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Archives: January 14, 2004

Letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld - Human Rights Watch

The O'Neill Factor

Refereeing in Hell

Edwards, the Nice-Guy Candidate

A Matter of Decency by Gene Lyons

High Price For Bad Advice ( about Richard Perle)

Wednesday's Steve Bell Cartoon

Quail hunting in the backwoods

Interview on issue framing

A doctor gets the treatment -Globe

What Dean Means (A refreshing pro-Dean piece)

The “Stop Dean” campaign and the divisions in the American political...

Powell's shrinking credibility on Iraq

Mars Needs Dim Republicans

Jim Muir (BBC): Opening shots in Iran's power struggle


Ex-Treasury Chief O'Neill Rejects Price Of Loyalty - Helen Thomas

(SHOULD BE IN EDITORIALS) Damned Yankees (Summit of the Americas)

Amputating the Bill of Rights: Kurt Nimmo

Kristof: Inviting All Democrats

NYT: Paul O'Neill, Unplugged, or What Would Alexander Hamilton Have Done?

"Secret" O'Neill document already available on web...

Salon: Conason – NYT story disproving Saddam-al Quaida link CIA leak?

Blumenthal on O'Neill: A Rebel Republican


The Democrats' dream has become Blair's nightmare

Good for Investors, Bad for the Rest (Harold Meyerson)

I'm planning to start a meetup in Rincon, georgia commercial to air during Super Bowl?

Put a Dr for President. Welfare and Health, priorities for a better world.

Limbaugh and ACLU

A biography of our favorite talk show host.

Matt Drudge+Margaret Cho+selective quotation

Okay, I need to buy a clue; Why * for Bush?

Paranormal Olympics - Are you the most psychic person in the world?

First Lion Mummy Found in Egyptian Tomb

eBay yanks online auction of West Virginia after 56 bids

any taoists here?

New Vocabulary

I've been reading an amazing Jean Shinoda Bolen book,

Parental dilemma!! How would YOU deal with it?

The Astrology of "America's Class War" /Worker & Wealthy in US History

Where is Southernwriter girl?

BBV -electronic voting machines will not be subject to a manual recount-Fl

Bush Wants $1.5B To Promote Traditional Marriage

Majority In Arizona Oppose Gay-Marriage Amendment

LI Housing Group Gets $240G To Root Out Housing Discrimination

New Jersey Becomes 5th State to Grant Civil Unions

Delaware to consider gay discrimination bill for third time

Conservatives Split Over Marriage Amendment

Are African Americans passive for the DNC?

Third Of N. Ireland Gays Attempt Suicide

Growing numbers of Americans are experimenting with sadomasochistic sex

Here is how to END The Gay Marriage Debate

January 15 - The Birthday, Not The Holiday

Dude, Where's My Job?

Where Are The 4th Quarter GDP Numbers ?

"The notion that this is a short and shallow recession is patently false"

"Liberty Whistle" calls for Feds Resignation...Govt. Predictions Bogus!

Rusky's abandon dollar imports

Bush Trade Deficit fake:Motorola $1.1 b China deal to be all made in China

EU 'Increasingly' Worried by U.S. Line on WTO Rules(slow to obey)

Another Potential Aral Sea Disaster Brewing In Kazakhstan - Reuters

2003 Swiss Glacial Retreat Biggest Ever - Not Attributable To Summer Heat

Bush Air Conditioner Standard Is Rejected (Clinton standard restored)

SInce President Bush II has been in office 58,000,000

Real Cost of Shrub’s Mission to Mars

"Mind-Boggling" Conflicts Of Interest In Bush Climate Policy - BBC

'Most endangered' national parks list released

Keep faith in polls process, Arroyo urges Filipinos

The Corrupt Gun Industry In Action

Different cultures

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 14, 2004

Sexes differ on the issue of guns

Facts show U.S. vigilance

Government is going to drug test using hair and anything else

120 Crooked Gun Stores Provide 1 in 7 Crime Guns

Federal Court Upholds DC Hand Gun Ban(2nd has no indiv.right to own guns)

Elad: re: faux-Joe supporters

Skinner, et al: What are you all drinking tonight?

We can't switch candidates?

Sorry, Elad.


Locked as duplicate. Not a duplicate, AFAICT

Can we get a weekly list of those who have been tombstoned???

I love you all... but I was right....

Huge pats on the back, shoulder and a

Wow! Can You Guys Nuke Entire Threads Now?

Purely curious.

curious why this thread locked

As a Dean supporter, I'd like to disavow and condemn the disruptions

Dean-Better Call Your Lawyer. That Is Actual Title Of Article

What Happened to GD:2004?

Just a big thank you.

This place is FAST

Since people are ten times more likely to complain than praise

Just read the update

SCREW the primary forum

I'm sure "thank you" threads get tiresome too, but...

typo on home page article title

What is EarlG's job?

Sad isn't it?


How often do you get thanked by a poster

New announcement format?


Forgive the intrusion...

When Can We Expect a New Hate Mailbag?

I missed last night. but have a technical question....

In case anyone views the DOS attack as cyber crime:

Another question--a technical one (really)

Can we shut down GD:2004 Primary until the eve of the Iowa Caucus?

Why are all the threads here locked?

Thanks you guys!

It's nice to be without GD2004. It seems to me it became a place for

So where should I post on the upcoming live Dean event tonight?

Could we get a Hunter Thompson avatar?

GD 2004- A suggestion

Is it just me, or does DU load really fast now?

another idea for GD04 forum rules

Mispelling on home page...

Suggestion for GD 2004 when it is re-opened

GDprimary 2004

My sympathy to the admins!

Skinner! People are swearing in the lounge!

Just want to add my thanks for great job

Thank You For Repairing the Problem so quickly.

I appealed a demerit earlier...

Mods and admins, are you aware that

Locked Thread Question

Probably a dumb question...

U.S. urges Sharon, Qureia to meet soon

We Are All Soldiers at Checkpoints

British peace activist shot by Israeli soldier dies

Muslim Groups' IRS Files Sought

IOF Shoot Dead 3 Palestinians, Detain 85, Demolish 11 Houses

Israeli fencers determined to compete in Aqaba, despite Jordanian ban

Israeli soldier may face manslaughter charge

Tom Hurndall (peace activist shot by IDF) dies.

Guide to a West Bank Checkpoint

Muslim Groups' IRS Files Sought

Ha'aretz ANALYSIS: Amos Harel on the Erez suicide bombing

Nehemia Strasler (Ha'aretz): (Sharon's) Survival

Bombing at Israel-Gaza border

Fighting Hate, Across Cultures and Generations

Israel 'to blame for Gaza attack'

Background / Will Sharon topple Sharon? A scandal guide .


Survival of the fittest

Hamas-Fatah Jointly Take Responsibility for Erez Attack

Israeli fence 'blocks peace talks'

Father of five murdered in ambush near Ramallah

simplistic questions about 9-11

What happened to the passengers of the "5th flight" in Boston?

Americans like Bush's qualities, poll says(Dems win issues - lose election

Kerry vows battle against 'economy of special privilege'

Rejecting the interview question so as to frame the debate - great article

Message from Martin Sheen to Dean supporters

Former Senator won't run for House seat

Dean has big lead among NH women

Clark endorses Apollo Alliance (Alternative Energy) -- Huge Deal...for me

Congresswoman Diane Watson Endorses Dean

E-voting site. Find where your reps stand on HR2239 (Diebold et al)

Mexico's Population's Age?

Heard on CNN that Gov. Ann Richards is going to endorse Dean?

People Who Live In Glass Houses

Former governor to enter South Carolina Senate Race

A Challenger for Sen. Bunning

100% of returns in: Dean wins DC 43-34 in above average turnout

Clark, The Stephens Group, Inc. and Club for Growth

Gephardt Questions Dean's Honesty, Motives

N.H. slower to take to Edwards

The money is still on Dean - by a wide margin

Is Dean's Lead Crumbling?

Caption this photo

Congressman Bishop GA endorses Clark

PA Local Caucus; of interest Clark, Kucinich & Dean

Dean on Clark: "I truly believe he is a Republican"

Dean Praises Kennedy Speech on Iraq

Edwards Wins Mock Iowa Caucus IN A LANDSLIDE!

How can Clark appeal to Greens?

"You're darn right I'm angry..."

New SC poll.

Iowa Letters: Kerry has needed leadership, strongest caucus candidate

Dean Campaign Rally (LIVE 7:30/8 PM ET Wed) w/ Harkin, Sheen, & Reiner

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards to Endorse Dean

Kerry chastises Tyco board for rejecting move back to U.S.

In Iowa, Kerry gains believers, including some Republicans

David Hasselhoff  to endorse Joe Lieberman!

Dean Leads in CA Poll!

Mosley Braun to drop out... endorse Dean

Clark Surges in N.H.

Dean totally rocked the house

Youth Bus for Kucinich

Martin Sheen and Rob Reiner campaign for Dean

Dean (Harkin, Sheen & Reiner) Rally Replay On Soon (10:52 PM ET)

More IA endorsement for Edwards (including Fed "the Mayor" Hoiberg)

Just a doggone minute! This is NOT GD-P2004, Part 2!

Deleted message

I started a thread in GD2004 calling for a 24 cease fire starting tonight

"Rising Arizona" Clark

Dean's hypocrisy?

What do the different candidates bring to or bring out in the Democratic

I can't believe Dean just said that!

Dean Lead Shrinks in Iowa, Kerry Gains

It's official, Michael Moore is endorsing Clark

Dean is firing them up in Iowa

In college, Dean started race conversation

ya know, I can't help but believe that if Gary Hart . . .

Rank the Candidates!

Congresswoman Diane Watson Endorses Dean

Dean/Clark ticket "within striking distance" of Bush in Arizona

Predictions y'all made for DC

An Admiring Tribute to John Kerry's Tenacious and Fearless Campaigning.

Gloves come off: Dean outs Clark

For those who are undecided: Let's shorten candidate list

Daily Howler takes on Dean's claim of being against the war from the begin


Kucinich on Airline Passenger Profiling


Okay, I have to ask this about Rush

BBV alert in Florida! A Trojan Horse...

Bumpersticker Politics

Who REALLY drives and SUV? According to New Yorker, vain, insecure people.

I feel bad for the moderators

Cheney visits Seattle - count the lies!

More BBV and other voting issues...

How will it be Clinton's fault when gas goes to $3 per gallon??

interesting pulled freeper thread

What being a Democrat means to me

If Dean does not win the primary, where does the money go?

Spirit is on the move....

My immediate fears about Iraq

New Abortion Bill in Nebraska...

Matthews - Pentangelo - HBO

Dean appears on the cover of Rolling Stones

NY Times: Revised Ground Zero Memorial Will Include an Artifact Center

when neo-cons write fiction

Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters

Am I Wrong To Stretch The Truth?

Enron and Fines

Computer voting for military

How Can There Be An O'Neill Investigation?

Just discovered this news website...

CNN Poll: Dems on Domestic, Repubs on Foreign

WPR INterviewing Kevin Phillips on Bush Dynasty Book

A pink triangle today, in solidarity with gay men ..under attack in Va

Question about Move On and the Hitler ad

BBV: Dave Dill and Kim Alexander on KPFA

DEAN (Cain) / CLARK (Kent) - a political cartoon

When do our candidates

What makes a security risk?

The Never-Even-Risk-Jail card: GOP donations

De-coding Media Whore Speak

Lets start pushing to boot Zell

The Crumbling Case for War

Poll on Iraq invasion (Senate Republican Conference)

Black box voting trouble in Florida

Being verbally beaten by BUSH GROUPIES AT WORK - PLEASE HELP

True Tales of Homeland Security

Deafening silence on O'Neill flap (CNN), continued whoring...

Shock Video: Who shot new 9-11 tapes? Al Qaeda or someone else?

There is a finite reservoir of terrorists, right?

Why I Distrust ALL Polls: Group Admits Twisting Gay Marriage Poll

Cool Picture of Dick Cheney

Seattle's Media Whores Want Internet Sales Tax

Bush Plans to Cook Employment Numbers

Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cavalry

DUers , we should support Vanity Fair magazine

GOP Benefactor: "The country that represents Satans harvest is America"

Sour Grapes? Character assassination continues...

Does anyone else feel a need to shower after exiting GD: 2004 Primary?

Michelangelo Signorile SLAMS Drudge, Sullivan, Moonies!

Kennedy On Cspan

Mexicans watch out! - Carlyle group is invading

POLITICS OF DIVISION : Are we really a Superpower?

$10,000 bucks just to get a picture with Cheney!

Prepare for incoming: The GD: 2004 group is MIA

Newsweek Dean Poll: Check the results

Clark Surges in New Hampshire

Anyone hear yesterday's Fresh Air/Peter Maas's extended Hummer commercial?

MTV news bit on Moveon....

Bush coming to New Orleans tomorrow

Did you see this? ABC News says 2nd Official confirms O'Neill's story!

There was so much flaming in GD Primary 2004

Let's Give The WH Some Cheeseburgers!

Is Bush II following Bush I's game plan?

If caskets coming home could be televised...

Stupid CNN poll needs DU'ing.

What happened to GD2004?

What will you do while the GD2004 Primary Forum is down?

Florida is applying a religious test for judges

Rush's 'Undeniable Truths'?

Hearts And Minds: The Solution!

Bushler's on the ropes - but without banning touchscreen we are doomed!

Sean Penn returns to Iraq

1.5 Billion for "healthy marriages" ?????

I'd like to see a "Department of the Commons" established

Is Bush trying to piss off as many people on both sides as possible?

NY Times Review of the Dark Lord's book "An End to Evil"

Triple Homicide - What gets into people?

Halliburton Looks to contracts on Mars....

O'Neill's backpedaling is irrelevant at this point.

Bush Space Program: Okay, now I get it!

Shrub disasters since 01...wonder what 04 will bring.

Edward M. Kennedy Iraq Policy Speech (CSPAN)(Noon ET on Wed)

How do you become an executioner?

President Moonbeam speaking on going to "infinity...and beyond"

Franken officially signed on to liberal radio network

Poll: Is the world better off since the US attack Iraq?

Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage

CSPAN2 - New American Century

Media Bias Dan Rather and Brent Bozell

Blister Agent **NOT** found in mortar shells

Reasons to vote for Bush -- Not!

My Gawd! Cheney to be in AZ, 2 miles away from my

Bush deceit on Iraq exposed (Jesse Jackon - Chicago Suntimes) O'Neill

O'Neill Book - Rummy's Team - mapped the Iraq Oil fields days into term

CNN poll: Americans like Bush's qualities

Someone please explain to me...

Another interesting relationship...

O'Neill Book - Clinton Policy discussion (NSC meeting 10 days into office)

Call for Resignation of Federal Reserve Members

George's base not taking kindly to marriage tinkering

Just got what I think is a politcal message from (pro Bush)

Notice to Freepers

Does this really surprise anyone?

How big is your Ecological Footprint and how many Earths do you need?

Taxing Our Grandchildren?

The right wing and the christian church

Interesting study on Gender, Divorce & Political Affiliation

From Randi Rhodes today.........

Smoking ban kills business, owner auctions it at eBay

I keep thinking we need a word besides conservative..

IF O'Neill is truly backpedaling why is he still promoting w/ Suskind?

why does Guliani (sp.) want to buy the Fl. anthrax bldg. ?

education numbers

I've finished the O'Neill book......bush should be concerned

Teen Surfer Who Lost Arm In Shark Attack Places 5th In Competition

Suskind will be Wolf's guest

Head of new NASA advisory commission has a lot of PNAC friends!

O'Neill & Suskind on NPR's "Fresh Air" today

bushco just gets worse and worse - oks stripmining near streams

Question to: TV, Radio, Print Media -- have you read O'Neills Book?

Bush Employment Agency (Funny Email - No source)

Bush sets course for 2015 moon landing.

should keep the Hitler ads

just sent Daschle an email demanding the removal of Zell Miller

Ok, someone tell me WHY poor folk get divorced than any other?

It's So Easy To Prove The Lies Spread On Hannity's Show

Everyone! You MUST email/fax/call CBS and DEMAND the MoveOn Ad!!!

Video on 2000 election fraud in Florida with Greg Palast

"To the moon and beyond?" What is Bush thinking...

New Margaret Cho thread up at Freek Republik

Military Industrial Warriors In The Bush Administration and Space Dollars

Limbaughs attorney will be on MSNBC at 9e on 'Mr. Magoo'

What's this deal with Bill Bennett and the dominatrix?

Fastow and wife to plead guilty -- will get ten year sentence

How annoying is Judy Woodruff?

Dean hammered like this now.What will it be like later?

The BOOKSHELF: where mass "liberal media" survives

Further proof of a NON-link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda

In case you missed Symbolman on Joey The Scar....

Is our country gone forever?

Ask Dean campaign to make tax-fairness plan for near-future.

Is the MoveOn Superbowl ad even a good idea?

the new Democratic president should do something about Lieberman

anyone see this picture of Jenna from the Washington Post?

OK - what do slick & AWOL actually SAY at their fundraisers?

Fascism: A Bold Vision for a New Democratic Majority

Question about the Rowalnd situaton (CT.)

Michiganders...we are another state in the RED

The new Canadian Conservative Party is falling apart. Already

Breaking: Mars and Moon Exploration Outsourced to India

Why is BushCo so interested in Mars?, .net. and .org registered, and here are their owners

Is it possible that this is Disinformation

Ron Suskind.. where has he been before? Author of O'Neill's Book

Sean Penn reports from Iraq

My talk show host says we're un American...Help!

Do you mind being on a government blacklist?

NPR Ombudsman Apologizes

Dean rally on C-SPAN starting now

O'Reilly attack on R. Kelly and NAACP Image Awards

Ok. What Does Bush* Know About Space, Exploration, Science, Etc..???

Rover Ready to Roll Onto Mars Surface

Has anybody read/is reading The Price of Loyalty?

I hate when they say: "They died serving their country."

Dean is firing them up in Iowa

Balloonfoot - *'s nickname for Powell

Bush's space plans are part of the PNAC blueprint

Suskind to post many of the documents on the Internet

Undecided voters check this site out

Kennedy's on CSPAN2!

BBV:Blind Must Be Able to Vote Alone in Fla.(audio Diebold required)

I wouldn't wipe my butt hole with the Chicago Sun-Times

CBS May Not Run MoveOn Superbowl Ad...

Ambiguity over "Bumper Sticker" philosophy about America! O'Neil!

I am sick of "Woe is Me" Democrats

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 01/14/04 (Graphic Content)

Hasn't it been reported that Bush does not even read the newspapers??

removed by poster

Look who wants * impeached, and why!

Sorry if a dupe, but this guy has it. It is all about "framing" the

If you were Bill Clinton, what would you do this year?

I truly wish O'Reilly would just go away...

I need a link of evidence of a minority facing tangible consequences for..

"I'm a Republican, and I'm Voting Democratic!"

CT DUers: Let's Dump Rowland

Anyone see Ed Koch on CNBC's Capitol Report?

Kerry will be polling 1st place in Iowa tomorrow.

Hannity praises Joe Lieberman

how conservatives use language to frame the issues . . .

Powerful stuff! "Paranoid shift" by Michael Hasty (Online Journal)

Day 2 Of O'Neil Book Available --- what are the Dems Doing?

Republicans waiting to release dirt on the Democratic

Why is going to the moon different from the Superconducting Super Collider

A possible reason for the * space announcement today

Moseley Braun: Science Fiction Fan?

I need a crash course on Columbian politics/events/culture, etc.

The 6-Year Old President

Mary MATALIN, 500 Dead Is Not Right

Ted Kennedy live on C-SPAN now ...

What did Cheney mean when he said "it is our due"

Laptop Recommendations

I'm a Nazi, and I'm voting Republican!

A lot of you guys cheered me up tonight...

5 websites/online journals that are must reads?

Former NSC counter-terror chief Richard Clarke's book

Cleric sentenced for book that instructs on how to beat your wife

disappointed by Democrat Sanchez on tonight's "Scarborough Country"

Colin Powell in administration

The real reason * wants "to gain a new foothold on the moon " by 2015

Paul Bremmer on Nightline

Perfect argument FOR the estate tax-Paris Hilton

Representatives and Senators - the poll.

Why has Clinton not spoken out about the "regime change" quotes...?

Whatever happened to Saddam Hussein?

let's tell CBS to REJECT the ad

How powerful is the truth ?

War-weary Sean Penn reports on Iraq 'powder keg'

Does Bush love America?

Let's have no more talk about comparing Bush to Hitler.

Michael Moore on Charlie Rose tonight

Wierd pollster called me!

$1.6 mil to run the MoveOn ad during the Super Bowl?

Is the war on terra just another form of mutually assured destruction?

How to frame a debate, from BuzzFlash.

Morfords' perspective on "Bush on Mars"

Whitacre D_WI Urges Rep. Sensenbrenner to Investigate O'Neill Claims

US soldier ignores German law, 7 y.o. child suffers for it (rottweilers)

Weary GI's in Iraq say "Bring Us Home!"

1 in 7 US deaths in Iraq are suicides - is this depressing or what?

Get ready to puke: "Space Cowboy"

ALERT! why was "from Deutsch Bank" on those O'Neil "Secert" documents?

I cannot OVERSELL this essay (by Plaid Adder)

I'd like 10 minutes alone with Tucker Carlson

Media Messages aimed at Mothers

Is it impossible for Bush to unite this country ?

Next time the Radical Right whines about Bush = Hitler

Beyond moronic: Drudge, bagging on Al Gore and global warming...

Bush's secret nickname from Skull & Bones

AP: Gov't to Overhaul Employee Drug Tests

An argument against the draft in 2005 - my attempt at persuading (Long)

Chavez's Clowning at Summit Hits a Chord in Latin America

Question for Canadian DUers: Is Belinda Stronach Dangerous?

January 15 - The Birthday, Not The Holiday

Please DU the hell out of this poll.

Sheila Copps may run as independent (Canada)

Is there any way to improve the atmosphere in GD: 2004 Primary?

FCC Seeks to Limit F-Word on U.S. Airwaves

There is no shame in driving a SUV/truck

Time to talk about Hawaiian self-determination

Is Neoconservatism simply a politically correct name for Fascism?

KB Toys (The G.I. Shrub toy producer) declares bankruptcy

Class War: Corporations Slash Retiree Health Benefits

Why are we more acceptant now of "cruel and unusual punishment" walks off Scarborough, Squinty McMurder sputters!

"Better than Hitler" - a modest enough ad proposal for the RNC

What are these 7 binding UN resolutions...

Can the British Labour party be saved?

How was the "shock and awe" air campaign on Baghdad any better than 9/11?

Don't mess with Margaret Cho!

Breaking: O'Reilly in a Wheel Chair!

Time to tell Senator Santorum he is a Dick!

Will a Repub challenger to Bush* emerge?

S. 1980-Where are the cosponsors?

What has Hillary done to be labeled "evil" from the Right?

Green Party Apparently Considered 'Terrorists'

The BFEE aims their sights at bigger fish - the solar system!

A Question Regarding Gun-Related Discussions on DU

McAullife: MoveOn Nazi Ads Are 'Despicable'

Oh, the irony: Gas prices may hit $3.00 a gallon this summer

BCCI UK lawsuit: Harry S Truman private documents 'available'

Critics call new Canada-U.S. agreement 'window dressing'

GIs Nab Relatives of Key Iraqi Insurgent

Several killed by bomb in Iraq

US opens new front in war on terror by beefing up border controls...Sahara

Schwarzenegger's hopes for federal help may be improbable

NYT | Dean Wins First Primary, a Nonbinding Vote in Washington

Legality of Changing Iraq Is Questioned

Uzbek plane crash kills 37

US military criticises legal process for Guantanamo detainees

Oil-Rich City Will Be Major Test for Iraq

Pentagon conscripts soldiers for Iraq war

Administration Alters Rules on Ethics Waivers

Supreme Court Takes Up Pollution Cases

Court ruling strikes down immunity of Italian premier/ I've duped this!

Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says

Rumsfeld Says He Contacted Ex-Official on Bush Book

Mars Rover Moves, NASA Plots Course

Medics Say 2 Dead, 26 Injured in Iraq Car Bomb Attack

Prof cites pressure to alter final grades

TV President, Movie Director Out for Dean

Army's Suicide Rate in Iraq Said Higher

Iraqi women protest proposed changes to family laws

Pakistan-Libya Ties a Dilemma for Bush

Racial Disparities Played Down

Franken Signs Deal With Progressive Media

FTA opponents to urge protection . . health .cultural policies be excluded

A A pilot and crew detained in Brazil and refused entry to

Iraqi Kurd presses Kirkuk claim, riles Turkey

Tight Florida House race reveals flaws in Broward voting machines

Edward M. Kennedy Iraq Policy Speech (CSPAN)(Noon ET on Wed)

'Bullets' man stopped at Heathrow . . from Washington DC ( oops !)

Ted Kennedy live on C-SPAN now ...

Call for Resignations at the Federal Reserve

US arrests Iraqi journalists (threatens with rape)

Edwards' gentle approach may pay off in Iowa

100,000 kids lose health coverage (Texas)

HELP with link on AA pilot giving "obscene" gesture in Brazil

Over 60 Bulgarian soldiers quit Iraq-bound unit

Court overturns Bush air conditioner efficiency standard

Bush Air Conditioner Standard Is Rejected (Clinton standard restored)

James Carville to Write Children's Book

Conservative Episcopalians prepare to challenge gay bishop decision

Senate president may hold up vote on same-sex marriage ban

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 January (#1)

Liberal talk radio to air in Chicago

Connecticut to Begin Impeachment Probe of Governor

Japan to Negotiate Release of Abducted Citizens

Money Is All in Nomination Campaigns, Group Says (Dean Should Win Nod)

Virginia Eyes New Sodomy Law: 5 Years In Prison For Violations

U.S. Soldiers' Suicide Rate Is Up in Iraq

Back to the Moon, and Beyond(on the cheap - NASA increase =$800m)

$60B bank merger near: J.P. Morgan has agreed to buy Bank One

Dean Tries To Preserve Lead In Granite State

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 496 U.S. service members have died

ICRC challenges US over Guantanamo prisoners (International Red Cross)

Gov. Murkowski Considers Tap of Alaska Oil Money

(Rev.) Jackson: 'Mad Dean disease' hurting Democrats

Kerry Decries His Own Negative Attacks

Schwarzenegger urges Rumsfeld to keep California bases open

Ex-S.C. Gov. Beasley Enters Senate Race

The media built Dean up and now...

Bush's Campaign Chairman Visits Vermont

WP: For Many It's a Summit, For Bush* It's a Pique

CIA officer gets key post on N. Korea

Racial Disparities Played Down (Report on Health Care Differs From Draft )

Clark Proposes a New Mission for NATO

U.S. Urged on Universal Health Insurance

Afghan court protests women singers

[Georgia Gov.] Perdue's faith-based initiative clears first hurdle

BBC (Wednesday): Iranian leader urges poll rethink

Gangsters operate own prisons as kidnapping soars in Iraq

Clark's Statement On Yucca Mountain Litigation

USS Boxer returns to Iraq on second wartime mission in a year

Armed Sudanese man arrested at Heathrow under anti-terror laws

Fastow to plead guilty... gets 10 yrs

War Crimes Complaint Against Franks Tossed

VP Cheney Wavering on (Gay) Marriage

Local Buddhists join suit over the Pledge

North Korea said to show empty nuclear fuel pond

ABC News: Dean's Trooper

Book on O'Neill sells out fast in region (Pittsburgh PA)

(SHOULD BE IN EDITORIALS) Damned Yankees (Summit of the Americas)

Carter Clarifies Purpose Of Meeting With Dean (Plus Commentary On CNN)

Clark Endorses Apollo Alliance (Alternative Energy)

Corroborating ONeills Account

U.S. Soldiers' Suicide Rate Is Up in Iraq

Dean Vows 'Special Relationship' with Latin America

Chile Coup Haunts Wife of Reporter 30 Years Later (Charles Horman case)

O'Neill Book Paints Devastating Portrait of Bush* (awesome details)

Daschle Says Seniors Getting Propaganda

Bush sets course for 2015 moon landing

Gangsters operate own prisons as kidnapping soars in Iraq (70% of crime)

An American soldier has died in a non-hostile incident in northern Iraq

Gephardt on Dean: 'Manufactured anger'"fair-weather friend"false convictio

Braun to drop out tomorrow...will endorse Dean

Register for draft, jailed migrants told

Pentagon auditors seek inspector general probe into Halliburton contract

Tests Show No Agent In Iraq Mortar Shells

Clark: No al-Qaida connection to 9/11

Pentagon Seeks Further Halliburton Probe

Spain's PM Says Bush Acts Like an Emperor

Bush Popularity Rises in California, Poll Shows

AP: Gov't to Overhaul Employee Drug Tests

2 on 9/11 Panel Are Questioned on Earlier Security Roles -NYT

Dean urged Clinton to take unilateral action in Bosnia

Ex-dictator loses immunity

Democrats' Miller will hustle for GOP's Bush

Alliance MP will run as Liberal - CBC confirms - Keith Martin leaves CPC

Kennedy: Iraq war based on politics

Canada's diamond industry set to be world's third largest

Religious left creates lobby to oust Bush from White House

Anti-Bush Ad Contest Submits SuperBowl Commercial (CBS: unlikely to air)

(Amnesty Int.) Germany: police ill-treatment and excessive use of force

Bush*s King Visit Scorned

FCC chief wants crackdown on obscenity over the airwaves

BCCI UK law suit latest: QC savages 'Credit & Cocaine' bank

History Offers Reasons to Be Cautious on Bush's Space Plan

Moseley Braun reportedly set to quit campaign (Article)CONFIRMED W/Campagn

Report suggests linking pay for teachers to kids' scores

Overtime Pay For Millions of Americans in Peril

Military lawyers criticize tribunal

Rumsfeld exerting pressure on Bush to launch military strike against Syria

Great news for Advert haters - Kirstie Alley sacked from Pier 1

Turn up the volume and enjoy my new sig-line

New idea: Bring back Dukakis for '04!

Which Democratic candidate would you most want to go to a strip club?

VCR ALERT: Gabriel Over the White House

hey i got a message thread locked!

CNN's RW Cartoonist changeing sides?

Had my first Chicago-style hot dog today, ask me anything!

new Oxyrush advertisers Miracle Ear & Dave Cross Motors

Extra Funny Spoof of Rush Limbo

Got another wingnut anonymous e-mail. Anybody know its source?

Do you have to pay for peer to peer services?

To whomever posted the "Club 977" internet radio link...THANK YOU!

Nominations please: who should Shrub send on a one-way to Mars?

Nascar Fan Prank Call ROFLMFAO!!!! A MUST LISTEN!!!

need some "Dear Abby" type advice

His eyes follow your mouse

This one has me scratching my head...

A self-serving post about our website...

State of West Virginia "No Longer For Sale On Ebay"

Godzilla to look for Iraqi WMDs (Satire)

Remember "Mr. PicassoHead"? Wanna do Jacko?

Japanese Make Design Your Own Dream Machine

Question to those with law school experience....

Ever kick anybody in the balls?

Great stress reliever

Who is Takeru Kobayashi?

Knife Wielding 90 Year Old Sends Intruder Packing

Bringing Alcohol into the US

Message for the wife, courtesy of DU.

When slugs mate...

had a tooth extracted today

FINALLY! De-motivation....

do you get the NASA channel on your cable?

Question about neutering Cider...

Man Utd rule out Butt swap..(must be his last day on the job)

really weird spam

Hey DU, take two aspirins and call me when you feel better

Puke Alert - My poor mother is so misguided

Weird thing happened to me yesterday

How patient are the DU moderators?


Check out this collage of mine

Conservative Email Petition: Bush modern Hitler? No, a thousand times no!

Are there Pocket PC owners out there? I need help in the worst way

Blind, Deaf Outraged by Bush Metaphor

Does anyone else feel a need to shower after exiting GD: 2004 Primary?

What will you do while the GD2004 Primary Forum is down?

What's your Digital IQ

There was so much flaming in GD Primary 2004

2 Posts till the four digit club...ask me anything!!

McDonald's New McCrazy Burger

What was your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" edu-toon?

What Caused GD Primary 2004 to Crash?

I don't think I should have fed the dogs the leftover black beans...

For my 2000th post, I'd like to do something special


How about 200 Dumbya insults by 6pm EST?

If I only knew then what I know now... I could've gotten lucky!!!

I have a technical question about logging in...

Thanks, moderators!

I just lost a $ 100 bill, did anyone find it?

GD 2004 Primary Forum: 2003-2004 (Post your memories here)

What Ive learned in 50 years

Fraggin' frassa daggim frag -- THEEEEP!!! (rant)

Question for 18-24 y.o. DUers: Remember the cartoon "Stunt Dawgs"???

I'm turning Japanese. I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.

(Yesterday) The GLOBE's cover while waiting in the check-out line

$100 for the head of the next thread poster with a dollar bill reference.

CONFESS!!! You found a $3.00 bill, who's face is on it?

I just found a Buffalo Bill. Should I spend it?

I Just Found an Electric Bill. Should I Spend It?

I just found the head of the next person to make a bill reference...

Is the Paypal website down today?

What is a DOS attack?

If you found Bill Cosby, would you spend him on colourful sweaters?

Whats up with that big bust in Ontario?

30 days' jail for drunk vehicular homicide? WTF?!

mmmmmm A Vat Of Pickled Opus !!!

Need Wmp9 help

"Opus Pickled In Vats!"

Are dogs supposed to chew their kibble?

What do you think of the Pimsleur language programs?

To stupidly go where a bunch of men have gone before...

My downstairs neighbors smoke like @$)($#! chimneys and must stop!

Monkeys Have INVADED Embassy! (unilaterally apparently)

Anybody else here really miss Magic Rat's posts?

I'm an addict

How many times have you

Just how cold IS it in New England?

Donovan McNabb on cover of Sports Illustrated

Bush drinking again?

your favorite TV Land Sitcom?


Now the Bills have a coach...

And the first two Hitchhiker's Guide cast members are...

Today I left a note on a freeper's refrigerator.

I think my marriage is coming to an end

George Lightyear vs Buzz Bush (etc)

Help me!

What is love?

Trouble in Paradise

Rabid eBayer is now harassing me! Help!

Unions members?

I am only posting this to avoid the treadmill. Ask me anything (please!).

Best Car Chase

Sweet, getting $470!

The Candidates' Hair.

I am missing the GD: 2004 Primary forum Poll

How many posts will you have...


My 250th post is coming, ask me something!PLEASE!PLEASE!

KazaaLite or Kazaa++

Ya just NEVER need to photoshop the guy

Just hit the big "500" DU Posts!!

Hey Monty Python Fans! I'm listening to Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto...

"Holy Grail" the Broadway musical?

My 1000th post!

the world's best cat litter...

Why does Bush really want a manned mission to Mars?

Is your face red enough yet?

Psss, let's surprise the mods...

"Pride of America" sunk

Mrs Amok on Shrub:

Need a laugh?

Mrs Matcom Just Watched The Clip Of Bush "Space Press Conference"

Can anyone recommend a good Portuguese language movie???

When, OH WHEN, will the Flintstones be released on VHS or DVD?!

Hey I just found a $100 bill. Should I keep it?

Enjoy the laugh: Actual Sentences found in Patient's Hospital Charts

The rarest birds: commercials that you NEVER tire of

Lennie Wilkins hired as new Knicks coach

CONFESS!!!!! You found a $100 bill - what would you do with it?

Did you ever do the Hokey-Pokey?

49er's QB Jeff Garcia busted for DUI

How can I record streaming video?

managed to staple my own finger in the middle of first period today.

Don't ya just love denial of service attacks

How stupid yo' mama?

should I stay or should I go...

Do you think of this when you see a CanuckAmok post?

Post a cute/handsome/beautiful/etc. picture of your favorite candidate!!

Lunar New Year Makes Monkey Undies Hot

Symbolman on MSNBC last night!

Anyone else see "The Great Dictator" last night? Chaplin's send up of *!

This is my 250th post and I'm not wasting it on your thread!!!

Florence, South Carolina. Tell me about the area, DUers.

Shame on Dean for not having a trophy wife (sarcasm)

What's the length of your...

"Adam's Rib" on Turner Classic Movies at 8 PM: Tracy/Hepburn Classic

DOS defined

It worked. Pete Rose's book debuts at #1. (scumbag)

4th grader had independence removed!

Britney's wedding video

Pretzel incident?

MN student DUers--are you going to the Iowa primaries?

I just saw the most disgusting thing today

What makes Iowans so bloody POLITE?

When did you first think of death?

Not all americans are stupid.. Take the test

New Army commercial

Lee Harvey Rumsfeld's "Message to the People of Iraq"

Heads Up East Coast! The Simple Life Finale at 830 on Fox OMG!!!

My dog, Tantris, seems to be doing a little better today...

Should you be able to say "(expletive deleted)" on the air?

new Hannity advertiser Superior Lexus

No GD04 - where should I channel my aggression?

The Matriarch is dead.


sign on the Baptist church in my town today

Cubs make an offer to Greg Maddux

Help me, please!

Nelson DeMille fans

Brrrr. It's -12 right now with wind chills @ -40 to -50

On tonight's "Angel" - Wolfram & Hart has ties to NewsCorp

Upcoming Daily Show Thang?

The truth about Cats and Dogs...

What will you do while the GD2004 Primary Forum is down?

Caption this photo

Hey, I got a job

I just completely missed the new "Smallville". Fill me in.

I hope this is a fashion trend that goes away: UGG Boots

Hijack this thread!

CAPTION President McCheese

Am I officially a geek now?

Run away! Run away!

I just printed a $100 bill. Should I spend it?

I was trying so hard to watch Rambo III....

Skittles! Where are You? This is a "Valley of the Dolls" Redux!

A Rant that I deserve (about IPowerweb)

An Idea

Will Someone Look at This Thread?

Wah!!! Wah!!! SoCalDem's stupid quiz called me stupid

"The Arrival"

Anybody going to watch "The Apprentice"?

Christian Rock on South Park tonight

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Horror Fans: Freddy vs Jason?

Typo results In 10,000 acre Wyoming skate park


Make your own church sign

HAHAHA! Poetic....really poetic

Speaking of Suskind - anyone read "A Hope In the Unseen?"


Minnesota Timberwolves fans, any here?

I noticed on MSNBC that the Saddam photo finally made the news.

Now it's only -4. When we get the -50 windchills, then I'll complain!

Questions I have that need answers

A thread for free-floating anxiety and random, senseless anger

Eeeew.. a one eyed goat..(The eye looks human)

The spirit of GD2004P has taken over P&C...

What should we do with the person/persons responsible for the DOS attack?

This Flight Tonight

Who was the best politician of all time?

I'm (re)learning C++. Ask me anything.

I saw an odd bumper sticker yesterday

What advice should I give my mother about her husband?

May I speak Frankly?

Is that the Kennedy speech Mike Malloy is playing?

Can we have a Democratic Underground convention?

Wow, Atari's 8-bit computers were made in the USA!

if you had the ability to change one past decision

If you really are DemoTex.... what is the freq for distress used by

I'm doomed, I actually like a Toby Keith song...

Everybody loves you when you're bi

Chainsaw Hurts Ted Nugent. To Bad The Chainsaw Did Not Take a

My... secret shame

Hey DUers....... ones who were around in the 60s/70s

DU Chatroom tonight

NOW on C-Span2 Kennedy Speech

So, we put this cover on the couch to keep the cat hair off it...

I must be banned

Is it possible for an Aztec to get uglier?

Strong Bad Fans, Check In!

Can someone explain to me why a bigoted person will hang...

The digitally restored face of Saddam's captor. You won't believe it!

While listening to * today--I thought of an old poem

Have you ever had a warrant out on you?

anyone see this picture of Jenna from the Washington Post?

Trivia Question: 1910 Fruit Gum Company what or who was it?

Update on broken tooth

Deep thoughts

just spent $1600, ask me anything

I just got back from the bookstore.

Someone tried to recruit me to the CC4C...

W's daughter Jeanna posts on DU? Is it true? Can anybody confirm?

anyone here ever use True

Favorite FOX comedy from the 90s?

Da Bears got a coach!!!

Hot E-bay item

Anybody seen BBC's "The Office"?

Polar bear doing its best Bush impression

Milosevic adoption shocker! You won't believe this!

Who do you want to dope-slap the most?

KadeCarrion and I are playing the LOTR board game tonight!

Local police leave this card on your car in "your driveway" - good or bad?

This is the ONE poll that should be DU'ed...

Choose my avatar!

This is so insane, I just had to post it. (disturbing anti-gay site)

When, OH WHEN will Hawaii 5-0 be released on DVD??

"24" jumps the shark

Laptop Recommendations

C'mon everybody, you know the tune, so join me in "Bush's Monorail"!

Oh deer! They have a spotlight on us for CAPTIONing

Magic Rat 10 Question Vigil

I'm not sure if the West Wing is that great a show anymore.

the all-purpose flame thread, for those suffering from withdrawl.

Today, I left a note on a freeper's windshield

How full of crap are you?

I had a senior moment

Getting Better Sound From Your Vinyl Records..... For Free!

For Dr. King

It's been ten f***ing years. I'm so disgusted with myself!

"Bush is not Hitler"

'Bewitched' Darrin: Carrey Out, Ferrell In?

Who's the ultimate "Butterface"???

Crazy College Dorm Hyginks...

The greatest political band of the last twenty years.

Emergeincy, Emergeincy..... Everyone to get from street!

Any connoisseurs of vintage 45 records? I just inherited 4 or 5 HUNDRED.

What did you have for dinner tonight?

DU Pet Owners check in here: How many pets, names, types & pics!!!

I ran!

Have you ever been to a strip club?

A Test of Your Morality and Ethics

'Funky' Monkey Underwear FLYING Off Shelves!

Anybody remember Ultravox?

My most sincere apologies to my fellow DUers

Another former supporter of the Judean Peoples Front

Let's send good vibes to Catshrink!

So I have a blind date tomorrow night...

Time for "Ask the British Columbian"

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

What are a couple all time classic science-fiction flicks?

Not Only Anti-Gay, but also Anti-Catholic, Anti-Mason etc. etc

Has anyone seen my Briefcase?

I am sorry, but something needs to be said about last night.

My Democratic Club Endorses Dean (Sacramento, CA.)

DLC Democrat candidates - please read before you vote

As of noon today

Fox News, ABC to Present New Hampshire Debate

Take a break from the fighting- Time for a laugh

If what goes on here bothers you, better hope your guy is not the nominee

If Clark loses in Northern states, should he drop out?

Kucinich Money

Clark endorses Apollo Alliance (Alternative Energy) -- Huge Deal...

"Kerry Turning Some Iowans Into Believers in His Cause"by David Halbfinger

Wes Clark in Texas: "I do not believe that al Qaeda was involved in 9-11"

What are the major differences between IWR and Biden-Lugar?

Kerry asks Dean to reveal his 'secret plan' on taxes

ARG NH Poll: Dean down, Clark up

The Anti-Dean Fifth Column

Dean 24, Gep 21, Kerry 21, Edwards 15 - latest Zogby.

Kucinich found fame early, fell, then found himself

If Clark wins NH should all New England candidates drop out for the

Rumors of Dean Iowa voting shenanigans behind his fall in IA polls?

Gephardt Faces Lawsuit Over Missed House Votes

What happened? It suddenly got (more) civil here?

NH Attorney General confirms campaign fraud targetting seniors

another super delegate endorsement for Dean

Kerry Stump-mate Kennedy Blast Bush on Iraq: Time to Think Kerry Again

So if Deans so unelectable, why is he in the lead and why all the attacks?

Durham County, NC Dean Working Meeting

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano Endorses Dean for President

Despite all the media/opposition attacks Dean still leads

Dean urged Clinton to take unilateral action in Bosnia

the Note: Carter appearance 'tantamount to an endorsement'

Bush leading Dean in Illinois (Hillary 4 to 1 over Dean)

Soccer moms may hold deciding vote in NH

A Democratic cliffhanger? (proportional delagates=no clear winner)

DEAN (Cain) / CLARK (Kent) - a political cartoon

State explains independents can vote in coming primary

From the "This is New Dept": Arizona to train US workers, replace Indians

Final - Dean wins decisively in DC - Turnout much higher than 2002

"Many Still Weigh Caucus Picks" Thomas Beaumont, Des Moines Register

What if Kerry wins Iowa?

Incurious, inattentive, disengaged: the signs of brain damage

Dean wins the DC primary

Jan 13: HD 24, Gep 21, JK 21 JE 15; Dec 11: HD 42 Gep 23, JK 15, JE 10

The Media vs. Howard Dean (DUPE)

Latest ARG NewHampshire Tracking poll: Dean-2, Clark+2, Kerry +2

USA Today: Howard Dean letter to President Clinton

I received this article about all of the Democratic candidates

ARG Daily Tracking Poll: Clark +2 Kerry +2 Dean -2 in New Hampshire

dean endorses unilateral military action in letter to the president

Dean 28, Gephardt 23, Kerry 17 - - Latest Zogby IA Tracking Poll

Howard Dean Targets Rivals With New TV Ad

Go With The Mo': Confessions of an Unabashed Bandwagon Jumper

Bumpersticker Politics

Latest Illinois Poll: Dean 24%, Gephardt 12%, Clark 10%, Moseley-Braun 9%

Dean/Clark ticket in the K Chronicles

Campaign email from Clark - two weeks to New Hampshire

Kerry Calls for Investigation of Bush Iraq Decision: Who Planned What When

10,000 Vets To Caucus for Kerry

Clark gaining in New Hampshire as Dean and other rivals focus on Iowa

John Kerry snowball fight

Why do we need the Media Ho's when we got DU?

Hotline's Chuck Todd: 4 way race in Iowa.

Wesley Clark: Proving Allegiance by Governing?

Dean sharpens attacks on Democrat rivals as his lead in Iowa slips

Dean calls other candidates 'satanists'

Will Dean be the first to lose ALL 50 states?

Kerry over Clark

predictiton - history will remember this year as two thousand and Joe four

Kerry supported Bush lies.... Kerry also claimed Saddam had Nukes

the "Joe or No Go" movement is growing

Hunter S. Thompson is betting on Dean in both Iowa and New Hampshire!

As a Clark supporter, I ask other supporters to not go down the road of...

I'm so glad THIS guy never became president!

A drunken partisan's view on things here in GD2004

AP-Joe praises Clinton & McCain before Carter gets a chance to praise Dean

What is going on here?

Clark: Bush puts Nixon Administration to shame....

Dean appears on the cover of Rolling Stones

In Iowa Fight, Kerry Wields War Record, Calls on Veterans to Support Him

The story behind Clark's endorsement from Vermont's Abenaki Nation

Deleted message

BBC: Internet insurgent Howard Dean

"The New Republic" endorses Lieberman

Mo Mo Mo' Voters -- I was listening to Notorious B.I.G. today

I feel bad for the moderators

Dems Send Mixed Signals In Voting Tech Debate

Does Lieberman have any important pop star's endorsements ?

Why Joe is going to win the nomination!