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Archives: December 10, 2004

[PINR] 10 December 2004: Taiwan's Elections Raise Tensions in the Strait

UN's First International Anti-Corruption Day

Paul Krugman (NYT): Borrow, Speculate and Hope

BALTIMORE CHRONICLE: Counting Votes - 12/09/04

Eternally Rumsfeld


OREGON: Election set good example for world

TOLEDO BLADE: Truth is, Team Bush may never come clean

CALIFORNIA: The constitutional right to vote

Al-Qaida Statement Re: Attack On US Consulate at Jeddah

Editorial: Santorum stalking Capitol Hill his way

A Look Ahead to 2008, Part 2

The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code

"Aggressive war: then and now" by Luciana Bohne

Boards start counting, again, next week

Investigation, part 2: AN UGLY HISTORY

Election recount needs to be covered

Invesitgation: Fraud in New Mexico

GIs come up short on armor, answers

Can the Democrats Fight?

NEW JERSEY: After-school Dem club pleased with progress

Salon: Christian party animals

Pentagon: 5,500 U.S. Deserters in Iraq War!

When will the terror alert turn white (as in Caucasian)?

"Aim High": An Air Force Academy Story

Feds Use 'Secret Laws' to Justify Harassment of Americans

The US Media Covering Bush Administration's Ass Once Again

Orange is the New Black. Proposed Letter to the Editor.

Misery of Mankind and Salvific Expectations

Paula Zahn's hubby "evicted" the hawks...

Times Online: US Army plagued by desertion and plunging morale

CounterBias: The Army We Have

Jerry Springer Is Starting A 3 Hour Liberal Talk Show In Cincy

Bait and Switch

Rumsfeld queries uncover festering concerns in Iraq

Headline: "US Warns of Terrorist Lasers"...warning,this is truely pathetic

If You've Ever Needed Something to Help You Throw Up...

Silencing the Vote: Baltimore Sun: must read this!

COLORADO: Thanks, Rummy

Salon: Why it took soldiers to put Rumsfeld on the defense

Intel agent strapped onto gurney and flown out of Iraq? HUH!???

Plame & Fortune

Photos of Fallujah dead show civilians shot in bed, surrendering

Hitler = Fundimentalist Christian

Kucinich: The US Administration and The ICC

Chris Floyd: 'Home cooking: Feasting on the fruits of torture'

MASSACHUSETTS: It's the war, stupid

Guardian: It is essential to talk to the 'terrorists'

ALASKA Aerial Wolf movie clip

Shop Blue!

Bernie Ward to be on with Blitzer Frdiay 12/10

Letter from Mark Crispin Miller re NY Times ignoring forum

XM or Sirius Radio?

PLZ Focus ppl.... 2004 aint over.. we need everyone involved

Producer Price up 5% in last year, this months 0.5% implies 6% in future

Political Crunch For EPA's Leavitt On Designating Bad-Air Counties

S. American Capuchin Monkeys Routinely Use Tools

Freighter Splits in Two Near Wildlife Refuge

Australian Delegation Earns "Fossil Of The Day" Award At COP-10

Researchers Find Direct Link Between Farming, Algal Blooms (No!)

The Christian-right's all-out congressional war on the Environment

Antarctic 'on the edge of disaster'

Wasted Nuclear Fuel Still Inside Written-Off Submarines (Russia)

EPA Has New Voluntary Standards To Protect Water Systems From Terrorists

Road sparks alarm for Brazil rainforest

New Climate Change Blog - run by scientists

Mexico Unexpectedly Lifts Rates for 9th Time in 2004 (Update2)

Putin: Russia Urged nobody either to invade or to withdraw from Iraq

Russia May Gain Control of National Development (good read)

U.S. Says Terrorists Could Use Lasers

Does anybody have any advice for firearm restoration?

Hi all! Can you help with my Demopedia password?

I'd like to apologize to the mods and admins.

Getting an error message

Has there been any thought to getting rid of sig lines?

Skinner, if someone was using steroids to enhance their posting ability

Demopedia | login problems

"Smilies lookup table" suggestion

When DU Features Become Unavailable...

D'oh! I mis-named an article on Demopedia.

I'd like to apologize for helping Bat Boy

Is this a dupe?

Re: Demopedia

Demopedia problem that wasn't my fault! :)

hey, DU tech gurus...


demopedia.... off topic subjects and editing historical documents

ARRESTED: Bassam al-Salhi, a PA chairman election candidate

ATTACKED: Mustafa Barghouti, a PA chairman election candidate

Israel Builds a New Settlement in Qalqilia, Plans to Divide Hebron

Muslim Scholars Increasingly Debate Unholy War

FBI steps up AIPAC probe

The Slow Creep of Israel's Annexation

transcript of hearings?


Election 2002 "voting problems"

Does anyone know when the Ohio "recount" will begin?

Why is it that releasing poll data is such a big deal for the US "media"?

This is pathetic

We do not need George Soros or even the MSM!

Maybe if we all personally contacted our Senators...

Damn CBS news...story on lack of armor...guy said "nobody ever

"No matter how you voted today..."

How did WA get these numbers from a paperless touchscreen?

Not in my name…

A Defeat for an Empire (excellent article)

So Bush was leading in the final polls? More Repuke lies.

edit: don't mind me, i am paranoid.

A quotation from Nazi Reich Marshall Goering - sound familiar?


OHIO: Third-party candidates unite in quixotic effort

I don't remember reading Keefer's article on the election

TB: "Truth is, Team Bush may never come clean" -- send thank you...

NY PRESS RELEASE: Protest for Democracy

OHIO: Plain Dealer - Odd vote results point to mix-ups at some precincts

Take a look - Nostradamus

SLATE's article on what went wrong / right on exit polls.

Republicans on the Ukraine elections: A cabal of shysters!!

Triad tabulated OH counties

NICE Photos From Protests in Ottawa

MSNBC's "fixed exit poll"

So how did Lee County FL lose 743 votes

Kerry Interning for Pres. - Kerry to Visit Amer. Troops in IRAQ

ATTN Will Pitt!! Can you write our press releases???

Does anyone know where Arnebeck is?

Blackwell has former congressman arrested for trespassing!

Any news how Wayne Madsen is doing?


It's time to ask WHY

Ken Blackwell's Toll-free phone number

John Conyers Ohio Voter irregularities C-SPAN Part II/Video

Demonstrations in Ohio

Ohio Election Fraud 2004: Upcoming Events

Interesting new article:Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

HELP! - Are there any threads on Elector profiles for each State?

Republicans agree to need for paper trail

Triad Government Systems of Xenia, Oh tabulated Ohio's votes...

Letter from Evan Bayh- Indiana

Transcript of Woodruff's Interview with Ralph Neas Prez of PFAW on CNN

NORTH CAROLINA: Who was watching?

Lots of great new material on Ohio "discrepancies"

Monkey Business

JJ: Continue OH Vote Probe, NO delay in the official certification process

State of Mass. Voters Must Force Kerry's Hand

A little mention in the Rocky Mountain News.

Revolution? Jefferson's words ring true for our time...

Exit polling in Philippines worked just fine in the last election

Simple Answer for Overcoming the "They wouldn't do that" claim.

Alaska recount

Observers at county tabulating centers ( Warren Cty was so wrong)

"County Democrats urge presidential vote investigation"....who are these

Parsing The Statements....

Hannity was talking about Election Fraud on "Faux" News!

Anyone know when Cliff Arnebeck will file his lawsuit?

Secretary of Treasury Snow Evaded Taxes

democracy now to talk to John Bonifaz, testified at the hearing

Idea: Protest "Lockdowns" take over buildings in suspicious counties...

Something coming today on the Ohio vote investigation

DU, MoveOn, CGCS, etc shud Create a Grading System for Dems

College level election course find

Anyone else notice this about Tom Feeny's official campaign address?

Donna Frye (San Diego mayoral election) not giving up

Upcoming activist events relating to the Ohio Election Fraud

A theory: Maybe Kerry is less concerned about winning

WHO provide Conyers & Co with news from DU?

Is Cliff Arnebeck's evidence open and shut? What are the chances a....

Here's an idea: Let's get Leno telling voting fraud jokes!

Forget Ukraine...Was KERRY poisoned? -- check this out

We need a PR with the most damning mms quotes

AP- Cleveland paper Ohio voter story

Kerry in 2008

Get this info to Conyers!! .I can't find the address

Doubts Persist About Election Results (AP)

If I was going to commit fraud during an election, I'd

In favor of Bush.

THE EXPLAINER: How To Rig a Ukrainian Election?

OREGON: County Democrats urge presidential vote investigation


Yeeeeeha! Recount requested for Donna Frye


Franken just did a recount funraising ad for and paid for by

Amazing similarities

Jesse Jackson put vote fraud in historical context

IN THESE TIMES: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Election Surveys are due Jan 1 and the military vote will be broken out

51 Capital March Sun. - DUers Start Your State/Local Contact Sheets!

What did these people have to do 12/8/04 from 10am-1pm

Congressman John Conyers, Jr. going to Ohio

Major fraud in Minnesota?

Harrisburg PA Capital Sunday?

DU Programmer please PM me

Urgent Election Actions, from now to Dec. 13th (from PDA) has new video on Diebold

will cspan carry monday's hearing?

Did anyone download/hardcopy unofficial Cuyahoga County results?

Anyone Know the Politics of the Ohio Supremes

Let's get the evidence up on Demopedia

ACTION For An Immediate IMPACT on Certification Process

Breaking - new Minnesota exit poll on!

Arnbeck tells the Curtis story on AAR

I'm f**cking tired of the Dems being called a bi-coastal party

Sorry for the bad links guys!

Missed Arnebeck on Randi's Show

WOW, list of people doing exit polls on November 2nd!

AP - Presidential Elections - Doubts Persist About Election Results

AlJazeerah (Canada) says Steve Coll (WaPo) saw Kerry's winning numbers

AP, or "how the fraud apparatus will work on election day"

MSM piece on Ohio fraud on!

conspiricy to supress the black vote, >reasonable suspicion that other

No Exit (Some historical perspective year 2000)

OHIO: Shared machines at adjoining precincts caused voter problems

Carter on hardball now.

Hey ! I miss * !!

Hey, they're talking about us over on Watchblog

Anthology of Vote Fraud - SEND OUT TO ALL MEDIA

Constitution of the State of Ohio, Article Five, section 6

Today is a very good day. We have come so far!

Zogby Defense: 'My Polling Was Very, Very Good'

Only one source of data, "not good" for exit polling.

do you think it is killing franken

Yahoo News: Congresswoman Jones to join Conyers in Ohio

Any news on recount?

Cliff is on Randi's show... NOW!!

Randi re-broadcast from the quake. Listen now Cliff is on.

Can someone tell me what time zone Ohio is in? n/t

Thom Hartmann/Mark from Buzzflash Dec 10

November 3, 2004, right here at DU

As I see it, Bush, has very few choices:

Franklin County Ohio Recount on TUESDAY!

Rate this 5 and email it - Yahoo vote article

Check out Larimer County, Colorado results and data!

This is DRIVING ME CRAZY! ...Help!

HOT NEWS: Yang Enterprises (Finally!) PROMISE to Refute Clinton Curtis

Future of Democratic Party Panel Discussion on C-Span now 9:00 pm EST

How does HAVA need to be modified, in order to ensure fair elections?

i love this sentence of arnebeck's

Predictions, Projections agreed - Kerry Won 310+ EV

FBI again ?

Anyone else tired of people "reading into " K/E comments

My message to the DNC

question that msnbc

Special BuzzFlash New Analysis by Mark Crispin Miller

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? (Article from 'In These Times')

I have a problem with Kerry assuming the presidency if he didn't fight for

Did Terry Anderson end up winning?

Heads up: Conyers hearings in Columbus (the thing I said was coming)

Bev Harris talking to Alex Jones right now

Greens arrested trying to invite Blackwell to answer the 34 questions

in the event that our efforts prove to be successful

Retraction re: Brett Kimberlin of JTMP

Are you watching Keith O? tonight 11/10

California "Recall" Exit Poll (CNN)

Coleman Vs. Mondale: Anyone looked into it?

The founder of Air America was just on Mike Malloy and he said,

Richard Morin, WaPo "Director of Polling", confirms fraud while denying it

Washington recount total gain for GOP candidate is 7

There is an ugly side to this election

Story Hitting Dozens of papers..."Doubts Persist..."

Watch the freepers shit their pants when Ohio isn't certified.

New York recount.

wouldn't it be great

What if the Dems had suppressed the Christian conservative vote in Ohio?


Motive... Why might so many conspire against democracy?

ALERT: Location change for Conyers Columbus hearing (GOP obstruction)

BREAKING: Kerik Withdraws His Name as Homeland Security Chief

Strategic actions for an immediate impact from No Stolen Elections

SOMEONE answer this... government question..

ATTENTION DU: Vote Now For DU Preference! What To Call Bush!

I need a big favor from the folks in this forum

Democracy Now: Was The 2004 Election Legitimate?

"Silencing the vote" "...key differences...passivity of the news media.''

39 FREE Election Fraud Avatars for you! GOOD WAY TO PUBLICIZE ELECT FRAUD

WTF: Why are only Democrats being arrested for voter fraud????

Two Veteran Journalists Critical Of Today's Media Coverage - May Help us?

Exit polls in Ukraine FUNDED by US. Breaking News on Yahoo News!

It was just another human error - Lee Co, FL

Request for comment on this defective argument re: DREs

Disturbing occurance in Warren County, Ohio

Compiling list of errors/glitches/fraud to write about for Media

More votes than voters in Ohio - absentee votes inflated

arnebeck on randi rhoads today

Democratic party wants to know how we feel

Strategic Shopping

Simple Flyer on Voting Fraud?

I saw an interesting post while lurking over at Free Republic...

Most of the good transcripts from the Conyers hearing are available now

a small, but good thing, to hang your hat on

Another request to write to Conyers re: delaying electors in Ohio

Arnebeck to file Ohio Challenge Monday, Dec. 13

If only 3 percent of the ballots are hand counted and the rest are run....

Washington Post actually shows how fraud took place (maybe posted already)

NY Times implies that this election result cannot be trusted

Whats the Buzz on the streets of Ohio ?

Madsen: Another article coming. Post some questions to ex feedback w/ him

A READABLE, CONVINCING summary of Ohio vote fraud analyses

Bush's popular vote margin now barely 3 million

Iowa City Drinking Liberally Thurs Dec 16

Chance to win $5000 (Best Idea of how to help Mass. save $$)

Ukrainian-Americans protested Ukraine vote fraud in St. Paul

Minneapolis Workshop this Saturday!

Wellstone Action Meeting was Today

Our Best Senator says he's 'fed up' with war lies, too

My boyfriend will be on WCCO! (School and politics related)

How embarrassing for Norm Coleman!

Can you guess what group would send out cartoons against

Looking for old/cached web pages...

Not recognizing cd

Glibs need observers in Stark County

Ohio DU'ers - Media Is There Coverage or Not on Monday Recount, Hearings

Can a DU'er help with Ohio's election fraud data?

Penn Hills School District challenges Santorum residency

making signs for Sunday

Jack Stick blew the deadline!

Momentum building in corporate money scandal

Social Conservative Agenda of our TX Legislature - look out!

Dubya as Governor

DNC: "How to stop Howard Dean, Part Two."

DUers: how old are you?

My letter to the Human Rights Campaign:

Can/will lawsuits against the US come of the Armor Holdings claim

Rumsfeld's doublespeak where can I find the quote?

Paper to run "note" on reporter who prompted question to Rumsfeld....

United Methodist Church asking for Bush and Cheney to repent!

'Pen jihadist' among U.S. most wanted

My Rainbow Race . . . by Pete Seeger . . .

ATTN: DUers.. till has come to focus on this election...

Maybe the reason the armor for our soldiers was not provided

My plan to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

How many "smoking guns" do we need?

Video by Eric Blumrich

Can we assume the US soldiers who want the armor have seen

George W Bush flashing the sign of the beast

I need 12 DUers who will take this trivia test & PM me with the answers

I watched a reality show today, "Maximum Exposure"

Sportsmen AGAINST Bush

Dimebag Darrell and the looming moral crusade.

I just have to highlight this freeper post

Anyone hear about the Denver Post being banned from Fort Carson?

Look who the Christian Science Monitor is linking to these days

Have a great day!!

friend "surprised" and "upset" by the "mis-handling" of Iraq war

Jerry Springer To Launch New Radio Talk Show On WSAI-AM (Cincinnati)

Theater. I would like to write a play about bush crimes on trial.

AAR Morning sedition is great this morning. Broadcasting from Boston.

Under repug control - spending is up 29% since 2001

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon;Bush/Kyoto "I Shat The World"........

Marine guily of shooting unarmed Iraqi

Entering 700 Club!!! Pat Robertson is totally evil!!!

Who is really good or evil?

US army deserters flee to Canada


is Fallujah a test run?

BEWARE email scams from it seems

Tavis Smiley on Cspan just said

I'm feeling evil today...what should I do?

Support the troops! Has the "support the troops" yellers given back

more wacky christians

"You go to war with the army you have because there are no good targets

c-span now

Want to see what Iraq Reconstruction looks like?

Chruch and State under Bush

anyone remember the "Heaven's Gate" cult which commited mass suicide ?

Did you find Rumsfeld offensive

Katherine Hepburn rejected Kennedy honor because of Reagan/Bush

Red-Faced Men of Power >>>

Free speech is DEAD - F.E.C. will Kill BLOGS next year

Flash!!! * tells the truth!!!

The WP's Milbank and Allen are being switched off of WH beat

I am about to explode

Jesus LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to church = state

The cynical politics of influenza, Bush style.

As if you didn't know W is the anti-christ, this time with some proof

Hasn't everyone realized Rumsfeld's remarks were an attack on Clinton?

Why does the inagural dinner cost $100,000 per person?

"Out Damn Spot"

kona coffee and macadamia nuts via helium balloon please

In a "Pre-emptive" war you get the army you want FIRST!

We are mentally ill prepared to deal with an American Administration

Lets strap whistle blowers to a gurney and wheel them away today

You know what I want

U. of Ga. sued because it wants too many blacks - really

What were the RW talking points when Paul O'Neill left the Cabinet?

"Why can't 'you people' just Get Over It ?"

Franken VS FOX/Video highlights

"Choose Life" license plates?

Jerry Springer to launch new liberal talk radio show

Why does Canada "Get It" and the US doesn't?

Haiti - Colin Powell's Crime In Progress

New Disease Warning

Has anyone heard of this "Reverend" Steve Wilkins character?

If your offened by a play where Jesus is gay, then DON'T SEE IT!


Michael Moore and the People's Choice Award

The Parents Television Council owns the FCC complaint Dept.

Keeping the children and deporting the parents?

The Republican Party Platform in the age of Bush.

armor company says Rummy has not asked for speed up

Why do I keep doing this to myself..

Hawai'i repuke governor seeks massive cuts in special ed

Al Franken and Mark Luther today.

looking for documented studies of Iraqi civilian deaths under Saddam

15,000 US flags to be distroyed in Fl. - new ones mandated

FBI warns pilots to look away from unexpected light

The letters "CO" don't mean much these days....

Okay, so I think I've decided that I won't celebrate Christmas anymore...

today's DrawingBlood cartoon

The White House Insider blog:

there is a comic over at that has this: (concerning Rummy)

tasteful artwork

Once and for all, Will There Be A Military Draft?

Now we are poisoning children?

Has Paul Krugman been on Franken yet, today?


It's very noble that you are all still fighting but...

Pentagon Wants Women In Combat (More cannon fodder)

What are your predictions for 2005?

Complain to FCC about overtly sexual Overstock advertisements

Self-Delete. Dupe.

Alberto Gonzales' stepson quits Hustler!

Hebrew numerology: George Bush=666

Vote for Fahrenheit 9/11 here

Anyone believe in the Revenge of Tecumsuh

"Terrorists may use"....... (sort of like "some people say"....)

What's the difference between a federal correction

TPM: The Jew-Hollywood-Anal Sex-Abortion Conspiracy Revealed!

Take a look - Nostradamus

How our government gets away with murder

***Hail this HERO. She needs our support now. ***

Did Democrats steal votes from Nixon?

History's a very useful link

Letter from Elizabeth Edwards

So my friend is going to Ukraine for the election

i think i helped someone today (his son wanted to join the army)

Bernie Ward just kicked Armstrong Williams' butt on Blitzer

One of these days I'm going to open the Latest Breaking News forum....

Buy blue vs. Outsourcing?

Is AirAmerica down? I can not seem to connect over a broadband connection.

more DIRT on KERIK from Ctr. for American Progress....

for $8.95 you can block Fox News from your TV

United Church of Christ Files Actions Against CBS and NBC

CSPAN 2: Voter Suppression Discussion On Now (3:30pmest)

another take on food for oil, neocons behind it all?

Forget Ukraine...Was KERRY poisoned? -- check this out

the biggest splotches of red were in middle america, not 'the south'.

What federal and state regulations are there in regards to flag burning?

When will someone in congress, or a celebrity say "Fascist"?

since the US is not interested in helping out africa, please take a moment

January issue of Consumer Reports!!

Bush names new Intelligence Czar

You know the world is in trouble when the RWNJ and DU are covering the sam

This is what they are teaching in MD 3rd grade public schools

NPR's Science Friday.

Thanks to cowardly lefties we're not allowed to mention FASCISM CREEP

Looking for old/cached web pages

Does vodka mix with DU?

Hey George, is there any Humvee armor in those packages? >>>

Whats the deal with BEV and DU?

Election 2004's Myths & Mysteries. Link

Ok I'm Pissed!!!!

60 minutes wednesday

Let's help Rummy with things well understood

Interesting thought on the 10 commandments monument

The KKK has it's own website.

The world's first multinational . . .

Anyone else received this e-mail from Elizabeth Edwards?

Does anyone have the info about testing kids for mental health probs?

Breaking news!!!!!! Kerry wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Lump Of Coal For America's Poor

Did we come up with the nickname Freepers or did they?

Is anyone worried about your tax return this year???

Yahoo! Discussion Boards are Repulsive

A quotation from Nazi Reich Marshall Goering - sound familiar?

Who exactly are the 'idiotic 30%' in our country?

Repukes Are Winning By Using Hate & Relating Hate to God

I think Iraq qill be a humbling experience for the U.S.

If you want to have a good puke

USA Today two companies waiting on Pentagon for armor contracts

This is awesome work! "STAND DOWN NOW"! Amusing at the end.

Whoa! Guest on Randi Rhodes just said they're bringing a lawsuit in Ohio!

Pencil sharpeners banned after attack

Bush wants books buried, not burned.

Dark Day for the Nation

When you have a sec...go post your favorite bit-o-humor in the Humor Group

Tucker Carlson's & Ann Coulter's hateful remarks about Canada

Does anyone else listen to Stephanie Miller

Santa Claus, Christmas, and Mushrooms.

Proposal: The Anti-Freep Strike Force

I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!! (sort of)

Fallujah Pictures

The Republican Calller on Randi Rhodes

Rev. Pat Robertson: "Kwanzaa is an absolute fraud"

Just got the DNC progress report

Ask for a Bloody George - recipe here

Your Right To Bare Arms

How do I post photos here.....I don't have a website or homepage

Wave the flag, wave it often, just don't wave it over a coffin.

I wish Washington was Ottawa.

I actually am over it.

Doubts Persist About Election Results story getting freeped, please rate

Now hear this!

We need to learn how to pit Republicans against each other just like...

Will PBS Do a Pledge Pitch During Tucker Carlson's Show?

Flying to NY, Brittney Spears stinky feet casue passengers to complain

Inauguration Article

Should this murderer get the death penalty?

No to the death penalty

Free gifts for the rich

Why did I get the following thread locked?

Jane Kirtley says in was not a legitmate question. Re:armoured vehicles.

Future of Democratic Party Panel Discussion on C-Span now 9:00 pm EST

The Daily Show: Rumsfeld and the Question/Video

Has any lefty founded a leftie hibernation center til the RW collapses?

Olbermann has a piece on

79% .....Is the really possible?

Replay of Conyers Hearings On CSPAN2 now

PUFF! FOX is gone!

I would like to hear from all DU'ers.

So now it's Senators Kennedy and Kerry who are to blame for

So did Jon Edwards say anything good on Larry King last night?

Focus on the Canine

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger...odds on to be next Pope. Better read about him

Just saw a car COVERED with those magnetic ribbons...

Creative Journalism rears its ugly head in Iraq

Catholics say perverted priests less common than horny protestants...

Your favorite NY Times Columnist

Fights, fights, fights...

I'm watching the Conyers hearings on CSPAN 2.....

What is wrong with americans?

Authority is to be obeyed - NOT QUESTIONED

A couple of excellent (and short!) letters to the editor

Fed ad warns of bird illness ($4M campaign, disease no longer exist here)

Okay I am conflicted about this

Our new Attorney General's stepson was a consultant for Larry Flynt

In 2000 we had a coup d'etat.A return to constitutional government

Burglar steals deadly poison from vet clinic ( Beuthanasia)

Puppies Delivered From Dying Dog

Which is the highly skilled, well-paid person?

Hello,pleas go away, You Canaidans are

Remember these words of advice from Leo Strauss, the PNAC Godfather,


General Vij (India)- very soon exterminate remaining half of terrorists

Sheldon Drobny, co-founder of Air America Radio, on Malloy now

Voting Machine Whistleblower: Anyone heard any developments???

Media still hiding news in Iraq

What are our "priorities"?

RealNetworks chief signs on to Air America

Wait!!!! Apologies for my "Journalism rears its ..." thread. I misspoke

You people scare me. :Leave me alone. Go away..

UN Joins Hunt for Stolen Billions

Warning: Laptop Should Be Placed Anywhere But Atop Lap

Has anyone noticed tons of military-themed children's clothes???

George Bush I have a legitimate question too...

Bush Manipulated North Korea Intelligence Like He Did in Iraq

Tribute to Bernard KERIK and Judith REGAN

Do I need to understand Physics to understand Donald Dumbsfeld?

Has the "War on Terror" diminished the power of women politically?

What circle of Hell will Bush be assigned to?

tide appears to be turning

Is it time for another Woodstock?

And to round out the Neo-Con Cabinet, only one man is missing....

It's coming on Christmas

A modest thought on Kerik, bounced off of Snow:

A few facts about the school that "banned the Declaration"

Catholic couple leaving church after 30 years

Full translation of Osama Bin Laden video

Jimmy Carter for President

Bloodthirsty B*sh Signs on for More Death

On the murdering bastard Rumsfeld and the "planted" armor question...

any and all information you have about Freemasonry, please share

12/10/04 Friday Night Malloy Caucus

The Haunting of the White House- Cynthia McKinney

Will you PERSONALLY survive the KILLER Flu??

Why inflation this time will be much worse than the 1970s

Best AP article on vote fraud yet.......about damn time!

Did you ever support Osama bin Laden? I admit it. I did

Must see hard hitting toon: You go to war with the Rummy you have

Reagan on ID card/tatoo "My god, that's the mark of the beast"

If you can't join em' beat em. Reagan refused entry into Communist Party

Instant book: "What We Do Now"...Dean, Kristof, Brazile, Palast, more

Drudge: Kerik withdraws from post because of the "Nanny problem"

graphic arts critique of Bush & Kerry campaign logo designs . . .

Any Pacifists On DU?

Light Bulb Joke

Too much TV in our lives?

Rummy you own words back at you

Hitler's faith based initiative.

Conservatives Seem To Care More About Protecting Bush Than The Soldiers

What do you think of Bush's proposal on Social Security Tax?

Los Angeles, California was the last city to burn from race riots!

Updated Timeline of the Right-Wing

I TOLD you Gay Marriage ain't natural-like

Hunter thought big yellow school bus full of kids was a deer. Blasts it

Armstrong Williams calls Harry Reid a racist


Yahoo ***SNOOP ALERT***

Christianity nearly destroyed

Family Guy Fans! VERY interesting story of creator Seth MacFarlane on 9/11

"Spiritual" Spam heading for your in-box

"Guy James Show " Update! Please note!

What's wrong with these pictures?

monkeys use tools to dig for food...hmmm

Teddy Ebersol "argued the conservative pit crew to their knees"

Kerik's Replacement: Your Guess?

Poor Minnesota has no Snow!

A Caller to Randi Rhodes made me cry

Help us with the Giant list of George W. Bush nicknames on Demopedia!

I just rented the DVD, "Bush's Brain" from Blockbuster!

Sams Club does ad on Mike Malloys Show! on Sirius Sattelite

Is much being made of the "planted question" aspect of soldier/Rummy Q/A

Vote for Jon Stewart as the people's choice for funniest guy on TV

DU and Bucky Rea introduce the Friday Blog Box!

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed

Do you consider yourself a "liberal," a "progressive"

DU this Kerik poll now that he's WITHDRAWN his nomination

Shop BLUE this Christmas and from now on!!

TX-Father kills 2yr old daughter by punching her in the chest.

Do you believe Communism was so evil anymore.?

Is George Bush the anti Christ?

Chait, LA Times: Discrimination not the reason academia shuns Republicans

rapper 'Immortal Technique' : the artistic voice we've been waiting for

Anyone ever made Springerle cookies?

No cooking tonight.

I bought a Sunbeam Heritage Series MixMaster

My husband burned up all of my DU recipes!

Nova Scotia DUers, check in here!

'No one can ever be the next John Peel' ; Rob Da Bank

WP: Second Impressions (Bushes telegraph casual confidence)

Hungary to Open Spy Files

Explosions hit Italian embassy and Mosul tells dnc..."we own it"

and the word spreads... grow baby grow!! nt

'Ballad Of Jed Clampett' Singer Dies

NYT,pg1: Muslim Scholars Increasingly Debate Unholy War

230 U.S. Air Force cadets test TB positive

WP: Nuns Deny Requests By Abuse Victims Group

Is Bush the Antichrist? (Seattle weekly)

Haiti Street Gang Leader Arrested in Miami (AP claims he led "rebellion")

U.S. Marine Killed in Western Iraq (#1278)

Congo death toll up to 3.8m

United Vietnam prepares to welcome first US passenger jet since war

Silencing the Vote: Baltimore Sun: must read this!

U.S., Iraqi governments often seem at odds over insurgency, elections

PM can capitalize on debate: Pollster

Nigerian Court Overturns Death Sentence

(Reuters) Australia terror suspect offered prostitute - court

Beaten, drugged U.S. detainee says

Canadian High Court OKs Same-Sex Marriage

U.S. deserter numbers reach 5,500

Curtailing rights adds strength to terror, Arbour warns

Pitting wits against Rumsfeld

Germany Seeks UN Veto Parity

CIA fired me for not toeing Iraq line, says agent

Blair rejects call for count of Iraqi deaths

Return of 'floating White House'

WP: Report Denies (Social Security) Privatization (Wall Street) Windfall

Eight die in Pakistan blast

UK Sky News undercover investigation: (Chinese) Child Workers Scandal

Japan Defense Plan Shifts Pacifist Stance

National mortgage rates plunge

Insurgents kill Iraq police, troops, hit oil line

ICRC concerned about bodies, sewage in Falluja

Armor a must for GIs in field (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

(Drunk) Soldier's Bomber Costume Causes Alarm (UK)

LA TIMES: Red-zone blues? North, Americans!

Delphi Expects Net Loss, Plans (8,500) Job Cuts

(CT) Lawyer propose labor union for priests (Defense Vs. Sex Accusations)

Space Station Crew May Have to Return Home

2005: A Big Year for Offshoring?

Charges of Poor Planning for War Revived

CIA fired me for not toeing Iraq line, says agent

Danish-Born SS Officer Can Be Tried over 1943 Murder

U.S. Soldier Guilty of Killing Iraqi Teen

SBA raises small-business loan guarantees - and fees

Producer Price Gain Bigger Than Expected (0.5 % despite fall in oil price)

Intimidation, Iraqi insurgent's sharpest weapon

Poll: Faith for Democracy in Iraq Slips

Osborne Rules Out Run For Senate In 2006

U.S. Jet Flight to Vietnam Makes History

EU Invites U.N.'s Annan to Summit to Show Support

Airbus to launch Boeing 7E7 rival

James Brown has prostate cancer

West Point cadet charged with rape

NYT: Security Post Would Put Kerik Atop Field That Enriched Him

Democrats search for way back to power

Bush manipulated NKorea intelligence like he did in Iraq: US expert

Mother of freshman wants Salinger's 'Catcher' out of curriculum

U.S. Stance on Armor Disputed

NYT: Armor Scarce for Big Trucks Serving in Iraq

Reuters e-mail tells journalists of job cuts

Scarborough Shocked to Find Republicans Bankrupting Nation......

WASHINGTON: Jefferson: `Anomaly' found in hand recounting

Bush Tries Hand at Repairing Europe Ties

Bill Moyers Retiring From TV Journalism

U.S. warns of terrorist lasers

Fort Carson halts access for The Post

Curé who exposed sinners is exiled

Madrassas hit by sex abuse claims

Ney says he has nothing to fear from investigation of lobbyists

MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It'

Commissioners vote to support anti-Patriot Act resolution -OR


Groups Debate Slower Strategy For Gay Rights

NYT: Shift Toward Skepticism (about discrimination) for Civil Rights Panel

AP/NYT: Crackdown on Sex and Violence Changes Venezuela's TV News

OHIO: Losers unite on statewide recount


Guantanamo Bay prisoner offered prostitute to spy

US Army plagued by desertion and plunging morale

Powell Re-Buffed by NATO

Jerry Springer Gets Radio Show

Bush to Meet With Italian Premier (newly acquitted of bribery charges)

Two U.S. Troops Die in Iraq Copter Crash

KY: 'Fairness' rules win bipartisan 19-6 vote

Cleveland Paper Cites Voter Problems

Military plane crashes in Venezuela - 16 dead. More soon.

Pfc. (Lynndie) England Court-Martial Moved to Texas

Recount ahead for pot measure

OHIO: Shared machines at adjoining precincts caused voter problems

Local teacher told to remove Nazi flag from classroom

Record salmon run likely for Mokelumne River

A Political Hustling? (New Atty Gen'l's stepson worked for Flynt)


Atlanta ‘mega church’ leads march against gay marriage

Delphi Announces Plans To Cut 8,500 Jobs - AP

Japan Defense Policy Breaks Cautiously with Past

High-ranking officers among 16 killed in crash of Venezuelan military plan

Bush is not welcome in Brussels (Re visit on 02/22/2005)

OPEC Agrees Oil Supply Crackdown

(Eldorado, KS) Union Tank announces April layoffs (90% of staff)

Fraternity for gays, bisexuals launched at ISU

Governor picks simpler Bay Bridge plan…Stylish design to be abandoned

Rather Producer Fights For Job

Possible Link Between Folic Acid and Breast Cancer Found

Bush manipulated NKorea intelligence like he did in Iraq: US expert

Company to aid in DeLay corruption probe

He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money

Court Clears Italian Premier of Corruption Charges

Reporter fed soldier question, or did he?

US Plans to Build Permanent Prison on Guantanamo (aljazeera)

U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine ($65 million in last 2 yrs)

NBC: U.S. to boost armored Humvee output

Man arrested after woman shot in high school

U.S. Soldier's Plea Hurts Efforts in Iraq

Hospitalized Reservist's AWOL Case to Proceed(spoke of supply shortages)

UN's Annan to Discuss Iraq with Powell and Rice

Yahoo: US denies backing Ukraine opposition candidate

Ashcroft Praises Anti-Terrorism Efforts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 10 December

Test Shows Who Needs Chemo for Breast Cancer

Agency calls for global halt to violence against girls

Military fires back on armor - USAToday

dupe - Kerick withdraws from consideration for Homeland Security job

Shiite cleric with links to Iran tops Iraqi election list

U.S. promotes Mideast reform amid Arab scepticism (Hearts and minds forum)

US breaks silence to support Annan

Saddam steps up his defence

Terror cells clone cash machine cards

Likud vote clears way for Gaza pullout

Meningitis vaccines urged for gay men

He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money

Ford Recalls 474,000 Escape SUVs


Pentagon Said to Probe Guantanamo Reports

Democratic Party chief arrested

Judge OKs Settlement in Sniper Lawsuit Involving Gun Shop, Manufacturer

Iraqi election workers killed in drive-by shooting

Americans in Venezuela to support leftist leader

From speaking style to baby-sitting, Democrats offer ideas on how to win

Kenya's Maathai receives Nobel Peace Prize

Cypress Gardens reopens

Guantánamo torture and humiliation still going on, says shackled Briton

Iraq oil-for-food audit to be released ( Mon.12/13/04)

WP: Bogus E-Mail (about telemarketers) Worries Users Of Cell Phones

Kerik Withdraws His Name for DHS Chief

Kerik Withdraws His Name for DHS Chief

US sounds alarm over Iraq fuel crisis

'French CNN' to challenge US view of world affairs

English hunts plan mass rebellion (fox hunting)

Iraq Vets Join the Homeless

'Sam Who?' Bush's Energy Nominee Surprises Industry

Analysis: Discontent Plaguing Military

Ex-Steeler Swann tests gubernatorial waters

Eavesdropping against law even for parent, court says (WA)

Treasury to Print Other Countries' Money

Kurds try to invest 14 tons of cash(in talks w/Barbour, Griffith & Rogers)

Military Hardware Wearing Faster Than Expected

Pell (grant) cuts could be dire for students

Southeast Unprepared to Teach Hispanics ("Taco Tuesdays"??)

US officials sound alarm over Iraq fuel crisis

Skating rink opens halfway up the Eiffel Tower

In wake of Kerik, NYC settled suit ($325K because Kerik harassed officer)

Fewer Teens Engaging in Sex, Study Finds

Fallujah: The homecoming and the homeless

Blue state blues cure in Canada?

WP: Inauguration Gives Troops High Profile

GI Admits to Killing Hurt Iraqi Teenager

Sam Bodman Energy Sec.

Powell hints at future as political commentator

OHIO: Odd vote results point to mix-ups at some precincts

Functional Fashion Helps Some Through Airport Checkpoints

Ohio Club Shooter Obsessed With Band

'French CNN' to challenge US view of world affairs

Gay Hate Law Debate Marred By Homophobic Outbursts (France)

Glendive MT man plans dinosaur museum to teach 'creation truth'

NYT: It's Inauguration Time Again, and Access Still Has Its Price

WP - Intel Bill Holds Nasty Surprises - Are You A "Lone Wolf"?

U.S. Budget Deficit Widened to $57.9 Billion in Nov. (Update1)

US soldier found guilty of murdering unarmed Iraqi garbageman

Lawmakers Press FDA on Whistleblower

Official Loses Post at Security Agency (inspector general @HLS)

Company agrees to cooperate with investigation

Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi warns US: Do not invade Iran

Poll: Faith for Democracy in Iraq Slips

US government deficit up in first two months of fiscal 2005

Boston Globe: US stance on armor disputed (Rummy LIED To Troops)

OPEC Cutting Oil Production By 1 Million Barrels A Day

Wal-Mart sued over song lyrics

U.S. soldiers take complaints to new level

Newspaper cartoon draws wrath in Iredell (County NC-Flag Draped Coffins)

Bulletproof vests Iraq-bound

Doubts Persist About Election Results

Bernard Kerik withdraws

Major Fuel Spill Reported in Alaska

U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine (Best democracy money can buy)

Valley firm disputes Rumsfeld, is ready to supply Army armor

Record number need heating help

UK Christian Protesters Seek to Prosecute Gay Play

Dems to Study Possible Primary Changes

Ailing Rehnquist Plans to Swear in Bush

Urgent message from DU admin....

I sure as HELL can't tell you we learned about HELL with out saying HELL..

with this post, i am now in the 700 club!

Marcia Cross on Leno, I never knew her!


I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get my thread locked!

gimmie some quick jokes to tell my friends tonight....

Rumsfeld's doublespeak

What's the secret word your mom gave you to ask strangers for when...

Well, I'm laughing uncontrollably at my own jokes.

Barbra Streisand isn't THAT bad

how do i upload a picture of myself for the gallery? nt

My official electronic XMAS Card. Is this over the top?

I AM OUT OF THE 700 CLUB! Thanks to the Stream of

Best Rock Vocal Performances

some stats of the Chinese military

Columbus Officer James D. Niggemeyer: "the community has a hero here."

Has Anyone Ever Seen The Movie "The Tin Drum?"

Tough. Do you know what a balut egg is?

The best seat in the house (picture)

Any fans of the Damned out there?

I actually FEAR the LOUNGE...really, I do.

Make-a-Flake . . .

so, Cadence, what shall we play now?

'Ballad Of Jed Clampett' Singer Dies

Observations at a recent Democratic XMas Party....

I'm not forgetting the past and nether should you!

Make your own Chimp Cheese at the Golden Palace

For those who've met someone online, how did you get together?

Dust devil interupts soccer game

HAAAAAAAAAA! In 2 weeks, I'm leavin' on my cruise!

The "Worldometer"

Is it ON?

congratulations, Cadence, 800 posts!!!

THIS ELECTION ISNT OVER ... stand up and fight!!

Did "The Right Society" get rid of their DU Bashing Forum?

anybody see the 1st amendment documentaries on Bravo/Court TV this week?

My partner and I are done with the Dem Party we're going GREEN

Has DU got me on ignore?

I need 12 DUers who will take this trivia test & PM me with the answers

Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill manager over $6 sandwich

Time for a secret confession.....

Is "Drawn Together" the most immature, worthless show

Tonights Sinker

Redneck swimming pool

Taking another DU break

$70,000 Truffle Rots In Refrigerator

Amazon's gift wrapping sucks

What week day and time is peak traffic at DU ?

Brand new DU gallery

Tell me what you think about these...

New Willy Wonka anyone?

Female Toll Collectors Win "Bra Battle"

Help DU ..My Hubby always wants to know what I want for Christmas

Drunken Soldier sparked alert when he left party dressed as suicide bomber

Plane Lands On Top Of Truck Before Crashing - Driver Doesn't Notice

Looking at the timestamps in the forums really shows how few international

Television, the Drug of the Nation

I Need Diversity Training!!!!!!!

I've Had Seriously Fucked-Up Sleeping Patterns

That's Amore 'n Some Will

A limestone gravestone used for a dead cat sells for a fortune

Brits and Yanks

New DU Group: Propaganda Debunker

"Now, Brian, what time will my First-Born be home tonight?"

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Kyoto...

Serious top ten music performance

Is anyone taking extra vacation time for Christmas?

ZombyCoffee: The New Moon Blend!

DU knobs check in.

Homeless Hawk moves to Carlyle Hotel

U.N. Sends Weapons Inspectors to U.S.

7 degrees of WMD

A Wallace and Gromit movie?

My city is hiring SIX part-time people for 3 "FTE" jobs! RANT and plea

Civil Rights Suit Filed by Thong-Wearing Bush Protesters

Warning: Christmas Parties Can Damage Your Health

Are there any aspiring Fashion Designers on this board?

Dumbest celebrities?

Officer Tumbles from Fast Moving Car After He Pulls a Bizarre Stunt

Man picks Ex-Police Chief's lawn to grow pot plants

What was your office Christmas party like?

laryngitis anyone?

i am so outta here

George with a hole in his head cartoon

I'm terribly bored, but I'm not supposed to be on the web at work.

I'm feeling evil today...what should I do?

Has my avatar ever given you a tingly sort of feeling?

I just got my Hubby's present for Christmas

ding fries are done

*Best Post Ever Inside*

"Take Me Out" : the play. Has anyone seen it?

carpentry question for breakfast

What is Debrorah Norville going to talk about AFTER Scott Peterson?

What's the biggest animal you ever killed?

Do you like or loathe lumps in hot cereal?

800 posts!!

Let's Talk About Matcom Behind His Back-He Is Too Busy Posting News

So who is into Wild Sects?

Britney Spears...even her feet stink

The mother of all...Family Guy quote threads!

I SUCK at personal finance.

The ultimate weapon (picture)

Meeting with his so-called superiors is a humiliating kick in the crotch

flamebait: most overrated show

I need good vibes (and a swift kick in the pants)

Diamonds aren't my best friend

Anyone else got a psychotic realtor in their neighbourhood?

DU Deadheads...

Woman battles city hall for right to hang her wet clothes

flamebait: most overrated shoe

I had my first dream with W last night!

Grand Theft Auto poll

It's our 16th anniversary today!

flamebait: most overrated body part

okay, so is it against the law to kill the office b***h?

Mel Gibson buys personal Pacific island

Woman Who Gives Abandoned Babies Loving Burials Wins Lottery Jackpot

Freeper claims to have Halley Berry/Beyonce type girlfriend

TV shows that started off good but went downhill

RW Wingnut goes from good to bad!!

Will Josh and Donna (The West Wing) ever get together?

I have a chicken foot bonda-du charm, ask me anything

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory trailer!!!

Japan's Underwater City

Let's Talk About Underpants Behind His Back - He Is At Diversity Training

Does anybody watch that "Lost" show ?. I'm a fan.

Can I Have Your Social Security Number Please?

Should the dog replace the donkey as the Democratic symbol?

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book and why?

WHen you flush the toilet, when it gets into the sewers, can people see it

Godfather of Soul has cancer

Are YOU, or do you know someone, in the art film business????????

My old webtv unit died last week..........

you know what? it took me 8 years, but I MISS Calivin & Hobbes.

So I Applied To Work At *GASP* Wal-Mart and Target The Other Day

Hey Admins

Will the "This is the Duer formerly known as" taglines ever be removed?

Oo! 'Yesterday's Enterprise' is on Spike right now (1pm EST)

What is your credit card number and expiration date?

"They're Already Here." New Trailer for "War of the Worlds"

Seattle SuperSonics: Real Deal or Destined to Fade Away

What's the difference between an electrostatic digital printer and . . .

Burger King Employee Fired After Auctioning 10 ft SpongeBob Balloon

Your fair, balanced and honest opinion of Sean Hannity

The "Last Words of Stan Laurel" CAPTION

Caption: No flies on me......

Twisted Sister at Nobel Awards

The Muskrat Convention of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Someone threw a sink out of apartment window to shut car alarm off

Caption: Holy hair-do miracle?

Today's Doonesbury made me burst out laughing...enjoy

"Win If You Can...Lose If You Must...But Always...Cheat."

FreeRepublic to hold Pro-Bush demonstrations along Inagural Parade route

I found another cousin! Yay!!!!

I was almost run over by a taxi... ask me anything

Which Super Hero would make the Worst girlfriend.

Otis Redding 12-10-66 RIP

How does a liberal reconcile with repug family??? a lil help please

Baby Will No Longer Be Named By Highest Bidder On Ebay

Most overall rancid John Hughes film.

I was driving a Taxi and almost ran some guy over - ask me anything!

Townhall meeting from the bizarro 2008 Democratic campaign

A question for the ages: Banana Hammock, Nut Hut, or Grapesmugglers?

TV shows that started off bad but got better

Ok I have a new favorite Christmas song

A Chick With 2 HUGE Knockers!

I Bumped Into Jack Kemp Today...

This isn't too disturbing.......

can we change the name of the lounge to the Loooove Lounge? nt

Hidden industry jargon REVEALED

Anyone else excited that the practically mythic WilliamPitt is

Who else here likes wood?

Oh Jesus...oh shit....I just rubbed Tabasco into my eyeball

Teacher's aide on leave after serving dog food to preschoolers

Okay, so I think I've decided that I won't celebrate Christmas anymore...

I bumped into Mike Hunt today.

we missed the fun last night

AAR advertiser Wendi Friesen also has penis/breast enlargement service

Calling all "shoe-freaks"

In search of the best suck

Kill your TV?

I'm evil, help me!

Anyone else loving "America (The Book)"?

Have you actually ever listened to a president's weekly radio address?

WOW! A new low in telemarketing

"Not that it would change the election results... (complete this sentence)

Hey! Someone gave me a star!

Post Number 666

What things happen in your office that they should have

Three men died on Christmas Eve

The Republic of Cascadia

do your xmas shopping for fave repugs here

Little Johnny's neighbors had a baby.

If I ever see 'Bob' from those Enzyte commercials on the street...

Which 'circle of Hell' will Bush be in, when he dies?

Is your ass too big? - Maybe you should ask Santa for a

The Freeper printer

5....4...3...2...1..............Time to Bounce Your Boobies Randi Is On

Parking Evidence

The "Boss of Everyone" CAPTION

Name the last good BEER you have discovered

anyone have pictures of the porta-johns at Freeper rallies?

I love enemas!

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

Most horribly racy and classy Lounge rat

What first attracted you to your S.O.?

Talk to me about drug testing

Once again Bartcop ran one of my cartoons

Woman Keeps Passwords Taped To Her Computer Monitor - IT Department Upset

Servers/Bartenders: Your most annoying customer of the year?

for all college kids here: how many pages left in your paper

how much less effective is it to eat marijuana (brownies) than to smoke it

Is there a post about dolphins that encircled swimmers in NZ

I'm concerned about the pain in my left arm.

Am I the only one in the world who dislikes SpongeBob?


Bible Only Work of Fiction in Family's Home

I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day it said,

Why can't we have a word filter? My eyes will burn from all the profanity!

Anybody catch the latest unmasking last night?

How soon after mating should you start humping again?

God shook the world by dropping a babe not a bomb!

Good Grief! We're leasing a car.

we've got a live one!

Question for those who have taken the LRAM

I haven't posed in GQ in months. How about you?

How did the idea of Peppermint Patty and Marcie = lesbians get started?

Xmas gift idea for a 17-year-old boy


Guys, we only need one more person for our animation group.

All the old paintings on the tombs

Blast from yer past: "Ça plane pour moi, I am the King of the divan"

Am I the only person who's never heard of Dimebag Darrell?

Being an ex-naval corpsman- I just wanna cry

The best way -ever- to start your sentences:

How much do I tip the paper deliverer?

Bush Sex Scandal!

Beer is gross

Praze be!! I feel myself bein' pulled toward the great blinding light of

night everyone

Hell Hath No Fury...

War of the Worlds Movie Trailer

How soon after dating should you start dumping again?

Blue shopping

Take this quiz to see which Marvel superhero you are...

original/unusual x-mas gift for 21 year old girlfriend

These polls are getting too hard!

I was just browsing the Galleries

Has anyone had trouble logging into email lately ?

Is the INS now under the control Homeland Security?

20 Questions!

Shrink Rap: Smeared Bills With Poo

Most horribly classist and Racist D.W.Griffith film.

Looking for old/cached web pages...

Superstition experts - I need your help

Sending out an SOS - not the Sting song, either.

Just finished mailing out our Xmas cards.

My weekend was just ruined....

Question for those who have taken the LSAT

Ann Coulter-dirty hippie?!

Does vodka mix with DU?

Merv, Mike or Dinah

Steeler fans - Wherefore art thou?

Picture this...Samantha, Paige and Rachael in a 3-way....

I'm going home! Have a good weekend, all!

Which old timey DUers have the "Alex/Droog" avatar? 'Cause I've got

This world is run by a bunch of monkeys

Have you finally decided how you'll vote in my new poll

We went to see Ocean's Twelve this morning - ask me anything!


We've been listening to John Lee Hooker all day long.

An interesting week lies ahead for your favorite Dirtbag (nt)

super fun poll!!!

The Most Offensive Hanna Barbera Character

Bob Dylan's "Chronicles" to be live streaming tonight on WFUV in NY

A nice site for Windows XP users.



So what do YOU think were the top 10 posts at the FreeRepuke Website?

OK, where are you guys hiding the yaks?

Will there ever be peace or harmony ever again?

Can someone with Photoshop please help me post a picture?

I haven't posted in GD in months. How about you?

Alright cat lovers, put your mouse to the test:

Police dispatcher worked hard to nab park "poopetrators"

Yikes, what's wrong with my car? Help.

Anyone ever spend Christmas alone?

Did anyone else see John and Elizabeth Edwards on Larry

WOO HOO I got 2 tickets to see

You read me, you really read me!

Why do local newscasts have to be so annoyingly phony friendly?


ME? in "Diversity Training"?

More fun with Photoshop.....

I got a care package from home!

Is this a new gimmick in selling selling used cars...excuse me, "preowned?

Damn. The Lounge could really use some nice M&Ms today.

Why don't you just drop them pants!

Trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is up!!


My Christmas incense burner

My local ATM Machine screwed up

Well, Santa's makin' toys for all the girls 'n' boys

Favorite DU smiley?

Help - Post your favorite Rummy sound byte

The Avon Lady joke

My Cat Says:

so when a thread dissapears...

Would somebody please explain to this idiot

Does Dance Dance Revolution teach one to dance?

DU Humor Group looking for some classic jokes, videos, etc.

What do people think about New Orleans at Christmas as a vacation?

Not less than 24 hours after I posted about worrying about putting a DU

A female yak is called a "nak."

If we were to dress Kleeb up like a King....

Mrs Olson may be dead, but her mountain of money is still growin'

I can't believe I fell into this trap.

Does anyone else have mini panic attacks before going on vacation?

I am indifferent to Clay Aiken

My first post! I need help :)

I got better things to do than bother god, ask me anything


wish me luck

Made In Isreal


Dr. Performs Oral Sex While Examining Patient

Help me identify a Christmas Movie...

Grant Writing

What's your favorite Firefox theme?

I know this might sound weird...

Anyone else into mashups? This one could be interesting...

Favorite anti-Bush song?


The obscure Berlin Beer Poll

Like to tell you ’bout my baby

Anybody around here actually quit drinking alcohol?


Woman Gives Birth to Olives Worth $465.00

Best TV show ever?

Check out my nipples

My 100th post!

Today I drove with the car I have, not the one I would want

I just sold SidDithers my Barry White music collection for $465.00

I get to play Santa for a 4 year-old w/leukemia: gonna donate marrow

Any Dala Horse people, I have a question

Most horribly classist and Racist John Hughes film.

CLAY AIKEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This ain't rebellion.......

Some motherfucker stole $465.00 from my bank account

Has there ever been a more ANNOYING song????

New Group idea I want you to hear...

What would you prefer from the relish tray?

Insultomatic 5001


It's Friday night...

Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin

Why do we always hurt the ones we love?

Weather Report or the Crusaders?

Tonight's flamebait debate: neoconservative foreign policy

I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!! (sort of)

December 10, 1967: The day we lost Otis Redding.

DS1 Is Drunk And Puking On My Livingroom Floor!!!!

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, has prostate cancer. :-(

Woman Gives Birth In Olive Garden Restaurant

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

hockey fans, quick question.

i can make Opi-o's

In Honor of the Wedding of Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky

So, I'm gonna hang out with my little sister and her friends tonight

My 666th post!

Hospitals Cover Up LiveStrong Bracelets

what's with the Vikings in the Capital One commercials?

Why O why can't I be more violent?

Friday Night Musical Fight: New Order vs. Paul Oakenfold

The Dangling Conversation

Thank God I still have a little self control

urban myth? Universities which pay for viable testicles

I just paid $70 for Hi-5 tickets - somebody kick me!

"24" Fans: Check In Here

JUSTICE: Is this movie on a pay channel?

"Thing" and "thong"

I'm honestly afraid of GD

I have stories from my granparents

Richard Pryor and Bush voters

Someone from my tennis group commited suicide last night

Has anyone realized Bush inherited himself a declining economy

Flying to NY, Brittney Spears stinky feet casue passengers to complain

What the HELL does ESPN stand for???

What time are you able to listen to Mike Malloy?

Wow! I have the opportunity to make lots of money.

So I'm watching the "Top 100 TV Moments" on TV Land.

My priest is right - all bankers should be commited to hell

DS1 is now rubbing me and i cannot type due to his "magic touch"

The guy who killed Dimebag

Have the schools in your area eliminated recess?

Siouxsie & the Banshees Concert on VH1-Classics NOW! (9pm et)

Posted this in another forum, but it's too quite here tonight...

a question.

Whose the heart break kid?

I'm keeping track of the Christmas movies and am shocked

Who wants to see my nipples?

Okay, so Ocean's 12 was pretty cool

Do you fear Fingertip Tourette's Syndrome?

The Blink-182 Appreciation Thread

Legal to order prescription drugs from canada?

"Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas" annual Hanukkah tradition

Denzel?!? This was not what I wanted!

Friday Night Musical Fight II: The Four Seasons vs. Hall and Oates

who thinks Fluffy should be DU mascot? Vote!

Should I go WAR walking?

Hehehe...Mischief and Logan both have a Catster page now.

A big bowl of extra wide egg noodles.

I saw "Jackass the movie" last night.....

Fluffy Has Relatives!

Would you ever date a terminally perky person if they were a lefty?

I hate mall security. Ask me anything.

Goodnight all

Anyone drinking yet?

A personal favor to DU a poll please...

OK, what's for dinner?

How secure is our email really?

help me leave the 700 club! ask me anything!


Hello,pleas go away, You Canaidans are

The official DU Nickel Bag of Funk thread.

How Many Shots Does It Take To Kill Me?

I'm having a tuna fish salad sandwich the way it's SUPPOSED to be done!

Do You Download Songs/Files Illegally?


Cadence, I'm ready for you

Battle of the Bands: Jane's Addiction vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Is it wrong to work at Lockheed Martin?

most comical lyrics...

Warning: Laptop Should Be Placed Anywhere But Atop Lap

You know those yellow 'LIVE STRONG' bracelets? READ THIS!

I've found the perfect big band swing cd

Which Super Hero would make the Worst boyfriend.

Most horribly racist and classist Star Wars film

Why O why can't I just be mild-mannered?

I can't wait until Monday!!!

I am skiing in Utah during X-mas week. Any advice?

"Then" and "Than"

Most horribly classist and racist Oliver Stone film

Road Rage: Was My Life Threatened Today?

Question my husband asked.

In honor of Susan Dey's 52 Birthday.

Hey everbody, want to see my neat-o vintage record player

Hhoiw m anny bodddlez pf md2020 duz itake 2 getm edroonk

Tennis anyone?

you think they would've learned the first time (pic heavy)

How many TV shows do you watch regularly?

Favorite Christmas songs by popular artists...

I was just browsing the Galaxies

Anyone know anything about pertussis?

You have 2714 spam messages:

The Mother Of All..... Seinfeld Quote Threads!

I desire tuna casserole, as I do every 10 years or so

I propose a DU group for fans of Animation - any one with me?

How many shots of Jagermeister does it take to get me drunk??

Ok, second poll: Christmas tune you HATE?

Favorite name for regurgitation...

Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets His Wings

The Ghost picture (old, but fun)

Anyone here a horse person?

What are you collecting?

So which one of you guys ever made a Potato Gun as kids?

Road trip songs

My grandfather was diagnosed today with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

How soon after being dumped should you date again?

Drunken punch-up among 4,000 Santas...

Puppies or Kitties? Choose.

Matcom's Holiday Party Starts In ONE HOUR!!!

Funny add on sexy soldier

On second thought----your feelings about PRUNES

Albums you haven't listened to in years, maybe 10 or more, and have just

The official DU Dimebag Darrel trubute thread.

Tequila drinkers, tell us your fave and have a shot or sippy sip!

Ok, my first poll here! What Christmas music do you love?

Tax Alert! Donate cars, boats to charity NOW before rule changes!

DU Jews: Is this offensive to you?

I just got $465.00, help me figure out how to spend it...

Re: who do you think is hot that's not commonly considered good looking.

Summarize Lyndon LaRouche for me...

(Gay Divorce Rate up in Massachusetts) After love, inevitability

So I went to one of those "cafes" in Amsterdam

Road Songs

watching Clay Aiken on a Christmas special, I've come to the conclusion

Which is the highly skilled, well-paid person?

Have you ever deliberately ever killed another human?

Hi! 20 questions - Topic: PC Video Game. Era: 1980's

Damn. The Lounge could really use an nice enema today.

I don't want a dog but should I just get over it?

So this sucks. I learned tonight I've lost my job.

Lets Play The 'Alive or Dead' Game

Time for a peace kitty avatar check-in!

And now - I don't want to spoil everybody's weekend - but you should

Ha Ha - Bill O'Reilly Got Punked

Have you seen a hybrid with a Bu$h/Cheney sticker on it?

Your opportunity to do something nice for someone by kicking this thread.

Name some non-celebrity celebrities.

Freepers select the "Top 10 posts of the Democratic Underground in 2004"

Bill O'Reilly

Burglar steals deadly poison from vet clinic ( Beuthanasia)

Vote For Your LEAST FAVORITE CHEF on "Food Network"

Question for DU Christians

so, I wrote this (bush-bashing) book....

Puppies Delivered From Dying Dog

Cool old photos


Behold - "Mimic" - the actual cutest puppy ever....

Santa Claus, Christmas, and Mushrooms.

Those in retail: nominate your stupid customer of the year.

Should I cut my hair?

Mel Gibson buys personal Pacific island

Disco inferno (Independent)

"may the worms of your avarice consume your intestines, Clear Channel"

James Brown Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

What do you know about Pink Martini?

If you missed the start of "LOST" then you're in luck!

3 Larry King quotes for a movie? (Re. The Phantom of the Opera)

The Mother Babylon eBook

talk about how little things change

Anthony Flew's story of the 'invisible gardener'...often discussed in

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

Any "Liberal" Bible Verses?

Latest from Physicians for a National Health Plan

Gays & Conservatives Energized By Canadian Marriage Ruling

Fraternity for gays, bisexuals launched at ISU

Singapore Bans Christmas Party Because It Might Be Gay

Gay Student In T-Shirt Suit Quits School

Debunking the Down Low

Police Probe Hate Crimes Against Lesbian Student

Texas: Capitol officer disciplined for comment to gay couple

Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Tampa - Finalists for 2009 Super Bowl

The heisman goes too......

Plexico Burress Is OUT For This Sunday Against The J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

NCAA puts Baylor on notice about allegations


Pet Treat Recipes?

What weird habits and obsessions do your pets have?

Tarot: "Is Cliff Arnebeck the savior of John Kerry in election 2004?"

does anyone here "pray"

Maimed in Iraq, then mistreated, neglected, and hidden in America

So let's say we get our Solstimas Miracle

Does anyone else obsessively click on differernt forums

John Kerry - War Protester - (Part 2 of 3)

John Kerry - War Protester - (Part 1 of 3)

Dale Chihuly exhibit photos from December 2001

Photoshop restorations (improvements?).

Yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh nt

The same story as told by a Democrat and a Republican...

Why do "moderates" feel like they have to defend the leadership of the DLC

"Our Leader" asks "Are we getting the best we can get us?"


Under *, We Have A Scrap-Metal Army.

A question about Harry Reid and Clarence Thomas

James Madison; he KNEW the dangers from people like bush.

Record Breaking -- Cabinet resignations -- exceeding expectations again

Newest terror warning!

Novak on CSPAN's WJ

WHY are the rightwingnuts & punditry SO DESPERATE to cover up for bush???

National Day of Mourning January 20, 2004

Progress On The March In Iraq!

C-Span caller earns the Darwin award...."Soldier was making things up"

So...the $78 billion didn't buy armor, but the proposed $70 billion WILL?

PA Book Drive - Help us spread democracy to libraries!

Fantastic moment on C-SPAN

Rate up this Yahoo article, please

The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2004...

Has anyone heard of "Mother Babylon" and its "ebook"?

Flash! The secret training video for Iraqi Insurgents can now be revealed

Freepers call Rumsfeld-questioning soldier Spc. Thomas Wilson "an idiot"

C-Span has Pompous Ass Novak on

What can WE do to get a progressive DNC chair

Whichever direction the Dems take, Why don't we take a cue from *

In nearly 6 weeks since the election, has anyone else noticed . . .

The new and improved straight jacket

CSpan - Future of the Dem Party - Discussion Thread 1

The BFEE Modus Operandi

Front Page from Daily Mirror

New Bush Movie

Great Anti-Bush Blog from England

Self Admitted Racist and Bigot appointed in S.C.

Edwards rebid for White House

Election Deception Dollars - For those interested

What's up with Robert Novak?

Bad planning Iraq invasion, "No one could have predicted"??? REALLY???

MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It' (improved link)

Dems to Study Possible Primary Changes

Today's "Let Freedom Reign" Update: Iraqi election workers killed

Meet the Press this Sunday, Dean will speak on future of party.

Any HRC members here? What do you think of this?

Ba ha ha ha ha! Someone's pushing shirts with that county map...

Fox: Bush and Rummy "tried to tamp down the firestorm" over armor debacle

The Left Needs More Media Events...

Parents Television Council Owns 99.8% of FCC Complaints/Take it back!

We need a Unified Voice like the rethugs

This is how Bushco supports the troops

Who's talking to Randi about Ohio?

How about sign messages???

Ohio DU'ers - Media Coverage or Not on Monday Recount, Hearings???

"What kind of person catches a criminal red handed and lets him go?"

This will make you furious

Teddy Roosevelt sure would've beat bush

who are the people nominated for DNC chair

Summoned for U.S. District Court Jury Duty - What should I do?


Debate on Secret Program Bursts Into Open

What Hannity and Rumsfeld have in common ??

Who's currently the leader of the Democratic Party?

New Energy Sec'y - can we harness energy from his blood pressure? >>>

Help - Post your favorite Rummy sound byte

Could Russh Limpbaugh have won if they ran him instead of Bush?

220 US troops are DEAD because no one gave a shit.

Newsweek exposing Tom DeLay! Way to go! Great reporting!

Post your answers to the latest DNC evaluation survey here:

Alberto Gonzales' son worked for Hustler until last month

Intelligence Computers and Votergate

Police thwart India snake protest

We are so screwed in Texas

Brian Lamb's discussion on "diversity" this AM...

I'm the new head of the local (Dean's) Democracy for America MeetUp Group!

Repugs did well in the South...because we sold Our Land to Developers.

3 New "Don't Blame Me..." bumper stickers

Future of Democratic Party Panel Discussion on C-Span now 9:00 pm EST

you go to the polls with the fraudulent voting software you have

Out$ourcing the Pentagon/company directory

you go to war with the rationale you have

"'Twas the Nightmare Before the Inauguration"

Unity vs. solidarity--great post from DailyKos

Have you ever actually "Voted With Your Feet"?

Exit Strategy graphic

God Bless Hillary and Chuck Shumer

"Center for Amercan Progress" Exposes Kerik's Vile "Spotty Record"

Governor Dean's GWU Speech Transcript

Hate FOX News? Get a FOXBlocker for $ 8.95

Want some fresh, new ammo when dealing with the religious right?


Hypothetical Question: You are running for Pres. Who do you want?

The Daily Show: Rumsfeld tries to answer the soldier's question!/Video

Conyers' OHIO ELECTION THEFT forum now on C-SPAN2 (10 pm NY time)

David Obey may run for president?


Kerik is withdrawing his nomination.

Thank You email from Elizabeth Edwards

2008 could be a re-run of 2004

Secretary of Treasury Snow Evaded Taxes

Scarborough Shocked to Find Republicans Bankrupting Nation......

MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We bought it, we own it'

Wise Guy -- >

Dean's goal: "wean the Democrats from their dependence on big money"


in this economy, is a five year limit on welfare benefits reasonable?

LONG TERM politics: We may be better off with Bush in office.

He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money

CNN tells it like it is!

Karl Rove: Political Adviser Or Minister Of Propaganda?

there's a price for standing against the tide.

I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!! (sort of)

Dirty Politics - how would you play?

"Living Under Fascism" -- sermon from the First UU Church of Austin

Two Veteran Journalists Critical Of Today's Media Coverage

i just read my dnc e`mail and boy do i feel good!!!!

A student says of Dean: "his quirkiness is what makes him our champion"

Democrats could look to Dean's 'New Federalism'

The difference between the protestors of today and the '60's....

Is it possible to find out which Republicans have abandoned the US Dollar?

tin foil hat time: Clear Channel/Fox News "infiltrating" Air America?

This is the kind of redneck, Florida Democrat that I LOVE!!

The DNC Email I just got irks me

Have A Favorite Political Quote?

The next Democratic primary is going to be a doozy !

Support the businesses that support the Democrats!

Can Dean escape "I Have A Scream" speech image?

Al From, chair of the DLC on C-SPAN now

Bioterrorism in Korea?