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Archives: November 27, 2004

Blix Urges Caution with chemical lab finds

A conundrum for us liberals, or so they say

The revolution televised (Ukraine)

Sapping Security ..(social security)

Newsweek's Isikoff: How DeLay Rakes It In

Bush Says World Is Watching Ukraine's Election Dispute

metaphor re US election and Ukraine election

Iran's lonely crowd

Newsweek: Can Howard Dean Save the Democrats?

Christian speaks out against religious right

Newstatesman: Did Dubbya rig the election?

"Credibility Can Only Be Lost Once"

It's Over

A Coward's Tribute Margaret Hassan


Why `Weenie' may start with a capital Dubya

We Need To Read The Bills ( before passing them) sending this to my rep

Colin Powell: Failed Opportunist

US Behind Turmoil in Kiev

Street kids' road to working world leads through pasta palace

The Great Indecency Hoax, Frank Rich -NYT

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial: No happy returns

More on the buying of electoral fraud by the Bush campaign: $29.6m proof

WaPo: "Hastert Launches A Partisan Policy" (One-Party Rule)

"International Terrorism" is a Contrived Threat

Hastert Launches a Partisan Policy

Was Thomas Malthus right?

A Black Feather in An Angel's Wings

Protesters invade Missoula Wal-Mart

Please help save the horses!

Mind control activists, advocates, attorneys and survivor's here's a

Who funds...

WAR AND FLEECE (((audio))) lecture series

I couldn't believe what I saw on local FOX...

OhmyNews and 'wired red devils' (Korea)

my 'problem' with PJennings

AAR in your town: Petition to get it

Cheated in reporting circulation figures... guess which newspapers?

List your Favorite On-line News Sources-

Use Your Power --------- ChooseTheBlue!

Republicans and Big Government

SoCal Peak Oil people... Event!

Tanker spills 30,000 gallons of oil into Delaware River near Philly.

A year old but still relevant**Damn Hippie Liberal Trees**

Chernobyl 'caused Sweden cancers'

Passengers try to storm airport (Reunion)

UN aid plane shot at in Ivory Coast

W Sahara talks 'cordial' (Zapatero)

Land reform in Brazil turns violent

Neo-cons and George P. Bush plot invasion of Columbia in 2008

What use for drafted troops?

How do I remove a group from My Forums?

I was wondering if you could please lock this thread?


Why are some threads deleted rather than locked?

I wanted to ask people in a DU forum for help. I Understand.

New DU Group: The Dream Log

Question about photos

Idea for new forum: Planning & Organization of Protests

How do I ask for a mandatory, mutual, admin-enforced ignore?

When are you going to do a gallery update?

possible new group?

Crossing the Rubicon

Bozos for Bush is basically trying to turn DU into Free Republic

The People's Email Network is asking us to email...

Ukraine considering a NEW election

NEWS: What Were the Odds That Bush Would Win?

Democracy for America is back.

Bush to Ukraine: The world is watching

Watchdog Group Files Lawsuit over Rejected Cuyahoga Provisonal Ballots

Obama was disgustingly effusive about the Bush Campaign and

Important Internet Protection

Can we talk about clarification here?

Calm down guys, it's only a full moon

BBC News lists violations in the Ukraine (sound familiar?)

Ukraine Parliament declares election invalid!

The "Magic Ballot" Theory...

American Way Foundation Files Suit: Provisional Ballots Re-Examined., OHIO

Ukraine election invalid!!!


Let's demand state-by-state documentation on election processes

Ohio Election Officials obstructing process to run out time on vote recoun

major circulation, major market; (good exposure)

Dems: "Don't shop Ohio until counties finish Recount" Boycott

Pollwatching at Election Central (not watching)

Manipulating the media -- an experiment

question about cnn and the results on tv

Madsen article just after the election ...

All we need in Ohio is 6 votes a precinct that were miscounted...

Summary of documentation of voter suppression, irregularities, fraud

Kerry will win if the Ohio Recount process is fair and counts all votes

Ohio Dems ask Bush appointed judge to intervene on counting rules

What grounds do we have to call UN to help us on voter fraud?

Alcee Hastings, would he be a good person to contact about voting fraud?

About those Dates...

Did you guys see the article about the oral surgeon?

We Should protest in front of the MEDIA STATIONS CNN, NYT...

Who in Congressional Black Caucus & Progressive Caucus should we write?

Freeman, Paulos, Solomon...few good men

Widespread systematic voter suppression in large Dem counties in Florida's an account of questionable poll watching

Election Mystery Solved! The EXIT POLLS were RIGGED!!

"Did Dubbya rig the election?" by Michael Meacher

Post original vote fraud analyses/data to Election Investigation Library

PeterPan - now we have Bush fill in the blanks!

NYtimes online covers Electronic Voting "foibles"

State to probe Gaston election

Bush used Bin Laden tape to win. Can Kerry file an FEC Complaint?

Protest is working in the Ukraine. We've got to take to the streets, here


Who is going to Jesse Jackson's Rally?

Likely vote padding in MOST states to give W the popular vote "mandate"

GAO OK but country needs Equal Protection litigation CALL TO ARMS

Why is GOP complaining about Urkaine election fraud?

Rev. Jackson Marching In Ohio! Sunday!!

Time to Boycott Ken Blackwell's Ohio Contributors? List follows


What's Up With Mitofsky?

Someone please send this to Saturday Night Live - Bush speech on Ukraine..

Is the Congressional Black Caucus mad at Kerry?

Is the Jesse Jackson protest being covered anywhere?

Blackwell Sued Over Cuyahoga Vote Tally 11/27/04...

Is Mitofsky hiding something?...Back & Forth with the Pollster

Bev to be on Coast to Coast am

Update on Rev. Jesse Jackson rally in Ohio tomorrow...

PRESS RELEASE: Rally to Defend the Ohio Recount w/ Jesse Jackson

Does the DNC work for you?

ACTION: Notify *Canadian* Media re: Madsen Story !

Independent vote count confirms Bush win in northern Florida

TERESA HEINZ KERRY, a woman who speaks her mind -- HAS SHE SPOKEN?

Gahanna (yes, that one) was Ken Blackwell's top 10 contributor

I hereby pledge to no longer kick disruptor threads.

106% voter turnout in Wyoming


When Bushco finally shuts DU down - what then?

Olbermann blogs about Madsen info

I support Kerry and I still support Kerry

Greg Palast will investigate 2004 election; donate and get Al Franken cd

National "Wear Your Tin Foil Hat to Work" day...


PLEASE: Can anyone provide webspace for us to post EVIDENCE?

The GOP is scared

Ohio: FORMER ES&S employee allowed on main computer

Is the Patriot Act Being Used to Silence Democratic Leadership?

Do you think Kerry might have been threatened?

Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.

Did 527 GOTVers warn about WRONG pens to mark Optiscans?

What happened to the International Monitors??

California council says too much art is bad for tourism

LA Democrats -- Two events this weekend!

Harassment Complaints Aimed at Pastor

Gregg Connell Mayor Shenandoah to run for Gov.

Another reason that *blue state* Massachusetts is tops . . .

Bible Week, now Bible Banks. What next, pray tell?

Needed on Monday: tongue-in-cheek democrats from MN

DNC Listening Tours Launches in Minnesota!

Rally Tuesday, Nov. 30th to "Paste Nov. 3rd Theses to the DFL Door"

Saving RealPlayer video help

XP system FUBARed

extension cords for speakers?

Who won your attorney general race?

Pike County

SDEC Committeeman SD 19 Ben Alexander is in the downtown

OK time to start taking some risks and taking to the streets, people.

Protests are needed- start getting used to that idea

Ok. Where was everybody?

Two Wisconsin State Lawmakers want ban on paperless voting machines

Thank you Freepless in Seattle

Iraq by the numbers....

Carlyle Group interested in Boeing Wichita

Another song with lyrics that gets far less publicity than it should

B Obama on Letterman now.

If Americans were employed.....Would they CARE?

Hanging Chads have been Replaced by Hanging Bytes

Freepers Hack Howard Dean's Web Site

for the astrologically minded

Banana Republic!

Looks like we are about to have us a world war

Important Internet Protection

A New McCarthy Era?

Sad video about the Iraqi children

Any Thom Hartmann fans out there?

Anyone who leaves America loses my respect.

Feeling helpless? There ARE things you can do about it...

I'm not above asking people to read my thread below

Bush Bonanza,,,( for your down-time reading pleasure)

The Fate of America?

Movie "Alexander the Great"....ain't !!

Kerry ran a Rationality-based Campaign

So what is the Ukrainian word for Diebold?

Bethany speaks her mind.. and THEN some ..great LTTE

The Intelligence Bill and Duncan Hunter: What go's?

Has anyone done a study about judges and prosecutors

Fox News still reports Iraq stories under the "War on Terror" headline.

Workers Suffer in Sweat Shops to Make Our Toys

Remember these words trom Jim Baker?

Talking point ideas?

The New American Iron Curtain

Ukraine Parliament Calls Election Invalid - ABC

Ukraine State TV in Revolt

Did You All See The "Cache of Chemicals " Found in Fallujah?

The Bush administration announces a new War on Sex.

Are you still watching the late night shows?

Convince Me: The ACLU, The Military, And The Boy Scouts

Blix doubts chemical bomb plant find

Ok. There's an article that claims DIRECT theft of the election?

WAHHOOO... the big 5 0 0 post for me...

Articles on the Christian left from this week

Babies conceived of rapes by janjaweed face daunting futures -KR

It's St. Jude's Hospital Anniversary.

The recipe for civil war ! Pepe Escobar! US to Bomb Mosul Next!

Is it crazy to expect the UN to do something...

Anecdote: charitable giving in wills has disappeared.

Do those yellow ribbons include support for gay troops?

The democratic party is dead......

Bring a brother up to date on the mercs...

Just found this on Yahoo! surfer's picks

I need some advice on organizing a rally

Military Abortion

Emergency Music for a New Bolivia

Paul Bremer's promulgated Order 39 (a "capitalist dream")

Iraq Pipeline Watch (nothing the media will ever tell you)

Man commits suicide from the Empire State Building

Maybe my head's been up my ass too long, but where is Michael Moore?

My LTTE was published today

'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah ......(poison gas)

Take a Pledge! Buy Local! Buy Used!

A Black Feather in An Angel's Wings

Hastert: Rule by Majority of the Majority

Michael Moore will be on Leno this Monday!

What the hell are we doing in Iraq?

Democrats will never win another election unless...

Taser subdues unruly youth, Teen wouldn't drop Game Boy

Black Friday

America and Presidential Morons - H.L. Mencken

Slavery alive and well in U.S. Ally Pakistan

Instead of buying gifts for Repub family members, donate in their name

What??? Explain this to me ...

U.N. Body Rejects Censure, Threatens Revolt

lets face it DU IS DEAD!!!!

Volusian Confusion in Fla goes back to 1876 if not earlier

US trying to curtail power of International Criminal Court

I'm thinking of buying land in Nova Scotia -- any advice?

9/11 and the "War on Terrorism"

Coke snortin' bible thumper dodges date with Jesus....

Turmoil at CIA As Goss Lays Down the Law

UPDATE: New article updates original Saudi/Enron vote rigging scam

George Bush - State of the Union (1991) Speech

Becoming the child. Something to think about.

Is anyone else upset that Americans are rushing the Department Stores

Recount starts Monday

Local Homeland Security

My bi-weekly political talk show is on from 5:00-5:30 p.m. EST.

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Use Your Power -- ChooseTheBlue!

Homeland Security to Run TV Ads To Scare Your Kids


The Precautionary Principle: Civilization’s self-induced nightmare

EU still keen on fusion compromise (notice how the US isn't mentioned)

Iraqi Lullaby - Vocals by Laura Bush and Mothers of America

My apologies for the "What use for drafted troops" spam

A NASCAR fan's opinion on African-American participation

Question on age discrimination

So president puke wants us to give and serve...

Colombia 'foiled attempt on Bush'

Looking to raise capital for huge project

Great comment stolen from a buzzflash article

Idea for a DU group: Feminism

The Green Party is more to my liking

OBL and Iran connection, as announced on Fauxnews

What comes after the fall….

Ewww...I'm the subject of a Free Republic thread

I support Kerry and I still support Kerry

TX truck/Fallujah bomb factory/WTF???

Pssst, your fly is open

Di on Charles: lousy lover

Fallows Nails It : Electronic Voting 1.0, and No Time to Upgrade

Could you imagine Bush in a parliamentary system's Question Period?

Suggestion: Wear a DU identifier to all Democratic events

Video of beheadings found for sale at Tampa gas station

White House insider speaks

American Cheese

Teresa Heinz Kerry VS Arnold 2008? Presidental Race

Bedford Falls or Pottersville; where would you rather live?

The elections in Ukraine.

Texas Justice!

A question about Wayne Madsen's BBV article.

Free admission to Clinton Presidential Center!

Go see a movie (protest) on inauguration day

I just saw "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". WTF?????? Is this for real?

Action Alert: Protect Country of Orgin Labeling...

Because of rampant consumerism I'm doing something different this year--

Hanging with Ukraine

Come together..

Free blogs, new community site and more..

Hain denies Canary Wharf terror threat

Keystroke device ruled not wiretapping

What is happening to me?

I am reliving 1984.

A rant I sent to American Family Association (RW extremists)

What is to be done....

What issue would help the most

how and what true Catholic's think .....National Catholic Reporter....

blog for government and another for Union (interesting reading see excerpt

China hoisted by it's own petard?

Just Got My Vomit Inducing DNC Beg For Money Letter!

What about Dental coverage for low income persons?

Peace on Earth

i have not stopped eating for two days....

A TheoCon Explains Why Slavery is OK and in fact a useful emploment model.

The "Get your war on" dude's message: "Chin Up"

You are a Feminist, whether you acknowledge it or not, if you are

And now Murder.......What a horrible year !

Youth held in shotgun deaths of his aunt and grandmother

let's start talking about what we want our new party to do

An alternative way to fight media bias.

Anyone seen an e-mail that

THIS is how we win.

"Must buy digital best buy."

Are we in a Cold Civil War?

One reason to try to be optimistic

Ok ok now how do we educate the masses

The deification of The Shrub!

If OBl is caught, is the war on terror over?

The Life and Times of Noam Chomsky

Wisconsin Says Goodbye to Slain Hunters

I am rereading 1984.

Hating America on Fox

Howsabout we make a list of Taking Points for Jesus? And use 'em.

Rally to Defend the Ohio Recount w/Jesse Jackson

Dinner of cold rice a diplomatic reminder (a diplomat with a conscience)

Can one access FOX news report of Clinton's "black love child" early 1999?

This Is So Sad What's On HBO Right Now

without medical coverage, what does a person do..

Target Bell-Ringer Ban Will Cost Salvation Army Millions

Do the end timers think Bush is going to cause the rapture?

I did it! I found a place nuttier than Free Republic,

Elections and Death Squads

Haley's Nose

sh... listen DU... here is a big secret... IT IS UP TO US

Should liberals in the Democratic party form a New Party?

NYT: Worlds Collide in North Woods Hunting Ground(accused Hmong immigrant)

Keith Olbermann interview about voter fraud story. . .

Will Republicans ever fall victim to their own hubris?

I finally watched "Supersize Me"

OK, so the DU now has 59,300 members.....

Alan Colmes????

If Gore were president during 9/11?

Was John Wayne a racist? Remember the B. Walters interview?

Aff.Act.Alum NAVARRETTE Sez, Support GONZALEZ & RICE Because of Race

MoveOn's "Leave No Voter Behind"

When Sports Figures Thank the Lord for Their Success.......

The real pupose over "Oil For Food" Outrage - DUMP KOFI

I take it all back. I'm sorry.

Am I the only one that don't mind moderate democrats?

"Bill Clinton brought the Hmong over here"

***CIA linked to Al Qaeda***

I'm smoking a brisket for Saturday night.

I ordered a wireless meat thermometer for my husband today.

Ham? What do you do with yours?

What are you thinking of having for Christmas dinner ?

Canada The Environment & The 21st Century

When the U.S. economy tanks.

Government lays down law to BBC on reporting news

For Blair there is no such thing as legal principle

France considers law on right to die

Baghdad bomb kills 2 (

Green Party: Judge says no hurry to Ohio Recount -Where's Kerry?

Iraq Officials Seek Delay for Elections

Fallujah Offensive Takes Toll on Texas GIs

Aid threatened as US fights war crimes court

UK urged to review terrorism laws

Iraqi PM's Party Joins Call for Election Delay

Ukraine Lawmaker Wants Vote Called Invalid

Communist party official killed northeast of Baghdad

U.S. Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb #1234

US ambassador tours Fallujah, pushes for January poll in Iraq

Report: Halliburton Lost Track Of Much U.S. Property In Iraq

Family: Death of man, 81, in U.S. custody another Haitian tragedy

Teacher Turns Laundry Into Learning Time

Sentencing-Guideline Study Finds Continuing Disparities -NYT

Chief Justice Won't Return to the Court This Year

Guerrillas Attack U.S., Iraqi Forces North of Baghdad

Pope bids to heal Orthodox rift

Tanker Spills Oil in Delaware River ..(30,000 gal. near Philly & NJ)

Colombian Rebels Planned to Kill President Bush

Hastert Launches A Partisan Policy

'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah ......(poison gas)


Pakistan Downplays CIA Report on Leaks

Pakistan bans Newsweek magazine

Man Dies in Empire State Building Leap

More on the buying of electoral fraud by the Bush campaign: $29.6m proof

MSNBC-2 more top officials leave CIA-bringing total to 15 top people who

Ukraine's parliament declares presidential election invalid

CNN: Ukraine poll invalid, MPs declare (read down audiotape of rigging)

NYT: Vast Borrowing Seen in Altering Social Security

Bush: Validity of Ukraine Vote in Doubt

Unmanned eye in Iraq's sky gives the Marines a spy

Silence surrounds D.C. construction-Fence hides Navy secret

Iraq Determined to Keep Election Date

Insurgents Occupy City Hall in Town North Before Being Expelled by U.S.

Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularies

Mystery surrounds Yushchenko ailment

Turmoil at CIA As Goss Lays Down the Law

Court extends rights to gay mom (Indiana)

Iraqi farmers forced to buy seeds from Monsanto

WTO Imposes Penalties on U.S. Exports

Bush Calls on Americans to Volunteer, Give

WP,pg1: In China, Workers Turn Tough (new labor era?)

Restrictions at Disneyland mean Santa can't sky-dive

Too gay for Greeks: Lawyers threaten 'Alexander' suit

Venezuela plans to buy a lot of Russian weapons

Suit Seeks Provisional Ballots Re-Examined (OH)

"The China Price"

Reuters: Ukraine Parliament calls elections results invalid...

Keystroke device ruled not wiretapping

EU reveals increase in aid fraud

Moon gas may bail out energy-sapped earth

This Year, Ontario May Pass Michigan in Making Vehicles (NYT)

From left, religious figures make a push

Ukraine parliament declares polls invalid

Ill wind blows for US farmers who face 'rusted' crops

Iraq poll tension mounting

NYT: Foreign Interest Appears to Flag as $ Falls (foreign central banks)

Canadian Parliament rejects gay marriage ban

Iraq Government Won't Postpone Elections

When the red cross flag is seen as a terrorist target

Vermont's Country Stores Organize to Face Threats

Mother Turns in Son Accused of Killing Nine in High School Dorm

US deserter weeps upon release in Japan

Troops Finding Scores of Bodies of Slain Iraqis

U.S. Sends in Secret Weapon: Saddam's Old Commandos

Stem cells help woman walk again

Marines offered as much as $30,000 to reenlist

EU Warns Iran to Agree Nuclear Deal by Monday

Bush Calls on Americans to Volunteer, Give

Where Have All the Chief Financial Officers Gone?

Ukraine State TV in Revolt

Michelangelo's final chapel is a revelation

Democrats Make Appeal for Hungry on Radio

Son's Iraq Experience Shapes Lawmaker

U.S. Lacks Reliable Data on Iran Arms -LAT

Supreme Court Is Set to Consider Medical Marijuana

Oil Spill Threatens Del. River Wildlife

US troops seek cooperation against rebels from terrified locals

The truths vs. the myths about Social Security

CNN Right Now- Pakistan is calling off search 4 OBL

Drug treatment grads more likely to reoffend

Wal-Mart lowers sales forecast

Dollar's difficulty continues

Colombia 'foiled attempt on Bush' (assassination)

Cuba Turns to Asia for Friends and Capital

Hydrogen Production Method Could Bolster Fuel Supplies -NYT

Republicans likely to borrow for Social Security

Violence Flares Across Sunni Areas

Secret memo deepens Thatcher link to coup plot

Wind Industry Bids to Win Over Doubters

Russia and Venezuela discuss cooperation on energy

U.S. Sends in Secret Weapon: Saddam's Old Commandos

Abortion debate looms anew (in CA)

LA Times: Turk Compares U.S. to Hitler

Abu Ghraib-style torture was used on us, say German army conscripts

OK, maybe I'm NOT buying a house

Barack Obama on Letterman now. 12:00 EST

Do with me what you must...

Oh, you touch my tralala

I love living in NYC

I had a decorating epiphany today!

I'm dancin' barefoot

"What's a Fruedian slip, Mr. Claven?"

Will someone please explain to me (I'm not terribly computer literate)


Legend in my own mind

Do any of you get your eyebrows threaded?

Check in for your ZombySkankingLove!

Meh. I'm bored and lonely- amuse me!

Reminder for late night DUers

My SAME SEX partner and I went to Eddie Bauer to buy a sweater

Ok, Ok... I admit it... I like Phil Collins....

Entertaining is too much trouble.

Caffeinated shampoo, anyone??

What does it mean for someone to have no quarter?

money sending question

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force

0MFG!!! fArT iF yUO LyK3 CO0Ki3ZZzZ!! LoLLOL!!1!

When your nose gets stuffy...

I saw Finding Neverland...a "not like much" review (with slight notes)

Its 19 degrees Celcius outside, damn nice

It smells like christmas outside

It's 19 degrees here - damn cold

My Cat Hates You !!!

I need witty, witty help, ASAP!

DU Insomniacs check in !

The 2004 Combover Awards

I bought groceries on Buy Nothing Day.

Ever get bored with the Internet?

It smells like turkey flatulence inside

Why does ambition never strike until 4 AM?

When will the rethugs start naming things after *....Got any suggestions?

Glow worms vs shrub..

Why are you up in the middle of the night?

"We carry out your sentence at midnight..."

Are you ready to be sent into the world?

"Jacob's Ladder" by Huey Lewis - Junk or Genius?

I bought CRACK COCAINE on Buy Nothing Day

Work harder and die before you get Alzheimers

Can turkeys eat dogs?

How do you deal with aspects of your personal history you don't like?

Can turkeys eat dongs?

It seems my parents sent my grandparents to a hotel last night.


Taj Mahal to moonlight as nocturnal rendezvous for star-crossed lovers

Anyone have experience training Bagels?

Es schneit!! Heil Shrub!!

Sex and the suburbs: US falls for desperate wives

For the love of god, someone please tell me

£6m secret factory churned out thousands of fake Viagra tablets

It took me four years

in an unrelated note about the e-bay gift card

WAHHOOO... the big 5 0 0 post for me...

U.S. Lacks Reliable Data on IraQ Arms - (too) LATE

Any advice, How to watch the SEC Champ Game from Tokyo

My 10 year reunion was last night and there was a little incident. Advice!

check out this cartoon of a typical bush supporter

Yesterday, my friend asked someone when her mother was due...

Is it true, Dog's shouldn't eat Turkey?

Does anyone have a 04/05 Nissan Altima?

any experts in pre-colombian peruvian pottery here?

Which country is truly our greatest ally

I'm not a virgin anymore!

Canadian DUers; question regarding taxes regarding an expat friend

Thank you guys who changed your USERIDs

Naughty Santa draws negative attention

Poor Table Manners on Thanksgiving Lead to Stabbings

I've been up puking all night..

Future Darwin Award winner...

Could use some help--if you don't mind.

My dog is yelping in her sleep

Here's A Thread That's Just Begging To Be Locked...

Has anyone seen "National Treasure"?

St. Louis Baby Tooth "Nuclear Fallout" Study --any St. Louis Boomers?

Okay, I'll eat some popcorn, watch a little TV then...

I have to get my housework done! What the hell am I doing posting on DU?

Caption: "Jeeeezzz, got my ass stuck in the door again"

Oh, crap....I made it through another year on earth.

Husband stormed out, angry, 9 am, without his cell phone...

Anyone seen "The Mayor of Sunset Strip"?

'Nascarfan' pays $127.50 for $125 Walmart gift card on eBay.

Is anyone else not going to buy people stuff for Xmas this year?

Hollywood gets in on the act as US finally gets a taste for Dahl

i just got back from jamaica, ask me anything!

Anyone familiar with Chinese lettering?

Off to go swimming...outdoors

The Lazy Saturday Morning Steely Dan Tune...

If I was a girl, I'd be a hetero.

Scientists find reason why some women cheat on their partners

If I was a girl, I'd be a lesbian

On Jan 20th What will you be doing?

ever wonder what your desktop does at night?


MOVIE POLL: Equilibrium -- good, bad, or both?

I'm reading DU at a coffee shop

Websites that list musical artists and their booking prices?

Seeking crystal meth advice... (!)

Does anyone have hope left anymore?

I only go to female and gay male barbers. Am I heterophobic?

I Cannot Stand What DU Has Become! This Is My LAST POST! Goodbye!

My boyfriend called me Jewish because I want a racist hairdresser

I Wish Everyone In The World Spoke The Same Language


KICKASS songs whose existence you became aware of recently?

eBay account + Wal-Mart gift card + NASCAR fan = free money

OK, which one of you pinko commie America-haters did this?

Success! Cable company changes Channel 2 radio from Christian back to NPR

That's it, i'm taking my ball and going home

I saw Casablanca for the first time last night

Cookin' with Kitten : Thanksgiving Special.

Are you a Player!? TURBOTANKS, BABY!

How do you feel about communists

What is the best song from Led Zeppelin IV?

lets face it DU IS DEAD!!!!

I'm a Virgin Again!

I'm on the radio from 5:00-5:30 p.m. EST.

So what will Ron Artest do now?

Military training to kill school children

Lets face it I am dead...............................................tired

I just saw the movie "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage . . .

Can someone please tell me what this is...

The Beaujolais Nouveau is out....

That's it!! I declare that I will no longer be sexy

I Only Go To Male Barbers... Am I Sexist?

The Fran Drescher Appreciation Thread

Catchy tune: "Nation of A**holes", a song about the election

What kind of evening should I have?

I wish everybody in the world was me.

Ahhhhhh it !

Let's face it folks;These are America's darkest days

Family Fury Over Brothel Bonuses - Sex Sessions as Xmas Bonuses

Does Diebold make Kotex and Tampon machines?

Need Image Hosting Recommendation

Country Music Reminds Me of Bush Voters

Judy Collins

Now at wal-mart (does this make you want to hurl too?)

Screw the weather, I'm going out tonight.

What's on the tube by you?

Best songs from Houses of the Holy.

Who needs badgers?

My Microwave Oven Died

Husband is out of town; I am drinking fake Baileys and

I'm 2 posts to 900, ask me.... 2 things!

Good liberal towns in Colorado?

Ack! Just saw the new Chanel No 5 commercial.

Who will escape the 700 Club first?

Watching the 4-DVD Live Aid concert today....

I never have to watch another horror movie!

Jason and the Argonauts is on TCM

Best of Led Zeppelin II

My idiot freeper brother

Time In For Families, or TIFF, if you will

I get the feeling drafted troops are not useful or something?

The Gryffindor_Bookworm vs Liberal_Andy Thread

Freep answer to - They want us to see this?

Looks like Bugs Bunny is sportin' a fatty

I am burning the Star Wars Trilogy to a VCD.

Match a movie title up with a Personality

Do you have any relatives who drive you apsitively nuckin' futs?

Should I name the island I'm going to buy when I hit the lotto?

What kind of beer should I have this afternoon?

I bought a string of lights for my tree. The lights do 16 different

It's official. I'm in love with this song

I have escaped the 700 Club.

I concede to Bookworm, and offer my congrats!

does anyone think the little :hi: guy needs antiperspirant?

I don't mean to make fun, but this guy looks lost.

Congratulations Gryffindor_Bookworm 800 posts!

Ok Ok - How about a truce with this whole "Sarcasm" thing?

Bush-lovers in action!

Girl murders mother, burns corpse in van, updates Livejournal

My poor sister

Ok....So I have been dating this girl...

Help! I need the lyrics to Richard Buckner's song "Her"

Question on Rapture Etiquette

Astrologically speaking

Sanity post

What is a good Charity Org to donate clothing/furniture/ect?

Favorite David Bowie record?

I love James Bond movies


I'm thinking of buying land in Nova Scotia -- any advice?

MacGyver's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Great Song - Weird Video

My Dad

Can I get out of the 700 Club without pissing anybody else off?

vanity post

My dog just hit me on the nose

My uber-vain, pushing 200, ask me anything post.

I watched 'Ice Castles' today.


I need a hug

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

My cat just kissed me on the nose; ask me anything!

Is your kitty a lap cat?

Truly the most Beautiful Tree Topper ever made!

"It's A Wonderful Life" is on NBC right now! 8 PM ET

Won't Give In

Okay, I missed it. Fill me in on the copycatting, please!

My Rubbers arrived!

I'm thinking about Rachel Ray's Hot Butta Rump recipe.

Is Down?

Ok everyone I finally made it

American Skin

Caption the funky chicken! (chickenhawk? or chicken little?)

It took me two hours to Yank a Tank !

It's 9:00 p.m. in Connecticut, and THE SOUL EXPRESS is webcasting!

When my forces invade and conquer Scorpio's island...

I think my neighbor thinks that I'm smoking Wacky Tobaccy!

Confession Time...

Hey, you guys look @ this hot new car, my friend sent me this link...

I'm finally going to get drunk and rip some freeper a new one! wish me...

Small things in movies that don't exist/happen in real life

I think that my neighbor is smoking Wacky Tobaccy!

How do people feel about communes?

"High Hitler" is on now (9pm cst) on History Channel

My sister

i only go to Sweeny Todd, am I a masochist?

This should be called the island of Dr. Moreau

I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle here is my spout,

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Hey, what a Christmas gift idea!

Anyone want to form an Acceptance True Blue Democrat Group?

Special Bill Buckner "did you ever have one of those days" thread

After my nuclear retaliation on Short Bus President's island...

Behold! I can see into the future!


Yay for the ignore button!

Obedience to Authority, by Dr. Stanley Milgram

Children's chorus that sang on Pink Floyd's "Brick" is "owed thousands"

And just for fun...

You should never steal from Monks.

Tony Montana addresses the RNC.

Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun" do you love it or hate it?


I just saw "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". WTF?????? Is this for real?

Just saw "National Treasure." Any local treasure folklore in your area?

Iron Man is a woman?

Underwear Goes Inside Your Pants Video

Does anyone think.......

how do you feel about swedish au paires


Einstein's Eclipse

Anyone wanna play the movie game?

I hate shoplifters!!!

Has anyone ever been to

Banning Bibles? You haven't seen my platform...

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells!

I hate Christmas,

BAD roomate thread!

How to Make Friends

You lucky Canadians, you have Candice Olsen and I am

Now on PAX - Duck and Cover!

Just plug into the "faux" and all will become clear.

NO roommate thread!

College Football - Boise State University

New Angry Girl Cartoon

i have not stopped eating for two days....

Watching JFK's medical history on Discovery Channel now,

I hate people who hate christmas

Nov. 27 DU AIM Chat

How do you feel about creepy Swedish guys?

I hate people who hate christmas

Polish music tonight at the Rabrrrrrr household - Penderecki and Gorecki

Anyone have experience training beagles?

No independent movie theaters here, who else is in my situation?

There's a pizza baking over in General Discussion

Who's hotter Joyce De Witt or James Joyce?

Has anyone here seen the movie Love Actually?

Untalented celebrities riding on their talented sibling's coattails

After having it for 4 hours I'm very pleased with Sirius

I hate people who hate people that hate christmas

A "Three's Company" question:

Word Games!

I wish everybody in the world had the same skin color.

look i got a new kitten today...LOOK he is so adorable........

Potter = wal-mart and corporations (George Bailey is a liberal)

The end of the world! (Hilarious but very DARK cartoon- check it out!)

I'm out of the 700 Club! Just a little worse for wear.

Hey this is my 600 post.........

For Those Who Are Keeping Score At Home - 270 Hours Without A Cigarette

"Alexander not bi-sexual: greeks to sue Warner Bros."

I'm drinking using Emeril's Hot Buttered Rum recipe

Are you going to send out any Christmas cards?

i love tile

If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?

I need a group hug...

There are 24,000 islands off the coast of Sweden--only 1000 are inhabited

My boyfriend called me racist because I want a Jewish hairdresser

DAMN, my beard is greying and I am 20 yrs old.


What are a few of your favorite things?

Breaking: Bush wasn't targeted by FARC for his globalist foreign policy

Ending a sentence with an emoticon

Are TOILET PAPER rolls in public places aggravating?

Places you'll never ever ever go back to...

Street kids' road to work leads through pasta palace -- GREAT STORY!

I must escape the 700 Club before Gryffindor_Bookworm. Ask me anything.

Dad Calls police on daughter for coming home drunk, police find HIS drugs


A girl and her hole.

Best kick-ass band of this century so far

I must escape the 700 Club. Ask me Anything!

Bedford Falls or Pottersville; where would you rather live?

Should I get married and move to Illinois?

lets face it DU IS DEAD!!!!

Ditched by the hubby

Hands up who loves Amsterdam?

A little thought-o-rama about being democratic minded... (PHOTO)

DU Group proposal -- Classical Music

Now on PAX - How teen sex is killing kids!

Are there more sad things in life or more happy things?

Best rock guitar solo ever:

So the Chicago Tribune spiked todays "Get Fuzzy" cartoon...

"Jacob's Ladder", the Toy - Junk or Genius?

"Jacob's Ladder" with Tim Robbins - Junk or Genius?

Don't hold back: Tell us what you really think about GWBush, Republicans,

I do tarot readings, and when Im messed up

A friend who was "fixed" years ago now has a pregnant wife.

Anyone tried a raw diet?


Movie "Alexander the Great"....ain't !!

Aquarium people - I'm very seriously thinking of getting an aquarium

The November issue of My Cat Hates You

Li'l help needed.....going vegetarian.

I wouldn't rush out to see the Machinist. (no spoilers)

National Treasure

Principals freaked out by students' dance, dress

anyone noticed a small anti-Bush, anti-neocon subtext to Joan Of Arcadia?

What Tiffany's ring should I buy?

Anyone tried Blockbuster Online?

mega churches....the religious right.....Tommy Barnett

Christian Marketing

James Randi: Debunking the channelers, etc.

An accident waiting to happen . . .

A Black Feather in an Angel's Wings

I have written an Op/Ed piece for the Washington Post

Lesbian Debauchery in Oklahoma

Kentucky will make the NCAA Final Four this year

Ever hear of a one-point safety?

Formula One driver becomes sex shop enterpreneur

Detroit Lions fan support thread

HELP PLEASE!! How do you train a puppy without a crate WEEWEE PADS!

PLEASE HELP! Kitten throwing up!

Free cats! or the other thing

I have a brand-new ferret!

Anyone else a hamster fanatic?

Astrologers, can anyone interpret the new from the Ukraine

Reiki attunements for free

Are you interested in becoming a healer?


What is the significance of "retrograde" in astrological terms?


Where do you think the core reform should be?

Obnoxious bumper sticker that I saw today.

People like to say in revision that Kerry was simply ABB, I say you wrong

Fallujah Refugees in Their Own Words

U.S. Marine kills wounded insurgent

Does anyone remember the website that listed "blue/Dem"


Monday is being called "Stop Gonzales Day".

someone hacked into democracy for america site and has

Dems are persecuted as Christians once were

America's Fate?

The Ukranians remembered the Big Dog's words....

...this is really messed up...children as test subjects..

Redgraves launch political party

My God the Ukrainian election coverage hypocrisy ...

Anyone else have a problem with Secretary of States in swing states

DFA and PDA Launch "DNC Listening Tours" in Minnesota!

Repeated phrase from repug turkey dinner - "Stand united, show a unified..

Thanksgiving Turkey & Fahrenheit 9/11

Which do you think is worse?

Anybody have the picture of Kerry's huge rally in Wisconsin?

This is chilling - the icy ring of truth from Joseph

Arthur Anderson: anyone hear of his plans to repair Palm Beach County's

This will get your blood perking

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq-Did this happen?

Here we go again....go left or go moderate ??

How many would support the formation of a new Party!

When Democrats stop worshipping

Yet another VERY GOOD Reason Illinois should be deLayed (redistricted)

Kerry and the Gift of Impunity

Boycott Diebold ATM machines and help run them out of business

carlyle group interested in Boeing Wichita

Global vote 2004: Kerry wins with 77.1% of the vote

Bush relies on smoke and mirrors in order to make him appear competent

Could "Local Protests" offer more hope than the large ones? Is it time we

I might lash out on Monday

Sen. Bob Kerrey: "We would not have won the war in Iraq without the CIA"

Colombian official: Rebels plotted to kill Bush

The election wasn't stolen, it was rigged.

What Became of Conservatives?-by ex-Reagan official...talks about RW hate

I Wish More Here Actually Took Some Time To READ SOMETHING

Haley's Nose

Special Report: More on the Buying Of Electoral Votes

Alright - Am I the only DU'er who thinks Kerry actually lost?

Corsi, co-author "Unfit for Command" considers Senate run against Kerry.

C-Span is making me sick

Why Hasn't KKKarl Rove Run For President?

"With Deepest Sympathy" Rumsfeld machine-signature!

My Interview With David Gringer

Swiftee Jerome Corsi wants to run against Kerry

Certain laws of human nature...

Right behind you and your daughters president puke>>>check this out

If people talked about supporters of other candidates.....

The 4 Obstacles to Rebellion, Resistance, Protest, and Change

Fellow Democrat's "We are the Superpower"

Alex Jones says the PATRIOT ACT II makes news gathering illegal


Start thinking "PROTEST" - we need to start hitting the streets

Do We Democrats Want Hillary to Run in 2008?

Mom and Pop businesses are almost extinct around here!!!

Do You Think One Reason For Our Lack Of Demonstrations Is . . .

Reuters: Borrowing Seen in Social Security Plan

Hastert launches a partisan policy

Anti-War Superbowl Commercial

Oh Oh.... Accenture Coming To Wisconsin

What will it take before a sovereign nation officially declares war on US?

Bush has 60% approval

Bush's radio address v Vilsack's; Does this ID a Dem mssg problem?

My First Occasional (Possibly Daily) Comparison!

Democrats oughta just stop believing in their ideas.

time to close ranks!

A draft is Americas only hope.

DUers: It's time to support those who supported us in the election!

OK...if we "Disenfranchised Dems" Go Local...what happens to Media?

Why I will keep my Kerry sign up.

Who didn't vote in this election?

Progressive Dems to Support Green Party Recount in Ohio

LIke the abortion protesters-we need to show graphic pix of Iraq war dead

Okay , if most Democrats want to be centrist , and most

Have you seen this "Me first!" Bush pic?

Anyone else have a problem with churches being polling places?

DNC Chair: "It is a Big Deal...

Deleted message

Useful link ...Light a fire on Kerry, DNC, GAO with one click

We need to stop fantasizing AND demonizing.

Democrats doesn't seem to have great presidential candidates

Would Bush dare turn weapons against Americans?

If you are in the Northern States or Canada

Who are the people that the Democrats are afraid of offending

Please, can we get over the primary battles?

Why do so many here dislike Dean?

What's the stupidest reason you've heard for voting for chimp?

CDN Minister of Immigration Importing Euro-Exotic Dancers: Saint or Skant?

Should Democrats in the Senate and Congress stage a walkout?

What finally brought an end to the Vietnam war? Media showing pictures?

BE THE MEDIA! campaign. Would you die for it? Others have!

Young DUers! If there is a draft, what are your plans?