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Archives: January 20, 2004

NY Times: Gaming Overtime

Tuesday's Steve Bell cartoon

An ethicist strips off Bush's moral veneer

How to Fix Politics? Believe It or Not, More Politicians.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Caucus

Scapegoating Blair?

The Fortune 500- Truthout's John Cory rocks the house!!!!

Editorial picks apart Drudge's deceptions...

Scathing - Tolerance Of Treason

Democratic wimps - LA Daily News editorial

Local residents deeply affected by suicide bombing near coalition HQ

The ugliest American alienates the world

Zakaria: An Absence of Legitimacy (Iraq Getting FUBAR)

the Latin Americanization of America

Molly Ivins: It's about money (SOTU Preview Edition)

Conservatives Negative on Bush, Immigration and Shooting the Moon.

Report: Bush Plans New $50B Iraq Spending Request After the Election

CWA: Empty Promises. Workers Face 'Jobless Recovery'

This shows how polls get it wrong--The Des Moines Register

Krugman: Going for Broke (SOTU)

Editorial: Saddam, Osama/Bush chose wrong enemy (* Ignored R Clarke)

Clark Aims to Pull Rank on Kerry in N.H.

ToGWB: The Final Year

BBC – Profile: George W. Bush

YEEEEEEEEEE_ HAWWWWWWW!!! The Onion nails a Freeper.

"I have a Dream" for peace in the Middle East

A Worker from the Mad Cow Meat Plant Speaks Out

NY Times: An Assault on Housing Vouchers

Goodbye Bill Janklow. Republican leaves Congress.

Top Ten Reasons George W. Bush Wants To Put A Man On Mars

Robert Scheer (The Nation): Give Iraqis the Election They Want

Kucinich will fix our priorities

Springfield IL DUers, Roe v Wade Rally, Jan 22nd

Toady's Senate cloture vote (Overtime Pay)

State of the Union Drinking Game

Federal Budget analysis simplified

Hey look, somebody slipped Chalabi in again

Will media note $4 trillion increase in deficit over 10 yrs in SOTU?

CNN Video - Bill Maher On Wolf Blitzer Reports

the press is not expected to challenge Bush assertions/claims in SOTU

Child's Pay ... Video - ad aired on CNN

Jon Stewart On NBC - Video

Ron Reagan Jr. On HardBall - Video

Aide: Pope did not endorse Gibson film

To Be A Good Republican: Author Unknown

How Do You Know If Your Cat Has Seen You Naked ?

'Marriage Is A Union Between A Man & A Woman' Bush To Tell Nation

Canada To Appeal Landmark Gay Ruling

LGBT Athletes Move Toward Forming New Int'l Sports Body

Students fight Seton Hall for GLBT support group

Clark on the cover of the new issue of the Advocate

Far-right group attacks GLAAD media guide

Bribing House members on the House floor-Medicare vote- is a felony

Privacy: The US census department released your information

"I have a Dream" for peace in the Middle East:

Mississippi Latest To Consider Anti-Gay Amendment

High Levels Of Cadmium, Mercury, Lead In South Australian Dolphins

GAO - Cleanup For Old Military Ranges, Bases Will Take 75-300 Years

Mountain Gorilla Numbers Up 17% (!) In Central African Border Region

The energy minister said the liquefied natural gas unit was destroyed.

Ah-nold's "Hydrogen Highway" - LA Times

Ebola Virus Threatens Great Ape Population - Science Daily

Structural Vulnerability of the North American Power Grid

WTO is eager to accept Russia?

Meanwhile, in Central Asia...US Ambassador: Our troops in Georgia forever

US ready to fund pullout of Russian troops from Georgia

From a Scripps Howard News Release On Congress' Agenda 2004

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 20, 2004

Russ Feingold- Supporter of the Second Amendment!

If Edwards wins the nomination will he make a big deal of ...

I would like a clarification.

Thanks, Mods and Admin for keeping things calm in GD2004 last night

Admins and mods

Is there a HS age forum in DU?

Inoffensive Post Deleted as "Inflammatory"

excuse my ignorance, but, what is the "Hidden Thread" function and

"I won't vote Dem" already appearing on the boards . . .

FYI, you might want to look at GD

Good morning, GREAT job with GD2004!

Posting entire campaign newsletters is OK?

I think your automatic "4 warnings" system is flawed

two questions

How many "members" do you think DU really has???

I thought Progressives of all types were welcomed here...

I want to apologize.

Happy birthday, DU!

Photos in signatures..

Please cease those "I am switching to" threads

What if author gives permission to post whole articles?

religious bigotry question

One thing that gets my blood boiling here is...

what does "nt" or "n/t" signify?

I just spent a bunch of time looking for a thread I started

How about a separate forum in GDprimary just for Dean haters?

Tom DeLay leads the "Christian Zionists"

Israeli soldiers begin operation to demolish outpost

Suicide bombers' families criticise Islamic groups

Israel targets Hamas cleric for 'liquidation'

Israeli jets strike Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon

The Suicide Message Of A Mother Who Left Home To Kill

Palestinians: IDF demolishes 30 homes in Gaza

Israeli Bulldozers Flatten 30 Gaza Houses

The detention of the Refuzniks is arbitrary says UN Group

Israeli ambassador says Swedish press is pro-Arab

As Gephardt bows out, Jews lose a friend in Washington’s high places

Hate mail

The ball is kicked and fans are too: Racism a problem in Israeli soccer

Court sentences Israeli Arab teen to 8 years in prison

An extreme inspiration

Singling out Israel...

IDF, settlers clash during removal of W. Bank structure

Palestinian Children Honor Tom Hurndall

"I have a Dream" for peace in the Middle East :

Israel determined to eliminate terrorist leadership

Northrop Grumman buys 14 IAI Hunter UAVs for $16m

PBS Documentary: Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7

NIST WTC Investigation: Access to All Essential Data Obtained


Don't forget to tune in to the "State of The Nation" today:

Today In History, January 20, 2005 ...

Goingfor Broke(SOTU/election strategy—confuse the middle,but feed the base

He who is without sin...

Here's a question of "primary importance"

Need some help here.

Wayne Dyer endorses Kucinich

Appointed Senators

Dennis Kucinich Tour of Maine 1/21

Something about Edwards speach. (political implications)

Kucinich: Dems Risk Forfeiting Election Over Iraq Occupation

Kucinich: Transcript of Post-Caucus Speech

Old Man of The Mountain - a Tribute to NH

maps here

OK let's play what if.

Why Kucinich Supporters Didn't Lose Tonight

Kucinich Calls for Free, Direct Elections in Iraq

Kucinich: This Will Go to Convention

The DU servers are flying tonight!

yay for me! 1000+ posts

Who'll be the first rightwing pundit/writer to reference today's..

I need someone who can help me start a poll, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Paul Krugman op-ed "Who's Nader Now" proven wrong?

Bush's war damages US credibility

reporting from OUR Nation's Capital....JFKerry caucus PARTY !!!

Please help I need someone to start a poll for me!

Why do DUers hate Joe Lieberman?

What we are doing wrong over at camp Dean...

Bernie Ward Show thread

Most compatible Pres candidates.

please help me with information

Australian star deported:

Harry S Truman War Crimes Questionnaire

Bush to Portray Libya as an Example

John Rowland's whore: please, PLEASE don't out me!

OK. Fess up. Who else watched try-outs for American Idol tonight

Face it: we already HAVE a draft

I'm Thinking Of Registering Repub, To Vote Against Bush* Twice This Year

60% oppose Cosmo's Moon/Mars mission

2004: The Year of the Monkey

Bush's dept of Homeland Domesticity. (Great article)

Wackos, Charlatans, and the new owners of UPI news

Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC7 (WTF?)

Did you know they're planning to end the foreign earned income credit?

Media giants today. How much free speech exists in the USA?

I just read Kaz Sasaki is not returning to the Mariners next year.....

If Dean doesn't win nomination -- Take Action!

Was it the WAR or the anger that lost it for Dean?

I would pledge $100.00 (another) to the Dean Campaign....

Edwards is negative campaigning IMO

Bush Vs. Hitler Part II

My theory about Dean supporters is becoming fact

SOTU Preview

SOTU Response: Daschle & Pelosi

Bush wins first-tier Iowa Republican primaries!!!!

How will you watch SOTU tonight?

I just saw the Bush in 30 Seconds winner on CNN!

Republican Excuses Are Getting Old

gen. clark's sweater now at $14,000

MSNBC poll: do any Democrats have a shot at Bush?

Bill Jankow's resignation is effective today

General Discussion of Discussions

Does the IWR give Bush the authority to invade Syria?

Need a little help here - regarding a pre-9/11 Bush trip where the

Moby backs Cho against whacko freepers and their hatemail

9/11 Panel Unlikely to Get Later Deadline

What was the turn-out like in Iowa?

Watch CSpan now..11:45 AM EST - Elaine Chao being raked over the coals

Approval ratings after SOTU - how much bounce?

Coast to Coast 2 nights now has NEWSMAX columnist on!

"The Most Dangerous Game"

The George W bush* State of The Union Drinking Game

PBS Documentary: Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7

CNN hints at Bush's "not necessarily funded modest proposals"

Fineman / Tweety


where can i see/ hear last night's dean speech for free?

How far off do the Pollsters need to be before we realize they are

Do you think Cheney could be impeached?

It's Jan. 20! Just 365 days left of the Bush Misadministration!

Email for Free? Not for long!

BBC interview with Daniel Ellsberg

SOTU - What Iraqi Council member will be there

Unseen and Unheard : Bush's assault on women

Greg Palast on C-span2 right now

C-Span this a.m. - What's the deal with Tamara Lipper

If Cheney's Impeached, does that make Bush President?

Ugh....I'm just waiting to hear Bush mention privatizing Social Security

For all those pentagon and RW groups

Blood, oil, guns and bullets

Anybody hear LeShow this weekend? in Tales of Airport Security

The State Of The Union In 30 Seconds - New MoveOn Ad

ShotGun Intimidation

CBS AND SEATTLE AFFILIATE KIRO no moveon but they luv Rush!

Margaret Cho plugs DU in her newsletter!

Congressional Thread - 1/20/2004

Stupid Question..but what is ABB?

Have you seen this? (anti-Bush ad w/humor)

Interesting Article

Kerry and Edwards didn't say a thing

I was leaning Dean until recently and I could still get behind him

Dr. King's Gauntlet: Nonviolence or Nonexistence

Media Research Center's list of 2003's worst "Liberal" quotes

bushgang payback - this time on French pilots

Many auto insurance companies use ChoicePoint to check..

I am now on the Dean bandwagon...

Protesting the SOTU

Regressive taxes

Pfc. Cody J. Orr

500 dead Americansin Iraq = # of dead in 1st three years in Vietnam

Why is the media so deferential to Bush and his minions?

OxyRush: "Democrats are Raving Maniacs"

We should not put all of our eggs or hopes in one basket....

Amazed and confused

The George W Bush SOTU Drinking Game!

Dem Primary season and affect on November (not a candidate push)

An assumption that must be made or everything falls to pieces....

What is more important to a Republican ~ Money or Power

Senate voting now on the Cloture Motion on the omnibus appropriations bill

New Hampshire leans toward the more independent candidates....

Rush L has lousy ratings

Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) for Senate Democratic Leader

Karen Hughes on CNN: "somewhat in jest"

Buzzflash: Masterful Machiavellianism

What is more important to a Democrat ~ Fair distribution of wealth

Big announcement for tonight... Social Security reform?

Iraqis want Saddam AND his "American helpers" on trial -- Reuters

What the Democrats should say after the SOTU

The Pickering nomination : Was it careless timing or deliberate gesture to

Rush Limbaugh's show has a 2.8 rating

Haliburton supplying gasoline in Northern California?

yet another FDR/Reagan dime poll

Yikes! NYMEX crude oil is now $36.20 a barrel

Drudge: Young Voters Said To Be Trending Toward Bush

What country will Bush threaten with War in this SOTU?

Quick please - need quote from

Kerry raised $300,000 ON-LINE today.....(link) come join us as we

why do the 'pro-life' states have high abortion numbers

What happened with the cloture vote on overtime pay today?

Zogby; Bush approval only 49%

America should get a choice!

Dear Mr Prez

yo, Tucker Carlson: "Who the F**K cares if you ride in a bus for news?"

MUST SEE TV [Palast] Choicepoint, Diebold, Harris etc.

How about a Bush Administration FAQ page?

George W Bush and the real state of the Union

Bush Better Enjoy Tonights SOTU. Because It Will Be His Last.

F*** the Nazis, says Churchill's Parrott

Addressing Bush's State of Disunion

Gay Activists Responsible If Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Election Issue GOP

What if Homeland Security shuts down Dem Convention due to security

About Bush's numbers

CONSIDER THIS: This Is The LAST State Of The Union Speech For Bush*...

Bush once again drops under 50 percent in Zogby poll!

What would you think if

A Worker from the Mad Cow Meat Plant Speaks Out (for real)

instead of watching the SOTU...

Interesting results on Wolfie's poll today, not sure what to make of it

That Democrat guy sounds too intelligent, I'll vote for Bush!

Why Joe Average doesn't trust "Elitism."

Question about the draft

After losing the Nov election bush* still gave the Jan20 SOTU in crawford.

Young Conservative Is the Toast of Talk Radio

WHich of our candidates is most sound-bite repellent?

GOP Students Claim Left-Wing Bias at U of Colorado

Elaine Chao is such an ass...

have you seen the AOL poll on * ? (very UGLY indeed!

Poll--Will you vote to re-elect President George W. Bush?

stupid Buchanan lady on CNN said"Bush has terrific record on nat. sec"

How can one not grant an extension of the 911 investigation....

Daschle - Pelosi will issue answer to SOTU

Military families protest SOTU....join us in DC at Capitol Bldg, 7:30 PM

Clear Channel hires a Liberal Talk Host!

Master Pubs and some Dems , often live in a Lie,

CBS News lets the truth slip out (re: Arnold)

Standing ovations for * will be hard to watch, alcohol necessary

Bush's disdain for Martin Luther King

Clark and software jobs to India

"President Bush Is Robin Hood"

Atlanta area folks - McAuliffe's going to be at Manuel's tomorrow evening

Tinfoil hatters! Will the 2004 election be Bonesman vs. Bonesman?

Proof that rightwingers are mentally ill.

One word sums up Neo-con logic ---- Hypocrisy

Will the SOTU give * a big poll boost? Is that whey he......

Anybody Else Having Trouble With CNN Reception ???

NASA study used *census* information for terror profile

Long nomination process

PBS - Did I just hear Karen Hughes say Bush inherited the deficit!?!

warning: RNC tool links Dean's "gusto" to panic attacks

Let's remember, it's W's LAST SOTU speech

VOTE NOW - Bush "re-election" poll

Do You Think Bush Will Mention Any Enron

This ices it, I'm hoping for a Panthers victory...

Making A List Of Scandals The Shrub Has Gotten Away With

Why the Hell was I going to watch the SOTU on CBC?

RNC Head Gillespie Admits "Clinton Death List" Was a LIE

Does this sound like a definiton of "Republicanism"?

How many mothers of dead GI's will be sitting next to Laura Bush?

Who should I watch after SOTU

It's not the SOTU that I'm dreading

Scorecards, Getcher SOTU Scorecards Right Here!

I won't be watching the SOTU spin tonight. Anyone else?

I wonder if they bothered to check >this< SOTU beforehand?

Official State of the Union Thread #1

Bush must be in BIG trouble

SOTU in one minute here:

Official SOTU thread 3

Need help on Bush State of the Union Drinking Game

Official SOTU thread 2

A moment of silence please, pray for TelePrompter failure.

Amazing Clinton, * Contrast

Republican Freeper myths: #1-Rich people are better and work harder

I'm SO proud of the Dems! Down with the patriot act!

Tom Brokaw just made my night

Official SOTU Thread 3

Who is the dude behind Hillary reading a book?

Has anyone thrown up yet?

How many liars have looked you in the eyes

Anybody expect Shrub to end speech with "YEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"?

How many times will the Pundits use the word "Bold" in the next 48 hours?

Let's remember all of the military families that are protesting right

No applauding from the Democratic side of the chamber.

Official SOTU Thread 4

response to media attacks on Dem response to SOTU

Economy is strong???? I just threw up again!!

Sounds like a GD campaign speech@!

Official SOTU thread 5

I have to say, the willfully ignorant American populace

Why doesn't he say anything about

did bush just say that taking the easy way to succes is wrong?

Where is the "Job Czar" sitting during the SOTU --- they never showed him

Official SOTU thread 6

listen to the DK response to the SOTU

Attention: If you wish to use Microsoft products, don't pay.

Felon - Faith Based Org Triangle

Congratulations Dubya on the SOTU

State of the Union Address on MSRNC

Bush AOL poll numbers... ;:o)

Democratic rebuttal on cspan at 10:10

The Dems are gonna kick his ass!!!!

Faux News on the feed delay again

How many Official SOTU threads will we reach?

No space program?

Did I just hear the Democratic side booing???

Bush's arrogance comes out again!!

CSPAN is using a different video feed than ALL the other channels

One Child That Should Have Been Left Behind

Who was that black soldier at the SOTU?

Military folks

Prepared Text: State of the Union Address [Washington Post]

Democratic Response...first part...we really aren't weak, we really aren't

It's actually a great speech. Too bad it is 99.9% lies.

I missed the speech - how were the Democrats reacting during it?

Talk with Dennis Hastert as soon as the creature finishes drooling

the rebuttal is not ANGRY and it's not paying attention

Mike Malloy "covering" SOTU

That little smirk at the end....

Did you heart that 1st caller on cspan...

Reminder: Watch ABC (Clark interview, & others, coming up)

This was the lamest SOTU speech I've seen.

Could someone post that 800 number for congress?

Peter Jennings talking to Kerry about SOTU

SOTU Pictures, anyone?

A Progressive View of the State of the Union (SOTU-P)

Steroids of Mass Distraction

BBV:...The Lottary should run elections!! They can determine a winner

Anybody see Cheney dump his water on Bush?

There are a LOT of negative calls coming in on C-SPAN

did your paper run this Boondocks cartoon today?

Wesley Clark on NBC....he's so, so....pretty

Lord God, help us. Look at how many of these idiots believe the lies

John Stewart coming up with Tom Brokaw to give his opinion on the

Holy crap, did you just hear the caller on cspan

Elect a President or Crown a King.

Pelosi and Daschle are conceding to Bush

Condi Rice

What's the Bush Poll Bounce from the SOTU?

Did Bush spill Cheney's water all over the place?

ABC has vets on there, they all love Bush...

Yay! I got a call on the Associated Press survey that I took

jon stewart ...

Wesley Clark on Nightline to discuss SOTU

John Kerry responding on ABC

The Social Security Private Account Myth

Dubya has got his Smirk working in overdrive these days

memo to bush

Did any of you see the Dem. SOTU "rebuttal" with Pelosi and Daschle?

The Poor need Med savings accounts in which to put the imaginary money

What would the SOTU address sound like if Bush told the truth?

Official SOTU Thread 7

100th Post, Civil and Polite

Official State of the Gas Prices thread

So which network has interviewed DEAN about the SOTU?

Did it come near to cracking up more than a few times?

Would you vote for this Democrat or that Republican?

Now the Constitution is about LIMITING people's rights?

nice photo from MSNBC of shrub's effort....

paula zahn just said there were 69 applause breaks

"The unseen pillars of civilization..."

CNN: Gallup Poll, Bush recieves little boosts from SOTU

Why not have Gore, Clinton, or T. Kennedy give the Dem response?

To be honest, the SOTU was the most radical, right-wing speech

Tom DeLay REALLY gives me the creeps

Some Fun BBC Graphs

For the last time: Marriage is NOT an institution.

Buchanan railing Bush on MSNBC

Dashell & Pelosi?

Rep. George Nethercutt's on Fred Ebert now.

Dennis Miller confession: I have hair plugs

Bill Schneider CNN Post SOTU poll results:Unimpressive.

Treasury reneges on bonds. This can't be good

Anyone catch that mispronunciation on Bosnia?

Excuse me, but

Democrats have conceded to Bush* on the issues on which he'll campaign.

Post your "favorite" part of the SOTU

Let Us Celebrate Bush's Final State Of The Union Address

My list of revealing moments in the SOTU

Bill of Rights doesn't apply to DC?

Decent Rebuttal, HORRIBLE Delivery

Earth entering "Uncharted Waters"

The Dud Speach

Noonan likens Dean to domestic violence husband - Fineman to wounded anima

how about the moment bush started naming all our "allies"

I cried tonight.

Ordering Pizza in 2008

Charlie Rangel is my hero

Bush gets a 63% approval rating in Michigan!

Why don't people vote? I want to know what everyone here thinks are the

Davos Meetings: Secret Agenda and Participants

The Army is passing out video games to high school boys!

NPR is almost mocking the steroids bit.

Brian Boru's descendant gets it...noone else

Bush's Approval Sinking

Help please! Need examples/articles of BushCO rewriting history

Is Bush* a holy roller or a politician?

have we made fun of this photo yet?

Bush's SOTU speech will not be his words....

Will there be presidential debates in October?

Democratic President..

Can someone tell me what Hezbollah is?

Who's listening to Mike Malloy?

What about the State of the Moon Address?

I'll give this to Bush

How about Ted Kennedy tonight!!

Please, tell me why I should oppose tax cuts?

Calling all Canadians, question regarding your Public Schools...

just back from SOTU Protest in DC....was there any TV coverage?

Noam Chomsky books

affirmative action -- race or class??

great daily show tonight

Democrats might as well have not responded

Wellstone would have given a better response

Andy Stephenson Needs funds for Campaign Meeting

Does anyone else feel like something big is about to happen?

do you believe in the Illuminati?

Anti-choice "person" looking at 6 mos. in the slam

Is there, truly, nothing we can do about the state of our union?

"If judges insist upon forcing their arbitrary will upon the people....."

Outraged gays and lesbians check in!

NEW Video - "Terror is Absolutely Everywhere!" - fear the bearded menace!

Vietnam to kill all poultry in bird flu-infected areas

Japan Minister Says Worried About More BSE (Mad Cow) in U.S.

Insurers to Get 10.6% Increase From Medicare (From Bush Admin)

US hires mercenaries in Kerala

Iraq Says Saudis Ready to Help With Pipeline

UN chief seeks more time for Iraq return

Iraq's Ex-UN Envoy: US Sowing Chaos

Weapons Experts Setting Up Bases in Libya

Iraqis Welcome Prospect of UN Return

Crude oil price rises to $34.50 a barrel

Posted on Tue, Jan. 20, 2004

Shiite Muslims March Thru Iraq's Capital Demanding Execution of Saddam

Senator wants Idaho terrorism law revamped (D. State Sen. Burkett)

Convention 'nightmare' possibility for Dems......

GOP leaders talk tough before Senate showdown on spending bill

Domestic Issues Hurt Bush in Poll (Tied with Any Democrat!)

Bush Escapes from his Handlers

Do you wonder that Cheney has the grip over Scalia?

Overtime Bill Today at 3pm EST

Iraq Oil Output Back To Prewar Level: Coalition Official

Molly barred from USA (Molly Meldrum; journalist visa)

Greg Palast on c-span2 right now

AFL-CIO to Intervene, Ratchet Up Market Strike (CA supermarkets)

Bush (SOTU) to: Urge Health Care Improvements, Asks to Stay the Course


Iraqis want Saddam's Old US Friends on Trial

A Raid in Iraq, And a Glimpse Into the World Of (Foreign) Infiltrators

Air France pilots and crew get close scrutiny from America because of thei

Arms Issue Seen as Hurting U.S. Credibility Abroad

Davos Will Brainstorm on Iraq, Dollar (cheney sighting)

George W Bush and the real state of the Union

Venezuela army chief backs Chavez

Iraquis want Saddam's US friends tried

Nuclear wishlist is heart of carrier deal

Pope 'Never Endorsed Christ Film'

Iraqis Want Saddam's Old U.S. Friends On Trial

Iraqi Shiites rally to support ayatollah

Bid To Impeach Judges Over Gay Marriage Fails

Iraqis Want Saddam's Old U.S. Friends on Trial

Teen Fights To Keep

Candidate pulled Oregon resident from Vietnamese river

French Minister Blasts Certain U.S. Ideas

bush* Meets With Leaders of Iraqi Governing Council

Two More U.S. Herds Quarantined Over Mad Cow

UN mulls Iraq return as Shia protest again

Former Saddam Loyalist Surrenders

Lawmakers See Passage of Compromise TV Cap

Loud Explosion Heard in Baghdad (late Tuesday)

No oNe expected this, says jubilant Edwards in Iowa

Judge orders Peterson trial moved to San Mateo County

Bush to Set Re-Election Themes in Speech (advance text)

Overtime lives another day

Globalization Begets Insecurity Begets Violence

U.S. Says Airstrike Killed Five Militants (Not 11 Civilians)

U.S. uses 1800s law to target Greenpeace

Peruvian claims CIA-Montesinos link in arms sales to rebels (Colombia)


Discord in the House of Saud

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 20 January (#1)

Watchdog groups question Cheney, Scalia hunting trip

State of the Union - great reading

Resistance to Patriot Act Gaining Ground

Hack Attack: The GOP Journalist Gunning for Bush in NH

Buchanan to Bush: 'Re-Write or Resign'

Bush's strategy: Confuse the middle and feed the base


Bush Likes Brady

Bush Sets Re-Election Themes in Speech (SOTU)

North Koreans want talks with South to form anti-US alliance

McDonald's Heir Leaves Salvation Army $1.5B+

British woman faces jail over airport 'bomb' joke

Hutton: 48% think Blair lied

Corporations Need Treatment, Documentary Argues

Abortion Battle Rages: Bel Aire, Kan. Becomes 1st US City to Outlaw Graphi

5 Million on Terror List

NYT: Mistakes Cited in Managing Reserve Forces

Gephardt Drops Out of Presidential Race

Output close to capacity, says Opec head

US Rep Costello pushes impeachment hearings on Cheney

Venezuelas confirm US involved in Coup d'etat

HealthSouth Fraud Larger Than Estimate

Two post-Iraq suicides not listed by Army (at Walter Reed)

Dean Tones Down 'Red Meat' Rhetoric After Iowa Loss

"Zero Down Payment Plan Proposed" (bush* idea)

Turkey’s shame: Sexual violence without redress

Indian Parliament Bans Coke and Pepsi from Cafeteria

Bush State of the Union Address.

Cannabis killed regular smoker, inquest finds

France Adds Beards to List of Taboo Religious Signs

MSNBC's Jerry Nachman Dead at 57

Defiant Bush says US needs no permission for war, defends Iraq invasion

Israeli planes attacking south Lebanon...just breaking cable news...

Ohio Suburb Can't Claim $1.4M Lottery Tax (yeah THAT lottery ticket)

"Belinda Stronach makes it official" (Canadian Conservative leadership)

U.S. sets off furor in anti-obesity fight

This week's NEWS QUIZ (poll form) and a Correction

I just put my DU Bumper Sticker on my car!

meet the new member of my happy family...

Larry King is an asshole!

We need to get behind our front runners

Now I know why I stay out of GD 2004

How bout MY Kings

Canadian Trivia with a touch of hockey

I am dying to see the Clark/ Dole CNN squabble.... Any ideas?

yay for me! 1000+ posts

weee 600 posts.

let's leave politics out of the Lounge...can we...?

"God knows Judas not pay!"

This coffee tastes like....

Sing with me!

Today In Twisted History

It's 3:30 AM and I'm covered with blood. Ask me anything.

So, what was the best Rock recording released in 2003?

Now Poodle is coloring his hair a la Rita Hayworth....

How much pressure can a man take?

need help finding Oxyrush parody mp3

what is order of skull and bones?

Now I know where my pipe went!

Need a good laugh at freepers' expense?

the funniest thing about the Freepers

Anybody from the Netherlands? I have a question.

Man Leaves French Cognac To Toast Poe.

Post your favorite sweeping generalization about yesterday's primary

only ground beef I have is very lean...

more music fun . . . One Hit Wonder Central . . .

That IDIOT sports guy on Imus is making fun of Stephen Hawkings

Who's watching The Barbarians?

Football Season is over and I'm invading GD2004

This just in: 63 % of Michigan's population is illiterate and .......

You Might Be a Technician if...

I just read Kaz Sasaki is not returning to the Mariners next year.....

DU Chat room will be opened up for SOTU

Eagles Fans are like conservatives..........

Any new Spalding Gray news?

12% of Americans think Kucinich would make a good President

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck....

Moon Pilots

where can I download Kazaa lite?

Anybody watching the Barbarians specials on the History Channel?

Not enough hot question

The George Bush SOTU drinking game

Commercials that make you tear up

Berlin, together again, for one night! Remember riding on the Metro?

Soviet rescue mission

So Edwards eats Butterburgers. He can't be all that

Bush gets a 63% approval rating in Michigan!

Where are some unflattering pics of Bush?

I have a January 27, 1997 newspaper in front of me.

SEPERATED at BIRTH?? the shaved down Ewok edition.

Hunter S. Thompson on the beating absorbed by the Indianapolis Colts

Caption: Junior checks out the new bi-focals/blind leading the blind?

OK, I'm going to ask again...very nicely this time...PLEASE...

Please send good karma, prayers etc.

Quiz: Who said this...?

SEPERATED AT BIRTH?? the Batman edition

CAPTION the lying in winter

Another Cat in the Sink Photo

What proof should my liqueur be?

Let's imagine they make a movie of Dem Campaign 2004

'PURE FUNK' is the best CD I've bought all year

Why you should never talk politics with someone with ADD and a computer...

Russian Army Joins Struggle to Save Beer

I'm just glad that a Democrat won the Caucus - I don't care who

Is anyone besides me NOT going to watch the SOTU?

Drudge claims Bush popular among the young

Aussies outlaw "Beer Wenches" at Cricket matches.

I burned 1600 calories on the elliptical machine last night!

Little known vampire problems. (cartoon)

Johnny Rotten will be in Reality Show

why is running news from early NOV 03?

anyone what to look at maps? (electoral)

Shucks - Missed Iowa - Instead Saw David Bowie

Some interesting Bush figures from the UK press

PHP gurus - what is the best free photo gallery

CAPTION Count Fristula

going anywhere during spring break?

Ever donate a car to charity?

But Can He Flush?

Just did my taxes, getting $5174 back, ask me anything!

I don't feel good...

CAPTION his highness George I

Priceless bungee jump......a must see

OMG! OMG! the cutest little dog i have ever seen ...Tiny Tim 3 inches

20 Types of Farters

Breaking: Otto Heimlich hired as Eagles Prez./Football Operations.

Hey, have there been RWers who believe that "The Two Towers"

I Confess!!!!! I watched "Long Island Lolita" on TV Sunday Night

Fellow Patriots Fans - I need good Tex-Mex recipes....

What's in the Oak Island Money Pit?

Tonight for the State of the Union

Appreciating modern pop art music through Radiohead

The farting Dog

Wanna take a cruise for and of the damned?

Married DU Women. Did you take his name?

I'm pulling the lungs out of 70 mice today. ask me anything.

how do i upload a picture

How about some random facts about your pets and/or children

Jazz lovers...ok...I'm starting to get into jazz. What are some...

What the worlds thinks of George's Mars Mission

Ok, I need some advice on a woman

Please Type Slower And Quieter...

If you are a Christian, what branch do you belong to?

need math help here: .....what is 400% of 100?

SOTU Drinking Game

I gained 5 pounds :-(

The TSA searched my checked bag!

I just posted my 666 post. About SpongeBob no less. Discuss...

Recycling Dryer Exhaust Heat...

Need help on writing a letter to our local Greens

U.S. To Give Every Iraqi $3,544.91, Let Free-Market Capitalism Do The Rest

*Happy Birthday, Democratic Underground!*

Seen the White House lately?

Teachers - can you relate to this story?

Eagles fans!

Wille at the Super Bowl!

"The Singing Detective"

What were these BAPTISTS thinking? Real church sign, our town

Eagles succumbed to the Curse of Ed Gillespie

The Ninth Gate

Latest Mars photo

VOTE! It is your responsibility as a DUer!

SOTSU address tonight, What R U going to DU?

Make your own Bush speech for tonight

gay marriage poll

Time to fess up... Did you ever own a pair of wear acid wash jeans?

The Gods smiled on me today. I found a new job! Yea!

A Creationist's version of Genesis

Things People Actually Said In Court

Photoshop experts... Let's get to the bottom of this Hillary pic

Turtle Jerry

one of my favorite web sites



Top Ten Slogans Being Considered by Viagra

Perhaps I missed it, but is there a SOTU drinking game

Anybody ever see a UFO?

SOTU Drinking Game

Iowa movie tonight -- Silence of the Phones

Did you know?

Reposted for posterity - "State of the...state of the..."

Wow! Who ever knew the secret ingredient in Krabby Patties woud be...

Out of the 700 club with this post.

OMG! Tony has been selected to recieve an award for valor!

Dean's speech last night. (disclaimer: this is not a GD:2004 thread)

A toast for Gep. A class act retirement announcement

The latest Advocate is a cover story on Wesley Clark

computer troubles

What's your favourite screwdriver?

Caption the Hungover Heap of Hubris

question about address

Lemur alert

OoOOoOOOOoooooOO000oooOOOooOO Once Upon a Time In Mexico

McDonalds gave $1.5 billion to Salvation Army

Which pic looks best?

Things you'd rather do than watch tonight's SOTU?

Twin Blades... Mach Three... Mach Three TURBO... and now: QUATTRO!!

Hastert and Laura didn't get the memo

The moof chatroom is open for lemur discussions

God Damn Bunnypants bumped 24 tonight...

Bush wants to extend the patriot act!

One more dumb question: accessing shared hard drive on networked computer

The DU Chatroom is now open for SOTU

Bully On the Playground: Stand up to him, or back down?

Kheph - if you see this please go online

I'm starting to feel really ill watching SOTU

Retreat...and enjoy

Damnit I'm in the AIM/AOL chat room - why aren't you

Democratic response

PLEASE!! Let's have a weekly SOTU speech!

So, I have a roomie...(on the SOTU)

I would like to thank all those who watched and reported the SOTU

wow, a freeper with at least one functioning brain cell

Just heard a clip from Bush's speech. He referred to....

so how accurate is the summary here?

14-Word Diet Stretched To 200 Pages

Where's the SOTU Drinking Game Thread???

George Bush is a tool.

Some help...I need a photo enlarged.

Steroids: This year's red herring

in other news... Wild Bill Janklow steps town tonight in about 2 hours...

Are you in the Daily Show Dean Scream Pool?

I'm Back!

Yee-haw! My vote cancels out Y'alls!

Enough about Dubya. I'm watching The Fresh Prince.

I feel like being rude

John Stewart, 23 million for drug testing ?

Here's why I'm upset about Gephardt dropping out:

My 12,000 posts....

Oh greatauntoftriplets...

On which networek are you watching Our Great President?

If you're with the President's quarterback, you're with the terrorists

ok, i just colored the grey hair on my temples

Motivate me!!

If You Could Interrupt The Chimp's SOTU, What Would You Ask Him?

Is he wanting mandatory drug tests in schools???

How a citizen feels...

how to have the IE windows open maximized

Positive or negative?

Vote here and make sure you vote for the tenth entry!


who's more annoying?

So, ok, who's drunk?

TVC Weekly News: Legislators Introduce 'Holly's Law' To Suspend RU-486

Why won't that 'mixed animal' thread die?

Apple Superbowl Ad Updated

These are the 10 winners of this year's Bulwer-Lytton contest

Microsoft: We took MikeRoweSoft too seriously

LOL! Reason #281 for the cancellation of Star Trek...

ATi Radeo 9800 Pro - how's that heatsink?

Wesley Clark's album choice was Journey's Greatest Hits?

The (un)official SOTU Venting thread

Can't wait for Molly Ivin's critique of the SOTU Address. LOL!

Man Catches 121-Pound Catfish

Scrambling Quarterbacks......

Pickles going for that Naugahyde look tonight at the SOTU

The official check-in for folks who did NOT watch the SOTU!

Any advise on child's career path?

Can you guess the movie?

What's your sleeping position?

Anyone know how this case turned out?

is passing the 7000 post threshold worthy of a vanity thread?

Favorite "Epic" Movies? (3+ Hours)

Update on my kitten: bad news

Huge Thanks to my Friends here

HOO-wah! Feel the burn! 1,800 Calories today!

and the freepers whine about comparisons to Hitler?

If you could only watch ONE type of sports on TV, what would that sport be

Gawd Wordperfect annoys me

on a lighter note... bush caught off guard

What job would Bush have if not for Pappy?

Why are so many professional athletes right-wing tools?

Does this mean new england will lose the super bowl?

I'm avoiding Dumbo and all politics by watching the Black Adder Series

Who did this to me?! (Was it SoCalDem?)

Let's All Celebrate DU!

Have You Ever Served On A Jury?

1000 posts

EAT this ZombyPoll!

Hey Atkins dieters!

Does anyone else have "evil" eyebrows?

need help from internet wizards

A Star Wars Revelation

Guess which candidate this guy is supporting.

Lemur alert joke

The Tao of Oscar

Wash. Post Entrance Poll results - VERY interesting!

Is it too late for Edwards to opt out?

Who Will Win New Hampshire?

Clark Takes Aim at New Rival After Kerry Victory in Iowa

Let's talk about "insiders" and "outsiders" shall we?

Clark team "confused" on how to attack someone other than Dean

So, I just watched Dean's speech

Howard Dean's Speech

Cash on Hand --- Clark and Kerry (update)

Bill Maher on Wolf Blitzer reports

I think im switching from Dean to Edwards

Caucused for DK last night- then Edwards

Kerry's Surge Could Prompt Shift at Bush Campaign

Were any undecided DUers converted to Dean's camp by last night's speech?

How do you feel about the strict new GD:2004 rules?

Limbaugh Thinks Edwards Can Beat Bush

Kerry's Surge Could Prompt Shift at Bush Campaign

IWR should not be a defining issue

------ ALL Dean supporters check in.....thank you -----------

My mom just called me regarding Dean's speech

Dean's speech

What Each Candidate Needs in New Hampshire

Drudge says Dean goes nuts!

the media whores online are

personally I'm enjoying the fighting. who ever ends up being the

Campaign $$$ = a question for Clark/Edwards supporters?

Dean speech coming up NOW on CSPAN 12:18 EST

ARG latest poll, before Iowa caucases. Dean 28%, Kerry 20%, Clark 19%

The media's mission this week: Tear down the front-runner, Kerry...

Kerry's secret weapon...

Dean's speech sounded like he was a WWE wrestler

The Iowa Results Are In.

Are things really so bad for Dean in New Hampshire

Gephardt for Secretary of Labor!

It feels good to be a Democrat!

Clark supporters - George McGovern coming up on CNN.

What were the turnout numbers in Iowa tonight?

So lets look ahead to next week

Oh great, Drudge now claiming "Dean goes nuts!"

McGovern's Revenge

If Dean is third or fourth next week in NH, what does he do?

Who will drop out next?

Harkin yelled too.....

Who would you rather see on the ticket?

Edwards' stump has really improved!

what happens to campaign money after a dropout?

Why Dean/Gephardt lost and why Kerry/Edwards won

Could this have helped Dean in Iowa? (Poll)

Who stands the benefit the most from Gephardt dropping out?

What Strategy Does Clark Need to implement?

Bush approval down: 53% gallup, 50% CBS

Deconstructing the IA caucus debacle

Participant at a caucus paints the picture perfectly

Senator Gephardt?

Deleted message

Would it be better not to chose a candidate...

Clark on Gephardt

Kucinich supporters: Are you glad Dennis ganged up on Dean?

Will Gephardt endorse a candidate?

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Deleted message

New NH ARG 1/19 pre-caucus Kerry up Clark down Dean flat Edwards flat

Support anyone but Dean, fence-sitters told

Over 800 Dean supporters Show up for Dean at 2AM!

With Gep out what becomes of all of that union suport?

Kerry rally live on CNN in Manchester NH

Arizona DU'ers! Your state holds the first true test for Democrats

Link to Kerry speech

Did tonight's vote prove that standing up to Bush doesn't work?

anyone else really disappointed by the process from Iowa?

Before I go to bed, you down with ABB?

Braun out, Gep out. Are Unions and Fem Organizations losing relevance?

Edwards had a plan

I'm bothered by the caucus results...was the caucus freeped?

This is GOOD for Howard Dean

Lieberman Fundraising Versus Clark Fundraising

Chris Mathiews on Imus never even mentioned Clark re: New Hampshire

Something to consider about the caucus... "Huge turnout"

Here's what I don't get about Clark support on DU

Shaheen: Kerry still faces a tough fight for NH voters

Clark gets a Key Arizona Hopi Indian Endorsement....

Can someone explain what Dean threw into the crowd last night?

Consider ending the GD:2004 primary rules

Middle Class Tax Plans for All to See....

main result from Iowa: pundits know nothing more than you & me

Odd how news becomes old in just a coupla days. Here's the future layout

Kucinich Calls for Free, Direct Elections in Iraq

and the media tries to crown our nominee again.

Question for Iowa Caucus participants

Dean is going to do fine in NH ..... Kerry/Edwards have the pressure now

Did anyone hear Dean scream last night?

Did Kucinich put too many eggs in one basket (Iraq)

Is anyone else sick to death of the 'Dean anger' stories on TV?

Six weeks to the Ohio Primary, and I'm torn between Clark & Edwards

McGovern endorses Clark.

I didn't realize Kerry had at one time prostrate cancer. When was this?

The 2 Greatest Things about the Iowa Caucus

WTF why are people still bashing Dean?

Did tonight's Iowa vote put an end to IWR as an issue?

I spent the evening with Kerry Volunteers in DC tonight...

questions about volunteering in NH

For those of you who watched the CSPAN, the lesson about politics:

Let's not give up Deanies--it is going to get interesting now

Hey Howard Dean, I got something to say to you........

When you feel the urge to make a big generalization about yesterday...

Undecided Before IA: Now Leaning Towards...

There is a difference between anger and passion,

Kerry, Clark, and Edwards are all great candidates!

How can I contact Joe Trippi?

Kerry's "Magic Dragon" 'toke': The Cotton Mouth and The Munchies

It was the issue of taxes...

Brooks gets it wrong, again

Edwards said something that resonated tonight

Gephardt's supporters -- where do they go now?

Joe Lieberman Continues to Impress Voters That Will Never Vote For Him

A Kerry-Edwards or Edwards- Kerry ticket........

Clark campaign email - 1/19/04

Dean should get a parrot

NASCAR for Dean

John Edwards is going to catch fire

Dean Live on CNN International...12:10pm EST

A Requiem for the Iowa Caucuses

Do the candidates have security

Personal charisma - who's got it?

Wesley Clark is uniquely qualified to lead the nation

The Climate is good! (Or, how supporters take cues from their candidates)

Democratic Debate on Thursday--Clark will be participating

Will Bush debate the Dem?

Tom DeLay REALLY gives me the creeps

Hypotheticly if a Kerry/Edwards ticket develops where will your vote go?

Clark challenges Kerry’s, others’ openness

What the worlds thinks of George's Mars Mission

If by chance Clark does not get the nomination...

Carville said the best stump speaker he had ever heard was/is:

Dean Supporter Secretly Glad Dean Didn't Win Iowa

"It's all over, Kerry won...

Casting his opponents as pro war is a tactic that will work against Dean

Be honest: Did Howard Dean scare you with his speech last night?

If Dean doesn't get nomination -- Take Action!

NH predictions

So what did Dean do wrong? ad aired on CNN just now

I'm a Dean supporter, but after watching his concession...

I simply cannot fathom the number of "....or Green!" posts

Any post-caucus New Hampshire poll numbers up yet?

Kucinich vs. Clark!

Union leadership loses control in Iowa, influence diminished

Did Kucinich do Jiu Jitsu on Dean in Iowa?

Deleted message

How much did Clark not running help Kerry?

A History of Winners and Losers in Iowa (revealing data here)

Howard Dean's very bad night - Slate

Jerry Nachtman died last night: MSNBC

If Dr. Dean wins in NH, will he become 'The Comeback Kid'?

Eric Alterman on Iowa results etc

Edwards and Kucinich ???

If we really need a candidate with a military background

Clark headquarters watches Iowa results and waits their turn

Bob Graham was smart to back out when he did

Kerry / Clark split the "military vote"....and that's good for - Dean

Some words of support (and caution) for Dean folks

It wasn't just the fact that he lost that's devastating for Dean.

Iowa Losers: Unions, Party Big Wigs, NOW, Gore, Harkin, Carter, etc.

I think Edwards can become the new "Clinton" and do a lot of damage

333 of 4322 delagates pledged to date - so why is anyone out of race?

Will whoever wins NH change who you support?

As sad realization as I drove yesterday

Can Howard Dean REALLY beat Bush?

My heart bleeds for Gephardt today.

TIME: How John Kerry Won Iowa

Money in the bank

Edwards gives great speeches

Is The Force With John Kerry? Can the "Zen Master" Do it Again?

For New Hampshire, All Bets Are Off

BBV? An Iowa caucus, a late-hour turnaround...

This campaign is not just about "Who can beat Bush"

Anti-War Left Isn't Going Away

Kerry's grassroots: Veterans, Firefighters, Unions, the middle class

What was so bad about this Dean speech?

Perspective on Iowa from my own accidental focus group

Was Bob Dole an Anal Meatus Last Night?

RW-ers gloating over Dean loss

link to Dean's post-Iowa speech

I was leaning Dean until recently and I could still get behind him

The Delegate Count After Iowa (Kerry takes lead, Edwards jumps to third)

The "Last Angry Man" thing may be backfiring on Dr. Dean.

What do you think of the primary season layout?

A few real problems with the Iowa Caucus

Kerry has already raised $300k today

We must address our weaknesses, but in a positive manner

Dole calls Clark a "colonel instead of a general." Clark blasts him...

Is there video somewhere of Dean's comments last night?

Question for Kerry supporters

Kucinich State of the Nation Speech

Feeding America (please read)

Kerry/Clark supporters: Kerry/Clark ticket?

Dean supporters - this might help you answer one critique

Since people are worried, let's take an oath.

I'm glad Gephardt is out of the picture. Now after NH...

Did Dean sound like a WWF wrestler at the Caucases


Is there a Dem debate before NH ?

Kerry and Edwards didn't say a thing

With Gephardt out????

"EDITORIAL: We endorse Clark for New Mexico's caucus"

Things are gonna get nastier down the road

John Edwards coming up on CNN

Each one of the four front runners is very electable.

Why did Iowa go for "pro-war" candidates ?

Are in a swing state & are you ABB?

My Prediction- Democratic Primary is still a two man race- Clark and Dean

Randi Rhodes: "Democratic party will never get behind Dean now...

Is Kerry finished if he finishes 3rd or 4th in NH.....

Will Dean be finished if he doesn't win NH...or comes in 3rd?

Will State of Union slow Kerry's momentum?

John Edwards' Thank You Speech

Iowa - The Overlooked Issue

Governor Dr. Dean -

Crossfire: Clark vs. Kerry

1 year from today: A new Democratic president will take the oath

Dean holding steady in NH, Kerry overtakes Clark for 2nd

Dean saved the Democrats

I'm sorry, but NBD is a ludicrous position and points to the real problem.

How Many Times Have You Changed Which Candidate You Support?

PR wise Dean is a dead man walking

2 weeks until my caucus and I'm still undecided.

Most Excellent!

What was up with Dean's bizarre behavior?

I have a suggestion (post IA results)

You can vote more than once in the Bu$h re-election poll below

Dean sounded like a madman (no, not angry: crazy) last night.

Who will Dean supporters support as their 2nd choice?

A post to Dean supporters

Could we please stop "piling on," with all the Dean posts?

have any media people asked Gephardt if he will endorse?

Dean's future if he doesn't get the nomination

The Dean "movement" is a machine that lacks the human touch

Curious : has anyone compiled Kucinich's *first round* numbers in IA?

Grass-roots Group to back Kerry in New Hampshire

We're finally in the primary season! I love this; am I crazy?

'Tapped' comments about Dean and Gephardt IA campaigns

Kucinich Supporters: How do you feel about your guys throwing in

I'm real tired of the "Kerry didn't care enough to vote on Medicare"

My "rock-solid" Repub brother very impressed by Kerry and Clark

Poll: Dean, Nontraditional Media and Iowa

Does Clark being raised poor and Kerry being raised rich matter?

WSJ's Taranto, gasp, can imagine Kerry as a president

Kucinich hoped to beat low expectations

OK--I have something I want to ask the Clark supprters here

Mandatory ABB

Enough about Dean's speach and his anger

News Flash: Dean doesn't own the anti-war vote.

New NH WMUR Poll

CNN analyst compares Dean to Hitler

Writing letters to undecided voters...

IF ...Kerry loses or comes in third in NH - who will you vote for?

Kerry planning to go negative ? (Yahoo story)....advisors planning

NH today: Dean 23, Kerry 20, Clark 15, Undecided 26

Clark on the cover of the new issue of the Advocate

Which ticket would you prefer? Clark-Dean or Kerry-Edwards?

Will Edwards be finished if he finishes 4th in NH..?

Dean, The Day After...

Similarities between Kucinich and MLK

How did Kerry beat Dean on anti-war, college, and internet demographics

I really hate and despise *, and I know all of you feel the same way.

The Dean speech is being blown out of proportion

OK, Dean folk, it's a brand new day and NH awaits us!

A good bio ad can make a difference

How does Dean's 3rd place in Iowa reflect on Al Gore...?

Where do they need to finish in NH to stay alive?

Will Dean forgive everyone for this ridiculous BS

Observations on oratory

Who is it to be?

Need Link To Dean Speech! Help!!!!!!

Who Should the Dem's focus on from here?

Finally heard "the speech"...much ado about nothing...

Dean's speech . . . an Ed Muskie Moment? . . .

Is there a New Hampshire debate this week?

Clark Ad to Challenge Bush After State of the Union

Kucinich Delivers State of the Nation

I just saw Dean in Concord and I'm re-hooked

People who could care less about "the speech" sign in.

Truth from today's stockmarkets. Some know Bush is going down.

John Kerry in Vietnam photo used in campaign ad and Al Gore

My letter to dick Gephardt

Dean to take "well-deserved and most-needed" day off tomorrow

How will you react if your candidate doesn't get the nod?

How will John Stewart portray Howard Dean's speech on the Daily Show?

IT industry watches Iowa

Question: Would you feel more postive about Dean if he showed a little

What happens to Dean if he places second in NH?

Gephardt is crying

So, does Geps withdrawl put the unions in play

ESPN just showed a clip of Dean's speech...

does the Bush in 30 seconds ad run tonight?

What would you think of Max Cleland as Vice President

Global Stewards voting scorecard

Bush SOTU Speech To Feature 'Dean-Like Jurassic Screech' (Stab At Humor)

Dean Mercilessly Ridiculed on L.A. Radio Station KROQ

Kucinich is here to stay. He got delegates last night.

Kucinich Endorsed by Navajo Nation Coalition

Where can I get a transcript to the Dean speech?

To the Clark people

Question Re: Edwards & Money

Restore your faith in Dean. On CSPAN. Now.

Question about Kerry and Gephardt?

The Utter Hypocricy of the "Anti-War" People

For Gephardt and Mosley-Braun supporters.

What is Clark's drug policy?

LaRouche supporters unfurl Confederate flag at Dean event in NH

Dean's Roger Daltrey moment -- is it preventing coverage of Kerry/Edwards?

If Bush made the same speech as Dean - the pubs would hail it as greatest

Our Caucus was packed with people!

Heads up Wes Clark on CNN for 1/2 hour @ 8PM ET

Kucinich dropping out (If You listen to the lazy DC local news)

Welcome to Iowa

Interesting article about the upcoming primary battles

CBS News has a good breakdown of Iowa votes

I don't know what all of you were talking about

Any of you guys watching the "lies and drivel" on CNN before SOTU

as a Dean supporter, I'm going to

Dean's Problems from a former supporter

Blast fax: Dean and the anthem.

2 primary cartoons

Elections haven't even started and already I feel like my vote was stolen

Watch the broadcast media quickly accelerate

This former Democrat is leaving Clark for the World Socialist Movement

As a Clark supporter, I am switching back to Dean

my repub boss loves Edwards and Kerry!

This Clark supporter Is proud to say...

As a Dean supporter I'm glad I switched from Clark to Dean

Karl Rove's real nightmare

As a Clark supporter I'm glad I switched from Dean to Clark last year

Will the NBD supporters come out and admit that they are Greens?

My child-molesting neighbor is for Clark

Ban Steroids and Stop having sex!

I figured out their plan for Dean...They're going to portray him

What a wild night

If Bush pulls out of Iraq after convention/before Nov, who do you hope Dem

Will Edwards and Kerry be at the State of the Union?

What will be Clark's next move if he finishes 3rd or 4th in NH ?

My billionaire friend cannot stand Clark and loves Dean

CNN Painting the SotU as the Beginning of Bush v. Dean.

The true indicator is next week in NH... It certainly wasn't Iowa

David Corn (The Nation): Iowa: Ten Talking Points

Did any of you see the Dem. SOTU "rebuttal" with Pelosi and Daschle?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): In search of a candidate

Jon Stewart will be on NBC on Browkaws special

Brand new Zogby Poll on NBC - Dean 25 Kerry 23 Clark 16 Edwards 7

Why NH can't be decisive

Suggestion for a different use of words for Edwards

The Daily Show Nails It - You're Only Allowed to Get Rowdi for Kerry

So will Kerry come under fire...

Albuquerque Tribune Endorses Wesley Clark

Dean is NUTS!

Some smart Democrat could champion True tax reform.

Wesley Clark on NBC....he's so, so....pretty

If I were Dean and I watched the news channels and visited DU

As a Dean supporter, let me say

Wes Clark supposedly made a comment about sending

To people who think "Dean is NUTS!"

What type of bounce will Bush get from the SOTU?

Deleted message

Dean is the next Mahatma Gandhi

The SOTU shows we need a candidate who will call shrub on his lies

Let's take a break from the infighting to go ridicule Dubya!

Al Sharpton is the next Jesus

SOTU Comments by: Kerry , Dean and Clark (short but sweet)

Clark said we have "a new axis of evil"

The Daily Show has a Clear Pro-Dean bias

Who's Next? To drop out.

Dean is the real Cowboy. Bush blah doesn't come close.

Please reward Yahoo by rating this article highly

Dean too exciting for you ?

Dean's "out of control" outburst was wisely calculated.

State of the Union quotes from Clark, Dean

It's discouraging to see Democrats buying the spin

I just saw a political ad for Lyndon LaRouche!!!

Anyone see Warner on Larry King just now? "Democrat Party"

Edwards supporters

Bill Maher on Iowa: "The democrats got it right"

Dean is doing just fine

Kerry raised $300,000 ON-LINE today.....(link) come join us as we

Is Kerry the Mondale of 2004?

Kaus disses Kerry again

Tonight Show and Letterman monologues - partly about Dean

Clark the next Thomas Jefferson!

Is Edwards unapologetic about the IWR?

Jon Stewart: "Dean Will Be Driving to All Those States in Truckasaurus..."

In another close election losing the LEFT means losing the election

As a Dean supporter, I'm switching to Clark

What we are doing wrong over at camp Dean...

I really liked the Pelosi and Daschle replies to Bush

Clark Aims to Pull Rank on Kerry in N.H.

Edwards Supporters Question: His position on gay marriage?

Question for Anti-War Kucinich Supporters

Kerry from an Iowa Caucus Goer

Clark Supposed To Be On Nightline Tonight

Why doesn't Gephardt run for US Senate this year?

What happens to all of Dean's money if he drops out early?

Kucinich is here to stay. He got delegates last night.

A Stunning Victory for...Television.

They went so far just get some of that Tom Brady magic to rub off on them

Who is the most liberal of the top 4?

Congressman Luis Gutierrez swtiching endorsement from Dean to Kerry

Missouri Primary Feb. 3; Wide-open without Gephardt

Peace Supporters

Does anyone here actually dislike John Edwards

The Pundits Speak

Candidates and the draft

Carville to Dean: Win NH or go home

Clark Moves to Pick Up Gephardt Supporters

Memo of Great Caution to All the Joyful Democratic Opponents of Gov. Dean

Jennings grills Kerry

The Advocate Interview with Gen. Wesley Clark

Why I am anti-war, but will still vote for an IWR candidate

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn's focusing on bashing Kerry, no Dean.

Noam chomsky to endorse Kucinich

I'm sorry, but this is another 'Dean Speech' thread

A call to my fellow Clark supporters – let us emulate our candidate!

Two levels of trouble for Dean.

Question For "Non-Transferable" Dean Supporters

Kucinich Town Hall Meeting on live webcast now

Kerry or Clark, Kerry/Clark: The Only Credible Options? Deal! Fight Bush?

For those with Dial-Up who couldn't hear Dean's Speech/C-Span Link!!

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