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Archives: January 11, 2004

Europe squadrons honored for high retention rates

Some (military) spouses subject to new security checks

54 Reasons NOT to re-elect the unelected fraud.

LA Times: Trashing the Media

Asahi Shimbun: Diplomacy is too important to leave to professionals

Asahi Shimbun: What is the meaning of `honorable death'?

Why should WE care?

Bush Immigration Proposal Built On Misconceptions...

NY TIMES letter says it's fine if IBM ships jobs overseas.

John Edwards -- his time is now (Des Moines Register Endorsement)

Are reserve units getting a raw deal?

Bush Economic Policies Come Under Fire

A Bold, New Messenger -Globe

The Faulty Weapons Estimates

The Barreling Bushes - Kevin Phillips

Business praises Bush plan for illegal aliens

Bush shoots self

Open Door Policy

Neo-Cons and the greatest con of all — Farish A Noor

A legacy hidden in plain sight

IRAQ: Saddam's Arrest - Yet Another Version Surfaces

Singer Rickie Lee Jones attacks Bush

Perle's Pulp Fiction

Cockburn: Hitler/Bush comparison doesn't work

Wheel of Misfortune

Neo-Cons and the greatest con of all — Farish A Noor

Powell withdraws al-Qa'ida claim as hunt for WMD flags

Marriages gay and throwaway

Marriage strengthens bond of same-sex couples, too

The Argyle General

Maryland Republican Governor polling well with Dems

Two Fathers, With One Happy to Stay at Home

A strange thing happened on the way to the war. - Karen Kwiatkowski

The Tax Cut. Deficits Matter. Think on this Dick Cheney.

John Kerry's response to Paul O'Neill

"Retire Hitler". A recent cultural movement?

Herbert: What Ails Florida? (Kids Kicked off healh insurance by Jebbie)

Wesley Clark Buys a Sweater (Slate)

False God

Protest Oliver North in Madison Wisconsin 1/13-1/14

Protest Richard Perle in Chicago - 1/14

A very worthwhile and effective lobbying organization is hurting

Protest Cheney in Portland, OR 1/13

USA Today Reporter: Used 'Poor Judgment' (Jack Kelley)

This Week Meeting the Press and Facing The Nation ....

Post banned from Conan's publicity visit

Is media hiding Kinky Bill Bennett's Dominatrix "Mistress Lee" problem?

Paul O'Neill on 60 Minutes, mp3 and quicktime video here

O'Reilly without his make up

Somebody needs to draw up a petition to demand a FULL investigation,

Paul O'Neill confesses

From the far right: Veterans Day = Devil's Day...

Anyone know how the Freepers are reacting to the O'Neil book?

saw Big Fish Friday night

nostamj, please a cartoon fix if you may

Pastor Court hits gay plan (Margaret Court, ex-tennis star)

Bush administration expands police spying powers (PATRIOT Act II)

LA Times: A Sea of Change for Natural Gas Imports

LA Times: Foreign Stocks: Good for a Long Run?

The Asahi Shimbun: U.S. bonds to fuel Japan's yen-selling

The Asahi Shimbun: Carmakers charge at rivals' strengths

IHT - Japan/EUzone to start trade war with US on Monday

The Miami Herald: Water ruling is expected to produce ripple effect

Life After The Oil Crash

The Asahi Shimbun: Japan orders ground troops to Iraq

The Asahi Shimbun: Patriotic bill on education postponed

Anybody read this in the NY Times today?

Gun control proponents this is your chance...

Trooper gives up gun and seeks counseling

Bulging state deer herd causing forests to thin

I know it's not my computer- DU was just slow/nonexistant again.

Feature request

Was someone doing a DOS attack on DU tonight?

Question on threads that are moved

Dammit this Gag Order is killing me! I want to out a Freeper

Question on where to post...

My thread . . .

Sixty Minutes Show tonight....some thoughts

Part of my post was deleted for copyright

What is does that "Latest" icon supposed to do?

What are the requirements for becoming a mod?

I have 2 computers but can only access DU on one.

I had a post deleted and was wondering why

Ok I'm really embarrassed to ask-

This thread is pretty tame, IMHO.

I just started using the hide the thread feature

When does 'kciking' an old post become abusive?

I have a technical question.

Report: Arafat pushing for Madrid-style peace conference

Palestinian man blows himself up in West Bank village

Two Palestinians killed in West Bank incidents

Ha'aretz (Sunday): Israel: Syria must stop terror aid before talks

Palestinian PM Urges Pressure on Israel

PMO rejects Palestinian assertion on right to declare state

When is Israel's turn?

Palestinian, 18, shot dead; would-be bomber kills himself

Sharon: Syria must stop its support for terror before talks

Baruch Marzel unveils new transfer party

Settlers rally in Tel Aviv

Jewish National Front 'Hayil' Party Formed

Cry, our beloved country

The settlers' only chance

A British perspective

Jeremy Glick and the collapsing south tower

DINOS vs. democrats, what are the core differences?

Dean leading in OHIO--Kucinich 4th

DINOS vs. democrats, what are the core differences?

Core issue in this election and the next and the next

"Four Trials" - Edwards

Clark Du'ers Please Provide Input......

The Two Americas: Our Current Political Deadlock and How to Break It

Howard Dean taken to task on war stance

PA primary

Campaign Profile: Dennis Kucinich Voice of America

Blue States, Latino Voters

Roll Call: Kucinich Broke House Ethics Rules

If the Dem candidates don't shape up, Bush is going to win

Has anyone considered

most americans have more

Tell me about Paul O'Neill's upcoming book.

Bush HAS The Votes

The natives are getting restless....

Clear Channel gags an antiwar conservative (Charles Goyette)

LA Times: Angelides Emerges as 'Anti-Schwarzenegger'

Miami Herald: Water ruling is expected to produce ripple effect

Anybody surprised that Bush hasn't changed the succession act...

LA Times: Congressman's Former Wife Takes Him On

I agree with Bush on space exploration

"The Price of Loyalty" (tonight's "60 Minutes") now at #5 at

LA Times: Bush's Immigration Plan Poses Major Challenges, Experts Say

Buy O'Neil Book To Encourage Other Whistle blowers!

Free-Trade Protesters Eye Suits Over Treatment

Spouting words you don't believe as a job, as a core evil in our culture

shrub's Mars nonsense = funding Heavy Lift Rocket for the USAF

Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup --- Wash Post.

MoveOn - Were the Bush/Hitler ads ever at the site?

Is Howard Dean a Bildabergher like Clinton was ?

"No more war in zero four"

WSJ's Al Hunt has some advice for Tom Tancredo

60 Minutes tonight, an ex-cabinet member is 10 months early in reporting

Tim-May (G.E.RUSSERT) Talking 'bout Us on MtP

C-SPAN - Talking O'Neill Right Now

Dean is GOP dream candidate? Why smear him in dem primary?

Will turnout in Iowa caucuses be an indicator of national turnout....

If this pans out does it count as WMD's??

Bush happier than a hog in manure at this time of year....

Washington Journal, I am really angry about that last call this AM.

CNN spinning O'Neill - "non authority on WMD" -- baby and bathwater

Freedom of Information Act resource site

Yahoo Message boards

DINOS vs. democrats, what are the core differences?

Inspector O'Neill: There was no evidence of WMD

Treasury Secretary on This No, it's not ONeill; it's Snow

MLK DAY-A day of service

Did Snow just say..

Long article in TIME to come out tomorrow on O'Neill

Is modern day GOP nothing more than a Cult?

O'neil story on Page 18 of local paper

Wingnuts see ulterior motive in Bush's alien amnesty...

Bushflash's new video on Saddam

wolf is talking about ONeill right now

The latest reason why Bush is a TRAITOR to the people of the United States

From the far right: Gays to blame for 9/11

best part of O'Neill revelations:

Half a trillion? Entirely managable....

From the far right: Veterans Day = Devil's Day...

Limbaugh -- Lies on Loan from..... say's Fred Phelps

So I'm listening to the talking heads on the media whore

Richard Perle up next on CNN.....talking about his new TP collection

Kevin Phillips C-SPAN2 Noon Today

United for a Fair Economy and some statistics...

Could O'Neill be laying the groundwork for a Bush lay-down in 2004?

Ack! Wolf's line-up for the rest of the show is awful...

O'Neil's Bomb: Wouldn't the BFEE have known this was coming?

US/Iraq War Dead-1 year Toll surpasses Vietnam death toll in first 3 Yrs

Who should be in charge of the RICO investigation of the BFEE?

CNN online poll - Was Iraq War Justified

Back when Television reflected reality...

Check out this headline regarding "chemical weapons find" in Iraq

Would our SPINELESS Democrats in office take action on O'Neill's bomb and

When will the CIA put Richard Perle down?

Is there any info on the new WMD ?



Are governments funded by George Soros automatically good guys?

Heads up--Please sgo to C-Span--Trade Policy

Pentagon Auditors Altered Files (boy, did they)

Principal in South Carolina Drug Raid Resigns

How hard would it be to create an organization that ...

Class War: Corporations hiring Illegals as Enforcement Drops Sharply

Bush definitely wants draft back 2005

There's Only One Law: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them

Mars: Rocks and Dirt. Nothing more to see here.

Amherst (MA) unique in support of 'Monologues'

* Smacked Down by President

Read the 60 Minute Transcript - Here (this is huge guys-dividing oil etc)

What are the media whores saying about the O'Neill bombshell?

Is O'Neill our Ellsberg?

Forget about the huge's the TRUTH that hurts most

O'Neil was told that "deficits don't matter"......

The morning paper

Anyone know how to contact David Brock? An O'Neill thread.

Bush & Co. Suspend Small Business Loan Program

Will Bush's numbers be affected by this week?

Can anybody get me the link to

This gives me some degree of hope...

TIME - O'neill has "minute by minute conversations, 19,000 pages CD"

We're going to Mars (Yawn!)

No one could have imagined.....

Kristol: O'Neill War Memo Came From Clinton

"Privishing" books: how much the truth hurts, and costs

Could this be a smoking gun in the O`Neill book?

Seeking an earlier wire(?) story when O'Neill interview first broke...

Should Daschle resign and let O'Neill run?

OMG - Fox Football spoof on Rush

Heads Up--right now on C_Span

Having read the Peak Oil posts...

Media ignoring O'Neill; is it like the Trent Lott story?

Dylan sums up my feelings about Bush and his thugs

First Russert and now Tweety. Not a word on O`Neal`s book.

I'm shrinking the alphabet by one letter.

Republican talking points countering O'Neill

What they don't want you to know. Amazing!

Those Who Know British Politics When Does Blair Meet His Political Maker??

We are winning.

We have allies in the GOP...


Anyone put out a chart on drug law impacts, yet?

Homeless look for places indoors

"Four Trials" - Edwards

If bush is pinnochio Who is gepetto ?

My Letter To Chuck Todd After He Let Russert Lie About Lisa Myers...

Expect slowness and downtime over the next few days

I think Pugs know in their heart now that it's over

Hey, Californians! You guys see this?

"How many vacation days has George W.

Rove issues O'Neill talking points: It's Clinton's fault (surprise!)

Why laws against flag-burning also subvert right-wing interests

The unofficial "Let's help O'Neill find some adjectives for Bush" thread.

Where the heck was O'Neill in early 2003?

John Buchanan: Truth Candidate..Go baby, go!

ONeill on 60 Minutes now.....

Fanning the flames

Here is the book and the author :

Paul O'Neill question??

Did Bush and his minions begin writing the Patriot Act before 9/11 too?

How do the O'Neill relevations affect Tony Blair?

"Reclaim America for Christ"

This was AFTER the gassing of the Kurds, right?????

Quick PhotoShop question:

60 Minutes: That Iraqi oil map that was flashed on the screen...

Dem debate on MSNBC NOW! (8 - 10pm EST)

Kristol: It's Clinton's Fault! No lie, that's the spin on O'Neill!

O'Neill was given 20 minutes by 60 Minutes --he showed the president lied

The *Official* What Are You? Poll

My SO says that the map could have been bought anywhere for $60!

USA TODAY reporter who covered Iraq resigned because of inaccuracies

A Great Line from Dean that bears repeating as often as possible

What were the reasons for UN sanctions against Iraq

"How many other Administration officials were interviewed?"

Who's gonna watch 60 Minutes?

There are 25 million veterans. How many will switch to vote Dem?

Cincinnati Enquirer Blacks Out Boondocks

So gas just went up 10 cents and there aren't any new jobs?

Another accomplishment for Bush: I'm rooting against the space program.

Move-On ad about Medicare on TV

Voting in IL Primaries

Isn't O'Neills info proof of a crime?

What is your favorite advert?

Cabinet members defend Bush from O'Neill

60 Minutes on NOW (West Coast)

CBS News Providing 7 Videos of Paul O'Neill 60 Minutes Interview


Everybody!! Go buy the Paul O'Neill Book on Tuesday

G.W. Bush: International Racketeer

Australian Opposition Leader says "war on Iraq was a mistake"

What's a terrorist? Just asking...

I hate to play the cynic yet again...

Flashback Sept 2002: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change'

why did bu$h go to war ?, its Clintons fault ...

Al Franken's brother Otto makes an appearance?

keep the faith, you faithful Americans! we've got him!

Before everyone gets depressed and jumps off a bridge......

Iraq was responsible for 9/11 ... in a weird way

CNN O'neill comment!!! Hilarious is running's "Bush In 30 Seconds" ad with audio

Sunday night double feature-Uncovered:Iraq War/ Myth of Liberal media

Let's also show some appreciation to the AUTHOR of the O'Neil

Cheney : the Smoking Gun!

For those of you glad to see Senator Breaux gone...

Is there anything positive about H1B's?

Tony Blair backpedals on Iraq , Tony Blair is toast

CBS/O'Neill, inteview leaves "less" to viewer.....than the Hype?

Cruella for Senate?

Watching 60 minutes segement on globalization

The Lies for War Unravel

Come On DU. Show Your Love For Paul O'Neill!!

I hereby sincerely apologize to Paul O'Neill, whom I sorely misjudged

Well, what did you think (60 MIN.)?

Iraq's oil assets seen less attractive

A Repuke friend claims Dubya was 'elected'

Could there be a revolution in this country?

So they finally found WMDs in Iraq

The height of Irony - Bush posts family freind to end debt he started

Killjoy Bloomberg turns New York into the forbidden Apple

Silver cars are safer cars. Brown, black, & green are the most dangerous.

Is Joe Lieberman ever going ot ask a question?

"Orange Alert!" - a touching video tribute to the terror spectrum

The official White House response to O'Neill's statements

Now this truely does make me sick

CNN - O'Neill commentary - "bush credibility is intact" --- Unbelievable

Honda to make "Hybrid Accord"

If you want to know how people are reacting to the O'Neil story:

The funny thing about the 60 minutes piece was that it made me like Bush

Peter Werbe streaming now - Paul O'Neill is the topic

How I am sure O'Neil's revelations won't make a ripple.

NEW Amazon Book Rankings - O'Neill - Ready for this????

Class War: Workers fired Christmas Eve, paid with bad checks

THIS is why we need to get out of Iraq ASAP

Chimpy's STOU Address will be given soon

War on Christianity

Inflation? What inflation?

O'Neill Calls Tomorrow - Calls to Sen/House and more...the country is ours

Should O'Neill stay off of small planes?

May 8, 2001: Cheney begins coordinating response to domestic attacks

How much damage did O'Neill cause BushCo?

Need help tracking GOP money trail

O'Neil was an incompetent boob

"Not since Julius Caesar..."

Suspicious shells found in southern Iraq

Four men on varying paths press for ouster of Aristide

Iraqis Demanding Jobs Resume Protests

US Faces Criticism on Guantanamo Anniversary

New Suspected SARS Case Emerges in China

Dean Ahead, but Iowa Still Up for Grabs: LA Times Poll

Blair says fate of Guantanamo Bay Britons to be resolved in weeks

"The Early Favorite": Dean leads by 12 in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch)

Loss puts Guatemalan ex-dictator in lion's den

Divided leaders of Americas to hold summit, strains evident (OAS)

Shape of anti-globalisation movement at stake as activists meet in Bombay

Medicare Portrayal Tailored by Parties - Seniors' Support Is Key

Saddam Ouster Planned Early '01 -says O'neill

Sebelius signs trade pact with Cuba

Iraq Governing Council details plan to root out Baath members

Iranian Reformers Protest Election Moves

Kerry on NBC's Meet the Press right now

Luxury Cars and SUVs selling like hotcakes in Iraq.

N. Korea Displays 'Nuclear Deterrent'

Second SARS Case Suspected in China

Khatami: U.S. Must Accept Iran Right to Nuke Power

American Dynasty

Alleging Gramm lobbied illegally, Dems seek probe

No Guardian for a Fetus, Court Rules

Modern skeleton U.S. bases likely to be located in northern Poland

This is a duplicate post. Sorry

Palestinians reject new US terms for financial aid

Tensions Flare in South Iraq; ... (US Citizen dead in Basra)

Iran demands Saddam be tried as war criminal

Iraqi business leaders to visit Warsaw; direct links to be established

Tunisia to boost energy sector investments in 2004

Kurds go on trial at Syrian state court

Iraqis Demanding Jobs Resume Protests (Sunday)

Chemical Found in Iran-Iraq War Shells (distraction update)

Terror Attack on Foreign Associations in Kirkuk

Kirkuk rivalries boil up on Kurdish claim

Lethal hatreds spread in Iraq's cockpit of violence (ur there in Falluja)

Winter illnesses kill at least 20 Afghan children

Two killed in Basra

Angry Iraqis Protest Killing Of Six Civilians

Killjoy Bloomberg turns New York into the forbidden Apple

USA Today Reporter: Used'Poor Judgment'

Remap bolsters GOP power play

Turkey OKs Use Of Base For Troop Changes

Falling jobless figure deceptive

Stretched US pilots may quit military

Heads up--Please sgo to C-Span--Trade Policy

(Santa Cruz) Democrats choose Howard Dean in first-ever caucus

Pot plot found in ex-aide's home ( - BC pot for coke story)

Sharp heatwaves likely to be common for European summers: scientists

BBC (Sunday): New power struggle erupts in Iran

US soldier critically injured in road accident near Afghan capital

Iraqi WMD: Myths and ... more myths

Niue aid kept from victims

Chemical weapons found in Iraq by Danish troops

Bush and Blair behind Khadaffy's WMD sham

Bush and Blair behind Khadaffy's WMD sham

More than 500 US soldiers killed in Iraq: Pentagon

Top Shi'ite cleric says no to US plans for Iraq

US Mortuary Sees No Let-Up From Iraq War Dead

Gay lives in limbo

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 495 U.S. service members have died

Time: Confessions of a White House Insider (O'Neill Interview)

Iraq Details Plans to Uproot Baathists

Bank of America appoints treasury managers in China

Treasury Secretary Snow Sees Job Growth

Once-Ruling Sunnis Unite to Regain a Piece of the Pie

Guardian Utd (Monday): Camp Delta Briton claims racial abuse

Expectations Are Low for Progress at Americas Conference

Top Shiite Cleric Hardens Hardens Call for Early Iraqi Vote

3000 new soldiers desert

China Wants U.S. to Leave Hong Kong Alone

Soldier carrying land mine kicked off flight

Amid Mad-Cow Fear, Worries in Maryland Death

Paul Bremer intends to leave Iraq in late June

Front Page of Le Monde ...

Another Test for Qaddafi: Who Infected the Children?

US navy bombs Iraq

Bush's deception on Iraq

Bush economic advisers: Tax cuts will create jobs

IHT - Liberal candidates are barred in Iran

Blair 'No Longer Believes his Own Wmd Arguments'

Health Spending Rises to Record 15% of Economy

Argentina says it will not revamp debt restructuring plans

Secret document links vaccines to Gulf War syndrome: report

Baker Backed Loans That Added to Iraq Debt (Poppy Bush financed Saddam)

Bush Sought ‘Way’ To Invade Iraq? (O'Neill 60 Min. transcript)

Blair says WMD may never be found in Iraq, unrest in British-run south

Ex-Treasury Chief: Saw No Evidence of Iraq WMDs

Gas prices shoot up

Bush advisers debating what to do about Syria - Invade of course!

Sowing the Seeds of GOP Domination

GOP's right has Specter in its sights

Air Travel Database Plan Is Set to Advance (U.S. Seeks Passenger Records)

Clark Says O'Neill Book Vindicates Him

Fox Struggles for Relevance as Summit Is Set to Open

Iowa Voter Blasts Dean for Knocking Bush

Iraqis Pelt British Troops With Stones

U.S. Keeps Military Program in Uzbekistan

Foreign nurses decry hurdles to jobs in the U.S.

Florida's Harris May Shake Up 2004 Season

Bush orders settlement to conservative GOP website by City of Fresno

Boston Archbishop attacks gay marriage

Serb ethnic cleansing brigade in training for Afghan mission

Study Published by Army Criticizes War on Terror's Scope

Expect slowness and downtime over the next few days

"Apocalypse Now" is on Bravo right now.

I Can't Wait. March 11 I Am Going To See My Red Sox And Baltimore

OK... I'm sick of this guy.....

As allways, classic Gothic/New Wave webcast:

Anybody Else Having A Tuff Time Trying To Get Access To DU.

Set phasers to "SARS"

I must be going mad.....

Are you returning more things lately?

Some really "mindbending" visuals..

More "halos" for *....and some just plain creepy pictures

Al Franken BACK on SNL...

Batteries Can't Keep Up (Lithium Ion)

No Tools Needed...

I'm about to do something possibly stupid

Who's sick of them using the word "freedom"?

Which team will win "The Apprentice" this week?

Do you TOO want to live life as a CYBORG?

I had TWO dreams about Donald Trump last night!

Anyone see the official call a penalty on the LOS ANGELES Rams yesterday?

Woo hoo! Saw the Spiderman 2 trailer last night!

Prankster picks on drive-through customers

Funny eBay Auctions

What should my next career be?

Drug war comedy

180 wins New York State Lottery prize!

How come we get weird news stories but not followups?

Remember before the intranet. How nice was it?

Girl Who Lost Arm to Shark Surfs in Meet

"Reality TV" - entertainment or vile social engineering?

Finally!! Relief from anal itching!!!

Welfare state in Utopia

Living to Be Eighty

Bloomberg! U should listen to Guthrie, Wilco & Bragg! "Aginst th’ law"

If I don't buy a TV with a digital tuner...will my old tv work in 07?

What's your Cell phone's Ringtone?

Good news on Coffee

Comment on a recent thread about Gay rights

NHL fans, the season is half over - who's gonna win the cup

Shrub in 41.2 seconds


Our society is socialism! Or is it?

Win a free DVD - 1 week left

How crappy is your town's daily newspaper?

Nero question

Republicans...and kittens.

What is your personality type?

I'm having the worst day in the history of days. Someone love me.

Is it me or is 'Chicago' equivalent to shit-stained celluloid?

Damiana: Aphrodisiac, or just Funny Bottle?

LSD influenced art

A silly Burger King prank (teens hack into BK drive-thru speaker)

Did anybody post in the "Positive Discussion about Joe Lieberman" threads?

Bluegrass fans - 24/7 bluegrass streaming!!

How Can There Be NO Degrees?

Science question, why does the snow around a tree

I propose a DU gathering for the montana Alberta Idaho region

Has anyone read Gore Vidal's "Creation" ?

Ace's numbers didn't hit...yet.

Did Will Pitt survive the "Freeze-out in Foxboro"?

Att: chefs.... can I add psyllium husks to a crockpot stew?

Even "For Better of For Worse" does anti-war

I'm finally back from Christmas Vaca...

Huge Pileated Woodpecker outside my window

The Hunt for Red October+SpongBob = The SpongBob Squarepants Movie

Question on this quote: "real peace is not just the absence of conflict..

If Looks Could Kill (my SECOND Caption Post of Sunday Morning!)

I've finished the Homeland Security painting (Dragons & Gargoyles)

What is the bus fare in your area?

Any good indy/docu flicks playing westside LA?

Should I change my signature line...

I think I've seen everything now............

And this post makes 500!

OK DU Windoze folks - Old software on XP? Talk to me

Ok now that it has been revealed that * planned to attack Iraq

SCOTUS/enemy combatant case legal research question:

Ever considered changing your username?

The teen queen we can all love..?

Ever kept running into someone with the EXACT same amount of posts as you?

Aw, Crap.

offered a job

calling all DUer's in the Savannah,Ga area?

Are ANY of these Canadian hip-hop groups known in the US?

anyone heard of Pentangle?

Quick -- turn on Fox

Mail delivery on Sunday...ask me anything!

Which Band Member Best Fits Your Personality?


Hahahaha! Was just looking at DU's first editions of Hate Mailbag...

Mandelbrot Art

There goes Dante...

Lust declared virtue, not vice

I think I finally figured out what Draco Malfoy's name symbolizes

Green running all over Philadelphia.

If you use PayPal, beware of a possible scam

Roll call: how many football fans are there at DU?

Winamp 5 is musical perfection.

stupid Fahrenheit system

I need coffee

Which excedrin product do you use?

Is 'Queer Eye for a Straight Guy' demeaning to homosexuals?

What is Love?

When do you take down your Holiday decorations?

shameless self promotion

What Color Is The Glass Bottle Of Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

Need some urgent advice

Question about IE for techie types

Why do they bleep out the hole in ass hole on TV?

FReeper thread: "Tasteless paridy (sic) of Rush on Fox's pre-game show"

Mauresmo upset at Australian Open seeding decision

VOte for venue of Montana, Idahp, BC, ALberta DU gathering

Does anyone hate the Dodge Durango ads as much as I do?

Singles, this one's for you!

Chelsea on "The National Enquirer"...

Is "Simple Life" demeaning to Heterosexuals?

Is there a Vet in the house? Dog Sick...

Just watched "Skins"


Just had to post this here: "Professor Lives Life As a Cyborg"

I've saved a life!

Dr Hibbert drives a Mercedes SUV!

Pop quiz! How should one pronounce the word

Hey College football! Don't think a playoff system would be any good?

DU Mac Fans: So I just bought a 1GHz G4 iBook...

Mouse for computer geek with MS

Cheney and Bush= Master-Blaster?

Anyone else watching the Democratic debate on MSNBC right now?

MSNBC Debate ... Immigrants

Why Dean is absolutely right about security - it's no better than before

Can we move back to the 1950s?

DeNiro on SNL

I just watched "Hobson's Choice"!!! Ask me anything!

Do you get obscene phone calls?

Does anyone know ASL?

the "new and improved alphabet"

Bush is a Riot


You think your pet is cute??

True or False: the shield is the best show on tv.....

WOW - "The Practice" right now is incredible

I'm a non-churchgoing, non-Volvodriving Dean supporter

Which TV show do you think signifies the end of civilization as we know it

new photo

P-nut butter jelly time!!!

what was the last thing you just said?

Babes Against Bush!

Ok, we've solved the great


Nocturne Two

Ahhhhhhhhh....just had a nice long hot bath

DU Chatroom tonight anyone

I guess food prices HAVE gone up

I had to take my baby to the ER last night

Were/are your parents Democrats?

How many Esteban CDs do you own? I've been watching

Eagles vs Packers game thread

Terrific Anti-GWB Performance From Peter Case!!

When does a house become a mansion?

Once again, Dr. Fate must ask if his Sig image is Offensive...

Good movie night for sci fi/fantasy geeks

This week's "Top Ten" is a humdinger!

Moltar said "shit"!!!!!

How many mental disorders does Jim Carrey suffer from

An Early Sunday Morning Caption? (don't be frightened)

What is the purpose of the white dress?

Do you WANT to get obscene phone calls?

Your thoughts on Cracker Barrel Restaurant?

Need your input, new lens filter for my camera...

Ode to a Zomby.....because I made a bet...sniffle

Bands I'd like To See Erased From History (Second thread)

I am going blind, help me...

Do you think that George Bush is a mother *ucker?

Which US Military Base Do You Live Closest To?

Get this thread to 200 replies by 8:00 PM Eastern Time!

Who is your favorite Conspiracy Theorist?

On the way to wine snobbery: recommend ONE wine

Favorite Card Game????

What books are you reading right now?

So, did the Simpsons just kill Gill?

Next week's NFL Playoff predictions.


The best B-737 accident investigator in the world just offered me a job.

Indy v. the Pats

Airlines; how much do the workers get paid?

Which music artists are you a big fan of?

My Republican dad said I'm a selfish dropout because I'm Buddhist

How's your Hamlet? Find out here.

Favorite song/dance scene from a movie musical

Which TV Show signifies hope for civilization as we know it

Favorite films to poke fun of, a la MST3K.

You have the power to erase one sports franchise from history -who?

Yo, liberalhistorian! Get off the Internet so I can call you.

When were home computers the coolest?

Josh Marshall on the Dean anti-Clark flyers

Candidate positions on media consolidation

Two Important Points in New Republic article on Edwards

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Kucinich confronts Dean on TV tonight on his "only Dean" antiwar flyer?

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contact Dean campaign regarding payroll tax

News from Iowa, Kucinich related-

Kucinich is closer to the Eugene McCarthy Vote...and I love the guy, but

Kucinich rallies local troops

Staying out of Iowa was the best thing Clark......

Again, I can't decide between Dean and Kerry.

Edwards is wrong - John Kerry voted less with Bush them him

We Broke the Harkin Bat!

Too much obsession with the polls - not enough with the issues

Dean Admits in 12 years Zero Blacks, Hispanics in Cabinet.

DK currently 2nd in truthout Straw Poll

Kucinich really inspires me

Clark & Gephardt defend the most regressive federal tax with lies.

Clark at "Secret" Davos Oil Meetings? (World Economic Forum)

Will Kerry Tronce Dean in Editor Endorsments. Why. Will it Matter?

question about Iowa caucuses process

Doctor in the House? (GREAT ARTICLE)

llIegals-- the political 'untouchables'

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Sharpton said to Chris Matthews that Dean

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Kerry Calls on Clark to Disclose Sources of Special Interest Compensation

No Republican Debate, Are They Blowing It Here ???

Who had the best one liner in debate?

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1992 Caucus and Primary Results

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Dean FLIP FLOP on payroll tax

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What percent of Dean supporters wear sandals?

Was Dean using "hispanics" interchangably with "illegal immigrants"?

Chris Matthews asks Kerry about O'Neills bombshell today, Kerry replies...

chris matthew's is making a fool out of himself

upcoming debates schedule? Anyone have a link to it?

My letter to the Washington Post (in re MTP today)

I LOVE our democratic candidates!

Chris M is driving this Sharpton and Dean race thing into the ground

Edwards Triangulates dialog between Sharpton Dean on Race Relations,

Who made it on to your statewide ballot?

Another debate thread...

Howard Dean Fought Methadone Treatment For Drug Abusers In Vermont

MSNBC Democratic Presidential Debate on Now....

diminishing debate

John Kerry! If you didn't "lecture Me" I could like you better..I wanted

Grassroots organization can beat Bush, no matter the nominee

New debate thread

Three Debates in the Last Week from Dems! Where is Wes Clark?

new Clark group--over 50 for Clark

Why Dean is absolutely right about security - it's no better than before


Mixed Feelings about Dean attacks on Clark

You can watch the Debate online

Iowa Voter Blasts Dean for Knocking Bush - AP

Lyndon Larouche

Has anybody else NOT getting e-mail from Dean - I usually get at least one

Who's telling the truth - Joe Kennedy or Wes Clark ?

A Letter from Wes Clark

Debate coming up on MSNBC

Wes Clark: One DU-ers opinion on his campaign.

Things I'm expecting from a Dean presidency

Gephardt campaign dissing Iowans that want to volunteer

Founder of Earth Day endorses Clark

Did You Know Lieberman Fought To Protect Our Kids

Heathers Against Howard

Unbeating A Dead Horse, SOA and Human Rights

Why has Clark sealed his lobbyist & speaking fees records?

Can our press be more stupid?

Kerry on MTP just now: "Dean Couldn't Vote So He Isn't Accountable"

Clinton and Dean

Former Vermont Medical Director...ENTHUSIASTIC about CLARK!

W team's sizing up Dean

My adventures in door knocking

The Presidential Debates

Whatever poll there is in Iowa, add several points to Dean for new voters

position on mini-nukes?

Edwards will be on NBC "Today" show, then CNN, tomorrow

Which candidates are expected to show for the debate tonight?

TPM.....This battle in Iowa is truly going down to the wire.

First Bill Wyatt and then this guy...

What is the GOP defense of the 2000 Florida heavily black voter purge?

Could MTP be sued for slander/libel over this morning's exchange?

Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Results from 1988

Breen cartoon: Choose one

CNN SUNDAY: ... just shut up, Joe

John Edwards populist rhetoric belied by his vote in Senate.

New OH Poll, results in... (Who is right? Kucinich or Koppel?)

New Zogby Iowa Tracking Released

Des Moines Register Warns Dean to Re-think Strategy

Dean Leads by 12 in New Ohio Poll!

Lieberman using Clinton name every chance he gets. If he'd done this last

Dean Supporters - Bill Clinton vs Howard Dean

Gephardt on O'Neill: Bush is "hard to help"

"Let's look at it another way: can YOU win?"


new electronic voting controversey in Broward county FL.

Clark and The State of the Union Speech

Clark Splicing From Dean To Mimic Web Personality? (Unintentional Humor)

C-SPAN replay of Cedar Rapids dinner on now.

Ecumenical issue for ALL the candidates

Florida's Harris May Shake Up 2004 Season

A vote for Sharpton is a vote for New York's GOP establishment...

New Iowa Poll from LA Times!

How/When will we know who has won Iowa?

New ARG Poll: Dean same, Clark - 1, Kerry same, Lieberman +1

Anyone watching Dean on This Week?

Lieberman transcript, FOX News

Linn County Last Night

David Yepsen on 'This week': "watch the turnout"

When is the primary debate today?

As Clark gains in N.H., Dean's remarks show he's taken notice

The Argyle General (Maureen Dowd's Attempt At Relevance)

Iowa's Largest Paper Endorses Edwards (Des Moines Register)

WP - Clark Focuses on N.H. as Momentum Grows

Edwards signs promise not to take PAC money

Yepsen: There's cause for pause

New North Carolina Poll....

John Kerry's wife was a republican once

Clark Closing In On Dean - Hartford Courant

Breaking MSNBC...Iowa Polls...

Phew! Dean won't copy that Al-Tipper smooch

Lieberman on FAUX w/ Chris Wallace

McGlaughlin Report thread

Trippi on CNN's Inside Politics - Sunday 10:00 am est.

Dean is GOP dream candidate? Why smear him in dem primary?

Barrage begins against Dean

Is Howard Dean a Bildabergher like Clinton was ?

PLEASE not Dean Flaming! I only want info on his son

KERRY is on meet the press today

If you think they killed us with "Al Gore Invented the Internet"

John Kerry on Meet the Press (9:00 AM EST)

Linn County To Be Repeated at 1:05 Eastern CSpan-1

New New Hampshire Poll....

Earnest style gets Edwards traction in Iowa (Oliphant - Boston Globe)

Kerry, the other Lieberman

Kerry's Lighter Side

Nader Says a Run Would Benefit Democrats

I don't like any of the front runners' positions on . . .

Gen Engineering: Clark Seems to Splice From Dean To Mimic Web Personality

Why isn't owned by Dennis?

Miami Herald: The road to the nomination