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Archives: January 30, 2004

Salon: (Dean's rant) The screams we didn't hear

Givers and Takers

Dossier program alarms Utahns

The Halliburton Shuffle

The case against the Iraq war :Andrew Greeley(Suntimes)

Headline: UK press cries 'whitewash' over Blair escape -- Detail Story

Lighten up, California - North San Diego County Times

Krugman: Where's the Apology?

Gaffes prove politically costly for both Dean, Bush - Cronkite

Important topic! NY times: Nuclear Inquiry Skips Pakistani Army

Bernard Weiner: Robert S. McNamara, Colin Powell and "The Fog of War"

Ernest Partridge: The "Desertion" Flap

Bob Herbert (NYT): The Halliburton Shuffle

2004 Votemobile

What WMD?( biggest threat are the leaders)

Bush Declines to Back Call for Intel Prob

It's official: No weapons of mass destruction:Bill Press (excellent)

A transatlantic vindication

Spinning the WMD claims

NY Times: Gay Couples Seek Unions in God's Eyes

How to Bring Down an Out-of-Control Budget Surplus -- Robert L. Park / APS

G.O.P. Option at Convention: Luxury Liner

WhatsNext -- Must Read

L'Amérique qu'on aime

Scott Ritter: Look to what is missing from the Hutton report

Where is Mary Cheney? Parts 1 & 2

Level with us: Come clean on Iraq intelligence flaws, Mr. President

Even with no WMD, Iraq war had a point - Neocons go nutzoid!

"It's the Bill of Rights, Stupid" -- essential Ventura


WA state BBV panel

Click here to save overtime pay

Here is an event for Austin Tx DUers for this Sunday

Just saw John Kerry speak

MoveOn's One-Minute Boycott........ONE minute for change!

Corporate Owners of Radio, TV Blasted at Hearing CBS boycott Let's Do This Everyone.

Wolf Poll. Go!

CBS Evening News to Cover MoveOn Ad?

Dennis Miller ratings! He falls to Scarborough Country

Scott Ritter On Wolf Blitzer - Video

GOP RIP [1854-2006}

Meet Pittsburgh's Mini-Rush

Phe's shared thought for the day 1/30/4;

Knock on the Duir and have an Enchanting Day

Astrologers..if it's written in the stars, is it destiny? (the candidates)

Now I'm an atheist, and all for separation of Church and State, but...

What's the harm? Where magical thinking can lead...

Astrologers: how does the candidates charts look for the next month ?

Let us meet on the square...DU Masons check in

Spring Gardening Thread-1st on the Season?

Officials in British Columbia Must Marry Gays or Resign

GLBT DUers, Please Visit the Lounge and Respond to This Poll

GLBT and supporters

'We Will Stop Activist Judges' Senate Leader Declares

Utah Senate Passes Tough Anti-Gay-Marriage Bill

PM pledges to legalize gay marriage (Canada)

TVC says DU "freeped" gay marriage poll.

Judge insults rape victim in FL court

2003 full year GDP growth is 3.1% - and this will get Bush a win in Nov?

Disney-Pixar alliance seems to be drawing to a close | SF Chronicle

2003's 101 Dumbest Moments in Business what's going on?

Casino layoff rumors churn (WA)

Economic Growth Below Expectations

Gateway to buy PC maker eMachines | San Jose Mercury News

Estate tax unfair?

Verizon takes 4th-quarter loss (2003 --21,000 job loss)

Great Plains Drought Likely To Persist - Reuters

Filthy Beaches, Polluted Rivers Hammer Bali Tourism - AP

"Gun Rackers" Oppose Energy Bill - Salt Lake Tribune

Has Global Oil Production Peaked? - CS Monitor

You compare, you decide

Israeli citizen held in nuclear weapon detonator case

Medical Marijuana Group Issues Final Report Card;

A thread for reference - Assault Weapons

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 30, 2004

Lets end the gun control debate

Pro gun Democratic politicians.

Deadbeat Wayne LaPierre Passes The Hat

Gun crime sparks body vest rethink

This boy's lawsuit: Alan Newsom's $150,000 t-shirt

Sniper Rifle? Assault Weapon? You decide!

Whats this? Name that assault rifle!

A certain poster can claim to have "converted" 10k people from Dean to

Why was this locked?

Mods: Is it possible to get an avitar image changed?

I demand that Edwards supporters be opressed!

I just wanted to say

Please lock the string I started

Archived thread.

Moving threads?

Excuse me, but could someone explain this....?

I have a question about things around here

I have a did that happen?

Have you all ever considered a definitions section?

'I wanted to see him married, not buried'

Nasrallah says Israel will regret not releasing Kuntar

Building a Wall, Breaking a Relationship

Israeli Arab Finds No Welcome Mat in Jewish Town

Hizbullah calls for respectful attitude toward Israelis

Radical groups say suicide blast justified, Qorei urges ceasefire

Israeli citizen held in nuclear weapon detonator case

3 Queens Congressmen Defend Israel In Holliswood Roundtable

Israeli Military Blows Up Attacker's Home

Security Council fails to agree on condemning attack

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli troops

'I have no father!'

Two Jewish extremists sentenced to 15 months

Israel: World Court has no right to rule on barrier

Technical computer question

New timeline update, new video

CAMBODIANS being deported due to post-9/11 "W" paranoia?!

The Mystery of Hijacker Waleed Alshehri

Bush says Gov has plenty of money to make tax cuts perm - & media says ?

Bush camp said to fear Edwards over Kerry

A fight song for progressives

Why does media forget that Bush blew chances to kill Osama before 9/11?

My new endorsement

Jobs are the election issue as 2003 full year GDP growth of 3.1% will

We'll soon see a Democratic governor of UTAH!

Stars & Stripes or the Star of David?: US-Israeli Connections in Iraq

Bush's WMD misleading continues to escalate

We should focus on provable admitted LIES no matter how small

Know thine enemy: anti-dem panel on c-Span2 now!

BBV: Heads up in WA state!

Hey Tom Brokaw. 911 Happened On Bush's Watch.

My thoughts on some stuff

Scott Ritter will be on CSPAN1 tomorrow at around 8:30 AM ET....

The Repubs think Dubya is a moral and honest man... Don't laugh...

Arianna on with Mike Webb LIVE now -- streaming link

Givers and Takers: GOP Buys Votes with Dem Money

WH leaks to NYT -- a sign of despair?

Growing Greens

if you think the Matrix is something fictional, read this . . .

O'Reilly and * supporter Ed Koch share their views

Yellowstone Super Volcano: Menace or Internet Legend?

FYI: The Military records of George Walker Bush

CBS: Pakistan Slams Door On U.S. Troops

Politics and the English Language

Everybody vote in the RPF113 POLLS!

Debate Over Iraqi Arms Poses Risk to President

DC Steakhouse does what Bush doesn't: cares about wounded soldiers

Are we seeing a DLC feeding frenzy?

Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D-SC) on CSPAN now

Rebel flag petition sparks war of words

An unpopular position

one of the dumbest things I've read on Free Republic

Scott Ritter on C-Span this morning at 8:30

MSNBC: "Record number to lose jobless benefits"

Now it's intelligence failures??????????

Ok, What do you think about Rush?

Condi Acknowledges Flaws in Iraq Intelligence

Dole's former press secretary thinks economy may undo Bush.

Has bin Laden already captured Bush?

Will Paul Krugman be named to the New Dem Administration?

Scott Ritter will be on CSPAN at 8:30

O'Reilly: Conservative Says Liberalism a Mental Disorder

No "Betrayal of America" movie?

Deportation/torture case tests civil rights, free press, US/Canada ties

Intelligence community repeatedly warned Bush, no WMD

Poll: Who is your favourite African-American politician?

Wow, just WOW... Wes Pruden (sp?) from the Washington Times


Repeat of SC debate on CSPAN1 Friday 1/30 at 11 AM ET

Where is Saddam list? Can anyone inform us?

Will Pitt is Kucinich's new Press Secretary.........

American Family Radio criticized Bush yesterday

Need some help re: 2000 election

Is this the dumbest quote yet from a Bush apologist?

Ride a bus and get harrassed by Border Patrol

Another great story from florida: judge insults rape victim

Let's say we capture Osama

All the Democratic Candidate Forum in a "one on one" LIVE NOW CSPAN!!!

How many 9/11s did Clinton stop?

A big article about Central Air

Need W* Admin Quotes about Osama "irrelevant" "doesn't matter"?

Power Struggle Over Oil, latest Extract

Feel a draft coming on? Rumsfield agrees to bigger US Army

Faulty E-ballots in the news today

Unbelievable! The website to David Corn's book is virtually unloadable

C-SPAN repub caller wants 'principled repubs' in Congress.

I KNEW it.... I KNEW it.... I KNEW it.... I KNEW it.... I KNEW it.... !!!

bookmark this and send to media: bu*h AWOL docs

They don't hate us, they hate our President

Applauding This Speech Again

How many Presidential elections have you voted in?

PNAC, Charles (Chuckie) Krauthammer defends Bush to the end!

Educator accused of taking vouchers (Florida)

Georgia Moves to Turn Its Young Into Fodder for the Service Economy

The best info clearinghouse website there is..... Please pass this on

Republicans own and run just about everything (whiny neo-con bush-bots)

Ideal month for Bush to bring out Bin Laden?

The Blame the CIA Hoax is Working. This Can't Be Happening!

Is it raining frogs yet?

Timeline of Bush Ignoring Intelligence on Iraq

Children's Pill Pusher Withholds Critical Information

Take a guess-What will be W's Friday Whopper?

Poll: Who is your favorite congressional leader?

Since republicans/democrats and liberals

The Limbaugh Letter.....

Saddam Supporters Received Lucrative Oil Contracts

At our local protest today and vigil.....

Long but very scary article on Richard Perle, David Frum

Did anyone see Naomi Wolfe on Dennis Miller's Show?

Ruth Bader Warns Against Civil Rights Apathy (for real)

How much blood is on the hands of the Bush Family?

no-show Novak

"The deficits were caused by the recession and the war on terrorism"

Email Nobel committee to protest Bush & Blair's nomination

Have you noticed that Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, et al sound like...?

Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush

Bush wants No part of independent investigation

South Carolina Updates are up...

is the economy really

Did Bush threaten to kill Gore's daughter?

GOP Senate rivals back away from Bush --Illinois

Innocent Columbus, GA Man Murdered

A sign that Cheney may be off the ticket

Utah Bill Would Decline Federal Education Funds

CIA insiders: Bushies DID cook the books!

Howard Zinn and his biographer - this hour on KPFA (possibly)

Bush Firing Up the Base..OUR base!

WH Schedules October Surprise

NYT: Test of Electronic Balloting System Finds Serious Flaws

Dean the easiest to beat?

Scott Ritter to be on Wolf Bliter's show at 5pm est

Saddam's WMD = Bush's Nessie?

Mad Cow, Toxic Salmon, Avian Flu Chickens - Perfect Food Storm?

Can CNN be named as co-defendant in the Novak case?

It's 3;30 in the afternoon...

The very secret service

Did Clinton gut intelligence/military funding?

Can someone explain the "Gun Show Loophole?"

Today's CNN Polls

These two statements must be reconciled...

Molly Ivins - Ann Coulter (Side by Side)

If you haven't noticed it yet...Rove's strategy

Caption this

Security Impact of Rapid Climate Change

How ridiculous is it that we don't hear about casualties anymore in Iraq?

Hussien Letter Mocks Democrats!

Freeper Fascists plan counter protest march in April....

We Are Going To Win.

Obvious solution: Apply Murphy's Law Corollary

Question: Greenspan and interest rate

Did Cheney put undue pressure on CIA to.....

Long Rant

Heads Up! Scott Ritter Coming Up On Wolf Blitzer!

Hey Shouldn't O'Reilly Also...

How should Murderers be dealt with?

Don't look now, Dow down for the second straight week

I just got push-polled by our Repuke governor

double think on yahoo news

John timoneys email address

Hannity poll about John Kerry Vote now!

Could * Declare the Democratic Nominee an "Enemy Combatant"?

Georgia considers banning 'evolution'

My church welcomed its new rector last night.

Dean's (Possible) Demise - A Theory

People at rallies claiming they've just switched to that candidate-

ALERT Joe Cirincione from CEIP on CNN

My biggest worry...

Democratic Scandals vs. Republican Scandals

Question for Georgia DUers....

The Teflon President!

What should the Dems do to neutralize Repuke power if Dems win in Nov?

The Smell Test and Iraq

Bush " I want to know how the intel failures happened."

DU this poll at Lou Dobbs

Who would have thought: Kucinich and M. Savage Agree: Pull out of Iraq Now

McCain has added his voice to the call, let's get after Snowe

Atlanta Superintendent trying to eliminate evolution from curriculum?

Lou Dobbs/CNN playing the race card?

If the Democrat wins the election in November, how much credit goes to...

David Cay Johnston on NPR's "On Point"

i am poll leader for the SC primary

He's baaaaaack! Novak just appeared on CNN

How republicans voted in NH

Perle Meets with terrorist group MEK . takes money for fundraising speach

Bush and Co are Not conspiring liars...

McCain just called Kay a "scientist!" he is NOT, he's a businessman!

January 30,1972

Real time polling

Why "going after" SUVs is a waste of time:

Just read the RABA report on the Diebold machines in Maryland

dopey photo day for George

Just watched Bush

Ladies and gentlemen, I need some help (poll)

BUSH: "Help! They know about the weapons!" CHENEY: "Quick, yell TERROR!"

Rush is ridiculing Canada's decision

Dole/Bush Video Clip from 1988?

DU this Poll on WMD!

Jail4Bush Missing in Action

what "Gore states" does Bush have a realistic shot in?

Fundys! AD about to be on CBS news

Do you think OJ did it?

A dilemma in communications...

Colorado Cannabis Confrontation: A Patient and a State Judge Take on the F

Californians. About the recall of Governor Schwarzenegger.

Cheney/Scalia Problem NOW ? What about during the 2000 selection?

BBV: Diebold question

Ritter on Wolf Blitzer was brilliant

Ritter/Wolf transcript up

here's the petition to IMPEACH bush*.....

McCain vote for Independent Comission re WMD Intel

SCO Group: A High-Tech George W. Bush?

The Scarborough/Mariani/Berg transcript is up

I call Wesley Pruden a "miserable propagandist mediawhore" on CSPAN!

Scott Ritter CSPAN rerun up next.......9:15PM CST

Has everyone read the RNC's Gillespie speech?

The Awesome Destructive Power of Corporate Power Media

Thielman on Aaron Brown Blowing it Wide Open

Flight 223 warning? 223? 223? 223? Get your tinfoil ready.

Osama Bin Resurrected!

Michael Moore on Bill Maher (HBO) Now

US created it own intelligence agency to bypass CIA fact about Iraq

"Dr." Kay, why should we believe ANYthing you say?

Getting closer to Osama? what will be the effect

BBV--Election boxes easy to mess with- In Annapolis, tales of trickery,

Our neighbor, the Republican, is fed up with *

"Bush Administration In Total Disarray"

And then you wonder why most minorities vote Democratic...

Do we have a possible Watergate scenario brewing here?

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

CNN Poll...independent investigation...?

? How Do "Decent" Repubs Support a Lying Shrub?

Why did Max Cleland never run for President?

3 million people join online group to pray for Bush

Three things

BBV: fax your Senators with an easy form

Will Bush's Profligate Spending Draw Away Conservatives?

Science under attack in Georgia (American Taliban alert!)

Tweety - Sharpton transcript re: election 2000 SCAB

"W" Impeachment: do they still Hang for Treason? Ask Ann Coulter

Poll: Who is your favourite female Democratic Politician?

A Big "Thank You" To Our Troops For Catching Osama!

Best Bushism Sites

Did anyone notice that there is still a war going on?


Rush is getting a raw deal

Flame Away - "The World is Sick of the US talking about 9/11 and

Let's have our own press conference for George W Bush....

Belgium's Minister States He Would Vote Democrat-Whitehouse complains!

How about Jeb as Cheney's replacement on the ticket

CBS punts for *

Your thoughts on Peter Singer?

The Google Search From Hell, by Tom Tomorrow

I found a link for the "truth Uncovered video" online for free download

Al Franken is setting himself up as the leader of the militant wing of the

Do you consider yourself an "absolutist"?

The opening skit for 'Real Time' too hilarious!!!

Anyone here planning to protest the Republican Convention in NYC?

Nuclear Weapons Detonator Case - 'old news'?

Why a former Republican is voting Democrat

Is Rush being singled out?

This Photo of * is horrifying!

My letter to CBS . . .

Should Intelligent Design Be Taught as an Alternative Theory to Evolution?

Do you support the death penalty?

Another Candidate picker

New to DU? Here's your =======> Intro to PNAC

Bush and his cronies

Bush and the Facts

New 9/11 Timeline update and new video

I'm afraid the classwar is coming...

Test your knowledge of the economy: Pass this quiz on to GOP associates

Miami judge dismisses charges in first FTAA-related jury trial

20 indicted in $5 million Medicare and car-insurance fraud scams

Treatment in Canada Irks Polish President

Hill Probers Fault Iraq Intelligence

Bush's immigrant proposal draws lukewarm support, poll finds

Bush Extends Miners' Prescription Drugs

NASA to Review Decision on Fate of Hubble

U.S. military 'sure' of catching bin Laden this year

Another terrorist responsible for Istanbul blast captured

Md. computer testers cast a vote: Election boxes easy to mess with

Army Expansion Could Last 5 Years: Ranks Will Swell During Restructuring

Ashcroft warns of Bush veto on scaled-back Patriot bill

Bipartisan Request Seeks Halt to Internet Voting

Dyke casts doubt on Hutton report

Senators to Request Extension for 9/11 Panel

Candidates feel cash crunch

bush to eliminate nuclear standards

Head of a voucher company arrested in Ocala on theft charges

Virulent Bird Flu Spreads in China

Hill Probers Fault Iraq Intelligence: Panels' Early Findings Are Similar t

Krischer: Limbaugh probe hurt by state (Palm Beach, FL)

US deaths rise in wake of Saddam capture

Bird virus threatens millions (10 countires identified/involved)

Calling all Clark people

CBS adds secret performer for halftime show

Sydney protesters jailed ("No War" painted on Opera House)

Medicare overhaul estimate skyrockets

Hubble telescope may get reprieve

Conservatives express little surprise as Bush boosts estimated Medicare co

Brazil slave inspectors shot dead

U.S. Steel Blames Loss on Worker Benefits

Bush Declines to Back Call for Intel Probe

White House Cites Iraq's History of Seeking Arms as Reason for War

Clinton praises Kerry while professing neutrality on contest

Inquiry Leaves BBC in Crisis


NASA to Review Decision on Fate of Hubble


Loud Blast Resounds Across Central Baghdad

Bush approval 47 percent in ARG poll: Kerry beats Bush 47-46

Bush invites German chancellor, who opposed Iraq war, to White House

Poll: Democrat Kerry Opens Big Leads in Missouri, Arizona

German Cannibal Jailed for Eating a Willing Victim

Bush Seeks Big Jump in Missile Defense Spending

Cirque Guilty Of Discrimination

Spanking law confirmed by Supreme Court

U.S.: Despite Releases, Children Still Held at Guantanamo

Broward (FL) students ousted from drama competition for flag-cutting scene

Feds want to know: What did Texas couple plan to do with cyanide?

Report: Russia Plans Large-Scale Maneuvers of Its Nuclear Forces

Bomb Explodes in Baghdad, No Casualties Reported

Backing for California law on medical pot climbs in poll | Sacramento Bee

Bush Administration Offers (Turks) Support on Kurdish Rebels

Dutch Embassy in Baghdad Hit by Rocket

Disney-Pixar alliance seems to be drawing to a close | SF Chronicle

America was itself to blame for the events of September 11

Gateway to buy PC maker eMachines | San Jose Mercury News

Iran's Clerics End Ban on Some Candidates

Verizon takes 4th-quarter loss (2003 --21,000 job loss)

German Court Delays Verdict in 9 / 11 Trial(Bush knew of911 before 9/11 ?)

Anti-Bush ad rejected by CBS thrown to CNN

Massachusetts Democrats back same-sex marriage resolution

McCain Calls for WMD Intelligence Error Probe

Semi leaning off Deception Pass bridge (WA State) | Seattle P-I

Woman gives birth to own grandchildren | AP

Colorado Cannabis Confrontation: A Patient and a State Judge Take on the F

Kansas Court Upholds Tougher Sentences For Gay Sex

Bush Sidesteps Call for Outside Probe on Iraq WMD

There were no loud blasts heard in Baghdad.

OSCAR NOMINATED: Swedish writer may be denied US entry

Casino layoff rumors churn (WA)

Ritter on Wolf Blitzer was brilliant

Caller claims responsibility for Ohio highway shooting | Cincinnati Enquirer

Countdown starts for arrival of UN team in Iraq as Japan beefs up mission

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 30 January (#1)

Rifts Emerge in Iraq's Shiite Community

Mars Rover Appears to Find Mineral Linked to Water (hematite) | NYT

Five allege abuse by priests | Philadelphia Inquirer

Ex-BBC Director: Media Probe Was Biased

DeFazio impressed with Army, Iraqi work

White House Defends Medicare Law Despite Higher Price Tag | NYT

Somali leader 'ready to step down' | BBC

Caller claims responsibility for Ohio highway shooting | Cincinnati Enquirer

Hutton's echoes of No10 document (Kelly cover-up)

Cuba might be opening its doors (baseball)

CNN: White House open to independent probe of WMD data

Bush's Aides Put Higher Price Tag on Medicare Law

To Cut Deficit, Bush Delays Tax Change, Iraq Funds

Bush and Blair Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (sad but true)

US officials 'to visit Tehran' | BBC

Mydoom virus really a spam tool? | MSNBC

Former French PM (Alain Juppe) found guilty of corruption | Guardian

Pakistan Adopting a Tough Old Tactic to Flush Out Qaeda | NY Times

St Louis Archbishop Burke would refuse communion to Kerry | Post-Dispatch

Dr. Mary Frances Berry Responds to Senator Kerry's Remarks On Affirmative

Names of the Dead (NYT)

Ga. stayed in Matrix database despite governor's statement it was withdraw

Navy Sends Out Layoff Notices To 67 Civilians

Iraqi officials fear abuse of medicines is fueling crime

Hart Decides Not to Challenge Campell for Senate Seat

BBC Reporter in Weapons Probe Resigns

Bush Seeks Big Jump in Missile Defense Spending

GDP weaker than expected (4th Qtr half of 3rd Qtr)

Dry wells blamed on Coalbed Methane | Billings Gazette

Ontario plans smoking ban by 2006 | National Post

Pentagon Budget Numbers Posted by Mistake

US says to hunt Turkish Kurd separatists in Iraq

Russia Said Planning Nuclear Exercise

Bush: "I want the facts" on Iraqi weapons

Lawmaker Wants SUV Restrictions (truck routes only)

Kan. Court Backs Harsher Sodomy Sentence

State's (Minnesota) Web portal to Canadian pharmacies opens | MSP S-T

Iraq critics owe me apology: ('Aussie John') Howard

BBC staff stop work in protest

CNN: Military budget plan accidentally ends up on Internet

Castro Accuses Bush of Plotting to Assassinate Him

Castro vows to "die fighting" should U.S. invade

Concessions end strike (Tyson)

No Evidence CIA Slanted Iraq Data

MATRIX Not for Utah

New Medicare Numbers Were Known for Months

Test of Electronic Balloting System Finds Major Security Flaws

NY AG Spitzer Goes After 'Grand Theft Auto'

CNN: New intelligence regarding possible Air France attacks

(Michigan) Nearly 900 schools don't meet progress goals

White House Holding Notes Taken by 9/11 Commission

Bush says he still plans to cut deficit

Bush, Blair Among Nobel Nominees as Deadline Looms

U.S. repeatedly asked Taliban to expel bin Laden | CNN

Student suspended for anti-Confederate flag petition (Florida)

US fears Afghan blast booby-trap

Clark Challenges Kerry on '92 Affirmative Action Remarks | NYT

CNN BREAKING: WH may allow an indep. commission

Bush's Campaign Chief Braces Party for Close Race (Reuters)

Oil leak in northern Iraq pipeline polluting Tigris river

Dean Vows to Be Kerry's Chief Rival

Rep. Dunn (R-WA) says she won't seek return to Congress

Democrats Increase Pressure on Scalia

Video eyed for all school buses

Md. Voting Machines Said to Have Flaws

Kerry Leads in Lobby Money -WP

Police raid Scottish "cannabis cafe"

Cox (GA school superintendant): 'Evolution' a negative buzzword | AJC

Election seen as possible factor in Fed thinking

Franklin Delano Roosevelt born January 30, 1882

The Da Vinci Code

The White Lightning of Catnip

Wanna see some nice tits?

Freeper assault over at our NationStates region

Kucinich only got a thousand votes in New Hampshire


Money for nothing (really!)

Attention Homer Simpson avatar-ites

My nose is running....

Societal Suicide for kiddies

Play with Santa's balls

Seriously bad late-night craving and the only source is 3,000 miles away!

Flamebait Poll: Which candidate has the whiniest supporters?

The Daily Show is awesome!!!

West Los Angeles: Anyone looking for a roommate?

well . . . I'm doing it AGAIN!!! . . .

I don't want to go to bed!

Will Pitt would you be my Valentine

question about Yahoo messenger

Bored? This will keep you occupied for 5 or 10 minutes

someone called aerosmithone has this kick-ass one liner

Medieval Re-enactments

Bizarre Italian political cartoon I really can't understand. Naughty Bush.

new Savage Weiner advertiser Louisburg Ford (also on Oxyrush advertiser)

A colorful DUer ?

Any fans of "Bottom"?

Having some Marquee fun - Test

Things I don't know anything about....

Now this is getting ridiculous...wind chill has hit -40....

do we have stephen king fans here in DU?

What was the first magazine you subscribed to?

Fish Bowl Explodes - Puts Out Fire - Fish OK - Fish Deemed Hero

Volunteers needed for DU research project

Crystal Ball Found To Be Cause Of Fire

Chef's Cooking TOO Good - Gets Fired For Too Many Customers

William Rivers Pitt DIDN'T send me an e-mail, pm or anything-the BASTARD

William Pitt is not my lover!

Please explain this to me. Why when the UN inspectors found no WMD,

Scott Ritter is vindicated,

I have a confession to make...

'Clown Bandit' Tries To Rob Liquor Store (Falls Down and oh, you'll see)

British Pub Offers A Burial Plot To Go With That Pint

What does 'ABB' mean?

HAH, my wife poisened herself last night

How Concerned Should I Be About What Happened To My Car?

Handguns Drawn During Game of 'Taboo' (The Board Game)

'Boys Are Stupid - Throw Rocks At Them' Clothing Line Under Fire

Hey lady, you lady, cursing at your life...

Smack around the penguin for a little while!!!

Smuggler NOT Arrested for his 9,000 Ecstasy Pills, But For Being Shirtless

Cell Doors Left Unlocked Twice At Arkansas Prison

I am freezing. Not just cold...but beginning to feel the blood in the

Someone needs to have a talk with my cat about important issues...

Minnesota Diary

Match George up with his Chimp look alike picture game LOL

Dinky the singing dingo

Cab ride chat about republicans.....Interesting

Do you say "Inny" or "Annie?"

DADI folding!

NEAT FREAKS: If You're Fussy About Your Windows Desktop...

Silly imagery your mind applies to songs?

Britney,Beyonce,& Pink as Gladiator girls (Pepsi Super Bowl ad)

My hubby thought we should teach the dogs to start the car

What book would you be reading now if you weren't hopelessly

What's the best free media player?

They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother...

What should we do to the next wiseass that says "Joementum"?


Dr. Quim, medicine man

'Dinky' The Piano-Playing Dingo To Be Immortalized in Board Game

Everybody notice all the new voices here

Used thread spools, What are they good for?

Happy Birthday, Dick Cheney

A vinegar truck and a water tanker collide

How often do you clean your MOUSE?

"The Daily Show" is a treasure trove of laughs. Like last nights show...

William Rivers Pitt never phones me anymore

SOteric won't stop phoning my cat about used thread spools

SOteric won't stop phoning me

Everyone but Dookus reply to this thread, OR ELSE!!!

Double cat naps

anti viral Dork be Gone

Bizarre employment situation

Thought for the day

digital camera question

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor & Dignity To White House

The official make your own playing cards thread

Microsoft has some pointers to make surfing safer.

Any fans of the group Air?

Hey, Elfwitch?

Anywhere but here... (fun game for the whole family)

Civil Liberties Poll - Scary results

Any fans of the group Breathe?

Fists of Freedom - screenplay by GW Bush

Flame me if you want, but Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty decent actor

Tom Brady went to the SOTUS--Should I still root for the Patriots????

Did you go to High School in San Antonio? (or surrounding areas)

Flame me if you want, but Leonardo is a pretty decent ninja turtle.

Flame me if you want, but the Osprey is a pretty cool plane

CAPTION Darth Dubya

Flame me if you want, but osprey are really pretty birds

My company is closing at noon today because of the cold.

ISHTAR is the most overrated film in history!

GONE WITH THE WIND is the most overrated film in history

Ishtar is NOT one of the most overrated movies of all time...

STAR WARS is the most over-rated film in history!

ET is the most overrated film in history!

Should "loud blast in Bahgdad" headline be banned from LBN?

West Side Story is the most overrated film in history

fred ott's sneeze is the most overated kinetoscope of all time..

THIS is what we are up against

Whale Explodes, Showers Innards on Town

Flame me if you want, but Leonardo da Vinci is a pretty decent artist

College Textbook pricing: the biggest scam since duty-free shopping

Dennis Miller to play Bill Clinton in Fox News's made for tv movie

The Matrix is THE most overrated movie in the history of the Earth

What happened to Jiacinto?

Friday Humor - "Welfare Office Joke"

Black man turns white

The 'Clark-Rodney Allen Rippy" Alliance thread.

Anybody here listen to Os Mutantes?

AW.................................WHERE DID THEIR SMIRKS GO ???????????

Wesley Clark/Mary Carey alliance thread

I would be a reporters slave

Of the net 2 million+ unemployed since * took over...

Who wants "Jesus Juice"?

Does anyone have the link to the penguin game?


OMFG: I just lived a scene from One who fly's over The Cuckoo's Nest

What song Would you turn up if they ever played it on the radio?

Am I the only one who hasn't been "WARNED"?

How the HELL did I end up with a cell phone that takes pictures?

Well, I don't think I have to worry about my religious 'friend' writing...

Not sure I understand this Flash animation.....

Caption this

Semi leaning off Deception Pass bridge (WA State) | Seattle P-I

Aerial Facts and Truisms

The Opi takes a break. Going pig hunting in Kona

Yesterday I Noticed Something That Made Me Happy...

Woman gives birth to own grandchildren | AP

What's the best Internet talk radio?

David Hassellhoff's singing destroyed communism!

OSCAR NOMINATED: Swedish writer may be denied US entry

99lb 'Black Widow' defeats 450lb man to win Wing Bowl

Worst grade school/junior high social mores.

Why cant I have beer for breakfast?

AAGH! MS Word is driving my crazy!

question for those who have used a TENS unit for pain management

A cardiologists funeral

Lorena Bobbitt's sister Louella arrested!

Caller claims responsibility for Ohio highway shooting | Cincinnati Enquirer

The World's Best Letter of Resignation

Hey CPAs!!!


CONFESS!!!!!!! What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Just Too PSYCHED about the Superbowl

I had a high thyroid reading

Bush and Blair have been nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize

ARGH! Looking for LOTR smileys! Help!

I'm listening to the Cocteau Twins right now and...

I went home sick today. Ask me anything.

What the heck is wrong with my cat?

The Mistubishi ad song

Who do you want to win Best Picture in 2003?

Five bucks to my name and four days off work

Got my $5174 tax refund today, what should I buy?


New Hampshire republicans fed up with * . Here's the scoop.

The show Bands Reunited on VH1....

What is your favorite Non-Political website?

Washington furious at Belgian minister's vote comment [not satire]

Rush is still on dope!

We went ice-fishing today!

Chameleons UK, anyone?

Do you sing in the shower?

has anyone mentioned how *incredible* DU is lately?

I appreciate the contributions of ALL DUers.

Ok, I Need Help - What Did This Dream Mean?

I didnt go to work because it was too cold....ask me anything.

When you relog on to DU after a very nasty night

Really dumb criminals

I just found a nude picture of my mom on the internet

Whose background music is in the winning MoveOn ad, "Child's Pay?"

German Cannibal Jailed for Eating a Willing Victim

I'm eating General Tso's chicken combo ask me anything

OMG! Bush* is sporting a LOTR it a photoshop or hoax?

once and current Trek fans - if you haven't heard already - Berman is out!

I have HAD it with Ebay!


Another Cat Problem

All polls should have an "other" option

Bids On Ebay for Mike Rowe's warning letter from Microsoft

Music Fans: The Worst Albums and Covers ever here!


Leader of the free world - Flash

It's friggin' cold here. Ask me anything!

Could this be a freeper with a brain?

Kentucky Fried Chicken closing in my town!!!

Wish me luck

What GWB can nickname Ken Mehlman: SLIMER!!

Heard this song yet? Down with ABB

When you take a you use a new towel each time?

What's the deal with "reference check" calls? Do they only do that for...

My office is freezing

My first Friday night home alone in almost 5 years

For nostamj and other DUers having a tough time: A Cheesy Poem

the next Bush 2004 Meetup ...

Condi needs a caption!

What do you think happens next?

Beautiful song - Please help!

Typical in Texas, embarass the authorites, the authorities issue gag order

the other shoe dropped | my job is over

Ladies, let's settle this: Does size matter?

Song titles and lyrics you disagree with or think are wrong

Beat Cop beats meat beating beef

I just moved my entire home office up two flights of stairs

Anybody got a suggestion for free anti virus software?

DUers in greater Hartford, CT: I'm in a bit of a bind.

It's in the single digits outside. What's you're weather like?

I have a separation of Church and State thread in the Meeting Room

How much TV/film do you watch on average?

What is your general opinion of Laura Bush?

Latest Connecticut poll shows Lieberman trailing in his own state.

Ya know what would be really frikkin' awesome???

Is Bush an a*shole? Decide for yourself

Do you ever run across the perfect song...

Donating to the best radio station EVER: What "gift" should I choose?

What is your current employment status?

Look what I found while going through my old MS Word documents!

Who should win an Oscar for BEST ACTOR in a lead role this year?

Would you file a complaint if you had to listen to

Fuzzy-wuzzy was a bear...

What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Melissa Gilbert: "Don't shop at Wal-Mart."

How optimistic/pessimistic are you, by nature?

Four brothers hanged from a tree

I think I'm finally gone....from any ties.

Your money or your life. Looking for input on job decision.

Idiots in Dualies, or Why I'll NEVER Again Order From Pizza Hut

What's your favorite complete waste of time?

Been A Long, Cold Week - WHADDA You Say I Open The BAR!

Friday Night Chat anyone

Cold Pizza for Breakfast! Christine Lavin rocks!

Chili judging contest

Important question for other female DUers.

Want to see my work?

All the ladies love my humongus, throbbing

It's Friday. Mr. Scorpio offers to serve you in your time of need

Anyone like "Wire in the Blood" on BBC-America?

Two all beef patties.

I Made It!

DUers with a Bachelors 47% DUers working full time 47% Coincidence?

Does anyone here care about the Australain Open Women's Final

Help...Remember that golf game...9 holes, like putt putt

Confess!!!! Who/What shouldn't have been nominated for an Oscar this year

Favority Saturday Night Live political skit?

Bands With Long Careers But Very Few Great Records

Do you see a face on Mars?

What are your favorite Pretenders songs?

When the Revolution comes, will you be stuck at home

Just opened a letter from the bank. You're not going to believe this SHIT!

I’ve been on tenterhooks...

some of my favorite DU writers

look what happens if you don't go to Bob Jones University!

GLBT DUers, please answer this poll.

Time for a WHERE ARE YOU FROM thread

For The Freezing DU Folks Some Island Inspiration

CBS adds secret performer for halftime show


What's with the * ?

Flame me if you want, but STAR WARS is a really cool movie...

Hannibal Lector joke thread

Friday Night Movie Thread

How many times has you heart been broken by a relationship in your life?

Does anyone have up-to-date polls

I'm seeing stuff on Daily Kos that pisses me off too, re Clark's treatment

Democratic debate is re-running now on MSRNC

ABB can triumph, regardless of nominee...Get on board!

SC debate watchers impressed with Sharpton, Lieberman

ND: Kerry has support in new poll, but plurality is undecided

Anyone know a site with a breakdown of delagates per state, etc?

Any polls from North Dakota?

Kerry the Dem to balance power

I can't believe I missed the debate...

Why I will vote for Dean in my state no matter what happens

Where We are , and where I'm at

Kerry raises nearly $700K since Wednesday

Let's Unite around a winning candidate! Clark!

I'm sick of acronyms

The "electability" trap for John Kerry.

Clark poll

Dean doll w/confed. flag shirt coming up on Cnn shortly

New Poll: Kerry is *dominating* this primary.

Is there media animosity toward General Clark ? If so, why ?

why so many empty seats at the debate ?

FEC looks to BAN 527's from getting Soft money

Filibuster proof Congress

Kerry Courts South Ahead of Primaries "The Death Of The Doctor"

Scott Ritter on C-Span

Kucinich is really the only one I think being "ignored"...

Deleted message

Did Eli Segal misunderestimate Clark's grassroots support?

Washington Post Editor in Chief on C-Span now Trashing Kerry & Ritter

Washington Post's E. J. Dionne, "Kerry, and the Party Establishment"

Will the Joementum be back if Lieberman wins Delaware?

Today's Doonesbury

Clark's learning how to woo the media:

I just saw a Kucinich ad!

GOP attacks WI Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton over ties to Wesley Clark

Dykes for Dean !

Clark rallies for local support in SC

How many Presidential elections have you voted in?

This may be a REALLY stupid question but RE: Candidates and Iraq

Larry Sabato's Crystal ball and the 2004 election.

What should Wes do if loses the nomination and the VP bid?

NPR and Clark

One thing is for sure about our candidates.......

New Zogby Tracking: Kerry double digits leads in MO, AZ.

LOL..A lot of people are going to start Dis-endorsing Dean,

Is the race over if Kerry goes 7-0 this week.

Would you consider switching to the Republican Party

This is a question that should be asked to Joe Lieberman.

Hear that? It’s the sound of momentum

MSNBC: Kerry Not "Unstoppable"

Dean can Win the South and WH with one stroke

All of DU: What to say when supporters won't back our nominee

Just Let Sid Blumenthal know about Novak Assaulting Voter in NH

Why not Kerry?

Why the South is so important

Joe Trippi's Wild Ride (GQ)

This DK supporter is going to a Dean rally tomorrow

Debate Analysis from "The Moderate Independent"

Super Tuesday: Will Dean be the only anti-Kerry candidate?

Urban Legend Debunked: Howard Dean and Microchip ID to use the Internet

Kerry: Letting the GOP frame the debate (again)

This deserves it's own thread

Are any Kerry supporters discouraged at the empty promises?

One positive aspect of a President Edwards

If Lieberman Dropped Out, Where Would Most of His Support Go?

Three huge problems with Dean

Why Kerry is not Dukakis

Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and Textile Employees

Mini Tuesday strategy....

This potential scenario really harshes my mellow . . .

Human Rights Watch Vindicates Howard Dean on Iraq

New to DU? Here's your =======> Intro to PNAC

CNN: Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan

OK: Kerry, Clark take lead in state poll

Why is Wes Clark not the front-runner?

Dean falls farther behind Kerry


What happens to Dean if he does 0-7?

DU's Incredible 'Believe It Or Not.' Yaaarrrgghh!

This is just funny

What are the polls in CA and NY?

Media Alert: CSPAN >>>CANDIDATE FORUM Repeats 5:30 PM EST

Clark & Dean supporters, at some point grassroots will make the difference

Kucinich, why didn't he connect?

There's a just-out piece on Joe Trippi in GQ magazine

Fabulous Primary/Caucus fact site

"Attack dog" Rush has his talking points

BAH, Dean not going to challenge Feb 3 primaries

CSPAN >>>CANDIDATE FORUM 11.00 am eastern fri

DailyZomby #3: Post-Debate Positive Candidate Thread!

Kerry wants CIA (Tenet) to take the fall for W on WMD

Moderate Independent.....Clark was CLEAR winner of the debate...

A Southern Republican assesses the Dem candidates

Who is the Democratic base?

Clark people, Hardball email briefing takes notice!

Reuters: Gen. Clark stays on message in political campaign

Kerry to RNC: Bring It On

Which, if any, primaries/caucuses are winner take all? delagate wise

John Edwards on "Face the Nation" this Sunday morning

Edwards totally lost me last night

The Dems would be "foolish" to stop this run BEFORE - Calif.-- March2nd

A poll to determine who gets the point

Clark making the rounds in 4 states on Friday!

Howard Dean on "Meet the Press" this Sunday

Kerry edges Bush in Minnesota

Running Mates - WSJ

Imagine four years of Sharpton socking it to the Republicans

Should the nominee talk like a politician?

Rubbing salt in the wound: a lesson in how to alienate people.

Is Edwards a phony? How about Clark, Kerry, JoeL?

Article is a MUST READ-especially for "establishment" conspiracy theorists

If Kerry wants my vote in the GE he:

Kerry edges Bush in Minnesota

The Media Begins To Explore Edwards

I'm getting the "treatment" from the Dean people

Kerry grabs torch of Democrats' anger

If Howard Dean Wants My Vote In The GE, He Must......

Here's how I see it

What did Kerry mean at the debate when he said...

RW attack on Clark

In order to win my vote in the GE, Kerry must...

Kerry Slams Republican 'Attack Dogs'; Vows Fight

Anyone Else Tired Of Kerry Flogging His Vietnam Record

CNN Inside Politics to profile JK's "Band of Brothers" at 3:30pm estcs

ARG Poll: Bush 46, Kerry 47, by double digits among independents!!!!!!!!!

Is last night's debate being rebroadcast today? Anywhere?

Teresa Heinz Kerry campaigns for husband in Albuquerque

Kerry and PNAC????

Do We Have a Choice?

What difference does the nominee make if our vote doesn't count.

Campaign Allocation by Region

The Dean - Clark alliance thread...

DeanForAmerica just got 40k in the last two hours...

Gore "returning" to help Dean for the weekend "run"............

Dean falls farther behind Kerry

John Kerry is a democratic Bob Dole.

Dean - Kerry contributions

Kerry Under Attack Before Key Democratic Contests

The Media Assault on Dean

I grant Kerry this...he is a solid debater

Senior Kerry Adviser/Lobbyist Michael Whouley admitted to 'dirty tricks'

John Kerry's Newt Gingrich Problem?

Kerry Among Top Recipients In Congress From Special Interests

wealthy support Kerry more than Dean

Does Kerry have MO, DE and AZ in the bag?

Does the media have time left before the primaries to pick our nominee -

Can someone explain the "delegate scorecard"?

Tell Me Your True Feelings

Is there strife in the Scaife household?

Kerry as a magnet for the Greens

Is it fair to say that Democrats don't DESERVE the South ?

Did Edwards really say that Bush can't walk and chew gum at the same time?

New Delaware Poll: Kerry leads 2nd place Lieberman

Latest American Reseach Polls

John Kerry is not the Democratic Bob Dole.

Dean Visibility Day February 7th

If Kerry wins 4 or 5 primaries next week what will be the story?

Interesting links

Noticed Dean has raised 1 1/2 million - not sure in what amount of time

A letter from the Draft Clark movement to supporters of Gov. Dean

Any news on how the guy who took Joe trippi's job is doing?

A Few Thoughts on Kerry from A Clark Supporter

CLARK wins all states ahead

Edwards Gaffe at the Debate

"Why I'm for Wes Clark" - Barbara Lawton (THE NATION)

Why I stand with Dean (from the Washington Blade)

CSPAN>>>>> candidate forum NOW 5:20 pm eastern friday

Kerry won through dirty tricks? Let's see

Keep hope alive: Grassroots collaborative voting next week?!?

Dean was establishment candidate, Not Kerry

Top ten primary moments you missed by not being there.

Latest on Dean -Kerry contributions

Must See TV: Democratic Candidate Forum on C-Span tonite

Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Endorses Kerry

Lieberman ready to drop out tomorrow....?

Who cares about Botox?

Democratic Candidates Forum repeats NOW! n/t

Ah, Yes! This is what I like to hear about Wes Clark.......

Anyone see Dean on Hardball last night - blaming Bush I for the genocide?

Gephardt the best choice for Kerry VP

If Kerry is the nominee, would he resign his seat?

I could warm up to John Kerry

To all the Kucinich supporters

This speech just might come back to bite Kerry in the butt

Who Is Going To Be A More Influential Voting Bloc In 2004?

CNN's Delegate Scoreboard

Can the Repubs hold on to the House if Bush loses in a landslide ?

Portrait in Courage: Howard Dean

Kerry robo-calling - odd controversy, lot of acrimony going on

Dean Looks Past S.Carolina to Delegate - Rich States

Kerry/Kerrey 2004?

You can vote today in Oklahoma. So I did!

26,441 Votes

Clark's News Blackout: NYT's Adam Nagourney Responds

What happened just now on ABC News?

Losing interest in who the Repugs want to run against

Kerry does NOT stand up to Bush

Maybe its just me, because Im new here

The Kerry Resurgence: Could it be the hair?!

Edwards/ Hootie & the Blowfish LIVE concert on C-SPAN at 8pm.

What are the negatives that Bush could use against Clark?

Why didn't Kerry want Iraq oil to pay for Reconstruction?

Why did Kerry vote against this?

I guess Kerry didn't have time

Sharpton On Fire at the SC Forum

Protest the RNC NYC Aug 29th - Sep 4th

latest SC poll

The media's magic trick

The Counter Revolution Has Been Televised.

Anyone notice how much more polished all the candidates looked last night?

Daily Oklahoman Poll: Kerry 20, Clark 18, Edwards 13

A CNN pundit compared Dean to Hitler after Iowa

a new poll with Kerry beating Bush (45-44 Rasmussen)

Peggy Noonan endorses Wesley Clark?

If a Democrat wins in November, how much credit goes to...

Survey USA VA poll: Kerry-lead, Clark/Edwards tied for 2nd

Could I get some help from Clark supporters?

Edwards Fundraiser/Live Hootie Concert on CSPAN NOW!!

PNAC's Not Exactly Keeping Themselves a Secret...

This article about Kerry and his Special interests bothers me

Should Primaries/Caucuses Just Be Eliminated?

Dean Sees Drop in Campaign Fund Raising

The Debate b- Moderate Independent's view

General’s orders: Exclusive interview

Rip Van Winkle Wakes Up To Find Kerry On Top

Clark supporters, Dean supporters, Kerry supporters,

This is What Happened in New Hampshire

A Vermonter speaks: Why Dean is the only Democrat I can support

Odd comment from Clark last night (not bashing him)

Edwards supporters: If he doesn't win the nomination...

MSNBC commentary on Clark

Any Clark supporters going to the Clark Convoy in KCMO tomorrow?

Dennis Miller on CNBC

If, God forbid, there's another terrorist attack, * will still find a way

Kerry Dossier--picked up by CNN et al --

Poll For Kucinich Supporters

Polls for Tuesday's - "Crack for the weak"

Too Much Infield, Not Enough Tarp

If Al Gore Endorses Kerry This Year, Will Kerry Accept?

Four more days until Lieberman is sent home packing

Kerry Fans: Where does he stand on heath care?

Any DUer who is not for ABB should be banned from DU...

A couple of suggestions

Candidates need to take responsibility 4 faux pas

John Kerry scoops up key endorsements

Just one simple question...

Edwards supporters: is this anything??

Max Cleland coming up on Bill Maher, Michael Moore on now on HBO.

WOW Kerry voted againt this

Why I will not support _______________ as the democratic nominee!

Kerry Slams Republican 'Attack Dogs'

I'm done with my discussion of John Kerry and Skull and Bones

Civil Rights Commission Chair weighs in on affirmative action dispute

There isn't a bandwagon Kerry wouldn't jump on.

Oops...posted in wrong forum

No more excuses!

The Tonight Show "Baby Kiss" video is up -- you decide

My strange dream I had about the NYC Repug convention

Kerry's views complicated, contradictory

After a nominee is chosen, I understand we are not allowed to criticize him.

Clark Should open all of his records!

Latest ARG Numbers on Bush...

CBS News South Carolina poll, Edwards- 30, Kerry- 18

Don't write off the south- Democrats could pick up: Louisiana and Arkansas

Just wait until Kerry starts to be compared to Hitler, supporters

15% of republicans voters in NH voted for someone else!

ABB ought to be reserved until after the primaries.

Kerry gets CWA endorsements

Clark Challenges Kerry on '92 Affirmative Action Remarks

Meet John Edwards the Corporate Man

Is there any room for uncommitted Independents here?

Two questions - Kerry on NY Ballot and Sharpton Campaign Finances

Proposed fallback plan for Dean

The General may get his kicks on Route 66

Leiberman gets a bad rap

Health Care Policy: What do our candidates say about the nursing shortage?

Radicals snubbed Humphrey in '68?

kucinich on travis smiley tonight

"The John Edwards Experience"

The People Have Turned the Ship Around

I am not a CLARK fan!

Clark may be the only "Anti-Kerry"

Oh, I Am Really Ticked Off Now!

Zobgy Polls: Kerry Houge Lead in Missouri and Arizona

Kerry's Army

Dean raised 600,000 in the last 48 hours

Media Admits Coverage of Clark is Unfair!?!

Why Isn't Dean Polling Well In South Carolina?

Kerry Got 5% Of GOP Vote In NH (Over 3,000 Write-Ins)

Bush, Kerry, Skull, Bones & Five Facts

This is not a race, it's a coronation!

I've found out how shallow I am..I'm for Dean, but if I were to vote for

Clark, Dean and Kucinich supporters, a proposal

Do you believe me now about Iowa and NH?

John Kerry: We will give America back its truth

To all DUers

If nominated, John Kerry Will...

Botox - Botox - Botox ! All over the news !

Deleted message

Kerry camp angered by Botox questions

No matter who we nominate, bush* is in trouble. Here's proof:

Republicans ignore LIHOP; Democrats ignore Skull and Bones

If Kerry Had Voted AGAINST The IWR

Image is reality: let's talk about Mrs. Kerry.

FactCheck.Org: "Kerry Exaggerates Role in Some Key Legislative Battles"

I suspect these guys get along better than we really know?

While everybody here is p***ing on eachother's candidate

Dean's (Possible) Demise - A Theory

Opinions on a Dean - Moseley Braun Ticket

President Clark: A Great Prez or Sweet Revenge?

Pledge for the Arts--info please

Kerry's latest endorsements

*'s plan to eradicate Kerry

How Is Kerry Different From Lieberman?

Who will most likely win North Dakota?

When will the Major Media *analysis* and *scrutiny* of John Kerry begin?

Do you know how dangerous a Shrapnel wound is?

Ben Chandler in special election KY 6th!!

Ritter to endorse Kucinich 1/30/04 in New Mexico

How can Howard Dean say he is for the little guy? (Tort Reform)

Is anyone debunking Skull & Bones conspiracy?

Primary vs. GE turnout: Correlation?

Where is that Clark ad with the boy

Here's what REALLY happened in Iowa and NH. It'll happen all over the US.

IF Kucinich Dropped Out, Where Would Most of His Supporters Go?

They really do fear Kerry- view from a College Republican

Kerry's lead takes the wind out of my sails...

Clark Supporters The Moderate Independent has the Real Story...

Democrats don't need the South!!

Clark Supporters Check In Please...

What can be done about "Sheeple bounces"

What is up with Fritz Hollings and his inappropriate racial comments?

USA Today refuses to acknowledge Kucinich was at the debate!

Clark To Meet With Indians In Tulsa Today (They Will Do A Sing For Him)

Does Adlai Stevenson's campaign have any relevance to this election?

Kerry may win - but for reasons which aren't pretty.

More proof that the media are STILL biased against Dean.

Democrats owe a debt to Dean (Mark Shields)

voter registration -- Massachusetts

Kerry Should Release His DD214

Major Statement on WMD Issue from Dennis Kucinich

Kerry Leads in Lobby Money

Skull and Bones Club

Kerry won NH, Dean lost, fair and square, and by a large margin.

Someone tell me why Kerry is the most electable candidate

Let's all re-commit ourselves to civil participation.

the 800 lb gorilla nobody talks about

Dean is not going to let this be a quick nomination

OK, let's have the test now, who here refuses to vote for Kerry in Nov.?