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Archives: January 22, 2004

60Secs: Arnold "Governator"

An Address Worthy of Enron

Gene Lyons: For once, press acts just as it should

For all those who think: "Canada?? It couldn't happen here/there"!

The Defense Budget Is Bigger Than You Think

Baghdad Journal

Investment boost for

Al-Qaida will do whatever it takes to assure Bush is re-elected

FOR Statement in Response to SOTU

Apache killing video becomes viral news

Probe of Intercepted Messages Focuses on Shelby : Wash Post

Wow! This gives me hope. Editorial in my local paper...

Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats: Globe (WOW)

We're sorry. You were right. by Tony Hendra of original NL

Molly Ivins: Our finances are in a state

Fresh New Watergate Scent...GOP pries into Dems files

Has anyone seen this?

Micahel Moore: Dean supporters, Don't give up

Will Bush play the bioterror card?

E-Voting Experts SERVE Up Controversy

Rosenberg Documentary Debuts at Sundance

A scary ordeal at U.S. immigration

Special Report - The killing fields..(quite long)

Bush’s State of the Union: Threats, lies and delusion

Garrisoning the planet

"How to handle Hecklers" (Dean's "gaffe" is Clark's bon mot)

Japan Times on the SOTU: "Mr. Bush kicks off his campaign"

Commander Codpiece...

AP reports on last night's event with Ellen Mariani

My letter printed in the Hartford Courant

Madcow letter to Yakima Herald Republic


The Phony Dean 'Meltdown' (

Dowd: Riding the Crazy Train

Arundahti Roy: Address to the World Social Forum

Krugman: Democracy at Risk (Black Box Voting)

Molly Ivins: Ain't Democracy Grand?

America's War For Global Domination {MUST READ}

Minnesota Senate District 60 for Kucinich? 1/22/04

Bush in or closest to Colorado?

Petition CBS to air MoveOn ad.

Another letter apparently rejected...

Sen. John McCAIN on The Daily Show - Video

MSNBC Editor-in-chief Jerry Nachman dies at 57

With much legislative activity on stolen votes via BBV-why no Nat'l Media?

ABC Primetime Live starts and ends with Jay Leno of NBC ridiculing Dean

The American Conservative's MOTY: Dick Cheney

Who's Openly Gay in the Bush Administration?

Scalia & Cheney - Duck-blind justice

What's wrong with this retirement plan?

I couldn' t find the debate

Does anyone here do Reiki?

Has Spaulding Grey been found?

astrologers, how would you re-design the calendar?

Marine Corps lawyer speaks out against tribunals

ACLU: States' Database a Privacy Threat

Top Saudi Cleric Denounces Men and Women Mingling at Recent Economic Summi

BBV: Supreme Court voids automation (PHILIPPINES)

I'm scared

A different view of Bible's message on homosexuality (Jewish)

Spirit Silent...

Bush pro-polluter SOTU - review by League of Conservation Voters

Bush SOTU Silence On Environment Damning - Dems' Response Likewise

To whomever this may concern

In Only His 2nd Speech, Leavitt Headlines Corporate Greenwashing Workshop

On Mars they call themselves "Rock Walkers," Of course

The Earth's life-support system is in peril

Interior Finishes Plan on Alaska Drilling

UK activist faces Guatemala trial

Genocide minister gets life term

Holocaust memorial vandalized

BMX bandits terrorise motorists

I can't decide...humor.

Commie gun grabber gun control zealots check in ;)

GUNS IN THE NEWS---January 22, 2004

Shooting outside Mission Valley Dennys Resturante CA

Barbara Lipscomb: MM marcher, gun controller, murderer.

Senators Feinstein and Schumer, pimping for John AshKKKroft?

Carol Moseley Braun: Supporter of Gun Rights

Wisconsin: The Senate Overrides the Governor's Veto

Why do you visit the Justice/Public Safety area?

Timothy McVeigh: NRA Member, Supporter of Gun Rights

20/20 Special this Friday - Lies, Myths, and Stupidity by John Stossel

Mark Chapman: Killer of John Lennon, Gun Owner

Gun folks: a modest proposal.

How much is the minimum donation

can't post in the GD forum

Question about the GD rule banning discussion of primary candidates...

Hi Guys! January 22, 2001...I registered to DU!

Are the mods aware that it seems all threads on Byrd were locked?

I'm glad you're doing away with rule #8, I guess.

Obviously the mods are working their buns off

A Question Concerning the "Profiles" List

another new av and suggestion for the DU store

Clearly a violation of the user rules stating we are not to discuss

How do I post images?

Is there something wrong with Search?

Why can't we submit new posts rebutting other posts?

I Want Preferential Treatment

Are the cookies and Al Gore site cookies eminating from DU?

Why does this person keep sending me messages?

I think DU is slow tonight

Thank you guys, again, for trying.

Admins & mods HAVE to see this hilarious thread when you have a minute...


ZOA:Palestinian Arab Violations of Roadmap - January 19, 2004

A Legacy of Betrayal

The dark and bloody ground

Haaretz poll shows drop in Sharon's credibility

Weisglass, Rice meet on W. Bank fence

Column One: Israel's case

Palestinian boy killed, two hurt by IDF fire near Gaza fence

A Practical Manual: Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism

Using the Web to rip off a child injured in a suicide bombing

Fifty-five Arab states can testify against fence

Not our brothers

Sharon vows to stay despite corruption allegations

New bus system unveiled to stop suicide bombers

Letter to Palestinian parents

Arafat orders investigation into PA financial corruption

Anti-Semitism: A Practical Manual

Trees Not Walls: Villagers Mobilize Against Apartheid

Elementary kid and 911? Point me to the claim?

"Schumer Strength Catches Spitzer By Surprise"

Rendell gives GOP free ride in election for budget votes

Update on Ruben NAVARRETTE

New York DU'ers! Come listen to Hinchey!

For your perusal: Skull and Bones

Even if the Non-Dean D wins the GE in 2004, D's will see their own demise


Day Five without a smoke

What is the status of the Reform Party?

Dean's Phony Meltdown:

After listening to Democracy Now - I oppose Kerry

What's up with Edwards receiving illegal campaign contributions?

Edwards Doesn't Cultivate Jews

Howard Dean is the ONLY Democratic Candidate WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!

First hand reports from Iowa:

A Dean supporters take on the media


What's all this ABB Nonsense?

A bi-partisan cabinet for a Democratic President?

Bush the 'Deserter'

From Michael - Margaret Cho Blog

The Partisan

"Steroids - that must be how the deficit got so big."

This is why I'm weary of Entertainment Industry "liberals"...

Sen. Robert Byrd: Another classic speech

Just finished watching Byrd speech on c-span2. Awesome!!!

The House of Saud and the Bush

Last nights NBC SOTU post-coverage: surprisingly unfavorable

Does Google have something special?

Clinton's looking good!

Time Magazine: "Bush Battens Down the Hatches"

The Nixon scenario and the fate of the Bush Regime in activist times

Today's Boondocks 1/22/2004

The Seattle Times liked George Bush's Speech

$52 Billion of the $87.5 For Iraq Pays JUST For the Occupation

"War is Good": Psycho American General

brian riedl on cspan now

Ayatollah Sistani has a website

Infiltration of Files Extensive (GOP thievery)

Edit: moved to GD Primary

Just recieved an "ALERT" email from AFA re; ACLU

Investigation Reveals“Reconstruction Racket” In Iraq

Imus is just tearing Bush a new butt hole about Iraq

NYT reports former CIA operatives call for inquiry

Has TV media turned on Bush? Are we, finally, at the Turning Point?

Bush to "unleash armies of compassion"...I feel ill...

Repubs hand off the wheel to backup driver; Memory against Forgetting

At Last NPR connects Dresser to Halliburton

Who is ICGN and why is one of their IP addresses hitting my PC?

Apparently there are 3,000,000 jobs which employers just can't fill.

Something I think everyone has missed about Bush...

Did bush mention Osama Bin Laden during SOTU?

DU Home page: "Bush Is Not A Fuck-up" by dbf is a MUST read!

Question about tonights debate

League of Conservation Voters: Seven Little Words (Bush pro-polluter SOTU)

Easy way to contact Senators re: Energy Bill

Human Rights Campaign Denounces SOTU

Why did most of the SCOTUS skip the SOTU, and which one showed?

SOTU: Pandering to the right-wing Base

Ted Kennedy on CSPAN2 now 10:30est


"I don't vote the party I vote the man".....

This Dean speech thing has just completely deflated me

Specter draws fire on Pickering appointment

Finally, Somebody Who Is *NOT* S&B

Dancing with Dean, Coming Home to Kucinich

Ok.....which one of you is playing with the Freeps again?

Ed Fallon's considering a gubernatorial run in Iowa!

Whats O'Reilly got on Clark?

Can somebody explain why free trade doesn't apply to record labels?

Please explain the actual intent of the IWR

Xmas Retail Numbers

"State of the Union/It's not good, thanks to Bush" (BuzzFlash)

I know others asked yesterday: Where are the post SOTU POLLS?

Barbara Bush (twin) rejected for Skull & Bones

$1.5 B for defense of marriage?

Smitten by Clark

Another Lawsuit for Bush* - Arar to launch lawsuit against U.S.

"Cautiously optimistic" after a trip South, and Imus this morning --

Garfunkel caught with pot does Rush want him to do hard time?

What was Bush 1's reason for not taking out Saddam and what changed

Bush/Bin Laden Connections

can anybody give me some info

Instead of whining about repukes, stop them!

BusinessWeek slams Bush's voodoo economics

is anyone here familar with

I Wish John Stewart Could Be In Charge Of Dem Campaign Ads!

Remember the Kiwi charged with sending an e-mail to the US Embassy?

Anyone catch Robert Byrd on C-Span last night?

ABB- You can't go wrong

Why is Daschle still senate majority leader?

Anyone here on DU running for SoS of your state?


Na na, Na na na na,, Hey Hey Hey, Good bye!


Army's new battle: Signing up soldiers With bombs going off, recruiters ha

Isn't this considered subverting Democracy?

BBV Folks: SERVE Security Analysis

Daschle & Co. try to cram more cheap labor into USA with amnesty bill

BBV: David Dill in MIT Technology Review

So where was the Arab-Israeli conflict in Bush's SOTU?

Ohio bans gay marriage

What would Bush say?

West Point turns to private security

Kodak cuts 23% of workforce (15,000 jobs)...Stock is up 10%...

CIA warns of an Iraq Civil War dispite Bush*s SOTU optimistic claims LIES!

Bush's Homework Helper (Andy Card keeping Shrub fed, wiped, and happy)

CSPAN: March for Life

Help! Know anything about rightwing "AAPS" doctor group?

Can anyone tell me what time the debate is tonight.

John Ashcroft sued by Canadian citizen in New York court

Edwards, Kerry, Lieberman no-shows crucial in HR 2673 vote

Dean was "unstoppable." What happened?

Most get little help from latest Bush tax plan

Hilarious! Stupid GOP Poll Discontinued

Ever Heard of The American Empire Project?

A website for the Lady against Woman in your household...

Another right wing conservative hypocrite

The company responsible for the worst environmental disaster in

CBS Censors Winning Ad

Rhandi Rhodes - Andy Card checks corrects *'s homework!?

68% Of Registered Connecticut Voters Believe Rowland Should Resign - ABC

Another Bogus "Universal" Healthcare plan, this time from the Dems

A Quiz - Are You Presidential Material?

When will the PBA be overturned by the courts?

One of the funniest on-line polls ever

Quick Question: Liberal Voting Performance Rankings

Scott Ritter - whatever happened to molestation allegations

MoveOn's Ad Not to Air on CBS's Superbowl

Empower Arab Americans in the 2004 elections

Bush immigration proposal not just for Strawberry pickers

Crossfire thread 1/22/04

Just heard a 'Log Cabin Republican' on MSNBC

WASP Day at African-American School

Anyone want to support Novak

How many killed from _ Iraqi_ military?

Free GiGi on NBC last night

Peak Oil and a Fascinating Email I Received

Perfect 400th Post: Public Urinator Cleard In Court For Medical Condition

Social Security--"Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency" program

The shrub is gonna get pruned. It's in the air after the SOTU.

Colorado DU'ers -- is your Xcel bill outrageous?

From MSNBC: "Wall Street bankers, reelection backers"

The obsession of William Rivers Pitt

Bush: " are on the rise..."

Quick! Need help! What time and where is debate being shown tonight?

Would you support a new Vietnam Memorial?

Do you really think the Pope reviewed Gibsons, The Passion of the Christ?

Fighting for our freedom

Conservative "base" royally steamed at *--check out these FR posts

Got a link to the Real State Of The Union thing that Malloy referenced?

What is the exact expiration date of the Patriot Act?

Forward this email to everyone you know who cares about free speech

Greg Palast on NCLB....


Stop insulting chimps........

GOTST now reporting 9-11blueprints originated from Iran, Syria and

10 CIA officials wrote a letter to congress...

Got this tidbit in an email from a friend....

They've started the military shipments again

Believe it or not, FOX is doing a bit on company's

Check out this exchange from Hardball's SOTU coverage

Bets on! Nasty surprises ahead with Hollinger deal?

Can someone exlplain what went wrong in Iraq?

America's most endangered House Democrat- He need your help!


What if Fox outlets and Clear Channel and others reject Dem ads?

Dan Rather on CBS news. Semi-negative reporting on the Omnibus

3-star general says Army is too small to do its job

Bush: Don't change leaders mid-war

Bush Knocks Over Cheney's Water Glass at SOTU

OxyContin risks downplayed by manufacturer. Will Pigboy take the bait?

Tonight on Frontline " Chasing Saddam's Weapons "

anyone watching NARAL dinner on c-span?

Encyclopedia: George W. Bush

When a common TV pol disappears...Richard Shelby (R-AZ)

The Blogging of the President: 2004, a live radio special

Ashcroft Deserves To Be Sued (my article about the Maher Arar case)

Late SOTU observation: Cam setup so Cheney not seen behind *

Frontline Tonight - Chasing Saddam's Weapons - Opps Dupe

Prescription Drug Cost Nonsense

My step-dad (liberatarian, prefers Democrats) thinks USA is doomed...

"Orange Alert! - Please Stop Ignoring It" - a Homeland Security plea

Bill Maher on the Tavis Smiley Show tonight on PBS

Cheney, the evil Dick whines about Dem "attacks"

A Call to Arms for Christian Terrorists

Sandbagging of Clinton economic record on the horizon

DU'ers fall for media whore/GOP rhetoric on Dean

How did Bush steal the election?

Do you buy Dean's answer about

Please unfreep this poll

Will there be enough provisional ballots?

What would Eisenhower say about Repub-nomics?

Molly Ivins: "Bush is a nice guy"... Some thoughts on civility

Gun folks: a modest proposal.

Students disciplined for posters on King Day (African not African enough)

Rupert Murdoch is facing a power challenger in News Corp. (Fox etc.)

The mainstream media is no friend to us

Who uses all the gasoline in the U.S.?

Voter registration question

Philippine Supreme Court Kicks @ss on Black Box voting

Malloy is in rare form tonight

Bernie Sanders: We Are The Majority

Independents moving toward Dems and away from GOP

GOP students launch complaint Web site

The BEST new DU Phrase!

If I hear "torture chambers" and "rape rooms" one more time...

Bev Harris -- Looks like Howard Dean is "outing BBV" for you

He ran for Governor of California and Hollywood opposed him

why did it take over four years


Neal Boortz -- here's the answer to your question today

I just got phone polled about politics. Yaaagggghhhh!!

The Mars Spirit Rover malfunction.... : Blame Canada?

"I'm hongry....anybody want some ribs..."

I have never seen something so arrogant in my whole life

Bush is visiting Rosewell, NM

Hey! Help me mess with Republican minds in Boulder Colorado!

Microsoft is racist?

Opinions of Hillary Clinton?

Priest arrested, charged with growing pot in rectory

Peter Jennings is a DICK

The gay marriage issue is a disaster waiting to happen.

What if (gods forbid) we have a repeat of 2000?

email to Chris Mathews regarding Dean clip

Poll for Canadian / UK DUers - The American Revolution - which side?

i love the british parliment

The Sack of Washington (essay, long)

Need North Korea Chronology

GOP Was Stealing Dem Files for a WHOLE YEAR!

New Bush nickname...

Omnibus spending bill OT rules changes really screws me....

Bin Laden surrending Bagdad....

Is Communism still a threat? Was it ever?

Beyond Freedom and Dignity (essay, short)

Veterans Blast Jacko's Medals as "mockery"

NBER: Recession might have started in 2000

GOP spying on Democrats

What would happen on earth if Life were discovered elsewhere?

Message from Robert Redford (activism alert).

Taking Back The Media, NOW! (Please read and comment)

Homosexual marriage shot down in OH. New England should secede.

37 states banning gay marriage; Coming up on MSNBC at 12:17cst

How Should the U.S. Deal with Drugs?

Daily Show thread

Last nights Daily Show headline coverage of SOTU now online

Universal insurance general questions and ideas

Rowland is FAR WORSE than Grey Davis - should we be able to recall him?

Racial inequities becoming WORSE in U.S. Why is this? What can we do?

the last word on Democrats and the south

Have you picked your two corporations yet? Join the Resistance!

I know there are some intelligent people who are republicans , do they

"eighteen thousand people die every year in America because

When A Gov't Begins Denying RIGHTS to Certain People

Republican Freeper Myths #2-The businessman as hero

Let's ask the Chimp Twenty-one Questions....

"500+ dead? What's the big deal?"

Reported this morning on NPR: Military internet voting close to reality

THE WHISPERING CAMPAIGN - Stealth Activism To Wake Up The Nation

500 pairs of boots in Chicago

A better way to judge debates

American "family" association freaks out: Gay marriage poll


Did George Bush Desert the TANG? Post evidence here

Abortion and the Old Testament (Happy Row v Wade Day!)

Hicks lawyer lashes Government (US & Australia)

Canadian police seize reporter's files in suspect's deportation (Ashcroft

Senate Panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats - Infiltration

Senate to Vote on Ending Spending Delays

Paris rolls out,red Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées for Chinese new year

Guerrilla Attacks in Iraq Sunni Triangle Kill Nine

Seven dead in Iraq attacks

Federal Online Voting System Called Unfixable

Coroner could hold new Kelly inquest

Homeless man saves paralyzed pal in fire

Democrats push for KidCare (Florida, Jeb Bush)

2 Senators Counter Bush on Immigrants

Bottom Lines from Trent Lott (calls Hillary "butt ugly")

Children's rights activist faces defamation trial in Guatemala

Ohio Poised to Enact Sweeping Same-Sex Marriage Ban

These 'polls' are completely unreliable

NBC Offered Jackson Deal to Pre-empt Documentary Criticizing Him

German Prosecutors Claim Iran Knew of 9/11 Plot (Wall Street Journal)

bush* Used Selective Data in His Address, Critics Say

New Claims for Jobless Benefits Fall(but 17,000 increase in total on rolls

Leading Indicators Up 0.2 Pct. in Dec.( Nov revised to down by 0.2)

Kennedy to propose universal health care(based on federal workers plan)

Dollar lifted by rumor of Bin Laden capture

Scott family sues Janklow...

Mortar Attack Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Wounds Another

Probe of Intercepted (9/11) Messages Focuses on Sen. Shelby (Ala.)

Ex-C.I.A. Aides Ask Inquiry by Congress Over Leak of Name

Pentagon's Online Voting Program Deemed Too Risky

Algeria Blast Sends Oil To 10-Month Highs - Reuters

Poll: Kerry Sails Past Dean for New Hampshire Lead

Three US soldiers killed, four Iraqi laundresses mown down

We're screwed!!! HR2673 passes in Senate

Bush, on Campaignlike Swing, Promotes Job-Training Initiative

Micahel Moore: Dean supporters, Don't give up

Marine lawyer: Tribunal fundamentally 'unfair'

GOP Clears Way For Spending Bill Vote

President renominates Allen for 4th Circuit (Court of Appeals)

Shell's payment for '99 pipeline blast to be negotiated (3 dead., $250k)

Jurors find no discrimination in flight attendant's rhyme use

Ex-Pat Voting System Excoriated (or how to steal an election 101)

U.S. Agent Orange study finds raised cancer risks

Doubt over N Korea's ability on nuclear bomb commentator (and founder) Calandra resigns

is Dean headed for 3rd place in New hampshire? (ARG)

Powell Rebukes Dems for Criticizing Bush

U.S. GAO reports on OxyContin abuse

Senate E-Burgalry Extensive

Republican Janklow faces sentencing

Kodak to Cut Up to 15000

Low-Pay Sectors Dominate U.S. and State(CA) Job Growth

Outburst Interrupts Mo. State of State

Economists Say Recession Started in 2000

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 22 January (#1)

Students Disciplined for Award Campaign

Go to

U.S. Rejects Church Leaders' Bid to Visit Guantanamo 

Ribs Anyone?

Infiltration of files seen as extensive

Interior finishes plan to open nearly 9million acres in Alaska to drilling

No. 1 qualification: Ability to beat Bush

FDA Takes Steps to Shut Down Company Importing Drugs From Canada

Smithsonian's Renaissance man admits feathering his own nest

Germany: Deutsche Bank Boss Cool under Fire in Mannesmann Trial (DW)

Congress Passes $373B Spending Bill

First Lady plans more involvement in presidential campaign

Ex-CIA Officials Urge Name Leak Inquiry ( letter sent to congress)

US Official: No Truth to Rumor Bin Laden Captured

bush* to Propose Sharp Cut in Budget Growth

Dean Says Voters Will See Through Flaws

A Somoza is sentenced

EU criticises Colombia on rights

Wars 'useful', says US army chief (focusing opportunity)

Senate Approves Landmark School Voucher Plan

9/11 widow in N.H. talks about her lawsuit against the government

WP: (Leahy, Lieberman) Question Scalia-Cheney Hunting Trip

Senator Rushes To Hubble’s Defense

Iraq May Be On Path To Civil War, CIA Officials Warn

Iran initiated 9/11 attacks

GOP students launch complaint Web site (Univ of Colorado)

Countries Pile Fees, Red Tape On U.S. Tourists

Dollar could hit new lows after G7 - U.S. analysts

Nudist resort for Christians (Florida)

Report: Rumsfeld considers striking Hizbullah to provoke Syria

Janklow Sentenced to 100 Days in Jail

German police still verifying surprise witness's story in 9/11 trial

CIA Warns of Iraq Civil War, Contradicting Bush's Optimism.... SOTU

Michael Moore: ATTENTION PETER JENNINGS: George W. Bush is a Deserter!!!

Mars News: there has been a "very serious anomaly" on the rover.

Grand Jury Hears Plame Case

Reagan's Son to Pen Anti-Bush Editorial

"Infiltration of files seen as extensive"

Ann Miller dead at 81

Canada not a police state: PM (Politics Watch)

Arar launches lawsuit against US government

BBV:Pentagon e-voting plan 'flawed' (Pentagon is standing by the system)

Moving jobs abroad: Corporate America takes interest, notes...

WP: WMD Find in Iraq Still Possible, Cheney Says

Ohio Set to Enact Same-Sex Marriage Ban

(CBS) MarketWatch's Calandra Resigns Amid Probe

Kodak to Slash Jobs by 20 Percent

HR 2673 passes in Senate

US 'downer' ban hurts cattle producers -lawmakers

Venezuela’s Electoral Authorities Condemn Attempts to Discredit Them

Castro greets head of Orthodox Church

States continue push for Canadian drugs

Sick and twisted love story

Is Linda Barry Governor of California?

Hold your hats - I'm saying something nice about Bush

Central, Mountain, + Pacific time zone, JimmyKimmel has dean impersonator

The Apprentice: Whooo Ho ! Sam was kicked out!

Anyone watching the Canucks/Tampa Bay

Conan's State of the Show address...


Re: Medicare Rx plan & my grandpa (who's 95)

Song that brings a lump to my throat

It's frikkin' COLD!!!

Okay, DAMMIT.. Who's got the most "zero reply" threads??

Anyone know...are weebl and bob Canadian?

OK why do I have no sound on my PC?? I can hear my mouse click,

new Savage Weiner advertiser Commercial Federal Bank

Conversational cheap shots

Congratulations on 7178 posts Rabrrrrrr

Howard Beale = Howard Dean?

Dialogue in an American home

Which Democratic candidate would you least like to wake up next to?

So Far... No New 2004 Coins Have Reached My Pockets...

Puerto Rico: Anybody lived there?

As a contractor, how long would you work without payment?

Is it vain or smart?

Neighbors can be so irritating

Has anybody watched "Believer?"



The recruiting of Willie Williams: no damn farmer girls or plant food


google searches DU pages now!

The Beer has been SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to a Job Fair in Albuqueruqe yesterday.

If Eminem was a politician would he be a democrat or republican?

Badger craze hits UF

Dean speech music remixes

Chappelle's Show

Which sci-fi is better?

Anybody ever read Heinlein's "Revolt in 2100"?

Greatly relieved. Sleeping better now.

Anybody have an Alexa browser?

Matcom or GOPisEvil: You decide

People, who need people, ARE the luckiest people in the world.

I need hugs! Lots of them!

Who is ICGN and why is one of their IP addresses hitting my PC?

Reasons Bush* is going to Roswell NM?

"Want a bipreciousgger peninceptionis" (re: SPAM)

I am not a threadkiller....

More fun than smacking penguins: Writing a Dubya Speech

The truth pet owners have always known



Today's Boondocks Featuring Bush's Moonbase Plans .

What are you going to do the second Bush gets kicked out?

Is anyone having problems with DU slowdowns? For about 2 hours

I'm switching from Rabrrrrrr to GOPisEvil

Art Garfunkel charged with speeding and pot possession

Isnt it weird watching Ronald Ray-Gun in movies

LOL...Ronnie Reagan is on Turner ClassicMovies right now

the extemporaneous CAPTION

need help with song from 60's

The FREEPER in Wonco(100+post)

Holy Cow! Kerry comes right out and says it!

Dean Graphic, I scream, You Scream, We all Scream ...

Boy K-Mart sure can align itself with the right people huh?

I should have stayed in bed this morning.

Gentlemen: So a girl gave you her phone number

A heartburn-related question

CAPTION the giant sucking sound

Bush in Roswell NM - Mars Spirit goes Loopy , Draw Your Own Conclusions

Got this one again.....what's a good rebut?

The State of the CAPTION

Mini Skirt or Pants?

this gave me a chuckle in my school paper

Is this Dubya's lucky year?

Have you ever done drag?

Curses! Foiled again!

Well, 3 years and my fourth reorganization....

All right! It's finally on DVD!

I visited Ann Arbor and Detroit over the last few days, ask me anything.

Tried to start reading Moore's "Dude Where's My Country"....

"Real Genius": why don't they make 'em like this anymore?

Help preserve the sanctity of CAPTIONS

Why? oh why? does McCain have to be a repuke?

Did Deans scream effect the Mars Rover?

How often should I change the air in my head???

Gung Hey Fat Choy (Lunar New Year recipes, please?)

How Often Should I Change The Air In My Car's Tires?

Congrats DUers!!! The ultimate poll killers!!!!!

Which addiction is hardest to break?

Dean's Dance Mix

Hey Rabrrrrrr, if your so good at killing threads....

What's up with the "Monkey's Thing" on Google?

WARNING: Dennis Miller to appear on Leno show tonight.

This is just a funny picture of my dog.

Comic strip disses the Chimp

It is so bloody cold in Minneapolis.

What is the strangest movie you've ever watched?

A Love Story - Flash Movie

Realistic Internet Simulator

Tax time.. Don't forget to report your illegal income and kickbacks

pic from the vault funny early pic of Raygun and chimpy!

Hats off to: Edie Falco

Have the icons shifted to the left?

My 700th post! Well, smellllllllllllll meeeeeee!

Who owned or still owns Disco Clothes?

Crossing my fingers, hoping they revive Spirit

Need help finding some pics. . . .

I'm switching from the Democrats to the People Who Hate People Party

A Major Rant About Holding Doors Open For Strangers!

180, the accidental streaker

Does my son need a permission slip....

"Bloom damn you, bloom!"

Just to show we Eagles fans can laugh at ourselves...

I'm on CNN!

I am tired of being anonymous...My first name is Michael.

I talk politics, read and do intellectual stuff all day, then go home ....

Back from the belly of the beast (DC anti-choice rally)

Cute idiosycracy or sign of mental illness?

IRATE!!!! Ads to appear on dollar bills!

as you all know... cbs wont air comercials...

Just got this e-mail from Andria Cavallo

CNN Must Fire --Bob "No Facts" Novak--

Mostly unnoticed albums that you want recognized


My Dinner With Hitler

Black lab puppy, name him for me..

My cat Logan has a thing about water.

The History of the Universe in 200 Words

Does anyone want to read the news about the Ben Affleck and J-Lo breakup?

How much does your household make?

Lest we forget our fallen Patriots...

On Mars they call themselves "Rock Walkers," Of course

Dean should join a hardcore punk band!

Please check out post #6 on this thread:

Yay! Tomorrow I get my stitches out....also request for good karma!

I need a little bit of support for a minute here

A good "little known" horror film is on Sci-Fi tonight

When it is not an election year, what do DUers talk about?

Caption this

The SOTU pic we did NOT see..(It was for the "kids")

Interesting psychological test

Joan Crawford's Daughter.. ???

Has The Pope Reviewed Dean's Passion?

Daily Show coverage of the SOTU on now!

Bumpersticker alert....

"Songs about masturbating" thread!

I'm really starting to bond with our new puppy.

Why is it so damn hard to get a human on the phone?

HERE IT IS: POST 1000!!!!!

Haha, a moronic freeper bashes me on his blog


If anyone really cares...Ben and Jen no more...FINALLY!!

Spill the yellow snow.

Women, what is the big deal about a vacuum for your birthday?



Would You Make A Good President?

New movie appears to allow us to ridicule 3 of America's

Mad magazine artist Woodbridge dead

Will Dean bite the head off a bat during tonight's debate?

Calling all thread killers!

I get so confused with things with similar user interfaces



You Know You're Driving In Austin, Texas When.....

Inspired by another thread: Dean Haiku

Finally,an accurate * $hrub bio

Tonight on Frontline " Chasing Saddam's Weapons "

I like George... Harrison!

I inherited a mixed Uncle living off dead animals in the woods...

Which was your favorite Lord of the Rings movie?

I like George

My husband bought me the funniest book today.

Crap, I've got the same problem here that others had earlier today

A plug for my first-ever BLOG!

Dancer, actress Ann Miller dead.

The Power Point Anthology Of Literature

McDonalds and Wal-Mart aren't the only low wage jobs (a rant)

Does Anyone Have a Great Brownie Recipe?

HaHA.....I was tied for #2 Threadkiller.... but I do try harder!

Do you own a baseball cap?

What has your winter been like so far?

Actual CNN screenshot ... see the "crawl" at bottom!

Who decides pot laws?

Got back to Dallas last night and found myself banned at DU!


Thank you DU

Led Zeps Robert Plant, writer of "Stairway to Heaven" on NPR Fresh Air

Hi Everyone!

Hey, I just went over 700 posts, and forgot to say something clever

Wow, this is my 300th post, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings are Dicks

Not that this will change the world as we know it, but...

Gong Hay Fat Chow!

Got a new Voter registration card today

Dean does the Top 10 List on Letterman tonight

so... i just picked up this tool CD...

the truth about churchill's parrot

Martian Games

I have a write in candidate - Judy Dean

Coolest wine label EVER!

As of tonight, there's one less veteran of Connecticut radio.

Someone fill me in on what Joe Namath did.

Blue boobies

There are lots of stupid people in the world. Most work for Comcast

Linux users: ATi or Nvidia?

One of my cats has been sneezing like crazy

Any NWI (Newsworld International) Fans out there?

how should I backup my computer?

Boogers and Cocaine

Happy Chinese New Year!

David Sedaris has a new book coming out. Does anyone know....

SOTU behind the scenes........................

Post the worst right-wing blog you can find...

Proof that the house-gnomes hid my car keys

Mods and admins need some appreciation!

Lol, check this out. Coincidence? (sports funny)

Worst Joke Contest. I'll start.=3 cowboys were sitting around the campfire

Group Hug Time!

Happy Chinese New Year! What's your Chinese sign?

I was a jerk to a kid!

How many TECHNICAL users revere Microsoft and Bill Gates?

This is an interesting way to burn 15 minutes...

I love Marianne Faithfull, but sometimes she sounds like Snoopy.

well, uh... THIS is just FUCKIN' dark

Oh my... Long-legged woman is waiting to be spanked

OK, this whole Skull and Bones thing.

I think my cat may have a broken tail ?? Help?

TV Dinners

As A Child... Were You Taught To Say "Sir" and "Ma'am" To Adults

New Bob Marley recordings to be released!! 67-72

I Liked It Better When The Winter and Summer Games Were In The Same Year.

For those married 10+ years

w00t! I just burned 2,000 Calories on the elliptical!

home improvement do it yourselfers - need some advise

Why do only Dems have "Muskie moments"?

PROOF! The Daily Show reads the DU Lounge.

Why the Hell is someone making a game about the Falkland Islands War?

RIAA filing new suits against illegal downloaders: "Foofee" Mozart target

Prayer request for my mom; my dad died yesterday

Who gave me a Star?

Sam Cooke was born on January 22, 1931.

While he is waiting on Card to get his damned cheeseburger, CAPTION

Okay armchair historians.....C.E. or A.D.?

Boobs may explode in the jungle

Ice cubes, What are they good for?

My last night with Dad, dying of congestive heart failure with Altzheimers

Threads that never should have been born

"Comfort Food"

Some bad news.

Raise your hand if you are a FOO!

Say goodbye to your overtime pay

Can someone photo shop a picture of Bush for me please

If you could re-live your life, what one thing would you change?

So I was right, they really don't like me at my job

Guys, do you think Mrs. Dean is pretty?

To Hell With The Super Bowl ......... Bring On Survivor!

My new little Democrat came home from the hospital {It's a boy}

Do you remember these shoes?

AWW!!! One of the benefits of living in below freezing whether!!

Still looking for a CD by "Church of Secular Atavism"...

The only kind of music allowed at Liberty or Bob Jones University

spell the yell

Do we have any foreign DUers?

Naked walker completes trek :)

OMG! The Oscar thread's been locked!

strangest songs youve ever heard

DU and FreeRepublic combined?!?

John McCain: "Did Somebody Tell Bush We've Already Been to the Moon?"

What is the correct way to use Karl Rove's name as a adjective?

Vote: Bush's Job Performance!!!

Dean Revives Outsider Formula for Crucial Jan. 27 Vote

Central, Mountain, + Pacific time zone, JimmyKimmel has dean impersonator

Which Democratic candidate would you least like to wake up next to?

Dean Bumpersticker Suggestion

Boston Herald endorses Kerry

Coach Dean

Clark past $1.5 Million Mark on the way to $2 Million before NH primary

What happens to superdelegates when a candidate drops out?

Anyone want to debate tax policy, race after Iowa?

You know, we could make a good cabinet

Is Sharpton going to be in the NH debate tomorrow?

BBC: Democrats vie for New Hampshire

Missing It

Howard Beale = Howard Dean?

Boston Globe Endorses Kerry

After Dean Speech: I Am More Inclined To Support HIM

It's Ohio, stupid.

All hail joefree1

Some weird repub comments I should share with everybody

Wussie media can't take a little Dean passion? (+ new Dean logo)

Who is more qualified to be Pres. than GWB?

Face it: All our candidates will be "gored" by the media!

Don't give up on Dean, if you do, you are letting THEM decide your vote.

The Globe- Kerry's gains ignite cash-raising push

Surging Kerry Gets Personal With Voters

No. 1 qualification: Ability to beat Bush!

Are we in for a LONG SLOG now until the nomination?

An Instructive Timeline

The Real Story - From the Dean Blog

Since Iowa, Dean has raised more than $1MIL from net

Other candidates can use Dean speech WISELY

Multi-term gov...1000's of appearances tried before/after Iowa

Do Poll Results Influence Voters In Primary Elections?

Are polls accurate?


Dinkins Supports Wesley Clark

Boston Globe Endorses Kerry

Boston Herald Endorses Kerry

Howard and Judy Dean to be on Primetime Thursday night

An Opportunity For ALL Candidates

BBV: South Carolina, Pentagon Internet Voting In Your Primary

delete --

What is the correct usage of the name karl rove as an adverb?

Trippi speaks about Monday night

Can you see ? When you battle bush -you get the repug media (Dem idea)

Omfg.....there's a developing story on Drudge that

Mark Steyn slices and dices the candidates and the campaign

Philadelphia Weekly cover story on Dean campaign in Iowa

What's wrong with Lieberman?

Sharpton Battles Electability Issue in S.C

Not only are we going to New Hampshire...

What happens to campaign funds when a candidate drops out?

Does anyone here share my sentiment with regard....

Dean collects nearly $600,000 in donations since Iowa

Commie gun grabber gun control zealots check in ;)

Clark...James Rubin coming up on C-SPAN

Where's the empathy at?

Who will look like a garden gnome with Kerry and Chimpy on stage together?

Did out of state volunteers help Dean in Iowa at all?

What Dr. Dean needs to do ASAP

To Edwards and Kerry Supporters - Welcome

Question about tonights debate...

Every Democratic President since Polk has had 2 first names.

Dancing with Dean, Coming Home to Kucinich

Has Anyone Won Presidency While Losing Iowa and New Hamp?

USA Today: Dean scream gaining cult-like status on Web

Expert Advisor Is Handyman in Kerry's Camp

AP: Campaign Stop Comments May Embarrass Clark

When is today's debate?

New Hampshire casts a critical eye on Howard Dean

I have one thing good to say about Kerry

Detroit Free Press Smears Dean

Kerry: what went wrong? webiste gives us 515 reasons to organize for this election

Iowa and poll trends indicate Dems are leaning toward...

Did any of the Dem Presidential Candidates support Bush's tax cuts?

Village Voice : Kerry Stumps Poorly, Clark Brags About His Fastball

Might have missed this one-Have you see this video?

The "Dean Scream" flap

Edwards Criticizes Bush's Iraq Coalition

Repubs Attack Kerry as "French." Mon Dieu! On Iraq French Were Right!

the "crowding out" effect - when the oxygen gets sucked up

I scream. You scream. We all scream for Howard Dean!

Holy Cow! Kerry comes right out and says it!

Our candidates' horrible, horrible gaffes

Dean's Dance Mix

MSNBC/Zogby Poll: Kerry 27 Dean 24 Clark 15 Edwards 8

Why are we worried about the South?

ARG NH Poll Jan 21

May I offer what could be a seminal talking point?


I don't think Dean taking third was all that bad for him

You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em....

Jan 22 Zogby only gives Kerry 3 points

Terrible picture of Clark.

Dean Says Voters Will See Through Flaws (AP Story)

Daily Howler's daily skewering: Slate's Weisberg, Plotz and Suellentrop

What happened in Iowa...??

A democrat's identity crisis: staying or leaving?

Wow, Conan O' Brien is pretty tough on Kucinich

Have you ever noticed that CNN's "liberal" commentators

Dean hits repugs on "Black Box Voting" -- (Bev Harris would be proud)

Kerry people $800,000 - $200,000 to go!

Tonight's Line up for Dean: Debate, World News Tonight & Letterman

Only As Sick As Their Secrets? Kerry And Skull & Bones.

Clark Wins Endorsement from Leading Environmentalists

Time for Dean to go on 60 minutes!

Before the other-than-Dean supporters burst from glee, remember

Dean People: If you have your Halloween button, wear it now!

For Dean, humility can refuel campaign (Boston Globe)

Smitten by Clark

Edwards beat a Southern Repub Incumbent before

Counterpoint: Clark's testimony before Congress

For Dean supporters - a good showing at the debate + TV coverage = rebound

Dean is finished, why are democrats trying to revive him?

John Kerry on the 31st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Drudge Hit Piece on Edwards

"No more Bush! No more Bush!"

Great Kerry campaign event in NH. Bruins/fire fighters/hockey

Where can we view the debate on the West Coast?

Dem. Clark Supports Abortion Rights

Drudge puts up an article finally about the "edwards scandal"

Edwards Precinct Captain Packet explains how to attack other Dems

It's everybodys fault but Dean's.

Dean: "I lead with my heart and not my head."

It makes me want to SCREAM.....

Dean's Statement on Roe vs. Wade Anniversary

Fox News just posted new NH poll numbers

I think we should all start getting to know John Edwards well.

Sen Hollings of S.C to endorse Kerry

How accurate are NH polls?

*PLEASE* don't jump on the GOP lawyer hating bandwagon

Just a matter of curiosity but what was the voter turn out in Iowa?

Question on Media reporting Entrance Polls

What has George Bush ever done???

Kerry on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Edwards taking calls on CSPAN right now.

Disgusting AP Bias--deserves a little DU response

Another truly spacey candidate

Anyone consider that Dean may have lost Iowa due to Caucus rules?

there is no less democratic organizations in the US than the military

NH ARG poll -- Kerry 29 -- Clark 21 -- Dean 17 (Clark +3 Dean -7)

Now that Clark is behind in the polls again...

Will Lieberman go after Dean tonight?

What time/channel is the debate?

Does anyone else hear Lieberman's voice ....

Clark lists merits in New Hampshire Retired general says he's 'all in one

I come in peace to offer a olive branch

Breaking: Hollings Endorse Kerry. Southerner's Southerner, Just As Ordered

The Timeless Art of Dodging a Question

I honestly think Dean can survive a second place showing in NH

Dean on Cspan now

I must have heard the term "decorated war hero" 50 times this morning...

Dean's success or failure depends on his supporters...

How many think Newsweek's cover "Doubts About Dean" affected Iowa?

Screamin' Howard Dean to be on Letterman tonight !

Kerry's mettle will be tested tonight...

It's not just NH: Most Recent Polls from Feb. 3 Primary States

Newest NH Poll results

Howard Deans Speech on inside edition WTF?

West Point Debate Captain ready to rumble

SC Senator Fritz Hollings endorses John Kerry

Clark - Honoring Roe V. Wade

CNN parent AOL TimeWarner 3rd highest contributor to Kerry campaign

Boston Globe Kerry Endorsement

anyone else just see bush with a beer on cnn?

Dean supporters: John Nichols says, "On, Wisconsin"

ABB- You can't go wrong (in the right forum this time)

Dean Fans, DUers: What Kerry V.P/Cabinet Could Excite You re Victory 2004

Betcha Clark bows out March 3.

We Are the Majority ( a great read...taking back america is NOT an option)

The only one who can beat Bush,

Dean TV schedule TONIGHT

Dean on CSPAN finds new strength in Town Hall format!

Novak: Dean's senior advisors told him to 'give em hell' Mon. night

Latest Delegate Count (Dean 105, Kerry 75, Gep 41, Edwards 34, Clark 29)

Trippi said spread the word, so here it is.

Now Open: Clark's Online Reading Room

The Phony Dean 'Meltdown' ( a good read -

MWO: Reason #1 to Consider a Vote Transfer Come November

Why isn't Edwards getting much of a bounce in NH?

IF you are not "passionate" about taking back America -(HR2673 passes)

Kerry picks up endorsement from sizable Michigan union

Why John Kerry Matters

Rep. Markey on Dean Scream: Expressing Collective Anguish of the Pundits

Will the Debate be carried live anywhere over the net?

Kerry reaching out beyond New Hampshire

Does anybody have the most recent polls from NH?

When Kerry said "There are good parts of the Patriot Act" he lost my vote

Wish we could submit new post rebuttals to other posts.

Gotta be there for years, do we?

Screamin' Dean t-shirts a fad is born

Great band in Davenport who entertained at Dean rallies - the

AOL straw poll

the landslide talk has subsided

What will Dean do if he doesn't win the nomination?

Why do most of the candidates have 2 first names?

Slate's Jacob Weisberg on the difference between Edwards & Kerry

Anything is possible

When in doubt, go with seniority (Kerry)- why not?

Hollings to Endorse Kerry

Kucinich: Guard and Reserve Stretched too Thin

Who is still in the Race on March 1?

Any DU'ers from NY or NJ going to NH this weekend?

Brokered Convention: 4 way deadlock

Before you count Dean out, remember Clinton in 1992: 5% in IA, 25% in NH

Vermonters see one Dean; nation quite another

John Kerry electoral college strategy?

Why is Dean a "centrist" and a "moderate" but not DLC?

Fire fighters to escort Kerry in march to debate.

Kerry and The South

Kucinich: Guard and Reserve Stretched too Thin

How Dean supporters could counter the "crazy speech" spin

Exact Quote: Wes Clark bellitles Kerry as "junior officer" in military

Kucinich proposes public works program

Dean Jokes About 'Screeching' in Iowa

Little Things: Electoral Votes of Home States

why believe any poll numbers??

Guys, do you think Mrs. Dean is pretty?

Edwards campaign announces surge of South Carolina endorsements

The anti-Kerry is...

Puerto Rican Sen. McClintock Commends Clark on Statehood

Dean leads post-Iowa fundraising

In response to the "Kerry is weak in the 2/3 states" meme

Now might be the time for Clark to show what a HERO he is!

Clark's Air Conditioned Office in Bosnia

Gephardt Camp Joins Clark Campaign in New Mexico

Is the debate going to be on TV?

ABC NEWS: Dean Diane Sawyer interview highlights

How does Kerry's piloting a boat in 'Nam make him strong on nat. security?

Dean Supporters: Question re: What's your breaking point?

Dancing with Dean, Coming Home to Kucinich

The Kerry v. Weld Debates

Schedule of Dean's 3 appearances tonight

Debate info needed

Democrats and the South, Part Two

I finally got a good look at the infamous clip and

Kerry's new newspaper endorsements

Make your prediction for tonight. Kerry's been surging since before Iowa

I just read a good article called "Dean Meltdown"

I am going to contribute to Howard Dean

Anyone know if the debates will be streaming anywhere?

Watch Debate on the Internet!!!

New Hampshire Debate #1

Mean Dean Action Figure for Sale

This is my cut on the President-VP match-ups for the convention

Why do you support Gov. Dean?

Kerry's "Elvis" problem

NewHampshire Debate thread 2

New Hampshire Debate Thread #3

"Dean Delivers Top 10 List on Letterman" (taped earlier today)

Ladies, admit it. You vote for the best looking Democratic candidate.

"Chafee Says Republicans Fear Wesley Clark the Most"

Why is primary debate only on Faux?

Why is the media calling the Dean war whoop

New Hampshire Debate Thread #4

Is Dean on Letterman tonight?

is the debate gonna be showed over the internet?

New Hampshire Debate Thread #5

This debate is great. More people are tuning in and seeing our great

Will the debate be on C-SPAN or not?

New Hampshire Debate Thread #6


Regime change horseshit - SHAME ON LIEBERMAN!!!!!

Didn't get to see the debate, but reading the threads....

I'm proud, all the candidates did great

Debate Post Mortem

The debate questions were "stacked" --- tough for Clark vs Kerry

The DEBATE is still going on

cnn poll: can dean make a comeback

Who Do I Complain To About Fox Doing The Democratic Debate?

Frontline: searching for Sadam's weapons on now....

I love it when the candidates are positive

New Hampshire Debate Thread #7

Democrats Attack Bush!

I'm really looking forward to the New Hampshire vote!

I thought Kerry won by a mile

But, but, but Bush WAS a deserter

New ARG NH tracking poll - Kerry leads

Closing Statements - did I miss something?

The questions were just bull today!

"I don't know if he is a's your job to find out, not mine."

What FOX did tonight will backfire on them....

Clark, Edwards, and Kerry supporters, please vote in this poll.

LIEberman is definitely a WHORE to *. He can't drop out soon enough!

Did they stop the broadcast because we were winning?

I Feel Unclean After Watching That Debate

My wife and I rank how well they did

If it takes this to get AWOL into m'stream then Clark can take the punch

Fear of repukes makes people say crazy things like Liberman won

my opinion of the debates

When will the Debate be broadcasted again? I missed it!

Can we all agree on one point?

Lieberman won if it was a contest to help * the most

How do you feel now about Dean's Electability?

It doesn't matter who we think won...

Is it just me or did Clark get the toughest questions?

New NH predictions after debate

Dean Has Lots Of Cash For A Long Campaign After Big Iowa Defeat (1/21)

Thank you Senator Edwards

The debate sucks.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I thought Lieberman won

A Note of Progress

how long is hannity going to interview lieberman?

Longshot Democrat Sharpton to stay in race

Does ANYONE think Dems will care about this?

OK, here's the deal: I'm undecided, and I want to choose

Fox moderators and Analysts fear Clark

Dean ABC Interview on 20/20 on now (east coast)...

Clark will NOT BACK DOWN about the deserter. Take it to the bank.

We have a four star general who basically called AWOL a DESERTER

I'm in love - again - with Dr. Dean! He and his wife are being...........

Let them attack Clark RE: Moore/Bush AWOL. . .

You know, the IWR Dems should bring a friggin' copy to the debate

Why do the candidates even go on these Faux debates.

TNT: Ch Barkley to attack Dean on speech at half time (Edwards man)

The repubs will use this on: Kerry...

Could Independent Vote Change NH Outcome For Clark

Question: Did this debate play on NH local (non-Fox) TV?

Was there a hit out on Clark tonight?

I'd vote for Lieberman....

Need Evidence on AWOL before People Start Dying

Peter Jennings did the Dems a huge favor with the "Deserter" question

What the HELL are you people talking about???

Does Kerry have an opinion?

The Dean "debate requirement " did he answer the call...I say .."Yes"

Regarding the Nightline REPLAY

Bush should answer the charge of being AWOL! read....

just got back from Kerry meet-up in Virginia...we think that the

For Clark Supporters ONLY - I Missed the Debate - Will I be OK?

General Clark Does a Disservice to NH!

Kerry's off the cuff millitary reunion

Fat Candy Crowley Says, "They were on message, which we (the press) hate"-

Letterman Talk: "When I'm president, I guarantee I will be totally inept."

Tonights Debate: They were all amazing, but they still don't get The Media

If Faux is ripping Clark then Clark did well.

eveyone says dean's scream at the primaries was unpresidential...

Faux News, Clark lost because he didn't defend SpaceShrub.

Who won the debate?

GO DENNIS - Bitchslap NAFTA and WTO

Fox planned this hit on Clark

Where is the debate?

Who lost the debate?

Transcript: Howard Dean and Judy Dean Speak to ABCNEWS’ Primetime

A Preview of Dean's Top Ten List for Letterman!

What happened to Edwards?

NIghtline hack job starting now

Kerry waffled on Iraq...only DK & Joe were firm

Tough it....

Phat Candy Crowley Says, "They were on message, which we (the press) hate"

This poll looks weird

Democrats and the South

I NOW think Clark IS unelectable!

Tom Brady left John Kerry to support George W Bush ?

It's over for Clark.....

What are the differences between Kerry and Bush?

Americans on NAFTA

AOL Straw Poll - interesting NH results

Hardball: 2 Dem campaigns endorsing Repuke spin on Clark/Moore/AWOL

I thought Kerry did the best; Brit Hume is VERY ugly.

WHICH TWO campaigns agreed Clark should have said AWOL isn't DESERTER?

I've seen the Dean speech at least 100 times now

Daily Kos gives Edwards an "A" for the debate - scores the rest lower

OMG, Sharpton always gives the best answers..

michael moore responds to peter jennings

I'll contribute $200 to your candidate

Holy ****, Jennings is an ass

The "worm turns" - CNN calling "Dean Screech Cover"...."overkill"

I'm finding reaction to the Dean speech to be a wash....

So much for the AWOL card from Clark....

Why wasn't Kerry "surging" before Iowa!

Bush just made a worse photo-op than Dean

Tonight Clark snatched the title of "unelectable" from Dean

Dean's Top Ten on Letterman on Right NOW...If Now Was Two Minutes Away!

The Debate was a Right Wing Manipulative tool

Kucinich's letters from Iowa.

Clark supports abortion rights with limited restrictions

Bill Bennet crying about Clark "failure to absolutely condemn" Moore

Who Won the Debates?

Post debate poll predictions

Gay marriage...the most pressing issue facing our nation. NOT!!!

I find it very humorous to hear the media declare dean finished

Dean on the cover of the NY Daily News

Is there a non-DLC option w/o Dean?

Didn't Clark deny he ever said he guaranteed no terror attacks

List your enthusiasm for top 4 candidates & all dem nominees since '84.

CNN- Dean Out Of Money After NH?

To ABB, Or Not To ABB... That Is The Question !!!

How well did Clark answer the question about the Times of London article?

Fox panel upset Clark wouldn't deny * is an AWOL DESERTER

I haven't posted much in this forum as of late

What happens if Dean loses and goes third party?

Fellow Dems: Clark is NOT a Republican

What the Republican caucuses were like...

Good news for everyone!

Joe Lieberman won that debate going away

Dean was "unstoppable." What happened?

DU's own Editorialist Plaid Adder expresses doubts about Clark and the SOA

I think Kerry won by a mile

Our approach to the primaries has failed. Would you support this approach?

Criticism of Edwards' legal tactics and ploys

How old is John Edwards?

Will you view Kucinich differently at the debate

Anyone else think that the media is trying to take down Dean and Clark?

Clark's war stance as early as 11/12/02

Clark Is Unelectable. His Favorite Band Is Journey?

What about Kerry's thrown medals?

Clark Supporters and Kosovo?

Faux just totally doing a "hit" on Clark. Have been ripping him apart

31 Years after Roe v. Wade: What does your candidate have to say???

The NBD people are just as foolish as the ABDs are......

Did Clark go from 4th to 2nd today?

Republican Games for Democratic Primaries

Dean and Judy Interview Thread

Health Care: whose plan do you favor, and why?

Kerry dodging the medal question

If we gave Kucinich 8 years to run this Country as he pleased..

Non-US DUers: Whom would you PREFER to win the Democratic nomination?

Dean supporters yell "recount!" after Dean loss to Clark is CA strawpoll

Developing ... approx. 30 Gephart staff to join Clark campaign

Post here if you think the debate sucked!

Clark wasn't as impressive as he should have been

Tom Harkin said before you count Dean out remember Dukakis lost Iowa

If all FAUX can say is that Clark did not condemn Moore then . . .

Special Anouncement For Clark in New Mexico at 2:00 MT

Just saw on Hardball...Tweety won't let go of Lehane clip.

Why I support Doctor and former Governor Howard Dean.

Clark Opens "Online Reading Room"

I Will Not Vote for A Candidate Who Voted for War in Iraq & Patriot Act

Kerry's Russell Trust No Big Deal? How S&B Funded Hitler

Here is why NBD is madness - WWH(oward)D?

Howard Dean - not gays and race - jobs education and healthcare