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Archives: November 6, 2004

Scientist Stephen Hawking Decries Iraq War

Morford: Soul about to implode. Right? Not so fast

Surely he is jesting??

Evidence of a Second Bush Coup?

Jim Lobe: Neo-Con Agenda update.

"In hopes of assuaging public outrage..."

The Values-Vote Myth

Still afraid of the OTHER 'F' word?

The Leno/Letterman Model for Direct Action

Yahoo: 1,000 women hospitalised in Portugal after backstreet abortions

World Council of Churches - "God has no place in US politics"

"Smokin'" Joe Conason: Democrats Lost The Battle, Not The War

WSWS: US Election Notes

NYT: Baffled in Loss, Democrats Seek Road Forward

LA Times: Those Who Voted for Bush May Be in for a Big Surprise

Four NY Times op-eds - four views of the road ahead.

Black Consensus Remains Intact - Concede Nothing to Bush

The World Awaits

Michael Ruppert on Economic Warfare

Terrorists threaten 'unbearable hell'

CounterBias: "The American President"

AlterNet/Will Pitt: Wrestling with a Gorilla

Dowd: Rove's Revenge

Democrats can't win until their politics are born again

Questionable tactics by GOP

R. Scheer on the U.N.

Hurrah for Bush's win

Get ready for the "revolution" on the right

November 2nd - "A Day of Infamy"

Running From the Religious Right

"Abolish the CIA! " by Chalmers Johnson

New York Times advises Bush opponents to accept new administration

Must Read.....Snap Out of It !

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

Come hear KUCINICH speak in S.F. Saturday morning!

N.H. AG snubs Nader's request, call or fax the bastard

bought some black ribbon today and tied it around my wrist

Holding the "endorsers" accountable

The "NOT ME!" Campaign website is up. (order your protest bracelet)

for custom imprinted bracelets here's a site. What should our black

Boycott of Von Dutch fashions Anyone want to help?

Technology for next election

Should we support Arlen Specter?

TX Progressive Populist Caucus, 11/20, San Antonio

Boycott Suave Products

"vote" with your money

Ending the Embargo on the War's reality

An Office Supply Company That Supports Our Causes!

Must-see video: VOTERGATE--the MOVIE! Watch this 30-min video on BBV

Must-see video: VOTERGATE-THE MOVIE! with Bev Harris et al.

I just rented "Control Room", should I watch it with my friends tonight?

CNN,Ted turner:why he sell CNN?

"Hope Radio" vs "Hate Radio" - AAR vs. Limbaugh

"Media Democracy" --What is that? Dutch Model- what's that?

Alain Keyes is right!!!

NYT says accept Bush

Where do I get news info, when I stop watching cable tv news? XM radio?

Those damn Hollywood types!

Know thy enemy, plan to outsource the government

Indonesian President Promises Crackdown On Illegal Logging

SD County, CA innitiative fraud!

Trap grease as a source of hydrogen.

Putin Signs Kyoto Protocol Into Law

Ohio To Eliminate Pollution Regulations For Thousands Of Businesses

Irreplacable Heirloom Tree Seeds Lost To Hurricane Frances

25% Of Wisconsin Men, 12% Of Women Surveyed Have Elevated Mercury Levels

"Heisenberg's War." Scientists and ethics in political extremes.

Anyone game to form a new national progressive gun organization?

Why'd we lock the doors to unregistereds looking in?



Why not call the GD Thread: "Speculation - Conspiracy"

Please investigate and reconsider the seventhson ban.

before reconsidering the seventhson ban, read deathadders GD post

Feature request : "pro-Bush business" sticky-thread for each state forum

Very Cool

I'm not sure who to ask.

"Hide Threads." PLEEZE. That is all, thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Gallery ?

level 2

Is DU closed to new applicants?

A couple suggestions - due to the popularity of the site.

Thanks for some things.

I ask nothing and will bring you a beer from Vinny's Boom Boom Room

kinda new to DU and have ???

Hi Skinner

Someone is editing my messages

once again a problem with my account

A Religion forum under Issues?

Please consider pinning this thread in GD for a day or 2.

just damn...5 hours of this garbage...

Discussion Forum Request

Suggestion: a new series of "I Voted" avatars

I would suggest Activist Central

delete by self

I liked when we had more choices besides gd and 2nd gd

Can an overseas territories area be added to "state/country" forums?

Hey Skinner and EarlG...


Jewish Pro-Arab Terror Suspect To Stay In Jail

Does Arafat have AIDS?

Does anyone else agree with me that our state should be DNC HQ?

Alain Keyes is right!!! looks like it is OFFICIALLY out of business....NOT.

What happened to the international observers who were supposed to be here?

Nearly 500 provisional ballots don't make cut

Will Pitt or other writers, why don't you gather ALL of these 'anomalies'

Going Forward With Resolve - from Dennis Kucinich

LAWYERS needed in Minnesota

Another site helping to prove the fraud

Masssive BBV fraud?

Democrats' leader decries voting glitches

IQ and the Bush States

The Vote! A noble cause requires a name, how shall we address our struggle

Nader....Doesn't Sound Good...

Now I love Michael Moore but did he inspire Bush's base?

MoveOn has lists for precincts all over the country

Hollywood Springsteen and Moore didn't hurt us they helped

List of voter intimidation and other poll problems

Important question about exit polls...

check out the provisional ballots counted in florida

Those poor Florida Democrats

If John Kerry Doesn't Defend The Integrity Of The Vote

Can the election still be called for Kerry?

Post-election canvassing

A cause for optimism

They didn't take it laying down!!!

Can someone tell me where to find

map of the youth vote (encouraging!)

and now we have another error in ohio

Same language as Sarandan - Atrios - "Something's coming"

Election was NOT stolen! It was EMBEZZLED!!!

Nader recount request not considered valid

FraWd did NOT meet the Fla. filing deadline... wtf perhaps we could have

Were there ANY exit polls that were wrong in the other direction?

The Mirror is interested in doing a story about this fraud .

It's the voting machines stupid!

If Dems cannot come to Canada, let Canada come to the Dems


NYT: Final national exit poll was outside the margin of error.

Should someone do a scientific poll of voters, OH and FL

Can people post links to liberal foreign press outlets if you have them

Black armbands (election rigging protest)

HYPOTHESIS: Florida op scan votes

Why aren't ALL US elections automatically audited?

Last year, a child predicted this result and called for action

How dangerous is this strategy?

I just sent an email to ralph nader

Exit Polls vs. the Actuals: Who do you believe-CNN or your lying eyes?

What will America look like in 2008 ?

Why did the Democrats in Congress ignore our endless pleas about evoting?

Kerry Can Punk Out, BUT NOT US!

Check this out...

I Sent the Following to Ohio Democratic County Organizations

Shouldn't DU have a Category only for Voting Fraud Reports?

**We are making a DIFFERENCE! Keep on GOING, DUers!!**

Votergate--the video

any way to tell if kerry and company are quit for sure or

In order to gain momentum on the stolen election we need MONEY

Map comparison: 2004 vs. 1860.

One problem with exit polling

What has Kucinich had to say about the election fraud?

How many people agree with Bill?

Kerry Campaign's biggest failure: not pounding Bush for 9/11.

Nader, Cobb and Badnarik may all be willing to look into recounts in

If election was rigged, we've no obligation to respect it, period!

Questions about a NH Recount....

Does anyone know , If we managed to get five people

What database is used to tabulate totals for Diebold ATM transactions?

I don't understand how NM went to Bush

Black Box = Black Box...we can't let them get away with this!!

No $50,000, so recount request is ignored???

Sometimes I think JK conceding like a new CEO of Arbusto back in the 70s

Map of Election Results by County Clearly Shows Urban vs. Rural

concrete evidence of fraud?

May have misheard, but I think George Lakoff said today that Bob Shrum was

Looking for Letter: F**K off Repuks

Evidence of a Second Bush Coup?

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House

Brits' campaign backfires in Ohio (The Guardian)

Forget the Inauguration (too late) Let's stop the seating of electors

Did Gore conceede in 2000?


Scientific American Could Publish a Detailed Statistical Analysis.

Cobb also in on the voting irregularities...

Fraud, Bugs, Incompetence, Glitches, Errors...

Any word from Dennis? We need a leader and Kerry's absent.

From my archives - bartcop 2003

Why it was close enough to steal Ohio

NYT Interactive Maps showing how people voted. Best I've seen.

Is Bush A Legitimate President?

We should take them to court in a civil lawsuit because.....

It was a friggin' "faith-based" election !

I just emailed my congressman - and you should too!

Worse stolen or worse legitimate?

Has this been on here already? If so, I apologize in advance.

Now we need an actual vote fraudster to come forward.

3.5M difference in the popular vote

Those curious terror tapes, the election, and their real intent

Did ANY votes accidentally go to Kerry?

Susan wears tinfoil

E-mail address for Terry McAuliffe

I Just Got One Democratic Strategist & Commentator's Opinion

I'm doing my best not to believe this election was stolen but..

Let's invite the southern states to secede again :-)

George W Bush thinks he deserves a "honeymoon"...

Florida Numbers on Op-Scan machines shows HUGE %Drop in Dem turnout??????

I just got an email from badnarik's campaign manager

What is MoveOn's Take on all of this??? FRAUD


Kerry really is gonna challenge the election---!!!!

Anyone have any close connection to Dean?

Need transcript of Pat Robertson with John Zogby on election day, CBN.

Kerry's teacups quote - as promissed

A brief discusion on emigration

ES&S "Former Employee" accessed rural OH BOE Computer in Oct.

Faun Otter: Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals

Kerry Site Back Up and Looking for Legal Fund Donations!!

Stranger in a familiar land

3 House Dems Call For Investigation Of Voter Fraud

The statisticians who designed the exit polls

Write a letter to the Washington Post re Touchscreeen voting


Met with my Congressman today and here is one of the things he said:

So how did Kerry do in your city/town/ community?

Need Some DU Help w/New Hampshire Stuff!!! (URGENT)

Miami County, Ohio. Fraud or incredible coincidences?

KERRY WTF is Your Problem??!!!

Stolen? Duh. How many others have heard from repubs who voted Kerry?

Was the election rigged

Calling all DUers - My husband is a Ph.D. statistician and

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

Who actually believes this election was stolen ?

Links to evidence of ELECTION FRAUD

HOT!! Florida U.S. House Rep. says he has evidence of hacked voting.

Please read this if you subscribe to the LA Times

I never realized how much I love Massachusetts

Should Kerry run for Gov in 2006?


City of Warren to offer busrides for residents to buy Canadian drugs

Excellent showing by Democrats in Macomb County election

Democrats gain in Oakland Co. politics

Democrats gain five seats in Michigan House of Representatives

Sorry if a dupe...Congress just got into the act!!!

In Minnesota, no one I asked had to wait in line for more than an hour,

So, any Ohio DUers think that George Voinovich and Mike DeWine

Pennsylvania election returns site....

More Job losses in PA

It's time for everyone to support

Folks in Maine beware

Progressive Populist Caucus 11/20 San Antonio

Kay Hutchison 2006 (sorry its kind of long) keep reading start planning

11/2 results from Milwaukee wards 208-259

Maybe, I should run for Assmbly

What future for Basic Health?

Does anyone know Lawrence O'Donnell's e-mail address? n/t

They Cheated like a mother trucker. And by the time we find out,

Let's get every Dem OH voter to sign Affidavit verifying vote!

"Is Ohio this year's Florida?" "It's all going to come down to Ohio!"

Tonight We Saw The True Nature Of Republicans.

AL Franken on Letterman just said that the "red area" that voted....

Bev and/or are the donations?

Boycott Suave Products

What banks use Diebold ATMs?

Total world votes for Kerry = 398,411,006

Karel is great tonight - Repubs must be going after him

Diebold ATM Crashes, Dispenses Tunes - Not Money

"Values" and Liberal Social Philosophy.

Shit...just realized what happened LAST TIME the populous got

Some Democratic values for you...


Who defines YOUR values and how did "morality" become

MALLOY: "Every one of those G*d Da*ned Machines must be Destroyed!

A Rare Short Post On The Whole ĎMoralityí Red Herring

Kerry: "I Can't Believe I'm Losing To This Idiot."

Does anyone have a copy of that story that ran on AP prior to the

in today's New York Post . . .

MSNBC reported Diebold was getting sued

AP: U.S. Report Details Guantanamo Abuses

Why boycott Walmart....but NOT CANCEL YOUR CABLE TV?

what's the deal with Senator Reid, new minority leader

I'm so tired of these "should we move to the center, right, left" posts

Making votes count..(for the next one),,starts NOW

How is it that Andrew Sullivan is where he is?

Question / analogy - gays and blacks

Leave the Country.....Where are we going.......

anyone else curious about Chomsky's fees?

Not moving left or right, but re-imagining the debate

You all got Seventhson wrong...please consider.

Biblical Reconstuctionist direct voting machine companies!!

Ralph's recount

OK here is how we win 2008

Are there exit polls for non-battleground states?

'Sweet baby Jesus!''s the Architect!

Et tu, Target?

Kerry has a mandate with the 30 and under crowd.

Why do we post all these pro bush articles? Is that only

Can you imagine if 50 million of us marched

Here's what we need to do

Record of every county Diebold was in

Our Traditional Non-Traditional Wedding

Drudge headline: Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site

Re-Populate the Blue States Initiative

I have a semi-serious proposal for GOP primaries in 2008.

To all freeping rightwingnuts and bushCartel; TALK TO THE HAND.

From a very good friend, a Vet and PhD. "Today I Mourn."

A quick Barak Obama and Bobby Kennedy comparison...

From MSNBC's "Hardball"..."whether you like it or not, we have spoken"

American Traveler International Apology Shirt

Did The CIA Hack The Vote??

Crawford's Lone Star Iconclast shines like a star ....

Moral Monkeys for Chimp don't care about their wallets!

"It's the media, stupid" - a suggestion to help the cause

Teacher's politics disturbs students

"Maggie Hill waited in line 10 hours to vote for Kerry"

"Oberlin (OHIO) students upset after election"

Some graphs to further point out how electronic voting was fraudulent was hacked

I received this forward in an e-mail from a friend,it is a letter to the

People. We are starting to have an effect.

Do you see the Bornagain Voting Cartel as Harmless or Dangerous?

Yeah, it's from the DLC. But you can find wisdom in the silliest places.

Over polling question-

Were we lied to about the youth vote? Could be.......


"The Christian right in America is the mirror image...

Don't Sell Out, Change

This MUST NOT BE ALLOWED, or we get Ashcroft on SCOTUS

Betty Bowers post election stuff - got my buttons

Sundance channel: Bush's Brain

Toleration may be the key.

On gay marriage and impact on election - let's be fact based

comparing junior to his father

If George W. Bush* is the answer, what is the question?

Look out for Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of NH

Where do we go from here?

The Senate Judiciary Committee

Law students take on the Mafia

And so it begins, in Texas of course...

the Iraq war casualties site is unavailable

Are you 1 of the 55+ Million? Well, let's act like it!

Scary reader comment on BBC News regarding Falluja

Voting machine head (Diebold, Ohio) committed to helping Bush win.

My son is wicked to reopen old wounds with his innocence claim: Lady

Have You Guys Seen This Chart Yet?

This an "I want" thread

I have political capital.......

Are you born again? That is the litmus test. JESUS! get it straight!

So if they/we proved beyond a shadow of a doubt

Let's have a reality show for the next campaign

If JESUS Himself was on the Dem ticket Lt AWOL would STILL have won..

Breakdowns of population served by vendor and voting technology by state.

Former President George W. Bush Dead at 72....

China opposes Security Council talks on Iran nukes

Who is this Dictator?

NYT,pg1: Dodd, Corzine, Schumer may run for Gov.; Dems "impotent" in D.C.

There's one image that will always stay with me...

Why do they get away with bashing blue states but we can't bash red ones?

Is there any update on the Nader request for a New Hampshire recount?

The Benefits Of A(nother) Stolen Election

Anyone know what kind of "education reform" chimp is talking about?

For those hoping Nader recount in NH will lead to something

New strategies needed--Bush's Bad Behavior is no secret.

Say Hello to the Gilded Age of the 21st Century

What should John Edwards do to build up his foreign policy

Warts, Castles, and the Hibachi Table

appeal to ignorance...

Which Party is more negative and hateful ?

11.02.04 got you down? Maybe you shouldn't read "Iron Heel" by London?

Something that struck my eye when I was reading about Manuel Noriega

"or the terrorists win" offically replaced by "because we are moral"

Red States are "Dumber" than Blue States- as if we didn't know

07.21.04: "If we do not suppress the Detroit vote..."

Let's give the Repuglicans a helping hand!

Who are the moderate Republican Senators?

Black Box Voting Wish List: Can you help with these?

I felt the need to write to the NY Times.

This Muslim would like to see the Democratic Party become more Pro-Gay

Dose anyone know where this post is.

The Poll on "was my vote counted".......I need some help...

Karl Rove, on why Bush won: "The president is in touch"

We are all mad. Who will lead us? What actions will we take?

ACTION PLAN: let's gather together ideas here

Calling all computer geeks. Help me identify freeper ip

'06 Senate prospects

Are there any plans for protesting the Inauguration?

Obama v. Rove?


What if a "litmus test" is illegal?

I wonder if the moderate and semi-moderate Repugs in Congress

UK Mirror: "How can 59,054,087...DUMB" available for download

Is this what it's like to live in a totalitarian regime?

Maybe Kerry had it right -we must find common cause

Buy Apple (Steve Jobs) Dem instead of Microsoft (Gates) GOP

I think it's time to stop saying fascism is coming to America.

Who Are These People?


They are NOT moral, they are judgemental, sanctimonious, and intolerant.

Help me get a mirror-rightwinger site may be trying to cover up

Anybody here planning to vacation at Disney?

Any word on the New Hampshire recount?

Time for the Democrats to stop kissing ass.

My Future LTTE (ltr to the Editor)

Voices Of Iraq, U.S. propaganda machine w/ more info - Crytpome

So what are we anyway?

We Need A New Religion

You are the sovereign. You're name is holy. You are the pure spotless lam

Voter Suppression Rap Sheet

Still don't think it was rigged?

My FLAG is at half-mast; my FLAG sticker turned upside-down

Phase II - Demonize the Left

Military vote for bush

Anyone else getting *very* skeptical of CNN?

Black Box Voting question

Are the Anarchists planning to fight, then?

The people that piss me off the most

What is a centrist?

wonder what Elizabeth Edwards was trying to communicate . . .

My letter Brooks today.

Colorado students occupy high school to protest war, Bush policies..

Don't attack DUers that post corporate media threads!

What I now know about the United States

Those anti-Kerry "he's a bad Catholic" preists ... what a bunch huh?

Has anyone else heard from nonactive,not involved politically

A Need for a New Draft Movement (Ron Reagan)

Someone here was looking for GOP quotes to use in debate

Evidence regarding exit poll results & moral values! Doesn't add up!

I wrote a friend on 5/03

"They don't get it." A true story

Read this re BBV

Would you contribute to a fund to reward whistleblowers?

"Fundies Push to Decriminalize Pedophila" and other future headlines

When will OH certify their election?

We need voting legislation that says three things

Critical Vote Fraud Article Links:


PROTEST on December 14th to demand that Bush isn't sworn in

No retreat. No surrender.

Buck Up, You Lefties! There's reason for hope

My first experience with electronic voting oddities

When will OH certify their election?

A boycott idea

Why does the institution of marriage even matter anyway?

Checks for Black Box Voting

It's The Fifty Million, Stupid

Now I Understand How it Happens

I think all the senate DINO's are now "retired"

With all due respect - Bill Clinton STFU


WTF! Just heard some jerk-off onTV say Bush has WON 2 elections in a row!

Kerry advisor: "He's not going to just walk away and lick his wounds"

Who agrees that W should be only called "The Giggling Murderer?"

CNN now Curtis Gans of The Committee to Study Elections (sic)

The Giggling Murderer will murder many Iraqis in the next few days.

Dead, Die, Killed, Wounded, Casualties, Collateral Damage, Blood, Tears


Voter News Service (VNS)

Wired: "E-Vote Glitch Inflates Bush Total"

The biggest problem with the democratic party?

NSC resignation: Blackwill saw too much Kool-Aid in Condi's cup

E-Voting Machines has a Halliburton/Cheney connection

I'm watching NOW with Bill Moyers

Live Evil

Privatizing: Investing SocialSecurity Spells Bleak Profits forFund Co.s

Power conceding nothing without demand, as usual

November 2: National Fraud Day

Did Bush ever get the 'small nukes' he wanted? would he use them?

We have our proof of fraud PAY ATTENTION ALL DU'ER

Will the British media accept the fraud?

RESIST!!! DU-ERS: The "Activist" Thread

What happens if the "my name is" thread goes over 1,000 responses?

It's not the Left, It's not the Right. Corporatism is the culprit

its time for impeachment

Movie, Red Dawn could be the future for Amerika

MSNBC: "Analysts say outlook for Bush plan bleak"

Do you make videos? Apply for a job with Al Gore TV.

Aviel D. Rubin All DU'ers please find info on this person[Studied DIEBOLD]

Stop navel-gazing

Homegrown media suggestion- For those STILL WATCHING CABLE

there have to be a lot of people that know about the rig

Ida Briggs told Nader he needs a $1000 check for recount...

Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire (video)

Grassroots organization concept

Q. Of the 11 successful Gay Marriage Ammendment states, how many included

Last night before I went out, I was watching "Hannity and Colmes".

So what will be Kerry's next move?

Something that may have hurt Kerry in Ohio

My mom loves Giuliani

Theme song of the day.....

watching "outfoxed" for first time now

We can't worry about the election, we have to fight for social security

DU had it right all along.

New Hampshire has a paper trail! All you scaredy cats...

Thinking About JFK, Jr.

Democracy is officially DEAD

Any new ACLU and PFAW members here?

Gay Marriage: The Republicans are preempting us

Chris? Elizabeth? Is anyone out there?

Why do some still believe Bush didn't cheat with this election?

I need someone from Pheonix Arizona to contact me.

Could Diebold-gate be the beginning of the end for Bush?

Tie a Black Ribbon around a tree to represent election fraud.

perfect solution---get a jackass

We need to start with Defense-contractor owned NBC

The Gospel According to Dubya

Bev Harris, BBV: contact Senator Mike DeWine

MAJOR WTF ALERT :::: Pelosi: Dems Ready to Work With Bush

Jesus = Good; His fundamentalist followers = bad

i would gladly give up the privacy of my vote

Nader asks for NH recount! Official news! Will prove fraud!

I just burned a flag

The Intollerant conservative Christian Coalition plans

coors is a heavy repub. donor, & i won't drink their stupid watery beer

We must scream with one unified message: VOTER FRAUD!

How come the State Lotteries run without a glitch?

I'm seeing these graphs of exit polls vs results

Anyone see Kerry greet Bush/1st debate pat him on back HARD!

How did young voters vote?

Blue vs. Blue

Are you sorry you KNOW the truth?

Roe Vs. Wade Is In Great Peril My Friends

What to believe?

Is AOL a Bush Supporter

Should We Boycott Diebold ATM machines?

FEMA and DHS for kids?

We're not THAT divided - one Texan's viewpoint

The American HAGUE!

What were we thinking, did we actually believe Bush could be defeated?

We can't worry about the election, we have to fight for social security

Is Urban to be trusted?

Chief Justice John Ashcroft?......Lord spare us please........

Who owns Dish?

Sorry Everybody

Arafat has AIDS

Interesting thing happened to me, I met a survivor of the Tehran embassy

If you believe this election was stolen then select the upside down flag

Hilarious bumper sticker I saw yesterday!

Should gays leave the U.S.?

TeamBush raises the "healing" flag, but will TeamBlue salute?

Fallujah: US jets pound with 500 lb. bombs, warn women & kids to flee

Please read my LTTE

Our Christian Mandate to President Bush

Stop spending tourism dollars in the Red States

My letter to Senator Hagel: Comments please?

URGENT: Need Some DU Help w/New Hampshire Stuff!!!

Sherman's march to the sea! Bush's march on SS!

Fox: Bill Clinton to Dems: Don't 'Whine'

4 main things we must work on as a party in order to take back America!

Christian Reconstructionists: Death penalty for gays, sex before marriage

DU'ers what have you done for equality?

Who is our KKKarl?? n/t

if Red Lobster supports w, then focus the boycott on THEM for one month

Where did that supposed new Bin Laden video tape go?

what's the frequency, Kenneth?

Anybody got an exitpoll map?

Holy shit, read this and please tell me these numbers aren't correct

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000, More Votes Than Voters

"If you vote, you get a grade of 'D'"...let's get cracking people!

The Madness of George Bush

WA Post: Anti-Bush Democrats: "obstructionists" on a "perilous course?"

When John Kerry conceded, we lost our direction. Now what?

In view of the 'Satan is in Fallujah' comment, I was reminded of this song

Ohio-Does Schwarzenneger own biz there? We need to break it!

Randi Rhodes: "They Have Absolute Power"

Frederick Douglass weighs in on Christian Right 2004 Election Vote

Why Does Bush Need Such a Big Umbrella?

If there is no chance to win 2008, I bid the country goodbye.

Should we start calling Bush/Bunnypants "My Liege" ?

Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Web Site

How do we get the party to not support an incumbant DINO?

"What is subversive today, will almost certainly be patriotic tomorrow"

Salon: "The urge to mourn is being replaced by the will to fight"

You guys need to stop getting mad at kerry!!!

We need to scream for Fallujah. Then the election fraud. We have to

I emailed the exit poll analysis to Michael Moore.

If fraud is proven on the e-voting BEFORE the electors cast their

Voter fraud in other races?

The fundies can taste it now!

Suppose voting fraud in FL proven...what then?

Where are these exit polls coming from?

how will they screw the country? Let us count the ways.

My apology to the youth vote...

Anybody listening to "On the Media" (NPR)?

that ugly red faced photo of Bush


Do we trivialize Bush too much?

This is BEYOND strange. If the Dems do nothing with all the data

Freepie, freepie, here little freepie

Gay discrimination admendments - which states now have them

Trolling right-wingers

Official "Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked!

Gay people, watch out

Did Nader Rope-a-Dope the Reeps w/ Their Own $ & Resources?

Um...are we starting a revolution here? n/t

My e mail to Nancy Pelosi


Starting the fight against fascism in America

Is there a petition somewhere to require E-voting paper trails and/or

Voting Problems in Ohio Set Off an Alarm

I'm leaving- this is my final opinion rant.

Could we have a forum for people who want to look forward

A woman's right to choose

Karl Schwarz: Iraqi Insurgency - Terrorism or Outrage?

Kerry was from Mass. Dukakis was from n/e. where was Mondale from?


Al-Qaida: "Release CARE's Margaret Hassan!"

interesting information for DU members

I read a rural small town newspaper last night

the republicans are angry at dems because we think we are

How many of the people storming Fallujah are going to be Iraqis?

Regarding the talk of boycotts...

Great American Heroes: Part 1, Eugene Victor Debs

Starve the Catholic Beast.

BTW, as a proud Pennsylvanian

Bill Clinton opened his mouth - I wish he hadn't

Three couples launch effort (local) to win next election.

Steppenwolf - Monster/Suicide/America

We must find common ground with....

It's time for us all to give some support to the Crawford Peace House.

money question: have you noticed the jump in prices for fresh veg./fruit?

OK, so what is OUR AGENDA for this country?

Who should be the leader of the Democratic Party?

HEY BEV...Is anyone going to confirm the vote in some of the FL counties??

Best Blog Scoop - per Time (11/15/04 issue)

AAR Ring of Fire on now, with Greg Palast

Election: Stolen or fair?

Strike the Root - Hitting the RW Agenda in the Pocketbook


The Coming Dictatorship....

Suggestions for Convincing A 17 year to Not Go to the Marines

Conservatives' LIFE VALUE index

There's no way the Republicans can claim any high moral ground over us

red states will be BLOOD red states after we are done in Fallujah

I',m sorry, but your religion is not a "get out of jail free card"

What's the difference between a Democracy and a Republic?

Hit Man

Some Photos Of Senator Barack Obama To LIFT Your Spirits...

Deleted message

Fallujah postponed?

wow, today is the day of super active threads.

I noticed a couple of STUNNING items in this CNN report

I think I've lost my religion

Talking About Values and God In A Positive Light: Joan of Arcadia

Green party Cobb calling for investigation in Oh

Value-added victory

Pro-Life Pray-In Planned to Stop Specter

Wacky Conspiracy theory alert (Mabus - antichrist)

Kerry on Iraq (Sept): "It's gut-check time, folks...This is a f---ing war"

Despotism & Democracy

The slippery slope


Strange, Interesting New Thought... "Moral Values"TM AND Fraud?

I am disgusted with the 'liberal' Media

Want to fight the Right-Wing? Read this and spread the word

Most Effective Way to Distribute my BBV CD? Need Help? Please? :)

the immoral majority-speaks for DU Christians like me!

Anyone really have sympathy for "Contractors" aka Mercs in Iraq?

Some cartoons for everybody . . .

Kerry's Big Mistakes

Laura Flanders talking Fraud now on AAR

Lets' harness the power of DU to win seats in '06. Here's how.

Red/Pink states - Let's try this

Marines: "Toll expected to rival Vietnam War"

I just realized this country is in mass denial.

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

Living in Phoenix

Bush's Brain coming on Sundance Channel...

Do America and Europe share any values yet?

Here is the new composition of state legislatures

Well we just bought a new car in a BLUE state

Does anyone have access to Nielsen ratings for news shows?

Bush's Brain is on the Sundance channel now n/t

I See Bush* Voters!

Psych Ops - Psychological Warfare

Here is the new composition of state legislatures

Need Specter counter petition.

Will democrats cave on Social Security?

From Kerry

Important agenda: Stop the Theocrat Tide!

Was the election stolen?

CNN: Compares Battle for Fallujah with the Battle for Hue, Vietnam

So, you know I am not Rove's fan

Those curious terror tapes, the election, and their real intent

This is what TruVote does

Iraq Front News and Iraq Invasion Newswire

The Dems should not cave in...

Call to action email I recived - so it starts!!!

Kerry Was NOT The Problem - The Party is

My new policy about donations to dem candidates

Jon Stewarts "World Responds," will make you below

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Stolen votes do not equal mandate

Vicksburg, Mississippi man bulldozes black church day before Election Day

Surviving the Christian Reich of America and Pope George I

Heinz company gave 67.73% to Republicans!

What Senators Are Up For Reelection in 2006?

Has Pres. Jimmy Carter said anything about the election results yet?

Why Is Minnesota's Democratic Party Called the Dem. Farmer Labor Party?

Save us, honest democracies!


Kerry sekrit message to DU: "The lark flies over the oak tree"

Nicolas Kristoff's article ("Living Poor, Voting Rich" )

Kerry back on board

Quick...What restaurants donate to dems??

Adopt A Journalist Program

What Senators/Congresspeople should be e-mailed about E-Voting fraud?

The 75 year anniversary of the Crash of 1929 was last week. Any festivitie

A Government That Lies

Witholding consent:

Look! Crazy people (dumbasses seek to split up the Union)

The List: Need Help

Flashback: Bush calls for unity after Gore concedes

"The Rapture" now on Video---Ebert gave this great film 4 stars

Crusaders vs. Satan Himself...Llllet's get ready to rumblllllllllllle!

Remember how the media held MN, OR, WA back so the

Is it me, or have there been a rash of job cuts in the blue states since

Bush, Kerry Voters Differ on View of U.S.

Bill Clinton

Omaha Steaks - Non Political

Why did Zogby;/Slate show early election exit polls? To keep it Honest!

Esquire Mag: Dick Cheney Makes Case For 12 Year Bush Reign...

Diebold's O'Dell Was Definately Mentioned During Democratic Primary

If the voting had been honest, what would this map look like?

In his time, Jesus would have been rock-star hot.

Holy shit! A USMC brigadier general in Iraq-nam just said (on NBC) ...

Moveon.pac folds up shop before all Ohio Provisionals counted?

Ashcroft's not going anywhere

Paul Wellstone - Liberal Democrat

SNL Presidential moments

Bush-Cheney 04 Progress Report: "Iraq Inspiring Copycat Beheadings"

Thoughts to ponder


If enough fraud can be proven, can we demand a re-vote?

MUST WATCH Bill Maher tonight!

World results map

My Happy Ending Dream....

I talked to a guy Friday that made a strong case for Hilary in 2008

Letter to the Media requesting Fla. vote Fraud Investigation

SelfXpression Store -- Democratic battle gear: T-shirts, bumper stickers..

Star Wars III: Revenge of The Bush (Sith)

I have Constitutional guestions for anyone..

Do people here support this?

Question for USMC DUers

Why do our pundits suck?

It's all Ohio's fault

How Long Was Mussolini in Power?

What about the Congressional

About Kerry conceding

Reminder: Gore was from Tennessee

A Silver lining: At Least the Constitution Party is not in power

Talk to me about what happened on Bill Maher last night.

Can someone give a link to refute a repug?

Take a look at these interesting numbers......

What about Al Gore?


Do you think Bush is a closet Gay?

I've been listening to alot of 60s music tonight

Morals my ass

The invasion of Iraq was a war crime says Noam Chomsky.

Insurgents or Freedom Fighters?

Its seems after 11/2 there is no longer any focus on * fawk-ups

A solution to my draft resistance dilemna

Muslims in The Hague demonstrate against van Gogh murder

I believe a lot of people have forgotten a KEY point about Kerry

You know I don't remember any Elephants in the manger with Baby Jesus?

I worked all day on a CD about BBV. Please, carry on the fight.

It is a MISTAKE to give money to the DNC because

11/2 changed everything

I need for someone to host a 350 MB ISO file.

Just stomached some of Tweety's show he says he thinks JK

Denial, Anger, Action

Election-day footage from Michael Moore: Video the Vote

If Bush gets his National Sales Tax "reform," you're looking at 56%.

Turn Your Back On Bush -developing protest tactic

Fact of the Day

The Religious community

One thing I'm happy about: Thomas Daschle is GONE

Peak Oil Info

Pat Tillman in Freeptown

McCain's aide who joined the DLC says we need more church, less Hollywood

Think of this election as a game of chess

The "Flock to Canada" story

KDKA TV just had a story about Santorectum: a local school pays

Right to work states = red states

Kate Bush: Army Dreamers

An Iraqi response to Bush's re-anointing:

Florida results - some thoughts

URGENT: More OHIO information needed please

Lets Discuss Thomas Jefferson's Spiritual Beliefs

One of the first things on my agenda if I had a time machine

DU INFO ALERT: Why Recounting in New Hampshire Could Save Democracy

I like my politics, and my government, secular. For those promulgating

The ideal Democratic candidate steps to the podium........

21st century's most prolific murderers.

Church donations may take a dive from us "unchristian" liberals

Why do people take political advice from some half-wit...

Remember, that "sea of red" on the map that they bragg about

The DNC should have a hiring freeze on anyone who

I would like to say thank you to Senator Kerry

The Coming Indictment of Dick Cheney and the Neo-Cons

Graph of Florida by County by Voting Machine - Change from 2000 to 2004

Like a ton of bricks: throughout the campaign, I kept trying to figure out

If it was stolen, why aren't the big dogs howling?

Exit polls?

Divorce rate by State: Massachusetts with the lowest divorce rate

Who should be the 2008 candidate?

What is your opinion of the ACLU?

I don't really know what to think of this Terry McAuliffe e-mail:

I want to know how people (especially Jews) feel about this

Nader is going to love the face time he gets in recount battle...

What is a "Culture War"?

Don't you guys understand?

Who else kind of wants to give Kerry another chance after that wonderful

All current fraud indicators combined into one big thread.

any leaked/insider info on whether kerry and edwards

Why it might have been good for Kerry to concede when he did.

Okay, NOW it's time to LEAVE the country! READ THIS OpEd


This is honestly just much worse...

"The hottest places in hell

Like the movie "Hackers" worming Dem Precincts one vote at a time...

It doesn't matter WHAT Democrats do as far as rethugs are concerned

The word from dem pundits and consultants...

I suggest Big hair, tons of makeup, our own TV show and apply

Overturning the results of an election

BBV fraud makes!

I'm wating for Kerry's ultimate flip flop when

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked

My summary of IMMEDIATE ACTIONS for Dems across USA

America is America to us all: A plea for faith and right action

Anyone know how the blue states/red states

One way to say f**k off to the Bushits: get a biodiesel car!

Deleted message

Does anyone REALLY think that any of this talk about...

Are the Repubs you know all being sore winners?

I am sick of hearing "we have to be nice and not insult the jesus freaks

27 Florida Counties with superior Democratic Registration vote

Religious Opposition to Eugenics

I no longer have any respect for Bill Clinton.

The Holy States of America - Our new home

Why the "moral values" meme is our FRIEND...MUST READ!!!

Breaking: Karl Rove's Black Boyfriend Revealed!

TBTM and MediaMatters - Cable news pushed the Faith issue for Rove.

List of Moral Values (tm)

If the Republicans know they can't win, why don't we know they can't win?

Just saw the movie "Ray" about Ray Charles

Nothing in the Bible says that abortion is a sin.


Honestly,I think all the boycott crap of companies needs to end..

Marines turn to God prior to invasion of Falluja

Mercy killing in Iraq

Hi, remember me? I'm a bleeding heart liberal.

Florida: Gov race '06...(and, just as important, Sec. State)

Remember NIXON was reelected for a second term too!!

Karen Hughes privatly told Bush he was going to lose big

Let the Dem party know how you feel...questionaire inside

moral values. . .? 'scuse me

Sequoia Voting admits possible evote error - says problem with poll

Top Bush adviser on Iraq to resign

Please read this! (Letter from the people in Fallujah)

For 2 whole days, I layed in the corner drooling & making weird sounds

Could you explain how Optical Scan Voting works

The "language war" starts here

Help - GDP comparison between red and blue states?

Today I reversed my position on Guns

"The Unspeakable Truth of Unmentionable Horrors"

Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers' in pictures

The Swift Boat Attacks and Kerry's turmoil: Inside Scoop from NEWSWEEK

Should the Democratic party change?

"Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle"

Me vs Newsmax

Attn: Everyone freaked out by L.A. Times nutbag op/ed

Garrison Keillor hammering Ohio fraud on for re-run tomorrow

Please E-mail the DNC - maybe we can get them to do what is right!

Decision made -- UPS & FedEX

UC Regents Lose Control Of Nuclear Weapons Program

Now we FINALLY have evidence of cheating

Halloween Came Late

Love Bev at BBV but she's a geeky interviewee Need straightalker

Secession.....BLUE state by state......what do we have..what are missing

New tabulation of voting methods, vendors by population in state.

Why do people who make - say, $80k per year - think that they're rich?

I feel better I just told Terry McAuliffe to FIRE Terry McAuliffe



Man commits suicide because Bush reelected

Message from Thomas Jefferson to the Religious Right and Shrub

DNC Chair - Possibilities

Damn, we have no checks and balances

Over 55,000,000 Requests for Citizenship Since Tuesday Night

Bush is responsible for this, WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES!!

What dose 15,000 Lawyer get you?

Every vote may not be counted. But every dollar is. Want revenge?

Helen Thomas says Bush is afraid of her

BBV Fraud: Does it have Legs?


"Faith-based" hospital DESTROYED

Don't you feel safer now that those gays can't marry?

Furor Over Upside-Down Flag In Marin

Was Jesus Gay?

The Exit Polls vs. the Actuals: Who do you believe-CNN or your lying eyes?

Fascinating explanation why Christian conservatives are the way they are

Here we Go, Florida Democrat Goes to the FBI

An Opposition Party!

Gibbon on the Rise of Christianity and the Decline of Rome

Voter fraud claims are bull

All Hail the NEW and improved EXTREME JESUS!

The "NOT ME!" Campaign website is up. (order your protest bracelet)

I live in a Red State and need a Democratic Congressman/woman to adopt me?


My apologies to my Canadian brothers and sisters for the results of the

Isn't it a relief for the conservatives to be a laughing stock in Canada?

Looking for a job in Canada

One of my Grandmothers was Canadian. Does that give me any points?

Paris media reports that Yassir Arafat died moments ago

Congressional request for election inquiry made

Reuters: Car Bombs, Attacks Kill 24 in Iraq's Samarra

Registrar accepts blame for 207,000 uncounted ballots..(California)

SBC to Cut 10,000 Jobs by End of 2005

Maker of OxyContin Reaches Settlement With West Virginia(for addiction)

Beheadings on Rise Around the World

Sinclair claims buzz from Kerry program boosted its ratings(46% drop earn)

Monitors report voting problems across South

US ready for Falluja assault (The Guardian)

Edwards family returns to Raleigh, friend says

LAT: Edwards: Defeated but Still Driven

Arafat Opens Eyes, Communicating - Israeli Report

US vote boosts interest in Canada

U.S. Bombs Falluja, Rebels Strike in Samarra, Ramadi

Iraq to spend $90 million for expats to vote in polls - $90 Bucks a head

Mugabe flies to Equatorial Guinea (coup plot latest)

US insurance scandal set to be focus of Senate inquiry

Democrats Skeptical of Bush Offer

Report: British Commander Issued Warning (before redeployment)

What Bush's win means for Blair

WP: GOP 527s Outspent Counterparts (SBVT, Ashley, Wolves most effective)

Group finds problems with vote across South

More than 4,500 North Carolina votes lost

Conservatives Swamp Phone Lines to Stop Specter

Chile's Army Accepts Blame for Rights Abuses in the Pinochet Era (NYT)

Yihaa! Congress requests GAO investigation!

Saudi religious scholars support Holy War

Newly built hospital destroyed (Fallujah, missiles)

US: More missing weapons

Condoleezza Rice mulls change of role

Rebel Attacks in Samarra Kill 33--BBC

Bush lays out second-term plan

Europe Ďaxisí regroups to curb Bush in second term

(Rockford, IL) Sundstrand likely to lay off 275

Vandals hit GOP HQ in North Carolina

CNN: Compares Battle for Fallujah with the Battle for Hue, Vietnam

Three Senators Consider Bids for Governor

U.S. Expands List of Lost Missiles (in Iraq. Over 4000 SAMs missing)

Iraqi troops coming on line for possible Fallujah offensive ( paid by US

Insurgents in Iraq Launch Deadly Attacks

OSCE Says US Election "Mostly" Fair

Blairs secured home loan on £20m earnings estimate

AP: Presidential Second Terms Can Be Painful

Ala. vote shows some Old South sympathies

Groups decry panel reviewing complaints of police abuse at GOP convention

Ivorian planes hit French; 8 killed-UN source

Samarra attacks kill 23, US convoy hit

For Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Memory Lives on With Name - on Buildings, Str

Icelandís peacekeepers given frosty welcome home

Cobb Calls For Investigation of Voting Irregularities

WP-Iraqi Rules for Candidacy Spur Some U.S. Concern

Iraq's Falluja Finds Devastation After U.S. Raids

Tommy Thompson & Tom Ridge to leave Bush cabinet

French Shoot Down Ivory Coast Warplanes

Texas Sex-Ed Texts Barely Mention Contraceptives

Anthrax-Probe Doctor Sentenced for Assault (Dr. Kenneth Berry)

CIA's Goss Wants to Get Back to Basics (buried 9/11 report)

NYT - Bickering Iraqis Strive to Build Voting Coalition

State Officials Criticize Medicare Benefit Wording

WP - Va. Civilian Medic Killed at Iraq Prison Clinic (worked for KBR)

Like Clinging Chads, Kerry Faithful Hang On...

Bush to meet Blair next week

Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing

Demo Leader (Pelosi) Ready to Work W/ Bush (Weekly Demo Radio Speech)

Lawyer: Alleged Rape Victim Declared AWOL

Bush Calls for `Bipartisan Effort' on Social Security (Wkly Radio Speech)

U.S strikes raze Falluja hospital

Nader requests N.H. vote recount

After the Taliban, women still suffer

The Antiwar Right Is Ready to Rumble (Paleocons Vs Neocons)

American Marines attack Fallujah

Saudi Religious Scholars Support Holy War

Delta details 6,900 job cuts

AP: 3 Arrested in N.C. GOP Office Vandalism

Breaking on CNNI: An Iraqi General Deserts after recieving battle plans

Election-day footage from Michael Moore: Video the Vote

Blair 'Should Face Commons Probe over Iraq'

WP: President Signals No Major Shift In Foreign Policy

Veteran Sues After He Receives Duty Order (Discharged 13 Yrs Ago)

US tax amnesty will take billions out of Ireland

WP: For the President, a Vote of Full Faith and Credit

Defence expert says America is likely to ignore treaty ban

Iraqi rebels invite media to "embed" in Falluja

Nader requests NH vote recount. (Did we just make a huge blunder?)

Bush Stands by Rejection of Kyoto Treaty

Ukrainians protest alleged election fraud

WP: Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy

Iran wins key backing from China in nuclear stand-off

Attack on U.S. Marine Convoy Wounds 14 in Iraq

Blair's call to accept Bush scorned by Chirac

Voting Problems in Ohio Set Off an Alarm

Gay community fears new era of intolerance

Hundreds take to Seattle streets for anti-war protest

Cost of fat air passengers takes off

ANALYSIS: Many Bush supporters almost voted for Kerry

Bush Prepares for Changes in Programs and Cabinet (the Cheney Tax Plan)

Man Kills Self at Ground Zero

Wisconsin school district to allow theories other than evolution

LAT: Dems Map Different Strategy (Red State nominee in 2008)

UPDATE: Principal defends teacher who made abortion remarks

AFP: Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle

It's not a Chubby, its a Boner!

The man who sold the world

Anyone have a Kerry-Edwards Brochure?

"Marxist" speech on wage slavery inspired Bush?

This Sunday...

Earth Shanty

Need volunteer to get great email PIC on to DU

The DOG KNOWS the truth!


Good doggie!

You know what I miss most since becoming single?

Name for GD:Name to be announced later

Is anybody else looking forward to seeing the SpongeBob

Anyone ever hear of "Project Object"?

this means 4 more years of O'Rielly ?

Should I open a Flemish restaraunt in Cambodia?

"I see Dumb People Everywhere"

Anti Bush Music in Tony Hawks Underground 2

Where does Bush get his Porn?

A friend insists that Al Franken's show isn't going to be on Sundance

I had a great time out tonight---ask me anything!

Anyone going to see Maureen Dowd this morning to join in on the hate?

Did they give Frankie Muniz the Gary Coleman juice?

"The People Have Spoken....Those BASTARDS!"


I see a bad moon rising

with this post, I am leaving the 700 club

You know how to whistle, don't you Steve,

My husband wants us to only speak German in public .....

Terry Francona on Conan - Damon does pull ups 'naked in the lockeroom'?

rock-on! a kick-ass year of live music in st. pete.

couple of thoughts out to universe please -- sick cat

I just made my wife breakfast in bed...

I'm so freaking tired.

Who will the Bush Crime Family prop up in 2008?

What a...extremely silly commercial I just saw.

Does anyone have the United States of Texas map with Baja Canada

Christmas gifts will be bought from Blue States only this year

Morning, all. How are you doing?

Does anyone have the "Oceantopia" map?

For Sale: 1919 Original Babe Ruth Sale Contract

The 2006 "Baby Hummer" H3: "trying to sell a car based on what it isn't"

"my" kitties have a permanent home -

Always with the negative waves, man!

Who scares you more than OBL?

I'm a negative creep! I'm a negative creep! I'm a negative creep & I'm..

Kermit and friends get US stamps

I want information about your playlist!!!

Anyone see tonight's "Real Time with Bill Maher"?

I killed five bottles of Hard Cider last night.....

Mexicans back gun-toting priest

Hey look! Another Fark Thread!


Daylight again, following me to bed

any black magnets/ribbons/protest bracelets being sold somewhere yet?

How Idealistic am I?

Anyone here have a crush on a DUer that they can't discuss..

There is no way I'll remove my: BU** SH** bumper sticker

Aw, Damn! Sundance canceled Al Franken!

Read a Book, Get Oral Sex?

You can't camel-flog a big pile of turd, or maybe you can...

New presidential pal prepares a move into the White House

Question for PC gamers out there..!!!

Do you know the difference between a pessimist and an optimist?

What will Phil Parlock try in the 2008 elections?

Music to be pissed to

Afghan tough guys swap guns for gym

Has anyone bought Railroad Tycoon 3 (PC Video Game)?

You knew it would happen...No Baseball in DC!!!

How old were you when 10 pm ceased to be "early?"

any other L.R.Y.ers out there ?

Star Wars 3 Trailer

Anyone still have their Kerry bumper sticker on their car?

Why is caviar tasty?

Miniature Puppy Pictures. Yes, they're real!

REPUBLICAN lawyer's association?

Iron Chef!!!!!

And then they voted

Bulgaria Strikes Gold in Search for Ancient Thracians

An update on my neighbor's massive 3+week-long bonfire

Saturday Musical Inspiration

What kind of people do the humpty-hump?

Post 400 - Ask me something, anything....

The Blue state vs. Red state football thread

I Support Feral Cats And Their Lifestyle.

Attention Blue Staters

I Can't WAIT For January 20!

Visit "MoveLeft Media"

You can't camouflage a big pile of turd but you can CAPTION it

My Republican friend didn't vote for Bush!

I support Feral Mike and his lifestyle

I'm listening to The Sonics - anyone else into them?

computer oddity: Turn off God's Link to the Lost

I support Mike Farrell and his lifestyle

Greatest American Entertainer of the 20th Century

PROTEST on December 14th to demand that Bush isn't sworn in

Remember the Daily Mirror's cover story last week? Here's a reaction:

6 months on the job - a fat 10% raise yesterday!!!

Nature's first green is gold,


Jesusland Investment Opportunities.

Free to good home disgusted Texan

Which one of these stickers should I NOT put on my car?

If * and his minions and Generals in Iraq represent....

Men are like hotdgs because...

Iraqi AahaaaaaaaaRMY training SIR!

Scandanavian War!!!!

Chile de ristra. What are they good for:?

I just a little new here.

Does anybody work for a printing company? Posters, specifically?

Red Sox make contract offer to Pedro. Will he take it?

I got bu$hit's MANDATE right here...

What are your favorite non-fiction books? (Need books to read...)

Forest, meet trees. Trees, meet forest.


I didn't feel like posting this until now....RIP Sitka

I'm listening to The Reverend Horton Heat: Space Heater

The thread that predicts headlines for Bush's 666th night in office...

One of My All-Time Favorite Movies Is On RIGHT NOW!!!!

What's for dinner tonight?

How About Halibut in Halifax for the Hell of it?

What is your absolute favorite Ronco product of all time?

Where is my avatar?

Any truth to the rumor that John Edwards is a cousin of Blake Edwards?

Did Cheney bite Arafat?

Had to talk tough to my friend last night...

I know everything about taping fat ducks.

i know everything about tapping foot tucks

I'm not moving from the Nether Regions.

Fatty fatty two by four

I'm not moving to the Netherlands

My depression is beginning to fade a bit.

I Am A DU Profile Perusing Freak....Is It Just Me?

Long time no CAPTION

Newspaper comic strips

Does This Photo of Bush Scare Anyone Else?

Cruise and a flushot

Remember the Daily Mirror's cover story last week? Here's a reaction:

College football reminds me of all the states we lost

What do you DU folks know about Howard Brinkley Kerry's "biographer"

Question for Vancouver Residents

Chinese buyer pays $257,400 Cdn for lucky mobile phone number 133-3333-333

Ted Ginn Jr. in the motherfucking house

I'm so silly today. I need a sillier smiley. -- ;-)

I did something weird to my powerbook

My Leafblower Just Snuck In And Stole DS1's STASH!!!

Touchdown, Linfield!

What do you see?

Phil Ochs

Found this great channel "Left Of Center" ...


A 5 year old OBGYN

How long before the next economic crash?

Who is the least moral in the following list?

I want to put a bullet in the next DU'er who leafs up a flamethrower

Something strange happened to me last night

Anyone Else Wear a Yellow 'LIVE STRONG' Bracelet?

Computer gone beserk: WAV files mysteriously converted to MP3

Congratulations, gay and lesbian Canadians!

Supporting Blue States when shopping; where on-line?

GAG me! MSNBC--G. Bush in the Father's Footsteps documentary

John Gibson on FOX News - does he chime in topics of morality?

Eminem Has Security Mom Drop Off Friends for Funky Fresh Sleepover

Princeton 6 Rutgers4____!!!!! 135 years ago today


Was Nebraska a red state?

Coffee 'n' pancakes, anyone?

even in darkness, there appears to be some good

Iron Chef America..begins in January

In light of "the other site" going down...anyone want to help me ?

Should I throw out some troll bait in GD?

The top 10 best and worst things about college football

I wanna be social tonight. WHere's a good place to go?

Something's wrong. There's serious threads in the Lounge!

Anybody see Joss Stone on Austin City Limits?

To all the whine thinkers

I just recompiled my operating system

Completely commercial vanity post... my website is up!

What you say!!

To all the wine drinkers g33k friend just rewrote an OS

Are you SERIOUS?!

Eminem Has Bodyguard Drop Off Ballot

The only man date Bush will ever have is with Victor Ashe!

what banks use Diebold ATMs?

How can I burn a CD-R so that it autoplays an html file? nt

Sisters- and brothers-in-arms from the Vietnam War ...

Legatrin PM?

Mods Someone is editing my messages

The God-awful verion of "God Bless America" on AAR

Woke up with a scratchy throat. :( Anyone else?

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I need some stats for my Economics class "Repug. vs Dems" Crime rate

We need to declare war on Finland!

To all wine guzzlers.

Most painful earworm ever ( sucks)

Troll in GD check it out

A letter to my Mother: Dear Mom, I am a believer in exlie.

Do not reply to emails from freepers

anyone here visited Bolivia ?

I like to piss people off

Living the American Canada

what's your favorite George W. double-entendre?

The official "I hope my kid grows up to be a teen like Kleeb"! Thread

Just smoked my very last cigarette

The official kleeb wishes he knew Russian and Gaelic thread

Taking an extremely extended net break

Vive l'Afrique! List your shout-outs to the culture of Africa here

Gotta admit, I will not miss my "I voted" avatar


Today we salute you Mr. George Bush voter.


WTF is going on in NYC tonight?

Help! Need a citation regarding rising abortion rates during *'s tenure.

Are y'all still typing WWW for web sites? Quit it.

Things I regret not doing... Kinda

Next time, can we get someone better than 'P. Diddy' to GOTV?

Bush... Your an asshole, singalong and flash video

well never mind then

Official Saturday night COPS thread. It's taser night!

It's Saturday night and time for THE SOUL EXPRESS!

Is this a bad time to stop sniffing glue?

Ok, something I've always wondered about...

I need a hug

For all the people who want to move out of America now....WHY?

If you can stand on one leg...

ARGH! Local baptist church in my neighborhood with loudspeakers!

American Idiot

Bush says he can do what he wants now because he has a Mandingo

"Weird Travels" has to be my favorite program on tv.

The Incredibles

Don Knotts as Dubya

"Cheaper by the Dozen" is on HBO right now. I'd change the channel, BUT...

Al Dente says my yak has a NyQuil problem!

Bitter legacy of a flawed leader-Guardian

What is your best ground score?

Dylanís "Love Minus Zero / No Limit"

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

So I saw Saw.

ANYONE out there ever heard of a HonYok!?

Yay! My fire extinguisher still works! Er, worked.

Got it bad...

Terminal Preppie

I am open minded!!

Oh Lordie - My First Ever Attempt at Southern Fried Chicken

Al Dente says Kleeb fed my Nyquil to Zomby's yak!

As a post-election goodwill gesture, I've cleared my "Ignore" list.

Obscure music, huh?

The strange but light hearted :What does your pet smell like?

Has anyone seen this cover of the UK Daily Mirror?

GLBT DUers-How long have you been in your current relationship?

Marriage is a sacred institution...!

Anyone leaving OUR country because of the election better see me first!!

I want one of those Magic Bullet things...

cool pic thread

Al Dente says no name needed fed my Nyquil to Zomby's yak!

Never Fucking Mind

Going to be in Boulder, CO over Thanksgiving, list some activities

Anyone here familiar with Lowe's employment practices? Advice pls

*Spoiler question* i didnt get to see the end of Ray

National Museum Of The Middle Class Opens in Schamburg, IL.

Jesus was a Terrorist

Hail to the Chief

Mind Never Fucking

Shoot me now

The strange but light hearted :What does your pot smell like?

Okay, ya rahit bastids.... it's time for

Here's a picture for those of you who love cats and dogs:

Favorite Southern book, tv, movie characters or historical figures

Look a winged gold ship is passing my way

Worst occupation in the US...what do you think and why?

* with halo sighting...........

What are some of the characteristics of a human Alpha female?

Geeze, leave for a week and

Some rat bastard stole my politcal capital!

Going to see "The Incredibles" today

I'm dumping my right hand of 21 years.

Will dump avatars for cash.........

I just dumped my avatar of 18 months because of Kleeb's girlfriend

Some political bastard stole my rat capital

I like those Mountain Goats, and this is one reason why:

Hallelujah, Iím a Bum!

So THAT'S how they did it. Not gay marriage. Not "security moms."

Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers' in pictures

How many people currently in a relationship are "happy"

You know your Flemish when you know......

Hey Brother Christian with your high and mighty errand,

It HAS all been a crazy dream...Dean Wins Presidency

NyQuil is going to KILL this fucking COLD

Ok, who stole my cherry?!

Someone stole my "moral compass"

Modern Geography

Cancer Patient Catches ID Thief

In Oklahoma Dr. Who is Wearing a Stole and Drinking my Bloody Mary!

GLBT DU'ers - How's the weather?

Who is the most underrated actor, writer, show?

Black Box Voting and Men in Black

Does this site need a mandating forum?

I had to do it, and now I feel sick...

Ok who stole my mary?

I miss the "nuthouse" movie genre.

I know, Bush won, GOP won, but...

can scratches on eyeglasses be fixed?

Saturday night drink thread

To all my Gay Brethren let's do one for the gipper!

Is there any place I can watch the new Star Wars Trailer?

You know you're truly British when...

To the freep who put the Larry McMurtry book in front of Al Franken's book

Any Gay DUer's here from the Miami Area?

I want to put a bullet in the next MF'er that fires up a leafblower.

What Bush going to do my Social Security

This is Spinal Tap Playing on IFC !!!

Tony Danza did something horrible to a gay pastor!

I need a spanking can I get a volunteer?

I'm changing dorms because my GF of 18 months put me on ignore

I know everything about Donald Duck

The halftime show between the Trojans and the Beavers...

Tony Danza

I did something horrible

I've Got 24,970 Posts (including this one) - Ask Me Anything


How many bulls eyes must I carry?

My New Church Has A Gay Pastor...ASK ME ANYTHING!

I'm changing dorms because of the election

"Mars", live, by King Crimson. Take that, Destiny's Talentless Child!

The world is going to Hell in a hand basket (as my Mom use to

I know what the upside-down American flag means,

My GF of 18 months dumped me because of

As a post-election illwill gesture, I've put all of you on ignore

A New DU Trend: Upside Down American Flag Avatars?

I mailed crabcakes to Kerry during the convention...

I remember when there was . . . .

Gotta love New Hampshire: 6-pack+pack of cigs+ newspeper = $7

Ahh....Nothing Like Watching Gay Movies!

Why are you a Dem? Do you have a history?

"Dirty Dancing" is a lousy movie BUT it's a GREAT Populist film.

There is no God...

What do you do when you're out of underwear?

Does this site need a dating forum?

I just wanna say one thing. Just two little words before I hit post...

I need a "What are you listening to right now?" thread.

Oh, shit, Ralph Nader just did a walk-on on SNL!

So... Italy is looking more and more promising. I'm so dejected and

Farkin' AY! I got my wireless network to work

Steelers v. Eagles, Who's Gonna Win

Protest At My College

I went back to my previous avatar.

I have the flu.

Annual Joke Show-PHC.

1970s soul, 2000s soul...


anything me ask, dyslexic am I?

I just had a confrontation with the U.S. Army

DU post tricks I never figured out:

Clinton, Clark, Kerry or Edwards in 08? Who do you like?

I have just figured out why so many Duer's are anal retentive

Which old movies and movie stars do you like.

Please welcome son of MuseRider

jukes is due for a change

I lost a friend because i said i didn't want him to call me drunk anymore

What's that smell coming out of your kitchen?

We need to fake out the Fundies with a Jim Jones-type event they go to

GOD BLESS AMERICA!................

Al Gore In 2008

We have two choices : We can roll over OR we can fight back.



Protest Harry Reid Being Our Next Leader

Post your prayers or good wishes for all those soldiers who will

Why not elect John Kerry to be the Senate leader?

Breaking it Down: Moderate/Bold Progressive? Be like Rove?

Would you rather win wearing a mask or lose on principle?

Encouragement from Michael Moore

Here is a idea: Election night polling Reform!

Until we step up and somehow take BBV away from them...

Time for Du'ers to have a slap in the face and wake up

Thick, highly reflective tinfoil needed...

List of Democratic vs Republican Donors by percentage

How can the people prevent or minimize the damage that Bush will do?

A message for Bill O' Reilly.

Democrats and Progressives alike: Don't Fucking Change.

The "language war" starts here

bush WON ELECTION ON VALUES!!! (read this FIRST before ya flame me!)

MSNBC reported Diebold was getting sued

suggested name for this forum . . .

The Opposition Party (that's our side)

Did FReeper seventhson call Randi Rhodes with Haitian man-boobs story?

OK here is how we win 2008

where are the bill maher/real time post. tonight was the best


Why'd we lock the doors to unregistereds looking in?

To those of you who voted for Bush's "moral values" I say

Record of every county Diebold was in

bush & his rightwingnuts' revised excuse for Iraq; liberate the OPPRESSED

Important name STUDIED DIEBOLD CODE Aviel D. Rubin all DU'ers

Screw the Jesus Freaks!

am I a bigot because I hate the bornagainazis?

Teacher's politics disturbs students

Ohio Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Votes

Evidence of a Second Bush Coup?

Poll favors Hillary vs. Rudy for 2008

Watched MSNBC today - 1st time since black tuesday.

Got 4 good ideas on Taking it Back and helping BBV


The Last Battle!

20 US soldiers wounded ....yup... turning into quite a quagmire

Investigating Election Fraud & Refining The Democratic Message Aren't

you christians had better try to control your crazy brothers & sisters

I assume we've all read this by now

One of the worst results of election fraud

Kerry lost because he was a lousy candidate - not cause of liberal issues

Gay Activists in Shock (about half-way down the page)

Leadership vacuum

My one thousandth post...

The last six weeks of the Kerry campaign was fantastic. Couldn't have been

Advice - forget 2008, focus on 2006

Bush to Democrats: You Vill Pe "Pi-Partizan" or Eltz!


New rule for the Democratic party

"Faces of Faith" - new feature on CNN?

map of the youth vote (encouraging!)

"Values" is a diversion from Bush's lying

My possible candidate for VP in '08 Kathleen Sebilius of KS

Want our country back? THREE things:

what about Bush and civil unions?

Exit Polls vs. the Actuals: Who do you believe-CNN or your lying eyes?

Edwards-Obama in 2008

We need to reclaim Revolutionary history

Should we force THEIR hands on unpalatable issues?

Godless Baby-killing Faggots and Whores

another opinion on what needs to be done-

What's the deal with the media? Kerry did NOT support gay marriage!!!

Nixon won in 1972 by a far greater margin, but lost everything.....

FAIR: New York Times Killed "Bush Bulge" Story

Ordinary gods-fearing midwestern folk ought not to hate us.


Would this Fallujah killing be happening if the Giggling Murderer lost?

HaHaHa check out the RMN pic of gwb and the LTTE's about it.

Picking a candidate for '08

Just when I thought I was done crying...

Fallujah Death Toll to 'Rival Those Seen in Vietnam War'

Let's organize a Protest on December 14th for the illegal swearing in of *

SCREW 08 LETS GET THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget about '08, it's '12!

The Untapped Demo: Those who didn't vote at all!

The repugs are such HYPOCRITS!

Dirt CAN'T vote people!!!!!!!

To everyone crying for a southerner in 2008

I just emailed the John Kerry for President Website.

Bush is Crazy

This map is a mind-blower

E-Voting Machines has a Halliburton/Cheney connection

What is Voter News Service (VNS)?

Mark Warner '08 People Check In Here

Is it OK to piss off the undecided yet? Or should we wait more?

I want the Abu Graib photos the Senate has

I just have a feeling that Kerry and team are fighting as we speak.

A fool-proof way to win every time

Last 3 days, DFA and progressives are booming.

What I wrote to a pro Bush columnist up here.

Look! Beheadings are all the rage! Thank you Giggling Murderer!!!


Epiphany: Arlen Specter is the Colonel Cathcart of Bush's Army.

Ickes rumored for DNC head job

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000, More Votes Than Voters

Extra!! Extra!!! Extra!!!!!

The New Dem Governor of West Virginia!

Where is Kerry now over voter fraud???

We must scream with one unified message: VOTER FRAUD!

Republicans Don't Even Know Their OWN Kind.

We are the majority, we will restore DEMOCRACY to the US

OBL Tape...Is it just me, or has talk of OBL and his new tape...

Holy shit, read this and please tell me these numbers aren't correct

interesting information for DU members

Christian Righties are furious at Arlen Specter

New strategies needed--Bush's Bad Behavior is no secret.

The senate losses show why it wouldn't matter who the nominee was

Did George W. Bush Win This Election or Steal This Election?

Ultimate Tinfoil: Never mind!

Have a website? Post links against BBV.

I think if the Dems were NOT pro-choice, then we would've won.

On the bright side: I think people see through the media BS.

DU referenced on

Strategy: How did we win seats in 1998?

Does Anyone Honestly Believe That If Rudy Guiliani Was The GOP Nominee...

Okay. Stop everything, and click on this link. Enjoy!

A must Read for ALL!

Looks like somebody already made a Mark Warner blog

Our Salvation: Springer in '08!

The face of evil!

Folks, we may want to consider asking Nader and Badnarik to request

Someone posted about starving the beast

Letter to all red state residents

Anyone know where the shaded results map is?

Good Discussion Of Election 04 On C-Span Now

Am I the only one who is tired of the "We need a Southerner

Where can I get county by county vote tallies for Florida 2000?

Real ideas for 2008 (people that can win)

Did BOB SHRUM Lose This Campaign?!

How do we make our congressmen & senators stick up for us?

Ideas - what can be done about hate radio

Fighting Back with our Dollars

My girlfriend tells me CNN's about to do a spot on liberals leaving

Caption This Photo of Bush.

Should Democratic leadership come out unequivocally against the Iraq

IMPORTANT: Did Warren County, Ohio, use electronic voting machines?

I just got an email from Terry asking what the DNC 's next step should be

Are any "close election" Repuke e-voting losers who have vocalized

I believe a lot of people have forgotten a KEY point about Kerry

Maybe it's time for the Democratic Party's "Barry Goldwater Moment".

All our arguments: is it just entertainment really?

We Need To STOP Being Terrified To PISS OFF Republicans!

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

How to fight the Xtian Conservatives -use their own "morals" against them.

If you believe this election was stolen then select the upside down flag

"I hear you! The world hears you! And soon whoever knocked these towers...

I suggest everyone here that is bitching about red states move to FL

Disgusted WTF on voter repression and fraud

Dean to speak at Dartmouth tomorrow evening.

Flogging a corpse

Can We Finally Retire Bob Shrum?

Do you want to kick the Elephant's ass in the future? Here's how we do it

BLUE STATE Bumper Stickers and stuff

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked

Back-stabbing Democratic Leaders

New Language (Memes) for Democrats: re the "package," not the policy...

I finally realized who's got to go

Please give me your thoughts on this concept.

U,S, News and World Report: Hillary begins 2008 preperations

It's not 'over'. We weren't 'destroyed'.

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

I'm confused about bush's "popular vote" count...

Dr. King would be sad

North vs. South part Deux

My feedback to DROP DEAD!

Commondreams is about as reliable as Newsmax

James Wolcott Blog. He has the slogan for 2008

I wouldn't be surprised to see a "rabbit" or two in the next 6 months

is this the solution?

I'd like to apologize to this board....

We need a competing moral message

Bush's great unmasking.

Somethin's happenin' here - what it is ain't exactly clear

Why Can't We Smear the GOP with Alabama?

Who is David Keith Cobb?

Think of this as a game of chess

Has anyone considered that Hillary hasn't said...

Garrison Keillor: we need const'l amendment banning born-again Christians

Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, US Military Says

Sunnis ARE the majority in Iraq.

2006 Virginia Senate Preview: Gov. Mark Warner (D) v Sen. George Allen (R)

folks, it's time to let the republicans have the jesus vote.

I was really looking forward to having John Kerry as my president.


Tell me how any candidate can beat Hillary to the nomination if she runs

Letter to the Media requesting Fla. vote Fraud Investigation

Was listening to ATC earlier..

Forget christian, Southern, hawkish. WE NEED DUMB.

Bush is responsible for this, WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES!!

A terrible realization re Repub strategy. Thoughts appreciated.

John Edwards should be new DNC Chair

The election fraud issue is going to burst on the scene within a week?

It's time to do freedom rides in America again

Binary Hillary Clinton Poll

The Coming Indictment of Dick Cheney and the Neo-Cons

It's not time to move center, left or right. It's not time for changing

Anyone who says give up on the South, look at the county by county map

Harry Reid is ANTI-CHOICE?!?!?! This is our future Senate Minority Leader?

BBV theories distract us from the real problems with the party

6-Second Poll: Iraqi Insurgents

We should have attacked bush's christianity

Is America Ready For An African American President?

you know bush, and his boy's think the next 4 years they are going

Leave, Be little cowards. Leave this country?

Should I kick this fundies ass?

About that war........

OMG They Murdered the Inventor of TruVote

OUR Divide over so-called Moral Issues...

An open letter to Hillary Clinton.

Still don't believe they stole it? Look here

**Contribute : Democratic Values**

People - you are falling into their trap with this "MORALS" crap.

Whose vote did YOU cancel on election night?

Anti-Specter Prayer Vigil in Frist's Office

Bush's Confederate America (photo heavy)

Kerry campaign called off the lawyers.

Donna Brazille for head of DNC

Thoughts after leaving a Call To Action on the Election

Let's ban all states where the Kerry vote wasn't 100%, even the blue ones.

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

LET'S WIN the Gay Marriage Debate!

World Opinion: Christian=Mean Spirited Idiots

Kerry aside, how would you grade the campaign itself. I give it a D-

Our party did not speak against the war, so the right wing is.

Calling all DUers in Red States! Visit a "born again" church tomorrow!

John Kerry won more votes than Bill Clinton ever did

Do you think Bush is a closet Gay?

Here we Go, Florida Democrat Goes to the FBI

We've lost our way as a party.

In this thread we post all the evidence of vote fraud.

Born-again Xian tells Jerry Falwell: "You're more evil than any liberal"

So tell me...As a gay male, is the Democratic party still my party?

Anybody Know Anything About karl rove's Personal Life?