers - Decoration Day - Great Music

Farscape fans MUST READ THIS!!!

Are these the Americans we love?

Cat people or dog people

We are seriously considering moving to New Orleans.

I need a new signature line. I want it to be a political statement, but

Vegas casinos cancel Super Bowl parties (profit, not terrorism)


I just got 700 posts!!

Best ever Saturday morning educational programming

I want a children's fable like THAT:

Exploding Whale

CNN must be monitoring us.. *waves*..Hi CNN


Its getting hard to get signed on to DU

Check This Site Out.

You Idle (your car), You Lose

CAPTION-et Meeting

Asshat kids charged with torturing cats.

Test post...morning sunrise

Wow! There are more black people than I thought in New York!

El Presidente un la ninnas .................... CAPTION

Shelter Dogs, HBO Undercover,

Anybody remember "Things of Science"? Star Trek Changes Due? Rumor of overhaul in the works...

Fellow DU Scifi geeks: Battlestar Galactica greenlit for series!

Progress on the Dan Savage-inspired google bomb

Super Bowl bloopers and urban myths

YaaaaYYYYYYY!!!!! It's my birthday!!!!!

Computer question: What is Sonic Update Manager

I give!! I give!!

Why did Satan create Dinosaur fossils?

Caption this photo of Bush

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Trivia

Hasselhoff claims he had hand in Berlin Wall falling [arghh]

Hey YOU doin'?

Email Received: Paris CD (Sonic Jijad) Released from Guerrilla Funk!!

Need suggestions for puppy name

Star Trek Trivia Thread

Ever get the feeling that everybody has you on Ignore?

NY State Jail employee busted for stealing prisoners' underwear

Fish avoids fish fry....saves Minnesota school

Urban dictionary.. Fun

Bull riding: What do you think about it?

The State of Denial

Who else wishes 2004 would go away?

Candidate Bad Picture Smack-off!!!

Can another Pats Super Bowl win assuage the Red Sox Curse?

Emergency, Emergency.. Everyone to get from street! CAPTION

I'm not the first one to get these three guys confused, am I?

Computer heads - I'm drowning in files, HELP please!

Flammable fart...............PU

Yoda backs Wesley Clark

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Best Carrot Dip EVER!

What was the last great Star Trek Show?

Does any one else thinks Novak looks like a fat fish?

have you done a 180 in religious beliefs?

I just finished putting up an electric fence...ask me anything

Petition: Stop Bush's attack on overtime pay

Make your own mugshots

I'm jealous...Abbie is cheating on me....with Ramsey

I just spent 2 hours assembling caucus packets - ask me anything!

Food Fight!!!!

NyQuil makes you feel like your in a coma

Walmart Greeter

What is your favorite tea?

Dead Dog......joke

During Halftime Sunday switch to CNN for Moveon Ad...

Catnip is a "gateway drug"..... It leads to terrible things

Best movie chase scene ever (not a poll, for once)



800 posts...

Was Sherlock Holmes gay? What about Frodo? Certainly not Batman...

Someone from Philly called me?

Where is Khephra?

I'm going to Tennessee see you all in a while

GUESS!!!!! What was Ramsey's High School Theme Song

Lil' Zomby!

Where's KG?

Dog with a deathwish

"These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed" ? ? virus ?

Go Panthers!

Which Democratic candidate most likely reads DU?:

It's Official... The N.Y. Rangers SUCK!!!!

Watching "Sweet Sixteen" by Ken Loach....I'm dreading the end.

This is my post #1000. Ask me anything except why I haven't donated yet.

Star Trek III: The Search for Trivia

I love pizza


Star Trek IV: The Trivia Home

It's 2005...we won!...or did we?

AOL DU Chat on a Saturday Night?

Fave QUANTUM LEAP episode ever?

BTW, Finnfan is the biggest sweetie you'll ever meet

Which gif should I use for my website for February?

I just saw one of the ads for the Super Bowl tommorow

When did polar bears leave Antarctica?

I humbly apologize to Lynnesin

What's your 3 favorite Stoner Songs?

How do you prevent the flu from coming on?

Sylvie, Sylvie, I'm so hot and dry

It's my birthday and I'm drinking! Ask me anything!

I feel like I'm going to die if I don't get one of these soon....

Guinness Drinkers - Check in.

Matcom....Ramsey said she would marry you...

Id you get an e-mail from

Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend

What's your excuse?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Eve

Darrell Hammond is usually brilliant,

Any Ambrosia fans out there?

Family Portrait.....Bush and relatives

Do you miss your Mom when you get sick?

Redneck Cat Carrier

It's not my birthday, and I'm shooting smack in my eye

Bad toy?

Diane Neal - Prosecute me, baby, prosecute me!

My name is Dookus

Who's doing their taxes?

Pere Ubu, Anyone?

The Kings are going to knock the hell outta Seatle tonight!

I love Eddie Izzard

I've gotta get out of this cold! I can't take it anymore!

We did SNL. What's your favorite SCTV skit?

Your prayers are urgently needed!

Are DU Pages loading really slowly for anyone else?

For those boycotting the Super Bowl

It's funny.

Who's the best NFL quarterback?

Anyone have links to classic BUSHISMS as MP# or WAVs???

Who's on the Atkins Diet

William H. Macy

CONFESS, Lynnesin! You have no taste! (I mean that with all due respect)

A good pic to caption

Survivor: All-Stars

Who here has had cosmetic surgery of some kind or another?

If God is all powerful & mighty

Favorite JIM CROCE song

Favorite non political SnL skit


What's to eat for the Super Bowl ?

The best photoshopped pics I've ever seen!

To my fellow DU music lovers....

So I was buyin a beer tonight and got to tell a guy about DU.....

Any DU Hams out there?

Who here hates using a new keyboard?

Seabiscuit - Just Cried Like A Baby Over A F*cking HORSE Movie?

What should ZombyWoof's new DU name be?

Do we like new people at DU?? Runu2DU??


Give me a one, two, three, four.... what are Captioning for?

Bribe money.... CAPTION...

I'll put a spell on you if you don't CAPTION

Whatever happened to Susan Powter?

Religious zealot cousin of mine

What are you looking forward to most on Super Bowl Sunday?


Does anyone else find "The Lion King" offensive

I say, it is good to be the king of Canada..... CAPTION

I proclaim: Women who love Science-Fiction

Correct Mispronunciations Here!

Dumbest screen name you've ever had?




Just saw "Butterfly Effect"

Ich Bin Ein Berliner. :)

Is a size 10 big for women?

Bo Knows ________.....Caption!

Have you guys seen BartCop's SOTU contest winners?

Star Trek IV- The Voyage to Trivia

Please Photoshop this pic for me.

"Things not to do while watching The Lord of the Rings."

Anyone's cat undergone perineal urethrostomy?

Wanted: The Perfect Candidate

Dean and the media redux

The Southern Strategy again, but with a tactical twang (New! Improved!)

Who here is voting on Super Tuesday?

In Clark's Campaign, a Brother-in-Law as Sounding Board

Kerry gets lawmaker endorsements; Clark telemarketing dispute settled

Wesley Clark and Howard Dean 2 candidates:of the people,by the people

Kerry got more lobbying $ than ANY other Senator in last 15 years

Words to Kerry Supporters from a Deanie

Under Attack by Rivals, Kerry Keeps His Focus on Bush

I'm not committed, but wouldn't Edwards be cool?

Election 2004 = Cakewalk. Relax.

What happens if Kerry wins 5 primaries, but Edwards wins SC, and Clark OK

Gore Vidal opines on George Soros (relevant due to his Kerry comments)

It's Done, who has the fork? Ok, stick it in

What is the real story on Dean's military service?

Candidates play nice for Democrat nomination

Either prove that Kerry had Botox treatment or shut up about it!

Kerry lying about botox shouldn't be shocking, he's lied before

Kerry Supporters...Are We Pompus & Arrogant?

Kerry could find himself in a pickle

BREAKING: 3rd poll shows kerry ahead of bush

Changed mind, I don't think I can vote for Kerry (Maybe not)

Favorite Kerry Quote

Dean Focuses on Winning Michigan Primary

VA poll puts Kerry on top by +14% margin over all rivals

Convince me kerry is an improvement re: the drugs war.

Kerry sends Kendrick Meek to SC, names Cong. Meek FL Campaign Chair

Ex-Sen. Carnahan backs Kerry, but her family is divided

Kerry, Dems should junk "special interest" term

Recent photo of John Kerry on January 28th following NH win...

Kerry Leads Primary Polls in Three States

Lets say Dean drops out with 2 or 3 candidates still in the race after

MO and Clark. What's the deal?

Kerry Has Edge in 5 of 7 Primary States

when are senate/congressional primaries?

Clark's sweater on E-Bay

Kerry's successful media imagery manipulation has put him in the lead

EDWARDS leads KERRY in SC. CLARK leads in OK

Gert Clark talking

Petition for Clark

For better or for worse, is Dean angry on purpose?

AP: "Kerry Awaits Michigan Governor's Endorsement...late this afternoon

Incredible results from NH republican primary

Safest Prediction for the Outcome in North Dakota's Primary Is 'Cold'

Gert Clark coming up on CSPAN, 9:00am Central time

Kerry Leads Primary Polls in Three States

New national poll numbers: Kerry 45, Dean 14, Edwards 11, Clark 5

Absentee Ballots Cast in each Feb. 3rd state?

Got off the phone with a Bush freak.

The Zogby numbers, 1/31

Can you say "corporate media?"

Clark Supporters, Check in. Talking point of the day...

Dean Supporters -- Neel lays out the strategy ....2 man race/people decide

If John Kerry Were Elected President, How Good Of A President Would He Be?

Is Kerry still using the phrase "average Americans"?

Kerry's war service undercuts some GOP attacks

Candidate best able to press/benefit from the brewing wmd scandal?

Kerry in OKC this afternoon at 4:00 pm

Kerry under fire...Rivals assail remarks on abortion, South

About Media Brainwashing

Pit bulls, Rottweilers and the fiercest Chihuahuas won't deter volunteers!

What an Extended Race Can Do...

Kerry Among TOP Recipients From Special Interests

"Angry" outsiders. How conveeeeeenient.

Deleted message

New NBC SC Poll looks good for Edwards 11pt. Lead

American Research Group Numbers:

Clark supporters, and others,

What was up with Edwards getting booed at the candidates forum?

Edwards: "I benefited from the American Dream they're trying to slam shut

Viewer alert: Dean will be on tomorrow's MTP for the full hour

We have only had 2 primaries

Breaking News.........Salt Lake City Mayor to Endorse Dean

Howard Dean slipped in the polls immediately after Sharpton's question

dean campaigners

Re: The Kucinich WMD Report - Major press conference on Saturday a.m.

Debate on Monday???

Lieberman to leave race February 3rd?

An Amazing Numbers South Carolina: Bush-45% Dem Nominee-43%

Dean gets full hour on Russert Sunday

U.S. Rep. Meek to endorse Kerry

I doubt Dean and Clark will unite

Clark People: Why doesn't your guy team up with Howard Dean?

Edwards "Clark comes from a different place"

Dem's' Race Ain't Over Yet - a moderate (Clark or Edwards) will emerge

Chris Matthews praises temperment of Cheney as better than Howard Dean

Deleted message


Yet another of my wacko friends...

Flashback news: Dean leading Gephardt in Iowa with 2 weeks to caucus

Good job, Bill Richardson: "The next president of the United States..."

What are the policy differences between Clark and Kerry?

Are Newbies Welcome on this Site ?

Didn't Kerry once make an anti-Italian comment?

GOP Increasingly Wary Of Democratic Challenge (Meaning Kerry)

What poetic justice it would be if Kerry picked Cleeland as VP

Massachusetts Resident for Clark

Are you as impressed with Kerry's rapid response to criticism as I am

Something to think about

2500-3000 people turn out for Dean in Tucson, AZ

Do you support any kind of special interest money in campaigns?

Edwards or Clark has to drop out after Feb. 3rd

Michigan teachers endorse Kerry.

Why Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich need to stay in the Debates

OK, I'll admit it...I don't respect John Kerry as a man.

another terrific add made by a Dean supporter

Does it bother anyone else here that Kerry accepted campaign donations

Has Kerry been the frontrunner all along?

On CSPAN~ replay of MSNBC Debate from SC~ 5:30pm nt

Bank accounts running low for all Dem hopefuls

Who is the most liberal --==*MAJOR*==-- candidate?

Which of these (Kucinich & Sharpton) should drop out now?

This is why polls and the Media can be counter-productive to Democracy:

Are you addicted to this danged forum?


Which candidate would do the best job in office?

If you want to talk racist remarks/actions by the candidates...

I've been a Dean supporter, but this kills it for me...

Granholm, Cherry, Sandy Levin endorse Kerry

Clark Recommended war resolution

Kerry's push for higher fuel-efficiency standards may hurt him in Michigan

Republicans Increasingly Wary of Challenge From Kerry

Clark Steps Up His Criticism of Bush

Deleted message

Brokered convention: Who gets the Nom?

Dio Campaign Scrambles to Explain Priest Tossing

dupe (by 1 minute!!)

Bush raised $132.7 million last year. And he still ain't spent a dime of it

Does DU have any influence on the Presidential primaries?

Outsider: " Corporate America decided Dean must be savaged"

Has anyone seen these Weekly Standard Flash ads?

Did Dean put all his eggs in one basket ?

Contact your favorite candidate and ask him to demand keeping debates

Is it better for the primaries to drag out to the convention or not?

Wow, look at all the attacks on Kerry

Which State Will End Up Being The 'Florida' Of 2004

If your candidate loses the primaries, will you watch his concession......

Is FreeTrade more less or the same size issue as IWR and why

Clark people: Pics of the General from NM

Democratic presidential candidates' comments on fuel efficiency

This is why dean will not win

anti- kerry gripes - vs. anti-dean gripes + clark just for the heck of it

Bush sets attack dogs on Kerry as disappearing Dean leaves field clear

Clark MUST stay in the running until Mississippi's Democratic Primary!

NCLB is a liberal's bill, so why do people hate Kerry for it?

Kerry Blasts Bush, Runs Strong in Missouri

Why I'm Convinced John Forbes Kerry Can Win in the GE

Novak sighting on CNN Capital Gang at 7:00 PM EST

Shouldn't you trust Vermont's judgement of politicians?

How the Race Could Turn....

If Edwards wins SC and Clark wins OK, Dean is screwed

Will Kerry get the gun owner vote that abandoned Al Gore in 2000?

What are the chances of a deadlocked convention? What's the

Just had the pleasure of sending

Does anyone here literally pray for your candidate or the Dem. Party

kerry top recepient of lobbyist money...WARNING FOXTV

Kerry Adds Momentum With Endorsements

Yoda backs Wesley Clark

Technology, the Internet and Electoral Politics (long)

Poll: Kerry/Clark or Kerry/Edwards

Are polls without Kucinich or Sharpton biased?

Fellow Dean Supporters: Here's why there's only one smart move left now. is launched.

Which candidates have commented on NYT call to bar DK, AS from debates?

Clark: Candidate woos minorities

Granholm endorses Kerry

"Judy, Judy, Judy" -- The Nation on First Ladies Running

Just Based On Pure Looks, Who Does Rolled-Up Sleeves Better?

Edward's anti-Hispanic comments (link included)

When, oh when will the Democrats learn?????

ABC and Diane Sawyer admit culpability re: Dean Iowa Speech

Andrew Sullivan goes Joementum!!

Clark on C-Span now 8:22est I just turned it on

What is Kerry's record on discrimination and civil rights?

Oh my goodness ! They're calling it "Botoxgate" !

Kerry's anti-Italian comment on Don Imus's show (link included)

Washigton Post and the Kerry "special interests" promise

Kerry Will DESTROY Dean In A Debate One-On-One

I have a request for ALL crowd shots from Dean Rally in Tucson

I really feel Edwards can make a comback and win the nomination!

Curious remarks from John Zogby....

Novakula just said Kerry is very hard to label and pin down.

Kerry aides feel Edwards is their greatest threat.

John Edwards' Pocket Knife Flagged at Airport

Edwards Says He Can Beat Bush Across U.S.

Who here has had cosmetic surgery of some kind or another?

Wes Clark's own Vietnam story

You Know What Gets My Goat About Dean And His "I'm A Doer" Stuff

McClintock endorses Clark!

Electing the Electable

This is why I like Dean......

Kerry swats back at Dean - calls him on Repug gaffe

How is Dean polling in MI, WA, ME, and WI?

Bill Richardson on Clark, "the next president of the United States"

Clark Steps Up Criticism of Bush

Kerry's Lobbyist Money -- The Actual NUMBERS

Check Out and Take the MSNBC Poll

Dean's Rainmakers

How is Dean polling in MI, WA, ME, and WI?

Who Will Be The Final Two Candidates For The Nomination?

If/when Kucinich leaves the primary, who would he endorse?

Why MM's not only an asset to Clark, but to the country

Photos of Arizona Rally for Dean Supporters and Well-Wishers

Five houses, a jet and a big mouth

Attention all Clark supporters!!!

Double-checking: Kerry voted for NCLeft Behind, Patriot Act, and Iraq?

New Zogby--- In OK, WC 25, JK 22, JE 16

If you live in a Rural area list who you are voting for and Why?

Clark polling well in AZ!

Lets Jam the NYtimes

Was the idea of a Kerry-Edwards ticket a way to block Edwards in NH

Just got back from the Tucson Dean rally.

Kerry Fires Back at Dean Charges of Cronyism

Kerry accused American soldiers of war crimes.

The frontrunner dynamic. . .

"Extra Scrutiny" at Albuquerque Airport for John Edwards

What's with all the subjects with locks on them tonight?

Are we fooling ourselves?

Kerry spokesman David Wade hits back at Dean

"Kerry Looks Hard to Beat in Five States" by AP's Ron Fournier...

It's funny.

Kerry Responds to RNC Attack

Once it comes down to Kerry and Edwards this will happen.

Dean returns to raucous welcome in Washington

I updated my site with some pro-Dean links & commentary.

Dean to pick Gore as V.P.

Did Kerry Lie Today About Contributions? Looks Like It to Me.

Looking (Way) Ahead - GE Debate?

Another war hero endorses Wes Clark!

Edwards Not Enough Experience?

Dean's brilliant new strategy: skip thirteen primaries and caucuses

If Clark does win a couple of states next Tuesday, how does the media..

Polls: Edwards, Clark Challenge Kerry

Clinton: Kerry Not Too Left to Get Elected

Bush's service record criticized by Max Cleland at event for Kerry

Massachusetts, The Stigma State

What experience does Edwards have to lead this country?

Early Feb 3 predictions

Why I worry so much for our democratic nominee...

Need help in finding dean's tax plan

Anyone see 8 mile?

Kerry Exaggerates Role in Some Key Legislative Battles

What will Kerry do with Bush tax cuts this year

Kerry two Faced on 1991 Gulf War

Dean supporters -- here's a great website featuring a homemade ad

Dean leads in contributions from HMO and Pharmaceuticals

the Globe~Bush's service record criticized

No mention of Clark on ABC news today and only passing mention on NBC

Bush's popularity rating drops to new low as Kerry extends lead: poll

Bush Slips -- Among Republicans

A Fair and Balanced look on Kerry and Deans contributers

Listen. If Dean can't even win over Democrat/Independent voters...

Why the South IS important

I just returned from a Kerry rally in OKC

Weekend Democratic Primary Poll

John Kerry, the IWR, and the movie Fargo: a short analogy has caught in web traffic

North Carolina Might Have Caucus Not Primary

Which candidate has best commercials?

Any South Carolina DU'ers here, whats the sentiment down there?

Who will drop out Wednesday morning?

How many candidates should be permitted to debate after Feb 3rd?

If Bush's poll numbers dropped dramatically

Michigan Poll Kerry 37, Dean 14

List all the Dem. candidates you would not vote for in the GE

For those of you that don't like Howard Dean

Don't you want a fight?

What should Kerry have done re: Botox?

Democrats Assail, and Tap, 'Special Interests'

Apparently it is a Kerry-Dean race with no one else having a chance

Idea for Dean supporters

List the State Or City You Live In? And who you are for?

Is Bush in a public opnion free-fall?

Dean Campaign-why we're in it until the convention

I don't buy Kerry's excuse.

If Dean is electable why can't he win a primary?

Deleted message

Would you rather have your candidate win than Bush lose?

A thought for Kerry supporters to consider

Another Huge Turnout for Dean in Seattle---over 2,500 people!

Make a case for your candidate: I'm undecided; AZ primary is Tuesday

Something I don't understand about Kerry

I think the dog-catcher gets more votes in LA

Dean calls Clark a Republican again. Calls Kerry one too for good measure

What every candidate needs to do at every appearance

why is Kerry using Toby Keith music at his appearance today?

Would you support a candidate for prez who made an ethnic or racial joke?

Dean, Clark, Kucinich Supporters: What Kerry Has to Do For Your Support?

Skull & Bones vs Skull & Bones could actually turn out to be a good thing

A note on Kerry's surge in state polls...

Deleted message

Is the NYT position on removing Sharpton racist?

Whopper: Howard Dean: Roy Neel, the lobbyist who never … lobbied?

Soros Backs Kerry & Battles Bush,: GOP Calls For Ban on Big 527 Donations

George McGovern proposes Clark/Kerry - Kerry/Clark ticket

New York Times calls for exclusion of Kucinich and Sharpton from debates

Counting the Delegates (from

powerful Kucinich flash video- "Do You Feel Safer Now?"

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam