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Texas man executed on disproved forensics

The folly of 'stop loss' (Confederates Used, Lincoln didn't)

Party at the Crossroads - Can Democrats be a party of values too? Should t

Tom Elias: California has a lot to lose in the next Bush term

TVNL Person of the Year - Bev Harris

Christian Ideals and Republican Policies (BBC article)

WP - Saudi Subcontractors (US Citizen Tortured & Detained w/o Charge)

In Defense of Chevy Chase’s Right to Call Bush a Dumb F*ck

NYT editorial: "Count Every Vote"

Where Are The Fiscally Conservative Republicans ?

War on the Cheap

Plastic Surgery for Pets!

NOW with Bill Moyers -- Transcript of his final show now available.

I Am America's Enemy (Marc Krug,

America's war on itself

Just Like Hitler: Time Selects Bush for "Man of the Year"

Kerik gave us a 'Rudy' awakening

Smelling Out Your Perfect Mate

I stumbled across this Republican perspective/strategy

Charles Krauthammer is an Idiot

America Doesn't NEED the Saudi's (persian gulf) Oil

America as it ain't

What happened in Kurdish Halabja?

Part 1 of Osama's Latest Audio Tape - Human Translation

jan 3 for sickout day?

Manifest the generous Christmas spirit of love and peace.

Important advice for protests: A March To Irrelevance

Can we organize some sort of at-home activism for 1/6 ?

Tom Hartman kicks butt....

State harassment of IMC continues, NYC-IMC files response

We must print a Palm Size Chain Newspaper!! Hurry!!!

Massive Amounts Of Raw Sewage Dumped In Thames For Four Straight Years

WH - FDA Doing "Spectacular" Job On Drug Safety, Screening

Oil Price Surge threatens Economic Stability and National Security

Road To Hydrogen Cars May Not Be So Clean - SF Chronicle

Fears as US firm eyes Dounreay takeover bid:Bechtel

Chinese chemists report on the properties of biomass derived syngas.

US Dept of Energy office supports Peak Oil theory

Chinese chemists report new La catalyst for Syn Gas from carbon dioxide

Trace Element Distribution in Gassified Sewage Sludge residues.


Japan, home of the Kyoto Treaty, says it can't meet the treaty's goals.

Has the Chimp been photographed with a gun?

So why was my thread locked?

Thank you for extending "my posts" to 48 hours!

Could we get the 'freepers' posts rejected?

Why was my thread pulled

please explain why this thread is allowed to stand in GD: Politics

A respectful clarification

Lotta no-show weeks in the top 10 conservative idiots...

Computer posts in the Lounge

Is there a single topic that DUer's can't turn into a flame fest?

inequity in GD Politics

Where, oh where, has my DU sticker gone?

WHY is this thread in 2004 Election forum?

Having trouble nominating threads for homepage --

If a poster starts 5 threads on abortion in GD in a period of 4 hours

I'd like to second the thanks for extending the 'Your Posts' time

I got my bumpersticker... want to say "THANKS"!!!

Could we add a "Medical" forum separate from the Scientific one?

Hey, Skinner - Thanks for my bumpersticker!

I would like to stop my monthly donation

I want to start a topic?

117 U.S. relatives of Israel terror victims sue Arab Bank

The two faces of France

Video: Plane or missile hit the Pentagon?

January 30 elections? will be bloodbath - Iraq carbomb city!


It is Cuyahoga County, stupid!

WTF?? GAO Will Not Examine Nov. 2 Irregularities

Rally turnout: they voted Dem, why arent millions at rallys?

Can we organize some sort of at-home activism for 1/6 ?

Blackwell crimes in 2004 pres. race already an issue for 2006 gov. race...

Kerry knows this was his 1 shot.... so maybe he is holding the money..

Here's a majority for you * !!

The greatest story never told......

Must Read--Raw Story articles on fraud in 2004 election (compilation)

Like fraud isnt about Kerry, going to DC isnt about changing the result!

Bush: 'Some Kind of Night'...

With Safe Seats In Congress, Ohio GOP Members Spread Cash

Where's Jimmy Carter?

If you believe the election was stolen, you have far more faith

Why weren't the undervotes(hanging chad votes) counted in Ohio??

The value of statistics

former ES&S owner Hagel being groomed for '08 presidential run

Work toward "FIRE rUMSFELD" to weaken b*#*'s support

Arnebeck's refiled lawsuits - are copies available online?

Today's Clinton Curtis interview is online now! Please kick awhile

Athens, OH, Story on Triad Affidavit Woman....not nearly as critical

I need an Email account

Pravda Has a Field Day Over Election -- HAAHAA! (Nelson laugh)

Green Party Official Pleased With Local Recount

Cuyahoga precinct case studies

Electors Teaming With Senators To Challenge Electoral College?!

It's time to reframe: Blackwell's recount=refraud

International Election Observers?

* holding another lame press conference! Looks like he's trying

Shameful media article at workingforchange Mon 20th - e-fraud in it

Notice all the administrations"press conferences" today end with

Election Fraud is a Non-partisan issue; check out

Can SCJ Moyers be subject to obstruction of Justice charges because he

Employer of programmer who alleged vote rigging prototype-apparent lie

Where is that post? Recount workers life threatened?

When the election fraud makes it into a "tech" cartoon

OH vote counts over time - graphs

Two New Sites On Election 2004! &

Help with writing to Saltman

Media mum on new Gallup poll showing values fourth priority, not first

Employer of programmer who alleged vote-rigging

Are we allowed to ask about tombstoned members?

... about Arnebeck's letter.... Bush and Rove named in lawsuit???

They're gonna talk about Washington Recount on Inside Politics soon...

Here we go again...

Gregoire on AAR right now

The election voted top story of 2004 -

Open Letter to All Election Fraud Hunters:

37 Reasons to Ignore Election Fraud

Okay, If Social Conservatives Didn't come out in greater numbers....

The Ohio Recount: The Stealth Recount

I just sent this email to Harper's regarding their recent editorial.

Framing: how to explain tabulation fraud or why all those Ds & Rs

My Pekingese predicts Election Fraud trouble for Bush!


Do you think 2000 debacle gives us a better shot in court this time?

Wow, whose watching CNN

Seeking Keeryfication - What's his deal?

A copy of a letter to the Democratic Senators.

12/20 NYTIimes Editorial: "Count Every Vote" "recount empty gesture"

The sad truth.

New poll: Rumsfeld losing public's support. Shrub at 49 percent

A letter from my Representative, Jay Inslee

KERRY & CLOWN - VoteFraud CAPTION COMPETITION - light relief : )

At Least One Elector Voted Provisionally

Prosecutor: No evidence of election tampering from computer repair

Will retiring Senators still be there on 1/6

Great Letter to Send to your Senators!

I don't know...but I have problem believing anything posted here...

I'm starting to think that Kerry will join w/election contest on 1/6.

Democratic Party ties to Voting Machine Makers....

Has anyone heard news about the New Mexico Recount??

Proof of election fraud as early as....1999

Letter from Paul Berendt on WA governor race. Is Dino Rossi a thief?

What's your deadline?

37 Reasons to Ignore Election Fraud and the Ken Starr Rodeo

Is the MSM "waiting" for something big and solid for them to join in?

Forum : Media and the 2004 Election, 11:43 on C-SPAN2

CLINTON APPROVAL before his second term was 62 PERCENT

* Press Conference

SNL Video: Santa won't deliver to the Red States!

A formal challenge to Ohio Electoral votes for 1st time since 1877?

ARNEBECK INTERVIEW, Saturday, Dec. 18, with audio link

Bush's second term: Back by unpopular demand

From . .....

Bush approval rating 48%

John Fund on election in WA State, WSJ Editorial 12/20/04

It's Countdown time!

"Wash. Supreme Court to decide fate of King County disputed ballots"

Monday 12/20

ES&S Machines in Mahoning County Defaulted to Bush!

A Mainstream Media Voice & an ES&S Whistleblower

"MM" Unplugged! (FUN!) "Harry Reid Leading the Dem Revolution?"

Note from Katrina in Greene County, Ohio - 12PM ET Sunday 12/19

Warm Welcome from Lorain:" Election conspiracy crowd wasting their time.."

Vote 5 on Yahoo: Bush lied again...

Received email asking for help from Arnebeck--here are his directions

Tom Tancredo's response.

If Bush was told he was going to lose...

Do we have any info on the Arnebeck lawsuit?

Why are Ohio Congresspeople in the Ukraine?

MUST READ: State-by-State Analysis That Non-Statisticians Can Understand

Officials Make Triad Representative Repeat His Actions

Vote against Bush as Time's person of the year: Link

Interesting --Newsweek -- Article Re: RNC night of election

Nov3.US email blast urging calls to key Senators to contest!

do we ever sleep?

What if Triad inserted stage 2 program

Conyers being interviewed on the Ed Shultz Show right now! n/t

WOAH! I think more MSM is interested in election fraud now!

1-6-01..comments when only the congressional blacks showed to oppose

Biggest Fraud: Florida, Iowa, and New Mexico.....

On the Line of Presidential succession....

Conyers says more than one Senator will join to contest election on Jan. 6

Wired: "Ohio Recount Stirs Trouble" 12/20


If you could reform elections

Kerry may be being smart

Teaching FREEPERS English


Remember: Whether or not machine fraud occurred, it was still stolen.

If the Democrats challenge the electoral vote on Jan. 6

Was the election stolen?



Blackwell and Poll Books...WTF?


Same-sex marriage stance fetches year-end honors for Newsom

SF Du'ers....How Difficult is it to Find a job in SF?

How we won: Reports add up the bottom line on negative ads

Katie Sieben

Help converting a word doc to an Excel file.

Help! Mortgage spammer is using my e-mail addresses

In case you hadn't heard, Boycott Dell

PA Young Democrats: Raise Our Voices

If you came to Austin for the DFA/21st Century Democrats training

Any "coronation" protests in Texas?

A Tyranny of Convenience

Bush's "Medals of Failure"

BFEE Allowed 9-11.

The "fog" of Bush's Summit

"The Enemies Among Us"

*'s SS Solution: We Won't Be There For SS!

E-Mail from "friends"

please help send dr peggy whitson to her iss home.

My Weekly Liberal Talk Show Top 20 RATINGS

Lifetime Movie Channel

"Debunking Centrism"

please help send dr peggy whitson to her iss home.

The Difference, then and now

Voting Machines in Iraq election! Hmmm, wonder if Iraqis will trust them?

Debunking Centrism

The incredible degree to which people in "certain" ethnic districts

Serious Confession of very misanthropic thoughts.

Picture of the Day!

Are the wealth and comfortable lives many of us lead a hindrance

Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays. Get over it.

Could We Have an Economic Downturn due to Religion?

Could We Have an Economic Downturn due to atheism?

what do ya think of this one?

Bible is 'lies and spin,' says C4

WOOT! This is my 300th post and I haven't been called a FREEPER yet

Center for Disease Control Warning:

Just think what the unemployment and job market would be if ALL

* : "I'll bring peace to Middle East"

I can understand the Time Person of the Year thing. What I don't get is...

I have a serious question for us Christians

More Aggressive Congress Could Hinder Bush's Plans - WaPo

Is "fetus worship" a new religion in America? When the life of a mother

Why is no network willing to take a chance on liberals?

Are you a Freeper?

Please tell Time magazine Bush is NOT man of the

please delete.

Disgusted w/ Repubs- they can't even keep politics out of Christmas cards

How Fox News Saved Christmas (This Modern World)

Let's play a game. Who said this...

Ahhh!!! EEEEK!!! My poor ears!!!!

Pagan whodunnit grips village

Bush joins Stalin (1939&42), Hitler (1938), Khomeini (1979) as

"When the heat got on they left the battlefield — that is unacceptable."

Here's a good "repug now hates bush" story

Bush just said Happy Holidays! Twice!

"Mr. President, isn't it irrelevant what you think of Sec'y Rumsfeld

If Rummy goes how will he go?

"If you Liberals keep making fun of us, you'll never win"

Vote No:

Internet Service Providers and big brother

"Thank you, Mr. President"

70% of the military voted for the Dumb Fuck.

Protest/Demonstration in DC

I Saw An Ad For a Porn Site On This Fox News Page

How can anyone possibly think that elections in Iraq can help?

Have students GPAs gone down this semester because of the stolen election?

Kenny Boy Gets Tax Break

Boycotting Christmas

Bookmark this site - how healthy is your neighborhood???

NPR Feeding the Mouth that Bites: Weekend Edition Advertises Newt's Corp.

'The Thumb Generation'

Interesting slip in this article

Eric Margolis: West has bloodied hands

Person of the Year has no clothes

Music matters

Richard Perle, spokesman for the troops

Wonderful rant on "What makes a conservative" vs. what makes a liberal

The Fortress of Solitude (Japans base in Iraq)

Answer my question on Social Security

bush* about rummy: "He's doing a fine job" Where's the Outrage?

Wolfowitz' pet blog, IraqtheModel, shows sign of rift after Kurtz story

there is a time pol...

Notice all the administrations"press conferences" today end with

Neocon Christmas List

Question for any folks with good knowledge of India...

Ga. Town Proud of WWII Christmas Legacy

Is there a law that we have to respect the president...?

I'm sorry, but this Moscow Times article is funny (sad, but funny)

Conservative Christian is scared of the Religious Right

What would it take to...

"They" attacked us....

Ron Paul - It Can't Happen Here House Repug on Police State

Drudge just lied about SNL, Rush, and Robert Downey Junior.

Let's put the TIME person of the year into perspective

Born Again Christians

This Is Your Nation on Steroids

Ohhhh. The stupidity!

Bernie Ward to debate Ann Coulter this hour on Blitzer

""The most heroic word in all languages is revolution." --- Eugene Debs.

Helpless? All you can do is sit back and watch the train wreck.?

"Dems in the House/Senate are trying to undermine the President's Agenda"

Anyone else watching the bush news conference?

The irony with these pharmaceutical problems

Please, tell me I am crazy and I am hearing things . . .

Video of today's press conference is up.

How sweet is the fourteenth amendemnt?

Anyone hear news about Schwarzeneggers plan for a new "militia" in CA?

American Psychiatric Association Supports the War in Iraq

Who said this quote of the day?

Maybe this is trite but you know what

"The Mayor of America"

Vaccines did you believe in them?

Two sites that are working to save Social Security and Medicare.

I have a new name for phony radical fundamentalist "Christians"

The GOP has taken the Peace and Love out of Christmas

AAR and the Franken Show

today's LsTTE: Let's see if they get published

Rasmussen 2008: Generic GOP 46% Hillary 39%

"What have you (Shrub) LEARNED about (insert here)?" (Press Conference)

I've Had It.

Christmas "under siege"? Christmas is a PAGAN tradition

If not Bush for Person of the Year, then who???

U.S. takes border war on the road

Look If I can love my wife as deeply as I do

Testing Reality

Texas schools cheat

Video: Plane or missile hit the Pentagon?

Staying The Bloody, Illegal Course

If you had the power to select "The Person of the Year" who...

All the possible reasons as to why Bush 'won'

I think it's time for us to start embracing home schooling

If you value your freedom, reject this sinister ID card

This is five years old but I find it utterly beyond belief...

Rummy's Greatest Hits

does anyone have Bill clinton's e mail address?

Mountain out of Mole Hill - Pregnant Homicide Victims


Report: U.S. Rentals Unaffordable to Poor

Another Year At War

how did y'all find godlikeproductions and then German Guy..Carolab???

Lend a hand?

Want to know what ended slavery in the USA? Two words:...

Novak's son is marketing director of Regnery Press..."Unfit for Command."

Thom Hartmann subbing for Randi today and Wednesday

My conversation with a "moral values" voter

Condi Rice vs. Cynthia McKinney

Natural Medicine vs Celebrex

Sign this petition...Military Airfare Reduction

Dumbest thing said at * 's press conference today. (And a bonus!!!)

BushCo Wanted to Kill Off Kyoto Process but Failed

Correct me if I'm wrong.....

What you should say if you have long enough

Was the civil war about slavery or economics? riddles?

Voting Machines in Iraq election! Hmmm, wonder if Iraqis will trust them?

Need help,prove this picture is real

If Presidential elections are fixed as appears to be the case, what is to

"Christians have been..discriminated against in showing their faith"

An open question to George Bush (picture)

Globalization and war, tonight, 8pmEST, C-SPAN

Bush attacks Christmas with " Happy Holidays"/Video

Are religious radio stations Tax Exempt? Can they get fined?

more horrific info about torture at Abu G

Sorry if already asked:

Rummy's present unpopularity is a distraction away from Bush's illegal war

Cris Jansen(sp?) on Countdown for KO tonight

Are rights premised on values?

Bush* blames media for not showing the good things in Iraq

My Belief in Democracy has Been Shaken by the Sheer Number of Idiots

Since this Xmas fuss is just a deliberate ruse by *Co to pump up the hate

Rush Limbaugh "got a big hug from the president" at the White House

Bush's Approval Drops To 49% ... Let The Honeymoon Begin!

From JUDY GARLAND to MISTER HANKY | "Christmas Specials" Documentary

Toot your Horn a Bit ... What do *you* do for others?

Tom Delay said this to Ollie North today.

My theory on why we lose the Libertarian vote.

Looks like Keith Olbermann is on "vacation" again

Good "Majority Report" tonight on Air America Radio

Can Rush fit into a canvass covered Humvee?

Bush joins attack on Christmas: Says Happy Holidays 3x, no Merry Christmas

"A homeless crisis, and it's a scandal"

CIA Behind Automated Chat Room Spying Scheme

PHOTO: Bush demonstrates his government policies for term two

How long ago was the song "Happy Holidays" written?

Those Funny Freepers! "Rumsfeld Failed to Lick Stamps on GI Death Letters"

What's Isikoff up to here?


The other night I heard on radio

Randi Rhodes on 2000 election...

Admission of War Crimes?

Caption this:

Speaking of this 'mandate', what happens when *'s popularity drops to 20%?

Movie coming "Weapons of Mass Deception"

Can anyone recommend

Plausible Deniability and Classified Information.


Most ridiculous thing about the SNL Limbaugh parody.

I'm Seeing More "W" and "Bush/Cheney" Stickers than Ever

A Zephyr Holiday Thought: Why Do Republicans Hate Liberals So, So Much?

NOW we can forget Poland: Polish special forces back home

Quote "Bush is an idiot and shoud be gone, but I didn't trust Kerry."

The Many Moods of Dubya...

Im thinking about NOT voting anymore.

Buchanan about to launch into the "Liberals are the Grinch" theme

Did Rush say anything today about SNL making fun of him?

I'm hoping this isn't true

Manifest the Generous Christmas Spirit of Love and Peace

O.K. who is selling the FW stickers

Need comments on my Social Security LTTE

Gary Web R.I.P.

How about a DU National Convention -- in DC of course!

A special message to the GOP, the DLC, DINOs, and all right-wing pundits:

The CIA & The Nazis on The History Channel Now.

Who are the two old women at the end of F 9/11?

PHOTO: Lordy, Lordy, more media halomongering re: GWB

'Jobs Americans "won't" do' WTF are they????

Formula for a failed nation: (NDS + NWS) x 10+ = misery index

Study: Cell phones scramble DNA

Was Santa one of the Wisemen that brought gifts to the baby Jesus?

Monday Malloy Truthseeker Gathering

Large pro-Bush banner outside restaurant in my hometown

Katrina vanden Heuvel being shouted down by 4 Republicans...

this type of disparity builds resentment

Which is worse, Genocide or Indiscriminate Killing?

sidebar to Malloy thread....

Exit Scott Peterson, enter Robert Blake

Could Bernard Kerik have been a blessing in disguise?

Weird question. What have the Republicans done RIGHT?

Would you rent a house to Jenna Bush?

Political Humor site - Good for the Soul to Laugh!

Most Horrible Christian Martyrdom

We need our own bumperstickers and ribbons to say something about those...

So, like, how many

O'REILLY Was "Semi-morose" and "Dragging" Wifey at WH Press Party

Is nihilism compatible with progressivism?

Former Asheville recruiter reveals judicial string-pulling

Revealed: Rumsfeld's new All-Purpose Condolence Letter!

Right-wing Weekly Standard singles out my town for attack

"Taking the "Christ" out of Christmas is a big RW phony issue.

BOB HERBERT: War on the Cheap

20 years ago, if someone had made a movie about this,

"You hate most in others what you see in yourself."

Walt Handelsman's Social Security toon

DFACorps: 200,000 Minutes of Talk Time

I determined yesterday that I will keep my John Kerry bumpersticker on my

Vote on this poll, if you wish: Newsmaking Newsmaker of the Year

medical cannabis and industrial hemp re-legalization . . .

You know, we should have seen this coming - GOP is the party of

ACLU says Bush issued order for Torture.

Rubberstamp Rumsfeld...?

CNN coming up: "Merry Xmas vs. Happy Holidays" is a partisan trait

Holiday quiz for activists (great party game!)

Was Clinton ever photographed with a halo?

In 10 yrs, what will we call the Iraq, Iran, Syrian bock?

'Patriotic' Country song uses FAKE military fans in promotion. SEE LYRICS


Ordering a pizza in 2008:

Social Security: Correct me if I'm wrong,

Just think. If Hillary had gotten her healthcare bill, it would be blamed

A picture is worth a thousand words...

I'm glad to see that we've finally begun using the word "fascist."

Canadian Newsmaker of the Year - Maher Arar

If you want to support people who support Democrats, do this:

Crime on our western NC mountain: Strange tales from strange times.


George Bush is always going on about how he "understands" things.

How legit is

"Tyranny of the Minority"

A typical example of republican hypocracy,

ACLU says the Chimp signed the torture order

R. Stephen Hanchett's Book, Is George W. Bush the Anti-christ is very good

Instead of attacking Iraq do you think we should of attacked china instead

Ever notice Repubs file all the REALLY frivolous lawsuits?

Let's give B*sh a nice 911 hitler moustache!! Pens ready!! Go!

FBI tried to get Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to commit suicide ...

SNL/TV Funhouse w/Santa and "Dumbf*ckistan

Katie Couric in lead to replace Dan Rather

So you're pro-life'...Explain why we should make abortion illegal?

Should prostitution be legalized?

Anybody else have a gnawing feeling that something very bad is about

Any ideas on what to do with persimmons?

I just found a great recipe site.. especially helpful for "new" cooks

Anyone looking for a TERRIFIC beef marinade?

Well, Muriel, the ID card thing made top billing this morning ...

Portillo on Blair & International Law.....

A Tourist Question

Experts to discuss Iraq election

I have nothing to hide, says IAEA chief

NAACP Seeks to Reopen Fla. Bombing Probe

Look Who Hit Pay Dirt in the Nextel Deal (Carlyle Group founder)

'U.S. Soldier Killed Iraqi Teenager after Sex

Campaign of deception used to push patriotic song up charts

Sudan 'suspends Darfur offensive' | BBC

Three foreigners die in ambush (more mercs?)

In Iraq: One Religion, Two Realities

NYT,pg1: The New Military Life: Heading Back to the War (redeployment)

Taliban kill four Afghan police in drive-by shooting

BBC (Monday): Scores arrested after Iraq bombs

Iran: Judiciary Uses Coercion to Cover Up Torture

More lawyers could quit over terror laws

NYT:Rice Comp Scientists Find (security) Flaw in New Google Desktop Search

LAT: Shift to Foreign Stocks Sapping the Dollar

Time is right for Bush to join an elite band

Frustration grows as Falluja refugees wait to go home

US puts $1m dollar price on Panama strongman's head

Burundi Probe: U.N. Workers Abused Girls

Army Unveils New, Ultra-Real Simulation

Iran arrests eight Israeli spies: Report

Report: U.S. Rentals Unaffordable to Poor

*'s Press Conference right now. 10.37 AM ET

CNN - Snow: Bush will trim U.S. spending

Saint-making Pope is ready to ditch the miracle clause

Bush criticizes Iraqi troops for leaving battlefield, defends embattled Ru

Gay Marriage Heads To California Court

Power shortage in Baghdad and suburbs for nearly a month

Retailers Nervous As Traffic Is Poor (the last weekend lays an egg!)

NYT/AP: Investigators Consider Race as Possible Motive in Maryland Arson

IRAQ: Power shortage in Baghdad and suburbs

Bush: Iraqi Troops Not Ready to Take Over

Bodies of 3 Pakistanis killed in prison shootout repatriated

'Bush Monkeys' painting transforms young artist

Iran: Israel, U.S. Rigging Iraq Election

Slain Soldiers' Kin Rip Robo-Rummy Letters [Rumsfeld]

NYT:Schumer Shows Senate Dems His Way to Re-election(will lead '06 effort)

U.S. Settles 'Gold Train' Holocaust Claims

France shocked by double murder and beheading at psychiatric hospital

Iraq becomes war zone as election looms

Deputy Homeland Security Chief to Retire (James Loy)

In California, gay marriage goes back to the starting gate

Time mag names Maher Arar top newsmaker of 2004 (Canada issue)

Young Republican turns rebel with party cause

LAT: Medicare's Troubles May Be Sleeping Giant (worse than Soc. Sec.)

Christians in Iraq skipping Christmas

Conservatives Rail Against Book Claim Lincoln Was Gay

Heterosexuals Caught in Gay Marriage Issue (By SSA Marriage License)

Wall Street bull statue up for sale

Putin Says He's Ready to Talk

Bush defends embattled Rumsfeld as ''a caring fellow''

Bush 'Realistic' on Palestinian Democracy

Dallas business owners sentenced in Medicare fraud case

California sues brokerage firm for fraud on same day SEC announces settlem

Targeting Santa

Newfoundland Court Hears Gay Marriage Challenge

Hey, Can I Get a Closer Look at That Permit?

Conservatives to challenge Bush

U.S. Noncommittal on Pakistani Leader's Decision to Remain As Army Chief

Mellow Jimmy Carter Finds Joy in Sharing

Jordanian charged for criticising US

Italy's Smoking Ban Plan Meets Resistance

Group Says Russia Now at 'Not Free' Status

Min Wage Liveable in Only 4 US Counties

World scarcity of oil and gas creates chance to accelerate

Bush Comes to Defense of His Defense Secretary

Last Hungarian Soldiers Leave Iraq

Honda to begin making CR-V vehicles in Ohio; no jobs to be created

Moroccan judge frees ex-Guantanamo prisoners

Retailers nervous as Christmas traffic is poor

Report: China to Start Holding Jury Trials

Holocaust Survivors, U.S. Agree To Settle Claims Army Stole Jewish Riches

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 20 December

Administration Looks to Curb Growth of Medicaid Spending

U.S. Panel Reverses Pentagon on 'Enemy Combatant'

U.S. Loses Bid to Stop Turnover of CIA Records

Review: Guantanamo Detainee Wrongly Held

Bush: Iraq Bombers 'Are Having an Effect'

Pakistanis protest against Musharraf

Polish special forces end Iraq mission

LAT: White House Stands By Beleaguered Rumsfeld

Company With Kerik Links Is Under Mob Investigation

Gasoline Price Highest Ever at Christmas

FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation

WP: The President's Grand Elusion

Reports add up the bottom line on negative ads

Honduran President Says He Will Increase Security After Receiving Death Th

NYT: New F.B.I. Memos Describe Abuses of Iraq Inmates

Group says Russia now at 'not free' status

Ensign: Bush's Nevada win holds him to Yucca rulings

Travel from U.S. to Cuba drops sharply

Arab Gulf States Clash on Trade With U.S.

Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds

Apathy Marks 1st Saudi Voter Registration

Israel to Boycott Blair's Peace Conference

AP article: Voting Machine Vendors Campaign: NY

Iraq elections are in trouble, Bush admits

Another child with ties to Fallon (navy) diagnosed with leukemia

California lawmakers contemplate "naval militia"

Poll: Americans' Support for Iraq War Slipping

Elections have gays in Bible Belt seeing red

WP: Bush Says He Wants to Keep Ties With Putin

WP: Two Opponents of Abortion Are Tapped for Senate Judiciary Panel

US up in arms over Sino-Israel ties

Pentagon Interrogators 'Impersonated' FBI- E-Mails

Deputy Homeland Security Chief to Retire

Oil pipeline on fire

Canadians Won't Send Observers For Iraq Election (Safety Reasons)

Washington Post-ABC News Poll: Bush and Iraq

China's Thirst for Oil Undercuts U.S. Effort on Iran/Chavez Heads to China

Iran supreme leader says Israel, US behind attacks in Iraqi cities

New CIA flack is former Bush campaigner

Bush Threatens Syria with New Pressure Over Iraq

Texas still No. 1 in executions in 2004 but death sentences abate

U.S. takes border war on the road / Boats being sunk near Ecuador

FDA Issues warning on Naproxin (Aleve)

Pelosi's answer to Bush on Social Security reform

AP: Tanker Blast Would Impact Mile Radius

Reward Offered for Civil Rights Slay Info

Bush to hold 17th news conference (10:30 EST today)

Party leaders humiliated by ID card revolt

NYT,pg1: A Dinner in Ukraine Made for Agatha Christie (Yushchenko)

Retail Sales Poor

Polls: Despite Doubts, Public Supports Staying in Iraq Until It's Stable

ACLU: President authorized interrogation

Cash-strapped Germany to shut door on Russian Jews

Youth served: Military recruiters pin hopes on high school students

Bush won't "negotiate with himself"

Iran: One Day Left To Save Woman From Being Stoned To Death

Mother of suicide victim sues Wal-Mart over gun sale

For First Time, Most Say Iraq War Was a Mistake

US Rents Unaffordable.

How About Not 'Curing' Us, Some Autistics Are Pleading

Are we men (and women) or are we mice???

aqua teen is on...

Uhmm...freeper among us?

We won our first hockey game tonight!

I's tired & sleepy. Can I put my head n your lap while u sing me a lulaby?

Ever been to the Raven's Grin Inn Haunted House?

Who did the funkiest version of " Night Train " ?

New flash animation for everyone.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Check out the graphic on the homepage

A VERY COOL new fractal! (picture)

Wow, just got back from my dinner party


Found a Image-Dumper where you don't need to register to

I admit it, I hate doing all this code work at 1 but I am glad to do it

Are the Oompa Loompa's enslaved against their will?

What do I have to do to get a DRINK around here?

Just in time for Christmas...your very own leg lamp!

Let the record show: Snowing in Wilmington, N.C., on Dec. 20th!

Got my calendar for next year.

About Arcade Fire

Stuart Maesche

Guess my age.

And the story continues..


Good news for us Packer fans!

I have to delete these songs from my iPod.

Is flirting alright when you have a significant other/spouse?

Can someone tell me the point of Star Wars AT-AT's?

'Escape from Neverland'

People need to be equipped with sleep switches

Lucinda Williams "Lonely Girls" always makes me cry

I'm just spamming to pad my post count, because it matters so much...

I love DU. But, it's not the same since the last election.

Congrats aQuArius! 600 Posts!

Maybe dumbest murder to be...

Man in Black

"I voted and all I got was this lousy president."

In My Life...

HELP!!!!!!!!!...(Computer Question)

Classic: Desktop wars

Have a blog and be told to get a life? Well, this chick needs to get a job

Thank GAWD!! We Still Have Robert Blake!

Anyone here ever suffer from insomnia?

Snow Day!!!!

*** Officially My Birthday ***

OK. WHO left the friggin refrigerator door OPEN last night?? go, George.

Tomorrow I go in for tests to see if my tumor has returned....I'm scared.

Harrison Ford to star in the first movie based on the war of lies in Iraq

Remember "The First Nudie Musical"? Thoughts About * *!

DU Administrators: tools of the RW propaganda machine?

I'm actually going to finish it!

i now own an XBOX

Hungry and going to Mars? I hope the greenies have more than just oil...

I am the loneliest person alive

Hockey Arena Destroyed After Zamboni Explodes

Wal-Mart Breaks Price Barrier with $498 Linux Laptop

Giant Steps vs The Shape of Jazz to Come

Anybody know an online shop in the US to order foreign language books?

Pollution where you live

I just baked 3 pans of these little walnut pastries in cream-cheese crusts

Circular logic

I admit it....I hate Saint Swivens day!

Did somebody forget to pay the power bill?

It's official: I got the Freezin' My Ass Off Blues!

It is (was) a three dog night! (Gas meter blues)


Warning: Smoking is bad karma

12 STD's of xmas

I apologize to everyone...

i just got a job interview

I, Robot---Worst movie ever!!!!

Man's Car Won't Start - He Beats It With A Sledgehammer

Man Has "Mobile Manger" In Back Of His Pickup - License Reads "NATIVIT"

My Coco by Stellastarr

Bill O'Reilly c/o Fox News 1211 Avenue of the Americas NY,NY 10036

Britney Spears Book Report She done as a Child sells for $1,900

If your life were a movie, what would the title be?

look at how badass this album cover is

Am I a liberal or a progressive?...

1974, and David Hasselhoff starred in "Revenge Of The Cheerleaders"... is a goner

Christmas Tree Prices Hit $200 in Hawaii

Hangman Is Finally Learning the Ropes

Went to see Polar Express - it was wonderful.

Bush's Grammar Rodeo, 12/20/04: "The lessons learned is continue to...

Why is stealing Baby Jesus from a nativity scene news these days?

Nation's Oldest Mayor Re–elected

Prosecutor accused of crime after ethics speech

What's a quick way to view my profile?

Non-Homeless Dumpster Divers (Freegans)

test (nt)

Britney Spears Childhood Book Report Sells For $1,900 At Auction

There's one thing that needs to be remembered in life...

I'm sick of religious right nuts jobs,

Michael Jackson hosts huge childrens party (no joke)

Students Could Be Fined For Tossing Guinea Pig Out Dorm Window

The director calls the secretary at home to call me at work

Swedish Pharmacy Looking for Volunteers to break Kissing Record

Blondi, meet Barney

WOOT! This is my 300th post and I haven't been called a FREEPER yet

How good an alumna/us are you?

Uh, George? How's the holiday treating you, so far?

I need an Email account

Anyone know anything about auto repair?

Weird statements from Bobby Fischer

Survey: Dutch Children Start Drinking at Age 12

Can a computer freeze?

Bill O'Reilly "Semi-Morose" While Attending White House Party with Wife

Add Target (in MD at least) to the list of stores restricting cold meds...

Ding fries are done, ding fries are done. Merry Xmas

A dick, a colon and a bunch of assholes.

It's an Oldie but a Goodie, and it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Question about nitrous in vehicles

for guaranteed yuletide salvation. . .

I got the "Sonny and Cher Christmas Show" DVD

Some really hot phone sex!

Anybody know any good email-to-Santa sites?

Make your own Count-down

Fuel efficiency mystery...any Subaru gurus out there?

what the hell happened to Moonbeamstarlight??

Parents at YMCA clash with people at transgender fashion show

What light?

Gift suggestions?


The "Channeling Tyrone Biggums" CAPTION

Hand-to-Hand Combat With Zombies

Crisco locked a thread before I could hit SoCalDem up for cookies

Did any else keep refreshing the front page

What happens after Supermario rescues the princess?

who here has a condom-

Checks in the mail, WTF is this design?

Name that Beer bottle!

RANT!! Dont heat your fish in the microwave

When picking up members of whichever sex you enjoy...

Teletubbies Mercy killing

Make your own Sand art painting

Funeral company accused of misplacing person - again

Operation "Christmas Mix-Cds" is in high gear!

An Intervention (Warning--Disturbing Images)

Lucifer's Toy Chest

Shrub's Christmas song?????

Please forgive me, but ....

No, I won't post any link. You'll have to take my word for it.

Woman Receives Letter From Father She Never Met Who Was Killed In 1945

Laura is pure love!!

Desperate for headache tablets, man holds up pharmacy in Sweden

NPR occasionally gets it right: (on 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' Saturday):

If you could go back in time and rescue Jesus from the Romans,

"Have a Super Solstice"?

Nap time!

Leftover Chinese...

Song for the Season: Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow

Where's the blizzard?

If GOD came to Earth for an INSPECTION of his "Fave" Creations

A heartbreak every day

Does eDonkey load spywear?

It just took me 45 minutes to drive 3 miles in the snow

Finally saw "Supersize me" last night

Pfc. Lynndie England to do Playboy layout (pics)

We believe that bad sex and good drugs are the cornerstone of ...

Any Active Directory gurus here? (Stupid mistake made)

I, for one, am sick of this Christmas bullshit.

for you aluminum Christmas tree lovers....a museum................

Planning a trip overseas? Why not visit Molvania???

Telecommunications Giant Optus gets $17 million porn bill

Clear Channel will now own Elvis Presley!

A-team acted out by legos

Okay, I admit it. I LOVE Christmas

First pregnant man

I don't like that new Chanel 5 commercial

Do I have too much on my plate? (fairly long)

Freemasonry - what the deal?

There's two Merlins hanging around my neighborhood.

I signed up for 4 more years of CAPTIONs?

positive moonbeam / negative bushco haikus

How long does your cordless phone last for a single call?

"Ooh ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh, Koko want banana"

mini burgers or tacos?

The "Parsing our Orwellian Slogans" CAPTION

More Fundie miracles!!!

OK, DU Fantasy Footballers....

How to eat holiday dinner!

Celebrities' Real Names

more wisdom from the flaming lips

Make your own Lego char is a Republican company? I heard this on the majority report

Job descriptions translated

I was SO proud of myself yesterday

Bride spurned ON WEDDING DAY via text messaging.

Archaeologists discover Martin Luther's Toilet where reformation

Is George W. Bush an a**hole?

Someone posted a whole page of funny stuff links

Rock Musicians' Real Names (respectful copycat)

You've waited for this: The Bush "Montgomery Burns: EX-cellent" photo

i have to go snowblow the driveway - AND ITS DAMNED COLD!

Where can I purchase a kids recliner at?

Wal-Mart is really expanding, all over the place...geesh!

Maybe this is trite but you know what


What's WRONG with promiscuity?

I just reached a thousand posts.

I am too STRESSED to be in porn

What kind of Orange Juice do you prefer?

I'm TOO TIRED to be in porn!

Let's end the debate once and for all. Bush is an idiot, yes or no.

Talk about bad parenting!

Favorite Jimmy Stewart film?

Biggest damn pecker I ever saw, I tell you what!

Who remembers the boot?

Hmmm. I just discovered two Christmas card designs from Dubya...

Trivia Question for DU 'XTC' Fanatics.

They said there'll be snow at Christmas

Candidates for President you probably didn't know about

Ok, it's the Monday afternoon earworm!

Bad news Eagle fans. TO is out until 2 wks. before Super Bowl at least.

I'm too PHYSICALLY "FLAWED" to be in porn.

Poverty 101: It requires more work just to exist.

68 degrees... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Is promiscuity wrong?

So who watched Desperate Housewives last night?

DU married men - do your wives ever listen to you?

What were your favorite songs as a little kid?

Saw "Collateral" last night...

Hey, what about a shout out to the Big, Beautiful Men?

If given a choice, would you most prefer beer or fresh underwear?

Almost Every Little Girl Wants One Of These For Christmas...

BTBM's New Years Resolutions

Guess what, This is the big 100! WHOOO HOOO! OH YEAH!!

Do you lose your MIND this time of year?

Little Rummy Boy

Christmas for Sharks: Crazy for Christmas or just Plain Crazy?

Favorite Chicken-Wing Country Artist

Someone left the cake out in the rain.

The Berlin Hacker community sure has too much time: "Hack a Bike"

My 100th post is just a few posts away! Ask me anything!

Messianic Snowman Promises to "Return Again Some Day"

Lock up your daughters cuz I'm Hung for the Holidays

If you would like me to be in porn, a prostitute, or an exotic dancer

"The Chimney Song"

What would you look like as a Southpark Character?

Listen, I MAKE THE RULES, you heathen, intellectual, peace-loving LIBRUL!

I wonder how Fundies explain bonobos?

Need help with car insurance

Anyone remember Gorillaz?.............................

My Dad works for Sara Lee

President & Laura Bush's Christmas Greeting Card 2004

New Year's resolutions

Jesus, The Blond Haired Savior (Sung to the Tune of Rudolph the etc.)

You have to play ping-ping for 12 hours to lose one pound

"...the secularist war on Christmas..."

What is the most impulsive thing you have done in 2004?

Did anyone see last Saturday's SNL?

I just got a case of wine from a vendor... mmmmm

Is it me, or has the lounge been somber?

I've got plenty of "erotoxins", I'll share some of mine with Judy, here

Bored as hell at work. Ask me anything.

Is it me, or has the lounge been sober?

Do you lose your willpower this time of year?

My Mom Rules . . . Look what she got me for Christmas!

Do violent video games affect the brain?

Ok, I'm off to get my tests...I hope to have some good news!

Did you grow up poor? (not trolling for maudlin stories....)

Raiders:Charles Woodson and Anderson arrested for public intoxication

Day-o, Day-o

I am moving to the Pacific Northwest soon: Seattle Or Portland?

Build A Better Bush/Have Fun

I have a lap full of Nog!

I herniated a disk between my shoulder blades, ..don't ask me anything

Touque-Toboggan-Stocking cap-Other

Woman Drops Off 180 Rats To Animal Shelter

an orange and a candy cane....did you ever do this???

I refuse to be in porn, a prostitute, or an exotic dancer

So. Who is watching Nova: The Elegant Universe on PBS?

Squirrel proof bird feeder video

Watch the trailer for "Be Cool"

Did you grow up po'? Trolling for maudlin stories!!!

Budweiser - what should they change their logo to?

This new Snoop Dogg song has some good advice.

America's Dumbest criminals, and more

A little song about today's weather in Connecticut.

Oh oh, I did it again! :o

Holiday Greetings from Dumbfuckingstan!!!!

Nothing gives me gas like Baja Fresh

Saw a DU bumpersticker on a yellow mini cooper in Hollywood

Hip Hop Musicians' Real Names (respectful copycat)

financial aid rant

Youth Pastor, Stripper Share Name(Carrie Bare Trying To Clear Her Name)

A Lady That I Know Just Came From Columbia

Dinner Time

The most used letters in the English language are E,T,A,O,I,N

I've got a nose full of nickles

Retailers nervous as Christmas traffic is poor

Here's to all the tatooed women out there

I have a gal full of pod!

The future of IT in America... video game programming?!


If you want it, here it is,

Any of you people know where I can find some free Photoshop layer styles?

A Lap full of nothing....


Happy Scrappy Hero Pup!

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Favorite Left-Wing Country Artist

Oh good, now my Sat provider has made it possible for me to bid Sotheby's

Wal-Mar Whine.......... office stories..rant

A local paper's take on the Monster Thickburger....

It starts with an 'a', it ends with an 'n'

What's the sweetest juiciest fried chicken you've ever tasted?

24 hours of "A Christmas Story" coming Friday..recite YOUR favorite scene!


Has anyone seen the musical "Fiddler on the roof"?

Rock Musicians' Real Names Part II

I have a Lapp full of Amish food

La da dee dee daa daa la da da daa da daa da abracapocus!

"The road to hell is paved with liberals"

It starts with an a and ends with an e

New Perry's Hotter book completed.

Bad Little Boy ;:o(

A Great Broad Makes Good. Really good.

Please send me your good dishes.

"National Bohemian" beer

There is a Caroling Group in my University Library right now

Where should Rabrrrrrr be banned?

Brrrr, Cold and snowy in Stevens Point!

Choosetheblue for gifts

Can't find "Warmonger" in the Bible

It starts with an "itch," and ends with "death from septic shock."

When The Heck Did This Place Become Abortion Underground?

It starts with an 'L' and ends with a 'd'...

I don't know why, but I find this to be funny:

I have an odd craving for a bucket o' fast food chicken.

Are these pork chops safe to eat?

I need to vent!

Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynn / Jack White

You are all invited to a housecleaning party

Just heard on the Police scanner

Arrgh Tox Uthat!

Hey Rivers Pitt!!! Yuurrrrr going down tonight Beeeatch

My prayers have been answered! Yes, it's true!


Why are TV shows like "Fear Factor" O.K...

31 years ago today, we lost BOBBY DARIN.

If Your Christmas Had a Subtitle, What Would It Be?

So the French get their own kiss

Most pathetic Internet phenomena (15 minutes of fame)

Is mental illness a sign of promiscuity?

Hey, My dog TORO (the Chihuahua) is on the front page of

WXPN is streaming an old Grateful Dead Show!!

I'M DONE!!!!!!!

Are you high maintenance or low maintenance?

Every Little Girl Wants One Of These For Christmas...

Does anyone else use the word 'ginormous' in conversation?

Ultimate DC outsider for President in 2008:

My roommate's cat wants to go outside, but I won't let him.

My bf just called the police on drunk driver

How many know children or had children who stole before they understood?

Is being a human being a sign of mental illness?

What is " Mozilla Firefox ? "

Does anyone have a spare gmail invite?

Seattle DUers: Blue Monday TONIGHT!


Does anyone get excited when your post is #20?

Cats and Dogs

YES, 1000th Post!

Wish me luck - guardianship hearing tomorrow - I'm on deck!

Anybody know about BiXenon headlights?

This big boy wants some Aboslut for Christmas...

Bumper sticker request: BALL-BUSTIN' LIBERAL

Just got my grades and I have a 4.00!!!

I'd like to take the time to thank a few people,and show off my new image

Rumsfeld needs to resign

Isn't the Swan basically like our own "Miss Plastic Surgery"?

Alright, which one of you crazy DUers did this???

My friend got the CUTEST haircut!

is monogamy a sign of mental illness?

is faith in a "god" a sign of mental illness?

Babu Bhatt is getting deported - on the day of my Immigration Law exam!

Has anyone ever "eaten shit and died?"

First one to PM me gets a DU sticker!

Why do heat pumps suck ass when it gets below 30 degrees outside?

Wal-Mart debuts $498 Linux laptop

Oh yeah! It's about that time again...

My dryer's busted

Calling all lounge lizards

What is the coolest Canadian export?

The road to hell is paved with: ??

Favorite Secondary Color?

Well, I'm calling it quits with my counselor tomorrow.

Uncle Fester vs Granpa Munster?

What does this Republican graphic MEAN exactly?

Favorite Primary Color?

Favorite Whateverthefuck Color?

Some of you are just plain rude!

Cover songs that were a bigger hit than the original.

2 minutes left...will Miami pull it off?

Woo hoo!!! I have my aquarium in and set up (sort of)!

Does anyone care about this Monday Night Football game?

is getting your thread locked a sign of mental illness?

The Adam's Family vs The Munsters

Anyone having any Pro-Bush moments lately?

What's the funniest word you know of?

And finally: Favorite Tertiary Color?

How do I "re-animate" smilies?

I have a confession to make.

Um, someone gave me a star tonight....

Good joke I heard in class today

DirecTV or DishNetwork?

**BLASPHEMY ALERT**Here's my Christmas Card for 2004**

I think I see the children down the they come caroling!

Please send me your good wishes

This was Hitler's favorite week.

is this grounds for divorce?

"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas..."

Tom Cruise leaves $5,000 dollar tip for accident victim

post your adoring George W. Bush glurge art here!

Do you kill bugs?

Who sang on the best recording of your favorite Christmas song?


Oooh! Ick! MNF snoozefest alert-NE at Miami

The remake of Dawn of the Dead SUX!!!

Monday Night Football Thread. New England at Miami

Do you think google needs to fix its algorithms?

Green Acres vs. Petticoat Junction.

ATTN: January/February babies!!

Random cat picture thread.

Ray Charles Or Stevie Wonder

is promiscuity a sign of mentaL iLLness?

Woo-Hoo.. I just found a two headed nickel.. Is it "Good Luck"

"In a democracy it don't matter how stupid you are..."

For the Coasties, from the make your own sticker site

Where can I find a "W stands for War Criminal" bumper sticker?

It starts with an 's' and ends with an 's'

Get this - Anthony Braxton lives and teaches in my town. And he lets local

We will have a release date for Harry Potter 6 within 24 hours!

my day on the front lines of winter in the Bush years( sorry, it is long)

Alright, post the FUNNIEST thing you've EVER seen on the internet

Giant Inflatable Christmas Characters... Love Em Or Hate Em?

Gross misconceptions/CW about your ethnic group or gender.

I've got the heat set at 70 degrees, and the apartment is still cold!

Hey everyone in the Photography Group, want to have a contest?

What should we rename the Republican party?

This big girl wants some Absolut for Christmas...

I have a lap full of dog!

Oops.I deleted my jpeg image viewer from my pc. Is there a good free one

My "Christmas Eve in Retail Hell" story

T.O. Out for Season

OK now 1-2-3 Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww (kitties)

Where is the outrage

Did you have a childhood crush? (famous)

Where Should Smoking Be Banned?

Of all the TV sitcom Christmas specials, which is your fave?

Medium Sized Women are Wonderful too !!!

What's The Strangest Animal You've Ever Eaten?


My car just got a Christmas present

Lightning on Saturn '1m times stronger' than on Earth

MAC attack!

Need book recommendation for Dad!

newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Arrgh Itchy tat!

My 900th post!!! YAY !!!

Has everyone seen THESE yellow ribbon magnets yet?

Alright, post the FURRIEST thing you've EVER seen on the internet

New Harry Potter book completed

How hard is it to do quality testing on a watch?

Favourite "Big 3" American City?

What do you give a doorman for Christmas?

should prostitution be legalized?

Mixed Up Song Lyrics...Come on, don't be shy!

I am finally done grading! Some students really piss me off.

Low-carb craze over

breast (nt)

Post what state you live in

What is the worst thing a family member has done to you for which...

My neighbor has a BLASPHEMOUS Christmas display! Fundie alert!

Any fans of blues guitartist Buddy Guy?

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Gender issues in Chinese "wuxia" movies

The right wing scores another victory.

"I Don't Believe in Allah"-a Sufi story

A Call to Action for Christians...sorta

"To Jesus on His Birthday" by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Can you suggest a good book on Paganism?

Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays. Get over it.

Do you "believe" in Secular and Humanist History?

The Republican Party and The Southern Baptist Convention

I'm a Christian.

New insight into treatment-resistant depression: a mutant gene

Oklahoma Gays Struggle to Remain Optimistic

Barriers be DAMNED!

Kids Returned To Lesbian Mother

Schwarzenegger To GOP: Loosen Up On Gays

Traditional Values Coalition Fundies Offer free RSS Newsfeed

My letter to HRC:

Gay marriage tops Socialist agenda in Spain

Pope: Gay Marriage 'Destroys The Fabric Of Society'

TO badly injured; All of Philadelphia prepares for seppuku.

Man, I love my football team

Which NFC team in the final wildcard spot race will make it?

Which AFC team in the final wildcard spot race will make it?

Can we do a Sports Forum roll call?

Cats, fleas, bug bombs, baths, cold.

GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Someone explain this to me!

Maybe all y'all atheists/agnostics will appreciate this.

Back from Fundieland.

Hi, I'm new

An atheist's funeral. Has anyone ever been to one?

How "Left" are you? Is it related to your Atheism?

Veterans of Foreign Wars

I Just watched the "Your Stories" video again at

I just don't get it

Do any of you try to recruit other potential KerryCrats

A little revenge on the SBVT Liars!

I learned a little about Iran-Contra today

John Kerry - The Prosecutor

John Kerry - Lieutenant Governor

Photos from Yellowstone

Some of my photos

Food Photos

Is it time for the LEFT to make a stand ?

The Carlyle Group Essay

527s in 2004 Shatter Previous Records for Political Fundraising

Another * Adoration Picture - This time Gonzales

what would make you vote third party?

Please read It Can't Happen Here....

New instant book ...Dean, Palast, Kristof, Benjamin, Billionaires for Bush

Social Security ISN'T broke!!!

Rumsfeld has worked for large corporations right?

Bush says Congress passed budgets just as he asked for...

Conference round-up

A radical, prolonged int'l. corporate boycott of top Bush Corp. donors is

They claim moral certitude, then ALL of Bush admin should be vetted

Repeal the 22nd Amendment?

Fox "Breaking News"...Bush press conference at 10:30 AM EST

Lack of Progress, LTTE's responding to Hartfod Courant

Shoddy treatment, bad faith, and the draft.

A Few Thoughts on "Moderate" republican Senators!

What happens when we reach the "breaking point" ?

bush got ONE THING right about Iraq.

WV Capitol Building

Bush* 'Rumsfeld is a good, decent man'

"Free societies don't export terror" , Bush

Man of the Year Picture

Everytime Bush steals an election he is made "Person of the Year" by Time

Pentagon to Publish Propaganda-Laden Bibles

Question about the heteros who have been "rejected" due to the

Xmas Dust-up Shows Dif between Dems & GOP

Failed Missile Defense Rocket Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Media Matters said Russert mischaracterized Dean's position.

Merry Christmas, DU!

"'Twas the Nightmare Before Inauguration"

"A good Christian woman"

letter to the editor number 1

letter to the editor number 3

Xmas Party Meltdown

What would the politics be if we created a day for Gay couples

Bush: Iraqi troops not ready for security duties

Can't 527's fight MSM lockdown now by blasting * on war, econ, SS, fraud?

Fred Barnes the biggest MORON in human history

jesus freak Lt. Gen. Boykin is at it again

What does it mean to people here to "go left" in concrete terms?

My 3 favorite BUSH LIES.

Judy Woodruff decries journalism crisis (from Spring 2000)

"Some Repubs say Frist would like Rove to run his 2008 White House bid"

We are missing an opportunity with Rumsfailed

Is there any way we could get the presidential debates format changed?

Wonder where the explosives for all these Iraqi bombings came from?

How far right will the Democratic Party go before it totally collapses?

How many Dems will vote for Social Security Reform?

Now that W has given Rummy the "Kiss of Death", how long does Rummy have?

Bush's Social Security Plan Would Fix Nothing

bush family Christmas card

From the White House itself:

Our Man "Alberto Gonzales" and Torture's Path

Shrub's news conference today reminded me of the corporate..

does Sen Feinstein value football more than honest elections?

Bush, the compassionate conservative!

Republicans control MOST of the media and MOST of the voting machines.

Move over, Time Magazine... You picked a Loser....

Pro-choice people are not pro-abortion

I don't see abortion as an all or nothing issue

Clinton would have signed the so-called 'Partial Birth Abortion' bill

Bush: "Don't bother to ask me" - Can someone say F*ck You Bush?

Go see Vera Drake and then tell me to be tolerant of Anti-Choice People

I am writing to my senator

Don't want an abortion thread?

When The Heck Did This Place Become Abortion Underground?

Defining "fetus" or "humanness" is not the issue IMHO

At what point does a woman obtain her Humanity?

At what point does a fetus gain its humanity?

Carl Sagan on abortion

Harry Reid could be a great leader

Left unchecked, this type of disparity builds resentment

Hiding the bodies ?????


Flashback: bush & torture

When's the last time USA had a MAJORITY DISAPPROVE of a prez-ELECT???

Is Bush a secular humanist?

Could public opposition end the war in Iraq?

Weapons of Self-Destruction Depleted Uranium more......

MSNBC: Armitage defends ‘lightning rod’ Rumsfeld..."it must be hard"

Frank Zappa on Crossfire.

Bush authorizes inhumane interrogation via executive order

These Democrats are heathens, anti-Christ, almost

Could we do what the repigs did with the gay marriage issue?

Republicans seek complaint against minority leader

time magazine's email overloaded with responses to bush cover

The president of the Christian Coalition wants my phone number.

DU this poll

OMG- Subliminal Banana Ad on Time's Bush of the Year Cover site page

Howard Dean: "A Holiday Story"..... an excellent and moving column.

RW declares war over Merry Christmas

Why Doesn't the Democratic Party Make Election Reform an Issue

If Howard Dean were elected DNC Chairman, ...

So Gallup says *'s approval is 49%, what is it REALLY at?

Lemme Get This Straight: 56% of Americans NOW Think IRAQ Was a Mistake?!

Best piece you've read on Bill Moyers?? Any links? nt

My response from Time Magazine

Rep Mike Pence (R-IN): Election was "mandate for conservative leadership"

My letter to Time

If a gay man became President, how would he and his partner be addressed?

Response to magnetic ribbons on cars: Peace Symbol

Kerry Speaks on BCCI

Horns, please

Blast from past Vintage '86 Zappa...

Chimp ends press conference by wishing "Happy Holidays." TWICE.

Shrub ordered the torture according to ACLU

Local guy said "if they don't want to swallow the DLC....stick it to them.

So, how the hell did Bush ever get the reputation of being a Christian?


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* pledges support for soon before he resigns?

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