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Archives: January 12, 2004

War Shadows School Near Fort Hood

2nd Anniversary of Guantanamo

'Disposable People'

Four million CCTV cameras watch UK public

Dwight D. Eisenhower - January 17, 1961

Clark Says O'Neill Book Vindicates Him

Bush's deception on Iraq

US sergeant branded a coward mounts furious fightback

Stop Florida's bleeding

World Health Report: Life expectancy falls in poorest countries

Horowitz again spewing his poison

War College Issues Scathing Critique of Terror War

Horowitz again spewing his poison

Will George Bush Lose the New Hampshire Primary?

WMDs vs. WMD Programs: Does It Matter?

Zell Miller voted 91.5 % with the republicans last session

An insiders look at the run-up to the Iraq War. Must read to believe.

Horowitz again spewing his poison

The Bush Dynasty falls to research

State Department claims Russia provided Iraq with war aid

G.W. Bush: International Racketeer

Dean: Beyond the ballot box

A 'stop loss' family copes with deployment (mom pissed at *)

Study: Law not halting student harassment

'Doctor-shopping' cases not unusual locally (Scaife paper hits Rush)

Krugman: Paul O'Neill quote proof Bush lied about his tax-cuts.

W & aides broadcast media hate

Condi's Werewolves

Minn Star Tribune: The wrong war/Why Iraq was a mistake

This isn't really worthy of Hackworth

O'Neill and Suskind book called a hoax.

Krugman: The Awful Truth (Paul O' Neill)

Paranoid shift

Tell George Bush the State of the Union -- Pass it On

Chomsky Speaking at MIT, Cambridge MA Friday, Jan. 23rd

PLEASE sign Mrs. Mariani's petition...PLEASE!!!!!!!

Bush tax cut tactics spread to Democrats and beyond

Internet Gains as Source of News

George Soros was just on with Wolf Blitzer

Saddam involved in Ok City?

Project Censored's #1 Censored Story

Bill O'Reilly: ACLU a "Fascist" Organization (on MWO)

Candy Crowley: Bush's Gal

Which Cable Pundit Angers You the Most and Why?

PNAC, you've come a long way, baby: The PNAC timeline

Someone, Anyone?

Proposal to ban circus to get public hearing--Denver

Entertainer Diana Ross to cop plea to DUI charges

What star signs go together?

Twin Cities Duers: Pizza on Fri January 16?

Taiwan's first gay groom awaits legislation to legalize wedlock

Denied HIV Meds & Forced To Sleep On Cement Floor...

HIV test not anti-gay, Quebec Cardinal says

HRC and SHOWTIME team up... The new source for up-to-date info

If homosexuality is wrong because it says so in the bible... then...

Deep in the heart of texas, good ole boy chatter....

Greenspan bashing

amuricans labor under mountain o'debt

A Safer, Saner Way to Acquire and Hold Gold

Gephardt's Revolution Begins With a Global Minimum Wage

After 190 MPH Hurricane, Pacific Island May GiveUp Sovereignty, Evacuate

Scotland In 2003 Hottest, Sunniest, Driest On Record

Australia Will Abandon Emission-Trading Plans

Kenai Logging Boom Ends - Beetle-Killed Harvest Wrapping Up

Blair To Challenge Bush (*Snort!*) On Climate Issues - Independent

The biggest flaw in our security...

I respect France's stance on Iraq - Straw

Pending Regime Change in Iran

Do you think Hugo Chavez will be assassinated

Another "gun rights" supporter in action

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 12, 2004

Gun Control: 'Gored'? Not in '04( Bush lousy enforcement record)

Drug Warriors Try to Censor their Opponents

Mandatory gun ownership works in reducing crime

I wish I could reply to an announcement, but can't, so I'll post here

My locked post

There's a suspicious poster

EOnline and Ben Stein are conservative sources?

Thanks For the New Server!!!

What size must avatars be, and what file format, to submit them?

Permission to post house-party/fundraiser info?

Could I have a mature discussion about sex in the lounge?

getting sloppy with the "blah blah NOW" posts

I've emailed and gotten no response - why was this post allowed to stand?

question on why my thread was just locked.....

"Warning: Page Has Expired"?

Executions and revolution okay now?

Where can i post my website

Amateur question

NY Times: Overnight, a Towering Divide Rises in Jerusalem

PA to journalists: All slain Palestinians are martyrs

Israeli raids take a toll on West Bank civilians

Armed clashes in Gaza

U.S. Diplomat Says Israel Must Stop Settlements

A short history of apartheid

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OT

Palestinian human rights groups reject anti-terror conditions on USAID mon

Antiwar Group Exposes Undercover Activist

Beirut asks: "What is terrorism?"

Israel Building Wall in Jerusalem Suburb

Fears mount as Israel's 'Berlin Wall' threatens to imprison the West Bank

The Israeli army shot my son

Forms of Unknown Origin

Study Published by Army Criticizes War on Terror's Scope

How do we use today's USAToday and NYT quotes of O'Neill revalation?

Army criticizes detourof unnecessary war in Iraq/unrealistic antiterrorism

What is the position of the other 8 on Gep's Global Minimum Wage idea?

Lakota Sioux meets with Kucinich

Rep. Charlie Gonzalez's ex-wife might run against him

Meek endorses Penelas in Senate race

WI Senate: Ed Thompson (L) endorses Feingold!

CA-20: Costa’s Poll Shows Him With Significant Lead

Kucinich on O'Neill Revelations

Debate coming up on MSNBC

Kucinich is closer to the Eugene McCarthy Vote...and I love the guy, but

Chris M is driving this Sharpton and Dean race thing into the ground

Dean slams freeper plant! WooHoo!

Hate-crimes bill is debated (Utah Repub Sen. sees the light, sort of)

Bush Programs to help Hispanics

BBV: Kerry's Remarks In The Black and Brown Debate

Sharpton's hit on Dean tonight

Whee-ooooh! "Price of Loyalty" is #2 on Amazon

Planned Regime change back in 1998?

NY Daily News Positive Story on ads contest


Puke Pearl and Frum are on CSPAN2

Air Travel Database Plan Is Set To Advance

I have never been so mad at DU

Is the AA community a non issue 4 the party?

Great Video From BushFlash

Bush is likely to put forward a plan for changing Social Security

What do you think of this anti-Bush website? (over 1,000 pages!)

WP: Epitomizing Bush: Name the Film or TV Show (Name the show contest)

If you randomly picked 1,000 blond-haired blue-eyed people

Letter From PNAC To President Clinton On Iraq- Jan 26th 1998

Just a reminder of the real people who died for Greed and Nothing

"These people are nasty and they have a long memory"

Washington Journal this morning

A Truth told by a devil is still the Truth....

MSNBC First Look opens with O'Neil story...

Does your state have a 1st Amendment license plate?

I moved this to the lounge, there's nothing to see, move along.

Study Published by Army Criticizes War on Terror's Scope

Call a "spade-a spade" -- the Media and shrub are "concerned"

Corporations and public education

To what extent are we as an entire party to blame if we face an '04 loss?

according to CNN the big story of the day is NOT O'Neil

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OK folks, the BC Liberal drugs scandal. How will it play out?

US/Saddam this via email this morning...its good!

Do Jews run Hollywood?

so who has tickets to's Bush in 30 seconds shindig tonight?

Time for Poppy and Bar to surface again...

The pubs are making a big mistake

How do we get Bush impeached using O'Neill?

O’Neill Iraq allegations ignite firestorm

Rage of a Relic (O'Neill spin - John Fund - WSJ)

Political Pendulum theory.

Nice graphic on home page.

Palm Beach - Board vexed by another disputed election

John Di Iulio's letter to O'Neill book author Ron Suskind

Go Eagles! Go McNabb! F@#$ Rush!!!!

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion (CAPPS II)

A freeper exposes himself.

Can we have Elliot Spitzer investigate these "charges" by O'Neill?

Hartmann's thinking

Rush's 'fans' say loyalty has limits

If Iraq War was such a good idea, why didn't Bush run on it?

Biggest obstacle to victory in 2004

Just curious...what role did the press play in Nazi Germany ?

Picture of GWB in Japanese Clothes?

US can keep 9/11 arrests secret (today's Supreme court ruling

BBV: N.D. to buy voting machines for all 53 counties (ES&S contract)

O'Neill should be the #1 Guest on TV, Radio etc....liberal media

Media ignore another huge story!

Why (what reasons) did O'Neill Blow-the -Whistle?

Meanwhile...................back at the ranch

My letter to my Represent. - Bush Independent Investigation - O'Neill

Bush in 30 sec. Awards Show To Be live via Webcast 1/12/04

3,000 newly-trained soldiers desert Afghan army - "escapes"

The Iraqi freedom Act of 1998

Pilger documentary punctures “war on terror” lies

Bush: Will Farrell vs. The real thing

Kerry said great thing about BBV "I will investigate and pre-empt Diebold

Who called Laura Bush* "that Lump in the Bed"??

Re: O'Neill's Revelations - Remember Time Mag's May 2002 story

WP: Bush's Industrial Policy Key in WV

A Freeper's Freeper

Gary Condit is back!

Deodorant link to breast cancer

Bill Gates Pushing Charter Schools

the Iowa Democrat Debate is being re-run NOW on Braun

I think we should have a national Winter Holidays week

excellent war themed art show

Reason 7651387634387 to hate walmart -- Walmart settles COLI suit

Poll: Alternative News Gaining Influence

Talking point to counter "Sadam = Mass Graves" argument

I'm looking forward to getting my ballot in the mail this fall

The long, long arm of the DEA.

Any news on whether the O'Neal story has hurt Bush in the polls?

Fox and Bush: Two Amigos

Paul O'Neil in Canada... An overview of the press

Is Bush using the Iraqi War to get elected? Since Osama was not found

Why is the RNC so late?

Entertainment for Bush Supporters

bushgang decides to call Saddam an EPW instead of POW

Breaking: Tom Delay appoints Latinos to his cabinet!!!!!

Apparently Our Great Leader Is Wearing No Clothes

Here is an easy way to cut and paste media names and addresses

Josh Marshall has a point -- where are all of *'s big name defenders?

W: 'No President has ever done more for human rights than I have.'

Composing a birthday message to Rush. Additions welcome

Paul O'Neil is NOT a good man!!!!!!

NYTimes Crystal Meth Story and Andrew Sullivan

The documentation in Suskin's book guarantees that there will be no debate

Answer Wolf's question

I just got an email from and they are all over the Cheney

39% See Bias In Reporting On Campaign

War college report on Iraq War / LA Times

O'neills revelations are the dagger through the heart.

Bad Joke from Newsweek-When checking into the Palestine Hotel...

Kevin Phillips rips Bushes on NPR

Another Example of Media Bias?

The Extremism of GW BUSH - Even Conservatives are PO'd

"No President has ever done more for human rights than I have."

W & aides broadcast media hate

Question regarding the 19,000 pages O'Neill gave to the author

How are the freepers and Reich Wingers taking the O'Neill story ??

Encouraging poll results

U.S. Army calls Bushler's Iraq War "unnecessary!"

I reserved my copy of the O'Neill book today

So you think you have high speed DSL

George Bush in 41.2 Seconds

Randi is Rockin'

Best of luck to all MoveOn Finalists!

Why are the Bush daughters always referred to as "girls"?

Former CIA analyst: US is already in the "fascist mode"

Bush's Ties to the Mexican Drug Cartels

Have you considered the brilliance of Suskind...

Navy Museum Honors Poppy-Wimp as "Hero"

do you believe O'neill? Vote in these polls

Mr. Fixit is on CSPAN right now, badgering Dean

"U.S. Newspapers silent on Cheney investigation"

Arkansas DUers: Call 'Big Dave' on KARN and defend Dems!

quick question..arguing with a freeper..

Ron Suskind on MSNBC in this hour.....just announced

The Iraqi Shiite's know Saddam is history. Get ready to rumble!

"Reagan proved that deficits don't matter"

Buchanan on MSNBC ONeill, war on Iraq

It's the Job Market, Stupid!

Bush's bugbear (BBC looks for motive in O'Neill truth-telling)

Dear Mr. Suskind, NOW would be a good time to send copies

So any news on how the Brits will react when they hear they got played?

What can we do to help O'Neill? The media have their marching orders...

Louisiana now has a Democratic Governor

We must go in to Space to protect it from Rogue Terrorists - Tom Feeney

Good Night, Moon

Under Sec. of Defense says US hasn't killed thousands of innocent Iraqis

CNN, MSNBC, FOX are in full anti-Dem, anti-Dean, pro-Bush mode.

The Following Are Not DINO's, They Are Not Even Democrats in Name.

I just heard * on NPR

Forget 911 - Wilson Affair - SOTU Lies ---Govt Attacks O'Neill for "truth"

Is 0% unemployment possible?

Powerful message about Global Warming (Global Warning) Stream

Hmmmm... The Treasury Dept. Runs the Secret Service

Good Gawd Go Vote In This Poll!

Is Wilson-Plame picking up steam and will it.......

Shouldnt MSRNC question of the day be did Bush betray America?

is Suskind's book out yet?

Don Evans' "Guest Worker Program" Guarantee

what does Suskind think of the concentration on ONeill, not his book?

Will the Big Dog call Bush on his I-raq war lies?

This guy is bonkers. Wilson Lucom (Democrat for 50 years) at Newsmax.

Another "halo" picture of Bush*

I have a theory about O’Neill, he is physically very sick

CNN (Wolf Blitzer) - George Soros interview - 01/12/04 (mp3)

Why doesnt George Soros invest in the media?

Some evidence that shows Republicans want royalty, not a real president

Can anybody link me an article about Ashcroft going after judges...

I have to change my views on Ashcroft

All Out Stop on O'Neill - US Insp. General Investigating 'Him" not Bush

Government Trojan Horse in Adobe Photoshop

CBS News leads of w/ O'Neill

"Sounds like sour grapes to me"...My co-worker just...

Al Franken back at #1, O'Liely bumped down to #4

Where's the White House Bury Unflattering News? In a Foxhole.

The task force map is not secret, buy it here!

Official photo--Bush and Fox friends again-Marta Sahagun looks great

CBS O'Neill re-broadcast here.

Rebel Episcopalians Plot Future

CNN-"Buzz" poll: Was O'Neill right to speak out?

Rush dismisses O'neill's claims: Iraq plan left over from Clinton.

A Question For Anyone Who Watched Wash. Journal Today

Does somebody have all the Iraq War lies and denials by Shrub....for email

CNBC - David Gergen "sticks up" for O'Neill - man of honesty and integrity

Quit picking on Bush...Montezuma (sp) may be getting his revenge.

When Bush finally goes down, what of the media?

help!! looking for recent iraq gallup poll!

DU this poll!

Watch Bushin30Seconds Award Show tonight!

Quick vote in this CNN poll on O'Neil!

CNN main page poll: Do you believe that Bush had pre-9/11 Iraq plans?

CNBC Howard Fineman - couldn't hold O'Neill's briefcase....a whore

Need resources on the Third Way/New Left

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Hardball

Bush: 'No war plans on my desk' for Iraq, March 2002

UN Overview Of Our 2004 Election?

UN, Germany, France & Russia - will never believe shrub again -O'Neill

Fox, CNBC report a Treasury Dept probe of ONeill's papers

Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing O'Neill

Where's the Outrage? - "systematically misrepresented the threat.."

Did anyone else just lose the connection to Bush in 30 seconds?

Why should we believe O'Neill?

New interview with Ann Coulter: Liberalism is a mental defect.

Great stuff on freeper thread: Federal Budget Grows Massively Under Bush

O'Reilly -- wrapping Lesie Stahl for shock --- everybody knew Iraq / SH

O'neil Question of The Day MSNBC


Some posts in Freeperland re. O'Neill

Frank Gaffney PNACer says Sadaam involved in 911 and OK city!

Frum: "Nothing O'Neill said wasn't true"

Need Links/DU Bookmarks Showing W's "achievements" during his term

Josh Marshall makes a commercial....

Bush Flashback: Press conference- March 13, 2002

Someone help me out.

Who Arranges The Presidential Debates and When?

Treasury Investigation - why?

Why is Pawlenty continuing on light-rail and privatized roads?!

Olbemann talking about O'Neill (MSNBC)

My letter to Congressperson regarding O'Neill....

Last night's "The Practice"

Did anyone watch Jim Lehrer News Hour tonight?

O'Neill, an Ellsberg for our times?

Wow! Anyone take a Zogby poll today?

Wolf poll! Do you believe O'Niel?

O'Neill could face a prison sentence?

Remember Gas Lines?

CBS Evening News did report on Cheney's whereabouts

Monday night double feature: Bush family /ABC news:mind control

Please! Donate to:!!

Will DC bookstores sell out of O'Neil tomorrow?

Is there a bigger story in the 19,000 documents ?

Who's this Ann Coulter lookalike Wolf brings on all the time?

CNN Poll Bush had pre-9/11 plans to go to war with Iraq

MoveOn ad to be run during the super bowl!!

move on finalists and winners

GWB in 2000: "Paul O'Neil is a man of authority, conviction, knowledge"

O'Neill, Wilson, Ritter...are there others of courage out there?

Simplifying the anti-Wal-Mart position

Tom Friedman on Discovery Times Channel

Clinton a new Right wing hero?

Fox`s Brit "Dogface" Hume tearing apart O`Neill

I was listening to the Peter Werbe show last night. (CA medical marijuana)


Halellujah! BushCo's investigation of O'Neill keeps it on the front page!

Mr. Fix-it (the moron Dean yelled at) on Hannity and Colmes

Has Daschle or Pelosi commented on ONeil?

There's a new democratic candidate now,his name is Dennis Kucinich.

Why is it that * didn't listen to Clinton's advisors about the Bin Laden

So I haven't been reading DU for a month or so..... question!!!

Move On is going to air an ad during the SuperBowl!!!!!!!!

What's been the recent reaction to Clark on DU?

The Boy Who Cried Iraq

WTH? Dean's Doctor-Wife, Refuses to Accept New Medicaid Patients

Jim Jeffords defection was only a small taste

CNN Wolfie is so in love with ad of Hiler --- show the winners?

Cheney - "It's our due."

Will John Rowland Ever Get the Message?

Disgruntled employee?

Why charge O'Neill? How many more bombshells are in the hands...

Anybody watching the moveon TV ad web-cast?

O'Neill will face investigation

Assisted suicide?

I hope Yahoo is a good indicator of Left wing anger

Got a fundraising appeal from Nader Exploratory Committee

Are you more or less likely to believe conspiracy theories

Mark this thread. I said it before. I will say it again. Bush won't run.

Is Paul O'Neill a Hero or Traitor

I just finished an email Zogby poll

faces of the fallen

Predictions: will the O'Neill story fall by the wayside?

America outsources torture

Bush looks like hell today....

Tune into Mike Malloy

This is going to hurt you: But I think Rush is Right for once...

Ralph Nader sometimes makes sense

If you said "last week" what Paul O'Neill said Sun-you're a conspiracy nut

Grocery chain Dominicks closes 12 stores drops 800 employees; Fannie May

So just who in the media is talking about O'Neill? a quick Google summary

White House seeks control on health, safety

War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error'

When will Lou Dobbs lose it?

I give up, time to drink some beer and fire up the the snow

Did you see how that slime Blitzer made the "Hitler ad" the main

Move On asks why press is ignoring Cheney crimes.

Limbaugh said this today about Stahl

Greg Palast Kicking The Bushes , Listen Here

Where are the Congressional and Senate "reactions to O'Neill- our leaders?

Is the Bush administration beginning to go insane?

Invisible Dick to sneak into Portland Tuesday

I need a Washington State Attorney

You should listen to the Michelangelo Signorile show.

War on terrorism doomed, US warned

Conservatives Denounce Anti-Gay Amendment In New Ad Campaign

Blitzer implies criminality by O'Neill

Paul O'Neill - Dr. Weird or Dr. Good? (Re: African Tour)

Excellent very useful Bush website

Greens on No-Fly list? How long before it's you?

Peer Into The Crystal Ball, and predict Mr. O'Neill's fate...

Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us. We should never forget these words:

Iraq is completely off the front page of our local paper.

I Am Outraged at NPR

BBV: Washington State- Important Olympia Meeting 1/14 !!!!

O'Neill revelations ignored by mainstream media... but not the Daily Show!

Welcome to Dean Country. Population: Bush.

Dad: McKinney wants rematch against Majette

Excellent article on the Bush dynasty, Mexico, immigration, etc.

IRS not mailing out tax forms this year?

Is O'Neill Pulling a Hoax? Poll: Was O'neill right to speak out?

O'neill got papers from Treasury at request AFTER he left

Homeless man evicted from golf course

When does Ted Kennedy get vindicated?

Morgan Stanley: False Recovery (offshoring, outsourcing, unemployment)

Is anybody watching the Vicente Fox/Bush press conference?

Lest We Forget

Expert analysis, please. Is Bush dying his hair?

Free look at CNN's bias

Love Jews Or Hate 'Em? Conservatives Can't Decide

O'Neill affair reminds me of an old joke from Soviet era

MSNBC. TV....................ACLU backing limbaugh!

ACLU backs Rush

Just learned something shocking about MLK Day in Idaho

Mexicans STAND UP to bush* (pics).....go Mexico !!!!.....

ACLU stands up for Rush Limbaugh! Rush welcomes them.

Leakers Are Lining Up And Cutting Deals, Bush* Is TOAST!!

What was Desert Badger?

Universal Health Care - Post 4 - A Time to Die.

Paranoid shift

Delete dupe.

Cheney In Seattle Jan 13th

George Soros on CNN in very few minutes

Leaders: Dean Tried to Appoint Minorities

W and aides broadcast media hate

Marriages gay and throwaway

Marriage strengthens bond of same-sex couples, too

CBS News Providing 7 Videos of Paul O'Neill 60 Minutes Interview

'Big Fish' in Controversial Splash at Box Office

UK: A camera for every 14 people

New Questions Over Bonuses Hollinger Paid to Executives

100 now killed in Afghan military campaign

U.S. Sends Anti-Terror Team to W. Africa

French lawyers prepare US court case over Guantanamo

Supreme Court to Review Presidential Powers

In Colombia's jungles, echoes of Argentina's 'Disappeared'

Afghanistan happy with Guantanamo detention

NY Times: Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda

Dean, Party of One

Taliban say attack Afghan post, kill 10 soldiers

Clinton and Mandela Recommended for Ancient English Military Honour

Survey: U.S. Jews Back Dem. Candidates

Leading the Way (Maine ranks third in percentage of NG troops deployed)

ARG Dean Up Clark Down

Ayatollah demands elections

Connecticut GOP backs investigating governor

The State: Silence at school has parents talking

Army War College essay calls Iraq war 'distraction'

US soldier killed in Baghdad

Results From Second Test of Suspected Blister Agent in Iraq May Be Ready

US troops wound six Iraqis after convoy attacked (civilians)

Bush aims to mend fences

Brazil's Lula Takes Trade Off Bush's Agenda for Americas Summit

AARP Aims to Deliver Message to Marketers (pictures of body bags)

Antimissile plan in store for airliners

U.S. foreign policy on hot streak

W & aides broadcast media hate

Dean Defends Record on Race in Debate

Horowitz again spewing his poison

Martin to Bush: Keep border open . .Mad cow, security high on agenda

GREEN, YELLOW OR RED: All airline passengers assigned color

Duplicate post. Sorry

Poll: US Jews back Democratic candidates over Bush

Air Passenger Color Code Plan In Motion

Democratic Rivals Training Sights on Clark

Still stronger Euro ahead

Former US official says Bush a 'blind man'

Spirit Ready to Get Down 'n' Dirty on Mars

Large Explosions Rock Central Baghdad

Third SARS Case Suspected in China

War Of Words Over War Plan - Paul O'Neill Was Fired In December, 2002

Nine Iraqis Killed trying to steal oil from pipeline!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 12 January (#1)

US sergeant branded a coward mounts furious fightback

Catholics urged to fight gay marriage

US tycoon to fund anti-Bush drive

Asian technology ministers discuss outsourcing

Court Nixes Appeal Over 9-11 Detentions

McGreevey Signs "Same Sex Couples" Bill

Morgan Stanley Found Guilty in Paris

Bogota envoy tells U.S. to listen

Fox seeks to open U.S. borders

Disney Closes Orlando Animation Studio

US continues Uzbek aid despite human rights record

U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit

Anger at church's attitudes spreading worldwide, says gay group

About 1,500 Soldiers Will Be Ordered to Stay in Iraq Longer Than Planned

9/11 panelists eye Bush, Bill

Bush Iraq war advisors launch tirade against France

Pledge of Allegiance case scheduled for March 24

U.S. to Return $20 Million to Peru

Bush Visits Neighbors No Longer So Friendly (Summit of the Americas)

Court Lets Government Keep Sept. 11 Detainees' Names Secret

Blanco Takes Oath as Governor in La.

Large Explosions Rock Central Baghdad

Bank of England in the dock over BCCI collapse

Spurned, wives blame 9/11 firemen's widows

Shiite Goodwill May Be Eroding in Iraq (more unemployment riots)

US part of station sealed off - (Space Station crack discovered)

U.S. general hail `historic' move by Japan to send troops to Iraq

GIs Fire on Family in Car, Killing 2, Witnesses Say

US Firm to Run Iraqi TV

Iranian government on Knife-Edge

Mexican First Lady Could Run for Office

Dean, Clark top Democratic choices, poll says

Bush's Industrial Policy a Key Issue for W.Va. Voters

U.S. Consumer Debt Grows at Alarming Rate

RNC wants officials to ban partisan `soft money' spending by outside group

Bush Tries to Win Latam Friends at Tough Summit

3 Former SS Officers to Be Tried in Italy

DJ Bush, At Summit, Signs Proclamation Against Corruption

Japan says it won't help coalition troops under fire in Iraq

Iran's Reformists Eye Elections Boycott

US military 'brutalised' journalists

To Avoid Fuel Limits, Subaru Is Turning a Sedan Into a Truck

G.I.'s Fire on Family in Car, Killing 2, Witnesses Say

Troops Disperse Iraqis Rioting for Food

Bush spokesman fends off O'Neill jab

Statement by Wes Clark on Paul O neal 60 minutes interview

Treasury to probe O'Neill

US Jets accidentally bomb Britain

War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error'

Court Nixes Appeal on Sept. 11 Detentions

Fox Accepts Invitation to Bush Ranch

Venezuela's Chavez Suggests Switching Part of Reserves to Euros,

Iraqis Riot for Jobs in Southern City

Brazil Judge Blocks Fingerprinting Rule

O'Neill says Cheney told him, `Deficits don't matter'

Supreme Court upholds secret detentions

Blair: I do not know if Iraq had WMDs

ACLU defends Limbaugh's privacy in prescription drug case

Ontario (Canada) police seize 30,000 pot plants in former brewery

Billionaire Soros Says Bush Must Not Be Re-Elected

Bush says he inherited policy of "regime change" from Clinton

AP Poll: U.S. Tepid on Bush's Space Plans

Former Mayor, Former Mayor of Madison WI Paul Soglin endorses Clark

WP: White House Fires Back at O'Neill on Iraq (new details)

US Treasury seeks probe into papers taken by O'Neill

The winner of the moveon bushin30seconds ad contest is: Child's Pay

Woman who challenged U-M's admissions policy to lead ballot petition drive

Dean's bid for White House alarms Blair allies

NY Times: Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda

Bush attacks Cuba and other rivals

Attacks down 22% since Saddam's capture

Software Websites?

As per request " A Ball Jar "

Dick Cheney (before he dicks you)

Why did the Packers have that long period of sucking so much?

Classes start tomorrow and...

Did Clark fall on his ass today?

Will TXlib send any obscene phone calls

"O...we are the Mediocre Presidents, you won't find our faces...

How many munchkins are pounding the pavement for Carol Moseley Braun?

'Big Fish' in Controversial Splash at Box Office

Does anyone else but me think....

How many transexuals did Dean knowingly appoint to major positions?

Do you think that KCDem will make TXlib sleep on the couch for...

OxyRush - Kiss Donovan McNabb's ass and dissappear NOW!

How many Homersexuals did Clark appoint to key positions

How many one-eyed midgets, yaks, and zombies did YOUR candidate appoint?

How many people over 8 feet on Dean Staff?

Smells like "Dean Spirit!"

Looking for "Art" photos of the thousands of USAF planes at Yuma, Az.

Funny story: German soccer player fined 100,000 Euros for insulting cop.

Two Fathers, With One Happy to Stay at Home

I survived GD Primaries!

Wow - I'll be darned - we have snow in NYC!

They Have DONE IT!!! Brewery Develops Anti-Aging Beer!

hotels to avoid in Cincinnati

Best response yet to Gibb's rehire by the Redskins

PROOF that Bush is a Nazi

Did anybody watch "The Surreal World"?

I won't go full atkins, but

Here is one for the books - German woman causes car park chaos

Anyone heard the band Cranes?

Down to one job

Happy Birthday Rush Limpballs!

Hey.. You guys are slipping

Anyone see Paul O'Niell on 60 Minutes last night?

Man Packs Computer With Potatoes, Returns It

A good laugh--Paris, France vs. Paris, Kentucky

Woman Gets Burned After Sitting On Toilet

King Needs New Palaces For His 11 Wives

I got a job ...

Reggae fans? Pink Floyd Fans?

I have a 'huge' problem with people who "incorrectly" use quotations

Canadian satirists ambush RFK Jr's Banff fundraiser

People LITERALLY use the word "literally" wrong all the time

Woman Drives Car Off Roof Of Parking Garage

I saw "hostile waters" last night

Man Steals Snake - Puts Snake In Pocket - Snake Bites Man On PeePee

It surprises you when someone dislikes this band/artist

What are the odds?Bennet slams Pete Rose gambling!! :-)

How many metrosexuals did Clark knowingly appoint to key positions

A Pet Peeve: The word 'Awesome'.

felonious thunk's weekend dvd review

Do you drive your lawn mower to the corner bar??

What are the DU upgrades, REALLY?

Astros, Clemens Said to Sign 1-Year Deal

Stop what you're doing & watch this John Pilger documentary

Final Iraqi WMD count vindicates White House

Video of Fox Sports Limbaugh Parody 11/11/2004

Pick my corporate sponsor!

I can roll my eyes better than anyone here.

Let's Hear It for DU's New Server!!!!!

WHAT?? Angels sign Vlad Guerrero?

Those Lucky Eagles

Whitacre D_WI's profile in his hometown paper!

Are Martians Christians?

What 2 teams will go to the Super Bowl ?

Self Paced classes...Good idea? Bad Idea?

Dear Elad et el.

Techno hits basic beat - Musical analysis unveils a hierarchy...

FreeRepubic poster loves DU......

Which team do you think will win the Super Bowl???

Which DUers are you in the closet with

Here's why I choose not to go on Atkins

Did you meet your true love on DU?

I'm closing in on 500 posts. Ask me something bizarre!!!

I concocted an Onion-like news blurb, and I'd like some help from DUers

How many Greeks and Indians has Kucinich sent to the spelling bee?

Erase one pro athlete from history. Who?

GO EAGLES!!! Destiny gets lost on the Schuylkill Expressway!!!

You have the power to erase one sports team owner from history -who?

Went to court today with a friend, met the "judge"

Song Lyrics you were surprised you had wrong

Matrix Redux--Give it a shot.

AHHH! What the Hell is with this picture of General Clark?!

Computer geeks, I need some help.

You Get To Erase One URL -- One Web Site -- Which Will It Be?

Soundtrack to your own Personal Hell...

My dream home

Hey look mom! I can count up to THIS many CAPTIONS!

Are there any CNN refugees here on DU?


My republican rep responded first, then Feingold, still no Kohl

Expect showiness and clowntime over the next few days

A little humor for a Monday.

This could be flamebait but RE: Katherine Harris. . .

The Importance of Paying Attention

Man challenges lion to bullfight and survives

How would I run for state Senate?

The Wacky Life of Ann Coulter (coming this fall to CBS)

MSNBC is worshiping Bush, again.

Need computer maintenance help

Rock Star Helps Free 2,300 Slaves

Please help! Need to find freeware...

want a Segway but can't afford it? . . .

You've been hired as Casting Director for the movie GWB-who will you cast?

How often do you eat meat?

Spent the whole day with my puppy

To help the cause, I thee wed

You get to erase one post from the Lounge. Which one?

"Go Army" Winamp Skin?!

How long till Lady Freedom is on TX lib's ignore list?

queer eye for the straight guy: The SMILIE

"That's My Bush!" TV Show

True of False: Chaka is hotter than Brad Pitt

Ladies: Ambitious vs good looking men

I still say Favre and McNair are........

Latest picture from Mars--Amazing!

Need good karma today for my dog....

The Right Strikes Back................

I Will CAPTION, With or Without You.....

Go Eagles! Go McNabb! F@#$ Rush!!!!

Roger Clemens to sign with Astros

whatever happened to jiacinto?

DU help thread - good idea?

I started eating soup today

Bush = President Moonbase

This just in...Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, and Quetzlcoatl endorse Kucinich!

Top 10 list of your dream travel destinations...

Is this true?

This guy got this woman to marry him?

Bunny Stew for Supper

the interpretation is in the CAPTION

how to protect yourself from being mugged/raped!

Is this really Katherine Harris?

Only one--Philly or New England will make it to the S. Bowl--NOT both!

What's your favorite Independent Band MUSIC VIDEO?

Man evicted after living on golf course for 40 years

Anybody ever seen an English bulldog/boxer mix?

The Temple of George W. Bush

Hey, Have You Heard That Before?

So a drunk driver crashed

Do you own a DVD-ROM drive in your computer?

Saturday Night Live's Bush impersonators.

I'm sending in my scanner thanks to best buy's extended warranty plan

Today's Photoshop Fun

I found a loop in the space-time continuum!!

Astronomers, what planet was out this morning?

I started eating snoot today. >

Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans...

Does anyone here use DVD Studio Pro on Mac OSX?

Today only. Type in "Old Fart" at

Eagles in the NFC champ and the Iowa caucuses...

Just watched "Jail Bait"-- a really bad Ed Wood, Jr. movie!

"My Boyfriend Swears He Had Sex With My Mother!"

When they say "it's the best movie ever!", is it?

If you like 80s music, best 80s radio channel ever with no commercials

The American Patriot #10: A Weekley strip!

Bryan Adams: Cliche Master!

Bush 'What would Jesus bomb? and 'Four more wars!' merchandise..

The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

Another computer question: keyboard locked up

Whitacre D_WI's very first piece of hate mail!

Just saw a "Big Fish" - a little disappointed *spoilers*

How weird is it to find out about a father's death after 3 years

Great Pic(warning.....naughty language)

"The Newsroom" on CBC

Man evicted after living on golf course for 40 years

Ah, the circus is coming to town.

Think you're stressed? Tacoma, Wash., residents have it worst of all.

PC Experts: My friend fucked up my IE. Any ideas?

Bringing the Jews home...TO DIE!

Update on my fur friend, Tantris....

Florida Man Charged In Alleged Sexual Assault On Dog

cheney's fundraising 2 miles away from me right now - what should I do?

For the northern Dems: Snowmobilers, what do you think of them?

Canada's NEW Prime Minister meets Dubya

What world championship did this guy win yesterday (photo)?

Going on 9 months in the woods.

I Got An Email From Conservative Leaders About the "F" Word On TV

Guess who won the Lotto?

No more HP either! buggy driver install software

What do you think the average american thinks of * now?

Magic lives up to his name

I gave my dog a couch for New Year's


God's been talking to Pat Robertson again

What is your ideal Man or Woman?

My 100 favorite flbums (listed alphabetically)

Well, I'm about to be unemployed again

Gephardt on Letterman tonight

Captain Democrat

Queer Eye for the Stealth Jet

How Tasty Will This Paul O'Neill Book Be?

Poll: IL Amish prefer Dean over Clark.

Everythingsxen Update

i had a break in today

I hit a thousand posts!!

Big problem-o in famlily-o. Very big!

So you think you have high speed DSL

Caption this!

my new gallery portrait

I believe a smartass wrote these instructions


Sleepy Lagoon

Do you think of O'neill when you see the GD Assisted Suicide thread

Not a good year

What does YOUR Dem candidate drink?

Chat in the AIM DU chatroom

Will DU have 50K users by election time?

Hello from San Diego!

Most Overrated and Underrated US Presidents!

Which national park do you live closest to?

my first 1k

Give a nitpick that YOU yourself discovered

Daily Show is Smoking tonight!

You know you're a cheesehead when the SO turns heat to 70

If you've been watching Letterman tonight, check this out:

Expect slow wit and put downs over the next few days

Filthy hobbitses!

You get to erase one of the four teams left in the NFL playoffs --

Help me understand Atkins

I have a serious dog question

O'Reilly read my letter tonight re:ACLU

This is sooooooo wrong: Tom Selleck to play Eisenhower

So, John Kerry went bowling... and went photoshopping...

What mattress do you own? We are in the market for a new

I think my cat likes the Doors, maybe too much!

ESPN boxing analyst Al Bernstein is obviously a good Democrat

I Just got back from the spca

Caption Flat George and Flat Laura

without naming names... do you ever...?

What's your favorite cut of meat?

Cell-Phone Moron Syndrome

ooooo I REALLY just pissed off a born-again Fundie!

Any members in the house?

Divinity, endorsed

Neil Diamond: feh!

There are 10 types of people in the world...

Post your favorite "dumb" song lyrics

A quarter century down...

Betty Bowers interviews Pickles

Today is the day...I could use some advice...

Today was the first day of classes.

I think Michael Savage needs some help with his Book Cover

RW email that made the rounds in April and my response (long)

"The Grifters" is on Bravo, 8 PM EST

Is dying your hair pink and green at 26 childish??

The Importance Of Paying Attention

OMG Arnold

Hey! How did you find DU? When did you find DU?

Do you know someone who is fluent in several different languages?

I just reached 1,000 posts


Do you read comic books?


Why does every drunk in America think it's OK to hit a cop? (a rant)

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad - January 12, 2004

My son had an MRI today...

Ever associate an avatar with a DUer so much...

I reached 250 posts the other day - ask me anything!

Who would be in your ideal rock band?

We must stop referring to the media as "whores"

Flat * and Flat Pickels getting moved by the USSS... CAPTION

Why do we have so many Lost Boys?

You get to erase one TV show from history. Which one???

Soros says "Matter of Life and Death." But, Who Beats Bush is Issue!

The media vs. Howard Dean (Salon)

Mark Morford endorses...

What it will take for new Dean supporters to be kept in Party

Any DUers going to be in Iowa this weekend?

t r u t h o u t Poll - Kucinich at 30.5% !!!

Another reason not to support Clark

Dean, Party of One

How many new voters would Dean bring to the general election?

A General for President?

Dean's real record is to the right of Lieberman on key Dem issues.

Kucinich is unelectable people, would you change your opinion of him if...

Is this what Wesley Clark endorses?

Gary Hart: Support for Kerry based on constitutional grounds

What's been the recent reaction to Clark on DU?

The Ohio Dem Caucuses Were Tonight

Kerry NH Chairwoman Jeanne Shaheen says Clark "not a Democrat"

Dean is against real affirmative action.

If you support him, why is quoting him a slam?

What Party Elders Overlook in Dean

"Kucinich on O'Neill Revelations"

Should DU stop trying to moderate the candidate wars?

WHS students hear Kucinich’s vision of U.S. : Read to see REAL journalism

non-Dean progressives - talk to me.

Kucinich profile in SF Gate

Why didn't Gov. Dean look out of state for minorities for his cabinet?

Dean Supporters :My local news just showed a piece where Dean said

How long can Clark's current media honeymoon last?

Huffington on Dean

WTH? Dean's Doctor-Wife, Refuses to Accept New Medicaid Patients

Dean: They're not trying to stop me, they're trying to stop YOU.

George Soros: I would support Dean, Clark or Kerry.

Q: Will Dean actually lose black voters to Bush?



Are all people whining about lack of Dean Gov't minorities * supporters?

Kerry to Launch Attack On Clark at Monday Press Conference

Oh geez. SC Repub ad calling us "Howard Dean Democrats"

Could this be the reason people dont want to vote for DK?

OMG! Dean's only MinorityStaff was Part-Timer? Was this a Real Government?

Is the Dean campaign training people to hate the Dem Party?

Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda

Leaders: Dean Tried to Appoint Minorities (AP)

Behind the facade...

New National Poll : Clark gaining, Clark leads in Red States

Dean bashers: Are You Prepared For the Merd YOUR Candidate Will Face?

The real Howard Dean

Abenaki Nation, Vermont Indians Endorse Clark

Edwards coming up LIVE on C-SPAN 9:30 pm EST.

The Other Doctor in Dean's House Shuns Politics

Anybody catch the campaign advisors on Hardball?

Does anyone here work for or affiliated with MOVEON.ORG?

Black, Red, Brown, Yellow and Blue DUers, a question.......

How about a ban on all candidate threads where the poster backs another

Did you see Edwards on C-Span tonight? Wadja think?

Why didn't General Clark's wife, Gert, say anything about Clark's

There's a new democratic candidate now,his name is Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich on O'Neill Revelations

why do people attack

Gephardt rally on CSPAN

Dean's passion..... I love it!

Is Clark the Right Message to Send to the World?

How many homosexuals did Clark knowingly appoint to key positions

Gephardt spokesman on Hardball criticizing Dean for....

Dean Leads in New Maryland Poll!

Dean tried to import blacks to Vermont as governor

How is the O'Neill news playing with average Americans?

IF Clark wins NH, it's over he will be the nominee

Democratic Rivals Training Sights on Clark

We must nominate a candidate that will use this, or it's over

Clark Supporters: do you want Kerry to drop out and endorse the Gen?

Poll 2 - anybody but

Clark is getting all the beautiful women....that's for sure.....

Dean's bid for White House alarms Blair allies (Guardian)

Tom Delay and Bill Frist will be in Iowa for the caucuses.

Was Sharpton endorsing tokenism?

Dean Says He Admired First President Bush

C-SPAN now - Dean.With Mr. Fix-it.

What Dean actually said about Bush and Bush Jr.

So I haven't been reading DU for a month or so..... question!!!

Chris Matthews Just Witnessed For Clark's Position On Iraq/Al Qaeda!

Mr. Fix-it (the moron Dean yelled at) on Hannity and Colmes

does anyone know?

If Edwards is such a populist, then why is the NY Times fawning over him?

Kerry to Host Townhall Meeting with Iowa Veterans Tomorrow in Waterloo

Anyone here affiliated with Democratic Campaigns?

Is the reason Edwards is playing "nice" because he's going for VP?

Apparently, Democrats are so busy arguing with each other

Clark- Promoting Equal Pay For Women

DU this poll about O'Neil

What have the candidates had to say about O'Neill's revelations?

JK to join Carole King at "Women for Kerry" Concert in Cedar Rapids

Dean's Sealed files - Justice for Woody Could this be the reason?, interesting poll results

First Lady of Iowa Endorses John Kerry

Will yesterday's debate be rerun? *Real* question, not flamebait.

Need help debunking attack on Dean campaign

cmon ppl! vote for Ditching the Rules yAay!

Michael Savage: "Bush should be impeached"

SUSA: Clark Leading Dean in AZ 39-32, Clark Down to Dean in NH Only 35-26

Amid the fighting, something good

Clark on Hardball, ,7:00pm est.

Will Karl Rove have a crap if Clark wins nomination

Sex and The Democrats - A Must Read !

Paper's Endorsement Heartens Edwards

New CNN Poll - Dean +2 Clark +0

Interesting (Dean-Jewish Rant) Spam Found on Usenet

Who's going to end up more liberal?

1 in every 200 people in Vermont is African American

Why Sharpton's attack on Dean was ridiculous.

Bamboozled working class can't see its true enemy

Here's your chance to reveal YOUR candidate's minority appointments.


What General Clark wrote about Iraq and 911 only TWO months ago

As of today for Dean - Congress Endorsements - 5 South, 6 Black

Was it smart of Clark to skip the debates 3x in a row?

Hey, Have You Heard That Before?

Why Dean is right on Affirmative Action

Corrine Brown Endorses Dean for President

Leaders: Dean Tried to Appoint Minorities

Sixth member of Congressional Black Caucus to endorse Dean

Anybody but... oops! Screwed this up, see poll 2 for anybody but

Provocative perspective on Affirmative Action

Dean on CSPAN now.

Judy Woodruff said on CNN

Howard Dean giving the 'devil' his due (Mark Shields)

DUers using the race card for and against Dean!?

This just in...Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, and Quetzlcoatl endorse Kucinich!

Which candidate is in the best position to unite the party?

Will The Real Howard Dean Please Stand Up? (Time 1/11)

The missing link tying candidates together, or

Divinity, endorsed

Whoops I duped it. . .so please lock this

They aren't trying to stop Clark, they're trying to stop me.

Just a few words about polls....will just take a second

Clark: The candidate of "Foreign Policy Experience..."

Is Nov. 2004 a recall of Bush?

Mr. Fixit is on CSPAN right now, badgering Dean

Who is Katrina Swett and what's she doing now?

Avenge Max Cleland!

The Media loves the "Dem's Fighting" --- Are we at DU Blind ?

Another reason to call Judy Woodruff a liar.

Dean's Corruption in the Green Mountain State

Sharpton's charge against Dean lead story nationwide

SHOCKER: Sharpton radio show induced torching of Jewish store and murders

To help the cause, I thee wed

Kucinich campaign broke House ethics rules

Poll: IL Amish prefer Dean over Clark.

Which gives you more anxiety, primary or general?

I want a divorce...

Congresswoman Corrine Brown Endorses Dean for President

Difference between Slobo & Saddam

Dean needs rest badly. Physician: Heal Thyself. Anybody agree?

Howard Dean speaks in Detroit: reformism without reform

Dean's up, Clark down in latest ARG N.H. poll

Re-runs of last night's debate?

When will the Clark campaign disavow and take action re Dean-Hitler pic ?

Non Sequtur explains how the "front runner" is determined

Vote in Truthout presidential poll

Time to Give it Up

Halliburton and Timber: Dean Tidbits

THIS is why we need to get out of Iraq ASAP

From CA: Non-Edwards supporter giving Edwards a second thought

Another HUGE reason why Clark should be nominated...

What Will It Take To Get A Strong Minority Voter Turnout?

Women for Kerry

Clark reveals 125+ endorsements in Tennessee

Dean brings in troops, and with them, some of the stars of hollywood....

Clark's Message To Iowa Brown And Black Presidential Forum

Plea against General Clark

Kerry scores endorsement of Iowa's first lady

Was it clever strategy for Clark to not be involved in the latest debates?

Are the poll's methods noisy or are Iowans sporting with them?

ARG Dean Up Clark Down

Clinton is clark's dollar bill

Gary Condit is back!

would it kill these guys to....

O'Neil Revelations

Candidates seek momentum 7 days from Iowa caucuses

Clark seems to have peaked in ARG poll in New Hampshire...

What makes Wesley Clark "tick"?

Legitimate controversy

Kurtz: How the Press Decides Winners

Kerry scores endorsement of Iowa's first lady

ARG anti-Dean update -- skewing polls

Gephardt on Trade, Environment and Crime

Dean supporters get along with Clark

If Dean is so weak on race, what makes your candidate better on it?

GEPHART BEST in head to head against bush

My Iowa/Post-Iowa Dream

Anyone know how Massachusetts primary works?

BBV: Kerry's Remarks In The Black and Brown Debate

Daryn Kagan compares Dem debate to "nursery school"

FLASHBACK: Sharpton Calls Dean's Agenda "Anti-Black"

Fellow Dean-critics, he's not racist, + for once doesn't need to apologize

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion (CAPPS II)

Why didn't Dean mention that his state is 97% white to defend his...

NPR assigns Williams and Liasson to cover Election '04, and...

Myself and 4 others from my town were in Burlington, Iowa this weekend...

John Kerry did great on CNN and FOX

Debate being rerun on CSPAN now

Clark and Kerry supporters and undecideds, contact the Kerry campaign

How many Jews and gays are on Sharpton's campaign?

Kerry pushes BBV - and pollwatching for access as an issue in the debate

Dad: McKinney wants rematch against Majette

Former Vermont medical director (Dean administration) endorses Clark

Bush approval hits all-time low in Maryland/ majority say Bush lied

Dean up 1-point in ARG tracking--Clark down a point

I find Al Sharpton's attacks on Dean very sad

Zogby's Iowa tracking: Dean and Kerry up a point, no change Gep

are the debates being replayed anywhere online ATM?

Al Sharpton's guest on Dianne Rehm show in 10am est hour,Soros Tues-

Voter Triggers Dean's Much-Talked About Temper

2 more statements on race by Dean from the debate.

OMG Kerry on MSNBC hardball.... blows off Oneal's claims to attack Dean


Reality check --- * has more minorities in his cabinet than Dean

Does Dean practice diversity? How diverse are his top campaign operatives?


NYT - For Top Candidates, TV Ads Smile, but Mailings Snarl

Dean and the McGovern Thing

has anyone else had diffuculty getting DU to work?

Which of these statements applies better to GD P2004?

Ed Koch endorses...........

The next Clark conspiracy

My Kissinger/Carter/Albright moment. Can we arrange a cease-fire?

If you randomly picked 1,000 blond-haired blue-eyed people

NH columnist on Clark's "Springsteen moment" at church in Portsmouth

What's up with CMB?

Is Al Sharpton the African-American Ralph Nader?

Is CMB the 1st woman to ever run for president?

I don't like Lieberman, but he's a good speaker.

About 50% of Dean's judicial appointees were women

How many Greeks and Indians has Kucinich sent to the spelling bee?

How many people over 8 feet on Dean Staff?

Congrats to General Clark !

How many Homersexuals did Clark appoint to key positions

How many metrosexuals did Clark knowingly appoint to key positions

SHOCKER: Sharpton and Rangel linked to BFEE conspiracy?

Did Dean dodge the tax plan question?

How many transexuals did Dean knowingly appoint to major positions?

How many Tajiks has Dean put on his campaign staff?

How many Manchurians has Edwards sent to West Point???

Awesome! A candidate who will alienate minorities,the South and moderates!

We need to run someone who the CBC endorses

How diverse is Clark's corporate history?

Defending Dean: How many staffers in Sharpton's campaign

Didn't anyone else notice Lieberman's offensive comment in the debate?

Cruella for Senate?

Has Maxine Waters endorse anyone yet?

Clark Says O'Neill Book Vindicates Him (1/11)

How many munchkins are pounding the pavement for Carol Moseley Braun?

Dean: a victim of demographics or discriminatory?

New Clark Jobs ad

Did Clark fall on his ass today?

"Clark Betting His Quest on Campaign's Second Hill"

Al Franken's brother Otto makes an appearance?