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Archives: December 5, 2004

Lessons in liberty from Ukraine

Truth in Education

OREGON: Voting complaints highlight role of press in democracy

Mexican migrants find it's brutal here

FLORIDA: LePore's hanging chad

Tom Ferrick Jr. | Voting tales: Really not much to tell

Bryan Zepp Jamieson | Gods and Suns

The Anatomy of Myth

Anglo-American "democratic imperialism" and 0.9 billion infant deaths

Ukraine and the Lessons of History

Nader Offers to Lead Ukraine - Seeks to Heal Bitterly Divided Nation

Ukraine: It's now or never for Washington (Energy Bulletin)

All Mosquitoes, No Swamp

FredonEverything: Wars and their Aftermath: Things Seldom Spoken Of

Many people of faith reject banning of same-sex unions

How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan-NYT

Charley Allan: Car-bombing, coup-plotting and the CIA in Venezuela

Lockheed and the Future of Warfare


Latin America Shifts to the Center-Left --as US takes sharp Right turn

The System Endures (editorial about torture)

Why Iraqis should boycott the election (al-jazeera editorial)

Nuking Iraq’s Neighbors Will Not Solve US Problems

Forum: Who elected Bush? 'Generation Jones' (54-64).

Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry

The market judges our food

Okay, We Lost Ohio. The Question Is, Why?

Bigger Worries Than Ukraine

Final reminder: Protest in San Diego Today

How WE CAN (DUers) get the word out about election fraud

Organization to coodinate all the inaugural protests formed!

MoveOn TV show?

Old Soldiers Back On Duty (60 Minutes, Dec 5) video & mp3 here

Bob Dylan on 60 Minutes (video & mp3 here for those who missed it)

Is the Carlyle Group buying up gold??

Day of Reckoning: Consequences of American Economic Policy Under Reagan

EOR could bring more oil into state

Philippines Pres. Suspends All Logging: 1,000+ Dead In Floods, Mudslides

Delaware Oil Spill Much Bigger Than Initially Thought - LA Times

UK Government To Hear "Final Warning" From RCEP On Dredge Fishing

4 Yrs. Of "Sound Science"= Alarming Climate Results, No Change In Policy

Ireland - The Emerald Isle Of Concrete - Guardian

"They won't come out and fight like men"

Bolivia Takes On Goliath Of Globalization

Many killed in Somali tribal fighting

The Clash, "Guns of Brixton"

I did everything possible to avoid a dupe,yet my posts keep getting locked

Anyone care to lock this train wreck?


Can you take a peek at this thread, before all hell breaks loose?

OK - here's a question about avatars

Why was SoonToBePhoenix tombstoned?

I tried to post an image in a post of mine, but it just did the 'image'

could this be moved from GD-Politics to the Gungeon?

Is it okay to post a transcript of a radio interview?

A question on where exactly is the line on "calling someone out"

Can you help me change a subject line?

Mundane question about DU bumpersticker.

DU glossary has a new addy...

The GD forum has been hijacked by flamewars

I just read a Post, called, "Shame on DU" now it disappeared....

A forum for the Arts?

Children in the crossfire (Gaza Strip)

Another case of IDF operational probe cover-up revealed

Attacks against Australian Jews up 50%

Israel and the nightmare of occupation

US to supply Jordan with 50 advanced air-to-air missiles

Hamas Rejects Cease-fire with Israel

The lost "terror drill"?

Answers, leading inevitably to just more questions re: OH deadlines

Is it possible to protest in front of the FBI?

Anyone have this link

What do we do when...

About the "Brad" revelations on vote tampering.

So did anything new come out today through the rally?

We can demonstrate means, motive and opportunity.

Bush v. Gore "precedent" to stop recount: US Commonwealth Puerto Rico

Has Anyone Seen This Piece on Media Lockdown?

Did I miss it, or was it just now there (Warren, Ohio)

Did Barbara Boxer join the fight?

"Voting complaints highlight role of press in democracy" 12/5

"Mass media" idea?

Det. Free Press/ 2 groups still find reason to challenge Bush win

Toppling the Statue of Bush

Kerry Won the Election by at least 1.7 Million Votes

Numbers from New Hampshire

Kerry wires $250,000 to WA recount. and LA runoff...

The silence of the national media is starting to break...

Stalling the Vote

Sunday Salon - listen live - Ohio/Florida voting problems!


How can we mass market the election fraud info??

Most of the uncounted ballots in Montgomery County are in Kerry precincts

MoveOn calls for Bush to disavow voter suppression!

CNN reported election issues again

Any info about ballot placement? e.g. Kerry 1, Bush 2 or vice versa?

8 Days til the recount!

Umbrella group to coordinate all the inaugural protests formed!

Rep. Conyers-I need the list of the others supporting this

NEW MEXICANS needed for possible NEW MEXICO advertising NEWS

A crowd shot from the Columbus rally

Brand Democrat. New! - Our Candidate for President...

Greg Palast Investigation called in gets widespread

cnn just reported ohio voter fraud

I need some help. Can anyone make sense of this?

Lucas County and Wood County articles on Election irregularities

Can someone help me out? What is a spoiled ballot exactly?

This is how protests make a different

Is the Greg Palast/Jackson Ohio Vote Fraud Panel Audio Online?

If you want to contact lots of Democrats, don't forget the UNIONS!

Has Dr. Freeman posted Part II of his exit poll paper?

Where in Virginia were votes subtracted in 2003?

Collection of links I found....

Any good writers out there ?

AP: Two major challenges are expected to unfold Monday in Ohio...


Business tycoon sued in Broward court--Choicepoint mentioned

AP: FL suit puts the handling of at least 78k ballots in doubt...

my bad n/t

Another analysis of exit polls vs "official" vote totals finds implausibil

The burden of proof is on them, not us

RNC CONFESSION>Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes

Wayne Madsen On Air Now ?

Good summary doc. on voter suppression, fraud in Ohio; need to educ. Media

Best headline Australia: 181,000 voters in U.S. elections were dead

Eloriel--FBI Refuses Access To Those With Complaint Alleging Ohio Voter Fr


Sean O'Keefe from NASA mentioned by Madsen

IMPORTANT - What website received the Repugs emails with caging lists?

Jesse Jackson and the Ohio recount on CNN now nt

JUST Heard: CNN to have segment on OHIO Recount...RECAP

Anyone have Information RE Motor Voter Registrations?

Sequoia is for sale! See what your tax dollars have done!!!

New statistical analysis?

MoveOn moves on with no mention of election fraud?

ABC-7 to cover recount at 11:00

An honest question about Bev....

John K. Galbraith on kpft soon discussing election fraud - edit topic

VOTING FRAUD ACTION - Need DU'er help ASAP - thx!


Cuyahoga County, Ohio: 1155 Election "incidents"

For Those Who Missed 12/4 Rally Catch It Here

Help!! Can someone direct me to

Anyone at the RALLY in Columbus, please help me remember!

Kerry, in NH visit, sounds a lot like a candidate

We Need To Stop Blackwell

Quit blaming it on vote fraud. Kerry didn't win in a landslide because:

Another lawsuit...SF Bay Area...Rally tomorrow

Why the "Greens" Dropped Nevada from Recount Efforts...Just So You Know.

Some fascinating California data. - did a survey recently that showed...

Florida - Kerry wins Early Voting

Full page advertising in NYT - DU media taskforce searched!

Ok, We Lost Ohio. The Question is, Why

Transcript of Wayne Madsen interview 12/05 on Sunday Monitor

Poll: Are you expecting something to happen from DNC/ KE in the next week?

Election Irregularities in Kentucky

Brave folk at the Crawford Texas Iconoclast are at it again....

Cobb still needs money!! (KEEP KICKED)

Gulf County, FL - No Absentee and no Early Voting ballots?

Conyers is hoping to get coverage on CSPAN.


Suggestions for more national and international coverage

Wayne Madsen on KPFT right NOW

Kerry did not lose FL, OH or NM. Posts which claim otherwise are FOS.

Shrubs Campaign & GOP Emails contain Voter Fraud Master Spreadsheet

Kerry strategy, unpopular, but probably right.

Stop the infighting

My night w/ Thom Hartmann


Predictions? Where will we stand one week from now?

Request for the fraud deniers that visit the forum

Wonderful New Olbermann Blog, if you haven't seen it yet!


The Motherlode: A great web site of election "incidents"

Wood County

Why is it that exit polls since 1988 have ALL overstated the Dem vote?

FLORIDA STUDY: A Statistical Nightmare

Activisms-Jeff Fisher-CyberNET scam revealed



Important: Results of ABC-7 news coverage on Ohio recount

What do you think we should tell the National media right now re: Fraud?

Warren County, Ohio

Can anyone give a quick summary of how CyberNet fits into the vote fraud

Welcome all newbies! :- )

New Mexico Was Blue: 18,659 Missing E-Votes

The "Texan" connection (it was there all the time?)



How we can count OUR votes (no Secretary of State needed)

Demonstrations in San Diego

Protest Censorship By Major Networks

Marshall Fields Policy Shift or Political Target?

Another DUer published in the Strib today

Sunday STrib slams Mpls gov't

Question: how can i send messages across my home network ??

180 Search Assistant Alert

Ok guys, here's one for you all.

Ohio DUers needed to blast Blackwell

Democrats take aim at Santorum

Honestly: Should I run for CD-03?

Lon Burnam is suing Tom Delay and needs to raise $$$ in this effort

Rant email to NPR's In The Media

Is it illegal to spam ??

A return to America's founding principle

Ethical Question about job

Marijuana Bale Found in Food Bank Shipment

Alexander is one of the worst movies ever!

Male vs Female - always what it boils down to.

The Yes Men have posted notes on their BBC Bhopal Dow hoax

Does anyone have a link to the not-so-glowing report by the Pentagon

The recount and the irregulatities are on the news programs now...

When did the word UNION become a bad thing.

The Republicans rediscover Evolution!

Bernard Kerik/Julius Streicher, Peas in a pod?

Pat Tillman and GOP logic.

Stocking stuffers/small gifts/package decos: yellow/blue ribbons

How many texans got unfair trails?How many innocent put to death?

A letter to Frist

Another threat of terrorism and violence from the Christian Right

Do I Have This Right? During Bush's campaign he said over

I have generally been critical of the Bush Administration's policies

The Schism appears, and our chance for Victory has also appeared

Need a new folk hero ? Check out these lyrics !!!

Protest Censorship By Major Networks

I have the following questions for the DLC.

Caught the last 2 minutes of "The Capitol Gang" last night.

If you voted for Kerry you have on morals

We need the DNC to start hammering the lack of Vaccines producers IN USA.

All about Dominionism

Cleveland, Ohio; the tiresome and certain to be futile efforts

Backbone Campaign

What are the functions of our Press and Media?

Was Reagan ever in full command of his faculties to be a real President?

new torture pics taken during US home invasions in Iraq

Would Bush still have invaded Iraq, had there been no 9-11?

How many Repub Family Members of Friends have you been...

46% of Pakistanis consider suicide bombings against the U.S. to be AOK

Dollar Store

Ride Out to Meet Them: Some Post-Election Thoughts by Starhawk

It's not about "liberal" vs "moderate" - it's about reality versus fantasy

racist appointed to S.C. Board of Education - nasty Ron Wilson

Could the world survive a US depression?

is oliverwills down?????

Check out this link to e-mail congress about important issues...

True Democracy world wide will be dangerous to the interests of the U.S.

Whoa! where's that MANDATE Georgie???

I Hate These Guys

Meet the Press today's Video clips

Bumper stickers in "Freeperville"

Thomas Frank (... Kansas) streams LIVE on Media Matters Sun 2pm EST

No one is tolerant of everything

In the age of Bush II, has mailing Anthrax powder replaced an overt

Did Teresa Heinz Kerry influence the women vote in last election ?

A Nation of Rhinos.

Can someone please set up a web based TV service

Capital Gains Tax Question

Thai Government "Origami" bombs Muslim South

Has anyone watched "With God on our side"...

Illegal Invasion pic

If you haven't been here, trust me...

Parents of mother who killed baby criticize pastor's influence

Rep. Don Young opens mouth & dissed 300 scientists (he knows better)

I have been silenced by Yahoo

Support the Troops - Let's discuss the specifics of *how*

If we dems abandon all principles to win.... what should we stand for?

Wolf Blizer Video highlights!Musharraf-We are less safe!

What happened to O'Reilly's Loofah?

From "Care and Treatment of Republicans" ...

Cop asks me if DU is a terrorist website

wow...caption this.

A Blunt Slap to the Right

Adam Nagourney's blog (very funny):

American Christians in Politics and Government

Need Advice: Might Need to Sue former Bosses. But before I do...

The falling dollar$

Illegal Strip Searches at Reagan National?

There's a manger scene

Where should the Democrats draw the line?

Anyone see Harry Reid on Timmy's MTP?

Tactic: Use Google News to Promote 'Unreported' Newsstories

Are you sick of the religion, god and jesus posts in GD?

For now on, my predominant clothing color is black.

Turning Fallujah into the new Warsaw Ghetto???

The wars that Bush has unleashed on the world have come even as

Is it wrong to feel this way...(Patriotism Overload)

GREAT NYT article re: TV media

Shipping Jobs Overseas: How Real Is the Problem?

Live and Let Live?

Bush's Christian rhetoric is just a tool

"Covenant" Marriage-Good or Bad?

On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations

I made a mistake this morning

What makes the DLC democratic?

Give me that

Piece on CBS Now about back door draft

Thomas Frank on Media Matters in 30 minutes!

Demonstrations in San Diego

Rightwing Freakish Homophobes On Cable News Shows Go Unchallenged

When in the hell

Its a good thing white sports reporters

Republic Leader Frist gives ABCs and OK for Condoms!

A really good line from FDR's 2nd inaugural address:

GI Joe sales up!!

Size Does Matter

A Message To Fellow Liberals About Abortion (long)

Choose The Blue

Fort Lewis colonel: "Really feeling good" about killing 22 Iraqis

Conservatives want to bring back HUAC

I HATE homeland security ads.

FRANK RICH | The Nascar Nightly News | another must-read from Rich!

Judith Reisman - founder of modern Anti-Kinsey Movement

RimJob spotted signing the HUAC Revival Petition

Minister Orders Investigation into Missing Canadian Airport Uniforms

A Message To Fellow Liberals About Abortion (short)

In my pre election canvassing, more women who were voting for Bush listed

Hostile Work Environment at Friends?

You lucky New Yorkers. Pataki's re-election bid is up and running with tax

"Holding the American flag, Christian Flag, and the Blood-stained Banner..

Could Hugo Chavez solve the Iraq problem?

What If.....

My feelings on the abortion issue.

Democrats vs. Republican support for the Iraq war . Dems wanted it too.

I have an embarrasingly naive question about global warming....

Stars step up for the Kennedy kudos

The Brookings Institution

Has anyone pointed this out about Kerik? He spent his last year

Homeland Security scumbag Bernard Kerik knocked up woman in Korea

Hitler, Lenin, Stalin....logical conclusion of non-theistic evolution

New Kerry Picture

Who owns (Gay Friendly?) HGTV?

Anyone able to access Peter Werbe tonight?

I'm Doing All My Christmas Shopping At Target, How About You?

Okay a post to follow the "act" of Steven Vincent, my name is Valerie

Bush and his Republicans are afraid of the American people.

It's okay,....

did rumsfeld ever praise saddam in the 80s?

Sequoia (voting machines) up for sale...parent co. prints Iraqi $$

Bush cutting veteran's benefits?

Fox News mention on the Simpsons tonight

Reactionary Bigots are planning to send America back to the Dark Ages

SHHH.. yuo are not suposed to see this (Fallujah photos, GRAPHIC)

If Silver gets to $8.30 BUY!!

Support OUR troops....This will p*ss you off!

Was the $2 bill phased out to smear out Jefferson because he didn't like..

Who is Al From? Where is he from? What qualifies him to be the

Can anyone explain this?

I believe I am one of the MIHOP people ?

Fighting for Democracy...

what does fox news want me to believe?

Did Kerry get majority of the military vote in the final tally ?

The Definitive Republican Dictionary: Why the Right Is Wrong

Best Rush Limabaugh quote ever.

Did anyone ever anticipate that our country could sink so low so quickly?

Bill Frist makes a fool of himself on This Week/Video Clip

It takes Canada to talk about renewable energy!!!!

How many Athiests and Religious people here agree that we need

Sly and the Family Stone - Stand! --Passion we still need today

Can one be Pro-choice,and not Pro gay rights?

Fundie Sunday

Omerta, the Republican Code of Silence.

These fundamentalists really remind of the Commie Hunters

I'm not anything.... spiritually, that is....

"They hate us for our freedoms"

Did anyone see Biden on This Week this morning?

PLEASE forgive me

There is a lot of work to be done for the Democratic Party...

Am I the only one

Senator and Mrs. Edwards Out and About!

Do the Americans leave Iraq right after their election in January ?

Any good book recommendations for a "waiting room?"

Stupid Fundie-Freepy Email and My Repsonse.

The Company Making The Armed Robots Is Part Of The Carlyle Group

Tolerance is a two-way street.

Ed Bradley interviews Bob Dylan (60-Minutes)

Fallujah. A tiny, tiny little place about 5 square miles

How did we lose Jesus?

University of Georgia has determined that AA is a good idea.

Some comments on propaganda in pre-WWII Germany

Mister Bosh longs for snack foods

Interview with Bob Dylan is upcoming on "60 Minutes" - 7PM EST

Where to go in the event of a draft?

GOT ORANGE? When you go buy your knicknacks

Message to Democratic Party "Leaders"

Where you go if FreeRepublic is too liberal for you

TBTM Flash: 'Same As It Ever Was'

Why the Dem party will never get new blood in Central Florida.

The PBS News Hour Honor Roll Of U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq Here:

Paedophilia thesis comes under fire

Stop our side from using the terms "Racist" and "Racism".

Anyone else get a "Not Me" bracelet?

Message to My Fellow Proud "Liberals" on DU: Hypocrisy Check!!!

ABC World News does a "hit piece" on Target

Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves.....M. Crichton

A Message To Fellow "Liberals" On Democratic Underground

"Joy to the World (Except France)" | 'tis TOON season again...

Have you noticed a drop in the price of milk?...

linzer cookie recipe

Dresden Stollen

Which website was it

New revelations of Deepcut's 'climate of fear'

New photos of difft abuse.

Guerrillas Kill Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq's Mosul #1269 #1270

NYT: God, Am. History and a Fifth-Grade Class (San Fran teacher lawsuit)

Children in the crossfire (Gaza Strip)

General: New Photos Could Be Used As Tool

Long-term care a challenge for soldiers

Moqtada Sadr to join Sistani’s election list

Ala. Joins Calif. on Medical Marijuana

High court, 5th Circuit battling over death row

OREGON: Concern about fraud dogs election results

Google reveals Iraqi prison abuse photos on photosharing site

Four U.S. Troops, 16 Others Killed in Iraq

Election is not over for Green Party's Bobier

Romania demands U.S. marine return to face trial

NYT:Medicare Law Said to Trouble Nursing Homes(big probs w/ pres. drugs)

New round of challenges expected as Ohio certifies vote

Parents Television Council files almost all FCC complaints

GOP aide blamed for tax return provision

GOP, Democrats Trade Congressional Seats

FLORIDA: New elections chief Anderson learns ropes, as LePore bids farewel

WP: Musharraf: Bin Laden's Location Is Unknown

Mine explosion kills 23 in Kazakhstan

Iraq carnage kills 21 as UN official warns time not ripe for polls

Backers of Iraqi election delay step up campaign

LAT: Proposal Would Hit Blue St. Taxpayers (st., local tax deduction)

Tundra Study Backs Longer Oil-Search Season (thanks to global warming)

Tom Ferrick Jr. | Voting tales: Really not much to tell

OC: Missouri HB 35: Evolution Targeted

Activists Steadfast on Ukraine Vote Reform

Fallujah refugees vow revenge for attack

Insurgents kill 17 Iraqis working for coalition forces

WASHINGTON: Top vote-getter? We may never truly know

Ex-CIA Chief Gates Warns on Cyberterror

Conspiracy theories on Ohio vote refuse to die

McCain says more forces may be needed in Iraq

NYT- U.S. Slows Bid to Advance Democracy in Arab World

South American Community not to compete with OAS.

UN honours its own

Peace conference wants UN fact-finding mission in Central Mindanao

68 Iraqis Die in Weekend Insurgent Attacks

Bush plans to dump civil rights panel chief

LAT: Global Nuclear Inquiry Stalls (Khan's black market trade)

NYT: U.S. Slows Bid to Advance Democracy in Arab World

State Republicans challenge vote

New US Homeland Chief Fathered Daughter in Korea

Nigeria recovers stolen radioactive materials from US oil company

LAT: Public Pension Funds (activist investors) Forced on Defensive

Rebuilding Fallujah a big task for Iraqi leaders

Baghdad worse than ever, says Hill

Alabama against medical pot law but backs California

Marine's death in hospital examined

Ranchers push 'corner jumping' bill

U.S. may sell missiles to S. Asia

Showing the Muslim world why the Western World is superior ...

Modesto Guard members allege bias (training poor for part-timers)

Police probing fund transfer to Sharon family business

Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states

U.S. policies cause other countries to suffer

Rally demands speedy Ohio recount Blackwell urged to certify official vote

Broadband challenges TV viewing (Yurpeens)

Ohio -- Ground Zero: Full Text with permission of Iconoclast

Russia, India Rekindle Trade Ties

Okay, We Lost Ohio. The Question Is, Why?

LA Times:U.N. Envoy Says Iraq Is a 'Mess'

On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations

War is a boon for Md. jobs

Uncle Sam Ups Ante For Recruiting Effort

NORTH DAKOTA: Disaster exercise to involve Canadian officials

Chief Leaving Army Psychology Support Team

Frist Backs Review of Abstinence Programs

Romania-US row over star's death

NEWSWEEK: Iraq: How Many Boots on the Ground

181,000 voters in U.S. elections were dead

Reid: Congress Should Stay Until Spy Bill Passes

Russia, India Rekindle Trade Ties (Misleading Headline)

WP: Fallujah Fighting Images Compel at Diff. Levels (military v blogger)

NYT: Changes May Be Needed in Superfund, Chief Says

CNN: Red Crescent suspends Falluja work

Broken aid promises 'killing children'

Religious Meeting in Indonesia Aims to Blunt Radicals

British troops wage war on Afghan drugs

Bush attends church, goes biking (aka Chimp again out of his league)

The Guardian: Harvest of death

Bush's Iraq Intelligence Panel Works in Secret

Iraq's Allawi due in Russia for oil, debt talks

Iraq asks Australia to help train its spies

China to seek end of arms embargo at Sino-EU summit

McCain withholds approval of Rumsfeld

Straw welcomes UN plan for strikes on rogue states

Float joins '04 parade of religious disputes

Sistani poll official in 'US custody'

NYT: Interior Official and Federal Biologists Clash on Danger to Grouse

Taliban Wanted List to Be Drawn (more troops for Iraq?)

Pastor Decried After Child's Arms Severed

Washington state scare ends over fake flu shots

Thais Drop Peace Bombs On Muslims (Millions of folded paper cranes)

U.S. Army Deserter Wants to Stay in Canada

FBI probe may involve more than vote fraud allegations

Treasury Secretary Is Likely to Leave Soon (Phil Gramm on short list)

New US Homeland Chief Fathered Daughter in Korea

Musharraf: Iraq war has made world 'less safe'

Dems' new Senate leader criticizes Justice Thomas

Blue-State Funds Act To Balance GOP - Forbes

Two Task Force Olympia Soldiers Killed # 1269 & # 1270

Doctor fears war's horror kept hidden

Bolivia's traditional parties may lose in mayoral elections

Memories of Iraq haunt Tri-City man, ordered to abandon tortured prisoners

US admits the war for ‘hearts and minds’ in Iraq is now lost

NYT: A Field Guide to the Falling Dollar

What happened to the middle class? Retail, auto sales, job numbers...

WP: Army Spun Tale Around Ill-Fated Mission (Pat Tillman death)

Acute malnutrition nearly doubled among Iraqi children: UNICEF

Bush sets out plan to dismantle 30 yrs of Environmental Laws

Eight Soldiers Plan to Sue Over Army’s Stop-Loss Policy -NYT

Boston Globe: You'll Need Your Retina Scanned to Re-enter Fallujah

Aid Cuts Threatened by US Over War Crimes Tribunal

CyberNET widow was 'enforcer'

Kerry, in NH visit, sounds a lot like a candidate (going to IRAQ)

West Wing Documentary Special on now on ABC

Do we need a DU group forum for "Lurkers"

Do you enjoy attending church/synagogue/mosque, etc.?

I switched to Linus!!!

I Switched to Linux!!!

Do You Eat Your Boogers?

Switched to Fire fox!

saliva or semolina?

to paraphrase Chris Rock

So I'm in the supermarket today...

Bob Dylan sing along!

The average colleagues dorm room is bigger then my cell.

Anyone here missing a large roll of $20 bills wrapped in a rubber band?

Will this non-stop rain actually drive me crazy?

"Hey kids, we're eatin' dinner tonight!"

Ok Xbox players, What did you think of Halo 2?

It's the coldest I've ever seen it with there being no snow on the ground.

Tonight's flamebait debate: wedding vows

Is Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas racist?

I just hit it ... now what?


I am also bored, ask me anything

Tomorrow's assignment: Start a fight with a total stranger.

I'm bored - ask me anything

A fun game:

guess who this is and win - part 2

Hey there, does anybody wanna see DU???

First person that guesses who this is wins!!!

Computer help: I have an "Aolascd" Error message won't go away

The average prisoner's cell is larger than my dorm room.

guess who this is and win - part 3

guess who this is and win - part 4

your feelings on the coca cola polar bears

guess who this is and win - part 5

the "Cockroach" episode of the X-Files is on my tv right now...

CanuckAmok - Have you packed or are you procrastinating?

does anyone else still have their yard sign up?

What NEW movie shall I see tomorrow?

I think my dad is wasted at the bar and never coming home

Went to Friday’s tonight…

I want a PC game that will truly scare the hell out of me. Ideas?

Alexander is one of the worst movies ever!

Dog lovers...have a question...


How do I look???

I'm sleepy...

Who's still up?

I learned something about myself today.

As I go to bed....

Best excuses for why you were speeding...

DU Post # 300....

So, 2,891 SPAM emails in under 2 weeks

Update on my neighbor. She died.

A new DU "generation?"

the new weapon against terrah...Arabic Sesame Street

BARKING DOGS & Rude Owners

this is my 500th post ! ask me anything!

Irate driver

Armed gang steals escalator. Hoping to move up in the world?

I haven't shaved or showered in three days- off to lowes I go!

It's "International Mole" Catalog Time!

I've now seen it all---a crimefighter who uses his nose-hairs in combat.

What ever happened to the Saturday Night Movie Threads?

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way-To say "Merry Christmas" to you

Parking for expectant mothers and people with infants ONLY

Wooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo

Does anyone know how to open luggage w/o a key?

The "NOT ME!" Campaign Update.

WHAT THE HELL? Neighbor Cranks Up The Leafblower at 7:15 On Sunday Morning

A thread about the depth and breadth of Milan Kundera's characters!

Has anyone looked into plasma and LCD tvs?

"Be prepared. Jesus is Coming" on the back of a church van

My new theme song

Male cheerleader goes nuts runs onto Army-Navy game field

Folktown 38 - I've found my home

If she were my daughter, I'd...

Looking for a new neighbor.......sad story.

Trio used laser technology to cheat, Casino says they can keep winnings

Wedding nightmare

Missouri Pulls Violent Video Games From Prison

Dogs and stomach flu/gastroenteritis. How long does this last?

If you had a daughter (or if you do) What would be her rules for dating?

OK Buckaroos - Scamp Walker time again.

Now for sale: The "Tweety" Heart Pendant!!! Get it NOW!!

Coffe vs Tea--What brands?

Only $175 per person gets you into "The Free Republic W2 Inaugural Ball"

My buddy Doug is a true friend!

There's very well endowed woman doing weather on Fox football.

Admit It - THIS is a REAL Babe!!!!!

Note to self:

Admit It! This is a REAL Babe!

More than a week after Thanksgiving - who's still eating turkey?

Just got back from the Imax

Does your cat walk across your keyboard?

My Partner's Off To Hawaii Today!!


Now *HERE* is a picture of a babe!

Why does my cat chew on used Q-Tips?

I now have a yellow "Support the Troops" sticker on my car.

Will Ty Willingham be considered a Catholic Church sex abuse victim?

Admit it: Bat Boy is odd.

Worst Holiday Specials

"The Show Must Go On": Not Just A Cliché!

This movie is a real bummer!

Those sticky-on heel protector grips...

The Zoom Quilt . . . a collaborative art project . . .

German prince allegedly gives mock Nazi salute

I want to touch you

my room-mate just got back from a film-fest in Whistler: no sleep for 26h

What's the deal with debit cards anyways?

Is it wrong for me to listen to - and like - Public Enemy?

Let Me Touch Him

Be careful about touching each other

I want to touch you

Separated at birth?

Detroit: Jones 74 yard run, next play Harrington throws an INT at the 1

Formerly good bands that ended up sucking:

Ever listen to a c.d. so much you scare other people ?

Order drugs from canda?

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, we both, oh yes we both

Nationwide shortage of defense to be declared today.

Jamaican bobsled team returns to Evanston

If you're sexy and you know it, flaunt it

Is it ok for us to get lunch from Burger King?

What's The Age Difference Between You And Your Significant Other?

Mythbusters Marathon on Discovery.

What colors are in the room you're in now?

DU Pic Gallery?

A kitten so ugly he's cute

Police: Dealers Report Stolen Marijuana To Authorities

Do not trust DU Lounge members "movie reviews"

As part of my re-introduction to society - I've discoverd...

I think my mom is wasted at the gay bar and is never coming home.

Take This Personality Disorder Test

I don't know why I'm still up. Ask me anything.

Food conversions: used to HATE popcorn, now love it...

Mythbusters Terrier-looking dude - Asshole or not?

This is me in Grade 9

Songs sung by narrators from beyond the grave?

Patriots beating Browns 42-7. Its only the 3rd quarter!

Marry Christmas!!!!!!

P. Manning just threw his 44th TD pass of the season.

White Christmas on UPN

I Wanna Post In GD - WHAT Should My Topic Be?

The perfect gift for the moron in your life.

so do you say "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", or 'other'?

Chicago is beating Minnesota?

Ever use Google as a spell checker?

The IPowerweb Mind Fuck- Update and a question for the DU techies

Good bands that ended before sucking?

OK!! I Spent All Day Trimming The Tree - How Does It Look?

I just saw a commercial for E*Trade using Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers!

John Butler Trio....

Who here takes bee pollen?

HEY! The Bears don't suck today!!!!

You're from the not-funny diarrhea club, fart face!

The Replacements Reunion of My Dreams

Q: How do you beat the Vikings???

Do you own your residence or rent?

Need advice!! should i be an extra in "the War of the Worlds" (tom cruise

I saw the Pixies last night...

Our neighbor's dog has chosen to die in my house.

We are not alone . . . .

A Woman Flashes and Taunts Fans at an 11-year-old's Hockey Game

Oh damn! Desperate Housewives isn't on tonight

This is on the chair to my right...

What are the chances of a Bhutan/Malawi war?

A Grocery Question

What are the chances of a Canada/Denmark war?

Please tell me not to adopt this guy!

Shelter: Woman brought in frozen dog, asked for new one

Need some digital camera help, please.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign......

What are the chances of a Djibouti/Kiribati war?

I smell like a pine tree. Ask me anything!

Mythos Music Freakies, Tori Amos is THE Goddess incarnate!!

This ISN'T a sex thread!!!!

Believe it. The RAMS will win the superbowl.

Admit it! Teach1st had a rusty car...

Believe It. I Give a Rat's Ass About The Superbowl.

URGENT Need outdoor Xmas light safety advice...

Hey, Don't Forget! We have a DU Pets group.


Believe It. I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About The Superbowl.

Flame Warriors: Which one are you? (Very, very humorous)

OMIGOD, you really CAN sell cockatiel feathers on Ebay!!!

Official Packers vs Eagles thread!

Have you ever Heard of a Liberal republicain?

If I bust my ass for the next 10 days, my GPA will be 2.56.

Teacher Arrested At JFK For Carrying Ruler, Protractor, Calculator

It's 106 miles to Chicago.

Whats the angriest lyric in a song you've ever heard?

Hotmail help, please! How do I hide the 'to' addresses when

My sister gave me her old couch.


Well, it's Sunday afternoon. Time for a Manhattan.

Capital Gains Tax Question

The "Guess the Rock Song in High-Falutin' English" game

Road Rage Came My Way

What's wrong with this picture?

Saw the movie, Tarnation, today and is it strange

Most annoying talentless* (female) pop singer?

Receipt checker person - Theft deterrent or job creation?

My Packers are getting their asses kicked by Philly!

The ultimate "your music sucks" vs. "No, your music sucks" DU battle royal

Cat blogs anyone?

Just downloaded and watched an interesting bit of history...

What a GREAT Sunday! Vi-Queens lose

Verified Titanic plate for sale on Ebay.

Better SUV slogans

DU law students - ready for exams?

Mental Masturbation! favorite part of a fantasy!

Interstate Idiocy

Bob Dylan's first interview in almost 20 YEARS coming up

WE'VE ADOPTED A NEW LOG! What should we name it?

San Diego wins

Question to DU ladies

Basil: Austin, the Cold War is over!

DU Glossary has a new web addy...

Is anyone here actually on your local draft board?

It's Sunday evening - should I have a third Manhattan, or a second Gimlet?


It is officially Christmas, I just had my first Bowl of Spumoni

WE'VE ADOPTED A NEW DOG! What should we name it?

Simpsons: Fox News Truck With Bush/Cheney Banner

BENGALS WIN!! Ravens bribed refs can't save the sorry ass Ravens

Overly Sappy Christmas Post--Please Read.

Anyone else have a SLOOOOOOWWW net today?

OMFG!!! I have proof the world is going to end tonight!

Looking for a big ole' US Interstate Hwy. Map

Good news Marge!

The Simpsons just slammed FOX NEWS Again

Do you get a kick out of watching a long time DUer

UN Women's Conference: Sexy Asian girls discuss wage disparity.


My ordeal with screaming kids at Mass today.

'How about a half hour of pity sex?'

MiSTies-ever watch some of the original Minneapolis episodes?

Heh. Heh heh. You said 'succumb.'


Hey! The Dolphins don't SUCK today!!!!

Vin Diesel goes the "Kindergarden Cop" route in Disney's "The Pacifier"

Unfamiliar opening bands....

Tonight's flamebait debate: choice (male)

What was the dumbest quote of 2004?

In rare case, man who has not yet been tried wants state to execute him

I asked this 2 days ago, and it's already gone from the first 20 pages.

Anyone watching Arrested Development??

Old abandoned shopping carts

does anyone feed their dog "Greenies"?

I'm back from Vegas...Did ZombyWoof behave while I was gone?

Prairie Dogs Have Own Language

Do you like Venors ginger ale?

I can't wait till the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie comes out

Freakin Steelers!!

DU Late Night Sunday Chat

Ben Franklin -- "ladies man"?????

Have you seen a cuter pug?

Dear Mr. Bush -- why don't you just ask someone to teach you Photoshop?

Hot Democratic women

Admit It: 4 Years Ago I Was a WEIRD LOOKING High School Freshman

Is the DU Gallery still being maintained? (I know it's still online but

Admit it: fluffernutter had the grooviest socks ever in High School.

Icon-O- Rama

Admit it, bush is a big baby.

Admit it I was a cute baby


what are the chances of a Switzerland/Sweden War?


Senator Bill Frist SCARES ME.

Best program for WAR driving?

How many like Ovaltine?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!! (Don't fall asleep!)

What's up w/liberals telling me what I can and can't say all of a sudden?

went to repub xmas party


OK, Nuclear Amusement Parks - which kind do you prefer?

Say what you want about Fox, but is there a funnier line up than...

when you're out shopping and your wife / gf says ...

Admit it! SOteric was a real babe too!

Admit It, I Sorta Look Like My Own Sig Line Cartoon


Favorite Tommy Bolin song?

Do the Vikings suck or what?

If Ben Franklin were alive today...

Which Magazine should I get?

Anyone ever done an "adaptive" house?


What’s the time?

I wanted something to wear to the Inaugural Day protest so ..

Big in '04 on VH1: Michael Moore will be on

Best man stabs groom for making a pass at his girlfriend

Can I just say one thing...

so I just saw "The Reagans" miniseries on DVD ...

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" Redux... has anyone heard it?

Anti-Steroid Button Brigade

Admit it! RagingInMiami has no legs!

Why do they call it Ovaltine?

Have you seen the new Verizon Wireless Commercial?

Is kanrok really mean or what??

Do the Packers suck, or what?

What's your favorite Climax Blues Band song?

To be sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree....

Oh give me a break. The Dolphins suck? The Vikings suck?

Hey!!! Let's TP Fenris' monitor

Crap! My water heater went out, leaked all over the back of my

You'd be shocked if you saw me.

How do you embed a graphic into your sig line?

un-poetic license

Admit it. The Grumpys are babes...

Shows that had both Black and White and Color episodes.

Well Well Well, Guess Whose Got The Best Defense In The NFL?

I'm calling out JimmyJazz. And Miss Kitty. And GOPisEvil. And

Bingo Night: An experience in Humanity....or perhaps not.

GLBT DUers: If your state legalized civil unions and you were in a...

"Hey, where the white women at?"

Woodstock '92--Didn't Longgrain look silly in his black fedora.

Congratulations roguevalley! 5000 Posts!

Tonight's Simpson's: What did Santa's Lil' Helper have?

Whos watching Big in '04 on VH1?

Size Does Matter

Somebody DU a poll..........

Congrats short bus president!!!! 5617 posts!!!!!

Aagh! The Bells! The Bells!!!

I do think it's pizza time!!!!!

Jags vs Steelers game thread:

Exotic Guitars . . .

What the hell is "BCS" re football? It seems to be a big deal, local news

Here, Have a Cup of Coffee...It's on me...

Something my uncle just sent me. Subject: I knew here had to be a book.

Ya gotta listen to Peter Werbe.....whatta guy whatta guy

If they were so inclined to run, what key figure of the "everyone knew

Worst Ancient Method of Execution:

am i just jaded or is the simpsons terrible these days?

Why the hell are so many of Jim Carrey's characters green?

Post The Punch Lines From Your Favorite Jokes...

let us all join in a big group hug with n2mark!

To anybody on Bella's other site.

admit it: you love my happy sig. dog

Steeeeeeeeeeeelers win

My laundry soap.

Canadian pharmacies that ship- any recommendations? experiences? Share.

Is it "Wine Night" for anyone?

Drive-in movies

Reason why I think the moon landings were faked

Remember this Steelers fans???

what were you doing during the early years of the Carter administration?

Congratulations JimmyJazz - 4000... erm, 4005 posts!

Why the hell are so many of Spider-Man's greatest villains green?

Don't look to see if anyone's behind you. Just throw it into reverse and..

I have used the word "adorable" three times in the last hour.

Have you ever heard of a Liberal Republicain?

The Ben Franklin you never read in school

I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a flannel for my face.

Who or what will you be in your next life?

Admit it! In the 80s, I wore too much makeup.

Admit it: SKITTES WAS A BABE !!!

Looking for flights from Sydney, AU, to Seattle.

I give up

Oh, yeah. we just smoked a Troll....

Did You Guys Just See The Sixty Minutes Piece On Bob Dylan?

Yaw Emas Eht Ylper Trohs A Epyt, Siht Daer Nac Uoy Fi


...and the Christmas tree was tethered to wall with tess line & great care

I don't practice Santeria...

Anyone here ever use "Skip Doctor"?

Which star sign are you?

I'm ticked off!

The Adventures of Annie: a Flash kitty sitcom

Black and White shows you grew up with....

Ahh! Aahhh! Aaahhhhh!

Admit it: SarahBelle is a babe!

My kid flooded the bathroom

Do squirrel-proof bird feeders really work?

HBO's "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" premieres tonight

Visit my blog at

Admit It: CO Liberal Looked "Interesting" At His Senior Prom

Music's finest performer or group from the 60s

Who or what is your avatar and why?

Serius radio

French Toast anyone?

OMG! She Looking For What?

NightTrain has an absolutely awesome pic in the DU gallery.

Why in the hell.....

It's almost 2005! So far, this decade sucks!

Which was the worst decade for fashions?

Could the U.S. defeat Canada in a war?

Congratulations MrsGrumpy! 16895 Posts!

Old abandoned amusement parks.

Do you believe that love exists?

Old abandoned racetracks.

Why won't (x^2)^.5 differentiate right?!!!!! (

WE'VE ADOPTED A NEW GOD! What should we name it?

Where are YOU going, after you die???

What movie can you watch over and over again....

After I posted my book on the DU --I got this review from a freeper

Favorite medieval disease?

Cross me, and this might happen to YOUR picture...

sativa or sensimilla?

I have officially given up

Bird owners!!! what kind of birds do you own

"I'm a hopeless romantic."

Need Advice: May have to threaten to Sue my Former Bosses!!! EEEKKK!!!

Gratuitous animal pic thread!

Why don't the Packers concede so that the Simpsons et. al can be aired?

Just watched "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers." Geoffrey Rush

Who'll play Bernard Kerik in the Miramax movie?

Need Advice: Might Need to Sue former Bosses. But before I do...

He-Cat or She-Cat Game

Weird local kids shows from when you were a kid.

anyone here a machinist?

Medical People: A gruesome question about Guillotines.

The Arcade Fire

Dark Day for the Nation

Look at the markings on Skittles (The Kitten)

well, well, well . . . a little something for everyone . . .

Cheesiest film lines

Which of these films is the worst?

The Anti-War Christian Right Must Speak Up

anyone watching Rameses on Discovery?

Someone should start "Jesusland Tours"

Are thoughts sin?

CT Helps Find Cause Of Puzzling Cough In World Trade Center Rescue Workers

Showing the Muslim world why the Western World is superior ...

"The Search for Science" (Google Scholar) WOW!!!

Teenagers fail to see the consequences

Buddhas rise again from the ruins - with a bit of Kiwi help

Holy Grail of geology found

Einstein: On Cosmic Religious Feeling


Fans Against Steroids!

Biggest Game of the Season Regarding the AFC West

Sorry ....College Football sucks.....


McNabb Is Overrated Because He's Black

Texas is going to the Rose Bowl


What are you getting your pets for holiday gifts? I'm at a loss...

Anyone here also feed their pets raw food?

I've just discovered that my Chi Onyx likes Boxing!

So cute! I wish I could have kept him...

A puppy was dropped in the ditch by my house today!

Pets and Holiday Trees.

Who has pet insurance?

Silva, est, Lifespring, TM....others?

Unexplained infertility

The Wounded President, at Starlight News

Excellent new book: "The End of Faith"

Watch this video of 'Pastor' Deacon Fred... (Funny! )

Dover Math Teachers Required to Offer 'Alternative Value' for Pi

Rave: Christians are ruining DU for me.

John Kerry's Grandparents - James and Margaret Forbes

Comments from someone who attended Kerry's visit to NH!! (very uplifting)

John Kerry and John Edwards out on the town in tuxedos!

John Kerry's Parents - Richard and Rosemary Kerry

John Kerry - Youth Years (Part 1of 2)

Favorite photographer(s)

Top 11 post-election uses for an electronic voting machine.

Bush v. Gore "precedent" to stop recount: US Commonwealth Puerto Rico

Facing reality


am I the only one not "surprised" by Thompson's food safety remarks?

I hope all the Iraqi's enjoy the "freedom" Bush is giving them.

Bush Downplays Thompson's Terror Worries

Lil billy tauzin did not concede in Louisiana

If Californians thought like Texans

Bush and the Intelligence Bill


stop hiding the GOP CHEATING - Ruy Teixeira DOES NOT dump on fraud idea

Is Reid a paid operative for the GOP?

Buy Leatherman this Christmas

Democracy is very , very ill..........

What A Self Important Gas Bag David Brooks Is...

Which One Is Most Likely To Burn bu$h?

When BBV is proven President Gore should pass the torch to...

I can see the Midwest going Democratic

Please DU this CNN poll re: improved relations w/allies...

The Weekly Standard's View of Bush......

Am I the only one not "surprised" by Bush's food safety remarks?

I need some bumper sticker/button help

What am I missing here? Why won't Blackwell certify the vote in Ohio?

What does it mean to refer to Bush as "pResident" - with the big R?

At least 68 Iraqis killed by insurgents since Friday: "Let Freedom Reign!"

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist predicted today

Social Security Reform

This ISN'T a sex thread!!!!

Barack Obama on CSPAN 2 right now...

Now I can better understand Timothy Leary....

WaPo on Torture

Stupid question Poll:

How Congress failed america on Healthcare in 1990s (from Dean's Book)

Any ideas for a political statement with Christmas lights?

Democrats Deceive Themselves

if kerry's going to kowtow, if the dnc's not going to help, and if

Anybody watching C-span. They just finished a panel on the Media in the

pro-McCain atty suing OH for fraud: Claims Bush stole 65,000 Kerry votes

Hey Everyone: CNN is about to separate fact from fiction re: Voter Fraud

Ruling May Hinder Military Recruiting

Gotta LOVE Fox: "Gen. Discusses APPARENT Abuse Pics on Arab TV"

US admits the war for 'hearts and minds' in Iraq is now lost

Reid on MTP refuses to back off on calling Bush a LIAR! LOL!

Chicago Tribune Story on FBI investigation into Ohio vote tampering.

Is the media really this stupid?

WMD Labs In U.S.?

There may be another high level resignation this week, folks!

No more mister nice Democrat -- Why We Fight -- lefty black ops

Maintain Dem visibility in your neighborhood

An idea: The Consumer Party

Football and war

Rove has made habit out of framing others for "crimes"

What a steaming pile of shit Jonah Goldberg is

What is the political composition of your state's US House delegation?

The "new" DemocraticUnderground ?

Reid--a bigger milquetoast than Daschle?

Possible RNC leak explains vote fraud mechanish

Let me get this straight....

Steely Eyed Determination Or Battle Fatigue?


OC: Missouri HB 35: Evolution Targeted

Unembedded in Iraq....

Colin Powell Predictions for the next few years

Beware! New Yahoo snooping feature: How to opt out

ACT Analysis: Why Bush Won Ohio (Steve Rosenthal's Words, Not Mine)

What is the political composition of your state's US Senate delegation?

has anyone seen Lawrence O'Donnell since 10/22?

Right-winger organizing boycott of Will Smith

Do they know?

Declare Victory And Leave Constructive criticism please?

9/11 Timeline site about to be shut down

Conservatives = Nazis