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Archives: January 17, 2004

Survival Guide for the Iowa Leaders (Howard Fineman - Newsweek)

'The lies, fears and stupidity of the empire'

Molly Ivins: Giving money to rich people

Calling Bush `disengaged' insults the disengaged....

Iraqi oil gets own police force

U.S. still holds children at Guantanamo

IMAGINE Waking Up in 2004

Fresh Recruits (200,000 Stop-Lossed)

Ashes to Ashes

Global Eye – Organ Grinders

Shafer: Richard Perle Libel Watch, Week 45

U.S. Warns of Possible Venezuela Threats

GOP Senators Push To Pass Spending Bill

Bush prefers Martin's Scott to his own

Columnist Charley Reese is mad as hell over Iraq war.

Kristof: Girls For Sale

From the people who brought you 'Donkey Cart Missiles'....and now the....

Chinese moon mission changed climate at NASA

Pat Robertson says Vote No on Jesus

Head's Up! Bill O'Reilly Advises Democrats!

Friedman: War of Ideas, Part 4

America as a One-Party State

New York Times (Sunday): Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins by Wal-Mart

NYT: My Crossover Vote (Conservatives considering rooting for Democratics)

Guardian: The Overruling of the President

Apache killing video becomes viral news

Damned lies and war loot

London Observer (Sunday): US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

'04 Election Could Be 2000 Redux(effect of Bush's -50% -Approval)

Deadliest Attacks in Iraq War So Far

Bush deficit: to infinity and beyond

Dowd: Dudgeons and Dragons

We're winning, says Bush, as three more soldiers die

Great Boondocks cartoon today

Bush crew practicing to jack next election?

End Run for Mr. Pickering :Wash Post editorial

NY Times Editorial on Electronic Voting and Partisan Gerrymandering

Is Bush Doomed?

Are You Going To Get Mad?

White House Braces For Another Book

Wes Clark for President - in the Deepest South.

What can we do about a totally dysfunctional local party?

3 ways in which you can support our troops

1/29 - Protest Bush in Greenwich, CT

A very interesting event in NYC

Waldman Says Press Gives Bush a Free Ride

Al Franken upcoming radio show discussed on "Fox News Watch"

The Margaret Cho hate messages

Pat Robertson - Vote No on Jesus

Skeptics: This Is Interesting

The Pentagon and the Pentacle


Pastor To Be Tried For Being Lesbian

Pickering: Concerns about his handling of hate crimes, anti-gay position

Women in Iraq Decry Decision To Curb Rights

More layoffs at WorldCom

Bush illegal alien amnesty sell out to Mexico to cap rise in silver price.

Humor: Tactical hand signs.

Should we push to have the wording "Well Regulated" taken out of


Passive agressive name calling

Ill-dsiguised flame bait SPAM-ing in GD-P2004.

How flexable are the new rules?

Hats off to Skinner!

Appeal - Ayn Rand in Meeting Room

What happened to the Go menu?

Hey Skinner, found a bug in the front page article

re: DU Spell checker

GD PRIME has been invaded

Hey Skinner, Elad Read This !

Why was the thread about some Iowans actual opinions...

A question:

DOS attack?

Rule #8.

Do the moderators respond to appeals?

Isn't "General" a nickname?

A request.

I think this thread should be unlocked

thanks again to all the mods and admin



British detectives won't be part of investigation into death ..

US Warns Israel To Avoid Targeting Yassin

Israeli forces raid West Bank village

Can fence aid peace?

Israel's wedge leaves physical, emotional scars

The sick, crying terrorist

Israel's Sweden ambassador wrecks Palestinian art

Yassin says he's not afraid

Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian friendship

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): War of Ideas, Part 4

Sweden summons envoy to explain damage to artwork

The Use and Abuse of Martin Luther King Jr. by Israel's Apologists

Palestinian workers brutalised by Israel

After three Israeli invasions in Rafah: 75 Palestinians homeless

How many time does it take to get 81 people on board...

Bush's Arab-American support dwindles

Why is Bush tax increase of unfunded mandates and birth tax not in media?

Edit:I moved the thread, please ignore

Interesting article I got from the *other* Republican

Clark Campaign: New National Vice-Chairs

Someone tell Kucinich about this one.

Jenifer Flowers next on FOX

Mitch Daniels... bush anointed... and polling BEHIND Kernan

King takes her musical Kerry tribute to New Hampshire

California Attorney General Lockyer Endorses Dean

How much money will it take for CMB to switch endorsements?

Still Talking: Kucinich Supporters are Mad as hell . . .

Was ignoring Iowa a fatal flaw in Clark's strategy?

Is Peter Freyne a reliable source?

12 GA Democrat legislators endorse Bush!

I posted these lyrics the other day

How important is "security" to you?

New Yorkers: How worried are you about national security?

Clerics whip up support for poll

How much difference do you see between the parties?

God's Judgment on Heterosexuality (SATIRE)

Is the American media biased? This poll needs correction...

Help--My screen just turned green

"DU this poll"

Need a little help with the draft issue.

Chuck Lewis and Michael Scherer on "This is Hell" live now -- link

Space Cowboys

Democrats might be thankful that Bush sneaked

Have you seen Tavis Smiley Show on PBS? (not available in my area)

I heard yesterday -- Florida BBV lawsuit filed for printers on machines

Ahhhhhhh..The sweet embrace of the Iraqie People!

"Miserable Failure" warning!!!!!!!

Have your public libraries allowed "Free Speech Zones"?

Executive branch lampooned over Plame leak (in a cartoon)

UH Oh, latest WMD findings may make us look bad

Federal Register Executive Orders Disposition Tables

Was it peggy noonan that said...

Hey, George Will: your patron, Conrad Black, doesn't deliver!

To go with your SOTU scorecard...

A new Era and Hope...

Richard Perle Said Clark Was Against War

I guess Michael Moore is gonna wait until AFTER the stolen

Dem nominee should pledge to serve only one term

Will Suskind and/or O'Neill make the talkshow rounds? The book

Bush: "I've done more for human rights than any other President."

Anyone have details re:consolidate all Emergency Communication thru WH?

Is this country better off than it was

A great e-mail I just received, from Spider...

They're Lying to Us About Space

A Little Bit About Judge Charles Pickering

email Jan 20 Peace Vigil in DC Military Families Speak Out

PROOF that GWB rules like a dictator from Mitch Daniels.

Uplifting story - one more convert, maybe two!

Vote yes on this poll-criminal investigation of Bush

'US lied about deaths of journalists in the Palestine Hotel'

SCotUS Refuses to Block TX Redistricting Steal

Al Martin on "The Guy James Show" today at 3pm

lower the primary voting age?

If a Dem wins in 2004, he'll be a 1-termer.

profiles are for info- inquiring minds want to know

Where can I find an American death toll count for Iraq?

WH Meeting: "Get me a cheeseburger, will you"?

How many myths can you find in this article: Why Bush is Over the Moon

Meet the new Ayatollah Of Iraq

Mr President, please quit talking. Now.

Will the Bush-supportive media still remain so when he's out of office?

Are we seeing the start of a new cold war in space with Russia and China?

What a stupid reason to die - plastic surgery

CBS Radio News said the "S" -word concerning "Non-Hostile Deaths"...

Viewer Alert: Media Bias Panel at New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend

Why did George W. only appoint Pickering instead of all of the judges?

Should TBTM or MoveOn start an Ad contest on electronic voting?

Is this book the "Mein Kampf" of the PNACers?

Al Gore: Bush's plan to send astronauts to the moon a "retread effort"

Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins by Wal-Mart - NYTimes

Which canidate had the strongest pro war statements prewar?


Brrring, Brrring...(satire) you wouldn't be able to tell...

Anyone ever read the booc called, Fraud by Waldman?

Could one or more of these cases before the Supreme Court topple Bush?

Question- Would Shrub have gotten his "Iraq War" if he didn't lie?

For those that read the O'Neill book- the facts eluding "airtime"

When a Dem Wins The Presidency in November, the bushies/PNAC will

Excellent Counterspin (FAIR) this week

Military families...can they sue PNAC cabal?

Question for the gay men of DU:

Dixie is a trap for Democrats in presidential race, says Norm Solomon

Trip With Cheney Puts Ethics Spotlight on Scalia (no words)

Question about recess appointments

Idea for a new cable news station: "You decide, We report"

West Point Professors Lecture in Baghdad

Updating the Liberal FAQ?

Need Help Countering Some Rethug Memes in a Friend's Email

CBS News: New Approval Ratings

Is there anything Bush could do to alienate Republicans?

ARMY OF ONE Ad in Heavy Rotation on cable in New Hampshire til Primary

Dark and bloody battle fields - In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

Here's an unfreepable poll

Smirk killed the Hubble Telescope and it really burns me up.

Now bush* Is Begging the UN for Help. PNAC Plan Toast?

Woo-Hoo! *'s approval rating down 10 pts from Dec. says CBS news

One more NOW with Bill Moyers thread.

How about instead of the Super Bowl

* is sinking like a slimy, moss covered stone

Freeper compares * to Jesus!

Scalia-Cheney Trip Raises Eyebrows

Question about the California primary

Fred Barnes said tonight once Dems. choose candidate, rightwing will tear

What happened to that threat that New York would be nuked in 28 days?

Has anybody noticed the price of gasoline going up?

Is there any time in history that you could've been a Republican?

Even in Freeperland, aka VA Beach...

Internet warnings... about major attacks on the United States

ALERT:Drudge and RNC going two-for-two

Official Guy James Show thread! 3-6pm EST!

What do Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Liarly Have in Common?

Will Iraqis try to damage Bush in 2004 election

So Bush Is Having A SOTU Tuesday. How Long Do You Think His Nose

Pat Buchanan has been really quiet since his show got canned.

CNN "Seeds of Terror" with Arron Brown.

Hubble will die a quick death thanks to Bush

are the state's delegates based purely on population?

New video on - "Get Stupid" parody

Used car salesman running for state rep as a "conservative"

so what was the motive of the Pickering appointment?

Gore Vidal: The war against lies

Why Didn't Bush Recess Appoint Janet Rogers Brown Instead of Pickering?

Soon, a Perfect Storm

A question for all the Buckeyes out there...

Osama's Shipping Peril

CBS news reporting Bush drops ten points in poll(Dem beats Bush 45-43)

a local poll to unfreep

Love this Poll! "Do you think Bush committed a crime in his march to war?"

IBM: 15,000 New Hires...3,000 of them in "Developing Nations"

The Administration is in a "slump"....

When will the labor market recover?

Click This!

Low Intensity Conflict?

Social justice, poverty - Europe and the USA: a poll

Abraham, Martin And John

The Iraqis appear to have advanced Russian shoulder-fired missiles

Lieberman for EPA head?

Mayor aquires $1,000 bill for face value (legal theft)

Did you gain or lose respect for Jimmy Carter when he said that he

TV Alert: Proof Nader is a Republican plant

Venezuela Decriminalized Drug Possession, Any US Media Cover It?

"Mother of Tough Questions" Helen Thomas

FTAA Review Gets Heated; City Manager Is Heckled

The person that can offer an antidote to the hate and partisanship....

Does anyone know what the website that posts...

Lie Pool!

Specs on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (flipped over by explosion in Iraq)

Kevin Phillips is a Great American

Why does the Southern Baptist Convetion still exist?

I met Terry McAuliffe today

What will Bush say in his State of the Union speech?

"Conspiracy... or Coincidence?" - new educational film for Bush apologists

George W. Bush's Frightening 2ND TERM

Men on Mars? Let’s go for it! (vanity)

I called Kate O'Beiren a media whore

The Michigan Socialist -- Vol. 2, No. 1

Bush's big problem in Iraq (no-one is even talking about it)

World Social Forum to plot moves against US

Will Partisan Politics Become Obsolete?

I've heard that gas prices are high because Bush is filling the strategic

Anybody seen this poll data?

Is Bush worse than Nixon?

Take heart: latest re-elect numbers are very bad for Bush!!!

LIBERALS IN SPACE: A Modest Proposal

I need your help, Re: Flame war with conservative

Gates quietly spends $14 million buying homes near Medina estate

What Bill Gates Says About Campaign 2004

My ten seconds of fame on faux.

All Liberal Website Owners Read This !

Rules for a Village Leader

BBV: Lead Sunday NY Times Editorial Has All Guns Blazing!!!

For MLK Day, a flashback from two years ago...

Fellow DU'ers, Join Me Here In Honoring The Great Dr. King.

Ask Ralph Nader not to run this year. (Easy form).

Lobby trying to limit charter changes

Find truth about police, panel told

Spiritual leader of world's Orthodox Christians will bestow Fidel Castro w

Pastor convicted of soliciting sex from teenager

Perle Said Clark Was Against War

State Keeps Bleeding Jobs-California payrolls fall by 8,400 positions in D

Soldier dies from non-hostile gunshot: US command

Pensioners protest against Blair in London

Musharraf heckled during parliamentary debut

Is Paris Back on Board?

Blood on the virtual carpet: Editor get's thrown out of online town.....

Maine's Michaud faults GOP economic policy in radio speech

FBI agents conduct search chambers, home of judge

Adecco Faces Class Action Lawsuits on Behalf of Shareholders

U.S. lawyers say Microsoft settlement is falling short

U.S.-S.Korea Agree to Pull U.S. Troops Out of Seoul

U.S. Warns of Possible Venezuela Threats

Moderate Muslims define 'jihad'

Minister says Canada's soldiers are 'going to take a rest'

Five killed, 13 wounded in Afghan clash

Guatemala willing to intensify cooperation with Cuba

State by State Breakdown of Iraq Deaths

Hard-hitting ad contest fuels MoveOn's devotees

Missing Actor (Spaulding) Gray Long Battled His Fears

bush* Wants UN to Sweet Talk Sistani

New poll trends against Bush.

Terror case prosecutor is probed on conduct

Rep. Wexler sues in push for ballot printouts (D. Rep. Wexler, Florida)

WP: Iraqi oil gets own police force

Controversial U.S. attorney to quit (Ga - Bush appointee)

(Ind. Governor) 2004 race set to draw record cash

Military Range Cleanup Plan Sputters

Washington Post: "U.N. Support Crucial in Iraq, U.S. Says"

Cigna CEO Reveals Layoff Plans

Red Flag Raised Over CIA, Special Forces

Bush Seeks Quick Ruling on U.S. Detainees (basic legal/constitutional ?'s)

Afghan TV wins 'woman singer war' (get gov support over religious protests

Another Drop in polls for Bush

Latest round of 80 layoffs is last Boeing will announce

'04 Election Could Be 2000 Redux(effect of Bush's -50% -Approval)

Justice Dept. Won't Appeal Hinckley Ruling

Cheney and Scalia duck hunting-conflict of interest in Chaney's case

No inflation? Fed ...can't find much inflation. Consumers might argue...

DNA evidence allows man to walk away from SCI-Greene

Israeli ambassador to Sweden vandalises Palestinian artwork

CNN Breaking: 5 servicemembers killed in Iraq

3 U.S. Soldiers, 2 Iraqis Killed in Bomb Attack War Death Toll Reaches 500

Planning on Cuba urgently needed, U.S. told

Bush pledges steps to spur jobs, business

One in 10 Kansas households goes hungry

Clerics Urge Shiites to Protest -

WNC soldier: Iraqis haven't grasped meaning of freedom

Musharraf Heckled during first parliamentary address in Pakistan

Bolsters Bush on Terrorism-Finds Doubts on Economy(unnamed Dem wins 45/43)

From Nearly Every State, Death in Iraq (500 dead in Iraq)

Film Producer Ray Stark Dies at 88

State of the Union speech: Top aides hone themes of U.S. progress, unity

Journalists Not Loath to Donate To Politicians

Bush Seeks Quick Ruling on U.S. Detainees

Seattle to Pay Protesters $250,000 to Settle WTO Lawsuit

UN Prepares for Meeting About Iraq, Wary of US Motives

College, Military Records Clash With Writers' Guild President's Statements

Dean Leads 'Superdelegate' Count

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

Schwarzenegger Budget Denies Some Health Care

Official: U.S. to Reduce Troops in Iraq (no increase in non US troops)

bush* Pushing Agenda in State of The Union

Al-Qaeda launches online terrorist manual

Activists call for actions against US companies

Hubble's doom in the stars: NASA to retire its telescope

Poll: Bush's Approval Sinking (50% approve to 45% disapprove)

O'Neill Says Bush Was Set on Cutting Taxes, Too

Mom Accused Of Injecting Human Waste Into Daughter

Study Says Iraq Insurgents Use Advanced Weapons -NYT

WP: (More) Confidential Passenger Data Used for Air Security Project

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower (Katharine Gun from GCHQ)

Critics Say Park Service Is Letting Religion & Politics Affect Policies

US sugar barons 'block global war on obesity'

Hopes for Civility in Washington Are Dashed

Cheney Hunting Trip With Scalia Raises Impartiality Questions

Newest ZOgby Poll (17 Jan)

Harris: I won't run for U.S. Senate

(SOTU) Address Will Depict Bush as Above Politics

City to pay protesters $250,000 to settle WTO suit

Families stunned, angered by units' deployment extension past one year

Clark Hints at Bush's Military Service

Democrats Plan Fence-Mending Session

Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins by Wal-Mart

A Poor Cousin of the Middle Class

Caravana al monte de Morelos

Facing Questions, Clark Backs Army School

Grouches of the world unite...

I bought the most amazing compendium of pornography today

Man tosses bag of marijuana into security tray

My Mexican american lady wonders

Nathan Lane is awesome on Conan

What pisses you off enough

Need Help! Middle East Essay!

You can do it!

How Delectable is Dean?

A long, long time ago....

I'm happy to report that my cat has forgiven me

Well, Johnny's in the basement, mixin' up the medicine...

Just finished "Alice's Restaurant"! It was the first time for me.

This is what I want to hear as the State of the Union Address

FACT: Bush was a cheerleader in a prep school

Damn, Gary Mule Deer on Letterman

Prilosec or Zantac?

rightwing news top 10 worst (best DU quotes)

Last Michael Jackson album you bought?

NOOOO! They're killing off the Hubble!

I see there are no "I'm drunk: threads tonight..".

Elmo autopsy

heat wave...having a heat wave...temperatures rising...

Police have surrounded the building

"Warn Out" as depressing a post as you might ever read

I've been in Des Moines today with the Kerry campaign

The Barenaked Ladies are hilarious!

So, it's Friday night, you're a little bored, and you have broadband...

Have any DUers heard about any of those who lost their homes

Northridge Earthquake, January 17, 1994 (pics-60kb)

Popeye Turns 75

'Hole in Bush's head' amazes no-one...picture too graphic

Who else is wearing five layers of clothing?

new Oxyrush advertiser Bordner Roofing Co

Anyone here know anything about steelworker's pensions?

It's hard to post a response on GDPrimary. Is it that way in other forums?

27 Live Action Weta Workshop Produced Designs For EVANGELION

Today's Boonedocks--not for Gephardt supporters, but still cute!

If we send a manned mission to Mars

Yahoo!! Catfish and I are crossing over our 500 post mark!!

in a thoroughly wrecked house, what would you want cleaned first?

Life on Mars (well, it's dead NOW)

Streakers in restaurant watch as their car is stolen

Today In Twisted History

Help--My screen just turned green

A good Bush?

Random thoughts from Ellen DeGeneres

Some of my braincells died yesterday

Dems agitating on Ebay

Has anyone seen the show "Worlds Apart" on the National Geographic

Love eating salmon?

Tigers offer Pudge Rodriguez Florida deal-breaker

Repubs on DU

Have any of you tried the South Beach diet?

Bush space suit image

Oh what a life of luxury......

Well, I didn't get laid off yet

What does one do

Beautiful Street Paintings for your Saturday enjoyment

I think there's hope yet for our great country!

Any New Zealand DUers here?

Skittles, are you losing it?

Need some help ffor dmolishing a Freeper-type

tabby cat update

Bugs Bunny: Freeped?

The best week ever!!

Anyone catch the series on PBS about the Reconstruction?

Seeking your advice, please. Help?

*snarf*Someone called my local papers 'speak up' section and said....

When You Say Goodnight...

If you laugh at this website, you will be reported to Homeland Security

'Hole in sky' amazes scientists (w/ very neat picture)

How about a DU gathering around the DNC convention?

Share your local Democratic website here

Darn, we nearly lost Tom Cruise!

Only a guy would come up with this...

Should I go to best buy today?

Picture: Rumsfeld with Sadam (handshake)

Visited Freeperworld for the 1st time

Here's to YOU Mr. Really Mad Internet Sports Fan!!

OOPS, accidently did a double post, ignore this one, sorry...


Don't you hate it when ....

It's Saturday and I'm in a chemistry lab, ask me anything

Afternoon DU chat anyone

Fantastic Pickles interview!!

Just out of curiosity, who is in the Lounge this morning?

Pet Diaries Uncovered....

Feedback on Democratic website requested

question on google bombing...

Rapture Letters: Bug Your Atheist Heathen Friends After You're Gone

Any DUers play Neverwinter Nights?

A question about Japanese radio style....

After an Unfortunate Absence from DU...

CATWOMAN is going to stink to high heaven! (New picture)

Grover is Bitter

Cool Alert!

Before buying a DVD, ALWAYS check out these sources:

Brewers for sale! Hope reigns anew in Milwaukee!

6 Topics I Never Want To Hear About Again From A Reporter

Apple has transcended self-parody

Wouldn't this be cool?

It is only 1:30 here & I'm already drunk.

Is "Big Fish" any good? I didn't like "Cold Mountain" and passed LOR's

I'm bored, here is proof... (mspaint, fun with)

Ask me anything about pelicans!

Tin foil hat attack -- funny!

Californians, are you proud of THIS man?

Who did that song "Rollin' down the Highway"?

Are there any movies today that...

Do you think this NFL weekend will be as good as last weekend?

Is it true that girls just wanna have fun?

I need some help with something here....

Why Sarko's just a big girl's blouse( or Paris Morals Squad activity)

Short list of people who can kiss my rosy red.....

My grandson talks to Jesus.

I noticed a Movie at Hollywood Video called "TimeQuest"


What's Your Favorite Salty Snack Food?

Is There A Frank Zappa Fan In The House That Can Answer This Question?

Kucinich's Date gets someone else

Please Help Me DUers. When You Want To Write A World In BOLD

Question For Wire Fans

Clam chowder, anyone?

Cat Story #1: The Cat Ejection Seat

Do Your Co-workers Like You and is it Important to You?

Which Super Bowl matchup would you most like to see?


Great moments in primaries past

PC Card experts...a question...

The Delta Uniform Alpha Bravo Charlie Thread

-__ ---- ___ A _-_- -_ _- A -_- - -_ _-- A __ ___ -_- --- - A _-_- ___ _--

I think Chistiane Amanpour had a crush or

Does anyone else have a problem with self esteem?

I made a conservative cry

If it bleeds, I can kill it...

Question for the gay men of DU:

Now I lay me down to sleep.

Very Funny Dog Video


I am WAYYYYY drunk, but I want to do a DUer

DU chat on tonight

We're going to need a bigger boat.

I am sorry, they locked my post... Please forgive me...

Sights of San Diego — An Assortment of Pictures

Recognize the police captain on "Monk"?

Go Eagles!!!!!!!!

Question for anyone who watched SMALLVILLE on Wednesday!

A bunch of posts

So what's the best movie review you've ever read? (warning, pertains to...

All Liberal Website Owners Read This !

Good Night, y'all, I will go to bed now with LOTS of ...

My 300th POST! I have...

they blew up the hitler building!!!

My sometimes annoying friend, Linda

Does anyone know if Oscar has been DNA

I want this T-shirt!!!

Test posting. Feel free to ignore it.

GD 2004 is a scary place

A bunch nasty of posts

Come watch the sun rise and set over San Diego

When should i tell my parents??

Remembering what the vision thing is all about.

What's the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails?

Who here does not drink tap water? Where do you live?

Odd cremation rite question

Benjamin Franklin born January 17, 1706

Tabby cat Quest

Name that lyric

It's my Birthday, too!

It's my birthday!

Popeye . . . one buff 75-year-old

Tonight on "THE PROCESS": Three hours of the Dark Side of the Eighties...

This seems like a good time: Tell us the most embarrassing thing...

Howard Dean spoof on SNL right now!

What will others say at your eulogy?

Many have asked for my picture. Here ya go.

Sink the Bismark!

and for my final post tonight - the gift

Do anything interesting today?

Sure! I Want To Earn Millions In Real Estate...

Another use for duct tape. Remove your warts. Who would've known?

Animals of San Diegos zoos, including koalas, pandas and penguins

Want a new digital camera that functions like a real 35mm

Just signed NRA Blacklist

Ok, I give up, I'm taking out my belly button ring

The South Park movie...

Stupidest thing I ever saw

Famous political quotes with underpants

How are you going to celebrate the day Bush leaves Al's House?

my speeding ticket


Need opinions re: Lasik surgery

Mad at someone?

Did anyone miss me?

State of the Union Drinking Game: Your Picks, 2004

I just finished watching PART I of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA...ask me anything.

Braun hired by Dean for $20K

Brokered Convention: the nightmare scenario

Edwards nomination scenario

NYTimes: Kerry behaving like a man with the wind at his back

How does your support level break down for the candidates?

How Delectable is Dean?

Rivals chasing Kerry in Iowa; Pace picks up as caucuses loom

Iowa predictions - general poll

Clark supporters: A Kerry win may be bad for the General

Dean and Harkin - Slopping the Media Hogs

What's Sen. Kerry's position on marijuana decriminalization?

Deleted message

Is Clark Pro-Union?

Dean's army of storm chasers launch assault for presidency

Tonight, I Shook the Hand of a Great Man, Dennis Kucinich

Shaheen: Kerry has Dean in his sights

Election 2004 will be about BUSH, not Dean, Clark or any Democratic

Looking for photo of Clark with that blue tie...

Have you lost or gained respect for Wesley Clark after learning...

How accurate is the polling in Iowa?

NOW Salutes CMB's Historic Bid for President (warning postive stuff)

Richard Perle's and Wesley Clark's Congressional Testimony

Dean, Clark in tight race in California; Clark does best against Bush

Does Gephardt withdraw if he comes in third?

Clark Statement On The Republican Gun Rider

Deleted message

ARG Tracking: Kerry closing the gap on Clark, Dean up by six

Former Michigan foes unite behind Kerry

If 9/11 had never happened, what would the past three years be like, and

Who serves, and who is served?

Once-Warm Relationship Between Dean and the New Media Sours

Which superdelegates are pledged, and which are not?

Kerry Doesn't Hesitate to Woo Those Who Do

How Dean Offers Hope

Its the southern states

The Campaign Desk

Kerry's Veterans Brigade starts to arrive

Under pressure, Dean retools

Brooks on candidates / response

How electable is Dean?

Deleted message

Clark would lift stem cell restrictions

Bill Richardson for Secretary of State?

KERRY Leads Undecideds in Iowa, Highest Second-Choice Total

Wes Clark Jr. Is a Force of Nature

Dean backers happy to be 'left-wing freak show'

Anyone catch Carville on NPR show, Waddya know?

Deleted message

Matt Gephardt on C-span now

Kerry rapidly closing the gap in NH - down by only 10 - Clark slipping

Kerry charges 'smear' effort, defends farm record

Was ignoring Iowa a fatal flaw in Clark's strategy?

As Iowa Caucuses Near, Crystal Ball Gets Cloudy

CSPAN replay of Dean interview 1/14 on now~ 4:10 EST

How does Braun getting a $20,000 "retainer" from Dean impact endorsement?

Appealing to independents: Dean v. Clark

Gephardt Ad Quotes Dean Out of Context via

Clark statement on repuke & NRA gun sneak

If there's no clear winner in Iowa, Clark will benefit

I got a letter from Gephardt, bashing Dean.

Wes Clark holding a huge rally in New Hampshire

I'm feeling very different all of a sudden. Blame Iowa

Close scrutiny: Which candidate handles it best?

C-Span must look like the Horror Channel to Karl Rove

IOWA POLL 1/17: Kerry 23% (-1) Dean 22% (+3) Geph 19% (+0) Edw 18% (+2)

Should U.S. territories be allowed to elect presidents?

Is it likely that Howard Dean will have Carol Mosely-Braun for VP?

If Wellstone were still alive, whom do you thinh he would have endorsed?

Campaign 2004: Columbia Journalism Review Launches Media Watchdog Site

Can Dean challenge * on the war on terrorism?

When will we know the nominee?

How the Iowa Caucus Works (Must Read!!)

Question for Clark supporters re the SOA

Kerry in Iowa Boosted by Vietnam Past

Kerry supporters: Kerry is about to speak at an Iowa rally

I'll Be Voting For Wesley Clark/Good-Bye Mr. Bush - - by Micheal Moore

Dean leads Sharpton among African-Americans in SC 27-16 (poll)

Kucinich's Date gets someone else

CNNs Candy Crowley reporting on Dean

I already know who ONE winner in Iowa will be... Not a candidate.

Earn my trust, earn my vote

Kudos to Trippi from a Clark Supporter

Drudge has one aim: To defeat Democrats...

Man, these candidates are working their butts off!

He's not running in Iowa, so please dial it down for a few days.

I just heard something about a Kerry endorsment. Who was It?

Dean in June '03: I tend to believe President on Iraq.Saddam had weapon

Are you amazed people are still posting Hit & Run Attacks?

Clark and the Enlightenment

Internet voting in the Michigan caucus

3 GIs were killed today in Iraq that would still be alive if not for IWR

Kerry - Endorsement of Del. Donna M. Christensen of U.S. Virgin Islands

ALL candidates should open ALL records as Clark has done

Bush As Hitler? Dems Could Learn Lessons From Keynesian Hitler

Has anyone been push-polled?

Michael Bolton singing for Gephardt on CSPAN NOW

Stealth Negativity? Recording Reveals Kerry Operative Dissing Dean in Camp

Michael Bolton on C-SPAN for Gep now.

Are Populists Made and Not Born? (also Kucinich vs Dean & faux populism)

Clark, Kerry Camps Squabble Over Campaign Brochure

Under Attack, Kerry Appears to Build Momentum

Edwards on C-SPAN now

Which candidate has the most "governability"?

Analysis on latest Gallup poll of Wesley Clark

The Truth about Carol Moseley Braun

What happens if Un-Decided Wins?

Two Waves of Change; Dean and Kucinich (Long)

NY Times: Peace, and Kucinich, Gets a Chance

Michael Bolton singing at a Gephardt rally on CSPAN right now

Is there an unspoken affinity between Dean & Edwards supporters?

Can Edwards bring together both Dean and Clark supporters?

Anyone watching Kerry on CSPAN? 9:45 pm EST

How Our Nominee is selected nationally?

Thoughts on the Des Moines Register Poll

Jesse Jackson on Fox now

Iowa Clark supporters to back Gephardt? Kucinich a spoiler?

I didn't know this: if your 17 now but 18 in November you can caucus

Are you positive that Clark isn't just all rhetoric?

What if Dean doesn't get 15% in Iowa?

Can Clark challenge Bush/Cheney on ANYTHING?

Howard Dean's sealed records: supporting view from an "opponent"

Recording Reveals Kerry Operative Dissing Dean in Campaign Call -J.Tapper

Michigan - The Other Perfect Storm...

Dean went from frontrunner to running scared in the final week before Iowa

First lady contender Teresa Heinz Kerry brings candor to campaign

Isn't a 4 way tie in Iowa the ideal for Wesley Clark?

where will the iowa results be posted real time?

The Fury of the Democratic Convert (Wes Clark)

Dean's in 3rd place, behind Kerry and Edwards?

Kerry wins poll of waiters, hotel workers, bartenders in Des Moines

Is Dean going for the sweater vote now?

are any candidates running ads AIMED at March 2nd states?

Clark explains: preemption vs preemption:

SNL Just Trashed DEAN in the Opening

Clark answers questions on School of the Americas....

New Des Moines Register Poll: Kerry opens 6 point lead over Dean

New poll shows...oh, who gives a crap.

Dean Campaign Rocks for Caucus of 3,500 strong on the ground!

I'm now undecided, please help me

What does everyone think of Super Delegates?

Iowa: Potential Winners and Losers (oh... and GEPHARDT's dead meat)

Concord Monitor in NH endorses Kerry

I'm extremely proud of John Kerry

when will Lieberman drop out?

On the edge with Dennis the Menace

In S.C., Edwards Talks Job Growth - State Wants Hope

Iowa Worries About Losing Its Franchise (Or Why Harkin Endorsed Dean)

Our candidates in Iowa are doing us all PROUD!

Clark Makes His Move (US News)

NYT-Dean and Gephardt Camps Turn Their Attacks to Kerry

Iowa State Representative Wayne Ford Endorses John Edwards.

CapGang Outrage of the week: Dean's Selective Condemnation of IWR

Dean, his numbers, and what they don't mean

Biden/Lugar--what is it?

I saw Michael Moore at the Clark rally in NH today

Predictions on Tomorrows Des Moines Register Poll

Clark lines up support of Clintonites

Rank the Presidential candidates in order!

New CBS poll: '04 Election Could Be 2000 Redux

Stop Dean Steams Full Speed Ahead in Iowa ...

IOWA Polls Completely Off

I am pulling for an Edwards win on Monday.

Deleted message

They just showed a Dean skit on SNL

John Edwards: From long shot to serious contender

If Dean defeats Kerry in Iowa, will Kerry Supporters & Dems Rally to Him?

New ARG 1/17 Kerry up, Clark down, Dean level, undecided up

Why is Clark not credible to so many Democrats?

Deleted message

Facing questions, Clark backs Army school

Biden on Gore's endorsement of Dean

John Kerry supporters Only--- Write an endorsement for your candidate

The General's Henchman - Michael Moore Smears Kucinich

Drudge: DEAN LEAVES DOWD WAITING BY PHONE (all caps as cut and pasted)

Clark suggests questions remain unanswered about Bush's military service

The hypocrasy of the military argument regarding Clark

Ok, I'll finally commit, I'm voting Kucinich.

Howard Dean supporters Only -- Write an endorsement for your candidate.

If Dean wins because he drives people to polls, and Edwards goes up

If Kerry defeats Dean in Iowa, will Dean Supporters and Dems Rally to Him?

Great new Edwards ad: "YOUR Time is now."

New tax rules, energy sources are Kerry's goals

"For John Kerry": Concord-Monitor Endorses John Kerry

Kucinich: We Must Support Our Troops

Kerry saved Green Beret's life while under fire, earned Bronze Star

I just met Janene Garalifilo and Joan Jett at the Dean Camp/Iowa.

Who can challenge Cheney on Energy meeting records?

Can I ask a question of Dean supporters?

The biggest Clark photos (& GOP satire) website is calling you -NOW!

Just who do you guys think Karl Rove is, anyway?

Wesley Clark's Argyle Sweater On Ebay! Bid Now To Benefit Liberty House.