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Herbert: Our Planet, and Our Duty

Dems must remain true to their....mission of fighting...for "little guy. "

How Scientists and Victims Watched Helplessly

Rigging the Rules

Social Commentary on the Great Earthquakes of 2004

Stingy Bush cuts student grants

New Year Bageantry: Joe Bageant Interview

Novak repeats Econ Larry Hunter lies about Social Security transition

Not a good way to start a democracy (Ukraine)

NYT,pg1: China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence

The Arrogant Administration (Scott C. Smith,

HOIST BY THEIR OWN PETARD (Warning: New York Times)

Jonathan Chait (LAT):Billions for Pork as Science Is Slashed

Bush Misoverestimates It (But at least the tsunami halted the murder,


Christian right's compassion deficit

Hate speech from the left

The Year of Lying Desperately

Iraq: A War for Israel?

Aspects of Treason

President Bush's 'Appropriate' Response

Eyewitness Interview: "Iraq Is An Absolute Disaster":

Bush will lose in Iraq


Molly Ivins: 2004 - How 'bout a do-over?

Descovery Wings Channel to become "The Military Channel"

December 31st: Best Time to do something

CNN Entertainment Hack: Michael Moore Among Celebs that Had a Rough Year

Real Iraq stories as opposed to the "Celebrity Worship TV Culture Club"

Gibraltar’s Governor praises Spain’s “courage”

Basque nationalists set up showdown with Madrid

Ten More Things You Probably Never Knew About Mohammed Atta

National Academy Science, no evidence gun laws affect violent crime

Small question

Name Change

Chat room?

Dear admins, I am just curious...

Hi, Skinner.

LBN post locked at 43rd post for "not" being LBN -why not moved by mod?

Thank you. Thank you SO much.

Hey Admins thanks for the New Years gift

When Freepers 'unmasked' Nov. 2, how many had ever been DU mods?

Happy new year to the mods and admins!


Do we still have the rule about not "shouting" in the subject line?

A huge "THANK YOU" to the mods for re-instating me.

Nasty People

Thanks for the prompt action in the Lounge

About posts having zero relevance to particular forums.

Happy New Years, Mods and Admins!

Mods or Admin, we have a troll outing himself in the Lounge

I received a similar email as Ida Briggs, from the same person

Happy New Years to you & to all the tigers tails you're holding n/t

Note of appreciation to the admins and mods

There is a post in Elections 2004 referring to a certain voting site.

New Group Proposal: Music Group

We hereby proudly propose the following DU Group ...

Abbas welcomed by leading gunman in refugee camp visit

Israel, Palestinians in talks over Abbas visit to Temple Mount

Temporary Two State Solution

Talking 911 on Flashpoints RIGHT NOW!

Getting to know your Illinois Legislators: Illinois Senator John Cullerton

What do you guys think of the atheist who complained about the Blue Bags

TOOLS for contacting your Legislators

Moderates:K 57%, B 41%; New voters:K 56, B 43; Bush: -2% Dems/Ind from '00

This is Election related if we end up in the US Supreme Court

Descovery Wings Channel to become "The Military Channel"

renowned astrologer predicts the end of Bush Administration in 2005

Anyone still up who wants to check some math.

Did We Bounce An Election?

United for Peace and Justice join Jesse Jackson for Ohio ralley

NYT (AP) 12/31 "Candidates Want a Second Recount"

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is Much in News Lately!

Rallies Across California Jan. 3

How many more times is the African-American community .....

30 hours left to tell otheres ..

After 7:30pm, only 35% of voters voted for Kerry? - someone check my math

Draft Dennis: If we have him, we have Boxer

Ask your reps to join Conyers! Get some white people up there this time!

Rossi says 3,539 'extra' votes in King County! Email Rossi about Ohio!

Does the legitimacy of the term BBV diminish if the perception of Bev is

Picture for your back in D.C.

Not A Word.

Got a song for y'all for New Years

I love ignorance... Works in our favor...

Did We Bounce An Election? (slight revision)

Any News on Moss v Bush or on the Kerry "papers" that were

A Sickening Story

Fax numbers for senators to contact

Did I hear Keith Olbermann claim Barbara Boxer is planning to contest

Cayahoga Singled out On Blackwell site as inept in choosing e-machine

WTF is wrong with Bernie Sanders? (on Thom Hartmann now)

What if we lose?

What happened to Arnebeck's alternate slate of Ohio electors?

I've spent my entire morning humming this old spiritual...


Need names of Congresspeople who will stand with Conyers ASAP

eFAX 20 Senators Urging them to Challenge the OH Electoral Vote 1-6-2005

Requesting information, please.

Though I don't believe Kerry will "win" - I think Conyers action is vital

So we send young americans to risk their lives in order to

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Re-Vote Ohio / What Happened in Ohio?

Speakers and Volunteers Needed - Rally for the Republic

Your opinion of Lieberman being on Conyers' list of senators

How can we get an official loyal opposition government like England....

Refer Senators to websites calling for contest of election

I think I TURNED one!!!! (not a Senator...)

Try AGAIN Pic for your back in D.C.

Please FAX Ohio Fraud Summary to Senators/Congress/Media!

New Years Res: No one who does not contest will ever get my vote again.

New York Times is MIA - no news on their website at all....

OK, so what do the exit polls say?

We need film on the scene of the contest.

Promise that you won't give up

From Yesterday's Boston Globe:

Senators And Congressman Should Be Voted Out If They Don't Stand

Fax NUMBERS to Senators:

Provisional Presidency?

Can anyone explain these strange totals from Ashland County log books?

The 2004 WCVI National Latino Election Day Exit Poll Must Read

Every single Democratic Senator and Representative

Any one on my wave length about the latest ' laser- terrorism threats?'

Jan. 1 deadline and it WILL happen -- if you help, of course!

So Fraud Must Be Proven Before It 's Investigated By Congress?

Here is link for Green report on recount by county; & why they want redone

I'm looking for information regarding the Jan. 3, 2005 Rally in Columbus,

If 'Liberal standard bearers" don't stand up for Democracy on Jan. 6th ...

I'm putting my vote where my mouth is!

Trouble with Thugs

Personal testimonials about Bush voters from 2000 who switched.

Do i really have to make another 'Calm down guys' thread?

Need Help! Need to find the WHO-TV (Des Moines, IA) video ...

Reasons for senators to stand in opposition. Reasons for senators to sit

Call to action - who's willing to work with me on this?

Yanukovich Resigns, MSM "Forgets" Roll Exit Polls Played Lets Remind Them

Putting 2004 in perspective

Anybody got a copy of the * family Christmas photoshop?

Wow! Bless those Civil Rights Marchers -- They're Doin It Again!

Everyone Hang Tight? See Post 61 from Rigel99 in my

The Corporate MSM and its role in the fraud

Is there a list

deleted nt

Need advice about letters to Senators

Happy New Year to all of you DUers!

none of these Senators have anything to lose!

PR: Citizens Stage 'Boxer Rebellion' in San Francisco

CBS News is "hiding" the Conyers story on their website.......

Any Senator planning a run for Prez in 2008...

Mitofsky Exit Polls Released on Scoop -- From Another Board

Election Fraud Info re Ohio on KPFA RIGHT NOW!

comparing exit polls to actual precinct results

Has the US *ever* had a real election?

Senator petitions project at ends 9 AM PST!

Can we revoke the corporate ownership of OUR media? If so, how?

Ha. Republican inauguration too expensive for Republicans.

We all know how dangerous is "*"'s regime

What the Senators are "really" doing...

We each need to tell our State Democratic Party's

Update on Volusia Evidence.

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR DU'ERS!!!!! (We will suceed!!)

More Evidence of Fraud from Richard Phillips, PhD (S.W. Ohio)

When is Conyers' Report Due?????

Youth Turnout Up Sharply in 2004 Poll Taken The Day After The Election

Clarifying: The 3% random recount rule IS in Ohio's rules

Could the Glibs sue for a refund of the recount fee?

*Online petition to contest the vote!!!*

How do you deal with friends who don't get it?

congress contesting the 2000 election/ Fahrenheit 9/11 clip/buzzflash

A plea for brainstorming help: Suppose you could convince

BRAD BLOG: Feeney's OTHER Hometown Weekly Reports 'Vote-Rigging' Charges!

My "LTTE"'s on the 2000 election....and beyond....

DU New Year's "THIS ELECTION SUCKED" Party thread

FIGHT BUSH or Be Crushed By Him - Lessons For Democrats

To the Dude of the Year - William Rivers Pitt

did Conyers release his letter yet?

Bush bulge at Debate?

Any evidence of fraud in the Ukraine besides the exit poll discrepancy?

Simply, I wish everyone at DU a very, very, very 'orange' New Year!!

If the Dem Senators wimp out and fold up

I am afaid I can't make it to Jan. 6th in my belief. I am trying folks,

So, have we ever seen the RAW 2004 exit poll data yet?

If the Repub MSM Machine is NOT nailing Conyers then they know somethin

looking for someone in Indianapolis area - to try to contact Wendy Orange

Warren County Absentee anomolies good stuff here TIA look.

A scary message

anyone find it strange that marines will be in Ohio?

Friday 12/31 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

I made that flyer I promised-Specific to Ohio-here's the text

Photocopies from Ohio BOE Show Questionable Pre-Challenges

Does anybody know if Ohio's machines were ever certified

Please help me proof and polish this LTTE.

extracted SMOKING GUN QUESTION data from new Exit Poll PDFs


Has anyone seen this Truthout video with possible PROOF of vote fraud?

ALL democratic senators should oppose electoral vote!

Congressman Deutsch to help challenge EV & Question Bev in Public Forum

It looks like our Senators are going to wimp out again

Help! Congressional Briefing on Vote Fraud in Ohio - FAX to Senators!

Documentation Gore won Florida by a lot in 2000 without hanging chad

People of the Year: there are many

Orange Hats and Scarves in Times Square - Regis asks why?

Congressman Bernie Sanders just said (on the Thom Hartmann

Here is a little BEAUTY - read and have a little PEACE tonight

Why do we go crazy when someone posts unsubstantiated re-posts?

Q for JoMoma49

SMOKING GUNS: Accumulated Evidence of Ohio Fraud (What, When, Who)

Not political suicide for senators to join in

Who did the most to steal democracy in 2004?

Is there a smoking gun in the smoking gun? TIA and Others?

Someone please help me.

I'm watching the first Pres. debate again, for the hell of it

If you voted straight Dem ticket, your vote was defaulted ...

what is 'the Fellowship' in Madsen's email to JamBoi at Kos???

Another MSM Report of Ohio

What I saw in florida...RE Volusia

Guess what? Conyers was interviewed today on a Phoenix

I'm sure this is a long shot, but anyone want to try it?

Found--notes from 2000 election and beyound.

We the people against the hackers.

WTF? Ted Kennedy won't stand with Conyers

To the Believers


Since when did Exit Polls (samples) become Exit Potes ("votes" mixed in)?

Newly Released EXIT POLL DATA - requires Some TIA Smoking Gun Treatment


"It would be political suicide for a Dem Senator to contest the election."

FREE to U.S. Senators: pithy election challenge speech.

Information about the New Mexico recount effort

Can someone send this link to Conyers NOW?????

Keep a candle burning until 1/6

Citizens Stage (Barbara) 'Boxer Rebellion' in San Francisco

Another letter to Feingold with help from my 9-year-old.

Wondering How To Make a Difference?

More Madsen: Hot off the press

Can't make it to DC on the 6th? We can do this and KISS

TABOR and California...Ahnold wants it, other states have it but

Hey! Pawlenty and Molnau made it into Jon Stewart's book!

Job openings at DFL office

Upgraded Thunderbird to 1.0 date stamp off on all emails

Windows XP users Phelled by new Trojan

Can you buy a new motherboard/CPU from 'any' vendor..

Want a new years resolution? Get off your ass and get on your Donkey!

More information about the fall of the Hammer

50 degrees outside now I see

Reuters article on internet sites to help find tsunami victims

Internet Help for Tsunami-Stricken (AuctionDrop taking goods to auction!)

According to 2003 statistics, there were 217,800,000 "over 18" in the US

Has something happened to The Daily Show?

All new digs... Get ready for this...

What is the site that bypasses Newspaper subscriptions?

Is Chuck Grassley one of the better repukes?

Tucson, AZ will be visited by the nasty Phelps people on Jan 10. has raised over $7,000,000 in relief so far!

CDC "FLU all over America map"...and comparison to previous week....(link)

House Republicans Weaken Ethics Rules

Excuse me, but doesn't this seem bizarre or what?

Instead of highlights...Arianna Huffington lists the things from 2004....

An aid package that helps..and garners good will at the same time

DU this poll, needs help! Should Wash. have governor re-vote

Marines to invade downtown Toledo in training excercise:

Our disaster vs Their disaster..some perspective

Didn't have their friggin "address" (to warn about the tsunami)???

Could we run Jimmy C again?

Michael Moore and Medical Care in America

"...they had not eaten for two days & also had to fend off crocodiles..."

Wotsup with this "US led" Tsunami Aid Coalition Bull$#!&?

'Digital Globe' Tsunami Images--satellite photos, not graphic

what happened on olbermans show last night?

incredible satellite photo of wave hitting Sri Lanka . . .

Western Media and the Ukraine Poison Story

Is "Stingy" fast becoming bush's nickname?

BBC has large amount of raw video's of the tsunami

Bush Administration Issued New Definition Of What Constitutes Torture Of

Why is it that when I hear how misinformed Americans are...

Is Brian Lamb (Washington Journal) a rethug?

what about conyers letter?

Damage Control on Torture

In death, imperialism lives on

Colon Bowel and Jebby '08 going to assess the tsunami damage?

For your Favorite Christian culture worrier

Just heard on CSPAN


FREE cab rides in DC area for DRUNKS 1-800-200-TAXI

I mentioned this yesterday

Why is the Democratic Party not organizing a major effort on its own

Iraqi insurgents align with fundie Christians

Wage peace. Happy New Year.

If PNAC wants us to be the stewards of the world, why so stingy in relief?

Hey, "Skinflint" Bush! Catholic Relief Services committed to $25 million

Bu$h is writing Executive Order to give Illegal aliens SSI, it will bankrup...

2004 closes with COMPLETE absurdity-Amber Frey book on sale next week

So Colin is going to wait for the ball drop to go to SE Asia?

Good God-before and after photo of Indonesian coastline

bwahaha Bush speech writer Frum

Tsunami before & after pics.

DANZIGER Nails "Stingy" Bush*

Announcing the creation of a Christian Liberals and Progressive People of

A Apolytical New Years Toon. One simple word.

Do you like flying saucer talk radio? Art Bell voted for JK, he said.

Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000

Paging Bill Gates Warren Buffett and George Soros

January 20, 2005 "Not One Damn Dime Day"

"In death, imperialism lives on"

I haven't seen any NEW tsunami coverage today.

History Channel Armageddon show last night


"The Persuader; Billy Grahams son discusses Iraq etc."

News headlines you'd like to see in 2005?

An Encounter with Senator Charles Schumer . . . by Alan Singer . . .

torture: "Same donkey, different saddle".

Spent $350 million upgrading the carrier JFK now the Navy

Tsunami and our secret base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

Remember those Afghan 'freedom fighters'?

Study Relates Fast-Food with Type 2 diabetes

A question about the liberal media:

christian right web sites not bothered with Tsunami

More garbage opinions on so-called 'liberal media', written by a fascist.

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?

A mortar or rocket hit Dura oil refinery

"Corporate Charity" or Pandering?

Here is how the media helps Bush dupe America

Just read that average income in US is $17/hr

Would somebody start a new party already..

British surfer actually caught the Tsunami wave, lived.

W picks up a phone for a photo-op (check thepicture of himself behind him)

smirk hasn't sent promised Bam earthquake money yet. been a yr.

The 'liberal' media tries to make Bush look more popular

"We Ain't Sorry" - The Base of Bush's Voters refuse to Apologize

Arrgh! What's going on on RadioPower?

Did you hear what Hartmann just said? RadioPower took him off stream...

Mom Forced to Choose Sons During Tsunami

FEMA sent Florida 3.1 BILLION for hurricanes

Let's not forget about...

we used napalm, chem. weapons in Fallujah - eyewitness

Did Fred Phelps take down his flyer thanking God for tsunami?

if Vote Fraud has not been proved Civil Rights abuse has...

US Ups Aid in Tsunamia Crisis to 350 million

Michael Savage - Chickenhawk

Shrub's "Let's Start a War"

Anyone care to check out this pop art link?

There's a pizza baking in the Lounge if anyone wants to gawk.

Of all the cable news channels...which one do you HATE least?

Umm, Isn't the terror alert warning raised every New Year's Eve?

LOL- Rush giving relationship advice (just now)

Tom Hartmann just said radiopower pulled his show off because he

Did anyone Else see Chrysler's little Mini Car that should

Does anyone know the last time Dems

Hey, why doesn't the US sell Disaster Relief Bonds!

New Torture Rules

World In Motion - Read these words!

Bush health watch - looking a little pale today

Post your favorite moments in Chimpdom from 2004 -- events or photos!

U.S. increases tsunami aid to $350 million

I have a few questions

Has Kofi Anaan spoken about the tsunami?

DU this poll!

Top 10 Homeland Security Contractors

Al Franken is confronting Cons on their lies

House Considers Weakening Ethics Rules

PHOTO: bush* the ugliest American.......

Recommendation for sending donations for relief efforts.

I just saw my wife pass before my eyes, she went into

Ann Coulter on my mind

Here's a fairly long piece about Fred Phelps I found a few years ago,

What If Donald Rumsfeld had never been born?

How Can Anyone Celebrate Tonight?

Charities see an increase in aid applications

Tsunami waters raise landmine fears in Sri Lanka

"paintings of naked pigs could lead to paintings of naked people"

Why are the neocons after Rumsfeld's scalp?

You can't underestimate the meanness of compassionate conservatives

The year 2004 broke several myths.

"My fellow Americans"

Kofi Annan was in Jackson Hole, WY for THREE days after Tsunami.

I usually don't repeat too much repuke spin,

May the new year brings us personal peace since bush...

Sri Lankan' Embassy emailed me back (tsunami victims)

I can't believe the Email my Dad sent me

2005 List of Banished Words

Will 2005 be the year

Question About Smirk's 'Time Man Of The Year" Picture

I'm putting my foot where my mouth is. n/t

American industry should be helping with tsunami aid!!

630 post, mostly substancial and I haven't been thrown out yet!

Are Daryn Kagan and Limbaugh beards for each other?

On This date, in 1946, Harry S Truman

Ldotters on Wal*Mart cat shooters has raised over $10,000,000!!!!!!

Anyone seen the German tv documentary on Iraqi children in US prison

Rockport fishmongers net crab intended for President Bush

This is not stingy.

No need for a draft if we can get this to work.....

President magnanimously sacrifices 10 mins of his christmas time

Looking For Copy of Wolfowitz's "Defense Policy Guidance of 1992" draft

Thank you DU for a wonderful year!

Has Falwell declared that the tsunami victims are in hell?

need to find the post about liberal media with all the GREAT DOWNLOADS

Which of the following was the best radio program in 2004?

Question about Bush on Iraq war

Watch the Freepers go nuts!

When pigs fly..... er

House Republicans Weaken Ethics Rules

anyone else unable to get into air america from DU homepage link??

Just a thought

Chevy ads now running on Faux news

I've found some perfect draft material

Check out this ignorant freeper post

Medicinal Marijuana?

didn't Germany (and other European countries) cancel Karneval

The truth about schizophrenia

I wish you all in DU a happy new year and thanks for helping me get..

McLaughlin Group PBS

Happy new years everybody.


The 2004 New Year's Resolution I Kept. And proud of it.

"We paid $3 billion for these TV stations..We'll decide what the news is"

Bush a frequent target on CBC's "Royal Canadian Air Farce" NewYear special

September 11 No. 1 TV Moment on TV Land


They are saying the Earth shifted on its axis due to the 9.2 earthquake .

Canada has finally put DART on 48 -hours notice

Bush said: "Too many OBGYNs are no longer able to practice their love

Anna Nicole Smith stripped of $88m fortune in court

What the heck is up with India? What are they hiding? When did . . .

Please help a dork.

Rose parade floats cost up to $350,000, just on M$RNC as I surfed by

I used to give TIME gift subscriptions. That rag is dead to me forever.

On 9-11 we lost

The truth about weight loss


Global Peace Vigil starts today - Traditional Native Elders

Navy Seals to receive backup from unlikely sources....

Why do Republican's always look for someone to blame???

I bet it's Senator BYRD who stands up. Any takers?

Chinese Workers Riot!

Are you a T.I.N.A? Also known as "F.M.U."

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

My family is going to be truly blessed next year.

Wheres Cheney?

Frist on tsunami: "It is like 9/11 but so one to blame!"

Bernie Sanders (on Thom's show) in denial

Jesse Jackson | 'Kerry Won the Election'

Calif. city to shutter its libraries

Radicalized RWChristian "love" defined

Kerensky or Lenin?

Ah... The Passion Of The Freepers... (On Disaster Aid Increase)

Check out these 'Morans'

In a village in Aceh province...

The truth about depression.

The CIA should be abolished.

Who do we want as the next Republican Presidential candidate(realistic)?

A sign of change ?

Why the fuck is Jeb going to Thailand?

DU Journalists: you can apply for inauguration press credentials

Before and after satellite pics of tsunami damage

Fred Phelps: Thank God for Tsunami & 2000 Dead Swedes

Bush Won't Help Tsunami Victims until Halliburton gets into Relief Line..

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man - Democracy Now Interview

a question about Homophobia here...and New Year wishes!

Pat Robertson still fighting the Civil War

Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004/You know it's bad when Halliburton is #7

Some tinfoil to chew on: Green lasers directed at commercial planes. WTF?

Is it true that the Canadian Government...

Is it wrong to want to dispossess the wealthy?

Military cuts include 1 carrier--guess? The John F. Kennedy

Dorothy Day Catholic Protestors arrested outside White House (PHOTOS)

Health alert over flat screen TVs


Anti-depressants and political apathy

the end of the year TOON thread | not much to laugh about....

What is enlightenment?

Southern New Year's traditions

Hubby's Favorite ---- Meatloaf

Okay, here are the vanilla prices !

Alberta pledges 5 million and Yukon pledges 25 thousand to Tsunami

An Irish alternative for New Year.

Lang May Yer Lums Reek.

We went to see Steeleye Span last night - and they were crap!!!!!

Internet Help for Tsunami-Stricken (AuctionDrop taking goods to auction!)

Seeking 3,000 Missing Americans

Tsunami may have changed map of India

Russia to charge for space trips

Relatives of US servicemen killed in Iraq to hold vigil on Jordan border

Pa. Seeks to Revise 'Cyberschool' Law (Santorum's Plight)

LA Times: Profits Clothed in Sadness

Arab astrologer predicts Bush assassination

Wal-Mart workers charged in cat shooting

House to Consider Relaxing Its Rules

"Newton couple indicted on 35 charges" (enslavement of the mentally ill!)

Buffett firm helps with SEC probe

NYT,pg1: How Scientists and Victims Watched Helplessly

NYT,pg1: China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence

Global analysts dispute perceived US generosity

CNN: A fire in a crowded Buenos Aires nightclub has killed 88 people

WHAT DEFICIT? - Bush Signs Order to Raise Fed Workers' Pay

U.S. Replaces Memo on Torture with New Guidelines

Detained terrorism suspects at highest level since 1970s

Anti-GAM raids continue despite catastrophe (Civil war in Aceh, Indonesia)

U.S. Replaces Memo on Torture with New Guidelines

Spain back to the barricades over Civil War archive

Fort Carson soldiers learning Arabic before heading to Iraq (RMN)

Dollar hovers around record lows (BBC)

Bandleader Artie Shaw dies

Argentine massive bonds swap on track

House to Consider Relaxing Its Rules

Pentagon Misses Goal for Missile Defense System

LA Times: City Plans a Texas-Size Send-Off for Guard Troops Headed to Iraq

Bush Raises Fed Workers Pay



Jordanian authorities ban protest by US anti-war group

Court throws out $88.5 million award to Anna Nicole Smith

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Seven in Iraq's North (12/31)

China Increases Tsunami Aid Sharply to $63 Million

Study Relates Fast-Food with Type 2 diabetes

Iraq's Hamd calls it quits

Report: Lilly was aware of Prozac risks

Attack on smoking gets papal blessing

U.S. ups tsunami aid from $35 million to $350 million

Sudan, Rebels Sign Landmark Peace Deals

Musharraf tells nation of decision to stay as Army chief

Document revives WWII-era Vatican debate

At Shelter In D.C., Mix Of Holiday Cheer, Hope (Washington Post)

The death toll from the south Asian tsunami disaster could soon rival that

Buenos Aires Nightclub Inferno Kills 175

Top Colombian Rebel Extradited to the U.S.

Mosul election staff quit en masse

Ruling Forces Pataki to Release Canal Records

Reservist takes critical look at Iraq

NYT/Reuters:World (except US?) Tempers New Year Celebration After Tsunami

Big print run for €500 note, the crook's best friend

Guidelines for treating rape victims omit emergency contraception

That SON of a Bush is giving away all our tax money!

RBS executives could face charges in the Enron scandal

U.S. puts out new guidelines on torture

New US strategy to help Taliban surrender? (New Year releases)

AP: (South Asian) Earthquake affects Missouri wells

Iraqi PM Warns Neighbors on Insurgency

Release of Iraq war advice is test for new act

NYT: Social Security Underestimates Future Life Spans, Critics Say

Man Who Knew Sept. 11 Hijackers Deported

With no ammunition, UK troops play ‘guns’

Eye disease drug test 'promising'

Catholic Group Pledges $25M Tsunami Relief

North Korea Calls for D.C. Policy Changes

Nations Pledging Nearly $1 Billion in Aid for Tsunami Victims

U.S. announces tenfold increase in tsunami aid

No U.S.-UN Rivalry in Tsunami Aid Response - Powell

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 31 December

Blair honours attacked as 'gongs for gaffes'

NYT: At Leak Inquiry's Center, a Circumspect Columnist (Novak)

Los Alamos Monitor-Massive Sumatra earthquake moves New Mexico

Entire Election Staff Quits in Mosul

Prayers Replace Parties to Mark 2004's End (not what you think)

Capital One Sued Over Credit Card Ads

Boy in Custody Battle Sees Biological Mom

Suit says Missouri diverted funds for blind

It's Pakistanis' issue: Powell (On Musharraf remaining Pakistani Dictator)

UK plans 3 minute silence

Gregoire Focuses on Gubernatorial Duties

White House says always treated prisoners "humanely"

Venezuela opts for Linux

Iraq War Veteran Toilet-Papering House Shot By Irate Resident

Russia Plans Laws Against Polluting Industry in 05

Top Homeland Contractors Had Gov't Run-Ins

Judge denies asylum to retarded boy (UPI)

Lawyer: Iraq's 'Mrs. Anthrax' has cancer

Report: Air Force Lawyer Knew of Scandal (Air Force Academy rapes)

Eli Lilly in storm over Prozac evidence

Punk Band Moshes in the New Year in Iraq (The Vandals)

Ex-teacher gets 100-year sentence in sexual misconduct case

Report: U.S. to Increase Tsunami Aid to $350 Million

Israel's Tsunami Efforts Get Cool Response

Rehnquist Resumes His Call for Judicial Independence

Canadians cut link to monarchy

Seattle Times: Illness taking grim toll at nation's boot camps

Evangelical Leader Threatens to Use His Political Muscle Against Some Demo

Judge won't let woman divorce while she's pregnant (WA State)

Sex-assault treatment guidelines omit pill

Newly found faith lands Marine in jail

Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovich, resigns

Teenage girl infected with bird flu in Vietnam

funny joke about hating RepugNuts... a woman goes into a pet store and a

Which country should provide the most aid to Tsunami victims?

In honor of New Years Eve - What's your favorite alternative name for...


Chicks with guns

Well, it's official. 2004 sucked big time!

Well pardon the fuck out of me, Mr. & Mrs. tech developers and marketers

hmm, friend is ignoring me on AIM, ask me anything!

The Harlem Globetrotters

Some in Hollywood are trying to make the movie, "Bewitched."

Why Don't People Respond To My First Poll?

When is a person "middle age"?

Buzzcocks: Overrated, underrated, or respected juuuust right?

Psss....I won the THREADKILLER game.

My buddy just bought a new gizmo on Ebay

I want to run. I want to hide.

I only need 984,000 posts to 1 million. Throw a pie at DS1.

I just bought Gizmo from this Asian guy!

How many abstract artists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Do US governments (state or federal) advertise to any great degree?

Duers, I gotta know: Have you ever copied ehem, "moves" from a movie??

I currently have the toaster on top of my microwave

What if copycats ruled the DU Lounge?

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!!

how do I open a Hewlett Packard case?

What if copycats lured the DU Lounge?

What if copycats reigned in the world

Dyslexic copy catters UNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if Perots controlled the universe?

What if copycats luded the DU Lounge?

Fictitious offspring of famous actors you wish were in the movies?

What if copycats did ludes in the Lounge?

Why doesn't my Mother realize I'm an adult?

What if Bart copped DU? n/t

What if Parrots rained on the World?

What if copycats rained on the world?

Bubble baths are a good thing

Nobody Answered Anything. Ask Me My Polls.

Worst songs by bands you love?

Computer Geeks Parte Deux!!!

Nobody Answered My Polls. Ask Me Anything.

Gates Foundation pledges $3 million for aid to tsunami victims

Children of famous actors who wouldn't have made it without their parents?


I think I may be strongly attracted to Papa Smurf

If I started a MSN community

Does anybody else think this song is overplayed this year?

Parents of Famous actors that wouldn't have FAMOUS it without their kids.

Own an iPaq or PocketPC? Check this awesomeness out!


Did anybody happen to bookmark that "steak recipes" thread?

Copy Catters--- UNITE! Please let me know who you are so I

If you knew you only had a few weeks to live, how would you live them?

Antone ever see Zulu?

My 300th post. Ask me anything.

Carpe Gluteus Maximus

Let's get this party started

what if copycats bought luges for the lounge?

Never drive when you are sleepy

This Is the Last Day of 2004

We have the technology.. We can make him Better !! Go For it

How to get even with a boss you hate.. (vicariously, of course)

Lick 'n Bowl & other funny stuff

Owners Who Would've Never Been FAMOUS Without Their Pets

Does the name Bell ring a Pavlov?

Best U2 song.

military commercials

Vintage Porn - what was your favorite?

Happy New Year Sydney!

56279...56278...56277...56276... 56275...56274...56273...56272...

You know what's funny?

Have any of you guys ever played around with Squeegee?

Firefoxers, is there a way to see what sites you have RSS'd and if so,

Robert Montgomery is on TCM. The witch, Samantha, was his daughter.

Venezuela opts for Linux

Wheeeeee... Bouncy mirror ball

Yes I know

Fred Flinstone Ate The Apocalypse

"He's Just Not That Into You" - An article for those reading the book

I want to welcome pagerbear back to the Lounge.

3 .50-Cal Machine Guns Found In Kansas Creek

Penguins Killed At Parties

Vote for the most boring 2004 headline in MY paper....

Help! My repuke bosses have somehow

Cold snap brings Gulf rare snow

what are your New Year Eve plans?

Set in stone, 18th-century clue finally yields killer

Rien ne va plus: casinos face jackpot night strike by croupiers

2005 Prediction Thread!

Proof positive 2005 will be better than 2004

Breakfast of Champions

Will everyone stop the "emoticon" BS

Claire Danes is coming on HBO!

Blue jean baby

It's £650 a head for New Year diners who land on Mayfair

Nominees for funniest threads of 2004

Anyone have a recipe for a chocolate martini?


Martha Stewart loses prison decorating contest.

A Very Hadji New Year (Cartoon Network Boomerrang)

Such a beautiful world....

Smoosh up a coupla garlic cloves with a garlic smoosher,

A Gene Vincent & His Bluecaps Appreciation Thread...ROCK IT!

Alexander the Not So Great

I'm weaving DU.

I'm decieving DU

I'm heaving DU

Happy New Year, from the Land of the Rising Sun.

It is possible that today

I'm peeving DU

I'm conceiving. RU?

I'm Leaving EU.

I'm Steven DU.

Did the empress of all ever eat her Harry & David pears??

Everyone have a happy new year!

I'm sleeving DU.... Errrrr...... I'm leaking DU....... Errrrr......

Jimi Hendrix Imitator In Hospital - Lit His Guitar On Fire - Burned

Does it feel to you...

I'm sick. I'm bored. I have a Google-bomb idea.

It's coitus for Laura Bush. Looking for root of an idiot.

Last album you listened to that made you go "wow"

How can I be happy AND pay attention to the news?

Caption Paris Hilton on the phone.

Christian Liberals and Progressive People of Faith

Happy New Year DU! - Party like an animal...

Federline 'bans Spears from shopping'

It's a New Year's Eve "How do you make your oyster stew?" thread

"happy as a clam."

A great soup to use up left over turkey...great for New Years too!

Mischief has developed a really mean habit.


before and after (Tsunami)

Just in case you missed these pics of an SOB-to-be last night...

America... F*** yeah

Pannettone and Lavazza Coffee

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of copycat fever hits DU Lounge

I LOVE Sandra Bernhard !

Have you ever stopped shopping somewhere for a silly reason?

Should I buy an HDTV?

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Saturday Night Fever hits DU Lounge

Anna Nicole Smith "stripped" of $88 million...

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Square Dancing hits DU Lounge

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Hemmoragic Fever hits DU Lounge

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Boogie Fever hits DU Lounge

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of cat scratch fever hits DU Lounge

"Don't Stop Believin' " DU.

Have any of you guys ever played around with Ouija?

My understanding is many people hated The Royal Tenanbaums

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Gold Fever hits DU Lounge

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Kylie Minogue's "Fever" hits DU Lounge

A Question About "Johnny Quest"

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Liver & Onions hits DU Lounge

....and the debutantes dance.........

Smoking = Supporting Republicans

The night that Max wore his wolf suit

30 Years Ago Today

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Yellow Fever hits DU Lounge

CYBERSPACE - Bad race of Jell-O Sleevers hits DU Lounge

Just came across my sister's old "Man from U.N.C.L.E." book collection

What are your plans for tonight? Mine? Absolutely NOTHING.

Do I get a reward or a punishment for perspiring so many copycats?

CYBERSPACE - Bad case of Dr. Johnny Fever hits DU Lounge

Do I get a reward or a punishment for admiring so many copycats?

Do I get a reward or a punishment for inspiring so many copycats?

Do I get a reward or a punishment for conspiring so many copycats?

Do I get a reward or a punishment for firing off so many copycats?

2 Guys Fight Over Woman By Ramming Their Cars Repeatedly

Do I get a reward or a punishment for retiring so many threads...

Hey! My sigline is back!

2 Guys Fight Over Cars By Ramming Their Woman Repeatedly

My sig line

Sex library has 2,000 porn videotapes, 7,000 erotic books

Feel the purity... I have been named "Prude of The Year"

Two Guys Fight Over Car by Ramming Their Women Repeatedly

Hey, everybody, Siglinde is back!

Is there a DU chat room??

My dogs just don't understand cappilary action.

Hey everybody's sig lines are back

Hot Dog Stand Workers Also Sold Sex

When I had my EEG, they claimed I fell asleep... However,

Your copycat pills are worthless and weak!

Your copycat skills are worthless and weak!

Feel the sand... I have been named "Dune of The Year"

Did anyone here read "Middlesex"? Discuss! *SPOILERS*

NEXTEL Ring Tones - Went To Download A New One - Looked At National Anthem

Maury Povich has a thought provoking show today (sarcasm ON)

Your copycat dills are worthless and weak!

Did anyone else watch 'Boogie Nights' on HBO last night?

Hey if you ever wanted to play an online game but didn't like the price

Question about the Bernaola Twins

Feel the chill.... I have been named "Nude of The Year"

Whatever happened to Mara Steele?

My boyfriend is the world's greatest crook!!

What is this?

Best. Christmas. Cards. Ever.


The War of the Roses...still one of the best movies ever.

Common People

Embarrassing Question for Computer Geeks

A heartfelt Thank You to all at DU! You've been my friends and teachers.

Flame Warriors

I have a boo boo

Anyone remember the Romper Room Do-bee?

How more google(blank) sites do we need?

Does anyone know if there is postal service today?

what are YOU doing this Evening, DU?

I love how the exchange student made my brother hate my family.

Bush Monkey Original 8x10 painting

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It's coming

I have a muumuu

Jim Hendrix was a god among mortals...

Feel the purity... I have been named "Prune of The Year"

Anyone here play Xbox Live / Halo 2??

Last Friday it was 9 degrees wth 7 inches of snow, and today it's 68.

What does this Bumper Sticker mean?

Why is it always a copy CAT post, why can't it be a copy DOG or

The best thing about Xmas being over!

Going out on a limb here. Chargers will be in SB XXXIX.

All of you doing nothing for New Years:

Merry New Year

Thank You and Happy New Year 2005 (I hope) to all at DU

*SIGH* This Could Be My Last Sex Thread Of 2004

I think my gilding is on fire.

Your Innocent Bush Twins are Off Limits New Year's Resolution

Should I sign off of DU...

Fireworks glittering across the Mannheim sky

How Many Earthquakes Have You Lived Through?

Five Dollah

I'm bored and I was going to make one of those "ask me anything" threads..

53 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT in Grand Rapids right now!

Court throws out $88.5 million award to Anna Nicole Smith

My 16 year-old son is having friends over to play Texas Hold 'em

Midnight movies and audience quotes, gotta love um

*FOOTBALL* Az State 3 Purdue 2 *FOOTBALL*

Last CAPTION of the year (from me)-What the hell have I done?

This is really weird. 65 degrees in Indiana on New Year's.

Any female DU'ers like the song Band Of Gold?

I saw the Jerry Springer Show for the first time ever today-----

OMG, this is the first loaf of bread I've made that actually looks like

dupe self delete

OK, the new aquarium guy is HOT and dirty!

signing off... happy new year, DU!!!

Supermarket rant (short one, sort of)

Question about the Thompson Twins.

For those of you that know my posts, am i a b*tch?

OK, the new aquarium guy is HOT and flirty!

Those stars

My friends are crazy, look what Alicia sent me...Butch Beyonce video

Post your New Year's Resolutions!!

2004: The Shittiest Year Ever - Good Riddence!!

List your top five albums (CD's for you young 'uns) of 2004!!!

Where is the best place to download music?

Invited to a party, don't feel like goin' - what's up w/ that?

Briscoe/Logan, Briscoe/Curtis or Brisco/Green?

My dog is on doggie Prozac.

Why am I still at work?

If you hold W upside down and tickle him, puppies pop out of his mouth!

Oh Oh; I was told that Dinner for one is on

Dick Will Watch Ball Drop From Bed

Happy New Year Across the miles ....

Has everybody noticed the tsunami donation links posted above?

Free at last, 700 Club can kiss my

I have just completed my first new short story in 5 years!!!

What YOU would do if you were George W. Bush's designated driver

Do you admire or pity this woman?

Favorite songs by bands you can't stand?

Cocker Spaniels are the only reason I think God might exist.

I'm watching TRL on MTV!

If you play Toby Keith forwards you get a Satanic message

Why, this is one well-hung....

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Does anyone have the stomach flu?

pizza sounds so good for dinner.

Anyone watching the Law and Order:SVU marathon?

Who's going for a Polar Bear Swim tomorrow?

Thank god 2004 is almost over.


Unhelpful thread posted while pissed off

Question about the Cocteau Twins.


may *2004* burn in hell.

Time to Rate 2004

What should I do tonight

Help please....How many bags of chips should I buy for 25 teens

Dwayne Wade Or Kobe Bryant....

Any tree experts out there??? Red Bud tree dying

The only problem with spending New Years Eve here with you guys...

Best New Year's Eve Movie ever?

Happy New Year, DU.

Have you ever opened a neighbor's mail by mistake?


Chronicles of Riddick--- worth the $3.99 PPV charge??

"weee i'm dick tracey

We rented three movies tonight.

Hey there, fellow Lounge lizards!

anybody done a do-it-yourself divorce?

I'm pissed--- moderator locked a thread before I got my popcorn

Need help fast. Who sang a song that was titled Keep on Smiling?

People are idiots

Feel the power...I have been named 'Dude of the Year'

Your dog keeps licking my nose, and chewing up all those letters that say

It's quieting down.

Just watched "The Battle of Algiers"

It's coitins for Laura Bush. Looking for root of an idiom.

So many dear souls have passed on this year...

Has anyone heard of

My last post at DU

We're drunk at the Hampton Inn...Ask us anything!!

I'm leaving DU

In the year 2525...a song for 2005...

Another Crap year under the Bush get's worse..but off to see

Worst 1st round NFL pick ever - My choice: Rocky Thompson, NY Giants

Thanks, DU, for...well, you know. See you next year.

Poll of the year


Does anyone here freeze extra meals? I need some advice.


Another New Year's Eve and I ain't got nobody!

Anybody got a copy of the * family Christmas photoshop?

Sondheim, a Celebration at Carnegie Hall

Does anyone here freeze excessive mods? I need some advice.

The 2004 passings post...people lost in 04

Wish me luck - I'm drivng the death Highway again tonight

For those of you already in 2005 - Please tell me it'll be a good year

I want to wish all of my DU friends a safe and happy New Years!

Happy New Year, DemocraticUnderground!

Something to think about

just when i think 2004 can't sink any lower...

Anyone see "Beyond the Sea" yet?

Colin Powell presses the button

This is a true story I have to tell. (long, frightening)

Remember, if someone is drunk...take their keys!

My creative writing professor wrote a book about his time in Sri Lanka.

News headlines and blurbs we would like to see in 05

Police Crack Jesus Fakes

Aquarium people - I have a question about feeding catfish

Favourite Monty Python Sketch

I hate blooming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ileana Douglas

Is anyone familiar with the "Troops to Teachers" program?

Pug owners?

Anybody else here have fireworks?

Since the freepers have a "Troll of the Year"

Ever try any of that EVP shit?

Allow me to propose a toast

Future history books

Whoops! Ran out of Martini. Gotta go make another! Can I get you one?

Charlie don't surf!

Siblings of celebrities that wouldn't be FAMOUS without their siblings

It Is 9.00 PM here

630 post, mostly substancial and I haven't been thrown out yet!


Irish TV (RTE) is showing "Outfoxed" on Sunday at 8pm (Prime Slot)..

Happy New Year Everyone!

I think my apartment building is on fire!

Auld Lang Syne lyrics

Three Stooges marathon on AMC!!

I'm putting my foot where my mouth is. n/t

I'm back from the champagne tasting!

40 shy of 62,000, will we reach 62,000 tonight and if so

Happy New Year, You Radical Leftists !!!

A whap dabba duap, a whap bam boo!

Best Current Sci-Fi Show?

I got a bottle of cheap-ass champagne chilling in the fridge...

So, after I finish the laundry, I'm watching The Thunderbirds!

Does your dog sing right along with you?

Bad Boy. Bad Boy. What you gonna do?

Help me make it to 10,000 posts, ask me anything!

Stupid questions

I survived the grocery store!

So what snack foods are good for a DU New Years party?

I have this large box of stuffed animals

50 years ago tonight, these were America's most popular songs.

I want to kill my neighbors

What would happen if you battered an eatery?

TWO THOUSAND FIVE?? Holy shit...if I knew I was gonna live this

What city is Ft. Benning near?

I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop

What song truly defines your being?

Help! I choked my chicken prematurely.

The one year thread. Will this thread last until next year?

8,000... 7,999... 7,998... 7,997...

Don't Talk to Strangers.

Desperately seeking fans of "The State"

When right-wingers go horribly wrong!

My church did something annoying a few minutes ago!

"21 Grams" - a well made film. Uniformly superb acting. And...

My song for New Year's.

I'm sick, but I think I oughta drink tonight anyway.

Another "gone but not forgotten" thread for 2004

Help! I jerked my chicken prematurely!

Greatest Music Video of 2004

Greetings from 2005

How can I take my bookmarks with me?

What would happen if you ate a battery?

Stop the presses! I have decided not to boycott New Year's Eve

My last vanity post of 2004; I fess up, I'm a celebrity love-child...

I am seriously thinking about not neutering my dog

Ballad of a Thin Man (words and music by Bob Dylan)

On my Internet radio station now: Al Green, "I'm Still In Love With You."

Tonight's Without a Trace has a great orgy in it,

Anyone know anything about a group called "The Brotherhood"?

In regards to "In Memoriam" / "Gone But Not Forgotten " lists

It's the Twilight Zone Marathon!

Anyone else watching The Last Waltz on TCM?

Let's Beer Great!!!!

Hot dog ingredients you'd rather not know about

Happy New Year to all

Favourite Father Ted character?

My New Year's Resolution for 2005....

Where would be the best place in the US for me to live?

Happy New Year from the UK

Seinfeld marathon on TBS now.

So I'm finally sitting down and watching a movie I've heard

I got engorged

Need Legal/Insurance Advice

SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX - HELLO 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would any one believe re: January In History

Any "bandstand" fans out there?

Anyone familiar with the Panera Bread chain?

Suggestion: Could all of you FR watchers create a forum and talk about it

Okay, who's skipping 'amateur night'?

What's on your 2005 calendar?

If not for you...

Can you believe the decade is already half over???

For the new year, the first genuine pic of me

Anybody else watching The Twilight Zone on SciFi right now?

Anybody see the "Lemony Snickett" movie? What did you think?

Electronic Voice Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?

Ha Ha Regis is bitchin about all the orange hats on NYrockin eve.

Good Luck meals on New Year's Eve...what's yours?

My least meal of 2004.

I Want to Fly Like An Eagle

So, who has an unusual or disgusting resolution for 2005?

Which Johnny Depp movie should I watch?

Inaugural Question

In memoriam to all of everyone's "animal companions" who crossed the

I'm way toasted

So who has started drinking already?

Please DU this poll. Do it for the kittens. and puppies. Please

Is there one New Year's Eve that was especially nice for you?

I am fine...


If a TV show could be given MST3K treatment, which would you nominate?

I'm ringing in the new year with John Lee Hooker on my stereo.

Rockin' with Regis? Has it come to this?

What is the WORST song your clock-radio has woken you up to?

Clapton on PBS tomorrow night!

Sad news, folks. A fellow DUer, wryter 2000, has lost her husband.

Happy Birthday Mr. kayleybeth!!

Happy 2005 EST!

Well, I'll be dipped. Ya learn somethin' new every day.

Happy Friday Night! Remember...Tomorrow is Saturday.

Official DU - "Last Flirtation of 2004" thread

Ha-Ha...I just went into a gas station here in Denver

Did Regis 'personality of a chalkboard' Philbin do his Dick imitation yet?

New Years Eve Menu: Chinese Food

What was your worst concert experience?

If You Play "Stairway To Heaven" Backwards You Get A Satanic Message

I know God is an OK person but why

Muttley Crud is on Leno tonight!

Steel Magnolias is on Lifetime

I know everybody hates AOL

What are you drinking tonight?


What game should I reinstall on my computer?

Am I the only one staying home and not drinking?

I've got wood , ask me anything

New Years at "FReeper Canteen". NOTICE HOW THEY'RE ALL LIBERALS?

Is it cruel to tease a cat with a laser pointer??

I just hit 10,000 posts, WHOO-HOO, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What if Peugeot's rule the universe?

Neighbor from hell


Anyone else think Dec. 31 is just another day?

"Smoke two joints in the morning..."

I hear my wife screaming bloody murder downstairs

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave...

How will history judge our society... the USA's that is?

Say Hello to my little friend....

Worst NFL Coach Ever

I'm leaving DU.

Quick! I need DU movie rental recommendations!

Who else has to close one eye in order to view the monitor correctly?

I was nominated as "Best Troll of the Year" at Freeperville!!!

Is it wrong that a 25 year old took a jacuzzi swim with rubber duckies?

Do you wonder why you post at DU??

I'm heaving thee, poo

Would you urinate on Fred Phelps if he were on fire?

I hold Revolutionary_Acts04 100% responsible for my descent into lunacy.

Wish Corrupter Redux

I am a terrible person.. I laughed at this

D'oh!! "The Army of One" meaning is finally clear...

If your parents just showed up at your door wanting to take

Today, I helped a Bush supporter. What the hell was I thinking?!

Headstart on New Years Resolution: Sold my only good tv today....!

Astrology Take it or Leave it?

Repost:How can I save my clip from CSPAN this morning?

Best MST3K Episode?

Worst NFL Quarterback ever?

I just got into law school with a 75% scholarship. Give me a hug.

Jessica Simpson's Virgin Vow (disgusting)

Happy New Year From JAPAN!!!!!!

Do our pets wonder where we are when we're at work?

Howard Dean says, "HAPPY NEW YEARGH!!!!!!!!!!"

Too good to be true. Playing in the Bowl game in Memphis....

My cat celebrating The New Year.

Goddamned Full Framed f-ing DVDs

Happy f 'ing new year. Husband moving out tomorrow.

I got engaged.

A new iMac for under $500?

George Bush's New Year's Resolutions

Per Redqueen's request - dirty hippy pics of myself 5 years ago.

Last night was a typical night for me on Bourbon Street.

Seeking the Hand Of God in the Waters (Tsunami)

For Progressive Christian DUers, this looks like a site worthy of support

What would a perfectly rational thinker do?

Seekers’ On Unique Paths Spirituale (S.O.U.P.S.) Group (E.g. UU's, C.R.S)

THE DICTIONARY OF DISORDER (a history of the DSM's leading innovator)

Archaeologists Find Egyptian Stone Age Stores

Study casts doubt on 'Meadow's law' of sudden child death

Tsunami Adds to Belief in Animals' 'Sixth Sense'

I am looking for photos of Tsunami before it reached shore.

Proposing legislation

When you google "homosexual", the 1st hit is "Rusty s a homosexual"

A Sickening Story

Happy New Year you homos!

Tech and Big 12 provide BCS a bit of satisfaction

Stupid NBA League Pass blackouts

Yankees Finally Get Their Man, Acquiring Johnson in a Trade

Here are my latest photos of Norman & crook

My Henry says "Bah Humbug"

Happy New Year from The Daemon

Just wanted to inform everyone that

I have been named 'Dude of the Year' by Planet Waves

Interesting Astrological Analysis of the Christmas Tsunami

Does anyone know how I can volunteer (in person) for Tsunami relief?

Does anyone have a read on whether Conyers will get that Senator?

Nolle's January Astro-report AND his Annual 2005 Report

I wish a thrilling new year to you all, fellow rebels!

What's The Matter With Kansas? Phelps! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

if there were no religion.. and everyone was athiestic..

H.G.Wells Coments on War

I found an old interview from December 2003

John Kerry - 108th Congress Votes

John Kerry - Legislation In The 108th Congress

Happy New Year

Time for a little fun...

Possible Progress, or Cover? Justice Dept. Revisits Definition of Torture

At Leak Inquiry's Center, a Circumspect Columnist

Hastert may oust chair of Ethics Cmte who admonished DeLay

Great highlights of 2004 show from Le Show

I need a website listing democratic accomplishments

Our old pal J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) in hot water over fund-raising disclosure

*Sigh.* Can't someone invent a time machine ...

The obligatory resolution thread: I do hereby resolve to: fill it in DU

A mugshot to cheer you up...

Bush/Cheney follow pre-holiday pattern...change torture definition

Who are the best economic populists?

Need 27,000 people NOW Please Read and then Kick!

If not YOU, then who?? Yes, I mean you!!!!!

Oh Jesus, get down to business.

Chimp gives Cheney, Rehnquist, Hastert, others a PAY raise.

A liberal interpretation to fundie logic

Powell and Jeb to visit tsunami-hit countries...

Hastert considers replacing chief of ethics panel

Political cartoon idea: Bush surfing tsunami over Iraq

The GOP wants to change the House ethics rules (too many of them

Alberto Gonzales reconsiders "excruciating and agonizing" pain

Some questions on Presidential succession

Cancel the Inauguration?

Feingold Asks Admin to Stop Financial Aid Cuts for Low-Income Students

C-Spans Washington Journal is only good for one thing...

We have all been harping on the Bush for 4 years..... and for good reason

Franklin Raines: Another one bites the dust :(

C-SPAN female caller from Texas

$40 million party still on, worldwide New Year's celebrations cancelled

Should U.S. cancel New Year's celebrations this year re: tsunami ?

Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet- Dick Cheney?

The likelihood of the Repukes recalling Gregoire

U.N. Calls America Stingy

I want bush to put religion back into Inaugural speech...

If you were an Iraqi, would you vote in the upcoming elections?

Roger Ailes - FOX News, Chairman & CEO - Q&A Video

Nation Guarding/DC Protest Info Request

If 2004 Was A Music Video - This Would Be It

Reps and Dems connected by satellite!

House Repukes want to weaken ethics rules

Diebold Tea Party! ES&S Tea Party! Sequoya Tea Party! MSM Tea Party!

Oooooh! Cool MSM protest graphic from the 51 Capital March site

flip the conyers/senate scenario around...

Why do you think people voted for the Chimp?

"Where will the 350 million COME from?" wail the talking heads...

"The Power of Nightmares" : Al Quaida is a Myth

New RNC Chairman Puts Jeb In 08 Race

Right wing's raw nerve exposed: 'Stingy'

Why $350 million?

Text of Bush's New Year's Day Message

Bush Has Only Appeared Twice Since the Tsunami


If the Repubs are going to get a Revote in Washington. Why not give it to

Somebody stop me....Already hurling obscenities at the tv as they

Melbourne Indymedia: US didn't know "who to call" for tsunami warning

What's up with Jeb Bush

Washington had foreknowledge of Natural Disaster

First New Year's Resolution

Listen to my interview on Seattle KIRO Radio!

So the GOP wants to go nuclear in the Senate...

Could it be the Battered Voter Syndrome? like the Battered Spouse Thing?

New line: "People hated Clinton, too. You can deal with * for 8 years."

Dino Lossi. Is There A Reason Why He Won't Concede?

GWB missed a once-in-a-planet's-lifetime

You Can't Blame 'Uncle Sam' for What Bush Does

Tsunami Military Op? Why?

I just finished watching "Farenheit 9-11" for the fourth time ...

Did everyone here do as Rep. Conyers asked...........

Did you do everything you could to elect Democrats in 2004?

Idiot Logic: Don't criticize Chimp, or we might 'look bad' to the world

Have we become the Party of the Lesser of Two Evils?

Why is the right more angry than us?

CNN year-end review pieces used to prop up their lies against Kerry and

Message from Islamic Jihad Army you won't be seeing on TV

My niece loudly proclaimed she "hated Bush" in the grocery store yesterday

Yikes! Canada watch out!

Feingold for president website

What Presidential Contender would you like to be partying with tonight?

Tourists continue to go to affected areas? Sick

There will be more and worse Tsunamis until global warming is dealt with