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Archives: November 24, 2004

WSJ: Inside Abu Ghraib: Missed Red Flags, Team Under Stress

[PINR] 24 November 2004: Tehran Buys Itself More Time from U.S. Pressure

Open Letter To Devil Dogs of the 3-1: Kevin Sites (Videographer in Mosque)

Safire follies: Reckless Bill proves the other side's point

Some Religion from NY Times Op Ed

E. J. Dionne: This is not just a fight about abortion

Kristof: Apocalypse (Almost) Now (Rips Left Behind authors a new one)

Gene Lyons

Excellent Harold Myerson WaPoOpEd

The Non-Debate Over Abortion

The situation in Ukraine

A very funny video clip from Larry Beinhart (The Librarian) on War!

My thoughts on Barack Obama and his Charlie Rose appearance last night

Orange County Weekly: What’s Worse: Blowjobs or Watergate?

Ukraine crisis threatens rift between US and Russia

A Cold Wind Is A-Coming

National Park Service bookstores claim Grand Canyon formed by Noah's flood

Witnesses Say U.S. Forces Killed Unarmed Civilians - The Independent UK

Minimum Wage: The States Get It.

Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory

Texas Observer: The Road Back to Power

Not Much Comfort in Being a Liberal

How to Create a WIA - Worthless Intelligence Agency (Chalmers Johnson)

Crisis towers over the dollar

The Media is Finally Outraged! Dan Rather and the death of the evening news

DU ACTIVISM: Disbar John O'Neill!!!

Please help save wilderness lands in Utah!

PDA Unites with DFA for December "Meetups"

How about a sit in on the National Mall downtown Wash, DC ??

Emergency Anti-War Conference, all day Sat. 12/4, NYC

Are you also protesting the fraWd by boycotting the Xmas shopping on Fri.

Disrupting Electoral College Meetings

Inauguration day protest in DC?

Four letters spell end for WMNF disc jockey (FL)

The Wicked (and misguided) Witches are on TV

Falwell's Thanksgiving message

losing jobs b/c company went overseas (help!)

Coloradans vote to embrace alternative sources of energy

Solar powered Sterling engine project, from Sandia

Please help stop destruction of wild lands in Utah!

Are you guys

Eight Centuries of England in Ireland: A Synopsis (and damned good primer)

need some gun ownership information, can anyone help?

What do you wager it wasn't an ordinary knife, but an "Assault" knife-

Town Raffles Rifles to Raise Money for School

So, I went to buy a .22 rifle for my father-in-law yesterday

There's gotta be a pony in here somewhere

Could you watch our dog for us this weekend?

THANKS to this Mod...

If Dolo Amber gets a pony, and DrWeird gets a minibike...

thread question

About my password

AP source not considered authentic? Can I post elsewhere?

Hope all you Mods and Admins have a GREAT holiday!

New user names

PLEASE PLEASE take that scary woman off the front page? ish.ish.ish.

Very grateful for "hide thread" return. No need to respond. THANK YOU! nt

I to would like to know where "Cybernet owner in police lockdown

I'm wondering if a "Privacy" forum might be of interest.

Programming/Coding forum?

Can you tell me why this thread was removed?

Regarding my duplicate post about the cybernet thread disappearance

Why was this thread deleted instead of locked

I'm a little disappointed

I see that now somone has locked Eowyn's thread

new forum question: Core Values Think Tank

Major Mix up will try to explain.

A formal request for an end to anti- Southern Bigotry

Locking the Is Dean Progressive? poll

I second what Misunderestimator said. Could the references to the

If I was responsible for misunderestimator's thread being locked...

Why on earth was my thread locked?

May we please have a Peace Forum in the Main Lobby?

Groups Push Bulldozer Maker to End Sales to Israel

Abbas vows loyalty to Arafat's legacy

Repressive MEMRI

What does everyone here think of IL Dem leader Mike Madigan?

Maps of voter problems on now

New! Greg Palast Investigative Fund into the Election and the War

New Mexico Election Results Certified: Bush by 5,988 Votes

Help is on the way! We need to get a list of these marches together....

Steven Freeman update: FL voting anomaly study

Wikipedia's entries re: the election


This is who I am

Daytona Beach Paper on Volusia County Lawsuit

Check out the accuracy of this exit poll from the Dem Primary in NH!

Ichabod was horror struck upon perceiving he was headless. Discuss.

Statistical Analysis of Election tampering in Ohio. *Important*

Boat cruise for elections officials sponsored by Diebold/ES&S

Jounalist explains the media and the elections - HOT!

Recount can wait Federal Judge Rules

OREGON: Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Probe

Taking Another Approach

The Times is screwing us too

Nebraska paper owns part of ES&S, downplays voting problems

Votersunite is this website still useful?

King County (WA) holds key as tally nears end

The right wing nut jobs have bragged and gloated,

New Postings on

Blackwell says media would have reported any election

Bush Administration urges full election investigation....

Stop teasing me DU!

OK, so the Ohio Dem Party seems more willing than Kerry

Judge blocks Ohio Recount

Ralph Nader-requested recount to resume Monday


My first suspicion about Ohio count posted here Election Nite

Did Bush Lose the Election?

Anyone see this? FBI agents raid East St Louis City Hall

How about an exit poll on the countdown?


Too much information - need to make it easy to digest

Letter from the Editor (Daniel Okrent of the NYTimes)

NOVEMBER Harper's Mag - KERRY loses 1,000 of Florida votes

Why is this not happening here? WHY?

In Volusia Co. what was the difference in count between the found tapes

More Thrown Out Ballots, Check for Recount returned to Cobb/Badnarik


Great article comparing US and Ukraine elections

Why isn't anyone writing to John Kerry?

spin and bs

Judge Denies Demand for "early" Ohio Recount

What the hells the point???

Rossi Leads Gregorie by 42 Votes After Recount in WA Gov Race

excellent laugh = the shrub's flyis open

I'm Leaving the Democratic Party, Unless...


The Irony of Mitofsky Slamming Us

Palm Beach County/Lepore stonewall Bev Harris' records request

Mitofsky Writes Olbermann


Can someone please do me a favor?


Any news on NH recount?

We're On First Base

Texas Republican wants house to appoint him despite election results

Emergency Anti War Conference NYC Dec 4th

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Too many to thank individually. n/t

Why did Randi Rhodes just say she can't talk about the Election?

What are you doing about the threat to democracy?

Funny how Aljzeera cover it

Response from Congressman Cardin, MD

Big BBV News - Volusia county

Jeff Fisher hacked! what to do here

When Did Kerry Ever Say "I've Got Your Back".

greg palast email...

How can we raise the $l.5 Million for Ohio to do a recount? Do we need

Spoiled ballots in Cuyahoga County

Lawsuit to Contest Election in Volusia County, Florida


My Grandma on Vote Fraud

Break the Media Blockade On Election Theft News With this Broadsheet Flyer

is Mike Malloy still on vacation?

The danger of the Ukraine fiasco

To Doohickie, Faye and DU peeps.

Jeff Fisher

Colin Powell Declares Election Fraud

On boat cruise Diebold teaches election officials how to deflect criticism

Is the recount a reality or have we met an end?

Ida Briggs sort of mentioned on the Olberman show Re: NH recount!

This oldbie is currently at 9,997 posts...and counting.

BBV mentioned on Olberman tonight

flawed nevada vote certified - help needed and warning

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) kicking ass on Hardball - now - n/t

Red vs. Blue

Broward's Precincts that have disappeared since 2002

50 States Mislead Their Voters Part 1: Alabama

MITOFSKY responded to my email. He apparently thinks we're PARANOID

If you want Kerry to unconcede: points to think about

Olbermann on now. n/t

The Executive Branch of the State of FL is acting in Violation

Article from PHIL Inquirer: Election numbers leave questions for some


A Theory on the North Carolina Funny Numbers

We just need a sign, and then we would come out in force

Colin Powell cites numerous reports of voter fraud

How they test punch card machines--THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Flash.... Mitofsky to provide exit poll consulting services to Ukraine.

Bill Maher: "Call the slot machine guys!"

$200,000 Reward for evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election

I will NEVER vote absentee again!!


Who is still angry or upset that Kerry conceded?

Could Someone Please Post Current Status of Efforts in Ohio?

Does anyone know what happened to "CyberNet owner in police standoff" post

Are we able to create a tin-foil forum? For subjects like CyberNET Group

Dr. Freeman's updated paper ROCKS.

Time to Sue the DNC and Kerry for Breach of Contract?

Volusia County Lawsuit Filed One Day Late

If you were a new voter, would you trust the Democrats again?

GAO to investigate election complaints

11/24/04 Updates from BEV HARRIS

Glimpse into the mind of a young ohio bush voter.

Kerry/Edwards MORE involved In Ohio than we think?

Jesse Jackson on election-reform

Tell a Senator to contest the POTUS election!!

Pre-election State Polls vs. Exit Polls vs. Actuals: ONE Graph. Look Close

JOHN KERRY has to contest this election IMMEDIATELY, or all is lost!

Maybe Kerry should "unconcede"

A Legal Solution

INVITATION: Let's Think Tank Election / Voting Reform

Calling MoveOn: Ads Needed to Support Investigation & Recount

CyberNET Group CEO killed during standoff - continued discussion please

Boxer 3rd largest vote getter Nov. 2nd

Anyone want any of these?

Homophobes vandalize St. Paul Cathedral

Question: WiFi data encryption

Poison applet peril affects IE, Opera and Firefox-Java Question

DU is one of the best-run places around!

So, the CAN-SPAM Act, as referenced at the bottom of spam emails...

Securing your wireless network

Error messages! ARGH!

Warren County DUers - remind people of the "High Terror Alert" from

A happy little rumor for my fellow Greater Daytonians.

Heard a rumor from 2 different sources that Ohio Gov. Taft,

State's jobless rate inches upward

Santorum stays with In-Laws - Denies owing Penn Hills Money

Chris Matthews for Senator of Pennsylvania?

Contact Texas State Bar re John O'Neill

Texas Observer: The Road back to Power

Gunning for funds at school

GOP trying to overturn 2, maybe 3, state house races now?

Keep the Freeps from stealing Washington! DU this poll!

Official--Rossi by 42 measely votes

If you can get to the Rep to see "Take Me Out' by December 4th

Maher on Larry King right now.

Happy Thanksgiving DU (Early as I leave tonight for FL.)..

The U.S. spent 34.11 million last year for "Democracy" in the Ukraine?

What ever happened to the guy who set himself on fire in front of the WH?

Dan Rather retires and the religious right takes it's shots!

Thank a Ukrainian -- showing us the way

OBAMA on charlie rose right now (PBS)

Mike Malloy has been on a perpetual rant for

Tonight on the Unofficial Kerry for President Blog:

The real question that conservative christians for Bush.

Best presidents we never had

Government Tracking the documents you print

Politics is an immoral profession by nature

just checking in to keep my status as a member

I went to McDonald's today...

Moderates and liberals unite!!!

We DID inspire them!

A pornographer is suing Google for being a search engine. WTF? ROTFLMAO

George Bush has said one thing that I believe: He wants to be our

Spreading word of the draft... Now? Or Never?

Here's an early candidate for the "Look in the mirror" award

The Propaganda-Industry Complex and its role in the Right Wing.

Which is the 'do whatever feels good' party?

Somebody, check me on my thinking please

Apocalypse (Almost) Now

Who needs all that crazy evolution? Cobb County, Georgia agrees.

Ancel Keys, K Ration Creator, Dies - WP

Newest Fox travesty . . . . movie on FX

Would Gary Hart have had a chance against Reagan in '84?

Feel good today--sign a petition for some Iranian refugees

40% of AOL subscribers don't have computers?!?

C-Span's "balance" Richard Miniter vs. CIA's 'Anonymous'

Liddy's Comments

Free Market

Check out this post.

Err.. America, your president's FLY's open.

I believe the cabal was shocked there were no demonstrations

So What Exactly Are The Mandatory Mental Screenings For?

the election sorta turned the "libs act on feelings, repubs act on facts"

Cheesus Christ - We got searched for cheese at the airport

does anyone know the count of corpsman killed in Iraq

The day after the election, I heard the following scenario...

Fallujah and the laws of war

Imagine if this was your child going to school...

The Conservative's Bill of Rights

Howard Dean: The Third World War (family planning 'gag rule')

Do you think that CBS got rid of Rather becuz of his guard story?

Who was the recently elected official that wants to ban gay teachers?

Another grateful Iraqi citizen


Ma Bush...

Defense Panel Delivers Harsh Review of US "Ability to Persuade" Arab World

Boycott Clear Channel / Advertisers Addresses and #'s

a propos of the smell in the air

How tough was it being a liberal in '72 and '84? Any stories?

What is the literal translation of "Der Fuhrer"?

G Gordon Liddy: "Listening To Hitler Made Me Feel A Strength Inside"

A Comment on Creationism

Har!!! DU gets publicity in the Wichita Eagle...

Perhaps the individuals that donated to Kerry's legal fund

Want a Laugh? NY Daily News Column: "Rather's Fall: "NIXONIAN" (!!!)

I'm gonna puke. John Green is getting his 15 minutes. (Artest brawl)

Do not pass these on via copy and paste

HBO Responds Re: Bill Maher - Good News!!!

LOL -- A "Stewart Smalley" Thanksgiving

Bernie Ward has a Walmart manager online now

The Government is 'Representing', but not Representing the American people

Progressives, reactionaries, and the nature of the modern world

"3 Americans died in Iraq today....not a word on the news!"

Preparing for the Draft...

Who voted against the new budget?

What is Bush's mental health screening for?

We AREN'T the reason we lost: Sex is the reason we lost.

If Sept. 11 had not happened

Is there a really wild generation in the making

Bush pledges more funds for Colombia’s dirty war

A NEW APPROACH: [MT gov. elect] Schweitzer meets with [MT] high court

American Liberals Sneaking Across Border Into Canada

Breaking News Colin Powell Looks in the Mirror

Colon Pile is an idiot

DUers, what are YOU grateful for? (Puke alert: Godly Chimp quote)

"WE" are the reason we lost.

Breaking New Colin Powell Looks in the Mirror

Money men ain't all rotten: Paul McCulley of PIMCO

Should DU raise $$ for THIS billboard?

Draft is coming??

John Ashcroft's Christian Song Album -- Lyrics, Anyone?

A Mother Deported, and a Child Left Behind

Do people not get it? The problem is the MEDIA, stupid!

Biblical Jailer=Tormentor

Remember: Right wingers hate you for your freedom

The Warmongers Amongst Us.

Fellow DUers, I have a question

What The Hell Is Phil Donahue Doing These Days??

What could be LESS patriotic and MORE anti-American ...

To Pepperbelly: Your thread is locked....

What's happening with gasoline prices?

My family-owned cable company sold to Rightwing Evangelicals

anyone got info on the protest in washington

World Domination 101

Greenspan In Denial

who wrote "osama determined to attack united states"?

Do Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld believe in Free Enterprise or Crony

Government Accountability Office to Conduct Investigation of 2004 Election

If everything changed after September 11th

Are they serious? Washington is mad about election fraud?

An Unprecidented Wave of Joementum is Sweeping The Nation

I tried to reply to several posts


Homebuilders OWN Texas and now will OWN the US.

Just heard on my cable TV schedule with Christian background vocals

DU ACTIVISM: Disbar John O'Neill!!!

The House adjourned - what happened?

so . . . does Colin Powell have any integrity left? . . .

Net Romance Ends In Killing, Revelation Groom Was Woman

Why Did Dan Rather Leave?

pic - Thanksgiving Day Greetings from bush....Operation Plymouth Rock..

From a newbie...A question about Video Privacy...


These people are not conservatives, they are regressives

Manufacture Incidents, Manufactured paranoia, Manufactured

The Chimp and the Honeybees: A Fable

I'm not big on DUing polls, but please DU this one!

I just heard on the radio

Celebrating the Winter Solstice for non Christians

St. Paul cathedral damaged in apparent anti-gay exorcism

So, which one of our current allies will someday be our sworn enemy?

Orange County Libraries Ban "Unaccompanied" Adults From Kids' Area

"Courting Disaster" -- understanding the other side

The CIA is watching us....

Colin Powell Decries Election Irregularities & Fraud!!!!

Political ideology as it relates to the United States

Is America Experiencing a Religious Revival?

true story about Amway

Separation of Church and State is of Utmost Importance to Me, but...

Falwell lectures immigrants: Learn English & worship the Christian God!

Keith Olbermann Calls a spade a spade...

Walmart not releasing Black Friday sales figures

A Question About Alex Jones &

So who will be around tomorrow, and who will bail for the ritual torture

Juan Cole urges reader response to threat of suit against him...

Quote from John Chrysostom, ancient X-tian Bishop: Tell to gloating Pukes

Florida secretary of states office lets itself off the hook

Any Canadians out there????

Robert Reich Joins Economic Pessimists, Urges Americans to BUY GOLD!

Declaration of Independence Banned? A theory.

A technical question about those proposed psych tests for kids...

Tomorrow: Feed the Right Wing to the Dogs!

Conservative Synonym: Liberal = Anti-Jesus

culture of race tension and violence....intriging view of NBA fight

Letter to the Editor: "I'll Be Here"


Revocation of Independence

Dan Abrahms - What a freaking sexist...!!!


We do not concede coalition

New (Post Election) Eminem Mosh Video?

Real Time w/ BIll Maher is not being cancelled

War Is Hell (don't blame the soldier)

If someone shows you one of those "almost all red" US maps...

New Song!!

Its the Looting, Stupid


Some Good News - and Humble (?) Advice

What do you guys make of this?

Who likes "The Morning Sedition" on Air America?

just said good bye to my buddy leaving for iraq

Imagine if there was no religion

gee . . . caps on lawsuit damages don't seem to help much . . .

Who wants an NPR discussion group?

"Economic Armageddon" Steve Roach story - bad listening? Bad reporting?

There are no more troops to be had

Liberals are smarter than conservatives. There, I said it.

What Will Be the Rightist's Undoing?

Is that Sir Richard Branson guy a liberal?


Head Fake? Bush administration backing Ukrain demonstrators...

Raquel Welch is credited with saying that the brain is the most erogenous

Ugh...Limbaugh on CSPAN now, and just after I ate too...

Kool-Aid at FReep!

Speaking truth about Iraq invasion, the consequences (Hardball tonight )

Powell explores new comedy career: "U.S. Rejects Ukraine Vote Results" lol

I'm going through withdrawal

Thanksgiving Wishes... "I am so thankful for...."

Freepers on separation of church and state

I confess, I did it!!!!

52 Erie, Pa. librarys to be closed - no money

Declaration of independence ban said bogus...

Do animals have souls?

Are comparisons between the U.S. and Nazi Germany valid?

Noam Chomsky + 86 right wingers = balance

Do you ever wonder?

This poll is being freeped! No!!!

What to do with mutual funds while the dollar plummets.

What would make an entire family like the Bushes, so well endowed with

What ever happened to the people

In the neck of the woods,

Bush had stolen the Elections in Many Ways

I think by encouraging U.S. corporations to move abroad or outsource

Why are freepers so obsessed with Dan Rather?

Sad Thanksgiving weekend in 2000 (treehuggers: warning - graphic image)

"THEY" are the reason we lost. Don't forget it. Stop blaming yourself.

need some gun ownership information, can anyone help?

Received Reply from HBO re: Bill Maher

Progressive Voice

My question about color coded terrorist threat ?

The only way to resolve the middle east/Iraq mess

How did Obama do last night on Charlie Rose?

argh. Need that Bush is an Asshole song...

Important documentary about the Carlyle Group.

Oliver Stone and the most expensive documentary ever, $200 million

What's the Swingingest Swing State

I just got in an argument with my husband over TIME mag. article

I think Lynne Cheney is a sweetheart.But I wish she were not a lesbian.

I'm just typing here.

I think Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was better at predicting our

Peace Pilgrim: The Way of Peace (inspirational and relevant)

Sick article from cbsnews - fire Kofi

GUess we're eclectic bunch. Top 5 DU USer groups...

Can someone from a (dark) red state discuss some of the


Why don't people learn from History?

Does anybody have any great music to paint to?

Falwell recruiting for MM voters

How many prescription drugs do you currently have in your . . .

No Thanksgiving This Year

There ought to be a color coded system to measure the paranoia/stupidity

What is so "sacred" about a 50% divorce rate among those married?

An Evening with Howard Dean...Stanford Univ, Nov. 29th.

If the economy is going to hell what do I do with my savings?

Some Thanksgiving Help from the Rockridge Institute (a recent email)

Stacked on Pallets, Left on Tarmac: Honored War Dead Become Air Freight

BBV: Volusia County lawsuit filed

Drug Reps wear nice shoes, and know how to vacation too

please watch my friend's Hank & Phil's film tonight on PBS at 8 PM ?.....

How To Beat The Psych Tests Your Govt. Wants To Give You

RW argues that the US is a 'republic' not a 'democracy'.

Oh My God! A freeper I use to work with sent me this. There may be hope!

Do you know any liberals who have already fled the U.S.?

Have you started using the term "Regressives" instead of "Conservatives"

Are those working for defense contractors more guilty than taxpayers?

Here's A Radical Solution: How About We Take Over The DNC?

Yushchenko (Ukrainian Opposition Leader) POISONED?

Is the 9/11 event a Manufactured Incident like the Reichstag Fire

The democrat party is dead - time for a new progressive war plan

Power to the People in a Democracy

Patriot Act II - Not recieving 'southern' support

Bush to avoid Canada's Parliament; has no desire to be 'booed'

OJ Simpson's back in the news


"Thugs, Racketeers Counting American Votes"

Economic `Armageddon' predicted

Andy Stephenson on Randi Rhodes right now

How to Counterspin "Ownership Society"?

"Debbie Downer"- SNL's warning to ignore/shut up liberals?

Does the outrage in Ukraine make Amerikans look like lazy punks?

I'm starting to think that we're looking at this whole thing wrongly . . .

What If Divorce is Outlawed? Could Happen Under A


Should we revive the use of the word "Puritan"?

"Give War a Chance"

Know your BFEE: A Crime Line of Treason

UPDATE: Florida litigation on voting issues, from Black Box Voting

The Christmas Resistance Movement

So I got kinda bored . . . and made up some avatars . . .

From hedda_foil re Recounts and "friendly journalists," etc.

Basil Parmesan Spread - recipe

Anyone have a good apple pie recipe?

What's for dessert for the Thansgiving meal ?

Does anyone have a recipe for beef stew in tomato sauce?

i think i just F*CKED UP MY CHEESECAKE!!!!

Does your turkey have the red pop up timer ?

Who had the cheapest turkeys ?

Which level of All-Clad cookware do you use?

just finished roasting bananas

Oh, Man I wish I knew about this group a while back... HELP!!!

Christmas Kolaches !

WTF??? Chimpy coming to Halifax???????????

UNICEF---Official statement --for children in Iraq

Ottawa in talks to help run Iraq election

States Reviewing Drug Safety Themselves

OREGON: Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Probe

Ukraine opposition tries to win back 'stolen' election

US-led forces in huge offensive near Baghdad US Forces in Huge offensive n

FCC Punishes Viacom for Indecency

Grocery labor talks echo issues of L.A., ...cuts in wages, health benefits

Ruling in lawsuit over anti-gay shirt appealed

Iran Wants to Change Conditions of Freeze

Iraqi Journalist Tells of U.S. Captivity

Exploding Cell Phones a Growing Problem

'Groping' row over US airport checks

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1228

MPs call for Blair's impeachment

Kurdish Fighters Killed in Northern Iraq

Russia jails scientist for spying

N.J. Hospital Thwarts Smuggled Flu Vaccine

3 Americans died in Iraq today....not a word on the news!

Now-Dead Marine went into battle wounded and limping. Way to go George.

US Troops End Nine Years in Bosnia Peace Force

Iraqi minister warns on election safety ('no plan' yet)

FLORIDA: Rights group sues over election results

NYT- U.S. Fails to Explain Policies to Muslim World, Panel Says

Afghan bomb kills two US soldiers

Top Iraq Sunni Party Wants January Poll Postponed

Text of Bush's Thanksgiving Day Address (USA's National "Thank God" Day)

U.S. Military Finds 5 Bodies in Mosul (20 this week)

Blair to visit Israel on peace mission

MORE GREAT Health News! The government to have a record of every Rx!

CyberNET Group CEO killed during standoff

Jury awards $105.5 M in baby's death

Iraqi commando chief, deputy governor escape assassination bids

Prenatal tests stir host of ethical issues..(the way they will end choice)

First-Class Stamp May Cost 41 Cents


Great-Grandmother Being Deployed to Iraq

Senator, wife are jury pool washouts (Santorums)

Auditor to Army: Dock Halliburton Pay

Mizzou will rename arena (alleged Wal-Mart billionaire academic fraud)

Debate sought on Blair's Iraq "misconduct"

Bodies left in city's streets intimidate police, populace

EU Threatens Consequences for Ukraine

Russian troops reported in Ukraine capital

Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians

Neo-Nazi bomb plot trial opens

Pennsylvania Turnpike Workers Go on Strike

Pataki Creates French, Indian War Commission

Foreign troop withdrawal only when Iraq stable: Mubarak

CDC Says It Miscalculated Obesity Risk (Getting fat ISN'T killing us?)

Mexican mob burns officers alive

Gates paid $20m to adversary in anti-trust case

Red Cross Visits Saddam Again

al-Qaida Suspect's Extradition Approved

'Virgin Mary' toast sold on net

Last tango in Marseilles for French Mafia chief

Thatcher to face coup questions

Red Cross pays another visit to Saddam

Charles Kennedy seeks inquiry into Blair

GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies

Spitzer serves up hot dog fine and with relish

Deputy Director: CIA Not 'Dysfunctional'

FDA Employee (Vioxx) Seeks Legal Help from Whistle-Blowers' Group

Explosion rocks western Baghdad, four wounded

'Preppie Killer' (Robert Chambers) Arrested on Drug Charge - AP

Comcast plans to raise cable TV rates

Fallujah Weapons Sweep Holds Up Civilians

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Texas, La., Miss.

Fallujah Leaders Were Local, Not Foreign

The situation in Ukraine

Iraq war claims Marine from Green Bay # 1229

Army Guard misses recruiting goal

Rwandan Reports Prompt U.N. Deployment

Heart attack killed woman after viewing soldier son's body

Mob In Mexico Burns Two Federal Agents Alive

Faulty genes feed nicotine habit

Conservatives outraged as Hollywood talks about sex

Brazil Documents Detail Nazi Mengele's Last Years

Falluja Rebels Had Enough Arms to Rule Iraq -U.S.

GAO cops out: now what?

How about a sit in on the National Mall downtown Wash, DC ??

Powell: Ukraine Election Results No Good

Top-Giving PACs Favor GOP Candidates 10-1

New unemployment benefits claims fell last week to 323,000

Clemency Board May Consider Steps to Restore Ex-Felons Civil Rights

Meteorite 'photographed' hitting Earth

Ohio judge denies recount request

Democrats deny GOP quick vote on IRS provision

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 24 November

Spain's PM sends Bush message of goodwill (Bush is spotted at his ranch)

'Ukraine stands on the brink of civil war' (November 24, 2004)

Ukraine's PM declared winner of elections

U.S. Civilian Official Killed by Gunfire in Baghdad

Anti-Terrorism Clause Prompts Grant Return

Hackers Use Web Sites, Ads to Infect PCs (Last Weekend's Attack)

Appeals Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to Stop-Loss Program

Federal Judge Cites 'Bush v. Gore' in Denying ACLU Request

U.N. rejects anti-Sudan rights measure

Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

Group Finds Problems With Voting Machines (Maryland)

"U.S. kept quiet on Chávez plot"

Congress Funds Mandatory Psychological Tests for Kids

Report: Pinochet's Assets Frozen

Blair's Gov't Accused of Exploiting Fear

Oil spill threatens thousands of birds

Lawyers for reporter convicted of contempt say health...should spare him..

Group Cites Video Games for Violence, Sex

US Policy now to use Israeli fighters in Fallujah? 2 News Articles -

Parties may end up asking for a hand recount - WA

In Memphis, a Battle Won, the Paddle Lost (Banning Corporal Punishment)

Group Passes on Addressing Global Warming (Some Blame U.S.)

Home Office 'linked to discredited claim of al-Qa'ida plot'

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (from Fallujah)

Soldier Charged With Murdering Iraqi

Al-Zarqawi Tape Criticizes Muslim Scholars

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower

Rossi Wins Recount (WA Governor race); Lead Drops To 42 Votes

Al-Qaeda believed to be calling followers to action in Afghanistan: genera

GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies

Former spy who got 1000s of Jews out of Nazi Ger. honored as British Hero

British MP (tells Arabs): U.S. will burn in hell

Meteorite 'photographed' hitting Earth

Reports: Earthquake hits northern Italy

Future of 9th Circuit Under Review

Vietnam veteran, 53, called to active duty

U.S. to Urge EU to Get Tough on Iran Nuclear Aims

CBS says announcement of new anchor won't come right away

U.S. braces for trade backlash

Pentagon Panel Says Stature Of Radical Islamists Has Risen Since 9/11

Celebrities join bid to impeach Blair

Minors held in Spanish porn swoop

N.Korea Wants Urgent Atom Talks, UN Tells Yonhap

Bush Wants CIA to Offer Up 'Diverse Views'

Ellen Hooks Up Military With Cruises

Yanukovich formally announced winner of Ukraine's elections (it's official

I feel like a corpse in a river, says Mark Thatcher as he faces court...

Ukraine Liberal Calls for Strike, Civil War Warning - Reuters

Sen. Boxer joins abortion fray

Shell loses out in contest to develop Iraq's Kirkuk oil field

Powell: Syria Can Do More to Curb Iraq

Ukraine Opposition Leader Calls for Strike

Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians

Daschle aides get parting gift -The Hill

Eight students slashed at Indiana high school

Prosecutors in Wash. Won't Charge (D.C.) Snipers (Muhammad & Malvo)

National Guard and Reserve Mobilized as of November 24 (an increase )

Rather: Bush Story Didn't Affect Decision

Spain's PM Sends Bush Message of Goodwill

US 'losing war of ideas'

Bosses Fret Oklahoma Law Allows Guns in Cars

General Who Ran Prisons Gets Pentagon Job (Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller)

Al-Jazeera TV to launch English-language service late 2005

When a TV Talking Head Becomes a Talking Body (naked news anchor)

Ottawa's threat to U.S. ("massive tariffs")

LAT: Guard Troops Allege Troubling Treatment (Lockdown, Bad Training)

Family sues Japanese (Benihana chain) restaurant for tossing shrimp

Heflin wants House seat back or a new election

U.S. aware of Venezuelan coup plot in '02, CIA documents show

Lawmakers Argue Over Tax-Return Snooping

Bush Plans 'Warm and Fuzzy' Visit to Canada

new durable goods orders fell 0.4% in Oct - expected was 0.5% increase

Brazil Says It Has UN Approval for Uranium Enrichment

Gas prices 43 cents higher than last year

Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians

White House Criticizes High Court Appeal (``wholly unjustified'')

2 Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A.

Investors going for Gold

CyberNET Group CEO killed during standoff

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower

FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower

Senator (Santorum) denies owing district (for his kids Cyber School)

2 (More) Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A.

199 TX schools labeled "substandard"

Democrats say election investigation in the works

Data Fails to Lift Dollar, New Low Hit (Reuters via Yahoo)

U.S. Congressman Befriends Chavez

Attempt to stop mandatory mental screening fails

Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School

It's time to talk about Pickles.

Lucy Liu is so hot

Boca Raton area apartments/rooms to rent...


Politeness is the grease that... no, the oil that... oh, what the hell...

"I want my hard drive corrupted"; "I want a really nasty virus"

Dog Who Longed for Puppies Nurses Kittens

Zogby coming up on Olbermann rerun after the break or soon

Caribou (assist with lyrics) Pixies fans

The HORROR! Look what I found when I opened my box of matchbooks!

I finally have the Sun I've always wanted


How many lives have you peopled in your home?

"Ruben Studdard Hospitalized For Exhaustion" punchlines here:

Vamos !!! (more inane Pixies lyrics)

Late Night Chat

I'm famous in Freeperland! Whoo-hoo.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Damn the Pacers

Pistol-packing grandma, 79, arrested at Florida airport

Ever realize how many murders there were on "Get Smart"?

Jon Stewart's a rerun tonight and all this week, I presume?

What should my 666th post be about?

Could there be any more bands influenced by the Pixies right now?

Yo mama

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

I have the COLDEST freaking office

don't fall down now

Grump-ass Poop Thread

I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death,

Every You Every Me

THE SMITHS sing along...."What She Said ,,,,,"

itt you insult my sweet unassuming mother

Does anyone have experience with Phoenix Lenses...

im waiting for you i must go slow

What happened to ME?

HoW soon IS now?!!!

Don't you know there ain't no Devil?

I dread Thanksgiving and the weekend

Best Thanksgiving tip and recipe

Damn! Someone already has triangleofdeath for a Yahoo screen name.

A L E X A N D E R : Too Controversial or Not Controversial Enough?

How to tell if you're living in a Red state or Blue state!

Kennedy Slain by CIA, Mafia, Castro, LBJ, Teamsters, and Freemasons.

Are there ANY rural areas in this country that are liberal...

Lack credibility b/c of a low post count? Not a problem. SPAM THIS THREAD!

Guys, listen, maybe we're just too hard on the bushbots...

Gigantic threads

Why didn't Denzel Washington & Spike Lee get Oscars for 'Malcolm X'?

I live in Fargo, and we haven't had any snow yet.

worst song you have ever had repeating in your head

Confessions of a stressed out wife

any one else feel like cursing?

OK - it's 2:07 my time. Poss. 5:07 yours......

GO TO BED..... NOW!!!!!

Pointless thread

I bought U2's new album today

PSA: Leave your chainsaw & land mines at home when flying

Qigong resources

i am the reason we Lost

White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel

Hey you mugs........

Welp, since it's 8AM now, I think I'll have a beer.

Internet Service Providers

How in the world do I capture a short video (to post on my blog)?

A Cherokee story

Well after seeing Bridget Jones diary for the 3rd time


40% of AOL subscribers don't have computers?!?

Pukes moved in down the street

Skinner, I would like you to buy me an Alligator please

The Official "Dolo Amber Needs A Pony" Telethon Thread!!!

WHAT Is Vanilla Ice Doing To His Wallaroo?

Do you think the voter fraud will finally get some news attention now?

Tulsa Zoo Is Crowned King of the Jungle

Saudi woman takes to the sky

Dog That Always Wanted To Be A Mother Nurses 2 Kittens (PIC)

Bed bugs warm to London

Honours for war hero glow worms

Child porn on ex-county official's computer, witness says

I am back ONLINE!!!!!

I just made perfect mashed potatoes and gravy.

Mister anchor, assure me that Baghdad is burning

Tripping to the end

Who should the J. Geils Band battle?

Food Network All-Star Thanksgiving.

Zeffirelli gets honorary knighthood for services to British arts

Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich attributed to Cheesus

So I get an e-mail from my fundie co-worker yesterday. . . .

Did you catch Kevin Spacey on Letterman last night?

Only 4 more hours to go!!!

Dreading the day


YES! Tickets to the next 2 Duke home games are IN MY HAND!

Public Enemy to tour with Living Colour in 2005?

Check out today's George the Second cartoon

First wa attack Iraq-Tomorrow we EAT Turkey*?


Pictures of Judy Woodruff long before she was a fascist Bush whore????

The "Secretary Who Stole Christmas" CAPTION

I had a fabulous time in Toronto last week.

Job announcement on Craigslist - seems appropriate for DUers

The Four More Wars Drinking Song!: "99 Reasons For Going To War"

Swift Boat Veterans Still Hounding Kerry

The power of prayer, It's a joke son

Boss just said we can leave at noon!

What ELSE do Bush and Yeltsin have in common?

Cup thrown at Artest on eBay, then taken off


* has been doing some reading

Sapps Welding: A Great Place to Take a Leak

Caption: Holy cheese sandwich gets official thumbs up

It's the Holiday Travel Season!

SpongeBob Kidnappers Seek Ransom for Doll

Dutch actress to publish breast x-rays online

Let's talk internet security.

Bee attack after honey truck crash

Uh oh--the turkey's still frozen

The Toasty Turkey of all CAPTIONS!!!

How Long Does It Take You To Get To Work?

Me, the cats, and a hungry man turkey dinner

Ever been told that you look like a certain celebrity?

Need some Christmas card ideas FAST!!!


ebay bidding on cup that hit Artest halted at $100 MILLION (seriously)


And how is your Thanksgiving going to be?

WTF Nabisco???

I watched "Hildago" last night - it was weird

Youth Soccer Referee Beaten By Coach

I am pulling my hair out! Warning venting!

Whats with the sudden resurgence of 80s style music

For my 1,000th post, I give you a couple Thanksgiving toons!

If I Were A STRAIGHT Man? (Harvey as Tevye)

What's the buzz?

Here's One Less CNN Watcher!

So, tell me about MP3s...

Hi I am CarolinaPeridot and according to my ex friend , I am going 2 hell

what's your favorite Portishead song?

My daughters and I have decided to stop using bad language...soooooooooo:



So, tell me about MREs

YAY! I Am HOME! Should I.......

Police: Sex Sting Nabs Pentagon Analyst

What do blacks, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists do on Thanksgiving?

"Sorry! This is not a winning package. Please try again."

Brokaw then Rather-is it time for a change at matcomnews?

Other than DU, this is the best site on the internet!

American Liberals Sneaking Across Border Into Canada

Cheating women can blame their genes

Al has his dittohead friend on the spot today.

I have a question for you guys


"Sex and the City" star gets Israeli cover-up

Nun: "We're not going to look into the wonder of Wonder Bread."

whats your favorite radiohead song?

I just made a kickass lunch!

Weird dreams last night

My shed will be decked out in anti-psychotic gear!!

This is why I love The Onion: "Kids Grow The Fuck Up So Fast These Days"

Anyone have a good apple pie recipe?

Have you killed your turkey yet?

no need to fear, Real Time with Bill Maher on for another year!

What's with the sudden resurgence of 70s style clothing?

Police Charge Driving Teacher With DUI

Heres a great gift for all of your freeper relatives

Does anyone think the West Memphis Three are guilty?

Kitty pics!

No more DU today for me :(

The mystery of the basilisk lizard "Jesus Lizard" has been solved

BooM- All of a sudden I am depressed.

How is this idiot still doing his business tax free?

It's 11 o'clock, do you know where your children are?

Robber, 66, nabbed shortly after buying vodka with stolen cash

Here's a thread for what we are thankful for: Our pests

Will You Be Spending Thanksgiving Alone?

Any ideas for XMAS gifts to my 92 year old Repug Grandma?

On DVD 12/7: Rodney Dangerfield, "Ultimate No Respect Collection"

Fake gynecologist gets four years in prison


Yesterday I made stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner.

I'm lampin' - I'm lampin' - I'm Cold Cold lampin'

Math Whiz Breaks Calculation Record

Here's a thread for what we are thankful for: Our pets

Disney Question?

This Thanksgiving THEY can do the work while I relax!

Turkey Question...advice from better cooks appreciated!

After reading about others stressful Thanksgiving plans I am

I'm free.............................

DAMN . .just got that recorded message from BLOCKBUSTER

Anyone started GOOFING OFF yet?

Just got a random call from a PreSchool child (for dog lovers)

Weeping Ghost of Lincoln Appears to Apologize for not Letting South Go

Question about Mozilla and Firefox

I got the new WILL OLDHAM record 3 months prior its release!Askme anything

Okay, who else has have some REALLY weird dreams these past

Hey DU Canadians! Can I open a bank account in your country without

Favorite Tool?

William Pitt just said I was right! Ask me anything.

has Dolly Parton lost her mind?

This year I just might get a HOT meal on Thanksgiving

Have you had a brush with lame?

My boss' cat got shot the other day...

Do you watch the parades on Thanksgiving Day?

I have a Peabody.

Houseplant Experts...Advice, Please

I love DU

Okay, who else has have some REALLY wet dreams these past

Jodie doesn't like George

Fireball XL-5!

YES!! Just landed a promotion in my company!

Anybody remember Gigantor the Space Age Robot?

Mmmm your Schweaty balls are delicous---thank you........

I need suggestions on how to deal with GLOATING Freeper relatives.

Any other fans of The Wonders?

What are you feeding your pets for thanksgiving?

1600 calorie hamburger????


Free Association Thread 2

How come there is no Itunes for Linux?

I'm burning a rhapsody.



My entire music collection got stolen Friday night -- pity me

"Once a year the holidays come swinging at your head...

Whatever happened to the Mother Teresa Cinnamon Bun?

Remind gloating GOP relatives of the fact that our currency is in the tank

Are you any good at spotting the difference?

Before January...



That guy that did the noises in Police Academy - Real or Fake?

By the power of Grayskull...

man, the threads are flying-My last sank in 5 min

Darn- Aint a supervisor left in the gulag

Ciao For Little While!

PHOTO: Poppy welcomes guests to the holiday feast

Just A Reminder...

My toast is going in the sink. You win it!

Anyone else have a tough time with the holidays? Hugs?

MMmmm! I can smell the turkey!!!

Seinfeld trivia thread!

Is there a doctor in the house? I have super glue on my fingers.

I'm thankful for the mods so I just donated!

What's The Drag Name?

Heads Up........ Marx Bros movies on TCM till 8:00pm.

Who Would Win In A Laboratory Showdown?

Uplifting sermons for the spiritual season.. NOT Falwell-esque,,,

Finally off the clock and finished work

Does anyone know the name of the cat breed

Who would win in a Laboratory Showdown, Cartoon Style

My post is going to stink in 4 minutes!

Willis Sues 'Tears of the Sun' Producers

Alright People, Enough of This Peace, Love and Understanding Horseshit!!

My post is going to sink in 4 minutes!

I'm tired of it!

Satan is MIA and presumed dead

Video of the Bush Twins making snow angels!!

I lust after DU.

Fish Stick Jesus for sale on ebay now (seriously) Son of Cod?

Ha! Take THAT Mrs. Crabtree!!! (my 8th grade teacher)

List Thanksgiving movies worth watching

I'm burning a rap CD

Basted in Blood....

Okay who else has their office door closed

What the Heck Does IIRC Mean?

Why do you think The Right Wing is hateful?

A Thanksgiving poem for all DUers.

If babies had warning labels... I'll start....

Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for his latest movie role

NEED Illinois/Indiana advice NOW

I am sneaking out. EVeryone have fun and be safe

Whatever happened to

mmmm...Octopus for thanksgiving

OH CRAP! Don't eat it NOW!! Not NOW!!

We're goosing a roast for Thanksgiving day.


Microwaving Illinoisan gets patent for round paper towels

Anybody else have to work on Turkey Day?

Holy crap I got back on!

I see Matcom has been taking flying lessons

I gained 50 pounds for my latest role as an overeater.

What movie should I rent tonight?


Anyone else here a Julian Mcmahon fan?

Why, yes...YES, I WOULD like fries with that! Thank you SO much!

I'm 30, and I still hide my smoking habit from my mother.

To Grandmother's House I Go!

Our dogs are such wussies!


How can I transfer my US currency into foreign currency? Without going

That guy that calls himself "DS1" - Real or Fake?

'Five fat turkeys are we' honor of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Are you planning a Tofurkey?

I'm home for Thanksgiving, but everyone in my family is working

"slyiar": spin meet liar-- a user friendly homonym

House plumbing

MrScorpio's New Conversational Rules

I am George W. Of Bush. Your life as it has been is over.

We're roasting a goose for Thanksgiving dinner.

Freeper actor Bruce Willis hires ambulance-chaser, sues studio

Will we ever get the media off its backside?

I still like Duran Duran.

"I Did NOT Have Sexual Relations With That Turkey" George Bush e-card

Rght now, hanging out on DU feels just like playing a slot machine that's


Does Paris Hilton make verbal gaffes?

Who said that refried beans don't repeat themselves?

So I'm watching 'Motormouth'

I gave a big "FUCK YOU!" to corporations this year for Christmas...

"You cut the turkey with out me?!"

We're not having turkey...anybody else doing something different?

I've discovered the secret to awesome turkey

Does anyone have a really good twice baked potato recipe?

I don't know what to watch on TV...

Why are dogs obsessed with cat food?

DS1 Is Bringing Home Thanksgiving Dinner! COME ON OVER!!!

I hate Thanksgiving snow!

I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific

Favorite Mel Brooks flick.

Snowdog! (picture)

What are YOU thankful for?

New Wine Bottle Holds 1200 Glasses

I have a question for older DUers about losing interest in sports

old cherokee proverb...

and how else would you expect a man obsessed with ASS to get to work?

Online kaleidoscope!!

Oh yes, ALL the ladies know how to find Matcom's special spot

Hey College DUers out there, are you on the Facebook?

Have I mentioned what kind of a cheap date MATCOM is?

If you could put together your own super group...

JESUS IS LORD Plumbing Company

WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drudge is such an asshole

Dolo Amber isn't who you think she is....

I was interviewed for the local entertainment weekly tonight

Should we confiscate Matcom's and DS1's keyboards?

Cool Cover songs and remixes


I think I'll burn some chicken wings, and put them up for sale on EBAY

Want to read a conversation so sad it's funny?

Is it wrong that I live on DU?

U2's new album: B-minus

I found my skateboard

Enjoy your turkey, folks. And a happy "Operation Plymouth Rock" as well.

A 5 gallon bucket, two cups of salt, water and a dead bird

Loungiest site ever: The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator

This Is A Test

FREE BOOKS at Project Gutenberg

One more bumper sticker idea...

Help! What does "STFU" mean?

Worst line from a GREAT song?

Captain & Tennille Vs. Velveeta

What song is this from?

Favorite Thanksgiving ritual?

ohh no I can't find the magazine with the Thanksgiving recipes in it! WAA

What do you think about me?

Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure, you might remember me from...

Who said that History doesnt repeat itself?

DU grammar test

The Stories of English: Thoughts?

Heres my latest conversation in a chat-room/game

I am a bad boy who lost his star

Tony is semi-freaking about his folks coming... HELP!

Law allows cats to attack dogs

Does anyone else in the midwest see snow.

I love the song...


What's on your desktop?

Kindly report what you see as my avatar

I was lurking in FR...

Are the Troops Going to Have Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Why is my cd peeling apart?

Roman Legion or Macedonian Phalanx?

Happy (?) Thanks(?)giving (?) Lounge Lizards !

Ida, got a letter from Rhea,

Great cartoon from NZ cartoonist

Breaking: Funnel Cakes reported in Monroeville, PA. YUM.

I got two quarts of Southern Comfort for tommorow.


Anyone have a gmail invite to share?

Are you as dumb as this guy

Ebay: GW Bush appears on my used toilet paper.

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

It's a fact--the majority of Southerners on DU have NO sense of humor! Warning--VERY brutal language!

For an all woman version of theVillage People what five costumes.....

Who eats Collard Greens?

Wooden Ships

Is it okay to leave a box of vegetables in the car overnight?

I just ordered pizza...ask me anything

Am I the only American who does not stuff the turkey?

So, tell me about MRIs...

MATCOM HATES Surprises, Especially when he's hunting fumunda....

I posted this in comp help group, but got no answer..

DU is like a hooker, it takes a lickin' and keeps on trickin'

Who can identify who said this and what did he mean:

Who Can Turn The World On With Her Smile?

Worst line from any song ever?

A 5 gallon bucket, two cups of strawberries, whipped cream and a Vegas

DU is like a Timex, it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'....

What exactly is a Turdunkin and what does it taste like?

Um, I love southern DUers

Do you have a sweettooth (teeth)?

"I'm in Wales, I'm poor, and my name's not Richard Burton yet."

Who Else is already SICK to their stomach???

eating murder is for the birds


As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly.

I'm watching Green Acres

Eating turkey is murder!

I Want One Of These

Short Bus President - Entertain Us!

King Crimson: Unjustly neglected?

Well here's a rather to the point review of Alexander.

Question for any Germans out there.

What does your playlist look like now?

The Terminal with Tom Hanks...

This place has changed.... now I'm posting about 10 posts a day...

Things you can only say at Thanksgiving

Have I got an offer for you...

I'm in love with a girl that I'm talkin' about

I think my head might weigh more than its supposed to

If I see one more Old Navy "Christmas Carolers" commercial...

Question about motion detector lights

Will gas stations be open tomorrow?

Will you be stationed to pass gas tomorrow?

I have to leave now...

The Risk to Civilization from Extraterrestrial Objects

I'm having the worst day. :-(

Twice in one week, I got to write a note on freepers' cars

Shit, My Son's Car Was Just Stolen

Yikes! Thanksgiving's postponed to Fri.! Should I eat the pumpkin pie now

Looking for pity here.

Ever See These Ford Ads?

DU time outs -- therapy or broodiness?

Does anyone have a good mustard sauce recipe?

Your pet's favourite tunes?

Is getting an i-Pod worth it?

How'd you Like to Work for This Company?

Drinking a vodka martini

What are you thankful for?

So who will be around tomorrow, and who will bail for the ritual torture

New browser wins over net surfers (Guess which one? - LV)

Catch22Dem exposed - Are you even a LITTLE curious to see what I look like

Hey Hey mama. Said the way you move.

Well, sir, there's nothing on earth...

Let my love open the door

Tina Turner Is Hotter Than Cher!

My boyfriend is a freak and doesn't like pumpkin pie...what should I do?

Admit it. You secretly...

Are Porn stores open tomorrow?

Cellphone or Blackberry with internet-browsing?

Bush is Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

I am starting to feel under the weather and I don't know why.


A Post Election 2004 Poem.....enjoy

Who eats grits?

Hardcore Deadheads: ever seen this video footage?

Well one good thing about Bush being re-elected...

"Gay Republicans" original series on the Trio Channel.

Thanksgiving Wishes... "I am so thankful for...."

Cute cartoon today--Swift Gravy Boat Veterans for The Truth...

Flame away folks.....I tried watching but did not like

Swift Boat Veterans Still Hounding Kerry

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Traveling Wilburys Album?


Very Important News Release from Texas A&M....keep it kicked!

Do you think I am here to blow sunshine up your ass?

Help, please.


Favorite Rolling Stone

Worst Band Names Ever!

Firefox please

Anyone else play MGS3 yet?

Best Led Zeppelin song.

Live by request: a non-sex thread, with no frottaging, and little innuendo

ANSWER: William Safire.

Gynecologist goes from paps to raps

Anybody see the new Bridget Jones movie yet??? Has it

I'm going to surround myself in wood

Help! I have to go to Gwinnett County, GA tomorrow

In honor of Tom Brokaw, who retires from NBC Nightly News next week

OK, DU -- Riddle me this -- Why couldn't SciFi show the old MST3K movies

One month until Christmas Eve!

Anyone else watch Ghost Hunters?

I can't watch! Vivien Leigh is about to jump in front of a train!!!!!!!!!

My five favourite empty white spaces.

is it OK to download that microshlock update pack that came out in Sept?

Okay...So what's the appeal of "Scarface"?

Favorite "Fawlty Towers" episode?


Fall Weapons Sale! - serious - Medieval Weapons at that.

It's Snowing!!!!

HELLO, HELLO!!...If I have to hear that c***ing U2 song again, so help me

Lounge posters..are you afraid to go anywhere else on DU?

Favorite DU Member

Am I the only one here who doesn't like "Desperate Housewives?"

Things NOT to say at your Freeper family reunion

What are your thoughts?

Which equipment is more important in your company?

Are You Happy or Sad?

U2//How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb -- WORST. U2. ALBUM. EVER.

What is most important to the 18-35 year old American male?

piss yourself laughing with trailer park boys

Why are You at Work Today?

Favorite Painter Other Than Thomas Kincade?

Arby's Oven Mitt. Brilliant advertising, or lame?

In the world of the Wing-Nuts, T'giving is a Religious Holiday

Greatest Actress who NEVER won an Oscar?

Make up a bad band name thread

How many children do you have?

Can anyone explain to me the difference between "should and "ought to"

just stirred things up a little on FR...

Cool, I'm watching Vancouver/Chicago 1982 NHL Western Conference final

What's Not Your Most Favorite Song, But Always Makes You Smile Anyway?

My second toes are noticeably longer than my big toes

Why do my cat's feet smell like fritos?

French fries with gravy? Or Ketchup?

Cats who play fetch are...

I hate cleaning!

I don't know what to do with my Jewfro!!!

Fellow lurkers,what do you hate most about posting on Free Republic?

A lady picked her nose and ate it.

How I came to my morality.

Deep-fried Turkey!!!

Incredible String Band

Why is there 'something', rather than 'nothing'?

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Best Music Download Service?

A warm and touching Thanksgiving Story

Favorite King of the Hill character

I'm God. Ask me anything.

Whipped Cream Factory Explodes, Entire Town Buried Under Whipped Cream

Thanksgiving is for everyone

A message from Harvey Fierstein....

BEST band names ever:

The "Cheney Family Wishes You a Merry X-Mas" CAPTION

The "Fearless Leader's Stunt Double" CAPTION

Gays & Lesbians: Have You Ever Been With a "Straight" Guy/Gal?

The "For their names are Legion" of all CAPTIONS!!!

How many people live in your home?

Favorite Member Of The Village People

I think I've got the flu

What is a good natural scale killer?

World History group!

The "If You Had It To Do All Over Again" Thread

TX newspeople freaking out cuz it's cold outside..

What is your favorite break up song???


American Liberals Sneaking Across Border Into Canada

Ok, so please no one mention anyone banned.... Has DU changed for others?

Ebay: GW Bush appears on a baloney sandwich.

Veggie & Lentil Soup Recipe

Nirvana's Box Set Finally Released (68 Previously Unreleased Songs)

Hollywood Writers Approved Contract

Any Fametrackers/TWoP-ers on DU?

OMG...the NYT said Jamie Lee Curtis looks like a transvestite chimpanzee

Has anyone seen Alexander yet?

Polar Express...

Not all fundamentalists/evangelicals agree and are united

Anybody listen to Fresh Air today? Show about Apostle Paul

Reframing the Debate on Health Care

Dolphins save swimmers from shark

Boffins create world's smallest test tubes

Researchers find that going to Church may be bad for your health

NASA Chief sees mandate for Bush's Moon/Mars program

okay. okay. free avatars, anyone?

anti-gay nutjobs vandalize St. Paul Cathedral

Italian Senate Shut Down By Gay Computer Worm

Melissa Etheridge--"Tuesday Morning"

Funny comic for gay werewolves

"The Tragedy of Today's Gays" - Larry Kramer (11/7/04 NYC)

(Ricky) Williams to Be Reinstated After 4 Game Suspension

NFL - 6 Games left - playoff picture

Found out my beagle LOVES snow!

Someone just brought a miniature dachsund puppy to work!

Clicker Training

Any Great Dane owners in Da' house? I'm considering...after I get

What can we do to put our houses in order?

Found this in another forum...

The power of prayer...

Celebrating the Winter Solstice for non Christians

What can the VA do for me?

An article I found on an old version of Kerry's site

My thoughts on Barack Obama and his Charlie Rose appearance last night

Ola! Senor Bush y Senor Putin.

Following the money trail: Corporations bought this president.

"Our Leader" billboard. Have you seen this??

U.S. kept quiet on Chávez plot

Pre-election State Polls vs. Exit Polls vs. Actuals: ONE Graph. Look Close

Tight Budget? has plenty of special interests in $388B spending bill..

I received this in an email today from a person who has claimed....

Aaron Brown, you're no Keith Olberman. n/t

In Georgia today, Howard Mead lost to Deborah Burns for Judgeship.

If CNN was broadcasting in 1774

Do you agree with this take on Social Security?

Why War with Iran?: Alleged from inside the WH

"Top Web Sites Cited in Political Postings" (DU is there!)

Election tampering....

Here's what Yahoo News had to say about the 'open fly' pic....

That "breaking" BBV story

Good news from a red (deep red) state!

Where do you think the "Amend for Arnold" nonsense will go?

Sen. Lugar says Ukraine government stole the election! (Really??)

Help Me Brainstorm Some Democratic "Frames"

We need to use ridicule as a weapon....

$388 billion package will fund "Wild American Shrimp Initiative" and more

UKRAINIAN-AMERICANS: A missed opportunity x 2?

What are the laws regarding suing a president or members of congress?

NAYSAYERS! how come Ukraine can do it, but we can't? Tell me why that is.

Can you believe CNN?

Dean leads in survey of DNC members for Chair

Hey Kerry Americans - Watch the Ukraine and ...

A fun DU day for photos! Captions please...

Happy Thanksgiving! (signs of life& intelligence)

Hypocrite Powell Says U.S. Cannot Accept Ukraine Vote Tally as Legitimate

High-End Inauguration Packages, for Those With Their Own Mint!!

Chimp avoids Canadian Parliament

So anyone know if the rethugs in congress kept their promise today?

Arnold has photo-op and pumps pretend hydrogen

2004 Presidential Election: Another Pyrrhic Victory for White Supremacy

GAO cops out: now what?

Draft Information...

We're going to nuke North Korea!!


A Patriot's Thanksgiving Reflections

need list of GOP sexual and ethical misconduct

looking for someone to run in 08. how about oklahoma gov. brad

I just watched Dan Rather

Rossi wins in WA state recount by 42 votes

Any bumper stickers about

KY Rep. Hal Rogers wants to be chairman of the House

Outspent 7 to 1, Tom Potter becomes Portland Mayor. His blog post.

As a liberal, I'm beginning to understand how the Jews felt pre WW2

John Kerry called us last night

Interesting exit poll data.

I say it is now time to form a viable third party

Does this Declaration "banning" because God's in it story sound fishy?

Bush's Inauguration Parade is going to be a riot, right?

Is Dean a progressive?

Folks - Dan Rather is the last liberal on TV. The rest are fake liberals.

Caption this Photo:

Keep the Freeps from stealing Washington! DU this poll!

Church & State (Mixing Politics make Faustian bargain)

Wonder if Baghdad Bush and Condi will sneak off for plastic turkey

Freepers lurk on DU...

Republicans are going to be destroyed by 2008

Wondering about the intelligence bill

It's been a two party system..if you split, don't expect 56 mil....

The AG candidate, Gonzalez/s sounds like a Dominionist asshat.

Why the election defies Logic! (why we lost)

New Term Introduced Today,Triangle Of Death! Any Thoughts?

Top-Giving PACs Favor GOP Candidates 10-1

We need "moral clarity"?

Ok so say Bev has video ...

Question on hacking the vote tabulators....

Dan Rather says the memo story isn't why he's leaving CBS Evening News

Where is the site to look for political donations?

What are we going to do when the Electoral College votes

Americans should look to Ukraine for next move...

CNN is talking about Iran now and what needs to be done.

A letter from an Vietnam Vet regarding Iraq - permission granted 2 post

The Election in Ukraine is Valid and Legitimate

I say we run a celebrity for President in 2008.

just call them "banana republicans"

No Nativity Scene on the White House Lawn this year!

so where the hell IS kerry.... it's been a while now...

Barack to appear on Letterman this Friday

dear prez bush,

Breaking, MSNBC: Colin Powell calls Ukraine election results 'illegitima

Wake the fuck up people! Even a REPUBLICAN says the election was stolen

Bush has been spotted at his "ranch" today

Our Senators Sold Us Out - Again!

I am pretty convinced who the 2008 Republican nominee for

Falwell's Thanksgiving message: I thank God for Hannity, Limbaugh, FOX....

If we look at our current situation in terms of fantasy or sci-fi

Who wants Aaron Brown to replace Rather?


What's do you all think of John McCain?

Hilllary Clinton is more conservative than her husband

How do Democrats Appeal to the Exurbs?

Tweety finally figured it out

Will we ever get the media back on ourside?

Kerry ran a terrible campaign, the CW is gradually establishing.

Actor/comedian Robin Williams for President in 2008

OMG- Nevada DUer wins election in Repug Territory and makes news!

Kerry's Thanks(for)giving

What should I do with my bumper stickers?

Why do you still watch CNN?

I am a proud supporter of Howard Dean and DFA.

Is Tom Brokaw a Democrat or a Republican?

Oh sure, just keep moving to the Center -- my counterpoint

What is your opinion of your state's Democratic Leadership?

Under what circumstances would you support Kerry in '08?

My neighbors just TODAY put up a huge "BUSH" sign in their window

Do you still sport a political bumper sticker ? Ready for a new one?

Do we fit in the Green party better?

Dean for DNC Chair?


Brand Democrat Update

Ex FBI/CIA Agents Ready To Blow Bush 911 Cover Story

Banned Again -

An explanation of a vote for Kerry AWESOME LETTER!

PDA Unites with DFA for December "Meetups"