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Archives: November 9, 2004

Liberal Bias & Conservative Nonsense

Common Dreams: Ten Questions About Campaign 2004

Are Christian voters swallowing camels?

Crusade for sanctimony eclipses sanity

Germany's Day of Destiny

Madeleine Bunting (Guardian Utd): Screams will not be heard in Falluja

Moonie Times: Blue states buzz over secession

"Out of the garage, into the kitchen" SBTribune re MI Governor's mansion.

Votes Aren't the Only Thing Missing in Ohio (entire article hear)

"Redefining 'values'" -- from the DU front page

Review of 'The Fall of Falluja'.

America is Now a Full-Fledged Fascist Police State

How to be a republican, by Dan McNeese (The Arbiter)

WOW We all need this guys passion !!!

Bush's victory: Political death for conservatives

Screw the South

New from Riverbend Nov. 10

Slowdown Forces Many to Wander for Work(IT New Grapes of Wrath)

Squeezing jello in Iraq

David Brooks paints a realistic picture

Molly Ivins: Back to work (An aftermath to-do list)

Thinking The Unthinkable – If We Vote Fraud Theorists Are Correct

Howard Zinn: The optimism of uncertainty

De-Baathification and the Iraqi Insurgency

Fallujah - Old errors meant assault became inevitable

NATO Chief Criticizes Germany's Iraq Stance

Pravda: Did Bush fix the elections?

Sinclair Lewis invoked in NYTimes LTTE

Red or Blue View Deepens the Divide/Op/Ed.. (lost brother in WTC/9/11!)

Salon: Was the election stolen?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Death will be his witness

A Stolen Election? (David Corn-The Nation)

Arundhati Roy: ..What we call peace ...capitulation to a corporate coup

"Xtreme Jesus" Battle Action Comics, coming to a Sunday School near you

Salon: The media gives Bush a mandate

Condi for President 2008?

Where is our media? EXPLAINED

Understanding the 2004 Presidential Election by John Dean

"Puritanism of the rich" - insightful George Monbiot

a call to action Crispin is if this bothers you I will pull it.

11/12 - Gather at the Canadian Consulate in DC

Columbus sit in IS ON! Saturday!

How do I organize a protest?


Columbus: A Sit-In of Massive Proportions

Running for local office


Should Democracy Walls be the new media?

Canada wonders at our US Media "Media Blacks Out Voting Problems

Recommend and e-mail this Yahoo! Story

Preacher Randi is on fire--and she's a riot!

New MPAA head Glickman : "Hollywood's okay! -- Not all liberal! Really!"

Olberman and Alterman RSS feeds...

Did anyone watch this episode of Frontline?

Were are those media contacts

Ivory Coast conflict ends cocoa exports from world's largest producer

Why is Oil declining?

Wal-Mart and other economic troubles

Do you remember Reagan deficit?

Agribiz- how many acres? Jobless get land if break up agribiz

Since 2002, I Have Been Predicting A Major Economic Collapse in 2006

Please post progressive shopping links here.

Despite Climate Reports, No New GHG Caps - White House

Rapid Glacial Retreats In Tibet Spawns New Rivers, Mirror Global Trends

Polar People "Will Need To Adapt" - BBC

Arctic Climate Breakdown Threatens Complex Disruptions For BC - Van. Sun

Maybe 100 Years Left For Polar Bears - WP

One-Meter Sea Level Rise By 2100 - Arctic Council Chair

Japan Will Meet GHG Targets By Buying Emissions

Pollution Dispute at Indonesian Bay

Australia Says Oil Slick Polluting World Heritage Site On West Coast

Climate Change Signs Appearing Everywhere In America

600 In Two Chinese Factories Poisoned By Cadmium Exposure

Male Fish In Colorado Developing Female Reproductive Organs

WARGASM: Warhawking in the Caucasus

Beslan hostage-takers were able to flee, soldier says

Did you know that the danger posed by a dirty bomb is basically ZERO?

President Kirchner re-elected?

Experts: Politics ruins Iran economy

Editorial: China totters on the brink of chaos

Light resistance encountered in Falluja -- another failure

IRAN: Tehran steps up arrests of journalists

John Kerry went hunting...

Official Notice: I hit post 2000 over in the lounge.

Anybody see the video of the bank robbers firing machine guns at police

Name change?

Could we get a Strategic Planning forum?

Please create a "wingnut talking point" forum

How about a general amnesty for exiled Dean supporters?

Still confused.... how we get a local gathering onto the front page?

I beg you Skinner

I can't get in to discussion forums - BUG

Why not make the TBA General board the: Election Fraud Investigation

ok Now I don't understand why my post was deleted

Face facts Skinner: You're popular

any word yet on the status of the verdict on seventhson? nt

Please help!!! This is urgent.

Name change deadline - midnight 11/22 or 11/21?



odd problem with the internet

Spam to post the same thread-starter in more than one forum?


Arafat Dead, Say Palestinian Sources Amid Confusion

Suha Arafat: Ramallah's Lady Macbeth

Ailing Arafat deserves fair judgment

New York Times’ Friedman gloats as Arafat lies near death

Suha Arafat rejects $2 million offer from Palestinian Authority...

Will Israel appreciate Arafat when he's gone?

they are coming out of the woodwork now!!!!!!!!

keith olb. going to report on "one man's crusade for ...

Were there other (smaller) aircraft accidents at the pentagon or Capitol?

RE auditing the votes. what to say.

Maybe we should declare Bush's 2000 selection legitimate - listing of all lawsuits involving the election


Would post election exit pollling be any help?

If Kerry doesn't ask for investigation can one happen?

Polling place mischief...big time

Here is a blink loop map of red and Blue counties 2004 and 2000

A Prediction of the Rigged Election

The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose?

The stolen election of 2004: Welcome back to hell

Can they certify electors while an investigation is going on?

Optical Scanning Results=Fraud, where are the scanned ballots?

Election stolen, group suspects

Maybe we should infiltrate fundamentalist churches

"New election, On Paper" -- my new motto

Campaign's Own Exit Polls

where have you gone John Kerry? . . .

1 in 50,000

What are the deadlines for filing for recounts in Ohio and Florida?


Olbermann's Blog - good reading!

Be happy, try this . . .

Do we still have a democracy? (

More Votes in Nebraska than Voters

Will repuke precinct workers go to help with elections in Iraq?....

A Must Read With Strong Proof Of MAJOR Florida Vote Fraud

Citizen's Alliance for Secure Elections (CASE)

A Media Blackout: Media Blacks Out Voting Problems

State Of The Union: The Evangelical vote

Exit polls...

Question about actual "time intervals" of the various exit polls?

The Republican Contradiction about Their "Mandate"

Voting Fraud in the USA

IMUS ridiculing Oberman


Indianapolis: An I-Team 8 Investigation.

Can someone list the vulnerabilities of Diebold e-voting systems?

Does anyone know where I can find VOTER GATE with Bev Harris?

I think Kerry is working behind the scenes........

Al Gore, Max Cleland, Fritz Mondale, John Kerry - have in common what?

The Exit Poll Scam

Questions for your consideration.

Important re Exit Polls

Could Hillary '08 be

Is there hope for a fraud story/stories?

93,000 extra votes in Cuyahoga County question

Is there any data available on young voters? (18-30)

Check Out These Unusual Stats!


Fraud - The New Wedge Issue

Funny... Rush, Drudge aren't talking about this...

Dick Morris (???) On Voting Statistics


Collection of neocon quotes on the importance of every vote counted

Which counties in the country use Sequoia AVC Edge Version 2.6.220?

"... exit polls were adjusted to reflect official vote tallies."?

Fuck the south

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked by thom hartmann

My tinfoil hat theory: Bush gave the signal.

Anyone know how I can get a hold of Cobb?

Have any of you organized a protest before?

Bev Harris: E-Vote Lab Omitted Tamperability Test

I have been very skeptical about this "voter fraud" story, but.......

What happened to the Nader recount in NH?... saw somewhere that

If Voting Fraud Isn't Pursued, the Democratic Party will be DOA

Shouldn't all these "irregularities" affect Congress votes too? n/t

Message from Cam Kerry

A Stolen Election? (the Nation)

Did NPR mention vote fraud this morning?

Every Vote Will Be Counted! (from Ohio Democratic Party webpage)

Let's Face It, The DNC Won't Talk About Voter Fraud...

If We Tell Kerry that Nader is Going to Steal all his Following

Maybe this was all an entrapment by the Kerry campaign

What? Your Vote Is Not A Total Secret?!?!

Is there a database of voting machine type by county?

18,181: a walk down stolen elections memory lane.....

What can we DO?

Truthisall, please report for duty

Ohio: Every vote will be counted

What will Ohio do with the votes that go over the total amount of voters?

Has anyone else received this?

Beautiful tribute to Kerry supporters and activists: JuliusBlog

Count locally - Total publicly

Why can't someone poll these suspect counties?

MRC: Olbermann "paranoid"

Florida spreadsheet and scatterplots

What are our chances here? Why is only MSNBC on the voter fraud story?

Do we know what the Military Vote happened to be?

Even Russian paper (Pravda) thinking election might be fixed....

Let's get the other OH and FL presidential candidates to ask for recounts!

DUers help needed to DU this story!

Voting Irregularities in: FL,OH,IN,NE,NC,PA

Sooooo...How are the Repubs in your world handling Voter Fraud?

Be Fruitful and Multiply!

"Yeah, Bush Sucks...." Philadelphia City Paper

Jennings compared 1996 to 2000, huh?

FBI getting involved in the Fla vote fraud ?

Have you seen this site? "Sorry Everybody"

ABC disney uses RW tank, AEI, 2 debunk exit polls

There is no doubt that the election was stolen! 00 and 02 also

Which way does the burden of proof go?

Co-founder of AAR on Zogby site: Votergate - fixed link

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked

I feel for all of you, and I admire what you're doing.

How did AP Know There Were Fewer Minority Voters For Kerry

On Countdown with Keith Olberman - tonight 11/9

An Examination of the Florida Elections

Reminder. Olbermann on now.

bush voter takes off shirt to vote...ugly as imus

BBV Bandwidth Limit

Anyone know the status of the Nader recount?

Post-election comment from George Soros

NODEHOPPER - Urgent mistake I made

Bush is now actually reported to be a genius

OK. Now the Ohio election results are starting to smell.

Questionable returns in Colorado

American Voting Reform petition, please sign

Is there a factual, tinfoil-less, downloadable flyer on 2004 voterfraud?

Can someone simplify the Ohio and Florida FRAUD for me???

Why did Hawaii break so heavily for Kerry?

Smallest. Electoral College. Margins. Since. 1804.

5 Weeks to "Just Say NO"

Let's come up with a good Rove-Urosevich motto

May be a good time for some humor

Vote by Dec12: Replace the Diebold Central Tabulator (That Ate Cleveland)

Reagan stamp unveiled

Uncompromising Liberals elected in U.S. history

A stupid idea to get a witness....

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

Rove contradicts himself re fundi turnout

Another Stolen Election: (Berkeley Daily Planet commentary)

O.K., I'm On Overload...Too Much Info...Question.....

Florida County Trends For Disputed Countys

Atrios starts talking Fraud!

Link to clear evidence of voter fraud in Ohio.

Dear Founding Fathers: Wasn't the Electoral College supposed to...

Nader, for all his faults, at least seems to be trying to help....

For DUers who wanted a summary of my posts....

Daily Show Doing Fraud tonight (nt)

Lynn's Landes voting tables for Florida - a new presentation of the data

Provisional Ballots in Ohio

Political Blogger Mass Suicide


WP: 'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate

HR 2239 - voter-verified hardcopy bill languished for 18 months

Why Kerry-Edwards Need to Ask For Vote Recounts

Why is the media absent? EXPLAINED by NY TIMES OP ED

Ohio Democratic Party says Every Vote Will be Counted

ABC news - Jennings: "Just who are those people out there..."

Michael Moore has this on his website...

Ya know theories are like....well you know, so a challenge to all!

Am I not allowed to post the circulating rumor about Kerry unconceding?

Questions, observations....

Odds of Bush gaining by 4 percent in all exit polling states 1 in 50,000

Please e-mail AAR Al Franken Show to tell them that Vote Counting matters

Are we are about to witness history???

Candy Crowley

Stop talking RECOUNT! Per Womandingo.

Rove's a Nevadan? So media played up Paper Trail Primary Election?

Imus slamming Olbermann and Conyers this morning...

Anyone heard of this method for detecting fraud in the books?

After watching Countdown tonight, all I can say is thank God Kerry is

Both Turley and Crawford claimed that Kerry capitulated

Re: media sitting on election fraud story

READ ME - Keep Hope Alive!

The Kerry People are on the case. Please stop posting Cam Kerry's email.

Interesting Conversation with Reporter today

Its not religion. Its not jobs. Its not Fallutia. Its not moral values...

HELP! URGENT! I can get a letter to JK & his team tomorrow but I need INFO

AAR news: Kerry to us: "shut up about fraud!"

Exit pollster Mitofsky: Too many assertive Democrats were polled

The Dems Just Don't Get it -- Why We Need Recounts Regardless

If John Kerry is serious about 2008

My Letter to Cam Kerry re: Kerry Voter Pain

Saw this over on LBN. WE GOT A "GATE"! We're VOTERGATE!


No Groups to Recount per Florida's Sunshine Law?

Unravelling the Mystery of the Cuyahoga County vote totals

"Debunking another election conspiracy theory"

VIDEO: ABC News -- Conspiracy Theories

Cuyahoga County Precincts - Revised! (Update at 4:53 PM Tuesday)

Election Prediction - Congressman Peter King, (R) NY

Nader NH Recount is ON !!!! -- I hope. News conf. tomorrow.


VIDEO: Tuesday, Nov 9 Olbermann/Countdown segment on voting problems

Four unspinnable crucial questions on voter fraud.

VERY IMPORTANT! Instructions from John Conyers office on how WE can help.

Ok... third time lucky I WANT COMPLETE EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked pls)

Petition here

Repukes are suing to keep Donna Frye from being elected.


Gas Main Explodes In Walnut Creek

Kennedy Relative Jumps Into Politics

Well, that's weird. I just saw a black squirrel.

pick up the "metro" today if you can

Betsy Devos? It's quittin' time lovey

Oakland Co. GOP meltdown continues:

League of Pissed Off Voters

Ohio: Public Hearing on Election Irregularities and Voter Suppression

Every vote will be counted in Ohio (Truthout)

Ohio Activists: Are you aware of this group?

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

What about Pennsylvania? Eisenhower refuses to concede

Houstonians...anyone going to the HCDP brown bag lunch today?

Huzzah! Vo wins!

A Salon blogger friend of mine sent me this:

Man, you guys got some fat squirrels up here

Supreme Court Declines to Hear WA case re felons' right to vote

Al Michaels: thought there'd be a lot of punting, I was just like

Fundamentals of Extremism:

Is MSNBC offline for the Olbermann repeat? (12 PM EST)

Was Nader's request for a recount rejected? As per Olberman tonight.


New hobby for a fundie--converting lions.. bizarre article

MSNBC Keith Olberman is on again if anyone missed - on right now.

Michael Moore is fighting for us will you?

America is moving backward as Canada goes forward . . .


does anyone have a link from MSNBC and Olbermann to the fraud story?

What's the latest on the people of Fallujah?

I watched a show tonight called "Maximum Exposure"

ABC Nightline covers Fallujah tonight..

Anyone want to give me a quick summary?

When do you think Keith will get "the memo"..

Sunnis Now Backing Out of American Opposition to Falujah

Fundamentals of Extremism: Read it free on line

Just wondering about January 20th, 2005.

Bernie Ward show starting

Is there a website with county-by-county results for previous elections?

Before this president thread

I saw a posting earlier about Iraqis capturing 35 U.S.servicemen

Wes Clark's Vision for America - My favorite political speech of all time

Where are the lawyers?

The Satanic Christians of the USA

Ohio Poll Worker on the Rigged Vote

Army investigates ‘mercy killing’ in Iraq

I found something interesting in Florida's County voter registration lists

falwell is on zahn gag

I'm watching 'Return of the GOP.'

Keith Olbermann's 1998 convocation speech at Cornell University...

Lots of material for the WSWS these days...

Keith Olbermann's 1998 convocation speech at Cornell University...

I'm watching 'Return of the living dead.'

war criminal 2000 bush, meet war criminal 2004 bush

I'm getting sick to my stomach again. . .

Has anyone suggested Kerry for Sen. Minority Leader?

Anyone know if The Atlantic Monthly magazine

Anyone awake and listening to Mike Webb?

Indulge me while I look for hidden messages in Kerry's Concession Speech:


My Son's Teacher Say's Bush Doing Something Positive / Mexico Migration

John Kerry sucks, he's worse than George Walter Megaloser Mondale McGovern

How to win back the religious right

Best Poster Ever

The insane slaughter goes on in Iraq

The Ten Worst Media Distortions of Campaign 2004 - WTF?

US troops begin slaughter in Fallujah

hmm, this is interesting, how would Dean have done?? Really??

CNN poll

Cartoonist version of the vote fraud

Nader is not asking for recount but a "Computer Vote Audit"

bush with an *

UFPJ announces Anti-war Protest

this train of thought is why my spouse and I had our first fight

The Myth of Bush's Black Vote

The Righteous Brothers

MUST READ from a Republican: Careful, your wish came true

Senior Christian diplomat criticises UK and US

Long-term Guerilla War Likely in Fallujah: Experts

Fallujah battles recall Vietnam street battles

Ed Kopko? Anybody know this dude he takes surveys of CEOs and was just on

Y'know, I've never been to an Inauguration, I bet that'd be fun.....

How is Chairman of the DEM Party chosen, and what can we do

A Moment of Zen

It's officially been a week since 11/2 and I'm still not uniting.

Flog me, I took my Kerry signs down tonight ....

and people go to bed hungry.....

w to Visit the Wounded...that's the LEAST he could do.....

Bernie Ward just said the Times of India is reporting

Good thing only the entire planet EXCEPT USA is seeing the REALITY

What media outlet will be next (after Olberman) to speak of vote theft ?

"Sick-Out" On January 20th?

I for one think they're doing an excellent job of hiding the slaughter...

Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice? Gotta go throw up...

CNN's Jane Arraf creeps me out...

U.S. Map Showing Population Size in Relation to Geographic Size

The Exit Poll Scam

Poll: What is the most appropriate term for the defenders of Fallujah?

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon,Warning-penis analogy!......

double post, ignore

Ok sitting on my ass long enough.

Y'know, I think I'll just SKIP Wal-Mart for the entire month of December..

If you like Politics and Pulp Fiction- Watch this!

Do Americans truly believe in American values?

There are roses among the thorns, folks!

Have Any Lawsuits Been Filed??

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House

Howard Dean for DNC Chairman

Dear Mr. Coors, I will no longer buy your product for political reasons

I'm tired of seeing dead Iraqi children.

Voter Turnout - Why so low?

The death of the vote

Carter's five criteria --

"How does it feel to be dancing?" -- A poem/song for our times

link to video of Rove's freudian slip during Fox News Sunday ?

C-SPAN: Kerry thinking about running again in 2008!

My mother who is truly upset about this election is no longer going to ..

I HATE Roger Moore

Be the Media

People keep talking boycott. Here's what can sensibly be done:

Why we must Boycott Coors

The Crusade Unveiled...

Kerry, Obama and Election Certification

technocrats v. philosophers

Olbermann's blog on Cuyahoga Co Oh - "Vote early! Vote often!"

I HATE Michael Moore

Fed Judge rules Bush* overstepped his constitutional bounds

I love Michael Moore!

If Kerry is running a stealth maneuvre, it would be pretty silly to let us

What's Mrs. Arafat more worried about?

Anybody see the video of the bank robbers firing machine guns at police

Extensive Florida Numbers in Table

Representation without taxation

As a Catholic, This Sickens Me Beyond Belief....

Google Bomb Arsenal

So when is the announcement of the resumption of major combat operations?

Link for those looking for demographics of voting areas

Wouldn't it be Funny If....

OK, election's over -- when's Bush getting his physical?

At Skull and Bones, Bush's Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore

Boycott Requests are symptomatic

I would not fly in an airplane on Inauguration Day

Recycle your Kerry Edwards signs

Letter to Mike Malloy

How long can Olberman stay on the air?

A Long Term Strategy

DC Insider Letter to the President -- It's long, but very worth it

SIGN this Petition to make Howard Dean the DNC chair.

Why Kerry Conceded Despite Election Fraud

Anyone know where to write to Elizabeth Edwards?

Question for Deaniacs

Any feel-good threads?

Bless Carole Simpson.. Please watch this c-span 2004-vote panel

Insight into why we lost the election...

14 US soldiers killed in Iraq...

win friends and influence the news

Shoulder Fired Missiles

Norquist compares Dems to "neutered farm animals"

Traumatized Kerry supporters in Florida seek therapy

Why the lack of investigations over Chuck Hagel?

Citizen journallism--it's here NOW!

F911 Not up for ANY Golden Globes but the Passion is?WTF?

Has Bush accomplished anything you would consider positive?

Jerry Falwell on Nov 2nd: "The Left threw its best punch...and failed"

CNN: Iraqi man loses entire family, but still supports the war

Inspirational & motivational (from Jesse Kornbluth's blog)

Fallujah offensive timed to distract media from voter fraud

Olbermann post-show redux: "We have heard the message on the Voting Angst

"Praise God And Pass Out The Cash" Faith-based initiatives, perhaps?

From The Allentown Morning Call

I just heard what must be the dumbest GI in Iraq say to the BBC...

Speaking of lame ducks, what the hell does Bush need Rove for?

Democracy is not dead.

Holy War: Evangelical Marines Prepare to Battle Barbarians

New term of respect among liberals

A bit of help on the BBV problem?

So where do agnostics fit in in these "Unted" States?

My reply to MSNBC question of the Day

BibleStompers! Like Bible Thumpers but Malevolent!

Cuyahoga County Precincts -- BBV Vote fraud -- More votes than people!

Bev is great - but her site needs a "Makeover" & she needs to get

Lynne Cheney's Peculiar History

Ida Briggs, we need a status on our EFDAT project!

Quest continues to demonize Gays/Lesbians for Loss

Post screen shots here!

Salon: "The Future of America is Blue" Overall youth vote up 9.3% in 2004!

Christians against in vitro fertilization......

Has anyone ever "Un-Conceded"?

Any good Democratic candidates in Rhode Island to replace Chafee?

in light of continuing us bankruptcies and election fraWd do not spend

Wouldn't you just S%&T if...

It's the Scotty-the-liar-show..c-span ...11-9...9;31am pst

Call me crazy (and perhaps you will)

cheerup: a little note from a Catholic priest

Is there any coordinated effort to protest the Bush inauguration?

Can someone point me to the Hostages in LA?

Encouraging news from Texas

The Nation: "Stand and Fight"

I'll admit it. I woke up discouraged.

From the Desk of Billionaires for Bush *A Memo*

Pictures from Fallujah

Jeb Bush on 2008 Presidential run: "This is driving me nuts"

How Can U.S. Democrats Win? Muzzle the Wackos......

Corporate takeover of Democrats

Penn State Students wearing black today


I have to get this off of my chest

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence (the good guys)

I am sick to my soul over U.S. military terrorism in Iraq....


The fall of Falluja then and now

Song that perfectly reflects our situation


"Intelligent" Design? Atlanta parent reacts to textbook sticker war

Why the “moral values” story plays right into the GOP’s hands. NYP

I think now our introductions will be, "hello, I'm an evangelical"

San Antonio paper already concerned about debt ceiling

Fuck this SHIT!!!

The only way the Fraud in OH and FL goes mainstream

back-door draft is what is making this self-profiling prophecy come true

will DU ever be a happy place again?

What WE CAN DO about Fraud/Irregularities: From John Conyers office.


Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

Fraud spectrum:

What are you, I mean we, I mean us, Liberal, Democrat, or Progressive?

Funny (or sad) ... No Sleep Til White House

Is this underlying paranoia for real ??

THE DNC by now have looked into the Mirror analyzing WTF Happened to us.

"Fox News - It's Hilarious!"

DU is running very slow for me, are there server problems? nt

Somebody PLEASE Help me! (legal tax matter)

Don't lose your anger. Don't misdirect your anger.

Randi is cracking me up today

John F. Kennedy: What is a liberal?

Did Bush Lose... Again?

"Covenant marriage" pushed by Arkansas' governor.


November 9, 1938 - Another date which lives in Infamy

AAR coming to Eugene, OR

Witness to history

Pentagon briefing now on cspan

Ralph Nader Holds Press Conference RE: vote fraud?

Eulogy for America

Donna Brazile for DNC Chairman...I say NOT

Does anyone think there will ever be a true progressive party?

What's more important - fighting the vast RW monster, or kicking posts?

Black Bracelet Left Wrist

the problem with Air America

One week on, and I'm still angry

Thanks to Keith My Husband Believes Me!!!

We are going to waste $100 million on a video game today.

A very high chance that the US military is about to turn on Bush

Traumatized Kerry supporters in Florida seek therapy: report

Bush can legally run again in 2008?

Olbermann recieved 1570 emails last night re: "Electronic Voting Angst"

45 million in unspent campaign contributions available from Kerry campaign

Fuck the South

..."Blessed are the Hellraisers, for Theirs is the Middle East".......

Where is the new Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

Good Lord!!! Is anyone listening to Randi Rhodes???

Don't laugh, but maybe we should email Art Bell about voter fraud

So. Are we totally fucked?

Check out the following website --

We need to tell the stupid people the stupid people think they're stupid.

Which Senators and Reps lost their elections in Ohio, Florida,

Jeff Rense website has good archive of voting fraud stuff...

Diebold giving money to the republican party

Voting in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers

Just returned from Ireland-They all hate bush.

brilliant, funny animation: the voting machine: link

The answer is so simple (Gay marriage and other things don't matter)

Innovation from the White House!

I dub the evangelicals the evilgelicals.

Thank you blue staters, you have been very generous

Check this link and join the movement

Fundie Dr. to head FDA panel on women's health policy?

Targeting Republican Individuals

Doctor my eyes....

If we don't stop or put an end to voter fraud it will NEVER end

Return of the Comstock Laws: Pharmacists refuse to give birth control

Can the extra votes in Ohio even be fixed?

The Doomsday Strategies: How we can make our final stand.

Watching some of the news, words out.

Joyful and triumphant

George W Bush elected Prime Minister of Afghanistan!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Religious Flip/Flop

Trashing Your Kerry Sign

A reminder of who we are and what we're made of --

DNC? DNC? DNC? where are you?

Was instructed to call DNC instead of Kerry's office re: Ohio

Going to Canada, please help...

Google "Bush Mandate" and look at the first result

Bush USA vs Gore Kerry USA

Let's start email chain informing the world BlueCounties = 90% of taxbase

Exactly how does America "Rock"?

Democracy and military authority are incompatible

so did the INSURGENTS sucker the Pentagon again?

David Corn's most recent column about "A Stolen Election"

Ashcroft / Don Evans just resigned...heard on the radio !

More on the history of Rove..slimeball

How do we fight when the Republicans control


Big ED radio, Ed Shultz sez....

"Florida Baptists Target Gay Marriage" (Southern Baptists)

FEMA extends claim filing deadline until Jan. 3.


Lengthy but great article on Rove

The party's silence about the election is as deafening as in 2000.

ALERT! Election theft in action for San Diego mayor's race.

History weighs in on a second Kerry run

The anti-abortionists were out on campus today....

They Voted For The Rapture

Kerry newsconference snippet on pbs a moment ago

Naked Promotional Announcement from Olbermann. Watch tonight, 8PM!

I am having a delayed grief reaction. Stayed home today

anyone just see the kerry press conference?

Will we stroll dreaming of the lost America of love...(Just remembered...

Asskkkroft Resigns?....did I hear that right...on Cable Nazi News?

If Ashcroft resigns, can we get anyone worse?

If the word is, * won because we can't change presidents in a war,

What Crusade

Congressman Tim Ryan (D) from Ohio on the draft

Take your next vacation in a blue state!

Not a Maudlin Post - My Cancer Treatment Plan


Does New Hampshire have Optical-Scan voting machines?

Red-State PC: Why you can't call them "the Christian right." - Slate

Chalk one up for our side, y'all!

Welcome to the NEW MIDDLE AGES!!

Apparently, a "little vote fraud" is OK with Democrats...

Olbermann question

DNC, oh DNC, why hast thou forsaken us?

Another Prediction?

Fox News is A-OK with killing fellow news journalists at Aljazeera

So I was just visited by some Jehova's witnesses...

"Rove: the numbers didn't lie" -Did this really happen?

A petition for an investigation of voter fraud

WTF? Skinner lauds a Repug victory?

The "God" of western religions has testosterone poisoning.

Nader to Kerry/Edwards: Wake up!

Rec'd this email, tell me what you think

bush hosting Muslims at White House Dinner

Absolutely worthless -

Is there any independent organizations monitoring the situation in Iraq?

Why do these people look so miserable?

10 more american GI's killed in Fallujah.

"... against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

what does it take?

The Big Tent Folds Early

An Alabama letter worth reading

Quick! There's a freeper behind every (fairly) new DU'er!

report this church to the IRS

Always Needing a Payoff

Iraqi BBC Reporter: "Watching tragedy engulf my city"

Zarqawi "assumed" to have left Fallujah...

I give up on Lou Dobbs

My Letter to Cam Kerry re: Kerry Voter Pain

keith on countdown going to report on new investigation 9/11

is tv tonight useless????

Abolishing Term Limits

Do we attack Iran after Falluja?

Kerry and Abortion - was the problem that he didn't take a clear stand?

Is everyone focusing on OH and FL, but ignoring other close states?

Urban-Rural divide?

A little word from Jesus...

Tommy Franks Thinks The Casualties Will Go Down Now


A selection of illiterate e-mails from people who hate our Web site

My mother says they're reporting about voter fraud on Fox.

Senator Reid for leader?

Okla fundies erect 10 commandment monument on court house lawn

"Its A Miracle!!!!".....Randy Rhodes is hilarious!!!

We may have our Senator!

So Ashcroft is gone and his replacement

Did the Insurgents all leave Falluja before the attack?

Kerry in 2008

Contact your Democratic Senator(s) to oppose Harry Reid as Minority Leader

Is Ashcrofts resignation a pre-emptive move...

Jesus Park opens - come once and second coming is free!

Blue or Red: What's your state?

Here are the purple maps in case you haven't seen them yet.

Keith Olberman talking about Vote Fraud again

Rule of Iraq Assassins Must End...

I am not an atheist and I disagree with a theocracy

Who are the red people?


BBV media exit polls & SCOOP wish list for the BE THE MEDIA CREW

What are the penalties for election fraud?

Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States

"The underlying cause of crime in America is criminals."

Onslaught Infuriates Iraqis; "extermination of a population"; Sunnis quit

For those who cling to hope.

Reason of Ashcroft resignation....

Bloggers for Olberman: The Last Man Standing

I find we are all starting to sound like Russians during the Gulag days

Why aren't we using Gore v. Bush to demand paper ballots for

Will Ashcroft write a tell all book once he's retired from DOJ?

Ashcroft's next Job (if not the Supreme court)

For the visually literate from our friends the Brits

Listen to Will Pitt tonight

Wow. I love this editorial cartoon.

Delaware House Speaker (R) threatens Dems.

My letter to ABC "News"

Last Wish: Fascistcroft's last-ditch appeal to overturn Oregon's rights

Ashcroft and Evans resign


DU ROCKS! Let's do this again!! EMAIL KEITH NOW!!!

We have to keep up the tempo with the voter fraud!

Believing VS Knowing - The election in a nutshell

2 Current Shrub Lies + Ex-reservist Gets Restr. Order on Back Door Draft

Homosexuality to be made illegal . . .

Here's the link for CNN Headline News

Is anyone else really worried about the upcoming seige of Fallujah?

Only Christians and Jews need apply...

Are 24-Hour News Networks Basically Pointless?

81 y/o Manly Man drives lost for 24 hours rather than ask for directions

Stop Bashing Red States: The Invisible Blues

OK, we have to interpret what Olbermann meant by "Doris gets her oats"

Fuck the red states? Wait a minute.

Message from Cam Kerry

RFK Quote

Arafat: The last rights

OMG!!! Look at Sutton's latest cartoon!!

Ashcroft is not a qualified jurist for the Supreme Court

Shameless Whoring from devilgrrl

US democracy: its achilles heal and single point of failure

Bush Family Philanthropy?

6 to 7,000 e-mails and Olberman caves............Fuck Him!

There Is Not A Single Surgeon In Fallujah

Wait... If the exit polls were wrong about Kerry, then....

Just saw *'s picture on the cover of Time & Newsweek. Creepy!!!

Senator Reids Abysmal Record (Read if you dare)

New Democrat Caucus VS Progressive Caucus

Feb 02: Marines To Practice Urban Warfare In North Little Rock

I just heard that Ashcroft is resigning.

Hey! You like maps?

Responses to the Atlanta realtor in today's AJC!

Everybody knows.

please stop bashing those of us in the south

Could someone make a short list of things we can do about BBV now?

We need to coin new terms

Can you imagine Bush's resignation

Would Tony Blair visiting Nigeria frequently matter?

How would ED RENDELL Stack up as an '08 nominee

A sudden surge of victims on DU - please stop!

For DUers who wanted a summary link to my posts...

I am so sick of hearing that we need to reach out to the Red States.

The fictitious voting system in my novel is better than Diebold's...

Ok -- Of the possible people that Bush could appoint...

Who gets credit for that exit poll graph?

The composite candidate....from DU... a little irony.

Grover Norquist is right

Lyndsey Graham (SC) just said a victory in Fallujah would give Iraqis

Having a MANDATE: Bush will move to lower taxes on all people

I believe Satan and the evil spirits have overtaken the USA.

200 and going strong!

The first Senator or Governor to talk about voter fraud

Dean considers bid for DNC chairman

Remembering Ashcroft's greatest accomplishment as Attorney General

why we will always be a minority party

what a misdirected and sorry person, *

Rumsfeld: "There aren't going to be large numbers of ...

Great Frontline about marketing to voters on right now (ET)

NM State Police investigating voter fraud


Protest the Attack on Falluja!

Prey on the credulity of Bush supporters.

Red States voted for Bush. They wanted Bush. Blue states didn't

The Guardian

I have noticed-No Kerry lawn signs coming down here.... anywhere else?

Who else did the Zogby post-election survey?

Gov. Bush Advises Hurricane Victims To Pay Taxes On Destroyed Homes

Has anyone got a video of tonight's Olbermann show?

conspiracy theories

Unidentified Submarine Chased Out of Japanese Waters

Sludge Report #164 - Vote Fraud 2004 - WTF!!!

Sorry Everyone pictures are so uplifting and sad - the kid photos

Red Voter: I Blame You

Could this Democrat be elected governor of Ohio?

Are you watching Olbermann??? Holy shit!

You know, it's possible for the better man to lose the election

My letter to TIME magazine

NPR: "The Connection": Why Dems Lost...

Let's make it Clear Bush = BIn Laden

Who are the democrats going to nominate next?

Atheist Discriminated Against and what you can do about it!

Rove offers his take on Bush's election victory

New DNC Chair

Has the train left the tracks?

more Ashcroft insanity

Since last Tue, I've been shopping selectively: I ask the proprietor of

Shhh...John Kerry Won!

Another serious problem to deal with: "The Suburban Bubble"

"Moral Values", a starting point to understanding why there seems...

ABC News promo-ed a story re conspiracy theories that Bush didn't win

Missed the first half of Olbermann - what happened?

DNC Voting Rights Institute

Voter Fraud or Vote Fraud - Hacked or Manipulated

FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD! It was on the news here.

Time to play with freepers and Jesusland people mind

Why no "Loyal Opposition"

"Why?" ...."Because there's money to be made..."

We have our Christian Right connection and Repuke connection to evoting

Sorry if this is a dupe, but check out

Heads up - Al Franken on Scarborough tonight. I just saw a promo for it.

did we had a spy on DU?

They won't take action unless they hear from you!

"Kerry was not bold enough to win"

What's an "insurgent" besides someone who doesn't accept bush's plan

Ashcroft Resigns!

dKOS: Ohio provisional ballots

WTF? Ashland University will now only hire Christian/Jewish professors!

State Progressive Democratic Caucuses

Exiled in America

all right freeper scumbags , we have to compromise on

Frontline: The Persuaders

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

Decided to switch today.....

Hmmm... I've seen that map somewhere before...

Link to clear evidence of voter fraud in Ohio.

wanna support our troops, but not be uber-patriotic about it?

Pravda Editorial On The Election

"The FIght Against Brand Backlash" - with companies being boycotted...

Hate Radio is our DOOM TAKE ACTION

Contact Senator Kerry's office and ask him to look into voter

Allow me to Introduce Myself...

Think Boston Harbour, Sledgehammers and Diebold machines

Slavery vs 2004 election map; are we really making progress?

Who the HELL is Gerald Posner?? (on Olbermann)

I can't stand four more years of this insanity.

learned a lot about Tweety today

Did DU stop focusing on the fraud?

Shhh...John Kerry Won! (No.2)

Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Whatever happened to Democratic politicians with a spine?

For all of you folks that bravely posted your real names on the 'net

Stop calling them "Red States"

May I make a humble observation and suggestion?

Caption THIS...

Who owns your body?

Stan Greenberg said something worth noting:

ABC News: Conspiracy Theories Abound After Bush Victory

What's this I hear about military troops being in D.C. on January 20th?!

Embrace the full HORROR of the NIGHTMARE Part II (A Brilliant Discussion)

Karl Rove Must Be Exposed

I have two draft age sons

People think the 2nd coming of Jesus is near

Dr. Fate is a Wellstone/Dean Democrat- no more DNC Kool-aid for me

JAZZ FUNERAL FOR DEMOCRACY, New Orleans, LA -- January 20, 2005

Anyone agree with me that Franken's shows......

Why was Porter Goss chosen to be head of the CIA?

Your Air America top 5 shows

Nader NH Recount is ON !!!! -- I hope. News conf. tomorrow.

Tuesday Truthseeker Thread Stop by, Tune in Malloy

We haven't even BEGUN to fight

At tonight's Dem Club meeting, should I point out the futility of strategy

California — The Backwater State (warning: maddening)

Why do so many Westerners insist on the authenticity of a sky god-based...

"Democrats suffer from three persistent "trust gaps" in our message" -DLC

"True Values" - Could this be why Clark won "Red" Oklahoma?

A Born Again Ex- Friend sent me a Gloating Email...

Questions to brother mopaul on an important spiritual matter...

Cheap ass North Carolina only gave Dell 240 million to come to the state

Fuckface Gustapo Ashcroft steps down.

From: No Stolen Elections!

Reopening 911

Google censors vote fraud stories

I do NOT SEE any difference between Republicans & Democrats!

Is November 17th the "Safe Harbor" date?

For 7 & 1/2 days our Party sat reading "My Pet Vote" to the citizenry

you got to see this

Ladies! Gents! BOYCOTT SEARCH ENGINE ready! (Please KICK!)

MUST-READ! Christian blogger responds to DU thread and explains EVERYTHING

Olberman received 6000 e mails from us and some phone calls - shows

MINNESOTANS--Has Sen Dayton explained the closing of his office

Dick and Bush Create the Biggest Clusterfuck in Human History

How should we respond to Pharmacists

My email to Mr. Olbermann

anyone else tired of these "who should we run in 08" threads?

keep my money in the movement (Progressive shopping)

Family Values? Massachusetts Leads

Did John Kerry ever really understand anything about us?

Deleted message

Good Riddance Zel Miller Thread

The way the Red/Blue Maps should REALLY look:

Regime change is really moving fast.

Do gratuitous references to "Xtians" or "Xians" bother anyone else?

Anybody watch Frontline tonight?

Frontline - the Persuaders -> Republicans and their marketing war

Will the DU member who has the photo of "green monster Rumsfeld"...

You know what? I'm glad Kerry lost!

Would You Support A Progressive/Liberal Web Hosting Service?

Warblogger writes of the Terrorist Sympathizers of Democratic Underground

The John Kerry Supporter Thread

Lowe's is becoming a smaller Wal-Mart


There will not be a United States of America in 20 years.

What if Ashcroft resigned to get ready for the Supreme Court?

What can't John Edwards challenge the Ohio vote count?

9-11 Commissioner Kerrey says Bush at Fault ! Is this the end?

BUSH going LEFT or RIGHT???... tell me what you think of my theory

Bombing stops a beating heart

Carville says Dems need compelling narrative. What narrative does Clark or

USA Today's FINAL electoral college county by county map

So, who do we think might be Democratic presidential contenders for 2008?

What's Going On

Could it be that Kerry conceded so that

Our Realtor is the first casualty of the new culture war

The Critical Velocity of the Death Spiral

Atrios & Dailykos- Wingnut "modestly proposes" expulsion of Blue States.

Listen to this...


Are You Progressive?

"Look at all that red!"

You think it's hard right now in a blue state? Try living in a red state.

I am an Atheist, and I strongly disagree with ALL 'theology' .....

citizen bank of canada - who belongs or can tell me anything about it

Alberta's having its elections - guess why Ralph will win

What do you think of the Liberal Democratic Party?

Bombing of Guernica; The Picasso painting........

Reuters: Five killed in Baghdad hospital blast

Palestinians let rip at Arafat's wife

35 US soldiers captured in Fallujah

Spat over Specter may be subsiding (Info on Opponents)

Nevada voters come out for Bush and brothels

Israel’s nukes blocking Mideast peace: ElBaradei

Mid-East press anger at Falluja assault (US = Saddam Hussein)

Minister admits new Gulf fears (Gulf War Syndrome, Part 2)

Ex-Enron CEO says trial in Houston won't be fair

Bush ‘will still pursue aggressive' foreign policy (Powell interview)

Alabama Soldiers Deployed to Support Operations in Iraq

Iran: Web Writers Purge Underway

Yasser Arafat in a deeper coma. Just heard on BBC news he's near death

Reuters: Opposition to Iraq war at new high

35 US soldiers captured in Fallujah: mosques

About 400 to lose jobs as Nokia leaves Melbourne (Florida)

America failing test of history as offensive compared to terror tactics of

Russian Government Building Stormed

Three years after 9/11, Congress still not ready for disaster

Judge in Stock Adviser's Trial Bars Testimony on Terrorism

Western journalists quit Falluja

Rebels Kill 45 (Iraqi police) in Attacks in Iraq's Baquba

Kennedy Relative Jumps Into Politics (Bobby Shriver)

Kevorkian appeals to Granholm again

Iraqi insurgents take control of centre of Ramadi

Officials count provisional ballots

British spy spared death sentence

Rhode Island Senator to Stay Republican

Report: Florida Among Ten Most Unhealthy States

Bush faces heated battle to choose a chief justice

Hunt for missing millions begins (Arafat story)


Suez Canal reopened for traffic

Man Taps Fortune To Dig Into `Coverup` Of Sept. 11

Nevada's Reid tells Bush to tread lightly

Side Exhibits at Clinton Library Open

Rebels Kill 45 in Attacks in Iraq's Baquba

A big question for Palestinians: What became of the millions?

Votes Aren't the Only Thing Missing in Ohio

Free Circulation of US dollar stopped in Cuba

Evolution textbooks row goes to court

Howard Dean considers DNC bid

U.S.-Led Forces Hold Central Falluja-Residents

Marsh & McCellan to cut 3,000 jobs; posts Q3 net $21M

Statement from Cam Kerry

14 GIs Killed as Fallujah Battle Rages...

US troops seize third of Fallujah in battle to retake rebel city

Russia, U.N. Voice Fallujah Concerns

Al Franken discussing the voter fraud issue right now nt

Fired Missile Closes Baghdad Airport

Reaction To Falluja From the Pentagon - 500 Iraqi soldiers didn't show up

Arafat Dead?

Most Brits think war is wrong

MSNBC Countdown: 11/8 Transcript ("...reports of voting irregularities..."

Vietnam detonates 'monster' bomb

Lawmakers approve funds to continue Yucca fight

Suspect Takes Hostages at L.A. Consulate

Bev Harris: E-Vote Lab Omitted Tamperability Test

WAIT !! "Sunni party quits interim government"

Powell, Fox ready to talk about legal status for aliens in U.S.

Sunni Party Withdraws From Iraq Government

EU chief casts doubt on Iraq elections

Oceans To Rise One Meter By 2100 - Arctic Expert

NM: Clerk:10,000 (of 13,000) provisional ballots invalid

Student sues designer of Freedom Tower

CNN: 16 GIs Dead In Iraq Today

Ohio: Every vote will be counted

U.S.-Led Forces Thrust Towards Central Falluja

Deadly Clash in Ivory Coast

Ohio Is Set to Reckon With Outstanding Ballots

Environmentalists Sue Over Snowmobile Plan

MSNBC: Gas Explosion in CA

NH:Sentencing (of GOPer) in phone jamming case postponed

Ashcroft has resigned. Praise the lord Duplicate post. Please lock tnx

Gay-Rights Supporters Sue Over Amendment (Georgia)

Ashcroft resigned-- CNN

Rumsfeld says Fallujah isn't the final big battle for U-S troops

Casualties Mounting; Fallujah Offensive Continues

Chicago Mayor Proposes Boosting Sales Tax

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 9 November

Seized Train Station a US/Iraqi Base (Sgt surprised they're even fighting)

Vatican to Help Research on Inquisition (Claims Torture/Death #'s Lower)

U.S. Air Force-Boeing Deals Probe Widens

Vitter's victory called an aberration

Paper Ballots in Legal Tangle

Organized Labor Reassessing Its Future

Oh dear God....Bushes visit the wounded?

Gay-Rights Supporters Sue Over Amendment

US Pushes into Fallujah; 10 GI's Killed

American Al-Qaeda Unmasked?

Gorbachev to honour Cat Stevens

(Dem) Vo wins (Texas) District 149 seat by 31 votes

Report: No Hunt for Talking Sky Marshals (9 Investigations/5 Threatened)

Judge Rejects ACLU Ballot-Count Suit (Florida)

CNN: Peterson juror dismissed, replaced with alternate

Judge Says 9/11 Coin Ads Were Deceptive (Spitzer in action)

Colombia, Venezuela May Build Pipeline to Supply Oil to China

Bush worries start rush for gold

Stabenow to be elected third-ranking Democrat

Insurgents Warn Iraqis to Stay Home

BBC - Reporters' log: Battle for Falluja

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

Karzai: Afghanistan Has Beaten Terrorism

FCC's Powell Says He Will Stay at Agency

Votergate 2004; We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud, But We Do Need Money

Newsday Replaces Top Editor in Latest Shake-Up

U.S., Iraqi troops move into Fallujah's center (CNN - 10 US Troops Killed)

Breaux says he's willing to talk Cabinet with Bush

USA Today: Bush visits with soldiers wounded in Iraq

Evolution textbooks row goes to court

Cynthia McKinney: “We Need Narco News, and It Needs Us”

Vets return, but not always with healthcare

Bush Looking Anew for Alaska Oil Drilling

Iraq's Sunni Clerics Call for Election Boycott

SC rules that DUI is not a "crime of violence" (Ashcroft loses)

Court Rules for Immigrant in DUI Case (Rehnquist opinion)

Rove offers his take on Bush's election victory

Yasser Arafat 'Dead' - Palestinian Sources Say

Women Wrongly Warned Cancer, Abortion Tied (government-issued brochures)

Campaign With No Candidate Keeps Racking Up Expenses

Report: Terror Figures Were Staff Error (Not Down, Actually @ 21-yr high)

Congress Budget Chief Says Deficits Worrying

AP: Arafat's Condition Deteriorates Rapidly (He's NOT dead, again)

U.S. Reopens White House Avenue to Pedestrians

Iran Says It Can Mass-Produce Missiles

Norton Sees Grouse As Possibly Disruptive (To Oil & Gas Public Field Taps)

Mubarak Decries Anti-Islam, Christian Bias

Poll: Iraq war seen as moral issue for Bush

Marine Says He Doubted Iraqi Prisoner Ill

House by house, Falluja falls...some fighters appear to have slipped away

Stalled Immigration Reform 'High Priority' for Bush

Legal Woes Cut Into Bottom Line at Riggs


White House Wants (Oregon) Suicide Law Blocked

U.S. helicopter reportedly shot down over Fallujah

Kerry Advisers Point Fingers at Iraq and Social Issues

US 'pacifies' city but rebels take violence to rest of country

U.S. Official: Bin Laden Will Be Caught

Dutch Islamic school set ablaze (note mods, new incident)

House Democrats to Focus on Debt Ceiling

Gov. Jeb Bush Not Eyeing Presidential Run

"Scores of Civilians" Killed in Fallujah

Battle for Fallujah May Take Several Days ( and how long to hold it?)

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

Conn. Man Charged with Selling Secret Windows Code

US official leading Iraq WMD hunt narrowly escapes suicide bombing(Deulfer

WP - U.S. Forces Battle Into Heart of Fallujah

NYT - In the Battle for a Mosque, No Ground Rules

Governor Gives Push to Covenant Marriage (Harder to Divorce)

MSNBC Breaking: Ashcroft resigns

Teacher finds anti-Bush stickers get tires slashed

'Body parts everywhere' in Fallujah

Blair has departed from the rule of law, says his former adviser

Europe's Policy Makers Fret Over Dollar Slide

Jones says Blagojevich backs casino for Chicago

Radical Anti-Bush Group Plans to Block Bush Inauguration (GOP site)

Text of Ashcroft's Letter to Bush (Evans' Letter Too) (Lots 'o laughs!)

Postage Stamp Honoring Reagan Unveiled

EU Poised to Seek More Trade Sanctions Against US

Aurora Borealis Alert

WP: Democrats Gaining A Foothold in Texas

Activists Protest TV Ad Mocking Father

Glitch could force state to vote again - BBV

Kerry hints White House Run in his future: reports

NY Times: Largest Union Issues Call for Major Changes

WP: High Achievers Leaving Schools Behind

In Farewell, NJ's McGreevey Says Proud to Be Gay

Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy (Bush's Fresh "Mandate"

Women Say Kerry Should Have Wooed Them

Losing by 335,000 in N.H., Nader Demands a Recount


AP: Falwell Announces New Coalition to Build on Evangelical Momentum

WP: Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable

Madonna calls for US troops to leave Iraq

AP: US Soldier dies of wounds in a Baghdad firefight # 1137 graphic

Druggists refuse to give out pill

Name Changes

Lights Out!!! Guerrilla Radio!!!!!

the Official Menopause dwarves.

Vermont Man Devours 19 Lobsters in 35 Minutes

ViQueens lose!!!

Everyone who has changed DU names, check in!

Oh, great. Word-association earworms!

Same Sex Marriage ad on Air America

Good night, DU!

At the bar tonight. Saw 2 women making out. I liked it.

At the bar tonight. Saw 2 Freepers making out. I liked it.

Nothing Like a Good MOSH PIT! Green Day ROCKS!

And You'll never know why. Oh no. You'll never know why. We Rock!!!

I'm listening to Bad Brains - Banned in D.C.

whcih anti-bush saying should i put on my t-shirt?

So after I took the "leap" and put a bumper sticker on my car...

I really don't know if I can pretend to like my family anymore.

My Mother-In-Law won re-election (10th time- what a weird world!)

A Memo From the Desk of Billionaires For Bush

this new u2 album's fuckin' awesome

A Home At The End Of The World

Where The F Is Craig Kilborn?

Can't get this song out of my head -- Real, Compared to What!

I'm listening to eMOTIVe right now.

more politcal ranting from shirley manson

A great joke -- UN Survey

I Changed My Username!

I'm listening to Bad Music - Banned in D.C.

How about some 'Black Music for White People'

Whiskey is the new beer.

Can you write code in assembly language?

Can we please fix the spell checker

I just figured out the opposite of "White Trash."

Best PSA - "I am a stroke"

I need to vent.

What's the crappiest hit today?

I drink Absolut Raspberri and I'm AWAKE until 2 am?? WTF!

I HATE Roger Moore

Oooo...eight posts left 'til I reach 7,000!

I'm listening to Badly Drawn Boy - The Hour of the Bewilderbeast

To the lurking Freepers here!

After minutes of contemplation, I've decided not to change my screenname.

Should I become a Hellion?

Please suggest a short, quiet/subdued song to me

Choose a new DU name for me:

Nothing like evading the cops to end a work day

PF Flyers

My eyes are Super bloodshot and even have those bloodpatches

so..if you create new username....your post count goes away?

DU Insomniac AIM Chat

Robin Hood comes to our aid!

Should I become helium?

I fell and hit my noggin

may i mumble dogface in the banana patch?

This was CocaCola58204 resigning on as "AmericanErrorist"

Beautiful sight tomorrow morning

My Yahoo e-mail account wont work anymore.


LADIES: Have you ever told a guy that you liked his top?

I should change my username to...


I long for the day that "Texas Fundamentalist" is a bigger insult than...

AHHHHHHH!!!!! Snow on the ground

Been away almost a week... What I did to take my mind off politics...

I'm a bored tired person that wants to share the fun

What should I put up in place of my Kerry sign?

Well did y'all miss me? Well did ya?

I don't wanna change my name...

Drunken Moose Becoming Big Problem

Drinsk are gods

Can I outbid another DUer for the rights to their name until Nov. 22?

I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. The 7th in the last year.

Anyone else having trouble falling asleep?

Elephant Bites Off Man's Finger Outside Bar

Songs NOT to listen to when you're depressed...

I wanna change my name to Kleebrrrrrr!

Should I get change for my username

Question for computer guru

shouLd i change my underwear?

Man Who Reads For Books On Tape Expects To Make $150,000 This Year

Let's all put our hands together for this Eco-friendly idea

I need the exact number of votes * got? For my sister's project. Grrr.

DUers with Stars: Do you use your poll capability for good or evil?

The Life & Tragic Demise of slinkerwink

I Hold In My Hand - HALO 2!!!!

He is MOCATT the fearless hunter!!!

My Best friend who I've not seen in 2 years is coming! Ask me anything!

What antidepressants have you tried and have they helped?

shouLd i change my user name?

How come only SPORTS reporters have to actually be qualified

Words That The Spell Check Does Not Recognize But Should

Entering day 3 (or is it 4) without nicotine

Think you are having a bad day.

oh wow a Joy Division animation

Dad Let's 9 Year Old Drive Car In Parking Lot - Kid Crashes - Dad Charged

FOOTBALL: Dave Wannsted (Miami) will resign tomorrow

I'm from a BLUE state

WOW - A Surprise

Now this, dear people, is a political debate.

All DU name changers are FLIP-FLOPPERS

I am going through Cspan K/E election campaign rally withdrawal .

Are you armed? Liberal? Pissed Off? Gotta car?

Ohiio issues Commemorative Election License plate!

Anyone hear the Alice Coltrane bit on NPR this morning?

How to recommend a Forum Category?

Anyone playing world of warcraft?

Funny Clothing Label.............

Mmmm! Jones Soda Co.-- 5 pack LIQUID Thanksgiving dinner

The sore losers Theme Song

You know as much as it sucks in the US under Bush

Man Shoots Out Friend's Tires To Prevent Him From Driving Drunk

Blackbird singin' in the dead of night

Tara Reid's Boobies Demand Same-Mammal Wedding Rights, Ruin Election

Tara Reid's Boobie Falls Out While Posing For Pics On Red Carpet

I've fallen in love with sarah mclachlan (video)

my pride and joy


Are Peace lilly's or diffenbachia plants bad for cats?

Turkey & Gravy Flavored Soda For Thanksgiving Anyone?

African rock art under threat

I won't change my username! You can't make me!

You know who really rocked?

That's it! I can't pass this up! I'm changing my screenname!!

The nemesis of the Diana fund

I'm going to lunch with a Fundie Republican friend of mine ...

"if you gays couLd just have waited

Did I do something wrong?

Speaking of name changes...

I googled poison plants and cats

Okay. I'm doing the cartoon again

The house next door. Off the auction block and on to E-Bay.

An alternate choice for President

does any1 think i shd change my nick?

Cartoon: today's Steve Bell, the Guardian

The sheikh, the salesgirl and the £140m divorce

Anyone flown with a kids car seat?


'Wall Disneyland' divides Berlin

Glow-In-The-Dark Cats Coming By 2020

Computer help needed...again

Oh, Mama, can this REALLY be the END...

I'm going home to bed

Submitted for your entertainment

My son was removed from his class, taken to another...

Is Bush gay?

One truffle proves no trifle at record $41,000

I did it. Like my new name?

Which Radio Show Is Best to Listen To Above?

Yikes - Ladybugs!

Why am I here?

Drudge's obsession with Streisand is pretty sad

i skipped my brain piLL

Canadians: What's your best "American" joke?

Psalm 2004

Can someone simplify this anti-Bush t-shirt for me?

The cable guy is here AGAIN, but this one is HOT

Bill Maher not on no more until when?

ideas for polite but pointed responses to gloating bushies?

Where can I find a decent opium den?

Weeeeeeeeee! One week from manana, I'll be in Cozumel!

Minor rant

The "Master and Servant" CAPTION

Don't drink the water!

if i changed my username this week

Mornin' DU

Bush initiates the DRAFT!

Official DOG Thread #1

Has anyone ever noticed when you are ironing.....

Is the Daily Show going to be in reruns all week?

DUERS!!!!! You can have bigger brains for a whole day!

Can't seem to listen to AAR today

The *OFFICIAL* 'let's make pagerbear change his username' thread

Stage sex man shocks again - Pulls down pants in court

JCCyC has left the building

The Hells Angles choose a president the way we should!

Need good free photo editing software tool

poor, bLack transgenders for bush?

Tuesday laugh of the day, funny beer ads.

There's hope for us all. Heads up, Pirates fans (and Canadians)...

I'm thinking of moving to the back-woods of Mississippi

Will a toilet seat bumper sticker get me killed ?

Which rapper would make the best President?

It is impossible to lick your elbow

What do you think of my new name?

Why did you not change your username?

Help! I'm Addicted To Freeperville

YellowRubberDuckie is a porn addict!

Ok I got ideas for changing my sn, tell me what you think

I'm listening to the Pixies 'Doolittle'

Beside yellow rubber duckie

Happy Happy Puppy

I'm training - and trying my hardest not to call the woman an idiot

What is your favorite form of verse?

Duckie is also a speedo addict

Great site for funny stuff

I think DU has been infected

XBOX players - Halo 2?

Is anybody selling their DU Username on Ebay?

I will no longer eat a places where people are gross!

The *OFFICIAL* James R. Gitney Won't Return My Books Thread.

Seriously! A FIFTH Chucky movie?? (Britney is not happy either)

If your generic shave gel won't foam up like it's supposed to,

The *OFFICIAL* Angelina Jolie Won't Return My Calls Thread.

A Letter To My Cats

Life goes back to normal

Saw Jude Law's ALfie, ask me anything!

Colostomy bag AMNESTY: Change your colostomy bag sans penalty until 11/22

So, has everyone downloaded and installed Firefox 1.0 yet?

I need E-Mail HELP!!

Teen's death after naked rampage baffles father

UNDERWEAR CHANGE AMNESTY. Change your underwear from now till NOV 22

This Arafat ordeal, reminds me of a joke

`Law & Order' takes on political sex scandal ("McGreevey" plot tonight)

FARK if my cat sits on the kitchen counter...

Christmas decorations up already

Doctor discovers "Orgasmatron"

If you could use either of these batteries...

Calling George RR Martin fans

SEX CHANGE AMNESTY. Change your gender from now till NOV 22

A British Columbian takes NL rookie of the year

Does anyone else feel like the wingnuts have hijacked the holidays?

I should be working, but here I'm lurking...

Don't you hate it when the hot dogs get all furry and stuff in the fridge?

Before I change my name....anyone wanna buy it?

I saw the original Willy Wonka last night. Don't ask me anything.

25 Signs You've "Grown Up"

LADIES!! You Can Now Have Bigger Breasts For A WHOLE DAY!!!


Yogi explains jazz. (A classic)

FEMA filing deadline extended to Jan 3..

This is for anyone who though Schilling was 'faking' his injury

OK so I decided to roll my own cigs

Star Wars DVD trilogy

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A question about vicodin... I have 2

Lounge Lizards! Guess who's RESIGNING?!

Belushi Gets All Catty With Neighbor

Gothika: Good film, or poop?

Oh, YES!! My new wireless card works at the coffee shop I like!!

"Hello Kitty" Vibrator...

Favorite Saw Doctors album?

so, if i change my nick to "jukes"

Sing-a-long!! Let the eagle soar..

YIPPEE! I'm out of the 700 club!

I need punch and pie, anyone got any?

Hallelujah! Praise Jeebus! New 700 club menber!!!!!

I Pee - Sorry Everybody who's in my Site

Cool internet game

Why does it cost more to mail a package to Ireland than India?

Can I Get An AMEN?

I need a martini - and I need one now. Preferably, an America Jesus-loving

Need a laugh? Go here.

Should i change my name, or stay a Sponge?

What is wrong here?

Guess what came in the mail today?

Who Is "Auntie Pinko"?

Should I change my name to Max Power?

I changed my username. What does everyone think?

Tell me about Rome: Total War

A message to future former AG Ashcroft.

My arm hurts.

I MISS DU's Hate Mailbag

Is this the lounge? Where the hell are all the drugs?

Can I get a hey mon?

Will you tolerate a mommy gloat?

This Red Sox Fan extends a hearty congratulations to Roger Clemens!

To all you Deadheads out there. . .

hell can I get something that ryhmes with 'amon

My new sig line ....... when we get them back.

Can I get a Salmon?

Anybody ever toured the United States Capitol?

Do you have stairs in your house

Any suggestions for our cat-pee problem?

John Ashcroft owes me a keyboard

Can I get a Damon?

This is post 695 - I have no life - get me into the 700 club

remember the "predictive" Redskins-Packers game?

OK, i cant stop myself from going to pornolize

IP for the Sorry Everybody site

Ooompa Loompa Doompadee Doo..........

Amen Sister Randi!

AudioPhiles: Good software to copy/ edits music on PC?

Help a poor old dummy like me with a computer problem

I just saw three deer in back of my condo

I see the 38th annual "Walking" Awards are on tonight.

The smoke alarms are going off but there is no smoke

Incredible sight tomorrow morning

The Whole Jedi thing...

Maurice Clarett in the news again - Says Ohio State gave him cash, cars

Message Deleted

ROTF! This is a great pic...

Please recommend non-Gilbert&Sullivan operetta

Should we keep ourselves in shape for white elephants?

Breaking News from the Onion: Poor Win Election for Rich

for no apparent reason , Gratuitous Lounge Sing-a-long: Mr. Roboto

My new bumpersticker down here in the Bible belt

"Who am I?"...."What am I doing here?"

Keeping your pubes clean - from a real vending machine in China

Honor a Vet Thursday

Should I feel bad that a part of me hopes Asscroft...

"I'm so high...I have no idea what's going on" --Towelie appreciation day!

Just found this pic

What obnoxious thing will my parents say about my new apartment?

Is DU running slow, or is it just me?

Can I get a Ramen?

OK, what rythmes with "throw your hands in the air?"

I'm getting near 2000...Let's do it in this thread! POST WHORE ALERT!

Choppers, cruisers, scooters ?

My Yearly Job Review - We talked politics...

Todays Theme Song... Mad World

Is Bush a Sphincter With Ears?

Clash of the Titans

Inexpensive Cat Carrier


Dear Jesus....

Which A&E Biography would you most like to see?

You want to understand what we're up against? Read Chick Tracts

how many foreign countries have you travelled to?

I'm withholding comment on this one (link to disturbing photo)

Has anyone been watching their post count?



Laura Pickles Bush, US FIST Lady

Stevie Wonder lyrics from 1970 that still ring true

Boy, If You Were Watching This Nets-Trail Blazers Game You'd Never Know...

Please allow me to introduce myself

I will no longer eat at places where the food is gross!

Does DU need an "Election Fraud Forum"

Post 2000...I did it! I spent way too much time on DU!

Worlds Greatest Rock-n-Roll band?

Which DUers look best in Lycra?

If you're bored and woud like to gigge like a kid for a few -

Should I change my name to: Who is Sarah Belle Fudge Striped Cookays Kleeb

Dear Mr. Bush -- advice for your trip to Canada ...

I went to the dr. today; I have bronchitis. It sucks! Hack! Hack!


Finish this line anew: Over?! Was it over when ___________? Hell no!

My Greenville, SC, condo neighbors have a new baby. Yay!

("Scarborough Country/Canticle")

Which bouncing celestial bodies movie?

i donated today ^_^

Cartograms: I just discovered these

Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors

Wanna read the sickest Freeper thread ever?

It's all about the .bins and .cues baby...

I am feeling more in touch with my inner asshole.

Tonight I bought ICEHOUSE instead of boycott

the most innovative, impressive bong ever made- and it was by a 15 y/o!

I don't like Arafat and all.. but...

Surprising Peterson Verdict Is In!!

not that i agree with this but this 'f*** the south' bit is interesting...

Idf website DISABLES my right click......

TAMPONS:"Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!"

Strangest sensation - my cat licking me. U?

Please welcome the new face of the WINNING Democratic party

Check out my pretty new name!

I feel like the people around me are from an alien invasion.

I need Drugs and Alcohol. Anyone have any?

So what's for dinner at your house?

John Ashcroft and Don Evans

Saving Energy and Money - How will you cope with the cold this winter?

"Phyllis Schlafly" comments on the election

Just finished the first 2 Missions of HALO 2!

Alert! New Daily Show! That is all n/t

tinfoil origins

What can you tell me about North Carolina State U?

Any Muslims here?

Damnit, I'm having a craving for a Wendy's Triple burger.

I'm just gonna post this here, then go over there -------->


Bush's Mandate?

Drugs? Heres your drugs

I clicked 'BigMcLargeHuge' instead of 'The Lounge'

How dead is Arafat?

Who is running in and out of the house to check for lights in the sky?

lip-smackin' good poll:

Canadian Immigration & Citizenship School!

Should I walk upstairs and get another glass of wine?

Puckheads, how are you holding up without hockey?

How are you dealing with election depression? Seriously.

I am having a delayed grief reaction. Stayed home today

yay I just got back from the gym!

I'm a hypocrite

How To Have Fun In GOP America...

I have become a DU addict

DING!DING!DING! 7000 posts! Everyone with less can kiss my butt!

Arafat is dead.

I just read a book on hypnosis....

Who will win the Super Bowl this year?

cellphone overages - a rant!!!

Subject: CNN: Peterson juror dismissed, replaced with alternate

Could someone please taunt Kleeb? I'm too tired.

Where were you four years ago?

That 'Sorry Everybody' site makes me cry.

P Diddy wants to be the next Bond

Yet another *uncensored* DU AIM Chat

Political Blogger Mass Suicide

I don't want to do a copycat thread today...

HUH? AAR advertising Fahrenhype 911????

It is quite possible that I feel worse today than I did last week...

people with hamsters...HELP

I voted and all I got was a lousy president

Triple Eclipse on Jupiter in glorious technicolour..........

How many of the 50 Union States of the United States have you been to?

mmmm-kitkat-dark chocolate version

New Horror flick: "Saw"

Show me a picture of your dream mouse....

Sound of Sinners

aaarggh!! Stupid dog owners....

Any database designers out there per chance?

Ok, so you guys asked

Whatever happened to ScreamingLordByron?

Name change -- rezmutt has transformed...into KrazyKat.

Britney Spears' further descent into white trash perfection

Please look at this page...

I just bit into a nasty lump of baking soda in my banana bread. Ask me

Take a look at this website.... THIS is what we re up against

Sorry Everybody - Images

Albums that you are HAPPY (even honored) that you still own?

DUers, please help with this ethical relationship/friendship dilemma:

Truth, or Dare?

The Navy called today


Who changed their screen name?

Mrs Matcom Is Watching The Country Music Awards - Circus Midgets!!

Hilton Sister back on the open market

The Chili Contest Judge's Notes

Which Republican Creepy Leader is your "best villain"

Schoolboy sues mom for not buying him a PC

So what did you really think would happen on 11/2?

Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.

So I've been a Democrat for 10 months now, and it's my 900th post...

Good Riddance Ashcroft Thread

If You Reply To This Message

Favorite and least favorite countries?

Friendly Fascism! Get your products HERE!!!

ih8thegop's username change poll

Man, I just saw a "The OC" promo that made me quiver in disgust

Idea for a Bumper Sticker

Greatest improvisational rock band?

Albums you are embarrassed to still own?

I am going to be interviewed on local TV

Ginger takes her last trip to town! Bye bye girl...

Here are my catz ! 2 of them anyway

Can I have a lot of hugs?

BBV Help America Audit - what's going on with it?

Name Changes

I couldn't find the thread asking suggestions for this forum.

Why Did Kerry Not Show Up For My Party When I Showed Up For His?

Again with the exit polls??

More votes than voters in OH? Cronus: They counted the fetus vote!

Did Bush Lose... Again?

If you can read, be afraid.

Can Edwards run for Attorney General in North Carolina?

Why did Kerry make me order the crappy Chef Salad last night?

Michael Moore is fighting for us will you?

We will protect you, Kerry won't. That's the lie that hurt us!

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Operation New Dawn?

Casualty report for Nov 1-7. Please forward to your local papers

Richardson/Obama '08

"They voted for this mess", for yummy acrimony.

Kerry Lost.

What was that crack Al Michaels just made?

Voter Fraud stories - an observation

Stolen or not, 50% of the country loves Bush*!

If Jesus ran against * and Karl Rove this is what you' d see.

The GOP Thanks you, DU!!

Zogby has an interesting exit poll - take it!

Wouldn't Texas Senator K.B.Hutchison rather get on-air calls and e-mails

How do we know the Kerry team isn't working on this?

Civil War dream I just had

The election is over

Wa Po: 'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate

Mods! Can we please get a foum called "CNN Said"

2008: Hillary vs. Giuliani in the general, who wins?

How many Democrats voted for Bush?

2008: Gore or Kerry?

My (second) note to Keith Olbermann

Massachusetts "morality"

The Possiblity Of Election Fraud Is Not "Conspiracy" As In Tinfoil

Carville GETS IT! And I would follow him into fire. Please read!!

My 68 year old friend sent her 41 year old son off to Iraq today.

Proof the there was no BBV fraud

Harry Reid on the Senate Floor -- 10/26/2000

Dean has made NO decision about DNC or presidential run.


I'm offended by the notion somthing's wrong with our party because we lost

Howard Dean poll on CNN

Write in your own name for President in '08

What could make me feel good about the next 4 years politically


Has anyone seen this slam against DU?


Keith Olbermann to cover BBV irregularities again tonight

How are the votes counted off the NY lever machines and then

Question RE the WH Deepthroat

Diebold donating to the republican party

Any Montanans in the hizzouse?

the one thing that is most fishy about the voting irregularities

Please - stop calling it voter fraud. The voters have not done anything

Call to Action...especially for women.....

Let's not forget abandoning the "Poor" issue and the "Health Care " issue

What direction should the Democratic party take?

If you have not been"radicalized" by now


Voter registrations should be able to be checked

Howard Dean considering bid to chair Democratic Party

Time to play with freepers and Jesusland people mind

Who are the vulnerable Republicans for 2006?

Go West, Young Man (and woman)

We live in a fascist nation. This is no longer a democracy.

Letter I sent to Kerry-Edwards Online.

Somebody 'splain this to me...

Should Howard Dean head the DNC?


To believe George Bush won you must believe - list

There is a chance.. that this was all planned...

Dean supporters: would you prefer Dean to run in '08 or be DNC Chair

We have our Christian Right connection and Repuke connection to evoting

Carville is right about one thing.

Ed Rendell may be good for the Dem ticket

Ask bush why fallujah had to wait til a week after the election

E Week Articles about E-Voting

Hey DU'ers! ABC News doing Conspiracy Theory

Since Democracy Is Now Dead

Glitch could force state to vote again - BBV

Be Fruitful and Multiply!

Does This Mean That The Statue's Breasts Can Come Back Now?

How many times have you been called bitter?

Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States

"Karzai: Afghanistan Has Beaten Terrorism"

Olbermann---a herd of cats could reprogram BBV machines

History Buffs: President replaced before he was sworn in???

For DUers who wanted a summary of links to my threads

How can the OH overvote be distilled into an undebunkable

Senator Kerry turn back your boat one more time for us....

Carville hit with a dose of 'reality'

Colin Powell in 2008?

We Need A "One Run Only" Rule

A pic of some BOOBS!

HISTORY, People HISTORY!! Remember FDR and reuse his "Frame"!


ABC Nightly News with

The Government is more afraid of them than us

The Nader/New Hampshire Recount is ON!!!

Okay, enough with the OBAMA '08 stuff!

Gov. Phil Bredesen should be given a look for VP in 2008`

Finally, a theme for Democrats!

We are going to need Richardson as VP in 08. Here is why:

Why are we still killing people in IRAQ?

OK so what do we /do/ about the fraud?

Jessica Lynch for President

Proposed Constitutional Amendment


November Surprise?

Go With Experience: Al Gore In 2008!

Do you want to nominate a Senator to run for president in 2008?

Interesting German Election Results Breakdown

Ohio Democratic Party: "Every Vote Will Be Counted!"

Fighting words for Dems from the Bull Moose

Turn your lights on in the daytime.

Have you read the ...

Want To Abandon The Marijuana Issue So We Can "Win"?

Why Kerry Lost and How We Can WIN!

New Gallup Poll: Bush 54 Kerry 41 Nader 3 !!!!

The Way I See It, There Are 10 People In The Running For 2008

If you were going to write the DNC or Kerry Campaign

What Should The Democratic Party Do To Be More Competitive In The Red

It's The Right Wing Media Machine Stupid!

Bayh/Obama, unstoppable?

If 2008 is a Ham Sandwich versus Jeb Bush, who would win?

This song is hilarious!

"TheoCons." Someone on Kos nails the terminology.

Does ZOGBY Think There Was Fraud? Read This And You Decide

My Proposal: An Elections Integrity Act.

We really can't compete in the South.

Thomas Jefferson Could Not Get Elected Today.....

Gregoire (D) leads Washington governors race by 8700 votes

STRONGEST candidate in 2008? (If all were running)

when you chop wood, you aim *past* the wood, not at it.

Howard Dean at Northwestern on Thursday.

Here is my newly-minted nomenclature for our Relig. Rt "friends"

What will be the eventual fate of Karl Rove?

When will we ever learn? The battle is for the middle.

So sorry. I can't help you . It's all up to President Bush now.

I still don't see the election fraud....

"Iran Says It Can Mass-Produce Missiles"

SORRY WORLD! Great link!!!!!!!!

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated