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Archives: January 2, 2004

U.S. troops see devastating aftermath of Iraq blast

Blame Washington, Instead

Manufacturing Hysteria

At year's end, signs of dictatorship abound in Washington

Working Hard -- And Forgotten : EJ Dionne,Jr.

On the direction of the peace movement

Did Former Pres. Bush Create An Oil Crisis In 1999 To Get His Son Elected?

Dean in Lead (My comments in Parens)

Anyone want to contribute

A Cruel Sense of Humor is All That is Left for Iraqis to Cling to

Here's something to chew on.....

Bush hasn't justified war :ANDREW GREELEY

The Globalization Version of Niemoller's Poem

"War is a Racket" - Ralph Nader

Smearing General Zinni - Anti-Neocon doesn't = Anti-Semite

Limbaugh Should Stop Whining

"BSE Scare Mostly Mania"

Justice Could Decide Leak Was Not a Crime : Wash Post

The Wellstone 'Accident' - from Liberal Slant

Gannett is printing my nastygram!


Bob Herbert column in NYT today - Darryl Hunt case - BIG RACISM

looking for writers

Supporters of all candiates sign this petition

New Clark Flyer

FSTV - Howard Zinn & Woody Harrelson

Hey Mo! Lets rock the marriage vote this weekend!

Gay organization.

Ohio Duers.......please read

MARCH 20th: The World Still Says No to War

Who wants to go with me!!! (9/11 international inquiry in San Fran)

What is the name of the PBS "News Hour" guest-host with

Hey Palm Beachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neocon Milt Rosenberg continues to diagnose Clinton as sociopath

Conservatives Deconstructed (MUST READ)

Oliver North: Conspiracy Theories.

More Predictions Routed by Liz SMITH

Anyone here read David Weber, John Ringo, and/or David Feintuch?

Liberals tend to be...

I'm so freaking sick of this rain I'm going to scream!!!

Let's start an ongoing discussion of Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Astrological signs of the Presidents?

New Bid to Arrest World's Leading Homophobe

Gay Group Sticks With GOP

Man goes in for surgery comes out gay.

is this tacky or smart ?

Does anyone have info on the new Medicare savings plans

buying into social security/medicare/medicaid

ISM index hits new (recent) high. "New orders" highest in 53 years.

Scientific American review of Lomborg's book

New Year's Wish List...

Kissinger and Argentina: a case study in US support for state terror

Stan Goff--War, Race and Elections

Blair caught out again over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction

Fisk:--Iraq Through the American Looking Glass

Saving The American Airline Industry and Homeland Security

Question for gun-control advocates.

Knoller, convicted in dog mauling, released from prison

The gun community is not responsive to our loss of civil rights

Sharpshooters, help quell a debate...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 2, 2004

Congradulations Chicago! Murder capital of the US!

Sponsor of gun bill won't pull trigger yet

" I'd do it again, says killer farmer"

My newest toy

Feature Request: Make bookmarks sortable by date/time last modified

smarter spell check

Question about DU1 archives

I made a mistake with an "Alert," how can I correct it?

Question regarding "Messages From Moderators"

Tried to Post Polite and Detailed Correction to CLEAR ERROR and Abused

I am removing my NBD signature

Aribitrarily picking and choosing threads to be removed from GD

I have a request regarding the enforcement of the new rules

Why was this thread locked?

Thanks, mods, for deleting my thread where I posted a name.

Question about deleted posts

I'm worried about deleted posts....

news about Jeff Seemann's campaign

This thread is based on an inflamatory lie

are the holidays over? back to work time...plenty of trolls

Is there any way to see a user's previous posts?

I'm a little confused here

Earl confirms all suspicions.

I have been accused of kavetching, but

Any chance of having other discussion areas for local politics?

Israeli troops wound two Palestinians

Israeli soldier held on shooting of Briton

IDF lifts blockades from all West Bank cities, except Nablus

Israel seeks to gag nuclear 'spy'

PA: Egypt humiliates visiting Palestinians

Hundreds protest against fence at Baka al-Garbiyeh

Israel in no hurry to clear the nuclear fog

Twilight Zone / An American dream

Analysis: Palestinian suicide attacks

We are not them

Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened

Time for a new 9/11 forum?

German translation help needed

per ABCNote:A Dean “I told you so” –“No Child left behind” hurts education

Here's Our PR Firm for the 2004 Election!

Maine Democrats: You can now vote in the Maine caucus

Congressman Pete Stark tosses his weight behind Dean

Willie Nelson and friends Live tonight on web

Will Pitt: We need to reform and TAKE BACK the Debates

Why aren't the 9 blasting the Pentagon reported Iraq 22000casualty473 dead

New Clark Flyer - Last Flyer I Made Was for Kucinich!

CNN: Dean Trails Bush by Only 5 Points

The epic movie “Gandhi” download

Donna Shalala on ABC now, celebrating Orange Bowl victory

Brits say Nixon wanted to take over Arab nations

DU been invaded tonite..

Why can't we talk about Freepers invading DU?

Nightline reshowing their most popular show for the year. (Eva Cassidy)

Josh Marshall dissects Mike Allen's Plamegate story

News from the front...but not via CNN

World health

September 11 and Terror War:The Bush Legacy and the Risks of Unilateralism

A young soldier who served with Clark

Need a reference...

History Channel - Apocolypse / Armaghedon

Discount on Morality

Support Teresa Chambers

White House Insider Polls vs "Public" polls

The pitfalls of trying Hussein

US wounded at Walter Reed....

War, Race, and Elections

Serious question....Do the majority of Americans "deserve" their freedoms?

Why Universal health care is important ...a rant

United we stand

Poll: Terry McAuliffe

Chicken at the supermarket + additives

Bushes "Lump in the bed poem" Turns out it was just a lie

What else does Diebold do, besides having their hand...

Bernie Ward's on live now.....He's back!

(Steve) Irwin Takes Baby to Crocodile Feeding

2004 Political Predictions

Army Times has a special report on sex slaves & GI's patronizing the trade

WP: TSA Chief at Dulles is Charged with DWI

New National Identity Emerges in Taiwan

NASA rover set to touch down on Mars...

Fascist blogger Adam Yoshida admits that Republicans are dumb...

The Second Amendment won't help against government tyranny

I caught a little bit of Crossfire yestiddy

In The Absence Of Moral Legitimacy

The Collapse of Liberalism (pukes!)

Homeless by choice

Ditching the peace (WTO "peace clause" expired 12/31/03)

Tom Delay voted Evil GOP Bastard of the Year! (facing STIFF competition!)

Michael Savage the other day said........

anyone else hear this? British airplane flight grounded for 3rd day

My question is If Clark is the Dean stopper

Reuters: French Terror Flights stopped "By mistake"

Great Krugman column

The Death of the American Dream - this is a good one to send to Repubs

Happy New Year to all! Bush out the door in 2004!

Conservative Brilliance in LTTE

Polls for Bush don't mean squat

Bush awards two Republican donors seats on Public Broadcasting Corp board

Hidden subliminal message in AP wire story

I'm buying a meat grinder

Ad Execs Still Don't Get it: McJobs hurt THEM too

First-hand news vs. CNN

"Whether or not you think you can do something, you're probably right."

Qualifications for Television "Journalists" in the Current Era

schism within the Republicans-- how does the party stay together?

Third herd quarantined while Ag. dept. wears smiley face.

Our neighbor's "proud" e-mail----restaurant confrontation?

Great Krugman column

poll watching

Should I bother contacting my lawmakers?

Gore Vidal fans- Audio interview about terror/Bush/Patriotic act

Mass. Woman Sues Over HIV Misdiagnosis

An Analysis on Kucinich Electability

What's Wrong With Buying Votes?

CNN's America Votes - Another Poor-spoken Democrat

The Enormous Co$t of Bu$h will Drain Anerica in the Long Run

Who will top the pardon list when we 86-43?

Remember "Wilson's wife is fair game"?

stickdog on 9-11 discussion

The power of the religious right: A flashback

That's it! I am boycotting beef - a rant

Three Cheers for Willie Nelson, Yahoo & Reuters Writers.

I don't usually watch Fox News, but what's up with the huge terra lert

A WTO-like outcome: Monsanto forces a dairy to change its labeling

Head of USDA and her former employer......

No 911 charges until after W is out of office?

tinfoil alert! something very fishy about these BA planes &

US Air Force Kuwait - need ideas for birthday gift to an officer

CNN: Thune edging closer to challenging Daschle in '04

My 2004 Open Letter To All DUers


steinem dead?

Remember "Wilson's wife is fair game"?

CRAP - Fresh chicken manure still used

1st Hunter Bush Bags Five Birds

In relinquishing fact from their side, are the Bushies in a weak position?

Colorado prepares for release of church abuse audit

Mischievous follow-up state and religion question

Links to Afghanistan airlift articles, please?

Quakes! Somethin's happenin' here...

Follow-up hypothetcial question (religion and state)

"Only a war can save us now."

What do you guys think will happen if a democrat is elected?

If Osama bin Laden dies this year due to natural causes, do you

Having dinner with Repubs tomorrow, need ammo

how about a Counter-Reagan or Counter-Bush library?

FDR: "We have Only Just Begun to Fight" 10-31-1936

Hate intolerance of any sort? This is the site to visit!

Cows at Washington IBP plant still consious while being skinned ...

Bush vs. Satin.... Who will you vote for?

Tech jobs quieting shifting over to India at alarming pace

Examining Bush's Leadership Style (MUST READ)

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 1/02/04 (graphic content)

Big announcement coming at 5:30 PM ET from the Seemann campaign

How can we attack the RR without alienating other evangelicals?

If, as some allege, Dems and Rethugs are no different, explain these stats

Snipers GIve US Edge In Iraq

KIRO radio(Seattle) Hackworth reporting 22,000 casualties in Iraq.

Does 'duty to warn' exist among journalists?

Isn't the irony astounding?

This is my 100th post, so I won't waste it on your thread.

Which states do you think Dean could win?

According to NBC manufacturing sector claims highest profits in 20 years

anyone seen the Walmart commercial ??

Why didn't God tell Pat Robertson about 9/11?

Did anyone see on CSPAN this am - shrub has spent 20% of term in Crawford!

Just got done watching Bowling for Columbine.

I just heard someone on Rush say they were dem voting for Bush...

Not to worry??? Here are the nations of the world boycotting US beef

Granholm plays the faith card

Bill Maher on tonight show tonight

Favourite Conservative Talk Show Host?

How many DUers think the war is acceptable?

CNN: Pat Robertson Announces That God Told Him Bush* Will Win

Freepers bashing Pat Robertson

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - New Year, New Ideas

Mike Malloy is back!

Democratic Lawmaker switching to GOP

Freepers? I'm not dissing - I just have a question....

Hysterical Bush-speak audio link from Malloy's show tonight.

What about a Constitutional Convention?

10 reasons to keep Franklin D. Roosevelt's face on the dime

US Rep. Ralph Hall (D) switches parties-

Rate your support for the five major political parties

bushco trys to send a WOMAN to deal with Iranian Mullahs?

The Nazi Hydra in America

Ruppert: 2004--The Year of the Law and of Living Dangerously

Which Democrat would you vote for

Hypothetical question (re religion & state)

Bush Will Win in 2004 and There's Nothing We Can do About It

Headlines we will never see

For my 1000th post, I say this: take heart, Bush is VERY beatable in '04!

Dude, Where's my country?

Who leaked Plame's name? Josh Marshall knows...and so will you!

Gore Vidal says the Founding Fathers would have HUNG Bush!

If things got so bad ...

John Buchanan's Primary Bible (running against Bush)

Folks, there's been a pretty huge move in the CIA leaker case

Saying Goodbye to a Soldier son

Special Announcement from the Jeff Seemann Campaign!

"insurgents" disguised as journalists in sneak attack ???

If you did not support war, and did not support containment of iraq

Take Back the Media needs proof for TV Commercial to be aired

What is good about the death penalty?

It's the Supreme Court, Stupid.....

Canadian DUers - Anyone know about Independent MP Jim Pankiw?

Here's proof of the existence of Canadian freepers

Suit seeks to ban sales of violent video game.

BCCI class action begins January 13th, London, UK

Anti-Shrub Art Collection

Missing Keys At U.S. Nuke Labs

Dollar Greets 2004 with Cheerless Tone

Bush uses earthquake aid in appeal to pro-democracy forces in Iran

BBC : UK Iraq troops face another year

Unseal legislature search warrants: media lawyers - CBC (BC drugs story)

One killed, one wounded after Kirkuk protests

Howard's new way - UK Tory Leader unveils political credo - Guardian

British Flight Called Off After Warnings (friday's cancelled flights

Arts leader Elma Lewis dead at 82 - Long a champion of black culture

U.S. experts to visit North Korean nuclear site: official

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq Copter Crash

Survivors, descendents return to Rosewood seeking healing

Jews and Arabs start expedition

AlJazeera: UN hands Iraqi funds to occupying forces

Clark sets sights on Dean

Ansar al-Islam Leader Arrested in Norway

Bush turns to party roots for re-election

U.S. has big plans for embassy in Iraq

Fox TV News Reporting Large Blast in Nablus West Bank

Helicopter crash in Iraq,

Iran hardliners criticize U.S. earthquake aid, as Washington considers sen

Philippine actor files candidacy for presidential election

Unemployment in Iraq leads to rising resentment

Bush Uses Earthquake Aid in Appeal to Pro-Democracy Forces in Iran

First-hand news vs. CNN

Aljazeera : Baghdad mosque raid yields arms cache

Lift beef ban, U.S. pleads . . World urged to reopen borders quickly

Mistaken Identity Grounded France Flights

Banned US beef sitting on docks

Clark: Bush burning valuable military resources in Iraq

Capital Threat: Al Qaeda Threat Led to London/DC Flight Cancellations- ABC

British Airways Cancels Saudi Flight

Libya Seeks Reward for Nuke Inspections

Iraqi Insurgents Shoot Down U.S. Chopper

Dean's quick start due to gay support

2003 Deadly Year for US Journalists

U.S. Halts Alaska Oil Shipments (another terror alert)

Bush: Not Involved 'In Any Way' in CIA Leak Probe

Tallahassee court throws out Unisys fraud conviction

IAEA stakes its claim in Libya despite US opposition

'Crocodile Hunter' takes baby to feed crocs

Pace of attacks on U.S. troops hasn't slowed since Saddam's capture

USDA Quarantines Third Washington Herd

Breaking CNN: Helicopter in Falluja Shot Down / Official: Enemy Fire

Leftist Takes Over As Mayor of Bogota

NAFTA gets mixed reviews after 10 years

Pentagon reports Dec 23 total of 22000 Iraq casualties - 473 dead

Gaming Stocks Turned Out to be Sure Bet in 2003

Bush Considers Sending Sen. Dole to Iran


U.S. Navy seizes another boat carrying hashish in Persian Gulf

Mad Cow Scare Now Hurting State Potato Industry

Cracks Appear in U.S.-Trained Iraq Corps

REUTERS: Air France's groundings were a mistake

North Korea invites US to inspect main nuclear plant

U.S. to post 3,000 diplomats in Baghdad

Iran Doesn't Want Dole Visit for Now, U.S. Says

Investigators ask officials to free reporters from confidentiality

Knifeman seized on plane

Watchdog Group Says 36 Journalists Killed in 2003; 13 in Iraq

Ohio Soldiers Head To Iraq

Evidence found of Arctic hunters living in Siberia near New World 30,000 y

U.S. Commander: Iraqis Turning in Weapons

Drop in Cattle Prices Stays Above Imposed Daily Limit

Reuters - CIA Leak Probe Focuses on Confidentiality Pledges

Consumer groups point to holes in US cattle feed rules

Democrats Would Choose Dean Over Kerry If the Election Were Held Today

Breaking CNN: Several Explosions and fighting near Bagdad

Colorado's bankruptcy filings soar

British Cancel Another Flight as Allies Query U.S.(Pilots refuse marshals)

Enron whistleblower endorses Clark

Princess Anne's Terrier Strikes Again

Clark To Bush: "Don't Do It"

Dean Calls for Measure To Restore Trust in Mutual Funds

Dean trails Bush by 5% according to new poll

U.S. Holds Reuters Staff Near Chopper Crash in Iraq

Mars Rover Is Readied for Risky Red Planet Landing on Saturday

Dean's blunt talk about race (1/2/04)

Dean Cites Terror Alert As Vindication (UK report: Guardian)

MP calls Radio 4 listeners 'bastards' over vigilante vote

The CIA Agent Flap: FBI Asks for Reporters to Talk

Bulgarian Troops Refuse to Go to Iraq

Seven South Asian Nations Agree in Principle on a Trade Zone

Congressman Ralph Hall (TX) to join GOP

Breaking CNN: US Troops accused of trashing Mosque. (Iraq)

GOP Texas Takeover Is Subject of (criminal) Investigation

Murders up 20% in Phila. in 2003

Viewer shifts unnerve industry (TV ratings going DOWN!)

BCCI returns to haunt Bank of England

Pat Robertson: God tells me it's Bush in a blowout

Rebranding Bush* as Man of Peace

DU Chat going on, on AIM! Come join in

"Let them eat veal!"

"Mondo Rock"...Anyone familiar with them?

"The Age of Triage"

"Dave" is on TNT

Techies I need you!

We can play some ball on the West Coast

500 posts...

what's a good acreage for self-sufficiency?

Check out this idiot and his column

Are Kerry's supporters trying to tell him something?

Comedian Bill Hicks Manifesto - Video stream -

I've spent the better part of 2 days in GD...

Anyone know where I can get free Dem. Presidential Candidate buttons?

Am I the dumbest one ???

Help with this joke...I don't get it....

Rummaging in the basement, found my old National Lampoons

FYI - good site for earthquake info

Got an email from Bush's camp today :)

:evilgrin: Meme

Insomniacs check in

How do I start a blog?

Let the spirit of Sally Baron carry us on in 2004.

I think i'll be ok with death when the time comes...

Modern Kids Don't Smile When They Visit Santa

HELP!!!! My cat is clinically insane and it's driving me bonkers!!!!!

True or False: Jason Statham is the best new character actor in ages....

Arnold moonlighting in Japan

It's January 2, 2004...

Dog Run Over THREE Times By Freight Trains (Doing OK)

Good (Why Did The Office Bother Opening Today) Morning DU!

Looking for a free web hosting site

RATM and Zack

I'm here. I didn't die, or anything.

Exactly 49.5% Of Statistics Mentioned On Discussions Forums

Mysterious Hidden Pond Place

Can I get some DU music recommendations?

Sebastian Cattbutts medical update

My Net pay was up $32 dollars today.

Words we could do without

Which family member should * send to Iran?

Anyone got a nation at How's it doing?

Am I the only person that thinks "Doug and the Slugs" aren't all that?

I cleared my Ignore list

Dead Man's Dangling Legs Greet Couple At Home

One for the ladies: World's Ugliest Bridesmaid's Dresses...

serious insomnia -- need help

Best imitation of a Freeptard contest

King William's College quiz

Blue Sky Mine

Is it slow around here or what?

grilled wasabi garlic chicken wings....recipe....enjoy

Am I the only person who thinks Duran Duran isn't "all that"????

Uh-oh... Another timewaster!

We finally have Comedy Central!

I Found What GOPisEVIL has been doing with his time off!!!!!

NASA rover set to touch down on Mars...

New to me - hope it's new to you - Joke

You're not going to believe this! It's January 2 in WI and I just saw...

Too stupid for his shirt. Which one do you think is the dumbest?

Stupid Question: Can I ask you something? Help

Anybody like S-T-R-O-N-G coffee? "Cafe Bustelo" is the one!

How do you get the "flames" on the left side of your post?

Detroit and most major Texas cities obese?!?!?!

Anyone else a poker player?

I'm buying a meat grinder

Alex Lifeson of Rush in New Year's Eve brawl with Police!

sell your soul to satan online

Today, John Edwards gave a great speech on NPR.

Hypothetical nightmare situation (please reply)

What does the deem-hating crowd deem better than deeming?

The new hit single by the Bush Administration....

Even my cat loves the movie Ghandi :)

How long before they blame mad cow in USA on you-know-who?

What does the music hating crowd deem better than music?

Christoper Walken on Conan's show.....interesting

Best obscure/lesser-known Elton John song?

Best Return Of The King One-Liner

I thank Toby Keith for....

What a way to start the new year - Major Housecleaning is now done

God tells me that Pat Robertson hasn't found his mind yet

Matcom's Mexico Vacation Thread #2 - What Do You Want Me To Bring Back??

is it okay to mix ketchup and catsup?

So....... anyone know how to get a traffic cone out of one's ear?

Who thinks THE KINKS were unjustly overshadowed by Beatles/Stones?

"Cowboy" up with a CAPTION

Saddam's brother jermaine speaks out

What historical period would you want to live in...

When Uncle Tupelo split, who was better? Wilco or Son Volt?

Lone gunman poised to become superstar

Did anyone else LOVE "Joe Dirt"?

GOD told me . ..

I decided to take Sebastian Cattbutt to meet The Great Spirit

More Music Questions

GOD made me funky...

What RW talk show host irritates you the most?

Willie Nelson -- Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth?

God told me that M.A.T.C.O.M.

The Border Collie was NOT amused!

What fantasy author's world would you want to live in?


Apology to JohnKleeb

(Steve) Irwin Takes Baby to Crocodile Feeding

Help me pronounce "William Bernbach" properly.

CAPTION W hoping for "peace, security and full employment for all"

Cotton Bowl halftime for those back at work

I need a good John Edwards picture

Child endagerment gone haywire...

OK, God gave me the scoop

My website just received e-mail from extraterrestrials - ask me anything

Salt Lake Tribune's headlines for 2004 - funny stuff!


God told me that Mad Cow

God told me this about Pat


A question the British DU'ers could answer.

how do i use italics and bold in my posts?

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out.

Just now reading the Al Franken book...

God tells Robertson: 'I loaned talent to Rush and he never returned it'

Who is your favorite actor who played James Bond?

I woke up in my clothes again this morning

Crocodile Who Ate Motorcyclist Probably Dead

Natalie Portman on Daily Show -- what did her button say?

A website devoted to tight leather skirts?? (very very odd)

Who is Sean Hannity?

did you know that freepers wrote "poetry?"

Caption Smirk!

Who is at work right now while on DU, and who has to work Saturdays?

Do you spell check every post?

How many drunken phone calls did you make


Need computer help: Transfer Wizard

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Okey Doke, It's 2 Jan 04. Fess up

So laugh a little...


Do you see genius in any music artists that aren't known for it?

Which sci-fi world would you want to live in?

I'm buying a meat grinder

It's time travel election year time!!

Okay, Cinema owners, listen up...

Dean supporter plays piano - Citizens outraged!

God told me to stop telling people that He told me stuff.

Dean forces dogs to wear shirts - Oh the Humanity!

Sending shout outs to all my peeps in the Lounge

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

anyone have a link to Randi Rhodes show?

Kucinich is the ONLY candidate with NO CHANCE

Anyone Have XM Radio?

New Ab Fab episode on tonight

God told me something about Pat.....

God tells Pat Robertson to.....

People working the in medical field - tell me about clinicals!

Working 3rd shift sucks at 11 in the morning...

What is the best part and what is the worst part

I have something special in my life.

Can anyone imagine Fred Willard on Fox News?

... You'd either be speaking German, or you'd be a lampshade....


The Snoop Dog Shizzolator

Salary tax question: How much will I take home here?

Are You Bi (lingual)?

Who should be the Next James Bond?

The sooner all the animals are extinct, the sooner we'll find their money.

Who here is guilty of PWI (Posting While Intoxicated)?

Short rant: Local Fox affiliate still playing Christmas music during

Anyone up for AOL chat

People on this forum seem quite a bit more optomistic than they have been.

Weather Check...What is the weather like in your 'neck of the woods'?

80s Lyrics Quiz!

Mike Malloy is back on the air tonight


Should Roberson be in the game?

Signs you're turning into your parents. Name one.

Question about "Power of 10" workout.

anyone here ever study dreams?

Let's get it out of the way now....KG is the league MVP and the 'wolves

Open Me

Without showing the picture, only using descriptions

Who remembers the Way Outs?

New DUers, check in and say hi.

Should I eat the beef in my freezer?

Update on everythingsxen--karma needed!

The Boring Thread

Any AbFab Fans here?


stupid freeper quotes

Uh...Guys (as in MEN) I Have A Sorta Private Question

What is a smock?

Why did Sam-I-Am's friend refuse to eat

Does your Cat insult you?

God has spoken (to Pat Robertson): Bush, 2004, landslide

Wheeeee! I'm free! No more 700 Club for me!

Should I eat the person in my freezer?

Going to Las Vegas tomorrow ... anything I should do while I'm there?

Companion to GURUving's "Boring Thread"

Which of the two magazines is better? Time or Newsweek?

Candy Asses who hate football!

Boz Scaggs: another nominee for under appreciated artists club

Ohio State vs Kansas State. Fiesta Bowl game thread

Why are you an atheist OR why are you not an atheist?

This is my 100th post, so I won't waste it on your thread.

Lydia's Movies for Democrats?

Can someone help me ID this foreign film?

My new dog is having a breakthrough!

Just got off the horn with God ...

What does the Sports Hating crowd deem better than sports?

I need help with buying a TV: LCD or Plasma?

Where do you get your news? (Besides here)

Do you know about The Wiggles?

What are you drinking tonight?

It's time for the gratuitous Friday kitten thread!

Who should have been the NFL MVP?

Curb Your Enthusiasm Marathon on HBO Tonight

Best Name for a football team you've ever seen?

Who watches the Food Network?

Austin DUers...peace rally with Dennis K tomorrow (1/3/04)

Contact Lens Wearers - Quick Question

Am I the only person who thinks The Beatles aren't "all that"????

ok, final decision time.iMac or iBook G4?

Candi Crowley

Apparently we have run out of songs.

Waah! The best looking faceplate has the previous style keypad!

Who are we at du?

Backing up DVDs?

new Savage Weiner advertisers Make A Wish Foundation, Blue Cross

Who thinks the Monkeys were a way cooler band than the Beatles?

Should I drive to Iowa??? (Please, no anti-Dean flames.)

Vegeterian DUers: I'm considering it, need some advice.

Has Anyone Sucked It Up During An Awful Relationship Just To Get Through?

dolo amber's new pug puppy meets the flying burrito sista

Need insights from veterans

What poem fits you?

Let's start a campaign against fundies called 'what bible are you reading?

Why are you an ARTIST, or why are you not an Artist?

Poll - What should I wear to my job interview?

CONFESS!!!!!! What is your favorite Classical Music piece?

Does anyone have advice about a good pop up blocker?

If "Pickles" is a "Dud" then which "First Lady" would be a Complement?

Did anyone on here vote for Bradley in 2000?

Are Kerry's supporters trying to tell him something?

Short Clark interview featured on MTV newsnow: Gay special

Dupe - please lock

Let's Play Reversals

Anti-Shrub Art Collection

To the Nobody but Dean people

A young soldier who served with Clark

Democratic rivals turn their fire on 'erratic' Dean

Dean's Rivals Have Some Chances

Clark supporters, why did Max Cleland lose?

Pro Dean editorial says attacks on Dean are a sign of desperation

How did we miss this? Rep. Conyers endorses Dean

Dean's blunt talk about race

Willie Nelson to Debut Anti-War Song at Kucinich Benefit Concert

Kucinich: fervently unconventional

Clark Closes in on Dean

Patient Welfare a Cornerstone of Edwards's Platform

Question for Dean and Clark supporters

2004 Political Predictions

Clark takes down-home approach in campaign (Pgh Post Gazette)

Poll for Dean supporters: What is your age/sex/college education?

Fifth of U.S. Voters Still Undecided-"what's their alternative solution?"

Gep: * lacks Nat'l Sec understanding - desplays cowboy mentality

Who Cares About Number Two?

WaPo: Gephardt to run out of money by Feb. 7


How likely is it that Kucinich would be a 3rd party candidate in 2004?

Subtle but interesting difference in Yahoo and Fox News' report on Clark

Hidden subliminal message in AP wire story

IA State Senators urge Dean to tell the truth

My question is If Clark is the Dean stopper

Warning: If Clark wins the nomination, he is finished in the GE

Is there a debate this weekend?

If Lieberman isn't nominated, I'm voting for Bush

New Hampshire Poll: Kerry drops another pt., Dean, Clark holding

if Dean wins Iowa, NH, and SC

Vermont's Lake Champlain more toxic now than when Dean took office in 1991

None of the Democratice candidates is electable,

Supporters of ALL candidates: sign the ABC petition.

Conversation: Woody Harrelson and Howard Zinn now FSTV

New Clark Flyer

Clark Supporters... looking for a book recommendation

Kerry Offers Plan for Small Businesses

'Man, That Dude Can Dance'

CNN: Thune edging closer to challenging Daschle in '04

What Can Dean Do To Earn A More Favorable Opinion From You?

Dean is slightly Elvis-like/Not Just Whistling Dixie - gentle talk on race

Pat Robertson: "God Will Make Bush Win"

For Wes - again

Anybody but Dean: is YOUR vote transferable?

Clark will be the "anti-Dean" because he doesn't often attack Dean

newest ARG tracking poll of NH. Kerry losing a point a day

Dear Mr Krugman

Elections 2004 Update - Dean On The Way Down

Dean supporters flock to Iowa finale

Bill Clinton: "...when the primaries are over, let's fall in line." 9/13

Dean forces dogs to wear shirts - Oh the Humanity!

Dean supporter plays piano - Citizens outraged!

Dean is the only candidate that is running for president.

Clark: I'm the only candidate that was Republican once in my life!

My misgivings about Clark

Just keeping a check on trend in posts today.

Kucinich is the ONLY candidate with NO CHANCE

The albatross around Clark's neck: Ladies and Gents, Bill Clinton

Kucinich is THE ONLY candidate who can save us from fear!

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

US Rep. Ralph Hall (D) switches parties-

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

Letters in the St. Pete Times, Dean, Rush, other subjects...good ones.

Yale Profs Assess Former Students Bush, Dean, Kerry, Lieberman

The gamble that is Howard Dean

Hitting the nail on the head...

Which is more important - Dean or the Democratic party?

A question about the primaries?

Gays for Howard Dean: Quite comfortable

Another Dean "I AM THE ONLY" mailing hit New Mexico today

If the ticket is Clark-Edwards, who will win?

Anyone in Chicago get Comcast ch. 19 right now--message to Bush

Google shows Dean-supporters need to admit for once, he was wrong

Clarks albatross: A Clinton endorsement?

Puke Politics Acceptable ??

Democrat candidates' Iraq strategy: a Reality Check

Should we come together and support the eventual Dem nominee?(Poll)

Sherron Watkins of Houston, endorses Clark!

IA debate on 01/04/04 - Why is Clark opting out?

Iowa Prez Debate on CNN this Sunday ET 3:00p.m.

Older political ads that could be template for Bush ads against Dean

Anybody watching Joe Lieberman on Hardball?

A Bill Clinton Endorsement - helps or hurts candidate?

Dean repeat of Hardball on now.

The distortion of polls that show Dean as the front-runner.

Crossfire: General election not the goal for Dean supporters?

Kucinich story at front-top of

John Kerry Offers Plan for Small Businesses

Fact Check: Dean criticize ad saying he's for tax increase. Is it right?

"A Fifth of Voters Still Undecided", by AP's Will Lester

Willie Nelson to Debut Anti-War Ballad

Triple Bad News Day for Bush: Mosque Attack, FBI after Rove, Dean 5% poll!

We have exactly ten months until the election

Dean Not Progressive on Mideast

Let's all support the primary process

Question about NBD?

Not OUR Enemy

Discussion with independent voter at work today RE: Clark

Clarence Page & Bill Press

A total waste of time

Kerry's Michigan Firsts

Is "NBD" a threat? Is it party disloyalty? Or is it honest & fair?

Will gay support hurt Dean?

Enron Whistleblower Sheron Watkins endorses Wesley Clark.

What does this ajc quote about cell-phones being used mean?

Sen. Fritz Hollings: "Howard Dean is right"

Lieberman or Bush?

Anyone else get the feeling Braun and Dean are close?

A semi-coherent, non-rant about Dean/Clark

More repubs turning...

A Question for Southerners from a Yank re: Clark

Runoff Poll for "Issues"

An Analysis on Kucinich Electability

Concerning whom they wish to face in the general election, Republicans

The Clark Scenario

North Dakota--poll?

Unless we recognize that the IWR vote is wedge issue, we are doomed

how come Kucinich gets no credit ?

Dean Cites Terror Alert As Vindication ....Guardian

Will Dean's tax plan kill him in the general election?

Why isn't Kucinich polling well?

Let's all support the eventual nominee.

America's Lula

NY Times: After Halting Start, Clark Seems to Be Finding Legs

Washington Post: Clark best positioned to take on Dean

Clark takes down-home approach in campaign...GREAT article!

My Honest Feelings Why I Believe Dean Would Be a Very Weak Nominee (LONG)

Clark --- "When I am president I will go to Iraq and it won't be to.......

It probably is a Dean/Clark race and the tragedy is that we won't

Democrat candidates' Iraq strategy: a Reality Check

My problem with Clark campaign strategy

John Kerry being "Nadered" is the Real Dark Tragedgy of Campaign

Dean said gay marriage issue made him "uncomfortable like everyone else"

Dean's blunt talk about race

Which states do you think Dean could win?

Beyond Personalities: Can Democratic Party heal its Big Split in 04?

CNN: Dean Trails Bush by Only 5 Points

Kucinich, "The only one" for universal health care?

BCCI trial finally starts Jan.13 in England.