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Archives: January 16, 2004

Just got email from my brother in law, his letter to Shrub,

Cartoons -- almost all of these are making fun of Bush space plan ...

Recovery Trickles Down Very Slowly

David Corn (The Nation): Not-So-Special Counsel

Jeff Faux (The Nation): NAFTA at 10

Return to presidential caucuses shows Maine's sensibility

Friday's Steve Bell Cartoon

God Hates Unmarried Losers (Morford's latest)

Bush's pro-corporate agenda crowds out GOP principles

While You Were Distracted

Church Sends Christ Into Cold - Jimmy Breslin

Bob Herbert (NYT): Masters of Deception

TIA and MATRIX more in common than just spying and cocaine

America as a One-Party State: A Must Read

Anthony Lewis (NYT): The Justices Take On the President

Babbitt, Hawken, and other enviros throw their weight behind Dean

Former GOP Strategist Critical of Bush "Dynasty"

Guardian: The World Is Watching

Krugman: Who Gets It?

Yakimaniac Republican Rant

COL Hackworth--Takin' a Shine to Wes Clark?

SF Chronicle: Cheney's grim vision

Washington Post defends Bush, Iraq war against Paul O’Neill’s exposures

Bill Gates: 'The Wealthy Must Give Back to Society'

The O'Franken Factor-- An interview in Newsweek

Conservative groups break with Republican leadership ( May not vote in Nov

WSWS -- Iraq troop rotation plan: Pentagon prepares for next war

press wants to know which issues are important to you

John Kerry Puffs the Magic Dragon - Video

Another PBS station falls to the fundies, in Texas

CBS/Viacom Steps Up for Bush

GOP on the Attack - Targeting John Kerry ... Video

Rob Reiner and Martin Sheen on Hardball - Video

Sneaky prophetic X-Files writers got 9/11 truth on TV!

Zel Miller: Conservative traitor

Is There a Wingnut in Your Life That Drives You Insane?

Mary Matalin: Is There a More Vile GOP Hag?

What is your Law?

Shrub propagation question (not THAT shrub)

In search of Ayn Rand

Upstate New York gathering ideas???

CARTOONS! The "Space(d) Cowboy" Edition

Minnesota DUers...Gathering on Jan. 23rd?

The MacArthur Foundation

Astrologers: Pluto is now in Opposition to US Mars - II

Poll shows Americans sharply divided on gay rights

OUTFEST Presents Fusion, First LGBT People of Color Film Festival

Montreal Games Organizers Plan New World Gay Athletic Organization

Gay-hating Philly minister convicted of soliciting sex from male teenager

This may be a dupe but,

Family/Fascist Research Council

Pro-family group still hopeful Bush will back marriage amendment

should it even matter if gays are born that way?

Arizona Amendment Would Ban Any Recognition Of Gay Couples

Paging Junker...

The 44 trillion con-job lie that Bush/O'Neill sell to destroy Social Secur

specific budget items in the federal budget

The curious attitude of "F***"

Update: Problems with Main US Inflation Accounting

$ to thrash around for 30 days and then dive into the tank.

2003 Tied For Second-Warmest Year On Record - NCDC

Need some Help with a Repug

Indiana To Regulate Deer Farms

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 16, 2004

I Just Received This E-Mail

February issue of Fast Company on laughing grass

Um... Hey Guys ???

A clarification about sig lines please

Move LBN post to GD please?

To Skinner and the Mods

Quick Question

"What did Candidate X mean when he said this?"

Not sure why my post was deleted

I am sorry to have to take this up with you, but I feel I must

responsiveness to "Alerts"

I know you have better things to do right now

I would like to know if Democratic Underground...

A fair double standard/exception to the GD2004 rules

Is it considered disruptive

Comic relief for the admins and mods!

So what does it mean

Dismantling the Fortresses of Fear

Activist rabbi in the dock, but he hopes Israeli policy will be on trial

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OT

Israel to resume targeted killings

2003 marks first year of deflation in Israel's history

Yassin denies involvement in Wednesday's suicide attack

Victims of terror appoint representation to fence hearings at the Hague

Fencers will compete, hoist flag in Aqaba

EU warns Israel against targeted killings

Official: Israel to Kill Hamas Founder

The Nation Magazine Discusses The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism

Israel Plans New Name for W. Bank Barrier

Arafat kept Barghouti out of Hezbollah prisoner swap

Interesting, obscure 9/11 article

Rep. Lampson seeks re-election in new district

Rep. Martin Frost to take on Pete Sessions in TX-32 candidate query results trends

Hack Attack: The GOP journalist gunning for Bush in New Hampshire.

PERLE: "He(Clark) just doesn't want to take action(on Iraq)." 9/02

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick endorses Howard Dean

Analyzing Coverage of 2004 Race

Did Clark ask congress to decide if Bush is a criminal?

Help a Democrat in KY (Ben Chandler)

Good news on GOTV operations from 527's.

Did anyone see/hear any of O'Reilly show tonight?

Dems must challenge Bush on the Environment.

How many right wing big government/ tax haters do you know

Iraqi plan for Sharia law 'a sop to clerics', say women

Mildly amusing school prayer petition destined for Bush

New Christian site: Don't vote for W (looney alert) Don't vote for 'W'

Some good news...

The other flag to wrap oneself in

Will We See Massive Global Marches Against Bush Before U.S. Election?

Is volunteerism dead??

Why is renouncing citizenship bad?

Hello?!! Bush != Hitler

Top 13 REAL Reasons why Bush wants to go to Mars

Now bu$h wants U.N. help. Aren't they irrlevent George?

"Read it now!" mwahahahaha

Take Me Off This Planet - John O'Farrell - amusing

Andrew Young was at Bush fundraiser???

O'Reilly says he wrong about the boy scouts.

CARTOONS! - special preview: Luckovich NAILS bush/MLK op

O'Neil, Army War College, Kevin Phillips - A trifecta "for" Bush?

James Rubin is on c-span right now

Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush

Bush called Rove on the phone tonight...

Doonesbury, "Fair and Balanced"...

Mustang Engineer Lives the American Dream

"Your huddled masses" -- of visitors

What will be the big news Today?

No troops reported killed for the last couple of days

Interesting analysis brings to mind "threat inflation" .....

This from over at Buzzflash

2 Timothy 3:1-5,7

Fresh Pork - Where our $ is going

Remember them trying to compare Iraqi resistance with post-WW II Germany?

Gay marriage poll (not the AMA one)

Bush's Soc Security "private account plan"--would cost $1 Trillion to fund

MLK Breakfast features Chicago Dems

US not yet responding to request by Red Cross to visit Saddam

U.S. consumer sentiment highest since late 2000

An example of Ed Gillespie and Drudge distortions about Clark and war

From the back of the bus to "behind the bus..."

What? We have 3 child detainees at Guatanamo Bay???

If Pre-Emption is now our official policy?

Bill Clinton's Book Due this Father's Day!

Does anyone know anything about the ABN AMRO-Bin Laden connection?

Is the ad going to be allowed to play ANYWHERE?


Cong. Bernie Sanders joins Thom Hartmann live at 1:05pm ET -- link

Let's Get Rid of the Swine! (Inzana)

BBV: Report on California Voting Systems Panel Meeting (updated)

my problem with Howard Dean

Daily Howler Skewers Maureen Dowd

George Soros was on Charlie Rose last 5:30 (et)

Ha ha ha Katherine Harris won't be running for the Senate

Secret Service Protection

Exclusive: No mad cow tests in Wash.

Thanks to all the good folks that have exposed the Wall St Journal, RNC,

Fox's Major Garrett actually fair today on creepy Don & Roma Show

EU welcomes US space plans, but has concerns (about military ambitions)

They're BAACCKK! Wooden Shoe Brigade resurrections itself and joins Bush.

California Democrats Face Grim Post-Mortem

A POLITY CONUNDRUM (re: Perle and Frum)

BBV: Help in Ohio needed

Bush cheats taxpayers and MLK to get a free trip to a fundraiser

Hope you didnt miss the all network coverage of Michael Jackson's

Task force 121 and Lt. Gen. William Boykin's un-holy war on Iraq!

drug testing industry gets payback from the bushgang

Is anyone familiar with "The Week" Magazine?

Wingnut freak out - bible codes say Dean wins! Brings peace!

Chance to Flip 2 Congress Seats NOW

Do Democrats Trust Machines or do they "Trust the People"?

No, the GOP is not homophobic...

Black Students denied voting rights in Texas

Yay! 500 posts I can't wait for my name to have 1000+ next to it

Bush/Cheney bumper stickers for 04 campaign....funny and Oh So True!

"The Price of Loyalty" Good News, Bad News

Bush's New Space Program Criticized Over Costs & Nuclear Fears

Right Wing Resistance to Global Warming Issue

CNN: Dean on top in Iowa

Republicans - The Party of Death

Is Soros tanking the dollar?

Recess appointments and Bill Clinton

MoveOn knocked out of Super Bowl

new bushflash

The Horse is dissing Lou Dobbs big time for dissing Clark...

today, a friend of mine in nyc had to teach in a 50 degree classroom.

"God, Guts and Guns" words from a leftie newspaper in Bakersfield, CA

Racists rejoice Pickering installment

Very Much Concerned By The Next OPEC Meeting

Drudge has lost his effectiveness

Bush just Installed Pickering - Unity Thread for Righteous Indignation

An Echo Of The Cold War Space Race

Bush Bypasses Congress and.......

The Wal Mart you don't know..

One of the most disturbing campaign ads ever (NC Governor)

George Soros on Charlie Rose NOW (et) PBS...

On "conspiracy theories"

Pickering Question

This quote about exposes Repugs for ultra-revisionism

Can you please define the term "Spacial Entrepreneur"?

Bush on Mars cartoon from Aljazeera

The good-paying jobs have gone bye-bye, get used to it

February OPEC Meeting - Beginning Of The End?

DU accronyms.

Rush said that Gen. Clark supprted war in Iraq....

State of the Union address?

Russia plans Mars nuclear station

CBS News: New Crisis in Iraq

If Saddam "gassed his own people", what does this say about Uncle Sam?

How lucrative was the Florida Education contract for Dell Computers?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! The Sh@t's about to hit the fan in Iraq!

Some Bush Humor...

Bush is trying to "unite" our nation again...

Does anyone know anything about these "Freepers"?

Neglegence Found In Carnahan Plane Crash

Tweety slaps down Jeanne Shaheen

Helen Thomas on NOW tonight (PBS)

Do Senators & congressman pay into/collect social security?

Creationism a science?

We need a Murphy Brown TV character to take on Bush

Deaf/Mute pResident + Blind/Corrupt Cabinet = Conflict of Interest

General Clark on Bill Maher right now!

Hallelujah! Harris won't run!

Did anyone see Eliot Cohen on this morning's WJ?

Joe Biden on the Daily Show

All Polls are bull*

Looking for photo of Clark with that blue tie...

An anti-bush ad I'd like to see aired -

Fed Pension insurance program's deficit swells

What, in our current political situation, do centrist Democrats want?

It takes work to make peace

I've figured out how the rich will evade the coming draft

Shrub appoints Right wing Judge to New Orleans Court of appeals.

Bush* to propose tax-free "lifetime savings accounts"?

From the start, O'Neill rowed against the Bush team

Women Must Show ID To Get Abortion

How can Scott McClellan LIVE with himself?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! The er..doo doo is about to hit the fan in Iraq!

Stage actress Uta Hagen dies

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown on Dean and Hillary

I've been interviewing 'the guy on the street'..

Rove is NOT afraid of {candidate name here}

Military in Space: Audio links

So with the elections coming up and possible debates

Occupation of Iraq

Things ive learned from listening to Mike Savage.. ( Weiner )

Did anyone hear Brian Lamb speculating on Bush challenger from the Right

ABC Nightline Friday: the Baghdad Blogger (Salam Pax)

Will meathead Lou apologize for his Clark lie or will he dodge?

'curious george' photo from WH web page (caution: scary) true photo

is "World Net Daily" a RW propaganda site?

One Way Trip to Mars.

We are abandoning the women of Iraq!

unsettling news on WMD

Halliburton & Mars: "an unprecedented opportunity"

Sorry, This Story Just Died Too Soon Here !!!

Did President Clinton employ "free speech zones" against his protesters?

Revelations: 9/11 Commission officials gave evidence to own inquiry

Martin Luther King- Six Principals Of Nonviolence

Driving instructions for the Country

Liberalism on college campuses

SOTU: Start telling your Congresscritters now...

Want to see what the Earth lost on 12/12/00?

Finally! TBTM Radio Gets Their MoveOn!

All You Posters Who Thought Bush Being Booed Was Inappropriate

Statistical Resources on the Web

Bush Flees Iraq Mess On The Campaign Express

Please Du this poll. Is the Media Bias?

New Homeland Security film: "Subversives Must Be Destroyed!"- stay alert

Join's Meetup!

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Inside the business of news, MORE...

CNN FOX ABC--no sound on the footage of W at the MLK crypt/tomb

GRAPHIC VIDEO: U.S. Soldiers Execute Iraqis!

First victim of Bush's Mars stunt: Hubble Space Telescope!?

Should Pagans Be Peaceniks?

Castro Dead?

Pickering appointed by bush*s recess appointment!!! payback for MLK protes

Just sent an e-mail to the greatest living U.S. Senator, Rick Santorum

pssssssssssst... (the TOONS are back! pass it on...

I smell a landslide in November.

Pickering won't draw a salary

Freeps hurl racial insults, death threats to Margaret Cho

we can't beat Bush

What makes Nazism right-wing

How Exactly is a Democrat's Wife Supposed to Behave?

Do you think MLK would have been killed if he had stuck to racial issues

Bushler losing true Conservatives in droves!

Coporations consider themselves international citizens why doesn't labor?

Nurses in how many other states are required to do Bioterrorism CEU's?

don't miss this site

TV Producers are getting seriously interested in Black Box Voting

Social Democracy and Socialism

If I hear "No difference between Democrat and Bush", I'm going postal!!!

Creationism is science?

Newsflash: Abortion is never a "quick, easy" decision for women!

Bush*s Immigration Plan Hurts Re-Election War Chest (Moonie Times)

Spanish politician calls Tony Blair "a complete dickhead"

BBV: Report on California Voting Systems Panel Meeting

Airline to cancel 364 flights (Alitalia strike)

3.2 Earthquake just occured in SEattle

Plane carrying Georgian defense minister comes under fire in Iraq; no one

House votes to study school voucher bill (New Hampshire)

New light shed on campaign funding

United States to return $20 million to Peru

Administration proposing new high-level manufacturing council

Afghan TV U-turn on women singers

Senate overrides more than $51 million in Romney vetoes

Largest corporate scholarship provider for poor kids dropping out (Fla.)

US blamed for journalists' deaths

MI5 Conman tricked students out of £665,000 by 'IRA threats'

Bush gets booed during his visit to MLK's grave

Duplicate post. Sorry. Bush to Revive Social Security Tax Plan

U.S. pension insurer's deficit triples

New York Times (Friday): US Joins Iraqis to Seek UN Role in Interim Rule

France Considers Iraq Security Role

Bush to use State of Union to revive tax proposals

Consumer Sentiment Highest Since Nov 2000

U.S. December Michigan Sentiment Index Rises to 103.2 From 92.6

Iran quake toll tops 41,000

O'Neill's "Secret" Document Not So Secret After All

CBS/Viacom Steps Up for Bush

France considering security role in Iraq: FM

Top Kashmir Rebel Leaders Killed by Indian Forces

German cannibal had 204 ‘applicants’

Saddam told his militia to avoid al Qaeda

Sun Micro to lay off about 300 workers (CA)

Globe and Mail: "Bush prefers our pretty boy to his pretty boy"

House Pages Expelled for Chemical Abuse

Cleric Warns of Rejecting US Iraq Plan

Bush Administration Proposes Cutting U.S. Manufacturers' Taxes

Reported abuse of Iraqi prisoners to be probed

U.S. Says May Agree to Some Changes in Iraq Plan

U.S. Army to Cut Back Patrols in Baghdad

Iraq Aide Brands U.S. Formula As 'Hasty'

Highways Marked by Tension and Risk (from trigger-happy US forces)

Stocks Rise on Strong Earnings(despite flat industrial production

Bush Issues Recess Appointment

Bush Finds Loophole and Appoints Pickering???

Conservatives pressure White House to support antigay amendment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 16 January (#1)

United Recalls 600 Flight Attendants

Jewish group OK's same-sex marriage

Turkish Army Flexes Muscles on Iraq, Cyprus

Democrats' Financing Plan Challenged

Breaking news - Bomb blast in Central Baghdad...more soon

More Boeing Layoff Notices Go Out

Shiite Cleric's Aide Brands Iraq Power Transfer a Bush Election Stunt

Retaliation allegations denied by school board (Texas)

Jewish Groups Join Fight For Gay Marriage

Electrolux To Close Mich. Fridge Factory (2,700 Jobs To SC, Mexico)

Economic crisis, threats of Jihad, and more violence in Iraq

Bush to Revive Social Security Tax Plan

WTO backs U.S. duties on Canadian lumber - source

Iraq Insurgents Urged to Lay Down Arms

Despite probe, Cheney's former firm gets Iraq oil contract

Top Democrats deliver "prebuttal" to Bush's State of the Union

Industrial Production Up 0.1 Percent

Lawmaker Says Intelligence Wrong on Iraq WMD (Rep. Jane Harman-D-CAL)

Florida's Harris may skip Senate run

IRS to audit Nature Conservancy

AP: Military Range Cleanup Plan Sputters (It Could Take More Than 300 Yrs)

Despite Probe, Halliburton Gets Contract

Blair: 24ours in the life or death of a premiership

Arizona Judge Rules State's Legislative District Map Is Unconstitutional

Gephardt, Dean pull negative ads as undecideds seek positive tone

Author dies after facelift

Citizenship Civics Test to Change/W.H. wants 'more meaningful' exam

Legal Group To Offer Gay Marriage Advice

House GOP Warns White House on Budget Plan

Bush operatives moving to primary states

Harris Won't Run for Senate

Wife Beating Book Slammed


Senior Texas Democrat Takes on Republican Incumbent (Frost vs Sessions)

Groups Urge Probe Of Ashcroft's '00 Bid

Kerry Redefined by Post-Vietnam Efforts

Scalia & Cheney take hunting trip as Energy Case goes to court.

Hoon admits he may be forced to resign

Guardian Utd: Place in the sun for everyone--except Bush, Coke and Windows

France Calls for 6,240-Strong U.N. Force for Ivory Coast

John Glenn doesn't think Bush*s space plan will fly

Conservative groups break with Republican leadership

Candidates Slam Bush on Pickering

IAEA Says Iraq Likely Source of Material (yellowcake in Rotterdam harbor!)

When Grand Ayatollah Sistani Speaks, Bush Listens

Industry (Halliburton et al.) hopes soar with space plan

Serious Voter Fraud Charges in SF Mayor's Race

Frost to challenge incumbent Sessions for U.S. House seat

Three Lawyers Demand Dean Stock Inquiry

Bush* Looks at New Health Care Initiative, Advisors Say

Bush prefers Martin spokesman to his own

NASA Cancels Shuttle Missions to Hubble

Iraqi Oil Gets Its Own Police Force

Ex-Enron chief Lay eager to talk, his lawyer says

Parts Manufacturer Negligent in Plane Crash That Killed Gov. Mel Carnahan

Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks Rock The Vote

U.S. to Ask for UN Fact-Finding Team in Iraq Dispute (direct elections)

Rumors of Castro's death sweep Miami-Dade -- again

Gore Calls Bush a 'Moral Coward'

Bush Approval Slips 4 pts in latest NBC/WSJ Poll

White House Opposes UN Report on Obesity

45,000 People Quit AARP Over Medicare

Pentagon Withholds Cold War Medical Data (WMD use on our troops)

Bush Names Pickering To Federal Appeals Court

Kansas preacher tries Twin Falls for anti-gay monument

Court Won't Block Texas Redistrict Plan (Supreme Court refuses)

Bush to Offer Defense of Iraq War in Major Speech

Evans to Unveil Plan for Manufacturers(cut taxes to "save jobs"- surprise!

Vultures, Help!

A box upon the media

new Oxyrush advertisers Fry-Wagner, Research Medical Center

Today's "Treadmill Movie": Oliver Stone's "Talk Radio"

DU this pole

Welcome to the Lounge Nostradammit

Question for UW Stevens point alumni.....

"Sex And The City" with lesbians - BRILLIANT!

Silly question...

I found out today that my CO is nondeployable

Best song of 2003?

Cooking with Frodo & Sam

The X-Files Writers Great Prophetic Moment....

Today In Twisted History

Blood on the virtual carpet

Florida man drove his pickup truck through house before landing in pool

I am pretty new here.... some questions.

looking for photo album/slideshow software

Are you popular??

Ooh what fun.. Let the guests decorate the wedding cake

Streak of Bad Luck for Streakers

I could almost hear you sigh

There was just an earthquake in Seattle

Send Back Liberty (look who they want to replace her with )

Boston workers, take a cab to work, if you usually walk

-114 degrees in Mt Washington (with windchill :P) this morning.

ok Mother Nature I GIVE I GIVE!!

Whats that i see, why its a Newbie!

I had the weirdest dream about babysitting the Clinton's other daughter

brave minyata, we hardly knew ye

what's the deal with the rising cost of bread???

Anyone still have a set of those Dr. Laura photos from a few years ago?

I am so "Rico Suave!" - Ask me anything.

Woman To Face Trial For Hoarding 196 Cats

The "relaxed" wife

CAPTION the Atlanta cops protesting W

DOH!! Man Tosses Bag of Pot Into Courthouse Security Tray

Is Peter Wyngarde still a gay icon?

The Glide House.. (a new way to pre-fab)

The mind of a suicide bomber

I just ordered Price of Loyalty and American Dynasty from BAMM

I'm going home early...

LIVING Darwin Award Goes To THIS Man!

Anyone else have a favorite Pet Shop Boys song?

I was banned this morning, ask me anything!

Should I have ONE MORE BEER?

The Official GOPisEvil/Matcom Thread...

Worst thing to find in your SO's browser history

QOTFD!! (Quote of the Friendly Day!)

Holy crow! It's FRIDAY??!!

Mind Mending Language Fun!

Hey! Come here! --- Pull My Finger...

Rusty, the Martian spy, says we are driving him crazy

College football bowl games

A thread for Cat Lovers....

I wasn't feeling sick until I came to the Lounge

Cambridge Study: 99.99% Believe Anything E-mailed to Them.

I love Dean, but I'm ABD

I want to learn web design and maintenance...need advice

Pats have gone from fluke to favorite!

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises

A boquet of CAPTIONS for meeeee!?!? How thoughtful of YOU

Help me pick a class

Enough with the cat threads already!

Any lambs of the food group?

How do you tell a person that you don't care about their god/religion?


CNN-Celebrity News Network

Buy Saddam Sand. (This is not a joke)

A Girl with an X-ray vision

Any Fans of the Silence of the Lamb?

"I Have A Dream"

Wham Lamb Thank You Ma'am

Any Lambada fans out there?

Any fans of Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal?

Caption this picture of Jerry Falwell

What Does This Mean? Someone Translate Please?

I'm watching 'Scooby Doo, Where are you?" ask me anything?

2010 - Ordering Pizza in a post-Bush administration world

new Oxyrush advertiser St Clair

What should Marvin the Martian say in the State of Mars address?

Seperated at Birth? The Frank Burns edition

Cartoon characters caught on tape - from FARK


Any Lambda Lambda Lambda's here?

Anyone want to design my business web page?

Why is it called "the pork barrel"?

Dog in heat...advice?

Any fans of the food "Lamb"?

new Oxyrush advertiser Maui Visitors Bureau Inc

"The Passion of The Christ" by Quentin Tarantino

This is a RAVE! I made it through!

Am I a democrat or republican?

Your guilty musical secret...?

Our Howard Dean Song Is Now Online

So anyway

I agree...we need to establish a base on the moon

Bush and the Wizard of Oz (An Amazon Review of "Wicked")

What are the saddest thongs worn in the last 15 years???

Jon Stewart: Hot or not?

I.a.s.* - Convection oven - regular oven?

First Picture from Mars

So you're a frequent customer at CompUSA

What if I were Romeo in black jeans? What if I was Heathcliff...

Mystikal sentenced to 5 years for sexual battery, promotes new CD

I need a good book on learning Java

Any fans of the group "Lamb"?

Does anyone know any good jazz clubs in NYC?

Hope you didnt miss the all network coverage of Michael Jackson's

A chuckle

Here's an odd cat

ha, what my friend said about Lieberman

after a couple of weeks off.... it's TOON time again!

If you're "high maintenance"...

Who else loves the album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"?

Playboy can pursue charges against Excite and Netscape

An infallible, guaranteed insider's prediction on IA


What is your favorite variation on typing "Republican"

CAPTION the traitor

Ad-Aware question...

Liberal Eye for the Investor

Check out the pick of Ashleigh Banfield

as articles go, this one needs a little more attention from the editor...

Geek jokes!

A question for Downeasters

I love this Poem. The Cremation of Sam McGee.

Time for a really bad, corny joke from Battleknight24... here it goes...

Post your favorite Monk line/scene here

My cat officially hates me

1974 - the death of the liberal revolution?

"The Graduate" is

The silence of the 101 lambs.

Any fans of the man Lamb?

Alright enough war, everybody kiss & makeup

Any Fans of "Lambchop"?

When the tinfoil hat just isn't gettin it.

1974 - the end of the liberal revolution?

Any fans of the Lamb Man?

WhaddoIlooklike, a sucker or something (long)?

2004 is Year of the Monkey

ARMA MORTAL - Giant dinosaur claws from Argentina

Does protest music exists anymore?


what's happening this weekend

DU Computer!

I just made 100 posts! YAAYYYYYY!!!!!

I just had my first message deleted...

Yay! 500 posts I can't wait for my name to have 1000+ next to it

I hate using sick days when I'm actually sick

Why do Retardicans always want to deify their presidents?

Why Lambaste DU with Lamb Posts?

"Who forgot to brew the coffee today!!!!"

*New and Improved* with 20% less dingbat!

I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana....

What are the saddest songs made in the last 15 years???

i've never really been gone, but i'm back! anyone miss me?

traits of a good woman...

Today's Oprah: Women of India killed by their husbands when they can't

$260 for "affordable DIY" wire shelving?! @%&!%(*!!!

Superfly- Ron O'Neal dies at 66

The Most Definitive Poll of All:

Favorite Liberal Book

Cthulhu supporters: Where are you located?

What's your favorite kind of Lounge post?

Attention Maine DUers - Are you going to your caucus?

So I am thinking of starting a weblog

Carol Burnett Show Marathon All Weekend!!!


Just when I think Bush couldn't possibly disgust me any further....

Hugh Jackman/Horror Fans --- The VAN HELSING Preview is up

Caption a downtrodden woman

Listen up, DU...I've had enough.

Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

here's an addicting Japanese game . . .

It's time for... Name My Liqueur!!!

You have the ability to make one person get a haircut. Who?

Whatever happened to all those January sweepstakes??

When's that next L.A. DU gathering?

What is the title of this song and who is the artist?

Not It!

Goddammit, I'm cold!

FAMILY GUY creator confirms return of Stewie and family

Who Do You Think Will Lose This Poll?

Deleted message

what do republicans and sperm have in common?

Protect your pets!

please Google bomb nixon on miserable failure

Poll question: Alternate Ticket for Imaginary Elections

Advice needed on a camcorder

Anyone still watching Smallville?

Time for the gratuitous "Ghostbusters" quote!

NOW with Bill Moyers Tonight on PBS

Who's on your list...

Life insurance policy tax question.


Absolutely Fabulous fans. A new one on Oxygen channel

How we can beat bush

Ok, I admit. It has been over 10 freaking years......

Who made it into the Clean Plate Club tonite?

You gotta check this one out:

New Norah Jones CD February 10th! YAY!

Drinking Coffee, listening to Loverboy and Alice Cooper, chatting on DU...

Countdown to 38,000 DUers!

former law students: the wait for grades...

A classic - The 5 States Of Drunkeness

OK, I admit it. Its been 10 freaking years

Yay! The non-stop work period is over!


What is your favorite "Good Thing"

Kings v. Lakers tonight!!!

Welcome to DU Member #38,000!!!!

I'm torn, and a little mad. What are your thoughts?

It is time for a cartoon

Begging for a CAPTION

Linux Geeks -- anybody out there have advice for video capture boards?

What's black and white and red all over?

I should just start smoking again.

Watching the South park movie for the first time - laughing my butt off!!

Urgh! Anyone have that "End of the world" flash thingy?

Streakers car stolen

"but we can't make love... because we're related."

I have a legal question

sorry about this duplication

Congrats WyoMee - 100 posts!!

Bagdad Blogger is on Nightline

Don't watch Jimmy Kimmel live (insensitive joke)

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Phone Company Slamming

Save me! What dissolves adhesives?

1,001 posts, and I want strokes, d--- it!

They're firing people and the rest of us have to work harder to make up

High Weirdness in L.A.

Caption the scorned woman

I used my job to fight abuse of power today...and I feel great!

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Do You Have A Hidden Talent?

So, is Harry Chapin's "Taxi" the saddest song in the world, or what?

Here I sit, broken hearted

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What if Bill Cosby had died in 1987?

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The chronic and obligatory "what are music you listening to?" thread

Susang's First Vanity Post!!!

What's the trait or characteristic you like most about yourself?

My sister was raped!

You know you've watched too much anime...

Who has heard of Romanovsky & Phillips?

It's so cold in New York

Looking for photo of Clark with that blue tie...

Do You Have An All-Time Favorite Bush Quote??

Panthers versus Eagles Game Thread

What type of car do you drive

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I want to go to Italy this summer - anyone know any good airfares?

Here is my tale of woe...and I'd like your opinions.

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I have a question, and you are all going to think I am nuts

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a small rant on Republican bashing

Atkins, carbs, Walmart, and beer on the wall

QUAD CITY DU Gathering Sat. Night

Michelle Wie - How COOL!!

JFK the movie the grand tradition of AriDog.....DubyaCoon

Non minorities - have you ever been a minority?

just had four impacted wisdom teeth removed

I must pick a nit - the book is "Revelation", singular, not "Revelations"

Ask Mr. Zomby your TAX QUESTIONS!!!

How do gay people, minorities, immigrants STAND IT ???

If Shrub were a shrub, what kinda shrub would Shrub be?

Your ship is sinking! You only have time to save one....

How often do you think about Oscar the mixed animal

Gentlemen...when is a date really a date?


Do Americans (Slang Question)

Theme Song Lyrics for TV Shows

Nostalgia for early to mid 90's "alternative" music......

TV Alert - Paul O'Neill Author- Ron Suskind on in minutes on PBS NewsHour

Poll: 3-way tie in IL Democratic US Senate primary race

Dean Back On Top of Zogby Poll in IA


The republicans are winning

It's the fence sitters who will decide this election


my attitude towards all of the candidates has changed..

Three things Dean needs to do

Clarification needed: Dean remains steady in the National Polls

Report from the ground in NH

Is the US a secular state? Or a Christian republic?

Undecided: Here's 3 Good Reasons To Vote For Dean.

kucinch target of yet another late night monologue jab

Is it standard fare for candidates to deny accepting a potential VP slot?

google news counts for candidates

daggummit. my first choice for candidate dropped out....

I'll admit it: I have no ideas how the primaries will play out

Running voters ragged in the Hawkeye State

KCCI-TV Poll finds Kerry and Edwards Surging in Iowa

Does this mean anything?

Are the 13% Iowan undecided potential no-shows?

Did John Edwards seek help to curtail excessive blinking?

Dean Details Treatment for Anxiety Attacks

1 thing you need to know about General Wesley Clark

Carole King for John Kerry on cspan now 1:10 am eastern

A FOUR WAY Statistical "Dead Heat" in IOWA would be Delightful!

Dean edges Lieberman, Clark in Florida, South

Wesley Clark lobbed "Dean Tapes" grenade into Iowa

The lie of positive media bias for Howard Dean

Dear mr Krugman

NYT-Iowa Hopefuls Wrestle With a Great Unknown: The Choice of the Undecide

Clark says Congress should determine whether Bush's war decisions criminal

If Kerry wins Iowa, what do you think will happen in NH?

This current all around change in Iowa numbers has done a few things..

Clark - "I'm Karl Rove's Biggest Nightmare - I will outpitch George Bush"

Knowing Her Mind, Mrs. Edwards Speaks It

Forget the candidates, it's really Paul Newman versus Madonna

I'm rethinking my first hunch last summer

Proof Positive that the GOP is darn scared of Clark

Elaine Kamarck (one of the founders of DLC) Endorses Dean over Clark

Robert Kuttner of American Prospect: Convention battle to Clark?

Study - Network news criticizes Dean most

Kerry, Edwards Claim Surges in Close Race (Wash Post)

New ARG NH numbers - here comes Kerry!

The Survivor Script applied to elections

Those questioning policies, honesty & motive vrs, those that just Q policy

4/10/03 Clark-authored article praising Bush, war - what gives?

Democrats Wrestle With 'Electability' /Kerry, Edwards Claim Surges

Clark called for a criminal inquiry of Bush admin long before yesterday.

MoveOn knocked out of Super Bowl

Big campaign promises are in for a test

Dean's Slide

CLARK Comes Out Ahead at the L.A. County Young Dems Endorsements!

Guest corrected on Dianne Rheim show on Dean supporters

CSPAN Jamie Rubin on Clark 10am EST

John Kerry was great on CNN and FOX news

Dean on Abortion past statements agreee with recent ABC interview

Once again, Gephardt's fate depends on Iowa vote

"Dean TV" great points about education and other issues

I predicted it! O'neill deleted from Clark quote - Orwellian drudge -

Dean slips, Clark gains in N.H.

Joe Lieberman feeds from Drudge too

Krugman says Clark and Dean "get it" - I say Clark/Dean in 04!

Who likes the opposing candidates more than they did before?

Ann Richards Endorses Gov. Dean. I remember when Dean was unknown she was

Sinner endorses Wesley Clark

It's been about a month - how is the sentiment here RE the Primary?

NH ARG Poll: Kerry, Edwards gaining, all others level or declining

Kerry takes lead in race for Democrat nomination

LAT: Pentagon Defeat Fired Up Clark for White House Fight

No Matter What Happens on Monday We Must Be United!!!!

Dems Finally Get A Spine=Victory in 2004

Teresa Heinz Kerry on CSPAN at 12:00 pm eastern

Breaking: Clark praising Bush as recently as November 2003!

Dean In 1st By One Percentage Point in new Iowa Poll

New NH Poll Shows Dean Leads Clark by 9 pts....

Clark challenges Bush to open the government

Zogby 1/16: Kerry 24, Dean 19, Gep 19, Edwards 17. Iowa.

Got off the phone with a 2000 Bush voter (elderly woman)...guess what!

Perle's comments on Clark's testimony regarding Iraq (from TPM)

Great Endorsement for Dean on the front page

RNC finds the same stories, same day as Drudge - remarkable!

summary of statewide polls

Will Bill Clinton Endorse....and if so when

2 Great Things: The Return of Bill Maher, and Wes Clark his 1st Guest

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13) endorses Dean

My problem with Howard Dean

Who Gets the "Three Tickets" Out of Iowa?

Braun to Support Dean in Primary States

What exactly is a caucus as opposed to a primary?

Edwards supporters -- Where are you located?

Iowa Dean supporters are out canvassing and volunteering for the campaign

Wes Clark and Al Sharpton on Bill Maher tonight

The Iowa caucuses, a Canadian perspective - (CBC RealPlayer video)

Candidate Reviews, Self Promotion, and Tax Reform

Deleted message

If Kerry continues his surge, will there be a ABK candidate?

"uncommitted" in Iowa

CNN: Dean on top in Iowa

Dean in denial: "'not much is happening in the polls"

Kerry Redefined by Post-Vietnam Efforts

Very Much Concerned By The Next OPEC Meeting

Cthulhu supporters: Where are you located?

Hey Skinner! Are we doing better now?

A DLC Founder Endorses Howard Dean

What do the DLC, the Washington Establishment, and Rupert Murdoch all

Bush just Installed Pickering - Unity Thread for Righteous Indignation

Caucus question for fellow Coloradoans.

Dean supporter’s take on tightening race

BBV/EVM status in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Where do they have to finish in IA to stay alive?

Edwards supporters by location:

Repug dirty tricks?

Exeter (NH) News-Letter Endorses Clark, Pans Dean

Kerry supporters by location:

How will Clark, Dean, Kucinich etc. beat this really real Rove scenario?

So, who here voted for either Nixon or Reagan?

Who hates Dean more

Isn't Iowa really overrated?

Are Kerry's Iowa numbers pumped up in Iowa because wouldbe Clark...

Clark's Rivals Irked by Campaign Aide's Tactics

I Can't Wait for Iowa to be OVER

NEW POLL: Dean-24%, Edwards-22%, Kerry-21%, Gep-20%

Is it true Kucinich is/was pro-life?

BREAKING: Kerry: Get rid of the Agriculture Dept (' 96)

Clark Rocks

4th place Dean finish in Iowa- what would it do to his campaign?

Iowa Undecideds begin deciding, Kerry surges to 5 pt. lead... Edwards up

Breaking: Kerry comments on Dept. of Agriculture

Advice for Dr Dean Iowa Poll: Dean 24%, Edwards 22%, Kerry 21%, Gephardt 20%

Candidate representative night at my local democratic organization

Zogby: Dean losing because people are looking for a winner

Weather Forcast: Iowa, Monday

Moore: "Lieberman in the wrong party" and why Clark is the man on CNN.

Questions About General Clark's Military Records

Arlington man pushes Kerry’s gay appeal

Is Bushs arrogance propelled primarily by Electronic Voting machines

My ear hurts!

Alternate Ticket for Imaginary Elections

Prediction, Shocking Upset in Iowa

Edwards coming up on CSPAN in minutes. Check out a well-run campaign...

The election is today and the candidates are as follows.

Pickerings can't be choosers

Clark & Sharpton on Real Time tonight

Looks like I was wrong. Dean appears to be on the decline

Rabid right wingnut anti-Dean site--contains link to "Stop Dean"

Clark's doctored Iraq testimony purged from RNC and Drudge sites..

Dean supporters by location:

How does Edwards win the nomination?

An "Outrageous" Appointment - John Kerry on Pickering appointment

CanadaForClark asks: If Clark is a Republican (as Dean says), then why..

Vote for me! I'm not a Republican!

Gephardt, Dean Pull Negative Ads in Iowa

Would Wesley Clark make a good Secretary of State if....

Dean has the nod. Who gets your vote?

Ed Gillespie in Arkansas/Missouri. Attacking Clark and Gephardt...

Clark's Reading Room

Check out to get some straight dope...

How is Clark preparing for the possibility of a Kerry or Edwards win?

Clark supporters by location:

A Kerry win in IA changes everything

Mike Malloy blasts the candidates - Right on!

USAT: Did Dean Go Too Far Blasting "Washington" and Poking Clinton?

Thoughts on Club for Growth Ad in Iowa?

Why be upset about reciprocation? Fair is fair.

Gephardt supporters

IA Push Polling?

Clark's on Bill Maher...NOW! n/t

If Clark or Kerry beats * because they are a veteran was it right to

Rep. Kilpatrick Endorses Dean

Study: Network News Criticizes Dean Most

John Kerry gets endorsement of The Greatest Band on Earth

Dean "didn't run an active campaign in DC" or did he???

If you're a reg'd Dem now, have you ever been reg'd anything else?

Brokered convention anyone?

About 700 in MI vote for Democratic presidential candidate over Internet

Should we really trust Zogby as an indicator for Iowa?

Edwards Kicks Off 'Five Days To Change America' Tour In Iowa

The real question of this campaign

Carter-Kennedy Redux

The Democrat Party power struggle in play this campaign year.

Clark could be Plan B for me only if---

There are people who still want Nader????

Braun was paid off by the Dean campaign

James Rubin, Clark FP Advisor, C-Span Appearance Video

Kerry Crowd in Decorah Four Times Larger Than Expected

anyone know how old Geph is?

Dean's Fifty-State Strategy

Poll shows Dean is past the peak

Gephardt snags coveted Michael Bolton endorsement

If Sharpton gets the nod, who gets your vote?

The real problem with the early primaries in IOWA & N.H.?

Clark blasts Bush for Pickerington appointment.

Why doesn't Edwards get attacked as much for voting for the IWR?

The torture continues for this Kucinich supporter....

I've decided: I'm switching from Dean to....

I'm uncommitted--- convince me to vote for your candidate.

TNR on Kerry surge (also anti-Dean & Gep tax flyer)

I predict a blowout in Iowa

A note about the accuracy of polls of registered Iowa voters

Clark challenges Dean, other rivals to release records

If nominated, how quickly could Edwards build up his internet support?

Deleted message

Dean attacks Kerry on Ag Dept

How much is the Bush tax cut costing you?

Zogby Poll Math: 1/15, Kerry beating Dean by 19% in Iowa!

If I see one more candidate in a sweater...

How much impact will guns play in this election?

Everyone: When did you first register as a Democrat?

All Polls are bull*

Dean Wins Braun Backing in Iowa, Gephardt Attacks

Kerry flyer attacks Dean & Gephart Tax plans

Ann Coulter on Wesley Clark

Clark: Registered Dem in 2002 - independent prior to that

John Edwards - Pickering Appointment is "an Insult"

Clark vows leadership on gay, AIDS issues

Which candidate will appeal the most to bush supporters?

Edwards supporters... an unlikely "endorsement"

John Kerry's Dukakis problem

Survey USA Iowa Tracking Poll - HD 24, JE 22, JK 21, DG 20

Howard Dean and the allocation of the tax burden.

Carol Mosley-Braun should get a cabinet post.

It's time for Dean and Kerry supporters to get together.

Have you read the new GD:2004 Primary forum rules?

If John Kerry is the nominee, who will win the general election?

Iowa DU'ers: Meetup this weekend in Des Moines?

Yale roommate vouches for Dean on Race

Theoretical VP for John Edwards?

I still support Howard Dean.

Zogby News: "Again, any one of the four can win this one”

If Kerry win Iowa he wins the nomination

Dean wins primary with 43% in Washington D.C., which is 60% Black

Fellow Clark supporters: Should we root for Kerry or Gephardt in Iowa?

Your favorite among the four major Iowa Caucus candidates?

Teresa Kerry On C-Span: IMHO She Out-Shines Mrss Dean, Clark, Edwards and

Kucinich and Iowa

Kucinich: Bush Administration Could Precipitate Uprising in Iraq

Take PBS quiz on candidates' stand on 14 issues

Carole King re Kerry: "I'm Coming Up, You Better Get This Party Started!"

I think its going to be Clark or Kerry, folks.

Slate: "Edwards has aura of winner"

D.C.'s White Voters, Not Black, Made Difference for Dean

HardBall: Dean Win Solid. Can Take Voters to Caucus. Kerry People Can’t

Kucinich says slow and steady will win the race

Richard Perle Said Clark's Testimony Anti-War!

How Donations Depict Donors

TNR: Why Dean Is Right on Taxes: Tax Evasion

Email C-SPAN to get Clark's rebuttal to Bush's State of the Union on LIVE

Wesley Clark supporters Only -- Write an endorsement for your candidate

Edwards vs Bush

Dean's recent slide in the polls will end up being a good thing for him.

Dean's Lawyer Actually Seeking Executive Priviledge To Keep Records Sealed

We're looking for articles in support of all the candidates.

I'm single

It's January, 2007. There's a Democrat in the White House. Who is it?

What ONE candidate should this group of Democrats vote for?

Iowa and New Hampshire: winners since 1972 (with a morsel of history)

Kerry "Zen Master" Keeps Going. Calling Dean, Clark DUers: Salute Him!

Dennis Kucinich Supporters Only -- Write an endorsement for your candidate