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Archives: November 23, 2004

The gods must be crazy - Bush won because desert farming always creates

Another victory for White supremecy

Why pre-emptive invasions encourage soldiers to commit war crimes

Abu-Ghraib--and Art under fire


Seattle Times: Another round of misery for the children of Iraq

No one is taken in by the US lies

Churches mixing in politics make Faustian bargain

In the words of Kevin Sites....

Rolling Back Women's Rights

G Gordon Liddy: Voice of unreason

Election Angst Update: Clark Kent Vs the Media Wimps

Women's Health Deserves More Than Prayers

"With Deepest Sympathy" - Rummy uses signature device for KIA letters

Rolling Back Women's Rights

Kane'ohe-based Marine gave his family final gift

Condi Is A 'Monster' - 'A God Damn Liar' - Helen Thomas

Allawi struggles for acceptance

Ronnie Earl (DA investigating Delay Inc.) opinion in NYT

A Moral Indictment : Ronnie Earle responds

Reid Cuts a Deal with Bush

Chicks Rule

F*ck the Government!

$200,000 REWARD for evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election.

U.S. treats troops’ widows, orphans pitifully

Tigris tales

Speak out against vote tampering

Lawsuit challenges state’s GOP electors

Ohio Democrats Offer Support for Recount Effort

Many Who Voted for 'Values' Still Like Their Television Sin

Molly Ivins: Three ugly weeks

Hawks Push Deep Cuts in Forces in Iraq

How to End the Iraq War

Big Media's Democracy Double Standards

'With Deepest Sympathy' - or not, depending

Buzzflash: Clark Kent (Olbermann) Vs the Media Wimps

Would we be better off if half the country secedes from the union?

Help with making protest sing and critique my message...

They've stolen democracy--now what are we going to do about it?

Anyone live in the Chicago area?

Extreme conservation

I say we should protest RW churches

"Informed Comment" blog author Juan Cole has been threatened with

Management Shakeup at CNN

In my perfect world....

Why does the media focus on Ukraine exit poll?)Election Angst Update

Uh-oh! Stephen Freidman leaves the White House

"Blue" brokerage firms & banks?

Asia Times - The Destruction Of Cambodia's Forests

Childproof/EPA eases up on rat poison

NYC Health Service - 10s Of Thousands Near WTC Report Respiratory Problems

Bold Experiment to restore sandbars and banks in the Grand Canyon

Drought Prompts Closure Of 100+ Hydro Power Plants In South China - ENN

Alaska Ground Zero Of Climate Breakdown - It's Delegation Doesn't Care

Stupid questin about hydropower

New Studies Support New Nukes

Andes' Foulest Corner A Sump Of Mercury & Raw Sewage - BBC

Protesters Will Tow Giant Inflatable Turd Down Thames - Reuters

58 fisherman lost, feared dead after Philippines storm

Britain beset by drunk yobs

Smoking comes under fire around the world

Can Joschka Make the Warrior Princess smile?

Paraguay & Venezuela Sign Accord for Fuel Supplies

Richard Clarke on How to Win the War on Terror

Wickerman's Bad joke Tuesday in the Gungeon

Great Moments in Gungeon History

The truth about Feinstein and Boa Constrictors

What to own -- a real gun or a taser gun?

Do auto-tombstones when folks get caught in the spam filter expire?

Skinner, how about a RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERISM forum?

a question re my donation

I did not photoshop the Bush billboards on I-4

the billboard threads

Nasty threads

DU group proposal: Mental health support group.

Where are the archives from the old DU?

Why were my posts deleted?

I am disturbed about something

Sorry to bother you, but...

GD and GD:Politics

Hey, how about this for an idea (although it might be there already)

How do I access "My Forums"

Skinner, will you buy dolo amber a pony?


If Dolo Amber gets a pony than I want a minibike.

Dolo Amber is an evil, evil disruptor.

Was my payment to DU done thru Paypal?

Has the rule for posting a copyrighted article changed?

me again...same thing

Skinner, will you buy me a pony?

Mission Statement Question

Israel Must Ease Restrictions for Elections-Quartet

Rafael Eitan (Raful) drowns to death in Ashdod

Abbas Vows No Retreat from Arafat Refugee Demand

'It's a little girl.' Tapes reveal troops' 'kill'

Palestinians Called 'Stinking Animals' on MSNBC's 'Imus'

Israelis elect new Palestinian leader

The Case of Ariel Sharon and the Fate of Universal Jurisdiction

Timely Alert II Exercise at the Pentagon.

No "no-fly-zone" arround the Pentagon?

Keyes moving political operations to Chicago

just turned on Olberman at 10:22...has he mentioned much?

email olbermann ..another great show

Kerry"Poll books! Show me!",Kerry should tell officials, cameras roling

Minority party? The books are not closed yet. vote problems contact form....has this always been here?

Ukrainians to Vote in Presidential Runoff

Funny Seattle Times opinion apology about the 2004 election

A word about Keith Cunningham (Ohio Repuke opposed to the recount)

Humor: Psychologists losing dough as recount nears

Mishandling Nader - by Kevin Zeese

UPDATED: The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy: Part I

how do we know they won't hack the recount?

Can We Have A Countdown Thread Where

They've stolen democracy--now what are we going to do about it?

PUNISH OHIO: Constitution Amend 14 allows Ohio delegation to be cut

Why does it cost MONEY to recount votes-a right GUARANTEED by law?

BlackBoxVoting Update Nov 23

***KIRO's Ken Schram calls State Repug party head a "bonehead"!!!***

I have an idea about recounting ballots without hand counting

? about Cuyohoga provisionals tossed

DUers sharing sensitive info on-line: start using WASTE

Columbus Ohio official -- pleased as punch with election - PHOTO!


Once And For All, Is The 2004 Election OVER????

New from Greg Palast - Irony of Ironies

If the election shoe were on the other foot

Poll Idea

CNN- INSIDE POLITICS -Pro's and Con's of Electronic Voting

CNN just mentioned the Kerry video

A call to March on Fox Headquarters to Protest The Stolen Election

With my own eyes -- 300+ protesting Ukraine Election in NYC, outside what

8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid

Email reply fron Jan Clair

'Empty Ovals' Won't Be Counted (on San Diego write-in votes)

It was like Mississippi in the fifties


When is the 'big announcement' coming from BBV?

11/22 olberman blog

Turnout won Va. for Bush

Need graphics, maps, tables, photos for TV show on election fraud.

Ohio: Volunteers still needed by Green Party to observe recount.

Bev Harris on CNN tonight

what does this mean?

Breaking US News at the Guardian

AFP: US Congress to investigate irregularities in November 2 vote

Report on Ukraine Rigged election on PBS Now

Mike Ruppert: Bush family can't be fought electorally or militarily...

Was it hacked? Best article I've read yet. Bush won? Prove it.

Does CNN manually enter election results or fed from SOS sites?

Self Delete

Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda (all polls favor Democrats)

For those of you who are abccbsfoxless....

Vote Fraud Summary from Green Party mailing list (please forward)

Observers find 201 e-voting problems in Maryland

Is this new? Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

Lowdown tricks sap poll-watcher's faith in fair US Voting

BBV - "UPDATE due Tuesday Nov 23 -- A significant development" to come!

Headline news just had story

Where is George Soros?

Curious if BBV was taking screen shots all Election nite

Maybe someone can call Bill Mahr tonight on Larry King?

no matter what the results

challenge to nevada cetification being heard now


What's with New Hampshire?

Does Anyone Have an Update on Ohio?

Does CNN Know Something?


John Kerry now has a voice that gets continuing coverage

Look what the Repugs are up to in King County

Zogby Talked out of both sides of his mouth

More Interesting Ohio Data... please read

ohio dem press release: kerry/edwards campaign to participate in recount

Rush Limbaugh show 11/23/04

Ohio Democratic Party is asking for donations for recount.

Pinellas County FL - Changed their results AFTER vote certified

Maybe this was Bev's news?

Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

Peter Jennings just reported:

LTTE: Demand answers on election fraud

Aaron said the F word!!!

NEWS (in Taiwan): Election fraud evidence surfaces in Florida as poll tape

CNN's HeadlineNews Channel. 10 sec. clip about voting problems.

Strange counting in Pennsylvania

Countdown to Countdown: Keith coming in 5...

NEWS: Moonshine Moment (on Election Fraud - MetroTimes, Detroit)

Bill Maher on Larry King Live now on election-Maher's view.



Florida Absentee Vote Privacy Law

Please read this, especially if you are draft eligible

Don't forget this Brilliant Election Nite Find from Ohio SOS!

CNN Lou Dobbs (Kitty Pilgrim) just covered Vote Problems more!

MoveOn finds not everyone is quite ready to just move on

Does a mere voter have "standing" to sue re: vote fraud?

GAO Investigating vote.....

Build a bridge Ohio - Ukraine

Exit Polls in Ukraine vs. Exit Polls in New Hampshire (and rest of US)

"Something is happening."

FL - Pinellas County Precinct Analysis (Bubble Chart)

"Bush won" is the REAL conspiracy theory

Bev Harris on CNN tonight. Airing now in the Central Time Zone.

Trail of Electronic Voting Uncovered: A Summary of NC Findings

Strange things in MO Governor's race?

Has anyone added up the total known election violations?

If you have raw data or an analysis to share...


I'm building a Senate email blaster - I need some help please

Write to Aaron Brown

Wake-up call, DU

Message to Dissenters and Defeatist

Volusia County/Bev Harris update

Press Release: GAO to Conduct Investigation of 2004 Election

Election commission: Voting problems widespread

Post Ohio County Data Here for analysis

Issue 1 Chart for Cuyahoga County, Ohio

John Kerry didn’t lose. ABB did.

Can a statistician look at Warren County OH?

"Electile Dysfunction" Animation Preview "What's Inside the Machines?"

OK saracats post got me thinking of my own conspiracy theory...

New Mexico SOS to announce Official Results Today Nov 23

Vote FRAUD "zealots" check in!!


Aaron Brown doing election story now w/Bev

Anyone know of any updates in the New Hampshire recount?

WTF? Warren County lockdown "pre-plannned"?

Maureen Farrell absolutely nails it here!

Does this make you wanna SCREAM?

Just released: GAO to investigate voting irregularities


IMPORTANT: Focus our efforts on contacting Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)

The senator most likely...

Talking points for the coming storm

Verified calls for independent checks on machines.

HELP WANTED: The Vote Fraud WORK Team needs you!

THIS IS BIG: House members ready to contest election if 1 Sen will join in

Ohio Provisional Vote Count Update

Throwing votes out in San Diego....

Anyone from Burlington Billerica area

What is your favorite Boston neighborhood?

Ok single straight dudes, I have a single friend who is in need of a good

"Calm Down"

Michigan March/Rallies

Guess what's coming to Michigan?! HINT: It's white and fluffy.

CD burner fails to pass lead-in on speeds over 8x

Firefox question

Importing bookmarks

From LBN: Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

Stark co. BOE update

College Students: Change Voter Registration to Protect Financial Aid

Bob Casey Jr. for Senate: Here's Why

A Moral Indictment- By Ronnie Earle- Travis Co District Attorny

Has anyone Pie Faced John ONeill?

Heflin petitions for ballot recount

KPFT Backyard Peace Party Sat., 11/27

Local coverage of hunter shootings

Time for a little redecorating

Michael Moore marked for character assassination?

Sounds Like Ukraine On The Hudson

New Olberman blog entry....

Rewriting today's quotes in a different context....Humour !

Did Jesus worship the $$$, moolah, jack, bling, greenbacks like amurika?

Could W*&Co. be charged with war crimes....

Send Bush Some Numbers

Oops! Someone left the barn door open!

Hysterical Bush Video I found on Ifilm

I just sent this letter to the Nashville Tennessean newspaper...


Cameraman to Fallujah Marines: "Something was not right."

***Important Notice*** New sexually transmitted disease discovered

Get liberal bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts

Kerry Going To KO Shrub???????

An innocent search for a picture of chihuahua's led me here...

Free Republic finally gets some "good" press.

The Baghdad Turkey does not need the troops now so

Boycotting "Clear Channel" stations for W Billboard in Orlando

One more reason NOT to watch CNN

Liberal Leaning Libertarian Board

Many Who Voted for 'Values' Still Like Their Television Sin

Sly Apologizes for calling condi Aunt Jemima

It's Not Just Roe

Old news, but it's come up lately among Freep friends

I'm glad to see our media is reporting alleged vote fraud (in Ukraine)

I am so glad Al Queda gave the Brits...

Free Enterprise can be really disgusting

Is America now a post-democracy society?

OMG! I just called Linksys customer service, and they solved my problem.

Players should learn from others' sacrifice

Anyone have info on TBR News? Is it legit?

Affidavit of Good Moral Character

CNN cuts away from Queen discussing free health care

Some interesting LTTEs

Is it actually possible for a Smiley face to start flame war?

Another sign of U.S. moving toward irrelevance

WOW! Two tires slashed on my boss's W bumperstickered car

So now that the Republicans own all three branches

Hollow Men.

Republican convention protesters file suit over detention

The troops in Baghdad are only thinking about "life or death"...

In protest of the 2004 election fraud and the continuing war in Iraq, I am

Photo-journalism ethics panel c-span1..11/23...8:10 AM PST

Evidence that FoxNews is not real news organization....

I fear we are more vulnerable to terrorist attacks with Bush back

Nous sommes tous Ukrainiens maintenant.

Alterman points out excellent point on Iraq consequences today on Slate

Four more years that the media has to lie to protect the American people.

From Kevin Sites - the reporter from the Marine/injured Iraqi incident

So, now that the "Greatest Generation" is dying out....

Is there any doubt dolphins are the coolest animals on the planet?

I think a strong case can be made for saying that the U.S.fears true

Don Knotts is Dubya

Canada's opposition refuses to send condolences to Arafat's family.

My part in boycotting republican supporters

Dan Rather to step down

Dan Rather will step down from "CBS Evening News" in the spring of 2005

Our Real Threats

Encourage rightwing extremism

MSNBC: "Giving Thanks for Offshoring"

Will Bush make another Turkey Day visit to Iraq?

this guy has the balls...

Bush used his National Guard jet to ferry around tropical plants

Sold out again

So does anybody actually know what is selling in commercials

Help please.. Links to backdoor draft - recent...

Al Franken Making Radio History Now.......

UN Says War is "Wreaking Havoc" on Iraqi Youth

Why do Ukrainians care more about their democracy?

"Championing Individual Conscience"?

Lugar: "A concerted and forceful program of UKRAINIAN election-day fraud"

Lies that kill! 9/11- Iraq myth lives on.

bad not watching news: what is up with ukraine?

Is DU still "adopting" troops?

NYers who want to know what the long-term health effects of 9/11 are,

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales!! It's growing in numbers...

Do we have documented confirmation on the New Freedom Initiative passing?

Remember Bush claimed he had increased money for Pell grants? He did.

US Still Lags Far Behind in Broadband Availability and Usage

So are we Pro NAFTA now?

Alan Keyes sent a letter to my office - I will share, for all to enjoy...

The media's "Fair and Balanced" principle in practice, Phase One:

Ukrainians care more about Democracy than Americans...

I am considering a donation to a Christian outfit.

388 Billion Budget / ant abortion counseling

Local Ford Company still has Bush/Cheney sign up

PHOTO: Bush meets Juan Valdes, terrified by horse

What does it mean to have currency/capital controls?

"Our leader" billboard is proven authentic

Does Bush need congressional approval to invade Iran?


41 years ago today, Dan Rather was in Dealy Plaza and saw the aftermath

I heard on Air America that Billy Graham...

Watch out, we're becoming less than human.

Michael Moore has Bush billboard up on his site!!

mods! DU double post error... DELETE please!

PET Scans Show Revenge Can Be Satisfying

CNN Headline -- FBI: Prejudice fueling hate crimes


Which is most responsible for degenerating American culture?

FEMA gives aid to area lightly hit by hurricanes. 28 million.

Questions we should ask the President & all the RW supporters!

If CBS is smart, they will change the format of their nightly news

Brit Hume to replace Dan Rather.......

Another thread here talks about Britt Hume as a replacement for the

Keith Olbermann to replace Rather...

Chris Shays seems to have gotten the message here in CT

Tweety: "You don't have to destroy your champion" (JK)

I'm thankful for TOM TOMORROW (toon)

Smacked down a friend yesterday.

Econ advice for my son...

Why do our senators and congressmen shy away from discussing the

Give the Shrub a Brain Game

When BushCo Goes Down....

Status of labor organizing in Iraq?

Economic `Armageddon' predicted

The Lyrics Of The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys....We Are There Again

Census: Plenty new species in the sea

Frontline reminder

President Kennedy made a pledge: Bush** does not. Kennedy said

America faces a serious problem

Not Sure Bush Is Going to Get the Agenda He Wants

Where Will Dubya Show Up For Thansgiving

Canada: 'Paint it Black"..National Days of Mourning for Bush's visit

Does the addiction to oil cause addiction to war?

Brokaw and Rather

How long should a vote count go on for Governor (WA) go on?

Iraqi Children Pay The Cost: Acute Malnutrition Nearly Doubled

The Hunt for Bin Laden - reward to double to $50 million (and a truck...)

Look at this economic storm of sh*t

Where is

Can we do a Recall election?

a Chilean tells about smirk's visit

The U.S. appears to be fast getting isolated in the world.

Where's W?

Time to move, or wise to stay put?

Bush might become a lame duck very early in his second term.

China tells US to put its house in order

Just a thought RE a possible civilly disobedient action

Has Bartcop been hacked?

Remember when WE used to inspire the world?

typical cnn poll-both answers slanted and missing the real issue

Ballot Type Questions for Relatives at Thanksgiving:

Saving Your Right to Vote by William Pitt

Business Ethics in Schools (and I ain't talkin' about classes)

I got to smack my puke brother in law

Shrub needs to keep

Suspend your personal reality for a while

Funny thing about America's coverage of England's "terror threat"

Was just told by mother of MP in Iraq...

Write-in vote not to count if bubble not filled in. San Diego mayor race.

Ann Coulter revealed at last!

Law professor advises "reserve judgment on Fallujah shooting"

Operation PLYMOUTH ROCK????

Be Proud To Be An American (poem in extenstion of remarks)

Many Who Voted for 'Values' Still Like Their Television Sin

Big Brother is living in your printer....

Dan Rather: Liberal or Not?

Debunking debunked

Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward For Scientific Proof WTC Towers

Oh great. A smiley face on a soldier's rifle scope in Mosul, Iraq?

Hate crime was created because racist juries would not

THANK YOU MODS! re-hate speech thread!

Whatever happened to the "380 tons of missing explosives" story?

Prof Questions Bush's Tallies

Dan Rather resigned

1984 - to get travellers checks they want ss num and now -

Republicans want to ban fast forwarding

Okay... this religious shit is starting to really bother me.

Dems (Macs) vs. Repubs (PC)

What is going on in Ukraine regarding elections, I understand the...

A local family was in a terrible car wreck

National Field Director for Republican Party....Gay?

WEED pays you to share music files

Condolences for Skittles (her brother just died)

Bush on billboards- are we living under a dictatorship already?

Interesting second hand store find - Bill Clinton Inauguration VHS

In the UK, there is a party called the "Liberal Democrats"

Can someone please confirm or deny that the Ohio...

Marty Kaplan of AAR on Hardball

I knew the fundies were idiots but here is the proof...

Keith Olbermann Has Another Elections Story On Next

hate crime laws...good or bad?

Radio Host Apologizes for Condi Rice 'Aunt Jemima' Remark

Spend Blue this Holiday Season

What's your thinking on dealing with CRIME?


Spain says former government backed Venezuela coup

Question re: dollar slumping vs. euro

Ed Schulz is the perfect presidential candidate

BILL MAHR on the election: On Larry King he will:

GM Crop Safety Tests 'Flawed,' New Scientific Paper Shows

The surest sign of a dictator

WHOA! The back-door DRAFT is the least of my worries

cell phone companies - who are you happy with - who has the

VENT: State of the Idiot TV Nation


When we (our kids and grandkids) buy * the yacht, does it come with

Freepers are going crazy about Jonathan Klein being at CNN

"Bush Beat Kerry but He Didn't Beat Me"

Any links on GHWB sneaking young boys into the white house?

Guys, doesn't this free Dan Rather to speak out?

Bill O'Reilly, combat veteran

Democracy Now! in Spain this week... Excellent Programming

Chris Matthews holds right-winger to the fire, tune in now

Attention DU bloggers, you have been "rolled"

New bank rules: No Float for you or me, only for the Bank

I guess that I'll start a Malloy thread. Truthseekers check in.

WSJ: Inside Abu Ghraib: Missed Red Flags, Team Under Stress

Bev on Aaron Brown NOW!

sexuality of historical figures #2: was Richard the Lionheart gay??

"Electile Dysfunction" Animation Preview "What's Inside the Machines?"

Whats going to happen to my family???

On Questions of Religion and Bashing

"The last three pages were just scribbling in tounges"

some food for thought for those who condemn Ron Artest

Anyone see John ‘Sly’ Sylvester on Hannity and Colmes?

Some days I wish the Ceaucescus were still alive

Things to Do Before January 20th

Fuck the DNC!

Look out Illinois.. Your worst fears are about to come true..

The most important issue to MoveOn members

Call me bonkers, but what about Max Baucus?

Care packages for our troops - does anyone have info links? Thanks!

A Veteran of the Iraq War Talks About his PTSD

The most complete JFK assassination/Bush connection website I've seen.

I hate having to wait for things to go wrong!

I was told to "rethink" myself, Lol

Open Voting Consortium plans remedies.

CNN & other networks never mention that Rather had the facts re Bush

Bill Maher on Larry King -- Must think he's going to live forever?

Now here is a crazy idea for President JERRY SPRINGER 2008?

found on a Florida Men's Room wall.....

My solution to dealing with roadside panhandlers.....


How Long Before this Christian Right Shit Comes to an End????

Visit "Apologies Accepted" and cheer up!

Fairness is a common DU trait. What else do we at DU have in common?

Do all liberals engage in groupthink?

WTF? Zogby thinks he was "wrong"? (On Countdown right now)

Mark Hyman (Sinclair): "Angry left among the least generous people in US"

Al Franken and AAR just aired the S*#$ word...unbleeped!

Bush forgets to zip up his pants!

I'm a bit perturbed this AM

The News & Record printed my LTTE today

Juan Cole needs some help, folks. The "Informed Comment" blog author

"The Radical Right and the Murder of JFK"

BBV: Dirty Tricks By Right Wing

Fine Print Has Homeowners Scared To Discuss Damage

Gun control on the Democratic platform: stay or go?

Religion: Define "soul" as used in the Biblical sense

NEWS: Lynne Cheney to top the National Christmas Tree

My plan for the next few years -- $ and Canada

An email from Rockridge Institute/Lakoff

The looming theocracy: "The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004"

My little bro is pissed and scared...he got a special letter from unca sam

The 12 STI's of Christmas....funny site and effective, too

My new Thanksgiving tradition

Give me your thoughs on what the drinking age should be and why.

Only one Red state has Min. Wage above $5.15 Fed. amount.

It's Over. (economic armageddon ahead)

Did anybody see EUarabia ..on Faux.? when is it on??? what did you think?

Annoy a Republican . . .

PBS Frontline: "The Secret History of Credit Cards" -- on now: 9pm CST

In the living room,covered in blood,a church hymn playing in the background

I propose a DU THINK TANK to write a COMMON SENSE for the 21 Century

Whats the bluest blue state...

Apparently SEARS Supports the Military Reservists by WORD AND DEED!

Religious right to seek legislation to punish Hollywood?

I'd like to send personal apology to Iraqi people. Any suggestions?

Why do we sit by and take it? Where are our leaders?

Thanksgiving Prayer by Wm Burroughs

Timely Alert II Exercise- Pentagon

I keep hearing it's time to unite and it's pissing me the fuck off

What is Morality?

Why is Dan Rathers leaving?

Republicans Cry "Election Fraud" in Ukraine - Common Dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a revolution in the air...

My question to Creationists

In medicine, it is a well known fact that most illnesses are caused by

SUBMIT! | to The QUESTION W Review, a Journal of Dissent

Clear Channel issues statement on "Our leader" billboard

Ohio Recount - Not Going To Happen In Time; Unless.....

Cool 1764 Cookbook is available on ebay.

Bread Question

Traditional Crockpot Stuffing's one for ya

After a gravy recipe!

Curried Chicken (or leftover turkey)

Apple Charlotte and questions.

I had no idea! WHY DIDN"T YOU PEOPLE TELL ME??????

Post Yer Turkey Brine Recipe Here!

DU bread bakers - please post your favorite bread recipes!

Was I too decadent

Masterpiece Born Out Of Desperation

Thanksgiving Cranberries

Has anyone deep-fried a turkey?

How do you make turkey gravy?

So Albertans, how 'bout that election?

Could someone elaborate for me...

So how are you hosers coping with the lack of NHL hockey, eh?

Isn't it almost time for a OH plane crash or a supicious suicide?

Funds for Atomic Bomb Research Cut From Spending Bill -WP

Arab states suggest Iraq election postponement (uh-oh.)

Gas Prices Highest Ever for Thanksgiving

Pell Grant Change May Affect Students

Police Battle Rebels in Central Iraq Town

Journal criticizes U.S. drug safety

VHS Format Dies Quiet Death

U.N. Hostages in Afghanistan Freed

Clinton to ABC News: It's payback time

White House Asks for Study on CIA Forces

Saddam's lawyers have the US in their sights

Judge dismisses keylogger case (it's legal to capture your keystrokes)

WTC registry: Most feeling effects

Congress makes room for more foreigners for high tech-jobs

13-Year Old Charged With Abducting Exotic Dancer

Funds for Atomic Bomb Research Cut From Spending Bill

(APEC) Summit's agenda hijacked by Bush

Protesters compare detention to Guantanamo

Jet crashes on way to get former US President George Bush

Crisis grips divided Ukraine over disputed presidential vote

Job for new bureau: statewide voter list (FL)

eBay bidding ends at $28,000 for 10-year-old (Virgin Mary) sandwich

BBV has BREAKING NEWS... soon???

Iraq: The Uncounted (Military Injuries)

Saddam will go on trial by year-end: Iraqi minister

U.S. hopes GI rotation better 2nd time around

Arab League chief calls for ceasefire in Iraq

Conservatives Celebrate Election Triumphs

Robbers Kill Three, Steal $500,000 in Iraq

Attempt to Block Rule On Overtime Thwarted

Conservative Republican group urges UN's expulsion from US

Plane intended for Bush I crashes in Houston

Rightwing Republicans say boot UN out of US

Sunni Arab govt's wary Iraq elections will bolster Iranian influence

Election numbers still leave questions for some

Ambitious Goals Will Test GOP's New Muscle(SS destruction/tax code 1st up)

U.S., Iran Face Off Over EU Nuclear Draft-Diplomats

City Health Registry Participants Complain Of 9/11-Related Breathing Probl

EU pledges help for Iraqi elections

Gunfire Erupts, Kills 1 Near Phila. School

U.N.: War 'Wreaking Havoc' on Iraq Young (Red Crescent leaves Fallujah)

Greeks upset by Alexander the bisexual

Blair sets stage for election battle

LA U.S. House runoff too close to call

Al Franken Making Radio History Now.......

Confusion Reigns as U.S. Raid Misses Target in Iraq

Rossi picks up 26 votes in recount

Rather to Step Down From 'CBS Evening News'

Iraq Says U.S.-Led Military Role Crucial

Ron Artest calls penalty too harsh while promoting his CD!

Rolling Back Women's Rights

Number of U.S. troops wounded ... since Fallujah started has topped 850

Chavez Visit to Spain Sparks Coup Controversy

Ukraine Opposition Leader Claims Victory

Applications are down at the nation's military academies,

Summit's agenda hijacked by Bush

USC investigates cheating charge against (Walmart Heiress Paige Laurie)

Bush Orders Review of Covert Operations (to be DoD controlled?)

Chavez Vows to Leave Presidency Poor

U.S., Canada trade war talk grows

McDonald's CEO Resigns for Health Reasons

Suspect in Venezuela Prosecutor Case Dies

dupe - sorry :(

Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad

Klein drops 13 seats on way to majority win (Canada)

GAO to Investigate 2004 Election Irregularities

Bush Orders View Of Spy Forces

FBI asks pilots of crop dusters to watch out

Luxury home sales soar CNN/Money

EU Steps Up Ukraine Election Criticism

Spain says former government backed Venezuela coup -dupe!

(Iowa Lt. Gov.) Pederson will not run for Iowa governor in 2006

Man In Cage Arrested Outside KFC In Vietnam

U.S. R&D on the budget chopping block

Confusion Reigns as U.S. Raid Misses Target in Iraq

Interim Iraqi Government Pressured to Include Opposition

Iran says worked to moderate Iraqi Sadr's stance

Republican Challenges (Ukrainian) Election Based On Exit Polls

Lawmakers OK Anti - Piracy Czar (& Funds NIPLAC For 1st Time)

Second Sunni Cleric Gunned Down in Iraq

Guantanamo Trials Appealed at High Court

Viacom, FCC settle indecency claims with $3.5 mil fine

Tight Budget Has Room for Special Projects

Boxing Dispute Clouds Copyright Bill (McCain Adds "Poison Pill" To Bill?)

News Agencies Confirming Mujahideen Control Most of Fallujah

Iraqi Journalist Tells of U.S. Captivity

Bush's Nuclear Plan Bombs

Seoul rows against the US tide

Can someone please confirm or deny that the Ohio...

NBC4 -Family goes after OJ Simpson Money

Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda

Rumsfeld Says He Backs Bush on Intelligence Legislation

MSNBC: Exploding cell phones prompt warnings

USDA Secretary Needs Farm Background - Key Senator (Grassley)

GAO Will Investigate 2004 Elections/Press Release/Conyers et al

Free Parking May End For D.C. Employees

DFL group fined over campaign account violations

This is very interesting...Ukraine revolts and we just get walked over.

What ails Viktor Yushchenko?

Tigris tales

Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

New Mexico Declares Winner in Presidential Poll (Reuters)

Prosecutor Blasts GOP for Shielding DeLay

Kuwait Says Syria Is Stopping Iraqi Infiltrators/Daily Star (New WMW)

All eyes on state recount (WA Governor)

USDA: Negative result in BSE test

Ukraine in crisis as opposition leader declares himself president

Short route to a political statement

LAT: Bush Orders Major Expansion of CIA

Leave Gun, Chain Saw at Home When Flying

League of Women Voters won't appeal San Diego mayoral ruling

AP: Rumsfeld Says He Supports Intel Overhaul (~yeah right~)

K rations creator dies at 100

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 23 November

Iraq Protests U.N. Decision on Probe

Frayed nerves on Baghdad streets leading to `friendly-fire' incidents

Rumsfeld Says Iraqi Forces Improving (yeah, the ones they pay directly)

Dems Vow to Act on Tax Return Provision (Dems will block its removal?)

Chavez visit to Spain sparks coup controversy

Charter Schools Fall Short in Public Schools Matchup

Kiev Crowd Circles President's HQ

U.S. Commander Slams NATO Iraq No - Shows

Ads urge parents to talk terrorism

Lawsuit Is Filed Over Detention of Protesters During GOP Convention

Libya 'not rewarded' for rejecting nukes

Wal-Mart's Chinese Workers can Unionize

Arab States Not Ready to Forgive Iraq Debt

Wal-Mart Concedes China Can Make Unions

Britain Proposes National ID Cards; Critics See a Political Ploy

Iran Rules Out Complete Dismantling of Nuclear Program

Utility Will Pay $7.2 Million in Woman's Electrocution (ConEd NYC)

'Empty Ovals' Won't Be Counted (Donna Frye - S.Diego)

GAO to Conduct Investigation 2004 Election irregularities

NYT- Iraq Falls Short on Vote Security

Jet to Pick Up Elder Bush Was Warned

Iraq Accused of Breaking Peace Agreement (w/ al Sadr)

KY: Judge reverses election for state Senate

WP: Storage Unit As Shelter Not Unique, Workers Say

Powell: U.S. Open to Eventually Restoring Ties with Iran

(Former Gov. Jim) Hodges: Contacted to be Democratic chairman

Religion In The Pharmacy? (CBS Poll)

Congress to Take Steps to Keep Govt Open (Dems Not Signing Emergency Bill)

U.N.: War 'Wreaking Havoc' on Iraq Young

Lawmaker to Propose Separate FDA Safety Office (Grassley)

Guantanamo Trials Appealed at High Court

Republicans are going to 'Cook the Books' on Social Secuirty & deficit

Bush Economic Adviser Leaving White House

Dollar Hits New Lows Vs Euro

Bush Cabinet Moves Seen as Stifling Dissent

Blair Impeachment Probe to Be Sought by 23 British Lawmakers

CIA Says Iran, Qaeda Pursued Nuclear Weapons

Israel: Caterpillar Should Suspend Bulldozer Sales - Human Rights Watch

U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq War Tops 9,000

Michael Moore Tops List of Least - Intriguing Stars

Anti-Bush activists vow massive turnout (Canada)

Judge denies third-party candidates' vote recount request

Members believe Kerry preparing for 2008 run


Suspect Says Hunters Shot at Him First

U.S. Exporters to Cuba Say Cash Blocked (Banks say by US Gov't)

Bush Orders the CIA To Hire More Spies

Economic `Armageddon' predicted (Chief Economist Morgan Stanley)

WP: Medics Testify to Fallujah's Horrors

Rumsfeld Vows to Ensure No Repeat of Druyun Case

US aid for college students slashed

hjiopopvdweokweopKOPOPEDJODMNDS DSKLSDFGkdsfgfew

A little creeped out now (computer Problem)

Having Thanksgiving with the Rebulican side of my family, need some help

If Your House Was On Fire, And You Could Take Only THREE Things...

Post a quote

Sucky things: cats, Macs, U2, Trek, Air America, astrology, Monty Python

I live in the middle-of-nowhere, Alaska. Ask me anything!

***Important Notice*** New sexually transmitted disease discovered

I just watched "Elf" on dvd and got teary

Songs you want played at your birth

"The Quick and the Dead" - woooeee cool movie!!

JK all the way!! JK all the way!!


Colin Farrel Just Thinks He's SOOOOOO COOL...

I need bumper sticker suggestions!

You must spank her well, and after you have spanked her…

What kind of drunk are you?


My "why is this date historically significant for a dollar" question

Anyone see the latest Rick Mercer rant?

So, the Virgin Mary called, she wants her Cheese Sandwich back right away

OK! I'm less then 20 posts away from 300 ask me anything

Support the troops ribbons

I can't move in my own apartment

Late Nite Comedy time: Freepers react to Bush "rescuing" bodyguard

Favorite Sitcom Ending 1994 or Earlier?

letteman 2 fer 2 - hilarious stupid pet trick / hottie owners!!!

"Sultans Of Swing" is one of the greatest songs ever.

so it turns out she likes me, too

Congratulations to Revolutionary_Acts04

I'm really in the mood for some BAD TECHNO.

Should i do it?

Best Song by Squeeze:

I've just discovered something about funding bags of tar.

Entering the Wiccan religion.

DU needs more posts about monkeys.


What do you call people from Vancouver?



Tips for keeping kids from getting depressed?

Something stinks. I mean really. It woke me up and it's given me a

Funniest screenname (on or off of DU) you've ever seen?


Spuds McKenzie!

I just woke up from a dream in which I was the Vampire Lestat.

Australian Table Wines.

(stamps her foot) Stop ignoring me! Ask me anything. I need attention.

You think i should Change my Avatar?

Who has been kicked off of sites and why

I'm getting slammed right now!

I need some quick sympathy.

I have a song from the Sims stuck in my head! Ask me Anything!

So, the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich sold for $28,000 on eBay.

Scientists Discover 'Couch Potato Gene'

Woman Finds Pregnant Cow In Her Swimming Pool

This kid is my new hero!!!


Elderly Woman Holds On To Suspect Until Police Tackle Him

Wow, ANOTHER Ass-tastic offering from Target Online

Post #200, ask me why I have posted 200 times! n/t

Google Being Sued For Offering Free Nudes

What's your favorite animated movie?

Nothing Lasts Forever....

Chocolate May Hold Cure For Coughs

The "Tough Love" CAPTION

Morality question: Would you kill 67 people to save 68 lives?

Have a "Buy Nothing" Holiday......and check out the "Buy Nothing Catalog"

In Your Romantic Relationships That Didn't Work Out...

Help. Anybody have the "George and the turkey" photos?

The "Reach for the Stars" CAPTION

The "Monty Python Joke Where You Least Expected It" CAPTION

Anyone wanna make fun of freeper pics?

What Was The Last Thing You Lost or Misplaced?

It's not just rightwingnuts that can be damned are some Liberals

C-SPAN has the ambassadors of Turkey and Hungry on today

Should we all do a little holiday shopping here?

Sealab 2021's "Stormy" is on AAR right now

I want a thread to bookmark to keep up with new names....please post.

Mary' toast fetches $28,000

Any DUers DVD Burning gurus? I got a weird problem...

Which lecture will I get from my grandparents tonight?

I made a grilled cheese sandwich and the image of Pat Benatar appeared...

panses, hippies, dirtbags and freaks

Wanna see a bad movie? Watch "The Countess from Hong Kong"

OMG! I just called Linksys customer service, and they solved my problem.

I just found out that Johnny Cash is dead...

The "Rogues Gallery" CAPTION

Any Mooseheads out there?

Fathers activist in Palace stunt

Awesome bumper sticker

The honor and dignity of all CAPTIONS

Good morning DUers! Stand up and be counted!

ChavezSpeakstheTruth, but shortbus is a dirty liar. Ask me anything.

i can have a 4 day weekend - shouLd i take it?

Does anyone have the link to Bush buying Yatch??

DU bread bakers - please post your favorite bread recipes!

Anybody have that state-by-state IQ/presidential vote dependency table?

Any Gooseheads Out There?

eBay bidding ends at $28,000 for 10-year-old (Virgin Mary) sandwich

Is anyone else LOL at "Stormy" on AAR right now?

I'm sad, tired, and bored--ask me anything. Or give me a hug.

i just realized that there is nary a copycat thread on the front page

Good news from the amnio

Why can't I own Canadians? e-mail to W

What are your initials?

YUCK I have to do a PR/Marketing Budget

Infant Reported Not Breathing In Locked Car Turns Out To Be A Doll

What do you think of Xmas family newsletters?

OK, you have to see this photo of Stockwell Day.

what the lounge needs is more copycat breads!

what the lounge needs is more copious threats.

Strap-On Veterans For Truth "Out" Anne Coulter as Former Drag Queen!

what the lounge needs is more copycat threads!

My mechanic dropped a Crown Victoria down my throat! Should I sue him?

Hands up who hates jelly bands?!

Who's to blame for CAPTIONING?

what the lounge needs is more cow pies

What the lounge needs is more cots and beds n/t

Hands up who hates jam hands?!

I think the DU interface is judging me

The Lounge Needs More Flamewear!

My historian dropped Queen Victoria down my throat! Should I sue him?

No More Copycat Threads Threads.

Funny Bumberstickers

what the lounge needs is more copycat treads!

So...who's heard of hilarious Welsh rappers Goldie Looking Chain?

No more whiney polls.

Airline Mistakenly Ships Couple's German Shepherds To Germany

Anyone ever Bar-B-Que Kraft Mac and Cheese?

Anyone Ever Barbecue Mac Daddy and Cheese?

Rant: I nominate Lavasoft for a Nobel Prize

No more copycat threads.

Hands Up - Who Hates Rubber Bands?

what the Lounge needs is more

no more sLoppy scat threads


Dolphins prevent NZ shark attack

No more KrazyKat threads.

Anyone ever Bar-B-Que a Cheesecake?

What the Lounge needs now, is another folk singer

What the Lounge needs is more cheesecake

What the Lounge needs now is love, sweet love.

What makes Kraft Mac n' Cheese so gosh darn tasty?

The Lounge needs more flamewar.

Now here's a terrorist bomb I'd like!

Remember the redneck riding lawn mower?

No more threads.

The Lounge needs more formal wear

Let's start a commune!

Happy Birthday Doctor Who - 41 today.

DUFFL: DU Fantasy Football Standings: Week 11

no more copycat thread compLaints

I just dropped my dogs off at the Kennel for a week- sort of sad.

How Many People Will Be Seated Around YOUR Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

I've just Discovered something about finding Avatars

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to whine.

spin spin up and down

Anti bush, pro kerry songs

Boy Refused To Stop Playing Game Boy In Class Tasered By Police

Marilyn Manson Teaches Art Class For A Day At Temple U.

I just totally bombed a test on Excel...

Post your graphics we can all share

I just ruined a gallon of split pea soup that I was making. Damn!

Ever had to terminate a friendship? How and Why?


What the lounge needs is more cowbell

College pals finish goal of drinking in every state in the union

Favorite Thanksgiving song?

Target is selling weird things for Christmas this year!

'Groping' A Major Problem On Matcom's Sofa

What the Lounge doesn't need is more copycat threads

What The Lounge DOES Need Is MORE Copycat Threads!

Any name-changers suffering "buyer's remorse"?

Where Do All Your Threads Go When You Die?

does your stomach shrink when you dont eat?

No more Siamese cat threads

I now have 100 Posts!

Where do you go when all your threads die?

CAPTION-Does he do ANYTHING himself?

Where do you pet your Christmas tree?

Have you guys heard the new Eminem CD Encore?

Could THIS be the year I move up from the cardtable on Thanksgiving?

WHY does this dumb asshole have to be President?

I'm in Boston. Are we meeting?

are there any DUers named moLLy?

Time it was, and what a time it was, it was


John Lennon or Paul McCartney?


Lynne Cheney Tops National Christmas Tree

Grammer question


I'm in shock - I just bought a house


Stanley Cup Champs sell Jewelry while there is no hockey to be played


i just thought about this

Man Says 'Higher Power' Told Him To Grow Pot


CAPTION Juan and the ass


A shoplifter releases a jar of bees on K-Mart employees to escape

Need suggestions on staying awake at College today

anyone read The Handmaid's Tale?

Lasagna thief gets 40-year sentence - thought it was a package of money

You guys cheered my up in a matter of an hour.

Is There ANYTHING Better Than "Victim Of Changes" By Judas Priest?

Michael Moore Tops List of Least-Intriguing Stars

True or false: Dogs have oppressed cats for ages

Guess what!

Some Thanksgiving humor for you all

My dentist dropped a crown down my throat! Should I sue him?

OK!!! FESS UP!!! Where is my Malibu Stacey collection?????

Does anyone know where I can get some 35mm film film transfered to DVD?

This song is incredible.

Another thread here talks about Britt Hume as a replacement for the

Keith Olbermann to replace Rather...

It's finally post #666 and I just wanted to say

Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son?

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Ohio," Updated

Who the hell do you think I am?

Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies - WHY????

Can Anyone help me figure out this Curious Bumpersticker

Post a current local news story .

today is a great day for music fans-new u2 and a nirvana boxed set

Question: How the hell do you pronounce, "Cthulhu"???

Bush Joke from Germany

Brit Hume to replace Dan Rather.......

Man kills self with own homemade electric chair

Internet perverts! (Not you guys)

What's the best way to get exterior acrylic paint out of carpet?

Your Favourite Thread That NOBODY Knows About?

The World according to America! **snarf**!

Hands up who hates jam bands?!

good memories of fox!!

I left my home in Norfolk Virginia,

Bush could not get a mandate if he went down to the west village

What the lonuge needs is less rbnyc.

My dad is sitting fully clothed in the shower. Ask me anything.


Elitists Check in

People will Cellphones - GOOGLE has a kickass new feature!!

Three full hours of RETROSEXUAL the 80's on VH1 tonight

Boy, 14, Charged With 2 Rapes Of Other Boys - Charged As An Adult

I'm free till monday...

Young Republican t-shirt: "Work for us now, or work for us later."

want some fun?

This is it! SHRUB IS T.O.A.S.T.

Do they look like they could be related?

I have escaped the 700 Club, Ask me anything.....

Ever been a PAID campaign staff member? (Small favor)

How many patti smith heads have we got out here today?

a letter to the CEO of my company

Is there any doubt dolphins are the coolest animals on the planet?

Harry potter Website that i found

Species 3 premieres this weekend

Here is your pre-Thanksgiving joke.

No more rhyming, now, I mean it!

BRAVE Turkeys

Why are Czech Women so Beautiful?

Superman: Red Son (Soviet Superman)

What did you have for brunch?

Anderson Cooper is hot?

I have captured The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Mom (and Boyfriend) Pleads Guilty for Locking Son in Trunk

For the fans of "The Watchmen."

The church bells are playing a pretty song right now...

Any creative dieting tips out there?

Group Raffles Rifle to Benefit School

Bankrupt Man Wins Lottery

methadone clinic

Post GREAT gift ideas here!

Ever heard the ad for "motto citizens" on AAR?

Did you ever have one of those dreams that

So who's gonna replace Rather?

Man tired of speedy drivers, uses faux police car to slow them down

What was your first car?

Okay, dammit, what is the best U2 album?

Ending a bad work day here (care to lavish attention on me?)

Where do you put your Christmas tree?

I have a pH probe in my tummy. Ask me anything.

NBA suspensions. Too harsh? Appropriate?

All right then, it's the Black Knight

I just bought $322.88 worth of groceries... what did I forget to buy??

DUers Named Matcom Considered Attractive By Most Except You

Reasonably-Priced Association Thread

Oh My God... Cute Cat and Pony picture!

Do you abuse caller ID?

Name this Animal (what is it????)

Any Parrotheads Out There?

my avatar inspired me to write a jingle

On average, in how much time can someone travel 12.4 miles on a bike?

Hey, I Gotta Star! I Gotta Star!!!

Don't dump on music others like! (What makes "gay" music "gay"? thread)

Watched "Saved!" and "Dawn of the Dead"(2004) Yesterday.

'Comfort food' weather! What are you making?

DU complicity

Just saw a funny satire of the U2 iPod ad.

How to get out of cooking...

Do you think we will break 59,000 users by 8:00 p.m. EST?

My 75 y.o. Dad was on the news today

What kind of music do you listen to-to be more depressed ?

Best Doctor Who?

I have an etiquette situation/question.

Man family problems, need some advice.

Everybody! Guess what I am!

DU synchronicity

I saw training pants for kids up to 125+ lbs today

Charles Darwin was no racsist

Anybody ever slept in the terminal of the Cleveland Greyhound bus station?

And the Lord spoke, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin.

Fun with politicians' names!

Scientist Humor

Matt Lauer Interviews Ron Artest... OMG!!

Floridian Uranus's Low-Carb Potatoes.

What did you have for lunch?

Name this Animal (what is it????)

Anyone know what I should do?

blessed are the cheese-makers

Flouridium Uranide Carbonite Potassium

Hmong populations


Does anybody know where I can get video clips of *?

So how many are going to join the madhouse?

I am going to hell for Thanksgiving

A warning about exploding KYOCERA cell phones (serious).

I smell the turkey roasting without it roasting yet!

changed my avatar, checking it out here...

Lounge !!LBN!!-Mysterious BOOMs in Richmond may have been solved



Post your favorite STUPID picture you've ever seen

White, Discussion

When You Let One Rip Do You Look Around?

What are you getting me for Christmas?

Are/How are you travelling for Thanksgiving?

Heads up-Bill Maher on Larry King tonight

Forty-two injured in four-taxi pile-up

favorite album by the band Live

Dan Rather resigned????

Anyone watching Tweety? That bitch from that "Traditional (yeah, whatever)

How to move bookmarks assistance request

I'm Rick.

Well, I'm certainly feeling better (had a good experience today).

Does/do your kid(s) school(s) use a 7 or 10-point grade scale?


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Warning stickers for science books


Today some SOB peed in a cup and threw it on me!

I tried to water some guy and he got all pissed at me!

New bumper sticker designs - which is your fave?

Plastic junk...

Which McDonaldland buddy would make the worst spouse?

PHOTO: Babs Bush models her new crown as Mother to the Chimperor

Need dog answer/opinion fast!

Today I peed in a cup and watered the shrubbery while some SOB watched me

Is it just me, or is anyone else out there married /hooked up with

The new Queens of the Stone Age album

"Make way for Dark Helmet!"

Well it's my 26th birthday today, and I'm at work...ask me anything

Just got an auto-response email from my boss

Is it a full moon?

What colour is your name??

I'm Sick.

I just got a mortgage and now I'm scared about the falling dollar!

With this Basketball bruhaha, I guess hockey is out of the dog house

I don't have a cat!!!!!

Soy un perdedor

Are we drunk enough yet for a Tuesday Night Lounge Stalking thread?

Nastiest song lyrics of all time?

I just ordered my own Christmas present...

cell phone companies - who are you happy with - who has the

Have 20 lb. turkey and no family

A bottle of white....a bottle of red...

Best of the ***** Thread:

Have you heard about the latest college activity?

"Idiot President with his fly open" picture is now #2 on Yahoo

Today I watched myself piss in a cup and then have it sent to a lab.

I'm (clap, clap) gonna go (clap) to hell (clap, clap) when I die (clap)

Anyone in the lounge ever been to the Stinking Rose in SF?

Which would you rather buy?

Just spent $18 on vanilla extract! WTF?

Can I add the word "Morals" to my TVs V-CHIP?

The George Foreman Grill-is it worth buying?

Pick the band that was responsible for Country Rock AKA Alt-Country

American Chopper


prank phone calls... gone wrong

Do you miss NHL hockey?

Hey! I just thought of something....

Songs that deserve to be in the Classic FM Rock Radio canon:

Help ! Just deleted photos from digital camera SmartMedia card

Don't you hate it when you post something brilliantly funny and

Post a pic of the logo of your favourite radio station in your city.

Martha Stewart

Discuss this quote!

My sister & her husband are/were planning to adopt from the Ukraine

Are you buying the new Nirvana box set?

Am I the only one not drinking the haterade?

I ate too many graham crackers. I saw the Spongebob movie yesterday.

A thought

Your cats and dogs - are they male, female, or both?

probably a repeat but from BuzzFlash.... Zip it Bushie

A nice little holiday gift for yer Dem pals

George Carlin's Book: Funny reviews at

Why won't Mario Cuomo run?

I have a theory about * voters, right wing nuts, freepers, fundies, etc.

Can someone create an autoplay feature for my BBV CD?

Family Guy Trivia

Favorite Three's Company episode?

Choose a role, and play.

How's Your Credit Rating? (On A Scale Of One-to-Five...)

My Sister In Law Is An Arts And Crafts Maven... Always Making SOMETHING

The Golden Girls, yea or nay?

Are there really cloaked Freepers in DU-ville?

DU ethnicity

Woohoo! Got my selective service form in the mail today

Help! Want to vaction in/near VA, WV, MD for xmas

What happened to the Lounge?

Why do some people hate bread crust?


Modern Cyber-Netizen’s Song

Best early Van Halen.

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Photo Hosting Site??

I need a hug

Report: Yankees to offer Pedro $50 million

Favorite Three Stooges episode.

Favorite Scary thing in a Movie

So. HOW many of you have FORGOTTEN......

I finally have the son I never wanted!

Who here has De-Freeped their usual Thanksgiving guest list?

Best position in bed.

What happened to YOU?

Church school handout says members who are in Iraqi fighting see a

Post in this thread if you have a Simpson's character name

Most Dangerous Cities in the US

I'm listening to Bill Hicks

honk honk quack quack

Anderson Cooper is Gay?

Wahoo! Patriots keep on rolling...

Worst album covers by successful artists.

Celebrities considered attractive by most except you

Would you rather be extremely busy or terribly bored?

I'm Dr. Greg Cynamoun...

Today I watched a homeless man piss in a cup and then water the shrubbery.

Most annoying 90210 star/character

Is there a legit argument against inter-racial dating or marriage?

I'm a DUer who hates you. Ask me anything, then go fuck yourself.

Photoshop Question...Help please if you can....(Marching Ants Question)

Bush Challenges NASA to Put Man on Sun by End of Decade

Your Favourite Band That NOBODY Knows About?

Speaking of album covers: Did anyone own this Led Zeppelin LP?

'Groping' A Major Problem On Public Trains

Everyone ALWAYS forgets the Crimean War.

Dead Heads - Bobby songs worth listening to?

Favorite version of "Because the Night"

Favorite Eric Clapton number, solo or band

For the 8th year in a row, I've no one for whom to buy Christmas presents.

I made brownies

"I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.."

Man Plows Down, Kills Suspect Who Threatened To Rape His Daughters

What is your favorite breed of cat?

Do you know your neighbors?


Record label name

Are there really cloaked DUers in freeperville?

Embarrassing Physical Attractions...

The Simpsons Trivia

How many Subway restaurants are in your city???

Proposed New Group: DU eBayers. Any interest?

Why did Creed start sucking so bad???

Visit my blog, "MoveLeft Media."

Have I mentioned that I am yelling at houses now???? The

Hey you lazy lounge lizards, come have some freeper fun!

So When did "Alice's Restaurant" become a Thanksgiving tradition?

It is snowing HUGE snowflakes!

Non-sex-symbol types (who are celebs) that you find attractive

Free Association Thread

Post a picture of your pet, and its name, and WHY that name???

How many of you Muggles are up for a HARRY POTTER group?

my mum found my brother dead

"***** on a Hot Tin Roof"

Boston DUer Get Together Saturday, 11/27 2PM EST in Haavid Squayah

Anyone interested in Interracial support DU group?

Dog Killers Released Early

Nerds, top this: I'm crafting my own "Return of the Jedi" script...

Horrible News: "Serenity Pushed Back To September"

Rolling Stones Top 500 Songs

Council of Trent

Mysterious 'booms' continue with puzzling regularity in Richmond

Drug firm 'kept quiet about lethal side-effect'

New Tools to Help Patients Reclaim Damaged Senses

Obesity link to dementia in women

black hole formation and galaxy development -which comes first????

Amateur archaeologists curse pharoahs' guardian

Chocolate may hold cure for coughs

Astronomer Predicts Alien Contact By 2025 - Nat. Geo. program to air Nov.

Chronic pain may damage brain

Here's some info that may be interesting . . .

Right-wingers want gay people to die of AIDS

Why don't we protest RW churches?

And Just How Gay is America?

John're busted

Clemson vs South Carolina Brawl Fallout...

It's Official: Spurrier to South Carolina

Boston Red Sox bid farewell to Gabe Kapler

Feel the Sonic BOOM.

Ron Artest calls penalty too harsh while promoting his CD!

In My Opinion, We Have a Standard to Uphold

1820 American Animal Medicine, Charms, Potions, etc.

I need help on cleaning a fish bowl.

Anyone see the Stupid Pet Tricks on Letterman last night?

How long is too long?


Chronic illness? No cure? Try reincarnation therapy

I've got one for you astrologers

new Tarot trumps


Would appreciate feedback: Energy vampire...

I'm gonna repost this one particular article re "Election Recount Hope."

How long before they put "Under God" in this song?

Atheism and Antitheism*.

Suggestion for a nonreligious Thanksgiving observance

I'm an Atheist. Can I start a faith-based initiative?

A Draft of Bush I'd Agree With

"There is no way to hide the pain -- and no point in trying"

This group is such a relief

Controlled Substances Export Reform act of 2004 (senate 11/20)

Boy Scouts Of America (Senate - November 20, 2004)

Send Bush Some Numbers

Bernie Ward: "If you think the Jan. elections are going to change anything

How many more people have to die in Bush's war before anyone gives a damn

Vilsack not seeking DNC chairmanship. Simon Rosenburg has the momentum.

Majority give * good approval ratings

Best Massuchetts pol

Over HALF of those polled approve of CondoLIESza, Rumsfailed and Crashcart


I have a hard core republican friend. We don't talk politics because


Moderate Southerner? I would settle for a Democrat with backbone!

Anyone have ideas about how we can take back radio air?

My published LTTE: Democratic Future Lies In Dean Group

Barack Obama on the CBS "Early Show" now

social liberal fiscal conservative

AHA! I GOT it! I'm ON to them!

Let's not fight the primaries again....Let's support our honorable Pols

Recount requested by Texas GOP loser

Can't a nat'l accounting firm verify votes-as they do for AcademyAwards?

Chris Bell (Mr. Anti-Tom DeLay) has a birthday tomorrow!

Photo-journalism ethics panel c-span1..11/23...8:10 AM PST

How many days do you think it would take when shutting down

Here's a new one for "Bush or Chimp":

how/where did Republicans get the consumer "voters" lists ?

11:08am EST: Dollar reaches 130.3039 against Euro. All Time Low

Tom Delay is not off the hook

DOD admits 15,000+ injured & ill soldiers not counted by Pentagon

With God on Our Side

Could we draft Bill Clinton for governor of FL. ?

More on that stupid, stupid, gallup poll

Arnold's new 2008 presidential poster

Anyone seen.....

Here is Canadian Website Organizing Bush Protests for Nov. 30

Sumner Redstone threw Dan Rather overboard, but he'll still be crushed

What the f*** is WRONG with this guy? WHAT????????

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales!!! It's Growing In Numbers...

Is now the time to change the two party system? Conserv/Republicrats/Libs

Will we invade Iran?

What would your mantra or slogan be for the next 4 years?

Does anyone have a report on the education levels of Democrats vrs.

Democracy for America Phonecard Appeal

Breaking News-DAn Rather To Step Down As Head Of CBS News In March...

Lets send a "Thank You" to Senator Conrad!

Time to ban divorce and adultery... and masturbation

WOW. It's Been A While Since I Watched a Rumsfeld/Pentagon Briefing.

Didn't the Politburo have a higher turnover rate than the U.S. House?

Rummy says on CNN that the prez's position on the intel bill

I'm concerned about the GAO

Zbigniew Brzezinski.......

A Rush Limbaugh audio clip

The Freepers are apoplectic!

Get rid of Congress - legislate on the web

Protest in Kiev

Just a little bit of fun...

Don't worry if Arnold becomes president

Question: what was Clinton's margin of victory in each of his Pres. runs?

"Holiday Handbook" from RI

DU's LeftHander has the blog rant of the day.

Anybody ready for an online Poll? Go to


Just got this e-mail from Congressman Nadler:

Democrats now viewed more favorably than Republicans.

Salon: America says "NO" to Bush "mandate," a few weeks too late

deLay Supporter, and his BOZO Repub supporters


CNBC just showed report citing poll: 1 in 5 Europeans will now Boycott

CNN to discuss voter fraud now (nt)

I feel like we're walking a razor's edge.

Question: what was Clinton's margin of victory in each of his Pres. runs?

Why don't we nominate a moderate southern republican?

Tell Bush to keep his hands off of our health care

Bills And Resolutions - Okay DUers what looks good, what dosen't

Former SC governer Hodges contacted about DNC chair.

Recognizing the Boy Scouts - Hon. Barbara Lee (voted for H.Res 853)

Time to overhaul the Driver's License - Extension of Remarks, 11/20

unopposed REPUBLICAN candidate in TX spent more than Tom Delay??

Do you believe in the Separation of Church and Pharmacy?

GAO is going to investigate election....Conyers et al Press Release

Do any other countries allow foreign born people to run for president?

WTF! Brazile Is At It Again : Candidates to Lead DNC 'Not Up to the Task'

If Hagel or McCain is the GOP nominee, who do we put up against them?

WTF...Ridge resignation is "below the media radar" or what?

So, (if) the states ratify the Arnold amendment . . .

Texas State Rep Alleges Election Fraud

Why didn't the party more aggressively take on the PATRIOT Act?

"Sly" in Madison and his comment about Condi = Aunt Jemima

John Gibson (Fox): " Was Dan Rather bitten by the Bush-hating bug?"

Bill Maher on voting machines

Bush** for President!

Ultra right-wing friend of mine appointed to Federal bench. He has AIDS.

Just as important as getting rid of bush

Online petition to oppose Bush and his agenda to privatize Social Security

T.J. Walker's "Democratic Candidate Media Training School"

"I don't know why they put him in office, I guess I'll leave the country."

if i were running for office, i'd ...

Can someone confirm this latest popular vote tally?

Doesn't look like Bev will be on Aaron Brown tonight.

The OMNIBUS Bill !

Do you belive in "Selection 2004?" If so, is it "Last Chance" for America

Those damn Insurgents!!!

Former Kerry Bloggers

Barack Obama for the hour on Charlie Rose...

PLEASE! Cease and desist with the '08 Election Talk

Do we, the Democrats, have any say in the DNC chair?

Where to from Here (House of Reps) - Skull and Bones mentioned, more

Is lying an American value?

I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown

I was wrong, it looks like Bev Harris might be


A Quite Disturbing Photo

Rove-Rather Memo-Thread

Shrimp Boat Liars Weigh Next Step...As Veteran Advocates?? (no joke)

I heard Chuck Hagel may run for President in '08

Ok this is probably nothing

My response to a gloating Freeper who suggest I move to France...

I just read a several postings in Freeper-land that said that they were

Check out these protest photos, CO vote fraud rally...

Clinton to ABC News: It's payback time

"Mosh" has new ending You gotta Check this out!!

You have to see this video!!!

Apocalypse Now? A discussion...

Worried you are a neo-con?

Winning so-called "moderates" does NOT necessarily mean "moving right"

Barack Obama is on Charlie Rose tonight

Dean for DNC Chair. Sign the petition here!

OK, who is it ? Clark, Hillary, Obama, Dean, Gore, Kerry ???

"Electile Dysfunction" Animation Preview "What's Inside the Machines?"

I'll be honest - Schwarzenneger doesn't elicit strong feelings from me

Kucinich was the best candidate

The Amish fucked us.

Chris Matthews Is "Malkinizing" Andrea Lafferty

Vilsack: "Go fly a kite, I'm running for president"

Donna Brazile: Candidates to Lead DNC 'Not Up to the Task'

my little brother is a letter from Uncle Sam

An open letter to the president (a Bible study)

Never again let the Bush Adm characterize truth as a conspiracy theory

WH refuses to release Alberto Gonzales' middle name?!

Would we be better off if half the country secedes from the union?

Incredible analysis of where we are electorally WOW!!!!

We can win with a "Full Service" candidate

Why we lost? You'll find clues in Newsweek's Letters to the Editor.

yeas 391, nays 3, not voting 38 - HRES 853, Recognizing Boy Scouts