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Archives: December 7, 2004

What makes Scalia qualified to be chief justice?

"...White house/Pentagon lie machine."

Falluja: how the U.S. military can be matched by a single blogger

"America Is So Much Better Than This" -Russ Feingold

Ukraine's 'goddess of revolution'

(Washington Post) Training Daze at The TSA

Yellow ribbon

Salon:Whose party is it anyway?

NY Review of Books: Iraq, the Press and the Election

Putin's push for a strategic triangle

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter

on bombing Fallujah

Fallujah, the US elections and 9/11: a matter of normalising the unthinkab

The Guardian (UK)-Save Us from Politicians with God on their Side

Rabbi Aviner: Killing Terrorists is Always Moral

"Democracy can be messy "

Tribal timebomb (Saudi Arabia)

U.S. and Sudan: The Phony Game of "Humanitarian Superpower"

Fed Enery Regulatory Comm (FERC) in bed with those it regulates

Concerning the aerial bombing in Iraq

Dean -The Future of the Democratic Party

Automakers sue against environmental protections

Sensenbrenner Statement on 9/11 Legislation Conf

Power of image

CBS/NYT poll: What worries you more?

Salon Exclusive: Whitewashing torture?

Operation Plymouth Rock and the Logic of Occupation

Bush + Republicans + Amway = Fraud

The Good Germans (USA's Modern Day Nazis)

Brooks: The New Red-Diaper Babies (Puke column of the year?)

Mileage tax proposal sticks it to drivers

In Iraq, 'Lawrence' is a must read

AP: "Possibility that... Bush did not win Ohio." Green's Cobb says

Sen. Feingold -"America Is So Much Better than This"

Hundreds Re-enlist to Deploy with 3ACR to Iraq

Is Islam Endangering 'Europeanness?'

Krugman: Inventing a Crisis (Soc Security Privatization Scam)

Is Bush the Antichrist?

"God is With Us" : "Gott Mit Uns"

Easy Way To Get Publicity For Vote Fraud Forum Wed & More!

Easy online activism

Turn yout bsck on b*$h click here to become an organizer

Crash the FR Inaugural Ball

Jazz Funeral and Wake for Democracy in New Orleans

35 days - Cable News Free and I don't miss it one bit!

Do Corps pay tax under Bush-Tribune $1.4B earnings/no tax now in Tax Court

3rd QTR 04 productivity revised down from 1.9 to 1.8%, lowest in 2 yrs

The passing of the buck?(The Economist )

The disappearing dollar(The Economist)

UK Study Recommends Banning Fishing In 30% Of British Waters - BBC

Walnut Creek CA Gives Parking Tickets To Cars For Being Too Small

Why The Future Is Hybrid - The Economist

Bush sets out plan to dismantle 30 years of environmental laws

Automakers Prepare To Sue CA Over GHG Emission Rules - LA Times

Ecuador's president looks to remove Supreme Court

Iran flexes its muscles....

Tape Shows Clerk Shooting Alleged Robber (Columbus, Ohio)

The mods are all wonderful. They're all stars. But there's one...

Thank you for all you do. I have one question and I hope it isn't too

Thank you, guys for posting the "Jesusland" article on the home page.

I Posted A Poll In GD Asking If People Thought Nuclear War...

how do I delete post

I guess we need to have very thick skins to be able to participate

There has to be some kind of happy medium

Demopedia Bug Code

I cant get no...Demopedia

Group proposal "Artists Group"

Hey, Skinner, did you get my PM?

how do I get fiery symbol

Rules Don't Seem to be Evenly Applied At Times

Asking for Clarification.Is asking folks to take sides over banned DU'er

Hey!!! Demopedia is terrific!!! Thanks, administrators!

Demopedia is your best work yet

Demopedia password

I would like to volunteer to help work on the link directory

Why are my innocuos threads being locked?

DU Pervs forum? (not for me, so I can put the entire forum on ignore)

Non-Demopedia questions

What is " Demopedia " and why have I been left out of it...Is it because

does Auntie Pinko post on the forums???

I have a question, that might seem silly.

Hey Skinner! I'm one of the popular kids!

Any chance of adding the paper clips avatars

Palestinian and Israeli killed in Gaza

'Breakthrough' on Mideast peace

Jewish extremist settler jailed

Suspected collaborator killed in Bethlehem

Pentagon seismic spike?

Why I don't think there was a bomb in WTC 1 & 2.

Is this a load of crap?

The WTC had the structural equivalent of osteoporosis.

Rally Saturday in Denver.

When does the recount start in New Mexico?

Kerry can't win! Fraud can't be proven!

NY Times on Arnebeck's suit and OH

Truth is stranger than fiction!!

The 1960 Election was probably not stolen.

I'm under it

Federal Judge Rules That Ohio Recount Will Go Forward in All Counties.

check it out -- Yang Executive Claims Campaign Ad False

Why we fight

I'm debunking it.


Civil Rights Coalition Warned of 2004 Voter Registration Problems

Another way to look at the Florida election results:

Play The ALL NEW "Locate the Time Wasting Freeper" Game!

I don't recieve it!

I'm kick'n it

Why do we endlessly fight for truth, justice & American way? Y investigate

In "Full Force" tonight

Tallahassee, Nov 1: Lockdown in election building (false bomb alarm)

Demos have two strikes ... and bad horses.

Earlier today in San Francisco ... (contact DNC members)

Why was Arizona's 04 turnout so much lower than Colorado?

I'm next to it

I am on top of it, and I'm not the only one...

The Republican strategy for Election 2004

I'm to the left of it

looking for 'action alert' to contact CSPAN about Wednesday

Who's Crookeder Jeb or Chimpie?

FROM WASHINGTON POST! DNC to Investigate Ohio Voting Irregularities

Why we can't wait another 4 years

Need help with good slogans for protesting in Ohio

Colorado SOS invites public to attend "Blue Ribbon Panel" meeting.

For Inauguration Protesters

Article detailing anomalies in Missouri

edit-- Chimpy replaces outspoken civil rights chair -


Party faithful to tally ballots

New York Times

How will the VOTE recount put pressure on GOP?

Tom Feeney Represents Volusia County FL!

Why do all the freeper rallies congregate at DU?

Play The ALL NEW "Locate the Notary" Game!

Election errors lead to changes - Pinellas County Florida

Help! If you had a public forum to ask your SOS about

Novak has God only knows how many strikes...and no sources whatsover!

Elections firm had ties to Pinellas County, Fla

Election discussion on C-Span Radio right now

The 2004 Vote: What Really Happened? Experts to Provide a Report to the Na

Easy Way To Get Publicity To Conyer's Vote Irreg. Forum Wed, & More!

THE MACHINES ... we need the MACHINES!!

We could gain another Senator!

Fiction is seldom delivered by affidavit

Kerry, The Prosecutor: There's little honor in being right too soon.

Ohio Certified Bush-- What Does This Mean For Recount?

suppress hack switch void cancel intimidate manipulate spoil destroy

Something is Rotten in Denmark

Thom Hartmann (today Dec 7)

Candidate order on ballots in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

TIDAL WAVE of citizen and government action

Please delete this

IMPORTANT! Huge PROTESTS planned for WASH. DC and the entire USA

Kenneth Blackwell - hate speech

Common Cause to investigate voting complaints in Fl reported by ABC-7 news

Update on Los Angeles County - I just discovered that...

Newspaper buying campaign

Berkeley study questioned

Joe Watkins, republican strategist

PFAW provisional lawsuit in OH (MANY VOTES!), information and questions

Madsen has two strikes ... and bad sources

If you happen to be in Iowa today - Go See John Kerry!

No Democrat wants to be Hurbert Hoover, But Kerry need not worry

Thom Hartmann to talk about Clint Curtis after the break now

Thought on # of rejected provisional ballots....

Why do all the rallies against voter fraud attract such poor numbers?

Talk of the Nation on NPR just beginning at 2pm (EST)...

could ohio be bush's watergate?

Who supervised the removal of 21 Florida Broward County E-Voting machines?

What happened to Rob Behler of "Rob - Georgia" fame?

Is Ukraine what you think it is?

Did you get the suck-up letter from the DNC on recounting?

Help needed ASAP

NY Times/ Intl. Herald Tribune Article- Long, detailed and not bad!

Shrub was right about one thing

Message from Terry McAuliffe,,and my response

So now, if we disagree with the disagreers, we have to bite our keystrokes

Aren't I special? Just got an email from Terry!!!

Cannonfire has Clint Curtis story up now on vote rigging (link)

My Truthout blog on the Conyers hearing

Wow, NPR Talk of the Nation is covering the exit poll and

I'm into it.

NY Daily News Juan Gonzalez column

I'm over it

link to agenda / speaker list for Conyers hearing tomorrow?

To Ensure Accurate Ohio Recount, This Must Be Addressed ASAP!!!

Ohio Recount on CNN NOW's map based on exit polls

Media Mentions Curtis' Affidavit

Another Letter Response to Chairman McAuliffe

Milton Waddams = DU 2004 Election Results Forum...

VERY GOOD OpEd Comparing Ukraine-US as "Newsworthy" Items

One of the Southwestern Ohio counties might have been BLUE!

More than the half of DU believe in fraud


5th Madsen Article: Free Repub-linked troll rigging operation targets DU!

None of my business

How long until "The Stealing of the Presidency - 2004" comes out?

Out of all the emails, etc did anyone contact Pres. Gore?

Has Anyone looked at US House TX-32?

I wrote a letter

Raw Story covering Curtis vote-rigging allegation.. here's the latest

"The Great Ohio Robbery"- own the language, frame the debate

When are Democrats going to wake up and fight back?

Live Webcast of the Hearing on

Two More AP Releases

revisiting Ohio exit poll: NW Ohio off by 9%

The Dem's want to hear from you!

FELLOW DUers, alert America of the fraud NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Observers From the Ukraine Cite Examples of Voting Fraud --HERE

Here's the Common Cause report (11-page PDF document)

Something is cooking cause

Has anyone noticed that we aren't allowed to disagree with Madsen's

Brainstorm: When the fraud story hits the MSM

C-SPAN posted it on their schedule - its official!!

DNC launching top-to-bottom review of the votes in Ohio

"Challenges Likely To Ohio Vote Certification"

Regarding Clint stuff

Why are the results so screwy looking?

"Ohio Too Close?"

ACT NOW: In order for the hearings to be a success!

We have to fight for a fair Media and we need to hit them in their pockets

Pressure Conyers et al to Impound the E Vote Equipment

self-deleted (dupe)

From Micheal Moore's Website

Curtis going for the $100,000 Prize for anyone proving fraud?

Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids – Now! So lets get those who voted for

Ohio had a federal fund set up for the election. What happen to it?

CONFIRMED: C-SPAN will cover the Conyers hearings

Danish Reporter's Interview With Arnebeck

Blackwell And Dubya Face To Face On 11/2?

The Vote Fraud Movement Needs Heart and Head: A Plea for Unity

Wayne Madsen on now with Tony Trupiano -- link to stream

So What's Up With Rove?

Inspired by Kerry

Can Someone answer me this ?

NBC, MSNBC, Pacifica Radio and C-SPAN to cover hearing tomorrow

Is Mitofsky a partisan (like Wally O'Dell at Diebold)? Anybody know?

Please help me with the Arnebeck/Phillips case

Has anyone else heard this new report on Air America Radio???

"Evidence showed that machines might be the real swing voters"

Ignored by Kerry

At Least Local Ohio News Sites are Reporting

attn: good info from new poster fly by night

What's the bigger issue with you?

Exit Poll Charade: Why Slate is posting the exit-poll numbers

Updates from Brad Friedman; BradBlog secondary site

Attend a Protest, Start Your Own or Lets other Know About One

When does the Ohio recount start, and how long do they have???


ATTENTION Dutch speaking DUers and all those who speak another language!!

Theory regarding Arnebeck (and more)

Have any post election polls been conducted in Ohio or other swing states?

Bradblog refutes Bev's questions about Clint

DU featured on newstarget

What Does It Take To Get This Election Thrown Out

Everyone seen Common Cause's Report

Feeney's "obsession" with voting machines

AirAmerica interview w/Clint 9 AM EST Unfiltered


Does Anyone Outside of DU or other forums, bloggers, etc. care?

New Update & Urgent Actions About Vote Fraud & Ohio Recount

Fight Fire with Fire - The FRAUD FLOAT

Programmers weigh in on vote-rigging idea, some details confirmed

AP: Groups Seek to Address Voting Troubles

Have people sent solid documentation to GAO and Congress for tomorrow?

Here's a link to the Full Ohio Recount statutes...

anyone have the accuracy of 2004 exit polls for NON-prez races?

TX committee investigates TX Dem election wins

"Wayne Madsen's Vote Fraud Tale Spin" - Debunked.

In Interview, Programmer Details What Led Him to File Vote-Rigging

Write/call/fax the House Judiciary Republicans

Bush fires MARY FRANCES BERRY from Civil Rights Commission

Call Blackwell (Toll Free), Ask Him to Answer Conyer's Letter....

Bev Harris questions the Curtis allegations.

Idea: Conyers could run demo of vote switching for C-SPAN camera

Lincoln 1864: "I see in the near future a crisis approaching....

Some guy on Scarborough just SLAMMED Diebold...talking about

The reason there are so many new people here is the election.

People didn't believe Watergate either at first!

Madsen sent me another e-mail--warns to watch out for this guy

Alalska Recount - they need another $3,000 today.

OH plaintiffs needed from Franklin & Mahoning County ASAP!

How the popular vote was decided - numbers!


So what happens if * is inaugurated before we prove he rigged

There may BE no hanging chads, look at these sample ballots!

Election Fraud Ignored By Kerry -- Good Read/Poor Title

Mitofsky's response letter to the Judiciary

Over 15,000 Votes Suppressed in Heavily Democratic Precincts, Franklin Cty

November 2nd, exit polling results 4:28 PM (Pacific Time)

CA Results: 3-5% Kerry uptick in absentees (Riverside, San Bernadino, etc)

Worldwide, exit polls are used to prevent fraud; here, they promote it.

Keith O on MSNBC NOW- said he is going to discuss----

So Far, No One that Curtis ACCUSED has said he is a fraud !

Let's look at classic Rove disinfo techniques

Frustrated by Kerry

Mitofsky's not coming to the party w/ raw exit poll data..... BUT!

Any election ever revoted? How about now, in NC? Yep.

LOOK! - Gov Doc showing complaint against Feeney and Yang

KO's latest blog

Innocently, while trying to help the Green Party last week - 271 votes

Anyone remember this picture from Ohio?


Info On Ohio Recount

Arnebeck Speaks!

Whistleblower reward used to uncover good guys and eliminate them???

Ooops...Shelby Co (Ohio,of course) BOE "discards" Nov 2 tabulation tapes

Think We Can't Win? Think Our Cause Is Futile? Quietly Walk To The Door

Dec 7 Not the Deadline, Ohio will not reach "Safe Harbor"

OHIO Supreme Court ?

Joe's Graphics of Disenfranchisement, Turnout choked by too few machines

NYT 10/17/04: "Exit Polls to Protect the Vote"

Stark County- Ohio Bellwether, consistently underrepresents national Dems

Anybody here vote in Ohio?

Multiple-precinct polling places in Cuyahoga County

Why Clint Curtis is a fraud....

Edison - Mitofsky Exit Polls Method Statment

Introducing Demopedia: The collaborative information clearinghouse from DU

Update from Denmark.

How widespread do you believe fraud was in this election?

AP: "Possibility that...Bush did not win Ohio." Green's Cobb says

Easy online activism. Let's do it!!

Regarding newbies and those who insist on "calling them out"

California Assembly Bill 19--legalize same sex marriages

January Vanity Fair cover is Mr. and Mrs. California

Bill introduced to ban contributions from voting machine companies (CA)

Arnie Kicking Women's Butts at the Gov's Conference on Women & Families

John Kerry in DSM DEC 10th

"PV restricts use of 'Misfits' book". Score another one for the bad guys.

Someone had this website cited

Travelin’ Mitt costs taxpayers thousands (boston heraLd)

Should we start planning our DU holiday party now?

The best political talk show on television:

got a weird problem

Thoughts on a DVD-R/RW drive for a Dell Inspiron 1100?

Is anyone familiar with Ipods?

Streamripper stream recording software for Winamp 5.0

Marietta Times Poll --please vote

OH plaintiffs needed from Franklin & Mahoning County ASAP!

Hey Ohio: We'll be thinking of you on Sunday

Hutchison Leads Perry in Primary Poll; Gov. Perry Strong Against Others

Report exposes the fraud that is TABOR

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel too liberal?

They're dropping like flies around here.

Women Equality (Iowa slant)

Weird - tv alert - help to explain...

saw this bumper sticker - "Your Silence Will Not Protect You"

don't forget to duck . . .

Help me. I was watching Jack Van Impe again

Report: Rally in San Francisco at Pelosi's office

Will you write to McClellan and others to save Lauren Rainey?

Dad worked w/ Duncan Hunter's bro at Sandia Labs.

Pombo (R) paid kin from campaign

The 20th century was the American century, the 21st will be the Chinese

Letter to President Bush (joke)

Corporate CEOs Vs. Warmongering Executives-- An Analogy.

Flag flyers: Dec. 7 is pearl Harbor day

Fox News and Clear Channel radio ink deal...

Give me one good reason why we should take anything Bush, Cheney

Krugman interrupts his break to bring this word on Soc Sec privatization

BING, BING, BING! Rickoshay 1K

Dubuque Schools Consider Fingerprinting Students

Tenet Demands Complete Government Internet Control?????

Moreley Safer:“This war is going to be more of a lingering disease than

"God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"

Faux News, Clear Channel sign agreement.

Charitable Giving

Yale has been the traditional breeding ground of future CIA agents

I just did a questionnaire about diabetes

I guess I'm really an American now.

Privatization of Social Security

"Plenty good for an Indian" or "They hate us for our freedom"

McCAIN Is Such a Weasel

Clear Channel vs NPR in DC

Anyone see Blackwell on Special Report last night?

I hate Texas!!

That Michael Crichton article about fear

White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan "Scottie & Me".....

December 7, 1941...

The Prize

Details of Pat Tillman's Death Revealed.

Chong out of Prison

On NPR: FDR shares blame for Pearl Harbor

Another billboard idea!: (I got a million of 'em!)

Max Gordon-BRILLIANT article called Jesusland- must read

"Corporate Control of the Media" US Rep. Bernie Sanders has a new website

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

Polygamous Mormon Sect's Borrowing Drives Bank Under

"So This is Christmas, And What Have You Done "

Finally an unambiguous Yellow Ribbon

Those highly moral Red States have a teen pregnancy epidemic

Is DU a free-for-all think tank?

This made my day!

We lose because Dem politicians are wussies

I think the character assassination of Kofi Annan by the DLC is

new term for Bushie

The Beatles on Bushco economics.

(Breaking News) New Insurgent ID Program To Be Tested In Fallujah

US Customs seizes anti smirk comic books

Wanna barf?

Watch as our economic fortunes dwindle from assaults by saner

The GWB super highway

Bushists are trying to dump Mary Frances Berry before her term expires.

The Astroturf just keeps getting better and better...

Dwight Eisenhower was the last great president this country had as

The End of Eminem (Village Voice)

The Born Again Con Man.

Some things to do before the Inaugural:

Shopping this holiday season?

whatever did Hawaii do to the bushgang?!

Who the hell is Al From to be speaking for you and me as Democrats?

Is anyone on MySpace?

Bush may find the next 4 years rough sledding

Am I the only one to see the irony here?

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Say that again . . . only this time in Latin

How hard ar YOU willing to fight to defend Social Security?

Flap erupts over photos of Bush at market stand

Does anyone know where I can get that picture of Ann Coulter needing a

Convoluted Explanations about 911

I was flashed by a freeper!

Media consolidation, diversity and progress.

TOXMAP who is poisoning you?

Only a "populist" can fight the present enemies of our democracy.....

Protect Civil Liberties! Sign the ACLU pledge

Fallujah: Pentagon Plans a High-tech Strategic Hamlet (prison)

British Officials Advise Less Use of Antidepressants

Local repub. campaign paid steal signs

DNC "Smash the Trolls" effort... lol!

Buy Blue, Buy Union!

bit of light relief,spoof news vid: "lifes tough when you're a nazi"

The DLC is the key to understanding why the two parties are beginning to

The Dying Dollar by Rep. Ron Paul

Is the NEWSWEEK Poll a "sign' of things to come?

White House Insider? new posting

Bush wins Top Weasel award from Dilbert readers

Wachowski Brothers, tried for copyright infringement and racketeering

Can politics be won by stealth?

Military Families Bless America's Loan Sharks

are protestant and anglican churches really going to disinvest

Funny, funny, funny Bush Brain Game....

I'm giving a multimedia presentation on Bobby Sands next Monday...excited

Tenet Gets 7-Figures for his Book

The right distances themselves from their crackpots too

Holy crap! Directed Energy Weapons manual on the web...

Condolences to the Salinas family of Mexico

Heheh. Does ** plan to kick-start the Rapture? See what Scotty McClellan

info on ordering prescriptoins form Canada, etc.

Red State "Moran" of the Day: Kathy Feaganes Allen

Right-Wingers have a problem with the 1st Amendment

Let's talk housing...

Did I miss something?

Did we really just swap out Islamic governments in Afghanistan?

Skull and Bones Caller On Mike Malloy

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

Updates from Voting in 2004 in DC today (CommonCause)

Nominees for the worst commercio-corruption of a good old rock song?

Any DU'ers here who remember Dec. 7, 1941 personally?

Fundie thinks the Bush Administration is too liberal...

....a lesson about Evangelicals and "ourselves"

Mary Travers of Peter Paul & Mary has leukemia

Wow. Today is Pearl Harbor Day.

End of textile quota threatens Mexico's textiles

Bush's Cool New Jacket

War pics that the MSM refuses to show us (Very Graphic Content)

Worst Bush Outfit EVER.

Iraq Occupation Watch, December 6, 2004

look at this shit!

FELLOW DUers, alert America of the fraud NOW!!!!!!!!!!

The Power Of Nightmares

NEW TORTURE PHOTOS by US navy seals..

Group seeks recount for Alaska race for US Senate.

Catholic LGBT's....

CNN: "Job cut plans accelerate: Firms set 104,530 November cuts"

Using discrimination as an excuse, I wouldn't be surprised if the

I just joined a union!

WorldNutDaily makes a blatant lie

sundance 9:00 pm

Thoughts on a Recount Request

Thought control

Anybody have a link to the full text of Bush today talking to Marines?

DU is not underground, its not even democratic.

What do you think about the Kerry dinner in OH on Friday? should I be

The fix is always in for George W.Bush.

Still no Globalresearch here.... something is rotten and it ain't in

Military DUers: What is the significance of resigning your commission

Now on a t-shirt: "We are sorry our prez is an idiot"...

what do you suppose swayed more voters this election: F/911...or the DLC?

Since US commander in Fallujah said "The enemy is broken,'' 20 more dead

Amazing cartoon - Atlanta after the end of oil -

Sam Seder is speaking out against the DLC right now on Air America Radio

Get Your Turd Blossom - KKKarl Rove items here!

Sundance Channel at 8pm CT ; Fox, Franken, 9-11

satan rears his/her ugly head at school talent show

Interesting constitutional crisis question

I LOVE San Francisco.

New Nicknames for Right-Wingers

This Holiday Season how should I deal with freeper relatives who...

On choosing a party: Define 'Liberal' and 'Conservative'. Paging m berst.

"shutup and support the troops" personified in a stripcreator comic

Our Heroic Leader Mural

Dollar Falls to New Low Versus Euro, Gold Mixed

When will Colin Powell come clean?

Name for Hypnosis Business

Blanchard Weighs Running for DNC Chairman

Was Singer Bobby Darin a victim of Joe McCarthy Tactics?

Imagine a Christian liquor peddler flourishing in Muslim Iraq

Damn, I like this Putin fellow...

Who looks more like Alfred E.Neumann, Bush or Blair?

Rohrbacher said he figured out we were going to be attacked

John Kerry and John Edwards didn't become the leaders of the anti-Bush

Patients, Veterans, or Prisoners?

Is this true?

HEY bush>>>>> Commander in Chief

Are Jeneane and Sam fuck buddies?

Does anyone know how get in touch with MOVEON.ORG

Ladies: Did this ever happened to you? How did you handle it?


Uncle Sam wants your kids ... Now!

Pastor fired over sexual exploitation charges (Had been honored by Bush)

Any other smokers trying to quit?

Travelling in Europe - Disguise yourself as a Canadian

Racist Threats Aimed at Cincinnati's Freedom Center

DNC launching top-to-bottom review of the votes in Ohio

Secret Service Protects Bush from dangerous U.S. Marines at photo-op event

Big segment on Bernard Kerik tonight on Democracy Now!

The Verdict

why does the president need an ID card?

The arrogant AH's of the DLC have torpedoed our Presidential

Behind the veneer of a born again, bumbling underachiever, there is

Survival of the fittest

Cop on the beat: Uproar over ‘extreme fighting’ video

This is very disturbing -- "Rudia"????? RuPaul's career is safe

Who really gives a s..t what happens at the Peterson sentencing?

Tenet calls for Internet security - limiting access...

Has the time come to boycott NPR because it misrepresents reality?

Anyone get a load of this psy-op, yet?

"Rich White Trash"

Bush's New Little Jacket needs BADGES -- Suggest some here!!

Why Putin Tied the Energy Knot With Ankara--Daily Star

George W. Bush, Commander in Chief

Despite Senselessbrenner and the racist house members the 9/11

"Demopedia" Help! What is it? What is wikipedia that it's based on???'s Attorney Brian Buckley Disbarred in CA

Is it finally time for a divorce ?

WTF is space-commander Shrub wearing right now on CNN?

Heard on TV News in Norfolk

Was Pearl Harbor a LIHOP?

HOPE in a parking lot....

Witch Doctor Bill Frist talks voodoo to George Stephanopoulos

Hello TUBBY >>>

Key Researcher Casts More Doubt On WTC Collapse

It kills me how much my Mom believes MSM over me!!!


Tuesday Malloy Thread All Truthseekers Welcome

Is it just me or are some lawyers just plain pond scum?

I do not believe women will be drafted

"it doesn't matter if it had alcohol in it or not"

Has the Pope declared Iraq an unjust war?

DU Group proposal: Southwestern Democrats & Progressives

For all the Bush supporters.

We won 3 out of the last 4 elections. Moderates won, the liberal lost.

so . . . are we ready for the Creation Museum?

I'm confused. Have we been winning elections or losing elections?

Press Descriptions of Condi Rice starting to use code for "mistress"

Rush Limbaugh defending steroid use

More Republican "Values" -- how can we ever compete?

Robert Novak calls Harry Reid a racist!/ Video

LTTE to the Christian Science Monitor

Documented Global Autism Charts

Kerry is going to the funerals.

I just saw the United Church of Christ commercial on Discovery Channel

Update on Woman who ran down the three kids in her SUV

Is it possible to debate for something you don't believe?

So what does Bushco have on Blair?

O'Reilly reveals his anti-semitic nature

Petition to DEMAND CSPAN cover election fraud

Operation Wake-Up Call

To all the women here on DU

DLC - Crazy

OMG - Ticketed for not having a Stupid Ugly Vehicle!!!!

End-Time beliefs

Methinks DU should have an Artists Group.

Christians: How do you feel about sex?

Worst president ever


The DU (Slang) Dictionary (Glossary) has a new web addy...

can i trust this sorce?

Howard Dean isn't waiting until Wednesday.

Bush Jacket IDed?

Chimp on CBS news at Pendleton wearing Saddam-type jacket with

Season's Greetings! Make sure you check out this site BEFORE you shop!

Air America: Cincinnati...then LA...then D.C.!

I hope I see support on DU for the UK Labour Party in the 2005 Election

what a freeper told me about my "shackin' up"

Michael Moore: "We didn't pick the best candidate"

You must be evil or stupid to vote republican...

Why are so many DUers pro-gun?

Creationism Science Fair

Okay let's open our books to "'God' and the Declaration and Constitution"

Is it fascism yet?

The Simpsons Bush/Cheney sticker on Fox News Truck tweaks Ailes

No one's mentioned Bush's new uniform yet?

Did Janeane Garofolo have to show her tattoos when she campaigned?

Introducing Demopedia: The collaborative information clearinghouse from DU

The Ballad of Science and Religion.

So good you'll eat to the point of pain.

Ooey Gooey Yummy Chocolate Cake (Flourless).

Sweet banana pepper sauce (Also called ensalada)

Looking for tomato sauce recipes.

What do you think of this cheap meal?

I am thinking of ordering a fancy ham

WP: DNC to Investigate Ohio Voting Irregularities

LAT: U.S. Military Prosecutors Allege Murder, Cover-Up (Executed Iraqis)

Former CIA Director Tenet agrees to book deal with Crown Publishing

12/6/2004 programmer says he developed vote-rigging program (raw-story)

Vietnam-style river patrols root out rebels and arms along the Euphrates

Navy petty officer refuses war duty - won't board ship transporting troops

F.B.I. Memos Criticized Practices at Guantánamo

Journal has good news, bad news for Celebrex

WP: Clinton Urges Effort to Address Energy (sponsors NYU symposium)

WP: (stealth) Tax-Return Provision in Spending Bill Dropped

Devastation, bitterness and glimmer of hope: Snapshots in the aftermath of

NYT: 2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path

Security blunder over Musharraf visit to Britain

Mexico City police chief sacked

Iraqi prime minister in Russia, Kremlin pressed on debt

Nevada officials upset by cut in federal homeland security funds

Iraqi PM says polls could be spread over period

U.S. Soldier Faces Court-Martial (mercy killing?)

NYT,pg1: Seeking Quick Loans, Soldiers Race Into High-Interest Traps

Al-Qaeda claims Jeddah attack as fears among foreigners grow

U.S. Troops Capture Bomb-Making Iraqis

Colgate Plans to Cut About 4,400 Jobs

Bush Travels to Calif. to Address Troops

For a few in Congress, war is family concern

Ex-Mexican president's brother found dead

Naples police in huge mafia swoop

US-led forces must speed up 'exit strategy' from Iraq : Musharraf

Blair backs Annan over oil scandal

New fingerprint scans expand to (U.S.) borders

White House Says Social Security Fix Means Borrowing (will not estimate)

Device for the Paralyzed Turns Thinking to Doing (w/ no implants/surgery)

Special forces unit at Ft. Carson secretly deployed to Iraq (Green Berets)

YUCCA MOUNTAIN PROJECT: Board raises questions about shipping plans

Tax-Return Provision in Spending Bill Dropped

House Nears Vote on 9/11 Reform Bill

'Gay-Friendly' S.Africa Debates Same-Sex Marriages

Colgate unveils 4-year restructuring (cuts 4,400 jobs)

Bush Travels to Calif. to Address Troops(will he don another flight suit?)

LATimes: Will voices of dissent still be heard?

Twelve Killed in Fighting in Afghanistan

Stem Cell Spending Fight Builds -LAT

Powell Assails Russia on Troop Deployments

Saudis Said to Blame for Consulate Attack

Ukraine in Turmoil as Agreement Crumbles

Malnutrition rises (doubled) in Iraqi children since the US invasion

Bill Clinton Helps Launch Search Engine

Militants Bomb Two Churches in Mosul

US army captain faces court martial over Iraqi murder charges

Gunfight Erupts Near Baghdad U.S. Embassy

Danish soldiers accused of torture (in Iraq)

Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby

(Baltimore mayor Martin) O'Malley Holds Inauguration Celebration

Jimmy Carter Grandson Accused of Burglary

LAT: Device for the Paralyzed Turns Thinking to Doing

China to buy 23 Airbus A320 planes

CIA officials provide bleak assessments of Iraq: newspaper

Recounts pending as Ohio certifies Bush victory

Kerry to visit Iowa, thank backers

NAACP chief weighs in on Bush, IRS

FBI critical of army's methods in Cuba

Okay the..

CA: Opponents seek amendment as lawmaker files same-sex marriage bill

Pharmacists Accused of Inflating Prices

Bush + Republicans + Amway = Fraud

Chirac, Zapatero Phone Annan to Express Support

Oil smuggling ship seized in Iraq

Putin hails closer economic ties with Turkey

China targets media's 'evil trend' (anti-gov't dissension on the Internet)

5 accused in election probe (Miami-Dade County, FL)

OSCE summit hosts Russia - US row

SF ready to accept deal but IRA photo remains sticking point

NYT: “As Questions Keep Coming, Ohio Certifies Its Vote Count” 12/7/04


City approves resolution against USA Patriot Act

Sudan orders out Oxfam head in visa row

Governor race could wind up in court | Seattle P-I

Israel, PA said to have agreed on basis of peace deal

Griles to leave number 2 spot at Interior Department (another rat jumping)

Analysts: Putin Has Squandered Influence

Company lets U.S. travelers 'Go Canadian'

Israel considers EU talks on nuclear weapons

Nevada Senator Joins Call for Annan to Resign From UN Post

Marine security team heading to Jiddah

Over 35,000 Diamonds Seized From Russian Tourist (returning from UAE)

Iraqi police ambushed west of Baghdad, guns taken (police released)

Senator switches parties, hiking Democratic edge (Maine)

Annan Rejects Calls for His Resignation

Ferguson Tapped As 'Late Late Show' Host

Carlyle eyes two more Chinese companies

Israeli Arab held as 'Iran spy'

Watchdog group says Utah Power should cut rates instead of seeking increas

Canadian vaccine supplier won't sell surplus to U.S.

U.S. Defends Global Warming Strategy

Iraq Churches Bombed, 1,000th American Killed

Treasury Official: Tax Overhaul May Not Be Drastic

Dem uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP

100s Attend Funeral of Rock Star Killed in Car Crash Involving US Marine

Company lets U.S. travelers 'Go Canadian


Sept. 11 Charity to Close Its Doors

21 Md. Police Officers File Lawsuit

Blanchard Weighs Running for DNC Chairman

Over Pataki Veto, Minimum Wage to Rise to $7.15

Air Force Academy Blamed for Sex Scandal

Power of image

US Marine claims unit killed Iraqi civilians as deserter seeks asylum

(Navy Sec)Official Downplays Navy SEAL Photographs

UK's Blair challenged to tally civilian Iraq war dead

In Iraq, 'Lawrence' is a must read

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 7 December

Lobbying Prohibitions Eased For Former Top Officials

Reid Says He Could Back Scalia for Chief Justice--Washington Post

Bush remembers Pearl Harbor

Navy Boss: Don't Prejudge Detainee Photos


AP: "Possibility that... Bush did not win Ohio." Green's Cobb says

AAR: Kerry Requests Recount in Ohio

Cheney: 'We're going to get it done' in Iraq

Dutchman held for 'Iraq genocide'

'Stop Big Brother's ID plans'

Neighboring Nations Anger Iraq Official(obliged to take a decisive stance)

AP: Groups Seek to Address Voting Troubles

U. S. Soldier to be court-martialed for 'mercy killing'

'N.Y. Times' Attorney Expects No Decision This Week on Plame Appeal

Delay Election Fraud Scandal!!!!

Groups Seek to Address Voting Troubles

US firms announce 104,530 job cuts in November, survey shows

5,000 jobs to go in BBC shakeup

Putin Opines on Iraq Election Date (the tension heats up)

6 Thai soldiers wounded by checkpoint bomb-Origami peace bombs didn't work

ACLU: Special Ops Threatened Govt. Agents Who Witnessed Detainee Abuse

Tech CEOs Issue Cyber-Security Recommendations -WP

WP: Interior Department's No. 2 Resigns After Controversial Tenure

Is Islam Endangering 'Europeanness?'

New York State Votes to Reduce Drug Sentences

Bush administration planning to increase pressure on Iran -Knight Ridder


IBM to Sell Majority Stake in PC Business to China's Biggest Computer Make

IBM Sells PC Unit to China's Lenovo

Anti-terrorism costs hidden in utility bills

Iraq, Jordan See Threat To Elections From Iran

Wireless Tagging in Hospitals is 'Inevitable'

New York Lawmakers Soften State's Drug Laws

Retiring Senator Plans Camping Gear Line

Howard Baker To Step Down As Ambassador to Japan

Colgate Executives Get Thousands for Perks

WP: Director's Control a Concern (new intelligence chief)

Bush Seeks to Boost Troop Morale for Iraq Fight

Florida E-Vote Study Debunked

Forecast for Winter Heating-Fuel Prices Lowered

Bill Clinton Helps Launch Search Engine

Automakers Sue Over Calif. Emissions Rules

NY judge rules gay couples denied marriage licenses have no right to wed

Florida E-Vote Fraud? Unlikely

(NBA star) Hall of Famer acquitted in sexual abuse case

Time Warner's America Online Cuts 750 Jobs, 4% of Workforce

U.S. Economic Outlook Dims

Mike Hintz-Another Republican child molester

AMA: No Evidence that Abstinence Sex Ed Works --It is past time that

Layoffs above 100,000 3 months in row

Bush: Terrorists Won't Rule Iraq's Future

Putin Doubts Iraqi Elections Under Foreign “Occupation” at Allawi Meeting

Blair challenged to tally Iraq war dead

Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge Of Passing

Ohio election fraud uproar blasting to new level

1,000th U.S. Soldier Killed in Action in Iraq (1275 overall)

(Fayetteville, NC) Company hands out pink slips to layoff workers

Worker Stabbed Inside Agriculture Department

WP: Kerik's Surveillance Activity In Saudi Arabia Is Disputed

Air Force Academy Blamed for Sex Scandal

Top US Army general calls Iraq war an opportunity for US forces

Pastor Charged With Sexual Exploitation Of Child

CIA's remote viewers initiated quest for WMD in Iraq

Rebels Aided By Sources In Syria, US Says

US State Department: relations with Russia 'outstanding'

Times of London: Who poisoned Yushchenko? (poisoning confirmed)

As Iraqi weather worsens, troops try to keep warm (Stars & Stripes)

Opium Production Up in Afghanistan

Ga. School Suspends 8-Year-Old Girl (actually, LA)

November U.S. death toll was highest of Iraq war

Florida E-Vote Study Debunked

US House Passes Bill to Reorganize Intelligence Agencies

Eliot Spitzer Announces Run for N.Y. Governor

NYT-Justice Dept. Begins Study of Safety of the Taser Electric Gun(Kerik)

Memo Says 2 Officials Who Saw Prison Abuse Were Threatened

Army to potential recruits: Wanna play?

Smoking Gun: Millionaire Kerik A Former Deadbeat

Study: PCs make kids dumber

Amway co-founder Jay Van Andel dies at 80

Candidates Officially Request Ohio Recount

Mob cash flowed to top pols (ie Bush, Rudy)

WP: Fresh Challenges in the Old Debate Over Evolution

US Marine claims unit killed Iraqi civilians as deserter seeks asylum

Democrat Backs Social Security Overhaul

Woman Gets Threatening Letter After Hanging Up On Telemarketer

woman survives impalement

Deserters: We Won't Go to Iraq (60 Minutes Wednesday)

Whitewashing torture?

Introducing Demopedia: The collaborative information clearinghouse from DU

White House can't explain lurking trade imbalance

The Venture Bros. final episode is on now (11:00pm CST)

Trying to have a Buddhist Christmas....

Your favorite "Reservoir Dogs" character:

Ho Ho Ho I always knew it!!

Best thread on DU tonight....

Why for did you remove my pee poll?? Im flattered but...

"I've got a degree in ass wiggling, mate."

What is it with these post about where one does his/her business?

DU group proposal: For posters who get their threads locked or plucked

Can an Atheist still celebrate Christmas? And want Christmas presents?

Ok so I go to get the mail today,

There is something unbelievably cool about Tim McGraw

Congratulations Gryffindor_Bookworm!!! 1000 Posts!!!!!

Information On Your Resume...Please Respond

Just gotta say...

Listen to me on the air

You know what feels great? Stickin' it to your ex

Weird local kids from when you were a kid

Why Does Bernie Ward Take So Many Breaks

I'm sittin' my ass right on top of it

It is BLOWWWWW me.

There is something unbelievably cool about Quick Draw McGraw

S O L A R I S: One of the WORST. MOVIES. EVER?

I'm Drunk, ask me anything...

Questions you don't know the answer to!

You know what feels great? Stickin' it in your ex

How do you access your computer from another computer & how do you burn

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about.....

Nickname most likely to be chosen for Bush by Rastafarians

Any Poker lovers want to start the online stuff at partypoker?

I'm soooo HIGH, ask me everything...>>>

Cover songs worse than the originals?

this will get me in big trouble

Coffee alert! Triumph the Insult Dog at the third debate.

Bumper sticker thoughts

Who would be the nicest person you would ever love to meet...


Les Quatre Cents Coups, THE MOVIE (400 BLOWS) -- what to expect?

Koreans Upset Over Name For Condom

What would you do if you had it all to do all over again?

Is this real, or photoshop?

I got a letter from PBS asking to donate.

Oh I love my husband - I just found "bush sucks" on Google history


Reuters pairs two "Idiot Bush" photos with Ohio vote news bite

How about a environmental group? (Green people)

MatcomNews Update - eBay Bidding For Father's Ghost Reaches $14,000

DeLetE dElEte

Many Canadians will hate us after they read this.

Ladies! In Need Of A New Purse? I Have The PURRRRFECT Xmas Gift!

Woman Finds Human Skull Inside Unattended Purse At Bus Stop

LOL - I killed the Flame War Thread

Really good home remedies for Winter Dry Skin?

My cat hates

I've got pictures of gtp1976 naked

I saw gtp1976's sister-in-law naked, should I tell him?

Best city in USA Part II

The Star Wars Holiday Special...a Portrait of Greatness

Pearl Harbor - a haiku for Dec. 7

Does Morning Coffee Always Make You Have To Go.....

Company offers "Go Canadian" package to US tourists going abroad

It is interesting how people I know have stopped sending me so

I'm going to be sitting on Satan's lap today

Have you seen the "Yes Men" video on the Bhopal tragedy?

Tranquility Bay: The last resort

Newest Playboy Club To Open In China

Man on lawnmower tosses Molotov cocktails at ex-lover's home

I saw my Brother in Law Naked...

Question. What do you think of a freeper Mom , who goes with

Who the hell would wear a condom festooned with ties?

Aren't You Too Old To Believe In Barry Bonds?

Potentially depressing question. Not to be maudlin. Just curious.

Bush video wins Turner Prize

I sowed my brother's lawn, naked

Sing-a-Long!! On the first day of Christmas, my Freeper gave to meeee

In Honor of Pearl Harbor Day

Happy Chanukkah to All

favorite John Williams score

Santa Claus is a dirty Communist!

Is an atheist being a hypocrite if they tell someone to "go to hell"?

List of Fox Swipes on the Simpson's

Caption this . . . .

The "August Terror Memo? Must Have Put It in the Circular File" CAPTION

There's one lone post in the new Loner's Group.

Some FUN For My 800th Post! Favorite Christmas Songs

The Rumsfeld Mind Meld (warning, scary picture!)

We jettin', We jettin,' We jettin' uptown!

YAY! I can post!!!!

I sawed my mother-in-law, naked.

Baby take off your coat (real slow)...

Calgon Take Me Away!

Tommy Lee reunited with Motley Crue, band is on tour. Good thing or bad?

Who the hell would wear a tie festooned with condoms?

This time of year is there anything better than a Dicken's Cider?

My leg is killing me.

So, I've been meaning to suggest a DU procrastinators group

If you must shop for the Holidays, contributes to Dems

Bush Appoints Miller As Official White House Food Taster

Sick kid...any doctors/nurses around tonight?

The "Been Watching Way Too Many Movies" CAPTION

George in Canada cartoon


What is the worse Character/Personality flaw that a person can have?

Oldie But Goodie : CAPTION THIS!!!

I need help with school (modern slavery).

Universal to pay for 25 vacations for families with legal name "Focker"

Where would you like YEAST to live

Madame Tussaud's Celebrity Nativity scene -W and Blair as "Wise Men"

I am having a Curly Wurly right now

the 23rd sigh

Super fast lung cancer

George Clooney checks into hotels as 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'

Should Hardee's be allowed

10 Least Successful Holiday TV Specials of All Time

Why does everything in Europe have to be so PRETTY?

My daughter asked my granddaughter:

Got too much time? En le Rongeants (gnawing on universe) posted free view

Pizza for lunch anyone? Come get a slice before it's gone!

Man thought dad was elk, fatally shoots him


What Would You Name Your Hand?

I just did a questionnaire about diabetes

Casino buys ghost

I want a fedora

Santa and his crew "to bring luck to the good and punish the idle"

Uzbek police round up rent-a-protesters

Drug Lords Develop Genetically Modified Cocaine Tree

Huh? Please splain this to me

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet - she is very cool


Do you embarrass easily?

Penis tree - fertility symbol or political poster?(pic)

A Colorado sheriff wants to arm citizens – with radar guns.

I've never tried the "My Posts" feature...until now.

Cat crosses Siberia to find it's home

Ohhhh....ohhhh...copycat threads!

The "It Can't Happen Here" CAPTION

Where Wat_Tyler is at?

Question about Laser measuring devices?

Best City on Krypton.

alright cold beer is better than hot beer

Which Food Network Host/ess would you most like to have for breffus?

Owner of "Munchies Pizza" admits dealing marijuana

my babies.....

i wanna change my name

Who besides me is boycotting the White House Christmas Special

why are americans so fat?

I've never tried the "hide thread" feature...until now.

Anyone? - Dumbass DUer needs help...

What gets under your skin more?

My baby bubber just called me from Bahrain

I've never tried the "slap your stupid co-worker" feature...until now.

Why oh why sweet Jesus did I think it was a good idea...

The Vote For Bush 3D Adventure

The "you're either with us, or you're against us" copycat poll of all time

blue paper clips?

alright, cold pizza is better than hot pizza.

rhetorical ghetto of frothing fundamentalists

PLEASE! Can someone babysit this love-diddly-oving cat??

I am thrilled! You'll never guess why.

end times? become a minister! at home in your spare time

Every time someone posts a copycat thread:

I hate this time of year

The Extremely entertaining: 'Give George Bush a Brain Game'.....

My son's roof just caved in

Can someone please make it stop raining?

Online University That Gave Cat Diploma Sued For Fraud

Sirius or XM???

Klingon Christmas-The Twelve days of Klingon Christmas

When did they take Monticello off the back of the nickel?

How do you post a message here?

Wild Pigs Terrorize Fla. Suburb

a new addition to my family (8 week kitten)

I keep losing AAR and now I can't get it back at all

Car Accident Victim Survives Being Impaled By Metal Fence Post

Does snarlin dick look like Ebeneezer to anyone else

Don't you love it when you *re-discover* music?

Cat gets MBA, school sued

Do you talk to yourself?

It's freezing in my office..

I'm sorry, I have to say it.

What is the best diet to lose a lot of weight on...and, fast?

Radio Stunt: Man Licks Bug Zapper - Staple-Gunns His Testicles

Deputy Fired For Urinating In Parking Garage Elevator

Does anyone know how I can watch the film "Hamburg Cell"?

All right. Who wants to go caroling with me?

They're everywhere

Okay the..

All right. Who wants to go carpooling with me?

It's that time again - who wants to flirt??

Just saw Bend it like Beckham

Want to see the Freeper mind-set?

Encephalitic Nubiles love Emerald Nuts

I'm going to be sitting on Santa's lap today

It's that time again- who wants to fart?

I just got a job for two weeks!

Henchmen, Minions, Lackeys, or Stooges?

Anyone do the free iPod offer?

I LURVE slipper socks!

Deep fried pizza, covered in a coating of batter for added crunch?!

Don't you have anything better to do?



What do you think of Brainshrub?

Please give a big DU welcome to Shinju1985.

Cadence needs more posts. Ask her anything.

i beLieve you have my stapLer

The Plate-o-Puke of all CAPTIONS

Friday the 13th. Part 27 (Jason on vacation)

Nice twits!

Make a Snowflake!

New picture from Loch Ness...

Okay the..

Favorite William Gibson novel/short story?

'Gang of Four' to Reunite. Entertainment Guaranteed.

Name 80s films that took place in a high school.

Bathroom Doors - To Close or Not to Close

It is 7:30, and my roommate is already on the phone.

All right. Who wants to go carouseling with me?

What's your best MineSweeper score?

ALDI Do you shop there?

ok.. who wants to go okee noodling with me?

FINALLLY!-Motley Crue reunite for world tour

Who wants to go saimin noodling with me?

All right. Who wants to go canoodling with me?

Laura Bush to resign

Is Ensure Evil or is it Just me?

You know what really sucks???? *pout*

My left ear is stopped up and driving me crazy!

No but seriously, your name is WHAT?

AHHH help meeeeee

Who was the original copypost catter?

LOHAN 'SINGS' with mouth shut!

To get back at the right-wingers-- I took a swipe at Man Coulter

What odd fact can YOU find in this one paragraph story?

Who was the original catlitter postcopy?

Clementines - the food of the gods!

Where are you on the political compass?

The Beta Fish, Potter, just died...

It's that time again — who doesn't want to flirt??

All right. Who wants to go canoeing with me?

I think that I am a moron. Are you?

When did you first really do it?

Bigger Cat Killer: Possums or Raccoons?

Favorite Charlie's Angel

Anyone else planning to watch the Geminids on Monday?

Carlin to Vegas: I hate you

Attacking churches in Iraq

I think there is something wrong with me.

"How come former lives are always famous people?"

Who was the original copycat poster?

I need a life...This is my 1000 post

Guys - Have You Ever "Faked It"?

My 18 year old niece is headed for a life of disaster

The end is near!

Seriously, can anyone explain "Usher" to me?

Does anyone want my red state quarters?

Pictures to counter Bush billboard

24 years ago tomorrow....I still miss Lennon

Goodbye cruel world I can't take it anymore

You know what really rocks???? *screams*

Worried About Traveling Abroad? Pretend To Be Canadian

Nice tits!

Christmas Gift Question...

How do you write a Radio Show Proposal?

I think that I am an oxymoron. Are you?

I may have just upset a family.. I hope it all turns out ok

Only an hour left till my interview....

I'm a master of fright

darwin award honorable mention?

The Rumsfeld Mind Meld (warning - scary picture!)

Favorite "Three's Company" cast member?

calling all bandos (and former bandos): vote!

I'm faster than light

My Sister Is Going To Be A Made For TV (Sci-Fi Channel) Movie

Viet Nam texts?

I have irrefutable proof that I was subjected to mind control as a child

Wow... that was scary

Americans posing as Canadians

Ima gonna be published, ask me anything

DUers posing with Canadians

DU AIM Chat now

I'm having fun with Photoshop, wanna see?

What is the worst thing a freeper called you ?

My Mom bought me cigarettes when i was 4 years old.

Urgh...DU needs to stop being so darn addictive...

Check out my new avatar!

Brits bash American food, pour lemonade into beer

I saw my sister-in-law naked...


Am I naked?

What do you Hate I mean REALLY HATE about this time of year?

Mother saw Miss. Crane naked

Karl Rove sums it up for Liberals

504 HOURS (or three weeks) Without A Cigarette!!!!

Why do DUers continuosly post pictures of Bush

I saw myself naked...

Would you buy a Snoop Dogg cd for an 11 y/o?

Good and Fruity or Good and Plenty?

Things to do BEFORE the inaugeral

DUers posing for Canadians...

Junior Mints or York Peppermint Patties

I wish I were Naked!

my arteries are clogging just looking at this pic...

Raisinettes, Goobers, or Sno-Caps?

kulchur post - great world architecture + nice Art Deco site

If anyone else asks for a $50k condo on the ocean i'm going to scream!

60K DUers?

Confession Time: What is/was your favorite Butt Rock Album?

Mom allegedly has girl sell 'Jell-O shots' at school

Where are the Swedish Fish? I need Swedish Fish for a movie viewing.

I saw something nasty in the woodshed!

Favorite #1 song from 2028

Secret To Tintin's Eternal Youth: REVEALED!!!

Here's a nice picture of a wingnut

Here's a nice picture of a walnut.

Bus Passenger Finds Human Skull Inside Purse

#1 or #2

Am I posting a pic?


could we have a DU group for those who hate the Popped Collar look?

Ladies, we might as well prepare for life in Jesusland

I've just narrowly escaped death.

Tongue or no/Tongue?

Ferguson Tapped As 'Late Late Show' Host

I have a cavity now from all these candy polls!

Bow Lingual: Your Dog Speaks!!

"Houston, we have a big fucking problem":: The versatility of the "F" word

I haven't seen anyone naked in SO long

Mounds or Almond Joy?

I've spent all day whacking the loonies. I feel weird.

Anyone listening to Randi? Did anyone see the smoke 'em Video

Great Disco Groove Song

Nominees for the worst commercio-corruption of a good old rock song?

DEMOPEDIA - DU with Ambi-Light Technology! I love you DU ADMINS

Here's a picture of two snowmen on a paperplate!

Different STROKES for different FOLKS!

What ever happen to Waiters and Waitresses?

deleted dupe

Metal Rules/Metal Sucks

What Kind Of Dancing Looks Silliest?

new emblem for republicans

I have Scabies. Ask me anything.

Pile Away or Preparation H?

The obligatory "I'm stuck in the 700 club" post

What if you could live to age 1000?

Red licorice or black licorice?

Binary Polls: Annoying as all Hell or Greatest thing since Sliced Bread?

Remember subservient How about HOT BARTENDER!?!?

WooHoo, my Not Me bracelet came in the mail today

My place or yours?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Mary Janes?

Should Bonds have and asterisk * next to his name in the record books?

Six of One, or Half a Dozen of Another?


Heath bar or Skor?

Puke or Barf

Damned If You Do, or Damned If You Don't?

Since when did American quarters get all this crap jammed up on them?

My young 'un wants to know about Chanukkah. Got a good site for that

Brussel sprouts or chocolate?

Clark bar or 5th Ave?

butterfingered crook

Polls or Posts

What color chocolate is your thing?

More polls or no polls?

Monica Lewinsky or H2?

Are there too many stupid f***ing polls on DU right now?

M&Ms Rule/M&Ms Suck

Can I own and ride a mule in a major city?

Stop posting all these %&@#$ polls or stop posting all these %^&(# polls?

Movie Snax

If you were given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world

Odd or Even

Poles or Polls?

Eminem Rules/Eminem Sucks

Why do I keep voting in all these stupid polls?

Snickers, 3 Musketeers or Milky Way?

Someone in the kitchen with Dinah...someone in the kitchen I KNOW...

Best Tim Burton Film?

Please look at my naked...

I almost got ran over minutes ago

DU Grammy Awards: Best new artist

Sushi eaters, what's your favorite sushi and why?

Thanks for all the insanely-hilarious copycat polls and threads

The movie "Fantastic Voyage"

Shut the Hell Up or Shut the Fuck Up

DU Grammy Awards: Album of the year

Love It or Leave It!

Power Bar, Balance Bar, or Clif Bar?

They should make MINI-ANIMALS!

What If Real Life Were Like A Stage Musical!!

Advocates For Abandoned Babies Win Lottery Millions

Polls in the Lounge

Happy Pearl Harbor Day.

Twix or Kit Kat ?

quick help with an article on the so-called liberal media

Colgate or Crest Toothpaste?

Orlando Bloom becomes a Buddhist.

"Die Ärzte" or "Die Toten Hosen"

What do you think of 'Malcom in the Middle'?

I just severely spurned my lover with a sneeze...

"Meet the Fockers"

How many copycat threads are enough?

Was DU down for 30 minutes or so?

Lawnmower-Riding Man Threw homemade bombs at Ex-Girlfriend's Apartment

I think this is my new sign line.

Bush Is Wearing Quite the FASHIONABLE Jacket.

Online School That Gave Cat an MBA Is Sued

Letters to Santa

Outer Bay Cam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Spend 4 minutes with some bunnies

"How come former lovers are almost always famous people?"

DU Grammy Awards: Rock Album

Simpsons Fifth Season to be released on December 21.

A grammy award to: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

Je suis nu!

Thanks for all the incessant copycat polls and threads

I've found THE perfect woman for Fenris

Is Randi Rhodes as angry as RL?

All I want for Christmas is... a new transmission?

Christmas Shopping, Day Two: I can't feel my debit card anymore.

You're welcome for all the copycat trolls and dregs.

Where Are You?

Thanks for all the incessant copycat rolls and breads

Is there someone in your life who drives you insane when they talk to you?

where in the worLd is Ldsjock?

Man Killed by 500 lb. "Pet" Wildebeest

Gothic Sponge, Antonio Banderas, or Powdered Milk?

Is Seinfeld better than OJ Simpson?

No special recognition when you hit 420 posts?

Buster Poindexter night onTCM 8pm!

I am at 989. Should I take the next twelve posts...

Viewer Alert -- 8 PM Eastern on ABC

Buster Keaton night on TCM 8pm!

List All The Jobs You've Never Had In Your Life (I'll start)

Ich bin ein Berliner or I am a jelly donut

What's your opinion of Macy's?

Bush declares war on Iraq to liberate oppressed Tailors

I just paid $308 for prescriptions!

How many cat threads are enough?

I have a pretty big essay due on Thursday. What should I do?

I am baked.

I'm so confused.

Whats your favorite song on the new Eminem album?

When will the DLC try to stop the Ohio recount?

Do all these annoying DU polls make you want to...

Is this a stupid poll?

fuck security guards

Sundance Channel at 8pm CT ; Fox, Franken, 9-11

I just baked an apple pie. Who wants some?

Do not bitch about being fat and then proceed to eat everything in sight.

Documentary about Buster Keaton on TCM right now.

Has anyone been able to log in to the Demopedia?

No one ever responds to my posts.

This thread is for HILARIOUS image macros

United States Constitution found unconstitutional

Bush's New Tailor ...

Fantasy or SciFi?

A-1 or Heinz 57?

Disruptor activity higher before or since the election?

My dog is barking at the wind.

I how to lose a guy in 10 days worth watching?

List All The Jobs You've Ever Had In Your Life (I'll start)

I am naked

My definitions on

Kanye West

Window Into a Fundie's Nightmare...

Disco Rules/Disco Sucks

Biggest jerk in the NBA? Here's my nomination


Daisey and Pheobe - Funny Video

Humorus posters my nephew just sent me....

You come home from a gig at 2pm, exhausted.....

Is Seinfeld better than The Simpsons?

A call out to DU Jews

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Warm sugar cookies!

Going to back Dallas tomorrow. Going to see my B/P specialist.

Just watched NCIS

Flash: Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor. "A day that will live in infamy!"

Happy Chanukkah!

Thoughts on a DVD-R/RW drive for a Dell Inspiron 1100?

what should my 600th post be about???

Do you think that, somewhere in the world, there's a swordfight going on?

Favorite Wrestler

Amazing Race anyone?

Does anyone have high blood pressure?

Do you have a workout routine?

Is There A Worse Tasting Drink Than Diet Vanilla Pepsi?

What happened to LynneSin?

New theme song for Ohio Vote Count.

Haul Away Joe

I just dumped some Fritos on the floor, who wants some?

First Amendment Project Franken vs Fox is now on court TV

$315 Million Powerball Winner Ordered Into Rehab After 2nd Drunken Driving

Woo hoo! I got my first HATE POST!!!!

"She walks, she talks, she crawls on her belly like a reptile"

It's No Game. (Bowie waxes prophetic)

All right. Who wants to go carousing with me?

Did you have that "If we're both still single when we're 30...

Looking for a new any suggestions?

Pennsylvania Woman Charged for Home Cat Operations

Pick the Chimpinator's next new outfit!

Listening to "Celebrity Skin" by Hole

Veterinarian who told elderly woman to "rot in hell" can't be punished

I was naked.

Mars, Bitches

Hooray, I got my star!

I wonder how hard the cable news ratings have been hit?

I'm thinking of getting a haircut. What's your opinon? (pic)

Gallup "Ethics & Honesty" Poll, 21 positions ranked (sorry, no Bush)

I have a laptop and want Wi-Fi, how much will it cost me?

Considering how it was 25 years ago next month that Amb Taylor and the


I;m giving my sons giant millipedes for Christmas

OK so I have developed a bad fudgecicle habit

Any women on DU who smoke cigars?

Parents political views oppose each other or not?

Anyone hear anything about the cat shooter?

Beer or Liquor?

What will the F/X channel do after the SMALLPOX! movie?

Franken is too f*ckin funny

Mods - feel free to delete

I hid Revolutionary_Acts04's paddle

Mods - feel free to delete this one, too

If you were me, and you were stuck at work, waiting for something to be

I've decided to post in this forum

The Strokes: Hype or Real Deal?

Students Given Overtly Sexual Material in an attempt to demystify sex

Are Jeneane and Sam an 'item'?

Geeky goodness! Just one more week til ROTK: EE

I'm selling my nearly brand new sony widescreen laptop. Best route???

Addicted to DU?

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: YUMMY.

OMFG! I just kicked my ass!!

Computer Question

Your Favourite SciFi Novel?

my 600th post: on crayons and love

What is the first thing you wash in the shower?

Things NOT to do if you expect to live long

I had the stuff scared out of me awhile ago.

What's your birth order in your family?

Whoo-hoo! I have schizo-typal disorder!

Holiday Mad-Lib

Anyone else here like The Fatales?

John Stewart is rocking tonight

Do you have a "right-wing" personal philosophy?

This is just as bad as Looking up the word 'hippie' in Urban Dictionary

Dave Barry's Gift Guide for Christmas

Paper or Plastic?

Best Simpson...

what is the hair color preference of the average DUer?

I need a blank US map with nothing but states drawn on it.

"Demopedia" Help! What is it? What is wikipedia that it's based on???

My new wheels get delivered in the morning.

To Professionals With Notebook Computers

Winter Hells. Worst US winter cities.

I have to go to jury duty tomorrow and need to get out of it...

Los Lonely Boys. Any good?

DU is killing me!!!!

'Potty Police' Nab Bladder-Heavy Revelers

Johnson's Motor Car

There's an old Australian stockman lying, dying.

In a couple days I'm gonna have me a 125 gallon aquarium!

If you could have one wish what would it be?

Stupidest name for a diner dish?

I just severely burned my lip on cheese...

DAMN!! I Would REALLY Like To Go To Bed With That Actor/Actress!

Alright who told Michael Bolton he could sing?

frictionlessO will remain naked as long as you keep this thread kicked!

OH NO!!!!! (as the 2 year old says) I am 20 steps away

My Sister Is Going To Be In A Made For TV (Sci-Fi Channel) Movie

I had my five wisdom teeth out yesterday, ask me anything!

I hate Texas!!

Best City In The World?

Circa 1980... "Breakfast in America" Kitsch or Cool?

anchor or bouy

Detroit Tigers Outfielder Arrested For Shoplifting a $29.99 Belt

OK, where would you LEAST like to live?

Favorite #1 song from 1972

Today I witnessed the worst case of verbal abuse

God Bless You or Gazuntheit?

DU Group Proposal: Southwestern Democrats & Progressives

Name for Hypnosis Business

what worries you more

There's few finer substances in life than homemade cookies

DU Grammy Awards: Song of the year

Beer or Pot?

Not an official proposal, but how about a singles group...

Deceased pets who come back to you in dreams >

OK, who's going to Photoshop the swastika into this Bush photo?

Holiday eating tips

DUers posing as Canadians

HELP!!! I need to find a gift for a friend of mine Western PA hear me

That 70s Poll: Styx or Rush

Best City in New Jersey

Man killed by 'pet' wildebeest

New photo of KCDem

I just hit 2000 posts.

WABC's All American Survey for Week of 1 December 1964

OMFG! I just won a $215 tournament entry on Party Poker! Ask me anything!

Favorite Vacation Destination


Steak or Chocolate?

HELP!!!!: trying to pound out a new resume FAST

Hey Baby! What's Cooking??

Weird or bad song titles

Wooo Hooo Matcom, our Russian brides are in

Man admits to smearing 14 jars of vaseline all over NY Motel Room

Silly toys your cats love

Things To Do Before The Second Term

Who else has S.A.D.?

OK: Birth Order AND Parents' Political Affiliation

The white male geezer fashion corner: DU women, I'm liking this look:

Skank of the Year or BigMcLargeHuge?

I love the K-mart commercial with Coltrane's "My Favorite Things"

What is on your bed right now besides bedding?

NFL Fans - Can you feel it?

Best city in USA?

Santa... or?

After a great day skiing on Saturday....

A notice about "bird repellent"


More Conservative Than FoxNews

What were you doing when you heard that John Lennon had been shot?

What is your profession?

Congratulations nini!!!!!!! 5000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!

Man faces 5 criminal charges after going into a rage after a bad hair cut

Any other smokers trying to quit?

Gwen Stefani - do you love her?

Which Children's shows really annoy you.

Will you be up at 1AM Thursday? Please watch Turner Classic Movies.

Syd Barrett - Tragic genius or Over-romanticized burn-out?

What's the worst pair of names you could give your kids?

Introducing Demopedia: The collaborative information clearinghouse from DU

I am embarrassed, but...

I love soy or Tofu burgers in.....

Great lyrics from otherwise ignored or maligned pop artists...

Winter Solstice - need help from some of my Pagan friends...

Nurses object to TV ad praising Schwarzenegger's cut in CA nurse staffing

'Brainwave' cap controls computer

Hubble spots 'youngest galaxy'

Measuring distance with Lasers,

Anyone planning on watching the Geminids on Monday?

Sun storm hits comet

World's earliest tipple discovered in China - better with age.

String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (or Not)

Scientists Make Phone That Turns Into a Sunflower - environmental phones

Humans may still have gills

are recently discovered island hobbit remains...

Court OKs Philadelphia Gay Partner Benefits

West Virginia Child In Danger Of Losing Second Lesbian Mom

Meryvn's caves in to Salvation Army

Gay Discrimination Banned In Louisiana Gov't Jobs

watch this spot: Supreme Court of Canada decision on same-sex marriage

Is gay marriage older than the Bible?

Anyone get beaten up for being different?

Four more years for Pedro? Not likely to happen in Boston

How bad are my OSU Cowboys going to whoop Syracuse tonight?

Maurice Clarett - Your opinion of his situation?

Tough, tough essay about Giambi

Okay, which school's coach spread false rumors about Lloyd Carr?

Anyone else watch the game last night?

I know what basketball player Sprewell said to that female fan....

today the Ohio election suit is to be filed

Emmet Fox on The Historical Destiny of the US

It's Time To Trim The Tree! (more Chas. Addams xmas fun)

Now. Seriously, what is wrong with paper ballots?

Anybody here knows of

if one is suspicious or unaccepting of religious indoctrination

John Kerry - Yale (Page 3 of 3)

John Kerry - Yale (Page 2 of 3)

John Kerry - Yale (Page 1 of 3)

(Breaking News)New Insurgent ID Procedures to Debut In Fallujah

The Ethic of Total Opposition (William Pitt)

seem odd--only Cheney and Rummy went to Afgan --not Bush

"Bush couldn't find his butt with two hands." -- Mike Malloy

How to talk to a right-wing fundamentalist

More of them republican FAMILY VALUES! Theft and Greed!

bushCartel Criminals Extraordinaire; $600 million of YOUR money gone

New national popular vote numbers

Pentagon: Bush's 'hypocrisy' lost us hearts and minds

Before you go calling election fraud "conspiracy theory"...

There is only ONE to blame for the bushCartel;

John Kerry was right the time.....

I know it's Hamid Karzai talking, but it sounds more like Bush

Bob Novak article at the smirking chimp. Long and well worth it.

I'll now be posting my editorials online...

There was a guy on CNN this morning

Secrecy and computers in Florida House....mentions Feeney, Byrd, Harris.

Why isn't anyone considering Max Cleland for head of the DNC?

What happened to the programmer's affidavit thread? Already debunked?

Political Judo

SR 1878 (Missouri Bill) urges limits (Separation of Church & State?)...

Need Help Rebutting An Office Repug's Rebuttle To Ohio Fraud

Boston Globe --oral history project of Ted Kennedy

Blue States to get punishment via tax code

We lost for ONE reason and ONE reason ONLY

Feds Seize "Richie Bush" Comic Books...are we safer yet?

Sen. Chafee says Iraq much "worse" than he thought..

Will the "Dean Scream" be revisited?

What do Daschle and Edwards plan to do after they leave the senate?

yep, that Kerry was such a flip flopper on Iraq!

More Mepublican ethics/antics in Alaska

NPR's Talk of the Nation is actually covering the recount, now!


Is Clark Pro-Union? Does he have any AFL-CIO support?

Commander Chimp: Terrorists Won't Rule Iraq's Future

Even the New York Post (gasp!!) is skeptical of Bernie Kerik

To Dem party leaders: Wanna win? Here's a novel idea!

So what would happen if all the Democrats in congress switched parties?

The American press is in a crisis....

who removed 21 e-voting machines in Broward Co., Fla. ?

21 Year-Old running for president in the year 2020

Millionaire Kerik A Former Deadbeat -- Smoking Gun

If you're for bush, you are for the terrorists.

Eliot Spitzer announces run for NY Governor

December 7, 1941.....

KEEP KICKED: FELLOW DUers, alert America of the fraud NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worry a lot about Schwartznegger's shannanigans

Wellington Webb for DNC chair?

Tell officials you refuse to surrender your freedom.

Cost of unmanned aerial vehicle program triples

DU this Ohio Recount Poll

why dems are losing

Primary Scab Picker: Kucinich demands Dean to end deceptive ad in NH

What the hell is the deal with Reuters "1000th American Killed" headline?

The Murderous Thug Tour or History's Most Reviled President

I heard on Randi Rhodes' show today that

Please lock this thread

Where are the democratic spam e mails??

Need help for a friend please - Bush and reasons for invading Iraq

Martin Frost has thrown his hat in the DNC ring

These NY Dems are feeling way too safe in their seats

Eye opening chart on national debt

Anyone in need of a smile...

Scalia To Synagogue - Jews Are Safer With Christians In Charge

Man who says he developed vote-rigging software details purpose

Perhaps Du'ers knowt his already but the best site for flash media

So exactly what did the Founding Fathers say about religion?

Hope to see Americans protest peacefully like Ukranians!

Gephardt for DNC chair

guess what ELSE the DLC has in common with repubs now?

Why Can't Democrats Give Reid A Chance?

Programmers weigh in on vote-rigging idea, some details confirmed

bush BANKING on rightwingnut stupidity; Social Security

what is up with

Developing from Rawstory; programmer/Delay watchdog group

Big Brother Beats Us Up This Week

Moral Values my Ass: 22 (2004) < 35 (2000) < 40 (1996)

DLC: Us or Them

Alaska Recount - please donate for December 8 deadline

Inauguration Day Jazz Funeral for Democracy: A Wake for Peace-New Orleans

MSNBC: "Anti-terrorism costs hidden in utility bills"

AP: "Possibility that... Bush did not win Ohio." Green's Cobb says

Fineman says Bush is a moderate

C-Span video is up now with David Jones and the ad.

Controlling the debate: Subverting the message of the Regressives.

Pic of Bush in his "uniform"---in CA today

Ok, say Dean isn't the DNC chair

What's to prevent them from stealing the next election too?

Lyndon Baines Johnson was the most liberal president in US history.

How to annoy the hell out of a Conservanazi !

Micheal Savage attacking B*sh

Introducing Demopedia: The collaborative information clearinghouse from DU

check out my run in with a freep

Is it me or is FOX NEWS endorsing Hillary Clinton for '08?

Let's start the "Leviticus 20:10 Law" to freak out the Neocon Twits

McClellan storms out of press conf when asked about 2nd coming

Just saw a guy on Hardball who says that a united Europe is

Who are the non-voters?

post your 'favorite' pics of Bush...if you get my drift.

Winning in 2006 requires that we quit savaging each other in 2004.

Paper Clip Card download here

"Don't attack conservatives" verses "Conservatives = Nazis" A Thought