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Archives: December 11, 2004

Kerik said imports would invite bio terror attachs

Unconventional Weapons Can Help U.S. Troops Fight Insurgents in Iraq

Salam Al-Marayati: Guilty of 'Flying While Muslim'?

Big WH mistake--thought "ethical" lapses of Kerik would be overlooked!

Are conservatives 'misunderestimating' Harry Reid?

WH ethics being blasted!! Lawmakers Press FDA on Whistleblower

Tennessee’s "open records" are not really open.

It's the money, Mr. Rumsfeld - Boston Globe

Church faces implosion and life underground, says senior adviser

Record Number Need Heating Help (not just the poorest of the poor)

Last week the US lost its 1,000th soldier killed in combat. Why did no one

North (San Diego) County Times: Errors mandate death penalty moratorium

Congressional memo to future generations: You're screwed (Joe Scarborough)

A little misinformation can stir a lynch mob


I hate to say I told you so ... but I told you so

Realists Rebuffed - A vulgarized neconservatism in the saddle

Anaconda armor shop improvises upgrades (GI Ingenuity)

Bush undergoes 4th presidential physical (Grossly Overdue IMHO)

Living Under Fascism (the U.S. as fascist state)

Urgent Request And New Essential Recount & Vote Fraud Actions [View All]

Mediawhore Wash Post:: "little noticed"9/11 Measure Expands Police Powers

CBS whoring uses RW plant )CBS "does" Social Security privatization

Paul Krugman on Media Matters tomorrow (sunday)

NPR covers for Rumsfeld, changes Schorr's criticism on air 12/11/04

All-out media onslaught for SS privitization

Krugman nails the con in the Bush Social Security Plan


some answers for amphibian die off

At Buenos Aires Climate Summit, US Open To "Informal Discussions"

Western Australia Gvn. Considers Using Treated Waste Water For Drinking

Worries Grow As Alaskan Oil Spill Spreads - Search Ends For 6 Missing

Revived (federal) rule says rare species won't stop projects under way

Brazil's Lula takes step to open "Dirty War" files

Gun Shop owner murdered in Michigan. Stolen guns now on the street

Gun shop robberies put more illegal guns on the streets in Michigan

Teens arrested on gun charges ruin mom's Christmas

New school shooting...If only America had fewer guns....

I mean really....

Why was this post locked?

do 'freeper' threads belong in the "2004 election results and discussion"

Should freeper or other trolls be feared? How can they hurt DU?

link to National Alliance website

Since there is no "Thank the Administrators" Forum

I'd like to apply to Mod, but I have a question first ...

Have signatures been wiped clean?

Who gets off telling me how to interact with my friends?

Demopedia--trying to add a Bush nickname to the list

How do you get a radio show listed on your "Listen Live" feature?

PDA's call to action deserves a yellow postie. It is zero hour, Skinner.

Dissapeared thread

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Girl

Anyone have Chicago plans for tomorrow at noon?

Metropolis on Granville in Chicago

Every Vote Counts -- Jeff Fleischer

"Karzai bolts to victory", EXIT POLL says

Indiana US Congress Recount over: GOP wins

Looking for help in WA state to publicize OH recount

Importance of Project for New American Century?

Question about exit polls.


self deleted, old news

A little something for the Demopedia folks.

Ohio Counties Sorted By Change In Bush Margin 2000-2004

Gore OHIO 2000 - Kerry OHIO 2004 (minor comment)

I want to go to 51capital march, Tallahasse is to far, is there a Miami

Florida Counties Sorted By Change In Bush Margin 2000-2004

"W"'s world, or why he really needs to go!

Ballots run through wrong vote tabulator in Ohio (led to miscounts)-link

Repeat of Conyers' Ohio voting forum is on cspan2 now.

For those who believe Kerry is timid, or unconcerned, not fighting....

Shameful and despicable--Blackwell on Glen Beck's radio show today

if you go to a rally this weekend TAKE PICTURES

Residents used phone callback feature to snag AZ GOP suppression effort...

Hand Count NOT most accurate:--Retort- IS, if u add machine's fraud factor

I Had a Dream...

Clint Curtis sighting...

Conyers Requests "raw" exit Poll data.....USA Today...

What is Arnebeck's email address?


Help keep this story front and center... VOTE ON IT ..

A few ways cheating could have occurred

Urgent Request And New Essential Recount & Vote Fraud Actions [View All]

From the Baltimoresun

The timeline for the Fraud

To: President George W. Bush

Go Neas!! Idea that 2004 election ran smoothly "simply a crock"

The "New York Times" reports how the fraud took place

OHIO: Recounts scheduled next week

Just had dinner with Alan Waldman!!! Wrote the best vote fraud article!

It was just a Glitch - An unabridged collection of links

Cobb Update: Six counties start recounting on Monday, Dec 13

Get ready gang

Anyone going to the protest in NYC today?

Bev Harris has updated her take on Curtis.

Punch card ballots misread votes for Kerry in Cleveland at 1 polling place

The Revolution starts NOW **this is NOT a drill**

TIME's Person of the Year

petition for a nationwide revote

Did you know this about recounts?

Repeat of Rep Conyer's hearing


10/20 Colombus, OH: Cty. Dem Party Chair's predicts Repub fraud

What should I do with the Bush/Cheney04 yard sign I stole?

CSPAN- So U know, the remaining 45 mins or hr of the Conyers hearing is on

Kerry/Iraq--Could this mean he knows he'll be Commander in Chief ?

39 voting machines unused in Ohio

12/06 Letter to OH editor about Cuyahoga County BOE lies

Cuts in precincts add to voter lines (Ohio)..

Operation Snowball: Challenge the NYT with Hardcopy

self deleted

Let's call it FORGED not STOLEN!

SLATE MAGAZINE contradicts itself while dealing with fraud

Will DU be recognized for the Patriots Working Here....

DNC radio address stresses importance of voting rights....

Read this little ditty from Tom Delay - 7/25/2003

The story so far: KERRY: 51 - 48 (exit polls) to BUSH: 50.5 - 48.5

Any update on the Washington recount?

don't feed the troll...wants to kick up dust.there's somethiing here.....

For Floridians who want to help recount...

how do i get a picture in the post.? ... i was in DC

Help nit-pick my flier for a mostly Republican target audience

The "F" word

Proposed new name for "FReepers"/"FReeptards"

Faith in the Integrity of the Election process is NOT a Partisan issue

U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine

GROUNDS to OVERTURN the election in OHIO

Recount in New Mexico, too.

Democratic radio response focuses on Ohio presidential vote

oversampling of polls set way for Dixiecrat excuss????

OR: Election reform needed: U.S. system would fail certification elsewhere

Diebold speaks out????? No Criminal record they say

If the SCLM doesn't cover the march, read this:


Certainly a milestone -- Kos Allows Vote Issue Back On Front page

2 Protests against stolen 2004 election scheduled -Dec. 11 & 12th-Be there

Cost of stealing an election....

Mitofsky said that Gore's real votes were more than the Exit Poll totals

Is everyone watching the voting issues forum?

Only three possibilities, Mr. Mitofsky

Check out what Ohio's Sec. of State Blackwell did to voters!

Sen Sam Ervin ....Watergate Hearings; anti civil rights and ERA

gandhi said, first they ignore you,

Will Pitt on yesterday's lockdown!!

For those interested, I think the Village Voice has some interesting artic

GLIBS Go to Court to Force Recount in New Mexico (12/11)

Kerry Visits Iowa

US National Radio Media Blast request

Blackwell's Snowjob: "Election costs could hit $3 million in Cuyahoga"

Vote fraud suspect jailed after indictment

Mitofsky will send his data to this Institution

WOW! I' m Psyched..".51 Staters" tomorrow on our State Capitols /VOTE

REMEMBER - Red HANDS or GLOVES tomorrow!!!

Anyone go to the NYC protest?

Has anyone talked to any Republicans about the possibility of fraud?

Videos for Motivation and Inspiration

Columbus Dispatch: Officials now admit 39 machines were not used

Dean Dems in Silicon Valley want voices heard on voting. Rally tomorrow.

I am reposting my heart and head thread for nomination.

LOCKDOWN BLACKWELL (sign idea for any OH protesters) nt

Kerry in Iowa yesterday

The problem with recounts.

Anyone heard of the Cyber Security Research and Development Act?

Here's that smile, if you need one

(Avatar) Election Fraud/Irregularity, "Patriot Hall of Fame"

Exit poll data - this is odd....

Theme song for a recount

Best vote fraud article ever written

authenticity of the article regarding lock down in Ohio

Head's up on that repugs4kerry site.....could be a rouse

Beware! We ARE being watched by Republicanazis-here are their comments

Is there SAT. MORNING THUNDER on the boards or what?! I think

Yang Enterprises Speaks ---

Blackwell Lockdown and More Suspicious Activity in Greene County Ohio

MSM blackout puzzling/frustrating because of overwhelming evidence

Did anyone tape election night 2000 - in whole or in part?

Powerful article from little Ashland Wisconsin


Ohio impeachment laws.

So how are they recounting the votes in the Paperless Counties in Ohio?


WEBMASTERS READ: Why our petitions don't do so well.

UPI reporting the story

Fraudsters not true Repubs, Dems or even Americans = Terrorists & Traitors

TIME Florida poll 2004

Election protest wristbands?

12/12 @12 Attend Rallies DEMAND FULL INVESTIGATION

Response From Warren Mitofsky Re: Release Exit Poll Data

Democrats weekly radio address focused on voting issues

USA Today article about the Ohio fraud investigation

PROTEST! December 12th, noon - Who's showing up?

Rep Group withdraws suit for recount of amendment 4 in FL

San Diego Union Tribune: Latino's support for GOP in '04 worries Democrats

Another question for the people who know Watergate

Excellent article in Akron Beacon J on clear vote machine manipulation...

39 voting machines unused - Columbus Dispatch headline today!

Rough copy of the speech I asked for your help with

Is Will Pitt going to Ohio? Why isn't Ohio on Monday's C-Span schedule?

The Site is "" - check it out!

Donnie Fowler candidate for DNC chair


If you had hacked the vote in Ohio what would you be doing now?

Mark Crispin Miller takes on NYT for Silence on Voter Fraud: 'bout time!!!

Task: Create an e-mail that 30% will want to pass along re:Votergate

Tax ded. contributions to Arnebeck & AFD will help fund Ohio Lawsuit

Rules for Ohio Recount that people should understand- re: handcounts

New Petition: Open Letter to the Electoral College (only 322 signatures)

Ohio election news tomorrow on Laura Flanders 12/12 AAR

Might I respectfully suggest to The Honorable Mr Conyers....

Re: Vote Fraud: Believers or non, Must Read.....

Request Input: Before TV, there were Newspapers, before that

Will Pacifica or C-Span cover the OH Conyers Forum?

Blackwell Lockdown (thread 3)

Does anyone know if the 92,672 "spoiled" Ohio ballots will be counted?

Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers

Went to a Democratic Christmas Party last night with all kinds of Dems


CBS, CNN, NBC Florida Exit Polls 2004

Question for the people who were around during Watergate

The Vote Fraud Movement Needs Heart and Head: A Plea for Unity

Another Great Akron suppression article -- this paper is finally on board.

Dustup at Hearing -- the rest of the story

Check out these photos of Kerry at a soldier's funeral 12/2/04

The Perfect Storm

OHIO sure knows how to count quickly!!

Has anyone discussed that if Kerry wins what that means for us at DU?!

Stay Awake!!!


Voting Machines

Dems say GOP made deceptive voter calls (Arizona)

PDA calls for Strategic Action NOW!!!

Sign up for our own Action Email list

Election Fraud Protest - LOS ANGELES - Sun 12/12

OK SF Bay Area .....

I hate Northwest Iowa and here is why.


Cancer Lady, what wasn't said

Is there a place that sells Viking hats and scarfs, mittens, etc

Mark Dayton's website gets an upgrade

Replace pro-Bush mayors in New York, St. Paul, elsewhere

Is it possible to recall a Senator?

Jackson Citizen Patriot LTTE

Anti-War Vigil, Royal Oak Sat Dec 18

Human Rights Film Festival Feb 15&22, Mar 1&8 2005

Setting up my Outlook Express. I'm using the setup wizard, and don't

not computer, exactly - a dvd question

Recount help needed in Cuyahoga

recount illegal stopped in Greene county

Greene county BOE leaves voting records unattended today

Tarheel seeks Ohio help- Citizen arrest of Blackwell for violation of Ohio

Dallas County Democratic Holiday Party Tues. 14th

Anybody know where the TX Electors meet on Monday 12/13 ?

Catfight! Goodhair vs. Bighair!

Travis County Democratic Party - Holiday Party (Tues 12/14)

You know, Texans are pretty stupid.

Recent Gay Rights victories around the world

Where is the Truthseeker thread on Malloy. He's rocking.

Table describing first 2,081 Iraqi civilian deaths....

Little Stevens Creek Elementary under right-wing hate attack


Air America Secures $13 Million

What is the story with Jeff Fisher from Florida?

Decide where to spend your money, LIBERALLY

Help, with an essay/open letter thing...Southerners pls read

Armor shortages Vs. Shiny new toys

Bush manipulated NKorea intelligence like he did in Iraq: US expert

"I Have A Dream"

During this coronation of the bush HONK YOUR HORNS

If you go to a rally or protest this weekend, TAKE PICTURES

I just spent the better part of three hours with a Vietnam veteran ...

This just scared the H#!! out of me..

Its not just about Hitler

Old Time Religion...

If you are planning on leaving America, PLEASE stay registered to vote!

List of preelection military complaints published in Stars and Stripes

The DLC's main goal is to paralyze our will and make us doubt

With due respect to Christians on this Forum, I must say that the

The "cool" guys that smoked dope now run Canada.

Kerik Withdraws His Name for Top DHS Job


People that deny having prejudice are not learning.

Long Island "supermarket paper" has serious fraud article.

I think all politicians have lost credibility with voters.

Isn't it time for C-SPAN to drop their "Supporters for Bush" line.....?

Possible small pox attack against the US.

Has video been posted of Bernie Sanders and...

N.C. School Pulls Slavery Booklet

Elks - BPOE what a joke

Can Y'all Help Me? Our local PBS station keeps cutting final Moyers Now

Hell freezes over: AP reports on incident in Ohio

NYC News stations not saying "Christmas" anymore?

Question about Ohio.....

Our bucks mispent, again.....rate this, folks

Check out Kerry's Birthday wish!

Link to National Alliance on DU front page???? Have I fallen

1st time ever - Bush Master gun Manufacturer found guilty

If you've wondered about Crichton - he's got a book to sell (SURPRISE!!)

My post in the New York TImes

How widespread was hatred of Lincoln in the North during the Civil War?

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Wellington Webb and Donnie Fowler (Candidates for DNC chair) on C-SPAN

Ukrainian Politics, be afraid, VERY AFRAID

The right person for the Homeland Security job was Ray Kelly

Clinton, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

Silencing DISSENT: the International Edition.....

New Ohio article....

I'm a little disappointed Kerik withdrew before his confirmation hearing

The P.U.-litzer Prizes For 2004

Anyone have a "before" picture of Victor Yushchenko?

Current spin: Nanny Problems Plagued CLINTON Nominations

DUers: Photoshop this

Are civilian H2s made at the same plants as the...

The good die young

Dioxin poisoning? You tell me

I need a VoteFraud website with URL that's simple and easy to remember.

Found the perfect guy (nut) to replace Ashcroft

Medical Malpractice Insurer Declares Caps on Damages Don't Work

What Is The Most Conservative News Paper & Media Out There

Pipeline Blast Stops Gas to Azerbaijan -

List of Bush Administration Rats jumping ship since Election

Handicapped Bushvoter thinks electing Republicans may help him walk again.

francis fox pivin now on cspan 2 smart on most blind on some

Graham: "the self-confidence to take a chance" A tribute on retirement.

Citizen arrest of Blackwell for violation of Ohio statute which reguires

Unbelievable! FCC checking OLYMPIC GAMES for Indecency

Socialism is thriving in Canada!

Of Japanese strawberries and soldiers (and Iraq) Inauguration Protest

need help finding the first Patriot Act -- something very disturbing

WHITE RIBBON Campaign to honor all who have died in Iraq

Terror suspect was offered 15 mins of sex for spying - court

Feeling like a freek on a leesshe..

Michael Koubi can "make almost anybody talk" (The Enforcer)

I just caught a section on CNN Money. It blows me away.

The Daily Show with John Stewart

Kerik on the cabinet of the US President? What were they thinking?

Latest Fallujah Pictures

A little misinformation can stir a lynch mob (alleged banning of the DoI)

I do not believe that the publicly acknowledged reason for Kerik's

Fahrenheit 9/11 on Dish PPV this week just in case anyone here hasn't

Into the Twilight Zone of Freeper Logic

Regarding Kerik, I am scared shitless...

Republicans rev up to attack Bill Moyers!/Video

Up graded my computer, never thought it would be this good

NAKED LUNCH RADIO with yours truly: 5:00-5:30 p.m. EDT.

A thought...

CSpan2 - Forum on Book TV - What a bunch!

Want MSM attention?!! Posse up and do citizen arrest of Blackwell!

OH-IO OH-I KNOW Bumperstickers

Bah, humbug!

'fraudies' instead of 'freepers'? ..... thanks to Carolab

troops killing dogs and cats in Fallujah - (the city is empty of people)

Was John Kerry a more appealing candidate than Mondale and Dukakis?

link to full rumsfeld "srap metal army" Q & A session.

Some pictures from the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked

Blitzer to Armstrong "Bernie Ward just called you a serial liar."

What level of hell do you belong on....

Some strange alliances are forming after the Iraq War.

Reason for delay in ordering armoured Humvees, et al

Let's discuss Tonight's Ring of Fire! on Air America

What Liberal/Progressive periodicals are there? What are your favorites?

Jimmy Carter with Russert for the hour -- CNBC at 7pm EST


So * is finally going to have his yearly physical

Not all Christians are on the Right. Here is one that is on the Left

This is what is needed

Republicans have turned stealing elections into an art form or a precise

Proposed new name for "FReepers"/"FReeptards"

Are the color coded Terror Alerts taking a holiday with Tom Ridge?

Check out this new version of Google - Google Suggestions

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

my mortgage company thinks i'm stupid

Smart move by Clear Channel dropping the morning show on Air America

Karma Question: What does Bush come back as??

A quote from omali yeshitela on the police state. Do you agree?

Shrubs Can't Even VET Security Czar. How Can They Protect the "Homeland"?

What's the most overplayed story of 2004?

FCC investigating Olympic Games opening ceremony for indeceny

I just saw the UCC commercial...

Legal Worth of Companion Animals

John Kerry was...

Which of the "i's" will have it? The big "I" ore the littel "i"

Do you think we live in a f*cked up place?

Thomas Frank on BookTV at 8:45pm EST

I have a question for teachers of science and math on DU.

Why posts about the failed Democratic Leadership aren't on rightwing sites

Bush's agenda for the EPA

The very latest on the arson in Charles County MD. You won't hear on the

Father deported to Mexico (Patriot Act run amok)

A look back - President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat 10/7/02

God had his ass kicked the last time he came down here slumming.....

Any suggestions for good "Books on Tape/CD" for me and fellow DUers?

Help! Does anyone have a link to the HBS economists' petition?


Is connected to

Paula Zahn

Guiliani political stock in doubt - Newsday

The Internet: Opiate of the People?

Terrific description of Commander Dress-Up's latest costume

Christmas Carols For George Bush BABY!

Who else is sick of these stupid DNC e-mails?

I just had an idea I dont know if its a good one but..

Which group (if any) is the most taken for granted by the Democratic party

Does someone want to try and explain

How can bush improve education when he doesn't believe in science?

Was the Iraq War Illegal?

what if baby W had accidentally been switched at birth and had gone home

An excellent Christmas present !

Where are all the anti-war songs?


10 Doctors for Bush - "Fit for Duty"

New X-mas carol just in time for the * season!!!

Battlefield Earth by Bill Moyers

quick note: Ohio voting records no longer "public records"

We didn't go to war because of WMDs -- we went to war to free the Iraqis..

Best Challenger for Bush's would-be successor in 2008

Judge for sale on Ebay

Looking for suggestions for my blog.

What are Voice of America and Radio Free Europe?

U.S. Media Still Hiding Bad News From Americans

Bernard Kerik's "nannygate" excuse for withdrawal bogus?

U.S. government moves to muzzle dissident voices

Commentary by someone else

Lautenberg to WP: Don't Discredit Climate Change!

sean Hannity-Ann Coulter

God: Guy or Gal?

This is old and anonymous, but some DUers may not have seen it:

Face Facts, Our Democratic Leadership Is Ill-Prepared For This Fight

Is "sheeple" hate speech?

"No Special Rights for Billionaires"

Cap Harnesses Human Thought to Move PC Cursor

Support The Troops ? OPTRUTH action alert !

Can we build a decent society,with the right wing among us?

Social Security Reform

So, Kerik withdrew his name. Who will they pick now?

I would love to know if anyone will dare bring up the 28 pages of the

FOX hypes stories to claim "Christmas Under Siege"

Why do "right wingers" seem to hate/dislike women so much?

CBS News-Kerik only "discovered" nanny problem since nominated

1284 Dead !!! "Mr. President"...?

The South Shall Rise Again!!! White Power!!! (lg. pic)

The american "consumer" - something about my job

I just posted this over at a site talking about DNC chair

So if Bush suspended elections and decided to try to stay in power

Fast Food Nation

There's an arrest warrant out on Kerik

Why aren't Democrats putting massive pressure on Rumsfeld to resign?

DU Needs New Moderators!

Does Displaying the Confederate Flag Make One a Racist?

Lets make a list of well known southerners - please add to

Is our 12 carrier fleet a bad thing?

"Voice of the White House" speaks . . . Iran, smallpox, more . . .

Make intial foray into molding chocolate candy...any advice?

Pastry for Beef Wellington

Has anyone ordered food from overseas?

I need a recipe for Croatian Cheese Strudel...

I need some Canadian expertise, re PEI

Your proposal for House of Lords reform?

Police: College Student Charged With Killing Parents Said 'God Told Me To'

Measure Expands Police Powers (Intell bill)


WP,pg1: New Spy Satellite Debated On Hill: Some Question Price and Need

Justices to Hear Case of Mexican on Death Row---we are too eager to

CIA sued over WMD 'falsification' (BBC)

Insurgents Accused of Using Ramadi Hospital

Iraq Insurgents Kill Top Police, Hit U.S. Convoy

OHIO: Recounts scheduled next week

(Initial Invasion) Downed Navy jet was misidentified

NYT: (Supreme Court) to Hear Case on Sharing of Music Files

Reservists Complain Of Double Standard ( Army of Two :)

DU Needs New Moderators!

Search Suspended for Missing Crew Members (in Alaska)

Taiwan's Pro-Independence Parties Defeated

Fla. Convict Pleads Guilty to Anthrax Mail (to Bush)

Former FBI Agent Indicted on Charges

Bush Promotes Social Security Plan

Patriotic Outrage Event in Lafayette Park

Copter crash kills 2 from S.C. (in Mosul - 12/11)

Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers (Ohio)

Penalties Stiff for Slander in Venezuela

NYT: Unions Plan Big Drive for Better Pay at Nonunion Wal-Mart

Arafat's nephew says death may have been 'unnatural'

Coburn Wants to Keep Delivering Babies

Contract killers hired in Iraq (to hunt coalition troops)

Bush Helps Assemble Soldier Care Packages

March divides followers of Martin Luther King

He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money

NYT: Series of Insurgent Attacks Leaves 4 Iraqi Policemen Dead

Pakistan captures man accused of kidnapping UN workers

US soldier killed, eight wounded in Iraq fighting

Doctor: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin

Laptop Computers Creating A Generation Of Infertile Men?

Attacks Blamed for Iraq's Fuel Shortages

Monkeys use 'spades' to dig for food

U.S. deserter gets mixed reviews back home

Contract killers in Iraq

World opinion allowed into Texas case

U.S. Marine Killed in Action West of Baghdad #1283

US soldier killed in Fallujah

WP/AP: Moore Campaigns for People's Choice Award

Pentagon Ousts Official Under FBI Investigation -LAT

Algerian violence kills 2, children freed

‘Climate Witnesses' Testify About Effects Of Global Warming

Heart Attack Sparks Harbor Fuel Spill

Wounded soldier followup story.....Wounded GI to keep pay.

USS Arizona Memorial Center Slowly Sinking

Venezuela “deeply troubled” by arrest of US reporter

Another Oil Spill

Man Fatally Shoots His Two Children, Critically Wounds Wife Before Killing

Shipyard is denied sub work (job given to General Dynamic co. instead)

Man Freed After 12 Years in Texas Prison for Wrongful Molestation Convicti

Scrushy Challenges Secret Gov't Recordings

USA Pledges 20 Million Doses of Smallpox Vaccine to Global Stockpile

Bank in American backwaters that has the answer to your prayers

Bush Oks Ruling that May Endanger Species

Iraq's Odd man out? (White House considers Allawi may lose his job)

Berlusconi Ally Convicted of Mafia Ties

British army is 'dangerously small', says former top general

U.S. renews air strikes on Fallujah

U.S. airmen morph into combat roles, providing security for convoys in Ira

Army hustles to train soldiers for both conventional war, counterinsurgenc

Bush said 'fit for duty' after physical

Soldier says he, Rumsfeld talked about armor in '03

Boogie with the Bushes - $1m

Alcohol detected in Jell-O snacks

Tommy Franks backs teen monitor

Man Who Saved Grandmother's Life With Kidney Donation Dies of Gunshot Woun

Hutchison upset some in El Paso ask her not to challenge Perry

WP: DNC Chief Advises Learning From GOP

Hutchison upset some in El Paso ask her not to challenge Perry

Grenade Explodes at Indian Movie Star Concert in Sri Lanka, Killing Two

ICRC Worried About Bodies In Fallujah

Hand-to-hand horror

18,000 troops begin winter offensive in Afghanistan against Taliban, al-Qa

Grey heron found H5 positive in Hong Kong (Avian Flu)

Girl, 10, Cuffed for Scissors in School (WTF is wrong with these ppl

CNN Breaking: Doctors say Yushchenko poisoned by dioxins

O'Keefe poised to step down from NASA post

White House Puts Blame on Kerik

WP: FCC Wary of Greeks Baring Gifts at Games (Olympics indecency???)

South America Seeks to Fill the World's Table

Humvees No Match for Crude Bombs

Mystery Cloaks Couple's Firing as Risks to U.S. -NYT

(fmr Sen. Strom) Thurmond's biracial daughter writes book

Turkish Press: Bush searching for a new HLS Chief

Bush Says Social Security Faces 'Looming Danger'

(Amish) City councilman demands that Bush photo removed from market stand

Lawmakers help wounded soldier get home after pay dispute

IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped

US drops massive (half-ton) bomb on Mosul

US stands firm against post-Kyoto talks

Chile’s ex-dictator Pinochet tied to multi-million-dollar payoffs

I'm in the middle of composing a letter which will either get me arrested

What AAR show has the best music?

The establishment owes me a snickers!

What is the American dream and how come it seems so easy to achieve

Holy CRAP!!!! This is amazing!

Funny graphic (fixed, told ya I'm pc-challenged)

JAG epi takes on microbiologist disappearance.

eyesroll tongue-kissed an ugly guy at the bar.

whoisalhedges going to enrage next?

Amateur Visual Basic Question: Is there a timer/pause code?

Wow!!! What a deal this is!!!

Don't you HATE it

Should I get a tattoo?

I need help from qualified DU Relationship Counselors

What the fuck happened to everyone?


I really have to go to bed now - so for those of you so compelled,

I just did my little Christmas three...

jefferson airplane loves you

*crickets chirping*

Do you think Noam Choamsky is a crackpot?

I love public television, but they are some filthy ass whores...

What makes a person valuable?

Becoming (or passing yourself off as) a Christian fundamentalist

Here's to the small things. Here's to the small things that give pleasure.

I can't see........I can't seee....Oh woe is me.........I can't see....

Funniest Dear Abby letter ever

Post your favorite personal picture here:

Arthur Lee's Love

yvr girl says I should advertise my nekkid posting

How come guys don't wash their hands?!?!?!

Suck This!

time for bed...

Bruce Boxlietner vs. Judge Reinhold


Favorite Led Zep Track?

To anyone facing a dental appointment in the next week or so, I wish all

My name for Feline Chronic Kidney Failure - Polar Bear Amory's Disease

I got something that's long, has 2 big nuts, and the ladies love it...

Why are there no Dance Crazes now ?

For those of you who think Kerry is timid, has given up, not fighting....

Most hated and repetitive AAR ad

Two things that bugged me on my drive home tonight


If I was in charge, there'd an Afghani hash for food program immediately.

Late night lounge Christmas party!

Tonight I was cleansed of anger and doubt

I seen my first ever GTA style Car Jacking Attempt Friday

Watching Full Metal Jacket for the hundredth time right now...

sweet who's ready to watch "Batman 1" on TNT!

Superman or Adolf Hitler

Attention, Lounge Lizards: WAKE UP!

It was -27C yesterday morning.

Tyra Banks in 112 carats is uplifting

A Heartfelt Plea: Don't Pluck Your Eyebrows

It's lonely - where is everyone?

I haven't posted much since the election, but my nerves are so on fucking

Robin Hood Vs Danny Elfman

Why I love this city.

Images from Matcom's recent border crossing

Race fans - What does "stroker" mean?

Seasonal song parodies

car experts - water pump replacement

Police thwart India snake protest

John or Paul?

In light of the Yuschenko story, I've nailed the right-wing's problem:

"Made With Love by a Liberal"

Dude I just saw JC Watts in an infomercial

This is what we are up against.

The first time ever I saw your face....

You Don't Own Me

WHOLY F*CK i'm hungover


New (Spoiler) pic from Episode 3......Dooku gets his ass kicked

Discuss: "Footloose" More Relevant Now Than In The Eighties!"...

How much money do you spend per child for holiday gifts?

next copycat post??

What's Happening Brother




where is the tshirt "I seceded" ?

There are people that i HAVE to look after.

Why is there no copycat thread entitled PORK?

Sirius radio owners

Caption: "Someone's resigned?????"

Need a little musical help please...

i`m watching probably the most disgusting tv show ever

Anyone remember Prism?

We live in a meow world...

Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) releases CD with Scotty Moore & DJ Fontana

Screw Xmas/

Principal: Boy tries to sell bomb for $35

Chuck Mangione or Kenney G

the last starfighter

As I was searching for dirt on Blackwell, I found this gem.

Anybody here read Portnoy's Complaint?

George Bush dies and goes to Hell... Humor

You see,I don't get it,why did Lane Staley and Curt Cobain not live.

60,666 registered DUers!

The cat just licked the monitor.

40 years ago tonight, Sam Cooke was shot to death.

Pick George W. Bush's I Am Not A Crook Moment

Can we all extol the virtues of rice for a moment...

Where's the Kleebster?

We skipped a light fandango

Get up with,you mothers,get down with the sickness.

NOW hear this!!!! I don't care if Jennifer Aniston EVER has a baby!

Popeye is a liberal!!

Wal-Mart Sued Over Evanescence CD Lyrics

Nothing that was reported by matcom last night ever happened

The main difference between cats and dogs.

Hey children,

Desperate Housewives: What do you think of it?

Pictures from Matcom's party

What happened the year you were born

I didn't realize maple syrup turns into alcohol

What's the difference between Rastafarian "Zion" and Jewish "Zion?"

Do You Have Mostly Male or Female Friends?

Why are hot sammiches better when smooshed up flat, panini-style?

And I find it kinda funny and I find t kinda saad

vegetarianism = gay?

are there any gay guys

Anyone believe in fate?

Something for every liberal's desk



Did someone tie up the babysitter and hijack the computer?

should i rob peter to pay paul?

"My Life" back on the best seller list

Republican Squirrel in my yard!!

"My Life" back on the best seller list

Girls Date Boys & Boys Date Girls

T ball games end in confusion...

Who listens to KEXP?

Me and my BIG mouth. (Xmas Party? ...Sure..I'll go!)

Forget Kleeb - where's MoonbeamStarlight?

freeper in election results forum flaming out right now !


Favourite Batman Movie?

I saw the new gallery pics

Men should hunt, till the soil, farm, and build houses from scratch!

Decide my fate!

Propaganda in NK

For Letterman fans *only*

Obligatory Cute Puppy Picture Thread #2756

My DU Gallery pic was taken in Iceland.

Ever feel like this? What do you do to get out of it?

My DU Gallery pic was taken in a hallway.


Was anybody's gallery pic taken on Uranus?

My DU pic was taken in a lavatory!

What treats should I get my cockatiel, Murphee for Xmas?

weird links?

Gratuitous kitty thread . . .

Unreasonable Monday Predictions Thread:

What five people would you have a dinner party with?

Where's all my "macho" men? Lifetime running top 30 movies of 2004

My political talk show is on from 5:00-5:30 EDT.

okay, here's the story:

Hey, DU. I made you a snowflake!

For Letterman fans *only*

You know my name! Look up the number!

Assault With A Pork Chop

if jesus came to your house, what would you do?

DUers, need some advice (About the sickness I'm feeling today)

A Rose is a Rose is a...Beer?

What is your favorite drink?

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys....

I just made Bourbon Balls and Fruit Cake

It was nice to wake up from a nap with the dog and cat lying next to me.

Napoleon Dynamite - should I see it?

Cat people: Check this out

Aaaarrrggghhhh! I just had Ramen Noodle Soup for the first time---

Are you going to the 51 capital march tomorrow?

I can't get over how disturbing this is.


"tis the season

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK................

My husband is being a jerk!

I just saw the world's ugliest car.

Am I the only freak who likes ativan?


12 minutes of fame and counting: Lindsay Lohan asks "Got Milk?"

How Technology will change the media in the next 10 years

So, how do you motivate yourself?

Brrrrr.... It's getting cold here.... it must be down to 60 degrees...

Am I the only freak who likes sherry?

I bought myself a new Bears hat for Christmas

Ok, ask me anything, well almost anything so I can reach my 1000!

Who should you root for in this lawsuit?

George Clooney or Cheesecake?

Vote for the WORST Batman movie of all time

Anyone know of a freeware video editing program?

I'm getting a cold and it sucks. Hugs needed!


Sarasota DU meetup is today

THAI KITCHEN brand - the container is a LIE!

Women should stay home to raise, clean and cook children.

Who would make the best DU moderator?

Which Food Network Chef Would You Choose to Cook YOUR Feast?

Let's salute the rocking women of music-like Polly Jean Harvey

So, what are your best ideas for gifts?

Is our 12 carrier fleet a bad thing RD. 2

Mitch Miller, 1950s TV and pop music icon, dead at 93.

If you had a problem with tics and they said it was psychological,

Get Your Twisted Christmas Radio Here

The annual Christmas Humiliation Begins

Son...of a bitch!

Help me find a website?

6 Hours until I leave for Jamaica....

What's the most embarrassing thing I could do at my boss's Xmas party?

This year's Heisman Award winner:George Walker Bush

Reminder: Lizz Winstead coming up on Comedy Central at 8:30pm EST

Smoosh: My son's new favorite band

TSO anybody?

What level of hell do you belong on....

DU Alcoholic Leachers- what do you know about morality?

FREE FIONA! ***Fiona Apple Fans, PLEASE READ***

TCM alert - "A Christmas Story" on now!

who sings the best Christmas songs?

Fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, asparagus and apple cobbler.

Who would make the worst DU Mod

Self delete

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

vote for best plot of Jurassic Park IV

What Was The Last Play You Attended?

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

What would Americans choose to learn?

Ok men

I just saw "White Oleander" - were they in a running comp with ....

Uncle Matcom Here: What Are The First Words I Should Teach Baby Underpants

Here we go down that same old road again...

If you get Starz - watch Bad Santa tonging

Her Green plastic watering can

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The word game version!

Smothers Brothers Time - - Post your favorite moments

Cos' it's a bittersweet symphony this life...

Dido's song Whiteflag she wears her heart on her sleeve.

I saw "Angels in America" the other day-Great movie!

Ladies what is your favorite perfume/cologne on yourself?

I got another deer today.

Is there effective treatment for narcissism?


Has anyone seen "Duplex?"

I saw "Revenge of the Nerds" today

I Am Going To Work In The Yard!

My brother's father in law was a prisoner of war for 10 years.

Under blue moon I saw you

Anyone familiar with route 2 across Massachusetts?

"Not another Teen Movie" starting on TBS now east coast

My day couldn't possibly be any better

I just had an emergency appendectomy! Ask me anything!

We're getting ready to go to Mrs bearfan's work Christmas party.

US woman 'strangles Rottweiler' that attacked her 8 lb Terrier

Ok, so you add someone to your buddy list...

Edit wars! Edit your post so that it makes

The Church of Gary Numan

So what's your number?

My husband is being a jerk!

The Democrats catchphrase should be

Man...Howard Dean's really let himself go...

What are the chances of having a white Christmas where you live?

Whatever happened to Cannikin?

Oh Please God NO! Not the Wave!!!

This week, THE SOUL EXPRESS remembers Cooke and Redding.

WTF is this?

Nuestros cajones estan apartadero del vinilo! Es Sabado GIGANTE!!!

Revolver: A side or B side?

Stupid calendar, with the numbers not being on the days I think they are.

Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle

What does your name mean?

Phoenix exec dies in fall from atop moving car

Ladies, what is your favorite cologne on a man?

I just made myself a whiskey and 7..

At which number of Advil Cold and Sinus pills

Why can't I get my %#$@&* wireless router to work??

Gift idea needed for a guy into military history...

I need a Kitchen Elvis, dammit

Nuke Canada must be about four or five on your list.

What's good for back spasms?

In Houston, on PBS at 9:30 CT, Concert for George

I hate COPS

is this a finnish comic book: aiotko syoda tuon kaiken?

Anyone into Trans-Siberian Orchastra? Which album has Carol of the Bells

You have one line, around which an SNL skit will evolve...

TV Alert: Pantera tribute on Headbangers Ball NOW: 10:00pm EST MTV2

Best of the rest! (underdog teams)

I want to take up kickboxing

STD Poll!

God had his ass kicked the last time he came down here slumming.....

Ladies and guys, what is your favorite perfume on women?

What did I find in my front yard?

hERE'S my drive-by posting for the night

Pssst...Hey kid. Wanna see the infamous Denver Airport murals?

The Best Dirty Santa EVER

23 year old guy who tried to save Dimebag with CPR ended up as a victim

Bad Santa on Starz - Hillarious

Will somebody pinch me? I'm having a nightmare...

Make your nominations for the "hottest women on earth" -- poll coming

I need Kitchen Elves, dammit

How many songs do you have downloaded on your computer??

What was your favourite childhood movie

Which type of a holiday music listener are you?

Earthlink customer service SUCKS and BLOWS

i'm dexlisyc! aks me aynthign!

Us vs Them: Celebrating ALMOST 200 posts of quality, not quantity.

Post YOUR Idea For a New Reality Show

I've been watching 'The Power of Myth' all day

Uh-Oh...I've been drinking.....

SNL just had a great spoof of Rumsfeld

Don't turn around

Right now on my radio show, I'm playing Bobby Bland's STORMY MONDAY BLUES.

Lest you thought John Bonham wasn't God - listen to Achiles Last Stand!!!

What is your favorite soap?

I'm reposting an old article I wrote just because I feel sad, bear with me

Question for tankers and other people who work with armor.

This video is hilarious - John Kerry trying not to crack up laughing at *

If you were in complete control of this country

Time Space/ aliens and transport units. For Real!

If I hear GWB called a chimp one more time...

I ask again: Anyone seen "Mayor of Sunsit Strip" Bingenheimer docu

99 bottles of beer on the wall

Holy crap I just watched "star wars kid" for the first time. HAHAHAHAHA

SNL: Hot or Not?

Washing Machine Repair Help needed

A centuries-old question : Bavaria or Prussia

"Don we now our gay apparel"

Is this normal? Sleeping too much?

10 day break,give me some light reading.

Linfield waxes Rowan, 52-0, heads for DIII championship

Can someone tellme who the Scissor Sisters are

My Heisman prediction--Jason White; and now my Orange Bowl prediction:

I installed a printer today...and now my Internet has the slows

Hey NHL hockey fans, how do you like my new sig line???

Who is the most attractive person...

Britney Spears asked to put shoes back on during flight--feet STUNK

Just took a trip to Dallas to see my B/P specialist. Strange trip!

awwwwwww shit

Best Use(s) of Rental House, on farm property, near Bend, Oregon

International Male Catalog--Why!

How do you feel about your sleeping pattern?

really odd dvd question

Red Sox make several moves today!

Britney Spears or U2?

Could we PLEASE have sympathy for the starving artist?

Are you like your star sign?

Women should stay home to cook, clean and raise children.

I have joined the Illuminati. Ask me anything.

The Liberal stampede to north of the border....

What is your favorite Hic-up cure?????


What's going on in Denver?

I need some legal advice please.

My uncle passed during the night....I had wonderful help & hospice....

They're cooking coon at my house. Barbecued coon.

DU Attorneys: What can you tell me about moral rights?

Caption the curious KITTENS!

Question About Cast Iron Pans....

What is the best kind of dance music?

I think I'm drunk.. ASK ME ANYTHING!

I think I'm not drunk.. ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Would You Prefer a Small Cock or a Large One?

Which actors will you always watch, and/or have seen all their films?

Father convicted in circumcision attempt (fundie stupidity)

Yikes. My eighteen yr old son has a 23 yr old girlfriend

Alright everyone list the albums they think are essential to own

Up graded my computer, never thought it would be this good

Does it snow on our planet anymore?

It's a small world after all...DUer just booked my reservation!

Brain Cramps

Anybody else get migraines from hell?

One hawk I can support..................Pale Male ;(

Good tent for backpackers?

What Was Your First Urban Legend?

Bob Boudelang Kicks Off the Holiday Season!

What is the WORST Fragrance of All Time???

Is the saying "there's someone for everyone" really true, in your opinion?

What is your favorite soup?

Name the hottest male on the planet. Poll to follow

So, what was my motivation for (not so much tongue) kissing an ugly guy at

Michael Bolton or Kenny G?

Who do you love?

"I cut it up wrong, give me my money back": The Customer of the Day

Post the lyrics to the song you are listening to right now.

The Saturday Night STUPID JOKE THREAD!!!!!!

Why did they evict the Pale Male of Central Park?

My god, "Van Helsing" sucks!

Look at my new kitties!

Who is the best vocalist ever

DU Needs New Moderators!

Are you sitting down?.......!!!--I HAVE SPAWNED--!!!!

Sick of Jesusland? Found your own nation

Free Vegan (Vegetarian) Cookbooks/Recipes

Please sign petition to end inhumane slaughter of turkeys

Vegetarianism = Gay?

Green Day

I just saw Ocean's Twelve (NO spoilers)

Keeping the Faith in My Doubt

Moby's on PAX criticizing organized religion

Has anyone ever done labyrinth meditation?

Anyone ever read Anne LaMott's books or columns?

Scientists Uncover Clues To The Mystery Of 'Gene Deserts'

Left-handers flourish in violent society

Why does Ira Flatow(sp) on NPR Science Friday sound just like Alan Alda

Woman warrior found in Iranian tomb

Strange tremors under San Andreas fault

The Scissor Sisters will be on Saturday Night Live tonight

Poll Regarding Homosexuality and Adoption

Finally, our own gay country

Michigan football player arrested for indecent exposure

Steelers Rock

Congratulations to Heisman Winner: Matt Leinart, USC

Red Sox sign Wells to two-year deal

Orange Bowl Prediction Thread

Link to Discussion about pet horse stolen and sent to slaughter

Purchase USDA quality beef rawhide and bones for your pups.

Kabbalist Breaks Tradition & Does Tarot Reading Regarding Fraud

Virgo Michael Jackson has bad Mercury Retrograde...when will it end?

Any Silva Method Graduates?

There is a God, leading atheist concludes

Anyone tired of these Faith Based articles in the news?

Kerry pays nostalgic visit to state launching his campaign

John Kerry quotes

We must be firm with Saddam Hussein by John Kerry, 11/9/1997

Kerry's IWR speech on the Senate floor 10/9/2002

John Kerry - War Protester - (Part 3 of 3)

I'm ready for my closeup!

any and all information you have about Freemasonry, please share

my feedback to the DNC


Bush 's "Soldier Care Packages"

Check out this stupid survey on

Do you like Graphs?

Yet Another Big Bush Staffing Shake-Up!

From TDS

Recent Message from the RNC - Where's the DNC's?

Tar and Feathers

CA residents, you might like to know where our Senator stands

Quick help... keep this story on yahoo... vote it up

Bush rushed into Kerik nomination like he rushed into the Iraq War....

Please reply to the DNC email

The 12 Days of * Christmas....

Defeat Pro-Bush Mayors in 2005

What to name Demopedia category?

52% say - country on the "WRONG track", only 42% say "right direction"

Ohio Vote In The 2004 Election, On C-Span Now

Donnie Fowler on C-SPAN now!

Outstanding arrest warrant for Bernie Kerik?

Moyer's Swan Song

My take on the Dean Scream .... a look forward

Whose scalp (Borkee) is next? I smell BLOOD.

Patriotic Outrage Event in Lafayette Park

Bernard Kerik: "Political Criticism is Our Enemy's Best Friend"

Cleanse your soul: Descibe George W. Bush. Please adhere to DU

Kerry net chief: cool software doesn't win elections

Bush uses White House Menorah Lighting Ceremony to pimp War on Terra

A theory about the 2004 election.

Take Action: Tell Congress to Oppose Bush's Social Security Privatization

Let's not play "fair" with Social Security.

Poison confirmed used in Ukraine elections

Fox ponders "unfriendly elected leaders in Iraq" scenario

AP: Bush Makes Surprise Pick For Energy

Why Do We Fight the Republicans? Refuse to have a battle of wits...

So will Bernard Kerik be prosecuted for tax fraud????

News Coverage of VA Secretary Appoinment

This offensive in Iraq is one big cover-up for all our weaknesses at home

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

Does Kerik nomination show Bush* disdain for Homeland Security

SS must be privatized before it goes bust in 10 yrs, said 1978.

Democratic Party Searches for Leader Again (Guardian, AP)

Excuse me, but Bush is the last person I'd want to "fix"

Fewer Republicans in Heaven? Some data for the religious right.

Should Moderates Be Purged From The Democratic Party?

Republicans rev up to attack Bill Moyers!

Question RE: voting irregularities/the "sorry" state of the DNC

What is the most liberal Red state?

I've waited for someone to mentions this about Fox News

What exactly are coporate donations, then? Someone explain.

just how has anyone been purged?

Should People Who Want to Purge the Party Be Purged From the Party?

DNC chair candidate Donnie Fowler's website,

Bernard Kerik - OUR FIRST SCALP - YAAAAYYY!!!!!

Kneel before the master: "Kerik: I Owe Bush A GREAT APOLOGY" (Fox)

We either stand up or we lose again. Using Moore against Nelson.

why does the left associate themselves with the likes of Parenti?

Has anyone talked about this yet? Who will BUSHCO nominate now?

Just Curious

DNC conference -- Do they feel the need to let the rest of us know what

I placed blue candle lights in 2 of my front windows....guess what?

McClellan: "Anyone that doubts the president's great physical shape"...

I say let's invite the Dem Chair Candidates here.

What is it we stand for?

Hey, remember the Reagan papers?

Americans are now OK with having the election rigged - where will it end?

Jimmy Carter's On With Tim Russert On CNBC Now

Kerik withdrew over employing illegal immigrant:

Anybody else looking forward to moving into a gated community?

Winner-take-all system challenged (in CA)

Related Q: What is the exact structure and function of the DLC in the DNC?

Contract killers hired in Iraq ($50 to kill a soldier)

Bomb promised for monday--general alert!

God Bless our courageous pResident……

Could someone xplain to me how nannies can knock down

Political Lunacy: Bait and Switch

I just though an easy way to start a revolution!!!!

How do I respond to my repuke friend?

NYT Dean says if it won't work, it won't hostile takeover.

What is the best candidate for scandal to cause Impeachment of *?

Major Peculiarity of the Bushist Regime

"Democrats & Republicans praised his nomination" Why?

Just got back from Colorado protest!

Went to a Democratic Christmas Party last night with all kinds of Dems.

What happens when they start arresting us?

Why no massive demonstrations(like Vietnam) in USA against Iraq War?

Idealological Purity vs Winning Back a Majority

CNN: "The president quit drinking alcohol when he was 40"

DU Needs New Moderators!

Rudy Giuliani is 'heartbroken" Bwahahahahahahahahaha

Don't Give Up On The Democratic Party - CLEAN IT UP

THE Democratic Party Statement of Principles

Democrats, Communication and Outreach

So they gave Bush his physical

A three-point success strategy for the Democratic Party

Do you support NAFTA?

Do you support a living wage indexed to inflation?

Lieberman for Homeland Security?

War protest near major shopping mall in Reading, PA.

What is the best "psychological warfare" to use against Repubs ??

Thousands of African Americans March in Support OF Discrimination

Should Pro-Iraq War Democrats be Purged from the Democratic Party

Wm. Saletan, Nov. 10, 2003..."The New Bum Rap on Howard Dean"

I just got this email from a friend in Ohio.

If the soldier's question to rummy was a put up deal, what was the up side

The DNC sent me a load of KRAP in an e-mail

Cheney Won't Stay All Four Years: Agree or Disagree?

FDR scholars: Why was Henry Wallace dumped from the '44 ticket?

The goods on Kerik, from The Progress Report

Is Ann Coulter on the Mary-Kate Olsen diet????

The Only Good Republican Is A _______ Republican

How is the DNC Chair chosen?

What Will You Be Doing on Jan 20th? Other than NOT Watching TV?