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Archives: December 21, 2004

Fair and balanced Christmas (Good one on Faux News)

'The Single Girl's Guide to Dating Donald Rumsfeld'

Global Intelligence Domination

The Iraq War—A Catastrophic Success

Darling of the righwing

Who owns the TV rights to revolution?

Guardian Archive: the Lockerbie Bombing December 21 1988

Republicans fall out of love with matinee idol who fluffed his lines once

Social Security Slam-Dunk [washington post]

WP - R. Cohen "Social Security Slam-Dunk"

Humans Barely Dodged Extinction----the population bottleneck

The Myth of National Victimhood -- by Thom Hartmann

The face of worry (optimistic Iraqi Christian starts laying low)

Editorial: Bush-speak - To all the faithful, joyful and triumphant

Incompetence (Rummy), not crassness, is the resigning matter

Tomgram: Mark Danner on How Bush Really Won

The pattern of discontent in US ranks

It's Time to Stop Being Hit...a letter from Michael Moore

Rumsfeld's neocon critics dodge the blame, too

William Pfaff (Internatl Herald Tribune): Shock, awe and the human body

Quotation of the day in The New York Times 12/21/2004

"to get me to negotiate with myself in public," te he

Soldier's LTTE: Bush taints soldiers' sacrifices when using the word "we".

My Fight Against American Phantoms -Notre Dame prof's visa revoked

The GOP's Sabotage of Social Security

Little Dicks Cause Wars! Great Toon!!!

Investigating Ohio ( Conyers story

A Revolutionary Christmas Story (I apologize up front for posting this)

It Can't Happen Here ( a police state?)

Job Posting from International Labor Rights Fund

NOT happy with Tim Roemer for DNC chair! JOIN ME!

My letter to the editor of "The Economist"

Gutting the Community Reinvestment Act

U.S. Protests Sale of YUKOS Unit

Shift to Foreign Stocks Sapping the Dollar

Working for minimum wage? Only 4 counties in the U.S. are affordable

I think you economic types might like this article about New Zealand.

Future of Wild Clearwater, Nez Perce National Forests At Stake!

Welcome To Phoenix In The Year 2030 - Darkly Funny Satire

Lake Tahoe Warming - Likely Connection To Global Trend - LA Times

Male Fish Growing Eggs Found in Potomac -- AP

"Paving the Amazon with Soy"

Water Experts Call Colorado River Compact Into Question

The recycling of carbon dioxide through Calcium Carbonation cycles studied.

I am not a vegetarian, but after seeing this I may change my mind...

Live vote at MSNBC- Do You think US and Iraqi forces can win the war

Christmas ideas for the Gun Lover (TM) in you...

Why do I keep having to login?

Bug report id number: 270486

How does one ask a question to the moderator?

Why was sangh0/sangha tombstoned?

This is a "big tent” please explain how I’ve deviated?

Hey! My bumpersticker came and my kid swiped it!!

My mom wants to register with a yahoo mail account.

locked thread


Will there be a Top 10 Conservative Idiots for 2004?

Is it inappropriate to ask you to promote this thread?

Can 'religious' threads all be put into some religious forum?

I'm scared to post anymore....why? I don't know..I can post on threads

My thread was about the 2004 election

My bumper thanks you!!

In Your Opinion...

In a negative story about Jews

Hi there! Lil asked me to get a clarification on what constitutes

Why was my anti-BFEE thread moved to 9-11 forum?

UK Muslims hit by rise in prejudice

The incitement yardstick

This post breaks all the rules. Part II.

Just thought some of you would like to check out this site if you

Does anybody recognize Attas voice?

Cuban students protest

Bush as Diogenes: looking for someone honest

Found a great new website with election fraud articles & updates

cspan forum : reporter mentions getting emails about voter fraud

Blast from past Vintage '86 Zappa...

Democrats advocate a cherished value - WA State gov race

Picture of Ohio provisional ballots thrown away!! Blackwell laughing!!

Let's give B*sh a nice 911 hitler moustache!! Pens ready!! Go!

Things that never happened - before Dubya

Something Tells Me The Voting Machine Companies Aren't Too Worried....

Bring up the Christmas Spirit of Love and Peace!!!

Fox Headline: Ohio Officials Clear Vote Tampering Charge

Voices from "Pimple" -- The Much-Fabled Independent Voter Speaks...

Salon finally starts covering Ohio (Conyers Interview)

New Voting Machine Receives Fed Approval Electronic/Paper-Ballot Hybrid

Scripps Howard Election study finds widespread ballot-counting problems

WA: Other Counties Tallied New Ballots In Their Recount

Hit-and-Run Vote Counting: Bush has no mandate from this tainted election

WA King County Not Alone: 5 counties added `new' votes during recounting

Not possible? An American Coup D'Etat - Revisited

Poll: Opposition to Iraq Invasion Reaches New High

Wacky(?) question

Raw Story doesn't agree with Olbermann's reporting on Curtis

Ohio Election Agents View Computer Repair

Forgive me if this is a double. Is anyone listening to C-span 2 right now?

Falun Gong newspaper article

How many senators have you contacted to challenge the 1-6-04 vote count?

Indianapolis TV station covering election fraud!

Has Anyone heard about Diebold "Rovers" or of Local "Savvy" People....

We don't need to "prove fraud" to prove the system is broken

We've Arrived: Angry Letters From 5th Graders About Election Fraud....

Does Anyone Know If Nevada Had Problems -- Nev.SOS intv. here

Thom Hartmann 12-3ET Talking about fraud

A fantastic quote from MLK

Michael Moore is messing with our heads

"Ohio: A Crime Against Democracy "

Salon's Tim Grieve Interviews John Conyers

Interview with Chair of Franklin County's Board of Elections

This is NOT encouraging! Kerry doesn't sound like he is

NY electors elect John L. Kerry

Guess what is on Michael Moore's homepage this morning?

RAW STORY responds to Olbermann reporting

Ohio Certificate of Ascertainment does NOT say which electors

Help re Ohio counties - which use what vendor?

Chair of Franklin County's Board of Elections Critizes Blackwell !

.pdf file of Ohio lawsuit

On CSPAN NOW--Common Cause Pres, Panelists--PROBLEMS- Election Nite

Heads up Cspan2, Inauguration Protests

What the 2004 fraud really means for everybody (breaking news)

C-span 3 discussing voting machines NOW


"No vote tampering seen in election computer fix " Cleveland Plain Dealer

Progressive Democrats of America: Desperately Seeking Senators Action!

This a more accurate description of "red and blue states" post 2004 fraud

response from Senator Chambliss of georgia -trusts blackwell

CNN's Attempt to Discredit Conyers and the entire Fraud case

while Bev and Katrina dominate,Triad slips away...

Electoral "results" for Southwestern OHIO

Contest the Vote Met with Senator Boxer Please Help!

What is our objective? How do we win?

Ohio Officials Defend Electronic Voting

JAN 20th Be there by 9am!

Whatever happened in Fairfield county?

Olbermann pointed out the main difference between them and "us"...

"Recount Reaches Final Stages"

Conyers is asking for raw exit poll data - Has this been in LBN?

So do we want a Countdown thread tonight?


Air America Radio in the Red States...

Visual representation of the MSM

MSM is turning: "Ohio Officials Defend Electronic Voting"

Accenture Booed In Madison

New Wheel of VOTER Challenge III: $.5K

This whole election has been a disaster period

I need help from citizens of New Mexico

Everything worked as "planned..."

new Village Voice article: The Case of the Ohio Recount - A Whodunit

The Condi Protocol (or, how to talk to a liberal, if you're subpoenaed).


My Daughter is a lawyer didn't think the 18?? provision would apply

I don't think I like Obama. I just got Newsweek( I get it as a gift)

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Power in Use of Language

"Ohio Supreme Court Could Begin Ruling on Presidential Election Challenge"

Malloy talking about Washington right now

That 1 Rep/1 Senator contesting elections provision

Encouraging News About Senator Boxer!

Urgent Request for 1st hand New Mexico Election Incidents

True Man of the Year

TAKE ACTION: Desperately Seeking Senators

What Happened I Woke Up And I Was In A Third World Country

Arnebeck Refiles The Separate Moyers Fraud Suit..............

Re Jan 6 ratification of electoral vote...write your Senators

Election Fraud Slideshow

BREAKING: King County recount puts Gregoire on top

Lynne Cheney on Hardball?

ReDefeat Bush held press conference & met with Jeffords today

Investigating Ohio ( Conyers story

free republic DC on Cspan whining about the violent, violent protesters

Tuesday 12/21

Rep. Conyers asks networks for exit poll data

Incredible Newsweek Photos from Election Night!

Well I was in Warren County Ohio today...

Wash. State Republican Party Says Clerical Error Should Bar 735 Ballots

Lawyer in Maui needs help?

Here are the rules regarding Jan 6th vote to approve electors

Responses for people who insist on ignoring Election Fraud

Apparently there are over 1000 uncounted ballots in King County

Do black people have as much right to vote as whites?

Bush Electors who voted on Dec. 13 were NOT officially appointed

Fraud(Default to Bush) documented in Florida touchscreen county machines

New Olberman Blog Entry!

Karl Rove -- Tabulates Own Results Election Night ....

Olbermans new Blog Good or Bad ?

The VoterGate Resource Center - Another great site!

Harris and March taking the money anyway?

I agree that * is Person of the Year

Denmark's MSM Story on Ohio Recount!

Ed Schultz will re-play the Congressman Conyers interview...

US government exports election fraud to Belgium

Hocking & Programmers see this?

Is this a democracy or not?

Cries for Electoral Standards Mount

Acceptance of Election Fraud: 'Morally Treasonable'


What if Kerry...

"*", the most unpopular "President" ever to start a second term

Broward County Precinct Level Comparison to 2000 - Alarming

The SCOOP/Simon exit poll breakthrough - more true than ever.








Sounds as if Olbermann is concluding we don't have a case...

my daughter (Gillian) went to a little demo in westwood today

California Democratic State Convention

Church Fire is Arson Case - Suspect Later Died in Police Incident

The Election Fraud Issue as it relates to Iowa...

Steve King commencement speaker at Western Iowa Tech Community College

Anti-gay Hate Group disrupts Newtonville, MA school program

Help: Where can a Texan get Boston Red Sox caps in Boston?

Possible Job At Blandin Foundation!!!

My Minnesota Website...

Can spammers add themselves to your contact list?

Refill you own ink?

Anyone have any recommendations for a photo printer?

Home build or store bought?

We have to give this a try

Ohio DU'ers

Christmas List of DUers by County

OK, Need Some Help Here

KUDOS to DUer John Coby & friends for stopping toxic rail line!

Tom DeLay and the toxic train

Any Democratic Club members here?

Would you guys write to the Chronicle concerning the toxic train?

OK. Democratic Club Members, here is my plan

I'm thinking of moving to Texas....

NFC, Patriot Act II, National ID Cards, when will we finally march? Week in Review

Jan 20th 2005--NOT ONE DAMN DIME DAY -- Spend Nothing!!!

Quick ad for tonite's local news:"IRAQ on the brink of Civil War-what does

I'm on hold to get on the Mike Webb show...

Canadian Board Game Lets Players Run Marijuana Farm

US post-war history seen through action figures - by Tom Engelhardt

Controversial Ad

I've been kicked off Freep THREE TIMES

We're About to Lose the Biggest War!...

ACLU: email alleges bush authorized torture techniques

Yesterday, a news item caught my eye.Australia has now become the

Do the holidays bring you down? GF Tribune

Everything that makes me proud to be American happened before I was born.


Occupation Watch Bulletin 12-20

Do you think the Chimp knows he's a chimp?

Russ Feingold visits Red State - "it's your turn at American Dream"

Fox News' new Biz News station & Social Security privatization... hm....

Winter starts in 6 minutes...are you ready?

chooseblue and progressive pages are nice, but

WE must make a response to the 'liberal' media

GI dissent shakes up the Pentagon

The world's least important blog

Rummy is Slowly Falling on the Sword of His Own Making...

AMERICA: Live FREE or DIE! -------------------------- GRAPHIC

CNN Breaking: 22 dead in attack on US base in Mosul

The Palestinian people should emulate the Japanese and German people.

LA Times: "56 % in Survey Say Iraq War Was a Mistake"

Tony Blair's Orwellian ID scheme

Prosecutors, Ex-AOL Engineer Strike Plea

Nigerian scam goes Iraqi

Fishman wind project to be discussed

Another S. American Dictator has had a stroke recently (Besides Pinochet)

Are you on the NRA enemies list? Want to be?

Happy Solstice and happy solar new year.

Thom Hartmann: 'The myth of national victimhood...

Re: the ratification of the electoral vote count

AWOL *: Iraqi military units leaving the battle is "unacceptable"

From the Christian left....Conquering fear

Who's "hotter"? Lisa Montgomery or Barbara Eden.

Best President. Period.

Rubber Stamp Rummy!

Christmas display at the Courthouse

What Is everyone's favorite Political/News parody website or show?

My prediction

Does anyone believe our troops will start to come home

Puke Alert: Richard "turd that won't flush" Perle

If given to *, which one of these attributes would move him farthest left?

The Reality Deadline

VoIP Pioneer Predicts A Roiling 2005 for IP Telephony

Who else has had CNN International News (cable tv) shut down?

From your knowledge, which country best embodies DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM?

If you can't get the Zappa/Crossfire video link to work...

New F.B.I. Files Describe Abuse of Iraq Inmates

Where are the Democrats?

Iraq: Tuesday bloody Tuesday

Paul Kurtz on NPR today 2:10 PM (EST) "Designer Babies" Streaming too

Repug Ex-Senator ordered back to jail

Redford on Bush: "That trust has been...savaged"

GOP Corporate Donors Cash In on Smut (oh the hypocrisy party..right)

Mess Hall Massacre

WH war rational comes as a surprise to Iraqis

Repug Lawmaker pleads guilty in fatal crash- WILL DO NO JAILTIME!

Question for those who run DU...

Potomac River (Wash.D.C.) male fish producing eggs


The paranoid belief that someone is always ready to harm this country

Scientific support, lying makes Bush’s brain work harder

The Christian "Right" Movement....

So, who else thinks Rummy outranks Bush in the Shadow Govt?

APO Mail Question

jail serving as home for mentally ill (Tx. is saving money on the deal)

Help Vets call home for Christmas/Kwanzaa or "just for the hell of it."

At least 14 US Soldiers killed in bomb attack!

Wall Street firms begin SS lobbying campaign

The Myth of the "liberal" media

ACLU links Bush to torture policy

Freeper thinking 101

National Review Online Writer gets busted for lying?

Announcing the first ever "Unofficial" DU Photography Contest.

Man Date - A Poem by George W. Bush:

my clinic gives away about 5million in free drugs per year

born before 1971? calculate your cancer risk due to I-131 exposure

Tucker Carlson moving to MSNBC - about to sign deal

Tort Reform and Drugs

2004 Person of the year!!! Taaa Daaaa Bev Harris!!! that's according

I have a military question that hopefully someone can answer.

Where is Al Franken today?

I heard today that the Washington Post bought Slate magazine

Why is Norville leaving? Where is she going?

Mossad to Nuke Houston (blogger - bring your own grain of salt)

U.S. troops in Iraq without long underwear.

Anti-war shift seen post-Kerry

WTF!? Mistrial- 40 count indictment against 2 former Westar Energy execs

I can't wait for Rummy's next troop Q & A visit to Iraq (not Kuwait)

Is maybe our stragerty to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi

Do freepers know Moon tears down crosses?

Remember I said yesterday I had a terrible feeling about Iraq?

Stupid Ass CNN Poll Question:

When was Jesus's birthday, really?

Bring Back the Gilded Era! and other trends we never thought

S*T of the year...

Anyone get the feeling that the stock market climb is phony?

Twas Right Before Christmas (In Iraq) A Poem I wrote for Shrub today.

We all know what * is capable of doing to further his agenda

Question: Since when has a "winning team" given advice to the "losing

I discovered something interesting RE US prescription drug prices.

Top 100 Universities in the World

Let's see if we can reconstruct the Bush coalition.

Is Randi Rhodes a repeat today?

Pastor charged in shopping centre carols stoush

The Most Overhyped and Underreported Media Stories of the Year

Reality, aka, "Why the press doesn't focus on the good in Iraq"

Alabama school board Pres. wants to push prayer in public schools

Countered one of the "endangered Christmas" memes at the Post Office,

Are you willing to admit the Democratic Party is now the minority Party?

Who pays for *'s millions of Christmas cards?

A hunch: Iraq election will be a colossal flop.

I don't think you are understanding my post


Bush, YESTERDAY: "News coverage unfair, 15 of 18 Iraqi provinces stable!"

New computer, how do I get spell check to work, xp home.

I Apologize for all those years

one of my student's husbands is going to Iraq shortly

US Stocks Rally. DOW hits 3 1/2 year high

got my Time--am cancelling my subscription

What are the chances?

Is Bush the Antichrist?

Things I've always wanted to say about BUSH! the re-run of Lou Dobbs if you can...

My policy towards Bush voters and non voters right now.

10 Super Foods you should eat... and 10 foods to avoid.

Dubya: Troops were on mission of peace

Katrina van del Heuvel guest hosting with Sam Seder on AAR

Merry Christmas to the families of the 19 US SOLDIERS SLAUGHTERED today

Can you pass these two links on to others?

Helping Bush find a Homeland Security director

gay adoption is pro-life--it would help with abortion

Bush first President in U.S. history to send out a Xmas card w/Bible verse

happy solstice everyone

Any Christian Socialists here?

anyone know how Air America's ratings have been since the election?

Bush is not the Antichrist, but he may be worse

How would Freepers respond to the "Terrorist Attack" today in Mosul?

Merry XMas to some troops, and

Wingnut of the Year! Contest

Just declare Allawi the winner and skip the pretense of "Iraq elections"

"Dad, what is abstinence?"

PHOTO: Another American boy buried as the Bush's plan their holiday

North Korea, the new conservative utopia

U.S. Marines Suffer Most Suicides in Five Years

Time responds to my letter to editor

Do You Know How To "Enable Referrer Logging"?

Why is the AP story re the attack on our soldiers currently rated 1.48???

Look at the word "impeach"

After watching a video of puppet Limbaugh

Our boys...

Murder an Iraqi and get to go home and be a war hero. What a deal

NewsHour: Terence Smith & Neil Lewis whitewash the ACLU's charges

All of a sudden the FDA approves drugs to quickly?

Do you agree with TIME's choice for Person of the Year?

Shrub claims Rumsfeld often visits wounded...True or False?

Holiday/ Christmas wishes

Pentagon knew messhall risk; Halliburton "days" from completing bunker

Can the Internet bring down Wal-Mart?

Can't find Olberman on MSNBC - and no reference to it here.

The School of Creationism

AAR Reporting: 19 US soldiers now confirmed killed in Mosul attack

Tell me again why we invaded Iraq?

What do you know about censorship on the internet?

Another person with pre-knowledge of JFK assasination--Rose Cheramie

Life, yeah that, is complicated. Policy (SS) is, yeah, complicated.

This question is for everyone except jeff30997, damntexdem . . .

Read about a soldiers hell

Why social security is so important

Up is Down ... left is right .... and circles are always round

" He died of The AIDS"

Do we have any Air Force bases in Iraq?

anyone find part 3 of valenzuela's piece ponder for the people hurt

Republican Christmas Carols

U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students - NYTimes

"A disturbing pattern " (pregnant women killings)

there is a cross eyed crazy woman on cnn

Link to Rev. Moon "coronation"?

Help!! Trying to get to and I am getting fatal error

This is funny,..

I had something interesting happen.

I sometimes have the good fortune to travel to countries in Europe.

My LTTE in response to a hateful right-winger's LTTE

Malloy Thread! Check In truthseekers!

Can you help? This family isn't being helped by the army

Rumsfeld only followed Bush's orders. He didn't invade Iraq on his own.

OpTruth ACTION alert re: rummy the dummy



Talk about "frivolous issues" This stuff about "Christmas" is the great

Where does this guy get the time to run a blog from Mosul?

"Bush White House's Christ-less Christmas" Theocons Ticked at Bush

Most Americans support SS reform

Bush is using islam the way hitler used the jews... demonize that which

This sounds like our election

"Mosul Massacre" ....will "Chimps" poll numbers go UP over this carnage?

What can you tell me about media ownership?

Language Alert! Torturerer Appeasers support Rummy & Gonzalez?

omg... Coming Jan. 10... "THE MILITARY CHANNEL"!!

Is the U.S. still a 'Superpower" ?

Why the hell are we offering up our young soldiers for a lie??

"Why care about the planet when the “end of days” is near.....?"

I didn't like Katrina vanden Heuvel .as co-host of "The Majority Report"

CCChimp approval 48%. Tme for a message from Fahdder-land Security?

Is America still a 'FREE' country?

Freepers: Ostriches with their heads in the sand(Re: Mosul blast)

From MSNBC...Breaking News on Washington State Governor's Race

DU needs a toon on its homepage -- Let's start with this one

Ted Koppel, Nightline on ABC

A report on Mosul bombing you won't hear on CNN or any other U.S.A station

Idea: run as Republicans.

US still building permanent Bases?

Who would you vote for in the Ukraine?

Poll: Do you think US can win against insurgents? MSNBC

* at the Kennedy Center Honors

My 2nd bumper sticker, ever - is a DUzy!

Eating Endangered Species: CAVIAR POLL

Anyone hear Richard Perle on NPR this morning?

Tuesday Truthseeker Meeting NOW Atkins Friendly !!!

The RW cries of "We must save Christmas" is just another step towards...

Andbody watching C-Span right now? Freeper zealots are on right now

Are you feeling grumpy?

I heard Blair snuck into Iraq today (Graphic content)

Ted Turner--are you listening? A new network proposal

Things you might not know about Scalia and Thomas.

C-SPAN now airing Inaugural Protest Plans

Spot the bias.

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and science.

What's the difference between Iraq and VietNam?

Larry King Tonight: Wrongfully Convicted & On Death Row:

I have an investing question? Can you help?

I need some help

Will * go to hell?

What do you HATE most about the religious right?

How will the BFEE & neocons' empire come to an end?

Born Again Christian Man authorizes Torture of Muslim Iraqi's

Happy F'n Xmas to all the bastards in Congress

Lately, I've been seeing more and more homeless people

RW Loon College students sue: Angry at being taught about REALITY.

Terrorism isn't that important.

Social Security Scam letters to the editor

High schools must allow military recruiters on campus...

Kucinich: Iraq Out of Control

Second coming...

Was Jesus Christ homeless?


But Then It Was Too Late...

"A lucky shot?" This really makes me sick.

Congressman Ron Paul "Police State Now"

Degrees from 'Bob Jones University', 'Oral Roberts University' etc-Assets?

Chimp Meets w/NAACP, Mfume understanding of preznit's 'humiliation'

FL Baptists trespass and put up nativity scene at courthouse

Where the * is Dick Cheney?

Mom Sues Wal-Mart Over Daughter's Suicide

Since Judith Regan slept with Bernard Kerik -

from the "You can NEVER be TOO cynical" dept. (Wal-Mart)

Aide: Bush "pretty tired" from hard work of hosting Christmas parties

"I am a liberal" short film.... you aren't going to believe this...

Gary Webb was right: CIA Sold Dope (Cocaine Importation Agency)

What Can Be Done To Make A Better Computer Voting Machine?

What do Kissinger, Brzezinski, Cheney, Perle & Baker have in common?

Please help! First-timer making Turkey Breast on Xmas

Anyone have a good baked mac and cheese recipe?

Overnight coffeecake with frozen dinner rolls- anyone have this recipe?

Pecan pie without corn syrup?

Pet Peeve... cooking for guests with multiple food allergies

Potato Pancake recipe

Newfoundland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

This is a sample of the BS we have to put up with down here...

Gold on the Rise!!

U.S. Warplanes Bomb Rebel Target in Iraq

U.S. Election Voted Top News Story of '04

Iran Readies Uranium for Nuke Enrichment --Diplomats

Rumsfeld addresses fears over vehicle armor


Social Security Slam-Dunk [washington post]

Allawi Says Rebels in Iraq Seek Civil War

Group Says FBI Ruse Used at Guantanamo

FBI Claims More Arab Prisoners Abused

Blair on surprise Baghdad visit

STRATEGY X, Inc. Appoints Elite Homeland Security Members to Its Board

Gulf (GCC) call for Palestinian state

Article with Rep Conyers on vote investigation

Pinochet to face the music

IRAQ: US military help clean up Sadr city

Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Kills 22

Major 'guilty of faking battle'

Israel to boycott Blair's peace conference

22 Dead in Mess Hall attack in Mosul

US to settle Nazi gold train claim

Solidarity under red lights as lap-dancers throw off their chains

Gang in '£20m' bank raid (UK)...that's about $39m......

Putin Makes Abrupt Reversal on Ukraine

EU May Restore Trade Sanctions on U.S.-Mandelson

Save the Children quits Darfur

56 Percent in Survey Say Iraq War Was a Mistake

BBC: French journalists freed in Iraq

Bush Criticized Over Social Security Plan

Blast at U.S. Base in Mosul, Many Casualties - U.S.

FAA on Air Traffic Controller Hiring Spree

Aid operation launched for Falluja residents

State fears portrayal of summit (Homeland Security)

Washington Post Co to buy Slate online mag

Iraq election radio funded by Germany

Border Patrol hails new ID system

Wall St. Lobby Quietly Tackles Social Security

Rally in Azerbaijan Capital Broken Up

Robbers escape with millions from a Belfast bank

LAT: Bush Foresees a Deeper U.S. Role in Iraq

WP: Popular File-Sharing Site Shuts Down (

Newspaper finds evidence of cheating by Texas schools

Ukraine Convoy Halted Outside Rival City

Jackpot jobs await ex-Congress members

Energy Prices Not Spurring Conservation (Worldwide Oil Demand Grew 3%) Press Conference

Companies to Develop All-In-One HIV Pill

'Liberal bias' targeted by college group

Turk PM Urges Bush to Act on Kurd Rebels in Iraq

The French hostages are free !

Bhutto's husband arrested in murder inquiry

Kurds: Fallujah assault only scattered foe

Thread 2 on Mosul explosion

Swedish newspaper: At least 22 dead in Iraq explosion

UN's Annan says Iraq bloodshed will affect elections

Bush shows caution about plunging into Mideast peacemaking

Press Groups Honors Journalists Devoted to Freedom

New Iraqi prisoner abuse allegations surface

Shift to Foreign Stocks Sapping the Dollar

Ansar al-Sunna claims attack on US base in Mosul

Newspaper finds evidence of cheating by Texas schools

Light schedule as the president prepares for holiday (leaves today)

New Jersey Gay Couples Anxious To Wed

Reward offered in 1964 slayings of civil rights workers ("Miss. Burning")

Cheerleading Coach Finds Prayer Not a Team Sport

Politically active prostitutes searching for a collective voice

Crude prices rise ahead of a possible arctic blast in the US

Investigating Ohio ( Conyers story

Boxer is tapped as deputy whip

State campaign finance board fines liberal group

7 Arrested in Hog and Dog Competitions

NW Iowa couple pays whole town's power bills

The face of worry (optimistic Iraqi Christian starts laying low)

53-Year-Old Marine Proud to Get Recalled

President: Deficit will be cut in half in five years

Youth Smoking, Drug Use Down Again

White House: Attack Shows Ongoing Issues

Connecticut National Guard falling short of recruiting goals

Group says records show US detainee abuse cover-up

Woman pleads guilty to threatening the president

Fannie Mae's Chief Executive Raines Ousted, Market News Says

NYT,pg1: U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students

Bush: Attack Should Not Derail Elections

NewsHour: Terence Smith & Neil Lewis whitewash the ACLU's charges

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 21 December

Michigan Congressman Seeks Exit Poll Data

New Data Hints at Poor Review of Abuse Cases -NYT

Bush Holds First Meeting With NAACP (Yahoo/AP)

Stray Dogs Lead Villagers to Mass Grave in Iraq

Holy Sh*t on CSPAN- just said"B*sh stole Election

Social Security Reverses on Marriages

Venezuelan November Unemployment Falls to 3-Year Low

U.S.I. Sees Layoffs, Restates Earnings

Hubba hubba, get your Ann Coulter/ Michell Malkin calenders now

U.S.: Did President Bush Order Torture?

Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Leaves 20 Dead

Dow Hits 3 1/2-Year High on Earnings Hike

Group seeks law to fight 'liberal bias' at colleges (Indiana)

Security Drill at Weapons Plant Raises Safety Questions

W. House expects probe of Iraq, Guantanamo abuses

Teenage Sex Tape Exposes Deep Divisions in Indian Culture

(CA) Governor changes strategy on lunch law (Dropped after Protests)

Ten More Years?--Independent, UK

Judge Strikes Down Limit on Poverty Lawyers' Cases

Rare Pneumonia Found Among U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

U.S.: Drug Imports Can't Be Safe and Cheap

Instances of systamatic prison abuse reported

Soldier Says Deployment Cost Him Custody of Son

Rice professor finds (security) flaw in Google

New Pardons Raise Bush's Total to 31

(Denver) Foreclosures soar - Home defaults hit highest level since '88

Americans Say Rumsfeld Should Resign

WP: Precision of Base Attack Worries Military Experts

U.S. Marines Suffer Most Suicides in Five Years

W.House Expects Probe of Iraq, Guantanamo Abuses

Safe Drug Imports Would Be Difficult --US Study

Writer Jack Newfield is dead at 66

FBI waited more than a year to make move against AIPAC

U.S. Was Replacing Iraq Tent With Bunker

(Mosul) Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Leaves 24 Dead -thread #3

Dead Marine's kin plead for e-mail (From Yahoo)

U.S. stocks climb; blue chips at 3 1/2 year high

Site of Jesus' First Miracle Said to Be Found

Zogby National Poll finds Americans want Alaska un-drilled

Retailers pray for last-minute splurge

Some consumers shop till jaws drop

LAT: Cheerleading Coach Finds Prayer Not a Team Sport

Man Who Served Nearly 17 Years in Prison Released After DNA Tests Clear Him

Democrat apparently wins by 8 votes in Washington state

Bush Monkey Picture Shown on Giant NY Billboard

Conyers Seeks Exit Poll Data

Selling the forest for the trees

Body Found Is Lotto Winner's Granddaughter

Philippines DOJ seeks probe of US nationals implicated in Davao bombing

Gay student forced to leave school

US Meat Plants Violating Mad Cow Rules - Inspectors (Reuters)

Science or Miracle?; Holiday Season Survey Reveals Physicians' Views of Fa

Hey, what's the gallery?

No need to wake me up Baby! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!

The lord of the right wing

LOL! I got the best coffee cup ever as a gift today!

Which version of "Common People" is better?

Ack my brother is too damn hard to shop for!

Favourite "King of the Hill" Character?

The Biscuit Brigade strikes again!


Hey everyone in the Pornography Group, want to have a contest?

MIAMI WINS!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Lounge, Bullwinkle925

Mmmmm! Frankfurter Spectacular!!!

I hadn't opened my vegetable crisper in a number of weeks...

If I have two roommates, and they share a room.

empty the medicine cabinet


My 500th post!

Official DU Group proposal-- DU Pornography Group!

Bake your own ginger bread man

How abject a failure do you have to be NOT to get a letter from Who's Who?

How to make tiny oranges

Really fun snowflake maker.

I just don't "get" Chris Elliot's humor. Or maybe he's not funny?

Have I sinned, or what?

Is it just this horrible computer at my work or are the avatars down?

Ever wash down alcohol with pills?

The more I post, the better my spelling becomes...

My apologies to anyone who may have been offended by....

I came home drunk and wandered into the GD thread by mistake

anyone seen The Brown Bunny?

Just watched a film on Sundance which chronicles Bush and...

Salvation Army sold their soul to Walmart Just saw

Zsa Zsa or Eva Gabor?

Twins Escape From Swedish Jail

If someone ever says "Here, take these..." ask what they are!

Is Thunder Road one of the best rock songs or what......

Favorite song by Digital Underground

If you're contemplating a move to Canada sometime, a good website.

A friend had his Yahoo account hacked into. Should I worry?

It is 6 degrees out

Bringing me down,

Photo Customer Drops Off Film Canister Full Of Cocaine

I think I created a bird problem........

Expert Texpert Choking Smokers

The blue heart award contest

3km vodka pipeline found

What a difference a day makes!

Funniest. Thread. Ever.

Would you buy software that forced you to have internet access?

Whats the main reason your in Politics?

I love being cold

Winter starts in 6 minutes...are you ready?

Tickle Me Zomby: This Year's Hottest New Toy!

Hollywood star 'shot wife then bungled alibi'

You know those Santa Clause faces you can stick on money

Here's a 'W' we can all appreciate:

The Steelers will flame out in the first round!

Does anyone remember politically incorrect with Sandra Bernhard....

Berlin Now Has an Eatery for Anorexics, but Will They Bite?

You are an ethics expert: is it right to use someone else’s credit card to

Anybody need to throw up? Don't spend money on the castor oil:

Thriple Threat Battle : Band Aid vs USA for Africa vs Hear N'Aid

Bumpersticker Dilemma

Charlie and the Chocalate Factory (Movie Trailer)...

Alternative for

Happy Life Day! The Star Wars Holiday Special (Ugh)

Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!

Here's the story of a man named Brady

Hardee's introduces the Roethlisberger...

Calling Richardo!! Calling Richardo!!

"Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Ok, I confess.. I'm a peeker

Did everyone else already know Abe Lincoln was Jewish?

Did everyone else already know Abe Lincoln was dead?

Got my fresh new DU bumper sticker in the mail yesterday...

Will Illinois'men's basketball team remain #1, or go undefeated?

so what's a roesthLis-burger?

To all those who responded to the Hubert FLOTTZ Thread: Mahalo, thank you

Codgers? We don't need no stinking codgers!

Every single one of the 'Real American Heroes' & 'Real Men of Genius' ads:

Who's hotter? Darren or Major Nelson?

How many Bush administration officials does it take to screw in light bulb

Who's hotter? Elizabeth Montgomery or Barbara Eden?

I hate Peggy Hill

Today's Lunch: Hot, fresh Pizza!

It's Stalin's B-day!

If you liked the dancing Citroën...

WARNING: Contains Images 'ADULT'

Who's "hotter"? Lisa Montgomery or Barbara Eden.

Nation States

Starting Today... The Days Will Be Gradually Getting Longer And Longer

Does your dog hate Bush?

Who's "hotter"? Lisa Montgomery or Barbara Eden.

Woman Attempts Suicide By Lighting Christmas Tree On Fire

Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' Badgers!

pictures for Christmas

My thighs are killing me.

For Sniffa

Poor Otro, I've turned him into an outcast

Cute Pic o' the Day...

Daffy, a dollar bill, and George W. Bush ...

Woman Tried To Kill Her Husband & Son With Poisoned Milkshakes

What gift do you like better: Frankincense or Myrrh?

My boss called; seems upset that I'm gone another week.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Whose Works Do you Like Better: Franken or Moore?

Aw, man...why can't I live here?

The Warriors unjustly attacked by Lizzies, Punks, Mimes

HELP ME, Please?

Somebody Is Shooting Ducks With BLOWDARTS At Apartment Complex

My present from a coworker

Lounge Gang War TONIGHT!!!!

has anyone here ever tried to GAIN weight?

I am going to a visitation today for a long time friend

worst wrassLin coLumn ever!!

Did everyone else already know Abe Lincoln birthed venus from his cheek?

Question for Excel spreadsheed gurus:

YES = lounge LBN -- July date for Harry Potter book

Nothing is more excruciating than...

I just waked & baked- Ask Me Anything!

A Great Lost Song - I've Had It With You.

Homework help.

Just got my XMAS bonus!

After hearing "I won't negotiate with myself",

Mineral of the Month Club

ask your doctor about pLaxico

Vote Against Bush as Time's Person of the Year: link


What the hell is wrong with these damn kids today??

Warning: May Offend Some Religious People

Four-year-old's nursery song a chartbuster

Now I know that I'm not the only one that spent hours beaning other kids

Star Wars help please

Favorite animated Holiday Specials?

Is there a forum where political disagreement must be civilly conducted?


Just bought CDs by Earth and the Melvins: Sludge for the holidays!

Christian Polygamists rejoice at Bush election

Pictures that I forgot I had uploaded. (careful, dial-uppers.)

Have you ever been caught negotiating with yourself?

Do you have any National Enquirer-style predictions for 2005?

Do you ever get on a *friend's* email list...

I assume it's a joke, but I don't know whether to cry, puke or call ASPCA

where do they get their meat?

Ever worn other people's clothes?

How often do you "negotiate with yourself"?!

Just got my XNASA bonus!

Hey mama... Hey let me check yer oil, alright?

How often do you "negotiate with your elf"?!

It's the New Zoo Revue!

Four more entry spaces available for photo contest

Negotiating with myself - Official Joke Thread

Ooooo! Somebody's gettin' an ass whuppin'

Is Bu$h an "Asshole" or a "Prick"


What's the deal with spaghetti-o's

It official...Homer Simpson is on our side.

Is Santa's workshop an elf sweatshop?

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

Anyone else here think Errol Flynn was the COOLEST actor in his day?

I am beat to shit

Favah Chreeestmaaas, Favah Chreeestmaaas

Moog Rock, baby

need a joke ?

A few frosty snow pics, for those who want a white Christmas.

How you gon' win when you ain't right within?

A neighbor contacted me the other day, all indignant

When YOU negotiate with yourself.......

Dang landlord.

Last minute gift ideas?

Pagans should take back "Christmas" from the Xtians

I had a Sleestack nightmare last night!

See if you get this one.

Autocad experts - how do I access my drawing objects in a database?

Should "hook up" threads be allowed in the Lounge?

A bit unsettling website

You're not Santa!

dammit, my sister is playing hide the mouse again...

The kid who cleans my pool is going to Iraq.

I had a profound experience listening to Shudder to Think

Just because there haven't been enough critics in the lounge today

Something's not quite right here...

I've got wood in my pants.......or pants in my wood......


The Bush "Vision for America"

O'Reilly Size Me

Very sad news for Blues Music fans

Bob Boudelang's Peers Find Him

big mistake to go to GD politics

Does anyone have a link to the photo of Junior Bush..........

Yay: German beer qualifies for 2006 World Cup (vs Bud)

Here is some holiday rabble rousing from Bill O'Reilly

I spent $344 at Target, had a burrito from Chipotle!

It's almost time when the time is here, the time comes only once a year...

new toon - enjoy

It's deadsville in retail land.....

Cheating Housewives Always Email Me

The Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet

The Shins

when the truth is found to be lies

10 minutes of archived blogging from during the debates

In honor of the weather in Mass. the past few days . . .

'Is it wrong?' or 'How wrong is it?'

Today is JohnnyCougar's 24th birthday!!!

*gloat* *gloat* Steelers *gloat*

Update on the Ankle from Hell

Wasn't Christ born in June?

Picks for tonights entertainment . . .

Am I the only one a little disappointed on Christmas morning

Did you guys know this? there's apparantly a HUGE celebration

Black Widow Barbie with Mate'N'Kill action

Speaking of Landlords....(not a copycat, a real question)

More fundie talk---The Liberal War on X Mass

Pick your favorite attraction from the Bush Family All Inclusive Resort

Help! I wrote on my to do list that I need to pick up a Hash.

Help! I wrote on my to do list that I need to pick up a Nash.

It's a ganja-tastic Christmas miracle!

i just picked up a rash

Personal Space Poll

PROCLAMATION: I hereby proclaim the year 2005 to be...

Help! I wrote on my cash that I need to pick up a to do list.

I just picked up a Lash (LaRue)!

HA HA did you even KNOW that New Orleans has an NBA team?

I just picked up a 'stache.

5 down; 1 to go!!! I'm almost done!!!!

All these things that I've done

MEDICAL HELP!! The cold weather is killing the skin around my eyes!

Help! I wrote on my to do list that I need to pick up cash

I just signed for some embalming fluid!

I want a new phone for Christmas

In all their glory...

What's up with Kohl's

Not much to do in the office in Dec. - Bankruptcies make lousy XMas gifts.

Panicky flyer requests good vibes!

Kirk Cameron is a Born Again

Is it OK to root for the same pro football team that Pigboy roots for?

Should I wear my Nativity scene "It's a girl!" sweatshirt

Apparently gun safety was lost in the translation to engrish too

The Politics of the Christmas Story

I have a gift idea for freeper relatives that live with you

here's to all naked women

I've seen Mike Hunt. Ask me anything.

I'm Technical Support for my parents, and I need help!

Bad Poetry Thread

Republicans for Voldemort

Just because there haven't been enough critters in the lounge today

Gas is now $1.96 a gal in San Diego. Thank You GWB and Baby Jeezus!


I just picked up a stash

Gran's lifelong war on dirt: Battle Report #9421

I just finished my "holiday" shopping in a "Blue Zone".

Started a new blog, it really sucks

Come on baby


I just lost all my settings and bookmarks. I had to re-login to DU too.

What weird "talent" do you have?

New computer, how do I get spell check to work, xp home.

Wow! The U.S. Army wants me!!! Should I join?

dammit, my sister is playing modest mouse again...

Jingle Farts

What is your favorite Christmas carol or other holiday song?

How come bad dreams seem stupid when you wake up,

Breaking sports news: AP to pull out of BCS

What's your favorite Elvis movie?

State of California's seccession letter to Bush.

i LOVE intelligent women!

What's the best way to get rid of Dog or Cat odor in a rug?

DU post of the year?

This just in "By's" can now marry "By's" in Newfoundland..

Going down in flames but loving it!

Y'all "buying Blue" this holiday? ---

What was your favorite Xmas gift when you were a kid?

UL vs KY song for hoops fans

Holiday Shopping Rant: People who Double Park

Jerry Garcia Band fans: JGAB & JGB: Christmas Time's A-Coming

Who's under-medicated here?

Anyone know of the designer line "CELINE" from Paris?

George Eliot's Old Grandmother Rode A Pig Home Yesterday

Social networking sites.

I'm about to leave for the weekend.

Reefer Man

Tell me a story daddy.................

Is this how the fundies see JEEEEEEEEEEEEZUS?

Seriously scary article about STDs

Delhi schoolboy sparks global porn row

Please post what you intend to do with/to the new cover of Time?

Ever dig through th DU archives?

Don't you hate when you have a cold, and your head is all congested

Do You Drink Regular or Diet Soda?

favorite 60s-70s band

School administrators I have known

Don't get/ask for the Marvin Gaye "The Master" boxset.

Rude dumbass morans on the road who won't stop for a kid

Help - I'm falling for a seriously younger man!

Any SERIOUS Nominations for President in 2008?

The tasteless joke thread.

Weird food

Movie - The Diary of Anne Frank

Do you like getting gift certificates as a Christmas present?

We might get yellow snow!

If I had to live in a major Texas city, which one would be best?

Help! I am falling for the younger version of me!

Mindless Yeti and Penguin Baseball game

I Just "Liberated" A Tin Of Homemade FUDGE!!

Just in, Hubert Flottz comes home in a few Hours...... he is OK for now.

David Letterman made a comment about Katie Couric replacing Rather on CBS

string theory on Nova now!

Really old New England houses + not having enough $ to refurbish + cold =

My grandfater was buried today.. and I could not be there....

Urgent Computer Question!

Let's see your DUer's (as against Dewar's) profile

Yea!!! My First Post

'Twas The Night Before E-day (Parody on 'Twas the night before christmas)


Father of the Pride

I am really ambivalent about where you live.

o's a boo? Yous a boo...a boo boo....

The best men are from ______ (state) because_________

Suggestion to fellow DU'ers: Give a donation (if you're able) this week

Mmm.... Jungle Fudge Chunk ice cream.

Santa Claus: DUer or Freeper?

Brand names that have become synonymous with the product?

Holiday Gift Exemption Voucher

Happy Holidays, all! Here's my web card:

I have a brazier desire

We might get snow!

I, also, have a bizarre desire

I, likewise, have a bizarre desire

I will break 1,000 posts before tonight.

I have a bizarre desire

I, too, have a bizarre desire.

I desire a bazar.

It's been 2 1/2 months; so WHY can't I remember my cable channel numbers?

Anyone here do video editing & Photoshop on an iMac?

VHS tape owners, have you backed up your stuff to DVD?

I just started a new iTunes account & got 5 free songs- recommendations?

"I am Gola Wolf Richards. I'm smarter than you because I use big words."

What's Your Favourite Lollipop?

So this is Christmas

I have a bizarro-desire.

Diane Lane assaulted by Josh Brolin

I'll tell ya what's REALLY fun!

Gift Wrapping Tape

It ain't Festivus, but ... Happy Chriskwanukkah!

Introducing the world's tiniest baby

The "Sweet Revenge" thread.

Sure, 'tis a monster I have created

What do you buy for a pregnant couple?

"Frosty" survives in shelter's freezer

What song are you having for dinner?

You know I hope if I am ever that rich I would not BE as Shallow and


"Don't Put us on a secular humanist altar of sacrifice!" Fundie talk

Who's over-medicated here?

Anyone play Bespelled or Bookworm?

Who's NO-medicated here?

Bush monkey image on giant billboard

The terrorists have already won "ANY BREAKFAST BAGEL SANDWICH" at McD's

Which is better?

Happy Winter Solstice!

Ah, but does THIS ever happen to you?

Don't you just love Beck?

I had a small change money miracle today

What a stupid ripoff of a show

'Tis Midwinter's Day, the Feast of Yule, Saturnalia, the Solstice...

I DO give a shit where you live.

Pizza & Movie Night at Teddy's. You pick which DVD I watch first.

Woman with big chest

Did everyone else already know Abe Lincoln was gay?

Re-unveiling my new avatar...

Winter Solstice

Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier

I want to talk about FREE SPEECH TV on Dish Network!

Who would you choose for Kennedy Center Honors?

My favorite Christmas joke

WooHoo Shaun of the Dead Rocks

"It's just a flesh wound!"

LOL "Weed Delivery Guy Saves Christmas"


The Christmas Top 50.


We may be in different cabins, but we're all in the same boat. (Yoko Ono)

She sent me a Christmas card.

Where the hell is the Daily Show

What are you having for dinner?

Santa is one of us!

Am I worthless because I'm disabled?

A Dozen More Posts and I am

I Am Home From Hell

Rethug Christmas Carols - worth a laugh

Andy Stephenson is spending Christmas at my house!

Who's YES medicated here?

It's The Freeper Show! Free Republic News Conference On C-Span Now

Help- I'm falling for a man a few years older than myself.

Holiday warning - getting caught with a hooker gets you on Megan's List.

Phew- I'm back in Oregon!

Ms Uly is asking for help from DUers.

WOOHOO!! Cleveland Cavs beat the T-Wolves 107 - 97

Apple sues three for posting Mac OS X beta online

The 5 dinners you'd most like to have people with

Paint Shop Pro question

Stupid school, stupid student financial office, stupid stupid stupid

I'm makin' cookays! What kind should I make?

My favorite Airport Security Sign

Dumb quasi-newbie question of the day--Buddies List

Will the real Bullwinkle please stand up!

He stood six foot six and weighed 245.

Why can't I open my present NOW if I already know what I'm getting?

What do you hate most about Christmas

My 84 year-old grandpa sent me a birthday card...

I don't feel like starting a thread tonight.

Hubba hubba, get your Ann Coulter/ Michell Malkin calenders now

Remember my ass that retired from the USCG yesterday?

Looking for the "Fluffy" pic

There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium

Aicha: Watch this, and you too

Now...what movie should I watch while making my cookays?

Christmas sucks this year.

Is The Move the greatest rock band ever, or just the best?

Tipping this time of year

Art or Crap????????

Any DUers in San Antonio?

Anyone remember "Not Necessarily the News"?


I don't give a shit where you live...

Ya Know What's Fun?

Theres a Korg Triton sitting on my bed....

The 2004 DU Awards Poll and Survey


Manchurian Candidate

Urinal of the Month Club.

Happy Birthday ZAPPA!

A few reasons why I am glad I did have the chance to live in Texas.

did the daily show get taken off the air?

Single's a website for you:

Walmart to market its own wine

I'm making Elvis the chief god in a fantasy realm. What should I name him?

Karl Rove getting arrested in his 'Working Class Superhero' suit picture

Not One Dime Day - Boycott the Inauguration


DU End Of Year Census - How Many People Are Now On Your Ignore?

The Dumbest, Laziest, Most Dishonest Film of All Time?

How do I make an image file I have appear in a yahoo email I am sending?

Dry skin help....PLEASE!

What is your favorite Christmas Cartoon?

DU is officially on the WRONG SIDE of the War on Christmas!

"Scratcher" playing morons. Do you encounter these types?

What's the one single state you would not reside in?

When did YOU first have "sex education" in school?

Sarah Michelle Gellar or Charisma Carpenter to be "Wonder Woman"

Frank Zappa born 64 years ago today

Everyone say hi to Blue_Jay

Here's my BO DIDDLEY Top Ten. Please vote for your favorite.

An unpublished photo from Time magazine's "Person Of The Year" issue

I have two more hours to kill at work. Amuse me!

Does this ever happen to you.....

So, what did you all get Agent Mike for Christmas this year?


The best men don't date!

Something I hope happens to all of you someday

Nicole Kidman ain't no Elizabeth Montgomery!

5 ALIVE people you'd most like to spend an

The 5 People You Would Most Like to Have Dinner With?

Does anyone else like "Becker"?

Calling - Hilo Hawaii - Anybody with info

Outgoing HHS Sec Tommy Thompson Caught With Briefcase Full Of Flu Vaccine

ya know that lunatic preacher who makes that list of bad toys

Beige rocks!

Name a good book suitable for children that is NOT Harry Potter

Happy "Shortest Day of the Year"

Gamers: A Question

What the hell is wrong with these damn kids today??

Songs that always make you emotional--bring a tear to your eye....

newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Since I'm going to be miserable until I do it:

10 Super Foods you should eat... and 10 foods to avoid.

What song are you currently listening to?

I like how James Wolcott writes, its funny, flowing and erudite but not to

I just received the nicest holiday gift from a fellow DUer!

The "lost boys of Sudan"

You brought home the wrong pussy from the bar

To hunt a rabbit you need...a SHOTGUN???

7 arrested in Dog and Hog fights.

Batman Begins trailers up

So I watched Ghostworld last night.......(no real spoilers)

I'm curious about the Episcopalian/Anglican Church

What is your church doing for Advent and Christmas?

Dante was a Myth, not a historical character

went to my first Unitarian services this past Sunday

When was Jesus's birthday, really?

What is your vision of God?

Pagans should take back "Christmas" from the Xtians

Was Jesus Gay?

Are 10,000 deaths a year acceptable? Please help!

Mobile phones 'alter human DNA'

Meltdown Blamed For Big Freeze

Humans Barely Dodged Extinction----

Scientists Seek to Forge Diamond Computer Chip

Rosie Joins QAF

SF Mayor Undeterred By Gay Marriage Foes

Random opinion on "framing the debate."

Gay Marine Sent Home

Vermont Marks 5 Years Of Civil Unions

'We have to protect people'

Week-Long JETS-PATRIOTS Trash-Talking Thread

Minnesota Twins sign Jones and Rivas!!

The most important question about the Miami victory is


Dodgers pull out of mega-deal (Randy Johnson)

Man, Emeka Okafor Just Got Schooled Tonight By Nenad Krstic

Canine mammary cancer

Web Card: Happy Holidays!

Here's my (BIG Kitty) EINSTEIN..........and me!

Any tips for traveling with a kitty??

Sending and Receiving practice, called "Tonglen" in Tibetan

Psychic sees big Bush scandal over voting fraud in 2005

Are you Astrologers seeing anything indicating a possible attack soon?

Happy Solstice everyone!

Can someone explain this vibration stuff to me?

Saturn in Leo........begins in July 2005

The Evil Atheist Conspiracy

The Three Things I Have Faith In (The Three Basic Objective Assumptions)

It's very difficult to engage with a theist when he or she is being

Atheist Alliance Convention: Mar 25-27 Los Angeles CA

Atheists: America's most hated minority

Hey, just found out this was here.

John Kerry - Iran-contra Investigations (Part 2 of 2)

DAMN! What A Way To Wake Up!

OK, I hate to infect this sanctuary, but OMG

What TIME magazine had to say about John Kerry

John Kerry - Senate Race 1984

John Kerry - Iran-contra Investigation (Part 1 of 2 )

John Kerry - POW- MIA (Part 1 of 2 )

Hurricane Charley aftermath photos

DU Photography Contest Sign Up sheet.

My favorite photograph, not the best one but my favorite

Photo journalism--I have always enjoyed pictures that tell a story

"While the president is sitting at home saying "we" did this and that"

Elliot Spitzer and Bernard Kerik

The ACLU President Authorized Abuse Media Contact Project

Mel Gibson most powerful man in Hollywood re: Forbes List

So 48% approve of the job Bush is doing

Don Cheadle Slammng the Chimp on the Late, Late Show

Blair looks like

Does Andrew Card read from a script that favors the word "spectacular"?

Malloy plays clips from dub's latest press conference

Polls suggests support for Iraq war is slipping

Interesting reply from UCC on separation of Church and State

Need a job? Check out this Viacom ad.

1986 clip of Frank Zappa on Crossfire

After The Jan 30th Election in Iraq - What Will Be *'s Excuse for .......

What Ever Happened To Al Sadr?

Does DU have a voice in the Democratic party?

Republican Excuses, Democratic Apologies

If Halliburton workers start getting killed...

An embarrassingly stupid question regarding Bush, Social Security

Fergson, Weekly Standard writes article on lobbyists - scandal brewing?

Does "Negotiating with Yourself " lead to blindness?

Things that never happened - before Dubya

WHY would 56% US think Iraq war made us SAFER????????!!!

The plot against Rudy -anon. repub says Rove knew of Kerik's baggage


Have you read What's the Matter with Kansas?

Why Are Christian Conservative Cowards?

Face it, there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

More gay bashing in VA (Kilgore)

Bush puppets Allawi & Blair shake hands in photo op, 80 dead or wounded

Wanna read what sick sociopathic morans freepers really are?

Is Bush hooked up to the wire again ??

Memo To The DLC: Paul Wellstone Would Slap You If He Could

OK, where is the outrage over this: "Bush: Progress in Iraq is mixed"

Why don't we hear Bush talk about making his tax cuts permanant?

Joe Lieberman: "Iraq's Future and the War on Terrorism"

Finally an "honor" shrub deserves

America is dazed and confused with the Bush years....

WSJ: As Bush Vows to Halve Deficit, Targets Already Feel Squeezed

Singin' In Vietnam Talkin Blues

In the 2002 Senate race, did the Greens play a role in Mondale's loss?

Bush won't "negotiate with himself"

Wow, Donnie Fowler, running for DNC Chair slams RW's on c-span

Woman Pleads Guilty to Threatening Bush

* has a history of "negotiating with himself".

'Mother to mother' plea to Cherie over Scottish soldier killed in Iraq.

Media IGNORING the blast in Mosul. It has started.

The DLC represents the Neville Chamberlain position...............

David Sirota: Corporate Centrism Mars Dems

The privatization of the presidency.

Binary Poll: Have you ever "negotiated with yourself"

When will our guys stop talking out of both sides of their mouths

How do we respond if * cuts and runs from Iraq?

The American media has a liberal bias

John Conyers in an inter view with

Back by unpopular demand | (* polls tanking pre-Inaugural)

blogACTIVE asks outed Rep. Schrock for voice sample for analysis...

I can't believe that Rummy...

How bush* stands behind his people

Why are we exposing our troops to mortar attacks?

This part of the Debate alone should have convinced the military

Here's a pdf of the FBI memo that mentions the executive order

Let's just keep doing the little things, OK? (Fairfield Inn - Atl, GA)

Fox: Rumsfeld "fires back at critics," "launches a counteroffensive"

Don't count on the electors changing their vote

It's too bad Bush didn't have his press conferenced scheduled today.

I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall

The Merry Christmas (you're not my) President Bush Thread

Over 100,000 US Soldiers did NOT die today. Why isn't this reported?

Probelms in Iraq? Perle says it is Clinton's fault.

Are 10,000 deaths a year acceptable?

Tucker Carlson set to sign deal with MSNBC to replace Deborah Norville

DU post of the year?

We're right, they're wrong, they should STFU!!!!

Does Bush have a clue about Social Security? Video

In case you missed SNL's Santa movie with Rush Oxyfainting...

Worst photos of 2004: Time magazine showing Bush** at Walter Reed.

Why doesn't anyone mention that Bush doesn't sign any letters

Bet he doesn't go to Baghdad this year.

Track You policymakers votes by Email

Why are older people against Bush's dismantling of social security?

No confidence hearings on Rumsfeld? We can make it happen!

Right-Wing Pundit Found Plagiarizing

World Feels Bullied by Washington

Mike Malloy Criticizes Alberto Gonzalez

Wingnut of the Year! Contest

Was Al Franken near that Mosul base?

Contemporary Capitalism is incompatible with Democracy

Boycott the Inauguration, Not One Damn Dime Day

"Man of the Year"; a letter from a gold-star mom

Capitol Police patrol the construction site for the inaugural

Rut Roh Chimp Alert

Malloy calls * a wonderful assortment of names

Say It Loud: Bush's War, Bush's Dead, Bush's SS Crisis

Reminder to RWnuts; Don't pig over the Holidays, the DRAFT is coming

Another war on a peacemaker

where can people see the party affiliation/ideology of TV people?

Is there a chance of Cheney getting Impeached or Bush?

Viacom: Only white male republicans need apply

Progressive Democrats take Voting Fraud Issues to the Floor of the Senate

Anyone watching Kennedy Center Honors?

Will Bush's approval rating get below 40?

How was Kerry threatened?

George Bush is an evil idiot and we want him to" leave".

The election: stolen or not?

Republicans stormed into Rendell's office and a profanity-laced argument..

Holy Sh*t on CSPAN- just said"B*sh stole Election

Dont hate me. But can you realy say anyone but Bush? If you wont vote for

Why aren't there Liberal Tele-evangelists?

Just canceled my Time subscription!

Have you seen the results of the CNN poll right now re: Rummy?

How Should bu$h Be Held Accountable For All He's Done?

Rove set up Kerik to get at Guliani

Does anyone think there's a "surprise" trip to Baghdad planned?

Should Obama oppose the election in the Senate?

Poppy wanted to give Jimmy a piece of his mind

What are your thoughts on having a National ID license?

Should we make a guarantee of fighting for the voters a nomination req?

19 soldiers dead in US base in Baghdad

Should Kerry have run for President given that he did not fight for voters?


How much longer before we see concentration camps?

Russ Feingold's observations from Greenville, Alabama

Newsmaking Bush/Chimp painting

Any truth to Ted Rall's cartoon?

DLC/Al From supporters: From where cometh Al From's salary?

Is Clark to the left of Dean?

Red State Democrats Rock -- Lay Off Red State Bashing, They Live There

Does anyone know who the sub for hannity was today that guy was off his

All Bush voters have no right to complain

GOP Profits from Smut

Contest the Vote Met with Senator Boxer needs your help now!!!

Fox: "Turning Backs on Bush" (over 17,000 protesters expected 1/20)

Contest the Vote!

Reference the Time Magazine response to the 2004 POTY inquires

zogby: 43 percent of democrats think abortion is manslaughter

Michael Moore dismisses "conspiracy theories"

I don't think I like Obama. I just got Newsweek( I get it as a gift)

To anyone considering a possible Feingold candidacy in '08 (and others!)

Christian Fascism