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Archives: December 3, 2004

'Dead' Livonia man allowed to vote

E-voting expert Rubin talks to N-L

Distinct Men, Bound Now at Arlington

More Troops Mean More Trouble

Ken Starr back in the news...briefly

interesting article - "Voting Fraud in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers"

Kerik on Kerry!!

The Guardian-Man on a mission;Kerik

Escaping blame for Abu Ghraib

Kerik's life not all an open book

The Ugly American Reporter: Dana Milbank

Hooray For Gerry Watkins!!

Washington funds false sex lessons (Guardian)

Doses of reality not covered by new Medicare drug benefit (single payer ?)

French troops killed 63 in unrest

Theoretically, Tax Reform Should Fly (Get Real)

[PINR] 03 December 2004: Romania: Europe's New 'Sick Man'

"Help is on the Way" - what line should Kerry have used?

Support is More Than a Magnetic Yellow Ribbon on Your Car

Misplaced priorities put pork before public safety

Detailed Hustler expose chronicles Dreier's hidden gay life

(OMG! The PNAC/DLC Connection!)No More Moore: DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt

Why the U.S. Iraqi outlook looks tortured

You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador.

Molly Ivans: "Texas Liberals" humor

Kerik nomination is a ticking time bomb

An enemy of the state

The Texafication of the USA

Very, Very Dirty Pictures (Mark Morford)

From Bush Aide, Warning on Social Security(cut bene's to avoid tax on rich

Bush ignores intelligence reform ( Greeley)

Joe Conason | John Birch Lives

Bush pledges to wage unending war (to Canadian elites)

American Born, Addicted to Happiness

Someone pinch me. Read this editorial from the National Review

Iraq's civilian war dead are not leaving any impact in the US

(OMFG! The DLC/PNAC Connection!) No More Moore: DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt

Why Iraqis should boycott the election

Kerik a Ticking Time Bomb

Exciting Update and Urgent Actions!

Aerial WOLF shooting in Alaska

OpRA. (pronounced Oprah) Operation: RED ALERT

West Windsor Patriot Act Resolution 12/6

$835,000 to settle suit over protester's injury (San Fran)

Promotion help needed for "Weapons of Mass Deception"

Dec 7 Democratic Job Fair in DC - Reg by Dec. 3

Dec. 11; Minneapolis; "Homemade Peace Workshop"

Help please. Need a great flyer on Ohio vote fraud.

Why aren't we marching on Washington?

Promote a 'great idea' to MoveOn

Hilarious (and sad) Daily Howler today

AAR Commercials

Iis AAR silent right now?

new outsourcing blog, sponsored by the IEEE

I just found out what Schwartzenegger did to Calpers

58000 new jobs in DOL Nov Report (112000 less 54000 adjustments

Excluding 54000 new pretend stay at home, only 4,000 new jobs in Nov

Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

Need foreign currency account recommendation

At Least 1,000 Dead In Philippines Flooding, Mudlslides - Reuters

US Will Sign No New Climate Agreements - Reuters

Exposure To Even Tiny Amounts Of Benzene Alters Cell Counts - NYT

Beijing Authorities To Residents: Stay Indoors (3rd Straight Day Of Smog)

To Name But A Few

NASA Study Links Shifts In Currents & Winds To Indian Ocean Warming

Widow's Peak: Spiders found in Canuck stores

Article: "Environmentalists Lose on Spending Bill"

Siemens Aiming At 30% Of World Wind Turbine Market - Reuters

Africa starving as capital flies

RKBA Evangelists, Meet DLA

I'm going to second Old and in the Way's suggestion

Excuse me, where did my post go and why ??

Can this post please be moved to General Discussion?

Why was this topic locked?

60,000!!!! Congrats!!!!

If I have a question that I would like to ask the administrators, but...

Any way to suggest to LBN posters that they can prevent dupes by searching

congrats on 60K and a thank you for a job well done

How can I help?

I would like to know what MARK ALL at top of page means?

I see that we have passed

Why are the mods playing whack-a-mole with my threads? (RE: the 'K' word?)

Thank You greatly for taking care of the Bev Harris situation.

Question about tombstones & profile searches

The Jewish Struggle Against Arabs in Israel

“Give Me Some Credit!” - Mazen vs. Barghouti

Hamas could soon suspend attacks against Israel

Hamas Leader: Ready for Long-term Truce

Senior Hamas man: We accept Israel living in peace, security

Two in three FSU Jews choose Germany over Israel

Glasgow University students propose Vanunu for Rector

Requiring one strong visual thread for newbies, lurkers, passers-by.

Chicago folks-- up for a meetup this weekend?

Illinois Leader....

Can someone direct me

Concerning the status of the recount in New Mexico

Fast Forward: The Real Times, December 23, 2004

Arnebeck's background makes me feel so good

Questions RE Columbus Rally and Media

Bev posts about Lepore

Any DNC Members out there that can justify not funding the Wa recount??

Bev Harris going to be on MIKE WEBB SHOW tonight!

Make plans for Jan. 20.

The truth about the NORC recount of the 2000 election

BBV update: "That'll be about a dollah"

Missoula Indpendent: "Does Not Compute"

Hey DU I have a mega byte of NM data -->

Pinellas voting gaffe uncovered

NEWS: Protesters: Election fraud ignored

51 Capitol March -bypass your state-go to Ohio

Pro-life or pro-choice?

Exciting Update and Urgent Actions!

Kerry did NOT pay for the Washington Recount


Donate! Gregoire and Frye updates/links - Gregoire needs $100,000

Has A Single MSM Reported on Judiciary Committe Dems ?

Susan Truitt of CASEOhio on Air America now...

I didn't get around to donating to Daschle (still kicking myself)-Gregoire

Did I hear today that theKerry campaign was joining the OH recount effort?

Pacifica to Webcast Ohio Elections Forum, Sat Dec 4th evening

Cnn Now wolf talking vote n/t

House Judiciary Dems to Announce Hearings on Voter Irregularities!

Joe Trippi on AAR now

Revote! If Caterat,NC is having a revote, why not Ohio?

CA Sec of State completes random test report of CA touch screen voting

Ohio Law School Monitors 2004 Election - Good Site!

OHIO - Xpress your election fears on Sat. with Jesse Jackson

NOBODY from NYC is going to the rally

Quest for recount in presidential race ends

Did anyone see the Rev Jackson on CNN last night?


Speculation on what would happen if fraud is proven beyond doubt

www.votergate.TV Controversy

Brad Blog CONFIRMED House Judiciary Dems Announce Public Hearings

1000 BBV "gliches: the odds at least 600 favor Bush is 1 of 7.3 BILLION!

Free to a good Cause, a machine that can contact 10,000 people in 2 days

What happened with Bev Harris?

Recount OH & NM ~ Update from Cobb-LaMarche (Dec 3rd)

Media lock down proof?

A vote fraud whistleblower... or not?

Exciting Update and Urgent Actions!

Just Received Email Back from the Ohio Chairman of the GOP

*IF* (and I still mean IF) Chimpy manages to maintain the fraud...

NBC Makes Unprecedented Downward Correction in Latino Support for Bush

Link to thank Democratic members of Judiciary Committee

Florida FEMA Hurricane relief fraud???

Volusia County Case in Court Today

INFORM the media about glitches - our mission

Greg Palast for "The nation"

Thank You To Everyone

Guardian peice on Vote Fraud Freeped off of Yahoo News


Anyone know how to crack a locked pdf? :)

Randi Rhodes show Dec 3rd

Breaking News: Supreme Court Calls for New Election on Dec 26 (Ukraine)

Cuyahoga County Vote Info - Official vs. Unofficial

An alternative to

Gregoire going ahead with the full statewide recount.

NEWS: Election Science (PBS 12/3)

POLL: How will GOP react to vote fraud evidence 1/6/05?

Gregoire to concede at 5pm tomorrow if recount funds are not raised.

"He's a mass murdering, evil little retard" 75 yr old female vet

DU & "online contributions kicked (WA recount) over the top" Seattle Times

Conyers letter to Mitofsky requesting raw exit poll data - Text Version

Have any computer glitches gone to Kerry?

OHIO is important. Don't obsess about OHIO.

RED ALERT HELP NEEDED re: the Conyers hearings

Another article on Votergate- the word is spreading!

Conyers 12/3 Follow-Up Letter to Blackwell - Text Version

trying to collaborate ohio data with others working on it currently


Is Moveon really behind recount ?

Anderson Cooper to talk about Ohio "conspiracy" tonight

WASHINGTON confident of GREGOIRE RECOUNT going forward

Ohio Papers chime in as to why they're NOT screaming "FRAUD!!!"

What Is Your Position On The Bev Banning

Shrub's Ranger$ and Pioneer$ lists

Was their fraud in the Gregoire election?

Conyers Letter to Blackwell - Text Version

And we choose bush over this great guy?

with a BUSH and a DICK in office were F#%ked ( PICs of Canada

why would a SOS try to prevent exit polls?

Congress sends letter to Kenneth Blackwell


Correction: Alabama's PRO-segregation amendment passes!

Does Washington State have straight party voting?

Does anyone have Arenbeck's email?


Brits say OHIO is busted too! Voter Fraud!!!

Military can FAX ballots into Washington State

Data file showing Gore won in 2000 after Miami Herald Recount

Cybernet CEO's 911 audiotape

Outcome of Today's Volusia County Hearing

Ohio Rally: No Sticks on Signs

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud (and Letter to Blackwell)

Pattern of Fraud, 2000,2002,2004...Congress matters too!

FEMA says no to NC...guess they spent too much in Florida

Theresa LePore keeps changing the $$$ cost to get county records!!!

YAHOO NEWS! Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought

Question: I can't remember exactly what this was about, but

Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought

Ohio Court results (Dec.3) Cobb v Blackwell & Delaware County

Anybody read MSNBC's Schuster today?

I migh be wrong

New Flyer Idea - Comments Suggestions wanted

the scheming with the machines in Nevada will soon be brought to

Suggestion for Kerry's 2004 Inauguration Speech...comments ?

Why Kerry and the DNC should DISTANCE themselves from the OH recount...

Could overseas US voters turn ballots in at Embassies?

Did Keith Olbermann cover voting problems on his show tonight??

Help, please! need a great on page flyer on Ohio vote fraud.


What are the alt. orgs to BBV with which we should be building bridges?

So the Hispanics are not stupid

Ohio Voter Turn Out Turned Off!!!

Is Stealing a US election TREASON ? Does the Death Penalty Apply ?


Blackwell RECUSE & BUSH CHEATED 2004 graphic for Columbus rally

Florida hand recount of 3 counties; does anyone have more details?



Voice of the White House on


Ed Schuster callers: billboards saying "Quit 2nd guessing Our Pres"

HHS Thompson offers up our food supply to terrorists

TX: GOP Chair says elections "marred by fraud" & encourages grassroots

Slow-Rolling Democracy in Ohio - Blackwell is "foot-dragging"

Will voting equipment be tested during the recount?

OHIO -- Arrests expected in voter fraud probe

Let's Connect the Dots back to pre-November 2nd

Statement on the Bev Harris situation

Madsen asks for our help into Five Star and "Mr. Horn" (more information)

House Judiciary Dems ask for Mitofsky exit poll raw data!

How we should run elections...

Sequoia machines, not Bush's yacht - Sequoia

The FACTS that arise from the study of Bush's 16 states "magic"


What happened with the NH recount?

Exciting Update and Urgent Actions!

AP: Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought

Madsen, Five Star Trust, World War II loot

SMILE: We Picked Up Momentum This Week

Ballot Shuffle in Ohio

There are MANY People working on Election Fraud Issues...

Alaska needs $7k more by Wednesday, Dec. 8 -- can you help?


I'm about to be on Steph Miller!


51 Captial March - December 12 Noon

Bill Lockyer says Arnie WON'T run in 2006!

Anyone hear about Walden Kayak shutting down?

anyone protesting at beacon hill?

I write to the local paper almost every month. original then my rebuttal

MN DNC representatives at grassroots listening session

His Master's Voice III

Dayton bumped from Iraq "fact finding tour" by Repubs.

Function Key problem?

My browser seems to have been hijacked

It just happened! I have to refresh web pages manually?

I want to reformat a hard drive and don't know how.

MEDIA CONTACTS: CASEOhio press release

Letter to Blackwell from House Judiciary Committee!!!

Blackwell RECUSE & BUSH CHEATED 2004 graphic for Columbus rally

Do you like great, Democratic art?

Action Alert for Berks County, PA

Frist defends Santorum in letter to Pgh Post Gazette


Chairman Dunnam Comments on Outrageous House Election Contests

Did anyone notice that for the fundraiser, Houston PBS

Dec. 11 - Houston - Help Hubert Vo (and more ideas about how to help)

Slobberbone broke up!

Fundraiser for Melissa & Rick Noriega - Austin/Houston

"Carole won't run if Kay does."

Powerful bomb defused in Chetek

Well, Trivia (Stevens Point) playing DUers...

Thompson resigns

Ed Garvey of "Fighting Bob Fest" is calling us to arms....

Hand Recount, WA governor election, Gregoire. Training help for recount

Democrats will finance manual recount of governor votes

Volunteer to help with the recount!

I feel the blog.

Bhopal, India...worst chemical disaster in history....20th anniversary


information from occupied Iraq . . .

More refugees arrive in Windsor from Detroit ahead of asylum change

Betty Bowers Presents An Award To Justice Antonin Scalia!

Bill O'Reilly interviews(sort of) Donald Rumsfeld! Video Clip

Ann Coulter is Nuts! Read or listen to what she has to say on Fox (link)

yet another suggestion on spending George Soro's money

Report sees no early return of refugees who fled Fallujah

Anyone heard of Karl Kleinpaste?


buy an autographed stapler, help save the world . . .

Perhaps national democrats are content being the money party?

Why wasn't God watching over the 1,261 men who have died, but

Let me be free.

It's quiet... too quiet...

November busiest month of year for big earthquakes

How would you refute the points raised in this stupid poem?

Here's an example of Repug behavior in my neck of the woods.


It was BCCI after all (aside from the fraud)

we need to decide what we stand for, and articulate it . . . NOW! . . .

The Republicans are fond of making fun of government bureaucracies.

Outing Gay Politicians. Period.

could someone please post a link to that site with Iraqi casualty photos?

WP ed.: Homeland Security employees "gagged," subject to searches

The Iraqi police station attacked today almost within sight of Camp Victory

Gay book ban goal of state lawmaker

BBC Marks Holocaust with 'Auschwitz' Documentary

Looking for other Democratic, moderated newsgroups

Favorite and most despised TV anchors or reporters?

Bev Harris coming up on Mike Webb show.

You want to get back at the media? Here's how:

Al Sharpton is Co-Hosting MORNING SEDITION this morning!

Does this sound like hypocrasy to you?...

"Politeness is a one-way street" (US-Canada relations)

Merry Christmas!

New Homeland Chief "couldn't run a commissary without getting greedy"

What are the party affiliations of the people who are criticizing

does anyone know why freepers think deficits don't matter anymore?

Teacher foils boy's suicide attempt (2nd Grader !!)

What's up with the anti-Bev Posts at BartCop Forum?

Deleted - Bad Link

Copy of CBS anti-gay letter to United Church of Christ

Plaintiff in Imus lawsuit is a Democrat.

Bush Bandit Lauded for PR Image (vomit alert)

Send A Letter To David Limbaugh!


A fellow Dem where I live wrote this re: Gays in this country

I just saw a profile on the wonderful life of...

When we are attacked again on American soil.......

First Amendment Battle in Podunk

Iraqi Oil Changes Course

are the resigning Cabinet members the ONLY people in DC . . .

E Guinea plot trial 'was unfair' : BBC

ruh roh..Andrew Sullivan, RW blogger, in foreclosure

Berks tax hike linked to possible $2 million cut by U.S.

I've had it with this SA and Target thing...

Wow! Here's a picture for you (take a look)

What war looks like :

Coming to a Holy Land near you

Anyone have a link to coupons to print for Salvation Army?

An economic argument for the fairness of a progressive tax system

Wow. This will give you nightmares

What good is protest, says my sister, help me exlain:

before u get excited about the new Womens 'Get Hot' patch.. its only once

10 reasons why I (personally) hate the religious right...

Preliminary info on Volusia County

Foxless in America

I'm sorry guys...

Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. We HAVE to listen.

Is this a joke? Absolutely not.

'Master/slave' Most Politically Incorrect Phrase

SFT needs your help!

State Property, clothing line for black men. Seen this?

"Brunch with Bernie (Sanders)" on now 11AM CST

Florida Town Taken to Court for Prohibiting Nativity Displays

LePore ups the ante: $3,000, no, $4,000, no, $7,000 for election records

Reid makes it clear he's no Daschle....

What do you make of the DGA (Democratic Governor's Association)?

who else thinks Danforth resigned from UN to replace Colin Powell ?

Please help me counter this

Oil for food dollars vs billions of Halliburton funds missing.

So has Tommy Thompson resigned or what??

US press covering Bush in Canada got flu shots

States rights for red states only

Gay Germantown PA minister banned????

More Madrid Bombings


November 2004 was the deadliest month in Iraq for US troops

2008 Headlines after 4 more years of Bush

Amy Goodman on Hardball Tonight!

It's now or never for Washington

Billboards in Arizona. (you think Fl. billboards were bad?!)

Republican hypocrisy in action

Media Whores Online: Dead or Updating?

Robin Baneth puts 1000 bucks on the voting line

Is this a joke? I'm not accustomed to reading The Onion, and this is SO

A Fascinating, Prophetic Image Of America, Circa 1972

speaking of Wal-Mart: Elizabeth Paige Laurie's scam

Nice to see we're progressing in our humanity.

"Art Against Slavery" Charity Auction

What's the latest word on Saddam's trial ?

How much do you enjoy seeing Bush's world crumble?

Oh Canada: Photo report: Anti-Bush Protests

Are we only concerned about Image and Appearance?

Chomsky on 2004 Elections

" W " hase done a wonderful job this last month.

The Real Bush Cabinet Resignation Letters

Living well --> Laziness/Boredom --> Watching TV/Plugging in -->

Waxman Finds Abstinece Programs Teach Eroneous Information

Radio stream help please....

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter

The Fallujah Tragedy

Tell your boss you want to cut your pay to 60 cents/hour

Pro-life or pro-choice?

Drudge says clown Bernard Kerick had busts of himself made as gifts LMAO

So Bush only received 40% of the Latino vote? Evangelicals

A Useful Way to Starve the Beast: "NO BULK MAIL, PLEASE. THANKS!"

Harry Smith of CBS morning show would be a good replacement

U.S. OKs Evidence Gained Through Torture

Bush in the Stalin Seat (link to photo)

Uncle Sam died for your sins and other Arkansas Christmas floats

Okay new CNN post that I will email them -What do you hate most about CNN

P.A.B.A.A.H. - Another Wingnut Group (boycotting Will SMITH & Hollywood)

How unbelievable cool my new Sirius radio is.....

W: the Nazi

What ever happened to Ari Fleischer?

Excellent photos of demonstrations in Canada

Why can't the Democrats be civil like the Repubs were in 1996...?

From Guernica to Fallujah : US War Crimes (Napalm)

Sign petition - support 343rd Quartermaster soldiers who refused dangerous

Drug dogs in the baggage claim!

Does anyone have any good news?

Is this any time for a Democratic President?

A Freeper on the Red/Blue state issue

Survivor's Mark Burnett Cowers to the Religious Right

The Goal is to ABOLISH Social Security

Sharon rejects talks with Syria

About hand recounts

DUer's new weapon from Raytheon, Protest and get a suntan

Could someone explain to me this dollar exchange stuff

Share the blame for Bush

9/11 bill: CIA/White House takeover of military, FBI, nuke labs EXCLUSIVE

I personally, cannot wait for Martha to get out...

Put Up or Shut Up Legis.: Corporate Tax on Employee Welfare Act

"Geography is History"

Rally In Columbus, OH

Anyone see the documentary "Stupidity"

Oh God, Liddy is on Crossfire with Carville

Update on husband's unemploymet appeal....

"Takes a village to make a millionaire"

Ok we did it in Washington (Now San Diego)

Funniest verbal exchange I have ever witnessed on television

Was This Election About Moral Values - or RACE?

What was John Kerry doing yesterday? Thought you should know.

I think Putin is cleverly taking advantage of worldwide Bush hatred

results to the voting trends survey from a few days back

Quetion about DU'ers and WAR.

Tool for finding Dem supporting Businesses: Choose The Blue

Weblog Awards

Anyone know how to remove "read only" from

A new election isn't the only thing the Ukraine Parliament called for

Unpublished TOONS

SF bay area Dem.


Falwell on Matthews Hardball! Video

Jesus the Liberator. A Christianity for the Left?

Eudora question from a techno-peasant

Driving to Columbus from Chicago for Saturday rally

Salon Finally Discovers "Our Leader" Billboards, Mentions DU

I see the Iraq War as a sign of desperation, not strength.



Writing Kerry

What is administration's stance on Abu Ghraib? Last I heard was

Fraud in New Mexico - Bush Administration Cheating Native American Indians

PBS fundraising guy claiming that they do not serve corporate agenda

So Ukraine gets a new election, what would happen if we did too?

FBI Releases Hate Crime Statistics for 2003

Feeling Safer? > > >

Hustler Chronicles The Private Gay Life Of Repub Rep David Dreier

Ohio Couple sentenced to prison on obscenity chrages

F-911 and Lila Lipscomb

Southern Baptists Using 9/11 Deaths

Is Kerry Crying?

Mullah Omar 'flees on motorbike' - Saturday, 5 January, 2002, 08:32 GMT

The DLC is no better at getting elected than Liberals

Michelle Malkin spits in the wind, wind blows it back re: Teresa H. Kerry

Ever want to find the nearest Bush-lover and whack him with a crowbar?

Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq’s WMD

Salt-Water Minnow Research Helps Explain Human Cardiology Puzzle

Controversial Domestic Violence Commercials

The "Rapture Right"

Trends in educational equity of girls and women 2004

NEED ADVICE: Replacing my Cable ISP when I dump my Cablevision 12/7

US Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Fossil fuels up, still below 2000 level

Kerry Supporters from Bangladesh

Number of death row inmates declined for 3rd straight year in 2003

Sheik: Allah sent giant spiders to combat U.S....... pic inside

MOYERS Tonight - Eliot Spitzer, Richard Dawkins (evoloution/religion)

Tommy Thomson, RE: food supply

CBS Nightly News says the economy is growing fast

"Ice Wars" The USA vs. The World sponsored by Clear Channel?

Thank God for the Daily Show/Video clip/Bush in Canada

Mandatory mental health screening program would dose pregnant women

Anyone else heard about this thing regarding Starbucks?

AWOL: Armys of Compassion. Where are they?


It's Hard to Speak Convincingly When You're LYING

Did anyone see Santa's elf give the economic forecast on CBS?

Bush Arrested for War Crimes in Canada!!!

Theres nothing wrong with the US

Hey, it's the pugs that the OBLs of the world hate. Y R we allowing this?

ear, nose and throat

How do we speak the truth ?

Scarry article on the new Homeland Security Secretary Kerik

Feds indict man on "conspiracy" for trying to save mountain lions

Oil of Olay presents... ICE WARS 2004.... USA vs. THE WORLD

The Dark Ages, or America 2004

Find out how much your boss makes compared to you

Wither are we tending?

Good Charities

Gay marriage bans would pass almost ANY state - Red OR Blue...

Cloned kitties

why do we give away our power? why do we look to our representatives in

Joseph Cannon and Bozos for Bush Bust Nigerian Scam!

How Twisted Logic can result in placing a Shrub in the Oval Office

So, whatzis about napalm in Fallujah...

So, I'm just watching the pay per view preview of F9/11

Turning the corner in Iraq...

One Freewill Argument for the existance of Satan

How old were you when you chose to be heterosexual?

Lets out all the dirty slime repukes! A rant and request!

What will you do when DU goes offline?

Guess all hell will break loose in January

Is it time for a Christian revolution?

This Applachia Research Project is really moving me

Excuse Me? The New Homeland Czar never Finished High School?

Justice Scalia: Jews Are Safer With Christians In Charge

The Greatest Moral Failure of the United States of America

I am perfect and I am the center of the universe

Is it me or did Tommy Thompson ask the terrorists to F with our food?

Who Is Still Standing?

"Jesus wasn't a Liberal"- any takers?

Let's get this straight, OK? Homosexuality and the Bible

OpRA (prounounced Oprah) Operation: RED ALERT!

Is 420 a factor of 1337?

US spends $427 BILLION on our military, yet troops ask for toliet paper?

$257 at the pharmacy today for a fourteen day course

Does anyone live in NJ with loofahs and dildos?

should we educate every American child?

Gay Marrige post from another forum

Don't want you kids drugged? Thank the dems that voted for NFC

The single TRUEST and funniest freeper comment I have read...

SUVs Up 56 Percent Over Five Years, 24.2 Million on Nation’s Roads

Mike Malloy is on. Check in you all

is there a post thet discusses the commecial by United Church of Christ?

EVERYONE has constitutional rights.

Stop the Consumption Tax Myth!

Bring your vibrators and loofa's to O'Reilly book signing!!

Order "NOT ME" Bracelets

Why isn't it scandalous that over 1/2 of Bush's cabinet has resigned...

Scary article on the new Homeland Security Secretary Kerik

Religiousity of DUers

Mother wants Catcher in the Rye banned from school

are you a DU 'moderate' or a DU 'liberal'?

Media apologists on Hardball.

Just a reminder: We are all complicit in this bloodbath

Promotion help needed for "Weapons of Mass Deception"

Boys are struggling academically (Why?)

December 12th is Capital March Day across the country

(OMG! The PNAC/DLC Connection!)No More Moore: DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt

Robert Heinlein Science Fiction author was right...Fascist Theocracy

Zogby Poll: Santa Claus A Democrat, Scrooge & The Grinch Republicans

What "France" represents/means to you?

Kosovo and Iraq... What is the difference

I tried out my new roaster last night.

Scalloped potatoes

I tried making my first ever apple pie, and it was a disaster!

OK, I've never had a tamale

Has anyone had the Indian Pizza at Zante's in SF?

Convection ovens???

Any ideas for *pretty* Christmas cookies?

What are you serving Christmas Eve?

Some kid came to the door yesterday selling tamales.

Sorryeverybody goes beyond pictures

Halifax Peace Coalition -- mock trial of Bush

WP: Fundraising Records Broken By Both Major Political Parties (DNC more)

Hustler chronicles the private gay life of CA Republican Rep. David Dreier

Ayatullah AL Sistani is dead ,, so who will support the election now

160,000 people evacuated as storm hits Philippines

Auto accident mistaken for assassination

Judge Questions Sweep of Bush's War on Terrorism

Winter typhoon to bring heavy rains - TW

NYT: U.S. Panel Recommends No Protection for Grouse (photo)

Errors in Skagit (WA) vote count point to statewide problem

St. Cloud factory's (229) layoffs tied to shifting work to China, demand

WP: U.S. Free-Trade Deals Include Few Muslim Countries

NYT: Music Industry Turns to Napster Creator for Help

NYT: Health Care Technology Is Promise Unfinanced (GINGRICH blasts Admin!)

9/11 bill: CIA/White House takeover of military, FBI, nuke labs EXCLUSIVE

UN Ambassador Danforth Resigns

Kerry Campaign Keeping Eye on Ohio Cases


Court upholds Berenson conviction

Heathrow Security Scare

Police killer to spend rest of his life in prison

Bush sidesteps Annan resignation issue

Holiday sales not so jolly CNN / Money hint: Walmart, not happy

Torture Can Be Used to Detain U.S. Enemies

Bush calls for global cooperation

WAPO: Aide Takes Blame for Tax Return Provision

FBI searches offices of Israel lobbying group as part of spy probe

School trials fingertip clock-in

WP: Chinese Officials Seek to Pump Up (Communist) Party


Victor in libel case plots revenge on old party

NATO chief opens military academy during snap visit to Iraq

Ukraine's parliament demands troops withdrawal from Iraq

LAT: Congress Fuels Fire Between FERC, States (spending bill surprise!)

Bechtel takes responsibility for 8 leaks (Boston's Big Dig)

Officials expanding probe of tanker spill (Delaware River)

U.S. Can Use Evidence Gained by Torture

BBC Marks Holocaust with 'Auschwitz' Documentary

More Americans on prescription drugs (nearly 50% on at least one med!)

"A Blueprint for Moore Bashing"

Attacks at Baghdad Police Stations Kill 20

Former poet laureate Van Duyn dies (was first women poet laureate)

Martin takes heat on missile defence

Gunmen shoot 2 councilmen in central Iraq

Iraq a 'terror incubator': Putin

Employers add fewer jobs than expected

NYT,pg1: I.B.M. Said to Put Its PC Business on the Market

UK Court orders Serb's extradition

Russian Duma slams EU for Ukraine unrest

Germans nab 'terrorists' in Allawi assassination fear

Gregoire says she wants full recount -- or none

U.S. OKs Evidence Gained Through Torture

Columnist quits after piece spiked

Bush names new US security chief

Aide Takes Blame for Tax Return Provision

Kosher Authority Seeks Change in Steer Killings

U.S. Suspects Iran Is Making New Missiles

Mall Security Getting Anti-Terror Training

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter

'Master/slave' Most Politically Incorrect Phrase

Slugger (Barry Bonds) admitted to using substances thought to be steroids

State's wounded vets at bottom for benefits

Congress sends letter to Kenneth Blackwell

French socialists vote yes on EU constitution

White House getting used to idea of Shia government

Worried Colleges Step Up Efforts Over Suicide -NYT

Supreme Court rules election results invalid and calls for new vote

(S.C.) Textile company announces (500) layoffs

Ukraine Court: Election Results Invalid

Madrid bombing info from Reuters:

Robert Kennedy's Killer Wants Hotel Left Standing

U.S. Embassy Bans Use of Airport Road (will use Helos)

Problems Cited at Afghan Detention Center

Bin Laden’s trail cold, U.S. acknowledges

Did anyone see the Rev Jackson on CNN last night?

LAT: First Lady Makes Sure Festive Decor, Holiday Tunes Brighten WH

Sorry this was already posted.

Graham, Grassley, Kolbe Mull Tax Increases for Social Security

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE columnist quits after he is censored

IBM puts its PC business up for sale . China interested

Congress Fuels Fire Between FERC, States

FBI spying (on peaceful activists) allegations supported by records

UN Staff, Africans Rally Around Embattled Annan

AP:US ok to use torture as evidence to hold prisoners indefinitely

Madrid Blasts After ETA Warning

Socialists in France give lift to EU charter

I'm 0 for 3 - Dupe.

Troops wary of 'RPG Alley'

N.M. Vote Recount May Cost $600,000

Ukraine parliament demands withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Pair of Major Attacks in Baghdad Kill 30

Ukraine parliament demands withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Police Follow Doughnut Trail, Solve Crime

Powell Lauds UN Chief, in First U.S. Defense

November job growth unexpectedly soft (112,000 vs 180,000 expected)

U.S. Lawmaker Scolds China Over World Conflicts (Henry Hyde)

Teen's Parents Sue Actor Nick Nolte

BBC admits Dow 'interview' was a hoax

Third US bank seeks waiver of criminal charges

US ready to pounce when Iraqi rebel leader returns to 'death triangle'

U.S. Suspects Iran Is Making New Missiles

Ukraine Court Orders New Run-Off Election (AP)

CNBC to end John McEnroe's show

Lesbian Minister's Credentials Revoked

Credit card 'bars Sabbath buying'

Iraqi 'resistance' legitimate: Egypt's top Sunni cleric

(U.S. Appointed) Iraqi president leaves for Washington

Rumsfeld warns Iran making 'a lot of mistakes'

Army Makes Training Base Feel Like Iraq

Pa. Guard pours more troops into recruits battle(Info Nat Guard shortage)

Jan. Elections Remain Misunderstood in U.S., Tenuous in Iraq

House Judiciary Minority Members letter to OH Sec'y of State

Man goes from homelessness to a job serving country...

Benzene Exposure Linked to Blood Changes


Iran bought metal useable in atomic bombs-diplomats

Junk Food Ban Costing L.A. Schools

Breaking CNN : Madrid reports 4 explosions after ETA bomb threat

November Job Growth Unexpectedly Soft (112,000)

European shares hit 29-month highs on tech rally

China tests ballistic missile submarine

Ukraine supreme court invalidates election results

Fears grow of military spread thin

Rumsfeld to Stay on as Defense Secretary

(OMG! The PNAC/DLC Connection!)No More Moore: DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt

Bush's Victory in Ohio Was a Little Closer Than Thought - AP

High court agrees to hear dispute over cable Internet access

Bush's Ohio win narrower than thought

No Text

WP: Fundraising Records Broken by Both Major Political Parties

Methodist jury defrocks lesbian minister

Anyone got a recap on Pattie Davis from MSNBC interview

Fire leaves Minnesota town coated in butter

Democrats finance manual recount of Washington state governor votes

Is Keith Olbermann pissed off

AP: Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos

Gas Terminal Bill Worries Some. FERC would override state rules

November Job Growth Unexpectedly Weak

Jihadists wired to explode (on heroin and speed says Myers)

AP: Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos

FBI investigating widow of CyberNET Group CEO

Outgunned/trapped, Iraqi police stormed by insurgents (Baghdad, 16 dead)

30 killed in insurgent attacks in Baghdad; 2 U.S. soldiers die from IED's

More British troops likely to be called for by US in Iraq

Graner may lose prison job (Abu Ghraib guard lose civilian job)

Asian carmakers on a roll in the U.S.

Robert Kennedy's Killer Wants Hotel Left Standing

One Task Force danger soldier killed # 1263

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 3 December

In Iraq, a preelection power play (Moqtada al-Sadr fights for a top spot)

Kerik nomination is a ticking time bomb

Swiss justice authorities have blocked bank accounts in HALLIBURTON Probe

Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial'

Powell Says Europe Must Reach Out To US Too

Tommy Thompson Resigns From Cabinet (like rats)

Louisianians to Vote on Last 2 House Seats

Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought

Swiss Blocks Accounts in Oil Co. Probe ( Halliburton)

Breaking: Full hand recount for Washington governor's race

White House downplays talk of imminent US-Pakistan fighter deal

United Airlines layoffs hit Denver hub (895 jobs)

Bush's Ohio Win Was Closer Than Thought

Jackson Hole herd heads for slaughter

Vatican fears anti-Christian feeling

AP Breaking: Rumsfeld to stay in Bush Cabinet...

Media Challenges Army Decision on Hearing

Iranians Arrested on Vision-System Export

Dead prince admits Dutch bribery scandal

Putin arrives in India to cement several pacts

Export rules may get tighter (for Cuba purchases of US ag products)

Russia May Launch Anti-Terror Strikes

Police search Jackson's Neverland Ranch (again)

Ex-Halliburton Worker Sues Company for Iraq Wages

Salvation Army using cardboard bell-ringers

Suicide car bomb hits U-S Marines in Iraq

Baby teeth provide life-giving stem cells

Documents Show CIA Knew of Venezuela Coup

Pentagon Says Insurgents Had Chemicals Lab

Chalabi In Comeback, Siding With Shiites (NYT)

Hamas May Accept Statehood in West Bank

The Sun Escalates Feud With Md. Governor (sued over lost access)

Statewide recount shows Alabama's segregation amendment failed

Public divisions remain deep and fixed over war

Wal-Mart Starts Rare Newspaper Ad Blitz

Fraud in New Mexico (Bush allowed oil companies to cheat Native Amer)

Top Official: U.S. Wants Cuba 'Liberation'

WP: McCain Threatens Baseball Over Drugs

AP: Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos(Found on the web)

Novak Still Subject of Intense Discussion

Former police chief angry about 20/20

Stoned to death... why Europe is starting to lose its faith in Islam

NBC Makes Unprecedented Downward Correction in Latino Support for Bush

Chavez calls for the creation of a world defense network

Anyone just see the woman on Letterman (naked on the news)?

After the bath (picture)

Check this out- good spoof

I found this suggested Bush photo caption inordinately funny ...

Oh, goddammit- M&Ms and Recees Pieces!

Does anyone know a way to get through websites without registering?


Is it jazz night on DU?

I feel the blog.

I LOVE you, man!

Is there a doctor in the house

Oh man, I want this shirt!


The rejection thread

Hammer of the gods…will drive our ships to new land

Why do you post polls?


Do you like Reality shows?

When the Lounge gets boring, should we

I'm tired if kicking posts and looking at dumb polls.

2008 Dem Candidates

oh look....chimp making a stupid face

kick this poster

Do you want me to start a thread that entertains you?

New Mercedes-Benz mixed tape! (free mp3s)

Question About the "MORAN" Guy...

Hey baby, jump over here, When you do the ooby-dooby I gotta be near

"Santacam" to allay paedophile fears's a totem-troll :) see image

What should i post to entertain you?

i can stare you down!

Janeane Garofalo on The Simpsons (Left Coasters)


I have to hand it to my toilet mouth daughter

Man Arrested For DUI (Had Kitten in Pocket) After Tractor Chase

Why the hell am I sober?

Headless bodies found at mysterious pyramid

How long do you think Barry Bonds worked out the kinks

I have to wake up in a few hours. I'm an idiot.

I got busted at the airport trying to smuggle in a bag of Kleeb

JohnKleeb got banned because of a "computer glitch"

Most appropriate song for this Brave New Christmas?

Does anyone like Lima Bean Soup?

Oh what a beautiful mornin'

Thai military drops "peace bombs"

best aLbum ever

I knew there was a reason I hated Barry Bonds

Joseph Cannon and Bozos for Bush Bust Nigerian Scam!

I'm still sort of drunk...

The Temp Job That Lasted 60 Years

Make-believe NATO soldiers rob security van

OK, newbs. Lets see how fast you are.

Utah Man Pays $82 Fine in Pennies

Mary Christmas

What is the most bizarre thing you did for sex

The issue isn't Bonds or Giambi it's ILLEGAL Grand Jury leaks. IMHO.

Playas, N.M.: An Anti–Terror Town

Saint Stephen with a rose

Yeah, I made 100 posts!!!!! Ask me anything.

!!Grand Illumination!! Is Aaron Carter performing in YOUR town tonight?

Favorite Jamiroquai song mentioning "fried chicken" & "soy lattes"

Where did the Tin Foil Hat expression come from?

I got my invite to join the AARP..

What were you arrested for?

A pistol shot at 5 o'clock

Jesus Christ...Patron Saint of 4th Quarter Profits...

A nurse's aide who quit her job to take a cruise hit the jackpot

This is my 2000th post now give me a cookie


That Freeper that watches DU gave up!

Hey CANADA can we borrow one of your guys-we seem to be a little short

'Shelter' for Divorced Dads

Admit it


A mothers' love is the stuff they make dams with.

Bush set the standard...

I want to hop on the last train in the station

Stem Cell Fired Over School Bus Driver Talk

Kerkik declines! Steve from Jerry Springer to be tapped next.

I have so much shit to do today I don't have time to do any of it!!

Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver

So yeah, we're almost at 60,000 members

Kleeb has been president now for 1 month

A Plea for some help finding an obscure (but funny) movie!

Police Follow Trail Of Doughnuts To Find Stolen Krispy Kreme Truck

Mom says God led her to van that killed son

CAPTION Christmas in the Bush years

yay! imaginary christmas!

What kind of wine is good for a "first timer"?

what kind of whining is good for a first time

This is my 2002nd post, yeay!

I love John McEnroe

what kind of "first-timer" is good for a wino?

photos of Ottawa protests against the evil monkey (link provided)

My daughter put her hand in the toilet, and then put it in her mouth.

Tsar's rare vintages up for sale

LBN: Police Follow Doughnut Trail, Solve Crime

A fitting reply for those syrupy inspirational messages...

Anyone have thoughts about a portable DVD player

The Bush plan to force faith based initiatives.

My morning: "How dare you?!"

Man Steals Phone He Could Have Gotten For Free - Jailed

King Tut returns, but at a price too high for the New York Met

Thank GOD Morning Sedition is FINALLY OVER

Principal Placed On Leave After Taking Students ADD Drugs

This guy has a HUGE cock

School Bus Driver Fired Over Stem Cell Talk

There is no KLEEB whatsoever in this Lounge.

UH OH - The Christian Powerlifters are onto us

Please help me counter this

Caption: All I want for Xmas is a.....

Caption: does my cardboard cutout look good in this pic?

HAPPY Birthday-Ozzie, Andy Williams, and............

What is the most worthwhile charity?

what weren't you arrested for?

Digital camcorder recommendations. Please.

Caption: Honey I shrunk the President...

What foods/beverages do you find repulsive?

Need a good cough supressant

SpongeBob gets shot in Norfolk


Bad Habits that you'd like to give up

Bad Rabbits that you'd like to give up

FYI, tomorrow I will post KITTEN PICS!

Damn - thats one BAD trip!

It looks like we're going to hit 60,000 members here today!

How can people NOT like trees?!?!

Paul Wolfowitz's Gentleman's Guide To Good Grooming: Combing Your Hair

Caption: But who will have the last laugh I wonder???

Liberals fleeing to Canada.

Jerry Orbach of 'Law & Order' Has Cancer

Yay! My local Sinclair affiliate (Sacramento) is being bought by Viacom!

With fashion like this, the future is going to RULE

What the hell do people have against TREES?

Team to paint faces black to prove they are not racially prejudiced

It's the Weekend!!!

Abandon it. Walk away. Let someone else build the pyramids.

AARRGHHH!!!!! I threw my todo list away before I completed it

Does the 60,000th Member Get a Prize?

MEN could be lonely this Christmas if they buy their lover a CD by Mariah

pig nipples

How will history remember Barry Bostwick?

True love or mental illness?

translate this...

Oh, vomit. Today's earworm...

DU is close to having 60,000 registered members now.

Naked Chef, aka Jamie Oliver -- Good or Hype?

Update from the Education forum: Smart-ass remark still being ignored

The Lumber Magnet of all CAPTIONS!!!!

What is the best cure for unquenchable thirst?

Shocker! Bonds uses/used steroids also....

My local news sucks

What does the song "Whip It" mean, anyway?

Google News: Canadians Arrest Bush for War Crimes

Just had my first car accident.....

500 posts

Why did George take so long to visit Canada?

Have a great weekend

I'm home for lunch - I demand you entertain me!

Can someone change this photo to jpg format, please?

59,998 User Registrations @ Noon CST December 3rd. 2004

Only 22 more posts till I'm out of the 700 Club - Don't ask me anything

Not a good day for Beast Man

getting my 700'S!!!!!!! today!!!!

Thuggish High School Kids say the darnedest things!

Here's a Rosary I made

Top10 British Speeding Excuses:

Quick, the mods went to bed early. Break out the bong

It's Friday. Who's feeling groovy?

I Went Looking For A PT Job At The Mall, Which Place Sounds Best?

are there many of these nutters in your country?

60,000 users

can't sleep - man eating pig nipples will get me

How Did Your Husband Propose To Me?

I need a new vacuum cleaner. No more Orecks (R-Bushmoonie) for me.

It's Friday. Who's eating gravy?

The Desert Places of all CAPTIONS!!!

WooHooooooo...I'm out of the 700 Club

How to make a dutch salad: chop up anything edible and add lots of mayo

From the dawn of the Zip Code

John McEnroe vs. Dennis Miller

What do you propose to do about your husband?

Where is kick-ass-bob?

60,000th Member Wins a Date with John Kleeb!

BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR!! Mrs Matcom Is Reading YOU Right Now!!!!

Where does one buy a pipe...

Lame ass copycat thread alert: Are Americans getting farter?

are americans beginning to fester?

Are Americans getting faster?

A weird thing I got in my site e-mail- Anyone wanna help me out?

I command you to refrain from posting on this thread

Are Americans getting feistier?

Are Americans getting flatter?

he's not smart; a C student

It's pizza time over in LBN! Get your slice before it's gone!

Officers wearing panties pull over man for drunken driving!

Okay. How many of you lizards reregistered to tick us past 60000?


Are Americans getting retardeder?

I think it's time we did some re-decorating in the Lounge

What does "The emporer has no clothes" mean?

Being under the watchful eye of a supervisor sucks

Don't you hate when people post really long posts

Now Rabrrrr Has Me Stirred Up

Any fans of Japanese Horror Out There?

Donald Rumsfeld -- High Order Reptilian

Herman Melville: subversive pointy-headed DU-type intellectual

The "Cat of the Walk" CAPTION

Urban Meyer to accept the Florida head coaching job today.

How can I get a passport really quickly?

Officer Pulls Over Man Wearing Panties For Drunken Driving

Who should be the next Kleeb?

Wanna hear some dirt on Paris Hilton???

How much protein is in an ounce of tofu?

Remember the fun we used to have posting about Kleeb?

fredo failed

explain this charts to me...


Any snow outside the window?

fritos failed...

My car is going synthetic tomorrow!

erk...UK nuke launch systems might be running on Windows

Cheetos failed!

War Of The Worlds Poster Up

Bulletin: Dennis Miller and his monkey are STILL ON THE AIR!!!!

Why do car dealerships think we're so stupid?

The "Origin of Species" CAPTION

Working from home: How does your pet cope?

One of the best songs ever written IMNSHO

Going Gay/Straight

Did anyone have any weird dreams shortly before 9/11/2001?

Friday night's here, what's the scene?

Holiday giggles from Jib Jab...

Unbeliveable?? Bush??

Just got my son a Fender Strat for Christmas. Any guitar players

you might be a freeper if

Marijuana bale found in shipment to food bank

Is there smoking at Irving Plaza in NYC? I have VIP tix for GBV tonight

Hey fuck-ass, gimme a beer.

Duped again.

A simply beautiful spam I got.

'Master/slave' Most Politically Incorrect Phrase

Frodo failed....

You might be an Art History student if....


LA Magnet School Principal can't write

Wear a Paper Clip if you think Bush sucks!

I just bought a christmas tree.

Toby Keith and Ted Nugent IN CONCERT!

Check out this commercial!

incredible cloud formations

It took me a few hours but ...

Shouldn't This Forum Be Re-Named The Kleeb Lounge?

another kleeb day

Don't you wish the wingnuts really believed what they say??

Have a good weekend everyone!

What's your favorite Kleeb holiday?

School bans Ketchup - students protest


First Grader Brings In Grenade For Show & Tell - School Evacuated

John F Kleebenheimer Schmidt

Okay. Hammer users. WHY? Why did you get a Hammer?

The Thor Missle

Schools Ban Kleeb--Students Protest

Replace a word with "Kleeb" in a foreign phrase!

KLEEB Friday Afternoon Chat, with free cake

Dipsy Blonde on "The View" went to the WH Tree lighting...

I had a dream last night

Another NBA winner-Nuggets Star Says He Threw Olympic Medal In Lake

The latest crazy conspiracy theory.....

Do you open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

How come there are no pics of Sawyer on the LOST thread?

Get that damn baby out of the office.

Video Games

I'm Addicted to DU! Ask me anything!

I'm hungry, what should I eat for lunch?

The "Jolly Fatman" CAPTION

forced to go to Republican Private Club chi chi party

William Pitt is Much Cuter than i thought

Whose planning on getting some

Proposal: Everyone go kick up a thread that doesn't have

those who work, fess up.

Too many people in my house

The world is nearly ended: I heard Coltrane on a Kmart commercial

Have your barf bag handy...

Seriously Lounge Lizards.....if I may....

What are we going to do with all these teeny tiny baseball players now?

Got my "Not Me" bracelet in the mail today.

Why must every generation think their folks are square?

I despise my job

A Friday Joke For You!

Sherlock and the Mac

Well another Democratic friend of mine got laid off.

What's The Proper Way To Pronounce "Loughran"?

HEY! I just got back from "The Baby Store"

Veni! Veni Creator Spiritus! Listening to Mahler Symphony No. 8

ever had one of those Nigerian scam e-mails?

An amazing, practically forgotten, rock album that I just picked up

Good Catholic Girls

CDC Issues warning about new virulent disease ;-)

I hate Ipowerweb and hope they all rot in hell

DU Singles Party!

Would someone cancel their San Diego Union Tribune subscription?

the best thing about Netflix

PROOF that Bush is evil

DU needs to 'freep' the FR Inagural Ball on jan. 20 in DC


I hate to sound like an ad but SIRIUS RAWKS!!!!

CONFESS!!!!!! How many pieces of flair did you wear to work today??

Wow! This is a great documentary . . .

I do not know why I chase the cat, I just know that must -Fri Funk Thread

Wife 1.0 is a bitch

Okay. Hummer drivers. WHY? Why did you get a Hummer?

Flame Warriors, show me what you've got.

heehee Ralf Schumacher was going to invest in a sex shop

Is it ever too late for a flame war?

Great rock documentary- Festival Express

Is AAR silent right now?



Anybody else have dreams like this?

Whateva, whateva I do what I want!

yet another great documentary or 3:

Daria Theme song

Is the Pathethique Sonata not the most beautiful piece of music ever?

AAR and Bill Reilly

Was a DU'er in front of me in traffic today in downtown Richmond?

Any Eddie Izzard fans here?

Oh shit. BigMcLargehuge is back and he brought his locks

The Doctor on Venom ER...

Cookin' with Kitten

Cookin' the kitten

pet semetary on now, scary scene

Whats *your* favorite thing about the lounge?

Top Ten Punchlines To Dirty Election Jokes

How long is your....

mmmm...beans, meat and beer!

I'm a single woman who befriended a child so I can't be trusted

What's your favorite movie line?

Your colleagues, what do they display most frequently?

Using a smiley, show us how you feel at the moment.

My site was hacked- Ipowerweb users should read this


WOW - Over 60,000 registered users on DU (60,045)

Man Has 1,497 Valid Credit Cards

I think my mother is trying to have me committed.

Boy! I hardly recognize anybody here anymore!

SpongeBob Heists to be Investigated by DHS

So, who else got a Christmas card from JIMMY CARTER this year?

I saw the worst thing today ( Cat Lovers Please Beware )

Does anyone play Neopets games?

I STILL want cake

Watch those drug commercials with the sound down

Just got a T-shirt that I hope will annoy the fundies...

Has anyone one read about applachia?

Another great quote . . .

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

My Sources Say Jason Kidd & Alonzo Mourning Are Getting Traded To...

is there a down-side to netflix? i joined 3 weeks ago

DU has 60k+ members now!

Use the word Underpants as a verb in a sentence dealing with fruit

My new smiley just for Berni Kerik.

"Hands up who likes me!"

NEED ADVICE: Replacing my Cable ISP when I dump my Cablevision 12/7

MrScorpio's Blue Lizard Bar and Grill is open for Biz-Ness

Salvation Army Using Bell-Ringer Cutouts

The dreaded "working overnight cuz it's gotta be ready Monday" situation

Frosty the Snowman

"Siamese Dream" by Smashing Pumpkins is a fucking AMAZING album...


W: The President naps

Xbox: Knights Of The Old Republic II Review!

Lentils rrrrock!!!

I have a strange dilemma

Have you been to this site?

What makes Bakelite jewelry so desirable?

Nine more to 1000, lets get trivial!

35% of Americans believe in evolution.

For sheer lack of anything better to do tonight, I'm watching

Laura Bush's Recommended Reading (not listed: my pet goat)

Need advice re: Sirius

The Finger-on-It of all CAPTIONS!!!

Teen's Parents Sue Actor Nick Nolte

Do freepers dream ?

Alternate textbook disclaimers...

Oh YUM, I totally forgot

Brick Storts-------What is it??---You'll be surprised.

I've become I alone?

Cig makers say "they don't market to kids." BULLSHIT!

My kitten weighs seven and a half pounds

Have I mentioned lately that I despise IPowerweb?

Bush Twins

Paris Hilton on South Park last night..........

What bands have you seen live that no longer tour?

I just got back from a hockey game. Ask me anything!

I just ate a buffalo chicken sandwich...

it's 03:30 over are some nice aerial pics

Listening to an all-70's station

I'm tired and discouraged and I don't know why.

Third Shift Workers of the World Unite!

Running for SGA (Senate) at my school

Billy Jack thread 2 - he liked Kerry, link to blog, more:

OK, all you Bonds/Balco apoligists.....CHECK IN!!!!

Other site pervs

Pizza guy I let into the building sez "Spank you very much!" upon leaving

How many DUers play chess on a regular basis

What bands have you seen that never toured?

DU men: Does your wife/girlfriend/sig other pluck your backhair for you?

Can someone stick Taverner in a time capsule and send him back to the 70s?

barry bonds: cheap bastard

yer Thawts on "Rednecks"

Working past Friday midnight gets me so pissed I gotta start a FLAMEWAR!

Can someone explain synchronicity to me.

"Bad Will Hunting" WB drama on *'s 2nd term. Continuous showing.

Another pizza baking in GD! Hurry up before it's gone!

If Belladonna could have any drink in the world right now

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to change a light

I just ripped out the carpet in the hallway (warning, quasi-cat thread!)

Anyone have any experience with kids and eating disorders?

HA HA! Stupid local news...

You all are a bunch of freaks.

Just for fun, what characters on South Park would be * supporters

"Honey, what Demographic Underground?"

Should Anderson Cooper have a huge Coming Out SPECIAL?

if you get noised up by vulgar xmas light displays

I really like this smilie...

What shall I do? Company is in Ch-11, and pension is terminated. Woe!

And I bet the idiot with my CD's doesn't even KNOW any of the damn bands!!

I just had to share this... CAPTION if you will

Movie Quote Game

How Tall Is Your Christmas Tree?

Is this pose a coincidence or a backdrop?

My face is all shiny and wet

Check out this commercial! (Try #2)

Okay Admit it! Onions that makes you cry.

What should be done with the Cabinet Room?


I did something really bad today. If you knew you would all hate me

I only got three hours of sleep last night. Ask me anything.

Showing the original kool-aid drinkers on A&E

Tell me some of your favorite movie quotes.

OK - I have to ask: Did you like (or do you now) The Billy Jack movies?

It's the Rumsfeld caption contest

Simpsons going into Season 17

The (un)Official DU Comic Relief Thread (Lord knows we need it)

I've become repulsive.....I am alone.

New show on FOX in January called POINT PLEASANT

"A Christmas Story" OPENS TONIGHT!!!!!!

one cake has its tinfoil jacket on and is in the freezer, and the other on

Do you hate or love America?

What bands have you seen live that are at least partly not alive anymore?

Gratuitous Kitty Thread

Favorite Animated Christmas Special

What is with the necklace

Devout Christian's dental X-ray reveals Jesus image.

Question for estate planners

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend (picture)

Favorite Christmas Song

Is bush superior to us (in an evolutionary way)?

Which Simpson character would be a kerry supporter andwhich would be a *y?

People are idiots.

Favorite Salad Dressing

What albums have you heard lately?

Have you ever injected alcohol?

My husband got a job!!!!!

Are all women whores for diamonds...

I gotta say it again, Clapton is a suckwad

Steelers fans...check in...

How will history remember Barry Bonds?

What's your favorite Neil Young song?

Help!!! I need some info and I don't know where to look

SHIT!!! I Am TOTALLY Screwed For XMAS!!!

THIS SUCKS ! I think we're going to have to move

Star Trek Thread

We're planning on getting two dogs. Advice?

Emma Peel's husband has been found!

Okay Admit it! Song that makes you cry.

Wise beyond his years

Okay Admit it! Movies that makes you cry.

Welcome to DUville, pop. 60,026

Best drunken party rock band EVER?

Do you ever wonder who was the first person ever to do a particular thing?

Should I feel like I missed out by not being a teenager in the 70's?

Ok, I have really important question for the DU ladies,

Hey! Chicago Folks! Meetup?

I have to go to Brea, CA for work next week

US Oldest Woman, Who voted ever since women had the ride to vote, dies

Post yer favorite nuggets of rock and roll trivia here

South Park - "Stupid Drunken Slut."

How Did Your Husband Propose To You?

Ask ESPN to Reject the Iditarod (Peta Action Alert)

Billy Idol to release first new CD in 10 years on March 22nd

I wanted to recommend "The Rapture" to anyone who hasn't seen it...

Excerpt from a Dan Barker writing on how an atheist can be moral

Jewish festival of lights at Brandenburg Gate

"King Tut" Treasure to Return to U.S. in 2005

Researchers Develop 3-D Phone Technology ("hologram")

Opportunity: First 90 days on Mars

Cannabis boosts risk of psychosis

Einstein invented 'green' fridge

Scientists develop non-flammable air

Low levels of benzene damage health

Eggs 'fertilised' without sperm

US review rekindles cold fusion debate

CSPAN 2 Alert -- Richard Dawkins --- Sunday, December 5 at 2:00 am et

Satellite Tracking from a nice Polish kid

Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds?

Text of CBS letter to the UCC (re: marriage amendment)


Survivor's Lesbian Liplock Blackout | "the country voted"....

Gay Teens Barred From School Dance

New Zealand Moves To Legalize Gay Unions

I've made a pizza and I would like to share it will all of you:

The Diary of Dan Frank | from a dystopian nightmare.....

Florida to hire Urban Meyer as new head football coach

Slugger (Barry Bonds) admitted to using substances thought to be steroids

Let's Go Rockets (and another gripe about the BCS)

Did Giambi save the Yankees?

Giambi, Bonds, ....WHAT ABOUT SOSA????

New dog harness came today!

A sweet story about Heaven and your pet

Why do dogs seem hungry ALL the time?

I spoke to the RED CROSS today........

Yum!!! The last juicy part of freedom is up for grabs!

here's a challenging thought.

GAMPAC Conference

I'm in a 'mixed' marriage & need a little help...

Hey guys, I guess we're DNC infiltrators

I miss Chris Heinz (wish he'd check in here sometime) and the Kerry

Post your photomanipulations, photograms, anything unusual

Nature Photography

Did we ever find out names of 3 civ./3 soldiers in the Afghan plane crash

The face of a man who was promised more by Bu$hco and

Democracy for the mid-east

"Bush salutes Canada for its help after 9/11" (3 years late...)

More RW billboards from Clear Channel, etc.

Bush taking a "hands-on" approach with Kerik

Keith Olbermann comments on Bev Harris

Here's a subtle example of media bias.

Iraq; US wounded (3 weeks of) November 2004... 1193

How scared should I be of Kerik?

GREAT LTTE Re: Fundies

Hope the republicans have LARGE boxes of Purple Heart bandaids!

An Open letter to Shrub

Great Boondocks comic today 12/4/04

Where the hell is the opposition? Why the shameful silence?

Anyone know where the Newsweek article on Ohio ballots study is posted?

Kerkik declines! Steve from Jerry Springer to be tapped next.

So let me see if I'm right

I encourage all DUers to visit right wing publications like the

Will Arnie run again????

Ranchers side of the horse slaughter for Kali

Daily commentary

Help, please: Where is the listing of states with electronic machines

Could Arnold have become Governor anywhere besides Caleyfornia?

The DA in the Delay case..

Did Clinton have this much cabinet turnover when he won re-election?

O'Reilly softballs Rumsfeld interview/ Video Clip

Bush SS Gov Websites thoughts on cutting Social Security Benefits

House staffer "dumbfounded" by privacy uproar (tax return provision)

112,000 new jobs created in November....under expectations....

Republicans reminisce about the "good ol' days"..

Oh my

Whoa!!! Al is going all the way off on Mark Luther

Could it be they brought Kerik onboard...

Tommy Thompson resigned today.

Who ran/streamlined the Sinclair boycott?

What Was bu$h's Role in 9-11?

OpRA (pronounced Oprah) Operation: RED ALERT!

Five Star Trust helped finance the rigging of the election

Gay Book Ban proposed!!!

I had a dream. A THIRD WAY.

Bush or Chimp?

Life vs. choice questions/ Pro-life Democrat for Pres?

As a thank you for my Northern neighbor's help in the fight

Nader Offers to Lead Ukraine

How would splitting the electoral votes in states like California help us?

Dec. 7 in DC: Career Seminars - Job Fair -Networking Reception

Cabinet Strategy: A Method to the Madness?

16% of Americans believe that the elections were fraudulent

Bush appoints dog catcher for new Secretary of Commerce ??

Census ?: Kerry won 18-21 yo's. How many new voters in 2006/8?

Even Jacques Chirac knows he has to Bush-bash to win election

Bush's Economic Policy Options = Let Dollar Freefall & Borrow !

What is it with Shrub's ex-cabinet and their inflated views of themselves?

Hustler details ribald underbelly of GOP Convention

So if Al-Qaeda hits Pittsburgh, will our police chief replace Kerik?

Transcript of hard-hitting O'Falafel Factor interview with Rumsfeld

The power of verbs

Court date to be set for Torture Charges against Bush

Okay. Someone out there explain to me why the DNC

E-Mail I got from Tommy

MSNBC Question of the Day -- Kerik

KOS: These are the troop counts of the Coalition

The "story" behind the story of the so-called "oil for food" scandal

This makes me want to "volunteer"


Kerry and Ohio

What happens if they discover they are just talking to themselves?

"President Bush Expresses Confidence In Defense Secretary"

Anyone got a recap on Pattie Davis from MSNBC interview

Isn't it obvious that the DLC is NOT a progressive organization?

Europeans hate America...yeah, right

At a restaurant tonight, I overheard 2 old couples talking about

(OMFG! The DLC/PNAC Connection!)No More Moore: DLC Joins the Witch Hunt

Need some DU Input: My C'mas Decorations. Wreath with Black Bow

Has the number of Bush Cabinet resignations been unusually high?

HHS Awards Kansas Grant (Hmmmm.....)

Too funny - "Bad Reporter"

Wow - did you see how LYING Danforth was in his statement?

U.S. Climate Change Science Program Releases Our Changing Planet: get it!

Are you watching NOW, on PBS? You oughtta! 9pm CST.

Read this article from The New Rebublic RIGHT NOW

We should all work for the Bush Administration!

hypothestical question...

The adults are in charge now......

Statement by Alma Golden... Regarding Abstinence Education Report

Watch "4 More Years" and see the face of evil (LINK)

Interesting thought: Nardelli as SecTreas?

When we talk about "Bush", WHO are we really talking about?

"The President bears as much relationship to running the country as...

Refuting TNR's Attack on Liberals

"Americans are highly moralistic...Any kind of morale ambiguity irritates

Schwarzenegger has retained his Austrian citizenship

WP: Democrats outspent Republicans in '04 for first time in decades.



What's Tommy Thompson going to do now?

DOE: Efficient Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy

Whose gonna pull his nuts out of the fire this time ??

The South Has Risen Again. God Help Us!

If we hate the DLC so much, then why are they our party's face?

Freedom on the March in Iraq, 12/3/04

ICKES just said Kerry Was A Weak-Knee'd-Flip Flopping-Liberal

c-span2 - american patriot award dinner for bob dole

Why Can't Americans get it together?

some great quotes from history. some ideas are timeless!!

Coming soon: The (New) Dark Ages

Jeb Bush is going to run in 2008

Bush Signs Internet Tax, Special Ed Bills

Video "Bush Won. Get Over It" (LINK)

Keeping Up with the World

Will The Ohio (Jesse Jackson) Protests Be Televised?

Is the "war on terror" out of touch with reality ?

Do you agree with Bill Clinton?

Voting receipts should also have Tally's on them (I am for paper ballots)

Anyone see the new 'Mosh' video yet?

So, don't like the DLC? (DLC supporters please ignore)

A Blueprint for Moore Bashing (or .........Could the DLC get any worse?)

Here's how you fix Social Security

Kerik - Lost Son - His book!

Just received my "NOT ME!" bracelet

Republicans have mastered the game of winning elections


Best shots at beating the Republicans and winning the Presidency in 08.

WTF is up with the DNC vs DLC this type talk is self-destructive & frankly

Bush Says He's Just Listening To The Generals...

"Help is on the Way" - what line should Kerry have used?

Minnesota DNC Representatives at Grassroots Listening Session

Are You Liberal, Conservative or Fascist or Communist? Take the TEST!

Not so hidden message of, "Support The Troops"