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Archives: December 26, 2004

Paycheck has yet to make recovery (Chicago Trib)

Dupe - delete

Friedman: Sunday News Quiz (Good column on * screwing U.S.)

Would this be the "democracy" Bush keeps yammering about?

"you occupy the Iraq you have, not the Iraq you might wish to have later"

Common Dreams: US to Take Bigger Bite of Iraq's Economic Pie

Undercovered - Newsweek...

Herbert: Shopping for War (Must Read of Mad Rummy/Boykin Plans)

TP: "Pissing Against the Wind", John Horvath

As it turns out it, is all about oil

Undeniable Global Warming:

"Pessimists peddle myths of poverty"

BBC: Iraq's tourism chief eyes the future

Saudi Gov. Approves Kyoto Protocol: Australia Moves Away From US Stance

UK Major Polluters Fight Freedom Of Information Laws

Grass Now Growing In Antarctica - Times of London

Immigration poll...

Ignoring orthodoxy, Argentina rebounds

French Magistrate Widens Bin Laden Finance Probe

Everybody is happy but NRA - State Sees Instant Results in Electronic Gun

Unblock says I need to post this here...

Wisdom of the "original post" rule in LBN forum

Demopedia down?

? about my locked threads in LBN....

How come....

Anytime I have a thread to start I guess I'll just post it in every

My thread, "DU has made newbie me feel unwelcome" is locked...

Can we get a peace sign as a smilies option?

Please help me with this. (Mars lumber---JPL photo thread)

Arafat ally backs 'negotiations'

Teaching Hatred of Israel and Jews in the New Palestinian Authority School

Iraq, 9/11, Drugs, Cheney, and Watergate Two

Rumsfeld makes 9/11 gaffe - "people who shot down plane over PA"

Great LTTE in 12/26 NYT

Video Footage of African American voter suppression in Ohio

MSM doesn't want to be Kerry's friend

"Uncounted Votes in Cuyahoga County" by R. H. Phillips. How many??

2004 election fraud discussion

There May Be Congressional Hearrings in 2005, But They Wont Be Bipartisan

Kerry at the Bat (a pome)


Rally at NY FBI Offices and Washington State Update


Drudge: Pro-West Yushchenko wins Ukraine rerun vote: exit polls...

Jump-Starting the Battle

Ohio Election Officials Obstruct Recount

Question from a VERY non-tech person..

When Kerry actually "unconceeds" lemme know. Untilllll then , shudddddup!

A call to all DU'ers to Boycott ALL MSM on Jan 20

Its comforting to see the faith we have in EXIT POLLS....

The "New York Times" says the truth tires Washington Voters!

What happened to the "What really Happened" vote Fraud page??

I just joined my local League of Women voters. You should too!

Better than Freeman

President of Triad Present During Montgomery Co. Recount

Online Petition RE: Voting Problems

Nation gets better at vote counts

Newbie needs help from politically savvy DUers!

Notes from the 12/21 hearing at Warren-Trumbull Public Library

If no one is inaugurated on January 20, does Bush remain president?

NY Times Op-Ed letters to the Editors On VOTER CONCERNS!

The Ukraine Done It Now It's Our Turn

Five LTTE in the NY Times today about election fraud.

Election Fraud Fantasy World

Will the Political Smokescreen Tomorrow Be Human Ashes in Mosul?

We all know that no matter what, ** won't give up power.

Why neo-cons cheat: Jane Jacobs "Systems of Survival"

A blast from the past...Anybody remember Fredda?

Why didn't they do something about the Cuyahoga malfeasance/mistakes

Call for assistance - blackboxvoting.COM

If Bush is installed anyway, should we still have to pay federal taxes?

No Stolen Democracy blog/asking Senators, like Kerry, to not certify!!!

Kay Cobb to replace Charles Pickering ....not good at all!!!

Conyers Letter to Triad asking for cheat sheets....4 pager

CNN Pirate Radio article, just a thought...

If you're feeling small and powerless, just rememeber this...

12/26 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

"Oversea Visitor" - please check in.

Predictions? What will tomorrow bring?

Is there a suit regarding flagrant malfeasance/voter suppression of minori


Assassination by ballot-box

The Sadness

A small 'Kerry filing' update to pass the time.

Not just Ukraine, Romania too got a revote. Challenger won.

Lytel: "The End is Near: The Coming Constitutional Insurrection"

GOP Officials Try to Squelch Recount Efforts in Ohio, Washington

Votergate: we need just one major domino to fall

Everyone should see this video on 'Dominionists'

"Hacking the Vote in Miami County" by Dr. Phillips

Overview of news stories, MSM et al on Ohio

How many Kerry/Bush inauguration/Jan. 6th threads do we need?

To TruthIsAll and other Mitofsky exit poll aficionados:

Iraq: Thanks but no thanks to US

NY Times letter says voting company rep. manipulated tabulator

Tod Rapp (Triad) is selling ballots and chads from 2000 election

Whats the latest on New Mexico Recount? Fraud is clear there-Kerry won

Vigil at John Kerry's house ...Coalition Against Election Fraud



Homeland security shunned by small counties

Favorite DVD+/-R brand?

Firefix 1.0 history and cache occasionally VANISH! GRAAAAGH!

Why does my laptop go into hibernation just moments after I unplug it?

FireFox Tweaks

What color is Kroger?

Freeper Mole Thread

Has Reggie White Died

OK people, particularly homosexuals, I need answers

Will Pitt's Night Before Christmas......hadn't seen it

Let's dream for a minute

Should I feel this way...

An idea for an inauguration protest....

Karl and King George....

Have you seen this correlation between state IQs and Red state voting?

Lost Generation of Iran Seeks Escape

HAHA - Rummy: This wasn't my idea!

What is a troll?

Where can we find on DU, if possible, the page that gives

Rumsfeld needs to Explain Himself or Leave....

a little whiff of OUR White House for xmas (PHOTOS) visitors allowed

When do we start hearing results from the Ukrainian election? (nt)

Hot diggity, KonicaMinolta to expand in China!

Bush to return to compassionate conservative

Is the real reason for Yahoos refusal to give dad of dead soldier password

good news about my neice who is graduating from West Point . . .

An Iron Wall of Silence.

Time in Can. has different person on cover - not smirk

the enduring IDIOCY of "Tweety" Matthews....

Has anyone begun to notice the worthlessness of the dollar?

"Renewal in Iraq:" White House website needs updating

Hey, let's create fake outrage over Valentine's Day

One Tin Soldier

Keep Hands Off Social Security

People who said Bill Clinton was 'wagging the dog' = Traitors

I want to scan a picture and

Qaddafi claims credit for Bush victory

No Iraq News on TV Today? It Must Mean Things Are Great! *Graphic*

Write Your US Senator and tell them To not CERT on 01/06/05

I hope Sen. Obama is on every Sunday for the next four years.


The best & the worst sayings I heard from people I know this year . . .

To those who believe Freepers need to be defended...

The man with the reverse Midas touch.

It Appears The Mosul Bombers Filmed The Attacker and The Attack!

Rumsfeld makes 9/11 gaffe - "people who shot down plane over PA"

what I never knew about Nativity scenes

I've been reading some of this crap on CU and it's pissing me off.

So, you want Iraq to have democracy, eh? Well, so do they. Butt out!!!..

Need help, please. Cannot find

Is the God of nature sending strong message? Warning to Dominionists?

Know your enemies! They are pretty well organized

Lumber on Mars? Can anyone explain this JPL photo?

I have been looking for

Reggie White died at 43

Mea Culpa. I broke my own rule and watched CNN.

1 assumption, 1 f act and one conclusion

Mosul bombing video! Should we post it?

Troops at FOB Bernstein, Iraq have only MREs to eat and they are

DoD may have a solution to shortage

Yushchenko, projected winner in Ukrainian re-match

6 Best Daily Shows of 2004 on Comedy Central Tonight 9PM EST

"US Soldiers re-enact Ben Hur prior to Fallujah assault"

The Duel/Zell VS C. Matthews/Video

Blacks die early - should love SS privatization

PNAC and 9/11.

Islamic Web Site URL's

In the New Year , I have decided that no Democrat will receive any

What Is the right name for a Democrat's Party the Democrat Party or the De

Does Dick Cheney PURPOSEFULLY model himself on Potter?

So far, Saddam has been more correct about Iraq than US intelligence.

A response to Michael Crichton's poo-pooing of Global Warming

What are they freeping now?

Kyoto -----> Earthquakes

Is there any way to contact MSNBC executives and tell them

Merry Christmas to Homeless Veterans in DC ! (PHOTOS)

UK flu doc: 'mass casualties, role of police and armed forces'

Vote For The Most Inspiring Controversial Person Of The Year


One war-related death every 20 seconds during the 20th Century

Go buy your SUBARU's!!!!!!

Interesting Roman/American Republic Comparison-Chalmers Johnson

On the History channel they are talking about Aramegeddon

Fauxnews is calling the mess hall attack..

Will Kerry Unconcede on Jan 6th? Triad Voting Systems?

Bush should dump the extravagant Inaugural and buy the troops armor

Quiet Demise of the U.S.' Ultimate Weapon Is Bittersweet for Its Keepers


Clinton quote on Daily Show re-run (before "election")..."When people

My observances of the Religious Right...

A question here, if I could have some input

Is AEI a "psy-ops" tank?

Had one of the best Christmas Holidays ever...

Anyone have any friends or relatives out in S or SE Asia

HELP please

My letter to my Senator on SS reform

Can soldiers in Iraq read DU?

Why this war is good

A GoodJob Day in America, 2009 - by Mr. D. Fatwa

Matt PUDGE and Dan COOLTER "Get Along" with Each Other

The ENDS Justify the MEANS??? I was taught early on this is not good

What should the new name of Canada be?

What percentage more or less did you spend this Xmas? If you are comfortab

Who's ready for some Werbe? A good warm end to a good cold cold day.

12,300 Dead------------Let's Bomb Somebody---Anybody

Just a crazy question...

Ever since the Coup d'etat of 2000, I have come to think that Bush

Drudge headline: Biblical Disaster

The number of dying around the world is really starting to scare me.

SURPRISE!!! Guess who might be thinking who the Anti-Christ might be.


Crafty College Conservatives

More time on evening news spent covering football and holiday shoppers

Where is Alan Dershowitz? This gross out character used to pop

Cokie Roberts, Dan Rather, Robert MacNeil and the CIA.

It's Such Hard Work >>>

On Monday, will our world be different?

Who is the MEDIA WHORE of the YEAR

Bar codes are the Mark of the Beast!

What the Republicans were saying when Clinton attacked Bin Laden

What sould the new name of the USA be?

My family and I had the best Christmas ever!!!! Here's why

Who in Congress is advocating withdrawal?

things to send the GOP (or DLC) in the prepaid envelope when they beg for$

Abortion situation, only vaguely hypothetical.

Ukraine Election

I saw Tom Brokaw the other day...

Republican Con of the Week: Bush Misleads on Iraq, Doesn't Mention Oil

Worth a Thousand Words

End of year review. Pick the low point for the media this year.

Criminy. Yushchenko's turning into green cheese!

The Changing Face of Poverty

Today, Right Now, the Flag of the USA:

Wal*Mart, a typical corporation, not an EVIL one...

Should Iraq be partitioned?

Trade abortion for natonal health care?

Christian School defends slavery booklet

Former Packer Reggie White Dead at 43

An Eyewitness Account of Fallujah / cameraman from Lebanese Broadcasting

A couple of summer time side dishes

CBC Rebuts the National Post

Ukraine stands on brink of unknown

Gunmen Assassinate Iraqi Police Officer

EPA balks at requests to police demolition of building near ground zero

Ukrainians Hit Polls to Elect President

General: Bomber Not With Iraq Nat'l Guard

Tidal Waves Kill More Than 2,200 in Asia

Tidal waves and tremors hit Asia

At least 160 dead as tsunami waves hit Sri Lanka

torture is so un-american "Further Detainee Abuse Alleged"

Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Bolstering Sunni Vote

Airline glitches afflict holiday travelers

Castro Announces New Oil Find

Earthquake Trigger Tidal Waves in Asia, Killing more than

AP: U.N. oil-for-food probe hindered by ghost firms

Spitzer Says He Won't Drop Any Inquiries Begun by State

NYT: Big Farms Reap Two Harvests With Subsidies a Bumper Crop

As Nuclear Secrets Emerge, More Are Suspected

Rumsfeld makes 9/11 gaffe - "people who shot down plane over PA"

Uzbek Leader Scorns 'Revolutions' as Nation Votes

WP,pg1: Studies on Painkillers in Jeopardy (pall cast over research)

Iraq 'wasn't worth it' (Australia: almost 60%)

Military Seeks Tech Tools to Train MDs

HUMAN EVENTS Names Its Man of the Year:

Over 1800 dead as Tsunami from Indonesian quake hits India

Lost in Translation: Iraq Interpreters Live in Fear

Author Rushdie Angry After Sikh Play Scrapped

Touring With the U.S.O. in '04, It's Still Thanks for the Memories

Spitzer Says He Won't Drop Any Inquiries Begun by State

GOP Likely to Battle Over Guest-Worker Bill

An image taken, a choice made, a life altered (GI coffin photographer)

AP: Oil, Gas Bonds Leave Taxpayers Exposed

U.S. Urges Fair Vote Count in Ukraine

Cuba Counters Prostitution With AIDS Programs -NYT

As it turns out it, is all about oil

US commander says 'clear' more troops needed in Mosul for Iraqi poll

Kidnappers want $25 million ransom for Turkish tycoon

Afghan Warlords Find Places in Provinces (Given Governorships)

Votes Tallied For Governor, But What's Next Is Unclear (WA)

Iraq Militant Group Posts Video of Mosul Attack

Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result

WP: For Bush, Key Foreign Policy Goals Intersect

US push for Sunni seats rejected (Aljazeera)

Flight Diverted Over Passenger ID Theft

Brothers Elected to Congress Head to D.C.

Bin Laden inquiry to widen

WP: FAREWELL to a LIFE (bush* cabal DEPORTS an autistic man)

Former US security advisor rebukes administration over Iraq invasion

China Says Situation in Taiwan Straits 'Grim'

Islamic Site Shows Attack on Mosul Base (link to video too)

WP: College Republicans' Fundraising Criticized

WP: Army Chief of Staff Is Third Major Visitor to Troops in Iraq

UK Times - British help is on the way

Connecticut job market sparks worry for 2005

Dollar Near All-Time Low Vs Euro (Tokyo - Monday)

Iraqi Foreign Minister signals violence could delay election

ABC News: Bush Sends Condolences to Asia, Offers Aid

Salazar Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation ("bloody fight" If Rules Changed)

Top Iraqi general rejects Bush's criticism of his troops


Yushchenko claims Ukraine victory | BBC

Ultrafast Supercomputer to Simulate Nuke Explosion

Pope, Europe Leaders Call for Quake Aid

WP,pg1: Tribal Money Linked to GOP Fundraising (not reported to FEC)

Calif. Evicting Renters From Pristine Park

Kerik's 'Dept. of Corruption'

Rueters: Death Toll Tops 11,300 After Asian Quake, Tsunami

(California) Manufacturers' ($82M) tax refunds rile critics

Iraq poll hangs on overseas vote

Chinese police break up Christmas Mass, arrest priest

1.7 Million Iraqi Kurds Sign Petition Asking UN for Autonomy Vote

Insurance companies may take years to count cost of disaster

Massachusetts Only State With Shrinking Population

Baghdad's Sadr City goes to the great sheep give away

Man charged with murder after pregnant woman's fetus dies

Drug companies issue Michael Moore alert

Exit Poll Says Liberal Yushchenko Wins in Ukraine

Britons' Belief in God Vanishing as Religion...Replaced by Apathy--Telegra

When a bigot dies, an angel gets its wings.


This Christian's view of Evolution

Thanks to my DU friends for getting me through this long nightmare!

It's...the Lounge after hours!!

I Ate & Drank Too Much Today.


Bubba Claus

George Carlin's Views on Aging

I'm drunk. Fuck off.

Meet the Fockers

I'm drunk. I love you, one and all.

Have you ever been attracted to someone's behind?

A Christmas toast to the one whose day it is - Jesus!

I have to say, I cooked a pretty damned good prime rib today

I just made some mother fucking, bad ass sugar cookies...

Is there anybody who likes 'How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb'?

I was watching what I THOUGHT was PBS

7 reasons why you might not get a x-mas present this year

Christmas is over!!! Get rid of your Yuletide avatars already!

i'm drunk on xmas night, ask me anything

Democrat Mouse - we miss you

Christmas free association thread.

Doonesbury takes on "The Hand" LOL

I love Lil Jon to death but...

I drank a whole bottle too!

Does anyone else think

Proof of UFOs?

Tech savy people, I need your help!

Christmas is Over . What will the RW GOP whine about now?


If you had to lose one of the five senses,

How does a Middle-Earth Hobbit find an Elfin partner?

Let's make fun of the way Pickles dresses

One day I played Black Sabbath at 78 speed

December 26: My favorite day of the year!

Design your own bumpersticker

Albedo 0.39

Considering the mood you are in right now, would you rather:

"Falling in Love" w/Meryl Streep & Robert DeNiro is a piece of shit movie

I wonder which window is missing its drapes?

Bad news for you Dish Network customers!

Dial-up - Netscape and NetZero slammin' AOL w/ satire ads

I had two glasses of Champagne and my whole Christmas Dinner is missing

Does anyone have respect for Juan Williams?

Best 80s "Arena Rock" band...

i drank a whole bottle

Saturday Night Live...

::shiver:: anyone venturing to the stores today?

I am new to Wikipedia. How can it work if any Tom, Dick or Mary can edit?

What's the last great song you downloaded?

My dog eats something in the back yard. I think it might be his own shit.

Psalm 2004

What Is With My Cat?

I was just on NationStates appointing a spiritual advisor...

wierd present thread...

DVD question

Callin' out all Dead Homophobes. Eat shit! Go ahead, zap me from beyond.

Movies you have no problem watching on cable

A Vanity Post

Ann Coulter decapitated in car crash

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

Reggie White, Laura Branigan and the DLC eat babies and hate fat people!

can anyone help me fix my coffee urn?

The Clash in Concert on DirectTV!

Listen to my re-write of "Shiver Me Timbers" by Tom Waits (please?)

Happy Boxing Day

Rachel Yamagata...

My mom's dog sings with the harmonica

A Jane Austen spam I got.

The office door closed early. The hidden bottle came out.

Republican Parent names its man of the year.... (edited)

The real reason I'm giving more to the poor lately:

What's the difference

Need help from a math/logic enthusiast.

LOL, one of my Dem activist friends sent me a holiday card

I have a cat on my head

Looking for wifi card advice. Please help!

I got Yes: Close to the Edge for Christmas.

GOOD. Christmas is over and now I can let my true hatred for bushco OUT

Blues guitarist Son Seals died earlier this week.

Not sure if this is new news, but ... CREAM REUNION !!!

Crackers in soup....

Best places to download for ipod?

From Chicago? In the 50s? Remember these cartoons?

The Giants REALLY suck.

let's all piss on the graves of our founding fathers and Abraham Lincoln!!

Got my Christmas present set up.

what I never knew about Nativity scenes

Delusionary Bush names self winner of Olympic figure skating pairs event

Am I the only one wondering this about Reggie White?

I need a really angry fucking avatar

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I can't see.


There must be something wrong with me.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive "She looked at me with those big brown eyes"

Good King Wenceslas looked out

Chicago Bears ripped off by the officials today

I just got back on line

How much is a parking ticket where you live?

Are you far away from home? Military, on biz, or moved away from hometown?

Earlielr...who was looking to make a voterfraud tshirt?

Is it possible to upsample/interpolate a picture's quality?

No Nativity in DC This Year

So my husband is putting together a toy pirate set for the kids...

Father in-law had a Christmas heart attack last night

Is Citizen Kane as good as people say it is?

Take this should be easy.

So I'd like to use this picture in my sig line. Thoughts?

Question re: volunteer fire departments

Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka the Amazing Chocolateer.

I am perfect.

Nobody's perfect,

How did the 700 Club(the True one) gets it's name?

Egg nog??

Has anybody ever been to the Round Up in Dallas?

How can I find out the book value of a motorcycle?

I'm afraid to go into GD.

Ok WHO is still in their pajamas???

Oh, gawd... so bored.......

Is there much of an industry for photjournalists or graphic artists?

Obscure European Westerns: Greater Travesty?

Silly, silly people!

Black Russian or White Russian

Sergio Leone westerns

I'd like to jump naked into a giant pecan pie

DU parents: help out my "parenting" "instincts"

radfringe got runover by

Only 364 days until next Christmas!!!!

The family medical drama continues

If you haven't seen "Napoleon Dynamite" you simply MUST rent it.

My dead football player is better than yours

OK, who made absolute PIGS of themselves at Christmas dinner?

Redskins and Gibbs find another way to lose. "Prevent defense"

My parents are idiots.

need vs. want

I don't know what MSM stands for......

Dammit. I miss MrsGrumpy already

Went to my in-laws for Christmas so bascially had nothing to eat today

Really stupid poll question

2,000 MAN

Mythbusters is on! Yipee!

Any DU members carbon dating each other?

Have the Japanese gone too far?

Have you seen that Tivo commercial?

I need a mobilization of the DU Good Vibes Army.

So, how old were you when you found out there was no Santa Claus?

Generic flame war thread.

Should I get piss ass drunk tonight?

Anyone else have a One Shot Coffee/Tea maker?

Has anyone heard if the tsunami hit Bali?

So, what's with the Yule?

Steroids & Janet Jackson top MSNBC's 2004 scandals (NOT stolen election)

Have you ever paid Skittles to kick another DUer's ass?

Gay Men: Are you a "FLAMER"?

If you had obvious contempt for seemingly all DUers...why post?

If you take a pumice stone to the soles of your feet a couple times a week

What's your favorite Kong stuffing?

Any DU members mating each other?

Has anyone ever heard of a band called the Queers?

Have you ever paid off other DUers to kick your threads?

I have Phantom Handle Syndrome.

If you have to ask, you'll never know!

The 1st thread I posted got over 100 comments!

Am i weird?

"good on you"

HEY! I never knew..

My 77 yr old Uncle checked into hosp. for bad cold, came home w/ oxygen

100 Posts

Your goofiest Christmas gift?


Hi haven't been here a few days, it's been a weekend and 1/2

DUers Premonitions

Have you ever paid off other DUers to kick your nads?

The DU it working right now?

I find it funny when....

James Wolcott on Dr. Phil's MTP appearance today....

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES -- Pilot on tonight 10 PM ET

Want to hear something weird?

Yee hah! I've added catfish to my tank tonight!

If you're making a DVD from your vhs-c presentation, and if you already

What would it take to get you to be a republican?

Damn You iTunes Playlist!

Why get pizza delivered, when you can have one right here on DU!

Mom decides 2004 is shittiest year in history.

Threads you would like to start, but are afraid they will be locked!

Heads up: is anyone interested in doing Memorial Day in Fayetteville?

Inventors!!! .... no, seriously

So you call in a pizza to be delivered, and the guy who takes your order

I miss Revolutionary_Acts04

An error occurred during processing.

Sumbitch.... I just finished a class project -- 81-freakingwonderful pages

I got the new U2 album for Christmas.

Oh to hell with TV.

Congratulations antigone382!!!! OUT of the 700 Club!

Anybody else see Lemony Snicket yet?

The Daily Show is on right now

inept insurgent blows up his whole family...

Just when you thought the Freepers couldn't get any stupider...

You know whats fun?!?!

For those who are just joining us.. - WORST XMAS GIFT EVER RECEIVED

Big McJimmyLou BouncyKleeb

It's official. Time to change avatar's from Rudolph to the Steelers!

Just saw the "Manchurian Candidate" based on reality...

Arabic music videos!

Do you remember the first thing you ever posted on DU?


Now that I'm fully under the power of...

last year I lost more than 75 pounds and it wasn't bad at all

Nobody's watching this stinkeroo Dolphins-Browns game?

6-8 inches, thanks Weather man, you jerk off!!

11-year-old brother + too much Xmas candy = Please kill me.

What are you NOT wearing right now?

My message to all bushbots everywhere AND the mainstream media:

Speaking of blind...Was Daredevil a dumb film?


I got my first Locked Thread!!! Yippee!

Did Bouncy Ball ever take pictures of her neighbors

What song are you listening to right now?

I'm back, I'm back. I'm BACK!!!!!

I just went into the hot tub while it was snowing

Reggie White: Not a hero

Fess up: It's the end of the year "guilt be gone" thread

My wacko neighbor- just venting for a moment

Strange XP issue

Aw, Crap!

The Roches

I am not perfect.

Anyone here wanna kiss my ass?

Hey, look at me, I want to feel important!

Fucking delivery guy

I just got a digital camera and I want to know....

Okay, who posted that make-a-snowflake link, a few days ago?

Anyone ever wake up with your arm straight up in the air?

Christmas @ the right-wing fundy in-laws'. Aristus needs some love.

When a girl says she'll "see what she can do about it" she really means


Knob Creek bourbon

OK, who's played Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on PS2/GC?

Let's start a "Pompous Condescension and Self-Affirming Indignation" Group

Why does it take cats an HOUR to sit down?

trying to find out the name of this song

anyone here have experience with a beer machine?

I just built a website

Biblical scholars: Could you tell me which chapter of Revelation speaks

found copy of Lynne Cheney's "Sisters" — SO WHAT

Bailey's zero gravity bar commercial

I need a second job....any ideas?

Would you take a pre-inauguration gig?


Snow in Boston. Lots of It. And the Meterologists F*cked up again.

One of the BEST anti-war songs I've heard in a long ass time

What does this T-shirt mean?

Best Chappelle Skit:

Any good (non electronic) games?


I blew off - so should you!

Do you find your laptop's cd drive to be reliable?

I am prefect.

Worst gift received - FESS UP!



Anyone awesome at web searching and feeling bored?

This just in: Grandma Neebob gives Bob Jr. the Factor for Kids

Any DU members dating each other?

A Report Card on Psychic Predictions for 2004

John Coltrane: one amazing talent!

Former NFL Player Reggie White Dies Of Heart Attack

It was 1944, and the young Phillip Glass was staying in New York with...

REGGIE WHITE Quotations...

What's the worst gift you have ever gotten?

Just saw "The Aviator" what did you guys think?

Newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM as of Dec. 26, 2004

Jeez, my buddy needs to stop drinking

My cat just pissed all over my leather jacket

LOST fans: Anyone think the characters are really dead and don't know it?

Sweet! I just got that awesome movie Bedazzled on DVD!

Anyone Know How to Remove a Chevy S10 Radio??

Your top ten favorite movies?

If you could go (back) to school to study anything what would it be?

Wow, the 'news' is running a report saying parental involvement decreases

I just had a panic attack.

Your favorite brand of el cheapo rot-gut?

Hey, Minnesota DUers--just two days left

Have you ever used a sockpuppet to kick your own thread?

Anyone see "Meet The Fockers"?

Anyone see White noise yet? what's that like?

1 assumption, 1 f act and one conclusion

Is the fundies' God like Tinkerbell?

More Brain Tumors Now-a-days?

Monk baffles scientists

Reggie White, homophobe, now shoveling coal in hell. . .

Homosexuality in World Religions...

"In Praise of Young Men"

Saints win!

I was watching the Spengler Cup today.

Magic Rat's Jets are great...

Lions 16, Bears 0 at halftime

Reggie White, RIP

I'm Glad Paul Hackett Isn't President Of The United States

Siberian Buddhist Leader Baffles Scientists

THE MOON THREAD - by StellaNoir & Pallas180

Massive Tsunamis sweep the Indian Ocean

Letter to the Editor

How does an atheist cope with death of a loved one?

John Kerry - Challenges Americans Face As They Balance Work & Parenting

John Kerry - Talks Out About Health Care

I just saw Going Upriver

I think some people have gone slightly mad

Artsy Fartsy photos - how did you do that

Question Re: Digital Camera Battery Life


A little hope for your holiday weekend

How elaborate have wartime inaugurations been in the past?

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none of it matters. *none of it*

"I'm proud to say I'm a 'Liberal." John F. Kennedy, September 14, 1960


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