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Archives: December 13, 2004

U.S. Caught in Kabul (Margolis)

[PINR] 13 December 2004: Hungary's Referendum on Dual Citizenship: A Smal

"A sibling converts to evangelical Christianity" -a thoughtful account

Non-Profit Times Chooses MoveOn Founders as Execs of the Year

Devilish plot of Hitler’s horoscope

Iran's first pop revolutionaries

Bush looks to save face on security by naming new chief

Lessons lost on America

Baghdad Burning: Fuel Shortage ...

Startling new revelations highlight rare Congressional hearings on Ohio

Slavery: Mauritania's best kept secret

The Oil-For-Food 'Scandal' is a Cynical Smokescreen

How Close is Berlusconi to the Mafia?

Controversial U.S. Groups Operate Behind Scenes on Iraq Vote

Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam

Gift-giving Pentagon-style

N. Texas Indy Media: "Electronic Jim-Crow"


Fallujah, Iraq's Tora Bora

Theodore A. Postol (BG): MIT's role in missile test fraud

KERIK: BIN LADEN WAS MY GARDENER Nominee Withdraws Over Memory Goof

A Year After Saddam's Capture, Iraq's Rebels Fight on (Is it worse?)


America's Debt to Journalist Gary Webb

Rumsfeld, the bungler

Saddam planned insurgency

"Rummy's fig leaf falling". Nice Seattle PI editorial

Dangers on the Ground in Iraq Lead to Increased Use of Airlifts

P.U.-litzer Prizes 2004 CNN Guy Calls Air America - Communist Radio

Battlefield Earth by Bill Moyers - Important read

Leavitt to Head HHS, Could Cut Program (Billions from Health Care?!?!)

My E-mail from Michael Moore

Perhaps Jan 6 needs to be our target date for DC as well as 1/20

The Texas Iconoclast

Help me out here.... exactly WHY did the Scott Peterson story ever

Sorry not crying over 'Dimebag' death...could care less...sorry..

Heard Thom Hartmann today for the first time

Good News on Outsourcing jobs to India --- No programmers.. hehehe

Chile privatized its Social Security system 20 years ago.

Canadian Salmon Farms Using Plenty Of Known Neurotoxin To Control Sea Lice

LA Governor Wants More Oil/Gas Money To Shore Up Sinking Coast

20% Of Planet's Reefs "Effectively Destroyed", 24% Face Collapse - WP

Lake Michigan Fish Populations Seriously Messed Up

No Way Out Of Dependency On Foreign Oil

Michael Crichton - Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves

Can anyone help me?

Petition for Donald Rumsfeld to resign

I asked this on GD and was told to discuss here: Israeli soldiers killed

Wounded warrior bags his buck (Blind Iraq Vet gets Deer)

Murder surge appears to be abating, FBI says

Unarmed Concealed Carry holder watched helplessly as Dimebag shot.

trouble logging into the demopedia site..

Thanks for fixing my picture Skinner.

correction, have not received my password for demopedia

Your (admins) names used in vain?

have not received my password for demodedia

edited my profile

someone seriously deleted a thread

Petition against altering Emily Jacir's art installation

I Was Right To Shoot 13-Yr-Old Child

Israeli Forces Shell Palestinian School in Khan Yunis

Syria accuses Israel of attempted assassination of Hamas man

Bush Admin, successful with the War on Terror?

Question to Those Who Think Flight 77 did not Impact the Pentagon

NEW ARTICLE "Once obscure, Ohio vote has some new clout"

Before going to bed.

Thanks to all of you...

Schedule of events tomorrow


Shelby County Ohio illegally discarded vote tabs from Nov.2

Did you see Michael Moore on Leno...

Meanwhile...over at Freerepublic...

What is the Ukrainian word for bitterender?

For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over....found this on Michael Moore's

Here are the new blaster letters - Any input?

Elizabeth Edwards note to DU a few weeks ago...

What happened tonight? Update, please?

Smoking Gun of Election Fraud is in Ken Blackwell’s Hand

Is anybody else watching this replay of "Review of 2004 Election" on CNN


"It won't change the outcome..."

Must See.. Olbermann Flash Cartoon

Get your toiletries here.

Did anything like todays Kerry Letter happen in 2000?

So will C-SPAN cover tomorrow's Conyers forum/meeting?

I was away all day today and didn't get on until 11 tonight but

3 points were given in Kerry's letter

FOX NEWS: Government Must Do More to Prevent Voter Fraud (no joke!)

OHIO Protest hitting AP!!!!

Look at this news transcript from 6 am on Nov. 3

Why I'm worried about Ohio recount results

NM: Election Board To Discuss Recount

Presidential Elections - AP - Kerry Lawyer Seeks Ohio Ballot Inspection

Write you state democratic party. Ask them to follow the DPO's lead

WHY RECOUNT OHIO? -- Has this awesome graphic been posted?

WA: Councilman's ballot among those rejected

Who's got a pic of this putz "Carlo Loparo"? Like to see what he looks

"New York Times" has it!

So will there be ANY live coverage of the Conyers hearings today?

Today's Boston Globe: zip, nada

So here's that Globe story

Truthout link to my speech y'all wrote (Greene Cty. stuff included)

The more the Republican Party stifles the recount in Ohio

Now Drudge! has the Kerry lawyer story!

I think Randi Rhodes website is being attacked

I believe he can "join" anytime he wants

"The Guardian" (UK) has picked up the story!

Can Kerry become an interested party at this late hour?

"Startling new revelations highlight rare Congressional hearings on Ohio "

Strib: What do Abe Lincoln and John Kerry have in common?

CNN's Headline News mentions news from Kerry's lawyer.

So, isn't it 9 a.m.?

Orange County Register: Ex-O.C. resident picks up where Kerry left off

Transcript of CNN election coverage-4:30 A.M. on Nov 3. Must Read!

Credit Cards & Electronic Votes

I've just been shut out of!

Europeans take dim view of potential Shrub re-election

cameo in Clint Curtis affidavit... NASA's Sean O'Keefe suddenly resigning

Chicago Tribune Article re: Ohio

Absentee Ballot fraud in Trumbull County, Ohio

Funny email I just got for those who need a break

Raw Story: Director of FL voting contractor chaired Co.'s linked to

air America talking about Gary Webb right now

Reporting on long lines on Nov 2 MSM vs. Local

Bush to announce HS head at 10:20 EST...

Ohio Hearings Today-Anyone know if they will be aired at all? n/t

Get your "I voted on a Diebold" t-shirt...!

Guy paid to 'repair' FL voting list has ties to apartheid

New letter from MIchael Moore, sounds alot more like himself

Go to Yahoo! News and vote for the AP article now!

Can Arnebeck's filing stop Ohio's certification?

self deleted

Does anyone know about

States Cast Electoral Votes (Including Ohio)

Sheep in wolves clothing? new strategy?

A descriptive scene at Faux News Network

Coverage on ONN 12/13, 11:30 AM

December 13/2004

Deleted -- thread already started

Maxine Waters

Some background info on TRAID

so... has arnebeck actually filed a lawsuit?


Blackwell just made a "joke" that C-SPAN is going to do an exit poll.....

2 Electors Absent!!!! You would have to kill me to not be there for JK..

Ohio Electoral college meeting coverage CSPAN 1: where is Arnebeck suit??


Blackwell makes another joke...THEY HAVE A PAPER TRAIL!!

Are there any MSM in Ohio? How big is the rally?

BLACKWELL: The "generosity of Ohio Law" allows them to request a recount??

NPR (Tavis Smiley Show) audio on "Ohio Voting Irregularities"

Glenda the Bad Witch - is on C-SPAN - Florida casting ballots n/t

God Damn, First Blackwell, then Glenda, now JEB!!! Who's next, Rove?

I AM SO SCARED! My heart is in my throat watching this.

Anyone wanting a recount is a "dissident'

What ended investigative reporting in the mainstream media?

A Letter from Rep. Conyers, Jesse Jackson:Dear Governor Taft,

Chill Ohio will not reach safe harbor, Contraverseys not resolved


AOL story: Polls Show Europe Negative on Bush Re-Election

Could someone summarize where we are at?

Whew! - Rev. White just blessed Pennsylvania's proceedings! n/t

Now lets say W&Co gets away with this

Kenny Blackwell just made a joke

Media Blast needed now- Target CNN

Doing my part - where is link to Conyers 1 million petition


To those discouraged by MSM -- the REPORTERS WANT OUR FEEDBACK

The Federal Crime of Election Fraud

we are nowhere, don't fool yourselves

I'm confused, where can I see coverage of today's hearings?

Whats the usual timeline for the release of lawsuit

Did I just hear Clinton Curtis testifying at the hearing in Ohio?????

We need the AP, they are the MSM right now...

I need to know where Edwards is

I feel like such a dummy

Greene County BOE left unlocked and unattended during lockdown

Chill, Ohio will not reach safe harbor, "Controversies" must be resolved

cobb breaking news

All your hard work will soon pay off

What does Kerry's Lawyer mean by this statement? It's confusing....


ARE WE MISSING THE BOAT ? Timing of Arnebeck Actions Is Disappointing

Come Together

Freepers response

Now! C-span-2 (pacific time) Ted Selker Excellent about Voting Tech Probs

Received this just now from Judy Woodruff CNN Inside Politics

CNN 3:30 EST - The Ohio recount

A Third Term for Bush?

It's time to call pro-frauders what they are

Peterson verdict to come in at 430 lol

It's a cold gray morning....

DU Thread with Names of Electors (Electoral College) 2004


Jesse Jackson, Jr: "The Election Ran Smoothly, Didn't It?"

Who is talking on AA?

So the C-SPAN coverage of Conyers forum changed to 4:30

Has anyone else been watching CSPAN-2 Elec Process hearing

Congress needs a million emails today! Call Conyers - info here:

Sorry, can't resist posting this cartoon...

CNN Home Page: Delay sought in Ohio electoral vote

So the Arnebeck suit apparently hasn't stopped the electoral vote?

Craigslist: Censorship of Vote Fraud Investigation and Litigation.

So much optimism now gone

Watching C-Span MASSACHUSETTS "Where they count EVERY vote"

Ohio not on c-span - Washington St on now

I thought the Electoral College vote was secret ballot??? OH announced


Thom Hartmann on Randi rhodes show today 12/13

Great article on TX march Sunday

Audio or Video files from Conyers Dec 13 Hearing today?

Cobb says TRIAD representative tampered with tabulator...

Sorry guys, C-Span 2 just annouced a change

Dr. Werner Lange email address

Who lives in Portland, Oregon?

Screw C-Span 2, this has just become hot enough for the MSM....

BREAKING FROM BRAD BLOG: Clint Curtis Testifying Under Oath to Judiciary!

Conspiracy theorists take heart....we're in good company

DAMN!!!! Peterson verdict to be read at 4:30 EST!

Help!!!! Need list of good links for non-believers

Anyone tape Conyers Forum today who could send C-SPAN

Medina County Officials Refuse to Cooperate with Recount

AP Pix from Ohio Today >>>

CLINT CURTIS -- DONT ORDER THE SPY SOUP. In fact I demand bodyguards on

Can't find any stories on the two absent Ohio electors...

Conyers Forum not on C-SPAN 1 or 2 and it's time now

Proud to stand up today at the Capital...grateful for DU Patriots

The COINCIDENCE Theorists Are Loading Their Weapons!

No Demonstration in Arkansas on 12/12

discussion on OHIO on Radio left

When a Judge has to Rule on something....

Did Arnbeck file his case?

Much to be optimistic about today, though nerve wrecking

The healthy act of obtaining a grip

King County identifies previously uncounted ballots (Washington)


Something positive from Washington recount!!

Very interesting survey

CSPAN1 JUST ANNOUNCED Hearings to be aired 4:30pm

Kerry Lawyer Seeks Ohio Ballot Inspection

Today's "Non Sequitur" Says it all :

They ain't sorry

Who Will Be Ohio's Voice?

Did anyone watch the California EC vote?

Minnesota elector votes for EDWARDS

C-SPAN - WA State Supreme Court Recount Hearing - LIVE

So what's the next move?

Air America discussing Ohio


At Least the Baltimore Sun Carried the Arnebeck Article Today

dupe, please delete

Electoral College Question : If Ohio is thrown out then Chimpy still

I've been here almost a month and I want to thank you guys.

Ohio electors vote despite challenge

How did the troops in Iraq vote?

Any DUers in Manhattan?

I want to thank you all for being here...........

Google Fun!

Idiot faithless elector

Update from Alliance For Democracy

When or where can we read the election fraud suit filed today?

Flash Movie on Election Fraud

This is just the beginning, things have to be fixed it is too obvious

Steping away from awhile

It won't matter what the Electoral College is doing because

The right is OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED! about the recount!

The Kerry Letter

WRC-TV (D.C.) showed glimpse of recount at 6pm

Deleted by Me! n/t

Form Ltr re- Boycotting Repub. Cos.?

The Electoral College is meeting NOT dismay

"Scott Rasmussen did the best job."

Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up - Blackwell Is In Deep Trouble!

Keith Olbermann - segment 2 on Ohio

Startling New Revelations Highlight Rare Congressional Hearings Ohio

What went wrong in Ohio on CNN

USVIP/VotersUnite! Action Alert: Get Congress Involved!!

"Be The Media." Yeah sure, how?

Thank you for all you do William Pitt

Poll to "Un-Freep"

Who is as anxious as me for the next KO blog?

Email Address for AP Dissidents, anyone?

Kieth Olbermann = Kickassin' Ohio n/t

Any mention of Ohio on the Nightly News Shows?

Triad is located in Xenia OH - Greene Cty - that's where the lockdown was.

From a mailing list, on David Cobb's testimony before Conyers today...

If Arnebeck had proof of the real 'fire' and not just more 'smoke


Best Web Page with clear concise info...

Go Keith, Going after Blackwell!! What the hell is going on,

"Protests to Greet Ohio Electors"--article on Raw Story's website

Misleading Indeed....MoveOn at Democracy's Peril.

Ohio Secretary's Response to Elites TV

San Diego Vigil Report

Conyers Hearing, Kerry Letter and Arnebeck Lawsuit - MSM - BLAST ALL!

Is Howard Fineman a whore or a call girl?

Text of the letter that President Kerry signed concerning OHIO

Warning: Don't diss the Chimp...

Upset Likely in Washington State!!!!

C-SPAN not covering the Conyers Forum at all now, Let them

So where do we stand at this very minute??

Scott Peterson?

Santa Claus was a Dissident.

Delaying the certification also gave them a lot of time to adjust ballots.

Minnesota elector casts vote for Edwards

TRIAD controls Registration AND Tabulation in Greene County...

Did you receive an automatic reply from Conyers/House Judiciary?

Witness alleges voting firm came into Columbus and deleted votes...

Wasn't there a Boston Globe article supposed to come out today?

If I am not for me, who will be for me? And if not now, when?

Become Our Own Media - Everyone do One Thing

"We are the media; we are the news; we simply need to realize it"

Eisenhower, the last honest Republican, called it very clearly

Is Howard Fineman a whore or a call girl?

Howard Fineman's (Newsweek) take on the OHIO fraud

"House Judiciary Ohio Forum Hears of Recount Fraud Plans" --Report

What's up with Tuesday?

Good article on Ohio Fraud.

Raleigh Speech Posted at

A Positive Note: A List of Thank You's

C-Span 2 will be covering Hearings at 4:30

had to work all there any audio or transcripts of the hearings

When this hits the MSM,and When the Bush/Rove regime starts ...

If Arnebeck had proof of the real 'fire' and not just more 'smoke'

Florida's "caging lists" made by company with ties to South African regime

I think Arnebeck has the right strategy.

Photo of Bush and Feeney

Conyers hearing in Ohio is being rebroadcast on RadioLeft

Hey my local tv covered the Ohio vote fraud for the first time today

so much news today - your help needed

News about the Ohio Statehouse protests

Katrina Run off road...Fraud????

Tom Feeney's past ties with Yang.

If Any Bombshells fell today, What and Where were they?

Need to REVOTE Ohio, not recount

Will a leader PLEASE stand up and tell us what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can citizens ask the police to have Blackwell arrested for election fraud?

I've just gotta say that today SUCKED!

"The Guardian" (UK) extends death certificate for Rossi in Wa. St.

New KO blog

New York Times & AP: Groups File Election Challenge in Ohio

Remember Fahrenheit 9/11 - We Must Not Allow Them Stand Alone

Update on Washington recount?

The DNC to look into Ohio voting (12/13)

CSPAN2: Dem. Policy Committee Congressional Oversight: Dems to use forums

WTF: LA Times Editorial -- this is just psychotic...

Notes from Conyers Hearing

UPDATE from denmark

Was Ohio an election nightmare in 2000?

Please go vote YES that Ohio should recount at ONN

If you want to see what real "re-framing" looks like, visit

Calm THE HELL down guys

After rereading Cobb's allegations - the implications are huge.

Do you people think that you are going to win the next one?

Election Fraud Deception Dollar

John Bonifaz: "The nation is at a crossroads," 13 Dec 2004

We ARE the Media!! Video of Conyers Hearing Online Now >

Scarborough tonight MSNBC: Bill Moyers interviewed on rightwing media. n/t

If Ohio's excluded due to fraud...

Okay. I am disgusted. Where is the bombshell that was supposed to fall

Arnebeck's Suit Filed - LINK!

Yang Enterprises Party/Reception for U.S. Congressman Tom Feeney

Update from Alliance For Democracy

Interesting article on Conyers hearing

AP Changes "Dissidents" to "Challengers" >

Kerry is "in"

Which Senator will take up the cause?

Looks like the media coverage has scottpetered out...

Last night promised for such an exciting, promising today . . .

Why is it such a big deal if the vote fraud story hits the MSM?

If the votes show Kerry won Ohio, would you allow a second Bush term?

What David Cobb said at Conyers hearing today

I think most people, and that includes myself

ex-Congressman Hamburg arrested for delivering Conyers letter to Blackwell

Tennessee patriots stand up for democracy

We can be the voice: Guerilla marketing

Google suppression...


Yang President tied to Thomas Kean?

Update from Greene County Ohio - Sworn Affidavit

Katrina Sumner, Greene County - followed, run off road

BREAKING:Witness said voting co. tampered w/machines in columbus!

WA Recount Update

Are you asking for leadership? Ask the President elect!

Recount Validity in Jeopardy

Were the Early Exit Polls a GOP Fraud?

Minnesota elector breaks ranks, votes for Edwards, not Kerry

Where is Jimmy Carter?

Is it time to start picketing Corporate Media offices? With

Keith O is on top of this, watch now

From Alaska with passion

Do you people think this is about getting Kerry into the White House?

a single bumpersticker, all across the nation

Ohio's 'CATERPILLAR BALLOT': As bad as Florida's Butterfly?

Bustamante Blasts Schwarzenegger

San Diego Vigil a success

Kerry thanks Iowa in D.M. visit

Ex-Massachusetts senator Cheryl Jacques says . . .

Jass Stewart: running for mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts

Minnesota Elector breaks ranks, casts vote for Edwards not Kerry

I have a website. I added a weekly feature.

New book out on Wellstone Assassination

Have any MyYahoo users noticed any problems lately?

uninterruptible power supply

Calling all NT Network Admins

WTAP poll re OH recount --please voice your opinion

Buckeyes, Please help with this!!!!!!

Penn Hills Residency Controversy Dogs Santorum

Pa. to consider moving up presidential primary

Was asked to repost this here--go vote!

Kip Humphrey on Mike Malloy Now! n/t

AWOL Bush bumperstickers (mocks W04 oval sticker)

Bobdammit!!! Why can't Stevens Point have a liberal paper?

Link to an org thats promoting buying from blue orgs.

Know your enemies!!

So Israel bombs Gaza civilian after Hamas bombs military base?

Is Tommorow The UnElecting Of The Prez?????

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But Didn't Les Aspin Have To Resign

Hawk gets evicted

Did you see Michael Moore on Leno...

I wrote to Costco, and they replied

There are broken news links on Yahoo! right now

pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd pResident FraWd*

Need help writing LTTE re: James Rosen article today. Did anyone see it?

I need some help please -- Looking for quotes

Google News has been Purged!

Caption this Photo

CNN just reported that Iraqi reconstruction is coming along on schedule

When I saw the picture of the Julius Streicher look alike, Kerik,

How many states passed the gay marriage ban?

Poor Iraqis! US Military Destroys Their Cars Along With ....

DU Techies! I have an early X-mas present for your. FREE $400 Apple Ipod

Tell me these guys quoted here wouldn't have made some good little Nazis?

Selfish Grandparents? Caption now on FOX news ...

The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Great AWOL Bush bumper stickers here:

news for Mike Malloy fans in Atlanta...

Religious symbols ARE NOT in protestant churches - then why should they be

Is the "peak housing" stuff legitimate? I think yes.

True Moral Values

Real Security for this country will come when we deal with others

Blogger raising funds to help Iraqi Civilians

just heard this morning news

State Trooper suspended for telling gay men not to kiss in Texas

Linda Daschle to lobby the Senate -- check her client list. Now I get it.

Has propoganda ever been so overtly contemplated?

Dogs hate bush

70 Year Old Retired Army colonel sent to Afghanistan

UK bank accused over cash for terror

Saudi, Iran etc are "barbaric" and living in the "middle ages"

Anyone have a pic of a female celloist?

"Giving The Gift Of War" ( weird and disturbing toys)

Coup chief fails to raise Ł1m ransom

Letter From Michael Moore

Anybody hear anything about Arneback this Am?

Homeland Security Czar...Lieberman....if he's asked, will he accept?

where is Peter Arnett?....

Why doesn't Brent Bozell get a real job ??

Osama bin Laden is a Right-Winger

Vote for F-911 People's Choice Award

Did you know that Rush Limbaugh DOES NOT have permission to use his theme?

ahole blackwell on cspan right now 51st ohio electoral

Dimson finally gets to stick it to scumbag Giuliani (Kerik the thug)

Kissing up to Bush-God, the Book

Fighting Totalitarian Islam: Does Peter Beinert Have A Point?

Mike Thompson toon: Welcome to Washington GOP

Failure To Plan = Planning To Fail | Ctr for American Progress

Why don't Progressives have the same pull the xian right does?

I've just been shut out of!

Which lie were we told?

Large area of Iraq loses power after fire at power plant

Why should I make health decisions based on insurance coverage?

W Goes home

Power to the People (Again)

Bibles For The MiddleEast (& Gibson's movie) see what they are doing

Funny- re: Blackwell

IS THIS TRUE.... Why Newt Blocked National Health Insurance

Laura Bush's Letter to a NAZI

pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd pResident FraWd*

Is there one issue you can support

Al Franken- Mark Luther - Rush Limbaugh daily bit.

Novel way to pay off National Debt: Put Chimpy on patrol in Fallujah by

Blackwell needs to get to Fallujah, less than 1% voter registration....

Iraq President: "Iraqi Hitler' May Emerge from Unrest"

LOL-One year ago today we captured Saddam who we had killed TWICE

Favorite fantasy headline: Chimp publicly tarred and feathered and evicted

Christian Conservatives are going to "take their country back."

Many Iraqis confused ahead of election......Other news: The sky is blue.

Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld practise the concept of the Noble Lie.

Congressional & Presidential Irresponsibility

Trump, what a greedy bastard!


Jason Giambi's Decline: A Peak Oil Analogy

the trauma facing returning soldiers & the killing of innocent Iraqis .

the religiously insane taking over school boards

One common goal.... Paper Ballots NOW! Paper Ballots NOW!!!

"This Week in Fascism"

The race for DNC Chairman is between Dean and Frost....

Chastity Underpants @


Hmmmm... Do you think the nuclear power industrty got to PBS?

You just can't win with these evangelical pukes

OH Governor's office keeping log of calls re: e-college

Some woman just now on C-SPAN 2

"go to war with the army you have, not the one you want"

a Michael Moore letter

Sucks to be you, Bernard Kerik

So Scott Peterson's death sentence takes precedence over vote fraud.

"Off-road responsibility, please"

We need to hold on to Dem principles, but we also need to take back out...

From my congressman re: polling paper trail

Going bananas in the Ukraine - flora and fruit revolutions of former USSR

Be prepared Scott Peterson sentence will over play Vote Fraud and

More media folks at Peterson trial than in Iraq

New Bush/Pentagon lingo for 'Insurgents'....

Deserters: We Won't Go to Iraq

If the Media Paid As Much Attention To Soldiers Killed In Iraq...

McCain Says Has "No Confidence" in Rumsfeld

Judith "Miss Morals" Regan(Kerik's Mistress) on Faux on Sexual Morality

Beckham/Posh Spice Nativity scene physically attacked

Anyone think Yuschenko might already have been murdered?

Morality Quiz

So I got this email from a right wing fan on the Yahoo chat boards...


Donald Trump's Proposal to Pay Off the National Debt

I am sickened...

So what are Hillary and Schumer saying about Kerik now?

"grandpa, what was it like when america was a world power?"

The next time * reminds us all to make sacrifices, write the bozo and

Impeach Bush now!!!

Um... I'll have whatever that redhead's having.

DAMN!!!! Peterson verdict to be read at 4:30 EST!

Eisenhower's "Military Industrial Complex Speech" -- CSPAN3 11:15PM ET

want to have some fun with simple German? check this site out

They ain't sorry

"Some analysts believe".........LOL!

Thom Hartmann filling in for Randi today!

1294 US soldiers received a death sentence and the media is virtually

NPR just reported that seven more marines have died.

Youth Democracy: Coming Together

the DU (slang) Dictionary has a new home...

Paul Rodriguez's reply to me after I signed his guest book.

So, when's the inaugural?

Riverbend checked in today

"The Passion" Gets Shut Out of The Golden Globes

Peterson should have hired Johnny Cochran.

i am watching tweety, praise be his name

with all that's going on in the world...

I read that 10% of all wounded troops die

Anybody watching Elisabeth Bumiller on PBS?

Target Stores under attack yet again...

"He's no different than a street hooker"

These people just do not quit! Got an e-mail 'Please Help'

Peterson Case


Is DU acting weird for anyone else? n/t

USVIP/VotersUnite! Action Alert: Get Congress Involved!!

Michael Moore a "miserable failure"?

Real men defend America bumper sticker

Democalypse Now?

Art exhibit shut down over portrait of *

President of the Catholic League weighs in on Hollywood:

Can we STOP the Scott Peterson posts?

Geminids meteor shower tonight

God Used To Sell Food On Controversial Billboard

Times are hard here in NC

Does McGreevey + Cipel = Guliani + Kerik?

Whom is the 'party leadership'

Now I have lost respect for Susan Collins (Paula Zahn show)

The Journey of the Magi - T. S. Eliot

Chile: Pinochet and Kissinger crimes to be exposed for the first time

Texas cop disciplined for comment to gay couple

Deja Vu...2000 Waiting for the "Media Consortium Report" which will show

Encountered two fundamentalists today.. these people are getting very bold

Does anyone have the link to the blog which shows

NEED HELP! Counter yellow ribbon idea, need suggestions!

Wonder what the Christian right thinks about this?

Look out for these new Radical Islamist Clerics! I have the dirt on them.

Did this come from Limbaugh?

San Diego Action Report

Sorry...but I'm still against the Death Penalty!

DU this poll! Should there be a recount in Ohio?

* and Kerik

New HHS nomination could mean MAJOR cuts in Medicare/Medicaid

some historical information please...

Contrary to popular opinion, Rove is not a genius.

pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd* pResident FraWd pResident FraWd*

? Are people who oppose death penalty excused from juries

We need to hand Bush his ASS on Social Security...

GRRRRR-- AAR pre-empted for a basketball game!!!!!

Death Penalty (Peterson or other wise). I can live with life

On scotty and the so called liberal media

Join the Bushcott

Why all the "substitute electors"?

Nightline tonight......

Please don't kill me here but.....

Rumsfeld disciplines insubordinate soldier..


Humveegate will ultimately bring down Rumsfailed

Wasn't Bill Moyers supposed be interviewed on Scar Country tonight?

We're getting layed off (sic?), ask me anything!

Did "Big Oil" give YOU a pink slip for X-mas? Over 300,000 workers got on

Elections "can" be error-free...How?

Yep, Shrup will end the world. 2 Must Read DoD docs on future wars:

Virginia Woodward needs your help. Kentucky Democrat.

Chimp pics censored? Thank god for the interweb...

Preview of a new story I am writing

An experiment I am doing

Democratic Moral Values by Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

John Stewart - absolutely tasteless tonight!

Thom Hartmann filling in for Randi Rhodes today on AAR

Non Sequiter tells it like it is.

Bush-Monkey portrait - Information behind portrait

Gather around Truthseekers, Its that time again

What The Democratic Party Is All About - Read Mario Cuomo's 1984 Speech

Sibel Edmonds on Majority Report (AAR) now - 9:25 pm

New Animation "Arnold Counts the Votes" by Symbolman

Warning: Don't diss the Chimp...

Host on C-Span allowed right wing wacko to Gay bash this morning

help! ...i need a side by side picture of the Ukranian presidential

Is a blogger a journalist?

How do all these European Socialists have so much money?

State Parties Like Netroots Money; Don't Seem To Like Netroots

We are temporarily down for maintenance. Please check back on 5/17/04.

NPR runs conflicting stories this morning.

"Its Guiliani Time!!!"

Is There an Ombudsman for the AP Stylebook?

how can i prove to somone that the media is controlled by republicans?

Radical clerics Falwell & Robertson makes it into print

If you could ask * one question,

Stupid Question: Why are we using the term "mainstream media"?

Watch the Worst TV Clip of the Week - South Park

How come nobody is talking about the RFID chips in passports?

Eisenhower, the last honest Republican, called it very clearly

Good News on Outsourcing jobs to India --- No programmers.. hehehe

Feingold BLASTS the administration...

The probability of 3 male Biographers committing suicide is very low

you have a duty, an obligation, to stop these BFEE bastards...

People of science, we need your help.

An Iraqi Hitler?

My God..I'm In Tears

Today, Once Again, Proves Why New York Is The Best State In America

Amerika or America

"You're assuming kids want to have sex."

2008 Dem Convention should be in Denver.

Cool site

War profiteer extraordinaire: Excellent article in New Yorker on Cheney

SO I hear today that the NY times says Bin Laden is in Pakistan

Do people put up Christmas lights in your town?

Someone please tell me what act of heroism Kerik performed 9/11?

SMIRK and PETERSON - a fantasia

Party Affilation...I'm curious?

Is George W. Bush evil?

Terry McAuliffe went after MoveOn (and Pariser) Today

Sinclair Broadcast Group Abuses Public Airwaves (MMFA launches site)

God Save us from The Christian Underground (Creepers)

anyone no where a FULL listing for cable ratings are?

Anyone seen 9/11: In Plane Sight? n/t

Global Walkout Inauguration Day

Coulter Talking Hero for $29.95

Ruppert has a new article out on Gary Webb suicide story.

Robert Parry: 'America's Debt to Journalist Gary Webb'

Bush "has long been leery" of Ghoul-iani

Should there be a death penalty in the US?

Armadillo eggs

Beef Wellington

so the fixings are ready for tomorrow's crock pot

Great store bought flan

HELP!!!! I'm a coffee addict.

Apples (Smeagol likes them raaaaaw!)

Trailer Park Boys Christmas!

1,000 Protesters Oppose Mubarak in Cairo

Chile's Pension System Gets High Marks

NYT: China Relents, and Promises Textile Tariffs

US marines killed in central Iraq

Al-Anbar Attacks Kill Seven U.S. Marines, U.S. Military Says (Bloomberg)

Eight U.S. Marines killed in Iraq's Anbar province (#1286.....#1293)

Dissidents protest Monday's Electoral College vote in key swing state Ohio

Unocal strikes deal with Myanmar villagers over alleged use of slave labor

Car blast rocks Baghdad's Green Zone

NM: Election Board To Discuss Recount

pls delete dupe

Sean O' Keefe resigns from post at NASA.

Australia says supports ElBaradei as UN atom watchdog chief amid spying ro

Bird Flu Approaching Australia

AP - Gary Webb, Dead at 49 - Linked CIA to Contra Drugs

Bush launches personal war on flab after eating 'too many doughnuts'

Iraqi Leader Criticizes U.S.-Led Coalition

Pace of Iraq Reconstruction Defended

Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of some Ohio ballots

Bush looks to save face on security by naming new chief (Times)

NYT: Christian Conservatives Press Issues in Statehouses

US tapped ElBaradei calls, claim officials

'Golden mummies' of Egypt's princes found

NYT: Troubles of Kerik, Ex-Nominee (NYC knows real Rudy, Kerik)

Cardinal (Health) Grounded by Job Cuts (4,200 jobs)

Dubai to Enter U.S. Cargo Security Program

Strong earthquake rattles El Salvador (magnitude 6)

Court Limits Pollution Cleanup Lawsuits

DOE: Greenhouse gas emissions increase in 2003

High court turns back death row cases

Ohio hearings: Cobb say Triad reps tampered with tabulator

Dept of Homeland Security Begins Using Private Financial Watch List

SEC Won't Punish Global Crossing Founder

Hedda is on now

call Democratic senators to support filibustering

Reeling pataki will ax two top political gurus

President spares Blair by avoiding trip to Britain

NY Times: Bush Nominates E.P.A. Chief as Health Secretary

Two Top Taliban Commanders Seized

Controversial U.S. Groups Operate Behind Scenes on Iraq Vote

Ukraine Leader: U.S. Meddled in Election

Peterson juorors called to Judge's chambers one-by-one

6 Court-Martialed for Scrounging Equipment

Pinochet indicted on human rights charges

Comptroller Says Personal Accounts Not Panacea (Social Security)

WA: Councilman's ballot among those rejected

Unveiling Pinochet’s bacteriological lab.

Polls: Europe Negative on Bush Re-Election

Appeals court won't hold back Lamberth on trust reform

Vote-rigging story: Wired Magazine:More Questions for Florida

Drug Expert Seeks Whistleblower Status (NIH and AIDS meds)

US accused of Afghan jail deaths

More than 200,000 Fallujans face winter as refugees, await rebuilding

N.Korea Says Reconsidering Place at Nuclear Talks

OH Governor's office keeping log of calls re: e-college

Two die in shootout (Indianapolis)

Blast Kills 13 Year After Saddam Capture

Ireland says new compromise possible after I-R-A rejects photos ...

Killings Sting Proud Battalion

Magnetic Bumper Stickers Can Damage Paint (like "Support our Troops" ones)

Death sentence handed to Scott Peterson (MSNBC)

Scott Peterson Gets the Death Penalty!

Opposition candidate wins Romanian presidential vote

NYT: A Hostile Land Foils the Quest for bin Laden

Election challenge filed hours before Electoral College vote in Ohio

Russian bombers to test launch missile in 2005

Chile's Ex-Dictator Pinochet Is Indicted

No Christmas festivities in northern Iraqi city

Divisions over Iraq war delay a soldier's tribute. (USA Today)

Spokeswoman: Giuliani Apologized to Bush

Prosecutors Move to Bar Informant Controversy From New York Terror Trial

Sinclair Broadcast Group Abuses Public Airwaves (MMFA launches site)

Spy soup is blamed for Yushchenko poisoning

New York Art Shuttered After Bush Monkey Portrait

Would Bush Pick Lieberman for Homeland Security Chief?

Estimating the impact of the next influenza pandemic: enhancing preparedne

Senate Dems plan investigatory hearings

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 13 December

Hmong face threats, slurs since hunters' killing

Group: 2 More Detainees Die in Afghanistan

The U.S. Military has been Preventing Delivery of Medical Care...

New Congressmen, Brothers, Room Together

Medicare Payment Errors Nearly $20 Billion

Files Disappear in Haitian Reporter Slay

Ballots Wrongly denied in WA governor's race

Couple Charged In 'Heinous' Child Abuse Case Run From Police

AP: U.S. Officials Knew of AIDS Drug Risks

Pentagon in Debate Over Managing U.S. Global Image

Part-time soldiers 1/3 more likely to die in Iraq

FAA Orders Inspections of Vintage Planes(prompted by Military crash in TX)

Texas moves against alleged diploma mill

U.S.: Show of Cuban Military a Diversion

WP: GOP May Target Use of Filibuster

Military scrambles to meet repair demands

Big currencies tread water ahead of US data: FT

Court OKs Arrest on 'Reasonable' Grounds

Iraq vows to protect religious freedom and Christian community

Australia rejects move to topple El Baradei

McCain Has 'No Confidence' in Rumsfeld (Being freeped!)

Rights group: 2 more prisoners died in U.S. custody in Afghanistan

Afghan Minister Quits After Failing to Shut Down Relief Groups

Americans to Attend Trade Talks in Cuba

Iraq Insurgents Targeting More Police

China, Russia to Hold Military Exercise in 2005

Chile: Torture victims: Give us real recompense

NYT: Beyond...Nanny, More Questions Were Lurking (Kerik Mob connection)

(Army) Report leans toward women in combat

Polls: Europe Negative on Bush Re-Election

Social Security benefit cuts eyed (borrow 2 trillion and still cut Acct+SS

LAT: At FBI, Help Is Most Wanted (agents leaving in droves)

King County identifies previously uncounted ballots

Judge Indicts Ex-Chilean Dictator Pinochet

CNN: Annan's son: Probe 'a witchhunt'

Car blast shakes Syrian capital

New delay for US missile defense test (radio transmitter failure)

Civilian Workers At Redstone May Face Iraq Deployment (looks like a draft)

US Supports Term Limit for IAEA Chief

State Hawks 'Don't Mess With Texas' Gear

ACLU, church-state group plan lawsuit over 'intelligent design' mandate

Ark. Soldier in Hospital Instead of Iraq Phoenix Foreclosure Notices Approach 300 Per Week

Bush Taps EPA Chief As Health Secretary

CREW Sues FEC Over Failure to Enforce Election Laws (Norquest/ BushCheney)

Protesters pushing for vote recount (The Arizona Republic)

World Food Programme to stop China aid as Beijing makes own donations

Nine U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Rumsfeld to scrap German visit if probe launched

President George W. Bush: Summary of Medical History

Halliburton hires Colombian mercenaries for work in Iraq: report


Nanny May Have Been Kerik's Least Problem

U.S. Military 'Obstructing' Medical Care in Iraq

Iraq's insurgency continues at a fierce pace

U.S. Admitted AIDS Research Violated Rules

President warns that violence could spawn 'Iraqi Hitler'

Dollar May Weaken on Speculation U.S. Trade Deficit Expanded

Group Sues Over Conflicting Abortion Laws

Fort Carson Lifts Ban on Denver Post Reporters

Now his double affair laid bare (Kerik cheated on wife with Judith Regan)

US warplanes bomb Fallujah after eight US marines killed

NY Times: Inquiry by City Found Kerik Tie to Building Firm

US bid to oust ElBaradei backfires over phone taps

Former Bush campaign official indicted for phone-jamming

Mormon Church Disciplines Author for Book

New York Art Shuttered After Bush Monkey Portrait

Pakistan Denies C.I.A. Is There Seeking bin Laden

White House defends clearance process after aborted Kerik nomination

Stroke risk greater for migraine sufferers

Buildings to go up like never before (Real estate development boon)

Pentagon Acknowledges Eight Afghan Detainee Deaths

Knife crime plea to Blair

Ohio Electors Vote Despite Challenge

Ex-Spain Govt Erased Records After Bomb, Zapatero

Minnesota elector gives Edwards a vote; Kerry gets other nine

Activists Ejected From Mall in Comedic Foot Chase With Police

Peterson gets death

United States Accused Of Interfering In Ukraine's Election

NYT: Bush Portrait Draws Fire Over Details (tiny chimps), Not Subject

After killings, Venezuela moves to secure border(New Russian Hind Gunships)

Group to watch White House(Democrat watchdogs to attract whistleblowers)

China to deepen military cooperation with Russia

Researchers may have stopped HIV

9/11 Cases Proving Difficult in Germany


U.S. reportedly held Iran war simulation

French Find New Ban on Religious Symbols Cuts Both Ways

McCain: 'No Confidence' in Rumsfeld

Nominee for best defense in spite of a TOTALLY BRAINLESS

To Cyndee_Lou_Who and Mrs Grumpy, ain't it a great day?


bocce ball time??

Okay, I'm temping for Santa- Are you naughty or nice?

Every Time You Post A Reply In This Thread...


Do You Like Elaborate Charts of "The Secret Government"

Where did the word "Jebus" originate?

OK, I'll admit it. I like Northern Lights

i'm the uptight netiquette nanny. ask me anything.

I'm watching "Barbarella." Don't ask me anything.

A Question About "?"

I just got Army ROTC recruiting propaganda. Ask me anything.

If you post in this thread nothing will happen

Best Classic Rock Songs?

Post in this thread and I'll answer in the style of Dick Cheney

Delete this mofo

weird and wacky picture thread!

i'm copycatting "ask me anything posts! ask me anything!!!

What are the most inappropriate songs for Karaoke?

Nobody wants to play with me!

What's in your fridge / freezer that needs to be tossed out?

Got a clear sky tonight? Please go out and see if the Geminids are ...

What would it take for you to attend Bu$h's "inauguration" in January?

Post in this thread, and I'll answer in the style of Donald Rumsfeld.

i can't find the "any" key

New words.

For the ladies. Please answer the same question, which is not so eternal

suffering from C.R.S. where's my damn star?

I'm pissed off and 4 posts away from 500, ask me anything.

Olsen Twins discover that *GASP* Wal-mart uses slave laborers...

Post in this thread and I'll answer in the style of elperromagico!

Are the Chargers for real?

China Awaits Crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery

If you post in this thread, I'll give you something to make fun of me for

'Twas the night before finals, 1:30 AM, and a car alarm is going off.

There's always time for a little....

Post in this thread and I'll answer in the style of * !

This hippo's been caught, ask him anything

Mandingo. Yes or No?

I'm goin' to bed.... whose with me?????

For your viewing pleasure:

Christmas is coming, and I'm not going home

What Firefox theme do you use?

If You Fail To Post A Reply On This Thread...

A Jacquie Lawson Christmas e-greeting for you...

Fox Blocker

American Shithead Awards. Who will it be for 2004?

Who's planning on gaining weight this month?

GOOD MORNING, fellow Lounge lizards!

Mary Pickford

Poll: Favorite Tom Waits album

What is the appropriate music for Junior's "Inauguration"?

Not Sure What To Get Matcom For Xmas??? - How About A PENIS TIE!!

What is your all-time favourite stage or movie musical?

Why is it on americas funniest home videos it seems more men then women >?

I just bought Quicken, ask me anything.

Eye candy: cool illusion

I'm clueless.

11 Year Old Boy Selling Lumps Of Coal For Xmas - Made $100

Who wants to stay up till 3am?

Swanson TV Dinners

Swan Song

Hockey mother bared, barred

My mourning sucks...well sort of

"The General" was on AMC last night...

I'll try that again later.

Hallmark Christmas Movie ALERT!!!

Beware the Beastman - seriously

''Aviator,'' ''Million Dollar Baby'' top Golden Globes

Woman's Gun Goes Off In Purse - 9th Grade Boy Wounded

Tore a chunk of knuckle out on the corner of my desk

What's Yer Fav Xmas Movie?

Non Sequitur drives the point home!

Car transportation services question

Can any of you "car experts" tell me how to change a tire?

Virginia Rappe

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Roscoe P. Coltrane

Cue porn music, wet gummy bears

looking for prayers, karma and good vibes.

Na na na - gonna hava good time!.......................Hey hey HEY!!!

Not gettin' hastled. Not gettin' Hustled!

Woman arrested after brawl breaks out at pompom competition

Virginia Slims

Elephants Raid Tapioca Truck

Aysha, 4 year old survivor of the Iraqi War.

OMG! I've reached 1,000 posts, thanks to my obsession with copy cat posts

Question about cats and leather sofas/chairs.

Beth Short

Yowza!! I'm Going To Start Sending *Myself* UPS Packages...

A de-friending question:

Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?

Bring me aboard the copy-cat train

This is truly sad

Christmas spirit of the week : NY's Satan's Grotto

Teens with hedge clippers busted in attempted SpongeBob theft

Anyone else getting excited about "Spanglish"?

Chicago Man Found Living in LSD Binge

Earthsea on Sci-Fi - should I watch it?


Junior and Poodle Smashed on Jose Cuervo, smash Nativity scene

Virginia Ham

Gloria Swanson

Chicano Man Found Leaving with LDS Badge

Shy Cargo Man Found Believing in HSC Ridge

Chico and the man found living under an LTD

Just like last year-No Heisman for me this year

Do You Think Kelly Rippa Is Hot?

Salvador Dali - Visionary Pioneer or King of the Sell-Outs?

Chicago Man Found Living in LSD Bridge

Lillian Gish

i think i brain my fried - ask me anything

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle

Question about Catnip Pizza's?

Santa Claus missed the chimney by THAT much


The Alleged Atheism of George W. Bush

Jayne Mansfield

Allen Koenigsberg.

China Awaits Crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery

Bush portrait made of chimps withdrawn

Does Displaying a New York Yankees Logo make someone a South Hater?

best gameshow contestant ever?

McDonalds investigated for undercooked chicken sammiches

Don't Like Santa? You Can Visit Satan Instead - Local Minister Is Upset

4 Foot Python Found In Returned DVD Box

Calling all cell phone users (pardon the pun)

The "Let's Get Physical" CAPTION

New Year's Rockin' Eve 2004-2005 with...REGIS PHILBIN?

What are my neighbors smoking--crack or meth?

Charles Nelson Reilly

Coffee drinkers: what's your favorite kind of coffee?

Lawanda Page

picture of the armored vehicles of the best-equipped Army in the world!

Alan Thicke

I watched Fulci's The Beyond this weekend......

First, for the guys. Please answer the eternal question

Alright- enough of this. We need a free-association thread!

Non Sequitor

John W. Coltrane


If you work in an office that you don't own, please consider this post.

MRI and EEG, it's ataxia time!

Favorite Partridge

you are fat!!!!! at VZW.

Post in this thread and I'll answer in the style of John Ashcroft

Man Charged With Stealing Coke Vending Machine From His Work

Fantasy fans, EarthSea starts tonight

What the hell is VideoNow?

Anyone have a pic of a female celloist?

Can your windows break out if the wind is too heavy?

Has anyone watched that "Blue Collar Comedy" show on Comedy Central?

Gallagher vs. testicular cancer

Is Bartcop a total asshole or what?

Esther Rolle

Wingnuts: Ignorant, yes - and thieving cheapskates as well...

I have never seen such foolishness before I came here

update on friend in car crash--sigh

Marie Prevost


Air Supply vs. an enormous cockroach

"Redouble our efforts" ? Zero times 2 times 2 equals Zero!

Hey that was fun

Well i think i'm losing my mind this time, this time i'm losing my mind

Just for RandomKoolZip: Shane McGowan!

Favorite Match Game regular (excluding Bret Sommer & CNR)

Clara Bow

10,000 posts

Favorite Brady

Just for BewaretheBeastMan: John McGowan

Just for XNASA: John McGowan

Just for Beware the Beastman - Jewel McGowan

Just for Chavezspeaksthetruth: Rose McGowan

Just for RandomKoolzip - Patrick McGowan

Two Bumper Sticker I saw that made me smile

The Smirk is Back...All is Right in THEIR World

Just for RandomKoolzip: Shane McGowan

Whats up with all these McGowans

After 233 Kids, Foster Parents Quit

The new Tom Waits album - Real Gone

Drug Testing Using Hair Samples

Mansfield, Ohio

I have two 2-page papers to write by 5pm..... HELP!!!

HOLY CRAP! Is it snowing!!

Colonscopy appt. Thursday, tell me everything

Lucille Ball reveals that Reagan's saw a UFO

My roommate sings along with the theme song from 'the nanny'

Xanadu or Xanadu

Olivia Newton-John

is there a setting on this forum

Police Dog Bites Nude Man Where It Really Hurts

Judith Regan vs. Judith Miller

The Tough Cop of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Peanut Gallery of all CAPTIONS!!!

Marine Has Finger Cut Off To Save Wedding Ring - Ring Gets Lost Anyhoo

Where are the best areas in Philly to stay?

What will Sean O'Keefe and I soon have in common?

Dubya: Bad for People, Good for Rock

Guess where my lesion is located . . .

Sophia Loren

Carrot Top vs. the death of a loved one

There's UFOs over New York, and I ain't too surprised.

Heywood Jablowme

Golden Globes to Mel Gibson and Jesus:

Elite Amphibias Mime Force recruitment center opens

Guess wher my Le'gion is located........

Friday night they'll be dressed to kill, Down at Dino's bar and grill...

How much liquor is in liqueur flavoured chocolates?

Over 35 pregnancies? Please tell the social services people about it!

What do you think about my website?

The ultimate Dysfunctional Christmas pop song...

Frank Bank

They HATE us because they don't have a turd twiter product

The pictures of the women posted are gorgeous. But...


The "Yodle O Lay Hee Hoo" CAPTION

Janet Leigh!

Record Lotterey Jackpot Winner Is More Sinner Than Saint Lately


Who WAS Parson Brown and why did he hang out in the meadow?

Bake McBride

More pain for migraine sufferers


Just for ChavezspeakstheTruth: Patrick McGoohan

That one lady.

Oscar Gamble

Christina Ricci

Kosraw Vasori

Belch or fart?

Jamie Oliver

Lou Jacobi

Natalie Wood.

Nikolai Volkoff

Dick Cheney conducts a random heart check on Senator Frist.

Mariette Hartley

Xmas Memories- Here's Mine; Please Share Yours


Marcia Strassman

Rue McClanahan

Edgar Kennedy

It's freaking SNOWING in San Diego right now

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Yakov Smirnoff

When is an appropriate age for minors to become sexually active?

Who said this?

Take it off. Take it all off.

Okay, what are we calling Underpants' soon-to-be progeny?

Peterson verdict to be announced at 4:30 EST...

The sign to end all signs...

Fannie Flagg

Arkansas Woman Killed in Mistaken Rapture

Linda Lavin


Has life got you down? Misplacing things lately?

David Ogden Stiers

Valerie Bertinelli Ex-Van Halen

Fred MacMurray

TV celeb posts crowding out posts about dinner, cats, weather

Coleman Beast Man

Julia Sugarbaker

Teri Copley

Vincent D'Onofrio

The Dick Clark to miss 33rd New Year's telecast

Burt Ward

Mae West


Bonnie Franklin

Mindy Cohn

Bea Arthur

Anyone sick of that case about the guy who cannibalized children

One paper down. ONE TO GO!!!

Kenneth Blackwell

Scott Peterson

John Kleeb

Two finals down...Three to go!!

LOOK AT MY NUMBER OF POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare on Elm Street

Norm Abram

Carol Channing


Jack Elam

More Censorship....

I just bought a Sony video camera, it should arrive tomorrow.

Talk about American heroes!


Julia Duffy

This is the copy cat hour in the Lounge

"dino bravo" was murdered in 1993

Best scene in an old TV series about taking an anatomy exam.

Santa Claus is in a Hungarian prison

The REAL OFFICIAL one and only copy cat thread.

Lindsay Wagner

It's a Wonderful Life in 30 seconds with bunnies

What Kind Of MORAN Hangs Out At A Courthouse To Cheer A Murder Verdict

Joey Lawrence - Whoa!


What do you know

Hey All Yinz Pittsburgh Metro Area DUers - A Gathering?

this is the copy cat hair in the lounge

Am I the only person who could not care less about Scott Baio?

What was God thinking when The Passion of the Christ was snubbed..

I'm off work the next 3 days, is it ok for me to drink wine at 3:30pm

Is there a point to all these celebrity photo posts?

I did a joke poll about Liberals wanting to destroy Christmas...

Which was a more accurate depiction of Jesus of Nazareth?

Am I the only one who could not CARE LESS about Scottie the Engineer?


DEATH for Peterson (jury recommends)

Where were you when you heard Laura Branigan had died?

Markie Post

The Lounge has been brought to you by the letter 7 and the number K.


Rank the most important news item, from the eyes of a typical bush murkin'

Movies that you thought would suck, but turned out great

Where were you when you heard Laura Palmer died?

Graphic Request. ....... Warning: Graphic Mental Image

just got back from a bike ride...(i live in wisconsin)

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Lept Out Of Car Had Brain Damage Due To Parasit

Anyone planning on watching "Phanton of the Opera" movie?

Help me Liberate a RW forum

Smelly Socks Worn by Ed Harris Sold

Its true Repulicans want to do away with Christmas

Stumped on Christmas gifts? Here's an idea........and a good cause.

Let it snow!

Tanya Roberts

One of the sickest/funniest things my kid just did.

Could Ah-nold commute Scott's sentence to life?

Could Ah-nold Terminate Scott's life himself?


Bryant angry at Malone for allegedly making a pass on his wife

I'm making another delivery, of chemicals and sacred roots,


Who gets home-field advantage in the AFC?

Okay, y'all need to quit being so entertaining or clean my house for me

I Just Came Back from the VD Clinic. Ask Me Anything.

does anyone have a really good photo of Dick Cheney with

Mets sign Pedro Martinez (???)

'Naked Boys' aren't in Atlanta

Not To Beat Anyone Over The Head with Cheney -- but this is a good poem

Get thee BEHIND me, Satan!

Dinner Suggestion Kids : Weiner winks and Not Pigs in the Blanket

Claudia Cardinale

How long before the next "Trial of the Century"?

Jan Smithers

There's nothing quite like a Dove bar with milk chocolate & almonds.

I just remembered why I'm not sane anymore.

Don't worry Bosox fans. Pedro was slipping. You won't miss him.

if you had one thing you could say to / ask God, what would it be

Seattle DUers: Blue Monday meetup TONIGHT!

I'm getting Dish Network.

New words and their definitions. (Sorry if this has been posted already!)

Fox News just announced that next to the full time terror alert color code

Help with a website... One that is about the "Texicutioner"... it details

Woman Loses 66 lbs. Overnight

Okay - it's settled. We liberals are hell-bent on destroying Christmas.

QB Sorry for Giving Fan the Finger

What's on top of your Christmas Tree?

Where is the DU Cemetery?

Let's hear it for Stephen Root.

Who gets home-field advantage in the KFC?

OMFG!!! Amber Fry is really...

Helper Monkey v. Prank Monkey

My dog was a bad girl.

En Garde! ••• S C A R Y •••

"He's a nihilist."

Bradenton, FL any beer drinkers there?

What the heck is up with AIM

Anyone else think Ying Yang twins everytime Yang Enterprises is mentioned.

Sock Monkey vs. Monkey Business

Johnny Depp

Best SOLID GOLD host

I want the new William Shatner CD for Christmas.

Judge put up for sale on eBay

With only 30 dollars, you can become a lord

They Call Me Dr. Worm....

Yet more infantilism from my 2nd home, Japan...

Dear God NO!

Tonight's flamebait debate: O. J. Simpson vs. Scott Peterson

Hi there!

I HATE THE COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People cheered the death of a human being

AH, gotta love the suburban mentality!

I need help - e-mail limits by yahoo - I'm trying to contact media but


Popeye's Chicken or KFC?

Japanese men lap up new comfort

These people just do not quit! Got an e-mail 'Please Help'

"The Hebrew Hammer" on Comedy Central NOW

Holidays In The Sun

Star Jones or A Pillow?

Drive crazy shopping me all for people parking dumb make for me.

I am going to be running for my school's SGA (Senator)

Am I the only one who proofreads before I post ?

Hippo Caught after 9 months on lam

Let's play Twister, let's play Risk.

'Naked Boys' can't sing in Atlanta

So I got my car re-insured today - I saved $65 just by living here!

Looks like Dave Mustaine has ended the Slayer and Metallica feuds

Bush Is Cheating On Condi with Vanessa Williams

Gotta say this is the best paragraph I've been email in a while...

Anyone catch that "A bear named Whinnie" last night?

Today is Santa Lucia Day in Sweden. I have a question.

It's my 100th post, ask me anything...

I have Rainbow and Gary Wright on my iPod.

A Human Baby vs. An Animal: Is Killing One Worse Than the Other?

He could have been a contender, instead of a bum, which is what he is

I'm a winner

Star Jones tops PETA's worst-dressed list

Somebody has to say it: I am being hypocritical here.

Rock paper Saddam

Hi, Mango. It's me, Leon the janitor.

Just for fun...the return of the starving artist...

You Know You Want This FAST & BEAUTIFUL PC!

What did Ida hoe, boys, what did Ida hoe??

Does anyone know where I can find historical data


Any other Canadian DUers love watching Alberta Squirm....

Dorothy Parker

Robin Williams stand up routine! HILARIOUS!

Post a naked pic of yourself taken within the last month


My 3,000th post will be a poll - Which of my posts annoy you the most?

I passed a kidney stone! Ask the MAN anything!

Which TV show to come out on DVD represents a new low point?

Got my 2004 bonus today

Hey! The "Group Fever" Has Died Down.

Which outfit would look better?

Folktown on Siruis radio is so seriously great

Am I the only one who could not CARE LESS about Scott Peterson?

Praise from the boss can cause a heart attack!

Lets start a group to complain about the damn dust you

Honest to goodness FUN in GD that even diehard Loungers can

C'mon-i give up. Rant

Scissor Sisters - do they live up to the hype or not?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Gratuitous Whining Thread


My sister's labrador growls at criminals

Bush's health has deteriorated.

The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances.

Let's try this a better way...Welcome to all DU Newbies!!

I got a holiday message from Gloria Steinem.....

Anyone have a california voting guide?.. or another state?

What night is Moyers NOW going to broadcast?

Jeez, thanks for mentioning Popeye's

Now they're making a MAGNETO X-Men spinoff/prequel WTF???

Need a question answered since I worked today.

Does your rat ever give you massages

To Me, The Most Fascinating Threads On DU Are...

"you paranoid Berkeley shiksa feminista...

I need help posting images

atheist or believer? take this quiz to find out

Last minute shoppers, look here!

Garden of Eden

Anyone want to proof my new Demopedia article?

BREAKING! Ocean waves at the beach.

I saw a GD thread about "Immortal Technique"

Breaking News - God overrules Blackwell

The Jesuits must be turning over in their graves now

calling once again on fellow DUers

Should I take over the world?

The acronym game-I'll start: AP= American Propaganda

Lie and Truth


I don't know what people see in Lindsay Lohan..........Oh wait, now i see!

Lots of chimp pics

Have you ever given your cat a message...

I'm measuring my snakes--Ask Me Anything. n/t

DU Artists---I want to start painting, but I need some help

Here's my picture...should I put it in the DU Gallery?

college kids daily finals and papers poll

Is anyone still having trouble with AIM?

Does Your Cat Ever Leave You Messes?

Am I on everyone's ignore list?

My son has turned into Desi Arnaz

How accurate are these online depression tests?

I'm in complete mildew mode.

Have you ever joined your cats for a menage a tois?

DU Musicians with some folk background

I've had a whole bottle of wine- Ask Me Anything!

"Ann Coulter" coldcocks "Phyllis Schlafly"......

Create your own South Park character

Heads, I win- tails, you lose!

Gooniani's goon withdraws because of nanny. Does this crack you up?

Alright! Studying for finals is going great!

Someone tried to break in to my house last night

Don't tell Nikepallas that she is on my ignore list

I just remembered why I'm not Catholic anymore.

Financial Panther


I took my son to see Amahl and the Night Visitors

does anybody have a really BAD photo of Cheney?

Remember when

I lie

Does Your Cat Ever Give You Messages?

eww I just found out I have both an orthodonist and dentist appointment

Should priests be allowed to marry?

Post here and I'll answer in the style of Dennis Kucinich

Poles for queer men only!

Favorite Vacation Spot?

What movie sucked that you thought should've been great

Geminid meteor shower tonight. Grab a bar of soap and a towel!

Captain Kangaroo

Flowers 'n' kittens

Should Churches Have To Pay Taxes?

What Is 'Yo Blues Name

What should I change my gaming psueodnym to?


Ogie Oglethorpe

Is there a doctor in the house ? My toes are swollen .

Any Real Estate or Mortgage Brokers around?

Can aesthetics reveal anything about the infinite?

Yay for sensitive men -

What is the story behind everybody's user name?

I asked Al Gore a question today!

OK lounge lizards, it's time for round two (HUAC petition)

Who wants a free avatar?

Virginia Graham

Should pets be allowed to marry?

Pregnancy over 35: Please tell me your experiences!

Any Vets, Vet-Techs, or anyone with Veterinary Medicine knowledge around?

How fucked up is this country today?

Who Would You Say Is Country Music's "Queen Of Heartache"?

A Call to Action from a lost Hero of VietNam! Please remember him!

Does your dog leave you messes?

How much do you fight with your significant other?

feeling depressed please post cute animal pics

U.S. author Wolfe wins bad sex award

T-shirt I saw last week: "Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion."

The wife just brought me 6 bottles of Nyquil. Ask me anything.

Got Dumped

What's your worst typo Ever???

The comet is coming!! The comet is coming!!

U2, Pretenders to enter rock and roll hall of fame

"Ben Dover" -- What made-up names do you recall from high school?

Former "Backstreet Boy" to make Christian Album

I believe in Unintelligent Design theory.

It is hysterical how people get sucked into stories like Laci Petersen

I'm in a severe rut, how do I change my life?

World's Tallest Bridge To Open In France

Does Your Cat Ever Give You a Massage?

Bill O'Reilly phone sex scandal contest submission

Controversial nativity scene (featuring Junior & Poodle) smashed

Poll for queer men only!!!

Help me Liberalize a RW forum!

A deep philosophical question:

The VATICAN Is Now Selling Calenders of "Hottie" Clergy

What did you think of David Bowie when you first saw him?

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees for 2005.

Tom Wolfe wins bad sex award

The Alleged Athleticism of George W. Bush

What is this song about?

desperate Housewives

Have you ever given your cat a massage?

Funny Petition: Bring Back HUAC. It's been DUed, and it's HILARIOUS!

Pimp your gear here. Showoff your best stuff.

Post a pic of yourself taken within the last month.

For those that drink beer or wine...

Wow....It must have taken so much effort to make Spiderman 2 so shit!

Any fans out there of the Homicide: Life on The Street series?

How about some punk X-mas titles?

Ocean's 12 plot question (****SPOILER*****)

Golden Globe Nominations

Gibraltar rocks to Hebrew 'God Save the Queen'

Values controversy in Christmas gospel

Jewish, Muslim students connect at temple

I 've been wondering and thought I'd ask this forum. What if Bush is the

Discovery 'Can Destroy HIV' Researchers Claim

Life-Swapping Scenarios for Earth and Mars

Ultrasound - Bass Note In Music Of The Spheres

Blind man can 'see' emotions in others

u f o CRASH in large city in china ...

Canadian PM Rejects Gay Marriage Referendum

Gay Legal Group Names New Leader

Jass Stewart: gay man running for mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts

Gay Musical Busted

More on the Human Rights Commission (HRC) . . . update . . .

Thousands March Against Gay Marriage

College Fight Song

blank, blank, blank, BLANKITY blank.....WTF is Walt Jockety doing?

WaPo: Bettis Keeps Pittsburgh Rolling

Terry Bradshaw: What's wrong with him: or, is he okay?

Ty Willingham lands in Washington

WaPo/Michael Wilbon: Going Up Against The Main Attraction (Eagles)

Twins lose Koskie !

Notre Dame introducing new football coach

Best Super Bowl

As the economy declines more pets will be abandoned...

I got the dogs their gifts for xMas...

I'm watching The Dog Whisperer - Cesar Milian on Nat'l Geographic

We found a dog yesterday!

Litter Box Problem -- Female Cat

My favorite household products---

My cat, Abbie, is only 8 months old but he is HUGE!!

Okay! Anything about this Monday"s Arnebeck Filing at 9AM?

Stumped on holiday gifts? Here's an idea....and a good cause >>

Ultrasound - Bass Note In Music Of The Spheres

Damiana, Coleus, Calea Zacatechichi

Picking Up on the Feelings of Democrats in America

Guess who quit smoking the other day?

And you thought a lump of coal in your stocking was the worst thing...

Tales of the Christ Weary

George Carlin on the Ten Commandments (MP3)

Can someone elaborate the TRUE meaning of Christmas...

So what are your New Year's Resolutions?

Religious holiday cards from friends....

You know I thought about this but I think Kerry would have made a fine AG

I need calendar photo ideas.

A few of my photos

Imagine: Karl of the year. A cartoon

san diego action

Secrets of the Federal Reserve - Eustace Mullins

Ohio Electoral votes on C-Span at Noon Monday

Christianity-On Balance..A Good Thing or A Bad Thing? Or Neutrall?


Bush's Blame Game

oops, forgot the wine.

The Next Homeland Security Head

Inventing a Crisis; aka bush is just LYING. Again. (SS)

Call to action to defeat BU$H on one MAJOR front...

MSNBC, becoming the new Fox News: The Clenis was guilty before Kerik

Drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

Recent Ammunition for the "Morals & Values" crowd-- Kerik

My problem with Lakoff

Counter-Inaugural: Malcolm X Park at 9 AM, January 20 - endorsed by UFPJ

The way the south votes

So. Bush's Infallible, Mystic "Gut Instinct" is wrong Yet Once Again?

The key to putting Florida back into the Democratic camp starts

Holy Joe Back On List For Homeland Security Job

What has to happen before "buyer's remorse" sets in with the Bush voters

Iraq president says instability could yield 'Iraqi Hitler'

Blackwell is ready to count the elector votes on C-SPAN !

MSNBC Poll: Progress stabilizing Iraq 1 year after Saddam's capture?

The "liberals" have been purged from the Party already....

Dept of Homeland Security Begins Using Private Financial Watch List

Taking over the world - part 1

Hedda is on now

Ohio electoral college on now

NBC's Nora O'Donnell on NY AM Radio right now on * Admin. & Kerik....

Europeans take dim view of Bush re-election

Anyone watching Ohio's electoral college proceedings on

that's it ~ (clickoff) CSpan (clickon) AAR

C-Span "Can liberals be trusted on national security?"....OMG the BS

Jazz Funeral for Democracy, A Wake for Peace: Website up!

If Lieberman goes to Homeland Security, what happens to senate seat?

OK DUers. How will they blame the Kerik affair story on the Clenis?

self deleted

Today must be 'Kick Each Other In The Gut' day in this forum

Thoughts about Kerik and his Adorer - *

Did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 permanently divide the Democratic party..

Was Rumsfeld surprised about the Armor? Was the Media Surprised? WHY?

Bush, looking constipated yet again

Have you heard we're banning books?

Fundies Boycotting P&G's "Homosexual Agenda"

("Dissident groups" seek) Delay sought in Ohio electoral vote

All right. I'm sick of it. (Mainstream liberal media)

Is C-Span covering Ohio or not?

So what does it look like for the recounts tomorrow?

Handicapping the race for DNC chair

the 12 days of Rummy...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Senator Tom Coburn from OK can be an ally of the Democratic Party....

Wanted: Recount/Vote Fraud Themed Graphics!

C-SPAN2 - WA Supreme Court RECOUNT hearing - Live 4:30 PM

I think we ought to make ****'s birthday

Digby freakin' nails it!

Wyden's other race wins him key Senate role

Howard Dean: Speech on the Democratic Party - Dec.9th

The spectacular fall of the ABB coalition...

Somebody explain to me the $87,900 Social Security tax cap

Republicans are not allowed to change their minds - poor things

Donnie Fowler seeking DNC Chair

Fallujah meets all criteria -place it squarely in history's hall of infamy

USVIP/VotersUnite! Action Alert: Get Congress Involved!!

im out to prove that media is controlled by the repubs, i need help.

I Just Learned On The Today Show That A Jewish Man Wrote White Christmas

When are they going to prosecute Kerik for lying on his disclosure forms?

Alright DU, when you post polls about possible candidates in 2008

Here's what I'm talking about with Democrats!

Regruiters calling themselves 'couselors' in High schools

National Press Club Panel on the Future of Democratic Party

Iran says it has suspended uranium enrichment in Brussels...

Need help finding

Would Bush Pick Lieberman for Homeland Security Chief?

Bush Biographers--All Suicided

Coulter on Canada at Fox News

A protest of 1 (or 2 if you count my dog)

Someone tried to break in to my house last night

Olbermann (MSNBC 'Countdown') is not letting us down COMPLETELY

I have seen the enemy

Best reason to support the DLC

Bush wav Files!?

Calvin College site on Nazi and Marxist propaganda

A.G. candidate quits campaign (Commonwealth of VA)

Where is Congressman Tim Ryan?? Remember his speech??

Self deleted.

USELESS Democratic "Leaders" -- Where Are They? Damed by their silence!

heard the blackbox lady interviewed on radio today and

Why we should all be screaming now.

What went wrong??? Granted the election was close but it should

Anyone else a little disappoint over the Kerik thing?

Dick Durbin or Barack Obama

On a scale of 1 - 5 how do you rate Barack Obama's speech at the DNC?

what kind of Dem are DU members for in terms of leadership and philosophy?

DU this anti Dennis Moore (KS) Blog

Is it wrong to enjoy Kerik being taken down?

Does anyone know of any hospital or charity organization run by...

New Animation "Arnold Counts the Votes" by Symbolman

Need Help!

Thom Hartmann in Randi's stead-- he's a fantastic host n/t

Can Anyone Cover Moyers on Scarborough?

Did anyone see Howard Dean on Meet the Press yesterday?

How many people think that bushco will push SO far that the tide

Dear President Bush (this is an email I received - hope not a dupe)

Is KerikGate going to bring Guiliani down?

If abortion becomes illegal...what is affect on US demographics?

Did any of you who still watch the Network Nightly News see anything about

How much blame does Terry McAuliffe really deserve?

Mike Wallace said Kerry was a "lousy candidate"

we should just admit that freepers are superior to us.

Could y'all post a list of all of Kerik's scandals

The politician I would hate to see run against our nominee in 08

How to stop the "nuclear option"

Was The Death Sentence For Scot Peterson Justified?

Remember Fahrenheit 9/11 - We Must Not Allow Them to Stand Alone

The Latest Michael Moore letter - in case you haven't read it - Excellent

MSNBC: "White House knew of Kerik's 'colorful past'" (good outweighed bad)

Hey, You're A Civil Libertarian on DU - Why?

Is it true that two OH electors didn't show? I read in an earlier thread

Joe Lieberman as possible Homeland Security head:

Tell AP to stop calling protesters "dissidents"

Gen. Clark: "I haven't ruled out a run" in 2008

Best way to win without the DLC.