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Archives: November 26, 2004

Chileans have many reasons to hate Bush

Blood on their hands

The wonderful state of the Iraq situation!

Blair can't brush aside case for impeachment

The best, brightest, wealthiest fleeing Iraq in setback to reconstruction

Plans for CIA overhaul leave many questions

Engage Iran (Ignatius/WP)

Mercenary Me

Democracy in Peril

Picking a leader for the Democrats

The When and How of Leak Being Probed (WP: technical/Plame)

International Criminal Court Deserves Support

Wounded from Fallujah fight put doctors at Balad base hospital to test

Behind Barbie's Smile: Sweat, Fear, Resignation (Toy Sweatshops)

It’s imperialism, stupid! (or, Why Bush won)

Iowa official to seek election changes for next election

(Hillary) White House Via Arkansas

No Thanksgiving Visit?

Is the War on Terror Banishing from the Bush Agenda 11/26

Amid inquiries, FBI confiscates computers, files from City Hall

Elephants in the Living Room: Possibilities for Economic Peril

Scalia Says Religion Infuses U.S. Government and History - AP

No one is taken in by the lies of Allawi or the US

Fox's "Hating America" will make people hate us even more!

We have been there before

US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev

Dems Pocket $52 Million, CNN Ignores Evidence, and Officials Stonewall

Soft Approach To Cannabis Said Working In The UK

"Are Citizens of the USA Tired of Democracy?"

The budget is kaput

We need to ask Condi Rice some tough questions

Paul Roberts: What Became of Conservatives?

Letter to the (CA) Daily Breeze: GOP's questionable ethics

Tom Snyder weighs in again on the state of the union

On the Ukrainian Opposition (soon to be winners?): NY Times Op-Ed piece

Democrats Should Oppose Empowering the Pious

Dean, Clinton and Kerry: No, No, No for 2008

An Era of End-Timers and Neo-Cons Whatever Happened to Conservatives?

Protest Suggestion

Protest Bush Visit at all Canadian Media Offices

List of petitions.

Anyone have list of links for socially conscious gifts?

Tom Brokaw, What's the Fuss?

recommended online reading about bonds?

China cuts Treasury holdings -report

Putin and Petro-dollar Revolt

Elephants in the Living Room: Possibilities for Economic Peril

Break down your portfolio in this thread.

Global Warming Fight to Get Harder from 2012 (when Kyoto ends)

NASA's Moon-Mars Initiative Harms Science: American Physical Society Repor

Extreme Conservation: I posted this in activism and events but

Question..decisions, decisions. (re: investing in an eco-friendly vehicle)

Giving France A Hand

Admin! Need Help asap please!

What's the different between

can someone please check the status of my star?

Hi, I want to sponsor 10 folks who don't have stars so they can have stars

what did I do?

An observation with a question.

So, do I get a T Shirt

Do I actually have to see a response from a poster

Why are my threads being locked?

Just a note of appreciation for the new forum/group system.

Question RE: name changes

DU'er Nashyra elected to office

I feel silly for asking this but what does,

i would like to have a star but


Israeli ambassador criticises France over Arafat death certificate

Israel army forces violin recital

Arab world: 73.72% want Hamas to replace Arafat

Destroying the stereotype

Did AA 77 loose radar contact?

Two questions to MercutioATC (and RH too)

Adopt a soldier : Thanksgiving dinners but no soldiers

what is up with the obama

Ballot on Demand Voting Systems--New ways to compromise security?

Saturday December 4 from 1-3pm named "FIGHT FOR Democracy Rally"at the Ohi

Who's in for my "mass demonstration"???

under the safe harbor provision of 3 U.S.C. § 5 no further challenge to th

New Ohio transcripts on voting "irregularities" (fraud, intimidation, sup)

Olbermann to be on Carson Daly-NBC at 1:35 est Don't miss it.

Pacific Coast Reminder: Olbermann on NBC at 1:35am/Carson

Weird stuff with San Diego mayoral race

Berkeley Analysis: Reason for Recount? Sure!

Ukraine dreams.....

Conference on Exit Polls and the Hispanic Vote: A Closer Look

Has anyone noticed this peculiarity in exit polls discrepancy?

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election?

Has anyone else noticed this peculiarity in exit polls discrepancy?

GAO won't study 2004 e-votes

Bev is on Thom Hartman right now.....n/t

What are we fighting FOR?

Diebold Technician operates system on election day...

Stolen election Flyer -Need help with printing

Does ANYONE have any credible information.......

Americans Show Concerns on Bush Agenda : NYTIMES-54% FAVOR DEMOCRATS

The reasons why people make mistakes

Help! Need a MSM article linking VNS or NEP to modifying exit polls.

An Ongoing E-mail Arguement with Mitofsky


It's just about FRAUD (don't be afraid of the word)

Auditing Source Code Used by the Federal Government

Anyone have DEFINITIVE exit poll data?

Mitofsky Replies

Besides Warren County, Ohio, Does Anyone Know Of Any Other???

What's the "Irvine Study" and has anyone debunked it?

New lawsuit RE: Provisionals in OH

Weird AZ GEMS results

Voting irregularities index "winners": AZ, GA, LA, OH, PA, NM, FL, DC, CO

Rupert Murdoch omnisciently declared, "Those exit polls are wrong,"

ohio precinct analysis posted on

Conservatives Attack Olbermann!

Another thing - can everyone PLEASE stop bagging on Kerry!

A call for a Deep Research forum

How do we get the fairness Doctrine reinstalled?

When fascism comes...

How many people ACTUALLY voted for Bush?

Big Media's Double Democracy Standards

Plane crash with B* #1 yesterday? Or am I dreaming. Suicide of

John Edwards, Please do not abandon your people

The Ukraine Identity

Bev Harris on Thom Hartman No recount in Florida

Quick Question about Recounts -- What good will it do?

Democratic election judge briefly blocked from poll by G-O-P judge

Electoral College precedent, a cautionary tale...

Could this Ukraine debacle played right to Kerry's plans??

e-mail reply from Mr. Wayne Madsen

Is your faith in that election fraud will be discovered waining?

Stephanie Miller on CNN right now

Validate the vote - OpEd in Baltimore Sun


Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularies: NOV 26, AOL NEWS

US News Election Moonshine Moment .....what a title for a good article.

Check it out--106% turnout in Wyoming! (on SOS website)

Stones-Cry-Out "What Went Wrong With The Exit Polling?

"Help America Recount" has a new look.

Excellent "election fraud" soapbox in local paper...

Top 14 "machine error" states all had red shift (pro-Bush surprise)

Sign the Online PETITION for Voter's Bill of Rights

Letters to the editor - America needs help putting 2 & 2 together on fraud

Suppose there was incontrovertible evidence of

Madsen Updates Report

Al Franken Debunks ELECTION Fraud

Some background on why recount efforts, protests are WORTHLESS

Election laws in Florida and Ohio seem designed to hide fraud...

Why didn't Kerry fight for Florida? There was tons of evidence of fraud

Bush: World watching Ukraine Election Fraud 'very carefully'

Bush did better than exit polls in states with most voting irregularities

An open discussion on how to beat the election clock and defeat the Spiral

"Suit Seeks Provisional Ballots Re-Examined" Yahoo - please rate

There's Much to be "positive about. Think about all THIS!......

44 Percent of Hispanics Voted for Bush? Highly Improbable.

We are free thinkers on this board......Stop calling people Freepers!

CNN Spoof -- Election Fraud Reporting


Initial NH Recount Results Show Little Change

Concerning Voters Leaving Polling Places in Ohio

Exit Polls are Not Accurate and your Check is in the Mail.

Right Wing Extremists Affect Election?

Equal Protection Clause Applied Equally to All 50 States


We MUST change the FRAME

Cuyahoga County Ohio results -- Excel

EQUAL PROTECTION ARGUMENT for Overturning Elections..... lawyers??

LAT - San Diego tending Democratic

Repost: Bush won Iowa by 10,000 (less than 1%--qualifies for a recount)

Kerry casts eye toward Senate re-election

Heads up Minnesota

Breaking, Entering Your PC (on where to get help)

Best way to clean my laptop screen?

Transfering Cassettes to mp3/AAC..any suggestions?

Is Bearshare a good P2P app?

Audiophiles, I need help....Hooking up speakers with spring clips to comp

Give me your tips for sharing large files

Bored? Need something to do in between football games or shopping?

Look out, here comes real trouble

Ohio Fraud Question

Columbus OH Voters Rally

The Giant Jesus of I-75 - Super Savior!!

Speaking of large PA companies....

Texas Democratic Party Angst at a local level

Democracy for America meetup Dec. 1


Fremont activism Friday Nov 26th

After all tomorrow is another day !

Rich, NYT: Great Indecency Hoax (MSM in love w/ moral values story line)

New research tool: Google Scholar

Iraqi Lullaby

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us we liberals

so how many votes did Showtime's "American Candidate" get?


Dear Liberal Hater

When I read the posts about voting fraud, I am reminded of two occassions

Bush loves the military, the on going saga.

How much do you read?

I believe 3 more al-queda members were killed yesterday

93 yr-old great grandma leans over the turkey and says . . .

A Message of Hope

selling weapons to Iraq

Is the Clinton Library gift shop online?

ELSA, you students... get on board.

Cory Booker

Chimpy is a crazy bastard, God help us all.

more new Oxyrush advertisers

CFI: United Way, Target Should Get Nothing from Christians

New Model For Grassroots Social Change?

How much does one need to retire peacefully?

Interested in the printer that encodes serial number info?

I'm looking for a phrase (quote?) to put on my Christmas cards that..

Bev Harris LIVE on Friday's Thom Hartmann show

I have a friend but lost contact

Retire overseas.Reasonable expectations for home prices.Advise please

My email sent to cnet editor

Korean Scientists Succeed in Stem Cell Therapy

Anyone who leaves America loses my respect.

georgie on cnn

Wisdom teeth or education loans...

I'll not be giving any gifts from China

Launch of new Damocles Network site - Reporters Without Borders

For those of you leaving the country now...

"25 Days Ago These Men Were Alive"

I'm becoming really scared for my niece . . .

Bush says the election should be investigated !

My post just got censored...

Could the Ukrainian election be a blessing in disguise for the USA?

Gifts to give that don't involve buying things

LIMBOsevic's Uncontrollable, Laughing Fit Hysterics

So, will the real president please stand up!

Ukrainian Media Shames That of U.S.

Anyone watching the "please go shopping" local news coverage today?

Religious right counting on shrub to deliver "End times"

What % of neocons are Jews?

Today, Nov. 26, is Buy Nothing Day!

Top 13 Reasons why John Ashcroft Quit

My message to the warmongers / war profiteers and gleeful cheerleaders

Ken Mehlman and Friends Soon to be "Out" and About?

Ohio Unemployment Rises

So, Pappy Bush Had ANOTHER Plane Crash Without Him?

What an idiot : local RW wacko calls Dylan's "Masters of War" hate radio!

The media's portrayal of Bush did a complete turnaround in 2000

Starve the Beast: Buy Nothing Christmas.

So * won fair and square

Print news beginst to put a few cracks in the wall

I got a call from the ROTC

Good News of the Day -- Give me some lovin'

i need some good ol liberal ideas with this smear commercial for gov class

Alert! - Defend Recount, Support Voter Bill of Rights

the shopping season begins...

Should people like a CIA Director, FBI director who are in a position

Iraqis call for election postponement

One of my pet peeves is the habit of referring to Bush Senior as

Bush promoting abstention

start thinking ahead for the lame quack Bush...

All I want to do is give you all a great big HUG

Hope people are ready for the draft

Al Franken is on CNN (Wolf Bilzer)

This obsession the Republicans have with abortion

Bush now plans "MAJOR SPEECH" in Halifax

Million Man Email to stoptheaclu to show solidarity w/ the ACLU

What do Muslims Think?

Thanksgiving with the Freeper In-Laws - ugh


So, how's Ohio coming?

How much time do we have before it's "too late?"

Anybody know what this means?

Our Country Has Died

Where is the love for the Chimp?

My theory on why it's hard for Democrats to break through

"FW" eurostyle bumper stickers

Fundies, I hate to point out the obvious, but...

embedded tracking chips

Is the fall of the ACLU planned?

Activists, parents ask equal time for 'other side' of military life

MSNBC - "Giant Jesus of I-75 - Ohio" Story Coming Up!

Bush daughters vs Clinton Gore Kerry daughters

Martha Stewart Dubbed Queen of Contraband

"Report illegals" website up and running

Who said it?

Was it something I said?

I guess some people didn't like the idea of 'Black Friday' shopping

Nude Israeli commandos face sack (seriously)

Alexander is a good movie

Does Shrub have another Black Eye?

Pentagon Rpt: "Muslims do not 'hate our freedom'" -Sept '04

WOOHOO Galaxy Quest is on TBS!

Is the Christian Right going to become Militant?

Store owner has "Onward Christian Soldier Bush" on display

Rehnquist should retire - I don't pay taxes to EFFING LOAFERS!!

U.S. ambassador intervened in Halliburton contract, documents show

National Treasure, GO WATCH IT!

What can be done to make the South more blue?

a solution for your money while the dollar crashes

Do you have trash pick-up or do you have to drive to the dump?

Parading Jesus

underwear goes inside the pants...ya gotta read this!

Pulling the financial plug on these jokers

TX school censorship/student T-shirt

new Xmas ditty - deck the halls with dead iraqis.....think it would

Did Dubbya rig the election?

Link to photo of Bush rushing out the door past Clinton? Please?

"Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election"

Al Franken with Wolf Blitzer- Video clip

Citizens mobilized to stop ACLU

Another stupid FReeptard bumber sticker I saw today......

Al Gore should come out vehemently against the election fraWd

An Xmas card idea - John Lennon lyrics.

What is happening to this country?

Has Bush made the line between good and evil permeable?

Diaries and pics from Iraq

I know we all hate Tom Friedman, but check this out:

How Deep is Your "Fringe?" How Hard is Your "Tinfoil?" Answer here...

Holiday shopping DUers, please add to this list

Thank You Bush

Cool. WTO on US Sanctions not seen by media, yet this is everywhere:

Every channel ! The consumers are expected to spend 4.5% more....

So, we can deal with and be friends with the largest communist nation on

Strange Bush comments on opening of Clinton Library. Threat?

Aaron Brown just said they couldn't find any soldiers to talk negatively

Chilean TV's News 24 coverage of the BUSH PUSH...

Dean: The Third World War is against Women and Families...column.

Biggest mistake the democratic party has made this century

New Freedom Commission

If you're lucky enough to have some, don't sell your gold or silver

How did Raygun win 49 states?

Mastermind of US-Israeli Master Spy (Jonathan Pollard) Murdered?

RELIGIOUS FREAKS! See them go at it!

What is the difference : Shi'a, Shiite, Sunni, Arab and Persian?

There is a Gender based Caste system in the US and other places even today

9 million bicycles banned to make way for 200,000 private cars--PROGRESS

Why can't this country be like the UK?

Is anyone out there sticking to the holiday boycott? (I am)

An education on gold, the Bank of England and the dollar

Congrats to Cindy Trigg (Nashyra) -- another DU'er elected to office!

Where are the people for the people.....who have money?

I am beginning to look at things with more optimism these days.

World Doctor shortage reported. No mention of Cuba.

Peak oil and societal decline... How soon? How bad?

25% of Americans have Bachelors degrees or Higher...

When China no longer supports our habits

Euros? Gold? What should we do?

Chilling statistic just heard on radio

Has anyone seen one of those "Boycott France" stickers?

Buying a computer for Xmas? Know this: Steve Jobs vs. Michael Dell

Flu Pandemic Coming?

Barf Bag at the ready: U.S. is behind Ukraine standoff

What are the pros & cons of "Out Sourcing" our Jobs to other countries?

Absolutely sickening. 'Unusual' weapons and atrocities in Fallujah.

Tonight's 20/20 Report on Matthew Shepard's Murder Ignores Facts

Most people sense that something is wrong but they can't put their finger

Connected to the CIA post. Google your screen name.

BE the MEDIA who me? YES YOU! Got printer? Got thumbtacks?

So I'm watching Fahrenhype 9/11 right now

What was the depression like?

URGENT REQUEST for DU election researchers

Plame: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

bettyellen is requesting a recipe from old Joy of Cooking

Knives? Advice? Experience with different brands?

Gays, lesbians win pension decision

Who is Connie Wilkins and what is Free Dominion? I'm sorry but we don't

so, which George W. Bush is going to show up in Halifax?

why Bush's people picked Halifax ...

Newsnight editor defends Paxman over Tory complaint

New Bumper Sticker Seen - Cheney in 05, Hastert in 06

E Timor loses faith in gas talks

IAEA needs to further probe A Q Khan network in Iran case

ORNL manager fined $55,000, lack of safety during nuclear spill

It’s imperialism, stupid! (or, Why Bush won)

Denmark votes to keep troops in Iraq

Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Probe

Seoul Avoids IAEA Sanctions

Rumsfeld endorses Boy Scouts support

Congress Seeks to Curb International Court

Legal Group Highlights Bush's Alleged War Crimes (oh canada)

Olbermann discussing voting probs on Carson Daily program NBC now.

Betting on apocalypse

Second suspect killed in Venezuela bomb probe

Technicians reveal they were paid to rig the election!

Millions still taking risky heart drug without warnings promised by FDA

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower (Bunnatine)

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

Columbus Dispatch: More voting questions raised

U.S. Forces Find 13 More Bodies in Mosul

Oil giant in Russia is closer to collapse

Iraqis emerge amid the ruins of Falluja

Former Clearwater judge arrested on drunken driving charge (He's back....)

TV star in child abuse case

Ohio Unemployment Rises

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower

First battle between Russia and US after the end of Cold War

Blair Impeachment Motion By Minority Members of Parliament

Abbas OffersInternal Fatah Elections soasto Persuade Barghouti to Withdraw

Ukraine Opposition Blocks Buildings as Leaders Arrive

Howard riles Asia with snub to peace treaty

WTO Ready for U.S. Sanctions

CFI: United Way, Target Should Get Nothing from Christians

E Guinea 'coup plot' verdict due + update/result

U.N. Addresses Global Security Issues-Some preemptive strikes are legitima

Looking for the bright side (lost arms in Iraq)

Lawyer at closed-door Arar hearings cites progress

Two Marines Killed in Fallujah Clash (#1231 #1232)

WSJ: Nissan Suspends Some Production

(U.S. appointed) Iraqi Leaders Plan to Meet Insurgents in Jordan

BBC: "Two (MORE) senior officials 'leave CIA'"

Governor's fund-raising trail leads him to Texas (Schwarzenegger)

Four Killed in Baghdad's Green Zone

Audit: About 30 percent of charter schools had deficits last year (Fla.)

U.S. Still Has Half of Falluja to Clear of Weapons

Report Urges Hazmat Inspection Improvement

China in talks to buy Husky

Iraq parties want polls to be put off

Pakistan Bans Latest Issue of Newsweek

Suit Seeks Provisional Ballots Re-Examined (AP - Cuyahoga County, Ohio)

Fighting Human Slavery in San Antonio

Two opponents of the US occupation assassinated in Iraq

Birds Not Being Killed by Wind Farms

Santa Banned From Skydiving by Disneyland

Governor Bush aims to duck lame role

Sweat, Fear and Resignation Amid All the Toys -LAT

(USA's)Rich States'(pesticide)Demands Threaten Environment(Ozone) Treaty

Shelley Long (Cheers actor) rushed to UCLA Medical Center

Gays, Lesbians Win Pension Decision (Canada)

Passenger Vanishes As Cruise Ship Returns

McBride is still facing finance inquiry (2002 Gov. election vs. Jeb Bush)

Benefits system hit by IT chaos (Microsoft and EDS)

U.S. Reminds of Terror Threat in Mideast

FDA Reviews When Bayer Revealed Drug Risks (Baycol)

Lofgren latest to seek Electoral College's end -

Ecumenical Patriarch Goes to Vatican

Boy's religious absences stir flap at Indiana school

Audit: Halliburton Lost Track of Property

Nice Spice Rack (Martha Stewart Caught Smuggling Condiments)

AP - Iraq Officials Seek Delay For Elections

Ukraine - (state-controlled) Media REBELLING - LIVE!...sick of "lies"

Eastern Europe Lions Reach Out to Ukraine (Walesa & Havel Helping Out)

Top-Giving PACs Favor GOP Candidates 10-1

Pilot: Amman-Baghdad Run Never Dull

Muslim-oriented cable network to go on air next wk (Bridges TV-Buffalo,NY)

Army Uses NASCAR in Recruiting Effort

Poor Table Manners Lead to Stabbings

Nicaragua Congress Grants Itself Powers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 26 November

E.Guinea Court Hands Down Jail Terms for Coup Plot

Soldier's Homecoming Is 5 Years In The Making

EU Stands Firm on Nuclear Freeze, Iran Backs Down

Germany Charges U.S. Woman with Attempted Treason

Four bodies found in lot next to Newark, NJ, church

Mixed Signs Cast Doubt on Bush's Spy Reform Push

LA store owners stymied by glued locks on year's busiest shopping day

Chavez Calls on OPEC to Lift Oil Price Targets

Missouri Puts School Nickname on Arena (Reason:Wal-Mart Heiress' Cheating)

Offensives Create Surge of Detainees

Bush Vows to Work on WTO Compliance, Blasts Airbus

Marine whose friend was killed in Iraq gets call from president

Gay-rights groups take cue from Christian right of 1980s

Genetic Factors Influence Female Infidelity

Fallujah Offensive Takes Toll on Texas GIs (TXans =9% of Total War Deaths)

Ukraine Premier Warns of 'Coup'

Carlyle (Group) on course for historic China deal

Bush Says Nuclear Deal with Iran Must Be Verifiable

Turk lawmaker says US in Iraq worse than Hitler

Giant Grinch Replaces Christmas Exhibit

More "Falling Dollar" News

Iraq Officials Seek Delay for Elections

Euro Rises Above $1.33 As Dollar Slides

Rehnquist to Miss Sixth Week of Work

Seven Activists Arrested in Sit-In At Former Homeless Shelter in SW (DC)

Iraq Officials Seek Delay for Elections

Computer meltdown baffles the experts

With More Jobs Than People, Prairie Life Has Its Payoffs

USA: Auditors Support 15 Percent Witholding on Halliburton's Iraq Work

Party Debates Ins and Outs of Chairmanship

Religious right backs Powell II (P. Jr. becomes America's 'chief censor')

Blue-state pension funds act to balance GOP control in Washington

Pope Concerned About U.S. Priest Shortage

Not Buying Into Shopping's Big Day

Bush Backs $388 Bln Bill But Wants New (Line-Item) Veto Powers

Bush Says World Watching Ukraine Carefully

American girl, 15, is first rabies patient to survive without vaccine

WTO approves sanctions against the US

Protesters mass for Bush Canadian trip

U.S. Opposed Passport Privacy Protections

Codebreaker scores success in search for the Holy Grail

EU to go it alone on nuclear project, if no deal with Japan

Satellite Radio May Not Escape FCC Restrictions

Schools' ban on junk food takes bite out of budgets

China cuts [US-] Treasury holdings

U.S. Won't Attend Conference on Land Mines

Ministers: D.C. likely to approve marriage ban

Abortion foes put faith in Congress

NYT: Dollar's Fall Pushes Gold Above $450

Wal-Mart Clarifies Policy Regarding Unions

Wal-Mart Won't Face Class-Action Lawsuit (FL: Workers Working Without Pay)

President Bush urges Northern Ireland's Protestant, Catholic leaders ...

Thousands of Haitians March in Support of Aristide

WP/Reuters: WHO Official Says Flu Pandemic Inevitable

Man Leaps From Empire State Building

Media Blackout on Election Fraud by Media News Group

Terror Case Hinges on a Wobbly Key Player (Man who set fire to himself)

Obama on Letterman's "Late Show", basks in national media spotlight

U.N.: Annan's Son Got Payments on Deal (Iraqi oil-for-food)

'Blue' states may lose in Bush tax plan

WaPo: The When and How of Leak Being Probed (Plame)

Texas to execute a black woman for 1st time

I heart pie


Your favorite Farrelly Brothers movie

Things that you can say ONLY at Thanksgiving

i had a weird dream last night.

How do I ripped DVD?

New Bumper Sticker Seen - Cheney in 05, Hastert in 06

The best thing about Thanksgiving?



I am chunk!!!

The Dysfunctional DU Family Thanksgiving Thread

Abstract Kitty (picture)

Share the love,,,, (a say something nice thread)

My Day Is Just Getting Worse and Worse

Does it look like this dog trusts me? ( picture )

Have you ever forgotten how old you are?

another reason I'm counting the hours until I move:

Anybody use Googlism?

Global Warming will destroy most of the Christmas songs......

"Instant Karma's (J.Lennon)

ALERT: Natalie Portman coming up on Letterman

Tonight I stopped at a mini-mart for a roll of antacids

Why is DU............

Oh, joy. My dog has learned a new trick.

Can I go one month without Castrovalva?

In the beginning was the Plan...

Got any tips for sharing large fries?

I just had a major scare...

CSpan 1 is just starting the 2nd showing tonight of the Clinton

Must. Pull. Tubes.

Why aren't there any hip-hop Christmas albums?

Got any tips for sharing large files?

A funny quote from

My iMac G5 review

Anyone up early to go shopping or plan on going today?

Okay, who's awake??

I ruined my 15-year old Thanksgiving!!

Did anyone ever use

What kind of Flame Warrior are you?

Wow I hit my 200th post.

Ironic kitty behavior?


Erotic kitty behavior?

Caption: Pssst wanna know a secret Ma?

Caption: spooky omen for Poodle?

Heretic kitty behavior?

Caption: Purrrrrrrrr......crunchies for breakfast

Awww cat! Get off the Thanksgiving table!

Caption: 34 years in the slammer? Wonder what Thatcher will get?

my pup ate too much today, poor thing! (pics)

delusional kitty behavior...

Have you ever forgotten how to spell your first or last name?

For sale: last surviving copy of 'quintessential' English pornography

British cop accused of speeding by motorist he booked for same offence

How do YOU get to DU?

Well Thanksgiving was OK, Some things sucked, but OK

This morning, I took the highway to get to work

17th Century British Porn to Be Auctioned

Dammit, I have to go to the mall

Name Generator

Peace Offering For Bush Voters...

I fell asleep in the bathtub. Now I'm having pumpkin pie for breakfast.

So where's your Christmas celebration?

Send them back!

turkey day in my little corner of the world -

The "No Wal-Mart" christmas

To hell with turkey, I got cookies!

I'm crabby. It must be the holidays.

who is stuck at work?

The Liberal Nation Anthem

Videophiles: Do you use grain reducing software in transferring VHS to

Surreal Video of Lynne Cheney Being Lifted into the "Rapture"...

A liberal's Thanksgiving prayer:

how long did it take for you to get your star

I'm about ready to kick some

Who else has to work today?

Computer question

The never-ending search (Holy Grail)

Got any tips for wearing large tiles?

my son asked me...

Anyone here watch "LOST"?

Don't drink and fly...


I need to go to Target

Cool. I'm in a credit counseling program and just got

Jesus or Santa?

Gosh, am I being a Scrooge?

Should I go cycling or keep staring endlessly at DU?

So, do I get a T Shirt

Looking for some video compression software.

And you thought Tony Clifton wasn't a real-life person...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Seeking gift ideas for my Bush adoring parents in Kansas

"O Come All Ye Faithful"

BEST versions of Christmas carols?

Where can I buy a gas mask?

CSPAN should start broadcasting the Thanksgiving Day parades

Got any tips for shearing large flies?

everythingsxen's bestest, most evilest idea!

All I want is to get to the office and get some work done. But Noo…

So, will the real president please stand up?

Credit card firms play rough

life and a can of beer

Could I get a hug and some good wishes?

The Spiro T Agnew American History Challenge Game

The Eternal Holiday Question: White or Multi-colored Christmas Lights?

blood pressure

I'm Thankful for all DUers working holiday investigating #s

Chapel Hill bookstore locks cash registers for Buy Nothing Day

I propose a DU Friends of Bill Clinton Group

DO you feel like you are getting fatter by the minute?

*sigh* Every thread I post these days devolves into flame bait

Should there be a DU Abstinence group?

i have the HOTS for the People's Court Judge!

DU chicken-owners, do you choke...

I had a Double Celebrity Scary /Sexy Dream Last Night! Ask me Anything!!

Why isn't Al Franken on Sundance on anymore?

Some homes set aside special sex rooms.


DU Help

Whats the best VCR to DVD converter?

I had an insane nightmare last night--interpret it for me.

Gifts to give that don't involve buying things

I Don't Even Hit My Dog!!

Looney Tunes vol 2 owners: How many RoadRunner cartoons are in it?

Music Question on the Talking Heads.

One time I had a dream...

What's the weather like in your area?

I watched "The Hunting of the President" last night

The Serious Side of Eminem (Rolling Stone interview)

While on the subject of weird dreams -- here's mine

It's "What are you listening to" time!

Happy birthday to me...

"Parking Meters of the Third Reich" - please discuss

Here's my dream - interpret it for me

Hey, folks....guess what's for lunch today....

A Bushbot pulled out in front of me today.

So, I saw the Virgin Mary in my turkey on marble rye sammich...

Why is the Ukraine

Computer geeks, I need some help

FW or FUW I like FW best for it's graphic simplicity. Opinions?

Local troops interviewed for the noon news

Missed survivor and the apprentice tonight can anyone tell who got booted

Suddenly I'm noticing a LOT of Dumbya bumper stickers

Uncle Tom

My Partner And I Had Almost IDENTICAL Dreams On The Same Night...

Book search help

Attention: Harry Potter Fans!

So why was Revolutionary_Acts04 googling 'skank'?

I ruined thanksgiving 15 years ago!

Favorite Velvet Revolver Album?

Why do people purposely insult people when they make a spelling mistake?

Dogs are loyal. Yeah, riiiiiiggggghhhhttttt!

This made me laugh!

Some things to Do Before the Inaugural (how true....)

Congratulations Revolutionary_Acts04!!! 500 Posts!!!

Is it just me...

What is the meaning of skank?

Do you now or have you ever had your water break?

Well, do you? Punk!

local news showing MORANS waiting 2 hours in check-out lines

You know your addicted to DU when...

What does the N on the helmet of the Cornhuskers stand for?

Why do people in stone houses always throw glass?

Classic Consoles!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman,

DU parents, do you spank your kids?

401 k question

Why do people in glass houses always throw stones?

Why do people in grass houses always stow thrones?

Poor Table Manners Lead to Stabbings at TG dinner

Another cute link

Should I Buy "I Am Charlotte Simmons" By Tom Wolfe To Read?

The Perfect Christmas Anti-Classic: "Black Adder's Christmas Carol"

Need help with a singer fashion mate 257 sewing machine

Non-parents--will or would you be good or bad as a parent?

Do you now or have you ever had a water well?

Why do people in grass houses always get stoned?

Berlin's gay mayor isn't queer enough for some

Other Tactics for 15-year-olds and Parents

Just finished the book "Hoax: Why Americans Buy White House Lies"

I can't get AAR on my puter

Anybody catch Leno last night?

This is my 500th Post

Wide, dual pupae in browsers blow glowing bones!

What ever happened to Brett Butler?

It's Just After 5:30 PM (EST)... And It's COMPLETELY DARK Outside...

Jai Guru Deva Om

ooooh, Volcano...

I ruined Skanksgiving!

The sex life of George and Laura.

what's a good guitar for a beginner?

The top 10 things that sounded dirty at yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner

Cheap thrills when I can't afford real drugs.


I Ruined Thanksgiving!

So If I Leaned Out Of A Telephone Booth In San Antonio...

I just watched the Drum Corps Championships on PBS....

Anyone feel like spending a month in Tahiti with Rabrrrrrr?

ZomButt.. here boy! :whistles:

It's 6:50 EST?

How do you like your turkey sandwiches?

"Michael" from Melrose Place and Bush. Both smug assholes.

I have an important animal question - please read, Thanks

Did Elvis ever lose a fist fight in his movies?

Which would you rather buy?

Do you talk to your computer?

I found out my Mom instituted a rule to deal with my grouchy Dad...


I'm 13 away from 6,000 posts. Ask me anything.


Need help with an Acme 287A-TF2 atomic discombobulator unit

I just found the perfect anti-Barbie doll! I want this for xmas

Che Guevara

Army drafts... Imaginary Friends?

Favourite album tracks

Lessons Learned (DU cited in pdf)

Great website!

Does my ass make these pants look big?

Cat humor

I bought a new Hal 9000 and now all my pets are missing. WTF?

Does my Ashcroft make this Justice Department look big?

Er... ummm... why do the palms of my hands suddenly itch terribly?

Serious question: have you ever had a 'water break'? (at work)


Okay, who's here? ROLL CALL!

"Day After Tomorrow" or "Mean Girls?"

It's time for my day-after-Thanksgiving spanking!

Barack Obama on Letterman tomorrow night

Which would you rather receive?


Do you feel like Bush is getting stupider by the minute?

One for my liberal friends....

My day was made today .... Mary Wilson e-mailed me!!

Just when I thought I'd forgotten the glass house dream

Whipped cream in a can is so much fun

DU monkey-owners, do you spank...

They're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee

"Yeah, well, you sure killed the hell out of that fella today"

Write your own movie trailer voice overs! It's easy!

Did anyone else make Turkey Jerky last night?

Shameless music plug

The "Image So Surreal I Had to Post It Twice" CAPTION

"Bring out your dead...Bring out your dead!!"

The Smarmy Leftovers of all CAPTIONS!!!

Free idea to anyone interested

Was the lounge poisoned?

Caption: Sure, we voted Republican ......

The rumors of the death of the Lounge are greatly exaggerated.

> BREAKING NEWS: Pregnant Julia Roberts Confined to Bed!


Blonde Jokes

My southern red-state in-laws just left...ask me anything.

A true story, probably not amusing...

Am I really out of the loop?

WOOHOO Galaxy Quest is on TBS!

Defaced billboard in my neighborhood

"Enterprise" slams Bush admin, US foreign policy

Blonde Sigourney Weaver - wah wah wah

Aaron Brown just said they couldn't find any soldiers to talk negatively

Barnyard Wisdom

Could someone explain the origin or meaning of term "jones-ing"

Off to have Brazilian Barbecue!!

Is anyone out there into Shabby Chic ?

For Moonbeam_Starlight

My bike ride was short and sweet!

Ate TWO thanksgiving dinners at TWO venues, who else did?

The Lounge is ALIVE!!!

Anyone willing to spoil The Village for me?

Seeking Advice - Canadian universities

The lounge has BREAD! And yes, its SWELLING!

I just bought two mice!!! One is named Priscilla. The other is named

Anyone ever see Putting It Together? I'm watching the tape I made of it

Welcome home, Brother and Sister Vets, thank you for serving our country!

Favorite They Might Be Giants album?

any Avatar Sites (for message board) out there?

So what is the male equivalent of the word "skank"?

It's James Bond night at the Rabrrrrrr household

The best security money can buy.

My 10 year high school reunion is tonight. What should I do?

Which Cat Is On Drugs?

Should Liberal_Andy join the 700 Club?

Attn: DU cooks! Anyone got a good yam recipe for a belated TG dinner?

Nice Spice Rack (Martha Stewart Caught Smuggling Condiments)

Shelley Long Appreciation Thread

How Yummy Are Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?

PET PEEVE thread (Mine is what's heard on radio)

The lounge is DEAD! And yes, I'm YELLING!

What cartoon would you like to see become a live-action movie?

Stupid brother-in-law true story

Lounge GAME!!!!! Are you up to the challenge?


National Treasure, GO WATCH IT!

Who murdered the Lounge????

Do you prefer Bob Dylan or The Beatles?

A amusing story, probably not true...

Are you some sort of idiot?

In honor of today's theme, I am adding "skank" to all DUers names

Which Urban legend/ghost story is popular in your area?

Just on a newsbreak: Shelley Long rushed to hospital--suicide attempt

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.


Friday night "The Lounge is Dead" drinking thread

I Just Installed a 130 GB Hard Drive in My Computer. Ask Me Anything.


I got another kitty!

Something to be thankful for

underwear goes inside the pants...ya gotta read this!

iPod Mini (My Thoughts)

Which one of these cuties do you want to sleep with, baby?

Crap weather out. Rain and snow. Should I drive out to the cafe tonight?


band names

Lines "3 to 4 people deep for about a hundred yards 3 at 5 AM"

Superman II is on Turner South right now.........Kneel Before Zod!!!!!

Name my new website.

I tell you 10 of my favorite movies, you tell me...

DUers in Baja, Mexico...anyone?

WOOHOO Galaxy Quest is on TBS!

It's a "baby picture" thread 'cause I f*cking SAID SO.

Nearly 1,000 posts, who wants to help?

Ethics quesiton about my role as a reporter/father's son

Thinking of SKITTLES today (Post your hugs here)

DU Group suggestion: the Dream Log group

Anyone else feel like going on a crying jag for no reason?

Pls Help! Who has late 70's/ early 80's edition of Joy of Cooking??


What's Your Sign?

I'm afraid I can no longer be a part of DU and its corruption

Need opinions on the Fernandes Nomad

Let Each of Us Reflect on the True Meaning of the Holidays

Oh Happy Day, Kitsch Is Here Again ………….

Today is “Support Your Foreign Sweatshop Day”

What Animated Cartoon Characters Have You Always Suspected Were GAY?

This picture made my week

Anyone buy anything on "Black Friday"?

How would you describe "Irony"?

Pick your favorite wing of the George W. Bush Presidential Library

I just got the sh*t scared out of me.

Tom Kitten - are you there?

What crappy pop culture stuff do you remember, but you'd rather not?

Lyrical US judge's poetic ruling

Why are the people in my house always stoned when they throw glass?

This is amusing

Paris Court Bans Acclaimed French Film From Film Festivals (Too American)

Has the mystery of the Holy Grail been solved?

Study finds cigarettes cost society 40 bucks per pack.

My parents are loosing their Health Insurance, This really pisses me off!

Climate helped wipe out large mammals

Everyone is a potential torturer

an evolutionary reason for our extraordinarily large rear ends

Canadian survivors of same-sex partners win expanded pension rights

A suggestion for responding to 20/20

Freeper madness from school

Have you written to the WaPo about the shameful advert they ran?

Gay Male DU Matchmaker

MLS goal of the year

Raw Feeders: What do you do for calcium?

A parrot is visiting my bird feeder

PLEASE help: My Golden Retriever has a substance abuse problem!!!

How to introduce a new kitten to my dog?

Ugh, I had to pull a broken bloodfeather!

My cat, Abbie, keeps spilling his water.

Don't you love getting new stuff for your pet?

Celtic Animal Birth Signs

I found one of my DU posts in Freeperland....

Who hates astrology as much as I do?

Guardsmen say they feel like prisoners

A thing I liked about Kerry a lot was

Why can't we use wedge issues?

Bev Harris is on Thom Hartman right now

We need to get the whole list and dish out some boycott whoop ass....

"The Haves And The Have-More's"

Has the 11/19 Kerry video been hacked?

The wit and warmth of Karl Rove on display at the Clinton Library

This is what we're up against...

S. Res. 473-Urging the Govt of Ukraine to ensure Fair Elections(repost)

Anyone hear the Iraq War veterans on C-SPAN this AM??

How will we know if we have lost our democracy ?

Barack Obama and the Democratic party...

Wes Clark Thanksgiving Day message...Planning to speak out?

Just saw a variation on the FW oval bumper sticker that

Write to Carson Daly to suggest Bev Harris as a guest


Jesse Jackson Calls Columbus Rally To Protest Election

More voting questions raised

Voter Intimidation in Kentucky

Is it possible the Republicans are COUNTING ON being perceived as thieves?

AP: "Iran may have already breached nuke deal: UN"

Anyone live in Chicago area?

David Shuster on "holding powerful individuals and groups accountable"

If you are thinking about Satellite Radio.....

Quick: Does anyone know of some Ann Coulter debunking sites

WP: Pollsters debate Hispanic vote; Simon Rosenberg cites Bushes' appeal

Another reason the world hates the US!

Pot, meet kettle; Bush: (Ukrainian) voter fraud casts doubt on election

AL Franken on CNN now eom

Picture of Bush desecrating U.S. flag with his signature

Barack Obama on Letterman tonite

Applied Memetics for Disillusioned Dems--MUST READ!!! Language!

The unknown Bush voter is discovered!

1,230 U.S. soldiers dead in Iraq as Bush enjoys traditional turkey dinner

Wesley Clark Admits Targeting Civilians In Yugoslavia

What do you know about the Democratic Socialists of America ?

A PROPOSAL: Re: Opinions of State Democratic Leadership

Bush and the Clinton Library event

Any regrets now that Kerry has given Kerry's win in Florida to Bush?


Be the Media UPDATE: Operation "Red Alert" Got printer? tumbtacks? YOU!

Was LBJ the last president who was worth a damn?

Sign this Petition to Congress REGARDING ELECTION FRAUD

We need a peace president

Is This Article On Voter Fraud By Wayne Madsen Credible?

US and Ukranian Election Fraud

Peter Beinart is a world class tool. May he rot in political hell

How to choose our 2008 nominee

More voting irregularities found in Gaston County, N.C.

U.S. soldiers tell Iraqis to go to mosque for freedom, then shoot them

How will the primaries work when there are no incumbents?


Scalia in shul: State must back religion

ok, let's assume kerry WINS. THEN what?

So, blue states are going to lose their state tax deduction???

Chimpie pictures to reassure that he really is that bad.

You all really need to see this thread in LBN

The Liberal Borg

Ukraine's state owned TV station rebels

I LOVE Aaron McGruder and "Boondocks"

Bush/Cheney: We're STUCK With Them For Another 4 Years ...

new bumper sticker ideas.....

Toe-Sucker Morris : Bill’s library is launching pad for Hillary

I think it is wrong to criticize any of the Democrats anymore.

What do the Ukranians have that we don't?

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

The New (RACIST) Southern Strategy

Who, here, will follow the Democratic Party if it moves to the right?

Where are OUR huge demonstrations?

Karl Rove and Mien Kampf or how to trash a hero

They Have The Tax Issue, We Have....THE ENVIRONMENT?

Newsweek: Can Howard Dean Save the Democrats?

Was a reason even given as to why they just cut college financial aid?

We need some Democratic country singers/writers to win

Tom Hayden: A Plan of Action

Naomi Klein: Kerry and the Gift of Impunity

Donna Brazile In Newsweek - What's Up With Her?


Bush Supports Ukraine Exit Polls

Watching Big Brother Watch Us

For those of you who said Obama said "get over it" GET OVER IT!!!

STOP GONZALES - include a copy of this with your fax to your Senator

Dean or Nader Bashing Sessions

The Second Coming

"War on terra cannot be won - oops, I meant it can! hard work!"

BE the MEDIA who me? YES YOU! Got printer? Got thumbtacks?