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Archives: December 14, 2004

Bernard Lewis Revisited

London shows us how to oust a media mogul


`Ownership society' must have a warranty (Rahm Emanuel-Regulated SS accts)


THE $230 BILLION WAR: Kerry was right!!

Propagandists vs the Internet in China

DNC Meddling in Ukraine

Editorial: The Sinclair Propaganda Machine

WSJ Editorial: Free Speech vs. Tax Code

Dissecting flu's deadly weaponry

Going to the center, what a novel idea

McCaskill is still smarting over DNC's pullout in Missouri

WSJ Editorial: The Nanny Chronicles

Empire of Barbarism

Wolcott - Bernie, We Hardly Knew Ye (and Dems frozen at the wheel)

The Great Divide

Geezer gets orders to go to Afghanistan

Pentagon to Jettison Environmental Responsibilities

I think David Brooks may be hitting the holiday egg-nog a bit early.

Iraq war: The leaders we have, not the ones we might want

Bringing Down The Hope: Condoleezza Rice, Black Capitalism and War

Nation-Building Is Not Conservative


Dean wants to run the DNC. Big mistake.

Gearing Up for the Draft

Medea Benjamin (CommonDreams): Building Peace in a Time of Perpetual War

Molly Ivins: Social Security Suicide

Too young to fly

The risks of the al-Zarqawi myth-By Scott Ritter

Sham Election Has United Liberals

New Kerry Action And More To Help Recount & Expose Fraud! [View All]

World Council for the Future

Information for ethical consumers

Been looking for a group?

A Call to Picket All Of Ohio's Board of Elections Offices!!

The Sinclair Propaganda Machine

Petition - Release of Classified DOJ-IG Report on FBI Cover-Up

Not One Damn Dime Day

Columnist attacks Jesse, says blacks are served by Blackwell

Should journalist take an oath?

We need to get our in front of these SS privatization hucksters

"Clear Skies" Coming Soon To Congress - WP

Flood/Landslide/Deforestation Toll In Philippines Near 1,800 Dead

China's Total Pollution Output Now Second Only To America's

Virginia Government Posts Stricter Warnings On Chesapeake Stripers

AK - Kenai Peninsula Streams Hit Record High Temps., Acidity Levels

Massive B-15 Iceberg Blocks McMurdo Shipping, Threatens Penguin Population

GM/DC To Jointly Develop Newfangled "Hybrid" Engine - Maybe Ready By 2007!

Meltdown blamed for big freeze

Action: Keep Cumberland Island wild

Another whale death off Virginia sparks call for action

Excellent video resource: Bartlett, "Arithmetic, Population, & Energy"

Repsol YPF Makes New Gas Discovery in Venezuela

A couple of questions

Welcome to capitalism, North Korean comrades

Iraq as a "wake up" to the CON game

U.S. Domestic Spying links

Let me just say THANKS

How do I get an actual image to show in my post?

Anyone else get a frequent "error" message and page does not download?

Thread Encouraging DU'ers To Engage In Obviously Illegal Activity

A question: broadcast PMs

Copycat Threads in the Lounge.

Who Chooses Moderators?

Hate to bother you Skinner - but did you get my PM about an animation

Another question about the mods

A DU Member Threatened Me On Line - Is this OK ?

Might I ask what happened regarding SANGHO?

Hi Skinner, did you get my PM?

Edit: Done--thanks mods!

need help / permission to start email list

Could you please lock a thread for me?

someone on DU is using my husband's email address: how is


Would this be OK in Foreign Affairs

Do you "reserve" screennames for famous people?

As soon as you start changing out mods...

please delete this thread

Why was the thread in the general discussion area locked?

PA media continues to incite against Israel

French Jews' immigration at highest level in 30 years

need some help finding downloadable 9/11 footage

BFEE Allowed 9-11.

Calling all witnesses, experts, pros in any field related to 9/11.

Administration version of 9/11 unraveling; new evidence refutes

Countdown w/Obermann Video Online >>>


Big boost for Gregoire in WA

Other Folks are working under the radar too!

12:25 am est: Malloy reading the Katrina Sumner thread from DU

Mike Malloy ranting about Ohio right now!!!

nobody knows, we need the MSM no matter what

Another good summarizing article .....

BumperSticker...will someone who can please post a poll...?

Sure it's fine for you Left-Coasters...

WATCH Clinton Curtis testimony to the court.. under oath!

Great Non Sequitir comic sums up our election fraud problem

What Eve Roberson said about the unlocked BOE

Scarborough ridicules Bill Moyers on msnbc blog

Any Re-count discrepancies yet??

Please help Ohio forum by voting in this poll

Ohio Senator at forum on Monday - our challenger??

Darke County Ohio

Recount Rules: If the 3 percent sample match, recount is over?

More news articles from the local Ohio newspapers!

NEED DU FACTCHECK of Plain Dealer "Explain-Away Irregularities page"

Funny article about Blackwell.........

State Representative for Ashtabula County (Dem)

In editorial today "Electors vote, protesters fume" Cin Enq shows itself..

Letter to Representatives and Others

Disloyal Bush elector?

Calling all Graphics of Statistics...

Funny article about Blackwell.........

"Top 20 Vote Outrages" needed.BEST is lost in tidal wave of info.

Browne County (OHIO)

Keep Kicked: New Kerry Action And More To Help Recount & Expose Fraud!

What do we do now?

The Parallel Universe that is the MSM:Hearts and Minds: Pentagon-style

Whatever happened with the New Hampshire Recount?

Evil comes to Bluffton, NC -- Warn Them: They Know Not What They Do


Excellent article from on Ohio fraud

Ballots Wrongly Denied in Wash. Gov. Race

Listen to this MP3 of Cobb on fraud from yesterday

KY Repubs defy court ruling and constitution to win. Fraud.

Administration version of 9/11 unraveling; new evidence refutes

Today was an EXCELLENT day


We're going to need SENATORS - Here's my note to BIDEN -

Anybody hoping to run in 2008 should step up NOW!

Say Goodbye to Nevada Forever...GOP Grip About To Get Tighter...

Dear Cliff Arnebeck: Can we please see a copy of the Complaint?

Isn't it amazing how easily the F word trips off the tongue of Repukes

Since voter suppression was fact....

looking for most recent version of GAO letter

Here's an easy way to acheive critical mass (MEDIA COVERAGE)

Has anyone heard anything from Bev Harris lately?

Ask Senator Mikulski (MD) for help--she experienced fraud first hand

Going to start a new thread with MSM contact info...

Nj Coordinator for 51 captials here

Excellent coverage of Denver's rally!

GOPUSA runs Ohio Recount Story

To fight, or not to fight - that is the question.....

Five WASHINGTON Precincts with Turnout Over 100% (Corrected from FL)

Write any Senator about voter fraud--contact info and letter (links)

Calling John Kerry...the time is NOW.

ELECTION 2004 FRAWD! - business reply junk mail envelopes & cards

Washington Journal stinks...

looking for comprehensive exit poll data

Now Saddam's trial will take the MSM coverage away from Ohio

Another bizarre story out of Ohio....

what do the dems have to loose?

What is wrong with NPR???

more info on Clinton Curtis

"Katrina is Okay" Dzika called and confirmed

Amy Goodman - Democracy Now - needs us to bug her

perhaps the biggest problem in our democracy

REFRAME: Bush lost. Get over it.

Hey folks, look at the media this way....

Arnebeck Complaint is HERE >>>

Can anyone source the claim "The recount showed Gore won Florida"?

"Error discovery could give Gregoire election" - Some hints for Ohio too

Thom Hartmann 12/14

National Day of Mourning

Unrivaled Security Planned for Inauguration

Do the people care more about the Peterson case than about democracy?

and you thought it was just about votes ...

Democratic Super Summit Proposal

What is the political make up of the Ohio Supreme Court?

Wasting recount efforts?

In all reality , the courts are stacked against any chance for Kerry

All the people who died

Been looking for a group?

This woman hasn't given up ...I'm impressed with her previous work

The Election isn't over because...please fill in the blank

Okay, what's with the flames? How do you get "flamed" and why

Don't forget Clinton Curtis out there!

Ohio: Cobb's Forum-Selected Audio Highlights

Can you filibuster a presidential confirmation?

Um, nevermind. please delete - dupe.

GREAT cartoon comparing Ukraine to US


Cam Kerry on inside politics

Wash. Supreme Court Ruling

Why did you remove my post?

I just canceled my cable, No more TV in my house. only DVD's

URGENT! Recount fraud LAST FRIDAY says Green Party Candidate

My Prediction: Bush Impeached/Resigns by Sept, 2005

Nader Democracy Now Interview : "Anything is possible w/ honest recount"

Rhandi Rhoads reading the Curtis statement, AirAmerica Radio!

Clint Curtis Affidavit is being read now by Randi Rhodes!!!

Dupe, sorry

Cobb: New Mexico Recount Must Begin Now. Greens Press Release

Could someone supply me with a link to the video of Curtis from yesterday?

N.M. Gov. Richardson against recount?

teachers/others, lays it all out, non partisan (link)

Supporting documentation for Moss v. Bush (Cliff Arnebeck's case)

How Kennedy Won in 1960, even though Nixon's Electors Were Certified

Detailed summary of Moss v Bush posted at dKos

We need a Senator


People doing election work in Ohio: Bring VIDEO CAMERAS!

"Best of Ohio" Audio:- Selected Highlights of Conyers' Ohio Forum Mon 13

Has Ohio SOS Blackwell set up a website for recount totals?

response from my rep (Jim McDermott) about supporting rep. Conyers

Randi Rhodes talking about voting in ohio

Anyone know the exact time and place of Ohio law suit?

Arnebeck suit before Ohio Supreme Court attacks election of Chief Justice

Our first and last chance for Comprehensive Election Reform!


Calling Elizabeth Edwards

What we need is a massive TV ad campaign about Voting Fraud

ILLINOIS 2004 Results (Or how we create reality for you to study)

Blackwell Thumbs Nose At Judiciary Committee

V-odometer Fraud

NAACP joins effort in Ohio

OH Recount news: Wood County tally done, unchanged

We are a force to be reckoned with...

YANG Enterprises New Statement

"BBV Board of Directors will make an announcement tonight"

GREAT WEBSITE :"Ohio Election Fraud" w/ Calendar of Things to DO!

so what is going to happen in congress this time remember F911?

Majority Report on AAR airing Curtis' testimony!

Blackwell Refuses to Cooperate with House Judiciary Democrats

Majority Report going heavily into Ohio Recount! AirAmerica

anyone listening to Randi? re vote fraud program?

Excellent Michael Moore letter today- remember not to cave!!!

Jan 20, a national day of morning.

Anyone else received strange email about Bev Harris?

Olbermann letting the troops speak out!!

Looking for transcript of yesterdays Hearing....

You've GOT to listen to Randi's second hour-- she's HOT

Anyone know if the people who did the Berkeley study

KPOJ for those who missed Randi talking with Bev

Don't Mess With Texas Voters

I'm surprised I haven't got any emails....

My long cold day outside

Volusia County, Florida still "in play", lawsuit refiled!

Maxine Waters on Randi Rhodes: "We're going to go for it again!"

Obermann Video from Last Night's Countdown

Staticians, What're Odds Recounted Tallies Would Match PERFECTLY?

The guy taking a dive...

NPR'S Tavis Smiley Carries OH Election Fraud Story!!!! Listen, its good:

I'd bet anything Arnbeck is sandbagging some key witnesses

I missed Olbermann tonight, AND does anyone have segment of Rhodes/Harris?

Which Senator will join congress and sign a challenge to the election?

List of 1555 Rejected Ballots in King County

Have we tried to get John Stewart on this? fake news is perfect!

Can anyone post a replay of Arnebeck/Hannity confrontation? n/t

Have Any Ohio Democratic Election Officials Come Forward About Fraud?

Hamilton County Election Board Chair weighs in

From Ohio Protestors

AP: WA Supreme Court rejects recounting provisional & spoiled ballots.

Regarding my 'Kerry into the White House' thread

BRAD BLOG: Feeney Accusers 'Illegal-Alien' Sent Missile Parts to China!

If Kerry makes it into the White House, will Jesse Jackson ...

Can someone review the text of my letter to my friends? Feedback?

Anyone heard more on the 5 counties reported to have fraud found?

Whatever happened with that Wayne Madsen story?

How will Arnebeck sway Ohio Supreme Court if he gives no evidence??


Has everyone seen this statement from Mary Beth Cahill?

Our Heroes: House Judiciary Members 12/13/04 --Columbus OH

Conyer's response to Blackwell's snub

Blackwell responds to Conyers and the GAO Letter!

Question: Who wrote this?

Is there one liberal Senator?

I began to be concerned about the rip-off factor

Warren County 3% Handcount showed no change from original

Curtis' background information

DID you hear that caller on Malloy? attacked in Santa Fe .. nt

Urgent!! We need to contact Bev

Report on tonights KO .... rebroadcast on at 12 midnight EST

Becareful all

John Conyers for President

NEWS Complaint Alleges 130656 Kerry votes in 36 counties switched to Bush

Challenging the electoral votes = Masturbation Fantasy

Not Challenging the electoral votes = Supporting Fraud

Anger Management Issues.


Anyone else feeling like they're waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Illinois 2004 revisited (No, they wouldn't try to do something like that)

All we have to say to doubters is:

A petition to draft Barbara Boxer to contest the vote in the Senate

Wapo article on "lost votes" in Ohio

Blackwell Changes Rule After Kerry Personally Signs 88 Letters

It's not over yet, right???

Very good line in the Arnebeck petition - could it work on senators?

Another OHIO article for tomorrow's Washington Post

Here are the Petition and Injuntion in the Arnebeck Case!!!

Something to brighten and otherwise dreary day

Recounters must see Votomatic labels & must de-compile programs!

Conyers asks for 1 million emails re: forum/hearings?

A Call to Picket All Of Ohio's Board of Elections Offices!! PLEASE READ

on Fox now-==Arnebak--talking of problems in OHIO

"Dissident" still being pushed...remember: THEY CONTROL DEBATE/OPPOSITION

BBV Harris says "some indication machines calling out" and has IP address

OK, OK, OK, this is a joke, right?

Clint Curtis's dog killed. Katrina Sumner run off the road. Lets connect

Serious question for all concerned patriots

Effect Of Arnebeck Suit To Contest Election

CSPAN: "Protestors are organizing a massive outpouring against the Inau

Excellent Work In Denmark By Danish Reporter!

If we could access Kerry or Edwards

Rough draft - letter to U.S. Senate - please read and comment

Why is the election process being fixed "piecemeal"

Election fraud as related to our perceived powerlessness

I'm curious who is talking to others about this when not at DU hacking 'in' at the moment?

Plea from an Ohio activist

Why haven't I heard about it on the TV? How do we combat this?

Republicans Threaten Violence in Washington State!

First, they REALLY ignored us...

Drudge will report on Ohio ballot problems.....

TRIAD President Phone Interview in dKos Diary...

Simple line to repeat until blue: "What is Blackwell hiding?"

Petition to get Senator Boxer to contest the election

Lawyers: Have you seen "The Case That Could Have Altered 'Bush v. Gore'" ?

Thursday night, Franklin County BOE is having a meeting.


Andy no longer with BBV

"ONE NATION UNDER FRAUD" ( $20 bill campaign)

Would Kerry just prefer us to go away and allow the system to work?

Here is a specific Ohio law Blackwell violated--I need help getting arrest

Posse to Arrest Blackwell is Real

My voter fraud updates website has completely disappeared

Would Kerry prefer that we STAY INVOLVED and make the system work?

here is bev's email to bbv forum with IP address

Bev Harris is talking live on the Randi Rhodes Show

Florida Ballot Inspection Results are In!!

Help! Software engineers or similarly skilled people

Why do people resist hearing about election fraud? Why do

Keep Kicked: Revised Kerry Action And More To Help Recount & Expose Fraud!

Awesome plan? WRITE ON YOUR MONEY.. get the message out!!

CALLING ALL STUDENTS(or people who are related in any way to unis)

Conyers Columbus Ohio Hearing Video

Who's in for the long fight?

coLLege repubLicans and their heros

Program on Ohio recount on MPR this afternoon

Electoral vote for Edwards dubbed a "Senior Mistake" says 83 yo Elector

store to stop selling anti-Hmong bumperstickers

MN Gas Tax increase by Constitutional Ammendment?

Meet Up ...Nye's Tues 28th 6:30PM ....It's ON!


Tell me about FireFox? Why do I want it?

Read Eric Fingerhut's book

Precinct Committeeperson "Process" Questions

Recount 2004

Legislative Session townhalll meeting. Are you having one?

Harris County Democratic Party Party

Kip and Karen made the news today

Sandra Bullock for Governor. Really.

I am a wus. DU at the Harris County Democrats Party

Wausau peace rally

WI "Taxpayers' Bill of Rights"

Our kids will be: A) citizens or B) cogs in a global slave colony

Pablo Paredes is an American Hero

Give us your tired, weak, and downtrodden...and your limbs

LOL - Just noticed something very funny about FreakRepukelick.

Inauguration Day... Burning of the Man...

Bernie Ward on Social Security coming up after the news

Crass promo post ( I only do them....

USA's "War on Drugs" - Pharmaceutical Terrorism?

A Message From The Iraq Resistance (video & transcript)

Nightline mourns the end of Peterson trial. Interviewing jury foreman

DU I am "Present, by the grace of God,"

Rep. Conyers Alarmed at Efforts to Obstruct Ohio Recount Effort

Bringing Down the Hope: Condoleeza Rice, Black Capitalism and War

I'm going to be on Rick Barber's show tonight - 850 KOA Denver

Join the Posse to arrest Ohio SoS Blackwell

The Pentagons's new vocabulary.........

Bill of Rights Day is this Thursday, December 16. Celebrate

PJB and panel on Scarborough Country compare F9-11 to "Passion"

Just saw a fluff piece on CBS Morning News about China and Wal-Mart.


Ailes calls CNN "the anti-American channel" and other doosies here

Buy Blue.Org: There is a more powerful act than voting blue.

Pattern Recognition.

Marine knew he wouldn't make it home.

Kerick - vetting/nomination/confirmation process to be changed?

Bush family values

One word that describes the Democratic Party

Should there be a recount in Ohio? (news poll)

GOP Fearful of Bush Second Term

HOLD IT! Bremer and Tenet to get highest civilian honor?!?!?

When did suicide bombers become "homicide bombers"?

Killers' lawyers blame seminars

Judith Miller and Kerik? Oh please please please

National Do Not Call List for cell & all other phones. Cut off 12/15.

Non Sequitur absolutely nails it (the whole thing)

DU Memes: Certain items of conventional wisdom replicate

Thoughts On the Street Coverage of the Peterson Verdict

Are Republicans really against homosexuality?

Here's a positive thought - Bush is being taken down

Well, John Kerry,

What is in Your Wallet? The New National ID

Bush advocating for the environment is like.......

All the news breaks are leading with Rumsfeld/McCain. Trying to escape

Caring For The Wounded In Iraq - A Photo Essay

Governor (Jeb) recalls political miracle (this man is crAzy as a loon)

Important!!!! Voting company tampered with machines...

Does any one else think Judy Steinberg Dean is Sexy?

Compassionate Conservatism at its best: Donors Applaud Peterson Verdict

We will make them spend as much as they steal, if not more.

Gunner Palace

Check out this painting of bush

Gee..The threats just keep on comin'..Kathleen Willey threatens Hillary

SO all of the ANT-DLC and PRO DLC post and polls wil end.

Are sensational news stories de facto RW propaganda?

A Comparison between Evolution and Capitalism

British arrest leader of racist National Party

Air America problems? Tuesday - expanded Patriot Act, Nader on recount...

DU I'm VERY sorry for my tantrum today. I'd like to apologize to my

Interesting post on guns, youth culture, etc.

Dean speech replay on CSPAN 2 (NOW - 12:50 PM ET)

My brother in law is in an unarmored Humvee in Iraq

US troops broke every door in Iraq hosp. ,stole food & supplies

Did the Bushies Request Kerik to Kill off Rudy?

Alabama poison plant targeted over environmental, terrorism fears

Parents who've pursued political or religious activity at child's school


Is Blackwell still walking as a free man or has justice been enforced?

Why we are in Iraq - Americas Holy War!

Halliburton hires Colombian gunmen?

Why Rumsfeld Stays: A Simple, But Elegant Theory

'Shoot a Mung' bumper sticker pulled from Mankato shelves


LIMBOsevic Talks PETERSON, Red-tailed Hawk, Anything But KERIK/Shrub

Has California lost touch with "reality" ?

Anybody seen the DVD "Weather Underground"?

New Installment: Voice of the White House

The Peterson Case Has Served It's Purpose, So Now

Tired of Compulsory Registration on WebSites?

ACLU sues over government’s firing of WV Muslim couple

Did anyone see Bill Moyers last night: RW press conspiracy?


This is what I say when Republicans rail about the welfare state

5 theories why Novak is not in prison

Jesus and Wal-Mart

Divide and Conquer, that is what we're facing

Get ready to get sick. Read O'Keefe's resignation letter

I need a little help.

A Liberal's Final Wish

Why the attention to the death penalty now, with SP convicted...

The Decency Posse Wants You!............

New Web resources help consumers buy blue

All the people who died

Savido's "Bush Monkeys" limited edition print available ($333)

For the DNC and DLC. Here is an example of why you lose elections

All Catholics (and other Christians) PLEASE READ

Fox claims all rights to The Rapture .......Stock rises on news

Judith Regan's political donations (full list)

A Boy for You, a Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice: WP

WARNING.......Fallujah Photos what we did in "Operation Plymouth Rock"

Breaking: King County Washington disenfranchises me...

Congressman warns of Iranian Attack on US

Curious George's wonderful Manufacturing Conglomerate.

Confirmation of the Theory of Evolution found.

Hey, what's everyone so down about Iraq for?

India! Two frogs get married. God is pleased.

Dark side of a man with links to power

I have this brilliant idea..

The Daily Show's take on Kerik, nannies, and Rudy!/Video

Gay Teen Expelled From High School (Updated)

Where are the Neocons, Richard Perle, Ken Adelman,Wolfowitz

new health and human services director may have to cut

In today's LTTE: "Lesbian minister deserved to lose job"

May be Kerik is not suited for the Homeland Security job. How about

Dahr Jamail one of the only independent, unembedded journalists in Baghdad

Occupation Watch: The Other Battle: Within the Ranks of the Troops

Bibles for the Middle East

Health Secretay Nominee May Cut Programs

The Affidavit Randi is reading is incredible!

People with multiple chins should not wear turtlenecks.

So what are YOU doing about identity theft?

Question about very cheap DSL cable access. . .

Tell me about the Cato Institute.

Kofi Annan's Inaugural Robert Burns Memorial Lecture

Ophrization of the legal system

Religiosity common among mothers who kill their own children

Colombians Hired to Work in Iraq

F The President

Osama says GLBT people are evil. Does that mean it is un-American...

LA. Judge Suspended for Wearing Blackface

Checking in on the "Bring Back HUAC" petition....

republican Dictionary

The “Progressive’s Calendar”

Information Clearinghouse: Watch this and report back to this thread.

Bush handing out Freedom medals like hotcakes! WTF?

Donna Frye would have been the mayor of San Diego

Army sent slick recruiting mailer to my college-graduated daughter!

Am I the only liberal sick of Petersen verdict?

I think the arm forces are getting desperate

Can someone help me here with this article link about Big Brother?

How is possible to find out an unlisted number

Full transcript of Osama Bin Laden message just prior to election.

can non-profits take political stands

The Peterson case makes me wonder about liberty and justice.

Blogger plagerized!

Nativity scene in our village park

Offensive bumpersticker next to a bu$h/Cheney 04 sticker.

MoveLeft Media Mike Malloy Mondays (Sheldon Drobny interview)

Krugman is now on Hardball

You think * is purposely deflecting all the blame for the problems in Iraq

Let No Miserable Failure Go Unrewarded >>>

Just spoke with my family in Baghdad

Why isn't Robert Novak in jail?

The military is cruising for recruits

How do we get the right to turn on Bob Novak?

CSPAN: Tenet getting Medal of Freedom. Seriously!

Has Bob Dylan done it again?

Bev Harris is on the Brian Lehrer show (NPR) tomorrow

justice for Peterson=torture??

What about prisons in the USA??

Right-Wing 'Persecution' Medley

Don't buy your gifts at chain stores! Support our voice on the air!!!!

The possibility of a draft….


Choosing the sex of your baby - would you?

Today's Freedom Medal ceremonies: rewarding our failures.

DU Taboo

Wednesday WashPost: New Catalogue Of Marine Abuses Against Iraqis

What happened?

The Letter from Ben Freedman.... which I had read some 6 months ago

Found this on the site

Extremely rare footage.....

Where the hell is the outrage re: Medicare losing $20 Bil from "errors"

Bushisms: An oldie but a goodie.

Anyone else notice Smudge's obsession with Elton John?

Olbermann is gonna get it now

need some help looking for downloadable 9/11 footage

It's apparent now why Zell Miller took the GOP side

KOs first story on court marshaling guardsmen

They hate us for our greedom..... link

Only Three Deaths Away From The Next Millstone !!!


anyone in Kalamazoo want to go to DC with me to protest Bush inauguration?

Did anyone see Ralph Reed on........

Does any country other than the U.S. believe in Supply Side Economics

OK, question

Olbermann letting the troops speak out!!

According to the bible Shrub and his cronies are going to hell

Good to be in D.C.

Military Wife Hits Jackpot (okay, I'm just venting)

pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd pResident FraWd*

wrongfully held gitmo detainees?

Any one else watching MSNBC right now?

For those of us completely out of the loop - - and those who have

Have you watched this video supposedly made by Iraqi fighters?

An attractive, white, murder victim will be made famous soon.

CDC Warning...heed this warning folks!

AHHHH I am soooooo sick of every person for themselves!!!!

"Without us Republicans"

Looking for activism suggestions

Santa 'a Democrat', Scrooge, Grinch 'Republicans', New Zogby

Daily Show- about "freedom medals" -on now

Just saw a commercial encouraging people to .......

If you could make Chimp do anything......

"I'm SO happy Scott Peterson got the death penalty."

FCC panties in a wad over this Olympic ceremony show.....pic

What do you listen to from noon-3 ET?

More homeless and hungry...RATE THIS STORY>>>

Schwarzkopf expresses anger!

The Govenator's luncheon...

Landrieu ready to drill of LA and FL in areas under moratorium.

If you approve of the Death Penalty.....

What has Tommy Franks done to deserve a civilian award?

Call for compensation for veterans (Agent Orange)

Lieberman says no to Homeland Security ??????????????

Vote Fraud: Need suggestions(or help!) on organization for Demopedia info

From Atrios - call to file FCC complaint against Limbaugh

Calling all Malloy Fans......Its Time for Truthseeking!

Why Christian Fundamentalism Is Sweeping Across The Country

Investigations: 'I Feel Threatened'

The Passion of the Christ not nominated for Golden Globe

Why Republicans Own the White House.

Nativity Creche may be on my village property. What would you do?

While the internecine squabbles continue, you are missing the real action.

CSM- Frank Luntz says 62 percent of youth voters were for KERRY

I agree with Chris Mathews for once.....

Who has doubts about Scott Peterson's guilt?

Bill Moyers: Repug-Right fundies to ruin environment as "pre-Rapture plan"

Christians should take responsibility for their own religion

I can't believe that DU members are doing posts on Scott Peterson.

New York Art Shuttered After Bush Monkey Portrait


It's official ZELL MILLAR IS NOT A DEM. He will be a commentator on Fox

Congressperson Waters to Challenge Electoral College

"It's a cluster f***, sir.

Even PRO-Bush shirts make him look like a moron

What are some popular conservative forums?

I just canceled my cable, No more TV in my house. only DVD's

The guy taking a dive...

Let's try an experiment!

All the people who died

Are you ANGRY at your right-wing friends, relatives and neighbors?

Another "Go F' Yourself" from American Corporations: Retirees can stuff it

Take Action: FDA considering Irradiation of some sea food.

Judge Suspended For Wearing Blackface To Party

Leno joking about death penalty


Interesting church/state fact. Useful for debating the issue.

If AAR has launched in your area

Well, how do you like how this administration is "supporting the troops?"

Lets Liberalize a RW forum (Its fun)

How much of your news do you get from DU?

Syringe in a corn ear symbolizing genetically modified organisms..pic

What the Hell is Wrong with Our Democratic Leadership

Interesting: Missing cruise passengers this year = 3

Forget about the Govenator: it can be GW B*sh in 08

CNN: Huge Ford SUV set for extinction?

Let's thank this website for "exposing" liberal celebs!

This guy Dore Gold (on Daily Show) makes me ill

Salvation Army still whining about Target not letting them ring their

Randi giving it to Bev.

What all occupations prevent someone

Does anyone know the names of the songs

Easter is a bigger Christian Holy Day than Christmas.

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

If Gary Webb was rubbed out, here's why: ARMY RECRUITING EXPOSE.

Am I the only Liberal who's not bothered by the Peterson verdict?

Stupid Bush Picture of the Week

the NEW yellow ribbon!!

The Democratic Party is Dead ... only if YOU let it die.

Censorship on the left.

LaRouche's EIR has a good article on the Bush plunder of SS

Conservatives aim to reclaim Christmas

Bush Administration Documents on Secrecy Policy (Federation of American

Stop using the word Libertarian

emboldened Sinclair Broadcasting pushing forward its right-wing agenda

Support the wounded

the Democratic Party is dead.

Fillet of sole without it being mushy

Help!! Baked bean question

Anybody have a recipe for Texas caviar?

Favorite hors d'oeuvre recipes: post them here!

Leavitt to Lead HHS, Could Cut Programs

Money Spied Off a Vanishing Coastline

Kelly 'could not have died' from knife wound, paramedics claim _DUPE

Two Marines killed in Iraq's western Anbar province

NYT: China Detains 3 ("leading intellectuals") Who Criticized Government

Asia holds its collective breath over bird flu threat for 2005

WP: Geico Wants (injunction) to Restrict Google Ads:Criticizes Search Link

Army Reprimand Reported in Slaying

50 dead, 250 injured in Indian train crash

U.S. Options Few in Feud With Iran ((Here we go AGAIN!))

Road to Baghdad a highway of hazards

(Br. Govt.) Inquiry Ordered (by High Court) into Iraqi Civilian Death

Religious Leaders Talk AIDS Prevention (Won't Endorse Contraception)

Election Official Says 561 Ballots Wrongly Rejected in Washington Governor

Eight More Bodies Found in Mosul

UK must investigate Iraqi civilian's death

NYT, AP: Ohio Electors Vote Despite Challenge

US army chief in Baghdad with celebrities in tow

Court Clears Couple to Sue U.S. Agents

(US) Egypt, Israel sign trade accord 25 years after peace treaty

UN suspends aid operations in South Darfur after killings

Car bomb at Green Zone entrance kills 7

Assailants Set Fire to Iraq Oil Pipeline

WP,p1:Boy for You,Girl for Me:Technology Allows Choice,Stirs Ethics Debate

College Fails in Bid to Grow Marijuana

Fed expected to send rates higher today

Afghan forces capture Mullah Omar's security chief

Democrats Say They'll Assume Watchdog Role

NYT: CIA Order on Detainees Shows Its Role (in interrogations) Was Curbed

BellSouth Going Door-To-Door for Customers

Victim advocacy groups decry cuts in on-site diocese audits

Iraq's deadly insurgency continues at a ferocious pace

TSA Wants More Travelers to Register

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Governor Recount Case

Merck Hikes Job Cuts (to 5,100 by year-end) Amid Earnings Slide

NYT, pg1, lead: Google Is Adding Major Libraries to Its Database

Soros takes stake in reinsurance firm

U.S. trade gap widens sharply in Oct. (imports to record $153.5B)

Researchers never warned White House before AIDS drug sent to Africa

Unocal Settles Rights Cases in Myanmar(Alleged Forced Labor, Murder, Rape)

BNP leader held in race hate inquiry

Reservists to boost Iraq forces

LAT: Corporate Optimism Sparks Wave of Deals

LAT: Protest Launched Against Sinclair (filling airwaves with Rep. bias)

European Union and USA in contact with Hamas, group leader says

Republican campaigner pleads innocent to phone-jamming (ME/NH)

Blacklisted Russian's planes tied to U.S. contracts in Iraq

American Diplomatic Drive Comes Up Short

Puerto Rico election case roils

WP/Milbank: 'Full Confidence'? Uh-Oh.

Renewal of deal to help secure Russian arms in doubt

U.S. Trade Deficit Swells to Record $55.5B

Rehnquist Sits Out Some High Court Cases

British court backs inquiry into death of Iraqi allegedly killed by UK tro

FDA says four people injected with unapproved toxin (Diluted Botulinum A)

Bush sends season's greetings to two million of his closest friends

Boxer criticizes vetting of security nominee

Health Secretary Nominee May Cut Programs (1 day on the job)

Most GOP Plans to Remake SS Involve Deep Cuts to Tomorrow's Retirees

Islamic Scholar, Visa Withheld, Gives Up U.S. Post

KY: Panel won't certify race for Senate

Here are the Petition and Motion for Injunction in the Arnebeck case!!!!!

Iraqi police killed in ambush near Baghdad

Gunmen Kill 4, Seize Weapons in Russia's Caucasus

Top Sunni Party Among 79 Blocs to Contest Iraq Poll

Cuba: Expecting the worst from the US, ‘even an invasion’

Software Should Not Be Copyrighted - - Lawsuit

Radicals Youths Being Trained in Iraq (EU's De Vries)

Saddam being held in Camp Cropper: Iraqi minister

Sadr ties involvement in Iraq poll to exodus of foreign troops

More dirt on Kerik - Can you say, "Oops!"

Egyptian Censors Ban 'Bush' Book on Islam (Anti-Islam Bush Ancestor?)

Two juveniles arrested in Springfield mosque fire

White House to Push 'Clear Skies' Legislation

After Vote Mix-Up, N.C. Electoral College Goes For Bush

Pakistan, India Begin Anti-Nuclear Talks

Aznar 'wiped files on Madrid bombings'

Democrats Planning Watchdog Role

Test site proposed as backup for printing headquarters

New Iraq Mass Grave May Contain 500 Bodies - PM

US trade deficit bulges to record 55.5 billion dollars

Rampant Insider Selling Raises Red Flags

U.N. OKs $2.9B for 2000 Kuwait Invasion

Group Tries to Save Statehouse Nude Statue

þAmerican official says role of coalition in Iraq is to further human righ

Over 300 Americans to attend Cuba trade talks

Explosion rocks Baghdad, smoke near Green Zone

SEC questions Tyco on Iraq oil-for-food program

Army Guard now says its Iraq troops figure was inaccurate

Chemical 'warfare' angers Afghans

Bush wants Lieberman for position in Cabinet

Parties Demand Fresh Mozambique Elections (More Election Fraud)

Tide May Be Turning To Gregoire In Recount

Bush Honors Three with Medal of Freedom

Irish teens biggest binge drinkers in EU - survey . (unchanged since 1999)

Ford to Kill Mammoth Excursion Next Year

Mass. Gets Low Ranking For Terror Preparedness (+most others aren't great)

Levin says Iraq needs to train troops better

Governor's choice for stem cell chairman (Robert Klein II)

Vote for Edwards instead of Kerry shocks Minnesota electors

La. judge suspended for wearing blackface

Arab, European terrorists being trained in Iraqi camps

Ohio soldier killed while on patrol in Iraq (#1297)

Democrats' lawsuit unanimously rejected by the state Supreme Court

Supreme Court rejects Democrats' recount lawsuit

Union busting 101 in the NY Times

anyone listening to Randi? re vote fraud program?

Civilian Workers At Redstone May Face Iraq Deployment

Conservatives aim to reclaim Christmas

World's tallest road bridge opens in France

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 14 December

Architect to Study Hawks' Rooftop Nest

Continental rejects Concorde blame

Kerry to visit Pakistan next month

Saddam relative captured in Fallujah

Reid vows to be watchdog: Sets Democratic hearings on GOP

Pentagon Announces Units for Deployment

Air force ups use of cargo planes in Iraq to reduce truck convoys

Three Kidnapped in Eastern Afghanistan

College Criticized for Recruiting Postcard

Controversial US Groups Operate Behind Scenes on Iraq Vote

Mahmoud Abbas: The Palestinian Uprising must end...

Film Industry to Sue Server Operators

Gore warns of Global 'Crisis'

Poland to cut troops in Iraq by a third from Feb

Cure for diabetes soon (?)

Search for bin Laden Foiled on Many Fronts

MoD calls up 900 reservists for tour of duty

Medal of Freedom Awards

Bush Detractors Plan Quiet Rejection

Justice Urged to Open Satellite Leak Probe

Yahoo! Senate Dems Plan Investigatory Hearings

Iraqi police buses ambushed

Taxi Driver Shoots Man in Bin Laden Mask

Protests against Saudi monarchy planned

Group proposes intell roles

Hamilton Co. recount under way

U.S. opposes third term for IAEA chief

Navy Documents Detail Iraqi Abuse Claims

Wash. Supreme Court Rejects Disqualified Ballots

Iraq "war" cost passes 100 BILLION....CBS eve. link yet sorry

N.Korea: Japan Sanctions Would Be War Declaration

Florida Ballot Inspection Results are In!!

Electoral College Votes As Results Challenged In Court

Washington State Supreme Court rejects Democrats' recount suit

Backwell's non-response to Rep Conyer's 12/2 letter

‘US working to strengthen legal system in developing countries’

US Sees Need to Carefully Plan Sanctions on N. Korea-Kyodo News

Idaho Gay Marriage Amendment Unlikely To Pass

AIDS Research Chief Rewrote Safety Report

AIDS Research Chief Rewrote Safety Report

Lottery Winner's Wife Regrets Ticket

Weak dollar fails to lift U.S. automakers

TRIAD scandal in NYT

(Allawi says) Iraq War Crimes Trials to Begin Next Week

Gary Webb-evidence of murder

People will overthrow Musharraf if he stays in uniform, says MMA

McCain has ‘no confidence’; Schwarzkopf expresses anger

Yet another Kerik story -- from Sludge

America Should Not be Judged by Current Actions, Says Albright

Ohio Counties React Differently To New Recount Requests

Pataki considering seeking fourth term

WP: On Kerik Nomination, White House Missed Red Flags

WP: Bush Allies May Defect Over Fiscal Proposals

Irish GDP to outpace global rate - EIU

Bush wants Lieberman for position in Cabinet

Soldiers' anger over Iraq crash

Medal of Freedom

Lawyers battle over Pinochet fate

Marine who was student at Columbine (HS) during 1999 attack killed in Iraq

Lieberman Says NO

NYT: How Do You Drive Out a Union? S.C. Factory Provides a Textbook Case

Tree Marking Underground Railroad Cut Down

Yahoo News: Rampant Insider Selling Raising Red Flags

Watchdog Cites More Halliburton Failings in Iraq

Creationism evolves into court fight

WP: GM, DaimlerChrysler Join To Develop Hybrid-Car Technology

Two U.S. Marines killed around Baghdad

Files show more US abuse in Iraq

Bombers Strike Baghdad's Green Zone Again (2nd time in 2 days)

Iraqi ground attacks prompt US to airlift supplies

Military Will March Front and Center at Inaugural Festivities

Hungry, Homeless Figures Increase in U.S

Zell Miller joining Fox News Channel

Suspicions Cast on Russia After Poisoning

NYT-Bush Honors 3 Ex-Officials Instrumental to Iraq Policy

Bird Extinctions May Impact Environment

G8 summit police to go on trial over mass beatings

Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena

Conservatism on the rise in young voters

Texas Moms Who Killed Children Cite Religion

NYT: Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry Into Ohio Vote

Sources: Reid, Pelosi backing Roemer for DNC chair

Woman Who Drowned Kids Appeals Conviction (Andrea Yates)

Quiet rejection: anti-Bush demonstrators to turn their backs during parade

Judge who wore blackface to party suspended

Stormin' Norm rips Rumsfeld

Mentally-ill girl who was sold for sex faces death penalty in Iran

WP: Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio

Kerik kept first wife a secret (possible bigamy)

Rendell mounts push to move Pa. presidential primary up

Flight Attendants Rally at White House

Companies Rapidly Cutting Health Benefits

Sluggish holiday sales leave retailers uneasy

US is forced to abandon hunt for bin Laden


Lysergic Liberals.......this thread's for you!



Speaking of Proper English Rants

what do you call that form of English that doesn't use "to be"?

Crazy Office Mate has a tax problem- any advice?

What should I have for lunch?

Can I show you something?

DU Group suggestion: Women's Rights

Well the video camera finally came.

Who Does Your Kitty Like Best....Rhodes/Franken

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Since there's a meteor shower tonight, I need advice on a telescope...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber,

Did you know that the Olsen twins can buy NYU

How can I locate a transcript from C-Spans Washington Journal 12/13

I changed my avatar - know who this is?

Has your cat ever taken a message

my 1000th post!

How long do banks keep records?

Does your cat ever give you Mescaline?

Poll for bisexual men only!

Did you know that the Olsen twins go to NYU?

Did you know that the Olsen Twins can spell NYU?

Do you think the Little Baby Jesus (tm) is happy Petersen will die?

I think these lyrics are hilarious

So a blind bear and a blind anaconda meet up at a pond...

can't sleep, going to a funeral Wed, ask me something

For those familiar with the Sopranos and Johnny Dangerously

My neck, My back

How do I tell my brother I no longer want to have a relationship with him?

Now I'm depressed.

Santa wanted for International Discrimination

how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

AARGHHH ! It never ends!!!!!

Joke to tell Bush supporters

1000 is in my sights!!!!! 22 away!!!!! ask me anything!!!!!

The History of Santa Clause and Christmas

weird dream night

Who wants to be my pal?

Would you pay $60 for 50 pennies?

mmmmm, who wants a late night snack?

I just became a terrorist.

The best joke to tell Bush supporters

post a recent picture of your shmengdar

Breaking News!

The Alleged Homoeroticism of George W. Bush

I don't want to miss the 'Milestones' posting....


Give The Gift Of Pole Dancing Lessons This Holiday Season

UFO Explodes Over Chinese City

It's 5:50 am, I have 2 more chapters to study, and I haven't slept in days

calling all students still up writing papers!

What are you

DU is making me late to work! (Not really) - but I do get so wrapped up

Sum up your day in headline form

So, I've heard of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Porn Used To Sabotage Boss

Killer Pussy Cat Terrorizes Entire Suburb

Is the Lounge becoming about as fun as

I'm feeling homeopathic, please post disturbing remedies

Any DU reviews of the Extended Return of the King DVD yet?

Check out this BAD-ASS chess game I just played.

Teen Gets $2,000 Reward For Turning In $21,500

i'm feeling sociopathic, please post disturbing pics

Top ways to bait and trap a freeper. Suggestions?

Well, off to the shower for me

What the BLOODY HELL did I do to my ANKLE?!

If you were given the chance would you go to space?

An interesting take on Christmas Movies...

Favorite Tim Burton Film

WAIT a minute...Miramax has been planning a BIOPIC on POS Kerik?

aL franken is a racist

Are non-stick frying pans safe?

"I'm Mr. Green Christmas...I'm Mr. sun...

Peterson Given Lifetime Channel Sentence

There's a town I know where the hipsters go

70s radio clips

Ha Ha Ha -- Made Jews and Muslims eat pork yesterday!!!

Favorite Danny Elfman Score

My X-mas greeting to you all...(big pic)

A holiday gift

Check this link!!

Food Critic Weighs In On Hardees "Monstor Thick Burger"

any DUers ever join member sites?

The Robert Williams Appreciation Thread

Group Rallies To Try And Keep Nude Statue On Govenor's Desk

And now for something completly different

17 reasons not to slit your wrists

I think I'm getting addicted to TNT...

Aerosmith song on a Buick commercial-MAN! they sold out!

Anyone read "Fluke" by Christopher Moore?

DU to send "Warmest Xmas Greetings" to Presdident Bush????

Laughing, jovial Junior 'n' Rudy pic: two men who really know how to bond

Dumb question about Unfiltered



the part of, "beware the beast man" wiLL now be pLayed by

Bernard Kerik - A cross between Dr. Phil, Daryl Gates, and

Professional ho seeking corporate pimp

Anyone wanna dream about what they'd rather want to do in life?


Hidden Windows settings

Billboards with messages from God - Anyone seen this one?

You busted up that crack house pretty bad, McGonigle.

"Denny Crane."

Bernard Kerik: Is he HOT or what?

Saw a 'Hillary in 2008' sticker this morning...

And now...the copycat threads!

So what are YOU doing about identity theft?


The "Arnola, Who Knew?" CAPTION

Do the searches ever work anymore?


Batman or Dumbass?

How I'm like President Smirky

I need Christmas help!

The "World of Hurt" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Everything in moderation...



Mrs. Beast Man and I are playing hooky. - Ask us anything!


Copyrights would have protected us all from Old Navy

Favorite Scott Baio score?

Do you believe in life after death? If so, where will you go?

those damn magnetic ribbons!!!!!!!

Lycanthropic Liberals.......this thread's for you!

My Breakfast with Blassie

Don't they call protestors in China dissidents


1955 Patriarchal BS.

Is the Judith Regan on Fox News the one Kerik had an affair with?

Rock's most under-rated guitarist:

moved topic n/t

A song for Viktor Yushchenko

BFEE - - What does that mean? Demopedia doesn't have it, or

Blockbuster drops late fees

cLick here and get sick

Debbie Allen, cheer up a little

Should I bulk up, shave my head and grow a Kerik-style mustache?

Ted Nugent: A Cowardly Scumbag Sans Pareil

My whole body hurts...Ask me Anything!

The "Seeing You Just Reminded Me" CAPTION


Moral Dilemma -- To turn in DU copycat infringer?

just thought of a bumper sticker slogan !

The Todd Schorr Appreciation Thread

Are those online last will and testament's any good?

I'm in love with Josephine the Proctologist...

Today, in video stores all over America, it's a "Clay Aiken Christmas"

Napoleon Loved Josephine

I'm in love with the Empress Josephine

Ebay Blunder

What about Josephine the Butcher?

Suicidal driver survives plunge from parking garage's fifth floor

I'm in love with Josephine the Baker

I'm in love with Josephine the Plumber!

Will the Palestinians elect Abba?

Fans of Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, line forms to the left...

I'm in love with Josephine Baker

I was in love during Tropical Storm Josephine

Is this guy for real?






Anyone watch Two and a Half Men last night?

Almost done with finals.

how many of you are here today?

I'm In Love With Josephine The Plumber

does she sell sea shells down by the sea shore?

Unfortunate Christmas Cards

How many men dip their barbers?

Dead Like Me

what about abduLLah the butcher?

"Medical Institute of Sexual Health" -- what the heck is it?

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?

I've premature wrinkles, ask me anything!

Are you horny?

I rescued two kittens from the deep freeze tonight......

Stop using the word Librarian.

If any of you applied to be a moderator....

I'm in love with Amanda Plummer!

"Compassionate Conservatism"

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Trailer

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Little help - Links to sites hosting fun & interesting videos?

What about Sam the Butcher?

I'm in love with Christopher Plummer

Call the SPCA, I'm an animal abuser.........

Why do Americans love violence and hate sex so much?

And don't forget about Mack the Knife

The Alex Grey Appreciation Thread

Just where is THIS going?

We come together once again with hopeful hearts and caring spirits...

Lightning Sand EXISTS!!

Time - got the time tick-tick-tickin’ in my head!

A health insurance plan won't cover Attorneys

Twin Sisters Deliver Sets of Twin Boys

Any banker types out there?

Dontcha just love this?

Are you hungry?

"The Parents Television Council" wants to "enforce standards of decency"

Unfortunate Christmas Bards

Talk about warped self-image

Why Do Americans Love Violins And Hate Sax So Much?

Paris Hilton is starting a chain of night clubs.

The days before safety helmets....

Man Accused Of Biting His Dog As Punishment


Interesting talk I had with my dentist today

caption this......

The Rum Diary is in production (great news for Fear & Loathing fans)

"PervArtistry" Game Combines Charades & Pictionary - Rated "R" Style

I have a stalker following me around online

I Need to do my Holiday Shopping. Ask me Anything!!!

CAPTION, older than babs, the aryan superman, or the token black...

What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

dumb question.. if i email a link to a DU thread, when they decide to look


Anyone interested in a Do It Yourself/Home Improvement/Crafts

I'm listening to the Cure at Roskilde Festival 2001 - Ask me anything

Twin sisters deliver twin boys an hour apart

Would-Be Thief Is Duct-Taped to Pole with Tape he Intended to use

Japanese men rest weary heads on women's laps -- made of foam

Wanna Drive Yourseslf Crazy?

ok so i'm bad at debating -cry for help-


Moral dilemma - To turn in 'Simpsons' copyright infringer?

Bunny gets ~40 responses to a self-described worthless post...

I just received this via my school district's email, so what should I do?

Honesty pays, but should it be advertised?

Plumbing help

Okay, what's with the flames? How do you get "flamed" and why

What was this woman thinking??!!??

A Monkey & His Flunkies

that guy hates it when those people aren't specific enough

This is on my shoulder

DU needs new pics of moderators going pell mell with Pall Malls

Where the heck is Randi?

Where the heck is Cadence?

Bush has repulsive taste in the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

Misanthropic Liberals...this thread's for you!

Holy cow! I have just 17 more posts to go!

Ed Asner. Great actor. Great Progressive.

How cool is the term 'pell-mell'?

Bunny hates it when people refer to themselves in the third person.

Do you believe in death after life? If so, where will you go?

Afternoon Chat Thread


7-11 coffee rules!

Oh my Blooming Gods!!!

Do you eat with Pale Male at your meal?

Today (Dec 14) is the Feast of St John of the Cross

The Mati Klarwein Appreciation Thread (pic heavy)

Man hit by double decker bus he threw a brick at, dies

Afternoon 'chat' threat...

"Superior Coffee" SUCKS!

Progressives on message at last

Sting Vs Lou Ferrigno

Starbucks Coffee DOESN'T Suck!

Do you eat Pall Malls with your meals?

If you misspell many words- take heart!!! (cool)


Vacuum cleaners suck!

anyone out there right now who can make a thumb from a jpeg?

I just bought 10,000 books. Ask me anything.

ALL Coffee Sucks!

HypnoToad vs a coma

One two three four

Great! Now i'm humming Message in a Bottle

Post a pic of yourshelf taken within the last month!!!!!!

Cuban coffee rules!

Sesame Street

Help! Does anybody have the DVD/VHS of "Carousel"?


Do you eat your meals all pell-mell or do you have a system?

all right who caught that freeper so fast and what'd they do in 2 posts

Opportunity for Photoshoppers

The confirmed homoerotisim of George Bush

Phil Collins vs. a rabid woodchuck

I just waved my micro-hands at pop and now my corns smell like...

Festus is coming!

Let Us Not Forget...

Police Apologize for arresting 10-yr-old girl who brung sissors to school

Oh Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!

My nomination for single most worthless DU post ever:

I just had some microwave popcorn and now my hand smells like

Oh Sting, Where is Thy Death?

I SUCK all coffee.

Rockin' in the New Year with...Regis?!

People with multiple chins should not wear turtlenecks.

Who else has been snubbed by the "Milestones" posts?

Woody Allen vs. a head of lettuce

CAPTION the two ass clowns...

If you want good coffee, grind some Kenyan or Sumatran.

Has anyone heard of Primerica?

Due to the valiant efforts of RaginginMiami...

Today I realized how much of an addict I am. Help me.

Was David Cone Ever Caught Masterbating In The NY Mets Bullpen?

I love Jamie Bell. Am I a dirty old lady?

Why would the lab want me to fast 12 hours before a vitamin B12 test?

Librarian is steamed to discover recipes are being cut out of cookbooks

Having a stiff neck really sucks

MMmmmm I just ate a BBQ tempeh sandwich and it rocked!!

Post the OLDEST Picture Of Yourself That You Can Find

How many men tip their barbers?

I refuse to do a "get me to a thousand" thread...

I just found a box of betty crocker turtle brownie mix

who else thinks calling student groups "alliances" is just wrong...

How bad does Christopher Hitchens smell?

i'm off to wrap my Filet's with Bacon

Wanted: Professional Wingman

Sleaziest, most disgusting celery ever? (not counting vegetarians)

Yesterday, I realized how much of an addict I am. Help me.

My Wife has to work both xmas eve and xmas day

Judge Wears Blackface to Party

Root Beer vs. Dr Pepper

Did you hear the Repug on Randi? I didn't get a chance to hear


I have a job interview

Bunnies Etc (pics)

what emotions come to you when you see this picture?

Awww...who wants a hug?

The Christians and the Pagans--Dar Williams



Lottery Winner's Wife Regrets $314.9 million Ticket

Tee hee hee hee hee hee

The Pixies are on Letterman tonight.

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Lawyer: Bible Led Mom to Sever Baby's Arms

Post a naked pic of yourself taken within the last month.

Woohoo! I'm so proud of my little bro!

Check out this stupid Bush pic!

What's with people who wear SHORTS in the WINTER?

Enter the Freeper Detector and choose YOUR favorite Bush family member

The Shooting Post is Open!

RW Bumpersticker: "America Bless God"

Longgrain's going to air out his dirty laundry--give him some advise.

Phil Ochs

6,000 acre island sells for $26,500. So what?

Don't know what the hell's going on with the Hallelujah and the Adios?

Has Bob Dylan done it again?

Yakov Smirnoff.

I went to the doctor for bronchitis and walked out with a growth removed.

Sex thread?

So. How old is that can of spray starch in your house?

I'm moving to Bermuda

7 loads of laundry done -

San Diego county CIF football championships on TV now.

Which movie are you looking forward to the most?

'Mild' Baby Powder. No shit.

Taxi Driver Shoots Man in Bin Laden Mask

I'm always the last to know the gay gossip! Ellen and Portia!

Boomtown Rats: Tonic for the Troops

Choosing the sex of your baby - would you?

Let's all do some math!

Ray Rayner or Chauncey!

Thank god the tiki bar is open..

Am I the only person left that just wants plain Folgers or Maxwell House..

Ernie Kovacs or Milton Berle

So I Went to the Gas Station Today

Has anyone else seen the yellow ribbon/jesus fish hybrid?



Stop hijacking my weed threads with talk of alcohol.

What, exactly, does this bumper sticker mean?

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is a "also has full lips"

Q. What's worse than a freeper who can't spell?

Paradise Meatloaf

Steve Earle's "Rich Man's War" video online now!

My wife left me and I stopped smoking!

How Old Were You When You Last Had A Photo Taken With Santa?

Bay City Rollers or City By the Bay?

dating to save people from Hell!!

AUURRGGGHHH!!! The ex-wife and money...

Extremely rare footage.....

What important matters and events does bush not care about?

Who the hell would vote in such a lame-ass poll?

This is the best poem about America I've ever read:

How do I get my spoiled cat to use the doggie door?

Fuck it...self delete

God's chosen son speaks: "free people never choose their own enslavement"

i am loaded

Man ... Canada makes me cold

My wife left me and I stopped smoking and....


My upstairs neighbor has been running laps around the apartment

Let's all smoke some weed.

How Old Were You When You Last Had A Photo Taken With Satan?

Let's see if I can stay trouble-free tonight

Deion Sanders: Kobe broke players' code

Attention Minnesota DUers:

Man... cocaine makes me cold

Thoughts on the People's Street Reactions - Peterson Verdict

bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork bork

Lynden, Washington. Jesus, what a hell hole.

Being Creative with Ramen Noodles

My spleen... can't live with it, can't live with out it.

Suspect In At Least 2 Dozen Robberies Linked To a Beer Can

I think DU is going down. I keep getting error messages. And slow!

Ahh a Guinness and an Ambien - night night!

Who agrees with Paul Begala?


i found lucky strikes at $.90/per pack

Poll for heterosexual men only!!!

If you dislike SUVs, you'll love this poetic rant

Back when a hoe was a hoe

Women. Can't live with them...

Long life noodles problem - help sought - any chinese chefs out there?

Hey Mr. Pinochet, you've sown a bitter crop.

Let's pretend "that site" has a Lounge. Post like a you-know-what...

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep


Don't piss off this driver!

This is kind of neat...

Viktor Yushchenko in various stages of being poisoned

Man..Canada makes me laugh


The 12 Days of Christmas, Deconstructed

Asked a girl what she wanted to be...

Funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Spermies Candy

Question about very cheap DSL cable access. . .

Next year's Heisman race may come to 2 players from the same HS.

Cum All Ye Faithful

I'm outta here

"I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmas...."

White Trash Xmas

Bad Company vs Aerosmith

Christmas this year is like

HO HO HO, open up your door

Most Comfortable Pillow Ever?


Snow pics!! backyard snowpics!!

"Women...can't live with 'em...."

Hey, isn't my fife just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Men...Can't live with them..can't live without 'em.


WooHoooo I have carolers, BRB while I turn on the sprinkler.

The OJ Chase and the SUV Craze...

I hate to say it, but I like THE MAJORITY REPORT better without Garofalo.

I need a laugh Please link Cartoons

I love those HP commercials!! n/t

What do you think whenever you see this:

whats the link to listen to randi rhodes at night?

Help... please?

Am I the only one who thinks The Lounge is fine the way it is?


OMG! Jon Stewart can't speak tonight.

Another Stray Cat thread

what's the message of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the 2000 version)

Congratulate me! Out of the 700 club in less than24 hours!

These beautiful kittens need homes!

Somebody tell me a joke

Russian infantryman - or Bill Clinton?

Damon Wayans

Holy shit! Is anyone else listening to Mike Malloy right now?

I FINALLY Realized Why I Don't Like Leonardo DiCaprio's Acting!

"The Bronze Rat"

How does Al do it?!

Those little Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the colorful xmas wrap...


Will I burn in hell if I go to bed tonight with 666 posts?

I'm pouring. Who's up for One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer?

EBay Item: Jesus Mary Joseph Wise Men Sheep Cocktail Smokies


Help me out here

Anybody had knee surgery before?

Where is thebigidea (Andre)? Haven't seen him in M0NTHS!

How well do you know your states?

2 movies...can't wait..the anticipation is killing me

Reminder: The Pixies are performing on Letterman tonight!

Help please---

My CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Top 10. Please vote for your favorite.

You, sir or madam, are an obtuse sycophantic phlegmatic swine herder

Does the lounge need to be "Re-taken"?

Women, can't live with em, can't cut em to pieces and toss em overboard

Attention please! Here here! Special announcement by DemoTex.

1960's music fans-who appreciates SPIRIT?

You Can Now Become A Lord - For $76

It's not like I try to be a thread-killer, but lately I'm a thread-killer.

I start blood pressure medicine tomorrow

Best Devo album?

Oy vey iz mir!

Another stray cat thread.

A Prayer For The Genders

I'm walking to the store to pick up some groceries

Ummm...HeeLLLoooo I had a thread where everyone was fighting people!

The top Motown act that isn't Marvin, Smokey, Diana, Stevie, or the Temps

Googled my name, how depressing.

RagingInMiami's famous hot dog recipe

I'm watching...REALITY TV!


Six posts to go...gotta get outa the 700 club...ask me just

Woman Sees Sad Face of Ronald McDonald in Hamburger Bun...

Words you always pronounce wrong

Wow, am I lucky

Tonight's flamebait debate: Sudafed meth law

Employers & confidentiality

Fox News doesn't like Canada - Video

Mad TV vs In Living Color

What are you drinking right now?

My new job title: Animal Tranquilizer.

I've just bottled my first case of wine from scratch. Ask me anything.


Myyyyy ..... Preccccciousssssss!!!!!!!

I find out tomorrw if I have to have knee surgery again

Finish This Question: "Why Are Some People So... ---- ?"

Name the artist

Can anyone help me with a 'job related' question tonight?

FOUR NEW "critical / security" updates for Windows today...FOUR!

Hey, isn't my wife just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET! New "Batman Begins" trailer!

My doctor's office is driving me nuts!

Chest hairs roasting on an open pyre

cute pet pic of the day

Lets have a Bruce Springsteen sing along!

Dunkin' Donuts coffee SUCKS!

Help me liberalize a RW forum

I have to share this. My son is upstairs in his room with the door open..

How can someone get help with no photo ID?

Where are you and is it snowing?

First DUer To Answer All These Questions Correctly Wins A Cookie!

The Treetop Tradition Begins

Requests for my overnight show, please!

San Diego thanks you Eli Manning

Men: Can't live with them, and you can't shoot them!

Bush in line for a BJ


What's the oldest TV theme song you can sing all the way through

Are you happy?

warning for those of you in the northeast, and mid atlantic, especially

Words you *ALWAYS* spell wrong

Any handwriting experts here?

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Dare or Dare?

Band Name Suggestions

Grammar Cop Time: Grammar Pet Peeves

I saw a beat up pick up with Agricultural plates and a big

"House of Flying Daggers"

Maynard James Keenan on Fundamentalism.

What I think about when I see fish symbols on cars

A Wedding Celebration Dec. 17th

Virgin Mary as a Goddess?

Q: Does Dominionism ("Left Behind") have a following outside of America?

A Boy for You, A Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice

Asia holds its collective breath over bird flu threat for 2005

Heart Tissue Is Grown From Rat Cells

Shipment of fuel-cell powered product announced

Hearing Ordered For Evangelists In Gay Brawl

Mom, I'm Gay (short-short story)

Awww...Hillary Rosen wants me to renew my HRC membership.

Between A Rock & A Gay Place

Pedro signs with NY...

How much does the NFC suck right now?


Kobe and Karl

Is Tice a goner in Minnesota?

Bye Bye Pedro

These BEAUTIFUL kittens need good homes!

I won a pet photo contest!

My kitties!!!

When imagination knocks, open the Duir


help on numerology #4 - what does it mean for a home???

The Great Divide

Is anyone planning a Winter Solstice Celebration? it okay to sell my rental property now?

I have a question

Two Words To The "We Must Save Xmas!" Freaks

Ever give a eulogy

Election Project

I won a photo contest!

Roadside attractions/ architecture

WATCH Clinton Curtis testimony to the court.. under oath!

When will they run out of Bushes?

Letter to the WSJ: Health Insurers' Profits

Anyone else watch the Electoral Vote from Ohio on C-SPAN?

Republicans who invoke the names of Lincoln and Teddy Rooosevelt

ATTN DUers... vote- should Ohio wait till recount to cast electors!!

My diehard GOP father loves Joe Lieberman


Tour of Oval Office w/ Pres. Bush

When does the draft get reinstated?

Please nominate top "stories" to watch from bushco in Jan-March

Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart: This week in God vid

Which do you trust most : The Government or the Free Marketplace ?

Keriks current wife is SYRIAN

Arnold doesn't have a religious bone in his body - that I've every heard

I'm just watching Tony Blair

Moral Values, George Bush, Bernie Kerik, and Hypocrisy....

PLEASE! Download and use! Seize the meme!

Why not have a "short" ballot and a "long" ballot?

Boxer criticizes vetting of security nominee

NASA admin. O'Keefe's Resignation a coincidence?

Join the Posse to arrest Ohio SoS Blackwell

Bush as a Hungry Man entree....hehehe.....

Judge and family threatned because of Orielly show mis-statements

Essays on converting from conservative to liberal

1000th post - This is your fault America!

What would it take to call another Constitutional Convention?

Start attacking the 2nd tier

Reid says Senate Democrats plan investigatory hearings

How serious a threat are "terrorists" on our nation?

Who do you think the GOP will run in 2008?

A co-worker has asked me to verify that...

Why Do The Republicans Keep Kicking Our Asses In Elections?

About Mr. Blackwell... (and his kind)

Ohio Congressman Rob Portman

Sen. Durbin's strong statement on Howard Dean

THATS IT... WRITE ON YOUR MONEY.. get the message out!!

We need Lieberman in the Senate

WSJ oped: The Blue-State Tax Burden

I have figured it out!

What is the mood of the Democrats on the "Hill"?

Leavitt nominated for HHS...President in '08?

The Democrats' Rove Envy

Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert...

'Party now, pay later' economy can't last-Dig the last sentence...

Place your bets for Sunday talkinghead shows

Kerik A Polygamist?

Have you a better caption?

Al Franken's Bill O'Reilly impersonation contest

Poll: There are traitors in this administration.

NPR Takes Ohio Election Fraud Story MSM!!!

The Daily Show's take on Kerik, nannies, and Rudy!/Video

NYT, AP: Ohio Court "can declare new winner or throw out" Results of Pres.

Where does the media FIND these Dem weenies?

Heads up! Cam Kerry soon to be on CNN Inside Politics

Keeping tabs on the DNC candidates with frequent updates:

......Its Clinton's fault !................Its Clinton's fault !..........

Who is the progressive candidate for DNC chair?

A link to Conyers original letter to Blackwell, please. Thanks.

Do the Bushes have Mafia ties?

Going to the center, what a novel idea

Nice ad done by folks who want Dean for DNC

Edwards on Charlie Rose tonight

Why was Cam Kerry on CNN with Woodruff. He wasn't asked about vote

For the morons who thought Jan elections Iraq meant troops home afterwards

What is the hurry with a SS reform?

Why has been down for maintenace for 7 months?

How Does the Kerik Scandal Impact Giuliani?

Is Joe Lieberman qualified to be Homeland Security Head?

ACLU Sues Secret Service and Others

Back to basics: Democrats defined. A must read for "Centrists".

More good news about our wonderful dollar!

Formula for a Democratic Miracle...the lead story today...

Do you really believe there's going to be a 2008 presidential election?

World view of Americans versus bush.

OK....when.....please someone say GENERAL STRIKE..PLEASE

Conservative's ultimate agenda & reason for big deficits

Man it gets frustrating...doesn't it?

Diebold: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

A friend forwarded this e-mail from Michael Moore. . .

Mayor's races

Insurgent Video From Blitzer/ Video

Easy Flyer and Email List -- Send to Senators Re: Jan 6th

Write-In Votes Would Tip San Diego Race

The Ohio Recount Really Doesn't Mean All That Much

Jimmy Carter will be live on KGO radio with Pete Wilson, 3:00 (Pacific)

What do you think of the New Democrat Network?

Wrap your heads around Pelosi/Reid endorsement DNC chair.

CNN just reports: Lieberman says NO to Homeland Sec.

Write-In Votes Would Tip San Diego Race

US media; why the freeping rightwingnuts are so ignorant.

Scarbourogh Contry asking if there is a GOD gene NOW

Dean running from the liberal label on MTP

My brother is doing a report and needs help.

The Last Straw. Bush* AWARDS George Tenet Medal of Freedom

I'll bite: What do you SPECIFICALLY want the new DNC chair to do?

Gary Webb- evidence of murder

What about "Kerik: The Movie"

Like we needed another reason NOT to watch Fox News

What are your other must-read political web sites?

Who is the Progressive's Public Enemy #1

Rush uses obscenity on radio! Demand FCC take action!

Repub Candidate in 2008

Rudy Guiliani is as worthless as belly button lint.

The Bernie Kerik brouhaha is a Rovian smokescreen for what?

Another red state / blue state breakdown

I'm a Deaniac....

Wes Clark on Paula Zahn/CNN at 8:30p.m. ET tonight.....

National ID Cards/ ACLU's Timothy Edgar on "Democracy Now"

Bev Harris on Air America now...

Bumperstickers to explicate "freedom isn't free"...

The changes in the party are happening very fast now.

Freeper: "Christians Are Taking Back America"

Russ Feingold looking at running for Prez 2008

Will Alberto Gonzoles have trouble during confirmation?

What's our "nuclear option"?

I favor a 50 state strategy for 2008

Commercial Jammers defeat IEDs in Iraq....where are they ?

Is there such a thing as a 'difference of opinion' on the Iraq 'war'?

Alright Kiddie-Os -- Who Loves A Smaller Government -- DU GROUP?

Do you passionately loathe the DLC?


Did the "liberal" label hurt us this year?

Diatribe - This is OUR fault!

Best way to win with the DLC and without progressives