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Archives: November 28, 2004

MoDo's siblings are freepers: "Blood Is Thicker Than Gravy"

Mr. Cranky's Culture War

Inside Fallujah's War

NYT: Electronic Voting 1.0, and No Time to Upgrade

Nostalgic for dissent

Afghanistan's super success story

Molly Ivins: A few political developments

Civic duty / Santorum has the same obligations as other citizens

Blackwell Blocks Poll books

"Graduating to War in Iraq"

Neocons join the lynch mob for ‘arrogant’ Rumsfeld

Bush's REAL Reason For a Faux Friendly Visit to Canada..Its The OIL!!

China has foothold in Latin America

I believe this is a brilliant essay by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

AMERICAS: U.S. Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk

Great Denver Post Article on Media Blackout re Election Fraud

U.S. incapable of turning Iran into another Iraq: defense minister

The maggoty hankering for easy money truly drives Bushist militarism

I think John Negroponte is in charge of U.S. policy in Iraq. . .

In the Gonzales Debate, Identity Politics Meets the Right Wing

Alabama voters refuse to repeal segregation laws

BOONDOCKS Comic Editorial on Voter Fraud TODAY -

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds

Kerry and the gift of impunity

50% of Iraqi Police have Deserted

Do We Hate Jews and Christians?

Newsweek: Rove Unleashed (plans for a permanent GOP majority)

Newsweek for Dec 6th will address election fraud

WP,pg1: Was Nov. 2 Realignment -- Or a Tilt?

Frank-ly speaking - Kerry blew election by not going negative

'We had the same pain' (Gypsies and the Holocaust)

Wal-Mart's free ride (taxpayer subsidies)

"Best of Bellaciao’s Vote Fraud Links"

Kerry Hasn't Earned Right To Run In 2008

When it comes to defining liberals, count me as one

Ohio Rallies: Happening this week!

Wal-Mart boycott: Need more reasons?

NYC: November 30 International Solidarity in the Age of Outsourcing

Here's one way to fight the right wing

DC Protest on Inauguration Day 1/20/05

NYC Indian Delegation to speak on outsourcing

UAW - Miller Lite advertising partnership for a Unionized Brewer

As The End Approaches For Oil & Gas, Trinidad Looks For Alternatives

Volcano Ramps Up Activity On PNG Island Of Manam - Reuters

UNEP/WHO - 2.5 Million In Asia Die Each Year From Environmental Problems

Nearly Half Of Original Amazon Forest Already Logged/Mined/Occupied

Asia Faces Living Nightmare From Climate Change

ExxonMobil-backed Think Tank Pronounces Climate Change A "Myth"

Grim Projections For Asian Climate Breakdown - Reuters

Asbestos Settlement Fund Closer To Passage In Early 05 - SacBee

Why my family are fighting for justice - 20 years on (Bhopal)

Wow!! 8 Arctic Council Nations Agree Rapid Climate Change A Problem!!

Brazil Wants To "Ease Tensions" By Opening Indian Reserves To Mining

Oil via Nuke power plant in Canada's Alberta Tar Sands- maybe w/ hydrogen!

cheaper/near silent/bird friendly 100kw Russian Wind Turbines for Mass?

Sir Edmund blasts US road to pole

Irradiating CFC's in aqueous environments destroys them.

Anyone have current figures on coalition troop levels?

On our Marine under fire in Fallujah:

Another anti gun website by those dam Democrats!

Which of these negatively impacts US society more

More victims of the war on drugs and gun control

I just want to say thank you to the gun nuts,


You guys are fanatastic!


How can we best organize and support protests

What is your opinion

I just want to thank you all for your hard work and for keeping

Did my husband miss the name-change amnesty deadline?

I hope DU met the goal of the fund drive.

Thanks for deleting my thread in GD.

DU photography group.

Submitting for admin approval: DU Group - Classical Music

Proposal: DU Student Group

How many DU members have posted at least once in 2004? NT

What's the difference between GD and GD:Politics?

Keeping the RSS feed online

Question about newbies and PMs

"recursively search all children forums"?

Group proposal: dean/Clark alliance

Humor Forum (or Group even)

Iran group canvasses for suicide attacks on Israel

Bush and Sharon after Arafat

Israel's Home Destruction

Arabs: Israel does not want peace

Wayne Madsen sent me an email about his fraud's what he says

How did Kerry win independents in Florida by 18% and lose by

Need to get out letters to Senators for vote recounts

The WP gives prominence to an odd correction for Exit Poll article

"Moral Values" is a myth!

Voting Machines Count Backwards in Oklahoma

What if vote counts were skewed?

The thing to remember about recounts

Boondocks' Aaron McGruder Takes On Voter Fraud in Today's Comics

San Francisco Chronicle front page story

Ukraine cares more about democracy than America..

What's Up With Donna Brazile?

We have to start looking in California and Texas, in addition to Ohio &Fla

Randi Rhodes said "It's Over" ??

Will there be a recount in Ohio?

Will Jesse Jackson's speech in Ohio today be shown anywhere??

Important! Election Fraud summary and actions

Four Billion Dollars

The exit polls WERE adjusted to the election results

Not sure if this is a dupe....but found it today

Gahanna 4,000 ghost votes went to Bush/Top 10 donor to Blackwell

Olbermann Interview in New York Observer

If Bush and Cheney are impeached next year will Kerry become President?

Kerry's Silence Indicates Complicity With Vote Fraud

GAO investigating widespread malfeasance by Ohio Election Officers

Ashcroft Sending Poll Watchers to Mississippi (and other states)

New CNN-USA Today-Gallop poll. Bush mandate? 63% say NO.

Has Jimmy Carter Weighed-In Yet?

Military vote tallies... anyone?

This is a FIGHT for DEMOCRACY! If you are in then STAND UP!

Anyone remember the already voted story? and showing up dead?

JK Supports Investigation Jesse Jackson Why isn't this Front Page News??

ANY news on Ohio protest with JJ??

Paper Ballots in Legal Tangle (lockout of poll watchers New Mexico)

Working on Nevada - Help Please

Be very careful reporting---The Free Press article is WRONG!!!

Laura Flanders...Ohio Protests...TODAY, Within the hour!

Anyone read these books on the B*u*sh Dynasty?

Coolest election maps ever....check this out.

Just got back from a three day trip...

"Best of Bellaciao’s Vote Fraud Links"

Wayne Madsen will be on radio Today! Listen online.

Olbermann & Madsen are talking -- KO may change his tune.



Important and just remembered a clear fact that most have forgotten

What's your local paper reporting on election fraud?

Moderated thread for posts for Mr. Madsen?

Question for researchers on Oklahoma - Tulsa World results

Anyone else have a song that's helping them deal with this mess?

Some good ohio data

CNN mentions Jesse Jackson and the vote fraud issue

New Mexico Dem Supreme court 30,000 more votes than Kerry

need help on writing media on latest vote fraud developments

"...and together we are going to change history." Well, Sen Kerry....

Ohio Rallies-They are happening this week!!!

HUGE OH 4 county discrep betw Kerry + Connally

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

Reality Check: Ballots were fixed as well.... poll books and polling tapes

Jackson questions Ohio election tally And he responds to reporter about JK

Siphoning Votes from Democrats to Third Party Candidates

Please don't feed the trolls!

TESTIFY about the AMAZING people's campaign for Kerry!

Donate to Greg Palast to investigate 2004 election and get cd-gift.

Since they let the Miami Herald hand count the votes in 3 FL counties

My response from Barney Frank RE: Election Fraud

Denver local Fox station reported on Jesse Jackson in Ohio!

In New Mexico the Democrat Judges....


Notes from Jackson press conference

Blackwell Denies Public Access to Poll Books in Trumbull County

Will the Shite fly Monday? Tuesday?

Need news links

A Response to "You Lost get over it"

Where's Michael Moore?!?!?! Just heard filmaker who's with Bev saying

Ha Ha Ha Their petition vs Our petition

Jesse Jackson Latest News as of 11/28/04 at 7:10pm CST

Kerry "Followed the Money" Before, Can Do It Again ( Madsen scoop)

Links for California election results

"Prima Facie" evidence of Ohio election fraud -- Pacifica Radio

Bingo! "Prima Facie" for New Mexico

CUYAHOGA COUNTY: MASSIVE Punchcard machine outages

Vote fraud in Oklahoma? CORRECTION

HELP! I think I just found proof of fraud in Oklahoma! (please read)


Columbus, Ohio rally- Stand up for Democracy NOW!!!!!

Ohio: distribution of voting machines by race

Q&A w/ Wayne Madsen on Vote Rigging here on DU!

*******DU VOTE FRAUD WORK TEAM needs your help:***********

Visitor from the other coast....

Monday is when we are calling Feinstein and Boxer to filibuster Gonzales

We need a L.A DUer meet up.

ironic letter in Minneapolis Star Tribune re election

My heart just skipped a beat

Rush Limbaugh calls Detroit "New Fallujah"

HELP! To much security!


How to remove Real Player10?

Vo Recount Help needed - I'll be there

Is anyone looking at Texas election totals?

Dean has the right idea for taking back Texas

Wal-Mart's free ride (Wisconsin and federal subsidies)

goodnight all,

Japanese Cuisine

Robert Novak is at it again-Video Clip

If there really is a "rapture, its already happened - we're living in hell

US Dead Now Over 10,000


And we call muslim extremists terrorists from the dark ages...

Seriously Mississppi is bad but Alabama is so much worse

2 books that will teach and scare you about the mandate

Ohio recount petition

My email to the Dutch Foreign Minister Dr. Bernard Rudolf Bot

I talked to my fundie biological mom for the first time since the election

Were getting there!!!!!

Buying Union-made Products

Ambassador....Don King?

Arrogance returns...(SacBee).. (trouble in paradise?)

whats similarity between Jihadist and Crusader?

Kinsley, WP op-ed: Why are some ideological opinions called "values"?

assassination attempt on US President George W Bush

Bush administration’s drug war in Afghanistan is a bust

The Smoking Gun of Aids

what HMOs will not be covering abortion procedures?

Bin Laden killed? All on a sudden Pakistan's Musharraf stops searching

The Fundamentalist Right: an oxymoron

Why I Now Oppose The Salvation Army

This should be your #1 question to all repukes:

Sign I am going to put in my yard in place of the Christmas Decorations

Times Reporter Michael Ware Tells Aaron Brown The Truth About Iraq

LAT ed., Chipping Away at Roe v Wade: "reproductive choice fading fast"

Canadian DUers: Would you support E.U. membership if it was possible?

Important article about Fallujah

"Rev" Falwell on the conservative gay Republican creator

Meet the Press and the 9/11 commission chairmen discussing

Afghan success beyond wildest dreams

So I was listening to the radio the day after Thanksgiving...

Only about 5,000 - 8,000 tigers left in the wild.

Pell Grants Cut Back! So much for the education promise.

Bernie Ward on Americans "claiming to be Christians"

Colorado election totals look "funny"

This Could Be Bad News - I checked out my site name on

Need a plan to organize/support Protests

Second-hand information from Kiev

Okay, I finally understand why Elvis put a bullet through a TV set.

Demand Swells For Rural WA Food Banks

phone conversations

Sermon #1

China Coal Mine Deaths...Just Like the Good 'Ol Days in the USA...

Watching the movie "Pleasantville", the Republicans will not prevail!!

What American Sheeple Believe website

Finally! Solid Proof of Election Theft

Good Sunday AM Political Show Starting Now On KPFA

Is there a "law" or "legal advice" forum?

What is it that the hippie's did right? Remember this question?

Quotes on war

I tried to join the airguard in '78, am I still grabbable?

Just read this posted on BartCop

U.S. Sends in Secret Weapon: Saddam's Old Commandos

Why didn't Russert include women in his "moral values" debate?

Newsweek's Zakaria: Rejecting the Next Bill Gates

Madsen sent me an email about fraud article..Here's what it said

Today's "Meet the Press "Video Review

I blame the media and we are doomed if things do not change

Rep. Jeff Flake flakes out in Arizona and decides to run again

Boondocks breaking down the rigged election, comic style

Great MTP, when will it re-air?

Let's put the color back in to W's "Pleasantville"

Ironic? Fighting the re-draft of Servicemen who suffered through Vietnam

So those pro-tort reform docs that supported the weed . . .

Stop the War Week: Dec. 3-11

Is the Bush version of morality actually non Christian?.

Where do we stand on immigration?

Al Gore working on his next speech ??

Picketers Armed With Knives, Bats and Clubs Arrested at OH Aluminum Plant

Calling all Sensitives, Psychics, Pagans, and Believers!

Why would Madsen divulge so much information like the following

It's pouring rain,getting dark,and I love it!------

Negroponte in Fallujah with Khaki Body Armour and Mercs to Protect Him

Radicals: How are you taking Bush's re-(s)election?

"Nationalism: A state of mind in which one hates another's country

You are excellent map of why the Democrats are failing...

Anti-US Prostests In Turkey and Indonesia! Includes Crispy bush*!

We have to slap these people down!!!

Former Secretary Robert Reich says buy big this Xmas & then ...

42% of Israelis believe God created man

Bush and DeLay are on a mission from god according to freeps

Ohio recount efforts and information


Where can Jesse Jackson's rally be seen or heard if one is not

Give gold for Xmas

Neocons join the lynch mob for ‘arrogant’ Rumsfeld

Bush Rules Out US Role at Global Conference on Land Mines

57 Supporters of US, Murdered in Mosul Over The Last 10 Days!

More signs of the economic "End Times".

Has anyone announced their candidacy in Iraq?

Warnings warnings and no one listens....

Liberals need to instill a good dose of "libertarianism" back into .....

Let's set the record straight: Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts are democrats

Funny how this admin can see the plank in Ukraine's eye - but

"Today's Front Pages" This is nice.

Ok, if life begins at conception (and I believe it does) it certainly

As this is the season of spending --- try a reverse boycott

Russians suggest foreign help in attack

DU Apparell poll, what do we wear?

I just owned a rethuglican!

Does anyone know anything about the pro-West opposition party in Ukraine?

Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution

Reminder: Refer to Robertson and Falwell as radical clerics.

Can someone tell me (prescription cost info)

So when does the bank break? Cheney: "Deficits don't matter"

Where do the Karma Police keep their money?

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song ?

What do you think about this article? Psychologist: Ohio recount relieves

Boycotting Christmas buying. (Not intentional)

Why is it already tomorrow?

Anybody See 'Hotel Berlin'?

To Anyone That Has Read "My Life" by Bill Clinton

The fascists media is the real Election Fraud.

More Sorry F*ckers Who Think They Aren't Sorry...

Marching orders

$125 WalMart Gift Card sells for $127.on Ebay to a Nascar fan:

"We have only the future to look forward to, and we will work on it NOW"

What happened to the Black Power movement?

Mr. President comes to town (Ottawa) on Nov 30th ...

Information on Reducing Taxes as a Form of Political Protest?

PHOTO: Canada gets a dose of Bush-style freedom

Anatomy of a frEEPER Love Letter

Would you like a REVOLUTION with that #7?

If you are planning on leaving the country, please do us all a favor

Walmart boycotts are taking their toll

Quest For Nazi Father Shatters German Myths

Alan Colmes - pigeonhole him.

The little known history of the Fairness Doctrine, and how it changed Amer

I work with Young Republicans....all of them between the ages

Miami Herald says no fraud...

Tony Blair Fingers Bush!

I can't wait till December 26th.

Can any of Kerry's Swift Boat crewmates sue that maggot John O'Neill?

Lost Armor On The Peninsula.

Why or what does the government owe me and other Americans?

Can someone get Pig Boy of CSPAN!

Who recalls the thread from a few weeks ago "Hello my name is..."

I'm confused re Ukraine....

A very happy ending for one of DU's adopted soldiers

The Smoking Gun of Aids

Why Do We Call him Tweety?

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias proposed for the 2005 Nobel Peace

spending Thanksgiving in a red state

I suggest starting a consumer activism group.

Is it fascism yet?

Another definitive post.

*sigh* add this to the "they're screwing our economy" file:

With deference to Steven Joseph Vincent, I would like to extend his legacy

Courts first to go in right-wing revolution

something is inherently wrong with the system when a 72 y/o goes to iraq.

DU'ers-Would you like to see a Humor Forum? If so...check in!

Liberation Theology and why it is useful

Mike Malloy should be back Monday....

My message to the American Family Association

The Past, The Present. Do you remember Allison, Jeff, Sandy, and Bill?

Is the right wing ideal actually dystopia....

A question for lurking conservatives/right-wingers/freepers, etc.

Who said:

Right-wing Christians have no faith in God.

My "Meet the Press" letter about Falwell and today's show.

NED Back on the Offensive in Venezuela

We sold our house..we are on our way to Southern France.

If * Has Been Medically Found To Be Insane, Would They Tell Us?

Proof of how insane Bush is (Social Security)....

Okay, Al Sharpton

Is there any new news on Rick Santorum?

H.R. 3015 Continues War Against those Suffering From Chronic Pain. Urgent

Bush won, get over it!

Michael Moore will be on Leno tomorrow night (Nov. 29)

The China Price (decline of U.S. manufacturing)

Folks, can we PLEASE stop posting those "I'm not sorry" pictures to DU?

Get Over It?

Full, unedited transcript of Bin Laden tape

If The ALQuada Branch of the BA Popped off a small nuke here (GOD FORBID),

"...Reign of Witches..."

Nixon and 1960 \ Kerry Parallel

Protest Songs

Wayne Madsen will your questions about fraud at this thread on DU

Those who accuse fox news of being a GOP outfit have it wrong

What is the deal-killer for you in the democratic party?

Ever Wonder Why So Many Troops Die in Car Accidents in Iraq??

Three reasons to thank God Bush won (no, really...)

Has anyone else had the creepy feeling that things aren't

Please defend the Carter Doctrine

ask your repugs friends why they support state run abortion by shopping

Habits hard to break for jailed nuns...(prison mates with Martha Stewart)

Who is your least favorite Liberal pundit?

Is anyone out there like me?

What are you doing differently since the "election"?

Did The Dem Strategist Ever Reveal His/Her Identity

We Old Hippies May Have to Re-Unite for the Sake of our

Can a "real' Christian support the war in Iraq ?

Oklahoma Voting Macines Count Backwards

What would you all think of an "I told you so" type of website?

Just a Reminder- 1,235 Americans now dead in Iraqi Imperialism

Anyone planning on protesting Bush inaugaration (a.k.a. Blue Flu Day?)

"sorry, Sorry, SORRY" | The Return of the TOONs

*******DU VOTE FRAUD WORK TEAM needs your help:***********

How do you fix your trout?

Shortening = butter?

Does anyone make their own nutritious dog food?

Today I start my preperations for our Christmas tamales

Your favorite leftover turkey recipe

International Sausage Thread - what think you, and why?

How do you fix your cod?

Does anyone like the Ramen Noodles?

more info on Halifax protest

who's marching on Tuesday?

Wonderful story about Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on CBC


Seeking voices from the UK

Does the UK have gerrymandering like the US does?

Newsmax: Liberal BIGOTRY on the rise (BARF alert)

Iran, EU Agree U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Resolution

Julia Roberts Gives Birth to Twins

Iraqi Cleric's Movement Re-Energized (al Sadr)

Iran Group Canvasses for Suicide Bombers

Complete nuclear bomb plant earmarked for Libya found in South Africa

Tax-Free Bonuses Tagged Out -WP

Japan Troops May Stay in Iraq Through 2005

Maryland Gov.(R) Takes Issue With Reporters (Places Ban On 2 Reporters)

Paper Refuses Military Court's Subpoena

Another Mass Suicide Suspected in Japan

Americans Help Saddam Judges Prepare (Some Are Traffic Court Judges)

NYT: Lockheed and the Future of Warfare (scary and very $$$)

The Hill, Bush Differ on Counterterror Center

Guantanamo Review Hears Accused Militants

Re: "Taiwan Province" unneeded: Chen Sui-bien

Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.--Vote Fraud Suspected

Denver Post refuses military subpoena in Texas case

Blair Dismisses 'Climate of Fear' Accusations

When the red cross flag is seen as a terrorist target

NYT: Electronic Voting 1.0, and No Time to Upgrade

Alaska Resumes (Aerial) Wolf Hunts Over Protests

NYT: Worlds Collide in North Woods Hunting Ground(accused Hmong immigrant)

WP,pg1: Was Nov. 2 Realignment -- Or a Tilt?

Times Reporter Michael Ware Tells Aaron Brown The Truth About Iraq

New Jersey town divided over school strafing

Armed Man Steals Salvation Army Kettle

Vast Borrowing Seen in Altering Social Security (NYT)

Meet the Press and the 9/11 commission chairmen discussing

Taliban attack Afghan aid agency, kill three

Actress Redgrave Launches (Human) Rights Party - (Guantanamo Inspired)

Medical Marijuana debate goes before Supreme Court, USA

Review Finds Fla. Counties Voted for Bush

Report: FBI Finds Link Between 9/11, Madrid Bombs

Indonesians rally against Fallujah assault

LAT: U.S. Vehicles Are Behind the Curve in Skid Safety (stability control)

LAT: Stocks, Bonds Surprising in '04

Insurgency threatens Iraq election

School strafing by F16 brings changes, divides a region (Patriotism Issue)

Oil Spill Threatens Delaware River Wildlife

BBC news in crisis as axe hits 350 staff (News? ... Who needs news?)

U.S. Treasury Note Investors Grow More Bearish Before November Jobs Report

(Pakistan) President to seek more trade with S. America

Revealed: how Britain was told full coup plan

HUGE OH 4 county discrep betw Kerry + Connally

US, Spain supported anti Chavez 2002 coup.

Maryland tourism commercials featuring Ehrlich cause conflict

Poll: Most Support Justice Retirement Age (AP/Yahoo)

Street price of drugs crashes to record low (UK)

Boeing says craft is gathering data in Iraq

9/11 Chairman: Bush Should Apply Pressure

About 500 Utah Guard troops alerted for possible activation

Why are Bush I and Bush II shown with this story?

Marxist rebels plotted to kill Bush

Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Military Convoy

World biggest missilemaker shapes future Raytheon sees new form warefare

H.R. 3015 Continues War Against those Suffering From Chronic Pain. Urgent

Swiss Voters Back Stem-Cell Research

Iran 'working on secret tunnel'

U.S. Mining Giant Criticized in Indonesia (People Sickened & Fish Dying)

Police Apologize for Sending Child Porn

Afghan child dies in protest over US detentions

Romania Presidential Vote Heads to Runoff (Another Rigged Election?)

(100) Beached Whales, Dolphins Die in Australia (50 more at risk)

U.S. soldiers reflect on Fallujah

Ukraine President Calls for Blockade's End

Ukraine Opposition Ups Pressure Amid Autonomy Moves

UN Panel Proposes New Criteria for Using Force

Int'l conference calls for total landmine ban

Steelworkers flexing their muscle again

Ukriane Watches Supreme Court As Poll Crisis Deepens

Michael Jordan's Brother Deploying to Iraq

Bomb blast hits US military convoy

Philippines willing to negotiate with kidnappers in Iraq

Suspected Taliban Militants Kill Three

Iran Offers to Train Iraqi Police and Border Guards

Report: Nichols Admits Okla. Bombing Role

Schumer says proposed cargo screening rules still leave holes...

Delegates Seek Ways to Confront Warming (Kyoto Protocol)

Don't be too chummy with U.S., Manley tells PM

Fog of war - "Breaking the bank"

Inside Fallujah's war

Bush's Big Economic Pick Is Next Fed Chief

U.S. Firm on Iraq Election Date in Face of Rising Concerns

Venezuela’s Chavez arrives in Tehran

Ohio Police: Ten Armed Picketers Arrested

Ottawa prepares for anti-Bush protests...

U.S. Opposes Passport Privacy Protections (who would have Thunk it )

Mall security growing more vigilant against terrorism

Lieberman Urges Bush Press for 9/11 Bill

Iraq vote date maintained despite violence, five US forces killed

NYT: Bush's Money Men Pass the Hats One More Time

Bush 'ready to aid peace talks' (Sunday Ireland Update)

Disputed Ukraine election creates tensions between Russia and the West

Strong Quake Hits Hokkaido in Northern Japan

Jesse Jackson Comes To Ohio To Seek Recount Of Presidential Votes

Lugar Urges New Ukraine Vote; No Absentee Ballots

Tepid Start to Holiday Shopping Season

Maryland Governor Says He Intended Ban on Reporters

L.I. Clash on Immigrants Is Gaining Political Force

Flu crisis exposes large gaps in bioterrorism readiness

Ukraine Moves Closer Toward Revolt (Civil war to commence forthwith)

Dollar May Drop for Eighth Week as Central Banks Permit Slide

Poll: Blair Retains Electoral Lead

Iran strikes deal on uranium issue

King Hussein's Favoured Son Loses Claim to Jordan's Throne (New WMW)

Seventeen more bodies found in Mosul: US military (57 total!)

Iranian Sputnik Could Be Trojan Horse for Tehran Ballistic Missile Program

ABC: Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time

NBC's Ebersol survives plane crash

Rice Confirmation Hearings Postponed

Neocons join the lynch mob for ‘arrogant’ Rumsfeld

Kerry Supports Ohio Vote Investigation, Jackson says

Senate GOP Set to Go 'Nuclear' Over Judges

Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids -NYT

WP: Bush to Change Economic Team

WP: In Leak Case, Reporters Lack Shield For Sources (Plame)

Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell therapy

Wal-Mart Move Ominous Sign for Retailers

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds

I hate people who hate people who hate people that hate christmas

goodnight all,

I hate people who hate people who hate people who hate people ............

Being as alcohol is a depressant...(but not for me!)

Thanksgiving From Red Vs. Blue

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Christina Applegate Vs. a jar of Ragu

Anyone have experience braining eagles?

I have a confession to make...

Moonbeam_Starlight is coming at me with an axe!


What the heck does this mean?

Jesus Was on the TV show CHiPs!

There are used car salesmen, there are e-mail spammers, there are...

seperated at birth


Allergies: anyone else having problems right now?

Best/worst line

I do not hate JohnKleeb!

Question: Looking over paperwork for a job

God is a hot woman!

Jesus was an architect, previous to his career as a prophet

I love all people... with that ZOMBYLOVE


I challenge someone to prove to me that free will does not exist!

I hate all people

Jesus Was A Capricorn

Get some new material, Freepers.

mmmmmm beer...

Dad calls police on drunk daughter...

Can you identify political leanings of movie characters?

God is an atheist!

Bob Marley died in 1981 and he still moves me.

Your attitude towards technology?

Watch this!!!

Crazy Thoughts Thread! Post your crazy thoughts here!

Oh My God!

Who's up? I need to be entertained.

Oh dear.

If it wasn't dead before, the word "BLING" now is officially dead.

I shall mention...

So...looks like I'm gonna be Jack Tripper...

Cheryl Crow...


Barry Gibb with his hair BAAACCKKK

Soldier faked deaths with ketchup

Good night DU! Don't talk behind my back while i sleep.

did computer kill the radio star?

It's sleepy in the Lounge

I need a root beer.

Creapiest bumper sticker yet ?

Can this beer really make you feel younger?

India gives a free condom with every bottle of alcohol sold

Bow and arrows used to smuggle mobile phones into prison

Let them eat war!

ok People, having a moment and need to rant/rave/talk

Freda "Band of Gold" Payne's 1971 anthem "Bring The Boys Home"

Man lets friend stay overnight, friend attempts sexual act on his g/f

An Extra Million in the Bank?! Not Again?!

Why am I up. It's too damn early.

Proof the Bears have the WORST management....

Japanese Cuisine

my NIECE is color-blind

Dad Calls Cops To Teach Daughter Lesson; Gets Arrested Himself

Breaking News

I watched Godfather part2 in the middle of the night last night

Paternity suit runs into double trouble

So Chicago is getting Jeff George....

"Project Misty" sends over 280 MST3K episodes to troops overseas

I Have a Piece of Glass in my Foot...ask me anything!


Ban Bread

Old Commercials that are still on...

Arena Won't Be Named for Wal-Mart Heiress

Chicago Harp: Aleck "Rice" Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson II)

It was raining hard in 'Frisco,

Something To Amuse You ... Cross "Oprah" With "Submissive Chicken"

Kentucky Felines Charged with Lewd Acts

I just want to say thank you to the gun nuts,

Can we get Bush's ugly chimp face off the home page, please?

Today is FINALLY the day I move...

Catholic Church unlikely to swallow holy toast (Virgin Mary Sandwich)

Who here has read Fahrenheit 451?

If EVERYONE was jumping off a cliff,

Who is the Best football player?

Funny e-mail: Canada Ousts Liberals

Question about Canadian Banks!

Where's my Zomby Coffee?

Anybody here a fan of the artist Lee Krasner?

Cincinatti players dance on Louisville's logo before game, lose 70-7

Where is this quote from, ANYONE?

Anyone else hungover?

Anyone else overly hung?

Poll: Most Support Justice Retirement Age (AP/Yahoo) ("here we go!")

"I Seceded"

OK I have an adult female Cairn-type terrier at my place.

Last nite I dreamed about I need help?

Anyone seen "Ju-On "? Scary as hell!

I just noticed that Clear Channel distributes cereal

Places you'll never get to go to in your life.

I would prefer not to ....

Funny email (a "coded" message from OBL to Chimp

Just WHAT do you think you're doing?

when did vh-1 become "The Reminiscence Channel"?

2-disc "Special Edition" release of "Raging Bull" on DVD, 2/8/05

hilarious Mock Radio article

Democrats need to...

In OTHER news...

Are your repuke coworkers or family members asking for vacation ideas?

Share a thought or two here you can't / won't tell anybody else.....

Chargers-Chiefs game is getting good. Hall ,TD on punt return.

Wow, my brother-in-law is a complete prick.

Do you know of any good online websites that help people diagnose

Pledge of Allegiance at sporking events ?

ROFL -- Bartcop is a f'ing hoot

nostamj's great new bumper sticker: DEAR Troops, Wish You Were HERE

Has anyone heard that DREADFUL remake of "Imagine" ...

I just found a lost little dog but can't bring him inside b/c of my cat

I hate people who tell me not to steal other people's ..

It's pouring rain,getting dark,and I love it!------

Attn. Military Types: What's Up With The Phrase "Over And Out"?

I work in retail and...

News of the weird bush voters

HELP! Too much security!

Cleveland came back vs Cincy from 27-41 went up 48-44 and lost 58-48

Please help test my Podcasting.

Tell me I'm not getting "signs".....

It's raining like hell, and my roommate just took his dog out for a walk.

Obligatory Steelers/Redskins Thread

I just played the most amazing gig at a GLBT church!


A Ghost, or Not?

whatever happened to fairuza balk?

LEAST likely DU group the Admins would go for?

The Evil Aliens Are Behind The Republicans In Order To Take Our Planet

thanks DU - band names (thanks to "gmoney"!)

I'd make damn fine pizza crust

Does anyone have a magnet mattress?

DU moms: how old is "old enough" for full makeup and adult clothes?

why does my TV sometimes have this terrible high-pitched whine?

Bush twins give birth to Julia Roberts

Would it be appropriate to rename my kitten...

1970's Battle of the Bands: Blue Oyster Cult vs. Max Webster

Technically not a double shift. 5am-1pm followed by 12am to 8am

Remember when Dixie was played at College football games in the south.

Everyone welcome new member RAMMY, a friend of mine

Cats are just moody little sluts!

DU Apparell poll, what do we wear?

Suggestions being taken for a quick but tasty dinner

Teenage who killed a neighbor who raped his mom said he has no regrets

Defensive people suck.

Are there any movies you *won't* buy because you don't want to spoil them?

Annoying George Bush pop-up ads!

Can somebody lose my cookies?

The Official Website of Professor Irwin Corey . . .

What are you favorite Lotions & Soaps & Perfumes?

NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol survives plane crash in Colorado

Man, I just picked up some SLAMMIN' Christmas CDs!

What does this picture remind you of?

I tell ya, here's the ribbon car magnet I want:


What all cats believe they really ARE (picture)

My thoughts

Cats are just moody little shits!

Can somebody bake my cookies?

The New Jersey Nets & Portland Trailblazers Should Be Barred From Ever

Will a " Deist " ever be elected US President again ?

Comedy films that have no laughs whatsoever.

Are you sleeping or have you no help?

Al Hedges Charged with Lewd Acts Involving Felines in Kentucky

If you were going to write a funny scene for a movie

My ^*U%#$%&@ computer crashed and now I can only run in VGA mode

My freeper mother just came into my office to tell me that we should

Anybody seen the movie "Head of State"?

Anyone here have a morbid fascination with cereal eaters?

Significant others, families, and holidays. What do you do?

Julia Roberts Gives Birth to Twins

Anyone want pie?

DU Apparell poll, what do we wear?

Boycotting Christmas buying. (Not intentional)

Have you started considering any New Year's Resolutions yet?

Pledge of Allegiance at sporting events ?

How did "ROGER" become an accepted reply? Seriously!

What are your favorite Smilies?

Our long national nightmare is over.

So I went to church today....


I'm eating a cheddar and bacon-carbon sandwich

What's this awful animated movie on FOX? And when's Simpson's coming on?

I want to take a vibrating razor to my neck.

What's your favorite John Walsh song?

The Official "I Hate Pro Football" Thread

Because we all need a chuckle

Why is it already tomorrow?

This is me this past summer - ask me anything

Don'tcha just HATE awkward social situations? I do.

Now, your image can be on a grilled cheese sandwich ...

BREAKING NEWS: East and West Coast Bigfoot Communities split!

"The Royal Tannenbaums" - why does this not get more acclaim?

I have a question about grandma usage for all you English buffs

Ban Bread - the band

Family Advice: Why people act the way they do.....

Is it better to talk in the lounge or be talked about in the lounge

you know, i really hate tarantino and his writing style

This is from a movie made in 1976

Ok, I am slightly annoyed here.

Boca Raton, FL.. look up..

Led Zeppelin IV. Probably the greatest album ever made.

Give me some motivation, please...

I hate my roommate...

What's with all the free advertising for bu$h around here?

For those who left DU

I'm going to the shore. Ask me how I'm getting there.


Best it's over, get lost song

Getting fired sucks.

I just saw "National Treasure" but don't ask me

What did you have for lunch?

We got our Fantasy Literature Group!!! Come talk Harry Potter with me!

Ewww....CGI Hitler is on now (8pm cst) on Discovery

Simpsons "Supression of Democracy" episode on at 9:00

What is your favorite wine?

Would you like a REVOLUTION with that #7?

(Australian) Police Apologize for Sending Child Porn (yahoo)

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

I'm listening to "Baby Batter" by Harvey Mandel right now

Germans want plastic surgery for Christmas

My bathroom door hates me

OMG I'm going to die!!!!

"Xmas With the Kranks"?..... What's your call DUers? n/t

If you're going insane, what would you do?

Raffi. Probably the greatest album ever made.

How to start your day with a positive attitude:

Bruce Willis sues studio for "substantial mental and physical injuries"

Anybody See 'Hotel Berlin'?

Well, thank God. 20th century technology finally paid off.

Anyone here have a morbid fascination with Lee Harvey Oswald?

Are You Any Good At Remembering Names?

I did 30 miles on my bike today and my legs don't hurt . . . yet

Sunday nights are a drag, knowing you have to get up early

Somebody is impersonating a recently-departed DUer and badmouthing DU.

I've decided to come out as a hard core rapper...

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song?

Guys, it sounded great, but it could have used a little mroe cow bell.


Today I made,

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side....

Woo-hoo Hitler got smacked

What do you do in your spare time?

So, how about?

anyone watching "A Christmas Carol"??

Alexander.... anyone????

Over 1000 posts and I'm still a newbie

OK, I'm slightly annoyed.

Can't believe it!

What kind of cookie shall I bake next?

How many on DU are retired, disabled or not working?

Anyone else just see Rev. Al Sharpton on BOSTON LEGAL?

San Diego Super Chargers!!!

Should we quit minting pennies? (Rooney on 60 mins says so) I agree

A particular Pager puppy post

Woo-hoo! Hitler got whacked!

Got a question ...Can anyone tell me the website to go to or know the

BIGGEST NFL Game of the Season is on Today

How many on DU????

There's nothing better than football in the snow!

"Flaming turkey wings!"

In Case You Ever Wondered Where The Phrase 'Sleep Tight' Comes From

How does "bookmarking" a thread work?

So, I'm am a white in a red state

How should I write my essay on the stranger?

Coincidence, or..... CONSPIRACY?

Deep in the night I'm lost in love, Deep in the night I'm lost in love...

what's the origin of "lurve"?

I have decided to return to DU

There's nothing more satisfying when driving

Now I have to look at C/lights this sucks

telling solider friend feelings about the war

How do you drink your wine or beer?

I can't believe how bad this is... Kesley Grammer in NBC's Christmas carol

Why do some idiots at football games insist...

Is it better to Lounge-stalk, or to be Lounge-stalked?

Anyone watch Cold Case tonight? (spoiler alert!)

$125 WalMart Gift Card sells for $127.on Ebay to a Nascar fan:

Yes, I love technology,

Anyone up for a scene it type game?

Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah.

My notebook computer is running like it has windows 95 on it

Hanks to star in Da Vinci Code, I wish they would have picked Noah Wyle

Let's play ANSWER THE 16-YEAR OLD!!!

Lesbian Dolls

Who else wishes these were legal in this country (USA)?


The cutest Ice Cream ever!

Need good thoughts and prayers, please

What is the weirdest story you ever heard?

I have a question about English usage for you grammar buffs...

Bush should be appointed king,

Well, my gaydar works REALLY well!

Does the kitty walk on your keyboard? Here's help.

HEyHEY I found a Christmas Card that is perfect for you

Do I eat Thanksgiving leftovers weird?

Great news for Beatles fans!!!

I Just Downloaded Mozilla's Firefox Browser. Tell Me Anything!

(Porn related.. but not a sex thread) --- How would you react....

I've been a jerk

Three Years Ago

Lordy I need a glass of WINE....

Post something innocuous that you love.

Supervillains needed. Now accepting applications.

"To whom it may concern..."

Time travel! You can go back in time and see....

Help me with my exams Duers. I need a few minutes of your time.

Down Comforter or Electric Blanket ?

Does your Cat Bogart the whole bag of Catnip?

I begin my doctoral comps tomorrow. Wish me luck and give advice

Digital Cameras

Anyone here haved a morbid fascination with serial killers?

Please check out my blog - I'd like to share a holiday gift idea

Urine may lead to collapse of major bridge in Indonesia's Sumatra

"UNBORN BABIES" pug moron on Meet the Press right now

I want this dog!

What is your favorite beer?

DU Sure Works Faster On a New Computer!!!!

If I ever sell this house, it will only be to a non-white, disabled,

Every night I promise to get to bed early and every night I end up

OKAY, want to get back at DELL ?

Would you ever be in a porn film?

Joke Thread!!! Why did the mushroom get invited to every party??

It's a Girl, and a Boy, for Julia Roberts

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Worth Way More Than Paris Hilton

Suggestion: DU Students Group

DU: Help with Anti Depressants

Hey everybody. DU's got a Photography Group!

Random, pointless fact thread:

Pic of me in Sunday local paper, front page of A&E section!

"Food Without Fear" NYT OpEd

8,000 wild horses now in danger

Simple Question: Has anyone ever known a fat Vegan?

"Stand Van De Maan" -- Dutch Film on Islamic Radicalism Wins Prize

9/11 Report: The Mini-Series

Great old anti-war song..

Agent: Pink Floyd's Chorus Owed Royalties (The "We Don't Need No..." Kids)

anybody know anything about . . .

I rented The Return recently. Man, was it good.

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song ?

"If you tried to give Rock and Roll another name, it might be Chuck Berry"

What show do you think the Right loves the most?

Whuch graphic novel would you most like to see on film?

X-Men fans: Now that Bryan Singer isn't doing X3, who should direct?

Happy First Sunday in Advent!

How can we promote ecumenism?

Today's Birthday - Elsie Clews Parsons

Moon gas may solve Earth's energy crisis

Hmm who should I start today?

Aw, horsefeathers. I guess I'll go putter around the shop.

6 NCAA Division 1-A Football post-season solutions

so how do you think the Boss would react if...

Invesco Field is buried in snow

We're Wearing Orange Jerseys!!!

Michael Vick rocks!

Does the NFL Realize

Does your dog do this?

Apparently, a white plastic spoon is the best toy EVER!!!

I am going to do serious harm to my wife's cat

Meet Elsie

The Green Stone

Combat this darkness over the land


Has anyone else had the creepy feeling that things aren't

Blessing and Cleansing your Home

Double posting

I just wrote a "gospel" song

I'm an Army vet, getting a little nervous about IRR. Does anyone

Jackson say JK supports "full investigation" Questions Ohio Tally

Oh great, the freepers have discovered my little Kerry site

Should we discuss guidelines for posting pictures?

Welcome everyone to the DU photography group.

Travel Pictures

Pet/Animal Pics

What was you're first camera?

What's going on with

Keeping an eye on PNAC.

Seattle P-I poll: "Are you surprised * was reelected?"

Don't misunderestimate the insanity of the rightwingnuttery

I want more votes hacked

Bush *GREW UP* Watching People Run For President

MD Governor ban on speaking with certain reporters

Time to call C-SPAN they are spinning Bush won on morals

What is the most Diebold can steal?

My rant to a friend who wrote that we never offered a better...

Ukrainian elections...

ELECTION: This is part of the problem

It's not just our army neighbors & friends who voted for Kerry...

Only in Kansas would they compare bush to moses??? PUKE CITY

Anyone have email addresses for President Kerry and President Gore?

Pandemic Flu a Left Wing Plot?

American people luv Fear, and Worry. They just luv being in debt

Since the Miami Herald was allowed to recount the votes in FL,

"Born on the 4th of July" playing on the WB network today, interesting...

Declining Moral Values

30 Years From Today

Was The 2004 Election A Realigning Election -I Think Not

John Kerry - Say you want the votes in Ohio counted by hand!!!

NO! We will not shut up!! Let's MARCH!

Nationalizing the 2006 Congressional election

The answer is economic populism

Why are there more abortions under Bush than under Clinton ??

An early New Years resolution: I will never again say or write the words

Can someone help me find the transcript of Gore-Perot NAFTA debate?

Proposed: A new MORATORIUM

Supreme Court Justices

Do you think Kerry could have been put over the top by yesterday's news?

Editorial: The new Palm Beach? - Voters' obvious intent should count

We Blew It At Our Convention

This is the mentality we are up against...makes me ill

I want to send Toby Keith and other like him.........

ARe you watching the Simpsons???

Adopt a Republican today

Saudi Supporters Gave Money For Clinton's Library

newspapers who supported Kerry

Bush ”the biggest liar on the planet.”

It's The Economy...Stupid

New Brand Democrat Tool


Wayne Madsen on Radio now

OK...what's our strategy ?

Rocker Bob Mould's reaction to Junior's 2nd term: "A country divided"

I was without my computer for the last 4 days; without DU I felt

So JFK shot dead...

Anyone else have a (Bush Again?) sticker on their car?

ARRRGGGGG!! I'm tired of not understanding this Plame thing!!!!

Truth is, You ain't worth Sheet if we don't get a paper trail

Oklahoma Voting Machines Count Backwards

For those of you who feel the 911 attacks were OBL handy work view this

As a 40-something I am inching towards activism

No Fraud In Florida?

We didn't "take to the streets" after JFK, Bobby, MLK and many others

Look out UK your next!



Democrats as abused spouses - The Politics of Victimization

Jim Hodges on "fixing" the Democratic Party

My Second Periodic (maybe daily) Comparison!

Is this why U.S. so interested in Ukraine elections?

Will Bush Destroy The World?

MTP - religious leaders say Iraq a just war. Jesus would be for

Being a Moderate Democrat is an Oxymoron

Democrats are acting just like abused spouses

Help organize protests

Can we put health insurance on the ballot?

Let's stop fighting.

Remember, Monday is the day to Stop Alberto Torture Gonzales

MTP - Farwell says no real Christian could ever have voted for Kerry.

When and how does the Revolution start?

Vladimir Putin-Authoritarian Or Democratic Leader

"I'm a divider - not a uniter.."

Okay, Sharpton for lead the DNC

Petition to John Kerry to recount the Ohio vote

I screamed at my Repug Brother-in-Law at Thanksgiving Dinner


If you want to show your support for Yushchenko, put this in your avatar

Does anyone here like Lieberman?

Where we fail...

*******DU VOTE FRAUD WORK TEAM needs your help:***********