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Archives: December 4, 2004

Maybe she'll re-evaluate the god b.s. now

Going after Annan/A sordid move by Coleman

CA: Let's worry about election counts here

Progressive Democrats of America - A New Party? Look Here:

FLORIDA: Bush lacks the credibility to criticize Ukraine's election

(Bush and Condi ) Kissing colleagues: Breach of protocol?

"Drawn-out War" US invasion of Iraq & the German invasion of Yugoslavia

"So Long Almost Everybody But Concertina Rice . . ." Funny, funny Bob B.

U.S., not Castro, impedes travel to Cuba

Media In The Winter Of Our "Disremorse" Tom

George W. arrested in this legit?

Conflicted America: The Ironies Abound

Israeli's horrified by military revelations

How Novak created his own ethics-free zone. Washington Monthly

"New Freedom Initiative"

Why (some) White Men worship Bush?

Participatory Democracy in Venezuela, part 2

Front man for a police state: Bernard Kerik to head US Homeland Security

US rhetoric dangerously out of step with realities on the ground in Afghan

Market-driven medicine

Friedman: Fly Me to the Moon (Oil Prices not Reagan Brought down Russia)


Declare Victory And Leave : Helen Thomas

Insane Bushies in Florida

NY Attorney General receives SHOCKING 9/11 INFORMATION !!

Battlefield Earth

You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is



Boycott China

Need Flyers to Promote A Protest, March, Rally or Demonstration???

Red Hands Rally Mon. SF -> House Minority Leader Pelosi: Come if you can

MFSO Actions

Speculating on Germany's Past: Soldiers of Fortune

Peak Oil conference

LAT: Governors Seek Easing of Endangered Species Act

Hybrids vs. Hydrogen: Which Future Is Brighter? (ABC News)

From The Center for Public Integrity: "The Shadow Pentagon" by Dan

FYI: I found some well documented gun facts

Since Bev's been banned, will her supporters be allowed to post...

Can you delete my post from a thread?

If someone gets banned from DU for saying something stupid

Could you possibly lock this thread.

No complaints. I just want to wish you guys Happy Holidays.

why did my post get locked?

Please, could you tell me what happened to my post --

I second forgethell's request!

Could you please tell me why my post was blocked????

I'd like to thank the moderator for locking this.

I posted about an hour ago about DU Cruise and it disappeared...Where

Why are our posts showing the wrong time?

Right after I opened a post by PaulaGem, an admitted non-

This seems offensive to all DUers as well assomething you should know

Is there a way to let the administrators know


When Are The New And Improved Message Board Rules To Be Unveiled?

I know we can't have "Hide Threads" right now; not a problem,

I know you guys are real busy. Do you think maybe in the near future

AA 11: The Flight manifest?!

I just posted 22 flyers in Chicago.

Gerrymander Illinois for the Democrats?

The (un)Official DU Comic Relief Thread (Lord knows we need it)


a MUST see . . . and pass it around, heh?

ELECTION 2004 THEME SONG, please read and listen

One thing I don't get about the Judiary Committe Letter to Blackwell

Presidential election recount to start within a few weeks (in NM)

Outing Famous Freepers

Video & Text of Nov. 29 VoterGate Protest in SF at KGO & Senator Boxer's


Anyone have the original Cuyahoga results? Something's fishy.

OHIO: Judge refuses to back county in attempt to stop recount

Screwed Senate/Rep Dem Candidates - Help to Gather Info!!!!

Best route to Columbus Ohio from Chicago? RT 65 to RT 70?


US government exports election fraud to Belgium

Another election mistake surfaces - Pinellas Again!

Article from PC World on E-voting problems in MD

Wash. Post peice

Question Re: Washington recount and presidential race

Are house mems allowed to vote on their own challenge?

A couple of thoughts on elections...

Blackwell should be charged with Obstruction of Justice


FL:Deborah Clark strikes again....and is caught red handed

Who is on their way to the Columbus, Ohio Rally? Check-in...

If Bev has evidence of fraud in a national election, why no federal suit?

This was posted yesterday and has been buried in back pages.

Another election "mistake" surfaces

Dean working toward recount in Washington.

It's either next week or nothing

Got a 'Live Cam' going on in Columbus OHIO today?

BRAD BLOG: Additional ?'s Sent to Blackwell by Dems...and more!

Broadcast of OHIO hearings

Rally Speaker backs DNC/Kerry as needed for change

Cliff Ornebeck is now speaking at the rally n/t


Hmm, my thread re:suspicious naysaying posters suspiciously dissappeared

Congressman CONYERS: a HERO for MEETING with MADSEN


New setback for Ukraine opposition

New Cannonfire blog/Madsen /Dec 4

I gotta ask: where did 'Shrub' come from??

Huge Bush margin increases in 3 S.W. Ohio counties questionable

Will there be a recount in FLORIDA? What happens if we lose OHIO?

why haven't Damschroder & Blackwell been indicted for malfeasance?

News: Chicago Tribune re: glitches in 6 key states

Election 2004

"Litany of complaints" about e-voting in Utah


OHIO - Questions on the recount...

Kerry Won the Election by at least 1.7 Million Votes

CNN airing the Ohio Rally and irregularities Now!

So how many dead people voted for Bush?

I know this is probably nothing....

I say ~1500....

Righteous Ramblings

Okay all, bash the messenger if you must...but is this for Real?

We're off to invade somewhere else....

listen here for evening portion of Ohio Rally

Radio Left is Back on the Air Covering Rally at 6

Ohio rally evening portion on NOW


As many as 4000 machine problems in Maryland?!?

Machines count more votes than hand counts in Alabama.

Can someone help me with the radioleft link


Can someone direct me to the thread or thread that had

This is just about the stupidest thing I've ever heard of:

Whats next ???? Billboards are an amazing tool of Fascists

Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states

CHICAGO TRIB: Dead Voters, Double Voters, Discounted Votes

Jesse Jackson on CNN this morning (12/04/04)...

a couple thousand people do not make a movement.

I've Decided To Get Over The Election

I got this in my e-mail and wanted to share it with you.....

Who are you and what do you believe in?

Mistakes by ES & machines could affect outcome of WA Gov election

FBI looks into possible FL Republican ballot tampering

It wasn't about moral, lookee....feel better?

AP Story on Yahoo! News: 400 Demand Recount in Ohio (NEW LINK! RATE NOW!)

JohnKerry GELAC no longer accepting online contributions

FBI Refuses Complaint Alleging Ohio Voter Fraud


Need Flyers to Promote A Protest, March, Rally or Demonstration???

Pre-election advice on Exit Polls from Edison Media !!!

AP actually covers Ohio demonstration!!!

You have got to see this!!!

How come more Dixiecrats voted for Clinton in 1996

Hope to feel more optimistic but....

AP Story on Yahoo! News: 400 Demand Recount in Ohio (RATE NOW RATE NOW!)

Jesse Jackson ill?

Post by "AnIndependentTexan" brings up issue of vote padding via felon

Is there audio of the community forum in Ohio?

3000 to 4000 people at Ohio rally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WA--Statewide recount next week; Reps say recall is "nuclear bomb."

Live Coverage In Ohio HERE NOW

Anyone interested in listening to the Rally in Columbus Ohio can do at Rad

Help! Is there a website which shows # of voters by county?

Red Handed.

Ukraine and US: In which country was there more election fraud?

Rate this Photo of Ohio Rep. D. Stewart......

The DLC joins the Republicans in the "Moore bashing"

The "TEN DOLLAR BILL" analogy

Chicago Tribune. Dead voters on rolls, glitches found in 6 key states

Madsen Reports Conyer House Dems Hearings Will Be a "Forum" Only

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

I'm a Voter. Would you please make sure my vote is counted?


"In a Twist, Professors Find War Affected Bush Votes"

TIA produced enough documentation to beat up a Republican with it

Montana's own votergate. Repubs ignor election law to swipe state house

Guess I just ticked of the DCCC

Impounding the Machines- Response from a Lawyer

How can we talk to 56 million democrats? The only venue

1 in 1 billion chance Mitofsky is not an ass-brain! Eureka!

Please help me find a missing letter from AGs office...

I am having dinner tonight with Thom Hartmann news reporter says only 400 attended Ohio Rally :(

Rate this photo of Columbus rally

Ohio recount AFTER Dec. 13?

the 21'st Century Revolution Click and read this It is great

Letter to Rep Conyers -- important additional information from Mitofsky

Saturday 12/4 AM Action -> Wake Up MoveOn

MoveON: Count Every Vote – Act Now!

Posted on Michael Moore's Website Yesterday

News: Lucas County, OH, suspends election workers

Rally for fraud in Missouri

Feds investigate dems in E. St. L...appears to be local, but does...

YOU Are the Movement -- YOU Are the Voices -- YOU Are the Media

Red Hands Rally Mon. SF -> House Minority Leader Pelosi: Come if you can

A thought on Kerry's strategy

The Perfect Storm?

What have other countries done in the past when in our situation?


Could this be the way they rigged the votes for Bush?

The DU Mathematicians have spoken: It's 1 out of 14 TRILLION !

Votes assigned by poll workers to candidates randomly in Cleveland precinc

FALSE CLAIMS ACT ARGUMENT for Impounding the Machines .... Lawyers???

Oops! I Appointed A Special Interest

What's your opinion of Jerry Brown?

LAT: Governors Seek Easing of Endangered Species Act

Red Hands Rally Mon. SF -> House Minority Leader Pelosi: Come if you can

Minnesota Law on Optical-Scan Ballot recounts?

DNC Listening Tour Survey

Erlandson: How much longer will he be around?

disgusting racist decal I just saw on a bumper

Two questions: whining noise and grinding on power cord insert

My monitor is all wavy-gravy

Can't remove program, can't make it work - HELP!

"Talk of Akron(Ohio)"WNIR (kinda pink tutu-ish Dem) has couple hours

Who from DU is going to the Columbus, Ohio Rally today? Check-In

Ohio Republicans want Nurse Aids to pass meds to our elderly in Nursing H

Start one of these in your area: Committee of Correspondence

Interesting Li'l Ricky Santorum Website - House Photo and all...

Is anyone listening to the ohio symposium

Good Job Wisconsin!

Need paid help for vote count in WA

Links to some of the recount stories

Whose voting machines are used in Snohomish County?

Who was it that said, in 1998, that it was okay to support the troops but

Maybe I missed it, but..

Bush's Biography

I am determined to do something...

Did anyone catch Amy Goodman on Hardball?

Three good things to think about

An Experiment that Proves Absinthe is Beneficial to Frogs

On Language

toon: How the Jeopardy bazillionaire game came to an end

U.S. military says evidence gained by torture acceptable

Gay Relationships -- Does the Bible Really Condemn It? Maybe not...

We cannot play nice with these thugs

horatio alger turning in his grave

Ben Stein

Grrrr, now that pissed me off more than I've pissed off in a long time

Since Kerik was such a sterling choice, what's next?

God is killing American Christianity... and we GODDAMN well DESERVE it!

State Police Protect New Jersey Malls from Terrorism

Killer Inc.

Blue city, Red county, Blue state, Red country

Forty year anniversary:

This woman on Malloy is correct...

new "Voice of the White House" . . .

Lets see if there is a pattern

Cargo Plane ditches into lake/Fl.-written on fuselage "elect G.W.Bush"

If we want a more "moderate" Party, shouldn't we get Carville-types off TV

Is there a list of all types of weapons the US has used against Iraq?

Borders...National Intelligence "czar"...national ID al

I don't give a damn what the bible says

Spitzer and Blumenthal ---wish there was one in every state

Please help "un-freep" this right wing forum:

If Jason Giambi Is To Be Booted For Steroid Use...

Can anyone tell me

US ambassador wants proof and gets it (US eliminates body counters)

Iraqi abuse photos, more of them

Almost half of Americans believe God created humans

SO, where CAN I shop???

Adult Stem Cell Research Hold Promises of Cures for Disease

Walk Idiot Walk

Quotes from the right wing

How come all the 'mistakes' from 2000 onwards, favor the Republicans,

If we MUST have a Theocracy...

Are you working harder for less?

Imaginative 'starve the beast' protester in La.

Why is it

Japaneese city council requires male employees ......

At forum, teen takes on Ruzicka over gay adoption

Jeb Bush argues that marriage is conflict of interest....

"Merchant of Venice" US distributor demands changes.[frescoes are "porn" ]

National consumption tax will probably hit some fundies hard, too, I bet.

What's on the front page of YOUR newspaper today?

Ohio protest broadcast live on radio

How much more powerful a voice would Air America Radio be?

WBBM news-reader just called Dems "The Loyal Opposition"...WTF??

bush doing coin toss at army-navy game

GREAT Letter to the Editor in today's WP

"Support the Troops: Pay Your Taxes"

I'm sure all you DU history buffs know this, but...

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Saturday 12/4 AM Action -> Wake Up MoveOn

Action Alert! Urge Move On member mobilization for recount!

How many people think things are going to get much worse.

Why is Jerry Falwell always in debt?

Poll didn't work. Please delete this thread, mods. Thanks.

Can anyone list off some good Canadian Drug Websites

White House Insider: a long read but interesting

Stars and Stripes anti-Rumsfeld letter Dec 4

We need a progressive 24 hour news channel

"This Week in God" from the Daily Show/Video clip

thinking about renting a billboard

They've found another bomb in my parent's town - Chetek WI

Common Sense Question

Who is planning on leaving the country?

Faulkner: "Why do you hate the South?" "I don't hate it...I don't hate it"

the dollar and the euro...a struggle for monetary hegemony?

Scalia opens his mouth: "jews are safer with christians in charge"

The Right-Wing/Militant Muslim Alliance

"400 Demand Recount at Ohio Statehouse" YAHOO story needs good rating...

Self Delete

Is serving in Iraq legalized suicide?

Choose the Blue! (Sorry if this is a repost)

Need proof the Christian Right is dangerous? Look at this.

KERRY DREAMS another appeal for dreams of political nature

Who makes up the 9-11 Commission? humbug!

Photo: Bush in Stalins chair?

The Politics of Christianity: A Talk With Elaine Pagels

David Brock Rips CBS A Good One On Church Censorship

The future of health care in the US: Health Savings Accounts

Foreign Enablers

Karma? - PLANE With Words "EELECT GEORGE W. BUSH" Crashes!

Is DU sponsoring a Cruise? Could you post the thread? Thanks...

Bush Christmas: $170 jacket now $80 at Macys

Senator Bayh responds to letter on H.R. 3015 HOPE FOR PAIN SUFFERERS!

Bush creates 3 million manufacturing jobs.

Co-publishing at Narconews.

would you have been an anti-war activist in the 60s?

Know what I can't stand!

I got my "NOT ME!" wristband today!!!

"Our leader" sign has a new addition

I haven't seen this

What's with all the proposed private savings accounts?

Voice of the White House came out with some new info...if not posted yet.

Capitol Gang's Kate O'Beirne is pro Medical Marijuana!

Barack Obama on Book-TV right now...

Ohio Vote Irregularities Symposium (Palast, et. al.) Will Be Streamed !!!

Big problem with my computer. Please help

CNN On-Line Poll: Are You Happy That Rummy Has Kept His Gig?

What a Golden Opportunity

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked!

book by Chris Wallace of Fox News criticized by The Daily Howler

Would modern day Gomorrah be made up of Republicans?

Researchers: Need Link re higher abortion rates during repub admins...

I think we know where the missing 380 Tons of explosives are.

Can anyone help with my daughter's history day project?

Feeding the hungry today

Should our faith influence our politics?

Early numbers from the Lousiana runoff elections

Pictures of planes crashing into the WTC could be used as a

I just saw the UCC commercial... on ABC Family.

So did anyone go to O'reilly's book signing?

Need help with website!!

Researchers: Need Link re Pro Lifer receiving stem cells in China...

Mormon Choir Cancels Overseas Trips

Christmas gift idea for freeper friends & family

The nuts where I live

Has been hacked?

A Lab Escapee in Korea (1933 Influenza)?

Remember the name Walter Lippman.

Fox v/s the FCC


PDAmerica and Democracy for America----2 ways to retake the party???

is there a forum or group on labor and unions?? if not, there should be

No More Moore: The DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt

excellent satire! bush arrested in Canada! 8^)

Who are you and what do you believe in?

What if Americans, in increasing numbers ,start going to India and

Do we have a genetic propensity for religious belief?

Who has a good web site for pictures of civilians killed in Iraq?

Tommy Thompson (Bush cabinet) urges terrorists to attack US food supply

Idea - One Religious Left, many Religions

What is the purpose for voting for a Yahoo! story? Keep it around longer?

Solace. Not to worry.

David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) doesn't care if every vote isn't counted

Social Security is SOLVENT and we MUST KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!!

Michael Moore said "You have to BE the Media." Will you help?

Democratic Party - move to the left or to the right?

Armed robots soon marching to battle?

The DLC is a Fifth Column within the Democratic Party.Its positions

ED plus 32 -- When are you taking your physical, George?

AFP: "Zimbabwe ruling party elects country's first woman vice-president"

John Titor was a hoax. But, did you ever read the story?

***All GLBT DUers, I support you and I love you!!!!***

FAIR Media Advisory: The Return of PSYOPS

Problem #1 with health care: Everyone is on drugs

Is this evidence that terrorist attacks could possibly be staged?

Hi, I'm Jewish

I have simple proposal for DUers.Instead of shopping for gifts, what if we

Al From for DNC chair

Rant email to The New Republic editors

Social Security Administration Giving out "Free Lunch"

Are There No Door-To-Door Buddhists? No Proselytizing Hindus?

Boycott Republican Banks, join a Democratic Credit Union

Imperial Hubris: read right wing reaction on amazon

just got back from the Ohio Statehouse--ask me anything

Do you come to DU looking to pick a fight?

Dumbed-Down Citizens are NOT good for Democracy. Period.

Getting out the Fraud Information

Within the next decade, an economic tsunami is heading our way that

Justice Denied - The Kirstin Lobato Story

I'm Transgender and I am proud of it has to be cheating...

I watched F911 with wife...she is now asleep alone

Saw something chilling... (fundamentalist teen rally - "murder/kill")

THANKS DU'ers...another vote, please!

It was Gorbechev not Reagan who ended Soviet communism

I had a great run-in with a recruiter

BBC: "US offers olive branch to Taleban"

Help this atheist understand

The Hypocisy of the supposedly ultra-tolerant DUers

The dirty little secret of ALL politics

Bring Home Our Troops" Blue Ribbon Car Magnets

How would you handle a situation like this?

Left has gone too far (IMHO)

I see it everywhere. People are living in their vehicles.

Busted! Bought online prescription drug from Canada....Heads Up!

Nuke the Muslims...

Should there be a DU Investment discussion group?

Are you ready for this? It's about time! (***not for the weak at heart)

Why can't we establish a voluntary health care system???

Know your BFEE: Homeland Czar & Petro-Turd Bernie Kerik

I was up all night baking!! And I'm exhilarated.

HELP when do I add the noodles to the bean soup?

DU husbands - How to make a cheap meal for your wife

Best cooking pots. What do you recommend.

I am baking again...congo bars

from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record Today


NYT-Dollar's Fall Tests Nerve of Asia's Central Bankers

Humphrey wins dismissal

You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is

NYT,pg1: California Diocese Settles Abuse Cases; Record Sum Is Seen

Rights Watch Urges Karzai to Sideline Warlords

US investigating new prisoner abuse photos

Suicide car bomb hits U-S Marines in Iraq

Conyers aide allegedly ordered politicking

NYT: Kerik's D.C. Move Could Benefit, and Test, Giuliani's Consulting Firm

LAT- Guard's Iraq Fears Spark Inquiry

Cali cocaine kingpin flown to U.S. cell

Kerry fund-raisers throw support behind Tom Reilly for Gov. of MA

NYT:(SAT) Board Asks Group Not to Post Test Analysis(by race, income, sex)

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty # 1265

Top brass stayed silent on prisoner interrogation techniques

El Salvador denies asylum to Venezuelan ex-officers

At Least 8 Migrants Die Off Puerto Rico

WP,pg1: 2 Stem Cell Options Presented: Human Embryos Wouldn't Be Killed

$100M Clergy Abuse Deal Brings Some Relief

Bhopal anguish as BBC hoaxed

WP:Fox Calls for Ct. Review of Standards:FCC Rules Archaic, Says in Appeal

Immigrant women reveal how Britain is home to sex slavery

Thatcher's sister and 'best friend' dies

Six Killed After Baghdad Car Bomb (10 wounded near GreenZone)

NYT: Officials Lay Groundwork for Great Lakes Cleanup (will it be funded?)

Black Watch return to Basra base

Appeals Court Overturns Order Of Internet Shutdown at Interior

NYT- U.S. Health Chief, Stepping Down, Issues Warning

Suit fights U.S. aid to mission sites

Bush arrested in Canada for war crimes

U.S. Commander: More GIs Needed in Iraq

Iraq:kill the Dr's, clerics, journalists

BBC: "US offers olive branch to Taleban"

Fallujans Pose Challenge to Iraq Gov't (whatta understatement)

Florida Kerry supporters meet for group therapy

Michigan couple face thousands in fines for trip to Cuba

Yahoo News: 400 Demand Recount at Ohio Statehouse

Only small European firms succumb to U.S. embargo on Cuba

Hearings Begin in Abu Ghraib Abuse Trial(Karpinski ordered to testify)

Russian Intelligence Kills Top Al Qaeda Operative in South Russia

Bush Mum on Pakistan's Hunt for Bin Laden

Suicide attack kills 7 Kurdish fighters in Iraq

NYT/IHT: Yuschenko's Illness Stumps Doctors (poison? compare photos)

Four bodies found in northern Iraq (wearing ING uniforms)

Mosul police repel coordinated insurgent attacks: US military

Abu Ghraib Guards Were Scapegoats, U.S. Lawyers Say

Car bombings, other attacks kill nearly 40 in Iraq

OHIO: Judge refuses to back county in attempt to stop recount

Tell truth on troops' stay, says Feinstein

AFP Interview: UN nuclear chief angrily denies charges of collaboration wi

Nevada controller convicted on one of three counts in impeachment trial

Area river searched for soldier from Iraq (Wewahitchka, FL)

Bush Comments on Thompson Terror Worries (food supply)

Bush Mum on Pakistan's Bin Laden Efforts

Supreme Court to Hear ISP, Cable Dispute

Terror war hurts Christians: Vatican

Bush Downplays Thompson's Terror Worries

LAT: Mission to Mandate Teaching of Constitution Inserted Into Bill

"E-elect George Bush: Evidence in Wreckage?

China's wave of commodity buying fuelling cargo shipping prices

Furore over report U.S. Military eliminated medical workers

National Guard Hiring Recruiters(1,400 to stem thinning of the ranks)

WP: Private Firms to Chase Delinquent Taxpayers

Militainment Gone Amok: The Military Channel

China carried out 90% of world's executions

Ensign has misgivings about intelligence reform bill

NYT: China Can Pull Plug On US Real Estate Bubble

NYT: Rulings in Texas Capital Cases Try Supreme Court's Patience

WP: Climate Talks Bring Bush's Policy to Fore (claims technology is answer

Iraq's Catch-22

Cargo plane ditches in Miami lake

Military Official Weighs in on New Photos (Kimmitt)

NYT: Worried Merchants Throw Discounts at Shoppers

Roadside Blast Kills U.S. Soldier in Iraq #1266 & #1267

Kerry Gives Money to Support Dem Races

Up to 40,000 low-income adults may lose Basic Health (state of Washington)

DEFENSE DRILLS SET FOR COUNTRY (in Cuba - worried about US invasion)

WP: In the Kill Zone : The Unnecessary Death of Pat Tillman

Habitat for Humanity Founder Pushed Aside (sexual harrasment)

Republican wins Democrat stronghold in Louisiana [LA-7, we win LA-3]

Seventeen Kurdish militiamen killed in northern Iraq car bomb

End of fiber pact may mean China-US trade war

NYT- Big Changes Seen in Choice for Homeland Security

Bin Laden's hideout is touted as tourist site

NYT: Researcher Pulls His Name from Paper on Prayer and Fertility

French Police Misplace Explosives on Jet

Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states -Chicago Trib

400 Demand Recount at Ohio Statehouse

"Yo, is Cookie Puss there? I wanna speak to her..."

Do you run to, or away from, a thread with 100+ responses?

Math Question - Square Root


Fantastic space wallpapers (picture and link)

Peterson's Irish Whiskey pipe tobacco makes me feel loopy.

What movie is this quote from?

Token outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. Post yours!

Venereal Disease - not a sex thread!

Look at the pup I am adopting first thing tomorrow morning!!!!

Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas?

You know.....

Fenris' "Irish Whiskey broken bottle to the face" makes me feel loopy

Will history remember Hairy Blonds?

Anyone see the new "trying to be funny" CNN news spots - 1 w/ Lou Dobbs Rocket Ship

Has anyone missed me?

Does anyone else appreciate Nanci Griffith like I do?

dupe .

My God I think I'm tweaking.....

I'm sorry if I missed it

Gratuitous thread: hedgehogs

Shake shake shake

Granddaughter’s success swells grandmother’s pride

Ever seen Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy"?

My God, I think I'm Peking!


Whatever happened to Kate Bush?

Lounge word game - Bush admin story: add a 3 word phrase in subject line

Look ma! I'm single, again...

this is my 420th post. join me if you care to, cause you can!

My God,I think I'm peaking

whatever happened to poi dog pondering?

Worst drummer face contest. Top this!

seeing the proposal thread...

Has anyone ever seen "Kid A In Alphabet Land"?

yet still ANOTHER gratuitous hedgehog thread

Bush uses "Sex Education" to spread outrageous lies!

Insanity in Homes coming to a city near you --barf

Insomniac on Comedy Central, Crime Scene Cleanup - Business Opportunity

Favorite AM radio DJ?

Are bi-racial people alot hotter than other people?

Bands that were Big Time acts, but then ended up later in shit venues

Do I bitch about stuff too much?

Say what you want, but I fucking hate the NBA

What do you know about St. Kitts & Nevis

big fight w/hypocritical Nader supporter who voted for Kerry, regrets it

An update for anyone who cares to know

Meyer goes to Florida, dumps Notre Dame

Why can't I just be a teenager hanging out at the Quick Stop in 1974?

What would you do if the whole Internet is shuts down?

I've got a Very Bad Elf here


Italy's unlucky number

Antwerp puts Rubens world on ice

Is Target REALLY better than Wal-Mart?

HRC & Equality magazine?

Passengers flee swarm of crickets

Babe Ruth's bat a big hit again back in New York

Will Al Qaeda hijack Santa's sleigh with box cutters???

Thank you, DU!

Okay, I've decided I am going to get an aquarium

Ok. Now I'm scared.

True Love Is The Greatest Thing In The World

Jerry Springer....say what you will about his show

Woohoo! Todd Rundgren/Joe Jackson tour coming to Kimmel Center in Philly!

Have you ever visited the Mutter Museum?

Best albums, 1989-present, Part II

Picture this

Eleven years ago today, we lost Frank Zappa.

Some Days....

And how's the weather

I keep singing a song & I want the DVD but I can't remember who is was by

I love my job, I love my job ..

Know what I'm going to get you for Christmas?

I love the Barefoot Contessa

California's Letter of Secession

Get a bucket. I'm going to throw up!

For you people fighting over

"It's hot, the seats are leather, and I've got on a thin skirt....."

Worst versions of Christmas music?

The Onion, another home run

Should GD Be Renamed "The Christian Crusades"?

Rascal and Lucky!

Mystery of Jane Eyre attic solved

I'm very shallow and empty and I have no ideas and nothing....

Tools for amateur car mechanics!

Is this kitten Francie or Frank?

Will Smith Closet Fans?

Oh Petey!

Let's Play U.S.A.

Is it just me...

Why does everyone here hate the GD forums?

WOW! Iowa family adopts family of NINE siblings (all under 16)

Ladies you will forgive me this............

Star Trek: Enterprise 11/26 and 12/3 (Anti-Bush) Episodes!

Hey, any closure on thet Young Republican's on-camera whoopin'?

Dubya the movie

Closet Will Smith fans?


Best Universal Studios Black & White Monster of ALL TIME

List what you will buy your right-wing friend for the holidays

Do any of you remember Wally George?

Bad Parenting

What are you getting me for Xmas???

Caption: Dumber and Dumber

I think Clarence Thomas has been to my house

Bought some new boots last night

Finally got a new cell phone

Some things to do before the Inaugural:

Do all women think they can buy a man's love with oral sex????

Ignorant Pride Parade in Crawford Cancelled due to proximity to the

Is there more rape at the Equator or the North Pole?

Oliver Stone's next film to be about an affair between Reagan and Thatcher

Jaguar or Lexus

We made our first bowl game

Food or medicine?

Any thoughts on the Chemical/Oil Plant in Houston that blew up last night?

all your trailer park are belong to us

Remember, not so long ago, when everyone wore NO FEAR

Lavender Brown, the chick in your sig is hot! Is she single?


I see you......

Any other exhausted souls here ever fall asleep on the toilet?

Tell me how you really feel about Toby Keith

Favorite Christmas Movie

The Crazed Austrian Guy is back.

Who has fallen asleep talking on the phone?

What are your plans this weekend?

Should I become a photojournalist?

Does anyone think they can buy anyone's love???

To work Bingo, or not to work Bingo?? That is the question.


Is this a morbid way to get job leads?

You know what really burns my ass?

Bronze Rat Joke (it made me laugh)

Who here is interested in a DU Group for UCC members?

The number of active DU members is...

How many people am I going to piss off today?

Well, I'm off to Costco

the dollar and the euro...a struggle for monetary hegemony?

where the HELL is DS1?

WHo would you rather have running the world?

Do all men think they can buy a woman's love with diamonds????

You know what really chaps my butt??

Does anybody have any pictures of goats wearing lingerie?

So I haven't done in a poll in awhile

Boycott: Is it possible to live on only "blue" products?

Elvis is Everywhere!

Apparently, I am a traitor....

Create The New United States Motto Here!

Those old Christmas specials with the puppets...

Is anyone else looking forward to Blade Trinity?

All I really need to know I learned from watching the Three Stooges

When Did They Start Making Hand Machine Guns?

John Paul Jones vs. John Paul Jones

Elvis is Everywhere!

Anyone else starting to hate the color RED?

Okay. Words do exist to describe this. It must be experienced.

And the Heisman Trophy goes to . . .

Is it me or does the ESPN Dale Earnhardt movie

I'm watching this special on WTTW about the history of Chicago.

My good deed for the day

I am baking again congo bars YMMMMM


I just found year old gum. Ask me anything.

Thanks to you DU I've finished decorating my house for X-Mas

ZombyLove: I'd rather steal your love than buy it!

Why Did The Bushistas Send Me a Christimas Card?

Bad cold sore! Anyone wanna kiss?

Are you in the Festivus spirit yet??

Who Would Make a Better President? Bush, or a Box of Tic-Tacs:

Post a Pic Of Your Significant Other

Olive oil and Rosemary Triscuits

Shostakovich's 4th Symphony

Andrew Luster -- pond scum or rich pervert?

Why are our posts showing the wrong time?

I painted my office today. And now I am so sore I can hardly move.

She was So Blonde…

Coffee Talk: I'll give you a topic. SNL is re-running the Jude Law

Why is the robert fisk website down? It's been weeks for me...

Cheap gifts you received and loved...any ideas?

i slept like a hog

Greek man who helped Brazilian marathon runner welcomed as hero in Rio

Police ID Ben Wallace's brother as one of the brawlers

Weight Loss.

Law School Finals are drivin' me crazy!

Always keep your window blinds closed.

Please help cheer me up

Jesus is Everywhere

Breaking Matcomnews: Atomic Wedgie Leaves British Nut Hanging

Brititsh Marines, like fish out of water.


In honor of his passing 11 years ago, favorite Zappa album/cd?

Can't remove program, can't make it work either - HELP!

I am encouraging my son to gamble.. Am I a bad Mom??

Nookyular Fisicysts for Bush

What I have to do to convince you I'm a freeper?

I'm watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and I've

The Gargling Gormet of all CAPTIONS!!!

By Jupiter, I'd never thought I'd see the day...

Okay, If You Like Amazing Videos

Attention Sooner Fans...a one time only event

That woman doctor on CNN........

What would Jesus have for breakfast?

For number 1,000...I say thank you, DU

The Mystery

How many states and cities have names that originated from French ?


Why Peppermint?


According To This Commercial, The Only Thing That Can Stop Suicide Bombers

What would be your dream job?

Why won't DU let me put myself on "ignore"?



StRaNgE BrEw

just had a minor earthquake here and it was up on the USGS...

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones,

Just saw a great cartoon in today's NY Daily News ...

Every Version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL Ever Made

Christmas TV Specials That Make You Leave The Room

Ann "The Man" Coulter greets a fan: "You're my first Hindu."

Don't you wish you had your own personal elf?

Any Salvadorans in here?

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Do you live in a house with post and beam construction?

If it's Saturday night, THE SOUL EXPRESS must be on!

First look at the "Batman Begins" poster (movie opens 6/17/05)

I don't wanna classify ya like an animal that lives in a zoo...

A quick update on the "other" site

Chatters for Bella's Other Site sign up here

were any of you DUers ever on the old "SeaGoth" list?

How many SNL skits have been turned into major motion pictures?

Bummer. My next door neighbor's car was stolen last night

Why haven't we always had a live tree?

I have been hearing this 'song' lately

My own recount effort needs $100,000 by Wed.. Come on, folks!

I haven't watched college football in 20 years. However ...

Do something nice for your wives DU husbands

I just completely confused a fundie!

Pat Buchanan on C-SPAN now on "How the Right Went Wrong


Polar bear vs. Siberian tiger, who wins?

What happens if you put yourself on "Ignore?"


Never hire a dictator

Setting myself up for a massive flame...UCLA wuz robbed!

Ok, I hate car stereos!

The Ancients Wouldn't Have Said "the KNOWN World", Would They ("Alexander"

I finally renewed my donner Star.

Why are parkways called freeways out west?

Here's a present for your Republican friends

Look out parents - MySpace is coming for your child

Akaba! Akaba!

So I *Finally* saw "Kill Bill Vol. 1"....WTF?!

Caption time: Bush and Musharraf share a chuckle over "bin Laden hunt"

Best 'Mr. Bojangles?'

Woman Auctions Father's Ghost on eBay

By Far...And I Mean...BY FAR...The Coolest Commerical Ever Made

Is it a lot or alot?

Favorite Utopia album?

That's the way...

The nicest guy in my town is a card-carrying Communist.

Florida Freeper really makes a splash!

Any WWII memorabilia people out there?

Is there a ghost in my computer? It's knocking!!!

Coverage on MS-NBC about Statesville Prison. I can't believe the media

Wish me well. I'm off to dinner with the racist side of the family.

I'm sick of the music I've been listening to. Any suggestions?

Theresa Heinz vs. Laura Bush: Mud Wrestling. Who wins?

Time to play:----- Beavis? or Betty Crocker?

halfway to 1,000!!!!!

How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb--Love it!

Kind of a random question of SC fans

Is 'Cromulent' a real word?

Out of the 700 Club, its miller time.

Which razor do you use when shaving your facial hair?

My best friend, Dale, back home in CA: HIV viral load is detectable. FUCK.

"Come Together".... What Does This Song Mean?

I'm coming down with a cold - what can I do to kill it?

They may be inbred, but at least they're perky

I'm babysitting tonight...

Has anybody ever sold their sperm on Ebay?

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to change....

We turned off the cable today...

Update on my fight against Wal-mart

Are there rotaries beyond New England?

I never seen you looking so bad my funky one

Non Tom Cruise fans check in please

Okay, DUers...whatcha drinkin' tonight?

I love Milano cookies

Any new DUers want to put your pic in the gallery ?

A new 700 Club escapee!!!

Does anyone else appreciate Nancy Sinatra like I do?

Snowing like hell in northern Arizona!

Trivia time!

Sirius Plug and Play People

For all you late night posters: Potted Meat....nuff said

There is something about a Goth Chick that makes me crazy....

Anyone know how to create ringtones with SoundForge or AcidPro?

SNL with Ashlee Simpson (repeat)

What does my horoscope mean?

Never hire a decorator ...

just saw Handel's "Messiah," ask me anything!

PUNK ROCK---Great young band

Big problem with my computer. Please help

Oh boy! 39 hours till I get my new home! Join me in a photo-tour...

I've finished my Master's Degree...What to do next?

Yet another music albums of past 15 years, Part 1 (1989-1996)


Speaking of Donner Stars- Would you eat people if you were

QUESTION:What does "F_ckin' A" mean?

Time to play:-----Jesus? or Joe Cocker?

Son of Sam murders on Discovery

favorite Classical Masterpiece

It's "International Male" Catalog Time!

I'm getting ready to go see the lights

Here we come... hoppin on the bed... hey, hey, we're the KITTENS! (pics)

Vanity: If they could see me now.. (25,000 post should I be embarrassed?)

Greatest modern Western movie

Favorite cryptic-sounding song title?

Bob Boudelang Welcomes the New Cabinet

Offer for all kind DUers : when in Europe...

Why are freeways called parkways back east?

Bangkok. Oriental setting.

Hair Stylists from HELL! Why can't we sue for pain and suffering caused

Evil, or wonderful?

Best song from former pop star Michael Jackson

Horrible childhood foods - list 'em here!

Social Justice vs. Family Values...just a rant

A Lion Fights A Hyena, Who Wins?

Which movie is your guilty pleasure?

People in Oklahoma do not know how to drive on the Interstate.

If FreeRepublic had a Lounge, what posts would we find there?

OK, ih8thegop and xpunkisneatx -- did you get the dogs?

Darwin Award - Couple Allegedly Report Stolen Marijuana

How many Republicans are vegetarians?

Equilibrium-man what a great flick

Un-reality TV, from 'Lost' to 'Desperate'

Great LTTE in the Strib re: the UCC ad...

The Sacred Land Of Edom At Al Sarah Mountain Range "Seir"

Why do so many people on DU hate Jesus?

Advanced culture in Uruguay challenges current theories

Diyala Project brings beginnings of urban civilization to the Internet

Evolutionary roots of altruism, moral outrage

Autism As Synesthesia?

The threat from life on Mars

Sailing through space on a plasma beam

Scientists are discovering planet after planet circling distant stars...

Coming soon : Book Burnings in Alabama

Hope in Mormon Utah

Something I don't understand about homophobia

The right wing are not going to stop with us in their jihad

Were you ever beaten up for being a faggot?

Run off the road by car, cycling. Driver: "God wouldn't let me hurt you."


Evolutionary roots of altruism, moral outrage

Is Golden Ratio in Spectrum (Harmonic) Analysis the Ultimate Tool

Astrols, if you're in New York tri state area, this is not to be missed

Calculate your own Vedic horoscope & moon sign

Dreams - The Awakening

Mercury Retro is up my family's ass with a BIG STICK!

Albert Einstein on Astrology

How are we going to get out of this?

we get an atheists and agnostics group

Wow. Read some sweet, sweet Kerry lovin'

Either a sign or coincidence

I Have Been Thinking About Something And Need Your Opinions

Does anyone know where I can get good John Kerry wallpaper

Have any of you met John Kerry?

John Kerry's Grandparents - Fredrick and Ida Kerry

Here's my dumb question of the day ...

We need to lobby George Soros to buy Diebold...

Damn, I shoulda been reading Margaret Cho's Blog

C-Span....a nutcase caller just blamed Clinton's

i wish this was true!

Defining Boundaries

Anti-corporate politics.

What kind of Democrat are you ?

Iran to continue developing nukes as deterrent to US invasion.

George Galloway MP: Scottish radical tells the truth--and how!

DU 'predict and play' the punditry this week

We need to get serious about this "war on terrorism"..

black "W" stickers. where to find?

Was The Kofi Anan Thing A Shot Across The Bow?

What we are fighting against

Legislature might stop dancing to Bush's tune

Borders...National Intelligence "czar"...national ID al

Borders...National Intelligence "czar"...national ID al

What do you have in common with other Democrats/Leftists? Tougher

* is sending holiday cards to low-dollar contributors -- Why?

My Thoughts on the DLC...

Anyone know if the Columbus rally will be televised? n/t

Not just fair elections-I want to be represented, demmit!

Who runs the DNC? Who chooses the Head?

Rove...the real power in the GOP. He's not going away in 4 years.

how do we best protect ourselves financially

The Appointment Press Conference Face

could Someone Please Explain To Me (Simply) ...

Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results

Pacifica Radio to broadcast Ohio 'hearing' today, Sat 5pm-8pm

A few General Election stats from Orange County, NC

Seeds of Downfall in GOP's Victory

Reposting: pro-McCain atty leading Fraud lawsuit against OH GOP

The Moral Relativism of the Right: When we do wrong, its okay.

Freedom On The March in Iraq, 12/4/04: 14 dead, 59 wounded

Palast speaking at Ohio rally NOW

Bush commits abortion

All we need are fair and honest elections

I emailed CNN and complained that there was no coverage

"We elected the guy who let 9-11 happen"

Action Alert! Urge MoveOn member mobilization for recounts!

Former pro-McCain Attorney convinced there was Fraud in OH! Cspan

The GOP's misinformation machine

Putin said it best when referring to Bush foreign policy.

Ohio Recount Map of Reasons

For a change of pace, today's radio address topic from Junior is "TERRA"

The REBELLION has already begun!

Time to buy our own Billboards

Does Bush go out of his way to make bad appointments?

WHAT was up with Tommy Thompson?

This is what a mandate looks like.

Bush must think that he has the Sunni's between a rock and a hard place.

Radio Left Covering Symposium in Ohio.....Jesse about to speak

I walked past a car with an upside down Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on it

RW answer site to


CNN Poll: 69% "not pleased" Rumsfeld is staying on as Defense Secy

Denying gay couples equal benefits is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

locked out of my post re: Bush Arrested

Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states

Anti-DLC experiment --------Part 3

On The Up-Side (If There IS One).....

So, don't like the DLC Part 2. An experiment.

"Kerik nomination is a ticking time bomb"

MoveOn: Count Every Vote – Act Now!

Kerry Picks Up 17,000 Votes In Ohio

Photos In honor of Scalia's: "Jews are safer with Christians in charge"

Head of DNC - choose a NON-Democrat

www.whitehouse.ORG --> some red person on your Xmas list needs this

Nice commentary from a Birmingham paper

Did Joe Darby get sent back to Iraq?

Walk Idiot Walk

Has anyone outside of NY seen Pataki's commercial?

Money raised for the WA recount (DFA does well compared to the biggies)

What are some great progressive/democrat forums on the net?

What Will You Throw at The Presidential Limo?

Can someone explain how Kerry wins if Repug electors are sent?

The Bush Xmas 2004 greeting card ought to be....


How is Gavin Newson doing?

Neo-Conmen Survive the Resignation Cycle...

"F.B.I Officially breaks the silence, investigating voter fraud"

Florida Kerry supporters meet for group therapy

Question, If fraud is proven, even if it takes a couple years, can Kerry

A winning strategy?: New states

Melancon won. He beat that Tauzin punk

Walmart supports abortion -- get the word out to all your "pro-life"

Would FDR and JFK be welcome in today's Democratic Party?

the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee

How is Eliot Spitzer surviving?

Will Kerry become president?

"why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply"

An E-Mail I Got: Things To Do Before The Inauguration

pro-McCain atty suing Ohio for stealing 65,000 Kerry votes!

NCLB - School May Be Shortened To 4 Days

When is the 'other' part of the 9/11 report going to be released?

do you love Karl Rove?

Pat Buchanan is on C-Span this weekend (book tv) He SLAMS neo-cons

How about an All-Female Presidential/VP ticket in 2008?

Caption This !!!

Why (some) White Men worship Bush?

Red Hands Rally Mon. SF -> House Minority Leader Pelosi: Come if you can

Dean says we live in a Robin Hood world

The first woman elected president will HAVE to be a conservative.

Could somebody please try to rationalize this

Joe Lieberman (D), the Gentleman from Connecticut

Paperclips and Blue Ribbons

just watched my idiot asshole relative on Hannity & Colmes and I'm ashamed

Newt Gingrich Echoes Secretary Thompson's Warning on Pandemic Flu