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Archives: December 2, 2004

pardon me Mr. McClelland - CHEER UP HELL

Al-Jazeera take on Ukrainian election...

Power struggle in Ukraine: what do Yushchenko and Yanukovich stand for?

An Interview With Dahr Jamail:

Blumenthal: You call this liberation

Rich kids go to college, poor ones to Baghdad

Our Opinion: Ohio recount would waste time, money, achieve little

Deserter poses a problem for Ottawa

How Democrats Enabled...

Lessons from Enron fade (Enron bankruptcy 3 year anniversary)

Onion: Iraq Terror Alert System

The meaning of Brad Carson

Culture Clash Wm F. Buckley (Medical Marijuana )


The late, great USA? WARNING -- (A very long opinionated post)

Dark side to US intelligence reform

Nominating Hillary in '08

Don't look now -- but Bush is uniting the country

There are reasons Latins dislike the United States

Plaid Adder isn't the only one who's pensive about the future.

IHT: Letter from America: Democrats, at last, trying to get religion

Does this article re: voting fraud,have ANY validity? Got it in an email.

The Persian puzzle, or the CIA's?

US Use of chemical weapons in Falloojeh?

On Baghdad taxis, the Green Zone, and whether U.S. weapons are harming our

harness that

Telecoms take on community networks

The Great Credit Card Scam - Rep Bernie Sanders

Dowd: It's Still a Man's World on the Idiot Box (White Man's World)

Killing Sheep With The Click Of A Mouse?

U.S. mortgages its sovereignty

(Repukes) Be careful what you wish for

Friedman: The 9/11 Bubble (Krugman could've wrote this column)

My comment, offerred to DU and the Adder

Marines: Fallujah Battle a Source of Pride

Bush Administration Disasters Depicted as Triumphs

Global Eye - Client State

Inside the Clouds of 9/11

Molly Ivins: Is this American?

Frank Rich -- The Nascar Nightly News: Anchorman Get Your Gun

Urge Kerry to Initiate Lawsuit to Expedite Ohio Recount and more!

Anyone Know Anything About This?

Pittsburgh PA - Anti-Santorum / Support Flood Relief Rally 12/02/04

Free Princeton U lecture: Economics & the Roots of Terrorism

Baltimore DUers: Free Event

DUers going to the Columbus rally need to dress so we recognize each other



Sun. Dec. 5 - Recount Meeting - Cleveland, OH - Keep Kicked until Sunday

Let's organize a protest in Chicago

"Air America Radio" is returning to Los Angeles in January.

Michael Smerconish is a dumbshit

Thomas Frank on Media Matters this sunday

U.S. 10-Year Note Has Longest Slump This Year on Rate Outlook

Jobless Claims Rise Sharper Than Expected


Amazon Nations Grapple With Mercury Associated With Illegal Gold Mining

Typhoon Nearing RP Region Hit By Deforestation,Floods - 600 Dead So Far

Yellowstone to Yukon: wildlife highway becoming a reality

Is Saudi Telling Fairy Tales About Oil? No Production "Surge" Detectable

Solar Air Heaters - Has anyone built one for their home?

Even Winter Light Changes For Inuit b/c of Climate Shift, Temp. Inversions

A national cancer registry to assess trends after the Chernobyl accident

Amazon Forest Area Equal To New Jersey Clearcut In 2004 - Reuters

EPA Proposing Weaker Sewer Treatment Standards - Scripps Howard

Beijing's Smog Approaching The Surreal - Visibility 10 Meters On 11/25

Birds and Oil Don't Mix

1/3 Of North American Bird Species In "Statistically Significant Decline"

The creation of the Ukraine “democratic” opposition

Fresh violence in Darfur points up African Union's limitations

Oil rekindles Indo-Russian affair

Taiwan's 'post-election stress syndrome'

A US offer Delhi can't refuse

Nigerian oil pipeline on fire

New bad news for Menem (Argentina)

How many here have seen combat?

Fingerprinting in Massachusetts

If one makes an error in posting something, is it possible to delete the

What is the HTML code for that grey text box for quoting other posts?

Two questions - How do I post my signature and an image

Have you considered offering the new Stop Election Fraud avatars

Why was my thread locked?

Hey Skinner

Please lock my dupe thread

Dupe threads

Would it be unreasonable to set


My god...Can we please shut up the trolls in the election forum??

every single post I write comes up twice

selective enforcement of rules

Skinner, about the cruise idea.

Is there a time limit between creating posts?

Admins: please vote in my poll.

Thanks guys - I know it has been a hectic day (and a kooky

every single post I write comes up twice

I just want to say the design of your site is top-notch

Can we get the Lounge off the Latest Discussion Page?

Would it be possible to have a feature where you could have...

Is it too late to change one's screen name?

DU Cruise?

Jailed Palestinian Uprising Leader to Run for President...

And the conspiracy continues: Is the Right of Return Next?

Why they love Mahmoud Abbas

Mubarak: Sharon is Palestinians' best chance for peace

Al-mahsum, mahsom, checkpoint...being treated like a human. not livestock.

For those of you who are upset about election fraud....

Governor defends role in condom controversy

Canadian lawyers charge Bush with torture

To Make Recount Count, Blackwell Must Start It Immediately

Which method of exposing unfair voting practices is more sound?

Urge Kerry to Initiate Lawsuit to Expedite Ohio Recount and more!

How does one reach a moderator here?


I care about FRAUD

Jackson Thoreau - Never Say Die-bold

The Interpretation Game Gets us Nowhere

To all who fight for transparent elections!!

Help! What kind of voting system do they use in New York City?

Why Not, We Need a Bev & Keith Poll

Have we been taken over by the Free Republic? Why the attacks on Bev?

THIS IS DUMB !!! We need to stop NOW.

Bev has a 501(c) which is required by LAW not to "intervene" in a campigne

Whats the status of Bev Harris' lawsuit against DU?

Bev Harris

Want to play with the GEMS software? Here ya go.

Major vote suppression in OH....actionable!

Kerry loses about 400 votes to 3rd parties in Cleveland? 1 in 10^50 odds

Good night.

Don't believe that Bev sold "Clinton Cigars" during impeachment scandal?

Wayne Madsen radio interview

Actionable evidence of machine tampering?

The 3minus thread: 3,337,303 and counting

Precinct survey polls

Why the NH recount doesn't discredit the exit poll theory!

A DUer emailed Olbermann, and Olbermann responded...

News: N.H. Phone Jamming G.O.P. style... busted.

Why is diversity frowned upon out here?

Who started the Bev/Olberman war?

Proof that Bev threatened to sue DU and the people working to...

Ohio Validates 121,598 Provisional Ballots

OHIO: 1,665 ballots invalid, Summit board rules

OHIO: Board certifies Stark’s vote tally

OHIO: Lucas County elections board certifies Nov. 2 results...

Don't mean to start another flame war....but I have a ques. re Bev and Olb

Editorial: Vote-rigging is as old as voting itself

C-Span Fraud Segment -- Was Democrat Line Dead???

Very sad, indeed...

New fraud hypothesis.

Time for peace and time for all Du'ers to stop fighting each other

GOP threats halted GAO Cheney suit

OHIO provisional balloting is done--per CNN just now


Bush on CNN now talking about election problems

So lets get the Volusia video then

Former Bush campaign official indicted

Has anyone heard anything about what is going on with GAO conducting

Chris Matthews is a Right-Winger!

OK, everyone, stop, take a breath

great post from daily Kos on actionable fraud in 2004 election

USAToday Headline: Ukraine protesters buoyed by numbers, burgeoning power

Repost of information on Neil Bush and Bush family

It's not over...

People who tell us to drop the Bev issue are more suspect...

freepers ? keeping Bev /Olberman issue front and center ?

Okay I've been gone all day and WTF is going on with Bev and Olbermann?

Setting aside disagreements, is it smart to bite the only hand feeding us?

Wouldn't Rove Like Us To Be Divided? and distracted

Just Say NO (Posts) to those keeping Stuff going over Keith/Bev nt

Donna Frye will appeal SD Mayor's Race: Needs $$$ fast!

Madsen just sent me another email--wants to know about Dmitri Papushin

New Hardblogger item

Anyone know why Bev won't show Keith the poll tapes?

I just received this email from MoveOnPac

BBV site re-updated

I Challenge Everyone Here...

Bush Drinking again ?

"But we didn’t cancel on her" - Olberman is a fraud.

Let's end this here and now. Bev Harris: Credible or not?

Anyone seen this ?

PHOTOS - Ohio vote fraud protests

Can any of the anti-Bev people comment on the CA lawsuit?

Great numbers in Ohio!

The Freeper/Rove psyop tactics are worn out - they aren't working

My mail to Keith Olbermann



Re-Post From BBV Board

Final OH results (certified) coming in NOW

What did Olberman mean by "More Mainstream Guests"?????

To all you Bev bashers: She has NEVER said anything she did not back up.


Who do you believe more, Bev Harris or Keith Olbermann?

How annoying are all of these Bev vs Olberman threads?

I trust Andy Stephenson's word about BBV and Bev.

If I were Keith Olbermann here's what I'd do

DU has incredible power for positive. But it also has the power to be


Certifcation timelines

Kerry gives unused funds towards Washington recount

BEV or BBV Answer the Questions and ALL is Forgiven

UCC: Investigate 2004 Election

We are back in the ballpark and you guys can feel better

What is going on with Athens county?

You don't want to read this (Republicans like to make jokes)

Please, I need link to the "Bev bullshit"...

Why are so many DUers willing to take Olberman's word over Bev's?


NEW update on BBV site


I think we are being Rove-ed

The Real Heros in the Fight to Expose Election Problems & Fraud

fraWd with a capitol DUBYA

Solution for Bev and Keith..........

We Want The Truth...


Thanks for all the hard work skinner!

Can someone explain the olberman/BBV situation to me???

100% vote tally in Ohio on the state site


Kerry cost 369 votes at one Ohio voting place

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread.

Pardon the interruption...


Has everybody seen this whistle blower post?

Um, about this Bev/Olberman thang. . .

editing = lying ...?

Could the petitioner who was turned down in NV move to a higher court?

Just got this "auto letter" from Bill Nelson here in FL regarding my

More Republican "jokes" in OHIO

Diebold Internal Mail Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities

Regarding Bev and Olbermann, EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN

WE AREN'T WHINING, WE'RE LITIGATING - need bumpersticker

Building a case against Blackwell

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread. #2

Important MSM (Newsweek) editorial confirms e-vote concerns are valid:

Hate to see DUers turning on Bev. She worked tirelessly to expose fraud

An open letter to Bev Harris (long)

I Don't Know If I Missed It - But Did We Ever Get A Final Tabulation of ..

ACTION: (long-term): Serve on your county's election board.

Election Results Controversy on News Hour (Lehrer) NOW (and later)

Amy Goodman Interviews J Jackson & C Arnbeck on Election Recount


Skinner can we end the Bev bickering?? nt

RAPE Anniversary: It's Been One Month Since Nov. 2

WOW, you are going to looove this...

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread. #3


Channel 13 (PBS) -in depth program on voting problems!!!

WANTED: a protest to attend in TX or OK

Question why is it that recounts are so expensive?

This is just Act One. Get your popcorn ready.

The "bushes" don't let you see the OHIO trees

Next step = ACLU?

Newsweek article on Rove - more support for vote fraud?

Want to know whats going on with the election? check out.

New Hampshire recount?

Something I heard today concerns me about recounts

The true question about Ohio

Olbermann Blog Update-responds to Bev Harris

Official vote changes in Franklin County, Ohio

Action Alert - Ohio

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread. #4

Did the Washington State Dem. candidate need the money by

People Who Come to Head Movements Can Have Disagreeable Charactersistics

Please post the correct Ohio numbers, I'm so confused

Project: Look at these cities and tell me if results there were odd

Does Rove really pay people to monitor forums like DU or

TX Diebold meeting video

Why no breakdown of provisionals ?

Pls post friendly Media Contacts

Dec 2 - another new Bloggermann

Could this help prove fraud?

In Florida, check the OptiSCAMS AND the FUDGEscreens

A Ray of Hope

JJ article as talked about by KO tonight -"Something's fishy in Ohio "


Keiths on n/t

So who took Bush over 50% if he really won?

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread. #5

Concerns about the implications of this election

Latest legal action in Ohio - Cobb sues Blackwell over Ohio Recount

A story of 2 brothers

WTF? A Repuke said this today, not knowing I posted on it yesterday.


How many Voting lawsuits to be filed FRIDAY?

Warren County, Oh: best late voter drive in history or stuffing ballot box

In 2006, let's steal back Congress

A federal judge set a hearing on Friday in Ohio

if anyone gives a crap

interesting article about bev & WA SOS Reed ...

Check out this RNC WHISTLEBLOWER post

Gaston County NC still under investigation -Diebold runs election

Why not look at our (DVD) "Electile Dysfunction"? A Premium at Buzzflash

Oklahoma an ENTIRE state of dixiecrats???

Florida - Suit seeks to overturn election - 12/2

Brad Blog: 3rd party out polls Bush in some OH counties -- MSM coverage

OH vote difference now 96,188


Ohio recount volunteer training to take place Dec 11 or 12

Canadians Protest Bush (Pics) Canadians Rock!

Has anyone written John Kerry to thank him?

News on DC Protest

Selection of Harry Reid as House Minority Leader Says it All


Stealing votes in Columbus and Cleveland (full documenation by ward)

Kerry pays for Washington Recount

Red Gloves Movement - What Do You Think?

The Greens have a GREAT Recount/Voting Issue Site Up...

Headsup! NewsHour with Jim Lehrer will show "Voting Science" tonight

All I want to see is one piece of BBV evidence from Volusia...

Preach Rev. JJ:"Taking off the hoods and putting on the suits!"

Voters to challenge US election--Why no US media attention?

Is Bev Harris the only game in town? If so, why?

House Judiciary dems going after Blackwell !

How come there are 6,437 registered voters in Alachua County

my letter to a repuke...the tone as I see it

This just in: Kerry's win in Summit certified

Discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris in this thread. #6

Write to Newsweek "reporter" Fineman and let him have it!

WA--Gregoire says recount the whole state or don't recount at all

Protest on Sunday Dec. 12???

Another argument for fraud

Please remember and take to heart . . .

TURN C-Span on right now they are discussing the fraud

Brad Blog: House Judiciary Dems to Hold Hearings!

IMOP Franklin County Ohio Is The Smoking Gun!

Anyone else stop visiting lefty sites not acknowledging election theft?


24 hour deadline for the Washington recount effort -MONEY NEEDED NOW!

MoveOn ON TASK in WA, NM, OH, FL, NV and elsewhere!

Ohio Provisional Vote Tally FINAL!

DUers going to the Columbus rally need to dress so we recognize each other

BREAKING NEWS: Kerry Campaign Keeping Eye on Ohio Cases

Do you think Shrub knew about the fix?


Internet Research on Election Fraud

Pacifica to focus on Ohio irregularities on Saturday 12/4

Former Bush campaign official indicted for phone jamming

no DNC cavalry, i'm afraid....

MUST SEE! Cliff Arnebeck Link on C-Span re: FRAUD!!!

Interesting article about a new Harris poll on legitimacy of election.

A citizen's plea to all of you....

Madsen says new article forthcoming re: tieing it together and decoys

Danish Reporter On the Job!! Interviewing International Monitor Tomorrow!

Distribution of Cuyahoga provisional ballots -- map

Finally able to do something useful...

"Avoid a shouting match."

Certified Cuyahoga Results spreadsheet (Excel) Burd in the Hand

Licenses Take a Back Seat

The senator and the suspense novel: Boxer trying hand at fiction

Donna Frye Needs $$$ to Appeal SD Mayor Race: Urgent!!

Governor Considers a Special Election

Anyone but Jerry Brown for AG

Anyone go to MC?

Will any former Klondike Kates start a Grannies MN chapter?

Was nice while it lasted

DNC listening session, Friday Dec. 3, 2004

my letter was published in the Mnneapolis Star Tribune today.

LTTE Jackson MI CitPat

"Michigan pulls same-sex benefits from contracts"

Urgent Help: Question on MacOS X Client Terminal Services Client

Anybody else getting kickstart errors

XP Performance Tweaks

what's the best (i.e. easiest to use and free) mp3 editor ??

Firefox 1.0 available.

FireFox ..... Thunderbird in a Tab?

Firefox problems

viewing DVD's

I get this stupid popup every time I come on DU its for spyware........

Two statements by Triv (WTAM1100 - Cleveland OH) explain a lot

DU PAR-TAY!! Hold your nose and drive to MASON

Kerry lost 369 votes at one OH polling place

AAR rumors: This time, Cincinnati

senate majority leader FRIST to the rescue (of santorum)

Anybody going to Texas Observer events this weekend?

Protest in Austin Sun. Dec. 12???

Moving in Austin this weekend (12/4)

drinkin' with Andy Stephenson in Austin (12/4)

Recent education funding court decision: Good? Bad? Other?

Feingold's Campaign

Gov. Locke may have to stay around

Interesting link from the other side

Why do we need leaders? Why wait for some savior figure to help us?

If you spank (beat) your kids...

Could the average American handle Mike Malloy?

don't boycott red states

Help us fight Big Oil on Bush's Big Day... Delaware oil polluters must pay

It's official: Nov. is deadliest month, 137 reported dead so far

Principles for Progressives

Vote Count Protests Blast Media Silence

Berkeley Author Investigates Iraq War Profiteers

From this mornings gaggle

The Tax-Cut Con by Paul Krugman

Further prison abuse?

WTF! Has anyone seen this shit!

A question to DUers in college. How many Do you kno have health insurance?

If this has already been posted sorry but Ohio DUer's

Iraqi Oil Revenues . . . Where are they going?

U.S. to Send 12,000 More Troops to Iraq

Bush is....?

I refuse to read Anne Coulter threads

The Right's next rant: Passion Redux

Can someone help me regarding Sudan/genocide?

Hey, Canadian CIBC Visa customers. From Carolyn Parrish site. Please read

Speaking of secret societies...

Maybe Poppy truly was a principled Rockefeller Republican

Which Senators are on record as supporting gay marriage?

How are you guys dealing with this Republican tyrannny.

Dowd on TV anchors: "Feminism lasted a nanosecond, backlash, thirty years"

Rich, "Nascar Nightly News" (NBC chairman: U.S. is "red state world")

White Man's Burden Returns.

US Warns It's Citizens: Don't Travel to Iraq! duh!

Olbermann says Bev Harris won't go on Countdown

WP: Fed-funded abstinence programs mislead (pregnant by genital touching?)

Help Any Other Movie win the best movie of the year award!

Rare Bird Alert: Worthwhile Friedman Column

Take a look at our (DVD) "Electile Dysfunction"? A Premium at Buzzflash

Building a case against Blackwell

Have any of you ever taken Adderall or Ritalin?

Remember that Simpson's Stonecutters episode?

Washington State Recount

HItler and Mussolini were so far to the right

Tom Brokaw's Farewell/Video Clip

Law and Order tonight on Afghan heroin.

OMG! Laura Bush said "Happy Holidays" on NBC this morning

Takeovers and the illegal * administration

Question on Possible Em/Immigration to Canada...

Check out this video clip!

meanwhile... back at the White House | Doonesbury

Okay Class let's re-open our "Mark Rich Pardon" books to page...

This forum is off my bookmarks.

Oklahoma elementary school "security"/lockdown

Coup Plot Report 'Not Definitive'

Iraqi official charges corruption in oil-for-food program (in 2001)

Bhopal "anniversary" on Democracy Now

Thailand Drops Democracy

Chain letter I got today :-)

Some Abstinence Programs Mislead

Was BROKAW a republican?

Did you know Asscroft lost an uncle at Dachau?

No Child Left Behind? - Child Care Assistance Policies 2001-2004:

Recount finished -Amendment 2 FAILED in Alabama (segregation stays in law)

Does Bush ever attend any funerals and see this?

W to name Secretary of Toady Affairs

Fuck Olberman

We need to start a list of what defines *ush as a DickTatter,

In about face, Giuliani goes Wall Street

the 80 /20 rule and freeper trolls . .

"female viagra": canned foods can make you hot!

Speeding Ticket advice please...calling legal DUer's

An Absolutely GREAT Ltr to the Editor

Musharraf decides to remain dictator of Pakistan and our media says nothing

religious brainwashing works very well, see for yourself

Machiavelli: Divide and Conquer! Du do not fall into this trap! It's about

Iraq War Memorial..

Giambi Testified He Used Steroids

What kind of car do you drive?

not detailed oriented

Draft the Swift Boat Vets

Dark side to US intelligence reform (smirk's private army of spies)

GI threatens suicide over return to Iraq

Great site comparing Red states with Blue

Well,with the Nazi Luftwaffe,you knew where you stood;

Rethugs Jumping On Mt. St. Helens Being Top Polluter!

Guess which war this is :

new Hannity advertiser Duracell (Gillette)

12,000 more US troops to Iraq

Bush says Iraqis must vote...or else.....

National News Media

Catch today's "FResh Air" for insights on the religious right

More Red State Moralist Degenerates (worse street list)

Are your holiday cards subtly or overtly political this year?

Freeps: Oral Sex = SODOMY

Tidings of Comfort & Joy?

More US Sodiers Killed in Iraq in November than Any Other Month

Need help/info re: No Child Left Behind

What radio show are you listening to right now?

BBV Bev: How can we at DU help out?

Early Education: Indiana in Dirty Dozen - "mired in the past"

The Daily Show on Tom Ridge!

F 9/11 is now on TW cable Movies on Demand

How come the religious right doesn't pick on Norway?

It's official: November is the deadliest month in Iraq ever for US troops

Has anyone been watching C-SPAN 2?

FUCK GEORGE W BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Happened to the Terror Alerts???...

The How well Educated is DU Poll.

Discussion is needed ....Olberman/Harris

What would Jesus do with Napalm? USE IT INDESCRIMINATELY!!!

Oil for food. Rebuttals needed

Why is there so much Anti-Olbermann stuff

CNN denies Cooper "outing"

The Sanctity of Marriage

More American Airline layoffs

What happens to us after death? Where do we go?

Ok folks GIVE MONEY to the WA recount

The Daily Show gave Hitchens two segments so they could laugh at him

Is Randi Rhodes a re-run today?

Did I stumble on to part of the solution?

Need a reminder of why we're all democrats/progressives/liberals?

Kerry donated $200,000 to WA recount

Rush Limbaugh

Officer resigns amid pizza delivery scandal

What is the relationship of Mark Rich and Bill Clinton?

UCC ad being turned down by the networks

Protest, Protest, Everywhere...

Why can't both Keith and Bev be credible?


US Will Officially Legalize Genetic Pollution of Crops

Lynndie England has retracted part of her statement

to those that feel this is not an appropriate place for kids

Guess what e-mail I got at work Today!

We aren't the only one with problems at the polling place.....

Jerry Falwell on Crossfire across from Carville!!!

speaking of Hitchens, get a load of this . . .

Forget Olberman

Colonel Hackworth responds (re Rush on AFRTS)

I designed a new flag to represent what the USA has become...

Nannies unite Don Imus sucks

Is the Bush Admin conducting a coordinated attack against the UN?

so who heard me on Ed Schultz just now re Rossi

Anybody here ever read Immanuel Wallerstein

Bush's War Crimes

Note to Iraqis: Don't accept any deals like this one. You'll be sorry

I cannot understand why the gays, left churches and civil liberties

50 years from now...

Help, techies...clever DUers must know how to deal with this.

Please, somebody Repost the new Bev Doc

Rumsfeld is looking forward for the return of "Dirty Wars"

Court ordered mental eval. testing and they asked him WHAT?

More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty

WHERE do babies come from?!?!?

Zacharias Mousaui's trial, what the hell is taking so long?

Even defrocked dis-United Methodists can be Progressives

a wink from john kerry?

Was Christopher Hitchins drunk on the Daily show? Video clip

The new Pentagon Paper - Sidney Blumenthal, Salon

In the 60's the Johnson administration manufactured the Gulf of Tonkin

Thom Hartman JUST said he is going to discuss Bev Harris/Keith O. n/t

Anyone still BITTER ABOUT THE ELECTION can find solace in this comedy.

My Repub Mother loves "A Christmas Carol," oh the irony

GRRR....WH Christmas Pageant of PEACE??!!

Bernard Kerik chosen by Bush to be Homeland Security Secretary.

The United Church of Christ Responds to CBS/NBC

Religion And The Founding Fathers

Choose The Blue

Corzine for New Jersey gov.

Hypocrisy of this moral country......(something I got in my e-mail today)

Bible verses against bushco's plans/actions

TIA was in place BEFORE 9-11


Canadians (or others, I guess) - what do you make of this?

Chemicals of mass destruction, 20 years later.....

"Attack the steamroller or become part of the pavement"

I've stopped watching the cable shows and I feel much better.

hey....WAIT....WHOA...Anderson Cooper Conspiracy

My computer I guess does have the power to download Patriot Act 2

Do Repugs really think Liberals hate America, or do they just say it to

D.U. The transformation of semen into a caustic alkali.

Washington funds false sex lessons - Guardian

On Donna Frye and San Diego, CRUNCH TIME

According to this article - the RNC raised $385 million this

Sorry,.... but I think that John Kerry...

Two Presidents in exile.

Who writes this crap?????? A story you will *never* see in print.

By any chance....

Is there something in the water in Alabama? (book banning)

200 Children Die Every Day, Iraq's Health Care Under the Occupation


Thank you our Canadian friends.

Bev Harris makes mistake!

Son of Conservative Fighter (Baby Pic's of the newest member of DU)

Teacher Sues Gay Mom Over Classroom Discipline Charge

Joe Lieberman in a Bush cabinet?

What do you think of this one?

Hate Van rolls down San Diego freeway...

Clark asks support for democrat candidate for congress - election Saturday

What would happen if we ran someone openly Gay for President?

Car problems need help...

My take on the Monday Night Football/Desperate Housewives flack...

Chiles considering run for Florida Governor

To those who doubt John Kerry

I am in love with Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Whites in America on the whole only started hating socialist policies

Did anyone see Charlie Rose with NYT's writer Judith Miller?

News I want to wake up to

Here's what Bush was referring to re Poutine in his Halifax speech..haha

Yeah!!! I got more hatemail!

Danforth Fed Up With Lies

Is there any evidence that Tom Feeney is behind voter fraud in FL?

Is the presidency even worth accepting if...

Auntie Pinko impressed me.

Freeper outreach program?

When will Bush declare that we need to pre-emptively attack Iran?

Napalm in the Morning

Code Name: 'Basketball'

The point shouldn't necessarily be to have more children.

george bush made me a radical

It won't be long now....

Eliot Spitzer or Charles Schumer for NY Governor?

How about this for Social Security Reform

When we get back in power, should we use the Patriot Act against Repigs?

Am I the only one who notices the interesting stuff?

Question about boycotting GOP supporting businesses

Black football coaches are going, going, almost gone

Why western religions feature an angry god. the REAL reason.

Here's a forum of Christian Powerlifters who are supporting Iraq crimes

New York's HIV experiment (children tested with toxic drugs)

it seems Republicans don't bring up Clinton and Somalia much anymore

We're All Gonna Die - Or at Least A Lot of Us Are

What happened with Al Franken on Sundance?

Clinton-era sticker I saw in a bar last night

This atheist wishes to give a big shout out to the UCC!

Ann Coulter's Latest Display of Her Lack of Any Intelligence at all

Thursday truthseeker time!

One of the most damaging traits promoted by a religious mindset is the

Lawyer on Ohio recount calmly smacked down every panicy Rethug caller

Wasn't Haliburton involved in oil for food program too.

ACLU Says FBI Spying on Religious, Protest Groups

Jerry Falwell hosts CNN's Crossfire, then praises FOX!/Video Clip

Truth about God

Tenet says: US should put security curbs on the Internet

Jerry Falwell On HardBall - Says Choosiing Your Sexuality Is Like

Generic Evolution Post

Baghdad Cut Off On All Sides: Deadly Airport Road Only Way Out

"Weapons of Mass Deception" opens in US theaters this month

"Johnny was a good man"

Are GM and Ford fast becoming dinosaurs of the auto industry?

Should History Classes Teach That The HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED?

Jesse Jackson on Paula Zahn criticizing Kerry (CNN)

Hustler chronicles the private gay life of CA Republican Rep. David Dreier

Four Killed in Mobile Home Explosion -2 Kids Burned Up At Crank Lab

catch this back door draft scam

The Argument against Slaughtering Horses in the US

The Ultimate Welfare Queen: Wal-Mart

Regardless of where the line is drawn...

Is it really better off to buy American cars?

The worst CNN reporter ?

I'm one of the Dem's that the Rep's doesn't want you to know about...

My Family's Health Insurance went up 25% for no reason

CNN's Darryl Kagen dating Rush Limbaugh????

John Kerry Went To A Soldier's Funeral Today......

Pickles Practices Her Poses

Fallwell vs Carville coming up on Crossfire

GOD EXISTS! (proof)

How many kids does Lindsey Graham have?

Tips For White People

I'm disappointed in Al Franken, post election... anyone else?

Thats it for me, Game over, savings exhausted.

Does Society Go Easier On Female Pedophiles?

My wife went to the Gynecologist yesterday

Did you see the guy taking over Homeland Security? Looks like a thug.

Was the Iran-Contra affair a massive hoax designed to coverup the

Okay....time to "fess up." How many are still "TV Free" since 11/2?

The Freewill Argument for the Nonexistence of God

No matter what you believe, we need the religious left.

Watch out for overly religious doctors

Good art need not be subtle.

The Future of MoveOn

DLC and the UN.

Bush Arrested in Canada for War Crimes

Is there something "creepy" about Anderson Cooper?

Cancel your cable TV or be part of the problem

Think the 'camps' are being set up yet for gays?

Sorry, but Iraq is much worse off under US occupation than under Saddam

Bobby Dylan on 60 Minutes Sunday.

Ending Corporate Governance . . .

Is this a disrespectful statement?

PETA, what do you think of them?

Chocolate Cranberry Meringue

Anybody have a recipe for rice pudding?

Kitchen Planning advice needed

Country cooks...I just made a wicked batch of.....

Soaking of the beans

Kitchen Shears = Paper Cutters

Anyone got a raw or cooked Cauliflower soup recipe?????

The new online home of Mel Hurtig:

Wooohoooo!!! iTunes Music Store FINALLY open in Canada!

The Other Transatlantic Partnership

A big thank you to anyone who protested Bush in Canada from

Canada to close ports to Denmark

Fellow Canadians: What's your take on this Paul Martin quote from Tuesday?

Ottawa sheds permits for foreign strippers

Exist on the same continent??? ain't she a sweetheart

Mike Malloy just ask "Why is American Not Charging Bush with War Crimes" ?

Pro-Israel US lobbyists subpoenaed

Pakistani Pleads Guilty to Reporting Fake Terror Plot

delete - dupe

Abortion film sweeps British film awards

Former CIA director criticizes idea of separate intelligence chief post

U.N. fears 100 Rwandan troops enter Congo

U.N. given Ivory Coast safety assurances

Heatwave that killed thousands linked to pollution

Supreme Court Ponders IRA-Bankruptcy Case


Lawmaker Criticizes Abstinence Programs

Ten killed in Mosul clash

Republicans change rules to protect the guilty

Ukraine rivals bid to end crisis

Ex-Bush chairman indicted on charges related to jamming

U.S. Says Guantanamo Prisoners Cannot Contest Cases

HRC president is asked to resign

Top-level report calls *'s war "unmitigated disaster"

Dollar Slides to Lows Versus Euro and Yen

Only captive Po'ouli dies in Hawaii.

NYT,pg1: Arms Inspectors Said to Seek Access to Iran Sites

Va. Minister Cleared of Manslaughter, Convicted of Misdemeanor in Death

US slaps sanctions on five Chinese, North Korean 'proliferators'

Blasts Hit Central Baghdad, Killing One

Dollar going down (again, today) on world currency markets November bloodiest month of the war.

Bush makes bold pitch for missile defence shield (Halifax, NS)

Deadly hot summers 'to become the norm'

Serbian President's Motorcade in Car Crash (US Embassy emp)

Wacko Christian on C-Span talking about the UN

Rich kids go to college, poor ones to Baghdad

OHIO: Kerry's win in Summit certified

NYT: Russian Talk on Ukraine Recalls Cold War

Drunken pilot who buzzed nuke plant gets 6-23 months in jail

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 3 Chinese Firms

'FUTURE TOTAL FORCE': Air Force brings Reserves, Guard closer

Union-Tribune' Vet Goldsborough Quits After Column Is Spiked

EU takes over Bosnia peacekeeping

Pinochet faces murder case probe

Schwarzenegger accused of role in top termination

U-S Embassy orders diplomats not to use Baghdad's airport road

NYT: Changing Senate Looks Better to Abortion Foes

"Lesbian Minister Has Setback at Trial"

Police fingerprint system wiped out

Witness: Bin Laden Inspired Hotel Bombing

Halliburton wins MoD vote for £4bn Royal Navy deal

Call for Ugandan virgin census

New Female Sex Drug Raises Safety Concerns

Latest unemployment initial claims was 349,000 - up 25,000

Waxman (D-CA) report: Abstinence courses flawed

US envoy to Afghanistan offers amnesty to Taliban

Bush to tap Nebraska governor for Cabinet

WP,pg1: Fast Internet Service for The People:Telecoms Fight Public Plans

Bush Adamant on Iraq Election Schedule (refuses to ans ?'s about Annan)

Pentagon debate rages over 'information operations' in Iraq

US family sues 'Hamas-linked' charities

Locke May Stay Longer As Wash. Governor

Fathi Arafat: Brother to Yasser, Red Crescent founder dies

Mutilated body is not Margaret Hassan's

At least 200,000 fled Falluja, no early return seen

Russia’s FSB Prevented Terrorist Attack on Strategic Gas Terminal

GM, Ford Report Weak Sales For November

U.S. Networks Bar Church Ads That Welcome Gays


ACLU Seeking FBI Files on Activist Probes

FDA May Approve Female Viagra

2 US soldiers, 2 Iraqi Guardsmen injured in car bomb attack Thurs.

Records: Frist Campaign Lost $500,000

Galloway wins libel case

Taxpayers to pay for Janklow accident

DoD Identifies Army Casualties # 1257 & # 1258

NYT: Calpers (Dem) Ouster Puts Focus on How Funds Wield Power (important)

Nader-requested recount concludes

Brokaw Signs Off From 'NBC Nightly News'

Huge pay drawing NZ soldiers to Iraq

Kerik tops list to be Homeland chief Kerik tops list to be Homeland chief

LAT: Schwarzenegger Considers Special Election (could redraw districts)

Military suicides increase in Alaska

County certifies election tally (Ohio Hamilton County)

Kerry backs recount effort

Raley announces resignation from position with Interior Department

44 Percent in U.S. Use "Prescription Drugs"

Ohio Validates 121,598 Provisional Ballots

U.S. soldier shot and killed in northern Iraq

Missouri Pulls (Violent) Video Games From Prison

Kerik tops list to be Homeland chief (Worked Security for Saudi Royals)

After Punishing Student for Explaining Lesbianism, Terry Bethea Sues ...

Dollar General's Profit Falls: Company Lowers Outlook

Bill "Kitty" Frist's Campaign Lost $500,000 In Market

Center for Underaged Camel Jockeys Opens

(City of) Toledo Orders (122) Layoffs to Balance Budget

Collins: Lieberman would make a good homeland security chief

Kellogg Co. Explored Trade With Cuba

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 2 December

FALLUJAH TOLL: 623 U.S. troops were wounded

Bush to Push Economic Agenda at Conference

AIDS Day Is Observed Around the Globe

As more US troops go to Iraq, analysts question how long they can keep up

Fallujah, ‘mission not accomplished’

U.S. Focusing on Democracy, Not Bin Laden

Code Name: 'Basketball'

Court Votes to Strip Pinochet of Immunity

Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry


Sen. Corzine Declares Run for N.J. Governor - Reuters

OR ACLU joins national effort on alleged FBI spying

Corzine Says He'll Run for N.J. Governor

U.N. Rejects Call for Annan's Resignation

ABC news au:Iran arrests spy faking nuclear company

Checkpoint Drug Tests For Drivers In Australia

Activists wine and dine on principle alone (Italy)

Naval Alumni Association Rejects Gay Group

Judge Denies Indians' Claim on Pa. Land

Putin Ridicules Idea of a New Election in Ukraine

Marines to Resume Public Report of Deaths

Army Closes Hearing on Accused Soldiers (Alleged Killers of Iraqi General

200 in Iran Vow Suicide Attack Willingness

Gregoire: Count every vote (urges state recount, not just Dem precincts)

Bacterium infecting troops from Iraq, Afghanistan

Britain, France, Germany Back Annan; Bush Waivers


Osama bin Laden invites Baasyir to Afghanistan: witness

U.S. Marines Change Policy on Disclosing Iraq Deaths

School screens all visitors against sex-offender list

Heights officials, colleges take 'sue me' stance on marriage law (Ohio)

Bush to Award Three Medals of Freedom

Decision not to re-enter league signals end (Ricky Williams)

Congo army on alert as Rwandan troops reported in east

Democratic Governors to Back an Outside-the-Beltway Centrist to Lead Party

US Ambassador to UN resigns

Bush Finished Campaign With Millions

Oil Drops Another 5 Percent, Nears $43

FDA Advisers Vote Against Female Sex Drug

FBI raids AIPAC offices, four officials subpoenaed

Cheney to Attend Karzai's Inauguration

Bush Finished Campaign With Millions

U.S. to Boost Iraq Forces to Highest Level

MSNBC: U.S. uses evidence gained by torture (admitting torture!!!!!)

Bush Calls for Full U.N. Oil-For-Food Probe

Fingerprint System Crash Fuels Doubts over ID Card Scheme--UK

Kerry Campaign Keeping Eye on Ohio Cases

Bush's lead estimates 118,500, before recount and investigations

GM Moves Up Layoff Date For More Than 1,000 NJ Plant Workers

Cities at High Risk of Terror Attack Get $854 Million

Man Charged in Little Girl's Shooting Death Amid Feud Over Video Game

Freed Missouri Death Row Inmate Sues Prosecution, Law Enforcement

First Greenhouse Emissions Deal Inked (Kyoto)

"Glitch" Leaves Many Without Food Stamps

Retailers Post Disappointing November Sales

Impossible to defeat Iraq violence with military might alone: US expert

Federal Civil Rights Agency Leaders Call Bush Policies Racist

Lynndie England's Lawyers Lose Crucial Hearing

Bush, in Canada, Declares He'll 'Reach Out' to Friends -NYT

Sen. Boxer Tries Her Hand at Fiction

Putin demands new Ukraine poll (No run off. Could take a while)

Summary of OHIO provisional ballots count - UPDATED 12/2/04

San Diego Union-Tribune Columnist Quits (paper spiked Bush critic's piece)

Ohio have a new ally: the John Kerry campaign

UAW Says Caterpillar Plan Would Send 500 Jobs to Mexico

AU Files Lawsuit to Block Taxpayer Funding for CA Missions

Rebels return to 'cleared' areas (Fallujah)

Breaking on MSNBC: Danforth resigns as UN Ambassador

Democratic Governors Want Outsider to Lead

Chicago To Expand Video Surveillance System

Possible Arrest Made In BTK Serial Killer Case

MSNBC Breaking: Ex-N.Y. police comm. Bernard Kerik new Homeland Sec. chief

Neb. Governor Chosen for Agriculture Post

Allawi: We Don't Need German Troops

Iran nabs another nuclear 'spy': reports

Amy Goodman Interviews Jesse Jackson on Election Recount

Anti-Abortion Dems Seek Better Seat at Table

(Terrorism) Conviction of American (Lori Berenson) in Peru Upheld Moves on to New Battles

Tenet calls for Internet controls

"Illinois Governor Puts Kibosh On Flavored Condoms"

Giambi Admitted to Doping During 2003 Season

Methodist jury convicts lesbian minister

Panel: Female sex patch needs more study: Voted not to recommend approval

Headless Bodies Found at Mysterious Mexico Pyramid

Reuters: "Exiles: Iran Making Missiles That Could Hit Europe"

Fargo police say passenger slapped security officer at airport (w/ pass)

Kenneth Starr says he shouldn't have been involved in Lewinsky case

Mich. Governor Pulls Same-Sex Benefits From State Worker Contracts

The Ohio Secretary of State certifies that Bush won

Property taxes rising nationwide

Nearly half of Britons never heard of Auschwitz

Speculation Grows on Early Exit by Snow

Aide Takes Blame for Tax Return Provision

Bus driver fired for stem cell remark

NYT: Bush Adviser Warns of Social Security Cuts

Mass. Gets Electronic Gun Fingerprinting

CyberNET a circle of fraud, FBI affidavit says

Target May Face Backlash on Salvation Army (Concerned Women of America)

U.S. Attorney Strom Thurmond Jr. Resigns

(Evidence gained by)Torture Can Be Used to Detain U.S. Enemies (WTF)

Top Economist Says Tax Switch Simple, Fair (From Income to Consumption)

What does Rush Bimbo say about McNabb now ?

troll alert?

Happy Decemberween everyone!!!

So I was on, right? And I figured out how we can win!!!!

How do I love me? Let me count the ways:

Anyone know of a good Flash billiards game?

Record lottery winner arrested on DUI, weapons charges

This Poll is ready to break the 200 replies barrier!

Listening to Nirvana's "With The Lights Out" (boxset)...

Son of a bitch! They blew up the Death Star!

"You keep doing that and you're gonna go BLIND!"

Is it odd that my dog knows the word "smell"?

The WB's "Jack and Bobby"

I'm rockin gout to the "Happy Organ"

"did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?"


LOL, Poor kid.

Oh, what the hell! Ask me anything

You MANIACS! You blew it up! Ahh, damn you!

I'm filling in for a friend on the radio tomorrow. Any requests?

wow - i think my Diane sawyer thread got deleted...

The Original Psycho is on TCM right now!

Childhood songs fraught with existential angst.

On this day...

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

What the Middle Class will be under the 2nd * Admin.

I love the fishes

DU Fantasy thread - HEyHEY sees Tucker Carlson at the mall what does he do

I bought the 1st & 2nd Red vs. Blue DVD sessions


Dirty Harry---The Greatest Cop/Action film of all time?

Hidey Ho!

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

Have you ever, out of anger, beaten an inaminate object to death?

I'm depressed.

Goodnight people of DU

WTF is this?

Am I a day late and a dollar short?

Here's a pretty good cartoon of Bush's Canada visit from Toronto Star

Post your credit card numbers here!!!

What's a liberal populist?

ALEXANDER: Not Nearly Gay Enough

Which DU forum has the most drunks posting in it tonight?

Where are they now: The little drummer boy.

Passengers seem to pray faster when I'm driving.

Bugs seem to fly faster when I'm driving

Earthlink is going to deport me! Help!

Have you ever,out of anger, beat an objectionable inmate to death?

I think I'm going to vomit SEND HELP

What are you craving right now?

Cat Lovers....I have found the perfect holiday gift

One for the Gothic Sponge...

My boyfriend forgot my birthday

Sometimes even dumb old people notice things.

Music seems to play faster while you're driving.

DU Confessions!

If you ever met a guy named Iago

TURN C-Span on right now

Has anyone on this site ever upended Misunderestimator?

EPA: Rocket fuel chemical in water and produce

Packing Plant Fire Sends Melted Butter Flowing Out Of Facility

Repost for the morning shift: Wallpapery Goodness. Free.

Don't Throw Your Old Cell Phone Away - Now You Can PLANT IT

I don't know if everyone has seen the "Trunk Monkey" episodes

Thieves Stole Jesus - Reward Offered

Marriage lasts 90 minutes

Grr! Can't sleep, giant spiders, holes in mattress

What are things that you know are true, but which just don't feel true.

Have you ever, out of anger, shaken your fist at an inanimate object?

GPS In Car Tells Driver To Make U-Turn On Highway - Crash

Oh Good Grief

Couple Get Married - Get Drunk - Marriage Lasts 90 Minutes

LOST ROCKED last night! WOW!

I'm 40 and just got my first learners permit to drive - dumb test

A thread about last night's epsisode of Lost?

In some hell, where these were your only choices...

where the hell are all the Kleeb threads? I leave for 12 hours,

Aflac Duck To Be Partly Muzzled

Does anyone else watch "House"?

ZombyWoof recently wrote there's no nastier stink than catshit, well...

Mystery "Stripper" Targeting Female Businesses

Making that Donated Star Really Mean Something...

Condom Bans Flavored Governors


What is your BT client of choice?

God said to Noah,

Brilliant inventor, or dumbass?

'Aliens made me speed'

Barf... I actually saw a personalized license plate that said....

Governor Bans Flavored Condoms

Who told Rod Stewart he should do a version of "Baby It's Cold Outside?"

My new sig line? (what do you think?) thanks SoCalDem

*snarf* . . .

Anyone listening to Air America right now?

Oh and hey - the Christian Powerlifters support American-led murder

Does peppermint harm dogs?

Police to quiz MI6 chiefs over Diana's driver

is it too earLy to eat Lunch?

Should I send Tinkie-winkie to reparative therapy?

Want to know what people are interested in?

Who told John Kleeb he should do a version of "It's raining men"?

Anti-war protester whose arm was broke in cop tiff gets $835,000

Should we now call "The Finger" a "Canadian Howdy?"

Duchamp's urinal tops art survey

John and Kleeb are the same thing!

Governor Bans Flavored Kleebs

I've got a job interview today, wish me luck...

I want a gay JESUS LOVES ME JUST AS I AM campaign

Most Germans Wear Wrong Size Condoms

am i the only person who does NOT have a cell phone...?

Preview Audience Tonight: WE ROCKED!

To Chiristain Powerlifters being gay is wrong that's given.I wonder why...

You know how war planes would stamp their sides to indicate...

Why do DVDs include "Interactive Menus" as some great special feature?

Kleeb robot to chat lonely hot women out of their knickers.

am i the only person who does NOT have a Kleeb fetish?......

Will all the insanity, I miss the hide threads button.

If Civilizations are judged by their spelling... Flat Roofs?

If Civilizations are judged by their architecture... Flat Roofs?

I have a sad story to tell you..(!!!!)

Packing Plant Fire Sends Melted Butter Flowing Out Of Facility

Who do you believe in more?

I guess I did okay on TV

Jansez to quit Kleebin' off and pay attention.!

Today, I feel like a Gouda

Today, I feel like a Golda

'Aliens made me speed'

Does Any One Else Wonder

Today, I smell like a goat

Today, I feel like Gouda

I did a google image search of a four-letter C word and got this

Celibate monk asked undercover prostitute for sex

Golf course stolen piece by piece

Jansez her piece was stolen by peace

Miss World beauties defend relevance of contest

Today, I feel like Godot.

White Castle / Krystal --- Red State / Blue State Poll

QVC gone wrong! OUCH!

DUDE! I Hit the Lotto! Be my friend?*

Gerbils think they're well-hung - but they're not

The "Good Listener" CAPTION

Help! What does this mean?

Drunken pilot who buzzed nuke plant gets prison time

DU this poll!

coke and pepsi are the same thing!

Drive like hell! A little balloon humor.

I am now attempting to draw much needed attention away from Janesez's thre

Japanese robot to chat lonely elderly out of senility

Anybody catch 'Law & Order' last night.

Anybody got a site for recent weather?

Coming Soon - KLEEBSTOCK 2005

I just don't feel like working - someone amuse me

A song that exemplifies how I feel about Bush Bizarro world.

I'm going back to work now!

I KNEW there was a reason I liked Target...someone's gettin fired !

Crap....I got into a huge discussion with someone named "Name Removed"

Spontaneous Human Consumption?

How do you handle miserable old Zots?

Are you interested in seeing the cakesitting of Janesez?

Wasn't WEST WING great last night?

Anyone here watch that Scare Tactics show?

meL gibson to buy his own country

'Drink and Fly' Holiday Jet Captain Jailed Six Months

Firefox Help!!!

The New Car Color "Patriot Green" Christ, Barf! Alert

If you wanna feel real nice, just ask the Rock & Roll Doctor's advice...

Is it weird to bake a birthday cake for Jesus?

I feel tears welling up from down deep inside

Man Walks Free After Wife Forgives Murder Bid

Once upon a time there was an engineer.

The Janus-Headed Twerp of all CAPTIONS!!!

What the "kleeb" is going on here?

Does anyone have a really good picture of Keanu Reeves?

Ask me anything, I am selling my house to a musician

Remember THIS?

Use "kleeb" as a verb in a sentence.

"He sees you when you're sleeping..."

Suggestion for a forum: Jokey/Ask Me Anything/Pun-based Thread Topics

Jerry, I hear you calling me!

The "Just Try to Look Natural" CAPTION

"Hey, swampy! Fix me a drink!"

and introducing the newest little liberal, Aiken

Can anyone suggest a good Vegetarian?

Richmond, VA - what is it like?

Has anyone received this petition from PFAW to CBS & NBC?

2004 White House Christmas Card

shhhh john kLeeb just came out

The "Citizen of the World" CAPTION

SHHH John Kleeb just came in

Wow!!! Is Santa on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer a giant tool or what?

Baby, if you've ever wondered,

Anyone see Black Sky last night? About Space ship one

Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer question

Are you a sycophant?


Someone, please motivate me to do some work

whoa we're still having kleeb threads

Kleeb? We're still having whoa threads

What do you think of p2p file sharing?

Keep fingers crossed for my husband--please!

I remember...the thirty five sweet goodbyes...

who here has seen the Don Hertzfeldt cartoon, "rejected"?

I remember when we used to sit

just stuck in hundred year hall

I want a shake

I caused Kerry to lose the election... yes, it's all my fault!

Can I vent again...well, it's not a vent just perhaps an opinion base ...

Name a wine everybody seemed to love but you...

I want Shake 'n Bake

The "Spirit of Christmas Endtime" CAPTION

If I see one more janesez thread, I think I will Kleeb!

A man walks down the street

I want to bake

Is it weird to bake a birthday cake with Janesez inside

Someone did a wake and bake

What's A Good Large Family Car: Non-Minivan, Non-Gas Guzzler


Christmas Rock

Canada: Your Liberal Valhalla

All you non-smokers CUT IT OUT!

I want a Lake.

My father's out of surgery--the triple bypass turned out to be a quadruple

Since "hide thread" is not available, I just put half of y'all on ignore.

Does anyone post smart-ass Lounge-style remarks in the 'serious' forums?

matcom as roman gLadiator

We don't appreciate the under 18 crowd nearly as much anymore!

I want cake

I'm inviting you all to my wake.

I want a Steak.

"Results 1 - 10 of about 15,100 for Kleeb." -Google

The Beer Elves, just in time for Christmas.

where is randi rhodes?

Can YOUR car do THIS?

What's a 6 letter word for "Grandchild of Japanese Immigrants"

Spectacular Cassini image (large)

Yesterday Kleeb, Today Janesez, Tommorrow???

Bush is an idiot

This is just bizarre

So Dubya, Laura, and Cheney are on Air Force One. . .

Spectacular image of Cassini

If you post (flamebait) your DU...

Do you ever wake 'n bake?

Is it me or did Chimp stop using his Just For Men?

Is it weird to bake a birthday cake for Janesez?

Babes of Sorry Everybody

When I was a young man,

Does anybody work with a noisy anxious person?

Dude, someone call CO Liberal

Dec 2 and I still haven't turned my furnace on....

Seems someone found his or her keys

I Just Found 4 Textbooks From HIGH SCHOOL!

If you had a tail what would you use it for?

Theory: Texasgal has a thing for Kleeb.

Am I freaking invisible? PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!

*sniff* I missed Rudolph last night

Introducing the poster boy for ZAMUNDA

About U2's "Vertigo"...I don't get it.

Why do some women lose their mind the minute they meet some man?

Animals of Sorry Everybody

Is Thursday on AAR an Encore Performance of Randi Rhodes or something?

Sexy Aliens of Sorry Everybody

Are the Chipmunks reuniting for a Christmas show? (pics)

Poor Georgie cannot whistle

Good Democratic books?

When will we hit 60,000 members? We have 96 more to go

Have a holly jolly Christmas!

CAPTION the shortbus #5 bus stop


I Am The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Have you ever met anyone that looked like a famous person?

I have this friend who is an ER doctor. He's seen a few interesting cases

HEY! BigMcLargeHuge!!! Have you seen my hampster???

How come janesez gets all the attention?

In the begininng, back in 1955,

"The Stepford Wives"- a Beast Man review

Speeding Ticket advice please...calling legal DUer's

who recommended George R.R. Martin?

My God! I STILL have PTSD symptoms!

Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Enough of this unimportant political stuff...let's talk important issues..

My big run in with the LAW

Using this as filler as my 999th post, as my 1,000th is huge story for LBN

I have this friend who is a nascar fan. He's seen a few interesting races

Is It All About YOU?

What kind of America-hater are you? (quiz)

Mistakes in life! A little experiment of how we learn.

Eyes are upon us - check out this site

Modem Butterfly goes to the Emergency Room

Would you date someone that is a constant nag?

Eco-Nazi's vs. Eco-Comrades

What Celebrity have you been told that you look like?

Damn! This is a big pretty cock!

German-speakers: need help

"Once upon a time there was an engineer...

A Co-Worker Just Came Around With Caramel-Filled Hershey's Kisses

Damn! This is a pretty big cork!

Uh oh, another Thirsty Thursday in the lounge

The "Pickles Dearest" CAPTION

Are you peeved over some perve's pets?

Who likes Pussy?

What Goes Down Stairs, Alone or In Pairs....


Pink Taco!

What's the fuss about *Snatch*?

Now entering the 700 Club


To all the pervs who belong to my site

What's the most you've ever spent on a date?



Let's Show a Little Chastity, Please!

Okay, who here owns a fondue pot?

How do you handle miserable old sots?

TELL ME this is snot really in the White House

If you had a Kleeb, what would you use it for?

CDC Warning (LOL)


Look at these boobs

Have you ever won the lottery?

Target has a gift for that hard to please man


For Statistical Purposes, Please Respond To This Poll About Spanking

Let's post movie titles substituting McLargeHuge for a word in the title!

Proof That The "Experts" Aren't Always Right

How tired are you of the "evolution" threads in GD?

Bearded Spock!

Mmm. Beaver

Just Swam a Mile

Dog & Cat Letters to God

A Workplace Joke for a Thursday Afternoon

Today I feel like a goat!

I just went completely off on my family : I feel FREE now ...

Fucking Sister Wendy and her fucking X-mas Cards!

Names that I considered, but not used during amnesty

it's a small world after all, even for Freepers

I have a question for Muslims who watch the Daily Show

I have a friend who is a crocheter. He's seen a few interesting laces.

DUers with Subarus check in here!

Today, I feel godless!

Don't Ya Just HATE Cute Cell Phone Ring Tunes? Here's My New Ring Tune...

I want this bumper sticker!!!

Please Send Your Prayers/Good Karma To This Family

I'm a goof

Calif. Man Has 1,497 Valid Credit Cards

Arg! I just crossed over into the 700 Club

Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer history

Here's a question...

Man Impaled by 6-Inch Hook Through Skull

Which Enemy of the Christian Church are You? (Quiz)

Clam Chowdah Preference

looking for other donation options

Does it make you crazy when people are full of hate?

Why the Bushies love to Gay-Bait....

I wanna be a crack whore for Jebus

To the people who are too *&(@^$# lazy to put your mind into voting

Personal Question for Duers

Ad on the back of a Chicago bus...

Attention all planets of the Solar Federation.

You can't put more 'o's in love.

Who needs Sunscreen?

It's a common fact that many heterosexuals have at least one...

Wish me luck, please! Pretty please with melted marshmallow sauce on it!

1000 POSTS !!!!

Today, I feel like a Goddess.

Idiots on a message board

The BTK Killer

when you address me from now on........

Call me when the Trolls get bored and leave.

Where the hell is JaneKleebMcLargeRosenPenis, anyway?

I expect 20 below zero tonight, and lo! I grill!!

Picture of the 1st plane @ WTC. Is this fake?

Best Barbecue side dish?

A request


Who else finds the takeoff threads annoying as hell?

More Funny Face memorabilia

LATE BREAKING: Keith Olbermann Wears Same Tie as Last Week.

Goddamn Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name Generator -

does anyone find these liftoff threads annoying as hell

Who else finds the take-it-all-off threads as annoying as hell?

hey baby, whats your sign?

Postal Service offers tips for letters to Santa

Ugly Divorce Stories?...(pic)

Taunt Kleeb.

My co workers say "Thanks, Matcom!"

Where in Canada is a good place to live?

Who's going to protest the inauguration?

Who the hell is taking off with all the copycat threads?

Slainthe eh - Uit doch slainthe eh laut

"In a related story: Jesus has quit."

Special Invite! I'm buying the drinks!

I just noticed on CSI

To the people who are too @#$%^&* lazy to put your Pop Tarts away -

Red Hand logo

I Beat BigMcLargeHuge!!!! - BOW Before your king!

I hereby nominate Leonard Pinth Garnell for CBS Anchor. Any seconds?

Does it make people crazy when you are late

Pop Quiz Time!!!

Religion/spirituality poll

Truth or Dare?

Get a room!

He's Just NOT That Into You.......

About the TV show, "Lost": Where has that monster/force in the woods been?

I love you guys!

Turkey Soup!

Damn damn damn damn damn!

"Mommy's in the Mafia"

I just had a kickass debate tonight!

MXC: New Episode on now!

The Greeks are going to sue!

She is 43. He is 18. They are planning a wedding.


I smeg you guys!

Damn...CSI is a rerun

Anybody else watching Survivor / possible spoilers!

Pop-Up Surveys

If John Goodman *ever* needs an understudy

Loose Lucy is my delight

The BEST bumper sticker

"Other site" Pervy pervs - Chat info

I love you gals!

I too love the gals

Need an Orgasmatron, quick!

Look at what's happened to me,

I hate you guys!

Who/What is your favorite Holiday Film character?

Who else finds copied cat threads cool as hell?

!!Please join me in wishing Blue-Jay a happy birthday!!

Star Wars III poster and Dark Helmet: Separated at birth?

Great New Singer I discovered.


Will the family curse continue this weekend???

I love you aliens!

meh! My roommate is sick!

Hey! You guys. . .

Fave flavor of Kool-Aid past or present?

Worst Christmas Rock/Pop song?

Where is Kucinich in the newer (post election) Mosh video?

Tribute to Douglas Adams and HitchHiker's Guide

Awww. You guys are the greatest! Seriously!!

OK, at 8:00, I was just going to check in here for 5 minutes...

I need some advice

Who else here finds the copycat threads cool as hell?

10 posts from 300, ask me anything!

Car problems need help...


I'm going home! I love you all!

Who Fans: Whatever Happened to Kenny Jones?

I have a crush on someone who is,,,,,,,,

When the sign says "20 Items Or Less," it *means* 20 items or less,

Anyone remember that spinning paint toy from the late 80s?

what does this mean? (webpage probLem)

My New Year's Resolution: No more "Innocent Bush Twins" posts

The "Oh, Really?" CAPTION

Someone tell me about cervical-spine fusion surgery.

What do you consider to be acceptable gas mileage?

Which numbers make one AC plug compatible with different things?

Tuck Everlasting is sad!

Who else finds copycat threads fly like a duck.

Whose copycat threads finds annoying as fuck?

how a guy I know got asked to a dance

Freeper asshole north of the border.

ABC News Just Said 80% Of Baseball Players Could Be

It's time for NAME THAT TUNE!!!!

Who else finds copycat threads annoying as fuck?

After watching CONTROL ROOM, I just bookmarked

Oy Vey! I just talked to an old friend...

Everyone who copies this thread is a

New Kitty pics

Who else finds the copycat threads annoying as hell?

Best method to fight off a Freeper?

Need an organism, quick!

Who was the better band: Alice in Chains or Soundgarden?

Who else finds copycat threads erotic as hell?

Should I feel Bad?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Caffeine gum? I never heard of it but it's on the news now.(Boston)

Favorite Cereal?

Bill Maher Live!

Where can I buy Kerry's yellow barn jacket?

Daily Show did a funny report on Bush's trip to Canada

looking for a good CD to MP3 converter...

I have a catloaf in my lap.

Do crazy people make you late?

Damn You Canadians! DAMN YOU!

They're frying up that hair

To the beat of her own drummer....You got that right.

DU Mustang owners check in here:

I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow and I'm gonna win big

The Lounge reminds me of

Post the name of a failed Tom & Jerry product

John Williams or Danny Elfman?

In for a weekend of discomfort

Truth about Dog

bubble wrap! little game for the wee hours...

I want to Blank you with my Blank.

Is it too late to change one's screen name?

I love *Pecker* !!

Did Skinner put Atavan in the water cooler?

Just did the Heimlich manuever on a co-worker

What songs do you remember from Elementary school?

Anyone here have a crush on someone?

Are you a Addicted to DU?

"Marie Prevost did not look her best..."

Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf?

Who hates kids and them having fun all the time?

Rahsaan Roland Kirk appreciation thread.

I'm going to take a break from DU...

Canada, marry me (please!)

If you play the lotto...

Christmas songs whose lyrics never mention the holiday.

Uh, did I miss something?

the red states scare me...

Help me get to 1000+

Biden/Bayh 08'!!! Now isn't that an INSPIRING and EXCITING ticket?

When You Get Chinese Takeout...

the devil is in the wheat thins

Listening to Mike Malloy?

South Beach or Atkins diet?

Need an Exorcism, Quick !

I want flake

Son of Conservative Fighter (Baby Pic's of the newest member of DU)

I am in love with a guy i think of as a brother.

I Saw 2 PERFECT Bumper Stickers on 1 Car

hey lurking fundies! look at these great pics of Jesus.

Breaking: The Nazis fled to the moon in the 40's. Look here!!

Tongue tricks - Can you roll your tongue?

Apple releases security update to Mac OS X

Introducing the poster boy for FUMUNDA

Calling all Quitters

The only good thing since the election

Fans go on a rampage during a water polo league game

Band of Brothers is bad ass. Winters, Garniere, Malarchy, Foy...

Loretta Lynn and Jack White have a very cool song/video out.

OK. You are God, and you've been watching the United States.

Excellent article about my play in Flagstaff Live! (ZW quotes!)

F*cking Fundy Sister And Her Xmas Cards!

When you eat french fries...Ketchup on the side or on top?


Fire, neighbor rushed to hosp wi/ severe smoke inhalation

What do you say we drop siglines forever?


My Governor just got picked for *'s cabinet. Ask me anything.

My work bird...

What's the most bizarre thing that you ever believed about sex?

moving and overwhelmed with how much needs to be done between

Has fame affected ZombyWoof in any way?

I despise in- laws- got any good revenge ideas?

Post your strange little pet peeves here!!

Heard rumor about BMLH, 2 flamingos, and a handful of deformed clothespins

It's back. Don't read if you are prone to seizures.

Must share. No, no... only semi-grammar related. FUNNY!

Didn't I ever tell you about Bumbles? Bumbles bounce!

What is the best town/city in your state ?

Let's post movie titles substituting BurtWorm for a word in the title!

Anyone seen, "Hero"?

How Good is "LOST"?

Are Americans getting fatter?

Does it make you crazy when people are late?

Have you heard the new "Maybe I'm Amazed"?

Adorable kitten storm!

So addicted to DU, I nearly burned my house down

Do You Take Prescription Drugs?

Here's my SAM COOKE Top Ten. Please vote for your favorite.

One More Time: Anyone up for an Anime/Japanese Pop Culture group?

Question on attraction for all DUers

The AUDACITY of what I just witnessed -- these wingnuts have NO SHAME!

Am I the only one that thinks Gael Garcia Bernal is freaking gorgeous?

My top ten jazz albums.

I quit smoking yesterday. Ask me anything.

I have something in common with Ann Coulter

Damn. Email from my dad re: his wife's granddaughter, hit by a car.

He is 43. She is 18. They are planning a wedding.

Post the name of a failed Ben & Jerry's flavor.

To the people who are too *&(@^$# lazy to put your shopping carts away -

Please make it stop

Computer PERFORMANCE TWEAKS. Post your favorites!

Herbivore Magazine: Highly recommended

Menu for my office holiday party

Please, weigh in on this, I just KNOW it's going to end badly.

A Movie about a Giant Ass Monster....I kid you not!

Nice LTTE in my local paper on moral values.

My newspaper column on the UCC ad situation....

What are the differences between Unitarian Churches and United Church Of

Reich Church Vs. The Confessing Church The Barman Declaration

Doctors Say Medical Imaging Devices Can't Handle a 'Fattening Population'

Sun Might Have Exchanged Hangers-On With Rival Star

"Michigan pulls same-sex benefits from contracts"

Students Sent Home After Gay T-Shirt Protest

ACLU defends actions in gay mother case

Help me rebut anti-gay article in my campus paper...

DAMN. Basketball can be a rush.

Doc Rivers benches Pierce

So you jocks think your strong.....

Decision not to re-enter league signals end (Ricky Williams)

A look at leadership by two NBA players

Jason Giambi admits steroid use

NBA: My Spurs are on a hot streak

So now Ricky WIlliams isn't coming back to the NFL

SEC Championship - UT v. Auburn

Are Lethicin and Lecithin two difference supplements

Over-the-top weird, (but hopeful) alt-scenario

Nolle's December Astro-Forecast

Do we have any pantheists in the group?

Hey! Why bother now that we're in power?

How "out" are you about your freedom from religion?

Should atheists observe Christmas?

The controversial Peter Kawaja's American Gulf War Veteran's Association

Kerry attends military funeral

President Kerry

Birthday greetings for Sen. Kerry

I still display my Kerry-Edwards gear proudly: Do you?

Aren't the following ideas Kerry/Edwards during campaigning?

Does anyone give a fuck that Tom Brokaw retired?

Kucinich supporters, get your guy into the US Senate!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't have retired the FUCK FASCISM design so early

Forget election fraud... it's so much bigger than that!

Good Link For Supporting Those Companies That Support Dems

Help us fight Big Oil on Bush's Big Day... Delaware oil polluters must pay

Bob Graham recent interview

Did Zell Miller have a point? Are we no longer a national party?

What are your thoughts on Mike Easley for President?

Greg Palast needs your help

Church and State

where to find the famous iraq prison torture photo??

Federal Court Strikes Order Stopping Recount, Sets Hearing

Blue Fox?

Anyone see tonight's Nightline on the Texas death row inmate?

Tommy Thompson's "conflicted" future with the Bush administration

TURN C-Span on right now they are discussing the fraud

Congressman David Dreier: Gay & Ashamed

Has Bush done anything "good" since he has been in office?

wear black arm bands on Bush inauguration/coronation day??

Demand a Recount Rally in Columbus, Saturday

There are adults on this site. Can we watch our freepers? n/t

Democratic Governors to Name New Leaders

Schumer giving signs he'll vote to support Gonzalez

Tucker Carlson joins the Ann Coulter ranks! Video clip

Who wants to protest the Free Republic inagural ball in DC?

Clear Channel chmn/ceo Lowry Mays complete list of political donations

How Dems Enabled Republicans to Steal the 2004 Presidential Election

DUers: I need help & info on starting a PAC.

$300K Settlement From Portland Cops (2002 "Choked Grandma" Demo)


Frist's bank loan

Career soldiers or mercenaries ?

Does voting reform have to be done at the state level?

How do you feel about the Pentagon admitting Psy Ops plants in CNN?

How many "fronts" are there in this battle?

The 23rd Psalm for 2004

Leave it to a "news" station to continually blame Clinton -

sign up to be on the Selective Service board in your area...

Politics and the MSM

We've got to support this WA recount people.

Bush: "The will of the people must be known and heard"

Pssst DFAers!

Bush Secy of Agriculture Nominee Mike Johanns' "Burning Times Award"

Clark Running for Governor?

What if it is proven that Bush did steal the election ??

I know a freeper troll from Elko, Nevada named Armymom

Franklin County, Ohio Kerry gains 7,171 (AP)

Would Bernard Kerik in Homeland Security position help New York?

Why do the parties have to pay for a recount when it was the state

Nevada Dems: what are you doing December 4th?

Can someone PLEASE tell me why the party won't help in WA State?

From Canada---the 'Tyranny' of gay Marriage

Abstainence education will be on Crossfire soon

What's the Matter with Democrats?

Carville vs. Failwell On Crossfire

Moderate Democrats/Republicans should remember...

More Texas style "compassion"---kids lose insurance

An election day comment from Joseph Stalin

Voting in the USA= 20 Amazing Facts

"Potential" Tom Ridge replacements: Start "Googling" their resumes now

Nominate This For Homepage!

Ad: Young Rep Candidate is "Godson" of John Breaux

Bush takes Stalin's seat.

Bill Richardson for President?

How about Max Cleland as the new head of the Democratic National Committee

Does anyone think that Cheney will step down in two years

Josh Marshall - Speculation on Cheney's Health from shoe size

My New American Mantra

I'm having a "no shit, Sherlock" moment here

Patti Davis Is Coming Up On Hardball...

Anybody watching Hardball?

Democratic Party=Concession Party

"Get out of my house!!!!! You can't say penis in my house!!!!"

F Compromise. No Compromise. Put them all in jail.

Watch Kucinich at the end!! NEW ENDING!!

How about Max Cleland as the head of the Democratic National Committee?

Patroit Act Two download

We have got to start telling people that they are UNINFORMED

Geeze..our DU Southern Contingent is Falling on Deaf Ears? What?

Bush Adamant About Iraq Election - Be damed they will vote even

Interesting info. about the new Homeland Security Dept. Head..............


Olbermann: Kerry donates 1/4 million bucks for a hand recount...

So, who's the new wingnut taking over for Tom Brokaw?

We need our own version of FOX

The Hypocrisy of Norm Coleman's "Kofi Must Go" Line

Boycotting Bad Guys vs. Supporting Local/Independents

For those who say that Bush is not Hitler.

On this day in 1954, McCarthy was Censured.

You are hereby ordered to surrender to George W. Bush's "Season of Hope"


Link please - to Bev's demonstration of black box hacking

Democrats - Take a lesson from 1994. Throwing dirt WORKS.

How many nations have their military stationed in the U.S.?

Sen denied trip to Iraq because criticized Bush?

making sex education political--Aaron Brown on CNN soon

Another Missed Opportunity By Our Great Mass Media

A letter to Starr, could you investigate Bush and DeLay...

"How Things Work in Texas" ... another Bush regime blunder?!?!

ALERT!!! Watch out for the "Intelligence Reform Bill"!!!

The Bush Doctrine: Selective Bullying

circa 1945 -world peace, courtesy of Dems. We beat Hitler.


The Odds Look Good For Any Democratic Presidential Candidate In 2008

Frist defends Santorum in Letter to Editor Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Take a look at our (DVD) "Electile Dysfunction"? A Premium at Buzzflash

Clark: support for democratic congressional candidate - Election Saturday

Is the federal government saying that masturbation causes pregnancy?

What is Petro Politics?

Just a polite Question to the moderator

I think some Democratic House Members ........

Scalia To Synagogue - Jews Are Safer With Christians In Charge

Do you think that * is using McCarthyism on us?....You must read this!

I just watched last nights "Daily Show" on the 7 pm repeat.

I Received the Following E-Mail From A Repug Friend - Help Me Refute .....

Stolen Election 2004: Madam Butterfly (T. Lepore)

Could this be true?

anyone see these Kerry pics from today ?

Again, about that Repuke mandate

Lieberman/Miller 2008! The center is ours!

Blacks In Congress Must Clean Up Own House

The Ethic of Total Opposition

Scandals? Names to Google along with (New Ag.Sec.) Mike Johanns' name.

Why did women defect from the Democrats in 2004?

Was shocked to tune into Crossfire this evening and find

Next terror attack - NONE of this "we're all Americans" shit. OK?

New slogan for Dems: Got Rights?

If they love Bush so much why are they quiting?

It's the terrorism.

What's the SICKEST thing about our Society out there to You Guys????

Bernard Kerik is an idiot

Did Kerry throw the election?


Where do I find conservatives?

Anybody talk to Bush voters who are starting to get "buyer's regret?"

Help. I want simplified graph or outline, of Vote Irregularities