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Archives: January 15, 2004

Pentagon Defeat Fired Up Clark for White House Fight

Washington Post's Richard Cohen on Clark: Karl Rove's Nightmare

Senator Kennedy, You Can't Handle the Truth

The race to place (W.W.Win, Whoever Will Win , replaces ABB)

Salon/Huffington: America's final wakeup call --- MUST READ!!!

This Guy (Howard Dean) Can Rock the White House

Islamophobia...New Statesman UK.

Don't vote for 'W' contends president is compromising fai

Thursday's Steve Bell Cartoon

The biggest problem with the terror alert

Cohen: Karl Rove's Nightmare (Wesley Clark)

Molly Ivins: Giving money to rich people (must read)

Kennedy Iraq rant hits a partisan low( Boston Herald)

Planned Bush Trip to MLK Site Upsets Some ( Bush was not invited)

Dowd: The Doctor Is Out

Guardian Profile: Paul O'Neill

Microsoft: Committed to Homeland Security

Martin Woollacott (Guardian Utd): The failure of intervention

Neo-cons' ruthlessness....

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies

Seig heil! Mann Coulter takes on General Clark

Let's not forget what MLK was really all about

Tony Blair to face his monsters - BBC

America's Empire of Bases

Heads up queers: "Freedom to Marry Week"

ACLU v. Passenger Screening

Jan. 19 "100,000 for 2004": Expats say NO to preventive war and PATRIOT

New Orleans protest? What happened?

Does anyone know who I can contact to voluteer for Clark?

I'm trying to spread the word

Austin Texas Activism / Events date is Feb 1st 2004.

I'd like to thank the media!


"Local" Boston news anchor has been broadcasting from Florida for 2 years

I'm trying to spread the word

President, GOP Are Stomping on Democracy

I Need help against Conservatives

Guide to Deciding Whether to Vote for Bush

Gag....more Proof the Zell is a republican....

Dennis Miller to host new show

Anybody know anything about "Boston Tea Party" group?

When does dejavu become precognition?

Need info on Wild Oats and Whole Foods

Book Project:

Lament for John Edwards

Imam's tips on wife-beating(good luck Iraq?Afghan as women singers banned)

School Head Resigns After Forcing Out Chaplain Who Supported Gay Bishop

Man Fired After Placing Intern In Rep. Barney Frank's Office

Interesting -

What's up with the market...?

What is Our Current National Deficit?

Greenspan Contests O'Neill Quote on U.S. Tax Cuts

US consumer debt reaches record levels

An Insatiable Desire to Pollute, and No Sense of Responsibility

Court Hears Arguments Over Nuclear Waste Dump

Hog-Wild In Berlin - Wild Boar Numbers, Encounters On The Rise

A pipeline of trouble in Georgia

Nukes Are Back! Bush admin puts mini-nukes back in vogue!

Maryland gearing up for gun ban fight

Skeptic Gives Guns A Shot

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 15, 2004

Imaginary Gay Group speaks out on imaginary guns

Is there a process for nominating avatars?

I'm Sorry to Complain, But I'm Cold

Hey Skinner, I got a question

I think I spotted an "unDemocratic" poster.....

Should mods be endorsing candidates in threads?

Is this thread really appropriate?

To the mod who deleted my post:

Why not re-open GD2004

Good Rules Skinner!

Why restrict posting access to prolific posters?

I must be blind.

Nice rules, hope they work, one quick ?

I'd like clarification on a two new GD2004 rules

Will the returned P&C forum be mostly for "process" type questions?

why 250?

Just a couple of comments, well-intended of course

As a newbie...

Another question on the 250 post rule...

Questions about the the 2004 rules.

ANOTHER 250 post rule comment....

250 posts walk into a bar

One last comment about the 250 rule

What is this about not enough posts for GD: 2004 Primary Forum

For a change of pace...a question on LBN!

Anyone else noticing a slight slowdown on the site but me?

If and when you reconsider the "new" rules


2 questons. (sorta long, i'm very sorry)

Just my 2 cents on the 250 rule

New GD Primary 2004 Rules

Thanks for getting rid of the 250 rule

Don't throw me off for this post, but Admins need VACATIONS!!

Will we do another official DU candidate poll anytime soon?

Thank you, from a newbie.


Having problems getting a new password

Posting from trashy neocon sources in GD04 v. 2.0

New Primary Notice

Is it against the rules to insult someone, edit the post,

Bishops blast Israeli barrier

Israel and India close to agreement on UAVs

Blair: Credible Palestinian security plan needed for peace talks

Israel considers image change for West Bank barrier:

Report: Yassin personally authorized woman bomber

Irish Foreign Minister Attacks Israel's Security Barrier

'Why does it matter what they think in The Hague?'

Total closure on Strip after female bomber kills four

Activist rabbi faces trial in Israel

New idea: Bring back Dukakis for '04!

Vote in this poll

John Adams CANNOT WIN!

Which Democratic candidate would you most want to go to a strip club?

Clark supporters in the Minneapolis area.

Kerry's very liberal endorsement, like Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank

What's up with the Iowa poll? (plus predictions)

CMB: Sci-fi Fanatic?

So when do we know the results of IA?

New Rasmussen Nat'l Results: It's a 2 man race; 2 point spread!

Gephardt has them fainting in the aisles

Democrats see shot at Sundance money

Congresswoman Diane Waston endorses Dean

Dean has Sen. Kennedy's Iraq speech on the blog

Kerry has historic tale to tell

Clark - Counter Terrorism Plans - Specifics that we need on the ticket


Poll: what New Hampshire voters seek in a pres. candidate is integrity

Dean Still in the Lead in new NH Poll...

A message from Howard Dean

Clark To Bush: Leave Science to the Scientists

And then there were eight, again.

The tightening race in Iowa is good for Dean

Krassner on Bush's GOP rival (who also confirmed Bush/Nazi link)

Candidates on the Issues ~ Death Penalty

Kerry leads by 1 pt in Iowa

Clark: Talk about gays in the military, but don't open the door

Dean urges a different direction from Clinton - USA Today

Today's Washington Post - Clark editorial

My first prediction for candidate-to-candidate endorsements came true

Michael Moore Formally Supports Wesley Clark

uh oh, looks like another issue for Dr Dean

Brazile, McAuliffe, black members DLC asked Mosely-Braun to get in race

CMB set to drop out...

Cheney's Grim Vision: Decades of War

Kerry staff going after dirt

Grr. Argh. Good news we can't talk about...

Polls, Dean, Television and Radios vs. Internet

New National Poll....Shows Dean 21% Clark 19%

CMB: "bush should be impeached."

Deleted message

I was asked about my claim Dean acts unpresidential. This is my response

vote please

Kerry promises to stand up for common people

Remember when all the RW pundits wanted us to believe Clark is washed up?

Drudge: Clark made case for Iraq War before Congress

MSNBC Top Story, Kerry Leads in Iowa...

Rep. Kendrick Meek endorsed Alex Penelas in senate race

Michael Moore backs Wesley Clark

Karl Roves's Nightmare-Wes Clark (W.Post 1/15)

How is the media going to report IA if Dean doesn't win?

Rendell wants early Pa. presidential primary in 2008

Prepare for a Democrat win in Iowa

Why should a Dem candidate have any tangible plans on anything?

Dean Leads in Poll of Southern States (+SC)

Question for Dean: How Solid a Base?

Good Objective Campaign Coverage Web Site

Kerry-Gep tied for union vote

Howard Stern to have Dean on his show (maybe)

Clark opposes decriminalization of marijuana

Wesley Clark is a sure winner.

Clark now does best vs. Bush, has risen 9 pts. vs. him in only ten days

Pranks afoot in Lieberman camp

The true value of endorsements (re: Dean)

What are the candidates positions on Crime?

Will ACLU's Condemnation of CAPPS II Hurt Clark?

why Dean supporters should not despair over Iowa numbers

Any DUers going to the California Democratic Convention

Mayor Vows All-Out Effort 'To Crush' D.C. Recall Bid

Head to caucuses. support Kerry

ARG numbers for 1-15

What's the best thing about Carol Moseley Braun dropping out?

It's a three way battle between Clark, Edwards and Kerry

Republican Michael Moore, Rangel, Jamie Rubin others to stump 4 Clark...

Wesley Clark:more experience, more liberal, and more legislation then Dean

New Poll: Dean leading in South Carolina

Ann Richards on CNN

Any more Iowa debates coming up?

What has Clark done politically as a Democrat, for Democrats?

Howard Dean's campaign is our "Meet John Doe" story

Guardian Profile of Kucinich (I thought they were liberal)

Ambassador Braun to withdraw; will throw support to Dean: 1/15

John Nichols: Dean's D.C. votes show he's for real

Is Clark doing what Kerry couldn't do?

My biggest Clark fear

Will a Kerry win in Iowa hurt Clark's chances in NH and elsewhere?

A Sad Day For Women as Braun Exits

Kennedy now on CNN: "We Need John Kerry"

Yale roommate vouches for Dean on race

kucinich becoming a staple in Leno monologue

Michael Moore coming up on CNN....NOW!

Is the DLC the republican part of the party?

How many new voters has Dean signed up?

Kerry Stump-Mate Kennedy Blasts Bush on Iraq. Kerry Real Anti-War Dem!

Howard Dean on the cover of Rolling Stone

Stunning OpEd piece on Kucinich and Dean

Poll: Rudy Leads In Gov, Senate Races

Prepare for Dean to win Iowa?

Kerrey Campaigns for Kerry Tonight in Council Bluffs, Iowa

AP- Braun to Drop Presidential Bid, Back Dean

MLK b-day flash from CODEPINK, Global Exch. & Black Voices for Peace

Dean has Sen. Kennedy's Iraq speech on the blog

Sources: Terrorists Planning Iraq Attack

An Admiring Tribute to John Kerry's Tenacious and Fearless Campaigning.


Very Serious Question about New Moon Project

Bigger story: CAPPS2 or O'Neil? (or, is O'Neil a distraction from CAPPS2?)

Plain folks, plain facts: Main Street, USA on LinkTV

What's up with the Iowa poll? (plus predictions)

Carol MB to bow out

Bush Space-Travel Vision Grounded in Practicality--Drivel from the WP

The squabbling needs to stop!!!

Read or Post?

Pride of America sinks!

let's give an ovation for our liberal artists . . .

Canada gets a slice of Iraq business pie.

Add a caption to this Bush pic. (esp. Canadian DUers!)

20% cut in defense budget = 500% increase in NASA budget

Bush is promising us the Moon!

Algorithm for Determining the Winners of U.S. Presidential Elections

Let the truth be told

"Axis of Evil" revealed to America -- TV, Radio & Newspaper (companies)

I'm angry -- are you? (short rant)

Al Gore to deliver a speech indicting Bush Environ Record Today

Take Back the Media - boycott CBS Superbowl for refusing MoveOn?

W's daughter Jeanna posts on DU? Is it true? Can anybody confirm?

If you have some down time these are quite enjoyable.. that is if you don'

Imus: "The wheels are coming off of the world"

MSNBC has more photos of Saddam capture..NO mention of surrender now.

Michael Moore backs Wesley Clark

There's hope yet!

Suskind wrote the Esquire piece on John DiIulio too

Kerry staff going after dirt

We probably should move Primary talk to Politics/Elections

Michael Moore Formally Supports Wesley Clark

Why Bush Is Doomed!

The New York Times whitewashes Bush’s lies about Iraq

Blumenthal on O'Neill: Portraits of the "President"

Chairman of the RNC guest on Arkansas radio show

cjr has new media website for campaigns


Why does Clinton keep defending Bush?

Would you want to change the voting day?

By bush "supporting marriage"....did he just alienate over 1/2 of America?

Priorities, priorities

A 30-second reality check ( about's nazi ads)

Drink Beer - Save Sea Turtles

U.S. Journalist Quits Pentagon Iraqi Media Project Calling -US Propaganda

Minnesota Senate Chooses New Majority Leader...

Howard Stern to have Dean on his show (maybe)

Holy Back-tracking Batman!

What effect would a third party candidate have now?

I strongly support Bush*s plan to land a man on Mars.! how about you?

Federal probe of AIDS, sex research ends

argument against more space exploration based on oil depletion

Where is Ted Kennedy This AM?!? CNN Interview Cancelled?

Kennedy speech HELP!

Freaky thing just happened

The Geneva Convention and Saddam's money

Next time your knuckle-dragging neo-con pals complain about MoveOn

CT's Rowland sends in his Rove

Cheney's View - "Decades of War" (San Fran Chronicle -pls read)

Straight from the from my mom

McEnroe Switches to Dem...Gets TV Show on CNBC after Miller

Great discussion of space exploration at WP online NOW (11:30 am ET)

Sent Tommy Friedman of NY Times, Bush-butt kissing fame 3 scathing e-mails

Get Your War on goes to Mars

I think polls should be outlawed after the election(not really) but

*'s lips are moving again

Online vote rigging in Republican poll

Colms' book

bush approval numbers...not good news for us

It Looks Like The Dean/Braun Announcement is at 1:45 PM ET

Good News for!

I need draft links and info please!

Famous BS Bush Quote - "We didn't choose this war with Iraq" -- O'Neill's

Bush sending Schwartznegger to Mars, will restart alien reactor

Showdown in Atlanta!

Drudge Report breaking congressional testimony on pre-war Iraq intel

The bush ugliness rolls on

I have this thought going through my mind today, Sharpton and Dean

Pilot's employer will pay fine for his "flipping"

Howard Dean's campaign is our "Meet John Doe" story

Kevin Phillips on KUOW now

Republican Poll Rigging ......

I thought Dean's people might like this....

GD 2004 back and working? n/t repukes intend to destroy public education: saddling it with

Who Really wants "Special Rights"?

$26 Billion Spent Developing The F/A-22 And We're Going To The Moon On 12?

Open Challenge to Freepers - What is the case for Iraq?

Our Slogan should be

Photo: Rover spots Wal-Martians!

Jesus H Christ, Bush on TV pissing on the Constitution

CNN just showed the sign in Atlanta on I-75...

What's your dream debate question?

Michael Moore interview "removed" from Nebraska PTV ??

Never mind

Wow, 11,000+ new Dean supporters in a week!

Going to the Moon=Money into Republican election coffers.

Anyone willing to reconsider AIDS?

Bush's fundraising style tells a lot about the man and his Party.

the Children's Hour

Who Al Gore should have picked as a running mate in 2000?

So, according to the new rules

Zogby says Kerry is the frontrunner

"This is our due." What did Cheney mean?

Essential: A comprehensive list of Propaganda techniques.

Just got Bruce Schneier's Latest Cryptogram

Bush in Atlanta, redux

Poverty USA...

And the World says Americans are arrogant - Brazil fines Pilot

Check this out before it disappears!

Hour long conversation with Kevin Philips


Love this O'Reilly capture from MWO

maureen dowd is nuts!! see today's column!!

This is why Bush must be stopped (among numerous other reasons)

Placement of Political Books in Bookstore

I say Skinner took the primary board down on purpose!

Will this be the first election determined by Generation-X voters ?

Did the Freepers attack DU?

EU Seeks Trade Sanctions Against U.S.

How to Frist a poll.

I think going to the Moon and Mars is the best idea to come out of Bush

Need people to call their Congressperson on this...

Can we exchange party mascots with the rupubs? I give up on them!

New Rules - GD Primary 2004

new Bill Maher blog posts

US Opens New Front in War on Terror - West Africa

If I were president...

Zell Miller to introduce * bu$h* at Atlanta fundraiser.

Anybody have more info about this memo to Saddam Hussein?

Need info on Wild Oats and Whole Foods

bush* just boarded his plane to go to atlanta uninvited to MLK event

MSNBC poll

Anybody here read the Charleston Gazette? It's editor is a terrific writer

Ann Richards on CNN's Larry King tonight

Kennedy's speech from yesterday is repeating now c-span

The future for Rush's doctors...?

Excellent opportunity to expose BFEE, reframe debate-- Please help

OMG! Why is DEMOCRATS.COM Bashing Dean?

Did you get the Child Tax Credit?

Beginning of Islamic law in Iraq?

Does Jeanne Moos (CNN) ever report worthwhile stories?

Bush as Mr. Bad Personality - Could this be the Key?

Just got my tax forms..Surprise, Surprise

How the BFEE is twisting "faith-based" to mean RW Christians.

True Brave (no pun intended) Opposition to *

Shrubs nickname for Powell is Balloonfoot...O'Neill was Pablo then

Visiting the Wounded

What do you guys think of Gregg Easterbrook?

CNN: Al Gore blasts Bush (wow!)

Europeans uncomfortable with "Emperor Bush"

Defense seeks more pollution exemptions:

When did Bush move to Texas?

Here's a great email to send to Repugs spamming you

BUSH as the democratic Nominee?

Shari'a is the law now in Iraq

CNN- Bush coordinated "extensively" with MLK Family for trip - is it true?

Is it me or does Bush sound like an f-ing televangalist?

Just saw judy woodruff disparage Al Gore re: his SLAMMING bush*

Rush has dissed STAR TREK.

In defense of Margaret Cho.

This ad should have made the competition.. :- )

Josh Marshall debunks Drudges headline about Clark and the war

CNN: 300 Protestors in Atltanta - they refuse to move. Could be trouble...

Can someone please answer this for me?

Scaife's Paper says typo on "The Price of Disloyalty" article

Wow...just the most idiotic freeper jibberish crap I've ever seen..

Suskind on PBS "NewsHour"

Michel Moore on with Wolfie now

UGH!!! e-mail I received AT WORK on ACLU and crosses on federal land

I also have a dream

ABC news, Bremer back to D.C. Time for Plan 37 from outer space?

Shrub's - Mar's - Marriage - Faith Based $$$ Programs -- one thing common

great ted rall cartoon

TV Alert: Intv with Ron Suskind,"Price of Loyalty," today on PBS NewsHour

It's Too Late, Baby, now, it's too late.......NOT!....Carole King on CSPAN

Hitler hits back.

Dennis (R-Dittohead Peabrain ) Miller gets show on CNBC

Anybody see this crap on the Newshour?

CW: Here are the biggest H-1B Visa Corporations

ABC shows the asses ass butten in in Alanta

where is dan rather?

Congress Censoring Drug Policy Reform

Did Hollinger's Black Mislead Board on Perle Investment?

Hmm..priorities a little off?

Is the right suddenly for "Nation Building"?

Bush seeks billions for religious groups ($3.7B) - Is this even Legal?

Aww, for cryin' out loud...

Good signs in odd places?

TV Alert - PBS NewsHour - O'Neill Author Ron Suskind - 7pm est

I'm certain that my query is rude-

Cirque Du Soleil Protests Move To S. California

Can we stop with the "God - Gay and Moral" threads -- this is Rovian Crap

Top Gun? (Bush - Must see - Hilarious and damaging)

TV Alert - Paul O'Neill Author- Ron Suskind on in minutes on PBS NewsHour

National Mail Voter Registration Form. Is anyone familiar with it?

Anyone at the protest in Atlanta?Dupe sorry

Geo. McGovern on Hardball, making good sense, as always.

Mars Rover? Big deal, we did the same thing in 1997.

Seeking Pro-Israel Angel Investors For Propaganda Movies...

Iranian official says elections there won't be more corrupt than 2000 US

BushFlash Classic - how Elections are stolen - meet Katherine Harris

Pardon me, this is for Dover..

PBS Frontline tonight -- "From China With Love" -- a spy story

Has Lou Dobbs had a "Marley" moment?

This could be a good sign

Not just for Dover, for Everybody

"The axis of war"

Congressman John Lewis A great man for all!

Wow! Network News Coverage of Atlanta Protests!

Hundreds of protesters push past barricades-MLK tomb to protest Bush visit

Face it, the Human Race is Doomed!

Creative Class War

Anyone know where to get a transcript of Ted's speech yesterday?

God, Country, Patriotism and Old-Fashioned Morality

Are Bush and Rove losing their sharp edge...?

don't forget to start stocking

Before I Leave On Vacation I Want To Stress This: Repubs Will Not Vote Dem

Saddam told his military to avoid al-qaeda.

Nuclear Power In Space: Articles

Wake up people - the truth about Bush's space plans

Poll: 3-way tie in IL Democratic US Senate primary race

George W. hypocrisy re Martin Luther King memorial

Big News: My 86 Yr. Old Republican Mom: "Bush is a Terrible President"

People Magazine interview with Howard and Judy

Newsflash - Zell Miller is on Faux (again)

Who is GWBush's private secretary?

Jack Kelley: info wanted

latest RW email:" How do you say good riddance?"

"Go ahead, make my day"......

I don't blame the Shi'ites for not trusting the USA's caucus plan in Iraq.

Drudge: Bush's Immigation Plan -- angering base - some not donating

Another RW e-mail and my responses

What a wonderful country we have.

now the bushgang is F------ over Iraqi women (where's Laura?)

MoveOn Ad rejected by CBS

does anyone have photos of monkey's...

What is a "freeper?"

Who would you want to run

Al Sharpton in 04..

The myth of the populist stock market

The Irish Strike Back?

Enlighten me on global warming

What does everybody really think of Michael Moore?

Did Anyone Else Catch George McGovern On Meat Ball With Tweety Tonight?

got my bush admin wanted playing cards...

George Soros and Michael Moore on Charlie Rose NOW

Kennedy First, Now Gore: ALL Dems Need To Fall In Line Behind Them

I got this invite to vote -- internet primary -- Who are these people?


8 Unaltered Pictures from Saddam capture

is Washington Post switching sides?

As a Woman, I'm Kinda Bummed About CMB Dropping Out

Repug Convention, NYC. in September

WTF?? How could officials announce this? Are we being set-up by the BFEE?

OK, I'm late to the game, but I think the Democratic Party doesn't

Zell Miller's latest pearl of wisdom...

Poll for 2000 Nader voters only!

15-20 Georgia Dems attend Bush fundraiser in Atlanta

Ann Richards on Larry King now

Top Story on Worldnet ATT Homepage: Bush BOOED At MLK Gravesite!

Spread the word

Tavis Smiley has Dr. Cornel West & Philip Seymour Hoffman tonight on PBS

CNN Poll: Should Religious groups receive federal funs?

It's not just wages but benefits driving jobs out of the country.

A shining new example of conservatives' stupidity:

The other side of not liking Clinton

Cash & Carry Stores (34) to close in Orlando area - over 1000 emps

"Human beings are headed into the Cosmos" GWB

Question for lawyers and others in the know about divorce-Need some HELP!!

Doing research on FDR

Bush Booed at Martin Luther King Gravesite - "Bush go home"

Bush in 41.2 seconds (ROFLMAO)

Clean drinking water in Africa or a trip to the Moon?

Now that the ACLU is condeming CAPPS II, will it hurt Clark?

Least trustworthy "serious" media sources...

Just got - and DEBUNKED - another simpering I-Love-bush email...

Gore being laughed at over global warming claims...

Why I love Ann Richards

Bush speech contradicted himself today

Olympia Washington January 14, 2004

Drudge gets busted on his Clark lies, refuses to respond to questions

Real Crooks Walk, Donate to GOP

Is Bush losing his base? The science teacher at my school,

California stalls Diebold decision again

BBV: Sarcramento, California. January 15, 10 AM meeting.

HotLanta and The Big Easy pay tribute to * (in photos)

How should Dems use there time after the SOTU speech?

Question RE: Definition Of Guerrilla Warfare

Against Gay Marriage - The Religious Right are Bigots

Video of Iraqi Killings

Am I the only DUer who is terrified of the Trinity Broadcasting Network?

What does everybody think of Michael Moore

Two Flopped Bush Photo-Ops: The Aircraft Carrier & MLK's Grave Site.

Think it can't happen to you?

Today's resistance in Atlanta -- why no mass arrests?

Frame Words and Phrases - A Discussion

MY hat in the RING??? ATTN DUers: I NEED your input

A lovely thread from the FReepers on MLK wreath laying. . .

Henry Waxman's Latest MASTERPIECE!!

Busted freepers apologize to Margaret Cho

If CBS refuses to run Ad will you boycott the Superbowl?

Dick Cheney - Shadow President

Bush Admits He Targeted Saddam from the Start

Dean's Trooper

War-weary Sean Penn reports on Iraq 'powder keg'

Dupe - please lock

Ambassador Braun to throw support to Gov. Dean: 1/15

Report: U.S. 'negligence' killed journalists

N.Y. Times Hires Wall St. Journal Editor

Two Miami drug jurors get 5 years for taking bribes

Iraqis, US Authorities Look to UN

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on California Fleet Rule

NBC plans to start fall schedule early (during GOP convention)

Ex-general accused of role in mass killing in Haiti

Zogby: "...Dean is NOT in Free Fall"

Bulgaria reduces duties of its troops in Iraq (anger & plunging morale)

Braun Quits

South Korea's Foreign Minister Resigns (over ties to US)

Video of Iraqi Killings

Dean smeared by domestic abuse accusation...

Rising above Politics, as high as commander in Chief (Clark)

Libya never got nuclear plans off ground-diplomats

A new fiscal world since Bush wrote 1st budget

Family of slain soldier finds ally in Kennedy

US offer for Russian base exit

Thousands March in Iraq to Demand Early Elections

Feds Eye New Kinds Of Drug Tests

Deadly Gaza suicide blast idles 4,000

EU Seeks Trade Sanctions Against US

EU, Japan, S. Korea Seek OK to Impose Trade Sanctions Against U.S.


Barely half say Bush should be reelected.

Thousands March in Iraq to Demand Early Elections

Thousands March in Iraq to Demand Early Elections

Lockheed gets contract for launching systems

Baghdad hotel killings result of 'criminal negligence'

French Minister's Ambitions ring alarm-bells in the Elysée

US pres. front-runner Dean promises special relationship w/ Latin America

Iowa race tighter, nastier

Rasmuessen reports (W 48 - Clark 48)

Braun dropping out of Dem race for nomination (live feed)

Braun to Quit Presidential Bid, Back Dean

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies


White House Seeks Control on Health, Safety

Spirit of Rosa Parks Confronts Bush

Bremer to Return to Washington for Consultations

Venezuela: 4 military officers in U.S., fleeing bombing charges

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Pentagon mulls Halliburton probe

Democrats and Networks Are at Odds Over Polling

Inconspicuous is all the rage for China's new super wealthy

Bush can't stop the protests in Atlanta

Rivals aim to make issue of Clark's GOP votes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 January (#1)

Seattle man sues federal office over fine for visiting Iraq

Afghan ministry upholds singer ban

Halliburton Defends Fuel Contract in Iraq

Dean urges a different direction from Clinton

Germany's Siemens awarded Iraq contract

Barely half say Bush should be re-elected

UPI: No mad cow tests in Wash.

Bush Booed in Visit to Martin Luther King's Grave

UK minister urged to quit over soldier's Iraq death

Western citizens among Iran rebels held in Iraq

Saudis Discover al-Qaida Training Camps (not in Iraq - ???? :-) )

Duplicate post. Sorry. U.S. Still Holds Child Detainees at Guantanamo

Bush's King visit scorned

US 'Lied' About Media Deaths

Survey signals quickening of trend by firms to cut retirees' coverage

Top Iraq cleric may issue anti-US edict, aide says

Harris to Announce Decision for US. Senate on Friday

US May Allow French Firms to Bid on Iraq Contracts

Groups want special prosecutor to investigate Ashcroft campaign activity

Disney worker deported to Haiti for massacre

Ottawa seeks trade sanctions against U.S . . (repeal USA's Byrd Amendment)

24 hours in the Life or Death of a Premiership(Blair)

Diana Crash Witness Speaks


Germany Mulls Sending Hospital Plane to Iraq (DW)

Warsaw's Mayor to Cancel Visit (to U.S. due to fingerprinting)

Deficit for Pension Insurance Plan Swells

Clark calls for criminal charges against Bush

Documents Raise New Halliburton Questions

Guardian Utd: US accused of sabotaging obesity strategy

BBC (Thursday): Election plan for Iraq attacked

Documents Raise New Halliburton Questions

Italy in Turmoil. Where's Berlusconi? Off for a bit of nip and tuck

New Poll Shows Kerry in the Lead (Iowa)

Gore blasts Bush space plan, says Earth neglected

New York Times (Friday): Democrat Challenges Bush on Intelligence Lapse

Phoenix Suns drops conservative group sponsorship after complaints

WP: U.S. Moves To Salvage Transition

U.S. weapons hunter David Kay won't return to Iraq - source

Democrat Challenges Bush* on Iraqi Intelligence Lapse

Michael Moore endorses Clark

Poll: Dean and Clark gaining in California (Dean 31%, Clark 14%)

Children still held at Guantanamo: Pentagon

Recovery Trickles Down Very Slowly

Disease could be worse than SARS


GOP chair claims Clark supported war; transcripts show otherwise

Release Saddam say Jordan lawyers

"Final push" against polio agreed

Iraqi Women Decry Move To Cut Rights

GOP Operative Digs Into Democrats' Backgrounds (CT-Rowland)

Brazil Fines U.S. Pilot for Making Gesture . . lifted his middle finger

Close U.S President Race Could Hit Stocks-Analysts

Airbus beats base profit target by 15 percent in 2003

Spanish politician labels Blair an 'imbecile' on live television

White House: Give Industry Greater Voice

US unfazed by mass Shiite protest in Basra, says demos 'a good thing'

Ann Richards endorses Howard Dean on Larry King

CNN: Anti-Bush MLK protest in Atlanta, protesters arrested!

Bush Makes Appeal on Faith-Based Programs

CNN: "Senior Canadian mulls party defection" (Copps to NDP)

Iraqi plan for Sharia law 'a sop to clerics', say women

NBC Exclusive: New Saddam Capture Photos

Study: Network News Criticizes Dean Most

2 Halliburton subcontractors killed in Iraq

British soldier's widow releases damning Iraq tape

CBS Rejects Anti-Bush Superbowl Commercial

The Joke Is on Liberals, Says Dennis Miller, Host of His Own Show Again

Bush woos Right with campaign to defend marriage

Gold dips as dollar rebounds on euro

Cheney's grim vision: decades of war (San Fran Chron.)

Bank One/J.P. Morgan to cut 10K jobs nationwide

How To Tell If Your Cow Is Cranky (

9/11 director gave evidence to own inquiry (Whitewash)

Clark Hit by Republican Assault Over Iraq Testimony

Oh Will You Blow Me...

John Adams CANNOT WIN!

What's the plural of Dookus?

Have you ever done it with someone you were in gerbil love with?

Vegans, help!

Why does my car run better on "No Lead" gas than "Unleaded"?

New anti-bush Incubus video

The Apprentice: again, Sam ALMOST gets kicked

*....botox or xanax or?

Anyone know the plural of "faux pas"?

Why is the thread missing about DemoTex wanting his old

Complete this sentence: If Conan O'Brien was on Ritalin...

If a train leaves NY heading due west

question for WannaJumpMyScooter

For my 500th post....a little message for the evil chimp

I need a drink!

Garden of Black Roses - Inner Circle

The Exorcist's on - who was really inside her?

In honor of my 150th post at DU...

Nighty night DU.

I just saw Big Fish...ask me anything

my sig line, you're gonna carry that weight

Vote in this poll

BBV: Hey Bev

Stormy, Windy, and the power just came back is the weather?

TV Guide really slams Court TV "reporters."

Is the Bush beans family related to that other Bush family?

Damn. I'm slightly drunk

new Oxyrush advertiser US Bank

gotten a response from any of the hate radio advertisers lately?

More marketing insanity...

What are you listening to?

just finished shoveling the driveway - don't ask me anything

Does your supermarket or Wal-Mart cover up the front of COSMO?

Say hello to ASIMO...

OUCH! Rosie O'Donnell Loses $10 million on Boy George musical

It's official: the weirdest dream I have ever had.

It's my day off, and I'll go to barnes and Noble to check out "The price o

WOW! -14 Degrees Where I Am.... +85 Degrees Where I Am Headed

Ever Played Strip Poker?

Is Your Cow Cranky? Now You Can Have It Tested!

54 Condoms Containing Cocaine Found Because Smuggler Had To Poop

A brief rant about laughing at hate.

In memory of Magic Rat

eBay auctions new "Ellen deGeneres bed sheets" to benefit ASPCA

Are there more Democrats in the US than Republicans?

Hey N. Carolina Duer's

If you don't watch television

Who Do You Think Gets Offended More Easily -- Dems or Pubs?

Lost Doctor Who episode shows up after thirty years. Dalek Masterplan ep.2

Picked up a carton of Camels for 15 bucks

WE have class on Dr. MLK, Jr's B-day. Get a load of this...

Irony, anyone? "Britney Believes in 'Sanctity' of Marriage"

You know what would be entertaining?

Tracy and Hepburn "Keeper of the Flame" ...good movie and....

This just in: feed a cold

LA Clipper fans. Check in.

Sphincter says, "What?"

Ohhlala! I have a "hotie" working in my yard today!!!!

Help, someone tell me I'm being silly.

Many Women Hoping To Skip The Goat For The Monkey

Okay, so I had this weird dream last night about bats and Russel Crowe

22 divorces in one Army company and the deployment isn't over yet

Let's peek into ih8thegop's random thoughts!

Is the Fastow punishment right?

Who was better?

Anybody watching "the Apprentice"?

Jokes for women by women

A CAPTION might help W focus better

My bill was due to come to the House Floor today and...

It's gone!!

Is Cheney in L. A. today?

2003: The year as spoken! (interesting quotes from a variety of sources)

George Bush is an Android - New Google Feature!

Hey - NYC people - are we recycling glass yet?

CAPTION Bush giving the flag a rasberry (Ppppptttththttt!)

You down with OPP?

This was a great "Dear Abby" - about a girl's last day with her cat

"Star Wars: Flogging Dead Wookies"

Anybody know if there is a transcript to Ted Kennedy's speech on CSPAN

GYWO page 30 is up!!!

Theres going to be a veganwitch-lette!!

The NC IRS says I owe the $1600, ask me anything

This Message Is Presented In "Widescreen" Format

Bush Says FOREIGN Air Security Lax? Why Did Man BOARD in DC with BULLETS?

Want To Buy A VW? How Does $95,000 Sound?

Once more into the breach (another job interview)

We just received a chain letter from Jesus, help me write a reply

Cars Driven Into House TWICE (32 days apart)

Man Robs Bank - Returns To Get Forgotten Note - Arrested

star schmucks flash video

Sunday is going to be a great day for football

WTF does BFEE stand for?

Anyone going to Des Moines Friday or Saturday?

It's the all new Homercraft.

Calling the geniuses: What do you do when your computer clock loses time?

Get A Life.

Fellow DU'er Had Jury Duty For A "Masturbation In Public" Case Yesterday

VOTE NOW For Your Favorites To Win In The TV-Land Awards

Dennis Miller--Now and Then

Thanks Mari333 for your sig line

reply to the Heart Assoc.caller

OK, so I'm buying a iBook/Powerbook. Which one should I get?

Here are my top 10 Netflix recommendations: What should I rent first?

Hay everybody

Hunting for Bambi.....

Washington Post Cartoonist Tom Toles Hits It Yet Again.

Today was a co-worker's last day and...

The LeviathanCrumbling Manifesto

put your imagination to work . . .

Google adds number search tool

Paper or plastic?

let's try this again, shall we?

Deliver him with a CAPTION

Snappy Answers

My jerk brother-in-law got us a talking Spongebob doll for X-mas.

The Democratic Presidential Dream Team:

John Adams cannot win (pt. II)

I need a new candidate, and I can be bought. NOTE: This is a LOUNGE thread

Scariest animated Disney character?

Finished "DaVinci Code" my thoughts & ***SPOILERS***

Best Thong

Is anyone else fairly close to 250 posts...


2004 US Presidential Vote Share Market

dang . . . yet another priest accused of child molestation . . .

Kathleen Russo (Spalding Gray's wife) to be on Paula Zahn tonight

Best NEW nickname for W?

Bestest spam poetry

Atlanta Erupting over Bush Visit!

Any Galaxy 500 fans? What else should I listen to?


I live in such a weird nation

letters, i get letters. nothing like hate mail

If Laura Bush is the Perfect Wife.......

Horror fans - Sam Raimi sent mr. blm a note

Google's Tribute To The Mars Rover

NABDA statement on Bush

Today, Iraq....tomorrow, ze CAPTION

This is my 701th post...ask me anything...

Michael Moore on CNN 6:45 EST

Henry! Fetch me some water!

mmmmm Deep Fried Cow Brain Sammwiches

Anybody got a nail...or a CAPTION?

Fastow question

Another lyrics posting...

how do you type italic text and bold text in your posts?nt

Is Laura Bush selling butter?!?!?!?

Need to draw a flyer. How?

Letter from one of my soldiers

this damn republican "co-opting God" thing is working on me (rant warning)

A friend will bail you out of jail.

Has your soap ever shown...

Just checking in. It's balmy up here!

Say it isn't so! The New Jersey Nets are going to Brooklyn???

Omaha area DUers

Prodigy dog! How do they learn this stuff?

Someone at our ad agency screwed up

After a year of banging heads with conservatives I'm quitting.

exceptionally cool website . . .

WooHoo-my article is published in the CSM

"Doctor, Doctor. Ya gotta help me!"

I just changed my avatar for MLK jr.'s B-day

This is my 500th post....

What a Government class!!!

Jeff Garcia arrested on DUI charge

ready for Wal-Mart brand wine?

Need help on Asperger's Syndrome support thread

How Would You Rank "The Big Four" From The Rolling Stones?

The coldest I've ever been.

I used to be Lounge-only, now I barely visit anymore.

It's so damn cold in my apartment, I can hardly type any more

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Jacko Sneezes

Lieberman criticizes Clark, calls him Democrat

how many colleges have rules like these (rules at Liberty University)

Welcome to the Lounge Baritone Black


Hunter S. Thompson on football and politics

Time to change my avatar

Tihs si ym fnuny ltitle psot

Have Any of You Stopped Eating Beef Because of Mad Cow?

Have you ever done IT with someone you were in puppy love with?

Rat Bastards! Look at what they did to my wonderful favorite DC

My cat goes without food tonight. My question is this....

I know why the spirit mission was successful

Republicans make no effort to control dangerous chemical

No one knows what it's like to be a dustbin in Shaftsbury with hooligans.

Slobodan Gingrich

Anybody here seen my old friend Martin?

JEEBUS! The Lounge Moves Almost As Fast As GD These Days!

Cadillac CTS or Infiniti G35 or Saab 95?

I want Eliza Dushku to go back in time to prevent MY death.

Saw Billy Collins' sold out Arts & Lectures reading, ask me what you will.

Bad News for toupee fans

"Clinton is Satan's lapdog and he ett meh baby"

Now REALLY REALLY CONFESS: What was the first Pauly Shore movie you saw?

Is it illegal for adults to have suggestive conversations with

My latest used-VHS purchase: "Galaxy Quest" for $8.99

How to scare your Republican neighbor

Joke: The dead duck.


Somebody pick a fight with me.

YOUR Theme song

What if MLK had lived?

OFFICIAL - Pixies Reform to headline Coachella with Radiohead, Kraftwerk

A Quinn Martin Production... IN COLOR! (ACT 1)

I know where Sharpton gets his sense of humour...

If I wrote a book about Dennis Franz, would you read it?

mama love

It's time for NAME THIS PUPPY

I'm A She-Devil Tonight

Anyone here remember the polio scares when you were a kid?

Paragon sings Kid Rock (thanks, ronnykmarshall!)

A very interesting way to waste some time

Pump up the volume?

Isn't it disturbing when you see people who violently hate Jimmy carter?

If I wrote a book about Paragon, would you read it?


What is your favorite Oreo flavor?

What food can you not stop eating once you start?

CONFESS!!!!!! First R-Rated movie you ever saw and the age you were....

Frontline looks very interesting tonight

Vulcans Help

MXC fans: What's your favorite challenge?

You know when I decided to stop taking the Catholic Church seriously?

Seattle DUers-Have you ever used a food bank?

So Big Brother wants control of my Air Conditioner now?

help in managing Windows' memory

DU this poll

Is Dog good?

DU Chatroom Chat!

A Call to Conscience:

Why do doctors lie? A plea for advice.

Did it ever occur to the music industry that the reason sales suck...

Time for a DU fundraiser, "Calendar Girls" style.

Rage Against the Machine

Now REALLY REALLY Confess...first X-rated movie you're IN?

"There comes a time when silence equals betrayal."

Favorite 'invented' word?

Newbie Alert

I'm on a Margaret DuMont-a-thon

warm wishes for the homeless tonight

What's the weirdest explanation you've heard for Bush*'s facial scratch?

I found a tarantula. I think its going to rain

NBA fans: Get ready for the "Brooklyn Nets".

I just bought a Dremel - What should I do with it?

What's the strangest thing your pet eats?

Our next US Representative from Wisconsin. DUer, Whitacre D_WI !!!

Is God good?

And I thought my cat was fat.

Who is the smartest person ever?


Has anyone seen Cold Mountain?

The Top Two Restaurants in your town to eat at?

Am I the only one in the US that has not watched an episode of Friends?

I'm on a Margaret Rutherford-a-thon!

Oh, No!

What do you think about homeschooling?

"Dear God, please make me not laugh...please make me not...laugh..."

A hippie walks into a bar...

Obscure records you own


Is It cold where you are?

Is the US a secular state? Or a Christian republic?

I Installed Wood Floors!

Should Michigan be ceded to Canada?

So I guess there's this Ashton Kutcher movie coming out.

DU drivers, please help me do some research for a friend.

Star Wars Sequel Episodes 7, 8, 9 may be coming after all

Those Laura "Pickles" Bush commercials on Mike Malloy

Amazing Jugs!

My 400th post - what's a guy gotta do to get flamed?

Well, that was NOT fun!

Now REALLY CONFESS!!!!!!!! First X-Rated movie you ever saw!!!!

Have you ever thought a post of your was exceptionally funny

Question about WEP Wireless Security (MAC OSX 10.3)

Time to ask the musical question(s)....

If DU could do any "Web Cam" what would be your favorite spot?

I have a lost dog on my porch.

Of What Are Your EARLIEST Childhood Memories?

What is the VERY worst thing George W. Bush did as President?

This Frank Zappa quote will chill you...

A audio and video message for DU'ers!

Is there a particular slang term or phrase that just annoys you?

CMB Is Supposed To Withdraw Today...

Kerry leading Iowa?????

Presidential primary prompting voter registration

Live Video: Dean and Braun at 2 PM ET (CNN will show it too)

"Profiling of All Airline Passengers"... Kucinich responds 1/14/04

No offense but this is pretty funny picture

I have this thought going through my mind today, Sharpton and Dean

What are the candidates positions on Crime?

Deans tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

It's a three way battle between Clark, Edwards and Kerry

Early votes overinflate states' importance

For my 1000th post,

Whoever wins the Va./Md. primaries on Feb.10th wins the nomination

Poll: Dean and Clark gaining in California

Perfect Storm sweeps into Iowa for Dean

Dean said: "Only one candidate stood up against the war when it mattered"

I'm a Kerry supporter but I am totally impressed with Howard Dean...

My Democratic Club Endorses Dean for President (Sacramento, CA)

John Adams cannot win (pt. II)

Granite Status: Who's the outsider now?

Evaluating the polls....

WOuld Clark take the sidecar if Kerry is the nominee?

What is the point?

Rasmuessen reports (W 48 - Clark 48)

Why Dennis Kucinich Could Win Anyway

Didn't Gore choose to use matching funds??

Ann Richards on CNN's Larry King tonight

Kerry escalates pace, message in Iowa

Iowa will also be important in November

Kerry: Bush should focus on Iraq, not Mars

No more internecine backbiting! It's about damned time!

Just got an email from Coach Dean Smith cheering for John Edwards!

Iowa Predictions Thread

Strategy for 2004 Victory – Dean Already Has It

It's the Kerry-copter

Kerry campaign hands out flyers at Clark events

Michael Moore on CNN

What is Dean's theme song?

Where Clark stands out,

Dean said: "Only one candidate stood up against the war when it mattered"

Anyone see Bill Bennett on HANNITY & colmes the other night?

State (NH) explains independents can vote in coming primary

Ted Kennedy's recent Iraq War policy speech (MP3 format)

This Guy Can Rock the White House: One Democrat chooses between Clark/Dean

Skinner did you vote in the DC primary?

Dupe - please delete/lock

This Race is WIDE OPEN

Michael Moore to appear on CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reports - 5:48 pm ET - 1/15

does anyone know the percentage of prez nominees who won iowa

Why haven't the Democratic candidates all seized the O'Neill revelations?

hypothetical: Dean wins Iowa, Clark pulls ahead and wins in NH

Anyone but Lieberman

Goodbye Carol Moseley Braun hello sexism

What's it mean that

Dean Campaign Event -- 7pm et CSPAN - AFSCME

Clark ~ Opportunity for All

Newsbyte on Dean and Gephart Unfair

Dean's Statement on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

What has caused Kerry and Edwards to surge in Iowa?

Dean Leads in New Delaware and Illinois Polls..

Frank Luntz coming up on Hardball.

This Guy Can Rock the White House

Iowa is running $87 a vote.

Clark: Educational Opportunity for All

an interesting view of Dean

Braun/Dean Announcement (in full for the 1st time) on CSPAN NOW (7:30PM ET

A word of caution about Zogby and ARG

Clark within 5 pts. of Dean in NH: ARG Poll

Sez Who?

From the "real life" true stories dept.

Babbit, Environmentalists Endorse Dean

Man, Paula Zaun REALLY hates Democrats.


Research 2000 Iowa Poll: Dean 22, Kerry 21, Gep/Edwards 18

New Mark Fiore political cartoon- Very Funny!

Bush's approval rating just 54 percent in NBC poll

In King, Kerry hears a soul mate

Carole King for John Kerry on CSPAN now~ 8:00 pm EST

Error-filled, over-simplified, but filled with positive exuberance...

Kerry on Gore and Climate Change

Dean and Kucinich are NOT part of the DLC -- Watch and Enjoy

Anyone watch Dean on CSPAN

The #1 reason for the bickering here:

We're ditching the 250-posts rule and the 1-month rule.

"Dean's Trooper" (Dean smear from ABC News)

Who Should I Vote For In May?

A real endorsement for Iowans

What I Like and Dislike About Each Candidate

Howard Dean calls Ann Richards LIVE on LArry King!

Other than Bill & Hillary, who are the big endorsements left?

A question on the primaries' delegates

Why is Fox's Vannity and Colmes relentlessly attacking Dean?

Hannity & colmes: Is anybody watching that crap tonight?

Emmanuel indeed

Wesley Clark: Friend Of Bill

Kerry on Gore and Climate Change

Iowa Caucus Ruckus - Give Dean a little credit y'all!

Babbitt, Hawken, and other enviros throw their weight behind Dean

Clark Tells The Truth & Is Called A Liar For It

How did I do?

Drudge: The Ellipsis As A Tool Of Deception

Like Jury Duty? You'll Love Caucuses

I am going to an in-house with Howard Dean tomorrow

Could NH end up being Clark vs. Kerry?

NH Clark Activists: If you work hard enough you could sew it up

Kerry and Vietnamese language teacher

The Democratic Presidential Dream Team:

This thing is not over for Edwards yet (my #2 candidate)

PBS News Hour candidate selector Quiz-O-Matic

Wow, I can name TWO good things about Joe Lieberman...

Kucinich's Mission to Planet Earth

The IA and NH money pit

Some media conspiracy

Would a contested convention be good for the Democratic Party

Chris Lehane: Clark's Bad Boy. All's Fair? Clark Rivals Irked

Are the presidential nominations an accurate reflection of voters' wishes?

If Kerry won the nomination, what would he do to Bush?

Kucinich's Ten-Point Plan to Bring Our Troops Home From Iraq

Former Senator Kerrey to help Kerry Presidential Campaign

The Moderate Independent Endorses Wesley Clark for President

Michael Moore's Pending Clark Endorsement - Thoughts?

Ann Richards endorses Howard Dean

Can we beat Dumbya with limited funds?

Eric Alterman handicaps the candidates -- likes Clark

media review site -

Californians Widely Favor Dean Among Democrats

Dean criticizes Clark, calls him Republican

"Kucinich Star of Debate" 1/11/04

17 things you don't know about Howard Dean

Who Gets It ? (Or Clark, Dean & John Kerry's Hair) Krugman 1/15

I am ashamed of my candidate

truthout Statement on the Mainstream Media's Coverage of the Primaries

Clark Attacks the Military-Industrial Complex (NPR TRANSCRIPT)

Deleted message

Ann Richards endorses Howard Dean on Larry King

Wesley Clark's Editorial On Securing Peace In Iraq (London Times)

Kennedy on CNN: "We Need John Kerry," Rushing Back to Iowa!

Clark's Remarks Draw Closer Scrutiny (AP)

Link: "The Myth of the Democratic Establishment"

DLC Democrats

If what goes on here bothers you, better hope your guy is not the nominee

Newbie seeking knowledge on Kerry's rise

The Republican attack on Clark has begun..

Most recent 2 days of Zogby Dean averaging 23-20 over Kerry...

Can Kerry Win Over Youth?

Why has no candidate suggested abolishing heterosexual marriage?

A few reasons I think Clark is the best candidate to win Florida

Barbara Lee for Vice President

Biden just said he likes Clark and Kerry on The Daily Show

contact Howard Dean about tax-fairness

Dean: "It's the people, stupid!"

Why should I be happy that the attacks against Dean worked?

Post questions about the new rules here.

More About Clark's Role With Axicom...

TO BE CLEAR: You are still permitted to criticize candidates.

The CMB endorsement of Gov. Dean: your thoughts?

If you want to say something rude -- DON'T!

Wesley Clark's Testimony To Congress September 26, 2002 (Drudge Lies)

If I wrote a book about Dennis Kucinich, would you read it?

Why I will vote FOR Dennis Kucinich

Kennedy blasts Bush on Iraq, Campaigns Fiercely for Kerry: Kerry Anti-War?

Here's a laugh for everyone

Democratic Primary Candidate Poll

The Records Come Home To Roost. Dean Endorsers and Media Pundits in Panic.

NEW rules for the General Discussion: 2004 Primary forum