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Archives: January 23, 2004

Cohen: An Address Worthy of Enron (Ken Lay should've been at SOTU)

Herbert: The Other America (* disconnect on joblessness)

NY Times: Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb

Salon: Bush loses his aura of invincibility

Infiltration of files seen as extensive

American Prospect: Special Report on the SOTU

Snake Oil

Al-Qaida will do whatever it takes to assure Bush is re-elected

Michael Moore - George W. Bush, A.W.O.L.

If these kinds of editorials are appearing in my hometown, there is hope..

War Fading as Campaign Issue

Gwynne Dyer on al-Qaida

Q&A: Russell Feingold

"The State of America is Straight" by dsc

Boston Globe on Bush "constancy as a National Guard airman" = AWOL

Voting Twice

BBV: The Perils of Online Voting (NY Times Editorial)

Speech fails to overcome questions of credibility - from Maui

Iraqi police walk perilous beat

Paul Harvey Comments on The Passion

Gay Marriage Poll Anulled

Cheney Is Adamant on Iraq 'Evidence':LATimes

Guantanamo: a symbol of US loss of values

LA Weekly/Harold Meyerson on SOTU: "Is That All There Is?"

Bush Throws New Lies After Old

Of course the White House fears free elections in Iraq

U.N. Should Change -- or U.S. Should Quit (Perle & Frum)

Barry Crimmins: 'The Snake of the Union'

Morford: Dick Cheney Kills Birds Dead

What Democrats need to know about jobs - North San Deigo County Times

GOP downplays reading of memos :(no rules broken): Globe

CBS Dick Meyer: Defending Dean's Scream

Arundhati Roy's Speech at WSF

John Pilger - Power, Propaganda and Conscience in The War On Terror

Citizens' Debate Commission - from Ralph Nader

Heads Up Military families and Vets: protest @ Dover AF base

Volunteer for Wesley Clark in New Hampshire!

A Liberal Resource Needs Your Help!

Bush to visit NH on January 29th

Protest Bush in Greenwich, CT - January 29

Attention NYC DU'ers!

GOP Energy Bill to Pass Unless YOU Stop it!

the triumphant return of captain obvious (writing opportunity)

Caldwell County, Texas, Democratic fundraiser

Austin DU'ers BBV Forum Thursday Jan 29 - Let's make some noise!

Ron Suskind on radio now

Bush at the Nothing Fancy Diner - Video

Any date or news on Central Air? (liberal radio network)

Common Cause: FCC Chairman Powell and Clear Channel

I received a letter from the republican* party today

What don't Republicans like about New England?

I Love Karl

Texas Monthly has * on the cover with the word: "Maybe."

Just when you thought you saw it all...

Subject: Draft of a Constitutional Amendment to Defend Biblical Marriage

Florida cop's good looks entrap gay man

AFA admits it hoped to keep poll secret among its members

South African boy suspended for not being african enough

Rock And Roller Undergoes Sex Reassignment

vote, please

SAP delivers bullish outlook for 2004

Red Hat offers infringement warranty for Linux (Screw SCO)

Mortgage industry assn says industy to lose 65 thousand jobs in 04

U.S. Treasury reneges on '79 bond purchases

IBM plans to add 15,000 new jobs worldwide

IMF, World Bank Forgives Nicaragua's Debt

Less Likely to Buy American because of Bush Administration

Forest Service To Triple Sierra Nevada Logging - LA Times

Long-line Fishing And The Destruction Of The Albatross

Ah-nold Blocks Water Efficiency Standards For Washing Machines

Norton Pushing To Triple Coal-Bed Methane Permits In Wyoming

EPA Rule Will Limit Emission Testing - 2X In Five Years MORE Than Enough!

DU resource on articles/issues related to the Energy bill

Skikda: 3 LNG trains destroyed/1 train costs $1.35 Billion

Pollutants Pile Up In Bodies & Breast Milk Of Inuit And Greenland Natives

BBC (January 23): 'No cosmic ray climate effects'

Indonesia, the world's largest LNG producer, can't make quota

Iran to aid Sri Lanka's oil exploration

Question: Why "must" the absurd WTC 7 Official Story be defended?

New Jersey's Not The Most Corrupt State

Got a shipment today!

People wearing the uniforms of enemy soldiers

Weapons bill off to Assembly (update and new info)

How do you carry?

Hey Guys! My Sunday Hunting Bill passed in the House yesterday!!!!

Guns in the News January 23 2004

Once and for all--group attacks are allowed by the current rules

Kerry's website and the War on Drugs

The shows over...whattaya got to say about John Stossel?

Why were sex related threads banned

How about an ISSUES forum related strictly to the candidates?

Thanks admins

test ignore:

Skinner what date did i join DU and what date did i start to lurk?

anonymity question

Is it appropriate for DUers on a vendetta against a user to search

Good job with the faux-Kerry supporter disruptors, mods.

Would like to defend a thread that got locked....

Why are Kucinich's looks okay to mock, but not Kerry's?

Quick question

Sorry about the dupe thread, guys.

An argument in favor of public appeals

Need clarification of the "calling out" rule

Where did the lounge just go!?

why do I get a MISSING FORUM message?

Some of my bookmarks disappeared, and then reappeared later.

How do i post a URL with spaces in it?

I disagree with the locking of this thread

the lounge is gone!

Unilateralism and its discontents

Security fence likely to be rerouted

Palestinian rights curtailed by high fence

Israeli police flee drug fumes

Israeli-Sudan detente in the works

Palestinians rally for Sheikh Yasin

USA mulls Hizbullah strikes

British MP: I understand desperation of suicide bombers

Seumas Milne (Guardian Utd): Too late for two states?

Jenny Tonge Sacked for Suicide bomber comments

The Apartheid Wall Now Tearing through Hebron

Cheney cites discredited leaked intelligence on IRAQ-AL QUEDA

Question: Why "must" the absurd WTC 7 Official Story be defended?

ISSUES: Unemployment; who has the best plan?

ISSUES: Iraq; who has the best plan for Iraq?

GD Primary 04 down again?

Does anyone have a link to the vote on the omnibus bill

ISSUES: Health Care--who has the best plan?

Did we break the GD Primary forum again? n/t

I Dare Any Kerry Supporter...

AWOL Bush issue is alive w/ data -not proven a lie - so fight the media!

Attention Dean Supporters

John Breaux Should Be Vice President for the Nominee

Lay off stats needed

Repuglican Roulette!!!

Economics thread

Move On Voter Fund almost at 90%. It runs anti-Bush tv ads.

You gotta hear this!...Thanks to Brett, a new poster!

Watching Bill Maher on Tavis Smiley, and what a disappointment

Imagine if the Candidates wore BUSH AWOL shirts.

Gotta wonder if the Bushits are plagurizing Geobbels

How likely is 2004 to be flawed like 2000 (Fla).. Survey

Kodak is cutting 15,000 jobs, trying to adjust to digital age.

WP: Bush AWOL issue makes Howard Kurtz's column

At his pig farm this weekend.

Cartoon from UK Private Eye magazine

The media is briefed on the next terror attack? (NY Post)

Was the US not invited to the World Economic Forum??

Flush Bush -- Just found the best anti-Bush picture --

Skull and Bones discussed on Democracy Now...

they wouldn't have seen this day...

Did that debate on Fox last night end abruptly?

Does anyone have an email for Peter Jennings??

Progressive radio w Al Franken, Michael Moore, Gore Vidal (per Vidal)

The 'Bait and Switch' Faux debate

CBS and the MoveOn ad

Howard Zinn and Daniel Pipes discussion October 4, 2002

What happened to the bu$h polls?

Michael Moore on Democracy Now NOW 9:30 EST

Halliburton: Workers Took Kickbacks

(some) Freeps upset with Luciferanne...

Can we, as Democrats, replace the word "help" with "justice" or something

Interesting on donations to candidates & Bush

Dean Delivers Top 10 List on Letterman

NYT: Bush AWOL charge appears in debate

WP: debate transcripts INCLUDING "bush* is a deserter" inquiry

MOBY takes on DRUDGE over his Cho bashing! Yeah baby!

Ex-Accounting Chief at Enron Is Indicted on 6 Felony Charges

did anyone else hear this guy on msnbc say that McDonald's...

When georgie loses who gets the pardons?

Orwell and 1984

BBV: Democracy at Risk (Krugman - NYTimes)

"Credibility", Bush, and the State of the Union.

Dean & womens support

Last minute rider on spending bill-gun pruchase records gone in 24 hours

Holy visions of Watergate

The Number One Threat To America and Mankind

Bush is on C-Span talking to the Mayors of America...PATHETIC

Help Name The Category of Super-Mega-Bush-Fundraisers!

This would be a great Anti-Dumbya ad for election!

Drudge is linking to the story on GOP infiltration of Democratic files

Happy New Year to all the Chinese DU'ers..

Is there a place on DU where someone is collecting those threads

Trent Lott (R-Plastic hair/hates blacks): Hillary is 'butt ugly'

DUers, need a link on tax donor states please

So if Rush Limbaugh gets community service, what should it be.?.

DU this poll! civil unions/same sex marriage

Bush = certifiably insane

Republicans try to stop MoveOn Money

Breaking News: CNN & MSNBC -Kobe and his lawyers walking into court house!

Bush's Plan for Mars

AWOL discussion with a puke

If Novak claims journalistic privilege what does his employer claim?

Limbaugh lawyer public response is itself preposterous.

Race for the Senate

How did I miss this?! The Atta-Saddam-AlQaeda all-purpose connection.

A conspiracy theory I believe

Mysterious witness in German Sept 11 trial accuses Iran in attacks

Subliminal messages in Head of State (Chris Rock) credits

Bush Touts Trickle Down In Rib Joint

Conservative group quietly drops plans for poll- gay marriage

People who get unsolicited email from gay marraige poll sign in.

A return letter from my Senator....

limbaugh is a felon!

Guerilla Politics a theory

Senate Judiciary File Infiltration Seen As Extensive

My Evening with Gore Vidal and Eddy Vedder.

BP Solar Neighbors Program on Larry King Live Saturday January 24th

Are these statements accurate?

Black hole in US Economy

Get to know your new WMD inspector -Charles Duelfer

Poppy and "Boys" nabbed with drugs according to FBI agent.

Dean has some superficial flaws, but Dubya's are skin-deep

Let's clarify something here...this is important.

DeanGoesNuts.Com (many mp3s)

a dinner table full of traitors

Help: What was that conservative black group

Is BushCo planning to neuter the courts?

WTF???!! Members of "ex-gay" group asks for federal funding.

The latest on Dean from CNN

The Sweet and Lowdown on Sugar

Adrian Cronauer and the GOP

UK: What Hutton Won't Tell You

CT's Gov. Rowland -- why he thinks his poll number are what they are:

How many times will David Kay "fall down"?

Let's not forget the name John Kokal

Officers good looks ruled "entrapment" by FL Judge

Google "Bush deserter" and then click on "News" -- 80 links

would we be better off if Zell Miller was never in the Senate?

My phone rang at 7am, my buddy shipped out a 2pm (Not happy!)

Scalia: Dick's Duck Blind Justice

I just found the senate vote for pork/overtime takeaway bill


David Kay says "no WMD's!! On a Friday no less.

Is CNN kidding with this Halliburton headline?

If corporations are bad, why is bigger government good?

Anyone see Frontline last night? Chasing Saddams Weapons...

probe of Cheney link to Halliburton kickbackers?

Hannity is Chastising those who judged Gibson's passion play

Today's CNN Poll

Would you trade George the Lesser for his dad in office?

Anybody have a link to video of Shrub in the deli yesterday?

Boondocks is HILARIOUS today!

Another Promise Broken - 15 Billion for Aids? WHEN??

Diane Sawyer's rude question to Mrs Dean:

How does the Republicans stop a man from getting ahead?

For all of you "Bush Haters"

Michigan Heads Up: Hurry and say NO to Marriage Ban Amendment

Friday afternoon approaches in the east,

Will Code for Food

Hans Blix on Frontline last night....

Congressional Subcommittee To Hear From 'Ex-Gay' Group

Does Anyone Remember the Upcoming Senate Races?

Utah Bill To Ban Gay Marriage Withdrawn

cbs on halliburton

Quote From the WSJ

What should the WH press whores (and the Dems) ask Bush?

I had an epiphany today on what makes Neo-Cons tick

What does Gillespie have against trial lawyers?

What are the major gripes with "no child left behind"? Thanks

Watch Kay get derided now

Heads Up: Protest @ Dover Air Force base

The Annotated Cincinnati Speech (Oct 7th 2002)

"Pro-life" people in my town.

Predictions on next week's Bush/Cheney Friday Bad News Dump?

Just in from Entertainment Tonight...Bomb sniffing dogs and snipers

Today's Rant: Janklow to Teach Driver's Ed

Would you vote for a presidential candidate who supports same-sex marriage

CBS News leads off w/ Halliburton

Masters of the Pump-Fake

Since Janklow gets only 100 days in prison, is he technically not a felon?

How can we find out Bush's or Cheney's Fundraising Schedule?

Canadians: How long until your REALLY dislike Belinda Stronach?

"The deficit" that the problem or is it where the money's going?

Savage adds another anti-liberal slam - against women

Savage hits another group - seniors who lived thru the depression

anti immigrant takeover of Sierra Club

Anybody Else Get A Radio Interview With A Serviceman In Iraq ???

Did anyone get this hoax FDIC e-mail today?

NOW with Bill Moyers: Politics of Climate Change

Anyone see Bush spill Cheney's water at SOTU?

PLEASE rate this story.

Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) has died

Oldest U.S. bank robber gets 12 years

Can Bush stay in office two more terms

Drudge: Moby & Margaret Cho need to "butch up"

September 11th: Bush is STILL Clueless

Spare me from idiots..........please.

Anyone wondering what happened to the AFA's anti-gay marriage poll?

Remember 1992 "It's the Economy Stupid" Well how about this

Bill O'Reilly: "Those who hate America love Michael Moore"...

Who do you think Bush will pardon or exonerate when he leaves

American Jobs going to Mexico and WAL-MART

What will be the icing on the cake that Bush is a fascist?

Is Mel Gibson a Freeper?

Bush Lie Flyer: What do you think?

Mike Malloy is doing great again tonight

If Bush can lie, and Rush can drug...Dean can scream!

My faith restored

Give Nader your opinion of his running this year -

Poll: U.S. majority opposes anti-gay amendment

Christianity Without Christ (re: anti-gay ammendment)

Clinton's Triumph - Interesting Take From A RW'er

Emerging Democratic Majority.

For GLBT people

IMHO, Kerry is the one Bush wants to run against...

Action Alert - FAIR Dennis Miller's new show

Overheard dinner conversation (of Clark interest)...

2004: Skull&Bones vs Skull&Bones

McLaughlin Group on The Clark-Moore-DeserterBush episode

BBV & San Diego - Upcoming talk

Smirk wants to restore the garden of eden (this is for real)

Peter Jennings, you are AWOL from responsible journalism...

Want to run the country? Get a Law Degree.

Homosexual Marriage in America: I say... (Poll)

What's the deal with the "heater packers"?

Want to steal an issue from the Repubs, and still be compassionate?

Peter Jennings letting the cat out of the bag on W's AWOL?

Bizarre Bush photo from official White House site

Joe Conason hints at "remarkable Paula Jones clip" in new movie

Bush had a good week

I am proud to be a West Virginian...

How the rich will be allowed to skirt the draft...

What skills are best to have for a coming wage-slave economy?

O'Reilly: Most of America Hates Michael Moore

The Biggest Threat to America and Mankind (corrected) responds to bUSH AWOL status.......

Nearly 100 Families Suing Over 9/11 (Washington Post)

For the Millionth Time. These deficits are NOT accidental.

Whoa! Bush drops to 53 percent in Fox poll conducted after SOTU

Call Congress, HR2239 BBV paper trail requirement

"Menace in the Homeland!" - new educational film for all freedomhaters

Do you use energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs in your home?

Who will be the GOP presidential candidates in 2008...

Conceptual Guerilla's "The Mythology of Wealth".

Heresies of a Black Guy - I AM FREE!

Ten things you should never buy again

How will Bush do in the Fall debates?

Al Franken will make a HORRIBLE radio personality.

George Bush has a small head.

Bush--dumber than a box of rocks

Freeping Polls says gays are green communists

Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children? (Poll)

Suskind's "The Price of Loyalty" is a LIHOP primer

Republican Presidential Candidate J. Buchanan takes on 9-11 lies †

AWOL a non-issue? Maybe. But suspension is another story.

Wilson's Leather 1000, Kraft 6,500, Kodak 12,000 the economy is booming!

The Hunting Of The President Official Website Is Now Up!!!!!

Wind energy

Is there PROOF that Bush went AWOL?

Legalization of Marijuana

Have we shifted to the right?

Ford will announce Hazelwood plant layoffs on Monday (StL, MO)

Report: Thailand Confirms Bird Flu Cases

BBV: The Perils of Online Voting (NY Times Editorial)

Party ally assails Bush plan (Jeb)

Mysterious witness in German Sept 11 trial accuses Iran in attacks

Bush under fire over 'runaway spending'

Border Patrol Agents Decry Bush Plan

Halliburton audit finds possible problems

Gephardt's ex-staffers find Clark to liking

Annan Says 'Laws of Jungle' Threaten World Order

Logging To Triple in the Sierra

Fierce Competition for Vet Votes

Iraq Office Explosion Killed Two Men

Fat in the fire over diet guru insult (Bloomberg insults Atkins)

Cities Still Lack Homeland Security Funds

Globe and Mail: Economic forecast darkens

BUSH PLAN A MAGNET - San Diego Untion Tribune

Dollar under pressure from all sides

Bush to propose spending freeze (Wash Times)

Man Sentenced to Yoga Classes for Slapping His Wife

Part of Akaka bill wins final passage in D.C.

U.S. Asks U.N. to Resolve Iraq Conflict

Musharraf says nuclear 'leak' likely

Europe's Mars Express identifies water ice on Mars

Lab challenges usual theory on mad cow | Seattle P-I

NASA Gets Half-Hour of Signals From Rover

Bechtel unit to leave S.F.

Wilson's Leather To Close About 100 Stores (1,000 More Layoffs)

Guard survey hints at exodus

Bin Laden captured?

State (California) weighs foreign drugs | Sacramento Bee

Study: Red Sea parting was possible

CIA warns of Iraq civil war "Marine copter crash kills 4 in California"

Pentagon e-voting plan 'flawed'

USA Today: Guard survey hints at exodus

Grand Jury Hears Plame Case

A Southern Legal Lynching Is Almost Lethal

US taxpayers pay for stars' luxury travel

14 charged in UNT payroll fraud scheme | Dallas Morning News

U.S. Denies Empire Bid (Ashcroft), Annan Warns of Jungle Law

Court: Illinois Gov. Ryan Could Commute Death Sentences | Chicago Tribune

Canadian dollar tumbles | CBC

Fears grow over bird flu outbreak | BBC

Bob Keeshan, Captain Kangaroo, Dies at 76

Miami Police issue fake-cops alert | Miami Herald

Thai court approves extradition of Sullivan | Atlanta J-C

BBV: Smooth voting? Don't recount on it (

Order bans pesticides near salmon | The Oregonian

Dean derides Washington politicians in slap at rival - AP (SFC)

Foreclosure flood foretold for Silicon Valley

Mars Probe has software glitch (CBS)

Guard survey hints at exodus

Iraqi Experts Wanted for Election Probe (Sistani turns the screws)

Iraqi Experts Wanted for Election Probe

Alltel Hits Estimates, Initiates Layoffs

Mars Spirit Rover Update : Signal received!

Iraqi Official Proposes Transfering US Power to Expanded Interim Council

Rossi may get Cruz's backing for governor (WA state GOP) | Seattle P-I

Oops...A Dupe!

Aurora Will Leave St. Louis, Cutting 170 In Move To N.J.

Kraft To Slash 6,500 Jobs - Analysts

Georgia posts big jump in mass layoff jobless claims

Martin agrees to wipe out most of Iraq's debt (Canada)

British Soldier Dies in Iraq Crash

Canada's future tied to the UN, PM says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 23 January (#1)

Weisglass presents pullout proposal to Rice

Iran veil demo calls 'death to France'

Energy regulators dismiss PG&E case (re: Ca - energy crisis)

Wilsons (Leather) to cut 1,020 jobs, close 100 stores

U.S. to double tree cutting for fire prevention in Sierra | S F Chronicle

Georgia posts big jump in mass layoff jobless claims

Halliburton Finds Possible Iraq Kickbacks

Halliburton Pays for Possible Overcharge

Report Says Halliburton Employees Take Kickbacks

Halliburton Tells Pentagon Workers Took Kickbacks Award Projects in Iraq

520 Plant Employees Await Layoff Decision (Iowa)

CIA Names Duelfer to Replace Kay in Iraq Arms Hunt†

NASA Says Rover Could Take Weeks to Fix (AP) Now a hardware problem

Alaska land opened to drilling

MSNBC reports: Study finds link between Agent Orange, cancer...

Ex-U.S. Arms Hunter Says No Stockpiles in Iraq

Oscars disarray as Academy member linked to piracy

Colombia Eligible for U.S. Military Aid (OIL)

Washington Trades Human Rights for Oil in Azerbaijan

U.S. troops capture Iraq rebel leader

U.S. Army: Saddam's Hole May Be Destroyed

FOREX-Euro down on warning of possible ECB rate cut

Arizona Anti-Gay Amendment Declared 'Dead'

CIA Picks New Iraq Weapons Inspector

State prosecutors refused deal to close Limbaugh case

Bush* to Seek $401.7B Pentagon Budget

Iraqi Communist Party office bombed

Report: Meijer To Cut About 3,000 Jobs (Michigan)

Clark: GOP agenda at play in New Hampshire debate

Prosecutors refuse rehab deal for Limbaugh, insist on guilty plea

Cheney revives Iraq assertions (Boston Globe)

Senate Inquiry Into Memos That Went Astray Nears End

Dean Getting Second Look From N.H. Voters

Powell's trip to Georgia may mark start of civil war

Blow to Blair as Iraq Weapons Hunter Says None Exist

Experts: Causey May Be Key in Enron Case

US agencies sink with Treasuries on overseas worry

WP: Arms Hunt In Iraq to Get New Focus

Bush to Seek $401.7B Pentagon Budget

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 505 U.S. service members have died

A Measure of Success in Iraq

Helicopter Crashes in Iraq; 2 Pilots Dead

Kay Says No Stockpiles in Iraq

Scalia vacations with current litigant

Another Leak Controversy Brews

Factory closings a setback for Western NC

French Parliament Divided Over Hijab Ban

Accountant questioned in Parmalat affair found dead

Cuba Sharing Info with Iraq (from Drudge Report)

The Gap in Wages Is Growing Again For U.S. Workers - Wall St. Journal

British MP demoted for suicide-bomber remark (Globe and Mail)

Immunity Pact For American Troops in Iraq Still Unsettled

Top fiscal watchdog delivers stinging attack on deficit

Captain Kangaroo has died...

Arabs Slam US Over Democracy

CNBC: Walter Mondale to endorse John Kerry...

Va. Seeks To Leave Bush Law Behind

CNN just reported that photographer Helmut Newton has died...

Anti-porn bill's possible effects worry retailers

Mars Rover Spirit does not want to go to sleep after being told twice ...

Conservate Group Quietly Drops Plan for Poll (Maj. Support GAY MARR!!)

Illegal immigrant shot in Arizona desert

Shiite Leader (al-Hakim) Rejects U.S. Plan for Iraq

US's Snow says 1.85 mln job growth reasonable

David Duke considering run for Congress

Senator Baucus seeks visa for Cuban vet to expedite cattle sale

Wars 'useful', says US army chief

Ehrlich (R-Maryland) Cuts Funding for Bay, Disabled Programs

Screech speech haunts Dean

Democratic Hopeful Dean Calls for Greenspan Ouster

eveyone says dean's scream at the primaries was unpresidential...

The World Is Ending - Who ya gonna hug last?

Remember the water devices that you use to put in your tub?

A question for smokers ...... "Andy Rooney Style"

What is your favourite forum at DU?

The Origins of Totalitarianism

i'm giving up all my vices

I would like to sing now

What should I do? What SHOULD I do?

2000 posts!

"Dear Ben"

Idea for the Daily Show- The Dean/Bush Name that State Show

Top Songs of Tonite?

WHAT did Peter Jennings do?

Students for an Orwellian Society

Thanks to Jaybird & Congrats on 100 posts

What did you eat for dinner?

OMG Will and Grace outing Cheney and Bush?

The wonders of the Free Market. Sigh.

Favorite Ben(s)

Clark/Jennings transcript. For Lounge Lemurs but mostly Sapphocrat

Your Favorite "Quotable Quotes"

Hilariously funny comic strip.

Odd little animation.. (mouse-over it).. watch your audio level

I am so proud of some of the people in my hometown!

Eastern N.C. Duer's I need your help..

Toenail fungus update

Design'd I do

Looks like we can see why the Supreme Court can't be trusted anymore...

Help! My kid's a fascist!

How many toes and fingers do you have (attached to your person)?

Do you need a daily smile? Watch this video!

new Hannity advertiser Sunflower Automotive/Sunflower Lincoln Mercury

What ware you going to do for Valentines Day?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Gold's Gym

new Oxyrush advertiser Keystone Chrysler

Poor Spirit, please wake up. I love you NASA

Am I going to hand the election to Bush?

I'm starving!!!!!!

- - My first "PhotoChop" - -

I'm not 24 and I don't have a pimple

"Ender's Game"

I'm 24 and I have a tape

Mortality Test

What's the first thing that attracted you to your husband/wife/partner?

Fatality test

Atkins people! CRACKERS!!!

"White Amerika" video.. my goodness :)

a great picture of Dean.

Happy New Year to all the Chinese DU'ers..

Feelin' down? Nobody loves you?

US Missile Defense System REVEALED!!!

I shook Joe Wilson's hand yesterday

Anybody else think Robert Novak is a schmuck?

Howard Dean remix

I'm 24 and I have a pimple

Bush's Plan for Mars

Dilemma (ethics test)

Intermittent Nude pictures of khephra

College Sports Mascot Trivia

Advice needed for loved one who is a "pot head"

Eeeeep.. It's a morphing Jacko movie

Pugs in MO introduce legislation mandating how evolution

Paul Barker has left Ministry

Any Klaus Schulze fans here ?

Politically Incorrect song lyrics...

Right Wing Talk Show Host

I love cheese popcorn...

How many hours do you normally spend on DU?

semi-obscure Real Player Playlist question

sorry, dupe on Captain Kangaroo - Please ignore

Please help a fellow DUer

We have to have the best Public Radio station in the land!


Grand Theft Auto fans: favorite radio stations?

Hey GOP and VelmaD

GOP and VelmaD sitting in a tree

Quick! CAPTION before the mothership lands


Russian speakers? (small favor)

Strangest Documentary on HBO: Small Town Esctasy

Mrs. Amok and I are separated. Why am I telling you?

Holy Crap, Total Whiteout, can't even see across the street!!

Wright-style house torn down in Seattle - WHAT A WAY TO START THE MORNING!

Great. Now I'm completely bummed out.

Mature Ducks

Web comic strip with my town in it!

How much Naked Time do you need?

Ok, so I've been gone for a little while.. who missed me?

Ahhh....there is Thunder & Lightning outside, and a flash flood watch

So Pickles took Tom Brady to SOTU. Whatcha gonna do?

Teenage Girl's X-Ray Vision Baffles Scientists

anyone know where to find an unedited version of chimpy mcrib's..

In Remembrance (Man, this is funny, but sooooo wrong!)

Place your bets

A deep thought...

What are the Frequencies of your favorite radio station?


Great "La Cucaracha" today

What's the best home teeth whitening stuff?

Former Member of Jethro Tull Changes Sex

Yum....imported fruit means I can have plums all year long.

The Queen and the Pope

Doctors remove 175 pound tumor

Lawyers Remove 175 Pound Tumor

Need a chuckle? This is priceless

I have a question, and ya'll will probably think I am stupid or ignorant.

STATIC-Anyone else experiencing a lot of static?

I'm Trying To Fabricate The Most Uneventful 500th Post In DU History!

Okay....I shoveled my sidewalk and my two neighbors sidewalks...

Monty Python and the holy grail for Lego lovers.

Boondocks for the trekkies!

Oh my god! Michael Moore and Wes Clark must be anti-semites!

There's hope for Spirit

A Bizarro History of the New American Century

Why do some people feel compelled

Microsoft could launch a Mars mission with NASA

Captain Kangaroo is Dead. Market Tumbles.

Oh Oscar, Oscar, wherefore art thou Oscar?

Things your Mama never taught you

Microsoft faces off with Linux fans

Separated at birth? Wesley Clark and John Mahoney...

Separated at birth? John Edwards and John Ritter...

Oldest U.S. bank robber (92 yrs. old) gets 12 years

Phila. area DUers: Sally Star ?

Morality Test...

Arafatboy Slim

Totally stupid, uncaring,roll over boss

I can feel... I say I say... I can feeeeel your CAPTIONS

On my 11th birthday I took my friends to see "Cat from Outer Space"

Your favorite nickname for mammaries.

what is the best mp3 converter?

Miami DUers...street question.

Can we do a poll for the Democratic nominee?

11-year-old girl gives birth in Ukraine

Mamushi Snake-Azuma Is.-Torpex-Sochu-Atomic Bar.

Don't turn around....

Family discord arrgghhh!

Anyone see the 20/20 promo for tonight?

a joke for you on friday

Quick trigger finger on the Mammi, Eh?

new Oxyrush advertiser Sunflower Automotive/Sunflower Lincoln Mercury

Ever Have One Of These?

Which Will You Miss More?

Today In Twisted History

Things that sound sexual but aren't. Name some....

Your favorite bird species? wink wink

I thought there was a web site that listed which Hollywood celebrities..

Favorite Names - Female

Chocolate or Death?

Separated at Birth? John Kerry and Andrew Jackson

Fat Virgin Hooters Song (pics)

Bush and ribs

Where do babies come from?

DU This poll

Don't you just love woodpeckers?

I now walk into the jaws of death, the mouth of hell... the 700 club

Osama Joke

Nader on Maher tonight

Looking to put a home studio together for cheap: any thoughts?

Who remembers Burma Shave signs?

Delusions of Adequacy!



Check this link out...

Who says Cheeseheads can drive on snow? 200+ accidents

After eating a bagel with sesame seeds will you test positive for

Who else is sick?

Adult Swim was great last night

Should you lie . . .

Screw both AM and FM! Internet radio is where it's at.

Sigh, WHY did the Simpsons do a clip show?!

Tylenol? Check! OJ? Check! Chicken soup? Check! 7-Up? Check!

The reason why men lie

I got a raise so I won't be quitting yet

I was told it is illegal for a pop up not to have an opt-out path...

My main radio station is:

RIP George Woodbridge

Photographing the Ice Palace...

Favorite feathered friends...

My health insurance is jumping to $1300 a month!

They're killing YAKS at the Denver Stock Show!

Time for a laugh!

My Dr. just put me on blood pressure meds. Don't ask me a DAMN THING!!

Academy Awards for Bush's Speech

Captain Kangaroo Dead

I keep smelling oranges and there are no oranges in my room...

Finding life on Mars, - is this a GOOD thing ? ?

Why don't they just cut up the Mona Lisa?

Did you know Oscar Wilde was a Socialist?

Shameless plug:

What Are The Call Letters Of The Radio Station You Listen To Most Often?

Favorite MODERATOR message

Are we back ???

What just happened to the lounge?

Has anybody seen the new round of Wal-Mart ads?

Finding life on Mars...

would someone please post

Found the obit on my disc-jockey colleague who just died

Click here if this page doesn't refresh automatically.

bush* makes pass at Paul Martin's senior strategist

Funny kitties:

By responding to this thread...

Why do you like certain people?

Young Conservatives "Bake Sales" topic of tonight's Boston Public

Help me understand: Why do folks throw sneakers over the powerline?

Making English Easier - Funny?

What drives your spouse/lover/roommate/etc. CRAZY about you?

Breaking on DRUDGE!!! Clark has a croissant and an eclair for lunch!

I did the good thing and made friends with Fish and Wildlife

Interesting info from on two of our favorite sites...

Woohoo!!! My son stood up for the first time today!

CONFESS!!!! If you could switch to the opposite sex for just one day.....

Earlier tonight, liberalhistorian and I spent an hour on the phone.

I'm thinking about getting a DOG-need advice (pic)

Any Fans of "The Family Guy" Here?!

Didn't know * liked horses.

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

Ouick! Need cooking assistance!!

Presidential remarks to the press pool, Jan. 22

on this, my 666th post...

Behind Enemy Lines

Hotel needed in San Francisco

I've completed my hardware upgrade, ask me anything

Photographer Helmut Newton dead....

I met a good Democrat at my new job today

If Bush wins, what will his next SOTU be about?

Thou shalt stock up on Twinkies and Funyuns

Question about making a website w/Frontpage

Is it just me, or has VW lost its way?

Who here is going to the Zafo Concert?

Is anyone going to watch the Traffic miniseries?

My mom is crazy.

Why do I have a preschooler and a puppy

Time again for "Ask Mr. Zomby Your Tax Questions!"

Quick exit: Williams ousted down under

Way down inside, woman,

Link to David Kay article?

Heads up... Al Franken on Letterman tonight

Is it just me?

I can't stand hearing my mother bang

Shameless mom brag

Escape from Neverland

I ran...I ran so far away

If you could create a mate what would they look & act like?

Well, I woke up this morning and got myself a beer -- the bar's OPEN!

Good place to live with a great place to run?

bumper stickers.

I'm going to medical school in New Zealand!

Which Lounge topics will you never tire of?

Things not to wear on an airplane.




Mr Scorpio answers your most perplexing questions

Anyone here love Sifl and Olly?

OK - you decide - who's the better looking(prettier)? - - Bush knows !!

Would I be crazy to try and drive in NYC?


I'm jealous of LiberalHistorian and Night Train.

Who was this actress who died under the knife?

Epiphany: everybody's Mom was a Pinko Commie!!!

What can you use as a natural diuretic?

Matcom? Oscar? What's the wierd connection?

What happens when you die?

what's the deal with confederate flags outside of the South

Random song lyric

People over 30..

Whatever happened to the Dixie Chicks?

Celtic music!!!!! I can't wait to see this!!!!!!

Decision time for my father re: my grandmother.

I just had to put my kitten to sleep, and I feel sick.


Ten questions for tonight

Buttercup, Blossom, or Bubbles?

How do you imagine the conversation.

College sports teams you freaking despise?

Listening to The Beatles: Abbey Road. Ask me anything.

I love Dogs

I can't stand hearing my mother's walker bang

Who Are the Biggest Twits On the Road

Everyone needs to go buy Jeff Buckley "Li ve at Sin-e"

Stupidest damn thing you ever ate as a kid?

Vs. Bush who would you vote for?

For shizzle my nizzle dizzle.

Dean launches new attack on Kerry, Edwards, & Clark

Captain Kangaroo is Dead

Who has a coworker they would like to hang from a rope?

Positive vibes for Zeke please....

Which software would you use?

DeanGoesNuts.Com (many mp3s)

Favorite US President - 1837-1861

Hey, where's Rabrrrrrr today? Nobody's killing threads!!

Justice League vs. Avengers

Best internet videos of 2003...the winners

Great hair!

Non Sequitur cartoon slams Clear Channel - it's great!

Got a shipment today!

What should I do after the Rapture?

Reminder: Party at KCDem's and TXLib's home

Why don't men wear makeup/lipstick/et al?

Favorite Names - Male

How long have you been part of DU? Who are the "old-timers"?

Disrupters on DU. What is at stake. What we can do about it.

John Edwards did two important things last night which scared Right wing.

More proof RNC out to get Clark using lies

Coy Clyburn Considers Campaign

Several Late New Hampshire Polls

Dean (too angry), Kerry (too wooden),Clark (repub), Edwards(newbie) trend?

Why are people jumping on the Kerry bandwagon?

Elizabeth Edwards on CSPAN at 2pm EST

Dean Says the Unthinkable - Toss Greenspan

My husband says the Secret Service is coming for me.

Fox Criticism of Clark is Silly, Stupid & Cowardly

Can Edwards pass Dean in NH?

Kerry lucked out by Dean's WWE style

Dem Unity Thread: Photos from NH

Dean is right -America needs a Balanced Budget (Bush's $5 Trillion prob)

Edwards Made Me Proud To Be A Democrat Last Night

The should Iowa/New Hampshire vote first question

Clark on MTP and This Week Sunday

Dennis Kucinich Is Still God (my Iowa report)

How to defend our candidates?

Elizabeth Edwards on CSpan right now!

Kerry campaign coming to northern MI

I heard from a friend that over 150 people were at the JK meetup in NYC

Moore's website updated after debate!


Does Mort Kondrake have EYES?????

Holy Carp !!! --- Anybody For Taking A Deep Breath Here !!!

Clark is electable again!

Which item on tonight's Letterman Top Ten List was the best?

Why weren't the closing statements shown?

Should Clark have sat it out again?

Mr. Positive? negative story on Edwards

CSPAN now! 1am est. Dean today in Claremont nt

NECN Video of the Pre-Debate Crowds

Encouraging posts from non-Democrats regarding John Edwards

the whores are toast in 2004

New ARG Poll numbers up tonight-JK 31, WC 20, HD 18, JE 11

Anyone else find Tweety's comparison of Dean to Hitler highly IRONIC?

Moore and Clark: Joined at the hip

Denis Hayes, Environmentalist, Endorses Kerry

If the Dem candidates want a soundbyte on the * economy...

Kerry/Edwards for Gebhardt to throw his support

why was peter jennings at fox debate ?

Repugs are mighty happy about the IA Caucus

With this answer Clark won the debate FOR US

Can we, as Democrats, replace the word "help" with "justice" or something

If Dean survives, could this immunize him from future attacks....?

AWOL....let's roll with it

Edwards Made Me Proud To Be A Democrat

In search of a face, and tilt, that can take on Bush

Gore Vidal *loves* Kucinich, is grateful to Dean for anti-Iraq war focus

Women's Issues Debate this Sunday in NH!!

Did Bush mis-speak?

The Rolling Stone Dean interview rules!

Kerry Shows Two Facets Of Fundraising (Some Unsavory Info)

Houstonvoice Editorial - Endorsement: Clark for president

Clark's Axicom answer, is it the truth?

2 Johnnys, Dennis the Menace,Joe,Spanky,H, and Pinky

My impressions of the Fox NH debate...

Boston TV7 poll Kerry 26 (-1), Dean 19(+/-), Clark 17(+2), Dean ends drop

Why are the media calling these "debates"?

I missed the debate... Who won?

Detroit News: Kerry talks tough, Dean tame in debate

What Dean shoulda-coulda said re: the screech

America Reacts to Howard & Judy Dean /People Loved It- $$$ Spiked

Another poll shows Clark about to take second place away from Dean

Clark attacked by Media because of his progressive tax plan?

Who will be in NH campaigning this weekend?

Gephardt is not planning to endorse anyone

On the campaign trail with Wesley Clark

AOL Straw Poll states pretty compelling argument for nominating Edwards

my ideal candidate forum would be a combo quiz and debate

debate transcript

Analysts: Debate had no 'crystallizing moment' (Union Leader)

What's wrong with America was on display on ABC tonight...

Will someone send me a copy of CAPPS II?

Suffolk University Tracking poll: Kerry led by only 1-point on Thursday!!

Why is Lieberman such a pariah here?

New ARG poll. Dean down. Clark second. Kerry at 31%

Moderate independent explains the Faux set-up for the debate:

Is NH going to come down to the candidates tax plans?

Candidates struggle to buy political ads in costly markets

Top Ten Ways I, Howard Dean, Can Turn Things Around

Question on debate sponsorship

Populism is ripe for picking by the Dems in 2004 (American Prospect)

New image for Dean after slide in Iowa polls (moving back up in polls)

I expect all of you to buy me many scotches

I'm glad Dr. Dean made his Tax Position clear......"we can't do it all"

The Holler Heard Round The World....

USATODAY/CNN poll: Kerry 34%, Dean 22%, Clark 17% and Edwards 12%


Newsday's Marie Cocco: "John Kerry has Proved His Mettle."

Dean derides Washington politicians in slap at rivals

Clyburn to endorse Kerry-CNN

Prospect's editor Meyerson: John Kerry has rediscoved his populist voice

Kerry out fundraising Dean online this week

I think Edwards is going to be the key to November...

Question on Dean & women

Did Jennings "kill off" Sharpton?

Edwards' Debate DOMA answer

State lawmakers hold rally to support Clark (Maine)

Rasmussen National Poll

For non-Dean supporters ONLY

Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean

Dean Pokes Fun At Arm-Waving Iowa Speech

Dean and Public Opinion about the War

Kerry redeploys his forces for February primaries

Would it be possible to have one NH "Poll Thread"?

Kerry Forward: Veteran environmental leader gives Kerry the green light

Dean - News Coverage (multiple newspapers 1/23)

Fox goes AWOL

Which candidate's campaign website do you like best?

Should Dean or Kerry not win the nomination...

NO surprise in FAUX assault on Clark

USA Today NH Poll - Kerry leads Dean by 5% ( with 30+% undecided)

If Clark doesn't get traction

So anyway, I was playing online poker for fun (Yes, it's politics)

Edwards Was Embarasing. I Cringed at his lack of knowledge

Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Sen. Kerry is Herald's choice in N.H. primary

Clark's position on abortion

Excellent Gallup Poll -- State by state economic perceptions

Media lies, spins, and a win for Bush

One positive aspect of Dean's post-caucus speech....

Any post-debate NH polls out re: Clark?

Clark had a shot at a home run, hit a double instead

Will the press spend as much time on the Howard and Judy Dean interview as

i can no longer support Clark (for VP)

Democratic Hopeful Dean Calls Greenspan - "too political"

Am I the only one who thinks they all looked bad?

Dear Dr Dean, I kinda agreed with a freeper

George W. Bush, A.W.O.L (New from Michael Moore site)

What is Kerry's connection to media corporations and their current state?

Killing the King - Sidney Blumenthal on John Kerry

Here is Friday 1/23 Suffolk University (NBC)Press Release on NH Poll


Yes, GW Bush Doesn't Tip:

Dean loses Cifuentes endorsement?

Kerry continues to pull ahead in NH- 34% in new poll

On Zogby no less. Polls Not Only Predict Vote, but Affect It, Some Argue

How can we be real without being seen as "Weird" or "Gloomy Gus"?

I'm Proud of the Cross-Candidate Support on DU Recently

Fred Barnes of Weekly Standard analyzes the debate performances

Taliban in Iraq? Did Clark say that?

Clark gambles by backing gay marriage

After the stupid, rude, leading, misleading, asinine questions last night

"Jamie Rubin is a terrific asset for Wes Clark "

CNN doesn't even mention Clark's question

Boston Globe: A Kerry-Edwards ticket in the works?

Debate Transcript right here

Money Crunch Threatens Some Democrats

Best 20/20 quote w/ Diane Sawyer - Dean was upfront ...and he's right

Kerry's 'wooden aloofness'

Fox attacks Clark, Drudge attacks Edwards, and everyone

Uh-Oh the "Mean Dean" action figure

Argh!! It's the ARG NH poll update! And bad news for the doctor

Gephardt frees delegates

JK Chili Feed - 6:30 C-Span

Conference call with Rep. Kucinich

Now I feel better

Clark/Gephardt Merging??? WOW!

Thank you Iowa

Dean to be on "Inside Politics" with Woodruff on CNN- 3:30 EST

Now Kerry is supposedly too angry???

Kerry campaign tops Dean, Edwards in fundraising

Heads Up Clark Supporters: NH Weekend Schedule!

Common Good Thread: Fox Meets General Smackdown

Whoo - hoo! We will have McGovern at our Clark House Party tomorrow night!

Write Your Projected January 28 Headline and Lead Here!

Did Clark Misspeak?

Anyone remember that Edwards said "bring it on" first?

looking back to '00 did the press give Bush this much scrutiny?

Are Clark and Dean fighting for the same voters ??

Another focus point for the Democratic field

CNN's debate commentary--how flippin' ridiculous!

Former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth to endorse Clark for presi

We had better circle the wagons and stop attacking each other....

Delegate count to date... (MSRNC)

The Bombing of Kosovo - Michael Moore (related to Clark)

Wesley Clark's wife is great too...

NH polling

Elizabeth Edwards is on CSPAN again -- house party in NH -- repeat.

Kerry lead by 8; No bounce for Edwards; Clark, Dean continue slide (Zogby)

CBS News web article: Defending Dean's Scream

Dick Meyer of blasts press defends Dean

POLL! Are the media unfairly characterizing Howard Dean's rally?

I've had it with the media.

Clark refused to disclaim his recent endorsement by Michael Moore...

The Debate outcome, in baseball terms

How I would have responded to the "Bush is a deserter" question

Patriot Act and the primary

Clark: GOP Agenda at Play in Debate

New Kerry: Same as old one

Campaign financing: Kerry shows two facets of fundraising: Mpls Str-Trib

Kerry increases lead, Clark-Dean continue slide (Zogby)

Dean comments on Overtime Pay Cuts (note lack of media cov. for you)

One big plus that Edwards has in my book

Out of the fire (Dean), into the frying pan (Kerry).

Is that Glenn Close at the Elizabeth Edwards meeting

Sen. Kerry on CNN's Crossfire

Jennings/Faux campaign cheap shot fails

Dean Getting Second Look From N.H. Voters (AP Story) - pro Dean

as a Dean supporter I'm feeling better about Tuesday

Lieberman won the debate

All electability aside, who would you prefer be in charge of our country?

Dean Getting Second Look From N.H. Voters

governor mark warner for vp ?

Edwards in Trouble??

Al Sharpton posed the most fundamental question State/Federal issue

Updated SurveyUSA Oklahoma Poll

Fineman compares Dean campaign to Challenger explosion

anybody hear Hannity's cryptic warning to Kerry today?

"Kucinich Calls for Free, Direct Elections in Iraq" 1/19/04

Clark: GOP agenda at play in New Hampshire debate

Look at DailyHowler today (re: Jennings "deserter")

Peter Jennings needs to report the facts

Here is Peter Jennings e-mail

Dean just said (on CNN)...

"I think I'll give him a second look, if the media doesn't mind." (Dean)

The attacks against Clark are relentless.

ABC's Person of the Week: The Iowa Voter.

How much cash on hand do the frontrunning 4 each have?

Dean has got his groove back

Amazon is now taking contributions for Candidates running for President?

Gallup NH: Kerry with 12 point lead 34 -22 - WMUR 18! (37 to 19)


Fox News tracking Poll: Kerry 38 Dean 19 Clark 15 Edwards 11

Captioning The Common Enemy :-)

How is Dean "outsider", "anti-corporate" and "anti-DLC"?

CNN Poll: About media unfairly attacking Dean after Iowa speech, go

Breaking on DRUDGE!!! Clark has a croissant and an eclair for lunch!

The solution to the AWOL issue -- A $1 million dollar reward.

'Boy Mayor' Kucinich Took Charge in Utility Debt Crisis

Letter to Lou Dobbs

Kerry is slammin' on C-Span right now!!!!

Elizabeth Edwards on C=Span in home in New Hampshir talking to group.

Kerry Widens Lead In Latest N.H. Poll

Dean said in debate he "would back the nominee"

John Kerry's "Bill Clinton,Gary Hart problems" ?

Did Clark insult the junior officers? by Mark Kleiman Weblog

"Ain't democracy grand?" - Ivins on Kerry and Elvis

The Democratic Leadership Council is Correct

Where is Bill Clinton during this slashing of Gov. Dean. I know he will..

Why are we so concerned with Karl Rove?

Fineman: Dissecting Deanís Implosion

Trying to take Clark apart before NH Tuesday!

Have any of our candidates said "Gore Won"?

The Bombing of Kosovo - Al Gore (related to Dean)

Fox News didn't show the last 10 minutes of last night's debate in NH.

Survey USA Poll Shows Kerry As Leader

CNN poll: 86% say Kerry has personality they want in a president.

A point to ponder about Dk's Electability

3 Candidates Confirmed To Debate At Dartmouth

Deleted message

Fox Bush/Kerry poll from Jan. 22..........

Another diehard Dean supporter throws in the towel...

NEW NH ARG 1/23: Kerry +3 Dean -3 Clark -1 Edwards +2

God Bless the Freepers, each and every one.

Michael Moore's letter asking Clark to run... A Citizen's Appeal

Okay, my vote would be transferable to Wesley Clark

It's Clark-Kerry-Edwards-Dean in the Amazon fundraising ranks.

Kerry revealed his thinking about VP

Electoral Map Calculator

just got back from a taping of "real time: with bill maher"

Why don't you all join the conservatives??

Sen Edwards On Real Time (HBO)

Very Interesting Numbers --Democrats Need to do something

Kerry's book: The New Soldier...anybody ever seen it?

"Kucinich: New Hampshire Jobs Depend on Ending NAFTA"

Bill Moyers on the Dean Iowa post-caucus "yah!" controversy

WUSA Poll (go vote): Do you think Dean has lost his chance...

Have you switched candidates since Iowa?

Here is the argument they will use on Kerry if he is the nominee :

Here is the argument they will use if Clark is the nominee....

Why I think the AWOL issue is a non-issue

Kucinich: New Hampshire Jobs Depend on Ending NAFTA

Kucinich: What Troops?

Can you link to to sources a conservative would see as "credible" re: AWOL

Dean is a LIAR - a one-way bus trip to Crawford, Texas...

NH polls

Pundits on Inside Washington (PBS) are denouncing Clark

Just Heard Dean's Iowa Speech for the first time

New Zogby Poll

New polls show Dean with slight lead in New Hampshire

Michigan AFL-CIO president likes Edwards

CNN just said that David Kay said that the WMD probably never existed.

O'Really leads with condemnation of Clark

Mondale to endorse Kerry

I know he's made some enemies but Josh Marshall is great...

Would Dean be a better???

Did Dean's"primal scream" affect your support of him?

Who got my "I got a scream" link?

How to beat Bush without Kerry

How many DU'ers live in swing states ?

Kerry and Viet Nam

Kucinich: NH Health Care Crisis Shows Need for Single-Payer

Captions Make The Heart Grow Fonder (Dean & Clark At Debate) :-)

Why I think the AWOL issue is a HUGE issue

Theory: a hotly contested primary is a good thing for Dems

I dare everyone to watch this entire video clip of Dean.

Dean supporters, room for one more? (I'm switchin' to DEAN - Yeeaaahh!)

I heard a rumor

Did Dean's supporters cost him Iowa?

Check this candidate Selector

A little project for Dean people

CNN: Clark Slams FNC for asking "nonsensical" questions during debate

Kerry once criticized Bush's service record

One of Edwards' two major impediments is now completely gone

If George Bush* refuses to debate the Democratic candidate this year

MSNBC TV...clark inconsistent in planned parenthood questionnaire

"The Media Took-Out Dean": It just doesn't add-up.

Newsday: "Clark searching for answers"

Why Is The Media Attacking Clark And Not The Front Runner?

There is a new poopy Kerry meme on the loose today. (Rant warning)

How tall is John Kerry?

Edwards, Kerry & Lieberman Missed The Appropriations Bill Vote Wednesday

A look at the primaries. Kerry and Dean might have real trouble

Any other Kerry supporters disappointed with his Crossfire appearance?

Why You Can't Catch Kerry in a Lie

Is Kerry a compromise between Clark and Dean? Vietnam would be starters

Wesley Clark could truly compete in all 50 states.

Kerry on CNN: "It was the right thing to do, to stand up to Saddam

Kerry: Achilles Heel?

Does Kerry have any "bimbo baggage"?

No matter how this primary turns out I will not apologize

How Dean got Gored, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love

Remember Clement Atlee!

Rich Massachussets Liberals

Kerry leads in new national poll

Comments from a NEUTRAL observer about the nomination

Who would vote for Dennis Kucinich?

Clark was Excellent on 911 at the debates

Dean, Clark, Edwards, Kerry & Kucinich = the FAB FIVE...

I'm 12 and I have a question for you

Do You and Your Candidate Match? ...

82 Register 1500 showup to hear Dean tonight

Why is it that...

Clark Leads Big In Oklahoma

Dean Must Challenge Kerry to 1on1 Debate. Dean Gets Opening, Kerry Gets

Tonight, I Feel Like a Dean Supporter.

Howard Dean is not Presidential

The reality of the general electorate in the Dem primary.

Kerry,Fritz Hollings and Wes Clark

I just ran thru the electoral college calculator. It wasn't good.

Kerry's calling Clark a repuke, am I the only 1 bothered by this?

Wow, just saw John Edwards wife