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Archives: January 24, 2004

Va's GOP-led House passes res. critical of Bush's No Child Left Behind Act

Canadians freed at border stop (Was it a bong?)

A British View of Imperialism (Tears Are Included).

Spies, Lies, and Weapons: Atlantic Monthly

Unbelieveable gestapo tactics against 76 yr old woman

McNamara finally comes out against Vietnam-like Iraq War

Empty Words for the War-Torn

Top weapons hunter in Iraq doubts claims:Chicago Trib

Don't count on a truly democratic election in the US

Clark's Gamble: A Rookie's Education (NYT Photo Essay)

From the Department of New Bush Epithets -- (Obsto Formido)

Bush-Cheney Energy Strategy: Procuring the Rest of the World's Oil --READ!

Top Bush Scandals of 2003, Part II By Ted Kahl and Bob Fertik -great read!

A Sorry State of Affairs

Global Eye – Royal Flush

Faking Democracy

"Our Future Is Not Necessarily Rosy" --- BY ME!!!

Empty Words for the War Torn

Tauzin Expected To Leave House For Trade Group :WashPost

NY Times reviews 7 books on Bush revolution: "The Only Superbad Power"

The CIA revolt against the White House

CALL FOR WRITERS - professional experience not required

DU's own "Maha" on the state of the press....

Wht no media on GOP screwing Vets in just passed Budget Bill re overtime?

Media will forget what's not included in 1/26's new CBO 10 yr forecast - ?

"" ad just ran on CBS (during Dave)...

Tonight's episode of Boston Public - Video

Network switching

Conservatism and Conservatives what I Think of both and a funny story

Genealogy buffs: a question

Minnesota DUers on January 30

Astrologers: The Puppet Masters, on Starlight News

"Tales from the Time Loop" by David Icke - anyone else read this?

Has anyone here done homeopathic drainage therapy?

What Are You Cooking Up?

A Landmark Case of Racial Injustice: Scottsboro Owns Up To Its Past

Morocco approves new family code

Baptist Pastor says King wouldn't buy Bush initiative

Second Guilty Plea In Gay Slaying

Mass Gov Plans End Run Around Gay Marriage Ruling

Georgia Moves To Legalize Discrimination Against Gays

Virginia Tells Congress To Pass Marriage Amendment

This is disturbing...'cause I live in this town for now....

What laws are on the books that violate our Constitutional Rights

Is ABB a progressive corporation?

!/24 Dem radio response is "opportunity society"-not "special interest"

More jobs lost....

Wal-Mart's Damage Control (Running fluffed up commercials, barf)

Good editorial re: states vs. feds and environmental protection laws

Hitler's chemical weapons a seeping menace

Sierra Club board takeover by antiimmigration &animal rights activists

18 Percent of Britons Don't Want Jewish PM

Chen gains 55% approval rating, survey shows - Taiwan

Did the US cause Hitler's rise to power?

A History of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East - By Juan Cole

Delegates committee kills pair of gun bills

Many guns will still be banned after 9/13/04

RKBA and Liberalism

The Militia Movement and the Radical Right

Vacancies in the Federal Judiciary

A Family Deposed by Force

Can one be pro-gun AND liberal?

Why Britain needs more guns

Question about "unflattering graphics" for GD primary:

Has anyone gotten the new tombstone?

Preparations for NH on Tuesday

How long does an appeal take?

Does DU have any D.C. internships?

A special 'shout-out' to the mods!

Can we either

When are the moderators' term up?

An appreciable drop-off in flame bait on GD-P2004.

as a flaming idiot

Ideas for new avatars

Shock therapy and the Israel Scenario

Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinian militants in zone near Gaza

NY Times: At a West Bank Checkpoint, a Soldier's Duty Is to His Father

Women joining ranks of suicide bombers

Israel introduces system to detect suicide bombers

Ruling: 56 Islamic states can testify on fence

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians

Erez bomber's family denies coercing her to suicide

Pull the plug on 'Snow White'

Ha'aretz (Sunday): Prosecutors lean toward indicting Sharon

Jews Still In Dems’ Camp

An Israeli Pilot Speaks Out

Saudi peace initiative: Arab states to absorb refugees

Hezbollah confirms prisoner swap deal with Israel

Japanese air force personnel arrive in Kuwait for Iraq role

Got an email that the WTC buildings were built with demolition options

Rolling Thunder 5 (Seattle)

Economic charts against SOTU tag lines - I think Bush loses!

Attention Dean Supporters in Kansas City.

I have bad news for David Duke

Remember Clinton's comeback kid speech in 1992?

A guide to the new Texas districts

A way to prove/disprove Bush's deserter issue.

The closest we are going to come in regards to admitting they lied...

Warning Signs to look for

An open letter to disruptors.

would someone please post

Know thine enemy: Ed Gillespie on cspan now

I can't even stand the POSITIVE news anymore

Kudos to Kay !

Houston, We have a Problem !!

Overheard in a British Pub

A video to replace the Dean Scream in the media

Saddam's Trial Set For Modesto

George W. Bush Resume

Is anybody on these boards a member of the Catholic Worker Party?

Iranian agent warned US of impending al-Qaida attack

Michigan unemployment remains above 7% for the 7th straight month

A response to those idiots criticizing Clark for not denouncing Moore:

Bernie Ward (KGO) ripping on Dumbya bigtime

Web Journals Make Media, Activist Impact

GA Senator & Fox News correspondent Zell Miller still a member of the DLC

Canada-US agreement whitewashes Arar case

Does the National Guard give discharges when service is completed?

Here is how a freeper attempts to rebut the Bush AWOL issue

Cheney live on CNN (4:20am EST)

Good article, But....

The "review" Al Franken referenced on Letterman:

Progressive radio = Central Air (w Al Franken et al) in circa March (?)

The Democrats I see on TV are stupid!

President od Vice Cheney Strikes again

A Landmark Case of Racial Injustice

Skull and Bones threads are OK by me.

Michael Moore and Evil Dick Cheney's spilled SOTU water


Republican and KKK Member David Duke

LENO Has D.MILLER on Again

MUST READ!!! Washington Monthly: Creative Class War

Of course the White House fears free elections in Iraq .

bush as a witness in an AWOL courtmartial?

Here is a jaw-dropping old Janklow quote!

Who's reading or has read Price of Loyalty?

Did CNN reporter say Halli-butt-TRON' ???

Has anyone else seen this video of W at a party in 1992? Seems drunk?

On usenet: alt.impeach.bush

Interesting guest on "The Guy James Show" today!

Tax reform folks need to read Perfectly Legal:

We need to make this the mantra of Kerry v Bush

Another great NYTimes best seller list this week

Bush made Osama deal with Musharraf (not to catch him)

Heads up tinfoil hat wearers!

Top Illinois Court Upholds Total Amnesty of Death Row

Pro-Gay quotes from Jewish and Christian community leaders.

Instead of LIHOP, why not WLIHOP?

Frontline this week: Beef production

Public, not government, should decide what's secret

Mad Cow Probe Spreads to Seventh Facility

CBS poll on Bush

What exactly is the difference between AWOL and deserter?

O'Reilly: (A)nother (W)hore, ( O)bscenely (L)ying

Poll Watchers - Newsweek has top 4 all basically tied with *.

Free for all at Free Republic

Tony Blair's Wife Cherie thought Bush Stole Election from Gore

Links to Skull and Bones related info please.

Bush refers to astronauts as "spacial entrepreneurs."

Send this to your right-wing buddies!

Is Washington State really a democracy?


Post of the week: from Old and in the Way

Dean endorsements were a ruse.

Drudge running "bush deserter" story...developing

Really stupid right wing antics on another site

Do you think Bush was AWOL or a deserter?

Anyone else see Al Franken on Letterman last night?

FAIR alert: Cheney's Iraq deceptions

How many times has NH picked the same candidate as Iowa?

USDA Finds Arsenic In Chickens

Time for the Massachusets legislature to act: Kerry's Senate seat

Let's use some imagination. * is on a losing streak. What can we

My Latest Republican Team Leader Email!

Weapons of Mass Obstruction

state of the union cartoon

How many soldiers have been killed today?

What new horrors vis a vis amending the Constitution could be expect from

An issue was raised in one of the threads yesterday that needs some

Meet Charles Duelfer!

If we are going to declare war on any country that sponsors

Party identification poll

1999's "A Charge To Keep" and The Bush We Hardly Knew

Voter Turnout and Our Win in 2004

Weapons of Mass Destruction-Related Program Activities

My take on Mel Gibson's new Jesus movie, and his recent behavior

Bush is trailing Kerry 49-46...and Perfect Storm is developing..

should Zell Miller have never been appointed to the Senate?

LETTER: Bush Took My Job, Killed My Sons

An Absurd CNN Poll

GWB Steroid Rant: More Embarassing Than Dean Scream

Who Among the Candidates Has Already Proved He's Unelectable?

THE SMOKING GUN presents Rush's Plea Bargain Problem

The 50 lies, exaggerations, distortions and half truths .......

Anyone else here read High Treason (Livingstone, Groden)?

It's official: Bush's approval is actually DOWN after SOTU

Bush* Is the Head of the Religious Right

Hypothetical Matchup: Hillary Clinton against Condoleeza Rice--who wins?

Rove is starting to blow it big time

Only on Fox: "Poor May Not Be So Poor After All"

Twins say their posters lampooned race-based awards

Does "guest workers" = potential draftees?

Faith based horror stories

Miserable Failure google bomb and curent results.

Caspian drilling suspended

Conspiracy theory

White House fears free elections in Iraq

Another way to look at bu$h's "service" in the TANG

I think that the California Re-call hurt Bush.

Is it better if we win the Presidency or the Congress?

If you want to know why gays want hate crime laws

Freepers are AVOIDING Bush's AWOL issue like the plague

DU this site

Twenty eight dead American soldiers this month-confirmed

After the debate, our "liberal" media still wimps out on * AWOL

US War on Terror may Spread to Syria

Can someone approve of the second Gulf War, and still be a true Democrat?

Happy 20th birthday, Mac

Anyone here know someone who was a casualty of the Iraq war?

What if we win Election 2004 and lose the popular vote?

Left-wing radio WORKS! Go Mike Webb!

"The Guy James Show" Listen live at 3pm

Seattle Billionaire Craig McCaw Won't Pay for Bush's Visit

Patriot Act

BBC: US seeks allies for war on terror (Promoting PNAC)

My "favorite" Libertarian still coming down hard on bush*.

Barney Cam ! Barney Cam !

Why are there presidential term limits?

Mars Opportunity Live Thread (30 minutes to go)

Their Are No WMD'S There Never Will Be WMD'S. So What The

Dem centrists! What do you want?

More "wisdom" from the Vatican. Pope decries media portrayals of gays.

Was Chirac any more noble than Bush?

Screw CBS with me!

Did anyone see Bush claim Osama wasn't behind 9/11 in SOTU?

I nearly got thrown out of traffic school today!

Right now, Dick Cheney is in Europe

Rudy Giuliani exploits 9/11 to try to help George W. Bush

Do you think George Soros & Ted Turner could get together

Job related program activities

Here are the words of one scary bastard...

Ron Suskind on C-Span2 tonight at 9:02 P.M.

One small, bright note today:

Civil union poll is being freeped BIG TIME! Please vote again, and again

Is a Democrat who voted for Nader in 2000, and who still identifies

Conservative Coalition Cracking up?

What will be the October Surprise of 2004?

You guys I'm feeling better and better about this election

Which recent republican president is the worst

CALL FOR WRITERS - professional experience not required

The greatest economic expansion in the history of the US under Democratic

My conservative friend finally gave up on Rush!

What will happen to the Neocons?

It's nice to see GOP tricks backfire!

Help Me Translate: Bill Of Rights Amendments IX and X

What's with the term 'leftist' all the time?

USMC Gen. Smedly Butler Hated America!

We should quit saying "Iraq war"

Can the Democrats win the senate in 2004?

Here's a look at what DU has done to help unfreep a poll....Awesome!

Would Ralph Nader running hurt democrats?

60 Minutes will accuse Cheney/Hallibutron of illegal deals w/ Iran & Libya

Why Healthcare can not be covered by Insurance

Oh wow, Belinda Stronach says she'll work for free

An excellent video about the morale of USA troops in Iraq

Canadian DUer party identification poll

Canadian DUers. Who was Canada's greatest Prime Minister?

Iraqi Informer's Family Is Marked for Death (Uday-Qusay snitch)

Complaint on Gramm's lobbying to be reviewed

Three Indicted in Argentine Scandal

Car Bomb Reported in Iraqi Town of Samarra

United Cuts Flights from MIA, Slashes Staff

Kerry's Military Advantage - CBS News

Cross-Burning Penalty Appealed

State probes voucher school over forged check allegations

(Justice Dept.) Lawyers' Advice to Witnesses Irks Judge

'Iraq Illicit Arms Gone Before War, Departing Inspector States'

Just heard on ABC radio news, 2 soldiers killed by bomb

US giant Bechtel wins five billion dollar contract for new Qatar airport

U.S. Denies Role in Peru Arms Case's Latest Product Category: Politicians

Cheney faults 'desperate' attacks on Halliburton

Bechtel moving major division to Maryland

Intent still a mystery in East Texas chemical weapons case

BBC (Saturday): US seeks allies for war on terror

Va. Seeks To Leave Bush Law Behind

Tuition increases alarm Guard (OH can't pay)

Car Bomb North of Baghdad Kills at Least 2 Iraqis (yet another, Samarra)

Doing Business With The Enemy

Iraqi Wants Quick Decision on Elections

Pakistani Leader Says Nukes Will Be Safe

War Crimes Trial for Saddam Could Reveal Details of Past US Help

Ron Suskind on C-Span2 tonight at 9:02 P.M.

Cheney says despite Christmas card, U.S. does not see itself as an empire

Spirit Rover Update! status has been upgraded from "critical" to "serious"

Local (Seattle) Stores 'Target'ing Meth Makers

US Sees Significant Role For UN in Iraq Transition

Chalabi joins call for direct elections in Iraq

Pro, con Limbaugh e-mails released

Second phase of gas pipeline to be launched next week

Kay quits - Iraq did not have WMD

BBC (Saturday): WMD pressure builds up for Blair

Dukakis tells hopefuls not to buy into hype - San Diego Union Tribune

Nuke Workers Taped Explosive Components

U.S. warns Iran on al Qaeda suspects

Cheney Urges Europe to Fight Arms Spread

Democrats Describe Plans for 'Opportunity Society'

Both U.S. senators from Minnesota make gains in latest poll

Democrat Edwards Wants Iraq War Case Investigation

US getting desperate for UN help in Iraq

Powell: It's 'Open Question' Whether Iraq Had WMD

Michigan Jobless Rate Hits 7.2%

POLL-Kerry Holds Lead But Race May Be Tightening

Blair 'must admit Iraq war error'

Breaking: 4 US soldiers dead from road bomb west of Baghdad

5 U.S. Troops, 4 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

U.S. Soldier Shot and Wounded (NEW)

2 U.S. Troops, 3 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

Belafonte Continues Iraq War Protest

Saddam's WMD hidden in Syria, says Iraq survey chief

Bush 'stole' the presidential election: Cherie

Opportunity Mars lander is about to land on Mars

Kerry Takes to Ice With Hockey Greats

Hubble Brings Distant Rings into Focus (Uranus)

Stress Hits US Forces in Iraq

Language barrier proving insurmountable for GIs

Cheney: Direct threats require 'decisive action' (nations must use force)

Indian software industry targets US outsourcing Bill

Computer reportedly seized from Frist's office

Weapons, WTC Photos Found When Home Probed

Powell: Possible Iraq Had No Banned Arms

Kerry Fires Back at Clark

WP: Changes in US Iraq Plan Explored

Queen to Give Knighthood to Bill Gates

Former UN weapons inspector replaces David Kay as Iraq WMD adviser

Newsweek Poll: Campaign 2004 (Bush 46% / Kerry 49%)

The Register: 'My job went to India...' t-shirt back in stock

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."

'Hoosier Millionaire' winner dies soon after show

Anybody just catch Jake Johansson on Letterman?

Blogger Steve Gilliard's sick.

Check in here for your blessings by Mr Scorpio


so, all you fitness fanatics . . . can YOU do this? . . .

Life & Debt (a film) about Jamaica and the IMF, WTO, NWO and a

The Cremaster Cycle.

OMG!!!!! I am freaking bored out of my mind!!!!!!!

Blah blah blah blah blah. Ask me anything.

My thoughts


Guys, do you think Mrs. Butterworth is pretty?

I'm In A Bizarre Internet Movie

was yesterday Friday the 13th?

Do you find this offensive?

Let's have a PJ Party

The mathematics of raffle odds

Tired of calling it "The New Hampshire Primary"? Might I suggest...

OK who's up

Overheard in a British Pub

I Don't Know About You But I Am Into Politics So Much That I Will Watch

Just saw _The Sixth Day_ on TBS... interesting movie

I'm going to see Bill Clinton speak Sunday afternoon.

Microsoft has reached an agreement with Mike Rowe

100 Pancakes Per Day for Every New Hampshirian.

Today's Boonedocks--another classic!

Edwards On Real Time -- Helllooo Gorgeous!

My addition to the new Dean speech song craze - Gitalonglittledeanies

Who Said "Drown it in a bathtub"

Howard Dean orders some breakfast

Does anyone know a cheap place to stay in London

Coming up in a few: Dweezil and Lisa at the Zappa household!

Has anyone besides me heard of the band Lungfish?

Tavis Smiley has a great show on public tv late at night.

The Scream

More Liberal weatherman

Favoritest Letter of the Alphabet.

When you are deeply discouraged, do you..

The Scream (Edvard Munch)

Completely shameless solicitation for attention.

Oddest Hollywood Couples ....... Past & Present

what are they calling the Homeland security department ?

Email scam alert!

Granny gots the devil in her!

I can't stand hearing Walker bang . . .

Baby Shower tomorrow

Do they make a TupperWare container

Receptionist: Yes, sir?

Today In Twisted History

does everyone know about these two great sites . . .

anyone know where I can find a free pop up killer

You're wrong. I know you're wrong.

What new horrors vis a vis amending the Constitution could be expect from

Dean's List! Woot-Woot!

"We already had him" Video

Kucinich Filp-Flops on Polka

I saw Dead Poets Society last night....

What is more "super"?

Y'know that song that goes "Urgent, urgent. Emergency. Urgent urgent..."?

You know your broke when......

Does anyone have tinnitus?

Innovative site merges layout from one site and content from another

Any DU-Yoopers here?

Should I go to the Track or the Poker Room?

Innovative Site merges layout from one site and content from another

Have you seen a Freeper tagline dumber than this one?

Got an email that the WTC buildings were built with demolition options

What is Spyware?

Yumm, scrambled eggs, hash browns, veggie bacon, ww toast

Man drives onto Berkeley Pit ice | Montana Standard

OMG! Jerk at my gym just asked if they could ban gays!

Ignore me

Phony Bush Sr. has a hot tub and and a sauna at the cult compound

"Buyer's Remorse"... Ever Had It?

Anyone else here hate toilet humour?

Q: What's Red & Green And Spins Around At 3000 RPM's?

Any good movies playing this weekend

ADD/ADHD Duer's (Attention Deficit Disorders)

(sing along) There was a leader* had a pawn

Went to see Ani Difranco play last night..

the 2000 debates

Hmm. Interesting thing my doctor told me.

Disgusting offensive joke thread

HEyHEY to the rescue!


I can't stand hearing Christopher Walken bang...

Dear Admins and Mods, I have a complaint about DU.

Caption this Kerry picture

I miss you

Dear Mods and Admins: I just swallowed a bug.

Please touch my....

CALL FOR WRITERS - professional experience not required

For those investor nuts, here are a few potential mergers in the works.

I just boycotted Lillian Vernon

What would you like to come home to?

I Have Been Gone All Day. What Did I Miss.

What color is your quiff? Do you even have one?

Newbie to the Lounge: - are Saturday Nights nuttier than week-days ?

Dear Mods and Admins: I'm an elderly woman who doesn't enjoy sex

Dear Abby

Caption Moi...

Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH is the greatest...

Aside from DU, what is the greatest feature of the internet?

How do you open up a bottle of frozen champagne?

A little DU acronym help please!

Does Joe Lieberman have a background in TV acting

Get this, the kid's name is Wesley Pablo Oviedo Clark

has this ever been invented? if not someone should.

The flu: Nothing that 48 hours of sleep won't fix!

Border Song

Anyone else going to the Democratic National Convention?

What .. is Spywear !

Just saw the latest commercial for the new dennis miller show.

3,6,9 the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco

bumping the bumper sticker

Image linking, please help.

Patty Duke was AMAZING in The Miracle Worker.

CDs predicted to go the way of vinyl

I am behaving myself.................... for now.

Ah! Canadianna overload!

Got an email that the WWF wrestlers were built with steroids

Just found some of my old letters to the editor.


What can I do with Cool Whip

I Like TLC's "Junkyard Wars" and TechTV's "Robot Wars"

I'm New Here and a Bush Supporter but

I'm not lonely.

Bay Area DU'ers - who listens to KPIG (when they can)?

Less than 40 000 KM to go!!! LOOK!!!! It's like flying a spaceship!

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

I really need to log off DU for a while.

NightTrain's official s-x thread!

Im lonely too.

Are my sisters normal, or am I abnormal?

A puzzler for you English buffs

Favorite Kennedy?

Shouldn't the plural of "Mongoose" be "Mongeese?"

the car i want just sold for

About the "I'm new here.." post

the BBC's website is very funny

Why do some posters hide their profiles?

dick cheney is a very bad man

I'm sitting here with a glass of "43"

Dear Mods and Admins: I wish to register a complaint...

I need a computer guru

Dear Mods and Admins: I have a complaint about DU

What's for supper tonight ?

YAY Spirit!

The best song of all time: Killing Joke: Requiem

I Suggest Naming your Change when you come back from the Vatican

Poll: Who has offered the most EXCUSES?

"Zorro" for President

Anyone have the link to McCain on the daily show??

Somebody Freeped my timeline!!

Texas state quarter

Personal CUSTOMIZED checks online..

drinking riuntie lambrusco

Mr Scorpio is available to solve your most perplexing questions

Okay, I went and saw Big Fish tonight...

God Help Me. I'm getting hooked on Trump's "The Apprentice"

jeez - I haven't been able to buy a good flamewar for months.

T minus 70 minutes til Clark's Argyle Sweater sells on ebay

Here... Sniff. --- What Does This Smell Like To You?

Gratuitious Vanity thread

You Have to Sell Yourself.

I'm off to chaperone a school dance -- wish me well!

Dubya - Kerry pic - BEGGING a Caption ! - suggestions ?

What should our SONG be for the 2004 campaign?

Anyone else have a Tshirt fetish?

500th post: Fess up - your alltime alchohol horror show

Lounge challenge... How quickly can we name the term for people

Oscar vs. a Yak

I'm thinking of getting another dog...need some advice.

Dear Mods & Admins: I have a complaint about whining poopieheads


Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

I Suggest Changing Your Name When You Come Back From Vacation

Looking for some more good workout music


Student selling her virginity on the web

I Suggest Searching Your Name When You Come Back From Vacation

Will Bush find WMD's or OJ find wife's killer first?

Question for Mozilla Users

Nitpicking thread!

Does anyone else watch Reno: 911?

Which candidate is the Hunk? Women and gay voters only.

Finish This Sentence: "There Ought To Be A Law Against..."

Ashcroft & Cheney lecture world leaders on fighting GOV'T. CORRUPTION!!

Son of a gun. It's an anomaly.

Computer security/firewall question for Gurus

Did any of those plans for a national DU "convention" ever go anywhere?

Married vs single


I Love My SW Reciever

Dear Mods and Admins: I have a complaint about Bush

Favorite Gershwin tune?

Fun with Photoshop and a Kitten . . .

Gay Pride ORIGINAL Art Store ... Owned By My Cousin And Her Girlfriend

WALMART FREE: For two months now, yeah!!

Atkins Dieters

Happy 20th birthday, Mac

Favorite Beethoven Symphony?

I'm lonely.

I just told off a hospital debt collectroll, and I feel GREAT!

NY Gathering anyone?

Give Nader your opinion of his running this year -

Saturday Boston Herald and the repuke attack on kerry

Kerry chalenged Bush on AWOL thing

Where's the site that lists all statewide polls for Dem candidates?

My letter to Tweety

Watch the controversial Dean speech: no download required!

WOW! If I was Drudge or Limbaugh or Savage or Matthews/King 'o the World!

It's the Hypocrisy, STUPID!!!

I would love to see a Dean "Yeargh!" T-Shirt

What's a "brokered convention"?

George W. Bush Resume

So I read this book...

Latest Boston Globe Poll (dated 1/24): Kerry with a 20-point lead...

How well will Edwards have to finish in NH to guarnatee his nomination?

Teresa Heinz Kerry on CSPAN

My thoughts

The double standard for dem. candidates

CNN: Mondale to endorse Kerry

Edwards On Real Time -- Helllooo Gorgeous!

Why Dean lost in Iowa...

My great fear

NYT-Dean Calls a Pause in His Nationwide Ads

What does Dean do if he finishes fourth in NH?

Tired of calling it "The New Hampshire Primary"? Might I suggest...

General Clark on CSPAN tomorrow 8:30 (EST I think)

LA Times NH Poll: Kerry 32 Dean 19 Clark 17 Edwards 14

Dean continues slide post-Sawyer (Boston Globe 2 day track)

Eleanor Clift: Post-Iowa Politics ("Dukakisize" Kerry)

Whoever comes in second is now the NH story

The press would have helped us if they had given everybody the "front.....

Kerry's got a gun

Win or Lose - Dean made this worth watching!

Should Dean break his piggybank to win NH, or would you not have a problem

Dean's 'toned down' speech

Washington Post Video -- supporters return to Dean

More Than 95,000 Have Watched Dean / Sawyer Interview Online - (17 hours)

Looking at The Candidates Energy Policies - Kerry

Results of the Suffolk University Tracking Poll of NH (Jan 24)

Looking at the Candidates Energy Policies - Edwards

AdWatch: Lieberman Ad Shows Saddam Statue

I want to support Clark, but . . .

Looking at The Candidates Energy Policies - Lieberman

Looking at The Candidates Energy Policies - Sharpton

GOP Campaign Strategists Turn Focus on Kerry

Looking at The Candidates Energy Policies - Dean

Overheard dinner conversation (of Clark interest)...

New ARG Poll: Clark(-1), Kerry(+3), Dean(-3), Edwards(+2)

Clark is doing fine! Cheer up we had one bad day.

What John Kerry Should Have Said On CrossFire About Clark

The Ads have begun in Arizona

Dismal Iowa caucus coverage was just the tip of the iceberg

Kansas/Missouri DU Clark Supporters!! Big Rally in KC TODAY!!

California Primary Poll: Battle between Kerry and Dean

New Hampshire: Graveyard of Pollsters

The Scream

Howard Dean orders some breakfast

Is John Edwards the next Bobby Kennedy???

Dean on the rebound - "he's got clarity and honesty and heart."

1/24 N.H. poll: Kerry 35, Dean 15, Clark 15, Edwards 12

Clark wins the donuts and coffee vote

South Carolina's Advice to Kerry: Don't Forget Us

We're not "carrying the South" with anyone!

(WP) Clark Express Losing Speed

Tellin you all the Bucky troof: Bush claims for job growth = income loss

LA Times Poll: Kerry- 32, Dean 19, Clark 17, Edwards 14

MSNBC doing a piece on Clark

For 'soft' voters (in NH), hard choices in quest to beat Bush

Sharpton: Jackson paved way in '84

After media build-up, I thought caucuses boring. They were hyped as being

Looking at the Candidates Energy Policies - Clark

Asheville Dean activists are in SC

Clark breakfast - Frank Luntz and Ralph Reed ...

Democrats describe plans for "opportunity society"

10,000 new supporters have signed up on Dean's site

Jennings tells Clark that Moore's charges are unfounded

End of Clark Breakfast rebroadcast on CSPAN Now

So, what do we spend the most time posting in GD:2004?

Kerry wins NH kids mock election

Slightly Depressed About Clark's NH Prospects

Why do we have to wrap the nomination process quickly?

Newsweek POLL - bush* only ONE POINT ahead of Clark! 48 to 47!

GOP Aide: "A lot of Republicans are crying in their martinis."

Political futures and Attacking Bush

I've never understood having a VP as "running mate"

Can any candidate win without calling Bush a liar?

If our Dem nominee was killed right before the 2004 election

Drudge Headline: Kerry Alluded to Bush as "Deserter"

GOP pollster: Kerry/Edwards is as tough as they could get

Kerry's Good Intentions

Sharpton, Lieberman, and Kucinich would run competitive races vs Bush

Dean's campaign ready to move South and his rebel yell.....

Looking at the Candidates Energy Policies - Kucinich

why clark won't make bush accountable

OMG GERT is Great!!! She would make a great 1st Lady!

C-SPAN caller hints at Dean anxiety attack history

1/24 Zogby NH Tracking Poll -31%, 22%, 14% Kerry/Dean/Clark

coooool man, I my own bad campaign agenda? totally spanks!

Deleted message

Why I am more scared than angry

Kucinich's answer on Education your thoughts?

Flinty Like Me...My life as a NH primary voter (funny)

Clark, Kerry & AWOL, don't you get it?

Does the Bush decision to double logging in CA mean they've given up?

Latest Boston Globe track: Kerry 35, Dean 15, Clark 15, Edwards 12

The Scream By

Any "mainstream" media addressing deserter-charge background?

Defense budget

Is there a website that tracks campaign apperances?

Why is hardly anyone attacking Kerry?

Kerry avoiding the AWOL issue is really bothering me.

Does Kerry's sudden success have anything to do with Skull & Bones?

Poll and secondary question for non-DK supporters

Meet Nick Baldick: Washington Lobbyist/Edwards' Campaign Manager

What time is Dean on C-SPAN today?

In 2000 which poll ended up most acurate in New Hampshire?

If Dean Doesn't Win New Hampshire or South Carolina....

I want to send $$$ to Kerry--does he have a website?

Chimpy's space program (cartoon)

Who is your alternative candidate?

Edwards launches Missouri effort

The Zenmaster ?

Wavering Dean supporters - Please buck up!

Candidates courting S.C. blacks

Zogby is NOT the only track that has numbers from last night

Presidents of the United States

Media whore alert Frederica Whitfield repeating "I have a scream" meme

How many times has NH picked the same candidate as Iowa?

Reflections on the Howard Holler

What will you do if Dean wins the nomination?

Have Kerry & Senate Select Committee POW/MIA Affairs come up?

polls polls! We got 'dem polls!

Josh Marshall explains AWOL v Deserter distinction

A word about Iowa and polls

Big SC rally for Clark

Does Kerry fight political battles on opponent's turf?

SC to Rally for Clark~ Blues Traveler to perform

The Lieberman surge has begun!

Update from Dean Greenville SC Headquarters:

Is Dean dropping out? (Admins: Please delete this thread)

I've decided that Kerry is an electable candidate

Kerry, "calling *Bush a deserter is over the top"

The Clark announcement in New Mexico. Is it Richardson or NARAL?

I hope Kerry still campaigns as underdog in NH

Kerry gets the LCV endorsement

Forget the polls in the crowds and the weather!

Dean is On the Way Up - New MSNBC/Zogby Poll

An Edwards/Clark ticket wins this election; Kerry vulnerable on cancer

Kerry dropping fast in New Hampshire Zogby Poll

I'm off to the NH 100 Club Annual Dem Dinner with all candidates

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years For Material to Slow Him Down

Rank the Top four Candidates

Clark pancake breakfast replay on CSPAN 1. 11:00am est

Is Kerry's health an issue? Should it be an issue?

Wellstone - interesting

Feb 3rd states, how many delegates do they each have?

The Candidates Speak on the Environment

Newsweek national poll, Kerry- 30, Edwards- 13, Clark- 12, Dean- 12

Latest Poll (NON-ZOGBY!) Shows tight race...

Kerry Leads Dean 35% To 23% In The Latest CNN Gallup New Hampshire

Clark pancake breakfast in NH on C-SPAN now

Kucinich discusses BBV

Anybody up for looking at top donors?

Man, these pollsters are really draggin butt...

After all that has happened I feel Dean may not be able to beat W.

Calling WillyBrandt: Wes Clark Response Flyer Fundraiser

Kerry given pass on Leno, O'Brien

Who did people at your company give money too?

Latest polls L.A. Times ARG

TV Alert: Kerry playing hockey now on CSPAN. 5:39 PM EST

Republican voters interested in Kerry

Anyone else excited about the primary season?

Kerry meets his donation goal and then some

Donor Demographics: Who gets $2000 donations

So who is electable?

Which candidate has the most to lose in NH ?

Dean On CSpan NOW (Interview with Peter Jennings)

The Idiomstudio tape of rally - puts all in perspective! Whew!!


Fox News Just Lied Again

Contest should still be lively, no matter what happens in NH

Reruning Clark's pancake breakfast on CSPAN NOW!!!!

Has anyone heard the techno remix of Dean's "yyeeaarr"?

How's this for a campaign slogan? "CLARK/Edwards - HUBBA/Hubba"

The Democratic candidates must support a return of Media Fairness.

Newsweek Poll Details: Kerry Most Electable, Beats Bush, 74% Dem Favorable

Dean supporters: Wanna get really really really fired up?

Which Guy Would You Ruther Drive Cross Country With?

Kerry Takes to Ice with Hockey Greats

Boston area DUers, kook LaRouche is running 2 infomercials tomorrow

After the primaries, all is forgiven

Did Kerry's money help him take Iowa?

Which candidate is running tv/radio ads in your area?

Who will be in NH tomorrow? Who is there already?

are the candidates on c-span tonite?

A day after, voters say they were unswayed by Thursday's debate

Link to Clark's Response flyer:

I made myself 2 Howard Dean buttons today

KRC Poll Lerry 20 point lead

Brand New WMUR Tracking Poll - Kerry 37 Dean 19 Clark 13 Edwards 12

How come the media aren't covering the poll shift?

Advice for Dr. Dean....

Josh Marshall loves Dean's one-liner at town hall meeting


What if Lieberman finishes a surprising 3rd?

Mr. Edwards's Bundle of Secrets

Great pic from today's Clark rally in Portsmouth

cnn...talking heads say it will be kerry, edwards, dean

Dean's yeeaaaaaa speech growing on me

Clark on MTP tomorrow - Sample Q&A (help me out)

Has there ever been a stronger group of candidates than this year?

We need to make a Dean/Clark Clark/Dean Unity website

Edwards On Real Time: " I WANT That Fight!"

Dean Alleges Dirty Attacks in IA - Sorry Dupe

NH predictions on 'Capital Gang'

The Death of the Angry Democrats

Been watching C-SPAN

Clark just finished speaking at the dinner.

Average of all the polls together

Hypothetical: If Dean comes in 3rd or 4th, how soon would he drop out?

CBS Evening News Is Putting The Provebial Nail In Dean's Coffin...

In response to the tightening of the N.H race (Dean supporters Only)

"Next Tuesday is the beginning of the end of the Bush Administration"

New FOX tracking poll: Kerry 37 Dean 19 Clark 13 Edwards 12

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: suasion

How Dean and Kerry should settle things, once and for all:

Flag Burning: Who's right, who's wrong

Dean & Clark are finished

Kerry out to make Dems believe

Should Clark avoid the whores tomorrow?

Clark Volunteers Connect Across the Miles

After the SOTU, Bush-Hating Sweeps America (poll kerry over bush 49/46)

Clark won't give * a pass on being AWOL

Train A Comin' Clark supporters! $2mil to Station, $1,833,608 now...

About governors and Lt. governors

I have lost faith and trust in Democrats...this nomination process is lame

Conventional wisdom in GD2004 is...

Clark Supporters - Buck up!

If Lieberman, Kucinich or Sharpton win in NH tomorrow where does that put

Caimpaign slogans that you're sick of?

Why are some gays fed up with the media?

Does Clark's tax plan excuse people from responsibility?

Anyone notice Drudge completely removed deserter referenced Kerry quote?

My experience as an caucus observer in Iowa Precinct 214/Des Moines

campaign slogans you love

Kerry needs to Justify his record


Kerry just said...tall people have a problem

I cannot believe it!! I just received a photograph from Bush/Cheney

Donald Trump donated to Kerry in June

Hillary 2008 supporters and 2012 supporters POST HERE!!!!!!!!

How do you spell "YEEEAAAHHH"

Report from the DFL State Central Committee today

John Edwards favors ending legacy college admissions


Kerry and Edwards will lose in South Carolina....

Clark Supporters: eBlock!!

Clark praises Kerry's record (Clark is a class act)

pictures of Kerry on the ice at JFK stadium...."Political Play of the Day"

A good summary of the cloture vote causing so much fuss

What does "Acting Presidential" mean?

According to my calculations: NH: #1 Kerry, #2 Clark or Dean, #4 Edwards

Kerry Fires Back At Clark

TV Alert: NH Democratic Party Dinner CSPAN1 @ 10:32 EST REPLAY

Gov Dean put conservatives on bench to get longer sentences?

Dean launches new attack on Kerry, Edwards, & Clark

Any DUers in Southern New Hampshire on Sunday?

A quick observation on "the power of incumbency"

Dean Calls a Pause in His Nationwide Ads

New ARG NH Poll: 3 car pile-up for second place

Bush Official Uses Nixon Tactics to Smear John Kerry

Stephen Colbert on CNN HN

Dean is ABB. Are his supporters?

Question for Kerry Supporters

All the candidates say they will make sure we can buy drugs from Canada

It's looking more and more like it's going to be a Kerry~Edwards ticket.

Mend a fence/burn a bridge.

No Longer Depressed About Clark's NH Prospects

Kerry attack material from NH (link to scans)

Put your N.H. vote where your mouth is :)

Has there ever been a successful primary challenge to a sitting president?

Capital Games - David Corn - The Nation

In response to NY Times oppo hit piece on Kerry

Good post on Daily Kos re Kerry

Dean and his YEEEEAAAH!!! speech.

"The most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory"

Who was the last Washington insider to defeat an incumbent?

Time for a rotating primary schedule...

Dean has eight delegates... and remember, that's what counts!

Brand New ARG Poll Jan 22-24

Newsweek Poll: Kerry 30 Edwards 13 Dean 12 Clark 12

Kerry Cancer Rumors....?

Does a candidate's "looks" affect his "electability?

My new second choice - After Dean - Is now . . .

Report and Pics from the NH Democratic Dinner

Dean Alleges Dirty Attacks in Iowa

What should Clark say to Russert about AWOL Bush tomorrow?

Lieberman Spot Uses Tape of the Toppling Statue of Hussein

New Zogby Poll from Friday shows race tightening between Kerry-Dean

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down

Is there anything that people won't use against Kerry?

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down

Suffolk U/ABC poll shows Dean, Kerry, undecideds in dead heat

Who thinks the media is picking "your next President" for you...?

Okay folks...the 26 Kerry 22 Dean Zogby poll is NOT a tracking poll

Hear comes the Dirt on Kerry. How will this play?

Who is the biggest 'corporatist' candidate in the race?

League of Conservation Voters endorses Kerry!

Dean and wife try to soften his image after primal scream

If Clark Falls back in NH and Does Not Win Big Feb. 3rd, Will He Pull Out?

John Edwards talking about POVERTY.

Northeastern Liberal: Isn't this term insulting to Northeasterners?

Faux prediction for NH

Kerry supporters...I am sorry.

Which candidate combination would be better for America?

TV Alert: NH Democratic Party dinner tonight on CSPAN1 @ 7:00 EST

"Clark Pulls Rank" Remember?

Absentee Ballot's For Clark on Feb 3rd will put him in first?

NYT: Critical of Caucuses, Dean Demands Changes in Iowa

Dean's NH Comeback Speech

Dean's ideas on taxes are just wrong

NBC: Kerry Now Beating Bush 49% to 46%. Reporter Seemed Baffled!

Kerry supporters - who should be John Kerry's running mate?

Was Bob Dole's "Colonel" dig at Clark planned ahead of time?

Interesting article on Howard Dean

Is there a poll asking which candidate DUers support?

Clark member of Jewish Priest Clan of Kohens, plus Madonna & Kaballa

Will the media ever start discussing real issues again?

**Newsweek Poll** Kerry 49, Bush 46 First Dem Lead Ever!!!!!

Prediction: Dean's Iowa speech will win him the Presidency.

Democrats on their favorite Republican

Rallying for Clark in the South

Is Dean looking to Clark survival?

Dean/Clark Clark/Dean Unity Thread

Dennis Kucinich made his best speech I've seen tonite

An election factor that hasn't been discussed yet: the Catholic Church!

Cspan: Kerry town hall... it's excellent

SC is going Dean!

John Edwards is *50*, okay?!

Krugman: Clark the real radical. Only Clark/Dean dare to take hard line.

Why did Kerry vote against first Gulf War and vote for the second?

Clark supporters and Dean supporters need to unite for honest primaries

RNC Guns Open up on Kerry. Dems Must Rally Coast-to-Coast or Loose to Bush

A Clark and Dean collaboration might win

TAP: How Kerry won Iowa

new $1 million bat up at DFA

Zomby's Fearless NH Predictions (post yours!)

Polls Mean Nothing. Huge Undecideds. A Dean Win Good For Dems???

John Edwards and the Clintonesque factor.

Poll: Should Gays & Lesbians Go Back Into the Closet to Win in November?

Grassroots vs. Corporate Owned Media

We,The Manipulated ...

Iowa: Who's Unelectable Now? - a great article by 12 year old Natasha