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Southern politics, religion and Bush

[PINR] 01 December 2004: Do Al-Qaeda's East Africa Operations Pose a Thre

Gene Lyons

"Land of the Free-Money--Home of the Broke" (Liberty Whistle)

'We Are Living a Disaster' Bagdad 2004

GOP/Kasich call for cut in SS benefits) A New Index for Social Security

Did Bush Get Lucky? Or Were the Odds Stacked in His Favor?

Disorganized Labor (AFL-CIO transform — or get out of the way )

They Hate Our Policies, Not Our Freedom

From Guernica to Fallujah

In Ukraine, a franchised revolution

Ebersol Jet Crash Investigators Checking Into Similarities of 2002 Crash

Enjoy your vacation, Plaid Adder.

the Message

Molly Ivins: How things work in Texas

When Ideology is a Value by Michael Kinsley

The Deadliest Month (Scott C. Smith,

The Library That Hate Built (

More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty

Nature: Human activity implicated in Europe's 2003 heat wave

Enron, Yukos and the Gatekeepers

Salon: More cold-blooded than Abu Ghraib

The term "blog" has been chosen as the top word of 2004 by a US dictionary

Kerry campaign wont surrender

Bush Victory Gives Bin Laden "Kosher Stamp" for Nuke Attack

happy hour special: the $10000 martini

Powell blamed for occupation mess

UK Tories Hire Rove to reproduce Bush's "win" for their party

emailers needed!!

Love Kerry? Love to hate him? - It's Time to Band Together!

The People's Email Network

Now forming a Progressive Parallel Government!

Too many groups? Your thoughts?

Sat. 12-4-04 Columbus, OH events - Please keep kicked until Sat. night.

Horowitz Smears Franken

Can someone PM me Aaron Brown's blackberry email addy pls?

mainstream news still pretends they found errors in F911 - why?

When Western Media Bias Hits Home

What is CBS doing? Speak out!

Discovery Wings to be renamed the MILITARY CHANNEL

Rush nominates self for CBS job.

Olbermann ratings up 128% in key demographic

Philippine Gvn. Blames Illegal Logging For 340+ Deaths In Floods

Salmon and Steelhead May Lose Protections-roll back 'critical habitat'

Scientists Stumped By 169 Whale & Dolphin Deaths In Australia, NZ

A "service" biz-model for wind-power.

Fuel Cells - what's new?

Po'ouli Is Closer to Extinction as Captive Endangered Bird Dies

Forest Scientists Oppose Oil Road Through Ecuadorian National Park - ENS

Record-Breaking Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends - ENS

Anthropogenic GHGs Increase Risk Of 2003-Style European Heatwaves - Nature

Ability To Survive Initial Deforestation No Aid To Endangered Birds - Duke

W. Siberia A Warming "Hotspot" - Also Contains Huge Peat Bogs

Honda & Plug Power Announce Experimental Operation of Second-Generation

OPEC Predicts 2005 Plunge In Oil Demand But Won't Say Why

Missing The Hybrid Moment - Detroit's Arrogance Has No Limits

Few US Refineries (20-30%) Can Process Cheaper Heavy Oil - WP

Group: Egypt Divorce Laws Unfair to Women

Russians trek to see Dalai Lama

'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah

Negotiations enter critical phase in the north of Ireland

Firearms VS. automobiles...

Will somebody please explain to me why gun ownership is a "right"?

With all due respect... things are out of control...

I must say,

Where has my donor star gone!

Freeper named Blue and White

blueandwhite freeper on the loose HELP!!!

Theres a Freeper Spamming named blueandwhite

He created a new DU account named BlueandWhite2 btw

blueandwhite freeper back as blueandwhite2

Would there be a way to more publicly out Freeper disruptors?

I am not able to post in the lounge

Question about password, please.

What are these rumors I heard that I was banned

I want to thank the designers of this website for making this

Isn't there a Gun Control & Gun Rights Forum?

What happened to the Economics forum?

Question for you

Any thoughts of limits to inane Lounge posts

Hi, I just made a donation and the screen froze when I hit enter

Feature suggestion.

Looking for an answer on this

Interest in an Interracial relationship DU, support group

I changed my login name during the grace period and it just reverted

this is not a dupe, and yet it is locked while being big, bad news

Do you think you might possibly plug the Book Club

Abbas finds a potent ally

Bill proposing Jewish-only communities narrowly defeated


Sharon government in jeopardy

Hamas will boycott upcoming Palestinian Elections

Is there an Ex-Minister supporting CT? (Not Buelow)

Why is this topic archived?

Which black boxes were discovered and were in good condition?

sigh.... Why must I believe that a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon?

Were STOCKS involved in Inside trading?


Tax Time Help?

Which is the more maddening/frightening/saddening possibility?

Ford and GM Cut Production as Sales Fall

Boston Globe...Front Page...I can't be the first posting this...

Kerry files in Ohio - FINALLY

Kerry to meet with NH campaign volunteers this weekend.

Everyone does realize that Kerry just needs to get within

Are the Ohio State legislators as nasty as Floridas?

Pick One -- Feet or Thumb Print??

Seriously, what do you think is going on in that little brain of b*sh

Ohio Election Laws and Questions

NH Will Hurt Our Credibility? How do we Counter?

Shrub, on top of everything else, is probably this close to a breakdown

Irregularities in the 2003 KY Gov' race? What machines used?

Cincinnati Post needs a couple of letters from you people...

Someone in Tennessee Should Reply to this Lying Letter

Randi Rhodes is talking Ohio & more

For all those who doubt Kerry go Buy the movie Going UpRiver

The Never-Asked Question....

November 30, 2004 update from GAO

This is highly relevant to the Madsen story

Big Media's Democracy Double Standards

Mission Accomplished...NOT, 1 month later and more troops

Ohio Provisional ballot spoilage can Blackwell be held responsible?

Leaked Photos of "Detainees" being Transported to Guantanamo Bay

How many self-kicks.....

Plain Dealer: Kerry wins Cuyahoga...maybe more than we know...

Which Name is it then (since the fingerprint won)?

Info on possible vote fraud needed by foreign Reporter

Anyone have an email for Paul Begala?

Gregoire recount: CNN crawl said DNC collected $13 M in November alone

Kerry wanted Voters to handle legal process not Candidates?


Madsen's latest Votergate article, now online, Dec. 1

For those of you who are still a little down about the Nov.2 "results"

Can anyone explain this full article?

Folks, the time is now to DEMONSTRATE!


A GOP Guv in WA will make it harder to hold the US Senate

Jesus is a LIBERAL

Kerry's video is amazing

Blackwell just said on crossfire Jessie Jackson has ADD

Ca. Late vote tallies to put Health care (prop 72) measure...

al from on Charlie Rose - "...we have to realize is that we lost..."

Conspiracy: The Bush air crash and the Kerry pay-off

John Kerry, there are 200 TRILLION reasons why you should recount OHIO.

Question about "Recount Ohio.Org" Are they Legit?

Help now! Who has the Joe Trippi e-mail posted

bullshit all Bull Shit Lower the level to green Bush.

Voting in 2004 in DC Event- RSVP

What is the point of a recount with electronic voting not recountable?

WP: Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight To Get Ohio County to Recount

"Something's fishy in Ohio" (Chicago Sun Times)

Final results of NH recount

it'll be a month tomorrow...

State by state voting analysis is progressing

Sen EDWARDS: Please honor our efforts by speaking out.

Jesse Jackson on Olberman

Washington recount featured on homepage of DNC.

Some Things to Do Before the 2005 Inaugural

Rev. JJ spreads "gospel" in Philly -- good "mainstream" story

"No Black Box Voting" graphic to print on t-shirts, flyers

Nader-Requested Recount Ends (In NH)

Suwanee Discrepancy

We Can Dream: Canadians Authorities Arrest U.S. President Bush On War...

I know theres a "Sink the BFEE" war room (not DU!). It may not have a sign

Mike Malloy is ticked off over MM's appeance on Leno

The Free Press :In Ohio 2004, it's the People versus the Party of Hate

Update on Ohio Provisional Ballot Count

Isn't this prima facie evidence of machine tampering?

Washingon State Democrats need money for recount by tonight!

I wrote every single US Senator and this is the only one who wrote back

Walmart shares loose 2% after diappointing Nov Sales

Has Dr. Freeman posted Part II of his exit poll paper?

I had an idea about a demonstration

Let's hire Keith to speak somewhere...

Time to call the MEDIA, the SOEs, and the DEM leaders

Votergate: More details emerge

Was it Divine Intervention, Pure Luck, Coincidence, or the F_word?

Michael Moore

Anyone know some good flyers?

Why are the bad data from Franklin County, Ohio still posted?

Idea Start Checking the Garbage behind the BOE buildings

Ukraine Government Dissolved By No Confidence Vote >> US Next!!

My own protest

Stop bashing nader over NH.

The Drums for Iran

NY Daily News 11/30/04: Juan Gonzalez, Ohio tally fit for Ukraine

Interesting thought and theory about exist post

So what's the final Ohio number gonna be?

A site that might be helpful:

"Ohio counts" blog

Orlando Sentinel - Critics (Bev&BBV) disrupt surprise tribute to chief

JJ Column Draws Heat from Ohio Sec. of State's Office

FOXNews, Sun-Times deleted Bush & Blackwell from AP recount story

Economic boycott of California and NYC - what not to buy

DU gets acknowledgment

Optiscan Ballots that don't read: Example of ballot uncounted

Badnarik/Cobb NV recount filed

Economic boycott of Fl and Ohio – partial list of what NOT to buy

Regarding the Ohio Challenge

NY Times: Ukrainians Reach Political Deal....

Conceding and unconceding?

Wanna know what repug bloggers are up to?

On Air and Online, Olbermann Draws Attention to Voting Problems


Boston Globe: Voting Errors Tallied Nationwide

A big drippy thank-you to bloggers

Olbermann leads with voting story

DU Will Be In History Books: Minutemen of the 21st Century

Red Feet Movement - dirty footprints

Franklin County, Ohio: Provisional Vote List 12/1/2004

New Poll & Discussion based on Feedback - Hands, Feet, Fingerprint?

could a citizen sue or have charges filed based on the voting rights act?

OK, here's my e-mail to Olbermann...

Is the hacking of the election the biggest conspiracy ever?

Madsen is our ONLY hope now. Here's the reasons...

Has anyone thought about asking the Kerry "camp" how our funds for recount

This is a high stakes game!

Demo State Rep lost by 235 votes Asks for Recount after realizing there we

Ohio counties finish official ballot counts (Akron Beacon Journal)

What is the final Provisional count in Ohio?

4 Republican State Reps Challange their loss to Democrats?


I'm floored about all of this.

A serious question here - Will the election get overturned

My conversation with a repuke....

Congressman Peter King (R) New York - "We'll take care of the counting."

People power? Or George power? (Where Soros Is)

I just got a one dollar bill with NO BLACK BOX VOTING stamped on it!

Uck!!! Falwell to co-anchor 'Crossfire' with Carville

Live up to the dream

Boca Raton News - One more for LePore - 12/2

Jeff Fisher is asking for our help

What is wrong with passion? I have been told ,and I

Charlotte Observer - Another Vote in Carteret - it is possible !!!

who was that prick just on Olbermann!!!!

Voting problems in Maryland

Anyone know where I can get Exit Poll Data for CA Counties?

Kerry nets 691 votes in Stark Co.(OHIO)

Sen. John M.McHugh Email response to me

Tenet advocates Internet regulation?

Commentary:Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea


Warning, will make you mad: Florida newspaper finds no evidence...

Theory: Kerry doesn't want to be president (yet)

Bev Harris did NOT serve legal papers to LePore...

Let Keith diss Bev Harris

Local Groups, Please Tie Down the *%&&## at Home


I have some questions for our elected officials.......

HELP?: How and Where would you manipulate an AVC Edge DRE system.....

What Election 2004 would have looked like minus the Confederacy.

Food for Thought (posted for lakelly)

Anyone post this already - Invisible Ink?

Bev Harris Absolved....

GOP Attorney: "...there’s evidence of voting irregularities and fraud. "

What do you have to believe to "Move On"?

Bev Harris Not Absolved

we have the right worked for GOP

I went to a DFA meeting and there are 35+ more pissed-off voters!

Let's take action!!

Voting errors -at least a dozen states-"stat proof doesn't stand scrutiny

Newsweek technology columnist puts positive spin on BBV audits...

e-voting w/o papertrail is in violation of HAVA???

Republican connection to e-voting

Who choses our electors?

Carteret County will vote again!!!

Bingo! "Prima Facie" for New Mexico Part 2 - MORE EVIDENCES!

We need immediate MACHINE RECOUNT of OH punch cards!

Keith Oberman Has Nothing...

We need to spread this around re: Bev Harris !

How much say and pull did Blackwell actually have?

New from Kos

Have they confirmed who won the military vote?

Is THIS what we're also up against??

Gallup Poll: Mandate? WHAT mandate?

New target acquired; Republican Electors.

It's over johnny

Inside The Certification of the Diebold AccuVote Optical Scan System

In this one Paragraph from his Blog...does Olberman admit bias?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people . . .

Here's a sneaky way to troll GOP blogs w/o them even knowing

Sat. Dec. 4 Events; Columbus, OH - please keep kicked

new Bloggermann entry - Dec 1

This is who we are up against.

Hey now, leave Olbermann alone!

Alaskans start $10,000 fund-raising for statewide recount

Olberman not very supportive tonight

Ignore the other polls -- This is the LATEST ONE on Stop Fraud Graphics

News about Kerry joining OH suit getting big airtime on Hardball!

BUSH CHEATED '04 high res graphic for printing

Please tell me I won't be alone in Columbus this Saturday!!!!

Crossfire covering the recount


"Food For Fraud Thought" on Machine Fraud (RE Madsen theory)

Ohio counties finish official ballot counts

Need help with communicating Tom Daschle’s strange numbers

EQUAL PROTECTION ARGUMENT for Overturning the Election.... lawyers? (II)

Volunteers needed for Columbus Dec. 4 Rally

For Protesters and Organizers

Red Hand / Feet / Hand&Feet / Fingerprint Avatars

Guess what? Recounts for Sale in FLORIDA!

New Hampshire Recount Update (from Ida)

Dixiecrats or not, FL results unbelievable:


What others are doing? Spreading the word about voting fraud

Madsen's third article!!!

"Eye witness account" of stolen election. Hmmm... check this out

DNC and DFA request help for Gregoire recount

The Ohio Recount must be a hand count

Olbermanns Ratings!!!!!!!!

Info on Russian election techs/prog. working 4 Enron in Houston?

Has David Corn Been Hitting the Kool-Aid?

Former Bush Campaign Official Indicted

Bush campaign aide indicted

Danish Reporter Needs The Goods

Question: Does anyone believe that Kerry really thinks he lost

Do We Want Paper Receipts for Voters?

The BEST of the DU Analyses (KEEP KICKED PLEASE!)

Need advice on smog check.

Indians take on Schoolyard bully- AKA Gropenator


Prop 72. Late vote tallies to put Health care measure over top!

2 San Diego Rallies: 12/5 & 12/9; Protest Media Blackout of Election Fraud

Tell CA Secretary of state to end GOP crony vote counting.

Which celebrity for CA governor?


Best Bluegrass there is in Iowa

AAR Listeners, WKOX 1200 AM or WXKS 1430 AM ?

Meetup in Western Mass. -- details

Did This Swing A Vote?


"aLternative" news for massachusetts

in order to win, we must be willing to lose.

Star Tribune notes gathering at Kennedy and Kline offices.

Report on Posting of Nov 3rd Theses.


What worked so well in Minnesota?

It's Official: The DFL and Minnesota members of the DNC invite you...

Does anyone here work (or did work) at the (MN)State Capital?


Need a ride to Columbus Saturday? I have room!

Anyone here got Lingo VoIP?

I upload an image to my posts and I get "image" rather than the actual pic

Weird problem

Good things to remember when installing computer devices:

Sound and video editing/production software ideas?


Driving in Sat am to Columbus rally--parking?

Ohio Nursing Homes: Legislation to dispense meds by quick trained techs.

City rescue in trouble

Philadelphia, Verizon Strike Deal on WiFi

Kukovich to head Rendell's regional office


Somebody at the Dallas Morning Snooze finally gets it right....

Clean Up Texas


Vo by 33 - he gained a vote!

Anyone here from Llano County?

My Mom's tamale recipe for any interested Texans(me included)

Bus to Ohio, rally Saturday, Dec 4.


The Badger State "Lucky 13" (Assembly)

Justice Department Seeks To Overturn Initiative 297

Washington State Democratic Party website seeks donations for recount.

Ed Schultz is trying to get money for recount

Chris Vance said voting machines should have a paper receipt!


Hand over Heart

Salon: Law expert says Guantanamo is worse than Abu Grahaib.

What should one do with the Democratic Party to improve it?

Shameless plug for a local business

Any recordings of Franken's song "Bring A Book"?

LTTE to the papers (NYT and SD Union) Red Cross Report

Malloy is back to prime form

DU Take a BOW!!

The Apathy of Republicans ?

Public Doubts Darwin, Evolution, Poll Finds

Those Crazy Canadians!

A bit of levity

Defiant Bush stands by foreign policy


Look out-- berserk troll on the loose (blueandwhite) IGNORE

do you expect people to take you seriously when you voted for Bush

To help bounce the troll - the nerd finally loses on Jeopardy

I want to nominate Jon Stewart as Dan Rathers replacement

What's blue and white has nothing to say and a lot of energy to say it?

When are the freepers

Richard Clarke should be the Director of Nat'l Security!

Joanne98 Just want to thank you

Truth-Reloaded: Have you shocked anyone out of the Neo-Con Matrix?

mine's bigger than your's

DU'ers know what's up. Is the rest of the country asleep?

Viewing Alert for DirecTV customers-F9/11

Delete dupe

Intergalactic super war criminal

I see hopeful signs . The hope comes from other people, not Bush.

This is just too weird...

The upside down flag is a pro American symbol

U.S. generals told of detainee abuse early

Margaret Hassan Alive?

Blast the media today for coverage of protests in Canada

Alabama GOP morality questioned in LTTE

Canadian general defended US on 9/11?

My theory is that René Descartes evolved from an ape.

Reuel Marc Gerecht on C-SPAN today

49 years ago today

Dec. 2: Special Day-Long Broadcast from Pacifica

What is your opinion on mandatory terms limits for all elected "DECEMBER 2004 -- 1 Dead"

Ann Coulter on Canada: They are lucky we allow them to exist!

Is There Something Fishy About "Shark Tale"? (article)

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

If an Iraqi who's family was murdered by America comes here for revenge...

Yo! Plaid Adder, I hear ya!!! Today I switched from AAR Sirius 141

Question for Bushists: What Useful Info Can You Get from GITMO Detainees

George Bush Likes Dead Babies

Halifax protest on CBC now.

Foggy Bottom Kool-Ade (Doonesbury)

iPods make great flashlights too!

Does it get any worse than CNN's Rick Sanchez?

Mileage reimbursement rate could rise by 3 cents in 2005

DUers could you check something out?

Anyone recommend a good computer wiring install company

What's the matter with .... me??

Making a list and checking it twice to find who's naughty or nice

A matter of perception - What do you see in this man's face?

Bush's speech

UCC and freedom of speech/religion

I salute all Canadians who greeted * with less than five fingers

How about giving $5 or $10 (or more) to help the WA recount?

Least favorite current Supreme Court Justice?

Anyone else love "Unfiltered News"?

Fundies practice Retro-Christianity

sigh.... Why must I believe that a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon?

Cell phone hangs up on drunken dialers

I think Karl Rove is an evil genius.

dupe - please delete

Cowboy ends up bare-bottomed on fence

I think the virulence and the persistence with which Christian

How will the BFEE start eliminating the Third World?

It's odd, just when we are focused on vote fraud


Arghh! I need some PHP help.

I want to thank the designers of this website for making this

GOP Discusses National Sales Tax: "nest eggs devoured"

My email exchange with a freeper friend

You'd think with a Chimp as President they'd love evolution.

One more freedom disappearing before your very eyes

Yahoo Economic News (GRRRRRRR):

New Hampshire Recount Update (from Ida)

Unaccountable One-Party Government: What the hell is to be done?

It seems a lot of people are unaware

My Essay for English, Bush and Orwellian Language... Please read and reply

NOT moving to Canada

Funny HOAX story, Apparently.

200 Iraqi kids die every day - hunger, no health care, bad water

The Group that wrote the FMA had ties to Islamic Terrorists

Hollywood Conservative misses the obvious (big surprise there, right?)

Is this true? Kerry taking part in recounts?

Dumb RW bumper sticker spotted here in San Francisco


BartCop down?


With Love on International Aids Day. This thread's for Brad Reimer.


US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja (can you say genocide?)

Dirty Teeth Can Kill You, U.S. Study Shows

Music - the Call to Revolution

This disgusted me.

Giuliani still cashing in on 911

go tell the DNC what you really think

Bush* Is A Theory

US to boost troop levels in Iraq to 150,000

Psychosis AND Soldier Impersonation on the Yahoo Message Boards

some big (newspaper) media attention re V. Fraud

Just heard on MSNBC about the 8.8 billion missing...

A Good Start : Democrats should boycott FOX News....

Isn't it great that we have a President the entire world hates?

Is there a ribbon color for people like me who hate ribbons?

What's on America's mind

Does CBS or any other network accept RW or other religious ads?

A friend says that I should get a job working for Democrats.

Harvard Law to Bar Military Recruiters

The vast majority of the world, plus half of America, doesn't like Bush.

Question about Patty Murray

Interesting article . . . K v Heuvel implies US behind Ukraine protests

Need Facts To Back Up My Healthcare Argument

eeeek another evolution post..but I think I know what part of the prob is

A great idea (my opinion) for birthday/Christmas cards...

Stupid F*cking Nevada Power!!

Other then Randi is anyone else on AAR talking about the New Freedom Com?

Help! Does anything good happen?

It's about bloody time, Mr. President

Institute for Creationist Strategies - religion back into public schools

"Does Controversial Police Network Violate Rights?" ("The Matrix")

CCTV International`s top four stories

tho those who claim doing something political takes

"Canada Wins Battle of Toledo" - if Fallujah were on the other foot.

What will it take?

Grand Unified Evolution Thread

Regarding all the disrespectful discussion of evolution and creation......

When did support for Evolution equal "I hate Christians"???

How do I?

are security moms scared right now?

Over 21,000 visited Clinton Library on 3 days after T-Day ....

Schrub on NPR yesterday.

The "liberal" NY Times and "Social Security Reform"

Can the differences between Repugs and Dems be surmised as.....

What is this Pentagon/CNN story Rhodes was talking about?

So if they reinstated the Draft...

What do you say to the families of soldiers fighting in Iraq?

Bush Administration Manipulates Science and Censors Scientists

Bush's Speech

So we ask again, "Where is the press?"

Three cheers for the mods.

What is the difference?

Hentoff: GONZALEZ "Worse Than ASHCROFT"

Anyone ever see

GI threatens suicide over return to Iraq

Is it anti-semitic to hope Bush is brought down by neocon/israel thing?


I'm invoking the Popeye Principle..(I've had all I can stands, and I can't

Pictures of American Soldiers, Wounded/Amputees

Got a call from a USMC buddy that I haven't seen in 30 yrs.

Starve the Beast: Christmas Gift Idea Thread

Do you believe in ghosts (the supernatural)?

black tie and boots ball jan. 20

Smart Baby Comments On Bush's Election...2.2 Meg Video...

Airport road has become a metaphor for the entire Iraq mission

Video game commercials are a disturbing trend

bush approves non encrypted broadcasting passports

Why do Republicans Hate America?

BushCo Thug Indicted for Jamming Dem Campaign Phone Lines

I love Al Franken, but...

Freepers are INSANE ...

Pictures and War Stories of Wounded/Amputee American Soldiers

Is US citizenship necessary to be sent to Iraq?

The Problem with US Media..

Saudi Arabia is buying up shares of Newscorp to help

CBS/NBC censorship of gay-friendly church ads

The Drums for Iran

I offer up this extremely graphic war photo with almost no comment

we should start a campaign to give the statue of liberty back to France

Randi taking a repug to school.

A scientific (non-Fundie) overview of hell

Matt Lauer and Tim Russert up for Rather's job?

Jesse Jackson: Kerry's Early Concession speech betrayed...


Somebody on the Left to has to care enough to start a news network

So I bought "It Can't Happen Here". Guess who was in the bookstore?

For all those who doubt Kerry go Buy the movie Going UpRiver

Dollar tanking...Gold above $450. SILVER hits $8.00+ an ounce..

Dubya the movie. Large video. Need quicktime. small version available

Bush: "Every Country Needs a Good Lefty"

All republicans Suffer from TDD

Anyone watching The Halifax event? Bush looks like he's pissed

Freaky Picture of BushCo...downright scary...

NBC Nightly News thread (Brokaw's last newscast)

I'm so proud........

Psychic on Don and Mike show predicts surprise for Dem's in a few weeks

abstinence sex-ed programs are not intended to benefit kids

Falwell's Thanksgiving message: "I thank God" for Hannity, Limbaugh, FOX,

Help: rewrite a classic

lucianne goldberg brings us the insight of...pat sajak???

M. Moore question


Please tell me this person on Majority Report is not real

Church Ad Rejected by Networks

White House Insider gives Bushies "terminal spastic colon"

Why does Al have guests on?

For a light hearted moment, much needed by all! This was sent to me.....

Bye Tom Brokaw -- you won't be missed (by me, anyway)!!!!!!

Why did Bob Graham do so poorly in the polls?

Shrub, on top of everything else, is probably this close to a breakdown

Wonkette Disses Olbermann

Photos from Halifax protest

Would it be wrong to...

Merry Christmas, George ... NOT! (Toons)

Five webloggers jailed

O'Reilly Calls Kerry a Sissy

Inaugural Speech, January 20, 2005.

Scariest picture of Matt Drudge I have seen!

Old Wayne Madsen Piece

Seen on CNN Headline news: BUSH = HITLER

Anderson Cooper comes out?

That $400 million the Democrats raised - does that include

The arrogance of repukes living abroad!

UCC Church commercial deemed "too controversial" to be aired by networks?!

Anderson Cooper comes out to Falwell on CNN


HOW THE HELL is this supposed to be funny?

most nationalistic peoples

20th anniversay of the Bhopal disaster.

All right, I need a T-shirt and I need it bad.

All but 1 democrat in the house was against parental consent in the NFC

News Release: Personal Income and Outlays

Orwellian Disconnect: International Torture Pariah George W. Bush

THIS is how anti-Bush protesters should look!

Hey Guys, Need Some Info Stat!

Euthanasia being discussed on Aaron Brown.

Ukraine Election: What we won't hear from MSM......

More than 2,700 UN staff sign letter of support for Secretary-General

Just returned from ten days in "jesusland" (Okla) - ask me anything!

UN committee approves draft res. calling for end to religious intolerance

Here's something nice I think Americans should know

"I am American, and I live here now because of you!"

Canada protest Bush so they must hate America [Insanity on the march]

Third Madsen article just out!! Discusses how vote rigged/Five Star!

More women working, for less; State is 45th in pay equity (WI)

okay i missed it, what did malloy say to the evangelical just now?

Are you hearing this evangelical on AAR??

OMG Malloy is on fire tonight!!!

Al Franken Show on Sundance TV?

Let's see: Swiftboat "vets" can use drama, get publicity but Bev can't?

Why is it that the pro-life crowd only cares about people

Who paid for LePore's reception? The Saudi Royal Family?

Media Ownership Research Question--please help

What is up with Air America

Blackwater contractors, Fallujah, Abu Ghraib connection?

Slimey Lymey Christopher Hitchens onThe Daily Show

Who will it be next?

A Resurgent Religious Left

What did you Yankee peeps think about the Carolyn Parrosh/Carlson thing?

If It's 2005, It Must Be Time For Another War by Ted Rall

Anyone else hear Randi say she wasn't suppose to talk about the recount?


Mike Malloy is on! Truthseekers, check in!

A Blonde Woman!

Mike Malloy just ask "Why is American Not Charging Bush with War Crimes" ?

Are there different types of feminism accetaple to liberals?

the face of Toadiness. ***Potentially Unnerving Pic***

Can someone talk to me about this 'fake' Osama bin Laden??

Why is it 'bad' for Gays to serve in the military?

US Army generals told of prisoner abuse before Abu Ghraib photos

I actually do not think Canada will send back very many draft dodgers

Anyone know *'s latest approvel level?

"PTSD and my homecoming" (must read -- seriously)

Hey Canadians!

More Than 70% of the Commodities Sold in Wal-Mart are made in China


Is Obama really a liberal?

Exterior illumination for liberals

Countdown w/Olbermann ratings up 90% from last year, 128% among 25-54 demo

So, what would happen if China quit lending us money?

One Day After KerryIs Inaugurated...

LABELING (memes, labels, whatever) assistance please...

Explain the Oil for Food Scandal to Me

Aaron Brown

Survival Guide to Homelessness

I'm pissed at the Dems and Reps that voted for the New Freedom Commission

Why aren't DUers taking the New Freedom Commission seriously?

Yahoo's Change to Their Privacy Policy - Web Beacons

Bibles distributed to potential recruits at MEPS in CA

Christopher "Whore" Hitchens on Daily Show right now.

For years, man's 23 acres are nonexistent

Anti-Choice Texan goes to China for Stem Cell treatments?

The last crusade of the Templars

Condolences to our Andy Stephenson.

Buzzflash pisses me off! Gave someone else's URL for my work!

Canadiens Sound Off About Tucker Carlson

Help Stop Senator Conrad Burns' Plan to Slaughter Horses

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser Irish Crystal Company of Kansas

They're NOT FASCISTS I Tell You! STOP Comparing Them To NAZI'S!!!!

To adults who rationalize spanking kids

Check in all Bloging DUers! View DUer Blogs and post yours!

Biggoted Teacher sues Gay Mom for Defamation

ABC News...

Why are many American Jews

Boycott Macy's says-The Committee to Save "Merry Christmas"

Is That Ginger Ale In That Glass?

Actually, evolution is a theory.

The U. S. is a Masonic Nation founded on the principles of Free Masonry!

Test if you are on the left or the right politically

I was talking to a member of the Air Force

Have you ever been homeless ?

Just got my first lecture on malpractice in med school...

The United Church of Christ (UCC) can't run ad on CBS/UPN

TELL ME... Why are WE protesting and why AREN'T YOU ???!!!

OUTRAGE! "Religious LEFT" (UCC) ad banned by networks!

Report: Raytheon 'heat beam' weapon ready for Iraq

Michale Ruppert - Alert - Run on the Dollar Imminent

PHOTOS: HALIFAX shows what democracy looks like!!

Enjoy your vacation, Plaid Adder.

LIHOP, MIHOP or Neither poll.

I need a christmas sugar cookie recipe

Bread Makers, what is pumpernickel flour?

Pico de gallo chunky salsa

Pie Crusts - shortening, butter or lard

Man - I know he was a pedophile but I miss the Frugal Gourmet show.

trouble entering US

Sorry Everybody

Immigrating (Legally) to Canada from the States

ATM gives customers Canadian Tire money

"Lefty" Layton, give him hell!!!


Anyone else amused that Bush quoted our craziest PM?

ID cards: what's actually going to happen?

11/30 Romania Opposition Demands Election Rerun, Alleges Fraud

Our Troops Now Dead in Iraq - 1,254

CA appeals court halts certification of San Diego Mayor Race

Ridge Runs for Cover as S... Hits the Fan!

Change Sought in Endangered Species Act

NYT: CA Pension (Calpers corp. governance) Activist Expects to Be Ousted

US Burns Iraqis Alive with Napalm

Records: Frist campaign short on money for loan (scandal?)

ID cards: keep up to date or face fine of £1000 (UK)

US military knew of Iraq detainee abuse - newspaper

Southeast Airlines Ceases Operations

WP: Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight To Get Ohio County to Recount

LAT: PR Meets Psy-Ops in War on Terror (use of misleading info debated)

UK Tories ask Rove to reproduce Bush's "win" for their party

Justice to fight Hanford nuclear disposal

Vaccine Against Ricin to Be Tested

Hamas will boycott upcoming Palestinian Elections

Ukraine's Parliament Sacks Govt, Boosts Opposition "DECEMBER 2004 -- 1 Dead"

Brazil Garbage Dump Coule Be Climate Trailblazer

WP: New DEA Statement Has Pain Doctors Fearful: Reneges on Narcotics

UK troops in Iraq 'bound by rights act'

Bush convicted of war crimes in mock trial (Halifax)

Karzai grills British officials over 'illegal' poppy crop spraying

US torture at Guantanamo 'increasingly repressive'

In Chile, instant Web feedback creates the next day's paper

NASTY POLITICS in 3rd Congressional District Louisiana

Canadian Press Conference w/ Bush

Sears execs unload shares (but not buying new ones)

Bush to Thank Canadians for Post-9/11 Aid

Anthem, WellPoint Complete Merger (creates largest health insur. co)

Pre-trial hearing held for US military guard in Abu Ghraib scandal

Islamist group says it killed three US 'collaborators' in Iraq

Iraq's two top Kurdish parties to run jointly in January election

Voting errors tallied nationwide (4 pgs on today's Boston Globe site)

WP,pg1: Bush, in Canada, Defends For. Policy ("defiant," cites election)

please delete dupe

Ancestor's DNA Code Reconstructed

Court Limits Damages for Misleading Loans (Kept at 36 yr old $ limit)

Criminal business as usual for IRA's hard men

Rumsfeld sued for war crimes over Abu Ghraib

NYC Firefighter in 9/11 Killed in Iraq

NYC Firefighter Killed in Iraq

Almost as important as world politics: U2 hits numero uno:

Pentagon calls Red Cross a liar)Pentagon Denies Abuse Charges at Guantanam

U.S. Generals in Iraq Were Told of Abuse Early, Inquiry Finds

Breaking: Exchange of gunfire in Haiti during Powell's visit

Records: Frist campaign short on money for loan

NY Lawyer Guilty in Frankel Scam.

Al-Barguthi back in the running for Palestinian President

Ukraine elections betray Western bias

OUTRAGE! "Religious LEFT" (UCC) ad banned by networks!

Iran's growing AIDS crisis shifts from the needle to the bed

Personal income increased 0.6 % not inflation adjusted - savings low 0.2%

Senator Schumer Won't Run For Govenor of New York

Sikh-owned gas station burnt in US

FDA Questions P&G Female Sex-Drive Patch

Bush Administration Proposes Cuts To Salmon Protection

Brokaw Says Goodbye, Chokes Up on 'Today'

Parliamentary Defeat Puts Sharon on the Brink

Families Riot As 166 Miners Confirmed Dead (the riot part is new)

Bush Praises Canadians for Post-9/11 Aid (protesters line the streets)

Deaths in combat ricochet here at home

Coffee is cause for jitters at airport

Bush Grateful for 'Five-Finger' Welcome

24,000 may go back to polls

Blair rewards Korean leader for support in Iraq

Iraq Drafts Comedian to Drum Up Enthusiasm for Elections

U.S. to Boost Troop Presence in Iraq to 150,000


Impeachment Trial Opens for Nev. Official

Lawyers Want Early Statements Thrown Out in Iraqi Abuse Case (L. England)

Surprise Shift in Prop. 72 Vote Tally (CA passed Univ Health?!)


Media is government controlled.

Israel's Sharon Fires Ministers, Shatters Coalition

Intelligence Bill Slipping Away, but Foe Won't Budge (& Bush won't help)

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands dies at the age of 93 (UPDATED)

'Lefty' Layton Trades Jabs with President (Bush visit to Canada)

In Falluja's Ruins, Big Plans and a Risk of Chaos -NYT

Tenet Criticizes Idea of Nat'l Intel Chief (Press Kept Out of Tenet Speech

Rising insurgent activity reported west of Fallujah

Election Supervisors Support Implementing New Election Season (not day!)

Embassy Warns Americans in Afghanistan (Millitants infiltrating NGOs)

(Free) Credit Report Program Starts in 13 States

New School Prayer Story Bodes Well

US senator (Norm Coleman) calls on Annan to quit

Deployments extended for Hawai'i-based troops

Democratic Governors to Name New Leaders

U.S. To send 12,000 more troops to Iraq

Former Bush campaign official indicted in phone-jamming

Israel's Sharon Fires Ministers, Shatters Coalition

Writer Describes Dangerous Iraq Highway

Another Suicide Attack on Baghdad's Killer Highway

new unemployment claims drop to 323,000

Writer Describes Dangerous Iraq Highway

Observers: Tricks Skew Ukraine's Election (Vote or no medical treatments)

Kuchma's Allies Seek a New Candidate

Consumer Reports Will Rate Drugs

U.S. Gives Business Role in Los Alamos Bid

Ridge Letter Text

Harvard Law to Bar Military Recruiters

Discovery Sheds Wings, Deploys Military Channel

Absentee Ballot Count Adds 150 Kerry Votes

Mutilated body is not Hassan's (C.A.R.E. director)

Sticking to His Guns (*'s "reconciliation" tour)

Prosecutor: Feds Have Right To Protect Local Abortion Clinics

Iraq War: US forces will be increased to 150,000 (12,000 increase)

HIV, AIDS Cases Rise Among U.S. Gay, Bisexual Men

FBI Searches Office of Pro-Israel Lobbying Group in Probe of Classified Ir

(Montana) Recount ends in a tie, legal action

Supreme Court Urged to Block (Hallucinogenic) Religious Tea

Mount St. Helens the state's No. 1 air polluter | Seattle Times

NV PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Two seek statewide recount

Iraq, Neighbors Argue Over U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Powell safe after gunbattle during Haiti visit but meetings moved

Pennsylvania House begins shutting down; 45 layoffs are made today CHINA

LAT: Salmon and Steelhead May Lose (up to 90% of) Protections

U.N. Panel Rejects Bush Stance on Preventive Military Action

Annan's son never touched UN oil-for-food contracts in Iraq: Cotecna

Judith Miller Finds It's 'Hard to Keep Doing Your Job'

U.S. to Expand Military Force in Iraq to highest levels of the entire war

Former Bush Campaign Official Indicted

Charter Air Company CEO, Pilot Killed When Corporate Jet Crashes

U.S. Death Toll in Falluja Offensive Reaches 71

Ohio Counties End Official Ballot Counts

Blair's government to explain role in Equatorial Guinea coup plot

NYT: Red Cross President Plans D.C. Visit on (Gitmo) Detainees' Treatment

War toll a 'horrific cost' (RMN, neurosurgeon speaks out)

Charges Dropped Against Bicyclist Arrested During (RNC) Protest

U.S. sending 1,500 more troops before Iraq vote

Oil Falls $3, Winter Fuel Inventories Up

Bush Seeks Canada's Help in Iraq, Mideast

Governor stays Texas woman's Wednesday execution

US CEOs Less Bullish About Economy-Survey

Bush Calls for New Consensus on Middle East ("Our peoples are one family")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 1 December

The Fat Lady Still Isn’t Singing - PACs have one word for you: Recount

Job confidence down as IT layoff fears up

Leaders of Civil-Rights Watchdog Blast Bush

What happened to Iraq’s oil money?

NDP wants probe into 'breach' of Layton's right to speak in [Cdn] House

S.D. Union-Tribune Vet Goldsborough Quits After Column Is Spiked

U.S. reporters get flu shots in Canada

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

WP: Frist Political Fund Can't Cover Bank Loan

Head of Largest Gay Organization Resigns

Dollar Reaches Low Against Euro, Pound

Bill Maher Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit

Man[kind] Mostly to Blame for 2003 Heatwave

South African court changes definition of marriage

WP: Continued (consumer) Confidence Slide Jolts Markets

(U.S. Appointed) Iraqi President Backs Jan. 30 Elections

Canadian hosts charmed by Bush

Staff, Africa back Annan in wake of US claim

9/11 Families Say Lieberman Is the 'Obstructionist'

Judith Miller Finds It's 'Hard to Keep Doing Your Job'

Rentokil at four-month low after profits warning (UK)

Bush Presses Canada on Ballistic Missile Defense

Tickets a Rare Commodity to Bush Inaugural (Black Tie & Boots)

At a Loss for Words - FBI's translation scandal heats up (Village Voice)

Former Bush campaign official indicted for phone-jamming

FDA to Review Female Sex Dysfunction Drug

PR Meets Psy-Ops in War on Terror

Supreme Court Ponders IRA-Bankruptcy Case

Artists Eats Fox To Protest Society's Misplaced Priorities

Urinal Named As Most Influencial Art (AP spelled it wrong, not me)

Angry scenes as terror police raid homes (UK)

Brazil to break Aids drug patents | BBC

Israel's Sharon may face a "no confidence" vote

More in America Putting Off Marriage

Giuliani Returns to Wall Street as Banker

Phila. DN: Jackson wants recount (story mentions DU!)

Gonzales to Recuse Himself From CIA Probe (Demos Broadly Support Gonzales)

More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty

Several Propane Tanks Stolen From Store

Microsoft Issues Internet Explorer Security Update [another hacker patch]

Calif. weighs way to split electoral votes

US distances itself from lawmaker's call Annan's resignation(what BS)

Government Asserts Power to Keep Detainees

AARP to Test, Approve Home Depot Products

Protesters in Canada Express Anger at Bush

Dollar Falls, Hits Record Low Vs. Euro (broken record "broken record")

Teacher seeks $50K in gay mom suit

(Liberal, Pro-Gay) Church Says CBS, NBC Reject Ad Spot

Wash Post: Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says

Pentagon Sending More Troops to Iraq (1,500 82nd Airborne)

WP: U.S. Generals in Iraq Were Told of Abuse Early, Inquiry Finds

Bush attorneys ask U.S. Supreme Court to take Schiavo case

Activists crash tribute to LePore at election supervisors meeting

Alabama Considers Gay Gag Law

FBI searches offices of pro-Israel lobby

PETA: Kosher Slaughterhouse Abusing Animals

Marines: Fallujah Battle a Source of Pride (some sickening quotes)

You are a person to double business bound

computer people: does "cxtpls" mean anything to you??

Reminder: Judith Miller on Charlie Rose tonight...let's see if


"Look! A Diebold Electronic Voting Machine!"


Okay -- my own private thread

whew . . . the cycles of marriage

Where can I buy a bumper sticker that says. . .

What a fucking bad day



White Tea is Good for Your Health.

Good night all I will be signing off in 5 minutes as soon as I am done

Rip 'em up! Tear 'em up! Give 'em hell DUKE!

OK OK Very funny

Republicans = Jedi Knights, Democrats = Sith/Empire

Cute Toddler Pictures

Crabgrass is good for your health

Wheatgrass is Good for Your Health.

I will not post this

grass is good for your health

So, how did we do Canadians?

I'm declaring Marshall law!



What film/show is this line from?

I'm declaring Marshall Fields Law!


I have absolutely no idea what to bray.

I'm Declaring Partial Law

Here's a dumb question

Why can't I get in the shower with Tucker Carlson

I'm declaring Marshmallow law!


I'm declairing cardinal law?

Some people shouldn't sing

I'm declaring Marshall stack

i just finished watching "pirates of the caribbean"

I declare Marshall Tucker law.

I'm declaring Bohr's law

I'm declaring Mike Malloy the law!

I will not post this either

I'm declaring Martian law!


I Am Declaring Marshall Crenshaw!

Shane, come back...come back Shane!

Delete this

I'm comparing Melville and Shaw!

Why can't I get in the shower with Mr. T?

I'm declaring Penny Marshall Law.

I'm declaring Marshall Mathers Law.

I declare! Cole Slaw!

copycat that!!

copycat this!!!

Copycat That

Copycat the other!

A bit of levity

I am repealing Jude Law!

Would you get, or have you ever gotten, cosmetic surgery?

little poll about public restrooms.

I'm declaring Marcia law

"First flight" or airline travel amenities I am sure anyone would miss

Turn me off

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall! Why's it always gotta be about Marshall?!

I'm declaring Jerry Mathers law!

I'm declaring Marshall, Will and Holly Law!

John Roberts looks like a Republican here


OK. I'm declaring Marshall McLuhan law

I am declaring the Weird Sleep Law

Uh, oh...we're infested again:)

Self Delete

I'm High.

Bet this is one Christmas song any Democrat would be itching to sing or

I'm imposing Josh Marshall Law

Speaking of television


I just put my first person on 'ignore'

It's really brave to take on a powerless target.


turn me on

All right, I Valerie5555 do concede,

OK after that little spam job, I gotta admit

I have been really busy,

Does anyone else LOOK for locked threads?

Battle of the Pop/Rock Bands: Oingo Boingo vs. Was (not was)

This is pretty neat.


another little poll about public restrooms.

Ideas for a Freeper Theme Park

Turn it off.

I'm a convicted Nazi war criminal. Ask me anything.


Forgive me father, for I have sinned.



Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight

I am declaring forrest law

Turn it onnnn on on. Turn it on, turn it on again.

Is this the right room for an annulment

I simply love eating lizards

Mark your calendars - 12/23 is FESTIVUS.

I miss the dancing purple hippo



I have to go to bed,

did everyone OD on suger pills tonight? the lounge is crazy!!

There's a freeper loose!!!


A Salute to my fellow DUers!

Anyone ever smell their dogs breath--intentionally?

Cool!! I found a Twix Bar

Just spent the day helping move furniture in 40C+ weather

Should I go to bed or stay awake?


Republicanism Shown to be Genetic in Origin

Is this the right room for an argument?

Congratulations Neoma!

I simply love Eddie Izzard ...

To Those still up at this ungodly hour of the morning...

Recommend some good music please!

A Freeper on the diffrerence between 'semi-rich' and 'super rich'

well now that we got rid of the freeper named BlueandWhite

My Ambien . . where are you?

The 5th Avocado

Is paranoia a symptom of insomnia?

Move Over Virgin Mary! -- Grain of Cereal That Looks Like E.T. Gets $804

What's the most money you've ever had (in LIQUID assets)???

Inspiration from Pat Robertson!

The perfect non-offensive post to anyone.

Geesh. Then I'm declaring Forrest Gump!

If ann coulter were a cat, would she look like this?

Ed Begley Jr - Good actor? Good activist? Both?

Anyone want to talk like a Pirate????

The BVM appeared on my shower curtain

Why do men have nipples??

is there a pic gallery on DU that I am completely unaware of?

Dog is accused of having sex with man's mom named Gin-Gin

Fast Food Chicken Restaurant Welcomes Back Jesus

Ken Jennings to be on Letterman tonight.

Hedges is accused of having sex with gin.

so michaeL moore cLeaned up nice, huh?

MATCOM has gin-soaked sex with Jesus Chicken; welcomes back mom's dog

post your wierdest dreams ,the ones that make no sence

CAPTIONs received

Dinner Served With A Free Condom

Pre-Holiday PMS

Day 3 no smoking...going insane right now.

Anyone else shut out at

Things you can only say on Thanksgiving Day

Good Night DU


Don't Click Here

Do Ghosts Evolve??

PLEASE HELP!! This Thread Needs A Better Subject

Damn I'm sore this morning

I Can't Get This Damn Nick Cave Album off of My Stereo!

Good morning, DUers!!

Police Suggest Leaving Your Crack Pipe At Home When Bailing Out Friends

caption chimp, eh

Two lions escape Iranian zoo cage and kill guard

Have you just Woken up or have you been up all night?

is the usage of "nt" in the body of the message really necessary?

Computer question

Mandate-Wear! Vote for your favorite idea

Click Here


To help bounce the troll - the nerd finally loses on Jeopardy

Check out my cartoon for the day

All who wait till the last minute to Christmas shop - Post Here.

iPods make great flashlights too!

My knee hurts very badly from bad circulation should i:

Porter Goss's CIA: Some Growing Pains

the weather sucks here this morning...

Police Rescue Bare-Assed Cowboy Hanging From A Fence

"Brutus" The 100 Pound Tortoise Missing From Home

Caption: Alien implant lost in the maze?

Sad and pathetic

Open wide: dentists can use Tofu to fix teeth

Arg! Work is calling me at home.

Caption: A real warm welcome from Ottawa...

Why do my husbands feet smell like fritos????????

I just finished writing my monthly status report here at work.

Iraq Adopts Terror Alert System

Whats the best sight with the biggest selection of liberal bumperstickers?

Caption: Miaooo, my tongue's gone all purple...

EPA Tests Find Rocket Fuel in Nation's Milk, Lettuce -Bush Greenwatch

Senor, senor, do you know where we're headin'?

I need some help getting the message out

Up in the mornin'

Sony adopts GOP voting Technoloy)Promotional discs wipe out PS2 data

Why do my Fritos smell like my wife's feet?

KITTENS! Skittles and Francie (edit: added a photo)

40 years gone by, we still remember the 60's. 40 years from now?

Lava Lamp Left on Stove Explodes, Kills Man

Why does my wife's belly button smell like Grape Nuts?

Happy B-Day Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Trouble Opening Doors

Who needs an iPod?

Anyone know if that guy got tombstoned last night?

The "Hail and Farewell" CAPTION

Good Anti-Santa Article from the WP

anyone going to watch the Jessica and Nick xmas show?

Caption this . . . . . .

The Slave Registry.

Why does my cat's paws smell like a soiled jockstrap?

So... Why is "gas" a liquid?

pros and cons of houseboating as solution to economic meltdown?

WHEW!! I just pulled an all-nighter.

My * votin' friend is moving to Canada!!

I think I'm gonna be sick

Could the BFEE be behind all the bus plunges in the Third World? this...

Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer is a corporate shill and tool of THE MAN!!!

Holiday gift suggestions under $50 for a liberal friend?


Want to gag?

I wonder what the "A" stands for?

Wow! Camping can be fun.

Are this year's Amazing Race contestants stupider or just louder?

Breaking: Ridge admits color codes a plot to exterminate the color blind.

I just discovered there is a Costco about 30 miles from me

I have a secret eviction

I am the Watcher.

can someone give me the link to keep your jesus off my penis, please.

for the true red sox fan

I Am Declaring Jude Law

And now, my complete collection of lenticular 3-D religious postcards

I have a secret erection!

I have a secret addiction

Blue Christmas?

ken jennings got cheated

Need your feedback on this post

2 jokes, one thread

Any fans of the group Earth here?

Argh! Christmas music in the bathroom!

This Kool Aid stuff is for the birds!!

Disney Vacation

--$10,000 Martini--

My niece passed away early yesterday morning

/sigh if only....

So..."stainless steel" essentially means "non-rusting steel"

Season's Greetings: Choose One


Separated at Birth?: Tom Ridge and "Hazel"'s Bobby Buntrock

I LOVEALHEDGES!!!!! And I want the world to know!

500 bucks of celexa down the drain

Hi All!! Finally got internet since moving to Germany

Help me! Should I change jobs?


Do you believe in IHOP?

Jan Brady, Prostitute

New York hotel offers 10,000-dollar martini

GAG, Jessica Simpson is singing O Holy Night on the View

Wonder how Scallia's taking Rendquist being sick?

little poll about PRIVATE bathrooms.

Do you read the DU main page?

The Insignificant Other Appreciation Thread

Nuns on Ice

Police tactics! *grumble*

The Spouse/Partner/Lover/Significant Other Appreciation Thread

Should i stop posting on the dance thread?

How come the Ukraine is refered to sometimes as the Ukraine

Cleaning cabinets---Need help.

CNN breaking news that Powell may have gotten shot at in Haydii

Somebody hold me

Woman feels "violated" after her fake 18-foot palm tree is stolen

Zell Miller Named First Secretary Of Offense

Thanks to everyone who has PMed and emailed me about the column

The "Lecture Tour" CAPTION

The great sausage poll

My Friend Owes Me $300 and i dont know how to ask for it back

Is it sooooo hard?!?!?!!

Record cold in California - "Brrr!"

Who all's here?

I beleave in TSTPI...... How bout you?

Gaaaargh! Why is this so hard? All I want is a tree and a baby!

John Waters: "Have a merry, rotten, scary, sexy, biracial, happy Xmas"

Do whispering people bug you?

"Chipmunks, roasting... on an open fire......"

What a shitty day.

How do you KNOW you're popular on DU?

Need help finding pic

Who do you prefer as CBS Anchor?


Is evolution a theory?

Where does jocularity on DU come from?

999 posts on the board

I don't appreciate threads that don't appreciate "I don't appreciate"

Well, I appreciate that a lot of you don't appreciate so many things...

Favorite portrayal of Hercules in movies or television.

Any funny book recommendations?

Baseball star's wife makes ultimate threat

It's not Christmas until . . .

My GOD! Ann Coulter's mother is on "The New Gilligan Island"

Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams is on Comedy Central.

Where does popularity in DU comes from?

Kimbo Slice

"I don't appreciate..."- is it overused?

photo: which of these things is not like the others

New Iraqi Terra Alert Color Chart

It's not Christmas

Favorite Frank Capra Film?

Anyone know how to make your own little Flash Movie animation?

Cats are democrats.....

gas prices in sacramento..

For those of you who watched The Real Gilligan's Island

How long do you season an iron skillet in the oven?

Any vets/ vet techs wanna reassure me about my pup?

What are you? LIHOP, MIHOP or IHOP?

Best Monty Python skit or movie segment

Santorum for Virginia

Howard Dean DU Support Group - who's with me on this one?

What Acronyms Do You Use The Most?

What is your favorite part of a pig?

My Shar-pei is an anti-fundie religious bigot

How to Get 100+ Responses to Your Post

My iguana is a virulent hater of Albanian-Americans

My chimp hates Macedonians

My daschund thinks Freemasons run the country

Religion ignorant!

Hungarian city holds pageant to choose handsomest Santa Claus

I miss AnnabelLee! Please come back!

How come there are rioters in the streets of Ukraine, but not

Is Terry Bradshaw retarded

Has anyone else tried the new Pepsi Holiday Spice


You guys have to wait half an hour between your posts

Am I having auditory hallucinations? What would cause this?

Man is accused of having sex with mom's dog named Gin-Gin

My Freemason thinks that dachshunds run the country.

Is Carrie Bradshaw Retarded?

evolution religion ignorant

How to Get 0 Responses to Your Post

Trailer for puke-inducingly cutesy movie "Because of Winn-Dixie"


fishing with bush!

Tell me a lie. Make it a good one.

Bob Dylan on 60 minutes Dec. 5

What is the purpose of life?

Fun Fake Fliers (for the religiously ignorant)

Did anyone watch "the real gilligan's island" reality show?

You should wait one hour after eating before posting.

STAY COOL! I've Got It ALL Under Control.

Limbaugh and Drudge go on a date. Who makes the first move?

Lawmaker doesn't want novels with gay characters in public libraries

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, or Moe?

Is Teri Hatcher Retarded?

PHOTO: Bush steps in it again. "Bellhop, get those bags there, boy."

Who wants to mock the best HATE MAIL to date?

I nominate Matcom's ass as "pet of the year"


I AM UTTERLY UNLOVABLE!!!!! And I want the world to know!

Bush takes a moment to relax between Canada speeches

Am I retarded?

My Friend Returned My Money to Me. I am such a Bitch!

Who let JohnKleeb on DU without asking for proper ID?

If you read food labels, what numbers do you look at?

Why doesn't someone just start a John Kleeb fan club already?

US Currency Was Redesigned To Help Prevent Counterfeiting... BUT...

Do all Colleges have end of Semester and Christmas parties?

An email I just got from a freeper I used to work with

I nominate Matcom as asshole of the year

Is John Kleeb really a freeper?

Why in God's name am I not writing my research papers?

You should wait one hour after posting before eating.

Is John Kleeb really TexasGal?

I went into GD for a second and thought I was still in the Lounge.

If you allow the federal government to put a chip in your ass....

Here's the thing about God-directed Evolution.

Bush said that he has a "Mandate"?

The Hipster's Dictionary

After Brokaw goes - there will be no one with bad adenoids left on TV.

Duncan or Hines?


I nominate Underpants as person of the year


Fisting with Elton John

Laurel or Hardy?

Fishing with John!

It's the War on Tara,

History - has it ever been 'acceptable' for a woman to be promiscuous

When you body slam a woman

Funny article in the Guardian:

Richard Simmons, what more can I say?

Did you know that 83.3% of the people who bought my bumperstickers...

What's your favorite Rock band.....why?

please share your favorite creation myths here

Cagney or Lacey?

Does anyone here smell a rat?

I upload an image to my posts and I get "image" rather than the actual pic

Question about left over turkey

Could someone please start a rumor about me?

Who's sexier?

Could someone please explain this rumor going around about me

MsAnthropy ate pop-rocks and drank coke, had stomach explode.

what we really need is

Should i go to bed?

Fishing with Elton John!

I need legal opinions - is this legal for an employer to ask???

Is it true that bleachers7 got attacked by a koala bear?

Supreme Court Urged to Drink (Hallucinogenic) Religious Tea ....

Request help with compact stereo purchase!

Frightening with Elton John

Did anyone see The Gilmore Girls last night?

Name a movie you paid $7.50 to see.

Am I the only one not infected with Kleeb?


I am the great! I've just been invited to breakfast with the COO...

All this Kleebing around makes me...

I need help on the "Atlantic Slave Trade"

Who FORGOT to share to SPECIAL brownies?

A shortage of more cowbell explains the need for more Kleeb!

Better Kleeb Than Me

Is it possible to have every thread on page 1 of the lounge be Kleebed?

Alright, time to go to class...but, while I'm gone...

Is that a KLEEBAGE in your pants?

Could someone please explain me?

DU Group proposal: JohnKleeb fan club

Kleebing with John

Is it true that Kleeb was not the guy who wanted to napalm Iraq?

Curly or Shemp

Shakespeare tragedies are a disturbing trend.


Clapton to release second Robert Johnson set ("live" rehearsals + DVD)

Best Kids in the Hall Sketch

Just Saw "Before Sunset"...

DU Group proposal: JohnKleeb Vets for Truth

My Cat hates Kleeb!

DU Plumbers, Handypersons, electricians- need advice- my water heater


Anyone feeling old yet?..Roger Daltry - 60 Yrs old

Astaire or Kelly?

Nominations for DU Lounge "Kleeb of the Year"

Anyone got a link to the poll where Kleeb was voted...

can we get a Kleeb emoticon?

Any Kleeb pictures out there?

DU this poll

Why do Loungers Create Polls?


My Kleeb can beat up your Kleeb

What the fuck happened in here in the past 1/2 hour?

Tom or Jerry?

Admit it, cmon, you're among friends... you LOVE

Should DU set up a room for Polls

"Big Kleebit" to the Yankees?

My new bra shows off my nice Kleebage

I googled JohnKleeb pictures and got the shroud of Turin

Do we need more threads about JohnKleeb?

Second water heater-related question of the day...

Did Ken Jennings lose it on purpose?

Is John Kleeb ok? I ask because I wonder how all these posts got

NYT:F.D.A. to Review Drug to Increase Women’s Sex Drive

Record Lottery Winner Arrested (Again) on Drunken Driving, Other Charges

Is there anyone here that use Viagra or Cialis?

Does John Kleeb use Viagra or Cialis

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

Is it true that Kleeb outed Valerie Plame?

DU this poll!

Do you live to Kleeb or Kleeb to live?

World's best universities.

Is Terry Bradshaw retarded?

Being John Kleebovich

ha - preventing those drunken phone calls

Country forced to drink the wingnut Kool-Aid

Treasures of King Tut to Tour in U.S.

OOOOH OOOH! I got Kleeb's autograph: let's start the bidding at $15,000

Any house painters out there?

Don't you love that 30's musical, "Kleebs in Toyland!" Starring

To Kleeb or not to Kleeb, that is the question...

Why can't I get on a show with Tucker Carlson

I heard tell that JohnKleeb once shot a man.........................

enough about porn; let's discuss Kleeb:

Nominations for DU Lounge "Pet of the Year"

Does anyone here have a rat?

UrbanDictionary: defenition of Canada...

Ok I give up,

Quick, put on CNN!!!

Name a movie you paid nothing to see

I did it. 100 posts in five hours. Congratulations are in order.

I Am Charlotte Simmons.

I just saw Kleeb and it rocked!

"Ward, you're being awfully hard on the Kleeber tonight"

enough about me, lets discuss porn

What the heck does JK mean?

Do you believe in Kleeb (the speedoman)?

Kleeb has left the building!

Kleeb this Poll!!

I'm a Francophile. Ask me anything.

I just saw Alexander the Kleeb

Help me debunk this Kleeb talking point.

Gimmee and "L"!

Who asked about 'Blue' places to buy books?

All your Kleeb are belong to us!

oooowweeeooo i look just like John Kleeb


I just wanna slap the duck out of the next person that starts a copycat

End of The World plus five weeks. How ya doin?

I just wanna slap the buck out of the next parson that starts a copycat

I have to go watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but in my absence

I just wanna slap the fuck out of the next person that farts a large rat

I just wanna slap the fuck out of the next person that farts a copycat

I just want to fuck the slap out of the next cat that makes copies....

I just want to fuck the crap out of the next person who farts a sloppyshat

I just wanna slap the fuck out of the next person that starts a copycat

Give me an E !!!!!

Are the internets a little bogged down lately?

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my oldest and dearest friend

Anyone recall some famous DU banned-member meltdowns?

KleebScript for Dummies

I just wanna slap the fuck out of the next person that starts a copycat

Best form of motivation?

Jockstrap Kleeb

It must be...

The "Culture Vulture" CAPTION

Ren or Stimpy?

Friday night there will be a slumber party at my house w/ 12 little girls

Tonight on Nightline: Kleeb copycat threads. Like em or Hate em?

What is your favorite winter drink?

So who saw Daily Show last night?

The "Winning Friends and Influencing People" CAPTION

Anyone want to help me co-found the Church of Kleebology?

Fun USA geography game

Ok so this question has been asked a thousand times I'm sure, but....

Is Walker Texas Ranger the worst show ever?

Do Aardvarks travel in herds and

I watched "The Biggest Loser" for the first time last night

Inane Lounge copycat.,

What mutual funds do you own?

Help needed looking for Christmas music.

John Kleeb is in a Snoop Dog video

"Larry David you 4-eyed fuck!" Susie Essman appreciation thread.

Hey has anyone seen Kleeb?

I'm in love with Amanda Huggenkiss... But she doesn't love me

I have absolutely no idea what to say.


I Just Shot John Kleeb

A weekend break? That'll be $8 million

Yo holmes, smell ya later.

I will give you a cookie if you

Is the Kleeb fad over yet?

Jesus Not Coming Back (satire)

The Kleeb threads are getting old

I Kleeb, therefore I am.

It's time for another curse poll.

Whatever happened too....? Thread

I'm bored... entertain me!


REAL (male) Athletes Wear a JOCKSTRAP.

Bogart or Cagney?

My SprintPCS bill I call them to find out why

Anyone under 18 here?

I'm three posts from 200 and I don't care who knows it

Yay! I made it to round two of the interview process.

Our friend just had her baby!!!

Should I pick up Grandma today?

I just ordered all 105 "Chick Tracts"

I need help finding a guitar with amplifier and instruction book

The Donkey and the elephant

I just purchased Spiderman 2

I'm in the old AIM DU Chat Room all by myself!

I just want to Kleeb the Kleeb out of the next person that Kleebs a Kleeb!

"LOST" is on people!

Do Aardvarks travel in herds?

Considering Jet Blue home for holidays... any experience/advice/comments?

My Goal, rewrite the classics to be more timely

Photoshopped, or not?

Why the hell would anyone steal giant likeness of Spongebob Squarepants??

Illini v. Wake Forest thread

I'm a gangsta. But you all knew that.

59822 user registrations since January 2001.

Whatever happened to Mc Hammer?

I think we've all been had...and Kleeb is really No.15

Trailer for Dad's Zombie Movie is up! (Kleeb!)

If DU made a movie, what job would you want in the production?

Alias Fans --anyone read spoilers???

DU help me!

I bought the domain

What if the Beatles had been computer freaks?

man this female just makes me sweat every time I see her.

Does this clip make anyone else laugh hysterically every time they see it?

Did I abuse my children?

Who here is a big fan of nudity?

Hey, I'm new here and...

Ok I am totally grossed out and about to vomit all over the place

In a perfect world O.J. and Bush* would be cellmates; who should be Cheney

This is just awful. 29.4%. Only 29.4%...

How about - Cute Guys From Sorry Everybody?

DU this Poll!

I am declareing that you must dance

Photo of my K9 nephew Tucker. Look how much his brain has shrinked!

OK, so are there any good/non repub electronic stores

In Memory, On This Day...

I just watched a documentary about the Stanford prison experiment

Please keep those good vibes coming. Last day of PhD comps tomorrow

Question about masking agents

NSMA! I received my Challenger print today!

TV Sitcom Boss you most love to hate...

The greatest DIO song ever!!

Favorite Ice Cube song (Post NWA).

I want to make it 600 post tonight. Anybody want to help me?

Am I annoying?

If you and a person you met online spent an accumulated 8 hours of

The "Don't Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya" CAPTION

What kind of a kid were you? Did it affect the kind of adult you are now?

OK, i've been living in a cave

Crossroads (guitar) Tour on PBS (CT) now!

Movies you hate to admit you LOVE?

I MUST escape the 700 club! PLEASE ask me ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!


Anyone want to find something on the Internet but can't find it?

My Christmas card to Kleeb this year

How the fuck did I ever LIVE before the Internet?

I have a question about car searches...

Name a Beach Boys song whose lyrics begin with the word "Well."

where can i get a blue paperclip avatar?

Wallpapery Goodness. Free.

Have I ever NOT offended anyone on this site?

New Presidential Seal

Allright - I'm gonna say it - I fucking LOVE Redman!

I have no purpose anymore.

Busta Rhymes up in the place - TRUE INDEED!

Has anyone seen Misunderestimator?

Complete the phrase - "T.V. isn't showing this xmas special anymore...."

Question for landlords

Wow, a Repub likes me!

who wants to critique my first beat?!?!?!

My dog is so damn smart. I bet she's smarter than your dog.

Have you just taken a fish to the head, or are your knickers too tight?

Medical question

... Goodnight'Grandpa. Goodnight,Grandma. Goodnight,John. Goodnight,Olivia

HAHA - Hippies vs. Bikers on Wifeswap Tonight

have "flash mobs" jumped the shark?

HAHA - Hispanics vs. Bisexuals on wife swap tonight


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind....Ok...It rocked..It affected me...

Things to do before the Inaugural......1/20/05

Give me a "K"!

Weapon of choice-- aka Christopher Walken dance video

"The founders of this country were Christians"

Someone at Buzz Flash has a sense of humor

If they made a movie about DU, what actor/actress would play you?

Which Mrs Millionaire truly had class?

Introducing CharlieStern

I want to be "sexed up" Burl Ives style!

Brian Wilson is a God among insects!

bap bap bap bap baddup bap bad bad bop!

New Presidential SEAL

OMG!!!!! how the heck is Falwell still a christian!?!?!?!?!

Happy Birthday, Woody Allen!

Foreign language word processing question

Be honest who still watches a Charlie Brown Christmas

Good gourmet or micro brewed Beer suggestions needed?

How many insomiacs do we have in the lounge?

ok I have had 3 glasses of sparkling wine,

You know what I'd like to happen to Tucker Carlson?

Jesus CHRIST Hitchens is fucking drunk on the Daily Show!

Why does love have to be so sad?

Haven't heard from Jack Mehoffer lately. Where's he been?


Ignorant evolution religion.

Johnny Horton can kiss my ass

DU Bon Vivant William Rivers Pitt ?

I love Kleeb probably more than the next person, but...

Favorite Jesus archtype?

Have I ever offended anyone on this site?

The office of the future sucks!

Subservient President

Detoxing from Paxil and Wellbutrin

What is the one present you absolutely want Santa to bring you this

WOO HOO! "Manhunter" starting on AMC!

heh, South Park is doing "Paris Hilton"

I'm going to bed now. But first I'd just like to say

My cat is an anti-Hispanic racist

WHo's watching "Rudolph the rednosed reindeer" tonight?

For science: reading on toilet, males vs females

I have had a constant ringing in my right ear for days.

Can you confidently say you've seen 'everything' on DU?

Does anyone have the link to the video of the bald German guy...

Has John Kleeb ever offended anyone on this site?

Who loves the Decemebrists?

Has anyone on this site ever offended Misunderestimator?

Post # 666

googLe is part of the gay agenda

need helping packing tidewater area of virginia !!!!!

I have a few questions for anyone who did Theatre/Drama in high school...

Holy crapity crap crap. It's frikkin December.

Who wanted a tortoiseshell kitten?! (archive search not working)

This kitten is just strange

Best rock band of all time

Smoking POT will make you go crazy!

What kind of clothes do you wear at work? What do you do?

Who Is The Weirdest Member Of Your Family?

Movies you love to admit you love? And some my not, but: ST.

Are those magnetic ribbons on cars really non-partisan?

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up and Are You Doing It?

It's Kleebdomonium in here.

"Big Unit" to the Yankees?

Serious new virus alert from CDC - Gonorrhea lecthim

OK, I can't hold it in any longer: I just gotta know!

Take a guess - when will the total registered reach 60,000.

Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show

Germans think they're well-hung - but they're not

Photo of my K9 nephew Tucker. Look how much he's grown!

CSI: NY - Version of a snuff film

Name a movie everyone seemed to love except you

Request for prayers, good thoughts, wishes, vibes, etal, for my father who

Did you know that the Muppet's are owned by Disney now?

Nominations for the DU Lounge "Person of the Year"

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane: Best. Tea. Ever.

Brokaw Says Goodbye, Chokes Up on 'Today'

New rule: if you have your own show on the Food Network

Kleeb Kleeb bo beeb, banana fanna fo feeb, me my moh meeb...

Poopy Head!

has anyone had White Castles? i know they are grease bombs,

I Admit It... I Like "Mail Call"

What if you noticed a "thing" between two DUers? Would you say something?

Favorite TV sitcom...

DU Singles: Does Winter make you even more lonely?

Favorite Cover Song

I"ve got a secret

Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb, Kleeb,

I just saw Alexander and it Bombed!

Chaplin or Keaton?

I refuse to post pointless statements to the Lounge

We came on the sloop John B....

The Lounge has plunged into chaos

Inane Lounge post.

What the heck does PM mean???

Click on The Literacy Site!

If you spank (beat) your kids...

DU this Poll!!!

My 1000th post!!!

Why I love working with words

Is this tacky?

In search of the best fruitcake money can buy I've found one so far.

Do you believe in ghosts (the supernatural)?

The Belief-O-Matic test (Religious belief test).

What kind of car do you drive?


Short Bus President has not smoked in more than 2 weeks now

Replace one word in a movie/TV title with "Kleeb."

IFAW Seal Campaign

Lactose intolerance

Any musicians out there?

Abortion Film Sweeps British Film Awards

Spurlock's '30 Days' on FX Menu ("Super Size Me" Director)

OK What about Nicholas Cage for - Robert Langdon...I don't think that

UCC Church Commercial deemed "too controversial" to be aired on TV?

an enki koan in favor of no-god

Aaron Brown says he's about to discuss the UCC ad

I think Jerry Falwell is.....

A question for Christians

Jesus is a LIBERAL

Employer Family health for Gays via West Hollywood's partner registry

Medical Questions

NASA's world wind site now working.

Ancestor's DNA code reconstructed

Genes exert a strong influence over how nice - or socially responsible

David Baltimore paints ominous picture for U.S. economy:

When biblical and archaeological worlds collide

Before I go home for the day...

New UK Study Reveals Health Toll of Anti-Gay Prejudice

Would like to offer service in GLBT communities, hlp pls.

Anti-Gay Boycotts Not Supported Poll Suggests

Backers Of Those 'Marriage' Amendments Are Showing Their Real Agenda

The Scissor Sisters

Gay Advocacy Group Says Its President Is Resigning

Illinois vs Wake Forest.. battle of two top five teams

Johnny Damon billboards in NYC? Say it ain't so!

Three reasons why the Steelers will KILL the Jaugars Sunday.

I had to put my best buddy down today. I am so so sad.

My cat snores. Does yours?

The last crusade of the Templars (want Papal apology for persecution)

Genes exert a strong influence over how nice - or socially responsible - h

Did a quick one year spread

Continuation of 11/19/04 readings

Might it be possible to be a Christian and an agnostic at the same time?

My current goals as an Atheist and political activist

I wonder

As a veteran I really get tired of people like Rumsfeld saying......

UCMJ and DU, is caution in posting needed?

Wait so Kerry joined the recount effort in Ohio?

I think I'm taking a break from the other forums for a while

Kerry still can save his "good finisher" reputation.eom

Do you guys think Evan Bayh would be a good presidential candidate in 2008

which Republicans do you think will run in 2008 ?

Democratic Think Tank recognizes Bev Harris, Cobb & Badnarik

why can i post here and not in the lounge?

Bernie Ward: "Federal gov't now able to track Americans from age 14 on"

The Sierra Club Vote

I went to the local Navy recruiting office today, for a little chat.

Expert: Bush re-election will lead to Al Qaeda Nuke attack in US

U.S. President George W. Bush adjusts his earpiece >>>

Change the 2nd amendment?

Which Big Red State Is The Most Likely To Go Blue In 08 With The Right

self delete

Annan goes but Cheney stays?

pardon me Mr. McClelland - CHEER UP HELL

Kerry Legal Team Joins fight for Ohio Vote Recount

So, Did I Underestimate The Size Of The Protests In Canada Or What?

What are different crowd estimates for Ottawa protests!

Bush inauguration: "A virtual fortress, unprecedented levels of security"

Any thoughts on this new FreedomCommission on Mental Health?

Rep. Istook even screwing fellow Republicans

What constitutes lying?

Activists' Holiday Shopping List

Unions call homeland security directive unconstitutional

Everyone should watch Halifax Speech

I'd Like To See A Slim Downed Gore Run In 08...

Vast Deficit Budget Shifts Assets Away From Urban Areas

Did bush Get Lucky ... or was the election stolen ??

And they say Fox news isn't biased

Anyone catch Bush's comments on reopening markets for Canadian cattle?

The DNC wants money - again! - from me

So, I shouldn't hold my breath for Kerry to fund the WA recount, right?

Wayne Madsen writes again.

Superb Site: Vote Project Tracks Election 2004 Anomalies.

New Hampshire Recount Update (from Ida)

The captain goes with the ship -- the "World" hates Bush

If Bush gave a damn about this country, he would resign.....

Now that they are in firm control of the White House and Congress

A "perceptive" Bush in Canada: "I am really glad to be around friends"

Bush's writers got it wrong with the quote "America is our best friend

Send your Kerry stuff back to the DNC to protest inaction on recounts

If the Sixties never happened.....

Once again, Bush uses 911 for his own pathetic self-serving ways

Anyone think W's hauling plastic turkeys to Iraq this year?

Ok a silly question....But does anyone else

Called CBS about UCC ad.

2006 -- Who's Up?

Help -- here comes the evil trade policy

City attempts white out during Clinton festivities

mainstream news still pretends they found errors in F911 - why?

Black Box Voting crashes party =) Go Bev!!!

Go Home, Mother Fucker !

Does Anyone Have Links To Pics From Canda Protests?

Everyone who has USAA insurance needs to call them!!!

Money Talks

going back to Iraq--one soldier called it a "higher calling"

French Mark 200-Year Anniversary of Crowning Napoleon Emperor

I have a flier idea. Is it legal? Will it stop the war?

Does NH recount result prove fraud was in the Gems central tabulating?

Randi: "Bush as popular in Canada as Kobe Bryant at a N.O.W. Convention"

Crazy Wednesday afternoon idea: Let's hire KO to speak to us...

Blue/Red States

Defining morality splits Christians

Attn Geeks: could the GOP fake the BBV computer logs?

New DU group proposal: Relive the 2004 Primaries!


Blitzer discussing yesterday's fiasco with Tucker

The Drums for Iran

Shell - The Only Dem Oil Company!

Do you become nauseated by weaponry TV shows now?

Could CNN suck any worse??

Information supporting the Kyoto Treaty needed!

Hey - anyone for a last minute "Goodbye and Good Ridance...

My Christmas tree will be alit with BLUE lights....

Did John McCain really call Pat Robertson evil during the 2000 primaries?

OBL in Iran

Bush's Visit to Canada Scandal Free

Guess what? Ukrainians get a new election.

Votergate: More details emerge - Madsen Also Thanks DU

Terry Mac Auliffe rocks! We're not worthy! My respects to him!

Anyone else feel like this Repug 9/11 spat is just a ruse?

Anyone see Chris Matthews today on vote fraud?

Kerry joining recount efforts being reported by Olberman,

I bought the domain

How many people here would like a progressive forum for strategy?

Louisiana Amendment Goes Well Beyond Banning Gay Marriage Justices Told

Lawmaker (McCain) tells Pentagon not to rush tanker modernization study

Defense Department not tracking personnel spending, report says

Kweisi Mfume (NAACP Head) to be on Hardball tomorrow (Thursday)

this may be old news to some, concerns recount, Kerry, Gore, DNC

Support Democratic Artists

The largest minority group!

IRS Claims New Patriot Act Type Powers to Punish Political Dissenters

back stage at Clinton Library

Democrats need ideas, platform

News Gathering Is Illegal Under New Patriot Act II

Bush moves to limit 2005 pay raise to 2.5 percent

Government needs a new management style, scholars say

Kerry's 11/09/04 message downloadable

What would happen IF the DNC called for a nationwide strike ???

I eavesdropped (sigh) and heard something disturbing...

Don Knots is Dubya

More About Howard by Matt Singer

Free Christmas Cards to send to Chimp-loving Freepers

November 2004; highest US death rate in Iraq since start of invasion

PLEASE JOIN US TONIGHT--Let's start NOW for 2005 and 2006!!

"What is in that mouth?!"

Question for Ohio Voters

Did the GOP find 'Rev' Jesse Lee Peterson on the street somewhere?

What Orwellian name will they give to the draft?

Good Reagan may have seen it before but its very good.

New Liberal Talk Show

DNC Asking for Donations for WA Recount: Are they Joking???

what happens if Bush does NOT ban Abortion Rights ?

So, I joined this Fundamentalist mailing list...

Write Sen. Norm Coleman and tell him to look inward. Republican Tricks

Edwards says his fight isn't over (a bit of a slap at Kerry campaign?)

Tenet warns of terrorists - says greater regulation of internet needed

Bush: "Every country needs a good lefty. We have a few in our country"

Scummy Slime Coleman Wants Anan To Resign (CNN)

Anybody Else Wanna Slap the Shit out of Norm Coleman

OMG! Have you seen the Drudge splash on abstinence programs?

Bumperstickers and Patriotism: How do you respond to the slogans?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is one of us. Therefore: 'the media' is librul

if the election were up to young people...

Wow -- George Will Opposes GOP Attempts to Kill the Fillibuster

Bush says fuck you and he won't answer shit...

Right-wing lunatic David Horowitz attacks Media Matters

Why the reluctance to compare Bush to Hitler?

I think a lot of Americans support the "war" in Iraq

Repeating my rant about USING wedge issues for Dem victory

The linked video is very graphic and concerns the effects of DU

so in 2000, did you vote for Gore or Nader?

Dean (DFA) joins fight for recount in Washington State Gov race

Theory: Democrats may be biologically different from Republicans

Could Edwards have won?

People are Out There Working for Us...Everywhere! DU Christians Take Heart

Since smirk is now drinking again, in public,

There are children at this site. Could we watch our language?

Response to Plaid Adder and a Defense of those of us called

What's up with Chimp's Face in Halifax??

Who do you like better: Kerry or Gore?

Wildhorse petition ---please sign ...unless, of course, you support

Southern and Red State Democrats

When did we stop being a party of economic issues?

Jerry Falwell: "Blow them all away in the name of the lord."

George W. Bush, "Self-appointed Emperor of the World"...the statue falls

PR Meets Psy-Ops in War on Terror (should Bush worry about credibility?)

do you feel that you have an obligation to society?

This Christmas, BUY BLUE


Canada Trip Was a Mistake

Will you be in DC for the 'inauguration'? You'd better.

Democratic Presidental Candidate in 08

Zogby has a new poll. What party is the Grinch?

DK didn't run against Bush and DK didn't quit