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665,000 unused ballots returned

A slightly different perspecitve of the Fallujah offensive

A Thanksgiving Prayer - by William S. Burroughs

Senator Byrd : A Thanksgiving Prayer in a Time of War

The Tragedy of Today's Gays . . . for EVERYONE . . .

News and Media have failed us all -

"Voting" with the Non-Voters an alternative approach

Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Probe

World Eschews (Condi) Rice - Toronto Sun

John McCain is sweating the Bush White House over global warming

David Horsey cartoon bashes Tom Delay

only Xians need apply...

The Disappearing War - Maria Tomchick

go army...

Newsweek: Are Democrats Losing the Black Vote?

Foreigners keep U.S. dollar propped up

Why Tony Blair must be impeached

Ukraine's postmodern coup d'etat

Smoking while Iraq burns

Hearings on Ohio voting put 2004 election in doubt

Letter to Minneapolist Star Tribune campares elections in US and Ukraine

FCC and CIA want to regulate and monitor Internet activities!

let's finally bury the 'mccain myth'

Global Eye - Worm Turning

Mo Dowd and breast bombs

Monday (Nov 29) demonstrations: San Francisco

Seattle time sensitive activism event - Friday Nov 26th

November 26 Is Buy Nothing Day in the US

A Petition Protesting the John F. Kennedy Assassination "game".

Author/Journalist Wayne Madsen tells how election was stolen -beating NYT!

Stephanie Miller (Jones Network) mentioning DU on her show today

Can someone explain the modern theory behind investing in gold?

Good Economics introduction?

Virtual Ecotopia

I made a petition up...

Anti-Democratic Party posts?

how do you look up a member's posts?

Hey you guys...Happy Thanksgiving

Online Journal not an acceptable LBN source?

I am becoming grumpy. (OK, I am always grumpy)

The name change announcement is still pinned in the Lounge

This was locked with no explanation....

World History group

Photos of voter fraud protest in Colorado

Democratic Party to recruit volunteers.

North County News- "Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory..."

Nevada election results certified

How YOU Can Help Fight the Vote Fraud That Stole The 2004 Election

Maryland Voters Tell of Vote-Switching, Downed Machines

A Dialog with the Iowa Secretary of State's office.

Bev & BBV funding

Send a comment about this!

Keep informing the GAO and The House Committee "Dems" on voter fraud.

Opposition calls for general strikes in Ukraine....

I want to throw a bag of "Shit "at the Cable & Radio right wing pundits

Can anyone post the election article in the Columbus Dispatch?

First Hand Sworn Accounts from Ohio Voters

Things DUers are Thankful for...

My letter to Russ Feingold

Good graphic about ohio issues (kinda large)

Article Alleges Saudi, Enron money paid for Election Rigging

Action alert: Demand a timely recount in Ohio

Voting with the non-voter an alternative approach........

WA Gov Race Alert! (BushCo threat)

The County Map vs The State Percentage Map

More first-time voters went for Kerry.

Lets blame Nader

What is this CyberNet and why is it mentioned in 2004 election results

Time of Determination of Electors 6 days before the meeting of the Elector

More voting questions raised (Columbus, OH 11/25 article)

Ukrainian Election Fraud: Putin's chess move?

An election Judges experience in Baltimore County on November 2, 2004

Ohio - Double Counted Ballots ???? Effect Pres Race ???

New Mexico fraud?

Hypocricy galore: Powell's comments on Ukraine

ONE MORE TIME:16 states deviated from Exit Polls to Bush beyond the MOE

New MSM articles in the past 8 hours

Okay, so SpongeBob makes CNN's front page, but election shananigans... NOT

Article on voting irregularities in Columbus Dispatch

Ohio Law Compels Person to Disclose Vote if Allegations of Fraud

Ohio Vote Analysis

Chairman of GOP inOhio on Cayahoga County board of elections too!!

Major Cleveland Vote Fraud Report

AOL News - GAO to Investigate Vote Count ..Nov 25

If vote fraud occured, and Kerry fails to fight it, does that prove Nader

Now that Bev has the goods, there will be many disinformation efforts...

Mass demonstration with very little effort.

Dems Pockt $52 Mill, CNN Ignores Evidence, Officials Stonewall What Elec

Sec. of State Powell: 'Fraud and abuse' in United States vote

There are even major irregularities in Wyoming!

What's the deal with Shelby County, Ohio

E-Voting Problems Crop Up

Hack the Vote

I'm here to pronounce that I don't give a rat's ass about counting

Kerry let us down?

Read the arrogance and your blood will boil

Did Dubya Rig the Election?

High-tech voting needs transparency

New Ohio voter transcripts feed floodtide of doubt .........

Too few voting machines IS voter fraud

5 of Diebold's developers are convicted felons

Dec 6 the is the deadline to Flip Ohio's Electors to Kerry

Colin Powell endorses our election fraud movement!


Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for election investigation in Ohio

Online Journal: Saudis, Enron money paid for US rigged election


On the subject of lobbying...

Bush won in 2000 and 2004 by preventing blacks from voting.

Jesse Jackson: Sunday is day of protest of stolen election

It's up to us (List of links for next week's Media Blast)


Technicians leak info about vote rigging

Finally we have signs that Kerry's involved...


Voter Suppression Challenged by Ohioans, Allies

Help! Did anyone tape election night?

Educate CA @ BBV! A BBV Tea Party!

Monday (Nov 29) demonstrations: San Francisco

Ben Aflick for Gov; Martin Sheen for Senate

Arnold as Governor

Any Santa Barbara DUers out there?

Any good activist stuff going on in north-eastern mass?

we need to concentrate on filling senate and house seats.

we should be showing as much blood and violence as we can on the telly.

Have you ever been to Liquor Lyles, on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis?

The three most important words in computer repair

I need Photobucket help, please

Action alert: Demand a timely recount in Ohio

Rev. Jackson plans rally with ministers to call for election investigation

Post Gazette LTTES on TURKEY Day - with Ricky as the Turkey

E-mail Rendell to veto House Bill 30 (Re: Low cost internet)

Any Pa DU'ers wanna hook up to go to DC for inauguration?

Who is up for a protest in Austin regarding Heflin's actions against Vo?

Talmadge Heflin in custody battle for maid's child?????

WA Faces Likely Gubernatorial Recount

Waiting for the Interurban - time sensitive

Seattle DUer Regular Meeting Days

DFA/PDA joint MeetUp 12/15

Contibute so we can have a hand recount in the governer's race

Listening to Lionel streaming audio

Petitions, shmetitions

Photo: Anti-Christ meets Juan Valdes

What "people " issues does the Republican Party stand for?

Concerning the "preconceived babies" page

Anyone know about these new weapons that fire electrical pulses...

PFAW 2004 Annual E-Bay Celebrity Auction

GOP won in Olympia by 42 votes

Curb Your Enthusiasm - WTF?

60 million people believe

Did anybody see Colin Powell on CSpan today? site down within past 3 hours... possible hacking?

A day in the life of Joe Republican

Bring the Troops Home now yellow ribbon/car magnet at UPJ

Call for Anti-War Actions in Washington, DC, January 20, 2005

Thanks Be To Rush Limbaugh!

British Guantanamo victims sue Rumsfeld for authorising torture...

Happy Thanksgiving! 113 Dead Troops In November....

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Chat-show host goes on trial over 'orphan sex ring'

Thanksgiving - a differentiating day ...

Mike Peters toon rips FDA

US to invade Iran before 2005 Christmas

Let Falwell know what a Mandate feels like...

In my local paper today

Iran and Divorce

"Where the f**k did Jesus say it's OK to kill people for your government?

CSPAN - Is America more blessed?

Are there any web sites, or is anyone keeping track...

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

Troop Morale

This is the first year I've noticed this big push to inject religion into

Good Economics introduction?

Does your blog feature Election-Reform links?

The Ayatollah and the transsexual

If you love bush, why aren't you in Iraq? Bumper sticker anyone?

Thesis: The New Deal. Antithesis: Bush and Neo-Conservatism.

Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning for Indians

Please everybody - no drunk driving this holiday

The real story of the next decade will not be the wars in the Middle East,

Why I used to read Friedman

What a disgrace :: One gulp, and Bush was gone (Sidney Blumenthal)

On Wounded Knee, My Lai, and the Fallujah Massacre

Ann Coulter Drag Queen?


Happy Thanksgiving....

Is anyone else worried about what is going on in Ukraine?

Propaganda: Let's call a "spade" a "spade".

Count your blessings and know good happens.

What does "up or down vote" mean?

Finally! Some relatively good Iraq-related news.

Check out this BS: "Chemical Weapons Lab Found In Fallujah"

A thought for the Holidays

I need help again!!

CNN SUX! I can't find the link to George Jr. visiting the troops this yr!!

Here's why * is spending Thanksgiving at the pig farm....

A little horror with that turkey today?

Witnesses Say U.S. Forces Killed Unarmed Civilians

PHOTOS: Bush makes daring visit to Crawford to entertain...royalty


Walmarts in Canadian province to be unionized.

Shakespeare comments on Zell Miller

Reflections from the late Tadadaho, Leon Shenandoah

Rumsfeld's cheery holiday message to troops: Get ready for more death!

Weapons of Self-Destruction

Undercover Satire @ It's Finest

Multi-national Coalition shown during nationial anthem at today's NFL

I can't believe what just came out of Tweety's mouth


Anyone have a graph showing crime rate over last few presidencies?

Sequoia voting systems Rotten to the Core!

Got a funny thanksgiving email from my buddy...

Who is for the total number of posts being displayed?

Eat nothing today. I challenge you.

Have you seen "Voices of Iraq"?

"there's a story here. . . maybe I should cover it." Kieth Olbermann.

Interesting little movie

What separates our loss of democracy from others is that in other

Student's shirt spurs review of rules,,,, one tuff kid!

Scary ass post from my local ISP's message board...

What? No plastic turkey this year?

Valparaiso slashing hush-up ...

Upside-down American flags.

Last Exit Before Gas........what may happen in Iraq. Good article

Has the Bush family been a jinx on the U.S.?

Thanksgiving poem

One Gulp And Bush Was Gone

There are WMD in Iraq and there will be no draft.

Remember, it's all about the timing!!!

Remember, it's all about the timing!!!

For those of you with iTunes: Rockin' in the Free World by Neil Young

Oh God. Photo of Bush and Queen Sofia of Spain.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil..."

I know I'm a little late on this, but

GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies

Bush Issues Thanksgiving Proclamation

Today's Front Pages Link's.

CNN w/Arron Brown; things to be thankful for, supposedly...

Is the oath the Secret Service take to protect the president more

Why on earth would the King & Queen of Spain go to Crawford, TX?

Another thread sparked my interest for a poll regarding economies

Where is my America? (A new free graphic)

Year After Baghdad, Bush Visits Troops by Phone

This Election is Not Over -- With Exciting New Math Calculations!

Any new news on the Israeli spy in the Pentagon?

Year of the Spy

Ukraine = America

a few Oxyrush advertisers

Monday (Nov 29) demonstrations: San Francisco

Doesn't Bush's DUI keep him from....

Reverse Advertising?

War/War budget Voting

"Do the RIGHT thing. Draft Your Kid" ribbon, anyone?

Dear Radical Right Wing,


See ya in Gitmo! (link)

This afternoon I opened the door to a young Solder

Technicians leak info about vote rigging - Saudi money behind it

Anyone else see this--White House occupied by a moron...

I googled my own name and the freepers are quoting me!

9/11 commission report and Condi Rice

I'm tracking a flight--what does ground speed 390 KTS mean?

What do the newbies know?

From 0-100%, how confident do you feel for the next four years?

Our family has a special reason this year to give thanks.

You had better read this people, we could be criminals

Excellent Salon article--we are winning the culture "war." Dems must not

This stinks. My UK family is now being persecuted by *

The CIA could be reading this

Wal*Mart Values

More Guns = More Crime, plain and simple

George Bush and Gun Control. Disbelief

CNN's Ed Henry, the worst "reporter" currently alive

Walmart in China. Are the prices reflective of China?

CBC just said Bush might confine his visit in Halifax to the AIRPORT..haha

What did the newspaper read like in Germany 1936-1945?

Reasons to be Thankful November 2004

If fundies really believe conception is when life begins, why do they

great George Will quote for DUers to use...

Any Big Brawls Or Arguments Over TG Dinner?

A tech talks-Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

THANKS to Skinner, the Mods & All at DU on this Thanksgiving Day

This country's imperial expedition into Iraq will meet with failure not

My sister's email: life in 1904.My response: like life in 2008

Does anyone else find this racist? (From RNC website)

i wanted to start a poll =(

So my Grandpa is meeting with Tony Blair next week about Global Warming

I must say I feel for Gore

Attempt at a Socratic dialog - Thread 1 - Why do we have elections?

59,054,087 'Stupid' - 6,260 Sorry

Ladies, looking to move to Canada? Strippers get preferential treatment

My neice just joined the ARMY!!!! Help! Help!

Behind the Scenes of Clinton's library opening.

What would Canadians do if US invade Canada one day

Walmart mom whose husband is in Iraq has to quit job, no flexibility

What more could Gore have done to fight on after the SC ruling?

Tinfoil Hats on - Come with me

Sweden..."Socialist Hell-hole"...

What's the Left's Position on the Stock Market? Investments or Gambling?

RESEARCHERS -- need some googling QUICK re Vote Fraud

DU Thanksgiving chefs: Start your ovens!

Share your Thanksgiving menu

Favorite Toys

And Now Comes Soup Time

High Heat cooking....ONLY way to go....Turkey/poultry

Holiday Gift Suggestion for Foodies: funny book

Did you get your postcard from Stephen Harper today?

Most Japanese against extending Iraq mission site down within past 3 hours... possible hacking?

Ukraine Opposition to Launch Strike in Vote Dispute

China denies troop build-up (on border of Korea)

New Provision Would Allow Slaughtering of Wild Horses

Brazil says its atomic plant has been approved

U.S. exporters to Cuba say cash blocked

please delete

Police raid Mexico City neighborhood

Servants bequeathed more than peanuts

Dupe - sorry :(

Aid trickling in to desperate Fallujans

Car bomb blast in Iraqi city wounds 10 (Sammarra)

Ukraine's Defiant Opposition Prepares for Strike

Basketball brawl the perfect storm of media fascination

Automatic recount commences Monday (Alabama)

Blast hits Iraq oil pipeline

Nicaragua army destroys 300 missiles

Sunni Political Groups Want Vote Delayed

Berg: California ready for physician-assisted suicide

Bin Laden Not Hiding on Pakistan Border -Commander

Blair's ring of steel fails to stop protesters

Police to get new anti-drug powers (UK) -Guardian

Romania Party Transcripts Cause Outrage (Rigging Election & Intimidation)

AIDS Seen Undercutting Africa's Young Democracies

U.S. struggles to find troops for Iraq, Afghanistan

Report: Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

One Gulp And Bush Was Gone

Calm debate about CIA urged

North Korea May Test Missile Capable of Hitting U.S., CIA Says

Yemen Releases 113 al-Qaida Members

Coalitionforces sweep through'death triangle'US St. Dept official killed

Wash. Faces Likely Gubernatorial Recount

AFGHANISTAN: Rally to stop violence against women

Mayor Vetoes Bill to Expand Public Funds in Certain Races (Bloomberg)

Former Afghan warlord faces re-trial in London

No resolution to debate over cyclists as monthly ride approaches

More Than 2,000 Killed in Fallujah

69-year-old Alabama doctor eager to return to Iraq

American troops find 5 more bodies at Mosul slaughter

Malaysia And Cuba To Undertake Strategic Co-operative Ventures

'Foreigners' flier at issue in disputed election (More GOP Dirty Tricks)

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election - a tech talks

Israelis Fired on Girl 'Having Identified Her as a 10-Year-Old', Military

Congress Passes Stop - Gap Measure to Fund Government

Hamburgers and CDs help US soldiers in Ramadi base forget war outside

Activist Warns Against Genital Mutilation

Ukraine Court Blocks Yanukovich Taking Power

59,054,087 'Stupid' - 6,260 Sorry

Breaking on CNN... Iraqi Official says a chemical weapons lab found

"Declaration Of Independence Banned" - It's A Lie!

Town Raffles Rifles to Raise Money for School

Bush demands thousands more spies for CIA

Falling Dollar Hurts European Exporters

20'000 Soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan

Thanksgiving hurts for single mom training for Iraq

Maryland Governor's List of Surplus Property Alarms

Wachovia plans to layoff 829 SouthTrust workers in Birmingham (AL)

Arctic Council Urges Action on Warming -WP

Refrigerator plant lays off 96 workers (South Carolina)

School fundraiser raffles off guns

Chile plans jail for Pinochet men

Ukraine's Supreme Court bars publication of the results

U.S. Group Takes Thanksgiving to El Salvador Dump

Legislators want more time to read bills

Year After Baghdad, Bush Visits Troops by Phone

Rumsfeld warns of Iraq dangers (Tells Troops On Holiday More Death Coming)

Minority inmates up sharply

Lawyers Attempt to Bar Bush From Canada

Woman gets access to abortion file

NYT: New High-Tech Passports Raise Snooping Concerns

Bush Wants to Bolster CIA but Doesn't Offer Specifics

Iraq's Sunni accuse Shia of selling out Islam

Chirac Declares 'new Chapter' in Relations With Libya

NYT: Property Rights Law May Alter Oregon Landscape

United May Seek End to Union Contracts

Guardsmen Say They're Facing Iraq Ill-Trained

News Corp. Exec Could Go to Disney (President Peter Chernin)

High Court to Weigh Medical Marijuana Laws

Salvation Army faces shortage of volunteers

Fake Saudi Princess Countersues AmEx (Also Fake Victoria's Secret Model)

Bush Seeks Money for Abstinence Education ("We don't need a study...")

Protesters gear up for Bush

Rumsfeld Warns of Pre-Election Dangers in Iraq

Bush Seeks Funds For Abstinence Education

Hawks readying to do battle with North Korea

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower

It Was the Economy After All

After Victory, Crusader Against Same-Sex Marriage Thinks Big -NYT(!)

NYT,pg1: Violence Taints Religion's Solace for China's Poor

Consumers Give Signs of a Free-Spending Holidays... (NYT buries bad news)

Dead-Check in Falluja: Village Voice

Dollar Sinks to Record Low for Third Day

Cuba, Spain Renew Diplomatic Relations

Homelessness Activists Serve Up a Protest -WP

Consumers Give Signs of a Free-Spending Holiday Season (WTF)

Report: (N.J. Sen.) Corzine will announce bid for governor

Navy Keeps A Secret in Plain Sight, Hush-Hush Project Underway -WP

Bill would allow slaughter of wild horses

Matthew Shepard's Killers Deny Attack Was Hate Crime

Mystery surrounds Yushchenko ailment

"Bush blows in" - Bush to make 'in and out' visit to Canada

Rev. Jackson plans rally with ministers to call for election investigation

Tomorrow morning at 6AM, the frenzy of consumerism at the local...

Well, guys off to my sister's house to have Thanksgiving Dinner.

Light bulb

Goin' Down

RFK show on now


DU Thanksgiving in 1 1/2 Hours Chat

I finally got over two food prejudices - I bought and ate beats and yogurt

3 year old Girl Genius

I am forming a "Spongebob Appreciation Group" exploratory committee.

Hakuna Matata!

Favorite poll color bar (confusing version!)

There's an 'apologies accepted' website. However, is there a

Best Cure Album

I know it was probably made my a repug,but its kinda funny

Amusing college story...

Favorite poll color bar

My family's food based character code that I learned as a child

The hamster got out!

Apologies Accepted Site - Is there some trick to seeing

Terror alert levels raised for Thanksgiving

Cute puppy alert

If it ain't Scottish, its crap interest thread

Wait for it... wait for it... oh yeah... Ursula Andress

Thirsty Aussies brave crocodiles for beer

20 questions game about why I'm a bit miffed. Ask me anything

A new lullaby


Anyone know what time the Macy's parade starts?


The best song by Led Zep part III

A Rhyming dictionary!

Why do we celebrate Ted Shackleford so much? Shit, Knots Landing

Success with Phase One of the Thanksgiving meal!


Italian Senators are viewing a surprisingly large amount of gay porn


Y.M.C or A?

So, G-Dub is going to Halifax to thank people for their 911 hospitality

Wow! Jack Burkheimer is still doing that Stargazer show

Why do we celebrate Shackleton so much? Shit, people live in Antarctica


I got a lot of Spam in front of me.

Make up a movie title thread.


Woman says "Here, have my pussy as well" when police took away dead snakes

Anyone play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater yet ?


I just want to thank whoever put the link to my cat hates

starbucks is taking over the world

How cool! "Emergency" is on!

Five kinds of cookies.

whos this thomas kincade character I hear so much about

All present and accounted for.

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to draw & quarter the intarne

Family Says Man Died Because Restaurant Chef Tossed Shrimp At Him

whos this Reuben Kincaid person I hear so much about?

Kitty Pictures

Scottland and Scottish group interest thread

Who is lamer (extremely important)

When i was young, we were sooo poor......

Come on get in the car

Experiences of the partner/spouse of a substance abuser

Which opition should I choose

who's still awake?

im checking our my profile update..

Who's lamer

Wales and Welsh culture thread. Sorry, no Romans allowed.

I'm doing a project - some questions about the US 'system'

Can I lose 10 lbs in 20 days?

I could not Tell the Diffrence from Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster..

I'm Having Frank And Beans For Thanksgiving..


What am I drinking now? Its 0445 here in NY State. Is anyone else?

Instead of when you get a slammer 'Ur going to hell' from a Christians

Chat Room Guy

I hope Granny is referring to *

Do you Eat Grilled Cheese with catsup?

when are you putting the turkey in the oven?

HS Student in Trouble for Wearing Gay Pride T-Shirt


Happy cavatille, antipasta. sausage, gnocchi, nut, fruit, and lasagna day!

Bush vs Jesus

In An Increasingly Insane World Thanks to All My DUer Friends !

Thanksgiving Day Parades - any DUers do one?



I could be bound in a nutshell....

Yes, I'm Still Thankful...

Turkey in the Straw

How desperate are you to travel through space on a non-earth bound vessel?

Upon reading the Lounge lately....

Happy Thanksgiving…..and Welcome to Consumer Season

A review of U2's new album. You should find this interesting.

Good vacuum for house with 3 cats, one a longhair?

The best conversations are held from 1-4 AM

My least favorite 8pm night-before-thanksgiving phone call

Saying Grace - short & sweet

Holy Smeg! You won't believe who I just saw on G4TechTV.

I put my cat to sleep today, thanks everyone for the advice given

Survivor - WTF?

My dog is acting weird . . . concerned

Okay... when can I start drinking?

Best book report...ever!

Worst Ventriloquist Ever Now On CBS

It's 12:30 AM......Do You Know Where YOUR Children Are?

If I'm ever on Changing Rooms PLEASE let Graham Do My House

new Oxyrush advertisers

Okay... I'm Ready To Cook The Turkey. Step One: Take Out Of Freezer...

OMG!!!! An ancient civilization has

Ketchup, Catsup?

Stoopid question: Should I wake up EARLY tomorrow, so I can

I just watched "Crossroads"... Ask me anything!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you made it to your destination safely!

How can Santa be in two places at once???

The Poultry Gods are ANGRY this morning!

Well, damn! I am going to have to shop tomorrow after all...

Sesame Street - WTF?

General Discussion: A pit of mind numbing darkness

Rock and roll Hall of Fame

Have You Guys Seen The Photos Of This Ukranian Leader?

Just plain worn out (hound puppy pictures) - Updated

Now THAT'S the GOOD life! (picture)

Ordering A Pizza in 2008 Will Go Something Like This...

Happy "Celebration of Native American Genocide and land-stealing

Great Band (and Artist) Names of the Soul Era

Songs to Listen to on Thanksgiving

I can't post pictures anymore. Can I get some help?

AirAmerica Radio Shoutcast

Free legal music

Best song by Led Zep part II

In Praise of... ROSANNE.

Some help would be appreciated who hasn't eaten yet?

Ha ha ha! I'm at my inlaws

Do duplicate posts dilute the message?

I'm going to extend a Thanksgiving clemency to three threads

I Need A Good Toast... Somthing Short And Sweet, But Meaningful.

Since when do people say "holy smeg"?

'Flip-Flop' is 59th most beautiful word

John Mellencamp Is Performing Live On CBS

Was your Thanksgiving ruined by the fact that Junior stayed home?

Godfather of Soul gives away 1000 turkeys in hometown, Augusta GA

DUers with fundie freeper relatives on Thanksgiving support thread

Am I the only person in the world who refuses to patronize businesses that

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

Has anyone heard from SKITTLES?

Let us pray...

Ideas for Xbox games, Hello gamers?

Favorite modeling scale?

Ever Change A Thread Completely Because It Sucked?

Are there any DUers that are Stutterers? I am and wonder if

Be Thankful None of THESE foods are on your Thanksgiving Table

I miss the Dysfunctional Family Circus... Do you?

Almost time for DA BEARS to kick Dallas' ass !

Somewhere in Texas...

The THOMAS KINKADE Appreciation Thread



I only know two songs with even a tenuous connection to Thanksgiving.

For Dog Lovers The National Dog Show Now On NBC Thread

So, you know those yellow ribbon car magnets...

Happy Thanksgiving to DU and all of DU's family members


It is a day like many others except we are here.

Advice on National Guard, please.

I am going to lose!!!!!! Help!

The DU Dysfuntional Family Circus


Sushi for Thanksgiving!

Thomas Kinkade's art for the commode! Photos at long last!

The end of hurricane season!

I lost the directions to my turkey dinner...


Sidewalk Chalk Outline Guy...too cool

Has anyone seen "White Fang"?

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm going to put in a marathon 3 double

Anyone else here studying for Dec. 4 LSAT?


Peace and Love to DU This Day

Janis Joplin's road trip?

Where are the yaks?

Somebody's Fly is Open Again

On This Day: Thursday November 25

Would you knowingly marry a Republican?

So we have Christmas and Halloween lights - how long before

Close the door turn out the light. No they won't be home tonight.

Thanksgiving Family Therapy Thread

Ahhhh...sweet gluttony

looking for feedback on my new website

Real Men Carve The Turkey With...

Digital video enthusiasts: good deals on MiniDV tape?

Anyone want to eat my candied yams?

Having Something Other Than The Traditional Thanksgiving Day Feast?

"You can get anything you want, in Alice's Restaurant"

Anyone want some pie?

I am truly blessed. :-)

This year's sign that the Apocalypse is upon us (or SHOULD be).

I need the pic of * hitting on the lady at banquet

"******* on a Hot Tin Roof"

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!

A Personal Thanksgiving Email From My "Friend" - AZ Joe

I'm ignoring my guests to check in on DU



Anyone Else Here Who Refuses to Patronize "Jesus Fish" Companies?

Best gravy..... ever

Storms fried my modem.........

Dottie dropped the ball on purpose!

Does anyone know a good antiviral software package

Is there a Humbug for Thanksgiving?

What I have to be thankful for this year.

hey, I'm on an island in Washington State

My schnauzer is a slut!

Thanksgiving Family Brawl Report Thread

Will you splurge on gifts this year?

Check out this wallpaper I made!

Dear God, I'm descended from LOCUSTS!

Dammit, I didn't change my user name...why wasn't there some sort...

Why Women live longer then Men

Woof, I say. Bow wow. Woof. (picture)

New game: "Six degrees of doing angel dust with a teenaged Helen Hunt"


I wish the stupid kids in 'Jurassic Park' got eaten by the T. Rex


Who has a perfectly great family

I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving

Is there anything better?

Thanksgiving Haikus!

Pending Gallery Update Thread

HELP! Something really bad happened to my computer.

My wisdom tooth just fell out

Mountains - I can see MOUNTAINS and OMG, the sky is BLUE

Should Newbies be allowed to procreate?

White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel.

Hey Kids! Let's play that rockin' new CD from...Robert Downey Jr.???

Happy Birthday to me!

It's Thanksgiving, but I'd rather listen to Celtic music

Novelist Arthur Hailey ("Airport", "Hotel") dies

Driving home from family house - I HEARD MORE COWBELL!!!!

Help being cooler headed at the table today- let me know if it helps....

I just realized I'm getting close to 1000

Should newbies be allowed to make polls?

Who's been skinny dipping?

I fulfilled my turkey's destiny and purpose for living today.

Thanksgiving with Strangers

This joke was told 'round the table tonight. (Possibly offensive)

Call me a turkey because I am STUFFED!

"Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep themselves busy


OK- we spent Thanksgiving by ourselves - are we evil?

Where is my America? (A new free graphic)

Chihuahua stuck inside a turkey, and other funny Thanksgiving stories

With this post, I join the 700 Club.

Alice's Restaurant Massacree

28 years ago this Thanksgiving Day...The Last Waltz

So who is going to Washington DC with me for the Inauguration

Any women's basketball fans out there? WARNING: Spoiler

And now, a song about eating and its aftereffects....



OJ back in the news. I love OJ




Total # of TD Passes by Manning in '04 - Poll

"As God is my witness,I'll never be hungry again!"

So, did any Religious Icons show up in Thxgivng dinner?

Hee hee... I just saw a hot yuppy soccer mom rockin out to Freebird!

Anyone here know how to make midi files?

Did you get a call from a telemarketer today?


You're Not Going To Believe this One

Urvan Cobbs - Ahhhhhh Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving ruined my 15 Year Old!

Do the Falcons have a chance again??????

Can the Bears suck any more?

My 15 year old Scotch rang in Thanksgiving

Why does musical notation have double sharp and double flat symbols

Well, well, well. I found something rather interesting.

Good Grief, If anybody is watching the Bears/Dallas game..

Okay, where the hell did I lay down my pack of smokes?

So, I downloaded the Robert Downy album from iTunes...

Listening to Echoes on NPR, having a nightcap and all is right

Hapy Chicken,

OMG Organica cookies recalled

I am high!!!

Help finding a link

Cat Owners Prayer

Posting and You

Happy Halloween!

Doesn't it annoy you when people try to fix you?

Swami Putchyerundewaron Speaks on Pies

Gore Vidal is Gay?

Thanksgiving dinner: peck like a bird or rend and tear like a wolverine?

Sidewalk Chalk Guy - too cool


Meet Jake, the newest member of my sister's family

Antique R&B music is so cool!

From the Pond in Kaneohe:::: Happy Thanksgiving and have mercy on the

I am drunk!!!

I ruined my turkey's Thanksgiving!

While you're wringing your hands over people using profanity...

Sometimes I think the only sane DUers are in the Lounge

After all tomorrow is another day !


Ode To Tryptophan (need some help here)

If volunteerism is highly respected, then why

Are their more repugs on the Internet or more Democrats?

Should I run for President of Iraq?

Best Line from a Movie

Asshole down the block still has his * sign up.

countdown to 9000 posts. ask me anything!


Erratic kitty behavior?

Yes, Prime Minister

Google your username, and see what shows up.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - WTF?

We're coming to Chicago for the weekend. Anything special we should do?

all you people hear make me sick

I'm sad.....Will I ever find a liberal.........

Worst Christmas song ever?

Have you lost your MIND?

Happy Thanksgiving to all from this Canadian

Am I the only one that dared go topless in the DU Gallery?

Check Out This Crazy Sh*t!

So .. we're not invited.

Do you have or have you ever had an accent? Are (were) you ashamed of it?

My Dad, the Zombie!

JEWS & JUDAISM group interest thread

Favorite song to sing along with (ever)

"You'll shoot your eye out"

Did you get dressed up for Thanksgiving?

Guitarists- Need help

I Ruined My 15 Year Old's Thanksgiving!

My 15 year old ruined Thanksgiving...

Wanna know what the #1 R&B/Soul record was the day you were born?

I hate Real Madrid (soccer team)

I've got a thread in GDP that I'll keep kicking till it catches fire.

Pie? (sniff)

Ireland and Irish group interest thread

Critics Blast 'Alexander' But Novelist Gore Vidal Defends It


Fox Resurrects Banned 'Family Guy' Episode (No one complained about it)

Forensic clock calls time on crime

Cassini captures Tethys in all her glory

Ok Bi's: First male and female celebrity crushes

Serial Killer Targeting Gays In Florida?

As a gay American who lives abroad and has the right to live in Canada...

Cat Owner's Prayer

Dog owners: don't overdo it feeding your dogs turkey

Thought I would share this site, its interesting and fun

anyone else have "chronic fatigue"?

Happy Turkey Day! Please humor me today!

Before it goes down the drain over in GD

What I told my son today

Bush is Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter


Will the plastic turkey make another appearance tomorrow?

FEC revising campaign related stuff ...go figure

The 14 characteristics of fascism

Republicans prove they have no problem continuing to fight when they lose

Martin Sheen for President

"Shooting rainbows out of their asses.."

UK Weighs in on the sorry state of our propaganda/media

Damn that was quick -- Repubs eating their own

The Buxh administration in a nutshell

I call upon my fellow Americans to Protest this election!

Do you find this election theft article credible?

Do duplicate posts dilute the message?

Ever notice how Bush and Putin of Russia walk with the same swagger?

Ukraine is not an accident.

What should we be doing now to win seats in 2006? NT

Fascism Anyone?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

"News" on CNN front page: "Pakistani military chief: No sign of bin Laden"

Fox: "Kerry Won't Go Gently Into Good Night"

Up to 20,000 demonstrators will greet Bunnypants this week in Canada

My number 1 pick to replace Dan Rather -

Interesting thoughts on the rise of facism...


WorkingForChange: "Iraq teeters on the brink of civil war"

Security officials to spy on chat rooms

How the Left Can Win Arguments and Influence People

Should Republicans be allowed to breed?

I'd like to draw your attention to this thread posted in GD

Have you demanded you Senators fillibuster Torture Gonzales yet?

A funny...


Where the hell is the Democratic leadership? My rant (or my breakdown)!

Here's a web site that sells t-shirts with upside down flags

back-door draft story

This was an eye opener! major federal agencies listed as private corps!!

Say the "Arnold Amendment" gets passed - using the Santorum logic

We need to Neutralize the Abortion issue! It's not a Religious..

Bill O'Reilly is an ASS!!!!!

Republican-only Corporate Contributors

What are Clark's positions on the following issues?

Guess what my Freeper brother did on Nov. 2

Who has a copy of the "F The President " sticker?

Some friend of mine & I are planning a shopping boycott tomarrow.

What are the advantages/disadvantage of fixed election date?

Rumsfeld blames procurement scandal on lack of 'adult supervision'

Unless they nominate Giuliani, there is NO WAY the pukes can win in '08

So Would You Support Colin Powell If He Became the Democrats Nominee?

U.S. war planes bomb Central Health Centre in Falluja, killing 50

Which Democrat is perceived strongest on Ntl security & defense?

Feeling down? Need a little nudge to stay in the game?

alt. fear

Black Box Tea parties - protests across the nation (fixed link)

Spooky, Spooky Rove Spooky, Spooky Bush

To those now taking issue with Barack Obama. . .GROW UP

What would Rush do?